Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV

Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV
Spanish courses
                              the mediterranean
Spanish courses in Valencia
Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV

    Welcome to Españolé International House Valencia and to the       Welcome                            2
    Mediterranean lifestyle.
                                                                      The School                         4
    Come and experience the real Valencia and learn Spanish in the
    heart of the city. Discover our culture and enjoy the sunshine,   Accreditations and quality marks   8
    our endless beaches and some of the most diverse cuisine          Spanish courses                    10
    Spain has to offer.
                                                                      General Spanish courses            12
    This brochure offers you a range of different options for both
    courses and accommodation. Get to know us better and try          Exam preparation                   14
    to imagine how much our students enjoy learning Spanish at        Special courses                    15
                                                                      Academic programmes                16
    At our school you’ll find a complete programme designed to help
    you achieve your goal: to communicate effectively in Spanish.     Work and study                     16
    We are keen to assist you with all aspects of your stay. The      Online lessons                     18
    school has modern facilities that are perfectly located in        Other programmes                   18
    the city centre and offers a wide range of courses given by
    exceptionally dedicated and experienced teachers. We take         Summer Camp                        19
    care of all accommodation arrangements and encourage our          Accommodation                      20
    students to participate in the cultural activities we organise
    every week to give them the full immersive experience.            Social programme                   22
    From the moment you arrive, to the day you return home, we        A day in the life of Arianna       24
    will do our best to ensure you make the most of your stay.        First day of class                 25
                                                                      Valencia                           26
    Come and experience “la vida española” with us!
                                                                      Your arrival                       27

Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV

An integrated     A perfectly                            360° Spanish
                                                         After class our social and cultural
                                                         programme offers a wide range
                  programme                              of activities to allow you to relax,
experience        Our students become immersed
                  in Spanish language and culture,
                                                         speak Spanish, and discover
                                                         the true meaning of living the
                  learn how people use the language      Spanish way. Our immersive
                  in real life, how they speak to each   programme thrusts students into
                  other in the street and how they       a fun and enjoyable environment
                  socialise. Students develop skills     of 360° Spanish though well
                  that they can immediately use          designed classes and activities
                  outside the classroom.
                                                         working symbiotically.

                  International                          Quality
                  and friendly                           assurance
                  atmosphere                             We are proud to be part of
                                                         International House World
                  Our students come from an ever-        Organization (Ih), which has over
                  expanding number of countries          60 years experience in improving
                  all with the aim of learning or        quality in language teaching. We
                  improving their understanding of       are also accredited by Instituto
                  Spanish and our way of life. In the    Cervantes, who ensures only the
                  school you’ll find an international    highest quality of organisations
                  and friendly atmosphere perfect        represent them in the teaching of
                  to use your new language skills to     Spanish, and IALC – International
                  make new friends.                      Association of Language Centres.

Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV
A modern school
    steeped in rich
                                                        The School
    Our beautiful school is located in the
    historical Palacio de los Fernández de
    Córdova building deep in the heart of
    Valencia’s Old Town. We have carefully
    renovated the stunning 153-year-old
    property to our own vision of a 21st century
    language school that compliments history
    with modernism.

    The school is placed just where the 11th        Located in a
    century Arab walls were standing and still
    a big part of them have remained inside the     historical palace
    building penetrating through the school and
    getting inside the classrooms, creating an      with over 2,000m2
    atmosphere of history and mystery.
                                                    of space to enjoy
    If studying in a stunning location rich in      while learning
    history isn’t enough, students can also enjoy
    exclusive use of our student café during        in a relaxed
    breaks, relax on your choice of two patios or
    catch some rays on our breath-taking roof       environment.
    garden complete with sun loungers, fruit
    trees and showers to cool off in.

Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV


                                                               2100 square

                                                              28 Well-equipped

Our school is also the perfect launch pad to learn how
to cook Spanish cuisine, as our free cookery activities
take place in a purpose-built kitchen classroom within
the school. And don’t worry, having a fully stocked and
equipped kitchen classroom doesn’t mean the end of our              Area
famous Intercambio BBQ parties – it just means they will be
bigger and better than ever!








Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV
Your journey
                    Founded by the Romans in 138 BC, Valencia is         After control of the city was returned to
                    one of the oldest cities in Spain and has been       Christians the Moorish Muslims were

    to us started   home to many civilizations that have left their
                    footprints in the city. The history of the city of
                                                                         allowed to live outside of the walls next
                                                                         to the Bab al-Hanax entrance in an area
    almost          Valencia is typified in the story of three walls;
                    the Roman, the Muslim and the Christian.
                                                                         that was called La Moreria and is now
                                                                         incorporated into the Old Town. The city
    1000 years      During the Muslim period (S VIII- S XIII) the
                                                                         remained within the walls until midway
                                                                         through the 13th century when the port
    ago…...         city enjoyed a time of growth and splendour.
                    In AD 1020 a wall of cutting-edge design and
                                                                         began to help development of the areas
                                                                         between the Old Town and the beach.
                    precision was built to protect the inhabitants
                    and, on this wall, quite literally, our school       The vibrant, multicultural Valencia we
                    sits. The Muslim-era wall had seven doors            know today owes a lot to its roots in the
                    and the most westerly of which, Bab al-Hanax         Old Town and you will be adding to the
                    (the door of the snake), included a 14-metre-        history of so many who have walked
                    high tower that still stands within our school,      our streets and enjoyed all Valencia
                    cutting through classrooms and overlooking           has to offer. Over 1000 years of history
                    the building.                                        welcomes you.

Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV
Deep in Valencia
                                                                            Old Town you’ll discover
                                                                            El Carmen

Españolé is situated on one of the main streets
that runs through the district of El Carmen. Calle                          A tangled web of narrow streets,
Caballeros, which is a hotbed of activity during the day                    alleys and plazas packed with terraces,
and transforms at sunset into one of the main streets                       El Carmen has become Valencia’s most
for nightlife in Valencia.
                                                                            famous and fascinating neighbourhood.
The school is surrounded by history and culture and
you don’t have to look far to discover world famous
sights such as Plaza de la Virgen which houses one of
Valencia’s most emblematic buildings – La Catedral de
Santa Maria, where the original Holy Grail is said to live.

With a plethora of great restaurants, cool shops,
dazzling street art, superb museums and an eclectic
mix of people, El Carmen offers something new
and exciting every day for tourists
and locals alike.

