List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT

List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
List of Experts 2018
  Faculty of Humanities
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Faculty of Humanities:
2018 List of Academic Experts
Office of the Executive Dean

                                Prof Mashupye H Maserumule
                                Executive Dean (Acting)
                                Prof Mashupye H Maserumule holds a DLitt et Phil in Public Administra-
                                tion from the University of South Africa (UNISA). His areas of specialisa-
                                tion are a developmental state, local governance, state reform, research,
                                politics and theory of knowledge in the field of public administration.
                                He has more than 50 publications to his name, which comprise articles
                                in scholarly, professional and political journals, chapters in books and
                                research papers in conference proceedings. Maserumule’s expertise in is-
                                sues of governance are undisputable. He has co-edited and contributed
                                chapters, in among others, the following these books: Cases in Public Ad-
                                ministration: A South African Perspective ([Heinemann in 2004)], and The
Tel: (012) 382 9541
                                Zuma Administration: Critical Challenges ([HSRC Press 2010),] Managing
                                Human Capital in the Public Sector. (Van Schaik 2014), and Institution-
                                alising Democracy: The Story of the Independent Electoral Commission
                                (IEC) (HSRC Press 2015).
                                He has also edited conference proceedings titled Public Administration
                                in the Second Decade of Democracy in South Africa. He is currently in-
                                volved in a book project that profiles the South African Independent
                                Electoral Commission (IEC), for which he is writing a chapter on Pre-poll
                                Preparations for the Founding Elections in South Africa. The book was
                                slated for publication in 2013. He was involved in writing a chapter for
                                a book for publication in 2013 by Van Schaik, titled Managing Human
                                Capital and another a book on the Politics of Scholarship in Public Ad-
                                ministration. Its publication date is yet to be determined. Prof Maseru-
                                mule is coordinating the second volume of the book The Zuma Admin-
                                istration: Critical Challenges, which, as published in 2010, he co-edited
                                and contributed a chapter on Consolidating a Developmental State: A
                                Governance Challenge.
                                Prof Maserumule supervises master’s and doctoral students, of which
                                some have already completed. He has presented more than 30 papers in
                                national and international conferences. He has participated in the review
                                of a single public service bill for the Ministry of Public Service and Admin-
                                istration. He has completed a commissioned research paper on Develop-
                                ment and Transformation: The Place of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
                                in the Developmental State for the Presidential Review Committee on
                                SOEs. He is the Chief Editor of the Journal of Public Administration. His
                                views on matters of governance are regularly solicited for policy devel-
                                opment in government and by the media.

                                2018 List of Academic Experts                                          1
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Prof Andile Mji
                            Assistant Dean: Postgraduate Studies, Research and Innovation
                            Prof Andile Mji is responsible for all research activities within the fac-
                            ulty. He holds a D-Ed in Mathematics Education from the former Uni-
                            versity of Transkei, now known as Walter Sisulu University. His expertise
                            area of research is in Mathematics Education, Teaching and Learning
                            with Technology and Environmental Education. He is the author of
                            more than fifty articles in accredited journals. Several master’s students
                            and doctoral students completed their studies under his supervision.
                            Prof Mji is on editorial boards of various journals such as Pythagoras,
                            Africa Education Review, The Journal of Independent Teaching and
Tel: (012) 382 9932         Learning, Journal of Science and Information Technology, to name but
Email:       a few. Prof Mji has also delivered papers at many national and interna-
                            tional conferences and serves on various advisory boards.

                            Prof Bongazana Dondolo
                            Assistant Dean: Teaching and Learning (Acting)
                            Prof Bongazana Dondolo obtained her PhD in Marketing Management
                            at North West University. She received a Master of Business Adminis-
                            tration (MBA) from South-Eastern Louisiana University, USA. She has
                            supervised to completion a number of Masters and Doctoral students.
                            In addition, Prof Dondolo has served as an examiner for Masters and
                            Doctoral dissertations and theses at a number of universities.
                            Her research outputs include numerous peer reviewed articles in na-
                            tional and international journals, contributions to conference proceed-
                            ings both locally and internationally and book chapters. She also serves
Telephone: (012) 382 9499
                            as a reviewer for international journals. Prof Dondolo has been regu-
                            larly invited to serve as a critical reader to review HEQSF programmes,
                            ensuring quality of teaching and learning in certain programmes at
                            Unisa. Her main research interests include Social Media, Technology
                            use in organisations, Advertising Communication, Marketing Commu-
                            nication, Brand Communication, Crisis Communication and Reputation

  2                         2018 List of Academic Experts
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Applied Languages

                             Dr Gary W Collins
                             Head of Department
                             Dr Gary Collins obtained his PhD in Computer Integrated Education
                             from the University of Pretoria. His areas of expertise include Com-
                             puter Aided Language Teaching/Learning (CALT) (CALL), English for
                             Occupational Purposes (EOP), English for Academic Purposes (EAP),
                             Computer Technology as a Cognitive Tool and Educational Design-
                             Based Research. He was content editor and contributing author for a
                             widely prescribed textbook on Engineering Communication and has
                             published an article on facilitating higher order thinking in a peer-
                             reviewed journal.
Tel: (012) 382 5714          He has numerous articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings. He
Email:   is a reviewer for several journals including the Australasian Journal of
                             Educational Technology (AJET) and Acta Commercii. He is also a mem-
                             ber of the International Advisory Board at the International Conference
                             of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI). Dr Collins has success-
                             fully supervised and co-supervised several master’s students and is
                             currently co-supervisor for a doctoral student and main supervisor for
                             numerous master’s students.

                             Prof Mzwamadoda P Cekiso
                             Associate Professor
                             Prof Mzwamadoda Phillip Cekiso holds a PhD in English from the
                             University of North West. He is the author of 26 articles in accredited
                             journals. Prof Cekiso has successfully supervised 16 master’s students
                             and nine doctoral students. He has delivered papers at many national
                             and international conferences. His research interests include reading
                             and writing in second language, learning styles, onomastic and second
                             language teaching methods. He is currently supervising eight master’s
                             students and six doctoral students. Prof Cekiso has reviewed articles
                             for national and international journals. He has externally examined
                             five doctoral theses and eight master’s dissertations for the North West
Tel: (012) 382 9182          University, University of Fort Hare, Walter Sisulu University, University
E-mail:   of Zululand, University of Venda and Central University of Technology
                             Free State. Prof Cekiso serves on the editorial board of the African Jour-
                             nal of Government and Development.

