Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
Three world-class universities.
Three continents.
Three degrees.
One unparalleled experience.

L O S   A N G E L E S      H O N G   K O N G   M I L A N
Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
Build a
Global Network

“The World Bachelor in Business        “At Credit Suisse, in addition to         “Passion, vision and courage are
 partnership is about imagination,      academic excellence, we look for well-    fundamental skills for the leaders
 adventure and gaining an               rounded candidates with long-term         who will drive the business of L’Oréal
 essential global perspective           potential, and we seek enthusiastic       in the future. The World Bachelor in
 through which the students of          people who will add fresh perspectives    Business program represents a unique
 today become the international         to our business throughout their          opportunity for students to explore
 business leaders of tomorrow.          career with us. The strong academic       different cultures and push themselves
 Joining three exceptional              grounding, along with international       to new limits in a real-world experience.
 universities together in pursuit       and cultural exposure, students will      At L’Oréal, we are convinced that
 of a remarkable 21st-century           obtain from the World Bachelor in         people make the difference more than
 educational experience, this           Business program will give them a         processes. In four years and on three
 innovative program helps students      head start in today’s business world.”    continents, WBB students will not only
 expand their potential and                               — Amie Wiseman          build solid competencies but also
 leverage new opportunities. As                                Vice President     reinforce interpersonal capabilities and
 a member of the USC Marshall                  Head of Campus Relations APAC      live their first intercultural experiences
 Undergraduate Advisory Council,                                Credit Suisse     of management and leadership in a
 I am particularly proud of the                                                   connected world. They will be prepared
 World Bachelor in Business                                                       to face rapidly changing business
 program and look forward to                                                      areas and intercultural contexts, as it
 witnessing and cheering the                                                      is at L’Oréal. We wish WBB students a
 journeys of its students.”                                                       thrilling experience!”
                  — Paul Baribault                                                                — Andrea Guaraldo
           Vice President, Marketing                                                           Human Resources Director
 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures                                                                       L’Oréal Italia
Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
A Program for Future Global Leaders

The World Bachelor in Business (WBB) is a bold new direction in higher education, whose
goal is to foster truly international leaders who can thrive with the sort of complex
international problems and opportunities facing business today. A cohort of 45 students
from across the globe study at three highly regarded business schools, each in a major
economic and cultural zone. At the end of four years, students have completed the
required coursework for all three universities, earning a bachelor’s degree from
each institution.

The WBB is the only undergraduate program of its kind, designed           MULTIPLY YOUR ASSETS
to engage intellectually curious and entrepreneurial students             Faculty thought leaders,
in a business curriculum that connects leading-edge teaching              experiential learning, exposure
methods with cultural immersion and real-world experiences.               to international markets,
English is the common language of the WBB as students become              access to business leaders and
versed in the fundamentals of business in Asia, Europe and                membership in influential alumni
North America. With access to the resources of not one, but               networks — multiply these
                                                                          assets by three top universities
three research universities, students can expect rewarding
                                                                          and opportunities increase
opportunities for learning with internationally renowned teacher-
                                                                          exponentially. Students with
scholars, as well as through research, extracurricular activities         a World Bachelor in Business
and internships that give them access to companies and                    build a global network with
business leaders making a global impact.                                  unprecedented potential.

This is an approach to education that global executives want,
an approach that will prepare a new generation of leaders for the opportunities of an
interconnected world. At the end of this journey, students are global citizens fluent in the
language of international business and join alumni networks with nearly endless reach and

World Bachelor in Business students can delve into the heart of Los Angeles to explore
the emerging relationships between technology and entertainment during their first year
at USC. They can meet with financial leaders in the high rises of Hong Kong to discuss the
global banking industry while at HKUST. In Milan, they can consolidate their economic and
management knowledge as they study the complexities of integrating the many countries
of the European Union at Bocconi. After a fourth year at the partner school of their choice,
WBB graduates will possess analytical, social and language skills that will uniquely qualify
them for careers in a rapidly changing business arena.