                                                   Torres de Serranos

                                                                               Palau de la Generalitat


                                                                        Lonja de
                                                                        la Seda

                Torres de Quart

                                              Mercado Central
                                                                                                               Museo del Patriarca

                                                                                                         Plaza de Toros


Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV
         and quality
         marks                                   IALC                                         Bildungsurlaub
                                                 IALC is an international non-profit          The German Bildungsurlaub is an
                                                 association that for close to 35 years has   accredited programme in which
                                                 been accrediting independent language        German employees can take 5 days
                                                 centres that teach the language of           of educational leave (paid vacation)
                                                 their country. As well as outstanding        per year. We are recognized in several
                                                 teaching standards and service, IALC         federal states.
                                                 language schools have individual
                                                 character and a real connection with
                                                 their local community.

    International                                The Cervantes                                CSN
    House                                        Institute                                    We are recognized by the National
                                                                                              Agency for Higher Education in Sweden
    International House World Organisation       The Cervantes Institute, a government        for the awarding of CSN grants to
    (IHWO) has over 60 years’ experience in      agency, is the largest organization in       Swedish students taking a language
    improving quality in language teaching.      the world responsible for promoting          course with us.
    International House has 159 independent      the study and the teaching of Spanish
    schools in 52 countries all over the world   language and culture. Being an
    that teach over 20 languages.                accredited centre means complying with
                                                 its quality standards, which guarantee
                                                 a high quality in the teaching of Spanish
    Each school is independently owned
                                                 and of the complementary services and
    and managed but is affiliated to IHWO.
                                                 activities offered.
    The school becomes part of the IHWO
    network and agrees to adhere to its
    rigorous quality management systems.

    ISO 14064
    The ISO 14064 certification accredits
    us as a “Green school” committed
    to protecting the environment. We
    have introduced environmental
    management practices into all aspects
    of our business, oriented to reduce
    the consumption of paper and useless
    energy and resources.

    We care about the C02 footprint and are
    aware of how we can help to reduce the
    greenhouse gas emissions. We offer
    innovative and quality services while
    conserving and enhancing resources for
    current and future generations.

Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV

Academic        A course                            Expert language
excellence      for every need                      tuition
                Wide range of courses: General      All our teachers are highly
                Spanish, Spanish for Business,      qualified and experienced in
                DELE exam preparation, Work         teaching Spanish to speakers of
                and study, Summer Camp for          other languages.
                teenagers, and many other more
                specialised courses.

                                                    Communicative, motivational,
                Practical                           interactive and enjoyable classes
                                                    that will teach you how to use
                language learning                   Spanish in real life situations.

                Our method combines a traditional
                grammar approach with a more
                modern communicative focus.         Years of
                Great importance is placed
                on practising grammar in            We have built an extensive
                communicative contexts that         knowledge base from years of
                reproduce situations you might      teaching Spanish as a foreign
                come across everyday.               language to know how to break
                                                    through learning barriers and
                                                    help our students surpass their

Spanish courses 2019 Experience the mediterranean lifestyle - Fedele CV
The objective
                   Spanish                            of our courses
                   courses                            is to help you express
                                                      yourself more fluently
                                                      in Spanish

     Your                                              A cultural                             Our teachers
     Spanish class                                     approach                               We have a dynamic team of teachers who
                                                                                              love teaching Spanish. They’re all native
     All classes are given in Spanish. In general      The programme also aims to integrate   Spanish speakers, university graduates,
     the number of students per class is between       students into local culture.           and have many years of experience
     6 and 10 and each lesson lasts for                Visits to cultural centres, museums,   specialising in teaching foreign students.
     50 minutes. Since the groups are small in         other towns, etc are arranged to       They use modern materials and methods
     number, the teacher is able to deal with the      ensure that all students are fully     to ensure that lessons are interesting and
     specific needs of each student on a more          immersed into Spanish life.            entertaining.
     personal basis.

                                                                                              The continued on-going development
     The classes are based on tasks and planned                                               and training of teachers is a key feature
     depending on the students’ needs and styles        Españolé Facts & Stats                of International House schools and our
     of learning. You will use a textbook in class,                                           teachers stay up-to-date by incorporating
     together with supplemental material such                                                 new techniques and materials into their
     as newspaper/press articles, adverts,
     audio-visual materials, etc. The textbooks
                                                           3,400                              lessons whenever appropriate.

     we use have been developed by the                     people studied with us
     International House academic team and                                                    In addition to teaching Spanish in class,
                                                           last year                          they will offer general support during
     cover all areas of the language.
                                                                                              your stay at the school so that you find

     The enrolment fee includes the first book
                                                           99%                                learning Spanish a pleasant and hassle free
     and additional material. When you change              would reccomend us
     from one level to another, you can buy a              to a friend
     new book to take home and keep or simply
     exchange from the free school library.
                                                           different nationalities

                                                           We have a wide range of
                                                           ages studying with us

                                                                          The courses are divided up into 6 different
                                                                          levels: from beginner to advanced based
                                                                          on the Cervantes Institute programme
                                                                          under the directives of the Common
                                                                          European Framework of Reference for
                                                                          Languages. No matter what your level of
                                                                          Spanish, we will always find a class that is
                                                                          perfect for you.

                                                                                         A1 - Beginners
                                                                          Students can deal with simple straightforward
                                                                          exchange to keep a very basic conversation going.

                                                                                         A2 - Pre-Intermediate
                                                                          Students can understand and express information
                                                                          about the present, past and future. They can deal
                                                                          with most situations involved in travelling around a
                                                                          Spanish speaking country, including communicating
                                                                          most personal and everyday information.

                                                                                         B1 - Intermediate
                                                                          Students can comfortably interact with native
                                                                          speakers. They can participate in discussions and
                                                                          express their viewpoints in familiar contexts. They can
                                                                          describe experiences in their past as well as explain
                                                                          and give reasons for their plans, desires and ambitions
Our students                                                              for the future.

