Prep-Year 9 Parent Information Booklet 2021 - We value Learning. We are Responsible. We are an Inclusive community. We take Pride in ourselves ...

Prep-Year 9 Parent Information Booklet 2021 - We value Learning. We are Responsible. We are an Inclusive community. We take Pride in ourselves ...
Prep-Year 9
Parent Information Booklet

            We value Learning.
           We are Responsible.
      We are an Inclusive community.
 We take Pride in ourselves, each other and
                our College.
Prep-Year 9 Parent Information Booklet 2021 - We value Learning. We are Responsible. We are an Inclusive community. We take Pride in ourselves ...
Term Dates 2021

  Term 1 – 28 January – 1 April                              Term 2 – 19 April - 25 June
  Year 1 – 9 students start school on 28 January
  Prep students start school on 1 February

  Term 3 – 12 July - 17 September                            Term 4 - 4 October - 17 December

  Year 7 - Transition Information

Below is the Year 7 Transition Information (for Year 7 students starting at Tarneit P-9 College in 2021).

                                    Due to current restrictions, we will be unable to have our Parent
                                    Information night face to face this year. Information will be shared online
                                    via Compass for our current students and on our College website
       Parent Information
                           . For our future students the
                                    information can be found under the tab Enrolments – Year 6-7 Transition.
                                    We look forwards to meeting you face to face in the future.

                                    Transition Day
                                    We are awaiting advice from the Chief Health Officer and the
                                    Department of Education to confirm if we will be having a Transition
      Tuesday 8 December            Day this year. Information will be sent out closer to the date
                                    confirming if it will be going ahead.
                                    What students will be doing on Transition Day -
                                    Your child will be placed in a group where they will rotate through
                                    activities involving English, Maths, PE, Art, Performing Arts, Food and

  Step up Day

Current Students (attending in 2021) excluding Prep will be required to attend ‘Step up Day’ on
Wednesday 16 December 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restriction new students will not be able
to visit the College on this day.
Prep-Year 9 Parent Information Booklet 2021 - We value Learning. We are Responsible. We are an Inclusive community. We take Pride in ourselves ...
First Day of School for Year 1 – Year 9 Students
                              Thursday 28 January 2021

The 2021 Term 1 start date for all students in Year 1 to Year 9 is Thursday 28 January 2021. If for any
reason you are unable to collect your child on time, please contact the College Administration Office on
9749 0506. Your message will be passed on to your child’s teacher. If for any reason you need to pick
your child up early, please notify College Administration in advance so that you are not waiting for your

                           First Day of School for Prep Students
                                  Monday 1 February 2021

Prep students are required to undertake a series of literacy and numeracy assessments with their class
teacher. These assessments help teachers to identify the individual needs of all students. They will be held
on one of the following dates: Thursday 28 January, Friday 29 January, Wednesday 3 February, Wednesday
10 February, Wednesday 17 February and Wednesday 24 February. Parents/Carers will be notified by mail
of their appointment date and time. It is important for both parents/carers and students to attend this

Starting date for Prep students is Monday 1 February 2021. School days for the first week of school for Prep
students will be 9:00am – 12:00pm. From the second week of school; Monday 8 February, Prep students
will be expected to attend a full day of school. Prep students are not required at school on the first four
Wednesday’s in February, Wednesday 3 February, Wednesday 10 February, Wednesday 17 February, and
Wednesday 24 February. From Monday 1 March, Prep students will attend school on a full week basis.

*Please note: This is our standard practice any changes to this will be sent out to families as we consider
the implications from COVID-19 restrictions.

  Important Dates 2021

  Tuesday 26 January                             Public Holiday – Australia Day

  Thursday 28 January                            Starting dates for Year 1 to Year 9 students

  Monday 1 February                              Starting dates for Prep students

  Monday 8 March                                 Public Holiday – Labour Day
Prep-Year 9 Parent Information Booklet 2021 - We value Learning. We are Responsible. We are an Inclusive community. We take Pride in ourselves ...
January 2021 Administration Office
  Hours 20202
  Thursday 21 January (one day only)              Office Open 10am – 3pm

  Thursday 28 January onwards                     Office Open 8.30am – 4.30pm daily


Attendance at school is compulsory and each absence must be accounted for by entering the date via
Compass Parent Portal a phone call or a note signed by the parents sent on the first school day
following the absence.
It is ‘Not OK to Be Away’.
The aim is to reduce unnecessary days away from school. When students are ill they are expected to
remain at home, however recent research indicates that many students are missing up to a year of
school over their school career.

