GOVERNORS' REPORT TO PARENTS AND CARERS - 2015-2016 Chair of Governors Mr Mark Evans Vice Chair Ms Sharon Auld - Ysgol ...

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GOVERNORS' REPORT TO PARENTS AND CARERS - 2015-2016 Chair of Governors Mr Mark Evans Vice Chair Ms Sharon Auld - Ysgol ...


     Chair of Governors
       Mr Mark Evans

        Vice Chair
      Ms Sharon Auld
GOVERNORS' REPORT TO PARENTS AND CARERS - 2015-2016 Chair of Governors Mr Mark Evans Vice Chair Ms Sharon Auld - Ysgol ...

Chair                              Mr M Evans
Clerk                              Miss L Evans

  Contact Address: c/o Ysgol Treffynnon, Pen Y Maes Road, Holywell, Flintshire CH8 7EN

Vice-Chair                         Ms S Auld

GOVERNORS and term of office expiry date

Headteacher/Governor               Mr J P Weir

Local Authority                    Mr P Alton           February 2020
                                   Cllr P Curtis        January 2017
                                   Ms S Jones           February 2019
                                   Mrs M Martin         July 2019
                                   Prof R Moore         January 2019

Teacher Governors                  Mr S T Hooson        March 2019
                                   Mr G M Roberts       June 2020

Staff Governor                     Mr B McGauty         July 2019

Community Governors                Mr I Austerberry     September 2017
                                   Mr P Bryant          December 2018
                                   Mr J Mills           September 2019
                                   Dr S Sandham         July 2019
                                   Prof N Winterton     October 2019

Parent Governors                   Ms S Auld            November    2018
                                   Mr J Davies          November    2019
                                   Mr M Evans           November    2018
                                   Mrs R Jones          May 2020
                                   Mr D J Richards      November    2019
                                   Mr A Walters         May 2020

GOVERNORS' REPORT TO PARENTS AND CARERS - 2015-2016 Chair of Governors Mr Mark Evans Vice Chair Ms Sharon Auld - Ysgol ...
School policies and procedures are reviewed annually. Full details of all policies and
procedures are available from the Headteacher on request.

In January 2016, the school was inspected and placed into the category of special
measures (copies of the report are available from Since this
inspection there have been considerable changes and improvements. There is a new
leadership team, a new teaching and non-teaching staffing structure, the school has
moved into a new state of the art school building and results have improved
considerably. In response to the recommendations from the inspection, the school has
produced a detailed improvement plan agreed with Estyn. The prospects for continuing
improvement are very good as the school continues its journey towards excellence.

The school continues to consult students in determining the most appropriate curriculum
offer to meet their needs. At a time when there is considerable change to the quality of
GCSE provision in Wales, the school is committed to seeking ever more creative
approaches to curriculum development to ensure excellence in provision for all students
of all abilities.

The Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo) and the Learning Support Team
provide excellent support for students with Additional Learning Needs. The Additional
Learning Needs Faculty provides support for pupils in mainstream lessons as well as small
group and one-to-one provision. It caters for a wide variety of additional needs ranging
from medical, learning, speech and language, ASD, emotional and social difficulties.

The school works closely with other professionals such as the Educational Psychologist,
Behaviour Support, Speech Therapists and the School Nurse to ensure that the individual
needs of the pupils are met. Regular review meetings are held, involving all parties
concerned, to assess, monitor progress and establish new targets and individual plans.

The Additional Learning Needs Faculty has excellent links with partner Primary Schools.
This ensures a smooth and successful transition for ALN pupils from Key Stage 2 to Key
Stage 3.

M Jones (ALNCo)

GOVERNORS' REPORT TO PARENTS AND CARERS - 2015-2016 Chair of Governors Mr Mark Evans Vice Chair Ms Sharon Auld - Ysgol ...
Ysgol Treffynnon is a Community Focused School. There is a programme of
community learning opportunities, activities and events. The Police Liaison Officer works
closely with the school to deliver aspects of personal and social education sessions.

