The National Law Institute University, Bhopal (NLIU), was established
by the Rashtriya Vidhi Sansthan Vishwavidyalaya Adhiniyam, by an
Act No. 41 of 1997 enacted by the Madhya Pradesh State Legislature.
NLIU is recognized by the University Grants Commission and the Bar
Council of India.

The VISION of NLIU is to become one of the best centers of legal
education, training and research in the world. The MISSION of NLIU is

                                                                                                   COMMON LAW ADMISSION TEST 2018
to develop and nurture the intellect for the betterment of the nation
and humanity through Law and Justice. The OBJECTIVES of the NLIU
inter alia, are to contribute to the national development by instilling
a sense of responsibility among students, while simultaneously
cultivating in them a spirit of intellectual freedom, qualities of        Prof. (Dr.) S.S. Singh
leadership, imaginative power and clarity.

NLIU has been designing and delivering courses with a view to
enhance the ability and capacity of the students, members of the
faculty and other stake holders in resolution of disputes within the
framework of law.

Courses of Study

1   B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)

Duration of B.A.LL.B (Hons.) course is five years. There are three
trimesters in a year and each trimester is of three months duration.
In each trimester, students are taught four core subjects and at least
                                                                          Smt. Giribala Singh
two skill papers including Computer, English, Legal Writing, and               Registrar

Accountancy. From the Academic Session 2016-              Master of Cyber Law & Information Security.
                                 17, the university has introduced specialization in
                                                                                           4   Ph.D. in Law
                                 Business Law & IPR, Criminal & HR, Public Law and
                                 Policy, and International Dimensions of Law in the        Admission to Ph.D. program is done through an All
                                 Final Year. To ensure that learning is a continuous       India entrance test conducted by the University.
                                 process, students are subjected to systematic             (i) Ph.D. Program (Law) - without fellowship and (ii)
                                 evaluation through each term.                             Ph.D. Program in Intellectual Property Right, (with
                                                                                           and without fellowship).
                                 2   LL.M.
                                                                                           Learning & Teaching Methods
                                 Duration of LL.M. course is one year consisting of
                                 three trimesters. Specialization is offered in the        We believe that learning how to learn law is more
                                 areas of: (1) Business Law, (2) Intellectual Property &   meaningful. “Give a man a fish and you food him for a
                                 Business Law, (3) Constitutional and Administrative       day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a life
                                 Law, (4) Human Rights, and (5) Criminal Law and           time.” In keeping with this adage, we strongly believe
                                 is offered subject to the availability of faculty         that in the class rooms the students and teachers
                                 and sufficient number of students opting for it.          share a common knowledge gateway rather than
                                 A student in each trimester has to undertake a            the teacher alone transmitting knowledge to the
                                 written examination and a project work (written and       students. We learn law both as it is and as it ought
                                 presentation) in each paper. In the final trimester the   to be. Ought to be approach is supplemented with
                                 student has to submit a dissertation and undertake        the methods of social sciences and humanities
                                 a viva-voce examination. For the list of subjects         Case method and Socratic method of learning
                                 visit                                     and teaching are the characteristic features of the
                                                                                           class room discussion. Moot court competitions,
                                 3   Master of Cyber Law & Information Security
                                                                                           client counseling skills, language and computer
                                 NLIU offers a post graduate degree course called          proficiency are the regular and vibrant features

of NLIU. Constant and persistent endeavors are           the curriculum meets the needs, challenges and
made to keep abreast with the current national and       opportunities of legal education in the twenty-first
international teaching practices and to ensure that      century.

    List of Subjects – B.A.LL.B.(Hons.)
                 I Trimester                      II Trimester                           III Trimester
1      Sociology-I                    7     Sociology-II              13    Political Science-I
2      Economics –I                   8     Economics –II             14    International Trade & Public
3      Law of Torts-I                 9     Law of Torts-II           15    Constitutional Law-I
4      Common Law in India            10    Law of Contract-I         16    Law of Contract-II
5      English – I                    11    English-II                17    English-III
6      Computer-I                     12    Computer-II               18    Computer-III
                IV Trimester                      V Trimester                            VI Trimester

