Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago

Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
Studholme College
2021 Resident Handbook
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
  Welcome ……………………………………………………………………… 3             College Tutorials
                                                    Orientation and Re-orientation
  General Introduction ……………………………………………………. 4      Noise and Quiet Hours
  A brief history                                   Communication
  Your College staff                                College Wireless Network
                                                    Harmful Digital Communications
  Meet the Team …………………………………………………………. 5-6         Cyber Safety
                                                    Negative Conduct
  Arriving at the College ……..…………………………………………… 7   Confidentiality and Privacy
  Term Dates                                        Student Voice
  Parent Orientation                                Student Executive
  Your Arrival                                      Presidential Election
  Te Puna Student Accommodation Portal              Floor Representatives
  Staying late at the end of the year               Inter-floor/House Shield
                                                    College Awards and Competitions
  Your Room …………………………………………………………………… 8            Inter-College Sport and Cultural Competition
  Bedroom                                           College Events and Engagement
  Electrical Appliances                             Sustainability
  Personal Belongings                               Illness or Injury
  Heating in Rooms                                  Smoking
  Smoke Detectors                                   Vaping
  Room Checks                                       Illegal Drugs
  Room Furniture                                    Alcohol

  Common & Shared Areas …………………………………………….. 9       Hauora & Well-being ………………………………………………. 15-16
  Bathrooms                                         Pastoral Care Act and Code
  Kitchens/Kitchenettes                             Welfare
  Rubbish and Recycling                             Concern for others
  Main Common Room                                  Consent
  Dining Room                                       Personal Safety
  The Local                                         Loneliness and Homesickness
  Music Room                                        Addiction
  Study/Tutorial Rooms
  Laundry                                           Emergency Procedures …………………………………………… 17-18
  Gym                                               Fire
  College Services ……………………………………………………… 10-11      College Lockdown
  Catering                                                     Threat to life on Campus
  Cleaning                                                     Threat to life in College
  Maintenance                                                  Pandemic Threat
  Security and Keys                                 Illness, Accidents and First Aid
  Bicycles and Bike sheds
  Parking                                           College Rules and Guidelines …………………………………… 19-21
  Postal Mail                                       Behavioural Rules
  Lost Property                                     Community Guidelines
  Sports Equipment and Board games                  University Policies and Procedures
  AV Equipment                                      Alcohol Guidelines
  Studholme Van                                     Visitors/Guest Guidelines
  Lift                                              Noise and Alcohol ban periods
  Ledges and Roof Spaces                            Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
                                                    Disciplinary Authority, Fines and Levies
  College Life …………………………………………………………….. 12-14
  Living in the College
  Academic Support                                  Key Contact list …………………………………………………………. 21

                                                                            Resident Handbook 2021 - 2 
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
It is with a warm heart that I congratulate you on        This is a great time to mix with the other Colleges and
becoming a member of the Studholme College family.        have a bit of fun, so have a crack if you can.
It is great to have you here and we hope that this will
be a fun and successful year for you.                     It is important to remind you all that our priority is to
                                                          ensure that the Studholme environment is safe and
For most, this will be the first time away from home      conducive for academic success. Studholme College
and some will be a little apprehensive about what to      provides tautoko (support) to one another so that
expect.                                                   everyone achieves the best they can. You are an
                                                          integral part of our College and we want to work
It is OK to feel this way, we have amazing staff who      together to ensure everyone is safe and successful.
have travelled the road you have and are here to help
and support with the adjustments. Some staff are still    You will need to read this booklet thoroughly as you
studying themselves and have lived in a College           will be required to sign a form to say you have read
before, so you are in great hands!                        and understood its contents.
                                                          Please keep it with you so that you can refer to it as
Living in a community will also be a first for most of    needed.
you and that can be a little weird. Sharing bathrooms
with people you’ve never met before, meeting people       On behalf of the Studholme College whanau, we are
from different cultures, eating different food, getting   excited to get to know you.
used to the academic challenges of University.            Please feel free to come and see us if you want to
Our students mahi hard to rise to these challenges        chat, if you need assistance or are worried about
and a whole lot of fun is had and friendships are made    anything.
during the year.

We have great College spirit here at Studholme and        Ngā mihi
throughout the year we will be calling on your gifts      Johnny Nu’u | Warden of Studholme College
and talents that you have boasted about in your
application, to help us in our inter-college Sports,
Gaming and Cultural events with other Colleges. We
need you to help us to succeed.

                                                                                Resident Handbook 2021 - 3 
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
 Nestled on the corner of Clyde and Dundas streets,
 Studholme College is owned by the University of Otago and      Although Studholme still maintains close links with the
 is operated through the Director of Campus and Collegiate      Department of Consumer & Applied Science (the new name
 Life Services. The Warden is responsible to the University     for the School of Home Science) it now accepts students,
 and reports to the Director for the administration of the      both women and men (the ratio depends on the numbers of
 College and the welfare of the residents.                      applications) from all faculties of the University.

 At Studholme, we endeavour to provide:                         The current 127 Clyde street site was purchased in 1928
  A comfortable, safe environment.                             (now known as West Wing). 1961 was a big year for the
  A quiet place for effective study.                           College as It marked the unveiling of the completed main
  A home where discrimination against students on the          building. The subsequent decades saw the acquisition of
     grounds of gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual           houses behind the main building. The final 2008 acquisition
     orientation is unacceptable; as is any form of bullying,   brought it to the 184 membership it is today.
     either physically, electronically or verbally.
                                                                Studholme has the distinct honour of being the first wholly
 Concern for others, care and support are important to us.      University-owned college.
 We expect our students to take responsibility for their own
 behaviour and co-operate with the guidelines so that the       Your College staff
 College will be a happy and supportive community for all.      Your welfare and care is a priority for all college staff. The
                                                                Warden and Deputy Warden, with support from the Sub-
 A brief history                                                Wardens, head the pastoral care team. Working alongside
 Studholme College was established in 1915 in two old           them are our administrative, catering, facilities and security
 houses (where University College now stands) to provide        staff.
 accommodation for students attending the School of Home        Together we are here to ensure you make the most of your
 Science that had been opened in 1911.                          academic, cultural, social and active experiences offered by
                                                                Studholme College and the University of Otago.
 It is named Studholme in honour of Colonel Studholme who
 had worked for the establishment of the School of Home         If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to call on us.
 Science and had personally endowed the first chair for it.


127 Clyde Street
Dunedin North
Dunedin 9016

Phone: (03) 479 5504
Duty phone: 021 286 2791

Studholme College reception office is
located in the main foyer of the main
building. Office hours are
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.00pm

All enquiries can be made at reception.

