South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"

South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
South Charlotte Sports Report
                   “HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS”
Volume 14, Issue 15                                   @SCSportsReport                                March 5, 2020 - FREE
                                  WHITNEY FORMON HAS FOUND SUCCESS
                                    ON AND OFF THE SOFTBALL FIELD
                                                       Park lost to AL Brown my Freshman year in state           last goal that I have is to make the state playoffs
                                                       playoffs and it was a really tough loss. I took it hard   again. We haven’t made them since my Freshman
                                                       because it ended our season for that year with a good     year and it was a one of a kind experience and the
                                                       group of Seniors graduating. We played AL Brown           atmosphere was phenomenal. I just hope to have
                                                       again at Myers Park and it was a close game up until      that feeling again.”
                                                       the end. We fought hard and worked together as a              Whitney has been an amazing student at Myers
                                                       team and the whole game was on the line with one          Park. She has recorded all A’s her entire career ex-
                                                       swing of the bat. We ended up scoring and winning         cept for one B in AP Psychology. These grades have
                                                       that year and the team felt incredibly accomplished.      allowed her to just about have her choice of colleges
                                                       everyone played an important role into the game           to attend.
                                                       and it was a truly amazing feeling to feel united and         “I have not made any definite plans, but I hope to
                                                       accomplished.”                                            attend either Eckerd College or College of Charles-
                                                          Looking at this season, Whitney shares her             ton and study environmental science. I have always
                                                       goals.                                                    been passionate about environmental science and
                                                          “I hope that this year at Myers Park our team can      feel as if it is a way that I can make a positive impact
                                                       really mesh together and beat Butler and Hickory          on the world. One of the requirements for my col-
                                                       Ridge. We have worked so hard together and the            lege was to have a beach and either school would be
                                                       past couple of years it hasn’t worked in our favor        an amazing fit.
                                                       and we have lost to the good teams in our confer-             The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes
                                                       ence. I hope that the team chemistry stays the same       Whitney Formon for a job well done. We hope you
                                                       and that we can learn together how to balance hav-        enjoy your senior season and continue to chase
                                                       ing fun with being serious and into the game. The         dreams as you enter into college.
    Myers Park High School senior softball player
Whitney Formon is a well-rounded student-athlete.
The daughter of Kory and Jenny Formon found the
proper balance to athletics, academics and life to
achieve a very successful high school experience.
She enters her final season of softball, playing for
her father at Myers Park, with a ton of confidence
and a feeling of accomplishment before heading off
for college.
    Whitney is a defensive dynamo at second base.
She was recognized by the Greater Charlotte Hot
Stove League as the Softball Golden Glove Defen-
sive Player of the Year last month. Last year she
recorded a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage. At the
plate, Whitney has batted over .300 all three years
of high school play.
    Whitney has made sure to have fun on the soft-
ball field. Her favorite memory came when, “Myers

