Tacoma Public Schools Indian Education Program Scholarship Information & Opportunities 2020-2021

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Tacoma Public Schools Indian Education Program Scholarship Information & Opportunities 2020-2021

         Tacoma Public Schools Indian Education Program Scholarship
                  Information & Opportunities 2020-2021
                  Website – https://www.tacomaschools.org/departments/indian-education
Paying for College                                                                                                                    .
   • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid - We make it easier to get money for college or career school. To
        get started, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form. Then your college will tell you the types and
        amounts of aid you can get. And we'll help you along the way.

Financial Aid and College Preparation Resources for Native Americans –
    • Native Americans & College Research has found that American Indians and Alaska Natives have a much lower
        rate of college completion than the population as a whole. Why go to college? A degree or certificate from a
        college or trade school is a great advantage, leading to a much wider choice of occupations and, therefore, more
        likelihood of a fulfilling career and a chance to make a difference in your community. In this fact sheet, we
        suggest some places to find information about preparing for college and paying for college.

Plan4college.me - Tacoma’s one-stop-shop to get you ready for life after high school.
   • Whether you’re considering a four-year university, community or technical college, apprenticeship, or
      military service, advance preparation ensures that you have the chance to explore all the opportunities
      available to you. Plan4College.me is Tacoma’s one-stop-shop to get you ready for life after high
      school. Find planning checklists, financial aid info, scholarship details, special events and more…

Find Scholarships
    •   theWashBoard.org – Washington Student Achievement Council. Smarter scholarship matches. Looking for
        scholarships? theWashBoard.org makes it simple. We connect Washington students of all types with
        Washington scholarship providers…for FREE. Whether you’ll be attending in state or out, you save time by
        entering your profile once and letting us find the scholarship opportunities that fit. theWashBoard.org is spam-
        free and will never sell your information.

Ready, Set, Grad
   •   Ready, Set, Grad – So You Want to Go to College, Now What? We are your resource to find, pay for, and
       complete the education path that’s right for you or the student in your life. The tools, information, and supports
       on this website are provided by the Washington Student Achievement Council.

Pay Less for Education: How to Take Charge of Your Financial Aid - EduMed
       Determine your financial need, make a plan, and maximize your aid with the diverse set of financial aid
       options available.

College & Career Planning Toolkits from Graduate Tacoma                                                      .
College Planning Kits For High School Students –
College Knowledge – download College Knowledge Materials –- https://www.wcan.org/college-knowledge/

Resumes, Cover Letters, & Job Applications                                                                   .

   •   Resume Builder - A Quick and Easy Way to Create Your Professional Resume. 30+ Professional
       Resume Templates Choose from over thirty modern and professional templates. All of which can be
       customized to your liking. Fast and Easy to Use Our resume builder lets you easily and quickly create a
       resume using our resume wizard. Resume Builder’s free resources and tools aim to help high schoolers
       create resumes that can frame their current life experiences in a way that highlights them as well
       rounded, quality individuals for their college and scholarship applications.
           o High School Resume Examples - https://www.resumebuilder.com/high-school-resume-
           o Create a Resume - https://www.resumebuilder.com/create-a-resume/
           o How to Write a Cover Letter - https://www.resumebuilder.com/how-to-write-a-cover-letter/

   •   How to Apply for a Job – A guide for navigating each step of the job application process

   •   Entry-Level Interviewing Success - https://collegegrad.com/entry-level-interviewing#c13
          o Interview Preparation
          o Mastering the Interview
          o On-Campus Interview
          o Phone Interview
          o Company-Site Interview

   •   10 Tough Interview Questions and 10 Great Answers – https://collegegrad.com/mastering-the-

Find Colleges                                                                                                         .
    •   Web Admissions Center – Washington State Community and Technical Colleges –
         Web Admissions Center allows students to use the World Wide Web to apply for admission to participating
        Washington State community and technical colleges.
        Web Admissions Center is a centralized process that is housed on a server at the SBCTC-ITD. Colleges add a link
        from their Web pages to Web Admissions Center.
        Web Admissions Center has many easy-to-use features for both potential students and for colleges.
            o Potential students can:
            o 1. Complete the Web Admissions form in one sitting, or complete sections of the application over time.
            o 2. Select one or more colleges to receive the application.
            o 3. Check the status (pending, accepted, rejected) of the application.
            o 4. Submit the same application to additional colleges as needed.

        Easily apply for admission in one location to Washington State Community and Technical Colleges.

    •   bigfuture.org – by The College Board.
        Find colleges that fit you. Find the best college matches based on what matters most. Get advice, guidance and
        student perspectives at every step. Access up-to-date and trusted info on nearly 4,000 two- and four-year

>>>>>>                                           SCHOLARSHIPS

•   Scholarships.com – American Indian/Native American Scholarships. https://www.scholarships.com/financial-

•   Scholarships for Native American Students – Compiled by JLV College Counseling –

    40+ Scholarships for Native American students

•   Student Debt Relief – Grants, Internships and Scholarships for Native Americans.