                                                                                       Resident Handbook 2021 - 4 
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago

     Johnny Nu’u             Rachael Carson                  Lori Moodie
        Warden               Deputy Warden                  Administrator
Hours: 9.00am – 5.00pm   Hours: 2.30pm – 10.30pm        Hours: 8.30am – 5.00pm
    Days: Variable           Days: Wed-Sun                  Days: Mon-Fri
 Phone: (03) 479 5505      Phone: (03) 479 5506          Phone: (03) 479 5504

     Grant Hutton               Glen Miller                 Allison Kerr
    Executive Chef        Facilities Co-ordinator   Domestic Services Supervisor
Hours: 8.00am – 4.00pm   Hours: 7.30am – 3.30pm      Hours: 7.00am – 11.00am
    Days: Mon-Fri             Days: Mon-Fri               Days: Mon-Fri
 Phone: (03) 479 5507     Phone: (03) 479 4570         Phone: (03) 479 5504

                                                      Resident Handbook 2021 - 5
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
                                                       Our wonderful Domestic staff are on-site 7 days a week.
                                                       They vacuum bedrooms, empty rubbish from floors/houses and clean the
                                                       common and shared spaces.
                                                       You will have a dedicated cleaner in your area so you will get to know them
                                                       and they will get to know you as well! Be sure to say hello when you arrive.
                                                       They generally work from 7am until 11am.

                                       OUR CATERING TEAM
Our dedicated Catering staff are always up for a laugh and enjoy a
bit of banter. They take tremendous pride in getting to know you,
and you are encouraged to get to know them.
They work 7 days a week to create tasty and nutritious meals for
you to enjoy. Meal times are shown on page 10.

                                 OUR SUB-WARDENS
These wonderful people are our senior students who live
amongst you, providing support for you.
They are your biggest cheerleaders and our after hours
Being students themselves, they are a great source of                                         Resident Handbook 2021 - 6 
advice on how to navigate University and Studholme.
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
From day one and beyond

Academic Term Dates
Throughout the year there are key dates that need to be noted. This will help you to plan a trip home during a break or any other
activities you may consider doing.

                  Semester               Description                     Dates
                                         First Term                      Mon 22 February – Thurs 1 April
                                         1st Mid-semester Break          Fri 2 April – Sun 11 April
                  Semester 1             Second Term                     Mon 12 April – Fri 4 June
                                         Study and Examinations          Sat 5 June – Wed 23 June
                                         Mid-year Break                  Thurs 24 June – Sun 11 July
                                         Third Term                      Mon 12 July – Fri 27 August
                                         2nd Mid-semester Break          Sat 28 August – Sun 5 September
                  Semester 2             Fourth Term                     Mon 6 September – Fri 15 October
                                         Study and Examinations          Sat 16 October – Sat 13 November

Parent Orientation                                                      Time away – Let us know if you are going to be away
Prior to the College opening on Saturday 20 February 2021,               from the College by recording your departure and
parents of our incoming residents are invited to attend our              return dates.
Parent Orientation Programme. Parent Orientation offers                 Self Service – Request a late dinner.
parents a first-hand opportunity to experience life at
Studholme College and at Otago University with an option to         As more online capabilities become available we encourage
stay at the College. More information will be sent out on this      you to take the time to have a look at Te Puna, once you
closer to the time.                                                 obtain access.

Your arrival:                                                       Please bookmark the following URL to Te Puna:
We prefer that residents do not arrive before the College 
opens on Saturday 20 February. In the event that a resident
has circumstances requiring them to arrive one or two days
prior to the College opening, the cost to stay at the College       Tips to settle into your new home:
is $62.50 per night including meals.                                Moving into a new place can be hard. To make it easier for
                                                                    you we have some helpful tips for you:
If you are driving to Studholme College there are very few           Bring along plenty of familiar things or a taonga
parking spaces available. We suggest you drop your                       (something highly prized) from home (posters etc.) to
belongings off at Reception, then find a park out on the                 decorate your room with.
street.                                                              Please use Blu-Tak to stick up posters or pictures as you
                                                                         are not allowed to use cellotape or pins/tacks (except
NO PARENTS OR VISITORS ARE PERMITTED TO STAY OVERNIGHT                   on the noticeboard).
WITHIN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE COLLEGE OPENING                    Walk around the buildings and introduce yourself to
                                                                         your new College members.
When you first arrive at the College you will be asked to Sign       Find someone to go explore your new home and city
in. You will be given your room keys. Signing in or out is only          with!
required when arriving at the College, for the University mid-       Come and hang out downstairs to meet others and
semester and mid-year breaks, and when departing at the                  make sure you meet your Sub-Warden.
end of the year.

Te Puna Student Accommodation Portal                                Staying late at the end of the year
Te Puna is our online tool to assist you while you are living in    Residents who are required to stay on after the College has
the College.                                                        closed in November, e.g. College of Education students on
                                                                    placement in Dunedin, are welcome to do so at a cost of $30
Te Puna is where you:                                               per night. This charge does not include any meals. There are
 Accommodation - Apply for accommodation.                          kitchen facilities available and residents will have to organise
 Accounts – View your account and make payments.                   their own food.
 Maintenance – Report maintenance issues.
 Inventory - Sign off on your room inventory.
 Shopping Cart – Purchase items and event tickets.
                                                                                            Resident Handbook 2021 - 7 
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
When you move in to your room, we ask that you complete the inventory check. This will become extremely relevant
at the end of the year when it is time for you to depart.
 What Is Provided:                       You May Bring:                   Do Not Bring The Following:
     Bed base                                   New electric blanket                    Candles
     Mattress                                   Hair dryer                              Incense sticks
     Mattress protector                         Personal     electronic  devices        Heaters
     Two sheets                                  including headphones                    Oil burners
     Pillowcase (no pillow)                     Extra bedding                           Faulty electrical appliances
     Duvet and cover                            Blu-tak                                 Loud speaker systems
     Blankets                                   Umbrella (highly recommended)           Air Diffusers / air purifiers
     Wardrobe
     Set of drawers                          You Must Bring:
     Study desk                                 Personal Emergency Kit – more on
     Chair and lamp                              this later.
     Bookshelf                                  Pillow
     Pinboard                                   Towels
     Heater

Electrical Appliances                                               Smoke Detector
It is a health and safety requirement that all of your              Each room is fitted with a smoke detector which is extremely
electrical appliances are checked and registered as safe by         sensitive. As well as smoke, the following will also set it off:
a certified electrical contractor. Appliances are considered        aerosol sprays, dust, water, hair straighteners, vapes and
any items that are plugged into a wall outlet. You must have        steam. Please use aerosols and hair curlers/straighteners in
all items tested prior to or once you arrive at the College.        the bathrooms. It costs over $1,400.00 for a fire callout. This
Technicians will be available at the College on a specified day     cost is passed on to the resident whose room was
to test your appliances at no additional cost to you.               responsible for activating the detector.