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South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Page 	                                  BEYOND THE GAME WITH HANNAH COHEN                                                                                                                                      Volume 14, Issue 15
                                                                              Written by Grace Stein, Cuthbertson High School
Cuthbertson High School junior softball player Hannah Cohen has                                                                            been on the varsity team since I was a freshman, but the team has
exciting goals for her the upcoming softball season. The daughter of                                                                       never made it to the second round of state playoffs. Of course every
Matthew and Draunta Cohen has been a dedicated and hard working                                                                            team dreams of winning the state championship, but I plan to take one
student-athlete by taking rigorous courses and making the varsity team                                                                     game at a time.”
since her freshman year. With a new head, Coach Dakota Keller and
a dedicated team behind her back, Hannah hopes to lead the Cava-                                                                           Do you play softball away from school?
liers throughout the upcoming season and to make it far into the state                                                                     “I have played softball since I was five years old. I played at WCWAA
playoffs this Spring. Let’s Go Beyond the Game to learn more about                                                                         until I was about 8 and then I joined my first travel team, the Outlaws.
Hannah.                                                                                                                                    I played on that team until I was about 10 and then joined The Lady
                                                                                                                                           Blues which is where the game of softball advanced and my love of
What are your top three athletic accomplishments?                                                                                          the game became stronger. Unfortunately that team fell apart but I
“As a twelve year old, my travel softball team travelled to Kansas City,                                                                   then joined Team NC Lousville Slugger, where we traveled all over the
Missouri for a national tournament. At the end of this tournament we                                                                       country and I made lifelong friends.”
had the honor of placing fourth out of 200 teams. Another accomplish-
ment would include making the varsity Cuthbertson softball team as a                                                                How well do you perform in the classroom?
freshman.”                                                                                                                          “I have always taken rigorous classes and challenged myself. I took
                                                                                                                                    Math One Honors as a seventh grader and now as a junior I am tak-
What is your favorite sports memory?                                                                                                ing AP Calculus. I have taken mostly honors classes and a few APs
“My favorite sports memory would have to be my first ever home run.                                                                 throughout my high school years. I have also taken 3 years of French.
I had not known at the time but my old coach from when I was young-                                                                 I have maintained mostly straight A’s and have a GPA of 4.306 and I
er had attended our game just as I was up to bat. This coach taught                                                                 am ranked 67th out of my class of 500. I am part of many clubs and
me how to love the game and taught me everything I know today. Coach Chris meant                                     national honor societies such as Young Life, FCA, Beta Club, National Honor Society,
a lot to me and having him there when I hit my first home run made me remember                                       Mu Alpha Theta, National English Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society.
that feeling, even up to this day.”
                                                                                                                     Are you involved in any community service activities?
What are your goals for this season?                                                                                 “Through Mu Alpha Theta I help tutor math students throughout my high school. I
“My goals for the Cuthbertson High School Softball team this upcoming season would                                   have also worked with a local thrift shop to help organize their store; including books,
be of course to have fun but to also work very hard. We have an amazing new head                                     clothing items, jewelry, shoes, etc. I also help package meals through FCA and local
coach, Dakota Keller, and I know she has high hopes for us this season, as do I. I have                              churches.”

                                                     STUDENT-ATHLETES OF THE WEEK
                               Ridr Knowlton                                                                                                             Maggie Miller
                               Marvin Ridge High School senior lacrosse player Ridr Knowlton                                                          Metrolina Christian Academy senior soccer player Maggie Miller
                               has been named the Architech Sports and Physical Therapy                                                               has been named the Architech Sports and Physical Therapy
                               Student Athlete of the Week. The son of Ridr and Sue Knowl-                                                            Student Athlete of the Week. The daughter of Ryan and Wallace
                               ton will serve as a team captain and help to lead the Mavericks                                                        Miller is one of the top players in the area. Following her senior
                               from his attack position this spring. Ridr was a second team                                                           year, the center back / defender will head south to Furman
                               All-County player last year and he is planning to play lacrosse                                                        University to continue her education and soccer career. Maggie
                               next year at Centre College in Danville, KY.                                                                           has been a member of the Charlotte based US Developmental
                                                                                                                                                      Academy Soccer team for the past three years.
                               Ridr has one goal for the spring season and that is to win the
                               state championship. Ridr knows there are some very talented                                                            With her college plans secure, Maggie is looking forward to
                               teams standing in the way, but he hopes the Mavericks will be                                                          playing with her teammates and younger sister at Metrolina
                               up to the challenge.                                                                                                   Christian. “I get to play with my sister this year! That will never
                                                                                                                                                      happen again. I have played for a soccer league the past three
                            Inside the classroom, Ridr is an A/B Honor Roll student.                                                                  years that has not allowed me to play high school soccer so I am
                            He enjoys spending time away from school by working with                                                                  really excited to play again.”
                            younger lacrosse players. Last season he helped to coach one
   of the Marvin Ridge Middle School lacrosse teams. Congratulations to Ridr Knowlton for                            Maggie is a successful student, carrying a 4.2 grade point average and she will graduate
   being named the Architech Sports and Physical Therapy Student Athlete of the Week.                                with 12 college credits. She has served as a volunteer at her church for the last five years
                                                                                                                     and also participates in the leadership of vacation bible school. Congratulations to Maggie
                                                                                                                     Miller for being named the Architech Sports and Physical Therapy Student Athlete of the

                                                                                     ARCHITECH SPORTS AND PHYSICAL THERAPY
                                             Blakeney Office: 8918 Blakeney Professional Drive Suite 120 | Charlotte, NC 28277 | Ph. 704-900-8960
                                                Indian Trail Office: 1001 Van Buren Avenue Suite 3 | Indian Trail, NC 28079 | Ph. 704-628-6053
                   Physical Therapy for Athletes and Weekend Warriors * Sports Performance * Soccer Speed and Agility * Baseball Pitching Arm Care Evaluations * Female Jumpmetrics Training * Coaches Care Programs
                                                                                        All programs in conjunction with Morrison Family YMCA
South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Volume 14, Issue 15                                                                                                                                         Page 