The School Prospectus was revised in September 2016. It includes essential information
about the running of the school, including the correct school uniform, the Complaints
Procedure and Health and Safety advice. Copies are available from the School Office and
on the school website.

Parents, Carers and others are welcome to make an appointment to visit the school at
any time. We welcome questions and the opportunity to share information about our
work with pupils.

The school occupies a new state-of-the-art school building from September 2016.

Students aged 15 at the start of the school year beginning in September 2015

        Destination           Number        %
Return to School                  0         0%
Further Education                67        99%
Employment with training          1         1%
TOTAL                            68       100%

GOVERNORS' REPORT TO PARENTS AND CARERS - 2015-2016 Chair of Governors Mr Mark Evans Vice Chair Ms Sharon Auld - Ysgol ...
                    BUDGET HEADING                       ACTUAL EXPENDITURE
BUDGET                                                             £2,065,313
Balance c/f                                                         -£126,065
                                          Total Budget             £1,939,248

Teachers                                                              £1,666,912
Other Staff Costs                                                       £703,215
Premises                                                                £158,007
Transport                                                                £1,842
Supplies                                                               £178,639
Consortium Charges                                                      £22,943
Services Level Agreements                                               £72,425
Prudential Borrowing                                                     £5,725

Total Income                                                           -£546,416

                                   Total Expenditure                 £2,263,292

                             Balance Carried Forward                 -£324,044


               2011-2012     2012-2013     2013-2014     2014-2015   2015-2016
                 Actual        Actual        Actual        Actual      Actual
Absence              1.60%        1.50%         1.20%         2.0%         1.4%
Absence              8.80%        8.80%         8.80%         5.9%         5.3%
Attendance          89.50%       89.60%        90.10%        92.1%        93.3%

TERM DATES 2016-2017

                                       2016 - 2017
                                 Holiday Dates for Students
  TERM       TERM BEGINS                       HALF TERM HOLIDAY               TERM ENDS
                                             Begins           Ends

AUTUMN              Monday                  Monday                 Friday          Friday
 2016           1st September             24th October          28th October   16th December

 SPRING             Wdnesday                 Monday                Friday        Thursday
  2017             4th January            20th February        24th February     6th April

SUMMER              Monday                   Monday                Friday       Wednesday
 2017              24th April               29th May              2nd June       19th July

                                 School is closed for Staff Training on:
                                        Friday 21st October 2016
                                        Tuesday 3rd January 2017
                                           Friday 7th April 2017
                                             Friday 30th June
                                         Thursday 20th July 2017

The School Day
8.40am     Bell signal for staff and students
8.45am     Registration/Assembly
9.00am     Lesson 1
10.00am    Lesson 2
11.00am    Break
11.20am    Lesson 3
12.20pm    Lunch
1.10pm     Lesson 4
2.10pm     Lesson 5
3.10pm     End of School Day for Students

Teaching and learning are through the medium of English at Ysgol Treffynnon.
Pupils have opportunities to learn French as a modern foreign language in Key Stages 3
and 4. All pupils in Years 7 to 11 learn Welsh as a second language in accordance with
the statutory requirements. They are encouraged to use Welsh on an incidental basis
both inside and outside the classroom.


   The regulations came into force in 2013.

   The following two sections are pertinent to the High School:

Section 2
Duty on the governing bodies of maintained schools in Wales to include in the
governors’ reports information on the action taken to promote healthy eating
and drinking by pupils of the school.

Section 5
Duty on a local authority to ensure that drinking water is available, free of
charge, on the premises of any maintained school and to have regard to any
guidance issued by the Welsh Ministers.

In order to comply with both sections the School provides a healthy option for pupils in
the School Canteen and promotes healthy eating via PSE lessons and the Food
Technology lessons and Science lessons.

The School Council [Student Voice] has formed a SNAG which raises issues with regard
to food and beverage options in the School and especially the canteen.

