STAFF HANDBOOK - Amity College

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STAFF HANDBOOK - Amity College

                     As an Amity College employee, it is your responsibility to read
                     the following information carefully. This handbook contains
                     details relating to your job and the College as a whole.

                     For your convenience, a copy of this handbook can also be
                     found on the Amity College staff portal.

                     Last updated 17 August 2019.

2 | Staff Handbook

  1.1   The School History                               6
  1.2   The Vision                                       6
  1.3   The Mission                                       6
  1.4   The College Logo                                  6

  2.1 Expectations From Staff                            8
        2.1.1 The Commitments to Amity College           8
        2.1.2 Values and Attitudes                       8
        2.1.3 Methods of Teaching                        9

  2.2 Professional and Legal Responsibilities of Staff    9
        2.2.1 Teacher Accreditation                       9
        2.2.2 Working With Children Check (WWCC)          9
        2.2.3 Child Protection                            9
        2.2.4 First Aid                                  10

  2.3 Duty of Care (Supervision/Monitoring)              10

  2.4 Staff Code of Conduct                              10
        2.4.1 Staff Dress Code                           10
        2.4.2 Mobile Phones                              11

  2.5 Staff Attendance                                   11
        2.5.1 Staff Absence                              11
        2.5.2 Meetings                                   11
        2.5.3 School Events                              12
        2.5.4 Assemblies                                 12
        2.5.5 Staff Leave                                12
        2.5.6 Holiday Periods and Leave                  13
        2.5.7 Supervision Class Arrangements             13

  2.6 Student Attendance                                 13
        2.6.1 Roll Call Procedures                       13
        2.6.2 Unexplained Absences                       13
        2.6.3 Truancy                                    13

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                          2.6.4 Long Term Absence                          13
                          2.6.5 Excursion/Incursion and Roll Call          14

                       2.7 Communications                                  14
                          2.7.1 Teacher – Teacher                          14
                          2.7.2 Teacher – Parent                           14
                          2.7.3 Teacher – Student                          14
                          2.7.4 Social Media and Newsletter                14
                          2.7.5 Email and Internet Usage Guidelines        15

                       2.8 Teacher Performance and Development Framework   15
                          2.8.1 Professional Development                   16

                       2.9 Staff Grievance Procedures                      16

                     3. CURRICULUM
                       3.1 Curriculum Structure                            17

                       3.2 Planning and Programming                        17

                       3.3 Assessments                                     17
                          3.3.1 Schedules                                  18
                          3.3.2 Data Analysis                              18
                          3.3.3 Exam Procedures                            18

                       3.4 COOLSIS and Moodle                              18

                       3.5 Homework                                        18
                          3.5.1 Primary (K-6)                              18
                          3.5.2 High School (7-12)                         18

                       3.6 Inclusive Schooling                             19
                          3.6.1 Tier 1 Interventions                       19
                          3.6.2 Tier 2 Interventions                       19
                          3.6.3 Tier 3 Interventions                       19
                          3.6.4 Learning Support Team                      20

                       3.7 Incursions and Excursions                       20

                       3.8 Co-curricular/Faculty Events                    20

                       3.9 Committees                                      20

4 | Staff Handbook

  4.1 Pastoral Care                                    21

  4.2 Counselling Services                             21

  4.3 Career Advice                                    21

  4.4 Behaviour Management                             22
      4.4.1 Student Code of Conduct                    22
      4.4.2 Student Uniform                            22
      4.4.3 Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination    23
      4.4.4 Discipline Committee                       24
      4.4.5 Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Usage           24

  5.1 Daily Routine                                    26
      5.1.1 Timetables                                 26
      5.1.2 Replacement Classes                        26
      5.1.3 Yard Duties                                26
      5.1.4 Use of Specialist Rooms                    26
      5.1.5 Google Calendars                           26
      5.1.6 Wet/Hot Weather Procedures                 26
      5.1.7 Student Illness and Sick Bay Usage         26
      5.1.8 Requisition Form                           27
      5.1.9 Excursions, Incursions and Camps           27