                                   BEYOND THE GAME WITH ALLY BIGHAM
                                      “Gamer.” A five letter word used to de-      at this amazing college. This school will provide many opportunities in the
                                      scribe Marvin Ridge High School soft-        workplace after I graduate as well. I plan on double majoring in Spanish and
                                      ball player Ally Bigham. The daughter        Business. I don’t exactly know what I want to do after college but I will figure
                                      of Bryan and Donna Bigham is always          it out later on down the road.”
                                      ready for the next game, the next play,
                                      the next chance to create excitement. A      How well do you perform in the classroom?
                                      hard working senior middle infielder that    “I currently have a 4.2 weighted GPA. I am an active member of BETA Club,
                                      is recognized by her peers for her desire    National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. Being a member of these
                                      and passion to play the game of softball.    clubs, I work a lot of volunteer hours and service events at places such as the
                                      Ally will head to Samford University next    YMCA and Waltonwood which is a local senior resident home. I am a Marvin
                                      year to play softball and continue her       Ridge Ambassador and I help new students at school feel comfortable at Mar-
                                      education. Let’s go Beyond The Game to       vin and help with orientation and throughout the first week of school. I also
                                      learn more about Ally Bigham.                serve on the Marvin Ridge Athletic Leadership Council.”

                                      What are your top three athletic             Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?
                                      accomplishments?                             “I am a big dog person and have a Catahoula mix along with a Hound dog
                                      “I am a 3-time all-conference player         mix. Both are shelter dogs that we rescued and I love spending time with
                                      and I won the 2020 Greater Charlotte         them.”
                                      Hot Stove League Softball Gamer of the
                                      Year and the 2017 Greater Charlotte Hot
                                      Stove League Softball Youth Player of
                                      the Year Awards.”

What is your favorite sports memory?
“Beating rival Piedmont High School in the conference championship during
my freshman year. Piedmont was the higher seed and was very talented with
a great coach. The moment we stepped on the bus to go to the game, I noticed
that everyone was very hyped up and excited to play. It was just a lot of fun.
From the first pitch we were so sharp both offensively and defensively. My
best friend, Abbey Pierotti, hit a homerun that game, which was exciting and
we won the conference championship.”

What are your goals for the season?
“Consistency: I want to be more consistent this season both offensively and
defensively. My junior year included some big moments but I struggled with
consistency at times, especially compared to prior seasons. I want to bounce
back and finish my high school career with a bang. I plan to pay more at-
tention to the quality of my at bats instead of the results. I’m pretty hard on
myself which can make some games less fun than others, but this year, I want
to have a lot of fun with my team before we go to college. For some girls, it is
their last season of playing softball and I want to contribute to making it an
unforgettable season for all of them.”

Have you made any college plans?
“I am attending Samford University located in Birmingham, Alabama in the
fall. Samford is in the Southern Conference and my sister actually plays at
Furman which is in the same conference. Last spring we were at Samford
watching my sister play and I told my Dad, “I could really see myself play-
ing here.” Next thing I knew, God opened a lot of new doors for me and plans
that I had shifted. I went to camp and committed in July. I knew Samford
was the place for me because I fell in love with every aspect of it. The cam-
pus is beautiful, it is a strong academic university, the softball program is
amazing and supportive and I felt that this would be the best opportunity to
continue growing in my faith as it is a Christian school. I’m so grateful that
Coach Mandy Burford-Johnson gave me an opportunity to live out my dream
South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Page 	   Volume 14, Issue 15
South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Volume 14, Issue 15                                                                                                                                             Page 