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
Business Across Borders

                                        YEAR ONE
                                                                                                                           YEAR TWO

                                      University of Southern                                                               The Hong Kong
                                       California’s Marshall                                                            University of Science
                                        School of Business                                                                and Technology

Students will begin their WBB education at the University                 Year two takes students to Asia for an intensive year
of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.                     of study at the Hong Kong University of Science and
Consistently ranked among the nation’s premier schools,                   Technology. HKUST is a top-ranked international university
USC Marshall is internationally recognized for its emphasis               with world-class faculty and facilities. The HKUST Business
on entrepreneurship and innovation, social responsibility                 School is recognized as one of the youngest and most
and path-breaking research. Its undergraduate                             respected business schools in Asia and has an international
programs emphasize experiential learning that nurtures                    faculty of 140 professors. The school has also established
entrepreneurial talent and critical-thinking skills. Located in           a solid international reputation for its research excellence,
Los Angeles, USC Marshall is integrally connected to Pacific               with consistent rankings as No. 1 in Asia and top 20 in the
Rim industries defining the new business frontier.                         world.

• Consistently ranked among the nation’s top tier of research             • Named the top university in Asia by QS Asian University Rankings
  institutions                                                              2011–2013
• University Park campus attracts nearly 35,000 students from             • Global reputation for its world-class EMBA and MBA programs, as well
  throughout the United States and 100 countries; USC has the largest       as high-quality research
  number of international students of any U.S. university
                                                                          • Dynamic learning environment designed to nurture well-rounded
• More than 400 internationally regarded graduate and professional          graduates with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking
                                                                          • Strong ties with global thought leaders as well as wide-ranging
• Strong corporate connections and Trojan Family Network of more than       connections with Mainland China
  300,000 alumni in over 100 countries

LOS ANGELES                                                               HONG KONG
Los Angeles is a global force in industries ranging from health care to   Hong Kong, a major global financial and business center, is a
entertainment, from real estate to communications, from biotechnology     commercially vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences
to green design. Los Angeles is home to the headquarters of 15 Fortune    fuse. Situated in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong has one of the largest
500 companies and a thriving multicultural environment where more         foreign exchange markets in the world. It is also rated as the world’s
than 200 languages are spoken. USC puts students at the heart of Los      most competitive economy. In addition to being a strategic gateway to
Angeles and Southern California, providing connections to the people      Mainland China, which is a major engine of world growth, Hong Kong also
and places that make L.A. one of the nation’s gateways to the global      serves as a convenient entry point to the rest of Asia, providing students
economy.                                                                  with easy access to countries like Singapore, Korea and Japan.

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
                                        YEAR THREE
                                                                                                                         YEAR FOUR

                                               Bocconi                                                                choose any of the three
                                              University                                                                partner universities

For the third year, WBB students will move from the Pacific                    In the fourth year, WBB students choose one of the three
Rim to the heart of Europe to study at Bocconi University                     partner universities to complete their studies. Throughout
in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1902, Bocconi is a university of                  their journey, students will gain an understanding of their
international standing in business, economics, law and                        interests and future goals. This crucial fourth year provides
social sciences that welcomes students from dozens of                         students with the flexibility to truly customize their college
countries. Its programs, from Bachelor of Science through                     experience:
Ph.D., focus on interactive teaching methods and hands-
on experience that prepare students for success in the job                    • A final year at Bocconi focusing on European finance and
                                                                                international management, as well as honing Italian skills
market. Bocconi promotes economic advancement through                           and making the most of a multicultural environment.
research and instills civic values in all its students by
                                                                              • More time at HKUST to further explore Hong Kong as a
placing a strong emphasis on ethics.                                            world financial center and China as an engine of growth in
                                                                                international business
• Highly ranked MBA and Master of Science programs
                                                                              • Return to USC, leveraging partnerships with the university’s
• Students and faculty coming from 80 countries; international
                                                                                connections to the entertainment, real estate or
  programs from Bachelor to Ph.D. taught in English, with emphasis on
                                                                                communications industries
  research at all levels
• Network of relations with 254 leading universities in 50 countries,
  enabling more than 2,000 study abroad opportunities each year
• Strong connections with the global business community and the
  international job market, including a solid network of alumni worldwide

Milan is Italy’s international economic and financial hub, as well as a
capital for fashion and industrial design. Living here, students will soon
understand why Milan is famous among Italian cities for its fast pace and
hardworking can-do attitude. Italian culture, cuisine and nightlife are all
within walking distance of the Bocconi campus, and the town center is a
showcase for Milan’s history as a regional capital of the Roman Empire, a
powerful medieval Duchy and Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance home.