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19     Political Science-II           24    Family Law-I              29    Family Law-II
20     Constitutional Law-II          25    Constitutional Law-III    30    Property Law-I
21     Criminology                    26    Criminal Law-I (IPC)      31    Criminal Law-II(IPC)
22     Equity, Trust & Specific Relief 27   History-I                 32    History-II
23     Legal Writing-I                28    Legal Writing-II          33    Sociology of Law
                                                                      34    Legal Writing-III
                VII Trimester                    VIII Trimester                          IX Trimester
35     Civil Procedure -I             41    Civil Procedure -II       47    Criminal Law-III(Cr.PC)
36     Human Rights Law               42    Corporate Law             48    Alternative Dispute Resolution
37     Property Law-II                43    Law of Evidence-I         49    Law of Evidence-II
38     Law Relating to Partnership    44    International Trade Law 50      Capital Markets and Securities
39     Clinical Course - I            45    Clinical Course - II      51    Clinical Course - III
40     Accountancy-I                  46    Accountancy-II

X Trimester                           XI Trimester                          XII Trimester
                                 52    Administrative Law-I               57      Administrative Law – II    62     Law Relating to Industrial
                                 53    Interpretation of Statutes - I     58      Interpretation of          63     Laws of Patents and Trade
                                                                                  Statutes - II                     Marks
                                 54    Criminal Law-IV(Cr.PC)             59      Insurance Law              64     Environmental Law
                                 55    Banking Law                        60      Jurisprudence- I           65     Jurisprudence- II
                                 56    Consumer Protection Law &          61      Intellectual Property      66     Public International Law
                                       Policy                                     Laws
                                               XIII Trimester                          XIV Trimester                         XV Trimester
                                 67    Private International Law          69      Professional Ethics        71     Air & Space Law
                                 68    Social Security & Labour           70      Taxation Law               72     International Criminal Law
                                       Welfare Laws

                                 Elective Groups
                                 Group – I (Business Law        Group – II (Criminal         Group – III (Public      Group – IV (International
                                 & IPR)                         & HR)                        Law and Policy)          Dimensions of Law)
                                 Sl.                            Sl.                          Sl.                      Sl.
                                 No.   Subject                  No.     Subject              No.   Subject            No.   Subject

                                 73    Laws of Biodiversity     79      Juvenile Justice     85    Media, Law         91    International
                                       & IP                             & Human Rights             and Culture              Environmental Law
                                 74    Transport Law            80                           86    Law Relating       92
                                                                        Socio Economic
                                       including Carriage                                          to Affirmative           Energy Law
                                       of Goods                                                    Action
                                 75                             81                           87    Tribal and         93

                                       Competition Law                  Health Law                 Customary                Law and Globalization
                                 76                             82                           88    Administrative     94
                                       Sports Law                       Disability Law             Law: Emerging            Cyber Law
                                 77    Laws of Designs          83      Law, Women           89                       95
                                       and Layout –                     and Human                  Religion & Law           Maritime Law**
                                       Designs of IC                    Rights
                                 78    International            84      Corporate            90    Agriculture        96    Water & Natural
                                       Taxation Law                     Crime & Ethics             Law                      Resources Law

Admissions                                              Intake and Reservation for LL.M. Programme

    Intake and Reservation for B.A.LL.B (Hons.) Course                                   Consti.
                                                                         I. P. &
                                                                                   Busi.   &     Crim.      H. R.
    Through CLAT-2018, NLIU shall admit 120 students        Category     Busi.
                                                                                   Law Admin Law            Law
    to its B.A.LL.B (Hons.) Course as per the following                                   Law
    table:                                                  M. P. SC       01       01      01       01      01
                                                            M. P. ST       01       01      01       01      01
     Category       Number          Category     Number     M. P. OBC      01       01      01       01      01
                    of Seats                     of Seats                  05        05      05       05      05
                                                                         (02#)     (02#)   (02#)    (02#)   (02#)
     M.P. State         08       All India SC      08
                                                            Total          08       08      08       08      08
                                                            Two seats are horizontally reserved for candidates
     MP State           10        All India ST     04
                                                            of SAP category.

     MP State           07          General        631      30% seats are horizontally reserved for women

     NRI/NRI            182    Supernumerary       023      # Seats are horizontally reserved for candidates
     Sponsored                     Quota                     having domicile certificate of State of M. P.

