THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...

THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
The School Shop
trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd
Online shop:
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
The School Shop is an attractive air-conditioned shop located in the foyer of the Student Centre at St
 Paul’s Collegiate School. All outdoor products stocked in the School Shop come highly recommended
 by Tihoi staff. The products in the School Shop have been tested and approved by the Tihoi directors to
 ensure they are durable and practical enough to withstand the rigorous Tihoi conditions. Shop staff have a
 comprehensive understanding of the Tihoi products and are more than happy to answer any of your queries.

 The shop endeavours to hold stock for both intakes during the year and where ever possible, will honour prices
 stated within this catalogue. However some price increases may apply. The shop accepts Farmlands card for single
 purchases over $100.00 and where possible supports NZ manufacturers. Top brands such as RAB, Evolve, Marmot,
 Ridgeline, Tatonka, Mountain Wear, Lowe Alpine, and Hunters Element, are available to purchase in the School
 Shop. If there is a Ridgeline or Hunters Element product you would like us to order in that is not in this catalogue,
 please contact one of our friendly staff and they will be happy to order this in for you. We welcome feedback from
 parents and students, which helps us to make any improvements to assist you with your shopping experience.
 Please refer to our online shop at
Monday to Friday: 7.45 am – 4.00 pm                           METHODS OF PAYMENT IN THE SCHOOL SHOP
Saturday 8.00 am – 11.00am                                    You can either charge items to your child’s school account,
Trading hours are also listed on the                          or the shop accepts Debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Cash or
website, which is updated regularly.                          Farmlands card.
School Holiday Trading Hours
Every Tuesday and Thursdays: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm
Closed the middle week of Term 3 holidays
                                                              SPECIAL SHOP TIHOI DATES
Closed some EXEAT weekends, please
phone first or refer to the website.                          DATES FOR EXTENDED TRADING HOURS.
                                                              2018/2019 TENTATIVE DATES INTAKE ONE 2019
Shop Tel: 07 9578841 Manager DDI 07 9578882                   Saturday Oct 27 8.00 am - 3.00 pm Confirmed
Online shop.                       Saturday Nov 3 8.00am - 3.00pm Confirmed                             Saturday Nov 24 8.00 am - 3.00 pm Confirmed
Note: Parents, caregivers, extended family and friends        Thursday Jan 10 8.00 am - 3.00 pm Confirmed
are all very welcome to purchase from the school shop         Note: Should there be any changes to these dates you
for their own purpose whether it is to wear around the        will be notified as soon as possible. If you wish to shop
home, on the farm, in the bush or just to look trendy.        outside of normal hours please contact one of our
Please refer to our on line shop.                             friendly staff who can arrange a suitable time with you.
                                                              Free coffee, tea, or milo, while you shop.
1 The School Shop
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
Thank you to you and your team for making the process of advising, fitting and buying of the Tihoi gear so easy
for us. You have everything on site with multiple options available and a great size range, all at competitive
pricing. Your staff were very helpful and knew their product and the suitability for our son. This certainly made
the gear preparation hassle free for me! The added bonus of free sock pack naming was awesome! I had peace
of mind knowing that what my son was taking was going to meet all the needs of the outdoor programme.
Helen Derry

We have had two boys go to Tihoi and have purchased all their clothing and equipment through the St Paul’s
School Shop. The shop has a great range, often providing a choice of different brands for each product, all of
which have been tried & tested at Tihoi. This is reassuring to know your son has the best quality gear for the
tough conditions. Sandy and her team are amazing. Not only do they have a wealth of knowledge on all the Tihoi
gear, the shop provides a fantastic friendly and helpful service. They take the time to make sure your son gets the
right gear choice for his individual needs.
Anna Grigg

Being able to make an appointment at the school shop and having one-on-one assistance when shopping for
Tihoi gear was great. It is quite a list, so the experience and product knowledge of the staff along with the tried
and tested clothing & equipment in stock left me feeling confident that Olly would head off well equipped and
Jenny Barris

Thank you so much for your time and compassion while we were shopping Tihoi products for
Cameron and Josh. At a very stressful time, your patience and helpfulness was much appreciated.
Anita and Paul Stokes.

The School Shop images below

                                          This catalogue is a continuous work in
                                          progress and the shop staff value your
                                          feedback. We look forward to receiving
                                          your testimonials, suggestions, talking
         Free gift branded Tihoi          about your parent tramp and your
         Ballistic top with every         sons experiences at Tihoi.
         single purchase $1,500.00
         and over

                                                                                                Tihoi Catalogue 2
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
                                                                            TIHOI BRANDED BALLISTIC TOP
                                                                            (Pictured left)
                                                                            210gm 100% polyester microfleece.
                                                                            Tapered fit with front ½ zip. Tailored hem
                                                                            line and raglan sleeve. Slim fit.
                                                                            Colour: Black
                                                                            Free gift with a single purchase over

Dear Parents/caregivers
We have put this information and priced catalogue together with the School Shop for your convenience. The
school has had the benefit of more than 30 years experience operating Tihoi Venture School and the accumulative
knowledge from successive directors means they know which products work best in
the unique Tihoi environment.

In addition, working in the outdoor education sector gives us direct contact with the
most up-to-date products, experience and knowledge of their suitability and durability
for our Tihoi students. Clothing and equipment needs to be of a good quality to stand
the rigours of the Tihoi programme and we have worked with St Paul’s School Shop
sharing our knowledge and experience, to offer you a range of products and advice
that we know will meet your son’s needs for the time he is at Tihoi.