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
A Curriculum Without Boundaries
    The WBB curriculum is rigorous and provides a solid foundation in business and economics. It also encourages a
    well-rounded education, requiring liberal arts courses with an emphasis on writing, science and humanities.

    The first three years are composed of required courses that focus on a variety of topics according to the country
    of study and the special strengths of each school. Business and legal courses with regional emphases will help
    students acquire an in-depth understanding of the nuances of doing business in different global environments.
    Students will take most of their classes with the general university population, but a class specifically for the
    cohort will be arranged each year.

    Y E A R O N E : USC
    At USC, students will be
                                             YE AR T WO : HKUST
                                             Leveraging HKUST’s strengths
                                                                                    YEAR THREE: BOCCONI
                                                                                    The Bocconi curriculum focuses
    immersed in business from                as a school of science and             on finance, economics and
    day one. The first year includes          technology, students will gain         law; and courses in the third
    foundational business courses            professional and technical             year will include Corporate
    like Microeconomics for Business,        knowledge while developing             Finance, Financial Markets
    along with classes designed to           a strong entrepreneurial spirit        and Institutions, and European
    build essential business skills like     and innovative thinking — the          Economic Policy. Students will
    Writing and Critical Reasoning.          necessary foundation and skills        examine the fundamentals of
                                             for an evolving world. Courses         Italian civil law within the broader
    In Leading Organizations, which
                                             will offer unique insights into the     framework of European legal
    focuses on leadership and
                                             way business works in China and        culture in Introduction to the Legal
    management skills, students
                                             Asia and provide an introduction       System, and analyze economic
    participate in hands-on projects
                                             to the Chinese languages. Other        developments in Western nations
    at the Experiential Learning
                                             courses such as Mathematics for        in Economic History. The course
    Center, one of the top business
                                             Economists, Business Statistics        in Public Management will explore
    training facilities at any institution
                                             and Introduction to Information        the complex relations between
    of higher education. Through
                                             Systems emphasize mathematical         private businesses and the
    business simulations, students put
                                             and analytical skills. Students will   government bodies for whom they
    theory into practice and develop
                                             take their first Accounting class       supply products, services and
    leadership, negotiation and
                                             and develop critical-thinking skills   management know-how at the
    communication skills.
                                             studying Science and Technology        national and local levels.
    Learning About International             and other subjects.
                                                                                    In additional classes, students will
    Commerce (LINC) is a course
                                             In both the first and second            learn about the specifics of doing
    combining classroom study in
                                             years, students can select from        business in the European Union
    international business with a
                                             a variety of humanities courses        and build introductory Italian
    10-day trip abroad to meet with
                                             (literature, music, philosophy, art,   language skills.
    executives and political leaders.
                                             anthropology, religion, history,
    The WBB cohort will travel to
                                             etc.) designed to encourage an
    South America for exposure to an
                                             appreciation of Western and/or
    international market outside of the
                                             Chinese cultures and to develop
    three zones included in the degree.
                                             analytical and communication skills.

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University

                                        1st year             @ USC – Los Angeles                                       CP

                                        Semester I           Organizational Behavior and Leadership                     -
                                                             Writing and Critical Reasoning – Thematic Approaches       -
                                                             Social Issues                                              -
                                                             Fundamental Principles of the Calculus                     6
                                        Semester II          Science and Its Significance                                -
                                                             Microeconomics for Business                                8
                                                             Advanced Writing                                           6
                                                             Arts and Letters                                           -

                                        2nd year             @ HKUST – Hong Kong

                                        Semester I           Macroeconomics                                             6

The fourth and final year
                                                             Mathematics for Economists
                                                             Understanding Business in Asia
                                                             Chinese Communications
reinforces an integrated view of                             Science and Technology                                     -
                                                             Healthy Lifestyle                                          -
business with courses in Business
                                        Semester II          Principles of Accounting I                                 6
Communications, Ethics and
                                                             Intro to Information Systems                               4
                                                             Business Statistics                                        6
                                                             Operations Management                                      6
Year four also allows students to
                                                             Seminar in Asia’s Business                                 -
focus on specific interests and
                                                             Humanities                                                 6
objectives, not only in the choice                                                                                     50
of which school to attend, but also
through the selection of elective       3rd year             @ Bocconi – Milan
courses.                                Semester I           Marketing                                                  6
                                                             Introduction to the Legal System - Module 1                6
                                                             Managerial Accounting (Accounting II)                      6
                                                             Public Management                                          6
                                                             Finance - Module 1 (Financial Markets and Institutions)    6
                                        Semester II          Introduction to the Legal System (Module 2)                6
                                                             Finance - Module 2 (Corporate Finance)                     6
                                                             European Economic Policy                                   6
                                                             Global History                                             6
                                                             Doing Business in Europe (seminar)                         2
                                                             Second Foreign Language                                    6