Number of days missed per semester:

        0-6     This is within normal range. A student with this attendance rate is able to take full
        advantage of the teaching and learning opportunities available to them.

        7-10    This attendance rate is below average. A student with this attendance rate could miss
        over one year of schooling between Prep and Year 10.

        11-20 This is a poor attendance rate. A student with this attendance rate could miss out on up
        to two years of schooling between Prep and Year 10.

        20+     This is a very poor attendance rate. A student with this attendance rate could miss over
        two and a half years of schooling between Prep and Year 10

Student absences are monitored and the classroom teacher will contact parents/carers if absences are
frequent. Please notify the school if your child is going to be absent. You can do this by logging into
Compass Parent Portal and adding an absence note.
Late Arrival and Leaving Early

Late Arrival and Punctuality
It is very important that your child arrives at school on time each morning. **Please refer to updated
timetables for year level relevant to your child.
If your child is going to arrive late at school, they are required to make their way to the Attendance Office
in Building C to receive a Late Pass prior to going to class. Lateness is monitored and staff will contact the
parents/carers if their child is regularly late for school. Please ensure any absences are updated on the
Compass Parent Portal or alternatively please notify the Administration Office by calling and selecting
the absence line option.
SMS notifications will be sent at 9:45am each day to parents/carers of students that are absent without
reason or notification. Student absence is also monitored by the Department of Education (DET) and can
be audited at any time.
Leaving Early
Parents/Carers wishing to collect their children early from school must present at the Administration
Office. Please call ahead and advise the school what time you plan to collect your child, so that we notify
the classroom and minimise the loss of valuable learning time. Students will only be signed out to parents
or carers listed on enrolment forms. If your child is being picked up by an aunt, uncle, neighbour or
family friend, the College requires written notification from a parent/carer prior to the date. The person
collecting the student must be over 18 years of age.

  Afterschool Care

Afterschool care is offered by the College through Big Childcare, please refer to their website or call (03) 8682 9400 for further information.

  Birthday Celebrations

We appreciate that birthdays are an exciting time for students. The College asks that if your child would
like to celebrate their birthday with their classmates, lollipops with wrapping and fruit are the only
acceptable items to be shared. The College has a duty of care to ensure that no cake or chocolate products
or any food items containing allergens are brought into the classroom for birthday celebrations.

*Please note: This is our standard practice any changes to this will be sent out to families as we consider
the implications from COVID-19 restrictions.
Our canteen service operates each day and a canteen price list can be obtained from the Administration
Office or via our website. Please note that DET Policy is to ban soft drinks and lollies in schools.

  Healthy Diet
Teachers often see the consequences of poor diet through loss of concentration and lack of enthusiasm,
even first thing in the morning. There are signs that students may have skipped breakfast. It is essential
that your child has sufficient and nutritious food for recess and lunch.

       Each student is expected to bring his/her lunch in a clearly marked container.
       Uneaten food is to be taken home.
       Glass drink bottles and cans are not permitted.
       Consider the environment when choosing how to pack your child’s lunch.
       Lunch orders will be available from the College canteen. It is recommended that students only
        place a lunch order once a week. Orders can be placed online. Please refer to the College Website
        for full details
       Parents delivering lunches to students must bring these to the Administration Office, as children
        are not permitted to collect lunches from the College gates.

  Behaviour Management

At Tarneit P-9 College we aim to encourage all students to adopt a code of conduct consistent with the
development of personal responsibility and positive self-esteem. We encourage an atmosphere where
fairness, honesty and respect for the rights of others are valued through a whole school approach to
behaviour management. We maintain high expectations for behaviour and work in collaboration with
parents to ensure appropriate behaviour is demonstrated at all times. Please refer to the College
Behaviour Management Policy for further information.