Possessions                                                         Room Checks
You are responsible for your personal possessions and we            We expect that you will keep your room reasonably clean
advise you to lock your door whenever you are out of your           and tidy throughout the year. Failure to do so may result in
room. The College cannot accept responsibility for damage           disciplinary action. We will check your room at certain stages
or loss due to theft or accident within the College. We             throughout the year:
strongly recommend all your possessions are adequately               Prior to your arrival.
covered by an ‘All Risk’ insurance policy.                           Once per semester – we will notify you before this takes
Heating in the Rooms                                                 Prior to your departure at the end of the year.
Each room has its own electric heater that when switched on
will heat the room until it reaches a certain temperature,          Room Furniture
after which it will need to be restarted. The houses each           We expect that any furniture that is in your room upon
have heat pumps in the lounge areas and the rooms all have          arrival will be present at the end of the year. Any swaps or
electric heaters with attached thermostats. Please do not           changes of furniture must be approved by senior staff. No
place furniture against the heater, nor use it to dry towels        College property should be removed from the building.
or articles of wet clothing. Additionally, do not attempt to
circumvent the hardwiring that the heater is connected              Adhesives - No drawing pins, adhesive tape or glue is to be
through.                                                            used on any doors or walls. Please use blu-tak to put up
                                                                    posters etc.
                                                                    Room number and name tag - The room number and name
                                                                    tag on your door should not be defaced or removed.

 The College reserves the right to change room allocations during the course of the year if it is deemed necessary.
 The Warden or delegated authority has the right of access, without prior approval, to any room at any time if the health and
 safety of any student at the college is at risk.

                                                                                            Resident Handbook 2021 - 8
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
Bathrooms                                                         and a drum kit and is available for the practice of any
There is a bathroom with showers, toilets and hand basins        musical instrument throughout the day from 9am to 9pm.
on each floor and in each house. These are cleaned daily,        Please exchange your room key for the Music Room key at
Monday to Friday. A bath in the West Wing bathroom is            the Office. The level of noise from this room must be at a
available for general use. Please bring your own towels and      comfortable level for surrounding rooms. No Studholme
toiletries, as they are not provided.                            instruments are to be removed from this room without
Kitchens / Kitchenettes
There is a kitchenette with a microwave, fridge, electric jug,   Study / Tutorial Rooms
toaster, iron and ironing board on each floor. Each of the       West Wing Study: Named after its location, West Wing is
houses has a communal lounge and kitchen with similar            upstairs directly above the Main Common Room. When not
equipment. The ovens in the houses are disconnected for          being used for tutorials, this area is also available as a quiet
health and safety reasons.                                       area for study.
                                                                 Patricia Coleman Seminar Room: Located on the second
Rubbish & Recycling                                              floor above the Dining Room. It is available for residents to
Studholme is committed to the University goals of waste          use as study space when the room is not already being used
reduction and recycling.                                         for tutorials or other College related purposes.
Currently there are three types of rubbish bins available:       Computer Room: Located on the second floor of the main
 Red bin – This is for general waste                            building, it is directly opposite the Patricia Coleman Seminar
 Yellow bin – This is for aluminium tins, steel cans and        Room. It has 1xPC and 1xMac and it also contains a university
     plastics with categories from 1 to 7                        printer for your use. It is our third study space alternative.
 Blue bin – This is for mixed glass
Residents are responsible for conducting a weekly clean-up       Laundry
of their own floor or house kitchen. This includes taking        Main Building: Located on the Ground Floor of the main
recycling bins out for collection and returning them the         building.
following day.                                                   Houses: Each house has its own washing machine and dryer.
We are looking to review these measures in 2021.                 There is a Drying Room off the laundry in the main building
                                                                 and outdoor line space near the houses.
Main Common Room                                                 We expect residents to do their own washing, however two
Our spacious Common Room is located in the main building         clean sheets and a pillowcase are provided weekly in
and provides                                                     exchange for your dirty ones.
 Table tennis table
 Pool table                                                     Laundry tips from our Domestic team
 Television with Sky (volume needs to be kept low after          BYO washing powder and pegs.
  10pm)                                                           Label all clothing. Every year we donate several bags of
 TV connected to a Playstation. Controllers and games are          unnamed and unclaimed articles to various charities.
  also available.                                                 Do not put clothes on room heaters to dry.
                                                                  Soak clothing items in the laundry sinks only, not in
Dining Room                                                         bathroom hand basins or kitchen sinks.
It is usually available to socialise outside of meal times.       Set personal timers for your washing. Do not leave your
However, we ask you allow time for our catering team to             clothing unattended longer than necessary as it may get
clean up before and after each meal service before heading          mixed up with other people’s clothing.
in or out.                                                        At your own risk. Studholme College accepts no
Please treat this space kindly. Clean up after yourself and         responsibility for any missing laundry items.
make sure the table, chairs and area is able to be used by
another person.
Coffee machines and filtered water are available throughout
                                                                 We also provide a space for exercise and physical wellness.
the day and evening.
                                                                 This is open from 7am – 9pm and equipment includes:
The Local                                                         Elliptical trainer
There is a small lounge (The Local) adjoining the Main            Treadmill
Common Room that also has Sky TV. You may socialise,              Rowing Machine
watch sports or movies, listen to music and host birthdays        Excercycle
etc. in this room.                                                3-in-one resistance machine (lat pull, seated bench
                                                                      press, seated row)
Music Room                                                        Kettle bells
Located in a room out the back of The Local, it has a piano       Foam rollers, swiss balls

                                                                                         Resident Handbook 2021 - 9
Studholme College 2021 Resident Handbook - University of Otago
 Catering                                                          Cleaning
 Our catering service is provided by Union Catering, the           We have a friendly team of dedicated Domestic staff who
 University’s catering team. Meals will be served in the Dining    work throughout the College every morning.
 Room at the following times:
                                                                   They will vacuum your room once a week. Information
               Mon to Fri             Sat               Sun
                7:15am              8:00am              8:00am
                                                                   advising your vacuuming day will be posted on the floor
                  until               until               until    noticeboards and your floor should be left clear on this day.
Breakfast                                                          When Domestic staff need to enter your room they will
                10:15am             10:30am             1:10pm
                                                                   knock on your door before entering. This is one way for us to
                 12:00pm            12:00pm             11:30am    find out if residents are unwell.
                   until              until               until
 Lunch                                                             The Domestic staff also clean the bathrooms and common
                 1:10pm             1:10pm              1:10pm
                                                                   areas during the week.
                 5:30pm             5:30pm             5:30pm
 Dinner                                                            You will have the same Domestic staff member working in
                  until              until              until
                 6:10pm             6:10pm             6:10pm      your area every day so you will get to know them, and they
                                                                   will get to know you quite well.
 Special Diets
 The Catering team are able to cater to most special dietary       Cleaning Fee
                                                                   Residents are required to leave their room in a tidy state at
 needs. Please note, however, that residents requesting
 special diets other than vegan, vegetarian or halal are           the end of the year. A cleaning charge will be placed on the
 required to provide a medical certificate from their doctor       resident’s account if their room is left in an unacceptably
 confirming this requirement.                                      untidy state.

