Grey Court School Sports Offer 2019-2020 Core & Additional Sports

Grey Court School
Sports Offer 2019-2020

Core & Additional Sports

Sports Offer 2019 - 2020
Sport is an important and vibrant part of life at Grey Court School. We aim to provide a wide range of
sports at levels suited to students’ different abilities and interests. The sports programme includes ​core
sports ​(selection, regular training, full fixture list against other schools) and ​additional sports ​(open to
all, for health and enjoyment, with some competition). We compete against the best sporting schools in
London and the South East. The School has an improving record of sporting achievement. The School’s
facilities for sport include:

    ●   A Sports Hall ( basketball court and four badminton courts, volleyball court,2 Indoor cricket nets)
    ●   Gymnasium for Dance and Gymnastic activities
    ●   The School Field is used for PE, sports training, football & rugby fixtures
    ●   Playing Fields on Bull Meadow for football lessons and competitive matches
    ●   4 outdoor all weather netball courts including one show court
    ●   4 outdoor Tennis Courts
    ●   OAA course within the school grounds
    ●   300 metre grass running track
    ●   New strength and conditioning suite

We would like every student to get involved in the extra-curricular sporting activities of the school.
Where external coaches are used, all have undergone the necessary child protection checks. There is a
designated Grey Court staff member (the teacher i/c) responsible for oversight of each sport.

Sports Offer 2019 - 2020                                                                                      2
Core Sports                                                                                                   3
Athletics                                                                                                    3
Football (Boys & Girls)                                                                                       4
Netball                                                                                                       5
Rugby                                                                                                        5
Tennis                                                                                                        6
Basketball                                                                                                    7
Additional Sport                                                                                             9
Badminton                                                                                                    9
Cricket                                                                                                     10
Cross Country                                                                                               10
Judo                                                                                                        11
Handball                                                                                                    11
Rounders                                                                                                    1​1
Volleyball                                                                                                  1​2
Gymnastics/Danc​e                                                                                           12
  ​Sport Scholarship Programme                                                                              ​13
  Sport Sports Club Links                                                                                  14

Core Sports
    The ​core sports ​programme is the core of the sporting offer at the School. There are currently six
    major sports:

        ●   Athletics
        ●   Football
        ●   Netball
        ●   Rugby
        ●   Tennis
        ●   Basketball

        ●   The aim of the ​core sports ​programme is: to involve large numbers of students and field as
            many teams competitively as possible
        ●   to select teams on talent
        ●   to run a full fixture list against other schools
        ●   to enter competitions
        ●   to train at least once a week
        ●   to give students the opportunity and encouragement to play at district, county and regional

All students are encouraged to try out for the core sports. Students who have a talent for a sport and
are selected for teams will be expected to train and play for the school. The students in the Elite
Training Groups will have compulsory training added to their timetable. This is dedicated training time
and is an expectation of the PE Department.

All Years

Track and field athletics play a large part in the curriculum and are developed further as a core
extra-curricular sport during the Winter/Summer Term. Students have the opportunity to learn aspects of
track running at all distances, including relays and hurdles. They are also able to develop new skills in the
field events (discus, javelin, shot putt, long jump, high jump, triple jump, and hammer). Grey Court competes
in the Lee Valley Indoor events during the Autumn term and also the Outdoor Cup in the Spring term. Our
year 7, 8/9 and 10/11 boys/girls teams all finished in the top 10 out of over 50 schools.
There are fixtures against other secondary schools. Grey Court School takes part in the Richmond Schools’
Track and Field Championships at Kingsmeadow in June. The year 7 boys, year 8 boys, year 9 boys and year
10/11 boys won the Borough Titles in 2019. The year 7 girls, year 9 girls and 10/11 girls were also crowned
Borough Champions in 2019. Grey Court won the Overall Boys’ and Overall Girls’ trophy and Grey Court won
the overall (Boys’ & Girls’) trophy for the 4th consecutive year. In the English Schools Championships, the
Junior Boys and Junior Girls won the Middlesex County 1st round event and all our teams qualified for the
South East Finals. The Junior Boys, Intermediate Boys and Junior Girls all finished 1st in these finals.
In the British Athletics relay event at the London Stadium, Our u13 mixed 4 x 100m relay team finished 5th,
our u15 boys 4 x 200m relay team finished 2nd and our u17 boys 4 x 400m were champions in the 2nd
fastest time of the year.
We have very good links with St Mary’s University Athletics and Kingston & Polytechnic Athletics club which
is crucial to our success.