                             2018 List of Academic Experts                                       3
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Dr Marius Dieperink
                             Academic Manager: Faculty of Humanities, eMalahleni Campus
                             Dr Dieperink holds a D Tech in Strategic Communication from the
                             Tshwane University of Technology. His thesis is titled Social Media and
                             Corporate Communication: a South African Perspective. He has pre-
                             sented, published and read papers abroad. He currently co-supervises
                             master’s and doctoral students. His academic interests include comput-
                             er-assisted training, business communication, business English, social
                             media, social networking, corporate communication, as well as Atlas.ti,
                             Endnote and Surveymonkey. He has been an external examiner, as well
                             as a conference paper reviewer.
Tel: (013) 653 3131/46

                             Dr Thabo Ditsele
                             Senior Lecturer

                             Dr Thabo Ditsele holds an M Phil (Second Language Studies) from Stel-
                             lenbosch University, and a D Tech (Language Practice) from Tshwane
                             University of Technology. His Sociolinguistics research interests in-
                             clude: urban varieties (viz. Sepitori and tsotsitaal); language attitudes;
                             language policy and planning; multilingualism; and politics of lan-
                             He has published a Setswana novel titled ‘Maile maila boganana’; two
                             Setswana short stories in an anthology titled ‘Pelo e ganne molora’;
                             seven articles in accredited journals; and one article in peer-reviewed
Tel: (012) 382 9849          conference proceedings. He has read 20 papers (i.e. 12 at conferences,
E-mail:   and eight at seminars/workshops as invited talks) in Africa, Asia, Europe
                             and North America. He is registered with the ‘South African Council for
                             Educators’ as a Mathematics and English educator. He is an ordinary
                             member of the ‘Association of Contemporary African Linguistics’ (USA),
                             an Executive Board Member of the ‘Linguistics Society of Southern Af-
                             rica’ (South Africa), and an Editorial Board Member of ‘The Mouth: Criti-
                             cal Studies on Language, Culture and Society’ (Germany).
                             Dr Ditsele has reviewed papers for the ‘Southern African Linguistics and
                             Applied Language Studies’ (South Africa), the ‘South African Journal of
                             African Languages’ (South Africa), and the ‘Nordic Journal of African
                             Studies’ (Finland). He externally moderates Setswana (BA Hons) for
                             NWU. He has successfully supervised three Master’s students, and co-
                             supervised four students (i.e. three Master’s and one Doctoral). Current-
                             ly, he supervises nine students (i.e. eight Master’s and one Doctoral). He
                             also co-supervises five students (i.e. three Master’s and two Doctoral).
                             He has examined eight Master’s dissertations for UCT, Wits University,
                             NWU and UNISA, and one Doctoral thesis for UCT.

  4                          2018 List of Academic Experts
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Dr Mary Makgato
                             Senior Lecturer
                             Dr Mary Makgato obtained a DLitt from the University of Pretoria. Her
                             field of expertise include literature and linguistics, folklore, discourse
                             and text analysis, feminism and womanism. She is currently supervising
                             master`s students and has presented scientific papers at national and in-
                             ternational conferences. She is an external assessor for master`s disserta-
                             tions and doctoral theses in the African Languages Departments for the
                             University of Pretoria, UNISA and North West University.

Tel: (012) 382 9153
                             Dr Kegaugetjwe M. Makgopa
                             Senior Lecturer
                             Dr Kegaugetjwe M. Makgopa holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the
                             University of Venda. Her areas of specialisation are Multilingualism, Com-
                             munication, Literature, Linguistics, Lexicography and Research in the
                             field of Languages. Dr Kegaugetjwe Makgopa introduced Sesotho sa
                             Leboa as 3rd language in the Department of Applied Languages, which
                             gave birth to the establishment of the Department of Applied Languag-
                             es. She tailored syllabi for level 1-3 and compiled learning material suit-
                             able for the course.
                             Dr Makgopa laid the foundation of all 3rd languages applicable in the
                             Department of Applied Languages. She contributed a lot to Linguistics
Tel: (012) 382 9668          for the Department of Applied Languages. She coordinated the Depart-
Email:   ment of Applied Languages. Her expertise is undisputable and she made
                             a mark in the development of the Department of Applied Languages.
                             She presented papers at international conferences. She participated in
                             Australian Link Project based on Action Research and Action Learning, of
                             which, at the end of the project, she published in their journal.
                             Dr Makgopa participated in Quality Assurance Project, a paper based on
                             issues related to Quality Assurance was presented and registered it with
                             UNISA, and a Quality Assurance certificate was provided. Dr Makgopa
                             attended various workshops on research and management. She super-
                             vised master’s and doctoral students successfully.
                             For community involvement, she is involved as a Deputy Chairperson of
                             the Sesotho sa Leboa National Lexicography Unit and a member of aca-
                             demic bodies such as AFRILEX and ALASA. Dr Kegaugetjwe Makgopa is
                             in possession of the following degrees and certificates: Primary Teacher’s
                             Certificate, (Kwena-Moloto College of Education); Secondary Education
                             Certificate, (Vista University); ABET, (University of South Africa); Quality
                             Assurance, (University of South Africa)
                             BA degree, (University of Limpopo); BA Hons, (University of Pretoria); MA,
                             (Rand Afrikaans Univesiteit which is now University of Johannesburg);
                             BTech, (Tshwane University of Technology the then Technicon Northern
                             Gauteng) and PhD, (University of Venda).
                             She specialises in offering/teaching Languages, Human Movement Sci-
                             ence, Accounting and Business Management.

                             2018 List of Academic Experts                                         5
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Dr Itani P Mandende
                              Senior Lecturer
                              Dr Itani Peter Mandende holds a D Litt et Phil degree in Onomastics
                              from the University of South Africa. His areas of research interest in-
                              clude Onomastics; Sociolinguistics; Language policy and planning;
                              Modern and traditional literatures. He has co-supervised doctoral and
                              several master’s students. He has also been external examiner for a
                              number of theses and dissertations. Dr Mandende continues to review
                              articles for journals and has co-authored articles for publication in his
                              different areas of research interests. He is currently a member of African
                              Language Association of Southern Africa (ALASA) and the Names Soci-
                              ety of Southern Africa.
Tel: (012) 382 9063