 Seconds                                                           Ways you can help our Domestic team
 Seconds may be offered after 1:10pm and 6:10pm once all            Introduce yourself.
 residents and staff have been served.                              Any bulky, heavy, wet or unpleasant rubbish should not
                                                                      be left in your room. It should be taken directly to the
 Early Meals or Late Lunch                                            rubbish skip behind the kitchen.
 If you require late or early meals please write your name in       Do not leave empty bottles or broken glass in your
 the book at the back of the Dining Room before 11am for              room. Please take glass, cans, cardboard, etc. to the
 early or late lunches. The meals are issued by the kitchen           recycle bins in your area.
 staff or the duty Sub-Warden and can be heated in one of           Condensation - This may be a problem in some rooms in
 the microwave ovens in the Servery or Dining Room.                   winter months, especially if you use a clothes airer to
                                                                      dry your washing. Please leave your top window open at
 Early breakfast at the weekend, food for field trips etc. are        the first notch to help fresh air to circulate. Your room
 available by prior arrangement with the Catering staff.              will be warmer and healthier if you air it out, rather than
                                                                      if you leave it closed up with moisture inside.
 Packed Lunches
 Students who are unable to make it back to the College for        Maintenance
 Lunch may have a packed lunch. Residents make their own           As mentioned above, you can log any maintenance issues
 lunches and items are available in the Servery area between       through the Te Puna portal. Please specify:
 7.30am – 9.30am from Monday to Friday.                             What is the issue e.g. light is not working, floor is wet
                                                                    How long the issue has been present
                                                                    Any other useful information that you would like to add
 There is a water filter provided in each of the floor and house
 kitchens. In the Dining Room there is a machine that makes
                                                                   Our Maintenance team will look to address this matter as
 fresh ground coffee and hot chocolates. There is also a
                                                                   soon as practicable. Our practice is that we will lock
 selection of different teas available.
                                                                   bedrooms after attendance, so please ensure that you take
 Toast Time                                                        your keys with you.
 Toast and spreads are provided throughout the day and the
 evening.                                                          Unless you want to, you do not need to be present during
                                                                   any maintenance attendance.
 Crockery or cutlery must remain the Dining                        Security and Keys
 Room.                                                             Our after hours security service is provided by Allied
                                                                   Security. They work 7 days a week. They will regularly

                                                                                         Resident Handbook 2021 - 10
conduct a routine walk-through of the College and attend to             Outward mail can be handed in to reception. It will be
any matters that are brought to their attention.                         collected every morning Monday to Friday. All mail
                                                                         items must have the correct postage stamps attached.
Security Cameras                                                         All parcels must have the correct postal and paid
We have security cameras operating for safety reasons and                packaging.
to deter theft. They are located in the: Laundry, Front and
Back Doors, Common Room, West Wing Study, Dining Room,            Lost property
Computer Room and Seminar Room.                                   We have 3 locations where possible lost items are kept.
Please do not rely on the cameras for complete security            Small and/or valuable – held in the Office.
service. We encourage all residents to exercise common             Larger items, such as shoes, clothing etc, - Lost Property
sense and sound judgement in looking after their own                 Box outside the foyer bathroom.
belongings.                                                        Items in the laundry in the main building – there are two
                                                                     boxes in the drying room where unclaimed items are
Keys                                                                 kept.
You will be provided with keys when you arrive. They are
made up of your Bedroom key and a Magnetic key tag that           Items that are left unclaimed at the end of the year will be
gives access through the main front and back doors when           donated to charity.
locked at night. If you live in one of the houses, the magnetic
key tag will also let you into your house.                        Sports Equipment and Board Games:
                                                                  The College has a variety of sports equipment and board
You must report any lost keys immediately. The cost of            games you may borrow, including:
replacing lost keys is $75.00 and is charged to the individual     rugby balls
resident. Please be responsible in regard to your keys; we         soccer balls
rely on all residents to co-operate in keeping our building        tennis racquets
and property safe                                                  cricket gear
                                                                   volleyball
After hours access
                                                                   various board games – Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk
All of our external doors run on a timed system. This means
at a certain point in the evening and morning they lock and
                                                                   guitar – always available in the Main Common room
can be accessed using the magnetic key tag. Our doors are
normally locked from 10.00pm at night until 7.00am the next
morning.                                                          AV Equipment
                                                                  We also have various AV equipment that can be used. We
Our gates behind the main building are locked by security at      have fixed projectors located in the West Wing study and
10.00pm and unlocked by College staff in the morning.             Seminar Room. We also have a portable projector which can
                                                                  be borrowed from the office.
Bicycles and Bike Sheds
Bicycles are not permitted inside the buildings or houses.        Studholme Van
There is covered storage available in a garage on Dundas          The College owns a minibus that may be used for official
Street beside the entrance to the rear carpark and another        College events such as sports, cultural activities, floor
on Forth Street at the entrance to the bottom carpark. Keys       outings etc. The Sub-Wardens will usually drive groups of
for these garages are available from the Office and there is a    people to and from these events, by prior arrangement.
$10.00 annual charge payable upon issuing the key. Bike
shed users are required to return the key at the end of the       Lift
year.                                                             A lift gives access to all floors in the main building. The lift
                                                                  must not be used in the event of a fire alarm.
There is no parking available on Studholme property. Any          Ledges and Roof Spaces
cars parked in the grounds will be towed away at the owner’s      All ledges and roof spaces are out of bounds - offenders will
expense.                                                          be fined.

Postal Mail
Mail is delivered to the College every morning from Monday
to Saturday. Staff will sort and place mail in the lettered
boxes outside the Dining Room.
 Parcels are placed on the table in the foyer outside the
    Dining Room for collection.

                                                                                         Resident Handbook 2021 - 11 
Studholme College is a vibrant and exciting place to live and hang out. There will be a wide range of things
that happen which will make your experience extremely worthwhile and memorable.