Victorian Government schools take bullying very seriously and have guidelines for its prevention and
‘Bullying is when someone, or a group of people, repeatedly and intentionally upsets or hurts another
person and damages their physical, emotional or social wellbeing. Bullying can occur on multiple platforms
such as home, school and/or online’.

There are also many behaviours that are not considered bullying, even though they are unpleasant and
often require teacher intervention. They can include mutual conflict (conflict where both parties are
responsible), social rejection or dislike, single acts of nastiness and random acts of aggression and


Our Newsletter – The Beacon, is published twice per term on our College website and Compass. The
Beacon contains information about our school. Please note that the community calendar is included in
the first newsletter of each term, outlining upcoming events at the school and reminding parents/carers
of special days. Student work is usually included in the newsletter, and items of community interest are
also included. You can also find a copy on our school website or on Compass.

Home – School Communication Process
Parents/carers who have concerns about school or other issues in regard to their child should first talk
to the classroom teacher. If this concern continues or becomes more serious, making an appointment
with the teacher is appropriate. Please remember that your child’s teacher is very busy between 8.45am
and 3:15pm. Appointments outside these times can be made. Please note staff often have scheduled
meetings after school.

School Website
Tarneit P-9 College website can be accessed via

Compass is a free App that can be downloaded onto any smart phone or go to https://tarneitcollege- on your tablet or PC to sign up. Search and link your communication to Tarneit P-
9 College. The College uses this App to communicate with the school community and we encourage all
parents to download Compass to receive our news, messages, events and other communications. If you
experience any difficulties connecting to Compass, please contact the College Administration Office.

We have a Facebook page that is used to celebrate the learning at our College. We hope this page can
take you into the classroom and help you make connections to our College. Our Facebook page will be
used to post photos/videos of student learning and extra-curricular activities, such as camps. You can like
the page at
Curriculum Days

Throughout the year the College will schedule curriculum days for staff planning and professional
development. Students are not required to attend school on these days. The focus for each curriculum
day is determined by staff and based on the needs of the school.

Dates for curriculum days are approved by School Council and advertised in advance, via the College
website, Compass and newsletter.

  Excursions and Incursions
Excursions and incursions are arranged each term and relate to the curriculum being studied in the
classrooms. Students are encouraged to attend to help build on their understanding and skills. Details
of each excursion and incursion for your child to attend will be posted on Compass, which will include
information such as date, venue, and cost. Permission and payment are accepted via Compass, and
must be received before the due date.

Please contact the Administration Office if you are unsure of you personalised Compass log in details.


The College aims to provide high quality learning opportunities for all students, by supplementing limited
government funds with approved financial contributions and payments from parents/carers.

School Council supplements Department of Education and Training funds by requesting payments from
parents for the following items:-

       1. Essential Education Items which parents and carers are required to provide or pay the school
           to provide e.g.: stationary booklists, text books, etc.
       2. Optional Extras which are offered on a user pays basis and parents can choose whether or not
           their child participates.
A copy of the Parent Payments Policy is available from the Administration Office.

 Government Assistance

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)
CSEF will be provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school
trips, camps and sporting activities. If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary
foster parent, you may be eligible to received CSEF.
The annual CSEF amount per student will be:
- $125 for primary school students
- $225 for secondary school students
Contact the Administration Office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from:

CSEF Prep and Year 7 Uniform Package – State Schools’ Relief
State Schools’ Relief works closely with all government schools across Victoria. Each year State Schools’
Relief provide assistance to families who are experiencing financial disadvantage with school clothing,
shoes and other essential items. Please contact the Administration Office for more information.

 Information Communication Technology

Tarneit P - 9 College believes the teaching of cyber safety and responsible online behaviour is essential in
the lives of students and is best taught in partnership between home and school.

21st century students spend increasing amounts of time online, learning and collaborating. To be safe
online and to gain the greatest benefit from the opportunities provided through an online environment,
students need to do the right thing by themselves and others online, particularly when no one is watching.
Safe and responsible behaviour is explicitly taught at our school and parents/carers are requested to
reinforce this behaviour at home. Some online activities are illegal and as such will be reported to police.