                                                            Full Tuition Fee Waiver & Scholarships
    1.   Out of 63 Seats 25 Seats are horizontally
         reserved for candidates having domicile            NLIU seeks to encourage meritorious students with         CLAT
         certificate of the State of M. P.                  a belief that money should not become a roadblock
                                                            for meritorious students with limited means. To
    2.   Eligibility for admission under NRI/NRI            realize this objective the University has instituted
         Sponsored Category the candidate must be:          the following Scholarships:

         An NRI/OCI Card Holder/PIO Card Holder             There are two Merit cum Means Scholarships one
         himself or herself,                                 in the memory of Late Justice J. S. Verma and the

                                                                                                                      COMMON LAW ADMISSION TEST 2018
                                                             other in the name of the University. The scholarships
                               OR                            cover full tuition fee waiver for the entire duration
                                                             of the B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) Course. In the first year of
         Sponsored by a First Degree or Second Degree        the course the scholarships are awarded to the
         relation who is an NRI/OCI Card Holder/PIO          NLIU students securing highest marks in CLAT.
         Card Holder.                                        From second year to fifth year the scholarships are
                                                             awarded to the students securing highest marks
         Only those candidates will be eligible who          (without repeat) in the NLIU examinations of first
         have given option as an NRI/NRI sponsored in        year, second year, third year and fourth year. To
         the CLAT application form.                          be eligible for the award of the scholarships merit
                                                             alone is not sufficient to make a student eligible for
3.       Reserved for candidates of State of Jammu           the award. The annual income of the parents of the
         and Kashmir.                                        students should not exceed the amount as may be
                                                             prescribed by the university from time to time.
        30 Seats are horizontally reserved for women
         candidates.                                        Junior and Senior Research Fellowships are awarded
                                                             to the Ph.D. students of NLIU under the Schemes of
        5 Seats are horizontally reserved for Specialy      Ministry of Human Resource Development.
         Abled Persons (SAP).

Library                                                  Language & Culture; (8) Socio-Legal Studies;
                                                                                           (9) WTO Studies; (10) Clinical Legal Education
                                 The Library “Gyan Mandir” is housed in a centrally
                                                                                           and (11) Rajiv Gandhi National Cyber Law Centre
                                 air-conditioned building. It is well equipped with
                                                                                           with the support of Ministry of Human Resource
                                 the state of art technology and tools. It has a very
                                                                                           Development, Government of India.
                                 rich collection of national and international journals
                                 of law, humanities and social sciences. A large           Chair Professorships
                                 collection of e-resources like Lexis Nexis, Hein
                                                                                           i.   The Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt. of
                                 Online, JSTOR, Manupatra, AIR, SCC, and other
                                                                                                India has established a Chair on Intellectual
                                 materials are the hallmark of the Library.
                                                                                                Property Rights.
                                 Auditorium, Classrooms, Hostels and Canteen
                                 The entire University campus has wireless
                                                                                           Pt. Ramlal Ji Sharma Memorial Gold Medal is
                                 internet facility. Class Rooms are air-conditioned,
                                                                                            awarded to the Topper Student of B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)
                                 equipped with LCD projectors, Smart Boards and
                                                                                            course. Pt. Ramlal Ji Sharma Memorial Silver
                                 other facilities. University has an air-conditioned
                                                                                            Medal is awarded to the Topper Student of first
                                 computer lab, having 120 computers with 1
                                                                                            year, second year, third year and fourth year of
                                 GBPS internet speed. Besides there are video
                                                                                            B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) course.
                                 conferencing facilities, auditorium, seminar halls,
                                 conference rooms, etc. There are four hostels two         ••   Justice Shachindra Diwedi Memorial Gold
                                 each for boys and girls. It also has a well furnished          Medal is awarded to the Topper Student of
                                 guest house. The University has a modern, well                 LL.M. Corse.
                                 equipped canteen which serves nutritious food in
                                                                                           ••   Justice Nani A. Palkhiwala Memorial Gold Med-
                                 the campus.
                                                                                                 al is awarded to the Topper Student of LL.M.
                                 Sports Facilities                                               Course.
                                                                                           ••   Mrs. Pratibha Dubey Memorial Gold Medal
                                 All work and no play makes a dull girl/boy. Mental
                                                                                                 is awarded to the Topper Female Student of
                                 exercise alone is not sufficient to develop the overall
                                                                                                 B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) Course.
                                 personality. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body
                                 and with a view to provide a congenial environment        ••   Justice G. P. Singh Memorial Gold Med-