Living in the College                                                 Visitors – Generally visitors can visit. However we ask
Learning to live together will be a huge part of your                  that they leave by 6pm. Should a visitor act contrary to
experience! So here are some helpful tips:                             to our rules and guidelines outlined below, they will be
 Learn people’s names, it makes them feel special.                    asked to leave without delay.
 Respect people’s personal space, they will do the same              Overnight Guests – This will not be possible during the
    for you.                                                           first two weeks of the year and the week of re-Oweek.
 Clean up after yourself in common areas, a clean
    environment goes a long way.
                                                                   Noise and Quiet Hours
                                                                   Due to the design of the College, sound carries very easily.
 Be mindful when cooking and or preparing food, we all
                                                                   Please be considerate of other residents’ needs. Excessive
    have different tastes.
                                                                   noise is not acceptable at any time and the College should
 Think of others before making a lot of noise. While you
                                                                   be completely quiet after 10:00pm.
    may have a day off, someone else may have an
                                                                   We have quiet hours operating as follows:
    assignment to complete.
                                                                    Sunday – Friday: 10.00pm-9.00am
 Remember to check in with each other, no one will be
                                                                    Saturday: 10.30pm-10.00am
    upset at you for simply asking “Hey, how are you going
                                                                   In practice, this means that during the stated times the
                                                                   College should be quiet.
                                                                   Please note that during the study and exam period at the
Academic Support                                                   end of each semester we implement a 24 hour noise ban.
We endeavour to provide an environment that is conducive           This means that all reasonable effort is made to reduce noise
to academic excellence and a successful academic year. If          levels throughout the day.
you require academic assistance, please do not hesitate to
reach out to any of the staff, who will be able to assist you in
making the necessary arrangements.
                                                                   Email - Please make sure that your email address is current
We promote self-motivated learning. You are encouraged to
                                                                   and up to date on e-Vision. Important communication will be
create and join study groups, general or subject focused. The
                                                                   sent to you via your student email address. You should check
Sub-Wardens will assist in this wherever possible. We expect
                                                                   your student email address at least twice a week for
residents to attend lectures, tutorials and laboratory
sessions for which they are enrolled.
                                                                   Ensure all communication sent to you is read as you might
                                                                   miss something important!
College Tutorials
Supplementary tutorials are held on-site in addition to the
                                                                   Phone numbers - Please make sure e-Vision is updated with
University’s formal tutorials in many popular subjects. Our
                                                                   your current NZ mobile phone number. There may be an
Deputy Warden works very closely with Tutors to deliver as
                                                                   occasion where we need to contact you quickly.
much academic support as possible. Tutorials are held in the
evenings. Often extra tutorials are held closer to exam time.
                                                                   Notices - Notices are posted on College noticeboards and
Subject need will determine our on-site tutorial programme.
                                                                   social media. Check these daily for any up and coming social
Where we are unable to provide certain subjects, we work
                                                                   events or any matter which may affect you and/or your
closely with our fellow College Community to share
                                                                   friends or guests.

                                                                   College Wireless Network
Orientation and Re-Orientation Week
                                                                   Wireless internet access is available through the use of the
Each respective week is a fun and exciting time for our
                                                                   University of Otago administered WiFi system.
residents. We want to be as supportive as we can be while
                                                                   The student printer available in the Computer Room
maintaining a reasonable level of safety and security. Below
                                                                   operates on the Wifi network.
is a snapshot of what this means for the college:
 College meeting – The Warden will host a meeting at the
                                                                   To sign-in to the Wifi network you will need two details:
      beginning to outline Studholme College and what the
                                                                    Username: This will be your University username
      year will bring.
                                                                        provided to you once you are confirmed with the
 Daytime - Walking tours during the day to campus so
      that you know where to go for your first lectures.
                                                                    Password: As above, this will be provided
 Afternoon / Evening – We host events on-site to build
                                                                   The Wifi network is throughout the University campus and
      our community and offer opportunities for residents to
                                                                   associated buildings. This means you can use it at any
      get to know each other in different settings.
                                                                   University location.
                                                                                         Resident Handbook 2021 - 12
Harmful Digital Communications                                   Student Voice
Under the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 it is          A critical part of living in the college is to “make your
illegal to make a visual recording, on any device, of another    experience your own”.
person without their knowledge or consent, where the             To achieve this, getting involved in our college in ‘what we
recording shows them naked or partially naked or involved        do and how we do it’ is important. We strongly encourage
in any activity (eg showering or toileting) that involves        you to get involved where you can at any given opportunity.
dressing or undressing. These are known as intimate visual       From playing in a team through to supporting. All of it
recordings and are illegal even if they are not shown to other   matters and will go a long way in making your year one that
people or shared on social media.                                you will cherish for a long time.
Any allegation that a resident has made an intimate visual
recording of another resident (or any other person) is likely    Student Executive
to be treated as serious misconduct and if proven is likely to   Early on in the first semester each floor will elect a
result in termination of the resident’s contract with no offer   Representative. Soon afterwards, a President is elected. This
being made to rehouse the resident in another College.           group of people forms the Student Executive and will be your
                                                                 social and sports committee for the year. They will meet
Cyber Safety                                                     regularly with the Deputy Warden of College, and with the
Residents are expected to comply with University of Otago        Warden as often as deemed necessary, depending on what
guidelines regarding internet and communications usage as        events are coming up.
outlined in the Information and Communications
Technology Regulations available on the University of Otago      Representative committees organise a wide variety of
website.                                                         cultural, social and sporting activities including the College
Residents are also required to comply with the University’s      Ball, the Ski Trip, the College Yearbook and Inter-College
Student Code of Conduct which states that students have          competitions. A good Committee generally means a
the right to be safe and free from harm or intimidation in       “happening” year, so choose your rep carefully by
their interactions with others, including interactions via       considering someone who gets things done.
electronic media.
                                                                 Presidential Election
Negative Conduct                                                 The President Elect leads the Student Executive. Elections
If you have seen behaviour that is concerning or would           usually take place in the first few weeks of the College
constitute negative conduct please report this to staff          coming together. They are the person that will be the overall
immediately using the duty number. Negative conduct may          representative of the College.
include (but is not limited to) verbal abuse toward another,     The president will meet regularly with the Deputy Warden
taunting, peer pressure to do something they do not want,        or Warden to discuss how the college experience is going
negative use of social media and more.                           from both the resident and staff perspective. They will work
                                                                 together to support and facilitate the college experience.
Confidentiality and Privacy
Staff and residents of Studholme College endeavour to treat      Floor Representatives
one another with respect and to treat private matters in         Floor Representatives are appointed at the beginning of the
confidence. There are, however, occasions when it may be         year. Floor Reps are a crucial part of Studholme College.
necessary for staff to contact other concerned outside adults    They become the voice of the student body to the Warden
(normally guardians or overseas agents). We disclose any         regarding activities for the year.
decisions reached where necessary.
                                                                 Inter-Floor/House Shield
                                                                 Inter-Floor/House Shield is competed for annually over a
                                                                 range of activities throughout the year. It all kicks off during
                                                                 O-week with events throughout the week. Points are also
                                                                 awarded through support and participation in non-
                                                                 competition events such as volunteering and other

                                                                 College Awards
                                                                 Each year Studholme College presents awards to the
                                                                 residents who are considered to be:
                                                                  Academic of the Year - Awarded to the person attaining
                                                                      the highest grades in their mid-year examinations.
                                                                  Greatest Contributor to Studholme - The recipient of
                                                                      this trophy is judged by the Studholme staff across a
                                                                      number of different aspects of College life.