                            3rd Annual Greater Charlotte Lacrosse
                                  Awards To Be Held May 3rd
    The 3rd Annual Greater Charlotte Lacrosse Awards Night will be held on              Nominations for all awards are now open at www.CharlotteLacrosseAwards.
Sunday May 3rd at the Sheraton Airport Conference Center in Charlotte. This          com Please make sure to visit the site and nominate all the deserving players
special night of High School and Middle School lacrosse player recognition will      and teams you are aware of. A selection committee of area coaches, officials and
honor the best and brightest Lacrosse Student-Athletes in the Greater Charlotte      former players will determine the finalists for each award and then vote on a
area. Twenty unique awards will be presented and all finalists will be recognized    winner in each category.
on this special night.                                                                  Finalists in all categories will be announced near the end of April. The awards
    The first-class evening of fun and fellowship will once again bring both the     are based on year round performance, including both school and club play.
male and female lacrosse communities together to honor the game and the youth        Tickets to this special night are available at www.CharlotteLacrosseAwards.
that work hard to excel on and off the field of play. This annual special event      com Join many of your friends and peers for the # 1 night of lacrosse in the
for lacrosse Student-Athletes and their families is presented by Tripp Roakes,       Carolinas.
Publisher of the South Charlotte Sports Report and owner of the 14th Annual
Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League Baseball and Softball Awards, Co-Owner of
the 10th Annual Charlotte Youth Football and Cheerleading Awards and owner
of the 2nd Annual Greater Charlotte Basketball Awards. These three events are
among the largest Student-Athlete recognition events in the country.
    “I am so excited to present the Greater Charlotte Lacrosse Awards Night,”
said Roakes. “Over the last 14 years with our newspaper and other youth events
I am involved with, I have watched firsthand the amazing growth of lacrosse
here in the Greater Charlotte area. There are so many special students and fami-
lies involved in the sport and I am excited to again recognize many of the stu-
dents at the event.”
    “Two years ago we kicked this event off with a wonderful debut,” said
Roakes.”Last year the event took another big step forward and I expect the ex-
citement for the event to grow even more this year now. This year, we are going
to put a bigger emphasis on the character and leadership awards in addition to
the on-field recognition awards. As with all the other events we hold, we are
excited to include both boys and girls in the award categories.”
    In addition to the awards banquet, guests will enjoy dinner, a silent auction,
entertainment, a Yeti Cooler raffle and fellowship with other members of the
Greater Charlotte Lacrosse communities.

                Awards To Be Presented
                   High School Lacrosse Player of the Year
                  High School Offensive Player of the Year
                  High School Defensive Player of the Year
                   High School Face-Off Player of the Year
                       High School Goalie of the Year
                       High School Leadership Award
      High School Rising Star of the Year (Classes of /2021/2022/2023)
                   High School Scholar Athlete of the Year
                       High School Leadership Award
         Youth Lacrosse Player of the Year (8th Grade and younger)
         Youth Lacrosse Leadership Award (8th Grade and younger)
                          Youth Team of the Year
              Youth Lacrosse Coach’s Award (overall character)
                         Lacrosse Team of the Year
      High School Community Hero Award (Community Service Leader)
                Contributions to the Game of Lacrosse Award

  *** Each award will be presented to a male and female Student-athlete ***
South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Page                                                                                                                                Volume 14, Issue 15

             SPONSOR                                                                          The Shoeless Enterprises
    THE TEAM OF THE WEEK AWARD                                                                   Leadership Award
                      •     Great Exposure                                                     Foard Scott
                      •     Affordable Cost                                                                 Charlotte Christian School senior Foard
                      •     Positive News                                                                   Scott has been named the winner of the
                                                                                                            Shoeless Enterprises Leadership Award.
            Email                                                                     The son of John and Christen Scott
                                                                                                            plays football and tennis for the Knights.

         Team of the Week                                                                                   Foard helped the football team to a state
                                                                                                            championship in 2018-2019 and has
                                                                                                            been a key member of the tennis team
                                                                                                            over the years. This year he serves as
         Coach Burns YMCA 12U Team                                                                          a team captain and will play singles from
                                                                                                            the three spot and doubles as a one
  The YMCA 12U Basketball Team coached by Chris Burns has
  been named the South Charlotte Sports Report Team of the
  Week. With a strong regular season, the squad of boys were                                                 “My main goal for the upcoming tennis
  able to claim gold at the end of the year. Hard work, fundamen-                                            season is for everyone to work hard and
  tals and a continued focus on fun allowed the team to have a                                               see the rewards on the court. Even if the
  season to remember.                                                                                        season is tough (like it has been in previ-
                                                                     ous years), I will keep my morale high despite being frustrated or tired. I hope
  Congratulations to the YMCA 12U Basketball Team for being          that we can make it to the playoffs, like we did last year. But this time I hope
  named the South Charlotte Sports Report Team of the Week.          we will be more successful and win in the first round. Even if that isn’t possible,
                                                                     I want all on our team to improve and do better than last year.”