                                 on the campus both indoor and outdoor sports                    al is awarded to the Topper Student of
                                 facilities are available. Indoor facilities include             B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) Course.
                                 state-of-the-art gymnasium, badminton courts,
                                                                                           ••   Justice J. S. Verma Memorial Gold Med-
                                 table tennis and pool game while outdoor facilities
                                                                                                 al is awarded to the Topper Student of
                                 include tennis, volley ball, basket ball and foot ball
                                                                                                 B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) Course.
                                                                                           ••   Prof V. S. Rekhi Memorial Gold Medal is award-
                                 Security on the Campus                                          ed to the Topper Student of B.A.LL.B.(Hons.)
                                 Entire campus is covered by a boundary wall.
                                 Round the clock security is provided by trained           ••   Mr. Rizwan Shaad Memorial Gold Medal is
                                 security personnel.                                             awarded to the Topper Student of MCLIS
                                 Centers of Excellence
                                 There are eleven Centers of Excellence : (1) Law
                                 Governance and Human Rights; (2) Civil & Criminal         NLIU publishes three journals: (1) Indian Law
                                 Justice Administration; (3) Gender and Health Law;        Review, (2) NLIU Journal of Intellectual Property
                                 (4) Science, Technology and Law; (5) Environmental        Law and (3) NLIU Law Review. University has also
                                 Law; (6) Business and Commercial Law; (7) Law,            published research monographs on different topics.

Annual Lectures and Conferences                          4    Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

NLIU organizes annually Justice Shacheendra              5    School of Law, The University of Western
Dwivedi Memorial Lecture, Justice G. P. Singh                 Sydney, Australia.
Memorial Lecture and special regional and global
conferences on contemporary topics.                      NLIU has MOUs with one Indian University:

In addition to regular teaching and research, training   1    Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai.
programs, refresher courses and workshops for
                                                         Placement of Students
teachers and other target groups are continuing
features of the University. University is actively       Students of NLIU have an excellent track record
engaged in conducting research and consultancy           in placements and placed in a number of leading
projects. To mention a few, it had undertaken
                                                         national and international Law firms, banks, govt.
projects sponsored by Government of M.P., M.P.
                                                         establishments, etc. To name a few alphabetically:-
State Biodiversity Board, Bureau of Police Research
and Development, Ministry of Human Resources             Law Firms
Development , New Delhi; ICSSR, UGC, UNICEF,
                                                         ••   Amarchand & Magaldas & Suresh A. Shroff &
UNDP, GTZ (Germany), UNFPA, etc.
Moot Court
                                                         ••   AZB & Partners
NLIU has a Moot Court Association (MCA) an elected
                                                         ••   Jyoti Sagar & Associates
body of students comprising of successful and
experienced mooters. NLIU organizes two Moot             ••   Juris Corp
Court competition annually i.e. Justice R. K. Tankha
                                                         ••   Khaitan & Co.
Memorial International Moot Court Competition and
other moot court competitions from time to time.         ••   Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan
NLIU also host NLIU-INADR International Mediation        ••   Vaish & Associates
Competition annually. NLIU students participate in
international moot Court competitions every year         ••   Wadia Gandhy & Co.
and have brought laurels to the University.              ••   Trilegal

                                                                                                                COMMON LAW ADMISSION TEST 2018
Academic Exchange Program                                Corporate House

NLIU has an understanding with the renowned              ••   Aditya Birla Group
Centre for Advanced Study and Research on
                                                         ••   Airtel
Intellectual Property (CASRIP), Seattle, U.S.A.,
and two students attend the summer course at             ••   Deloitte
Washington University, Seattle every year. CASRIP
                                                         ••   Goldman Sachs
provides to these students scholarships to attend
the program. NLIU Provides a scholarship of Rs.          ••   ICICI Bank Ltd
30,000/- each to the scholar students.
                                                         ••   ICICI Lombard Ltd
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)                        ••   ICICI Prudential Ltd
NLIU has MOUs with four Foreign Universities:            ••   JSW Steel Ltd

1   International Institute of Air and Space Law of      ••   Larsen & Tubro Ltd
    Leiden University, Netherland.
                                                         ••   Morgan Stanley
2   McGill University, Canada.
                                                         ••   Price Waterhouse Coopers Pvt. Ltd
3   Lucerne University, Switzerland.                     ••   Reliance ADA Group

Foreign Law Firms                                        Annual Fees Schedule for BA.LL.B.(Hons.) & LL.M.