                                                                                       Resident Handbook 2021 - 13 
   Sportsperson of the year – Awarded to the person who             Sustainability
    has been regularly involved through our Inter-College            The University of Otago is committed to making the
    competition.                                                     university a sustainable place to study, work and live. We
   Wordsmith Trophy - Awarded to the person judged to               whole-heartedly agree with this commitment. We will
    have submitted the best piece of writing. There is no            continually look at ways where we can make an impact
    word limit and submissions can be any form of writing,           toward our sustainability goal. Current initiatives include
    i.e. short stories, poetry etc provided they were written        reducing waste through rubbish and recycling, ‘Mindful
    in the current year.                                             Mondays’ in catering and the Community Garden on-site.
   The Art competition is for an original piece of artwork of       We will also be looking at other initiatives during the year.
    any genre created in the current year.                           We invite all our residents to contribute where possible in
                                                                     seeking to achieve this goal.
Inter-College Sport, Cultural and Gaming Competition
We participate in a vibrant inter-college programme of               Illness or Injury:
sporting, cultural and gaming events throughout the year in          Always contact a member of staff in the case of illness or
which all the Colleges vie to take out the title of overall inter-   injury no matter what time of the day or night. This may
college Sporting, Cultural or Gaming Champion. There is a            save a life. The Warden or a member of staff should be
huge range of events and activities in the competition for           informed when students are unwell or have been injured so
everyone to get involved in.                                         that proper care may be given. A First Aid Kit is kept in the
                                                                     Office and ice is available from the Kitchen.
It's not just winning that counts in the competition, there is
a large emphasis on participation. Colleges also earn points          Parents will be notified in the event of a Resident being
just for taking part and it's not possible to be crowned Sport,                          taken to hospital.
Cultural or Gaming Champion(s) without taking part in all of
the events.                                                          Smoking
                                                                     The University’s Dunedin campus became completely
College Events & Engagement                                          smoke-free on 1 January 2015, a move that brought it into
                                                                     line with Otago’s other campuses in Christchurch,
Throughout the year we will host on-site and off-site events
                                                                     Wellington and Invercargill. The revised smoke-free policy
and engagement opportunities that we encourage you to
                                                                     enhances the outstanding campus experience that the
join in and be part of. Some events include:
                                                                     University offers its staff and students and is consistent with
 College Ball
                                                                     its mission statement, which sets out Otago’s aim of
 Ski Trip
                                                                     promoting individuals' development and wellbeing.
 Formal Dinners
 Theme Dinners
 Garden Party
                                                                     Vaping falls within the same position as smoking. The College
 Awareness weeks
                                                                     is a vape-free environment.
 Theme nights – Retro, Back to School
 Enviro group
                                                                     Illegal Drugs
 Volunteering
                                                                     Illegal drugs are prohibited. Anyone who is found using, or in
 Charity Drives & so much more
                                                                     possession of illegal drugs, will be referred directly to the
                                                                     authorities and may be excluded from the College.

                                                                     NOTE: Alcohol regulations may be revised in accordance
                                                                     with any legislative amendments to the Sale of Liquor Act.

                                                                     You may drink alcohol quietly in your bedroom with your
                                                                     friends. If there is a special occasion (e.g. a birthday) that
                                                                     warrants a group gathering please book The Local. You must
                                                                     be a responsible host and have adequate food at these

                                                                     Noise and Alcohol Ban
                                                                     A noise and alcohol ban is put in place two weeks prior to
                                                                     the start of each examination period in an endeavour to
                                                                     provide a quiet and settled environment that is conducive to
                                                                     study. Any student making excessive noise or being found
                                                                     with alcohol and/or intoxicated will be reprimanded by the

                                                                                           Resident Handbook 2021 - 14 
We care about your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. It is important that we
offer guidance in managing any challenges that you may face.
Pastoral Care Act and Code
Under the Education (Pastoral Care) Amendment Act 2019,           In all relationship matters it is essential that mutual respect
the Government has set minimum standards to support the           and consent is followed by both parties. All members of the
safety, wellbeing and care of students in residential colleges.   College must be very clear on the meaning of sexual consent.
The University and all its Colleges have processes in place to    Sexual activity without consent will be treated as serious
ensure that we meet and exceed the Government                     misconduct and will most likely also involve the Proctor and
requirements.                                                     the NZ Police. The following are very good guidelines.

Welfare                                                              Consent must be CLEAR. The absence of a no does not
Studholme College staff are able to support you in all                mean yes. Silence is not consent. No means no.
manner of things that may come your way during your stay             Consent must be COHERENT. People who are asleep or
with us. We consider our staff team to be safe, well trained,         incapacitated by drugs or alcohol cannot give consent.
and experienced in all manner of life circumstances.                 Consent must be WILLING. It is never given under
                                                                      pressure, whether that is emotional or physical
If you need help, are not sure where to get help, or just want        manipulation or threats being used.
to talk about something that has happened to you, or you             Consent must be ONGOING. If someone consents to
would like to talk about something that you are worried               one sexual activity, that doesn’t mean consent to all
about, feel free to talk with one of us.                              activities.
Of course we also always welcome a good old chat, so don’t
be afraid to drop in to see us for a catch up about nothing in    As a collegiate community you are also responsible for each
particular.                                                       other. Please look after your friends and be pro-active in
                                                                  supporting anyone who is in potential danger or harm.
Concern for others
There are times where you might be worried or concerned           If you have had an encounter or incident that leaves you
about a fellow resident, friend or community member. We           feeling uncomfortable or uncertain you are encouraged to
encourage you to start a conversation. You don’t need to be       seek help and support. You can approach any member of
an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great           College staff who will treat you with respect and care. A staff
listener.                                                         member may encourage you to seek additional assistance
Start a conversation with these four steps*:                      from the College management. You may also wish to contact
1. Ask R U OK?                                                    a support agency such as the OUSA, Student Health,
2. Listen                                                         Healthline, Rape Crisis, NZ Police or Youthline.
3. Encourage action
4. Check in                                                       The University of Otago’s sexual violence support and
                                                                  prevention centre is called Te Whare Tauwharau. They offer
*Taken from                              free, confidential support for any student who needs
                                                                  assistance and are available for walk-ins and phone support.
We encourage you to contact any staff member if you are
worried about anyone or you have not seen anyone for a           
while. You can do this by:
 Popping down and seeing reception                               Personal safety
 Calling our 24/7 duty number: 021 286 2791                      New Zealand has an international reputation as a safe and
 Emailing:                         friendly country, but you should still take all the security
                                                                  precautions you would take anywhere in the world. Here is
                                                                  some useful and important advice you should follow:
Whether you are in a long term or casual relationship, you        Make sure you keep your keys on you
and your partner deserve to be treated with respect.              You will have received a room key and a magnetic key tag
Consent is a free agreement made together about any sexual        which gets you into the College after hours.
situation or experience.                                          You are strictly prohibited from lending your keys to anyone
Consent is always agreed to in the moment. Having                 else. If you lose your keys and do not report this, it puts the
consented previously doesn’t mean you consent in the              security of the College at risk. If you lose your keys,
future. Consent is not a contract. You can change your mind.      replacements will need to be ordered and paid for. Staff will
If you are not comfortable with something you have a right        help any residents who lock themselves out of their room.
for it to stop. It’s OK to say stop.