All of the products in the School Shop have been tested and approved by either myself or my instructors and
are highly recommended by us. In the past some parents have purchased products elsewhere that have proven
to be unsuitable for Tihoi conditions and consequently parents have had to make a second purchase. We want
to prevent this situation whenever possible.

Please do not hesitate to speak to the staff at Tihoi or the School Shop, if you have any questions. We all want
to share our collective wisdom in assisting you and your son at this time in his education.

  3 The School Shop
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
Tihoi Catalogue 4
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
Raincoat/Over trousers
                                                     Specially designed for
                                                   extreme Tihoi conditions.
                                                   (white stitching only to show detail
                                                                of pockets etc)

                                                  TIPS FOR SEAM WELDED RAINWEAR.
                                               In order to preserve the durability of the welded
                                               tape on seams please do not wash garment in
                                               harsh detergents or hot water. If the garment is left
                                               lying in the heat or by a fire and the tape lifts up, it
                                               easy to press back down again providing it is clean.
Three Layer bonded construction, outer
layer is 125gm Nylon/ripstop/bonded
with a PU membrane/then internally
bonded with a tricot protection gauze,
seam welded. Total finish weight 230gm.
Waterproof rating over 35,000k .
Breathability 10,000 k.
Includes Tihoi stag logo.
Colours: Black with orange, black with blue
Sizes: XS - XL
PRICE: $299.00
(Also ideal for around the farm to keep dry,
protected and a reminder of parent tramp).       2 WATERPROOF HI VIZ OVER TROUSERS
                                                TOP QUALITY GARMENT APPROVED BY
                                                TIHOI AS BEING EXTREMELY DURABLE
                                                Three Layer bonded construction, outer layer
                                                is 125gm Nylon/ripstop/bonded with a PU
                                                membrane/then internally bonded with a
                                                tricot protection gauze, seam welded. Tihoi
                                                stag logo on front. Total finish weight 230gm.
                                                Waterproof rating over 35000k .
                                                Breathability rating 10,000K. Tihoi stag logo
                                                Colours: Black with orange, black with blue
                                                Size: XS - XL
                                                PRICE: $199.90
                                                (Also ideal for around the farm to keep you dry,
                                                protected and a reminder of parent tramp).

                                                    3 NYLON JAC PAC JACKET
                                                   A showerproof, classic fit nylon jacket that
                                                   can fold away into the front pocket.
                                                   Colour: Assorted colour range.
                                                   Sizes: XS -5XL
                                                   PRICE $39.90

                                                        While stock lasts
  5 The School Shop  
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
 1 WEFT THERMERINO TOPS AND LONG                                                              (MCLEAN-CRAWFORD)
JOHNS                                                                                         NZ made 100% merino wool.
100 percent Merino wool. Thermerino is                                                        Superior warmth for snug and
a New Zealand made product that keeps                                                         toastie toes. Very popular with Tihoi
you dry. It is highly breathable and wicks                                                    students. 100 % pure comfort.
moisture rapidly away from the body.
The garments are machine washable.
                                                                                              PRICE: $19.90 PR
Long Johns         Long sleeve tops                                                           Ladies, also ideal in boots to keep
Size for both: XS-3XL                                                                         your feet warm.
OUR PRICE: $55.00 EA

                                                    Fibre comparison

                                      SYNTHETIC FIBRE
                                      Functional, quick drying and abrasion resistance.
                                      Soft fibres are kind to the skin and ensure
                                      high wearing comfort. Keeps the body warm.
                                      MERINO FIBRE
                                      Warm and odourless even after wearing for a long
                                                                                                  3 LOWE ALPINE TREK GAITER
                                      time. Merino provides soft feel with its fibre structure
                                                                                                 Lightweight, waterproof, breathable
                                      and excellent temperature regulation. Takes longer
                                                                                                 front-opening gaiter with tough 600D
                                      to dry. Soft fibres are kind to the skin and ensure        ankle cuff. Full zip and velcro closure
                                      high wearing comfort. Keeps the body warm                  Size S - L
                                                                                                 PRICE: $69.90
                                     4 HELI 100% UNISEX POLYESTER PUFFER JACKET
                                   100% polyester outer and inner. Fill: 100% polyester
                                   fibre. Ultra light micro fabric and incredibly warm
                                   due to the micro fibre padding and technical
                                   construction. Includes detachable hood, full zip
                                   closure, side zip pockets, elastic bound cuffs, internal
                                   and insulated lining which traps air for serious warmth.
                                   Code JK26.
                                   Size: XXS-5XL
                                   Colour: Black/black, black/green, black/blue
                                   PRICE: $99.00

                                              While stock lasts
                                                                                                               Tihoi Catalogue 6
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
Choosing the correct sleeping bag can be a daunting task and below our Rab supplier, who has over 30 year experience with supplying
sleeping bags, has provided the information below to help you make an informed decision. It is very important to the shop staff that your
son is suited to the right sleeping bag and that the confusion over the EN testing is clarified. The Rab sleeping bag is our most popular
seller and we have always received positive feedback on the way it has performed. Tihoi staff also recommend this bag for Tihoi conditions.
CHOOSING THE RIGHT SLEEPING BAG                                               RAB IGNITION 3 SPECIFICATIONS
It is important to understand that a sleeping bag does not warm you
                                                                              The Ignition 3 is a light-weight, packable synthetic
up – its job is to retain the heat that your body generates, preventing
                                                                              insulated sleeping bag, with a ripstop Nylon outer
you from getting cold. In fact, a sleeping bag should be considered an
                                                                              fabric, designed for light-weight, year-round use.•
essential piece of life preserving equipment. Ratings describe how well a
                                                                              Weight: 1350g (Standard) | 1510g (Extra Long)
sleeping bag retains heat when the air exterior to the bag is at a certain
temperature.                                                                  • EN13537:2012 Comfort Rating: 2°C (36°F)