  5.2 Operational                                      27
      5.2.1 Multi Access Card (MAC)                    27
      5.2.2 Pigeon Holes/Lockable Space                28
      5.2.3 School’s Electronic Devices                28
      5.2.4 Photocopying                               28
      5.2.5 Workplace Health and Safety Procedures     28
      5.2.6 Maintenance                                28
      5.2.7 Telephone Directory                        29
      5.2.8 Parking Spaces                             29
      5.2.9 Emergency Evacuation/Lockdown Procedures   29
      5.2.10 Class and Corridor Displays               29

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    6 | Staff Handbook
                Payroll Officer                             Director of Finance                                                                                             Director of Pastoral Care (Boys)             Head of Primary                  Head of High School
                  Mustafa Abay                                   Recep Aydogan                                                                                                        Ahmet Haktan                         Curriculum                        Curriculum
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Vildan Gurbuz                       Azmi Alkan
     International Student Coordinator                   PR & Marketing Manager                                                                                             Director of Pastoral Care (Girls)
                  Mujdat Keser                                    Mujdat Keser                                                                                                         Almila Koca

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Diverse Learning Coordinator      Diverse Learning Coordinator
             Child Safety Officer                       Director of HR Compliance                                                                                                Operations Manager                         Zena Maarbani                       Ayla Erdem
                 Mujgan Berber                                 Alpaslan C. Sancili                                          Executive Principal                                       Mesut Ozcan
                                                                                                                               Deniz Erdogan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Head Teacher (KG)               Head Teacher (English)
                  IT Manager                       Director of Innovation & Technology                                                                                      Community Engagement Manager                    Omima Abdalla                       Ruth Smith
                   Murat Agar                                     Akif Altundal                                                                                                        Serkan Iner

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Head Teacher (Year 1)          Head Teacher (Mathematics)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Emneh Ali                         Alina Zhang

   Principal, Auburn Campus                Principal, Illawarra Campus                   Principal, Prestons Campus                       Principal, GHS Campus                    Principal, BHS Campus               Head Teacher (Year 2)             Head Teacher (Science)
           Ahmet Cimen                              Ferhat Gurkan                                  Nazan Polat                                    Omer Ayvaz                              Hasan Dagli                         Gul Salih                        Nazan Toryan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Head Teacher (Year 3)               Head Teacher (HSIE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Samira Tokalic                     Rachel Crook
         Deputy Principal                        Coordinator (K-2)                             Deputy Principal                            Coordinator (Year 7-8)                    Coordinator (Year 7-8)
          Jayamala Naidoo                            Keren Wilson                                 Bilgen Abdioglu                                 Nuran Okan                             Lautaro Veloso
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Head Teacher (Year 4)               Head Teacher (Arts)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Amanda Thurling                      Ji Yun Hong
           Coordinator (K-1)                   Coordinator (Year 3-6)                             Coordinator (K-2)                        Coordinator (Year 9-10)                  Coordinator (Year 9-10)
              Rawa Bektas                            Lauren Platts                                   Fatimah Elmir                              Jenan El-Ayoubi                            Ayla Erdem
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Head Teacher (Year 5)           Head Teacher (Technology)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Winda Mekari                        Alper Ciftci
        Coordinator (Year 2-4)                 Coordinator (Year 7-8)                          Coordinator (Year 3-4)                      Coordinator (Year 11-12)                 Coordinator (Year 11-12)
           Cheryl Vermeulen                        Georgina Camino                                   Emma Coffey                                Shaymaa Hallani                         Dzana Dagdanasar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Head Teacher (Year 6)             Head Teacher (PDHPE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Aysheh Ali                         Jade Hunt
        Coordinator (Year 5-6)                 Coordinator (Year 9-11)                         Coordinator (Year 5-6)                    Pastoral Care Coordinator                Pastoral Care Coordinator
              Nermin Gates                         Veronica Da Silva                                Fadime Sekmen                                 Almila Koca                             Ahmet Haktan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Head Teacher (Languages Arabic)       Head Teacher (Languages)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mirvet El-Halabi                    Mujgan Berber
                                             Pastoral Care Coordinators                                                                   P Care Team Leader (Year 7-9)         P Care Team Leader (Year 7-8)
    Pastoral Care Coordinators                   TBA & Ahmet Sonmez
                                                                                          Pastoral Care Coordinators                               Semiha Durmus                        Erdem Toryan
    Iman Zayied & Tamer Baydogan                                                             Nurdan Ayvaz & Bilal Kilic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Head Teacher (Languages Turkish)   Head Teacher (Religion & Values)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Semih Yilmaz                       Dawud Ilham
                                         Community Engagement Coordinators                                                                P Care Team Leader (Year 10-12)      P Care Team Leader (Year 9-10)
Community Engagement Coordinators            Hayley Ipek & Ibrahim Karaisli
                                                                                     Community Engagement Coordinators                              Tuba Ozturk                         Ibrahim Khalil
    Elona Sheno & Hasan Safyurek                                                          Nurhayat Aydemir & Recep Kirkil
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Head Teacher (Religion & Values)         Head Teacher (VET)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cemile Golcuk                      Huriye Akinci
                                         Teacher Accreditation Supervisor                                                                   Peer Support Coordinator           P Care Team Leader (Year 11-12)
Teacher Accreditation Supervisor                     Claire Calvert
                                                                                     Teacher Accreditation Supervisor                               Emine Buber                          Mesut Buber
            Nermin Gates                                                                          Bilgen Abdioglu