Our students come from all over the world and have many different                        B2 - Upper-intermediate
reasons for studying Spanish. Some of them are university
students, others are professionals who need Spanish for work.             Students can express their ideas on general topics
Some learn just for fun, while others come to prepare for the             clearly in both the spoken and written form. They
                                                                          are familiar with and can competently use more
official DELE exam.
                                                                          complex structures and have a good level of fluency
                                                                          and broader vocabulary including some idiomatic
In general our students fall between the ages of 18 and 60, but we        expressions.
also cater for students of other ages. This mix assures an interesting
and international study atmosphere.
                                                                                         C1 - Advanced
                                                                          Students are capable of understanding most lectures,
                                                                          discussions and debates. They are able to develop a
                                                                          well-structured argument with supporting evidence
Student’s nationality                                                     and explanations in oral and written form. Students
                                                                          have broadened their general language capability and
    German 13%               Japanese 4%                                  vocabulary to feel comfortable operating effectively
                                                                          in social, academic and professional spheres.
    Italian 12%              American 3%
    Swiss 12%                Belgian 2%
                                                                                         C2 - Superior
    British 11%              French 2%
    Dutch 10%                Czech 1%                                     Students have a high level of written and spoken
    South Korean 8%          Swedish 1%                                   Spanish. They can participate easily in discussions
    Russian 7%               Austrian 1%                                  and write well-structured compositions even in
    Other* 6%                Irish 1%                                     complex, unfamiliar situations. They can give clear
    Chinese 5%               Brazilian 1%                                 presentations on complex issues, integrating sub
                                                                          themes and developing particular points.

Student’s ages
     16 - 19 / 20%
     20 - 24 / 30%                                                                       700
                                                                         HOUR OF CLASS

     25 - 29 / 17%                                                                       600
     30 - 34 / 11%                                                                       400
     35 - 39 / 7%                                                                        300
     40 - 49 / 5%                                                                        200
     More than 50 / 8%
                                                                                               A1   A2   B1   B2   C1   C2

General Spanish courses
     Intensive 20                                                 Intensive 25
     This course is designed for students who wish to learn       You can add an extra lesson every day to your
     the language, make friends and enjoy Spanish Culture         Intensive 20 Spanish course and choose between a
     and Life. The main objective is to enable students to        conversational lesson about SpanishLife and Culture
     learn to communicate in Spanish as soon as possible in       or a more structured one to review and reinforce your
     order to cope with everyday situations.                      Grammar Skills.
     There are 4 lessons per day, during the morning or
     afternoon, lasting from one week upwards.
                                                                    Start of course
                                                                    Every Monday (except for beginners)
                                                                    Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list

       Start of course                                              Nº of lessons per week
                                                                    20 General Spanish + 5 Spanish Life and Culture
       Every Monday (except for beginners)
       Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list
                                                                    or 5 Grammar Skills
       Nº of lessons per week                                       Length of the course
       20 General Spanish lessons                                   From 1 to 36 weeks
       Length of the course                                         Levels
       From 1 to 36 weeks                                           From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)
       Levels                                                       Nº of students per class
       From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)               Maximum 10, average 6
       Nº of students per class                                     Timetable / Mornings or afternoons
       Maximum 10, average 6                                        Grammar Skills option
                                                                    Morning: Grammar Skills 08:00-09:05 (Tue-Fri)
                                                                                + General Spanish 09:10 -13:00
       Mornings or afternoons 9:10-13:00 or 14:10-18:00
       (Timetables are subject to change)                           Afternoon: General Spanish 14:10 -18:00
                                                                                + Grammar Skills 18:10- 19:00
                                                                    Spanish Life and Culture option
                                                                    Morning: General Spanish 09:10 -13:00
                                                                                + Spanish Life and Culture 13:10-14:00
                                                                    Afternoon: Spanish Life and Culture 13:10-14:00
                                                                                + General Spanish 14:10 -18:00
                                                                    (Timetables are subject to change)

     Intensive 30
     This course is a combination of the Intensive
                                                                  Intensive Plus
     20 plus Spanish Life and Culture and Grammar
     Skills lessons. There are 6 lessons per day.
                                                                  This course is a combination of the Intensive 20 plus
                                                                  private lessons. There are 5 lessons per day, 4 in a
                                                                  group and 1 private. The private ones can be adapted
       Start of course                                            to the needs of each student, so they can study areas in
       Every Monday (except for beginners)                        which they are most interested.
       Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list
       Nº of lessons per week
       20 General Spanish lessons + 5 Spanish Life and              Start of course
       Culture + 5 Grammar Skills lessons                           Every Monday (except for beginners)
                                                                    Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list
       Length of the course
       From 1 to 36 weeks                                           Nº of lessons per week
                                                                    20 General Spanish + 5 private lessons
       From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)               Length of the course
                                                                    From 1 to 36 weeks
       Nº of students per class
       Maximum 10, average 6                                        Levels
                                                                    From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)
       Timetable / Mornings or afternoons
       Morning: Grammar Skills 08:00-09:05 (Tue-Fri)                Nº of students per class
                  + General Spanish 09:10 -13:00                    Group lessons maximum 10, average 6.
                  + Spanish Life and Culture 13:10-14:00            Private lessons 1
       Afternoon: Spanish Life and Culture 13:10-14:00              Timetable
                  + General Spanish 14:10-18:00                     Mornings or afternoons 9:10-13:00 or 14:10-18:00
                  + Grammar Skills 18:10-19:00                      Private lessons: to be agreed
                                                                    (Timetables are subject to change)
       (Timetables are subject to change)

Super Intensive                                              One to One
  This course is designed for students who wish to             Private lessons are available for any level, and the
  develop their communicative and linguistic skills            course programme is specially adapted to each
  in a very intensive course. It is a combination of the       student’s needs.
  Intensive 25 course and private lessons.
  There are 6 lessons per day, 5 in a group and 1 private.
  The private lessons are intended to deal with the
  specific needs of each student.