Season                        Autumn/Spring/Summer Term
Training                      Monday - Friday
Cost                          Students in the elite squads will be asked for contributions to cover external
                              coaches and match fees.
Teacher i/c                   Mr S Willmore/Mrs K Shaw
Coaches                       Mr S Willmore                           Mrs K Shaw
                              Mr A Ridley                             Miss N Drinkwater
                              Mr J Murphy                             Mrs I Garrard
                              Mr M Flood

Kit                           School PE polo shirt, shorts, white socks, trainers or spikes

Football (Boys & Girls)
All Years

Football forms an important part of the curriculum in both boys’ and girls’ PE. Football training allows
students to develop their individual skills and their role within a team. The school competes in the Richmond
Borough League, Surrey Schools Cup and the English Schools FA Cup competitions alongside friendly fixtures
organised. Our Year 7 boys’ team won the Borough South league in 2019 and also reached two finals. The
year 8 boys team won the league and Cup double and the year 9 boys team won the league. Our year 8/9
girls’ teams had very good success in the ESAA Cup reaching the 6th round. They also play in the Borough

The school has developed excellent links with Brentford FC who run training for all girls on Mondays and will
run an elite skills development group on Friday morning for our Year 8 football squad. We also have
excellent links with Richmond Park FC. In 2019 we ran our first girls’ and boys’ football tour to the UK’s
biggest Junior football festival in Bognor Regis, which was a great success.

Season                        Autumn/Spring term
Training                      Girls: Monday
                              Boys: Monday lunch & Thursday
                              Elite group – Friday morning
Cost                          Students in the elite squads will be asked for contributions to cover external
                              coaches and match fees.
Teacher i/c                   Mr S Willmore/Mr A Ridley/Mr J Murphy
Coaches                       Mr S Willmore                             Brentford FC
                              Mr A Ridley                               Miss N Angel
                              Mr J Murphy                               Mrs I Garrard
                              Mr M Flood                                Richmond Park FC
                              Mr S Day
Kit                           School PE polo shirt, shorts, football socks, football boots & shin pads

All Years

Netball is one of the main winter sports at Grey Court School for girls. Senior fixtures against other schools
in the Borough run in the Autumn Term from September to October while Junior fixtures commence in the
Spring Term after February half term. All teams have friendly fixtures against local independent schools and
competitive state schools all year round, including fixtures against KGS, Tiffin, LEH, Surbiton, Ewell Castle,
Godolphin and Latymer to name a few. Year 9 & senior training runs on a Monday. Training for year 7 will be
on a Wednesday and year 8 on a Thursday. This year we have teamed up with former Richmond Ravers and
Kingston borough coach Shanaide Basquine. Last season, our year 7 team were borough league champions
and our year 9A and B teams were borough tournament champions. The senior netball team were borough
tournament champions and had impressive wins over LEH, St Catherines and KGS. The year 8s improved
massively after their year 7 season and finished runners up in the borough league. Every two years we run a
netball tour to Disneyland in Paris and enter the Paris International Netball tournament.

Season                        Autumn/Spring
Training                      Year 9/Seniors: Monday
                              Year 7: Wednesday
                              Year 8: Thursday
Cost                          Students in the elite squads will be asked for contributions to cover external
                              coaches and match fees.
Teacher i/c                   Mrs K Shaw
Coaches                       Shanaide Basquine
                              Miss N Drinkwater, Miss N Angel
                              Mrs I Garrard
Kit                           School PE polo shirt, shorts, socks, trainers

Rugby Union/League
All Years

Rugby is one of the main winter sports at Grey Court School. Over the last year the School has developed a
strong reputation for Rugby and plays against top private school opposition. There are matches from
September to March. Our matches are play mid-week but also have a comprehensive Saturday fixture list..
After the February half term, there are Rugby Sevens competitions.