Because all of our bodies are different, what one person needs for a good     • EN13537:2012 Lower Limit Rating: -3.5°C (26°F)
night’s sleep is not necessarily the same as the next. This means that it     • EN13537:2012 Extreme Rating: -20°C (-4°F)
is difficult to quantify exactly how warm a sleeping bag is and as such,
any rating should be treated as a guide. At Rab, we use the European          • Max user height: 185cm/72.8 inches (Standard) |
EN13537:2012 standard, to rate the majority of our sleeping bags.             200cm/78.8 inches (Extra Long)
                                                                              • Shoulder width: 70cm/27.5 inches (Standard) | 72cm/28.3
EN13537:2012 is an up to date European standard designed to regulate          inches (Extra Long)
the temperature ratings of sleeping bags across the industry. The test
assumes that a ‘standard man’ is 25 years old, 1.73 m tall and 73 kg, while   • Hip width: 52cm/20.5 inches (Standard) | 54cm/21.3 inches
a ‘standard woman’ is 25 years old, 1.60 m tall and 60 kg. The EN13537        (Extra Long)
rating is determined by using a thermal mannequin to accurately record
a series of measurements from the ‘Upper limit’, the temperature at           • Foot width: 41cm/16 inches (Standard) | 42cm/16,5inches
which a person can sleep without perspiring, all the way down to the          (Extra Long)
‘Extreme limit’, which determines the minimum temperature at which            • light-weight ripstop nylon outer
a person can survive. Males tend to sleep warmer so it is safe to say the
ratings can be understated.                                                   • Soft touch polyester lining
                                                                              • Pyrotec™ polyester microfibre insulation
For our EN13537:2012 tested sleeping bags, we list the three lowest
temperature ratings; comfort, limit and extreme as well as our own Rab        • Shingled upper construction
Sleep limit.
                                                                              • Blanket base construction
                           Comfort Rating                                     • Mummy taper shape
This rating expresses the optimal temperature you’ll experience when
                                                                              • ¾ length YKK 5 coil main zip
wrapped inside your sleeping bag. You should use the Comfort rating as
the basis for your purchase.                                                  • Left and right hand zips available - can be zipped to other
                        Lower Limit Rating
                                                                              • Anti-snag zipper webbing tape
The ‘Lower limit’ measurement is the temperature at which the test’s
‘standard male’ can remain asleep for eight hours without waking due to       • Internal collar and hood drawcord
heat loss.
                                                                              • Angled footbox
                             Extreme rating                                   RAB IGNITION 4 SPECIFICATIONS
The extreme rating expresses the absolute limit of a sleeping bag. It
should be used to guide how a bag would perform in an emergency               Weight: 1635g (Standard) | 1795g (Extra Long)
situation rather than a recommended use case. It refers to the
temperature at which a ‘standard female’ can remain for six hours             • EN13537:2012 Comfort Rating:-1°C (36°F)
without risk of death from hypothermia.                                       • EN13537:2012 Lower Limit: Rating -7°C (26°F)
So many variables can come into it as well, health, fitness, are they         • EN13537:2012 Extreme Rating: -24°C (-4°F)
using a mat underneath, diet, humidity, altitude, shape of the bag, are       Note: All other features same as Rab Ignition 3
they using a liner, etc so the ratings should only be used as a guide.
                                                                              •Both sleeping bags above have been temperature
Without testing, a bag manufacturer or supplier can say                       tested to the new European standard EN13537: 2012
what they want until someone is called to account. Without
the EN13537:2012, they can only use a guestimate!                               Helpful Hint:
                                                                                To maintain performance of your sleeping
Information supplied by Neil Stitchbury - Rab supplier, NZ                      bag use Nikwax Tech Wax and Nikwax TX
                                                                                Direct spray on.

7 The School Shop
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
The Ignition range features light-weight and packable bags            (ABOVE).
made from a combination of polyester fabrics for durability           The Ignition range features light-weight and packable
and comfort and filled with our proprietary Pyrotec                   bags made from a combination of polyester and polytec
insulation. Temperature tested to new European standards.             microfibre fabrics for durability and comfort and filled
EN13537: 2012. Superior quality, very compact. Comfort                with our proprietary Pyrotec insulation. Temperature
rating -2ºC, limit rating -3.5ºC, extreme rating -20ºC.               tested to new European standards. EN13537:2012.
Bag weight 1350g                                                      Superior quality, very compact. Comfort rating
(very compact sleeping bag) . Mummy shape.                            -1ºC, limit rating -7ºC, extreme rating -24°C warmth.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY TIHOI DIRECTORS                                 Bag weight 1.635kg
RRP: $325.00 OUR PRICE: STANDARD $269.00                              (very compact sleeeping bag) Mummy shape
XL $299.00                                                            HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY TIHOI DIRECTORS
                                                                      RRP: $379.00 OUR PRICE: STANDARD $295.00