All students at Tarneit P - 9 College are required to read and sign the Tarneit P - 9 College Digital Citizenship
Agreement before using digital technologies at school.

Media consent
The College is committed to promoting the achievements of students, staff and our community through
various forms of media such as; the school newsletter, the website, Compass, promotional posters and
DVD, information brochures and newspapers. Please complete the consent form provided in the
enrolment booklet, indicating whether your child’s name, photo and/or work samples can be included in
the above documents.

  First Aid

Tarneit P - 9 College has several students who suffer moderate to severe allergic reactions. Although we
don’t restrict peanut products, we ask parents to be mindful of this when packing lunches. Any students
with food allergies need to complete an Allergy Action Plan which can be obtained from College Reception
or from their family doctor. Allergy action plans must be updated yearly or whenever the students
condition or management changes. Medication required for allergies must be provided to the school in
its original packaging and must be prescribed on the allergy action plan.
Anaphylaxis (Severe Allergy)
All students identified as being at risk of Anaphylaxis must have an Anaphylaxis Action Plan and Adrenaline
Auto Injector (EpiPen or Anapen) supplied to the school. Further planning and risk management will occur
in consultation with the parents, First-Aid staff and teachers.

Asthma Management
Parents/guardians must provide an Asthma Action Plan if their child has been diagnosed with asthma. All
asthmatic students attending the school should have their own blue reliever medication and spacer
available for immediate use. A spacer is required for staff to attend to asthma first aid. An ‘Asthma Action
Plan’ can be obtained from the Administration Office.

Occasionally students need medication for ongoing illnesses. All medication is dispensed by our First Aid
Officer. Medication must be handed to the Administration Office in original packaging and be clearly
labelled with dosage, time to be dispensed and expiry date intact. Students are not permitted to keep
medication in their school bags. A medication permission form signed by parents/guardians must be
supplied before any medication can be administered. Ongoing medication must have a note written by a
doctor. A forms for short term, infrequent and ongoing medication is available at the Administration

Head Lice
Please inspect your child’s hair regularly at home and seek appropriate treatment. If head lice or eggs are
found, please inform the school. Once the school is informed, notices are sent home to the relevant class
and inspections will be carried out by trained staff when required i.e. during an outbreak. When a child
has head lice, they should not return to school until the hair has been treated. The College is aware that
head lice can be a sensitive issue and is committed to maintaining your confidentiality. Please check
weekly, treat quickly and tell the school.

The College encourages attendance each day. Students can attend with mild coughs or colds as this helps
to build their immunity however, if a student is unwell then they need to stay home to rest and
recover. The school does not have the staff or facilities to care for students if they are very sick or
contagious. If your child takes ill or is hurt during the day, the school will contact you on your emergency
number and request the child be collected. Please keep information on your child’s enrolment form up-
to-date. In the event of an emergency, the College will call an ambulance. The cost for an ambulance will
be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Please ensure you have ambulance cover if you do not have a
healthcare card.

Lockers are provided for Years 7, 8 and 9 students. Students will be issued with a secure padlock and
locker security is the student's responsibility. Lockers are to be used to store school related materials
only. The College staff will inspect lockers from time to time to ensure they are being used for proper

  Mobile Phones

It is DET and College policy that all mobile phones are:

       turned off upon entering the grounds and remain so until students have left the premises.
       handed to the student’s homeroom teacher or secured in lockers for safe keeping during school

If students are found with mobile phones the phone will be confiscated and only returned to a parent or
guardian. A copy of the Mobile Phone Policy can be obtained from the College Administration Office.

  Personal Belongings

Tarneit P-9 College requests that valuable items are not brought to school. The College takes no
responsibility for loss or damage of such items.

Lost Property
Students occasionally misplace their belongings. The College requests that all items of clothing, bags,
lunchboxes and water bottles are clearly labelled with the child’s name. If lost, a named item can be
returned promptly to its owner.

Please check your child’s belongings regularly and if anything is missing, check the lost property box which
is located near the Administration Office. At the end of each term unnamed items that are not collected
will be donated to charity.