•   College Financial Aid Advice – Native American Scholarships

•   American Indian College Fund - The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to American Indian and
    Alaska Native college students attending: Tribal colleges and universities, any non-profit and accredited college
    or university

•   Full Circle Scholarship – American Indian College Fund
    DEADLINE – Full Circle scholarship applications are accepted every year from Jan 1 – May 31.
    The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native college students
    seeking under-graduate and graduate degrees at: Tribal colleges & universities / All nonprofit & accredited

•   American Indian Graduate Center – AIGC - Awarded to high school seniors who have outstanding academic
    achievements, leadership in school, civic and extracurricular activities, and motivation to serve and succeed. To
    be considered, nominees must have a have a minimum 3.25 GPA with an outstanding academic record; have
    demonstrated leadership and community service activities; and plan to be enrolled as a full-time degree seeking
    college freshman in the fall. Must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe or
    Alaska Native group OR provide documentation of ancestry to possession of one-fourth degree Indian blood of a
    federally recognized tribe.

•   Indigenous Education, Inc. – IEI – AISES AT Anderson Scholarship - $1,000 per year for undergraduates; $500
    per semester, and $2,000 per year for graduate students; $1,000 per semester. Open to students pursuing
    degrees in Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Physical Science, Technology, Science, Engineering, or Natural
    Resources. This scholarship does not renew automatically. A student must complete a new application each year
    funding is sought.

•   Indigenous Education, Inc. – IEI – Cobell Scholarship - The Cobell Undergraduate Opportunity is for students
    who have not yet earned a four-year bachelor’s degree.

•   American Indian Science and Engineering Society - AISES scholarships help students acquire skills and training
    that will help them meet the unique STEM needs of our communities.


•   American Indian: Environmental, Natural Resources, Forestry & Agriculture Scholarship – A list of scholarships
    and fellowships related to environmental, natural resources, forestry and agricultural professions. List provided
    by Northeastern State University, Oklahoma.

•   American Indian: Science, Math, Engineering & Computer Science Scholarships - A list of scholarships and
    fellowships related to math, engineering & computer science professions. List provided by Northeastern State
    University, Oklahoma.

•   American Indian: Medicine & Health Related Fields Scholarships - A list of scholarships and fellowships related
    to math, engineering & computer science professions. List provided by Northeastern State University,

•   Association of American Indian Affairs – AAIA - The Association on American Indian Affairs is the oldest non-
    profit serving Indian Country protecting sovereignty, preserving culture and educating youth.

•   Intertribal Timber Council Scholarship Opportunities - ITC - Established in 1976, the ITC is a nonprofit nation-
    wide consortium of Indian Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and individuals dedicated to improving the
    management of natural resources of importance to Native American communities. The ITC works cooperatively
    with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), private industry, and academia to explore issues and identify practical
    strategies and initiatives to promote social, economic and ecological values while protecting and utilizing forests,
    soil, water, and wildlife.

•   Scholarships for America Indians – A comprehensive list of scholarships available for American Indians compiled
    by North Idaho College. Scholarships are listed alphabetically. (As of 10/29/2018 they have listings completed for A –

•   Scholarship Resource Guide for American Indian / Alaska Native Students – Compiled by North Dakota State
    University Multicultural Programs.

•   AT & T – WGU Native American Scholarship - WGU is pleased to offer the AT&T-WGU Native American
    Scholarship. The fund, made possible by the AT&T Foundation and WGU, furnishes scholarships valued at up to
    $7,500 that are designed to help members of Native American tribes and communities earn a college degree to
    make a positive impact in the communities in which they live and work.

•   Ford Motor Company Tribal Scholars Program – American Indian College Fund

•   AIANTA Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship

    At AIANTA, we understand the value of starting from the source—tribes in tourism—to develop a sustainable
    hospitality industry and to foster growth. We work hard to provide educational resources, training and technical
    assistance to our members, partners and friends.

    AIANTA is proud to offer the Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship, established to provide American Indian, Alaska
    Native and Native Hawaiian students with financial assistance towards a degree or certificate in hospitality,
    tourism, recreation, culinary arts or related fields. Each year, AIANTA awards three individuals who have met all
    scholarship application criteria.

    AIANTA would like to encourage Indigenous students to build their careers in the tourism industry while
    sustaining and strengthening their cultural legacy.

    Award Amount - $1,000 per academic year (fall/spring semester only), $500 per semester


•   Cowlitz Tribal Education – Includes Cowlitz Tribal education opportunities as well as links to outside scholarship

•   NWIHA – Northwest Indian Housing Association – NWIHA Youth Scholarship Program

    Each year, NWIHA receives donations to support a Youth Scholarship Program, whereby students enrolled in
    NWIHA-member tribes are eligible to apply for monetary scholarships to be used for tuition and other school-
    related expenses. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled members of a dues-paying Voting Member of the

    Scholarships are paid directly to the educational institution and can only be used for tuition, books, or other
    school-related expenses. Eligible educational institutions include accredited universities, graduate schools,
    community colleges, and trade schools. The successful applicants must verify their school acceptance at the
    time of award.