                                                                     Foard says, “I like to think that I perform well in the classroom. I am always
                                                                     engaged in class and focus on the lesson at hand. I have taken four AP
                                                                     classes and have been involved with various clubs at school.” Foard is an
                                                                     active volunteer at the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte at ImaginOn. He also
                                                                     enjoys volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Congratulations to
                                                                     Foard Scott for being named the winner of the Shoeless Enterprises Leader-
                                                                     ship Award.

  Front Row: (L-R)        Marc Dedrick, Wyatt Green, Omar Ashour,
  			                     Josh Goldsmith
  Back Row: (L-R)         Bannon Dolph, Patrick Burns, Coach Chris
  			                     Burns, Akmal Nazir, Justin Furey

    To nominate your team for the Team of the
    Week, please email
South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Volume 14, Issue 15                                            Page 

The Park Sharon Athletic Association Basketball Team,
coached by John Bennett

Front Row: (L-R)      Head Coach John Bennett, Drew Collins,
			                   Tyson Mays, Owen Rideout, Asst. Coach
			                   Jason Rideout
Back Row: (L-R)       Jonathan Holt, Joseph Swift, Liam
			                   Thorne, Jack Bennett
South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Page 	                                                                                                                                          Volume 14, Issue 15

                                                                                                   BEYOND THE GAME
                                                                                                   WITH DREW METZ
                                                                                                                      Marvin Ridge High School senior tennis
                                                                                                                      player Drew Metz hopes to help lead the
                                                                                                                      Mavericks to a successful season on the
                                                                                                                      courts. The son of Dan and Beverly Metz is
                                                                                                                      looking to the sky as he ponders life beyond
                                                                                                                      high school. Drew plans to pursue a career
                                                                                                                      in aviation following college. Let’s go Beyond
                Boating Without Owning                                                                                The Game to learn more about Drew.

                   - It’s About TIME!                                                                                 What are your top three athletic
                    Rising Star Award                                                                                 “Going to the 3A State Championship and
                                                                                                                      helping my team by winning my match.
                                                                                                                      Staying undefeated throughout the state
                      Ella McClain                                                                                    playoffs to help us go to the championship.
                             Metrolina Christian Academy sophomore                                                    And being selected as captain for our team
                             soccer and basketball player Ella McClain has                                            this year is a huge honor for me.”
                             been named the Carefree Boat Club Rising
                             Star of the Week. The daughter of Shawn and        What is your favorite sports memory?
                             Debbie McClain began playing varsity soccer in     “Driving 3 hours in a bus to Asheville and being part of a nail biter match that
                             seventh grade at Metrolina Christian. Ella also    came down to the final singles line that sent us to the state championship in
                             joined the varsity basketball team in the ninth    Burlington.”
                             grade and the varsity volleyball team in the
                             tenth grade. She will have the opportunity to      What are your goals for the season?
                             earn 12 letters in her prep career.                “I want to do my best to lead all of my teammates to not only be better players,
                                                                                but also better people. I hope I can help inspire this team to be the best both on
                              Ella is proud of her comeback from a serious      and off the court. Also, my goal is to have an undefeated singles record that will
                              injury. “After competing and finishing out an     help lead us to winning the state championship.”
                              entire soccer season with a torn hip labrum, I
  quickly had surgery to repair my labrum. This surgery and recovery was        Have you made any college plans to date?
  much more intense than expected. This surgery had a preset and extend-        “In the fall, I plan to study professional flight in college. My goal is to be an
  ed recovery timeframe. Regardless of the challenge, I pushed myself from      airline pilot. I am close to deciding which school I will attend.”
  relearning to walk on my recovering hip, to playing volleyball and starting
  on varsity basketball just 5 months later. It was a long process with an      How well do you perform in the classroom?
  overabundance of trips to physical therapy, but I finally was able to play    “I have a 4.0 GPA and take honors and AP classes. I also do dual enrollment
  soccer”                                                                       courses at South Piedmont Community College so I can knock out some credit
                                                                                hours before next Fall.”
  This soccer season, Ella has her focus set on a conference championship
  for Metrolina Christian.                                                      Are you heavily involved in any community service events?
                                                                                “I help run our neighborhood annual food drive for the Matthews Help Center.
  Inside the classroom, Ella carries a 4.45 grade point average and she is      I also organize a neighborhood back to school clothing drive for Turning Point,
  a member of the National Honor Society. Ella is also involved with the        which serves families of domestic abuse. On Saturdays I referee kids who play
  Student Leadership Club and the National Junior Civitan Club, She also        sports for Champs at Calvary Church.”
  interns Heart for Monroe. Congratulations to Ella McClain for being
  named the Carefree Boat Club Rising Star of the Week.                         Please share any interesting human interest fact about yourself.
                                                                                “I have always loved flying and began taking lessons at Aerowood Aviation
                                                                                at Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport when I was 16. My grandpa and uncle
                                                introduced me to flying at a young age and it has become my passion. I also
                                                                                like learning how to play music on the piano by listening to songs or making
             704-557-0848 ext. 4                                                up my own riffs. I am very thankful for my parents, all of my family, coaches,
                                                                                teammates and friends who have helped me through all these years.”