                                                  Careers Adviser                                                                         P Care Team Leader (Alumni)           P Care Team Leader (Alumni)
                                                   Veronica Da Silva
                                                                                              Childcare Manager                                         TBA                             Hasan Yilmaz
                                                                                               Mimoza Haxhimolla

                                                                                                                                         PC House & Mentor Coordinator        PC House & Mentor Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                    Zehra Yalcin                      Furkan Sami Cicek

                                                                                                                                       Student Leadership Coordinator          Student Leadership Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                  Celia Kemeny                            Ibrahim Khalil

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                                                                                                                                      Teacher Accreditation Supervisor         Teacher Accreditation Supervisor
                                                                                                                                                 Mujgan Berber                            Huriye Akinci

                                                                                                                                                HSC Coordinator                       Careers Adviser
                                                                                                                                                   Adem Aydogan                        Hatice Aydogan

                                                                                                                                                VET Coordinator             Community Engagement Coordinators
                                                                                                                                                   Huriye Akinci                Mujgan Berber & Ramazan Yavuz

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                              RESPONSIBILITIES AND
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    8 | Staff Handbook

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                         Staff Handbook | 9
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    10 | Staff Handbook

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                         Staff Handbook | 11
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    12 | Staff Handbook

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                         Staff Handbook | 13
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    14 | Staff Handbook

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    16 | Staff Handbook

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    18 | Staff Handbook

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    20 | Staff Handbook

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                       Staff Handbook | 21
                                AND DEVELOPMENT
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    22 | Staff Handbook

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                       Staff Handbook | 23
                                AND DEVELOPMENT
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    24 | Staff Handbook

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                       Staff Handbook | 25