•   Native American Political Leadership Program - Semester in Washington's Scholarship for Native Students –
    Summer 2020 Semester (Application opens Winter 2019)
    Program Dates: June 1 – July 24, 2020
    Deadline: March 1, 2020
    The Native American Political Leadership Program (NAPLP) is a full scholarship for Native American,
    Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students who want to take part in Semester in Washington Politics.
    It is open to undergraduate and graduate students, including those who have completed their
    undergraduate degree but have not yet enrolled in a graduate program. NAPLP is made possible by a
    generous grant from AT&T.

       NAPLP scholarships are awarded to students based on academic ability, leadership potential, and an
       interest in politics. Students from all tribes and from every part of the United States are welcome to
       apply. There is no application fee for those applying for the NAPLP scholarship.

       •   Learn how political decisions are made, how power is wielded and how government is run.
       •   Semester in Washington Politics at the George Washington University was founded in 1995 as a
           hands-on, non-partisan, academic experience for students interested in the political process.
       •   Semester in Washington Politics alumni have gone on to work for political campaigns, federal
           agencies, members of Congress, public affairs groups, and state and local government. Some have
           run for elected office themselves.
       •   If interested, please visit both links below -
                o About the Native American Political Leadership Program
                       ▪ https://semesterinwashington.gwu.edu/about-naplp
                o About Semester in Washington Politics. You will also find the link to apply on this page.
                       ▪ https://semesterinwashington.gwu.edu/welcome-semester-washington-politics

       •   Udall Undergraduate Scholarship
           The Udall Scholarship provides:
               o Access to the Udall Alumni Network: an association of change-makers, working in Indian country
                  and environmental fields, sharing innovative ideas, professional advice, and job and internship
               o Five days in Tucson, Arizona, at Scholar Orientation: extending your professional network, meeting
                  other scholars and alumni, and learning new skills.
               o Up to $7,000 for eligible academic expenses. (See our FAQs for scholarship award benefits and
               o Tribal Policy – For Native Americans and Alaska Natives working on an array of policy issues in Indian
               o Native Health Care – For Native Americans and Alaska Natives pursuing health-related careers
               o Environment – For all undergraduates interested in conservation and environmental issues
               o https://www.udall.gov/OurPrograms/Scholarship/AboutScholarship.aspx

Washington State Scholarships                                                                                         .

Native American Student Achievement Program Scholarship (NASAP)
Tacoma Community College, the Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) Indian Education Program, and the Tacoma Community
College Foundation will offer the Native American Student Achievement Program scholarship (NASAP). The TPS Indian
Education Program and Tacoma Community College have a long-standing relationship through co-sponsorship of the
annual TCC Powwow since 2006. This partnership exemplifies respect in recognizing and honoring our local Native
American/Alaskan Native students and families.
Through the generous support of community donors and the Tacoma Community College Foundation, two scholarships
are available to cover tuition costs up to 12 credits per quarter, awarded to Native American/Alaskan Native students
who are graduates of TPS high schools and the Tacoma Public Schools Title VI Indian Education Program.

Scholarship recipients will receive tuition-only funding for three consecutive quarters (one academic year) beginning in
fall quarter. Students are responsible for covering the cost of mandatory fees: https://www.tacomacc.edu/costs-
To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:
    • Participate in the Tacoma Public Schools Indian Education (Title VI) Program. It is not required that you are
        enrolled in a tribe or corporation. Students whose parent(s), and/or grandparent(s) maintain tribal affiliation
    • Be a Tacoma Public Schools High School senior graduating by June 2020
    • Graduate with a cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.
    • Completed the Free Application for Federal School Aid (FAFSA)
    • Plan to attend Tacoma Community College starting fall 2020, and complete the online admissions application
    • Once enrolled at TCC, you must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
    • Students will need to apply to TCC and have a TCC student ID number prior to applying for this scholarship. FYI
        - unless a student has changed their portal password, their password is defaulted to their Student ID Number.
        Should students have any questions about the process, please have them contact:
        Emily Roska
        Scholarship Coordinator
        Tacoma Community College
        6501 S. 19th Street | Tacoma, WA 98466-6100
        Office: 253.566.5315 | Fax: 253.460.2020

    •   Act Six Tacoma-Seattle Scholarship - four-year leadership scholarships worth up to $245,000.
        An initiative of Degrees of Change, Act Six is Tacoma-Seattle’s only full-tuition, full-need urban leadership
        award. Act Six will select approximately 30 of Tacoma-Seattle’s most promising urban leaders for scholarships to
        five partner colleges: Gonzaga University, Northwest University, Pacific Lutheran University, Saint Martin’s
        University, and Whitworth University.

    •   Palmer Scholars (R. Merle Palmer Minority Scholarship Foundation)
        Palmer Scholars is a Pierce County-serving scholarship and mentorship organization that supports low income
        students of color from their junior year in high school through the completion of their post-secondary education
        with up to $30,000 in funding, mentorship, trainings, internships, volunteer opportunities and much more!
        Our mission is to support underrepresented Pierce County students of color to overcome financial, cultural, and
        social barriers in their pursuit of higher education. At Palmer Scholars we are “Creating Hope and Opportunity
        through Education.”
        At Palmer Scholars we identify talented young men and women of color from Pierce County who want to
        pursue a college education but lack the resources to do so. While our Scholars are as diverse as the
        communities they represent,
        what they have in common is determination, a desire to rise above their individual situations and make s
        omething of themselves, and the perseverance and grit to not let anything take them off of their path.
        We provide our Scholars with renewable scholarships, a trained adult mentor, training to prepare them for the
        transition to college and ongoing support and connection with personal and professional development
        opportunities. At Palmer Scholars we are Creating Hope and Opportunity Through Education!

