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                                                                  WHAT’S ON?
OUR VISION — Mullumbimby High School supports all students to fulfil their potential and become successful, confident,
creative members of our diverse community and the wider world.

Ph: 6684 2600 E: www.mullumbimbyhs.nsw.edu.au                               Term 1 | Week 6 | Monday 1 March 2021

Principal: Mr Greg Armstrong | Deputy Principals: Mr Cameron Johnson (Yr8, 10, 12) | Ms Kelly Spilstead (Yr7, 9, 11)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS                 Good luck and happy travels to the South Passage Year 9 group sailing off
1st—5th March                       tomorrow with Mrs Langtry. This provides a safe and challenging experience,
South Passage Excursion             using the ship as a medium to develop leadership, initiative, independence and
Tuesday 2 March                     self-discipline.
Love Bites Yr 7 & Yr 10
Swimming championship in Coffs      Our best wishes also to our swimmers attending the Coffs Harbour North Coast
                                    Swimming Championship.
Wednesday 3 March
Love Bites Yr 8
                                    We wish the Year 7 SRC nominees good luck today when they deliver their
Thursday 4 March
                                    speeches to their peers. Our Captains and SRC presentation will be in Week 8.
15s Touch Gala and Trials
Friday 5 March
                                    Our SRC and SRC Coordinator Ms Lobban travelled to Brisbane last Wednesday
Love Bites Yr 10
Monday 8 March                      for the Halogen conference which was an excellent experience for all involved.
P&C AGM @6pm
Opens BBall Trials and KO
                                    Amongst our new Year 7 cohort, we noticed that we currently have 5 sets of
Tuesday 9 March                     twins and one more starting next term! Here are our young twins who agreed
Love Bites Yr 7                     to take a picture. Left to Right: Kane and Oscar, Katie and Billy, Elia and Jenga,
Opens Netball Trials                Eshua and Rumi, Elijah and Sophia.
Wednesday 10 March
Loves Bites Yr 8
NC Secondary 14s AFL Byron
Thursday 11 March
U/15 boys Soccer Turner Cup
Yr11 Marine Studies
Friday 12 March
NC Hockey Goonellabah
NR vs FNC Rugby League
Yr 11 SLR Learn to Swim
Monday 15 March
NC Secondary Rugby Grafton
Girls Open Football Trials and KO
Wednesday 17 March
Transition Day Year 6 @1pm
Tuesday 23 March
Info Night Yr7 2022 @5.15pm
Yr 7 Vaccinations

TERM DATES in 2021
Term 1: 27 January to 1 April
Term 2: 19 April to 25 June
Term 3: 12 July to 17 Sept
Term 4: 5 October to 17 Dec

CREATING OPPORTUNITIES, ACHIEVING SUCCESS                                       www.mullumbimb-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au
The MHS P&C Association warmly welcome new members and old to our AGM that will be held in the school
library on Monday 8th March from 6pm. The current executive team will step down at the AGM and we will re
elect a new President, two Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. We will also like to offer opportunities
for members to form subcommittees like fundraising; parent forums and convening the network meetings. Thus
there is plenty of opportunity to contribute a bit or a lot of your time and energy to certain initiatives. Our P&C
has a fun and relaxed feel and offers you a positive and rewarding experience being a member. Please come and
experience it yourself.

For this meeting we will just be meeting in person rather than setting up a simultaneous zoom meeting. Thus if
you still want to join and be part of the association please send your apologies if you can’t attend and we will
keep you in the loop. For future meetings, during the year, we will likely have zoom meetings and the possibility
of meeting in person if Covid protocols allow.

You can become a member for the year at our AGM or alternatively if you would like a membership form in the
meantime, please email the P&C address below and we can send you one electronically. The cost of membership
is just $2.00 and gives you voting rights at our meetings.

Are you interested in knowing what’s happening but can’t make meetings?
Join our mailing list as a non-member: contact mullumbimbyhighschool@pandcaffiliate.org.au

Questions? Comments?
Email us at mullumbimbyhighschool@pandcaffiliate.org.au
Or call Damian Farrell on 0409 994 308

                          I Can, You Can Women in
                          Defence Luncheon Invite

                       With a role in the ADF, you
                       can find a balance between
                       the career of your dreams                           Year 7 in 2022
                       and the lifestyle you want.
                       The ADF offers you the
chance to meet great friends, work in a strong team                       Is your child in Year 6?
atmosphere, build up personal skills, train on high-
tech equipment, and be involved in exciting out-                            It’s time to plan the
door activities.                                                          Journey to High School
To find out more, come along to the I Can, You Can
Women in Defence Luncheon. This is your chance
to hear from current serving women in the ADF
                                                                         Tuesday 23 March
who will highlight their experiences and provide                            5.15pm and 6pm
insights on how the ADF fits in with their lifestyle,                  Information Night & School
study, work and family commitments. Friends and
family welcome, RSVP's by 11th of March.