                              5.1 Daily Routine                                             5.1.4 Use of Specialist Rooms
                              5.1.1 Timetables                                              The use of specialist rooms (i.e. Computer Lab,
                                                                                            Science Lab, Library, Art room, Music room, etc.) is
                              Timetables for teachers are organised at the                  timetabled. Additional use of these rooms must be
                              beginning of each term and placed in I/Drive                  requested from School Administration.
                              along with classroom timetables. Teachers are also
                              provided copies of their personal timetable on the            Prestons Campus Gym and Hall bookings must be
                              first day of each term in Staff Meetings.                     made through the Staff Portal.
                              Teachers should also ensure to check COOLSIS                  5.1.5 Google Calendars
                              for their timetable each term before school
                              commences.                                                    It is the responsibility of each staff to ensure they
                                                                                            check the Google calendar on a regular basis for
                              5.1.2 Replacement Classes                                     important due dates and events. Staff must also
                                                                                            ensure they are available on the specified event
                              Teaching staff are responsible for providing work             dates.
                              for their classes when absent. Students should be
                              expected to continue with their work program                  Staff must pay particular attention to school term
                              wherever possible.                                            dates, especially to the Staff Development Days
                                                                                            identified in the calendar.
                              In primary the Class Teacher must ensure that
                              their daybook is complete for a Relief Teacher                It is essential for teachers to update their class times
                              to follow through during their absence. In cases              (High School teachers), meetings and other work-
                              where a Class Teacher has to leave for unforeseen             related arrangements on personal Google calendars
                              circumstances or due to late notice of absence,               so that your co-workers can see your calendar when
                              the Deputy Principal/Coordinator will organise the            necessary.
                              split-up of the class.
                                                                                            5.1.6 Wet/Hot Weather Procedures
                              In High School, teachers must forward instructions
                              to the Daily Organiser and relevant Secretary.                Wet/Hot Days will be announced by School
                              Instructions should provide a Relief Teacher with             Management, where possible before recess and
                              sufficient information to ensure that the students            lunch. On such days;
                              can proceed. It is helpful for the Daily Organiser
                              to receive the instructions as soon as possible,              Primary students will remain in their classroom where
                              preferably two days prior to the classes that are to          they will be under the supervision of their class
                              be covered, when the absence of the staff is known            teacher.
                              in advance.
                                                                                            High School students:
                              5.1.3 Yard Duties                                             •   will be making their ways to the undercover/specified
                              A Duty Roster will be prepared each term.                     •   must not stay under the rain
                              Teachers are to be present at their duties on time.
                                                                                            •   eat their food in the undercover area
                              It is the Duty of Care of each teacher to ensure that
                              utmost care, vigilance and mobility is displayed              •   go to canteen with instruction of a yard duty teacher
                              whilst on duty.                                               •   will not be allowed to play any ball games

                              Staff must refrain from:                                      5.1.7 Student Illness and Sick Bay Usage
                              •   Consuming hot beverages                                   If a student is visibly ill, teachers in the Primary
                              •   Using their mobile phone for personal use                 school must send the student with another student
                                                                                            to the Office.
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                              •   Conversing with colleagues/students for a prolonged
                                  period of time in order to not distract their attention
                                  from their duty                                           In the High School, students should be sent to the
                                                                                            Coordinator to obtain permission to go to the Sick
                              Please refer to the Amity College Supervision                 Bay.
                              Policy for further information.