•   WIGA – Washington Indian Gaming Association – WIGA College Scholarships - Enrolled members of the WIGA
    tribes, and state residents enrolled in other tribes, are eligible. The scholarships are awarded to students
    pursuing degrees at community and technical, bachelor, and graduate colleges and universities.

•   WSIEA – Washington State Indian Education Association Annual Merit Awards & Recognition - The
    Washington State Indian Education Association (WSIEA) takes an opportunity each year
    during our annual conference to acknowledge accomplishments of Native individuals who have
    contributed significantly to the education of Native people and of Native Student Excellence. These
    awards include:
         o Indian Educator of the Year
         o Indian Elder of the Year
         o Indian Parent of the Year
         o Higher Education Indian Student of the Year
         o High School Indian Student of the Year
    or if application is not available there, please access the application on our TPS Indian Education Program
    website - https://www.tacomaschools.org/indian-ed/Pages/Scholarships-.aspx

•   WWNAEC – Western Washington Native American Education Consortium Spring 2020 Merit Award –
                      •   SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS APRIL 17, 2020 - USPS Post Marked
                                 • No Overnight Express Mail Accepted
    Merit Awards are offered to Native American High School Seniors each spring. Awards are presented to
    students planning on attending an accredited two- or four-year college, tribal college or university, to include
    vocational or technical institutes. Recipients must be Native American, have a minimum GPA of 2.00 and
    enrolled in a school where Native Education Counselor is a member of WWNAEC. WWNAEC is an organization
    dedicated to furthering the educational goals of Native Youth in Western Washington. WWNAEC offers up to six
    awards at $574.00 each. Exact dollar amount and number of awards are contingent on that year’s fundraising
    efforts. http://wwnaec.org/wwnaec-merit-award-scholarships/

•   Washington Student Achievement Council – American Indian Endowed Scholarship - AIES. This program
    provides educational scholarships on a competitive basis to high-achieving, low-income resident students who
    have close social and cultural ties to an American Indian tribe or community within the state. Recipients
    demonstrate academic merit and a commitment to serve the American Indian communities in Washington.

•   Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
    The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Baccalaureate Scholarship provides up to $22,500 in financial aid
    as well as access to college and career-launching support services for students pursuing high-demand fields.
    Funding can be used for any eligible STEM or health care degree at any eligible public or private college or
    university in Washington state. Learn more about the Scholarship by visiting
    https://www.waopportunityscholarship.org/students/applicants/. Deadline is February 11, 2021.

    The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship CTS Scholarship provides up to $1500 each quarter to fund the
    pursuit of an eligible associate degree, certificate or apprenticeship at colleges across the state. We accept
    applications for this program three times per year, with May 2020 offering the preferred application window for
    high school seniors. Please visit our website for more details www.waopportunityscholarship.org.

   •   The Willie Stewart Community Service Scholarship – United Way of Pierce County
       Scholarship awards range from $1000 - $2500.
       Scholarship Guidelines – Must be a 12th grade student attending a Pierce County, WA school. Must complete at
       least 145 hours of community service in current year, Must provide documented service for grades 9 – 12,
       complete a 500-word essay, applied or will apply to an institution of higher learning, letter of recommendation.

Scholarships for Women                                                                                                .

   •   Affordable Colleges Online – Helping women pay for college. Expert advice to finding and securing
       scholarships, grants, and financial aid for current and new students.

   •   Scholarships For Women – Native American Women Scholarships
       Female Native Americans are often underrepresented within the higher education community. Typically, from a
       low socio-economic society, female Native Americans do not have access to the resources other student groups
       do that make it easier for them to attend college. Because of this harsh reality, female Native American students
       need to search high and low for scholarships and grants to help them afford a higher education.

Specific Colleges                                                                                                     .
   •   Bacone College - Bacone College is the nation’s oldest American Indian institution of higher learning and the
       oldest higher education institution in Oklahoma. Furthermore, Bacone is the most affordable university option
       for American Indian students in the State of Oklahoma. No institution of higher education has a longer standing
       connection to the education of American Indian people than Bacone College!

   •   Fort Lewis College – Durango, Colorado. Native American Scholarships and Tuition Waiver Qualified Native
       American students can attend Fort Lewis College tuition free. However, they are still responsible for
       paying their student fees, room and board expenses, purchasing books, and any other educational
       expenses they may have.

   •   Montana State University Tribal Homelands Scholarship - The Tribal Homelands Scholarship significantly
       reduces the amount of out‐of‐state tuition and is available to eligible Native American students who are not
       Montana residents. Recipients of the Tribal Homelands Scholarship pay the in‐state tuition rate; the out‐of‐
       state tuition portion is paid by the scholarship.

Business Scholarships                                                                                                 .

