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School plan 2018 – 2020
Carlingford High School 8447 2018

                                               Nurturing and enhancing
                                                a school culture which
                    Delivering high quality
                                               maximizes the capacity,
                    teaching and learning
                                                engagement and well-
                                                being of both staff and

                                   Enhancing a quality ICT
                                     environment which
                                     effectively supports
                                    student learning and
                                      school operation
School background 2018 – 2020

School vision statement                                     School context                                              School planning process

Our school vision is ‘To develop considerate, responsible   Carlingford is a large, successful, comprehensive,          The school works closely with the students, staff, parents
people who can learn and act independently to achieve       coeducational high school located in the northern           and the local community in the development of our school
personal excellence’                                        suburbs of Sydney. The school enjoys strong parent          plan.
                                                            and community support and prides itself on providing a
                                                            quality education across all areas of school life.          Data is collected from a broad range of sources to identify
                                                                                                                        key areas of success and areas where a long term vision
                                                            With a large student population comprising 72% from a       and associated targeted programs will potentially improve
                                                            non-English speaking background, Carlingford has a          the learning outcomes and quality of education provided to
                                                            clear focus in meetings the needs of students from          the students.
                                                            diverse backgrounds. In support of this the school
                                                            employs Community Liaison Officers for both the             Whole staff planning and feedback systems, along with
                                                            Chinese and Korean communities. The school has a            input from external bodies where appropriate, ensure key
                                                            structured and supportive welfare system designed to        targets and effective strategies are collaboratively
                                                            ensure a safe, well-disciplined learning environment        developed and the associated benefits clearly understood
                                                            where positive behaviour is expected, and high              and valued as key drivers in the school’s strategic vision.
                                                            expectations for participation and learning set.            Future focussed thinking which challenges the status quo
                                                                                                                        and expands opportunities and possibilities for students
                                                            Our focus is on the promotion of an engaging and            and their learning is encouraged.
                                                            innovative learning environment where students want to
                                                            learn and give their best. There are extensive services     Following initial consultation and opportunities for input,
                                                            to support student learning and to ensure each student      parent representative bodies and all staff are presented
                                                            reaches their full potential. The school has strong links   with draft documents for comment and feedback.
                                                            with local partner primary schools and tertiary
                                                            institutions. The school aims to develop within each of     The school’s executive team carefully analyses and
                                                            its students the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values    discusses all feedback and makes any necessary changes.
                                                            necessary to participate confidently and positively in      The final drafts are presented and signed off by the Student
                                                            society.                                                    Representative Council, School Executive in consultation
                                                                                                                        with staff and Parents and Citizens Association.

                                                                                                                        Regular and routine monitoring of the implementation plan
                                                                                                                        occurs with key groups to ensure that the intentions of each
                                                                                                                        strategy are reaching key milestones and culminating in
                                                                                                                        successful outcomes which make a genuine difference in
                                                                                                                        the school.

                                                                                                                        Teams acknowledge that while preserving the intentions of
                                                                                                                        the plan are paramount, some adjustments are sometimes
                                                                                                                        necessary to ensure the best outcomes are reached.

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School strategic directions 2018 – 2020

                                                                           STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2                                             STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3
                                                                           Nurturing and enhancing a                                            Enhancing a quality ICT
                  Delivering high quality
                                                                               school culture which                                                environment which
                  teaching and learning
                                                                             maximizes the capacity,                                          effectively supports student
                                                                           engagement and well-being                                              learning and school
                                                                            of both staff and students                                                  operation

 Purpose:                                                     Purpose:                                                        Purpose:

The key focus for our school is to ensure that high quality   Our purpose is to ensure our school continues to nurture        Our purpose is to ensure that relevant, accessible
teaching and learning occurs in every lesson, every day.      and promote a culture which develops the capacity and           technology is used effectively in the classroom to
This relies on a clear understanding from teachers of         expertise of our teachers and maximises the opportunities       enhance the learning of students.
effective 21st century pedagogy and practices which will      for students to learn to their full potential. The well-being   Our focus is to ensure that technology infrastructure and
maximise the learning outcomes of every student. In our       and engagement of both staff and students are intrinsic to      software operate effectively to support school
context, the strategic delivery of sustainable whole school   the maintenance of a culture of high expectations and the       organisation and operation.
literacy approaches also underpins students learning          delivery of a well-rounded, high quality education.
across all subject areas and is central to this strategic

