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                Version 1 - 5th August 2019
We are still in very unprecedented and uncertain times due to COVID-19. The last academic year certainly
did not end in a normal way and the new academic year will begin with the partial re-opening of school
and face to face and distance learning taking place.

I would like to welcome back all of our returning parents, and say a very warm welcome to our new
parents to the Cambridge High School ‘family’. Cambridge High School has a strong reputation within Abu
Dhabi and the GEMS Education group. We are a good school (ADEK Inspection November 2019), on a
journey to become outstanding and to become world class, through our involvement in High Performance

We are fortunate to be blessed with a school full of wonderful, talented and culturally diverse students
and staff who have strong and positive relationships, which lead to very positive educational outcomes. At
Cambridge High School we not only deliver excellent academics, we support all of our students on their
own personal journey to become well rounded global citizens, who will play a part in shaping the future of
our world.

At GEMS Education, we see genius in every child. I, along with my staff, see it every day in your children,
and it is a real privilege.

The mantra through which I believe we can succeed is that of know, like and trust. I believe it is our USP, I
want you, and the students, to get to know our staff, in turn, you will like us and, most importantly, you
will then trust us to do the very best for your children.

The one final thing I want every parent to do is to encourage their child to read for a minimum of 15
minutes every day so that they can develop their language skills, which will lead to better understanding
and, ultimately, better outcomes.

Our door is always open at CHS, dialogue is positively encouraged and I want you to feel that you are
genuinely part of the CHS ‘family’.

I look forward to meeting many of you both virtually and in person, when allowed, throughout the school
year and assure you of my 100% commitment to leading the school in the best possible way.

Stephen Brecken


•   Foster in all of our students a keen interest in learning and in striving for the highest levels of academic
•   Offer a modern and relevant curriculum in line with the National Curriculum for England.
•   Help students develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question, argue rationally and apply
    themselves to tasks and physical skills.
•   Help students acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to life in a dynamically changing world.
•   Help students to use language and life skills effectively and efficiently.
•   Instill a respect for moral values.
•   Encourage students to be appreciative of and sensitive to different cultures and traditions.
•   Provide students with opportunities to develop their skills in both cognitive and affective areas of
•   Operate a discipline policy that is consistent, fair and firm.
•   Maintain frequent and open relations with parents in recognition that education is a partnership.
•   Provide students with the care and direction that will encourage personal, social, physical, ethical and
    academic well-being.

The Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi is a safe, caring and supportive school, which values praise,
enjoyment, respect and honesty in all we do. Our priority is to the health, safety and well-being of the
entire school community and we take our safeguarding and child protection responsibilities very seriously.

We recognize our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils.
We endeavor to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. We
are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children receive
effective support, protection and justice.

Our staff are trained on Safeguarding and Child Protection and are fully aware of their responsibilities to
report any concerns they may have to the DSL.

The designated safeguarding lead (DSL) is Kuki Tyagi (Vice Principal)
Contact details: email:        Tel: +971 (0) 50 204 4319

The deputy designated safeguarding lead is Stephen Brecken (Principal)
Contact details: email: Tel: +971 (0) 58 971 3495

The nominated child protection governor is Shaikh Sarfraz
Contact details: email:

The Principal is Stephen Brecken
Contact details: email: email: Tel: +971 (0) 58 971 3495
2020/2021 TERM DATES
Winter Term
Sunday 30th August 2020 to Thursday 10th December 2020

Half term
Break up at end of school day on Thursday 18th October 2020
School begins at 8am on Sunday 25th October 2020

Spring Term
Sunday 3rd January 2021 to Thursday 25th March 2021

Half term
Break up at end of school day on Sunday 14th February 2021
School begins 8am on Sunday 21st February 2021

Summer Term
Sunday 11th April 2021 to Monday 5th July 2021

Summer break
Break up at end of school day on Monday 5th July 2021

 Please do not take your children out of school outside of term dates without prior written permission
                              from the Phase Leader and/or Vice Principal

School will start at 8am for students on face-to-face learning and for those on distance learning at home.
There will be a daily form time for all students at the start of each day. School will finish at 2.15pm there
will be no ECA’s or after school activities until we are given permission by the regulatory authorities to
resume them.

Students will have breaks during the school day however, these may be staggered, and the majority of
students will have to remain in their classroom for break to reduce gatherings around school. It will be very
helpful for students to bring their own food to school however, the canteen will be doing a delivery service
to classrooms.

From Sunday 30th August, parents are not permitted to enter the school without a negative COVID-19 test
result, valid within 72 hours. We will have a holding area for picking your child up at the end of school.
Meetings during the school day with Leadership and staff will need to be by appointment and will have to
take place online.