  •   The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development - American Indian Fellowship in Business
      Scholarship - For students who are majoring in a business-related field.

Healthcare Scholarships                                                                                                    .

  •   50 Top Scholarships for Medical & Health Students - EduMed
      Beginning a college education can be daunting, especially when you consider your bottom line. Although the
      cost of tuition can seem frightening, it’s important to remember that paying for school doesn’t have to drain
      your bank account or put you into debt. Scholarships – which are gift-based financial awards that do not have to
      be paid back – can really chip away at that bottom line and make school much more affordable. There are many
      scholarship opportunities out there specifically for those entering a medical or healthcare field. From aspiring
      medical assistants to advanced care nurses, this scholarship guide can help you find the educational funding you
      need to begin your healthcare training.

  •   NSCDA – The American Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards

  •   Nurse.Org – List of Nursing Scholarships

  •   Washington State University – List of scholarship opportunities for nursing.

  •   Indian Health Service – IHS Scholarship Program
      - The IHS Scholarship Program provides qualified American Indian and Alaska Native health professions students
      an opportunity to establish an educational foundation for each stage of your pre-professional careers.

  •   Nurse Corps Scholarship Program – Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Health Workforce
      As a student accepted or enrolled in a diploma, associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degree nursing program,
      you can receive funding for tuition, fees, and other educational costs.
      In exchange, you must work at an eligible facility with a critical shortage of nurses-a Critical Shortage Facility
      (CSF)-upon graduation.

  •   Healthcare Administration Scholarships – Discover Health Admin
      Healthcare administration is a growing and exciting career path. It's become so popular that colleges and
      universities now have departments and degrees dedicated to grooming students for success in this particular
      field. The industry is also eager to attract top quality students such as yourself into the fold so many healthcare
      administration associations and other related entities have begun offering scholarships to help you choose the
      field. These scholarships help you ease the financial burden that comes with higher education. Not only that, but
      you can always add the honor to your resume, a distinction that will certainly turn heads when you seek
      employment. Continue reading to find the right scholarship for you.

  •   William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Scholarship


  The goal of the William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Scholarship Program is to increase the diversity of registered
  nurses at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The program grants awards annually to assist with tuition
  and fees for persons who are preparing to be pediatric registered nurses that provide patient care. These
  scholarships exemplify Cincinnati Children’s commitment to assist with economic barriers that prevent some
  students from pursuing nursing careers.


Environmental Science and Related Fields, Natural Resource Management Scholarships                                  .
  •   The Dick French Memorial (DFM) Scholarship

      Applicants for this scholarship must meet the following eligibility requirements:

          o   Be at least 1/4 American Indian/Alaskan Native and/or is a recognized member of a federal
              recognized tribe.
          o   Planning to be a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited 4-year college/university or a
              full-time student at a 2-year college enrolled in a program leading to an academic degree.
          o   Planning to major in an environmentally-related discipline: biology, forestry, natural resource
              management, chemistry, entomology, environment science, hydrology, and related disciplines .
          o    Residence is located within Oregon, Washington, or Idaho.
          o    Have a current up-to-date student membership in American Indian Science and Engineering
              Society (AISES).
          o   https://www.theassociatesonline.org/scholarship

  •   BIA Pathways – SKC TREES
      The Bureau of Indian Affairs Pathways program offers paid internships and scholarships for emerging leaders
      who are seeking degrees in natural resources management, forestry and other related environmental and
      biological science fields.
      SKC TREES focuses on student internships in Forestry and Wildland Fire positions.
      This program not only offers students paid employment, while they continue their education, but also gives
      them valuable and unique work experiences. Placements are rotational summer assignments within different
      programs and work environments, where students can train and job shadow with industry professionals.
              Program Benefits:
              o Up to $5,000 Tuition/education subsistence,
              o Paid Summer Employment – related to academic field of study,
              o Travel and Rotational summer assignments,
              o Students are recruited nationally across Indian Country,
              o Do not have to have prior work experience,
              o Mentoring, training and career development opportunities,
              o Flexible schedules,
              o Vacation, Sick and Holiday Pay,

               o Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Benefits, and Retirement, and
               o Potential for non-competitive placement after graduation into an entry-level BIA or tribal position.


LGBTQ+ Scholarships                                                                                                     .

   •   Pride Foundation - Our scholarship application is open! APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2020 AT
       5:00PM PST.
           o Supporting Students Who Inspire - Pride Foundation provides essential financial resources and
               community support to inspirational LGBTQ+ and allied student leaders across the Northwest.
           o Since awarding our first scholarship in 1993, we’ve awarded more than $5 million to more than 1,800
               students in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.
           o We Believe In the Power of Education - While much has changed for the LGBTQ+ community in recent
               years, educational support remains critical for students who face challenges on their educational journeys.
           o Pride Foundation Scholars are leaders in their communities with incredibly varied educational goals and
               lived experiences—and are oftentimes overcoming a lack of support system, tremendous societal barriers,
               and significant financial need in order to pursue their dreams.
           o Receiving a Pride Foundation Scholarship connects students to a growing community of support,
               providing important affirmation, encouragement, and resources to realize their dreams.
           o Pride Foundation Scholarships support LGBTQ+ and allied students who are facing incredible barriers,
               regardless of school, major, or GPA.