                              Prof Charles Mann
                              Research Professor
                              Prof Charles Mann obtained his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Ed-
                              inburgh in the United Kingdom. His academic and professional career has
                              taken him to six countries (Nigeria, France, the UK, the Philippines, Oman,
                              and South Africa) on three continents. His areas of expertise include So-
                              ciolinguistics (esp. Contact Linguistics: pidgins and creoles); Language
                              Attitudes; Language Policy & Planning; and, World Englishes. He is a com-
                              missioned author of Webster’s Multimedia World English edition of the
                              Encarta Encyclopedia.
                              Prof Mann is co-author of a book on the possible effects of multilingual-
Tel: (012) 382 9942           ism on academic achievement and additional language learning in Iran
Email:        (Modirkhamene, S. & Mann, C.C., 2010). He has numerous book chapters
                              and articles in peer-reviewed books and international journals, respective-
                              ly, and serves as a reviewer for several academic journals (including Journal
                              of Pidgin and Creole Languages, of which he is an invited Editorial Advisory
                              Committee member; Language Policy; Journal for Language Teaching),
                              and as book project reviewer for Cambridge University Press, and Mou-
                              ton de Gruyter. Prof Mann was awarded the prestigious Andrew Gonzalez
                              Distinguished Professorial Chair in Linguistics and Language Education
                              (2006-7) by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines for his contributions to
                              Linguistics and Language Education in the Philippines.
                              Prof Mann has successfully supervised to graduation ten Doctoral theses,
                              and more than a hundred Master’s dissertations. He is currently supervis-
                              ing seven Doctoral and four Master’s students. Prof Mann has also served
                              as: External Examiner of Doctoral and Master’s research projects; NRF Full
                              Professor Rating Reviewer; Selected Member, Academy of Science of South
                              Africa (ASSAf)-Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) univer-
                              sity publications peer review panel for the Humanities (Language, Linguis-
                              tics, Literature, and the Visual Arts) (2015; 2016); and, Selected Member,
                              South African Council of Higher Education (CHE) Doctoral Studies National
                              Reference Group. He is a member of the following professional bodies: So-
                              ciety for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (SPCL) (1989-to date); International
                              Association of World Englishes (IAWE) (1998-to date); and, Honorary Board
                              Member, Linguistic Society of the Philippines (LSP) (2010-to date).

  6                           2018 List of Academic Experts
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Dr Joseph Moyo
                               Dr Joseph Moyo holds a BA Ed (English) (Vista); BA (Hons.) (Applied
                               Linguistics & Literary Theory) (RAU); MA (Applied Linguistics & Literary
                               Theory, TESOL) (UJ) and a DTech in Language Practice from Tshwane
                               University of Technology (TUT). His areas of specialisation are Teach-
                               ing English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL), Second Language
                               Acquisition Theory and Practice, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), the
                               role affective factors (attitude, motivation, face validity, content rel-
                               evance) in language curriculum development, language-in-education
                               policy, and English language teaching contexts.
Tel: (012) 382 5493            He has conducted research into the integration of second language
Email:         and first language teaching that is being attempted after the integra-
                               tion of schools in South Africa. He supervises master’s students and has
                               co-supervised at least two master’s students who have completed their
                               projects and graduated. He has presented six papers at national and
                               international conferences, one of which was published in an accredited

                               Dr Eunice Rautenbach

                               Dr Eunice Rautenbach obtained a DTech in Language Practice at the
                               Tshwane University of Technology. Her research focus areas include
                               English for Specific Purposes (ESP), especially English for Occupational
                               Purposes (EOP), Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and Writing for Online
                               Audiences. She is also a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) practitioner
                               for ESP courses. Dr Rautenbach has graduated master’s students and
                               she currently supervises master’s students and co-supervises doctoral
                               students. She has presented papers at international and national
                               conferences and published articles in accredited academic journals.
Tel: (012) 382 4114            Dr Rautenbach has also co-authored a book chapter for an academ-
                               ic textbook and she is involved in Curriculum Development and the
                               development of Short Learning Programmes. She also co-ordinates
                               and participates in a community service project rendering editing
                               and translation services to support disadvantaged communities. Dr
                               Rautenbach is a member of the South African Association of Language
                               Teachers (SAALT).

                               2018 List of Academic Experts                                      7
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Dr Sandra Rossouw
                                Dr Sandra Rossouw obtained a D Tech in Language Practice at the
                                Tshwane University of Technology. The title of her thesis is Assessing
                                Prior Learning in English Business Communication at a University of
                                Technology: Policy, Principles, Methods and Procedures. Her research
                                focus areas include Recognition of Prior Learning; Business Communi-
                                cation; flexible learning and lifelong learning. She is also a Recognition
                                of Prior Learning (RPL) practitioner for the department, as well as the
                                RPL representative for the Faculty of Humanities. Dr Rossouw currently
                                supervises a master’s student and has presented papers at national
                                conferences. Dr Rossouw is also a member of the South African Asso-
Tel: (012) 382 5545
                                ciation of Language Teachers (SAALT). She is involved in RPL and the
                                development of Short Learning Programmes.

                                Dr Christopher Rwodzi
                                Dr Christopher Rwodzi obtained his D Litt et Phil degree at the Univer-
                                sity of South Africa and a Master of Education in Language Education
                                at the University of Zimbabwe. His research focus and interest is on
                                Linguistics (Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics), Language and Mi-
                                gration, Language and Employment, Language and Gender, Language
                                Education, Digital Literacies, New literacies for teachers, Language
                                teaching methodology, Language, and the Curriculum. Dr Rwodzi is
                                currently a supervisor for an M Tech student focusing on Language and
                                advertising, and co-supervisor for five other M Tech students in the De-
                                partment of Applied Languages. He is an external examiner for UNISA’s
Tel: (012) 382 5497
                                Department of Language Education and a member of the African Lan-
                                guage Association of Southern Africa (ALASA). He has presented pa-
                                pers and chaired sessions at regional and international conferences. He
                                has published several articles in accredited journals and has recently
                                published a Shona novel.

                                Dr Madikwa H Segabutla
                                Senior Lecturer
                                Dr MH Segabutla holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instructional Design
                                and Development, from the University of Pretoria. Her areas of speciali-
                                sation include instructional communication, teaching English as a Sec-
                                ond Language (TESOL), Communication for specific purposes, teacher
                                education, English language studies - discourse and text analysis; lin-
                                guistics; semantics; pragmatics; sociolinguistics and literary theory.

Tel: (012) 382 9472

  8                             2018 List of Academic Experts
List of Experts 2018 Faculty of Humanities - TUT
Dr Corle Smith
                                 Senior Lecturer
                                 Dr Smith holds a PhD (English) from the University of North West. The
                                 title of her thesis is Criteria for the Evaluation of ESL Readers in the Sen-
                                 ior Primary Phase. She had been an English teacher at all school levels
                                 for many years, ranging from Grade 4 to GRADE 12. She was an acting
                                 principal at a primary school and worked at AROS before joining TUT.
                                 To date, she has published numerous peer-reviewed scholarly articles
                                 in scholarly international journals, four book chapters and authored ar-
                                 ticles in accredited journals. She wrote two English textbooks for the
                                 primary school.
Tel: (012) 382 9942              To date, she has graduated a master’s degree student and is currently
Email:        supervising five students. She has also been involved in externally ex-
                                 amining a doctoral thesis and master’s dissertations for several South
                                 African institutions including UP, CPUT and UKZN. She worked at Edu-
                                 cational studies for a few years before joining the Applied Languages
                                 department at TUT. She is involved in editing of documents and is in-
                                 terested in aspects pertaining to sociolinguistics and second language
                                 learning. She is currently lecturing Editing (LTP) and Applied languages
                                 at TUT.