Primary School
 Form Time          8.00 to 8.10

 Lesson 1           8.10 to 9.05

 Lesson 2          9.05 to 10.00

 Break             10.00 to 10.15

 Lesson 3          10.15 to 11.10

 Lesson 4          11.10 to 12.05

 Break             12.05 to 12.25

 Lesson 5          12.25 to 1.20

 Lesson 6           1.20 to 2.15

Secondary School
 Form Time          8.00 to 8.10

 Lesson 1           8.10 to 9.05

 Lesson 2          9.05 to 10.00

 Lesson 3          10.00 to 10.55

 Break             10.55 to 11.10

 Lesson 4          11.10 to 12.05

 Lesson 5          12.05 to 1.00

 Break              1.00 to 1.20

 Lesson 6           1.20 to 2.15


   • Stephen Brecken – Principal (
   •   Kuki Tyagi – Vice Principal (
   •   Nick Crafts – Assistant Principal (


   •   Phase Leader for Early Years / Lower Primary: Anne Marie de Beer (
   •   Phase Leader for Upper Primary: Cony Alphonso ( )
   •   Primary Curriculum Leader English, Maths and Science: Fiona Goss ( )
   •   Phase Leader for Key Stage 3: Angelo Gonsalvez ( )
   •   Phase Leader for Key Stage 4: Binu Azeez ( )
   •   Phase Leader for Key Stage 5: Tharani Mallikarjunan ( )
   •   Director of English: Shameela Khan ( )
   •   Director of Maths: Gabriela Silcau ( )
   •   Director of Science: Sekkie van Eeden ( )
   •   Director of Creative and Performing Arts: Jelena Marijan ( )
   •   Director of Business: Binu Azeez ( )
   •   Director of Humanities: Faiza Lone ( )
   •   Director of MoE Subjects: Ala Al Sheik ( )
   •   Director of ICT and Innovation: Frithi Francis ( )
   •   Data Manager and Examinations Officer: Frincy Francis ( )
   •   Head of Inclusion: Erika van Eeden ( )
   •   Events Co-ordinator: Meg Dutta ( )

   •   Director of MoE Subjects: Ala Al Sheik ( )
   •   Head of Arabic A: Hagier Hussein ( )
   •   Head of Arabic B: Ahmed Ibrahim Abdel-Wahed ( )
   •   Head of Islamic and UAE Social Studies: Asma Abu Bakr Rashed ( )

If you wish to contact school about any administration matters, please phone school or email


            In Primary school we have homeroom teachers from FS2 to Year 4.
In Year 5 and 6 a teacher is assigned to each class, but specialist teachers teach the children
   Year             Class Teacher                      Email Ids                     Room
   FS2 A             Ms Liridona                     G4

   FS2 B         Ms Cornelia (Conny)                G5

   FS2 C             Ms Jyotsna                   G6
   FS2 D               Ms Jessa                     G8

   FS2E              Ms Shannon                    G9

    1A                Ms Esther                     G1

    1B                Ms Ferlina                    G2
    1C                Ms Shalini                    G3

    1D                 Ms Linda                   G11
    1E                Ms Farah                       G10

    2A           Ms Faiza Chaudhary               F11

    2B                Ms Fathen                      F1

    2C                 Ms Friya                      F10
    2D               Ms Mumtaz                         F8

    2E                 Ms Mary                    F9
    3A                Ms Salma                         F5

    3B                 Ms Mia                    F4
    3C               Ms Roberta                     F7

    3D               Ms Priyanka                        F6

    3E                Ms Khadija                      F3
    4A               Ms Kristina                   F17

    4B                Mr Sanjay                     F18

    4C          Mr Willem Esterhuyse               F 19

    4D                Ms Merrin                    F20
    4E               Ms Shereen                       F16

5A                Ms Blessy                    F35

         5B             Mr Joseph Isaac                   F25

         5C                 Ms Sana                      F26

         5D                 Ms Fiona                       F23
          5E            Ms Nazia Abbas                    F24

         6 B1              Ms Branka                 S3
         6 B2             Ms Kateryna                  S5

         6 B3          Ms Reema Cardoza                 S4
         6 G1                Ms Rim                     S1

         6 G2              Ms Saima                         S2

                                     SECONDARY FORM TUTORS

In the secondary school, each section will have a form tutor who is the initial point of contact for both
                          student and parent, along with the Phase Leader.