               Application Guidelines - Do you identify as LGBTQ+, questioning, or an ally? And do you live in
               Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington? Great news! You are likely eligible to apply for a


Nutrition, Physical Education, and Culinary Arts Scholarships                                                               .

   •   CANFIT Scholarships – Community, Adolescents, Nutrition, Fitness

Scholarships for Careers in Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation, Culinary Arts, or Related Fields .

   •   AIANTA Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship
           o   At AIANTA, we understand the value of starting from the source—tribes in tourism—to develop a
               sustainable hospitality industry and to foster growth. We work hard to provide educational resources,
               training and technical assistance to our members, partners and friends.
           o   AIANTA is proud to offer the Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship, established to provide American
               Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students with financial assistance towards a degree or
               certificate in hospitality, tourism, recreation, culinary arts or related fields. Each year, AIANTA
               awards three individuals who have met all scholarship application criteria.
           o   AIANTA would like to encourage Indigenous students to build their careers in the tourism industry while
               sustaining and strengthening their cultural legacy.

           o   Award Amount - $1,000 per academic year (fall/spring semester only), $500 per semester
           o   https://www.aianta.org/scholarships/

Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Math Scholarships                                                               .

   •   American Indian Science and Engineering Society - AISES scholarships help students acquire skills and training
       that will help them meet the unique STEM needs of our communities.

Scholarships and Higher Education Programs by Tribal Affiliation                                                            .
   Not all tribes are listed. We will continue to build this list. Please visit your tribe’s website for more information
   regarding higher education programs.

   •   Blackfeet Nation – Higher Education
       #9 Old Person St.- Finance Bldg.-Tribal
       Browning, MT 59417
       Ph. (406) 338-7539
       Fax (406) 338-7529

   •   Cherokee Nation Scholarship

       Cherokee Nation College Resources Information

   •   Chippewa
           o Sault St. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians – Higher Education

           o   Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa –

   •   Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes – Higher Education

   •   The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation – Higher Education

   •   Cowlitz Tribal Education – Includes Cowlitz Tribal education opportunities as well as links to outside scholarship

   •   Fort Peck Tribes Scholarship Grant Assistance - Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribe

  •   Navajo Generating Station Scholarship - Salt River Project

  •   Northern Cheyenne Higher Education Scholarship Program - Northern Cheyenne Nation

  •   Puyallup Tribe of Indians – Higher Education

  •   Quileute Nation Higher Education

  •   Quinault Indian Nation Education Department

  •   Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Higher Education Scholarships - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

  •   Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Scholarship Program - Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians

  •   White Earth Scholarship Program - White Earth Indian Reservation Tribal Council

  •   Yakama Nation – Higher Education Program

Other Scholarships                                                                                               .

  •   Gates Millennium Scholars Program - Established in 1999 by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates
      Foundation, this scholarship program provides minority students with scholarship funds to help them complete
      their college education. While the Gates Millennium Scholars Program is not intended specifically for Native
      American students, the program does seek to award this student group with the funding necessary to gain a
      college education.

  •   Vivo Scholarship - (1 Award - $1,000)

  •   Elks National Foundation Scholarship Programs

  •   Maryknoll Scholarships -

  •   Look Twice, Save A Life Scholarship -


   •   Harris Poll Scholarship -

   •   SP Scholarship -

   •   VIP Scholarship -

   •   YDI Scholarship -

Local College Resources

   •   Explore Colleges in Washington State – Washington College Access Network - There are a lot of colleges to
       choose from in Washington state! Use our interactive tool to explore Washington’s technical, 2-year and 4-year
       colleges. Want to see what colleges are in your neighborhood? Filter the colleges by region to see a list of
       colleges in that area. Fine tune your results by focusing your search down to the types of colleges you are
       interested in.

   •   University of Puget Sound
       Tacoma Public Schools Commitment – Application Deadline – November 15, 2018 for 2019 – 2020 school year.
       “A Puget Sound education is rooted in an inspiring confluence of histories and cultures and ideas, and centered
       on our 2,600 students who are open-minded, outward-reaching, and passionate about putting their educations
       to work. Guided by our motto To the Heights, we seek to educate the whole person, and to give each student
       space to discover and room to rise to meet new challenges both locally and globally.”

   •   University of Washington Tacoma –
       “UW Tacoma is one of three campuses that make up the University of Washington: the 156-year-old Seattle
       campus, and the Tacoma and Bothell campuses, both founded in 1990. We offer many of the same educational
       qualities as our sister universities — a vibrant campus setting; top-drawer faculty known for their teaching
       ability; a rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum; and high standards of social responsibility.”
       “At UW Tacoma, students learn in small classes, getting to know their faculty while participating in research and
       service projects. First-year students complete an innovative core curriculum, which blends different fields of
       study into interdisciplinary classes. Courses might mix art and ecology, or business and social science. The result
       is a rich learning environment where students are encouraged to challenge themselves.”
       UWT - https://www.tacoma.uw.edu/

    “The University of Washington Tacoma is committed to increasing American Indian student recruitment and
    retention, and coordinating with local tribes to promote initiatives on campus that benefit Native students and
    encourage respectful interaction with tribes.
    Our campus exists on land of the Puyallup people and we are honored to have developed a strong partnership
    with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians as the official tribal sponsor of UW Tacoma.”
        o American Indian Studies Minor
        o Lushootseed Language Institute
        o Native American Issues Symposium
        o BEST Program
        o Indigenous Studies Partnership
        o Indigenous Knowledge and Community

•   Tacoma Community College
    “From our long tradition of educating South Sound students to our affordability and high-quality programs,
    there are many reasons why TCC makes sense for you.”