                                 Prof Linda van Huyssteen
                                 Associate Professor
                                 Prof Linda van Huyssteen obtained a D Litt et Phil in Linguistics at the
                                 University of South Africa. She is actively involved in the promotion
                                 of postgraduate students internally and is an external postgraduate
                                 examiner and moderator for other universities. She has been review-
                                 ing research chair applications for South African universities as tasked
                                 by the NRF and worked on an NRF research project on computational
                                 morphology in IsiZulu until 2010.
                                 She has published in linguistics and onomastic journals and books and
                                 has read several papers on linguistics, onomastics, mythology and ter-
Tel: (012) 382 9638              minology at different conferences in Southern Africa and internation-
Email:   ally. She is also interested in (foreign) language learning and teaching
                                 for short courses (SLPs). She belongs to professional societies such as
                                 the African Language Association of Southern Africa and the Names
                                 Society of Southern Africa. Prof van Huyssteen also reviews articles for
                                 academic journals. She was also presenting ‘License to Supervise’ work-
                                 shops for the Directorate of Research and Innovation at TUT.
                                 Recently, she has attended a Linguistics Summit at Rhodes University
                                 as a representative for TUT in order to promote the transformation of
                                 linguistics as study field in South Africa.

                                 2018 List of Academic Experts                                          9
School of Education: Educational Foundation

                            Dr Thelma de Jager
                            Senior Lecturer
                            Thelma de Jager is the Teaching and Learning coordinator in the School
                            of Education and is lecturing General Subject Didactics, Work Integrat-
                            ed Learning and Creative Arts. Dr de Jager authored a peer-reviewed
                            textbook based on General Subject Didactics (published by Van Schaik)
                            and a textbook in Creative Arts in collaboration with other institutions.
                            She has published several articles in accredited journals and peer-re-
                            viewed journals. She is also a reviewer of accredited and peer-reviewed
                            journals. She is involved in the supervision of postgraduate master’s
                            and doctoral students and is a member of the research committee.
Tel: (012) 382 9338         Dr de Jager serves on the editorial board of the International Technol-
Email:   ogy, Education and Development Conference and SAARMSTE and was
                            awarded “Woman Researcher of the Year” and “Lecturer of the Year”
                            (Faculty of Humanities) several times and was also selected to par-
                            ticipate in the National Lecturer Awards representing TUT academic
                            staff. Her areas of expertise include teaching and learning strategies
                            and methods to improve the development of learners/ students’ criti-
                            cal thinking skills, science education, differentiated teaching and the
                            inclusion of multi-cultural students in education. She is also involved in
                            international projects with Finland and Netherlands comparing quality
                            education with other countries. She was awarded an EU Saturn bursary
                            to participate in a research study at Groningen University, Netherlands
                            and received a NRF grant for research.

                            Prof Simeon Maile
                            Research Professor
                            Prof Simeon Maile obtained his PhD with specialisation in Educational
                            Management in 2000 from the University of Pretoria. To date, five doc-
                            toral candidates and 28 master’s students have successfully completed
                            their studies under his supervision. He has presented 33 papers at na-
                            tional and international conferences. He has published twenty-six ar-
                            ticles in refereed accredited national and international journals, seven
                            chapter books and two books. Three of his book manuscripts are being
                            prepared for publication. Currently, he chairs the research section in
                            the School of Education and the Department of Educational Founda-
Tel: (012) 382 9415         tion. Prof Maile has received institutional awards and national and
                            international grants for his research. His research interests cut across
                            Educational Management, Education and Development, Education
                            and Politics, Research Methods for the Social and Human Sciences, Eco-
                            nomics of Education, Education Policy Analysis, History of Education
                            and Education Labour Relations.

 10                         2018 List of Academic Experts
Prof Charles Mampuru
                              Senior Lecturer
                              Prof Charles Mampuru holds a PhD in Educational Management and
                              Leadership from the University of Pretoria. His fields of specialisation
                              are Educational Management with the focus in disciplines like Nego-
                              tiation Skills, Staff Development, Staff Appraisal, Motivation and Job
                              Satisfaction, Stress Management, Leadership, Communication, Stra-
                              tegic Management, Project Management, Conflict Management and
                              Change Management. He has supervised four doctoral students, 35 M
                              Ed students and 55 M Tech students. He has also travelled and deliv-
                              ered papers at national and international conferences. He is the author
Tel: (012) 382 9304           of a book entitled Negotiation Skills in Education Management pub-
Email:    lished by Juta and Company in 1994.

                              Dr Ernest K Mashaba
                              Dr Mashaba obtained his Doctor of Education degree at Tshwane
                              University Technology. His study investigated the phenomenon of a
                              budget as a tool for effective financial management at the school level.
                              The investigation found that disadvantaged schools are operating with
                              significant deficiencies in their fiscal operations.
                              Doctor Mashaba’s expertise is in the field of Economics of Education.
                              He has already published an articles on finance and management in
                              education. Dr Mashaba is a lecturer of Economics and General Subject
                              Didactics in the School of Education at TUT.
Tel: (012) 382 9448

                              Dr Selina Ramapela
                              Dr Selina Serole Ramapela holds a D ED degree from the Tshwane Uni-
                              versity of Technology. She also obtained a BA (English & Psychology),
                              University Education Diploma (UED), BA Honours in Psychology (UNI-
                              VEN), Master Diploma in Human Resource Management |(RAU). Her
                              fields of expertise are Psychology, English, Life Orientation and Didac-
                              tics. She is a registered psyhometrist (HPCSA) and educator (SACE). She
                              is a co-author of the 1st and 2nd Eds of the textbook titled “Life Skills,
                              My Journey, My Destiny”. She delivered three papers on language com-
                              petency, effective teaching strategies and effective mentoring models
                              internationally. She participated in reviewing research papers for ac-
Tel: (012) 382-9420
                              credited journals. She is nominated as the TUT HIV/AIDS policy review
                              committee member and is an active member of the CoP (community of
                              practice) for HEAids which is coordinated by Department of Basic Edu-
                              cation. She is an active member of PSYSSA. She initiated a LO project/
                              community outreach to collect and distribute sanitary pads and roll-
                              ons for the economically challenged learners within the Winterveldt

                              2018 List of Academic Experts                                      11
Prof Sakge H Rampa
                            Prof Harry Rampa holds a PhD in Educational Management and Policy
                            Studies from the University of Pretoria. His fields of expertise are, but
                            not limited to, Total Quality Management (TQM) and School Improve-
                            ment, Teacher Professional Development and the Culture changes in
                            authentic context. To date, he has published eleven articles in accred-
                            ited journals and is the sole author of the book, The relationship be-
                            tween total quality management and school improvement, published
                            in 2011. He has successfully supervised three doctoral students and
                            more than 14 master’s students. He is currently the main supervisor of
                            three doctoral students and six master’s students. Prof Harry Rampa, a
Tel: (012) 382 9338
                            member of the Education Dean’s Forum, member of Education Man-
                            agement Association of South Africa (EMASA) as well as a member of
                            the South African Council for Education (SACE) has externally exam-
                            ined two doctoral theses and more than 12 master’s dissertations.