    Start of course                                              Start of course
    Every Monday (except for beginners)                          Every Monday
    Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list     Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list
    Nº of lessons per week                                       Nº of lessons per week
    20 General Spanish + 5 Spanish Life and Culture or 5         From 1
    Grammar Skills lessons + 5 private lessons                   Length of the course
    Length of the course                                         From 1 to 36 weeks
    From 1 to 36 weeks                                           Levels
    Levels                                                       From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)
    From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)               Nº of students per class
    Nº of students per class                                     1 (there is also the option of 2 students: One to two)
    Group lessons maximum 10, average 6                          Timetable
    Private lessons 1                                            To be agreed
    Timetable / Mornings or afternoons
    Grammar Skills option
    Morning: Grammar Skills 08:00-09:05 (Tue-Fri)
                + General Spanish 09:10 -13:00
    Afternoon: General Spanish 14:10 -18:00
                + Grammar Skills 18:10- 19:00
    Spanish Life and Culture option
    Morning: General Spanish 09:10 -13:00
                + Spanish Life and Culture 13:10-14:00
    Afternoon: Spanish Life and Culture 13:10-14:00
                + General Spanish 14:10 -18:00
    Private lessons: to be agreed
    (Timetables are subject to change)

A course
for every

Exam preparation

     DELE                                                        SIELE                                         New

     This course is specially designed to prepare students       The SIELE exam is a new Spanish certificate which
     for the internationally-recognised DELE exams               certifies electronically the degree of proficiency for
     organised by the Instituto Cervantes.                       the Spanish language with four tests: Reading and
     These are official certificates accrediting the student’s   listening comprehension, Written expression and
     command of the Spanish language. There are five             interaction and Spoken expression and interaction; the
     exam sessions per year: April, May, July, October and       exam also takes as a reference the levels established
     November. We are an official exam centre for DELE           by the Common European Framework of Reference for
     exams and the students will take the exam in our            Languages (CEFR).
     school.                                                     It has been created and developed by the Instituto
     The examinations are offered at six different levels        Cervantes together with some universities.
     which meet the Common European Framework of
     Reference (CEFR) A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2.

       Start of course                                             Start of course
       Please check starting dates in the Dates and fees list      Please check starting dates in the Dates and fees list
       Nº of lessons per week                                      Nº of lessons per week
       20 DELE exam preparation lessons                            20 General Spanish lessons + 5 private SIELE
       Length of the course                                        preparation lessons
       From 1 to 4 weeks                                           Length of the course
       Levels                                                      From 1 to 8 weeks
       From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)              Levels
       Nº of students per class                                    From absolute beginners to advanced (A1 to C2)
       Maximum 10, average 6                                       Nº of students per class
       Timetable                                                   Group lessons maximum 10, average 6.
       Mornings or afternoons 9:10-13:00 or 14:10-18:00            Private lessons 1
       (Timetables subject to change)                              Timetable
                                                                   Mornings or afternoons 9:10-13:00 or 14:10-18:00
                                                                   SIELE private lessons: to be agreed
                                                                   (Timetables are subject to change)

Special courses

     Spanish for Business                                            Spanish and Sailing

     This course is designed for students and professionals          Renowned as an international centre for sailing,
     who are interested in the world of business in Spanish-         Valencia was also home to the 32nd America’s Cup. This
     speaking countries.                                             course is aimed at all levels, from the absolute beginner
     Students study specific language and linguistic                 to the experienced sailor. You will receive expert
     structures used in business. There are 5 lessons per day.       tuition, navigate and race in our boat Españole which is
                                                                     a Beneteau Platu 25 based in Valencia Yacht Base.
                                                                     During the course you will be given a solid grounding
                                                                     in boat handling, meteorology, seamanship, safety at
                                                                     sea, nautical terms, rope work, sail handling, rules of
                                                                     the road, helmsman ship and general duties above and
                                                                     below deck.
       Start of course
       Please check starting dates in the
       “Dates and fees” list
                                                                       Start of course
       Nº of lessons per week
                                                                       Spanish: check starting days of selected course
       20 General Spanish + 5 Business Spanish lessons
                                                                       Sailing: every Monday from June to September
       Length of the course
                                                                       Nº of lessons per week
       From 1 to 36 weeks
                                                                       6 sailing lessons
                                                                       Length of the course
       From intermediate to advanced (B1-C2)
                                                                       Spanish: from 1 to 36 weeks
       Nº of students per class                                        Sailing: from 1 to 4 weeks
       General Spanish: maximum 10, average 6
       Business: Mini group of maximum 4 students.
                                                                       From an advanced knowledge of sailing to very basic
                                                                       Nº of students per class
       General Spanish:                                                Spanish: maximum of 10, average 6
       Mornings or afternoons 9:10-13:00 or 14:10-18:00                Sailing: Mini group maximum of 5
       Business Spanish lessons: to be confirmed.
       (Timetables are subject to change)
                                                                       Please check the timetable for the selected course
                                                                       Sailing: Two days a week 10:00-13:00 or 15:30-18:30

     Teacher Training
                                                                       (Days depending on weather and subject to change)

     This course is focused for non-native teachers of
     Spanish. It combines elements of the language and
     Spanish culture together with methodology and                            Start of course
     practice. Participants will have access to practical and                 Please check starting dates in the
     effective training in order to teach Spanish to foreign                  “Dates and fees” list
     students. In addition, they will have the chance to meet
     colleagues from other countries so cultural exchanges                    Nº of lessons per week
     and networking make up an important part of the study                    20 teacher training lessons
     programme.                                                               for non-native speakers
     We also provide intensive, four-week teacher training                    Length of the course
     courses and online programs accredited by the
                                                                              2 weeks
     University of Barcelona.
                                                                              From Upper Intermediate (B2)
     Course Structure                                                         Nº of students per class
     Revision of grammar               Methodology: how to teach              Maximum 10, average 6
     topics.                           in a practical way.
     How to teach grammar              Common mistakes made by
     to students.                      foreign students of Spanish            Timetable
     Spanish culture: literature,      and how to deal with them.             Mornings or afternoons
     art and history.                  New technology in the                  9:10-13:00 or 14:10-18:00
                                       Spanish classroom.                     (Timetables are subject to change)

Academic                                                                Work and study
     Preparation                                                              Internship
     for University
                                                                              This programme combines an intensive Spanish course
     This course is designed for foreign students who wish                    with an internship in a company in or near Valencia.
     to complete a university degree in Spain. To achieve                     Before starting the work experience, you will have to
     this, they must first pass an entry exam.                                attend a Spanish course of at least 2 weeks.
     The preparation courses to access university are
     tailored to each individual student; it is a fast and easy
     way to improve and prepare for the exam and it doesn’t                     Start of course
     matter what your level or capabilities are.                                Every Monday
                                                                                Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list
                                                                                Between 18 and 30 years old
       Start of course                                                          Spanish requirements
       October or January                                                       B1 level or more
       Course includes                                                          Length of the programme
       20 weekly lessons on differing subjects + tutoring                       3 months (although in some cases we can arrange
       Help with the university admission process                               different periods)
       (Paperwork costs and other university expenses are not included).
       Length of the course
       30 or 20 weeks respectively
       You need to have a minimum level of B1 in Spanish
       (as requested by the Common European Framework of Reference for
       languages). If you like you can do an intensive Spanish course with
       us before the University access exam preparation course starts.
       Monday to Friday (morning or afternoon)