•   Evergreen State College –
    “Evergreen attracts students inspired by the complexity of the world. Our model of learning prepares students
    for the way the world happens now, layering academic disciplines so students can focus on how they want to
    uniquely impact our ever-changing world. On a forested campus on the shores of Puget Sound, Evergreen offers
    two undergraduate and three master’s degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Environmental
    Studies, Master of Public Administration, and Master in Teaching.”


    Scholarship Information - https://evergreen.edu/scholarships

         o Native Pathways Program at Evergreen
         “The Native Pathways Program is for students who are invested and involved within Native American or
         Indigenous communities and culture.
         The Native Pathways Program (NPP) promotes life-long indigenous scholarship by placing value on cultural
         and traditional knowledge, working with indigenous research methodologies, and expanding indigeneity
         through academia.”
         o Locations and Schedule
         o Olympia, on the Evergreen campus
         o Port Angeles, at Peninsula College’s Longhouse
         o Quinault
         o Tacoma
    “You can attend class two nights per week at approved sites or through a hybrid program combining online and
    in-person instruction. All students attend class four Saturdays per quarter (typically one per month) at
    Evergreen’s Longhouse on the Olympia campus.
    You can apply for this program if you have strong connections to tribal and indigenous communities and have
    earned 90 or more college credits. You can apply and start in any quarter.
    If you don't yet have 90 credits, you can apply to Evergreen and take classes in Olympia, with the option of also
    enrolling in the Saturday NPP classes to earn the 90 credits required to enter the Native Pathways program.”


•   Pierce College –
    “With an education from Pierce College, your possibilities are limitless.
    Earn your associate's degree. Get on the fast track to transferring to a four-year school. Earn a professional or
    technical certification in a number of high-demand career fields. Or, become a lifelong learner with our
    continuing education opportunities.”

•   Pacific Lutheran University –
    “PLU seeks to educate students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care—
    for other people, for their communities and for the Earth.”
    “Pacific Lutheran University purposefully integrates the liberal arts, professional studies and civic engagement in
    the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With distinctive international programs and close student-faculty research
    opportunities, PLU helps its 3,100 students from all faiths and backgrounds discern their life’s vocation through
    coursework, mentorship and internships at world-class Puget Sound-area businesses and institutions.”

•   Washington State University –
          WSU Home Page - https://wsu.edu/
          WSU Scholarships for Native American Students - https://native.wsu.edu/scholarships/
          WSU Scholarships - https://admission.wsu.edu/scholarships/

            WSU General Scholarship

            The WSU General Scholarship is open to all WSU students, and one application allows you to be
            considered for over 700 scholarships, including many of the scholarships below that target Native
            students. Apply online.
            DEADLINE: January 31

            WSU Scholarships for Native American Students

            WSU MOU Tribal Scholarship Application Packet

                ▪   Scholarship Description: The MOU Tribal Scholarship was developed through the Provost Office
                    of WSU for members of tribes that are signatory to a Memorandum of Understanding with
                    WSU. Signatory tribes include the following: Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Colville Confederated Tribes,
                    Confederated Tribes of the Salish and Kootenai, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian
                    Reservation, Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon, Cowlitz Tribe,
                    Kalispel Tribe, Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, Nez Perce Tribe, Quinault Tribe, Spokane Tribe and
                    Yakama Nation. The MOU Scholarship is for new incoming freshmen students and transfer
                    students. Awards are renewable if criteria are met.
                        • https://cowlitz.org/docs/WSU_MOU_Scholarship_Packet_Fall_2019_EXTENDED_002.pd

            Academic Achievement/Diversity Scholarship
            Awards range from $2000 – $4000, depending on your GPA. For freshmen and transfer students. Based

on academic strength and financial need. Renewable for 4 years. Apply with WSU Academic Scholarship
DEADLINE: January 31

Alumni Association Leadership Awards
$5,000 per award. The WSU Alumni Association Leadership Awards provide scholarships to WSU
students (sophomores and above) who have distinguished themselves through outstanding leadership
qualities and academic excellence. One scholarship is sponsored by the Ku-ah-mah Alumni Society for a
Native American student. Minimum GPA of 3.30. Apply with WSU Academic Scholarship Application and
supplemental essay on Alumni website.
DEADLINE: January 31

Creighton Scholarship
Around $1000, multiple awards. Preference is given to students in health fields such as pre-pharmacy,
nursing, speech & hearing, nutrition, pre-med, etc. Must be an enrolled tribal member, with preference
given to NW tribes (Washington, Idaho, and Oregon). Not renewable, but would be reconsidered every
year. Apply with WSU Academic Scholarship Application.
DEADLINE: January 31

Future Cougars Embracing Diversity
$1000. It is a visitation and scholarship program. Everyone who attends this annual spring event
receives a scholarship. For newly admitted freshmen and transfer students (must be a Washington
resident or from a tribe that would qualify under the American Indian Residency Bill).
DEADLINE: Must complete the WSU admission and academic scholarship applications by January 31, be
offered admission, THEN register for the Future Cougars weekend visit.