    26 | Staff Handbook

Sick Bay/Follow-up Procedures:                                   5.1.9 Excursions, Incursions and Camps
1.   Student remains under observation for up to 1
     period.                                                     All excursions, incursions and camps must be
2.   For minor injuries, the student will be provided with       approved by School Management prior to being
     first aid and sent back to class.                           organised, through the Activity Form on the Staff
3.   If the student is assessed as being unfit to remain at      Portal. When approval is granted teachers need
     school, the parents will be contacted to collect the        to ensure that appropriate bookings (including
     student. If the parent is unable to pick the child up, it   transportation) are finalised on the specified dates.
     is the responsibility of the parent to make alternative     The Casual Bus Bookings Request Form can be
     arrangements for the collection of their child. If a        located on the Staff Portal.
     Parent/Guardian cannot be contacted the Secretary
     will call the emergency contacts, for the procedure
     above.                                                      The activity will be recorded on Google Calendar by
4.   In circumstances of extreme injury or illness               the Director of Curriculum.
     (including head injuries), an ambulance will be called
     at the discretion of the school (every attempt will         Prior to the event:
     be made to contact the parent/guardian). A staff            •   The excursion letter, with adequate risk assessments
     member will accompany the child in the ambulance                carried out, is to be written by the organising teacher
     if the parents’ arrival to the school is not practicable        and consulted by the School Administration before
     due to timing/distance. The Staff member will wait              sending to parents.
     with the student at the medical facility until a parent/
     guardian arrives. The Principal must be notified            On the day of the event:
     immediately in circumstances involving ambulance
     contact.                                                    •   Attendance must be taken and submitted to the
5.   In circumstances of an anaphylactic reaction or
     asthma attack, the action plan will be implemented,         •   A First Aid kit must be obtained from the Office.
     alongside contacting an ambulance and parents.              •   Sun Smart practices must be implemented for all
6.   A student who needs to take medicine at school/any              outdoor activities (school hat and sunscreen).
     school-related activities, must provide the Secretary/      •   Time and place arrangements must be provided
     relevant staff with a signed explanatory note from              during whole-day events to staff/students who observe
     his/her parent/guardian, indicating the prescription            religious practices. Please avoid congregational
     details of the medicine.                                        practices in public.
7.   Student details must be recorded in the Sick Bay Log
     Book for minor illnesses/injuries by the Secretary/         Within a week after the event:
     relevant staff.                                             •   The fee charge list must be forwarded to the Accounts
8.   An Accident Report must be completed via the Staff              department.
     Portal for major incidents by the relevant staff.           •   A newsletter item with 5-10 photos in jpeg format
                                                                     must be sent to the Newsletter Editor.
No student should come to school if they are
suffering from a contagious disease or any other                 •   Photos and a caption must be sent to socialmedia@
disease or condition deemed to be dangerous to             
others’ health, including head lice.                             •   Feedback is to be provided to the Faculty or
Habitual visits to the Sick Bay need to be brought
to the attention of the Principal.                               5.2 Operational
                                                                 5.2.1 Multi Access Card (MAC)
5.1.8 Requisition Form
                                                                 Staff will be issued with an ID card that provides
Purchases of teaching resources are to be made                   access to photocopiers and all relevant areas. This
by the Head Teachers/Coordinators upon approval                  card will also log staff attendance through access
from the Principal/Director of Curriculum. All books             validation units located at each school’s office. Staff
purchased must be reported to the Librarian for                  will be required to scan their card on arrival and
inventory.                                                       departure from school for maximum efficiency of the
                                                                 access system.
The Petty Cash Claim Form is to be completed for
                                                                                                                                       return to table of contents

all purchases up to $100.                                        It is the responsibility of the staff member to ensure
                                                                 that this card is kept secure. This card must not be
Amity College will not take any responsibility                   shared with others.
for any purchases, which have not been ordered
through the correct channels. The Requisition Form               Staff will be required to pay for the replacement
is on the Staff Portal at school website.                        value ($50) of the lost/damaged card.