                            Dr Nthabiseng P Soundy
                            Dr Soundy is a lecturer in the Department of Educational Foundation.
                            She holds a D.Ed. degree from the Tshwane University of Technology.
                            Her research interest includes psycho-social and economic challenges
                            faced by learners and students (at both schools and universities) dur-
                            ing their transition period. She is a registered psychometrist with the
                            Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). She is currently su-
                            pervising three Master’s students. Dr Soundy is a committee member
                            of the (PGCE) programme for FET.

Tel: 012 0382-9410

 12                         2018 List of Academic Experts
School of Education: Mathematics, Science and Business
Education (MSBE)

                            Prof Percy Sepeng
                            Head of Department and Acting Head of School of Education
                            Percy Sepeng is a Professor of Mathematics Education and holds a Doc-
                            tor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematics Education from the Nelson
                            Mandela Metropolitan University. He currently holds a position of Head:
                            Mathematics, Science and Business Education in the Faculty of Humani-
                            ties, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). Prior to joining TUT, he was
                            employed by the North West University as a Director: School for Teacher
                            Education and Training in the Faculty of Education and Training. He is also
                            a Mathematician by earlier training, a Mathematics Consultant, a Teacher
                            Educator, Material Developer, Curriculum Reviewer, and an Academic.
                            He serves as a member of Assessment and Standardisation Committee of
Tel: (012) 382 9441
                            uMalusi Council, responsible for advising the Minister of Basic Education
                            on issues of standardisation of assessments, including those up to Grade
                            12 final examination results and exit qualifications. He also sits in a team
                            that evaluates accreditation of Independent Schools at uMalusi Council.
                            He is currently an Independent Evaluator and Researcher at the South
                            African Council for Educators (SACE). Percy Sepeng is also an Evaluator
                            of Higher Institutions’ academic programmes for accreditation at Coun-
                            cil on Higher Education. He has reviewed over 10 School and university
                            Mathematics textbooks both locally and internationally. He is currently
                            involved in the continuing professional development of Mathematics
                            teachers, as well as Subject Specialists (or Advisors) in three different
                            provinces of South Africa. Percy Sepeng has been a Mathematics Con-
                            sultant for various organisations such as the Mathematics Centre for Pro-
                            fessional Teachers, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, JET and Mindset Network
                            for over 10 years.
                            Among his scholarly achievements, Percy Sepeng has published more
                            than 45 articles in accredited journals, non-accredited journals; and con-
                            ference proceedings in the past 6 years. He has published two chapters
                            in a book and has one book under his belt. His current research inter-
                            est lies in the enhancement of mathematical modelling and/or problem
                            solving through promoting argumentation and introducing discussion
                            as the strategies in the teaching and learning of mathematics in multi-
                            lingual classroom settings. He has delivered seven keynote addresses
                            in local and/or national conferences in Mathematics Education. He su-
                            pervises both Masters and Doctoral students in the field of Mathematics
                            Percy Sepeng is currently studying towards a Master degree in Business
                            Leadership (MBL) through UNISA’s School of Business Leadership.

                            2018 List of Academic Experts                                        13
Dr ON Mafa-Theledi
                             Lecturer: Consumer Science
                             Dr Olivia Neo Mafa-Theledi is a Lecturer in the Department of Math-
                             ematics Science and Business Education. She obtained a Doctorate in
                             Education from Tshwane University of Technology in 2017. Her fields
                             of expertise include Consumer Science, Consumer Science Education
                             and Consumer Science curriculum research. Dr Mafa-Theledi has de-
                             livered several academic papers at both national and international
                             conferences. She is frequently invited for career guidance in Gauteng
                             communities. She is a member of the South African Association of
                             family Ecology and Consumer Sciences (SAAFECS). She is currently
                             involved in collaborative research and development projects in the
Tel: (012) 382 9
                             Faculty of Humanities and in the broader University community.

                             Prof L. Thapelo Mamiala
                             Associate Professor
                             Prof Thapelo Mamiala obtained a Doctorate in Science Education
                             (ScEdD) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. His field of ex-
                             pertise includes Science education, Chemistry education, Classroom-
                             based research and Explanations research in MSTE. Prof Mamiala has
                             published articles in accredited journals both locally and internation-
                             ally. He has delivered academic papers at both national and interna-
                             tional conferences. He contributed into book chapters on science
                             education. He is usually invited as a guest speaker to provide his views
                             on trends related to science education and supervises postgraduate
                             students. He is a member of Southern African Association of Research
Tel: (012) 382 9481
                             in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE), South
Email:   African Association in Science and Technology Educators (SAASTE), As-
                             sociation for Mathematics Education of South Africa (AMESA), Science
                             and Technology Professional Support and Development (STePSuD). He
                             is the founder member and the first Chairperson of SAARMSTE – North
                             West Chapter, South Africa. His current interest is related to Xenostat
                             syndrome and its impact in mathematics and science teaching and

 14                          2018 List of Academic Experts
Dr Tshidiso P Masebe
                                 Lecturer: Mathematics
                                 Dr Tshidiso P Masebe is a mathematics lecturer in the Department of
                                 Mathematics Science and Business Education. He holds a PhD in math-
                                 ematics from the University of South Africa (UNISA). He obtained MSc
                                 (Mathematics), BSc Hons (Mathematics), BSc (ED) from North West Uni-
                                 versity (Mafikeng Campus) and MEd (Education Practice) from NWU
                                 (Potchefstroom Campus). His field of expertise is in Mathematics in Lie
                                 Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations in particular. Lie Symme-
                                 try Analysis has application in Engineering, Finance and Sciences. He
                                 has published in conference proceeding abroad in both Education and
                                 Mathematics. He serves as an external examiner for both NWU (Mafikeng
Tel: (012) 382 9308
                                 Campus) and Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University. He cur-
                                 rently co-supervises two M Ed: Mathematics Education students.