     Who is this course for?
     Students from foreign educational systems (with which Spain
     has reciprocate agreements making their qualifications

                                                                              Volunteer work
     compatible), who have completed upper secondary school up
     to the Spanish Bachillerato level (pre-university course) in
     their countries.
     What is the exam?
     The university entrance exams evaluate the academic
     maturity of students and check that they have acquired the               This programme combines a Spanish course with
     necessary knowledge of upper-secondary education (Spanish                volunteering in Valencia. It’s the perfect way to learn
     Bachillerato). When passing the exams, students can access               Spanish, develop social skills, get to know the Spanish
     higher education in Spain.
                                                                              culture and have fun at the same time.
     When is the exam?
     The University Entry Exam is held twice a year in May/June               There are many types of projects available: educational
     and in September.                                                        and cultural, social, environmental and health care
                                                                              related... you can choose the area that most interests
                                                                              you. The volunteer work has to be combined with an
                                                                              intensive Spanish course of at least two weeks (it can
                                                                              be taken at the same time as the voluntary work).

                                                                                Start of course
                                                                                Every Monday (except for beginners)
                                                                                Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list
                                                                                From 18 years old

     Study in                                                                   Spanish requirements
                                                                                Basic level
     a Spanish                                                                  (speak using simple vocabulary and phrases)

     university                                                                 Length of the programme
                                                                                From 2 to 24 weeks

You will have
                                                                                                                               to attend a Spanish
                                                                                                                               course of at least
                                                                                                                               2 weeks not included
                                                                                                                               in the placement fee
What is this programme for?                   Here we offer a wonderful opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves
Working in a foreign company is a very        in Spanish life. Students are welcomed into the homes of our Spanish hosts as a
rewarding experience. As well as giving       member of the family. In return they assist with childcare, help with light housework
you the chance to practise Spanish, you
can learn the language specific to your       and teach the children of the house their native language or English.
job. The internship is considered to be a
training programme, so it is unpaid.
We also organize funded internship
programs such as Leonardo Da Vinci
and PON.
                                              Start of course
                                              Every Monday (except for beginners)
Who is this course for?                       Please check starting dates in the “Dates and fees” list
It is aimed for foreign college and           Age
university students or recent graduates       Between 18 and 30 years old
who want to gain experience in a
Spanish company and also enjoy Spain’s        Length of the programme
exciting life and culture.                    From 1 (only available in summer) to 12 months.
We have a wide range of sectors from
Finance to Hospitality.

                                              Spanish lessons                                            Accommodation and pocket money
                                              Normally the Spanish lessons are in the                    Demi pairs will have their own bedroom and
                                              morning and the working time is in the                     will be given full board and some pocket
                  In Spanish                  afternoon and evening. You have to take an
                                              Intensive Spanish course of at least 2 weeks
                                              at the beginning of the programme, although
                                                                                                         money in return for their help in the house.

                  companies                   we strongly recommend that you extend
                                              your studies of Spanish throughout the
                                                                                                         Language spoken in the family
                                                                                                         Normally Spanish families invite a foreign
                                              entire length of your stay.                                student to live with them because they want
                                                                                                         their children to learn and practice a second
                                                                                                         language. However they fully understand
                                              Working hours                                              that the aim of the programme for the Demi
                                              Demi pairs will work 20 hours per week plus                pair is to learn and practice Spanish. In order
                                              one night babysitting.                                     to do this, they will make sure there’s a lot of
                                              Free days: Two full free days per week (either             Spanish speaking time. The normal routine is
                                              during the week or at the weekend but at                   for the Demi pair to speak English or another
                                              least once a month a Sunday will be free).                 language with the children and Spanish with
                                                                                                         the parents.

                                                 Common duties your host family
                                                 may ask you to do
                                                 - Looking after the children.
                                                 - Taking them to the park.
Who is this course for?
                                                 - Playing with them in English
All people who want to cooperate in
environmental and local community                  or your native language.
projects in the Valencia region can apply.       - Helping out with homework.
Volunteers must be 18 years or older and
should be fit and physically prepared to         - Picking the children up from school.
work in the open environment.                    - Taking them for evening activities.
                                                 - Putting them to bed
What kind of volunteer work do we offer?
                                                   and reading stories.
Teaching English, maths, sports to
children, helping disabled people or
to protect the Mediterranean Sea on
the coast of Valencia, improving good
practice for responsible tourism, fire
prevention for the Valencian community
mountains, conservation project in the
Albufera Natural Park.

How to book this programme?
Interested students need to submit a
letter either in Spanish or in English
explaining the types of projects they
would like to do, and giving information
related to their studies and previous
volunteer work, if applicable. We would
need at least six weeks to arrange the
placement.                                   inmersion
Online lessons                                         Other programmes

     Spanish online                                          Family programmes
                                                             Our family language programmes are specifically
                                                             designed to fit the lifestyle and requirements of each
     A flexible way to learn Spanish where you can choose
                                                             individual family.
     the number of lessons per week, the time and the
     content. You can also start your online course from     They are flexible and fun, and can be tailor-made to
     home before coming to Valencia and continue your        create the perfect holiday experience.
     studies with the teachers you already know.

                                                               Ask for brochure

       Start of course
       Any day with previous arrangements
       Nº of lessons per week
       From 1
                                                             Group programmes
       Length of the course
       To be decided by the student
       Levels                                                We offer Spanish courses for school groups throughout
       All                                                   the academic year and during the school holidays that
                                                             are custom-made to respond to their individual needs
       Nº of students per class                              and requirements.
       To be agreed                                            Ask for brochure