Reliable, all-purpose synthetic bag comfort rating - 5ºC            BAG
lower limit rating -11.2ºC, extreme rating - 30ºC Insulates
                                                                    Four seasons sleeping bag -5ºC comfort, however, not EN
in sustained cold and damp conditions. Has improved
liner fabric and style lines for increased comfort.
EN tested 13537. Bag weight 1765g                                   Constructed with double layers of 150 gms per sq metre
                                                                    of 7D Xcell Fibre with offset quilt lines for greater warmth.
                                                                    Size: available in standard and large. Very warm sleeping bag.
EXTRA LONG $219.00
                                                                    Weight: 1.6kg           Standard - Dimensions 210cm (length)
                                                                    x 75cm (shoulder width) x 48 cm (foot width).          Large -
                                                                    Dimensions 220cm (length) x 85cm (shoulder width) x 55cm
                                                                    (foot width)
                                                                    OUR PRICE: STANDARD $199.00                   LARGE $209.00

                                     5 THERMAL ROLL MAT                             6 SLEEPING BAG LINER
                                    10mm foil back 200 x 50, 1cm thick.           Image not shown
                                    Colour: Blue, grey                            100% Polyester made by Bush line apparel.
                                    PRICE $24.90                                  Great for keeping the sleeping bag clean.
                                                                                  Adds an extra degree in warmth.
                                                                                  Colour: Black
                                                                                  PRICE $29.90

                                                  While stock lasts
                                                                                                              Tihoi Catalogue 8
THE SCHOOL SHOP TIHOI CATALOGUE - The School Shop trading as Great Oaks Trading Company Ltd Online shop: - St ...
                                                                                100% polyester 140gm. Made of micro poly square
                                                                                weave. UV protection
                                                                                Classic fit, with reflective badge on straight hem.
                                                                                Size: From XS-5XL
                                                                                Colours: Black/ charcoal, black/green, black/royal
  1 RIDGELINE BREEZE DRI T-SHIRTS                                               blue, navy/sky, navy red. Other colours availble on
100% polyester lightweight, moisture wicking                                    request.
Cool dri fabric with comtemporary                                               PRICE: $29.90
side panel designed to enhance
look as well as performance..
Size: S - 3XL
Colour: Charcoal/ black, navy/black, olive/black.
NORMAL RRP $39.99 OUR PRICE $33.00

                                                            3 EVOLVE VEIL 4 PIECE
                                                             FLEECE PACK (left)
                                                                Size XS - 5XL                    5 POLAR FLEECE SHORTS
                                                               PRICE $119.00                    Our very popular
                                                                RRP $129.00                     450 gm polar fleece.
                                                                                                Size XS-2XL
                                                                                                NZ Made. Very warm
                                                                                                Colour: Black or camo.
                                                                                                PRICE: $45.50
         For ultimate warmth and
         comfort made from premium
         fleece. Very popular
         Colours: Black/orange,
         frost green, navy
         Size S - 4XL
         PRICE: $59.90                                     6 RIDGELINE SLASH
                                                         BUFFALO CAMO CAP
                                                         A sturdy stylish cap.
                                                         PRICE: $18.90

                                     7 RIDGELINE FLEECE STAY DRY PANT
                                    Made with a soft dense construction,                    8 RIDGELINE 5 PIECE FLEECE PACK
                                    provides optimum comfort (so cosy), plus                   Black Micro long sleeve top
                                    the durability to last year after year. With the               black stay dry pants
                                    addition of innovative dry seat liner you can                  olive workman’s tee
                                    safely sit anywhere and never get a wet butt.                  olive fleece beanie
                                    Size : XS - 5XL                                                olive snug fit socks
                                    Colour: Buffalo camo, black olive.                       PRICE: $95.00 Black /green set
                                    RRP $79.00         OUR PRICE $69.00                    PRICE: 119.00 Black set with hood

                                                    While stock lasts

9 The School Shop  
Premium quality and super warm.                                 2 HOODED EVOLVE RUGGED BUSH
Made from top grade cotton and
polyester. Sizes S - 4XL. Available in                      COAT (ABOVE)
desolve Veil and black camoflage.                           Three layer laminated fleece with water resistant
PRICE: $99.00                                               breathable membrane. Very durable. Very
                                                            Extra long tail, wind block and fixed
                                                            hood with Tunnel TECH adjustment.
                                                            Colour: Veil PRICE: $145.00
                                                            Frost green. PRICE: $119.00

TOP                                                                      4 TAPUA BUSHCOAT (LEFT)
Excellent middle layer garment                                         Three layer lightweight water
Superior warmth and wicking ability makes                              resistant outer and high loft fleece
this our top performing mid layer.                                     inner makes an extremely versatile
High collar designed to keep your neck                                 and warm hunting jacket. Wind and
warm and trap heat.                                                    light showers will never bother you
Zippered chest pocket for your essentials.                             again. Fixed hood, chest pocket. Sizes
• Lightweight, packable and windblock soft shell                       S - 4XL. Also available in kids sizes.
• Zippered chest pocket                                                Colour: Veil PRICE: $149.00
• 1/2 front zipper for temperature regulation                          Frost green. PRICE: $139.00
• Ergonomic cut
• High collar
• Size S-3XL While stocks last.                                          5 HUNTERS ELEMENT SHORT
Colour: Frost green, fire, wing
SPECIAL PRICE: $75.00                                                  SLEEVE CLIMBER TEE
                                                                       245 gm microfleece. Very popular.
                                                                       Colours: as per image above
                                                                       other colours available upon request
                                                                       PRICE: $29.90