                                 ••   Allen & Overy
                                 ••   Ashurst LLP                                                          Particulars                    LL.M.
                                 ••   Clifford Chance                                           I     Admission Fees (One        ₹6,000   ₹6,000
                                 ••   Herbert Smith LLP                                               Time)

                                 ••   SJ Berwin, LLP                                           II     Tuition Fee

                                 Government Bodies                                                    SC/ST/OBC/PWD/           ₹1,16,000 ₹85,000
                                                                                                      General Students
                                 ••   Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
                                                                                                      NRI / NRI Sponsored     US$ 10000           -
                                 ••   Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
                                                                                               III    Examination &
                                 ••   HUDCO                                                           Facilities Fee
                                 ••   Indian Oil Corporation                                          Reading Material Fee       ₹6,000   ₹6,000
                                 ••   Ministry of Company Affairs                                     IT/Computer Fee            ₹9,000   ₹9,000
                                 ••   Oil & Natural Gas Corporation                                   Examination Fee            ₹6,000   ₹6,000
                                 ••   SEBI                                                            Moot Court Fee             ₹3,000           -
                                 ••   Unit Trust of India                                             Extra Curricular Fee/      ₹6,000   ₹6,000
                                 Legal Process Outsourcing                                            Student Welfare Fee

                                 ••   Pangea3                                                         Campus                     ₹6,000   ₹6,000
                                                                                                      Development Fee
                                 ••   Quislex
                                                                                                      Sports Fee                 ₹4,500   ₹4,500
                                 A number of students are also working with senior
                                                                                                      Library Fee                ₹6,000   ₹6,000
                                 lawyers of Supreme Court & High Courts, and are
                                 also practicing as advocates in District Courts, High         IV Hostel Charges*

                                 Courts and Supreme Court. Some of the students                       Hostel Application           ₹250     ₹250
                                 are working as Advocates on Record in Supreme                        Charges
                                 Court of India and also as Judges in different states.
                                                                                                      Room Rent Charges         ₹18,000 ₹18,000
                                 Some have joined Teaching / Research profession.
                                 A number of students have been selected for                          Mess Charges              ₹26,000 ₹26,000
                                 prestigious Clerkship programme of the Supreme                       Hostel Amenities           ₹7,500    ₹7,500
                                 Court of India.                                                      Charges

                                 A number of NLIU students have gone for higher                V      Refundable Charges
                                 studies to some of the leading universities of world,                (One Time)
                                 like, Oxford University, Cambridge University,                       Caution Money              ₹5,000   ₹5,000
                                 Harvard University, Columbia University, University
                                                                                                      Library Deposit            ₹5,000   ₹5,000
                                 of London, New York University, National University
                                 of Singapore, etc.                                                   Hostel Deposit             ₹5,000   ₹5,000

                                 NLIU     students      have   received    prestigious    1.         There shall be an annual increase of ₹5,000/-
                                 scholarships like Commonwealth Scholarship (UK),                    in the Tuition Fee for Indian Nationals every
                                                                                                     academic session of the 5-year B.A.LL.B.
                                 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (EU).

(Hons.) Course.                                        Bhopal the candidates belonging SC/ST and
                                                            OBC categories of M.P. are eligible to get
2.   The fees / charges are provisional and subject
     to revision as per the decision of University.         reimbursement of certain fee and charges
                                                            from Govt. of India or Govt. of M.P. as the case
     3.Fees once deposited shall not be refunded
                                                            may be.
     under any circumstances whatsoever.

4.   As per the order of the Department of Tribal     *Hostel charges shall be as given at S.No. IV or on
     and Scheduled Cast Welfare, Govt. of M.P.,       actual basis whichever is higher.

                              For Further details contact

                              The National Law Institute University
                              Kerwa Dam Road, Bhopal – 462 044 (M.P)
                              Tele: - (0755) 2696965/70,
                              Tele Fax: (0755) – 2696972
                              E-mail:, Web:

                                                                                                               COMMON LAW ADMISSION TEST 2018

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