                                                                                         Resident Handbook 2021 - 15
Essential safety advice                                           sex and porn.
For your own peace of mind, make it a habit to lock your         Addiction is considered a mental illness and can be treated
door whenever you’re out of your room If you are walking         similarly to other mental illnesses with therapy, medication
home at night, go in a group and keep to well-lit streets or     and lifestyle changes.
take a taxi instead.
If you are unsure about your safety, dial 111. If you are        It is important to keep in mind that addiction is a treatable
within the University precinct area and need assistance you      condition. Recovery is possible.
can contact Campus Watch on 0800 479 5000. Campus
Watch is a diverse group of people readily available to offer    There are service providers that may be able to help you
assistance and advice to students when or wherever it is         through such situations:
required.                                                         University Student Health: 0800 479 821
Loneliness and homesickness                                       Alcohol and Drugs helpline: 0800 787 797
Loneliness and homesickness can affect any student during  
their academic year. By choosing to live in a College, you        Gambling helpline: 0800 654 655
have already chosen one of the more effective strategies to
deal with loneliness and to succeed at your studies.              Quitline (Smoking): 0800 778 778
However, it can be easy to feel isolated even in a community.
Here are some strategies that may help you overcome

   Sit in a common room, not in your bedroom. Watch a
    little TV and take the opportunity to meet others.
   Invite others to eat with you. One of the biggest
    concerns for new residents is who are they going to eat
    with. If you go to the Dining Room alone, mix with
    people already there.
   It is expected that you will eat all your meals in the
    Dining Room.
   Get involved with organised activities, attend the
    meetings and look out for flyers or posters that
    announce events.

Talk to one of the Sub-Wardens or the Deputy Warden if you
continue to feel lonely. They may not be able to fix the
problem for you but they will be happy to listen and give you
suggestions of where to go to find the assistance to help you.
There are also professional counsellors at the University of
Otago campuses who are able to help.

In your first year you will be exposed to many new things
that you may not have otherwise had, seen or experienced
at home. In other cases, it may have pre-existed, however
with a new found freedom, it may spiral out of control.

Addiction is when you no longer have control over doing,
taking or using something to the point that it is causing harm
to you or those around you.

Anything you use a lot of and all the time (compulsively and
obsessively) to ease tension or enhance your mood can
become addictive.
Common addictions include:
 alcohol
 cigarettes (tobacco)
 P (meth), cannabis and other illegal drugs
 prescription medicines
 gambling
 gaming and social media
 work and study

                                                                                      Resident Handbook 2021 - 16 
Fire                                                            Minimal requirements, according to University Health and
Smoke and heat detectors, fire hoses and fire extinguishers     Safety:
safeguard the College. This equipment is only to be used in      Emergency contact details – a written copy as well as on
an emergency. Fire evacuation drills will be held at least          your cell phone!
twice a year and everyone should get to know the escape          Torch and spare batteries
routes.                                                          Strong outdoor shoes
                                                                 Supply of personal medications
 A ringing alarm and a recorded voice message indicates         Antibacterial hand gel, or antiseptic wipes
  that the building is to be evacuated.                          Survival blanket
 Leave your door unlocked.                                      Bottle of water
 If there is no immediate danger, take the few extra            Some muesli bars or similar
  seconds needed to collect warm clothing and sensible
  footwear, as you may have to stand outside for some           Have close at hand ready to grab in case of an evacuation:
  time.                                                          Warm clothing (jacket or similar)
 In the main building the exit routes are through the fire      Your cell phone
  doors at the northern end (Dundas Street) of the building,    Additional extras that would be useful:
  and down the external fire escape. DO NOT USE THE LIFT.        Personal toilet items
 West Wing residents go downstairs and out the main             Supermarket bags/rubbish bags
  front door or, if the stairs are blocked, proceed via the      Whistle and light sticks
  alternative Fire Exit through the West Wing Study window       Copies of important documents
  that faces towards the main gates.
 Residents in the houses are to exit via the most accessible
                                                                College Lockdown
                                                                In some emergency situations, it may require the College to
 Assemble on the front lawn of the main building (for          lockdown. Should this occur, the risk will determine
  those in houses, access around the end of the main            prevailing actions:
                                                                Threat to life on campus:
 Wait on the lawn until the Fire Brigade and College Staff
                                                                   The College will be locked down
  deem it is safe for you to return into the building.
                                                                   All curtains will be closed
                                                                   Switch off electronic devices such as mobile phones/
The misuse of fire protection equipment is viewed seriously
and may result in a heavy fine – $250.00                            laptops
plus additional replacement cost of any repairs.                   Move away from all windows and/or doors
                                                                   Move to higher floor where practicable
Any malicious Fire Alarm involving a Fire Brigade call-out is      Remain quiet
costly (over $1,400.00) and the offender will be expected to       Follow the instructions of Senior staff
cover this cost. Removal of a smoke detector will initiate a       Await instructions from Emergency Services
callout requiring a technician to reset the fire system at a    Threat to life in the College:
cost exceeding $300 that will be passed on to the resident.         If the decision is to “Run”, as much as
                                                                     possible EVADE or EVACUATE.
Earthquake                                                           Evade – Try your very best to evade where you can.
In a major earthquake:                                               Deploy some useful tactics such as running in different
1. Drop, Cover, Hold. Stay away from windows or other                directions as long as it is toward an evacuation point, do
     items that could fall on you.                                   not run toward other people.
2. Once the shaking stops pick up your Personal                      Evacuate – Under the direction from the Warden or
     Emergency Kit, including important documents.                   Deputy Warden, residents are to evacuate to Arana
3. Evacuate the main building using the main stairwell, or           College at first instance.
     the nearest clear exit in the houses.                       Should the threat be from the direction of Arana,
4. Assemble on the front lawn away from the building.                residents may evacuate to Studholme houses, this
5. Remain at the assembly point (Alhambra Rugby Club                 needs to be a lower risk of danger than where the
     field on the one way system) until clearance has been           residents currently are within the College.
     given to re-enter the buildings.                            MAINTAIN COVER or CONCEALMENT if possible.
6. Upon re-entering the building DO NOT use the lift.                Then, EVACUATE to safety (Arana College).
                                                                If there are no auditory sounds of a threat, it is possible that
Personal Emergency Kit:                                         evading to a safer area, such as the Computer Room
You should have a “grab bag” that is relatively small with       may be the best option.
items that aren’t used for anything else.