                                        4th year             Open

                                                             During the fourth and final year, students can choose
                                                             not only the location of the school but also 3 elective
                                                             courses which reflect specific individual interests
                                                             and objectives                                             48

                                                             Total credit points                                       180

                                      * Course requirements are subject to change

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
The Student Experience

    LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY                                         there are many student associations engaging in
    Being able to communicate in multiple languages              artistic, musical and theatrical activities, as well as
    enables the kind of network building and personal            sports, charity, case competitions and consultancy,
    relations that can make a big difference when doing           enabling WBB students to interact with current and local
    business. The objective of foreign language courses in       peers. Of course, all three cities have abundant historical
    the WBB is to provide students with the ability to use       and cultural sites to explore, and their locations are ideal
    English at an advanced level, while Italian, a second        bases from which to make excursions to nearby cities
    European language and Chinese will be taught at the          and countries: from South East Asia to Central America,
    introductory level. Progress in language learning will be    from Europe to Middle East, opportunities to explore the
    certified in courses at each school or through recognized     world are at easy reach every year!
    language certificates.
                                                                 BUSI N ESS… F I R ST HAN D
    ACCOMMODATIONS                                               The WBB program integrates curricular and co-curricular
    Residential life is an important component of a university   learning, giving students direct exposure to different
    education. This is particularly crucial for WBB students.    academic, cultural and professional environments.
    All students will be provided with accommodations in         Outside of the classroom, students may visit companies,
    university housing at each location, offering them the        meet executives and have the chance to hear guest
    opportunity to meet friends from all over the world,         speakers, including alumni and corporate leaders from
    understand different cultures and adjust to the local         the business community. In addition, students may take
    community. All three universities provide various            advantage of internships or work on research projects
    residential hall options both on campus and off campus.       with faculty.

    ADVI SORS                                                    CAREER SERVICES AND PLACEMENT
    WBB students will attend three different universities,        One reason for creating the WBB program was to
    each with a unique academic structure. Each school           respond to the demand expressed by the business world
    will provide specific support to assist WBB students in       for young managers with international training. In order
    making the transition from one campus to another, both       to help WBB students successfully launch their careers,
    from an academic and administrative point of view. WBB       each school endeavors to identify specific internship
    faculty advisors will also be available at all schools to    opportunities. For example every summer, during the
    help students choose a program of study that fulfills the     transition from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, WBB students
    WBB requirements and make plans that best fit their           are invited to spend 1 week at Bocconi in Milan visiting
    career aspirations.                                          companies and experiencing the European business
                                                                 world. WBB students have access to career counselors
    SOCIAL ACTIVITIES                                            and career development resources and activities at
    WBB students will bond as a cohort and be able to            all three schools, giving them extra tools to become
    explore the full range of extracurricular opportunities at   the drivers of their professional lives, whatever path
    each school. There will be activities designed specifically   they choose after graduation. WBB graduates are well
    for the program, and students will be encouraged to get      positioned for careers in a broad range of areas in the
    involved in the campus communities and take leadership       private and public sectors, for their own entrepreneurial
    positions in student organizations. At each institution      initiatives or for graduate school.

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
“The class is one big family and it is refreshing to be among
                               students from all over the world”
                                                          Jack Agarwal
                                                       Austin, Texas, USA

  “The WBB represents the chance to get to know new cultures
   and create a network in three different places. This year has
                  been the best of my life, stimulating and fun”
                                                          Giulia Savino
                                                          Florence, Italy.