                                 Prof Willy Mwakapenda
                                 Prof Willy Mwakapenda obtained his PhD from the Deakin University in
                                 Australia. His fields of expertise include Mathematics education, teach-
                                 er education, curriculum issues, learners’ understanding in Mathemat-
                                 ics, and community engagement. Prof Mwakapenda has authored 16
                                 articles published in accredited journals, two book chapters, one ed-
                                 ited book, and he has delivered more than 30 papers at international
                                 conferences. Six doctoral students and more than 18 master’s students
                                 have completed their studies under his supervision. He is currently su-
                                 pervising seven master’s degree students and four doctoral students,
                                 teaching third- and fourth-year mathematics education courses in ad-
Tel: (012) 382 9236
                                 dition to coordinating community engagement projects in mathemat-
                                 ics and science.

                                 Dr. Beatrice Ngulube
                                 Lecturer: Economics
                                 Department of Mathematics, Science and Business Education
                                 Dr. Beatrice Ngulube obtained her Doctoral Degree in Curriculum
                                 Studies from the University of South Africa (UNISA). She is passion-
                                 ate about economics education, business education, curriculum and
                                 teaching and learning. Apart from that, she has also developed interest
                                 in, the development of neoliberalism, decolonization of the curricula
                                 and indigenous knowledge. She has published, contributed in a book
                                 chapter, and currently supervises postgraduate students. She has at-
                                 tended and contributed at national and international conferences. She
Tel: (012) 382 9386              even attends Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) workshops
Email: ngulubeb@tut.       and conferences regularly. She also participates in the Assessment for
                                 Learning (AFL); School Support Strategy.

                                 2018 List of Academic Experts                                    15
Dr MP Rankhumise
                                Senior Lecturer
                                Dr MP Rankhumise is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathe-
                                matics, Science and Business Education (MSBE). He obtained a Doctor-
                                ate in Science Education from university of Zululand. Dr Rankhumise
                                has published articles in accredited journals both locally and interna-
                                tionally. He has delivered academic papers at both national and inter-
                                national conferences. He acted as a reviewer of accredited international
                                and national journals. He is also NRF Knowledge, Interchange and col-
                                laboration (KIC) grant holder for 2014, 2015 and 2016. He supervises
                                postgraduate students. He is a member of Southern African Associa-
                                tion of Research in Mathematics, Science, Technology and Education
Tel: (012) 382 9015
                                (SAARMSTE), South African Society for Education (SASE) and he served
                                on advisory board of South Africa International Conference on Educa-
                                tion (SAICE).His area of research is classroom-based research based on
                                pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), subject content knowledge
                                (SCK) and alternative conceptions in physical science.

                                Dr Thomas Sedumedi
                                Senior Lecturer
                                Dr Thomas Sedumedi is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Math-
                                ematics, Science and Business Education. He holds a PhD in Cur-
                                riculum Development and Instructional Design from the University
                                of Pretoria. His PhD thesis focused on prior knowledge as an impor-
                                tant factor in the teaching and learning of Science, with specific ref-
                                erence to Chemistry. Dr Sedumedi is currently teaching Chemistry for
                                preservice teachers. His research interests are in teacher knowledge,
                                conceptual change in science, science teaching and learning. He has
                                presented at conferences locally and internationally and has pub-
                                lications in his area of expertise. In addition to his undergraduate
Tel: (012) 382 9484
                                teaching, Dr Sedumedi supervises both at master’s and doctoral lev-
                                els for other universities. He belongs and participates in research as-
                                sociations both locally (e.g. South African Association for Research in
                                Mathematics, Science and Technology Education) and internationally
                                (e.g. International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching).

 16                             2018 List of Academic Experts
School of Education: Primary Education

                               Dr Lydia Mphahlele
                               Head of Department (Acting): Primary Education
                               Dr Lydia Kgomotso Mphahlele holds a D Ed in Education Management
                               from the Tshwane University of Technology. She specialises in Teacher
                               Development and improvement of schools. She has been involved
                               in the (i) European Union funded project: Strengthening Foundation
                               Phase Teacher Education Programmes (ii) the Assessment for Learning
                               (AFL) project for teacher development (iii) participated in the 2015
                               exchange programme with Netherlands students and TUT students
                               and (iv) coordinator of PGCE programme for FET. She published
                               articles in accredited journals and conference proceedings and has
                               presented papers at both national and international conferences. Dr
Tel: (012) 382-9458
                               Lydia Kgomotso Mphahlele is a member of the Education Manage-
                               ment Association of South Africa (EMASA).

                               Prof Anil Kanjee
                               Research Professor
                               Prof Anil Kanjee obtained a D.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts
                               Amherst in Research and Evaluation Methods. Currently, he serves as
                               the Research Professor within the Department, and is the co-ordina-
                               tor of the master’s and doctoral programme. His research focuses on
                               the use of assessment for improving learning, teacher professional
                               development, the development of national assessment systems, the
                               application of ICT for improving learning and teaching, and the use
                               of Item Response Theory for reporting test scores. He has extensive
                               experience in national and international studies, and has served as a
                               technical advisor to education ministries in Africa and Asia as well as
Tel: (012) 382 9475            to national and international organisations like UNESCO and UNICEF.
E-mail:      Prof Kanjee has published numerous articles in accredited journals
                               and has contributed chapters to various books. He recently co-au-
                               thored a book with Y Sayed and M Nkomo, “The search for quality:
                               Policy reforms to improve education quality in South Africa since
                               1994” which was published in 2013. Currently, he is working on four
                               projects that focuses on the development of a: (i) framework for im-
                               plementing ‘assessment for learning’ in- and pre-service capacity de-
                               velopment programmes; (ii) training programme on summative and
                               formative assessment for pre-service teachers; and (iii) framework for
                               reporting national assessment scores.