        Year          Form Teacher                          Email Ids
        7G1             Ms Kiruba
         7G2             Ms Shaki
         7B1          Mr Soumyajit
         7B2             Mr Johan
         8G1            Ms Agnes 
         8G2           Ms Lina Safa
         8B1            Mr Ghouse
         8B2        Mr Joseph Mezher
         9G1           Ms Liudmila
         9G2           Ms Anita Roy
         9B1           Mr Jacobus
         9B2         Ms Uzma Hassan
        10G1           Ms Karthika

10G2          Ms Fatima Vukusic
  10G3             Ms Zubaida
  10B1          Ms Anu Muthalaly
  10B2           Mr Neo K Game
  11G1                Ms Azra
  11G2             Ms Dhanya
  11B1             Ms Michele
  11B2             Mr Retheesh
  12G1           Ms Krishnapriya
  12G2              Ms Jenny
  12B1       Ms Linda Rodrigues
  12B2           Ms Nasreen Taj
  13G1      Ms Sabeena Hussain
  13G2              Ms Divya
  13B1            Mr Syed Nasir
  13B2           Ms Rashmi Siva

                            ADMINISTRATION STAFFS
Parent Relations
                            Ms. Nesma Ahmed
Government Relations
                            Ms. Asma Abdullah Haj
Executive – ADEK /eSIS
Student Counsellor          Ms. Sumaiyah Kariem
HR Manager and
                            Ms. Niveditha Rajkumar
Executive Secretary for                    
School Registrar            Ms. Anu Sreekumar

Assistant Registrar         Ms. Janice D’Souza

Receptionists               Ms. Erene and Ms. Samera

Data Manager and
                                   Ms. Frincy Francis  
        Exam Officer
        SIMS and Phoenix
                                   Mr. Frinson Francis 
        ICT Networking
                                   Mr. Rahul Pillai    
        Transport Manager
                                   Mr. Jomy James      
        Manager of School
                                   Mr. Sunith Hamza    
        Operations (MSO)
                                   Mr. Sreekumar
        Assistant Accountant       Mr. Deepu Thomas    

        Cashier                    Mr. Upendran Panneri
        Clinic Nurses


For those parents who have chosen face to face learning on alternate days the children will be housed in
‘macro-bubbles’ within the school building. There are 3 macro bubbles in school;

   1. FS2 and Year 1
   2. Year 2 and Year 3
   3. Year 4, 5 and 6

Each macro bubble will have specific classrooms allocated and only certain teachers will teach within each
macro bubble. No teacher will cross macro bubbles, unless they have specific contact tracing permission
from the regulatory authorities. Secondary teachers will not enter any of the primary macro bubbles.

Children attending school for face-to-face learning will do so on alternate days so they will be in school one
day, at home the next and so on.

Students who are attending school for face to face learning who are in Year 2or above MUST wear a mask at
all times.

                                                                                                 10 | P a g e

For those children whose parents have opted for remote learning, they will attend the lesson live as they are
being streamed from the classroom. They will receive the same lesson each day as those students on face-
to-face learning in primary school. All secondary students will have remote learning for the first 4 weeks of
term with secondary staff delivering online live lessons from school.


My Learning is no longer available within GEMS and we are currently transitioning to Phoenix Classroom as
our virtual learning platform. All lesson resources will be uploaded by teachers from the 30 th August and
training for students and parents on how to access Phoenix Classroom will be provided as we start the
academic year.

The logistics at the start and end of the school day will be particularly challenging as we adapt to the return
to school of students under our COVID re-opening model. If you are picking your child/children up at the
end of the school day, then please ensure you are on time and collect them from the holding area. If
there is an emergency that is causing you to run late then please inform reception as soon as possible.

Recent guidance from the regulatory authority means that, for Term 1, parents have the choice for their
children to attend school as per our re opening model of alternate days, or for them to remain at home full
time, doing distance learning. Please remember that secondary school students in Year 7 to Year 13 are
on full time distance learning for the first 4 weeks of the academic year. Parents have the opportunity to
review their decision within the first 2 weeks of term, after that whatever they choose is final for Term 1.

Whatever option you choose as a parent your child must attend lessons every day at the stipulated
lesson time.

Attendance will be taken by teachers every lesson in both primary and secondary school classes be that
face to face or online. We will keep a record of any student who is absent, as per ADEK guidelines, and we
will contact parents for an explanation for any absence.

Please refer to the ADEK Parents Guide sent to you recently via email, and a copy of which is available on
the school website for further information.

                                                                                                  11 | P a g e

Rewarding achievement and good behaviour in school is extremely important, as is dealing with examples
of poor behaviour. We encourage all of the teachers to allocate at least five achievement points for every
behaviour point they give.

Students who accrue achievement points will receive certificates depending upon the number they
achieve. Phase Leaders will closely monitor behaviour points and they will be in regular contact with
parents to discuss any concerns.

In 2020/2021 academic year, we will be linking achievement points to House points. Every adult in school,
teaching, non-teaching and support staff will be a member of one of the 4 houses and parents will also be
members of the same house as their children.

This promotes a sense of belonging for every single member of our school community. The following pages
show what the students can gain achievement points for, and the points allocated for behaviour. These
posters will be on display in every classroom.

                                                                                                12 | P a g e
13 | P a g e
14 | P a g e
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