                                            While stock lasts
                                                                                               Tihoi Catalogue 10
11 The School Shop
CENTRE LIFE                                          H   P FOOTWEAR
H   P   CASUAL CLOTHES FOR SCHOOL AND AROUND THE                  1 pair leather tramping boots
        CENTRE                                                    1 pair gaiters
        2 pairs pyjamas (students must wear pyjamas)              1 pair dive booties
        5 t-shirts (cotton, any style or quick dry)               2 pairs thermal sock liners
        2 long sleeved tops                                       1 pair spare boot laces
        2 pairs long pants (jeans, trousers or track suit)        FITNESS
        2 pairs casual shorts
                                                                  1 pair off road running shoes
        1 pair polar fleece shorts
                                                                  4 pairs running socks
        10 pairs underpants
                                                                  1 quick dry shirt (100% polyester).
        1 duvet & cover
                                     Tick Boxes key               1 St Paul’s Collegiate house singlet
        1 pillow
                                     P- Packed                    1 pair St Paul’s Collegiate rugby shorts
        4 towels
                                     H-Have already               1 lightweight windbreaker
        10 coat hangers
                                                                  (Please note most running at Tihoi
        1 pair swimming shorts
                                                                  is performed on bush tracks and farm
        Toiletries (including two face cloths )
                                                                  paddocks therefore, a good tread is needed
                                                                  on running shoes).
        1 pair rubber jandals/sandals/slip ons/crocs
        1 pair gumboots
        1 pair slippers or ugg boots                              OTHER
                                                                  Nikwax or Sno-seal (boot protector)
                                                                  10 large plastic bags (rubbish bags)
        3 polypropylene long sleeved tops                         1 pair sunglasses
        3 pairs polypropylene long johns                          sunscreen
        1 polypropylene balaclava                                 insect repellent
        1 polar fleece jacket (heavy weight)                      OPTIONAL
        2 polar fleece light weight jerseys                       USB memory stick
        2 pairs polar fleece pants                                bed socks
        8 pairs woollen socks (attach with loops)                 neck warmer
        1 raincoat (good quality waterproof above                 alarm clock
        20,000mm rating and breathable)                           camera
        1 pair heavy duty over trousers (waterproof               extra blanket
        above 20,000mm rating and breathable)                     wall posters
        1 pair waterproof over mittens                            books
        2 beanies - fleece or wool                                musical Instruments
        1 cap                                                     cards
        1 pair woollen mittens/gloves                             hot water bottle
        2 pairs polyproplene gloves                               lamp/lantern for bedside
        1 full Length 3-5 mm wetsuit
        1 LED headtorch                                           Note: No telephone, spray
        1 synthetic sleeping bag (Please refer to page            deodorants or aerosols of any
        7 for information about temperature ratings).             kind please.
        1 sleeping bag liner
        1 tramping pack (75L)
        1 pack liner
        1 sleeping mat (thermal insulation)
        2 heavy duty dry bags (30L - 35L)
        1 pair overalls (long sleeve)
        1 mug (not glass)
        1 plate & bowl (not glass)
        1 set of knife, fork, spoon
        2 water bottles
        1 pair compression or lycra shorts

                                                                                        Tihoi Catalogue 12
  1 EVOLVE ECHO OR LIMA BOOTS                                                                      High top boots made from oiled full
High cut, lightweight boots. Suede leather              2 MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE                       grain Gortex leather offering support and
combined with a Hydrafuse waterproof                   POLYPROP SOCK LINERS.                       protection. Waterproof lining.
lining. Double stitched. Aggressive vibram             Ultra warm, breathable, lightweight and     Size: 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
viking sole with excellent grip for all                compact. Also prevents blisters. Made       SPECIAL PRICE: $349.90
conditions. Pressed steel lace hooks. High cut         in NZ. Can be worn as sock liners or        NORMALLY $399.00
provides excellent ankle support.                      on their own. Extra length for ultimate
Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14 US                warmth.
PRICE: $199.00                                         Size 4-6, 7- 9, 10-12, 13-14
                                                       Colours: Black or navy.
                                                       PRICE: $18.90

                                                                                                   5 BATA GUMBOOTS
                                                                                                  Safemate black upper/green slip resistant
                                                                                                  sole. Cushioned hi-poly comfort insole.
                                                                                                  Outdoor tread designed for rough terrain
4                                                                                                 and uneven surfaces. Made in New Zealand.
MId-cut style waterproof hiking boot. Hyper-                                                      Size: 4-15 wide comfortable fit.
grip textured outer sole and provides excel-                                                      PRICE: $62.90
lent traction on both wet and dry surfaces.
Hydroguard membrane. Top grain waterproof
treated nubuck leather outer fabric with 200g
thinsulate insulation inner fabric. Fast lacing sys-
tem. Slightly wider than the Echo boot above.
Size US 7 - US 14
OUR PRICE: $239.00