South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Volume 14, Issue 15                                                                                                                                    Page 


       Student-Athlete of the Week
                      CAMERON JOFFE
                               Marvin Ridge senior soccer player Cameron
                               Joffe has been named the Towne Insurance
                               Student Athlete of the Week, Sponsored by
                               Auto-Owners Insurance. The daughter of
                               Jon and Angie Joffe plays midfield and for-
                               ward for the Mavericks and has been a four
                               year member of the varsity team. Cameron
                               helped her club team to a State Cup Cham-
                               pionship and she hopes to lead the Maver-
                               icks to a state championship this spring.

                               Cameron has set her goals for the season,
                               and they include; “to be the best leader,
                               supporter and role model for the younger
                               and less experienced varsity soccer play-
                               ers. I will work hard to have a great season,
                               play my best and prepare myself for college

   Following the school season, Cameron will attend Rockhurst University
   where she received an athletic and academic scholarship. She plans to
   major in Health Sciences at Rockhurst.

   Inside the classroom, Cameron has found great success and she is en-
   rolled in both Honors and AP classes. Outside of class, Cameron enjoys               MACS GOOD SPORT AWARD
   working with animals and volunteering to help find rescue homes for kit-
                                                                                       SPONSORSHIP NEEDED
                                                                                   The Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools Good Sport Award has been
   Congratulations to Cameron Joffe for being named the Towne Insurance          sponsored in the South Charlotte Sports Report for over a decade. With
   Student Athlete of the Week, Sponsored by Auto-Owners Insurance.            the calendar turning to 2020, the award is open for sponsorship for the first
                                                                                  time in many years. Based on the popularity of the award over the last
            SPONSORED BY                                                       decade, we would like to continue to present this award and are looking for
                                                                                a new sponsor. If your family or business is part of or supports the MACS
                                                                                    system and are interested in helping to keep the award in the South
                                                                                      Charlotte Sports Report, please email
                                                                                        Great Exposure! Help us to continue to promote positive
                                                                                         news about Student-Athletes attending MACS schools.
                                                                                                       Thank you for considering.
South Charlotte Sports Report - "HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS"
Page 10                                                                                                                            Volume 14, Issue 15

                                                               Union County Student-Athlete of the Week
                                                                             Powered by Huntington Learning Center
                                                                            Weddington / Wesley Chapel / Waxhaw
                                                                      Subject Tutoring, K-12, and ACT and SAT Exam Prep

                                             Ryan Gundersen
                                    Sun Valley High School senior lacrosse and football player Ryan Gunderson has been named the Union
                                County Student Athlete of the Week, Presented by Huntington Learning Center. The son of Erik and Aimi
                                Gunderson is all set for a strong lacrosse season for the Spartans. Following graduation, Ryan will head to
                                Anderson University to continue his lacrosse and education careers.
                                    Adversity has been the name of the game for Ryan. On the second play of his first varsity football scrim-
                                mage his sophomore year Ryan tore his ACL, medial and lateral meniscus in his left knee. He rehabbed,
                                joined the lacrosse team in April, and tore his ACL, medial and lateral meniscus in his right knee in his
                                second game back against Weddington. Both times he was initially mis-diagnosed, so he didn’t have sur-
                                gery for 4-5 weeks following each injury. All is well now and Ryan is ready to go as an attack player for the
                                lacrosse team. He is aiming for a 100 point season and All-American honors.
                                    Inside the classroom, Ryan has a 4.0 grade point average. Ryan says, “Academics are important be-
                                cause sports alone are rarely enough to take you to success in life. My father always told me use lacrosse
                                to get you where you want to be, it’s not about where you are in four years, but eight. My academic success
                                has presented me with countless opportunities and I will continue to make the most out of it as I pursue a
                                career in sports journalism.”
                                    Congratulations to Ryan Gunderson for being named the Union County Student Athlete of the Week,
                                Presented by Huntington Learning Center.