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Strategic Direction 1: Delivering Quality Teaching and Learning Outcomes

Purpose                                               People                                                   Processes                                       Products and Practices

Why do we need this particular strategic              How do we develop capabilities of our                    How do we do it and how will we know?           What is achieved and how do we know?
direction and why is it important?                    people to bring about transformation?
                                                                                                               Students:                                       Products:
Quality teaching is at the essence of ensuring        Staff:                                                   Through lessons, classwork and                  Year 9 NAPLAN results improve as identified in
quality learning outcomes are achieved and            Staff continue to receive PL on specific literacy        assessments, students are exposed to            column 1.
students reach their full potential. Our 2018-        strategies, which reinforce and develop the              relevant and contextualised literacy
2020 focus is on the continued development of         writing and literacy skills of students.                 strategies which reinforce explicit skills in   Around 20 per cent of students achieve at high
strong literacy skills for students particularly in   Staff deliver support to students.                       writing. Senior students clearly understand     levels of performance on external performance
the area of writing and in the ongoing                LST establish support structures for students            the new assessment regime and                   measures. (SEF)
development and refinement of exemplary               who do not meet minimum standard in                      requirements. They participate in feedback      “Let’s make 8” and” Focus on literacy” support
teaching and learning programs and                    NAPLAN.                                                  focus groups.                                   interventions established.
assessment in all new Preliminary and HSC
courses.                                              Utilising NESA resources and teaching quality            Staff:                                          Quality programs developed and refined in all
                                                      networks, staff develop and refine exemplar              Focused literacy strategies targeting writing   new Preliminary and HSC courses
                                                      programs for all new Preliminary and HSC                 will be implemented across all faculties.
                                                      courses.                                                 Staff clearly articulate and implement          New assessment schedules completed for all
                                                                                                               consistent assessment practices across          Preliminary and HSC courses in 2018 and 2019
Improvement Measures                                  Review all senior assessment schedules to                Stage 6.
Increase the 3 year trend average of year 9           ensure consistency across all faculties.                 New stage 6 assessments developed which
students at proficiency (top 2 bands) in                                                                       maximise ‘assessment of and for’ learning       What are our newly embedded practices
NAPLAN writing to 18%.                                Continue to inform parents and families on               principles.
                                                                                                                                                               and how are they integrated and in sync
                                                      how to encourage, motivate and reinforce their           Staff complete a survey on feedback
                                                                                                                                                               with our purpose?
Decrease the 3 year trend average for year 9          child’s learning at school.                              practices.
students falling below the National Minimum                                                                                                                    Practices:
Standard in writing to 6.5%                           Parents and Community partners:                          Parents:
                                                                                                               Parents attend Literacy workshops at school     Teachers in the normal course of following their
                                                      Clear and purposeful presentations and
                                                                                                               to support students learning at home.           teaching programs actively teach explicit literacy
Quality programs developed and refined in all         communications to parents on key elements of
                                                                                                               Parents attend presentations on senior          skills for students as identified in their teaching
new Preliminary and HSC courses.                      the new Preliminary and HSC courses
                                                                                                               assessment and literacy.                        programs. This includes the explicit teaching of
                                                      including both content and assessment.
New assessment schedules developed for all
Preliminary and HSC courses in 2018 - 2019            Presentations of school Literacy Plan to the             Evaluation plan:
                                                                                                               Regular reporting against set milestones in     Teachers follow newly developed Preliminary
                                                      P&C with emphasis on opportunities to
                                                                                                               executive meetings.                             and HSC programs and evaluate units.
Review of all current assessment tasks in Year        connect learning between home and school.
11 and 12 completed.                                                                                           Staff feedback on implementation success of
                                                                                                               new programs, assessment policy and             Publish and implement new assessment
                                                                                                               assessments.                                    schedules.
Where applicable new Preliminary and HSC
assessment tasks developed, trialled and                                                                       Stage 6 students surveys provide feedback
                                                                                                               on new units of work.                           Comprehensive report and analysis of feedback
evaluated.                                                                                                                                                     practices produced and evaluated.
                                                                                                               Staff and student survey on quality feedback
Enhanced understanding and use of quality                                                                      practices constructed by DP’s and HT T&L.
feedback practices in the school                                                                               PL provided to staff on best practice with      Quality feedback practices PL implemented
                                                                                                               student feedback .                              and utilised across the school.
Note: this links to the first bullet-points () in
the Products and Practices column