     6 ALP THERMAL SOCKS                                                                          7 ALP GUMBOOT SOCKS
    For ultimate warmth and foot comfort.                                                        For ultimate warmth and comfort includes
    This sock includes full terry interior                                                       strategically placed cushion zones, nylon
    nylon reinforced heel and toe, and                                                           reinforced heel and toe, with anti-twist
    merino wool as the fibre of choice.                                                          sole. Shrink controlled. Made in NZ.
    Odour-resistant, non abrasive and                                                            Sizes: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 .
    blister proof properties. Made in NZ.                                                        PRICE: $18.90 PR
    These socks have always been a winner.
    Size: 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14.
    PRICE: $17.90 PR                                                                    Helpful Hint:
    Please refer to page 20 for sock pack                                               Gumboot socks are so comfortable to wear in
    special                                                                             gumboots, as they have a anti twist sole, and ankle
                                                                                        fit. Swap one pair of Alp thermal socks with one pair
                                                                                        of gumboot socks in your sock pack.
                                                       While stock lasts
13 The School Shop    
                                        Long sleeve crew neck thermal top
                                        100% polypropylene. Made in NZ for NZ
                                        conditions. An assortment of colour stripes
                                        Size S - 3XL
                                        PRICE: $29.00

Thermal long johns
100% polypropylene. Made
in NZ for NZ conditions. An
assortment of colour stripes
Size S - 3XL
PRICE: $29.00

                                                                                                3 MICROACTIVE JOCKEY
                                       4 PLAIN POLYPROPYLENE LONG JOHNS
                                                                                                Midway Trunk Jockey.
                                      SHORT OR LONG SLEEVE TOPS                                Performance microfibre - lightweight,
                                      Short sleeve, long sleeve and long john. NZ made         smooth fabric for comfort. Fast
                                      polypropylene. Black and navy. Quick drying,             drying with mesh panels for
                                      hardwearing, moisture wicking and warm.                  breathability. Double layer pouch for
                                      Size 14 and XS-3XL                                       extra support. Colour: Black.
                                      Coiour: Black                                            PRICE: $25.90
                                      PER GARMENT PRICE: $35.00
                                                                                                5 THERMAL BALACLAVA
                                                                                               One size fits all 100%
                                                                                               PRICE: $13.50

                                 6 MICROFLEECE LONG SLEEVE TOPS
                               Micro doesn’t mean less, it means more. Finely woven
                               polyester fibres gives you the guarantee of superior
                               warmth and light weight. It features a neck zip for full
                               heat retention that looks good zipped up or down.
                               Special features include Fleece Southern Star 200gsm, and
                               zipped chest pockets. The tiny 200gsm Southern Star fleece
                               fibres create multiple air cells that trap warth inside and
                               gives you an excellent protection against the most extreme
                               outdoor conditions. Southern Star 200 TM does not retain
                               moisture but allows it to evaporate and the fabric stays dry.
                               Sizes available: XS -2XL (While stocks last).
                               Colours: Black, blue camo (see right), blaze (see right),
                               buffalo camo (see left).
                               RRP $59.00 OUR SPECIAL PRICE: $39.00

                                                 While stock lasts
                                                                                                                  Tihoi Catalogue 14
TOG (Thermal overall grade) rating is 1.8. Heat Weaver
insulation lining; with long extendable cuffs. Extremely
warm. Moisture wick properties
PRICE: $22.50

                                           2 HEAT HOLDERS THERMAL HAT
                                          Beautiful warm plush fur like thermal lining that
                                          maximises the amount of warm air held close to
                                          the skin. Complete with two reflective stripes.
                                          Moisture wick properties.
                                          Colours: Fluro yellow, orange
                                          PRICE $23.00

                                 3 HEAT HOLDERS NECK WARMER
                                Heat holder yarn, heat weaver lining for extra warmth and
                                protection. One size fits all. A versatile and effective alternative
                                to a scarf. Sculptured to go around the neck and chin to for extra
                                warmth and protection very popular item for parent tramp as
                                well. Outer 100 % Acrylic Lining 100 % polyester. Moisture wick
                                Colour: Black                     PRICE: $19.00

                                 4 HEAT HOLDER THERMAL UNDERWEAR
                               53% polyester & 47% cotton. Ribbed construction, soft brushed inner and shapes to
                               contour the body. Long johns have elasticated waist and fly opening. The soft brushed
                               inner maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin and cotton blend of the
                               product provides natural softness and warmth. These thermals are extremely warm with
                               a 0.45 TOG rating.
                               Colour Charcoal                       WHAT IS TOG RATING?
                               Sizes S - XL                          Thermal   Overall Grade. It is a scientific test that
                               PRICE: $39.00.                        measures   the thermal (heat retaining), capacity
                                                                     of fabric. The higher the TOG rating the warmer
                                                                     the garment.

                                                      While stock lasts
15 The School Shop
1 RIDGELINE BLEANIE                                                        2 POLY PROP THERMAL GLOVES
Beanie, balaclava and neck warmer all in one.                             100% polypropylene
Lightweight, anti-pill microfleece available in                           Made in NZ
camo, olive or black.                                                     Colour: Black, navy.
PRICE: $22.00                                                             PRICE: $14.50

                                                                            4 POSSUM/MERINO GLOVES
                                                                          A unique blend of polypropylene, merino
                                                                          and possum fur with elastane. Made in NZ
                                                                          Colour: Black.
                                                                          PRICE: $25.00
    Light 200g microfleece anti-pill composition.
    Colours: Black, buffalo camo,
    blue camo, blaze camo.
    PRICE $14.00                               5 ACE LAMINATED DRY BAG
                                              ACE laminated dry sack. Extra heavy
                                              duty dry bag
                                              Size: 67 x 30cm Volume 30 Litres
                                              Weight: 410gm
                                              PRICE: $39.00 ea