                                                                                                                       Staff Handbook | 27

                              5.2.2 Pigeon Holes/Lockable Space                                   in the correct use of plant, equipment and substances
                                                                                                  used throughout the College are provided
                              All teaching staff will be allocated a pigeon hole              •   WHS Committee is well informed of incidents and
                              and lockable space. Staff are to check their pigeon                 accidents occurring on College premises or to
                              holes daily.                                                        employees so that Health and Safety performance can
                                                                                                  accurately be gauged.
                              Teachers must leave personal items in a locked
                              cupboard/cabinet. The College will not be liable for            The College Management seeks cooperation from all
                              any loss or damage to personal items.                           staff to create a healthy and safe work environment.
                                                                                              The staff will ensure that:
                              5.2.3 School’s Electronic Devices                               •   reasonable care for their own health and safety and of
                                                                                                  others affected by their actions at work are taken
                              School electronic devices are to be used for
                                                                                              •   they comply with the safety procedures and directions
                              educational purposes only and must not be
                              removed from the College premises.                              •   they must not wilfully interfere with or misuse items or
                                                                                                  facilities provided in the interests of health, safety and
                              5.2.4 Photocopying                                                  wellbeing of College staff
                                                                                              •   they report potential and actual hazards to the WHS
                              There are a number of photocopy machines                            Manager, who will have to set up effective notification
                              available to staff. Care must be taken when using                   procedures and records kept for all incidents and
                              these machines. All personal use of photocopiers                    accidents
                              will be subject to the High School student                      •   they must inform the WHS Committee member of
                              photocopy fees.                                                     incidents and accidents occurring on the College
                                                                                                  premises or to College staff so that Health and Safety
                              Assistance must be sought when there is                             performance can accurately be measured
                              malfunctioning with the machine.                                •   they take reasonable care for health and safety of
                                                                                                  themselves and of others who may be affected by
                              Teachers must be mindful of paper wastage when                      their acts or omissions at work
                              photocopying, hence must avoid unnecessary/                     •   they assist management to comply with statutory
                              excessive copying.                                                  duties for health and safety
                                                                                              •   they inform management about any hazards, incidents
                              Photocopying facilities are available to students                   and near-misses that may occur.
                              with the purchase of a library card.                            The WHS Committee comprises of:
                              5.2.5 Workplace Health and Safety                               Prestons
                              Procedures                                                      •   WHS Manager (Operations Manager)
                              The Principal is responsible for the effective                  •   1 representative from each school
                              implementation of the Health and Safety Policy                  Auburn & Illawarra
                              complying with relevant Acts and Regulations. The               •   WHS Manager (Operations Manager)
                              Principal will ensure that:
                                                                                              •   Principal
                              •   an appropriate Work Health and Safety (WHS)                 •   1 teaching staff
                                  Committee of management and staff is formed, that
                                  it meets regularly and maintains proper records of its      •   1 non-teaching staff
                                  meetings accessible by all staff members
                                                                                              WHS representatives are to be selected at the
                              •   agreed procedures and responsibilities for regular
                                                                                              beginning of each year by the Principal.
                                  consultation between the School Management and
                                  WHS Committee are followed in a timely manner
                                                                                              The WHS Committee must meet once a term (within
                              •   there is a schedule for regular assessments of Health
                                  and Safety performance and for the provision of
                                                                                              the third week of each term).
                                                                                              5.2.6 Maintenance
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                              •   all specific policies operating within the College
                                  (fire and explosion, purchasing, dangerous goods,           All maintenance needs are to be reported to the
                                  noise, training, first aid, systems of work, hygiene) are   Operations Manager via the Freshdesk ticketing
                                  periodically revised and are consistent with overall
                                                                                              system. It is every staff member’s responsibility to
                                  Health and Safety objectives
                                                                                              report any damage to school property and buildings.
                              •   training and supervision for all relevant employees

    28 | Staff Handbook

All staff must ensure that the doors are locked and
lights/fans/air conditioners are switched off when
the room is not in use.

5.2.7 Telephone Directory
An up-to-date telephone directory is located in
each staffroom/tearoom and also on the I:Drive.
This directory lists the names of all current teaching
and support staff with the relevant staff room
numbers in which they can be contacted on.

5.2.8 Parking Spaces
There are parking spaces available for staff on
school campus. Reserved parking spaces are
allocated for individuals and these may not be
utilised by others.

High School students are not allowed to utilise the
staff parking space during school hours.

5.2.9 Emergency Evacuation/Lockdown
Emergency evacuation and lockdown procedures
are located in the I:Drive and Staff Portal, which the
staff should familiarise themselves with and display
in the classroom. The procedures will be reviewed
and implemented with practice from time to time
or once a semester.
In the case of an emergency there will be a siren.
All staff are required to follow the procedures in the
relevant Emergency Management plan :
•   Prestons Campus
•   Illawarra Campus
•   Auburn Campus

5.2.10 Class and Corridor Displays
Frequent changes to work on display around the
buildings and in classrooms are encouraged, to
provide students with an avenue to show their work
to others and demonstrate/display the learning
taking place.

When considering building or classroom displays,
the following rules must be adhered to:
•   No sticky tape to be used on walls, as it removes the
    paint. Masking tape can be used.
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•   No staples should be placed in walls.
•   Displays must be confined to display boards and
    display cords across the rooms. If you require further
    display space, please speak to the Principal.
Posters/advertisements/announcements must be
approved by the Principal before displaying.

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