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Strategic Direction 2: Nurturing and enhancing a quality school culture
Purpose                                                People                                                      Processes                                      Products and Practices

Why do we need this particular strategic               How do we develop capabilities of our                       How do we do it and how will we know?          What is achieved and how do we know?
direction and why is it important?                     people to bring about transformation?
                                                                                                                   Students:                                      The school develops a comprehensive and
Underpinning a quality school culture is the           Students:                                                   Students have the opportunity to participate   inclusive framework to support the cognitive,
development of a comprehensive and inclusive           Students have access to a cohesive,                         in a range of carefully planned and            emotional, social, physical and spiritual
welfare framework which supports both staff            contextual range of extra curricula programs                coordinated welfare activities aimed           wellbeing of students which improves individual
and students.                                          which are age specific and relevant to their                specifically at their year group.              and collective wellbeing. (SEF)
                                                       particular needs and stage of schooling.                    Mind matters elements are incorporated into
The framework should identify those activities,                                                                    the Welfare program at Year assemblies
programs and strategies which support the              Parents:                                                    with a focus on building resilience.           PL and surveys reflect ongoing consideration for
cognitive social, physical and spiritual               Parents are made aware of the programs and                                                                 the wellbeing of all staff in carrying out their roles
wellbeing of students and staff which in turn          rationale behind the provision of these                     Targeted programs as per the master            and responsibilities.
improves individual and collective wellbeing.          programs and potential benefits to their child’s            schedule operate along with coordinated
                                                       wellbeing.                                                  Year Assemblies (one per term) and placed      Targeted students receive improved strategic
                                                                                                                   on the calendar in advance.                    intervention via the development of differentiated
                                                       Staff:                                                                                                     learning plans developed from effective data
                                                       HT welfare and Year Advisers play an                        Effective differentiated learning support      analysis.
Improvement Measures                                   important role in the delivery of the framework.            plans are developed and delivered to
                                                       Staff understand the programs available and                 targeted students in class and via small       All teachers have developed a quality PDP as
The school develops a comprehensive and                promote their value to students and participate             group withdrawal.                              assessed by their HT and senior executive.
inclusive framework to support the cognitive,          where applicable.
emotional, social, physical and spiritual                                                                          Teachers participate in wellbeing PL.          What are our newly embedded practices and
wellbeing of students which improves                   HT T&L and Welfare ensure relevant PL is                                                                   how are they integrated and in sync with our
individual and collective wellbeing. (SEF)             provided to promote teacher wellbeing.                      Leaders:                                       purpose?

PL and surveys reflect ongoing consideration           Community Partners:                                         Welfare Team ensure the framework is           Individual learning for targeted students is
for the wellbeing of all staff in carrying out their   Carlingford Rotary continue their important                 delivered by developing a clear action plan    informed by the effective use of data analysis
roles and responsibilities.                            partnership with the school in RYLA, MUNA                   and communicating this clearly with both       and delivered via the strategic development of
                                                       Public Speaking and the SRC leadership                      students and parents.                          learning plans and in class adjustments.
Individual learning for targeted students is           program.
informed by the effective use of data analysis                                                                     Evaluation Plan:                               Student surveys provide positive feedback
and in the strategic development of learning                                                                       DP & HT Welfare analyse welfare data           regarding welfare initiatives and their wellbeing.
plans and in-class adjustments.                                                                                    including truancy, detention and suspension
                                                                                                                   rates, numbers of merits distributed and       Teachers are aware of the key principles, which
All teachers have developed sound                                                                                  survey responses.                              underpin the development of a quality PDP and
Performance and Development Plans and                                                                                                                             utilise effective coaching and mentoring
have effectively used coaching and mentoring                                                                                                                      principles in classroom observations.
principles in classroom observations with their
peers.                                                                                                                                                            Teachers practice mindfulness and a growth
                                                                                                                                                                  mindset in maintaining a positive and engaged
 Note: this links to the first bullet-points () in                                                                                                               attitude to their work and in maximising each
the Products and Practices column.                                                                                                                                students’ potential.