                               2018 List of Academic Experts                                    17
Dr Khashane Stephen Malatji
                             Senior Lecturer
                             Dr Khashane Stephen Malatji (PhD in Education-UFH; Med-UL; Bed Hon-
                             ours-UL; BEDSPF-UL, and PGDHE-Rhodes) is an Education specialist with
                             a Doctoral Degree in Education. After his Doctoral degree he studied
                             Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education for Academic Developers
                             with Rhodes University. Dr Malatji is a transparent-dealing, hardwork-
                             ing, dedicated and experienced professional of absolute integrity. He
                             started his career as a classroom teacher before he joined the University
                             as a lecturer, Academic Development Practitioner, Teaching and Learn-
                             ing Consultant and currently as a Senior Lecturer.
Tel: (012) 382 9471          Dr Malatji worked at universities such as University of Fort Hare, Univer-
Email:   sity of Venda, University of Limpopo, and currently at Tshwane University
                             of Technology. Dr Malatji is upcoming young and prolific researcher with
                             fourteen publications in peer-reviewed and accredited scientific journals
                             to date. In 2015, he was awarded certificate for excellence in research
                             at University of Venda. Dr Malatji has to date successfully supervised
                             Honours, Masters and currently PhD Studies. He has externally examined
                             studies at Master and PhD level for universities such as University of Na-
                             mibia, University of Zululand, University of Free State, Rhodes University,
                             University of South Africa, and University of Fort Hare. He has also pre-
                             sented papers and chaired sessions in several national and international
                             conferences. Dr Malatji is a board member for the journal: African Per-
                             spective of Research in Teaching and Learning (APoRTAL) hosted by Uni-
                             versity of Limpopo. He is also a reviewer for several journals such as Jour-
                             nal of Education Studies (JES) and AJPHERD. His research interest covers
                             teaching and learning; evaluation of teaching, curriculum development;
                             assessment; quality assurance and teacher development in higher edu-
                             cation. Dr Malatji’s pedagogical and academic interests are shaped by his
                             extensive level of education, teaching/lecturing experience, and his prin-
                             ciples and values as an aspiring researcher and scholar.

 18                          2018 List of Academic Experts
School of Education: Technology and Vocational Education
                                Dr Sylvia M. Ramaligela
                                Head of Department
                                Dr Sylvia M Ramaligela is the Head of Department in the Faculty of
                                Humanities. She holds a D Ed in Technology Education from Tshwane
                                University of Technology. Her research interest is in teachers’ pedagogi-
                                cal knowledge, teacher training in school, Technology and Vocational
                                Education and Training (TVET) and Adult and Community and Educa-
                                tion and Training (ACET) programme and the use of Educational Tech-
                                nology in teaching and learning. Sylvia is involved in the development
                                of TVET and ACET qualification and is part of consortium to develop
                                qualification framework for ACET diploma and Advance diploma. She is
                                also involved in the project of establishing the WIL framework for TVET
Tel: (012) 382-9477
                                and ACET space. In addition, she is currently involved in the project for
                                exploring e-pedagogy and e-assessment in the TVET sector. Sylvia has
                                published papers in various journals and presented papers at national
                                and international conferences. She has reviewed journal articles and
                                conference articles. She has written books and book chapters within
                                the field of Electrical Technology and ACET environment. She is an ex-
                                ternal assessor for master`s dissertations and doctoral theses at various

                                Dr Laura Coetzer
                                Senior Lecturer
                                Dr Laura Coetzer holds a D. Ed from Tshwane University of Technology.
                                Her thesis centred on the phenomenon of the Out-of-Field teacher.
                                Four master’s students and one doctoral student completed their stud-
                                ies under her supervision. She is currently supervising six master’s and
                                one doctoral student. She has presented four papers at international
                                conferences and published three articles in accredited journals. Dr
                                Coetzer is also the initiator and co-ordinator of a student exchange
                                programme with a European University. Her community engagement
                                project is aimed at early childhood development, her focus area being
Tel: (012) 382 9378             the greater Tshwane Metropolitan area.

                                2018 List of Academic Experts                                     19
Prof Moses Makgato
                             Research Professor
                             Prof Moses Makgato obtained a D.Ed. in Technology Education from
                             the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 2004. He conducts research in
                             Technology Education and the use of digital technology at schools. He
                             has successfully supervised more than seven doctoral students as well
                             as master’s students. Prof Makgato has published 28 articles in jour-
                             nals and conference proceedings and has presented papers at both
                             national and international conferences. He has also authored a number
                             of books for Further Education and Training (FET) colleges.
                             As of 2018, Prof Makgato was appointed a member of Editorial Advi-
Tel: (012) 382-9304          sory Board of the Journal for Vocational, Adult and Continuing Educa-
Email:    tion and Training (JOVACET). He is also involved in several project such
                             as BMW CAT Project with eight schools, since 2011. He is currently a
                             project coordinator for the development of B.Ed SP FET programme
                             qualifications. He is also coordinating the development of TVET quali-
                             fications for TVET lecturers in the Department of Technology and Voca-
                             tional Education. He is coordinating the development and implemen-
                             tation of Adv Dip and B Ed TVT for TVET college lecturers.
                             Prof Makgato is a participant in the DHET research consortium project
                             with University of Free State, WITS University and Cape Peninsula Uni-
                             versity of Technology (CPUT). He has been invited a keynote speaker at
                             Department of Basic Education in 2016, SASOL technical teacher edu-
                             cation in 2017 and Principal Association.

                             Dr Ndlelehle M. Skosana
                             Dr Ndlelehle Miskien Skosana obtained a D Ed in Technical Education
                             at the Tshwane University of Technology. She obtained a postgradu-
                             ate diploma (teacher’s pedagogical qualification) according to Finish
                             standards at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in the School
                             of Vocational Teacher Education. Her areas of specialisation is Engineer-
                             ing Graphics and Design and Mechanical Technology. The title of her
                             thesis is Effective Teaching and Learning Methods for First-year Engi-
                             neering Graphics and Design Education Students.
                             Dr Skosana currently supervises master’s and doctoral students and has
Tel: 012 382 9476            presented papers at national and international conferences. She is a
Email:   member of the following professional bodies: Subject Expert Group for
                             Capacity Building for TVET College Lecturers (developing curriculum
                             content documents for open learning materials towards the Advance
                             Diploma (TVT)); Technical Teachers’ Conference (towards developing
                             technical skills at grassroots level), South African Council for Educators
                             (SACE); and Southern African Association of Research in Mathematics,
                             Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE).