Summer Camp

                                                                                                    Summer camp
                                                                                                    # 20 Spanish lessons per
                                                                                                      week (50 minutes each)
                                                                                                    # Maximum 10 students
                                                                                                      per class
                                                                                                    # Entrance level test
 Our summer camp offers a unique opportunity           Our host families are carefully chosen
 for teenage students between the ages of 14-          to provide the utmost comfort and            # Host family or
 17 to learn in an entirely Spanish environment        care for our teenagers and many of             residence full-board
 where they can be immersed into local life and        our host families have been with us for        accommodation
 culture. The programme is carefully designed          years taking in our students all year
 to provide students of all levels with the            round. The average journey to school         # 1 full-day excursion
 platform to communicate their way through             for our students is 25 minutes and             and 5 half-day
 every stage of life with us and take all the skills   many families live close than that in          activities per week
 learnt in the classroom out into the real world.      surrounding neighbourhoods.
                                                                                                    # Class materials
 Along with top quality academics we have a            Those who choose the residence               # Insurance
 social activity programme built for the purpose       option can stay in single en-suite           # 24 hour emergency
 of pushing students to use their new language         rooms at our city centre university
 skills and practice both amongst themselves
                                                       residence with on-site cafeteria,
 and with native Spanish speakers around them.         24-hour staffing, weekly cleaning            # Certificate and report
                                                       and weekly laundry. The residence is           at end of course
 We offer our summer campers the choice to             a short walk to the school and with
 be totally integrated into Valencian life by          Valencia being such a walkable city          # Return transfers
 staying with a host family or give them more of       you’re never far from something to see
 a university feel in student residence.               or do!

Every weekday we                      On Saturdays we offer               Experienced teachers
have activities, which                full-day excursions                 and co-ordinators take
include cultural visits,              to a variety of great               care of our students
sports competitions,                  destinations and on                 and accompany them
barbecues, dancing                    Sundays the students                during all the cultural
lessons, beach                        are free to spend the               activities, visits and
afternoons or                         day with their hosts or             excursions included in
shopping.                             they can meet friends.              the programme.

                                           Shared                                  Studios
                                           apartments                              Our studios are located in the city
                                                                                   centre within a walking distance
     In order to feel comfortable and      This type of accommodation              to the school. They have a lounge
     relaxed during your stay it is        gives you the chance to live with       with a sofá bed or separate beds, a
                                           students from other countries.          kitchenette and a bathroom. They
     essential that you are satisfied
                                           Each apartment has three or four        are either for single or double use.
     with your accommodation               bedrooms and one or two shared          The accommodation includes bed
     arrangements.                         bathrooms. All apartments have a        linen, towels and blankets, access
                                           fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge        to a fully equipped kitchen and
     For this reason we attach             with TV, a washing machine and          laundry, moderate electricity, gas and
                                           an iron. The school provides bed        water expenses, and cleaning of the
     significant importance to
                                           linen, but not towels. Moderate         common areas every week.
     ensuring that the quality we          electricity, gas and water expenses
     provide is of a good standard.        are included. The school is in charge
     We select our host families           of maintaining the apartment.
     with the utmost care, ensure
     that our shared apartments and        The common areas are cleaned every
     studios are maintained in a good      two weeks, but otherwise it is the
                                           students’ duty to keep the apartment
                                                                                   Host families
     condition and provide general                                                 Living with a Spanish family is the
     support for students with matters     clean. The apartments are located
                                           no more than 25 minutes away from       best way to become familiar with the
     regarding their accommodation.                                                Spanish lifestyle, get to know Spanish
                                           the school by public transport.
                                                                                   customs and practise the language.

                                                                                   We select our families carefully so
                                                                                   that our students feel completely at
                                                                                   ease with them. Don’t expect the host
                                                                                   family houses to be luxurious, but
                                                                                   they are comfortable and hospitable.
           What type of                   23%                        31%           Most of the families live near the
           accommodation do                                                        school and the average distance
                                                                                   from the school is 25 minutes by
           our students choose?
                                                                                   public transport. Students are lodged
                No accommodation 23%
                                                                                   in single or double rooms and can
                Apartments 31%
                                                                                   choose from three types of board
                Host family 30%          13%                           3%          (breakfast, half board or full board).
                Residence 13%                                                      Weekly laundry and cleaning is
                Studio 3%                                                          included. You will have your own keys
                                                                                   to come and go as you wish, but you
                                                      30%                          must respect some basic rules and
                                                                                   schedules, especially for mealtimes.

The accommodation
                                                                                                                             is available between
                                                                                                                             2:00 p.m. on the Sunday
                                                                                                                             prior to the first day of
                                                                                                                             the course (Monday)
                                                                                                                             until 12:00 p.m. on the
                                                                                                                             Saturday following
                                                                                                                             the last day of class
Hall of residence                                                                                                            (Friday).
We also offer accommodation in student                      students. If you prefer you can also have
halls of residence. The residence is                        your meals in the residence canteen.
located in the university campus and
                                                                                                                             Extra nights might
                                                            Breakfast, half board and full board can
there is good transport to and from the                     be arranged. Cleaning once a week,
                                                                                                                             be available at the
school. There are single or double rooms,                   towels and sheets are included.                                  published prices.
each room with its own private bathroom,
telephone, hot and cold air-conditioning                    In summer we also offer accommodation
and personal study space.
                                                                                                                             CHECK IN TIME
                                                            in a residence in the city centre, just 20
                                                            minutes walk from the school. It has 70                          Sunday
The residence has common areas, a TV                        single rooms with private bathroom and                           after 2:00 p.m.
lounge, 24-hour reception service, a                        comfortable common rooms for students.
coffee bar, internet access and a dining
room. There is a common kitchen for                                                                                          CHECK OUT TIME
                                                                                                                             before 12:00 p.m.

Types of accommodation
Accommodation                   Shared apartment          Host family             Private Studio                Residence               Summer residence
Year Round
                                    Residential            Residential                                          University                 City Centre
Location                                                                            City Centre
                                       area                   area                                                area

                                Around 25 minutes      Around 30 minutes        Between 10 and 20                Between
Travel time                        (average 15)           (average 20)                                        25-30 minutes             Around 20 minutes
to school                                                                        minutes on foot
                                 by bus or metro        by bus or metro                                      by bus or metro                 walking

                                                        B&B, half board                                     Self catering, B&B,         Self catering, B&B,
Meals                              Self-catering                                   Self-catering
                                                        and full board                                   half board and full board   half board and full board