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Strategic Direction 3: Enhancing an ICT environment which supports student learning
Purpose                                              People                                                    Processes                                        Products and Practices

Why do we need this particular strategic             How do we develop capabilities of our                     How do we do it and how will we know?            What is achieved and how do we know?
direction and why is it important?                   people to bring about transformation?
                                                                                                               Students:                                        The school’s mandatory BYOD program is
Students have grown up in a technology rich          Students:                                                 Students adopt the BYOD program and              extended to include Years 7-11 by 2020.
environment which is deeply embedded in              Years 7-9 (2018), 7-10 (2019) and 7-11 (2020)             effectively and appropriately use their          The program will result in an expanded use of
much of what they do, how they access and            are required to bring their own approved                  devices in lessons.                              technology by students and teachers which
process information and how they interact with       device for use in the classroom to maximise                                                                benefits learning and will be evident in learning
the world around them. It is therefore critical      their learning opportunities.                             Staff:                                           programs and classrooms across the school.
that a relevant, ICT rich learning environment                                                                 Staff regularly utilise the available
is provided to ensure relevant, stimulating and      Staff:                                                    technology in their programs to maximise         Moodle resources and other learning platforms
engaging experiences are maximised for               Staff access ongoing professional learning                and enhance student learning and                 will be extended and used to provide engaging
students.                                            which specifically meets their needs in utilising         engagement.                                      lesson content and resources for students.
                                                     ICT effectively in the classroom.                         Ongoing development of teaching programs
Staff professional learning in technology use,       Staff use ICT to access individualised PL and             clearly embeds technology in the classroom.      Professional learning opportunities in the use of
continues to build teacher capacity, improve         to develop use of diagnostic programs to                  Each faculty updates Moodle to include           ICT are provided to promote collaboration and
teaching practice and student learning               obtain data for targeted teaching.                        resources for each BYOD year group.              provide student feedback.
outcomes.                                            Under the guidance of the HT, each faculty                Staff PL on innovative use of technology in
                                                     develops a plan to gain the maximum benefit               the classroom.
Improvement Measures                                 from the mandatory BYOD program.                                                                           What are our newly embedded practices and
                                                                                                               Leaders:                                         how are they integrated and in sync with our
                                                     Parents:                                                  All Head Teachers ensure programs embed          purposes?
All teachers continue to build on their skills in    Parents are kept informed and regularly                   the strategic and effective use of technology
effectively applying ICT in the classroom            updated on the BYOD program and the                       in the classroom including the BYOD              Via the BYOD plan, students will also have
through targeted PL.                                 school’s expectations of students.                        program.                                         enhanced learning opportunities.
                                                                                                               Ongoing evaluation and refinement to the
The school continues to expand its mandatory         Leaders:                                                  effective use of LMBR systems                    New stage 6 programs will include embedding
BYOD program for all students in Years 7- 9,         Continue to explore and promote innovative                                                                 BYOD activities in units of work.
11 in 2018, 7-10 in 2019 and 7-12 in 2020.           ways to effectively use ICT to improve student            Evaluation Plan:
The program enhances learning opportunities          learning.                                                 DP and HT T&L conduct audits and surveys         The continued integration of technology will
and outcomes for students.                                                                                     to track the process of the BYOD program,        promote the continued expansion of effective
                                                     Ensure the ongoing ICT strategic plan is kept             the integration of technology in teaching        and engaging learning opportunities.
Effective ICT systems are integrated and             relevant and future focused. This includes                programs and lessons and the effectiveness
school practices developed and refined which         evaluating classroom ICT facilities and                   of targeted teacher professional learning.       Students, parents and teachers will identify the
support the successful, ongoing                                                                                                                                 learning benefits of the BYOD program.
                                                     updating as required.
implementation of LMBR.                                                                                        The school’s ICT team in consultation with       Bringing a device to school each day for
                                                                                                               the school will evaluate the efficiency of the   students becomes routine and is an
                                                                                                               use of LMBR with 3rd party systems.              enhancement to their learning.
Note: this links to the first bullet-points () in
the Products and Practices column]

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