MOU Tribal Scholarship
Awards are $4000 per year for new incoming students, who are members of a tribe that is signatory to a
Memorandum of Understanding with WSU, including: Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Colville Confederated
Tribes, Confederated Tribes of the Salish and Kootenai, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian
Reservation, Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon, Cowlitz Tribe, Kalispel
Tribe, Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, Nez Perce Tribe, Quinault Tribe, Spokane Tribe, and Yakama Nation.

Muckleshoot Scholarship
Amount varies. Not renewable, but would be reconsidered every year. Must be an enrolled tribal
member with financial need. Apply with WSU Academic Scholarship Application.
DEADLINE: January 31

NACI-Hanes Scholarship
Amount varies. One scholarship given each year. Requirements: Must be an enrolled member of the
Spokane tribe. Not renewable, but would be reconsidered every year. Apply with WSU Academic
Scholarship Application.
DEADLINE: January 31

Plateau Native American Scholarship
Amount varies. Requirements: Enrolled members from Coeur d’Alene, Colville, CSKT, Umatilla, Kalispel,
Klamath, Kootenai, Nez Perce, Spokane, Yakama OR from a tribe known as Plateau Salishan, Sahaptian
or Kootenai, OR from Warm Springs or Cowlitz if of Sahaptian speaking descent. 2.5 GPA required.

                DEADLINE: February 15

                WSU Departmental Scholarships for Native American Students

                Talk to your department or advisor and find out what scholarships are available through your major
                department. Applications, award amounts & deadlines vary!

                Eva Feryl Peterson Scholarship
                (Department of English)
                Awarded to graduate or undergraduate Native American women interested in pursuing a graduate
                degree in English. Recipients may receive up to $3,000 total.

                Eva Feryl Peterson Fellowship
                (Department of English)
                For Native American women and will be chosen on the basis of qualifications for graduate study and
                motivation to complete a Master of Arts degree program in English. Recipients will receive a stipend of
                $2000 per year, for two years, normally to supplement a Teaching Assistantship.

                Clyde Harry Backus Scholarship
                (School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
                Used to assist students in electrical engineering or related fields. Preference given to Native American
                students. Must have at least a 3.2 GPA.
                DEADLINE: May 1

                Jay and Retha Inghram Rockey Scholarship
                (Murrow School of Communication)
                Used to recruit and recognize incoming freshmen students who will major in communications.
                Preference will be given to Nez Perce or Native American students demonstrating an interest in the field
                of public relations.

                Muriel Dawley Award
                (School of Music)
                Amount varies. Scholarship recipients can be either undergraduate or graduate students. Award is based
                on talent and need. Applications are on the School of Music’s website.
                DEADLINE: Auditions are in January and application materials are due Mar 1.

    •   Clover Park Technical College

    •   Bates Technical College
        “What do you want to do? If you're rethinking your next move, think of Bates. Bates offers
        associate in applied science degrees (AAS), certificates of competency and certifica tes of training
        in hundreds of career areas.”

Tribal College Finder

    •   American Indian College Fund

        “For nearly 50 years, Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) have provided a path for American Indian students
        to access a higher education and the opportunities it provides. TCUs allow Native students to take their first
        steps towards earning a degree on or near the reservation communities they call home. In addition to receiving
        an accredited higher education, students thrive in a learning environment in which the culture, traditions, and
        experiences of Native people are woven into the DNA of the institutions—providing a space for them to learn
        and be understood.”
        Tribal College Map and Finder

    •   Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education
        Tribal College Map and Finder

    •   Northwest Indian College
        With its main campus located on the Lummi Indian Reservation in Washington State, 20 miles south of the
        Canadian border, Northwest Indian College is the only accredited tribal college serving the states of Washington,
        Oregon, and Idaho. NWIC grew from the Lummi Indian School of Aquaculture, founded in 1973, a single-purpose
        training program developed to prepare technicians for employment in Indian-owned and operated fish and
        shellfish hatcheries throughout the United States and Canada.
        Locations: In addition to the main campus, located on the Lummi Reservation, the College has six full service
        extended campus sites located at Muckleshoot, Nez Perce, Nisqually, Port Gamble S’Klallam, Swinomish, and

The scholarships listed here were available at the time this document was first created. You are responsible for
checking each scholarship thoroughly for requirements and any updates and/or availability. Please let us know if you
find any errors in this list, or if a scholarship is obsolete. This list is not intended to be a complete list of all scholarships.
You should also check with your high school college and career center, your tribal offices and other resources for
additional opportunities.

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Tacoma Public Schools Indian Education Program
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