                                        1 to 6               1 to 4                    1 to 3                      400
How many students?                                                                                                                              70
                                         Yes                  Yes                       Yes                        Yes
Single Room                                                                                                                                    Yes
                                         Yes                  Yes                       Yes*                       Yes*
Double Room                                                                                                                                     No
                                                                              Fully equipped kitchen         En-suite room with
                             Fully equipped kitchen       Bedroom with         with microwave and                                       En-suite room with
                                                            wardrobe,                                    wardrobe, desk and chair,   wardrobe, desk and chair,
Facilities                   with washing machine.                               washing machine.
                                                      study desk and chair.                               telephone, Internet and     and Internet. Canteen
                             TV. Shared bathroom.                                    Internet.
                                                        Shared bathroom.                                 air-conditioning. Canteen   for meals. Bed linen and
                                    Bed linen                                 TV and air-conditioning.
                                                      Bed linen and towels                               for meals. Bed linen and             towels
                                                                               Bed linen and towels                towels
Cleaning                           Every 2 weeks          Every week                Every week                 Every week                  Every week

* Only available for students coming together


     If you haven’t
     got a plan after         The programme of activities and
                              excursions will help you to discover
                                                                          It is the ideal complement to a Spanish
                                                                          course and gives you the chance to
     class, the school        Spanish culture, the friendly attitude of   practise Spanish in everyday situations,
                              the locals and the festive atmosphere of    find out what Spain and the culture are
     will help you!           our city.                                   like, and get to know the local people.
     Just look at the                                                     Valencia also offers many opportunities
                                                                          to practise your favourite sports. Near the
     activity plan for                                                    school there are sports facilities where
                                                                          you can play tennis, basketball, football,
     the week and             We organise many activities every week,
                                                                          squash, aerobics, fitness training,
                              most of them are free (there are at least
     experience a lot         four activities per week totally free)
                                                                          or step classes.

     of cool stuff.”          and many others are available
                              at a very low price.

                                                                                     and Excursions
                                                                                   Join our team and our
                                                                                   international students to
                                                                                   continue enjoying Valencia
                                                                                   after lessons!
   Hola, my name is Diana
   and I’m in charge of organizing                                                   City tour
   activities and excursions                                                         Tapas making classes
   for our students.                                                                 Visit to City of Arts and Science
   My job is to make sure you enjoy your stay
                                                                                     Language exchange nights with locals
   with us, discover Valencia and its culture                                        Ceramic Art Museum tour
   and traditions, while you meet other students
                                                                                     Beach volleyball
   from the school and make local friends.
   We will have a lot of fun together in our dancing
   lessons, cooking workshops, excursions, tours,                                    Paella cooking classes
   conversation exchange nights...
   and much more!                                                                    BBQ party
                                  See you soon...                                    Tapas tour
                                                                                     Valencian culture classes
                                                                                     City treasure hunt
                                                                                     Graffiti tour
                                                                                     Fallas museum trip
An example of a weekly programme                                                     City bike tour

                                                                                     Salsa classes
City tour                                  Visit to                                  Cinema night
              Cooking    “Intercambio”                                Full day
  and                                    a museum      Students’
Welcome      workshop    Conversation
                                          or Salsa      dinner
                                                                    excursion to     Valencia Museum of Modern Art
              “Paella”     exchanges                                   Xàtiva
 party                                    lessons                                    Valencian beer tasting
                                                                                     Wine and cheese tasting
                                                              EXTRA CHARGE
                                                                                     Flamenco show
                                                                                     Classic Spanish dinner
                                                                                     Oceanographic Aquarium
                                                                                     Mestalla Stadium tour

                                                                                     Organised Tours
                                                                                     Altea and Calpe Snorkelling
                                                                                     Cullera Waterpark
                                                                                     Buñol Tomatina festival

A day in
                                                 the life of
                                                 from Italy

                                                 Our student tells
                                                 you how is one day
                                                 studying with us

       08:45                                      19:00
       Bus to school                              Afternoon activity
     My student apartment is only a             I was really surprised to see such a
     few stops away from the school so          full activity schedule all included in
     sometimes I walk or use the Valenbisi      the price. Before arriving I didn’t think
     bike system but today I decided to         I would do so many activities but now
     take the bus as it’s really convenient,    I’m here I’ve been on almost all of
     cheap and stops so close to the            them including weekend trips to other
     school!                                    cities.

       09:10                                      21:00
       Spanish classes                            Life at my new home
     Going to class is a pleasure as I get to   I live with a Japanese girl and a boy
     see my new friends and the teacher         from Denmark and we are all so
     knows how to make learning fun. My         happy and comfortable together. The
     classmates are from all over the globe     apartment has plenty of space and
     and our teacher, Juan, has actually        we have everything we need in the
     travelled to most of our countries!        area. We like to go to dinner three
                                                times a week but we also take turns
                                                cooking food from our countries for
       14:00                                    each other. It’s a fun way of learning
       Lunch                                    names in Spanish for foods and ways
                                                of cooking!
     Lunchtime is the perfect opportunity
     for us to practice much of what we
     learn in the classroom. There seems          22:00
     to be an endless amount of options in
     El Carmen and I found all the waiters
                                                  Valencia nightlife
     to be so nice and friendly. I love         I think I could live here for years
     the food too so am always looking          and still discover funky little bars,
     forward to lunch!                          casual looking restaurants that
                                                serve amazing food and there seems
                                                to be a local neighbourhood fiesta
       16:30                                    every day somewhere! My Japanese
       Homework                                 housemate loves flamenco and live
                                                music so she is always finding new
     This time last week I had classes in       places for us to go. There just aren’t
     the afternoon, which meant I would         enough nights in the week!
     do my homework while enjoying
     coffee and breakfast on a terrace.
     Now I have morning classes I enjoy
     doing it with my merienda instead!
     The homework is carefully planned
     by the teachers and everything flows
     nicely so you actually want to do it
     and be ready for class the next day.

First day
                                                                   of class

                                                              Your first day of class with us starts
                                                              a little earlier than usual at 08:30am
                                                              so we can give an oral test and start
                                                              classing you.

How to get to the school                                      A pre-arrival test will be completed online
                                                              a maximum of one week before coming
  By metro:                        By bus: One of the many    and those who have not completed the
  Estació de Túria, Colón,         bus stops around the old   pre-arrival test will complete on Monday.
  Alameda, Xátiva, Ángel Guimerá   town area.
                                                              After testing we will have an orientation
                                                              meeting where students can meet each
                                                              other, our staff and receive useful info
                                                              about Españolé and Valencia itself. Once
                                                              testing and orientation has finished you
                                                              will receive your book, learning schedule
                                                              and classes will start there and then!