Class of 2017-2019

A M ER IC A S                                          43%
Brazil, Canada,
United States,

          E URO P E                              35%
          Austria, Bosnia, France,
          Germany, Italy, Poland,                          22%
          United Kingdom

                  AS IA PACIFIC
                  Australia, Hong Kong, India,
                  Korea, Mainland China,
                  Nepal, Singapore, Taiwan

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience - LOS ANGELES HONG KONG - Bocconi University
Admission Information
    Selection for the WBB program is competitive. The program provides a small cohort of approximately 50 truly
    international students with a solid preparation in the field of business management. The strongest candidates will have
    an outstanding academic record and an ability to adapt and thrive in different environments. Students’ academic history
    and writing prompts help us determine preparedness for this rigorous and rewarding program.

    ADMISSION STANDARDS                                             APPL I CAT I O N D EAD L I N ES
    Applicants are evaluated on the content and rigor of their
                                                                      Application deadline for admission and   December 1, 2015
    high school coursework, their grades, standardized text           scholarship decision:                    (HKUST and USC)
    scores, activities summary, essay and counselor/teacher
                                                                      Application deadline for admission       January 10, 2016
    recommendations.                                                  consideration only:                      (HKUST and USC)
      • High school transcripts from grades 9-12
                                                                      Application deadline for admission and   February 15, 2016
      • SAT (essay score included) or ACT (writing component          scholarship consideration:               (Bocconi)
      • TOEFL or other English language certificates                   Admission decision:                      April 1, 2016
      • Activities summary
      • Personal statement                                            Offer acceptance deadline:                May 1, 2016
      • Counselor or teacher recommendations
    At the discretion of the admission committee, face-to-face or
                                                                    AD MI T T ED ST U D EN T S
    video interviews may be required for admission consideration.
                                                                    Upon admission, students must reserve their space in the
    Other supplementary materials and information may also be
                                                                    class by May 1. Each university is committed to provide
                                                                    support (individual meetings, admitted students events,
    AP P L I CATI ON CHANNE LS AND TIM E LIN E                      connection with current students) to all admitted students
    The WBB admission committee, comprised of program and           in their process of evaluating options and making their
    admission directors from each school, selects the incoming      final choice. New freshman orientation/registration begins
    WBB cohort. In an effort to accommodate school-specific           in May and runs through August. Students will move into
    admissions protocols and schedules, WBB applicants are          USC campus housing around 20 August. Fall classes begin
    allowed to select the application channel that best suits       shortly after. Students will receive a welcome package with
    their needs: either through the CommonApp, or through           details on all of the above and more upon admission.
    Bocconi website (Bocconi has extended deadlines more
    suitable to European schools’ timing and systems).
    Only one application to the WBB program is required.
    Applicants are advised to file with the university where they
    may want to be considered for other programs. Applying to
    the WBB will not influence chances for admission to any of
    the three universities or other programs of interest.

Tuition and Scholarships
During the first three years, students will pay the tuition and fees of the university where they are in residence.

                   Year         YEAR 1   USC              YEAR 2   HKUST                 YEAR 3   BOCCONI
                Tuition         USD 48,347                HKD 200,000                     Euro 18,000

                                                          HKD 18,000–
      Accommodation             USD 13,334                                                Euro 7,000

* Varies based on availability and selection

The 4° and final year tuition and fees will be charged at the average tuition and fees across the three universities.

Please also take into consideration that other costs will occur each year, such as travel expenses (related to moving
from one country to another), books, supplies, medical insurance and personal expenses. WBB advisors will work
with families and students to help define these costs.

Please be aware that, for admission to USC, international students are legally required to demonstrate that they are
able to support themselves financially, including tuition, accommodations and other expenses, for one year.

WBB is targeted for students with an outstanding academic record. The WBB universities offer merit-based
scholarships covering one-half or one-quarter of annual tuition fees. Once awarded, they can be renewed from
year to year, if academic requirements are upheld. All applicants will be automatically considered for scholarships
based on their academic merit, distinguished accomplishments and skills.
Students are encouraged to investigate country-specific scholarship opportunities, financial aid packages and
loans on the websites of the three partner schools. Candidates for regionally accepted merit programs should
inquire if the award program can be applied toward the WBB program.
In fact, while Bocconi has set up dedicated agreements with banks offering low-rate loans to EU citizens, American
citizens can apply to the national financial aid system (FAFSA); HK residents as well can apply for dedicated
governmental financial aid.
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
(+1) 213-740-8885

World Bachelor in Business Program Office
(+852) 3469-2086

Student Affairs Division
Guidance and Recruitment Office
(+39) 025836.3045
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