                                                                                       Resident Handbook 2021 - 17
Pandemic Threat:                                                   It is important to seek assistance for medical conditions
In the event of a Pandemic all residents are expected to be        before they become too serious, as illness can spread very
prepared and adhere to:                                            quickly in a group living situation.
     • Ministry of Health Directives and Guidelines                If you are involved in any form of accident or injury on-site,
     • Instructions from College and University staff              you must let a member of staff know promptly. Staff have
     • Social Distancing Guidelines and Restrictions               undergone first aid training and can help with injuries on-
     • Sanitising Requirements                                     site.
Residents must comply with the following:                          After the event you will be required to fill out an incident
 Report to on-site staff member confirming their location         report which is forwarded to the University Health and
 Report any illness that they or a neighbour is currently         Safety department. This is an Occupational Health and
     experiencing                                                  Safety requirement.
 Abide by best practices and recommendations provided             If you call an ambulance for any reason, inform staff
     by on-site staff                                              immediately so that we can ensure paramedics have access
 Limit any movement and conduct as and when required              to the building and can be directed to the right area.
     by on-site staff                                              The University of Otago’s Student Health and Counselling
 Await further instructions from the University, Ministry         Service is also available to you from 8.30am to 8.30pm,
     of Health, Local Council, Central Government and/or           Monday to Friday. It is best to phone 0800 279 821 for an
     emergency services                                            appointment. Outside of these hours residents are advised
                                                                   to contact:
Residents should have their own medical kit and masks.
                                                                   Dunedin Urgent Doctors and Accident Centre
Illness, Accidents and First Aid                                            18 Filleul Street, Dunedin
                                                                            Open Hours: 8.00am – 10.00pm (7 days a week)
If you are ill you should report this promptly to a member of
                                                                            Phone: (03) 479 2900
staff. They will assist you where appropriate, especially if you
need medical attention.
                                                                            Phone: 0800 611 116
                                                                   Mental Health Support:
                                                                            Free call or Text 1737

                                                                                        Resident Handbook 2021 - 18 
Every community requires some rules in order to protect the rights of individuals and to ensure a stable
environment. The College will endeavour to keep formal rules to a minimum with the expectation that
residents will behave in a responsible and considerate manner for the good of the community as a whole .

Behavioural Rules                                                 No pets are allowed at the College.
   You are expected to respect the rights of others in the      Breaches of these basic rules will incur disciplinary action
    College and act in a supportive and responsible manner.      relative to the seriousness of the offence.
   You must not act in an insulting or threatening manner
    towards residents or staff.                                  University Policies and Procedures
   You may not enter another resident’s room without            As a University of Otago student you have agreed to abide
    their express permission.                                    by the University’s policies and procedures.
   If you are party to any offence under these rules
    committed by another resident or guest, you shall be         Among key documents, there are three key documents for
    liable to be charged with the same offence and be            consideration while staying in the college:
    subject to the same disciplinary proceedings.
    Note: In the clause ‘party’ includes any resident who in        Code of Conduct – The purpose of the Code of Student
    any way aids, assists, counsels, procures or encourages          Conduct is to promote the University's academic aims
    another to commit an offence under the rules.                    and a sense of community through the cultivation of
   As well as being responsible for your own behaviour,             mutual respect, tolerance and understanding. To this
    you are accountable for the behaviour of any or all of           end, the University expects that students will not
    your friends, partner and guests. This includes any              engage in behaviours that endanger their own or
    actions which may threaten the safety and wellbeing of           others' safety and well-being. Students are expected to
    residents, their guests, staff members, and/or the               conform to the standards contained in this Code of
    College.                                                         Student Conduct off-campus as well as on-campus.
   Any criminal act will be reported to the Police.
                                                                    Ethical behaviour Policy – The purpose of this policy is
Community Guidelines                                                 to promote ethical interactions between members of
   Observe the quiet hours. (see alcohol guidelines)                the University community and to provide an
    - It is the right of everyone to have quiet for sleep and        environment of safety, respect and dignity so members
    study.                                                           can participate fully in all aspects of University life.
   Respect the College and its property.
    - It is your home for the year.                                 Student Charter – The University is committed to
   Smoking & Vaping is not permitted in any of the College          scholarship through excellence in teaching, research
    buildings or anywhere in the grounds.                            and service and to the provision of a stimulating
   The use or possession of illegal drugs within the College        campus environment for the development of lifelong
    or grounds is strictly prohibited.                               learning skills.
   Firearms, real or imitation, knives, swords, martial art         The purpose of the Charter is to advance those aims, to
    weapons, or any other form of weapon are not                     acknowledge the University's commitment to the
    permitted within the College or grounds. Legitimate              Treaty of Waitangi and to promote good relations
                                                                     between the staff and administration of the University
    firearms or weapons can be stored with Campus Watch
                                                                     and its undergraduate and postgraduate students.
    for a small cost.
   All fire door stays and fire doors must not be interfered
                                                                 The University reserves the right to pursue through its
    with in any way without express permission from Senior
                                                                 disciplinary procedures matters that are also being, or may
                                                                 also be, addressed by the legal system or under any of the
   Protective Fire Equipment is only to be used for             above-mentioned University policies.
    legitimate purposes.
   Candles, oil burners, air purifiers and incense sticks are   For more information:
    not permitted.                                               
    - They are a fire hazard AND SET OFF THE SENSITIVE
   The use of scooters, skateboards and rollerblades is
    prohibited within the building.
   Fireworks are not permitted within the College or
                                                                 Alcohol guidelines
   No business or commercial activity may be operated
                                                                 Alcohol in glass containers may be banned should they
    within the College without the express permission of the
                                                                 become a problem, e.g. broken glass, or bottles not being
                                                                 taken to the recycling bins.
                                                                                      Resident Handbook 2021 - 19 
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