                                                                              7 HUNTERS ELEMENT VEIL BUFF
  100 % Cotton 92 cm x 185 cm
  Colour: White                                                              Very popular, multi- functional tubular accessory.
  PRICE: $59.00                                                              Ideal for many different activities. Lightweight,
  Poly/cotton 50/50 mix, 92 cm x 185 cm                                      breathable moisture wick fabric also wind
  Colour: White                                                              resistant.
  PRICE: $39.00.                                                             Colour: Veil, camo.
                                                                              OUR PRICE: $29.00

                                             While stock lasts
                                                                                                      Tihoi Catalogue 16
                                                                                  Large capacity with special carrying system.
                                                                                  Fits and sits perfectly. Will efficiently transmit
                                                                                  heavy loads to the hips. Generous 65L- Holds
                                                                                  similar amount to 75L pack. Tana 60 appeals
                                                                                  for its all-round trekking features and no
                                                                                  less important, for its new slender form and
                                                                                  striking design.
                                                                                  OUR PRICE: $399.00

  1 DIRAN 65-75L PACK
 Lowe Alpine Diran is fully featured with a front-entry and
 bellows side pockets, and sleeping bag compartment.
 The new basic-level Axiom adjustable back system
 provides a softer back panel with breathable spacer
 mesh and pull to adjust harness. 65L extending to 75L.
 Colours: Blue, camo green or black
 RRP: $350.00 OUR PRICE: $295.00

                                                 3 LOWE ALPINE VECTOR 30
                                               DAY PACK
                                               A durable and well-made day pack
                                               with a strong mountain heritage. 30L
                                               PRICE: $59.00

  Tatonka Bison 75L built on the award winning X1                                 5 TATONKA YUKON 70L PACK
  carrying system. Originally designed for the German
  military, the X1 harness system is ideal for long                             A lighter weight, fully featured treking/
  distances, carrying heavy loads. Ultra comfort.                               tramping model, with a size adjustable
                                                                                V2 harness carrying system. Carries
  Please refer to enclosed Tatonka Bison information in                         medium to heavy loads. Rain cover
  this pack. This pack is for serious trampers.                                 included. Fits and sits perfectly.
  RRP $495.00 OUR PRICE: $470.00                                                PRICE $425.00
  95L on request. POA

                                              While stock lasts
17 The School Shop
1 LUNA TWIN TORCH LANTERN                                             2 SPORT-WASH
                              Kiwi Camping lantern                                                  Scent destroying laundry
                              Four panel LED lantern, two lighting modes                            detergent. No scent kills
                              (high or low), sturdy base design with foldaway                       odour. Ideal for washing seam
                              carry handles. Two detachable torches with                            sealed jackets to preserve
                              two lighting modes (torch or area light).                             seal. Wash in cold water.
                              PRICE: $59.00.

                                                                           3 ST PAUL’S DRINK BOTTLE
                                                                          750ml plastic drink bottle with
                                                                          school logo. Aim and squirt with
                                                                          patented valve lid.
                                                                          PRICE: $6.90

                                                                            4 NIKWAX BOOT
                                                                          Nubuck Suede and
                                                                          leather boot protector
    5 HEAD TORCH SEO3 LED LENSER                                          PRICE $17.50
  Features smart light technology for switching
  quickly between high and low power and a
  signal mode and boasts three white LEDS, 1                               6 SNO-SEAL
  red and a helpful carabiner clip. Performance                           All season leather protection.
  high 90 lumens 10 hours, low 15 lumens                                  Waterproof and protects gear
  40 hour. Far superior to previous H5 model.                             against drying out.
  Weight 3.4 ounces.                                                      PRICE: $19.90
  Colour: Orange, green
  PRICE: $75.00

                                   7 DOITE MULTICAMPER LAMPARA LINTERNA
                                 125 Lumens LED light . Green LED indicator shows the
                                 lantern in darkness/emergency. Special top clear magnifying
                                 LENs provides focused long beam. Use as torch or lantern
                                 Side knob for directional or area light. On/off button with
                                 high, low or flashing function. Height 155 mm x 70mm wide.
                                 Water resistant
                                 BATTERIES INCLUDED
                                 PRICE: $59.90

Repels water and stains to keep leather boots,
shoes and handbags clean and dry. Suitable
for suede leather and fabric shoes 200g can.
                                                                                                     9 PACK LINER
PRICE: $13.90                                                                                       Large 150cm x 65cm
                                                                                                    PRICE: $6.50

                                            While stock lasts
                                                                                                             Tihoi Catalogue 18
                                                                             NOW WITH TIHOI LOGO AND STAG IMAGE
                                                                             ON BACK
                                                                             Made in New Zealand 3mm neoprene
                                                                             all over, including arms and legs. Tihoi
                                                                             logo on front with stag graphic on back
                                                                             Size 12, 14, 16, XS-3XL
                                                                             PRICE: $279.00

  5mm wetsuits. Made using
  protective nylon back, insulated
  neoprene rubber sheets. Neoprene
  all over, including arms and legs.                                              4 TURU OVERALLS
  Fabric made in Genoa Italy and                                                 Poly cotton full length overalls.
  wetsuit made in Cambodia.                                                      Colour: Navy
  Size S - XL                                                                    Size: 3 - 14
  PRICE: $399.00                                                                 PRICE: $75.00