Our Year 10 Rugby Union team won the Middlesex vase in the 2018/19 season. Our very strong Year 8 boys’
team were crowned Middlesex Cup Champions scoring 220 points and not conceding a single point. They
also won the Orleans Park 7s Cup. Our Year 12/13 team lost in the final of the Middlesex Vase. We have

created excellent links with Richmond RFC and they play a massive part in our rugby programme at the

Our Girls’ rugby is growing, we are developing good links with London Scottish RFC and Harlequins RFC also
deliver an extensive block of rugby to all the girls in Year 7. The girls compete in all the local borough
tournaments and festivals.

Rugby League – ​The Year 7 and 8 boys’ rugby league squads excelled this year. They were crowned Borough
Champions, London and South East Champions before going on to lose in the Quarter Finals of the National
Cup. Our year 9 boys were Borough Champions, lost in the final of the London & South East Cup and lost in
the last 16 of the National Cup.

Our current year 7 have already won the Borough competition heading into Year 8. Our Year 8 were also
crowned Borough Champions heading into the Year 9.

Season                        Autumn/Spring
Training                      Y7-9 – Monday
                              Y10-11 – Wednesday
                              Y12-13 – Wednesday
                              Girls – Tuesday
Cost                          Students in the elite squads will be asked for contributions to cover external
                              coaches and match fees.
Teacher i/c                   Mr J Murphy/ Mr M Flood/Mr S Willmore
Coaches                       Mr S Willmore
                              Mr J Murphy                              Miss N Drinkwater
                              Mr M Flood
                              Richmond RFC
                              Harlequins RFC (helping in lessons )
Kit                           School PE Rugby shirt, shorts, socks, boots, gum shield

All Years

Tennis is played in the Summer Term. In preparation for the season, there will be tennis practice in the
Autumn/Spring term led by professional coach, Mr James Kober. Team squad training will take place on
Tuesday and Thursday during lunch. This starts at 12.10pm and finished at 12.55pm. The Wednesday
evening session is open to all students and starts at 3.15pm.

All students are welcome to come along, try out and play. Ham & Petersham TC are a community partner
that will offer coaching support to the school and a place for students to play outside of school. The fixture
list over the past year has become a lot stronger. We have Junior/ Senior Boys/Girls teams in the LTA
leagues. Our Intermediate girls were crowned South East Champions last year. We run the Road to
Wimbledon Competition each year and Grey Court also holds Wimbledon ball boy/girl trials with our
students in Year 9. Last summer, we had 4 students who made it through to ball boy/girl at Wimbledon.

Season                        Autumn/Spring/Summer Term
Training                      Junior Girls/Boys team training – Tuesday lunch
                              Senior Girls/Boys team training – Thursday lunch
                              Wednesday – All Students
                              Ball Boy/Girl training – Friday pm
Cost                          Students in the elite squads will be asked for contributions to cover external
                              coaches and match fees.
Teacher i/c                   Mr J Kober, Mrs I Garrard, Mr J Murphy
Coaches                       Mr J Kober,
                              Mrs Kober,
                              Mrs I Garrard
                              Mr J Murphy
                              Miss N Angel
Kit                           School PE Tennis/Polo shirt, shorts, socks trainers, racket

All Years

Basketball is played in the Autumn and Spring Term and is one of the main girls’ sports. There are
competitions for each year group against other schools in these terms. We have an excellent link with
Richmond Knights and they deliver the training sessions on Friday morning and Friday after school. These
require payment. They are also leading an elite skills development group on Thursday morning for selected
girls in Years 8-10. Our Senior Girls have been Borough Champions for the past five years and last year were
bronze medalist in the London Youth Games. The year 7 and 8/9 girls team were borough championships.
The year 7 girls were also silver medalist in the London Junior NBA league. Next year we have entered our
U14 team into the national cup competition. The year 7 boys were borough champions and the year 8/9 and
senior teams came 3rd in the borough championships. The year 8/9 boys team has also partnered with
Spartans basketball club, theses elite sessions will be Wednesday mornings.