                                                              In the afternoon we arrange a guided
                                                              tour of the city for all new students.
                                                              We highly recommend joining as it will
                                                              not only familiarise yourself with your
                                                              new temporary home but you will have
                                                              opportunities to practice what you learnt
                                                              in the classroom that day and get to know
                                                              your classmates better.

                                                               Can you imagine
                                                               a better place to
                                                               learn Spanish?

What to do?

                                                                                                       Enjoy a plethora
                                                                                                       of parks and gardens
                                                                                                       Valencia is not only a city of culture but also
                                                                                                       a city with beautiful parks, gardens and relaxing
                                                                                                       recreational areas. The old riverbed has been
                                                                                                       converted into a 9 km park that snakes through the
                                                                                                       city and is perfect for all kinds of activities such
                                                                                                       as cycling, jogging and skating. There are also
                                                                                                       many relaxation spots along the park and dotted
                                                                                                       throughout the city so no matter where you are
                                                                                                       you’ll find something close by.

                                                                                                       Enjoy Valencia gastronomy
                                                                                                       and nightlife
     Valencia                      Valencia is a vibrant,                                              The city has a seemingly never-ending supply of
                                   cosmopolitan city with about                                        bars serving high quality tapas and pintxos. There
                                                                                                       are, of course, many restaurants serving classic
                                   800,000 inhabitants enjoying                                        Valencian cuisine such as the famous paella but
                                                                                                       you’ll soon discover real locals prefer Fideuà,
                                   its majestic buildings and                                          which is a must-try also! Valencia is famous for
                                                                                                       its nightlife and there are many lively areas and
                                   wonderful scenery.                                                  places to go to suit all tastes and styles.

                         1                       2                        3                        4                         5                          6

                         7                       8                        9                       10                         11                         12

                                                     1.- The Lonja: one of the         6.- The Fine Arts Museum          and equatorial Africa, while
                                                     best examples of Gothic           San Pio V: one of the most        getting up close to silverback
                                                     civil architecture in Europe.     outstanding painting archives     gorillas, leopards, lions,
     Where history                                   It enjoys Patrimony of the
                                                     Humanity (UNESCO).
                                                                                       in Spain.                         rhinos, hippos and some very
                                                                                                                         cute meerkats.
     meets modernism
                                                                                       7.- The National Ceramics
                                                     2.- The Central Market: one       Museum Gonzalez Marti:            11.- El Mestalla: Valencia
                                                     of the many places not to         housed in a palace from the       CF, or Los Che as they’re
                                                     be missed. This colourful,        15th century and refurbished      known locally, are a giant of
                                                     bustling lively market, in a      in 1740 in rococo.                the European game. La Liga
     A truly stunning Mediterranean city,            beautiful modernist building,     8.-The City of Arts and           winners twice at the start
     Valencia enjoys a mild temperate                will entice you to buy far more   Sciences: this amazing            of the 2000’s and enjoying
     climate and offers a wealth of                  than you intended to.             complex includes five             a recent resurgence they’re
     gastronomic delights, festivals and             3.- The Cathedral: each of its    buildings which are               known for their entertaining
                                                     three gates has a different       breathtaking at first sight.      style of play.
     cultural events to enjoy. You will see
     how important historical traditions and         style: Baroque, Gothic and        They are simply incredible.       12.- Tapeo: Translated as
                                                     Romanesque. From its bell         9.- Jardín del Turia: The         walking around different bars
     recent innovative architecture stand
                                                     tower, El Miguelete, you can      former river has now been         enjoying their drinks and tapas
     side by side and complement each                enjoy amazing views over the                                        – and we recommend doing
     other, the city and the people perfectly.                                         transformed into a park, where
                                                     city.                             locals walk, run, sunbathe and    just that!
     In the last two decades Valencia has            4.- Plaza de la Virgen: which     cycle.
     undergone an amazing transformation             sits on the site that was once    10.- Valencia Bioparc: The
     that needs be seen to be believed.              the Roman forum.                  animals live in a natural
                                                     5.- Torres de Serranos:           habitat in this 21st-century
                                                     considered to be the largest      version of a zoo. Explore the
                                                     Gothic city gateway in all of     ecosystems of the savannah,
                                                     Europe.                           the forests of Madagascar

A beach for most of the year
    It’s not uncommon for us to have temperatures in
    the 20’s during January and while that may not be
    sunbathing weather it doesn’t mean you can enjoy a
    stroll on the beach! Wide-open beaches filled with
    golden sand are lined with palm trees, bars and
    restaurants that are frequented by locals and tourists
    alike 12 months of the year.

    Live traditions and festivals
    The most popular festival in Valencia, Las Fallas,
    takes place in March and for five days fireworks can
    be seen and heard all over the city. The sound of band
    music and the impressive mascletàs turn the city into
    a place to behold: a complete transformation that
    precedes spring every year.

    Enjoy the city events
    Valencia is known all over the world for its
    international events: the final round of the Moto GP,
    the open tennis tournament and much more. For each
    of these events the city opens its arms and hearts to
    the thousands of tourists who arrive to be entertained
    each year.

    And all this, together with more than 300 days of
    sunshine per year and people who are open-minded
    and friendly, make Valencia the ideal place in which
    to spend a memorable study holiday.

                                                      If you have booked your accommodation
                                                      with us, we will send you the complete

   arrival                                            details and information on how to get to
                                                      your accommodation at least two weeks
                                                      before your arrival.

                                                      Transfer Service
                                                      We can arrange your transfer on arrival
                                                      at Valencia airport, train or bus station
                                                      and also your departure. To guarantee
How to get                                            the transfer we need to know your arrival
                                                      details (date, time, place, and flight number)
to Valencia                                           at least one week before arrival.

By plane                                              By bus                                           By train
Valencia has an international airport located         The central bus station is located in the        Trains coming from all over the country stop
about 8 km from the city. Flights from the            West zone of the city. It has lines connecting   at the “Estación del Norte”, located in the
main cities of Spain and Europe land here.            the main Spanish and European cities.            heart of Valencia. From here it takes just 10
Moreover, Valencia has connecting flights             From the central station, the best way to        minutes to walk to the school.
with Madrid and Barcelona for destinations all        access other points in the city is by bus or
over the world. The airport is easily reached by      underground.
bus and metro from the city centre.

& enrolments             Our representative

C/ Caballeros, 36
46001 Valencia (Spain)
     +34 96 353 04 04
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