  5mm neoprene boot style with zip.
  Size 5-14
  PRICE: $62.90

                             5 UNISEX COMPRESSION LEGGINGS                6 UNISEX COMPRESSION SHORTS
                            Unlimited edition lightweight, breathable,   Unlimited edition lightweight, breathable
                            full length compression leggings. Provides   compression shorts. Provides muscle
                            muscle support while allowing freedom        support while allowing freedom of
                            of movement. Not recommended for             movement. Not recommended for
                            sleeping in as will inhibit circulation.     sleeping in as will inhibit circulation.
                            Very durable.                                Very durable.
                            SIZE S - L                                   Size XXS - 2XL
                            PRICE : $65.50                               PRICE : $55.00

                                               While stock lasts
19 The School Shop
                         Eight pairs of top quality Alp thermal socks
                           Made in NZ - 70% merino wool, 30% nylon
                    Shrink controlled with nylon reinforced heel and toe.
                The ultimate in warmth and comfort, naturally odour resistant,
                            non-abrasive properties. Pack includes
                        two pairs of Mountain Adventure sock liners
                     NZ made, breathable, longer length and lightweight
                               one pack 4m black bias binding
                     PACK PRICE: FREE label sewing available on
                       this pack (Please supply 20 name labels)
                                    PRICE: $166.90

           One stainless steel mug
        one stainless steel dinner plate
           one stainless steel bowl
         one stainless steel cutlery set
            (knife, fork and spoon)
             Only $39.90
 (includes free in-house engraving)

                               While stock lasts
                                                                                 Tihoi Catalogue 20
Free gift neck warmer

                                 STARTER PACK SPECIAL
                                     one x Lowe Alpine Diran 65-75L pack
                                 (pack highly recommended by Tihoi staff)
                         one x pair Hunters Element Echo tramping boots (size 6-14)
                           two x Ridgeline 5 piece fleece pack colour black/green
                                       two x Dri gear quick dri t shirts
                                            one x pair bed socks
                                   two x 30L Ace Camp heavy duty dry bags
                                        one x pair heat holder gloves
                                    one x Marmot trestle 15 sleeping bag
                                  (Free heat holder neck warmer)
                          PRICE (with regular size sleeping bag) $988.00
                            PRICE ( With X long sleeping bag $999.00)
                             (A total saving of $121.70 plus free gift)

                                      While stock lasts
21 The School Shop
                                     WATERPROOF RAINCOAT                                                                           Breathable, 8000mm
                                     GONDWANA                                                                                      waterproof and
                                                                                                                                   durable. Lower leg
                                     RAINCOAT                                                                                      zip opening with
                                     10,000mm waterproof rating. Weight: 812g with fold away hood.                                 zipped back pocket.
                                     Large stow pockets with hand warmers. Double storm flap with                                  Tritec two layer
                                     stud closures and waist draw cord. Tritec breathable three layer                              breathable ripstop
                                     ripstop fabric.                                                                               fabric. Proven for
                                     Size: L-3XL (Limited stock available) Colour: BLACK                                           Tihoi conditions.
                                     Proven for Tihoi conditions. Wash in cold water with Sport-                                   Wash in cold water
                                     wash detergent.                                                                               with Sportswash
                                     OUR PRICE $120.00                                                                             detergent.
                                                                                                                                   Size: L-3XL (Limited
                                                                                                                                   stock available)
                                                                                                                                   OUR PRICE: $79.00

                                                                                                          POLAR FLEECE TRACK PANTS
                            RIDGELINE DEER STAG HOODIE
                            Made of super warm poly/cotton fleece.                                        END OF LINE SPECIAL PRICING
                            Eye-catching deer artwork on the                                              Our very popular 450gm polar fleece ,
                            front and Ridgeline’s famous buffalo                                          NZ Made. Very warm.
                            camo print on inside of the hood.                                             Size XS -2XL
                            Size 14 only (Limited stock available)                                        Colour: Black or camo
                            Colour: Black, olive.                                                         PRICE: $49.50
                            PRICE: $59.90

Products supplied by The School Shop are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that applies to faulty workmanship or product malfunction
within one year of the purchase date. Product misuse or poor product maintenance is not covered by this warranty. To ensure that the product
warranty applies, please read the following carefully.
To ensure that the life of the EVOLVE TRAMPING BOOTS is prolonged, they require the following care:
• Boots are to be waterproofed with an appropriate leather waterproofing agent (e.g. Nikwax) prior to their use, and regularly thereafter when
   used in wet or damp conditions.
• Boots are to be dried and aired after use, especially when the boots have become wet or damp.
• Boots are to be laced and tightened appropriately when wearing (see specific instructions in product box).
Sleeping bags should be cared for accordingly:
• Aired and dried to protect the material from accumulating mildew.
• Do not roll and pack into the bag as it can increase moisture build up. Stuff into the cram bag.
• Used in conjunction with a sleeping bag liner to prevent general wear and tear.
• Hand washed or dry-cleaned according to the cleaning instructions. Sleeping bags are not made to be put in washing machines.
When caring for your TRAMPING PACK, ensure the following:
• All straps must be tightened and excess straps tied to the pack to avoid them being caught, especially during transportation.
• A pack liner is inserted into the pack as an additional waterproofing precaution.
While this is by no means a comprehensive list of instructions, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure care is taken
with these garments. We would expect that these products would last long after the students’ Tihoi experience.

All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this catalogue.
St Paul’s Collegiate School makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of this information.
All items are subject to our terms of trade and are available only while stocks last.

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