PE places an emphasis on the importance of a healthy and balanced diet within the
context of a Healthy Lifestyle and within its promotion of Physical Literacy across the
School. Pupils are informed of the need for hydration and also the proper source of

Energy and High Sugar Drinks are not permitted in School and parents have been made
aware of this and any drinks within the category are confiscated and are not returned to
pupils as per the LA Guidance and School Policy.

Water is freely available from a water cooler within the school.


   The annual Christmas Celebration took place at St Peter’s Church on 16th December.
    The collection of £125.14 was donated to St. Kentigern’s Hospice

   The School Choir spread ‘Christmas Cheer’ performing at local Residential Homes
    and Holywell Town Market

   The Digital Leaders carried out Transition and Primary Liaison work at local Partner
    Primary Schools

   The Annual Presentation of Progress Files formally concluded the School Year for
    Year 11 pupils and the Chair of Governors Prize was announced

   The prestigious Annual Prize Giving Celebration took place on 8th July

   A number of school based and external Faculty Transition events took place for
    pupils in Years 5 and 6

   School based Transition Days took place for Year 6 pupils joining Ysgol Treffynnon in
    September 2016

   Nineteen pupils have successfully completed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Level
    Award and the awards presentation took place at the Springfield Hotel

   Fourteen pupils who followed the ASDAN Bronze Award in 2015 also received the
    John Muir Award Discoverer Level

   ‘Jeans for Genes’ Day took place on 18th September. £361.10 was raised through
    own clothes contribution and cake sale

   Sixth Form transformed the back of the stage into ‘The Asylum’ and raised over £250
    for St. Kentigern’s Hospice

   Whole school fancy dress and fun activities for ‘Children In Need’ raised £500

   ‘Sports Relief’ day was held raising £499.68

   Non-Uniform day was held on 29th April raising £389.88 which will be split between
    Nightingale House Hospice and Glan Clwyd Special Baby Care Unit

   Friends of Holywell High School Christmas Market was held on 26th November

   Members of the School Council and Sixth Form volunteered to help at the Ysgol Y
    Fron Christmas Fayre on 27th November

   Disco sponsored by the Friends of Holywell High School was held on 3rd December

   The Thursday ‘ Ski Club’ visits to Llandudno Dry Ski Slope continues to attract
    students from all key stages and is very popular

   There has been a visit to ‘Blue Planet Aquarium’ to support work being done with
    ALN pupils

   ASDAN and COPE students have had ‘Challenge’ visits to the RSPB reserve at Conwy
    and also to complete a photography challenge in the Vale of Llangollen

   Students have also visited Colwyn Bay to watch the Under-20 6 Nations Rugby

The following Key Stage 4 Visits have taken place this School Year:

Duke of Edinburgh Final Expedition
Loggerheads ASDAN Visit
Talacre Seascape photography day
Bushcraft Day
Woodland Photography Day
Deeside to Chester
Nercwys Forest Conservation Day
Year 10 Reward Trip
Blue Planet Aquarium
Conwy RSPB
Llangollen CoPE Photography Day
CoPE Photography Day Swallow Falls
Hill and Moorland Day practise navigation and topography
Holywell High School Ski Club 2015-16
PLPS OAA Intervention Part 2
ASDAN Canoeing Day
Rock Climbing
Bangor TOPs Year 10 Residential

The following Key Stage 3 Visits have taken place this School Year:

 Closing the Gap Adventure Day
 Year 7 Cheshire Oaks Trip
 Years 8 & 9 Reward Trip
 Blue Planet Aquarium
 Fiddlers Ferry
 Justice In A Day Visit
 PLPS OAA Intervention
 Nurture Group Geocache Day at Moel Famau
 Canoeing Nurture Group Activity
 Nurture Group Rock Climbing Day
 Year 9 Bangor TOPs Day Trip
 Year 9 ASDAN Transition Event
 London Visit

Winners of Wind Turbine Competition                         FoHHS Christmas Market 2015

                                      Sixth Form Prom

      Visit to Houses of Parliament                     School Choir singing in town centre
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