 20                          2018 List of Academic Experts

                         Prof Dane Ally
                         Head of Department
                         Prof Ally obtained his LLD degree from the University of Pretoria. His
                         thesis focuses on the admissibility of unconstitutionally obtained evi-
                         dence in criminal proceedings in South Africa. Prof Ally’s research inter-
                         ests are in the fields of Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Law
                         of Evidence and Human Rights Law, more particularly the protection of
                         socio-economic rights and the advancement of the right to develop-
                         ment. He is a member of the South African Criminal Law and Law of
                         Evidence Teachers’ Association, a group of law specialists teaching and
                         conducting research on issues relating to procedural law in the South
                         African criminal justice system. In the furtherance of the purposes of
Tel: (012) 382-9506
                         that association, he was the organiser and co-ordinator of the Second
                         Annual Law of Criminal Procedure and Evidence Indaba, hosted by the
                         Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) on 21 April 2013, where Mr
                         Justice J Kriegler (retired) delivered the keynote address. He was the
                         principal co-convenor of the National Conference on Paralegalism,
                         hosted by TUT in 2015, where the Honourable Deputy Minister of Jus-
                         tice, Mr Jeffrey, delivered the keynote address.
                         Prof Ally has been appointed as a member of the board of reviewers of
                         five law journals. He has authored a number of journal articles which
                         were published in DHET accredited law journals; he published chapters
                         in peer-reviewed books, and his research is also published in accredited
                         conference proceedings. He has presented several papers at national
                         and international law conferences. He is the co-author of the book Ba-
                         sic Criminal Procedure: A Bill of Rights Perspective, published by Juta in
                         2013. In 2011, he received the Senior Researcher of the Year Award in
                         the Faculty of Humanities.
                         He is one of the project leaders of a Legal Advice Centre Project, to be
                         launched by the Department of Law on 1 March 2016, which will func-
                         tion in the areas of Soshanguve and Winterveldt. He has successfully
                         co-supervised master’s degree students and has been appointed as
                         external assessor of master’s and doctoral students. He currently co-
                         supervises one doctoral student, and he is the co-supervisor of four
                         master’s degree students.

                         2018 List of Academic Experts                                      21
Dr Jerry Malange
                              Senior Lecturer
                              Dr. Malange obtained his LLD from University of South Africa. He teach-
                              es Mercantile Law (company law), Corporate Procedures, International
                              Law, the Administration of the Deceased Estates, the law of delict, Mo-
                              tor Vehicle Accidents and facilitates Work Integrated Learning. He has
                              taught Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, African (Indigenous) Law, the
                              Law of Evidence, Civil Procedure, the Law of Contract, and Municipal
                              Law. Dr Malange’s research interests include Company law, consumer
                              protection & consumer credit (credit law), banking law, international
                              law and the administration of the deceased estate.
Tel: (012) 382 9104

                              Dr. Claribel Lancaster
                              Senior Lecturer
                              Dr Claribel Lancaster obtained her PhD at the Copernicus Institute for
                              Sustainable Development and Innovation at Utrecht University in the
                              Netherlands. Her area of expertise falls within sustainable develop-
                              ment and global supply chains, and focuses on policy implications. She
                              has published articles in various international peer-reviewed journals
                              and presented papers ranging from legal issues to entrepreneurship
                              and sustainability, linking interdisciplinary themes. Aside from lectur-
                              ing undergraduate students in several aspects of law, she supervises
                              postgraduate students in Business Administration and Entrepreneur-
Tel: (012) 382 4684

 22                           2018 List of Academic Experts

                               Dr Lizette Odendaal
                               Head of Department
                               Dr Odendaal holds a D Tech Journalism from the Tshwane University
                               of Technology.

                               Her area of research expertise falls within the print media industry in
                               South Africa, focusing on community newspapers, government and
                               print-industry relationships, media economics (print media) and com-
                               munity media entrepreneurship.
                               Through her research, Lizette developed a multi-layered media man-
                               agement model to create a better understanding of the community
                               media sector in South Africa, the changing nature of industry-compe-
Tel: (012) 382 9366            tition, and the use of key business success factors. The model provides
Email:     insight and knowledge about the economic objectives of sustainable
                               print-media entrepreneurship as basis for quality journalism, and in an
                               advertising-production equation, enables community editors to find a
                               workable balance between aspects such as costs, products, industry
                               change, customer preferences and diversification.
                               She supervises postgraduate students and coordinates industry liaison
                               within the community media in South Africa.

                               Dr Hilke Steenkamp
                               Dr Hilke Steenkamp is a lecturer in the Department of Journalism. She
                               holds a PhD in Communication Management, an MA (Visual Studies)
                               and a BA (Languages) Journalism degree from the University of Preto-
                               ria. In her doctoral study, she developed a new communication man-
                               agement framework to facilitate responsive and stakeholder-specific
                               reputation management techniques on social networking sites.

                               Her fields of expertise include social media, communication manage-
Tel: (012) 382 9465            ment, corporate reputation management, corporate social respon-
E-mail:   sibility, ethics and moral philosophy, visual culture studies as well as
                               discourse analysis and feminism. She is currently supervising three
                               master’s degree students.

                               2018 List of Academic Experts                                    23
Public Management

                             Prof Zwelibanzi Mpehle
                             Head of Department (Acting)
                             Zwelibanzi Mpehle’s current position is Associate Professor at the
                             Tshwane University of Technology in the Department of Public Manage-
                             ment. His education profile is as follows: Doctor of Administration, Uni-
                             versity of KwaZulu-Natal; Master of Management (Public and Develop-
                             ment Management) Wits University; B.A (Honours), Andrews University.
                             His main responsibilities are to supervise master’s and doctoral students,
                             but also involved in lecturing Research Methods in the Master of Public
                             Affairs Programme, and Research and Information Management IV in
                             the B-Tech Programme. Prof Mpehle is currently an Acting HOD and is
Phone: +27 15 290 2869 (W)   involved in various committees within and outside of the Department of
Cell: +27 84 497 8151        Public Management. His areas of specialisation are Public Management
Email:     with emphasis on service delivery, Customer Service, Change Manage-
                             ment and Strategic Management. Other areas of interest are government
                             transformation, ethics, leadership and professionalism, human resource
                             management, local government management and administration.
                             Zwelibanzi Mpehle has presented papers at 16 conferences, seven
                             of which were international. He has also published 16 papers in local
                             and international accredited journals. Currently he holds the position of
                             President and is a Board Member of South African Association of Public
                             Administration and Management (SAAPAM) and a member of the Edito-
                             rial Committee of the Journal of Public Administration (JOPA). He has also
                             reviewed articles from the following journals:
                             •     Journal of Public Administration
                             •     Journal of Business and Public Dynamics for Development
                             •     Africa Education Review
                             •     Journal of Social Sciences
                             •     Politeia
                             •     Commonwealth Youth and Development

                             Prof Kabelo Moeti
                             Associate Professor
                             Prof Kabelo Moeti holds a Doctorate in Administration which he ob-
                             tained from the University of Pretoria. He specialises in Public Sector
                             Economics and Public Finance. He is the author of various accredited
                             journals and Editor and co-author of the book Public Finance Funda-
                             mentals, which is widely prescribed for undergraduate students. He
                             has also co-authored the book, Understanding the Constitution which
                             was published in 2002. Prof Moeti is currently editing, together with
                             colleagues from other South African universities, the second edition of
                             a book on Public Finance. He has supervised a number of master’s de-
Tel: (012) 382 9158          gree students and is currently supervising a doctoral student.

 24                          2018 List of Academic Experts
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