I Can, You Can Women in Defence Luncheon
                                                                         Saturday 27 March
Date: Saturday, 13th March, 2021                                            9.30am to 10.30am
Time: 10:00am - 1:30pm                                                          School Tours
Location: Mantra on the View, 22 View Ave, Surfers
Paradise QLD 4217
OUR SCHOOL UNIFORM POLICY                                       slides
                                                           •    Fishnet stockings or stockings with patterns on
Dear Parents,                                                   them
We would like to draw your attention to our school         •    Non-uniform colours or items of clothing
community's expectations regarding the wearing of our      •    Jumpers and tops with large logos or slogans
school uniform.                                            •   Accessory items that may be used as a puncturing
                                                               tool, such as safety pins, spiked leather bracelets
All students in NSW government schools are expected to
                                                               or neck bands.
maintain a neat appearance including adhering to the
                                                           •   School uniform shirts that have been cut off or
requirements of the individual school's uniform or dress
                                                               modified to reveal midriffs
code policy.
                                                          These guidelines make clear our expectations of how
This is a core rule for all students in NSW government
                                                          students should dress while on their way to, in and
schools. Lately, we have noticed an increasing number
                                                          from school.
of students not following these expectations. Mul-
lumbimby High School is a 'uniform' high school in line Positive consequences when you are in uniform:
with the NSW Department of Education Uniform Policy,        • You are part of our school community
Mullumbimby High School's Uniform Policy, and our           • You look smart and take pride in your appearance
school motto "Play the Game".                               • You will receive commendations
Our school community has overwhelmingly determined          • You will be allowed to go on excursions
that school uniform is to be worn daily by students. This   • You will be developing skills for a working life
is strongly supported by the P&C, which has stated;       In 2021, our aim is to ensure students look great all
"Consistently wearing the school uniform engenders a year round, including Winter. In Winter, students are
strong sense of identity in Mullumbimby High school       expected to wear the Mullumbimby High School blue
students". The wearing of school uniform has proven to jumper or hoodie or a plain black jumper or sweatshirt.
increase a student's core need of "belonging" that can We appreciate your support in continuing to build a
have a significant impact on self-esteem, behaviour,      strong and positive community reputation and spirit for
school engagement, relationships and consequently -       Mullumbimby High.
learning. The consistent wearing of school uniform re-
duces long-term costs, reduces peer pressure and dis- Kind regards.
tractions, contributes to a positive school culture, and
promotes a safer school environment, this includes stu-
dent participation on school excursions.
                                                          Greg Armstrong
Footwear                                                  PRINCIPAL
The wearing of enclosed, sturdy shoes on the school
                                                          IMPORTANT INFORMATION
site, regardless of lessons being studied is a Work
Health and Safety requirement as set by the NSW De-       Students, who attend school in unsafe or inappropriate
partment of Education.                                    clothing, including inappropriate footwear, may be re-
                                                          quired to stay in the office area. Parents may be con-
Thongs, sandals, cotton slip-on (without a back), clog-
                                                          tacted to ensure the provision of appropriate footwear
style, platform boots, slides and scuff-style footwear do
                                                          and clothing.
not meet safety requirements and are not acceptable
on school grounds.                                        All school excursions require students to wear full
                                                          school uniform unless stated otherwise on permission
Sun Safe
We encourage students to be sun safe by wearing hats
and sunscreen when in the playground and exposed to The school offers confidential financial support for fami-
the sun. Sunscreen is provided at all sporting carnivals lies experiencing difficulties in providing the correct
and events.                                               school uniform for students. Please contact the school
                                                          for more information.
What is not acceptable dress at school?
                                                          School uniform purchases are available at the High
  •    Immodest or inappropriate clothing - singlets,
                                                          School Uniform Shop near Student Services on Monday
       midriff tops and overly short skirts or shorts.
                                                          mornings from 8.30 a.m. -9.00 a.m. The uniform shop is
  •    Underwear showing above your shorts, or being
                                                          operated by the P&C with all profits returning to the
       worn over the top of the uniform
                                                          school. An order form and price list are available from
  •    Unsafe shoes, including platform heels, thongs,
                                                          the Student Services Office.

Change of Contact Details? Have
you changed your email address or
phone number? Has your family
situation changed?
Please contact our front office staff
to let us know of these changes.
Phone: 02 6684 2600.

A reminder to our school community that the NSW
DET requires that parents arrange holidays DURING
school vacations. If your family holiday is during
school time, you will need to inform the School
Principal in advance and submit a
permission to leave from the
An application for leave should
be provided at least two weeks
prior to departure. Ask our office
for an “Application for Leave” BEFORE the holiday.

ABSENT, LATE OR EARLY? If your child is not at school, let us know they are safe. If we don’t know, we will let
you know they are not at school with a SMS message
COMING IN LATE? School starts everyday at 8.50am for all students. If students arrive after that time and miss
CARE (roll call), please call the school to explain why they are late or provide them with a note. Students need to
come to Students Services Office as soon as they arrive at school.
LEAVING EARLY? Only valid reasons approved by the Principal will be authorised. A note or a phone call should be
made to Student Services before 9:30am and leave pass will be processed.
MESSAGES TO STUDENTS Please call before 2pm. Only URGENT messages will be passed on during class time.
We ask that all arrangements regarding after school activities be discussed with your student before school to
avoid stress and distraction.
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