                                                Community Hero Award
                                               Presented by The Union County Comets
                                          charlotte’s premier women’s basketball program
                                              Carter Blessing
              Providence Day School senior Carter Blessing has been named the Community Hero of the Week, Presented by The Union
          County Comets. The son of Peter and Lisa Blessing is a three year varsity lacrosse player and a Maverik All-American National
          Lacrosse Classic All-Star.
              Carter enters into the season with the goals of being a team leader to younger players and helping the Chargers compete for a
          conference and state championship. Carter will rely on his on the ball defensive skills and his ability to take the ball away from his
              Carter is committed to play lacrosse at Nazareth College in upstate NY following graduation. A strong student, Carter has his
          sights on majoring in Biomedical Sciences.
              Away from the field of play and classroom, Carter is a leader in the Students Of Service Club, Everyone Loves Lacrosse. He leads
          his group to Merry Oaks Elementary every Friday to teach underprivileged children how to play lacrosse. Carter says, “ Not only are
          we spreading this amazing sport, but we are teaching leadership, teamwork, and other characteristics that they will not only use in
          lacrosse, but will also use and need in the future. When all these kids come up to me and tell me how the only thing they could think
          about during school was that they get to come play lacrosse with me after school, it really confirms that what I am doing is making a
          difference in these kids lives. I am very fortunate to be able to play the sport I love. So being able to pass that on to these kids really
          makes me feel good.”
              Congratulations to Carter Blessing for being named the Community Hero of the Week, Presented by The Union County Comets.

                                    ww w. u n i o n c o u n t yc o m e t s. c o m
Volume 14, Issue 15                                                                                                                                       Page 11

                                              Breakout Star of the Week
                          “Honoring Student-Athletes Preparing For Future Success”

                                                                    Evan Smith
                                 Ardrey Kell High School sophomore basketball player Evan Smith has been named the Karsey Glass “Breakout” Star of the
                                 Week. Evan is a 6’1” point guard for one of the top basketball teams in the Greater Charlotte Area. His play at point guard
                                 has allowed the Knights to win their third consecutive conference tournament championship and advance to the Sweet 16 of
                                 the state playoffs again.

                                 Evan has started for the varsity team both years of high school and is beginning to receive Division 1 college interest. He
                                 has heard from UNCC, Ole Miss, Belmont and others. Evan enjoys playing in big games and working to achieve his
                                 peak performance each time out. Evan tries to improve his skills every time he steps onto the court for Coach Mike Craft.
                                 Whether is scoring or distributing the basketball, Evan will step into whatever role the team needs
                                 on each given night.

                                 Inside the classroom, Evan is a successful student and is enrolled in honors and one AP class
                                 this year. Congratulations to Evan Smith for being named the Karsey Glass “Breakout” Star of the

                           BEYOND THE GAME WITH MADELINE WASULKO
                       Weddington High School senior tennis and softball            How well do you perform in the classroom?
                       player Madeline Wasulko in entering into her final           “I take all AP and honors courses. I have a 4.4 gpa. I am treasurer of
                       semester of high school and looking to close it out with     National Honor Society as well as a member of the Spanish Honor Society.”
                       a strong softball season. The daughter of
                       Christopher and Victoria Wasulko will play first base        Are you heavily involved in any community service events?
                       and centerfield for Coach Claire Lyerly this spring. Let’s   “I am involved at my church and work as a Sunday school youth leader and
                       go Beyond The Game to learn more about Madeline.             volunteer for Vacation Bible School.”

                       What are your top three athletic
                       “Being named women’s tennis all conference in 2018
                       and 2019, Receiving Women’s Varsity Tennis Coaches
                       award in 2018 and 2019, and receiving the Women’s
                       Varsity Softball Warrior Award in 2018.”

What are your goals for the season?
“My goal for the 2020 softball season is to have a winning record.”

How can you most help your team this year?
“I can help my team most this year by being a team player and a strong

Have you made any college plans to date?
 “I will be attending North Carolina State University in the fall of 2020
through the Poole College of Management.”
Page 12                                                                                                                                       Volume 14, Issue 15

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