Season                        Autumn/Spring Term
Training                      Elite Sports Programme – Thursday morning
                              Year 7/8 mixed: Friday morning
                              Year 8/9 mixed: Friday after school
                              Year 8/9 girls: Tuesday after school
                              Year 8/9 boys: Wednesday mornings
                              Year 7 girls: Wednesday lunchtime
                              Year 10/11 girls: an additional session will start after the netball season
Cost                          Friday morning and Friday after school – payment to Richmond Knights.
                              Students in the elite squads will be asked for contributions to cover external
                              coaches and match fees.
Teacher i/c                   Mrs K Shaw
Coaches                       Mr A Ridley                              Mrs K Shaw
                              Mr D Sherlock                            Ms P Sheldon
                              Richmond Knights                         Richmond Knights
                              Spartans Basketball Academy

Kit   School PE Polo shirt, shorts, socks trainers (compulsory)

Additional Sports
In addition to the major sports, the school aims to provide the opportunity for all students to participate in
sport through an extensive and growing programme of ​additional sports​:

    ●   Badminton
    ●   Cricket
    ●   Cross-Country
    ●   Judo
    ●   Rounders
    ●   Table Tennis
    ●   Volleyball
    ●   Gymnastics

The aim of the ​additional sports ​programme is:

    ●   to be open to all
    ●   to be run as much for health and enjoyment as for competition
    ●   to have a handful of fixtures or events

All students are encouraged to find at least one sport they enjoy. We do expect students to make a
commitment to their chosen sport for the season – they are expected to attend regularly and participate in
any fixtures or events. Please note that there is a charge for some additional sports. If you are not able to
afford the cost please contact your child’s Head of Year. The school’s policy is that we will always try to
provide financial assistance in so far as our resources allow so that any student can participate.

All Years

Badminton is a popular club and starts after October half term. There are Borough competitions for each
year group.

Season                        Autumn Term (after October half term)
Training                      Monday lunch
Cost                          Nil
Teacher i/c                   Mrs K Shaw
Coaches                       Mrs K Shaw
Kit                           School PE shirt, shorts, socks trainers (compulsory)

Cricket is played in the Summer Term. In preparation for the season, there will be Indoor nets practice in the
Sports Hall from January. All boys/girls are welcome of any standard are welcome. We enter the Last Man
Standing Richmond Leagues at U13 and U15 level. Our u13 team finished 2nd and our u15 team finished 3rd.

Season                        Summer Term
Training                      Year 7-10 – Tuesday
Cost                          Students in the elite squads will be asked for contributions to cover external
                              coaches and match fees.
Teacher i/c                   Mr J Murphy/Mr S Day
Coaches                       Mr J Murphy
                              Mr S Day
                              Mr S Willmore
                              Mr A Butt
                              Mr M Lee
Kit                           School PE shirt, shorts, socks trainers

Cross Country
All Years

The school cross-country programme leads directly into the Borough Competition and county competitions
in January. In addition to curriculum time sessions there is the opportunity for students to develop their
running before and after school in the school grounds and Richmond Park. We also have teams in the English
Schools Cross Country Cup. Our Intermediate Boys’ team made the National Final last year. It was a brilliant
day and a superb achievement.

Season                        Autumn Term
Training                      Thursday Morning - Richmond Park
Cost                          Nil
Teacher i/c                   Mrs I Garrard
Coaches                       Mr S Willmore                             Mrs I Garrard
                              Mr J Murphy                               Miss N Drinkwater
                                                                        Mrs K Shaw
Kit                           School PE Polo shirt, shorts, socks trainers or running spikes (compulsory)

All Years

This is a new club. The session will be led by a professional coach and take place after school on a Friday.

Season                          Autumn Term
Training                        Friday after school
Cost                            Payment for the club
Teacher i/c                     Mr S Willmore
Coaches                         Fraser Chamberlain
Kit                             School PE Polo shirt, shorts, socks trainers.

All Years

Handball is a new club​. ​The session will be led by plays at a very high level.

Season                          Spring
Training                        Thursday lunch
Cost                            Nil
Teacher i/c                     Mr Thompson
                                Mr A Ridley
                                Mr M Flood
Kit                             School PE top, shorts

All Years

Rounders is played in the summer term. This club is extremely popular for both KS3 and KS4 girls and runs
alongside the girls’ fixtures. Both the junior and senior rounders teams were borough champions last year.

Season                          Summer Term
Training                        Mondays
Cost                            nil
Teacher i/c                     Mrs K Shaw
Coaches                         Mrs K Shaw
                                Miss N Drinkwater
                                Mrs I Garrard
                                Miss Angel

Kit                           School PE shirt, shorts, socks trainers (compulsory)

All Years

Volleyball is an expanding club held after school on Thursday. Mr Thompson a former national New Zealand
player runs the club and we enjoy high numbers at the club. We are the current U15 girls borough
champions and 5th in London.

Season                        Autumn Term
Training                      Monday
Cost                          nil
Teacher i/c                   Mr Thompson
Coaches                       Mr Thompson
                              Mr A Ridley
Kit                           N/A

All Years

Gymnastics has developed over the last three years and we now compete at a high level entering London,
Regional and National competitions in both Sports Acro and Artistic Gymnastics. The U13 boys are regional
champions and placed 4th at the British Schools National finals. The U14 mixed team are regional champions
and finished 4th in the British National finals, with one of our boys placing 2nd overall. In addition we were
bronze medalist at the U16 Regional Acro gymnastics championships. Gymnastics is taught to all the girls in
the curriculum. In February 2019 we hosted Grey Court first ever Gym and dance show. It was extremely
successful with a sell out audience and over 50 girls and boys taking part.

Season                        Autumn Term
Training                      Wednesday after school (Gymnastics for all)
                              Various mornings (Elite gymnastics)
                              Tuesday Lunchtimes (Dance only)
Cost                          nil
Teacher i/c                   Miss N Drinkwater
Coaches                       Miss N Drinkwater                       Mrs K Shaw
                                                                      6th form dancers
Kit                           School PE Polo top, Blue shorts (no socks allowed​)

Sport Scholarship Programme
Grey Court School is offering the Sport Scholarship Programme to high achieving students in Year 7 in
2019-20. This initiative will be starting its second year. The programme aims to reward enthusiastic and
committed sports performers with a supplemented sport focused curriculum and outstanding
Enrichment Programme. This programme will then link in with our Elite Player Development Programme
which starts in Year 8. Each year we will also allocate the prestigious Grey Court Award to the top sport
scholar for Year 7 at our annual Sports Celebration event. The inaugural winner in the Summer of 2019
was Luca Luetchens.

Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate particular talent within the realm of sporting
and athletic activities. This may be demonstrated in any practical activity including (but not limited to)
team games, athletics, swimming, gymnastics and dance or if students have a strong aptitude to
become a top level performer as shown through our testing process.

Sport scholarships will be awarded to candidates who can make a significant contribution to the
sporting success of the school. Scholars will be expected to participate fully in their chosen activity but
also to represent the school in other major sports. On receipt of a scholarship, students will be
monitored throughout the year in their respective sports and academic work. Scholars will sign a
contract and their performance, attitude and contribution to the school and school sport will be
reviewed on a termly basis, monitoring their continued suitability for the Scholarship Programme.

Outline of Scholarship Programme

Year 7 programme

   ●   3 additional sessions per week:
           o One before school:
                   ▪ Strength and Conditioning/ Fitness session
           o Two in curriculum time:
                   ▪ Focus on improving practical ability/preparation and recovery​ ​in game play and
                       athletics events
                   ▪ Theory sessions covering anatomy and physiology, nutrition, time management,
                       sleep management, sports injury and sports leadership.

School Sports Club Links

The school has links with clubs in the local community that offer further coaching and the opportunity to
compete against other clubs. All of these clubs have qualified and DBS checked coaches. Contact details and
training info if available is listed below for the sport and the club:

St Mary’s Richmond Athletics Club,
St Marys University College
Kim Weir

Kingston & Polytechnic Harriers
Weir Archer Athletics track
Richard Holt

Richmond Park FC
David Fox

Brentford FC
Griffin Park
Braemer Road
Jamie Tompkins

Rugby Union:
Richmond RFC

Rugby Union:
Harlequins RFC

Ham & Petersham TC
Grey Court School
James Kober

FC Judo Academy
Fraser Chamberlain

Two Kings Boxing Club
Luke Moran
248 Kingston Road
Kingston Upon Thames

Richmond Knights basketball
James Merchant

Spartans Basketball Academy
Wayne Martin

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