Tarneit P - 9 College has a compulsory uniform for all students in Prep – Year 9 which is currently available
for purchase from Rushfords School wear in Werribee. Appropriate footwear must be worn for physical
education classes. A copy of the current uniform list can be obtained from the Administration Office.
Program for Students with Disabilities

The Program for Students with Disabilities addresses the specific needs of a number of students. Regular
meetings are held to ensure successful implementation of the program and assess student progress
against their personalised academic and wellbeing goals.

If your child has any additional needs, please inform the relevant Assistant Principal.


Our College reporting strategy is intended to provide both parents and students with information
regarding student learning. Our Interim Reports can be obtained by logging into the Compass Parent
Portal at the conclusion of Term 1 and 3, providing parents and students with an indication of student
progress towards the expected academic standards.

At the end of Term 2 and 4, academic progression points are assigned against the standards for the
Victorian Curriculum. Students who come from a language background other than English, speak a
language other than English at home as their main language and have been enrolled in an Australian
school for less than five years are assessed against the English as an Additional Language standards rather
than the Victorian Curriculum.

Student work samples are included in our Reporting Portfolio to provide an authentic example of student
learning, with feedback on what your child has achieved and information for continued improvement.

Also included in our Reporting Portfolios is advice for parents on what you can do at home to support
learning and the Record of Attendance letter states the number of absences and late arrivals your child
has had each semester. Student reporting portfolios are added to during each term to provide a detailed
record of your child’s academic progress throughout the school year and they also provide the basis for
discussion at Parent Teacher Interviews in Term 1 and 3

  School Records

It is important that our school records are up-to-date at all times. In the case of an emergency at the
school, telephone numbers and addresses need to be up-to-date so we can contact parents or guardians
immediately. Every year an update notice is sent home and you are asked to fill it in carefully and return
it to the school. In addition you can update your contact details and email address on the Compass portal
at any time. If at any time your phone numbers or address changes, please contact the Administration
Office immediately on 9749 0506.
SunSmart Policy

We are a Sun Smart School and hats must be worn outside during Terms 1 and 4. Students without hats
will be directed to play under the shaded areas.

 Volunteers and Working with Childrens (WWC) Check
Tarneit P - 9 College encourages parents, guardians, extended family and relevant members of the community
to work as volunteers within our College. In doing so, the College has an obligation under the “Working with
Children Act 2005” to ensure our children are safe. An introduction session for Volunteers is held in Term 1 each

In 2006, the Victorian Government introduced a new checking system to help protect children under 18 years
of age from harm. The Working with Children (WWC) Check creates a mandatory minimum checking standard
across Victoria and helps to keep children safe by preventing those who pose a risk to the safety of children
from working with them, in either paid or volunteer work.

It is a requirement of Tarneit P - 9 College that each volunteer who participates in any of the following has a
current WWC check:

       assists on a regular basis in classrooms/ college activities
       assists at swimming lessons
       assists on excursions

If you intend to participate in any of the above activities, have already passed a WWC check and have a current
card, could you please present your card to the Administration Office to be photocopied and included on our
WWC register.

If you need to apply for a WWC card, application forms are available from
There is no cost to volunteers applying for a WWC. Completed forms along with a passport photo and 100
points of ID can be lodged at any Post Office.

*Please note: This is subject to changes as we consider the implications from COVID-19 restrictions.
Supervision of Students before and after school

Staff prepare for their classroom and administrative duties early in the morning, and remain after hours
to attend meetings. It is preferred that students do not arrive at school before 8:45am, as the playground
is only supervised by yard duty teachers between 8:45am and 9:00am.

Students are not permitted to enter classrooms without teacher supervision. The yard is also supervised
between 3:15pm and 3:30pm at the conclusion of the school day. Students who have not been picked up
by their parents/carers must report to the Administration Office.

  Supervision of Students at recess and lunch

Teachers on yard duty monitor the College expectations to ensure the safety of all students. Our large
playground provides ample spaces and designated playground equipment for students to play
cooperatively during morning recess and lunch breaks. Students are not permitted in the school buildings
during morning recess and lunchtime.

Tarneit P-9 College operates an extreme weather timetable when necessary. On these days students are
supervised by teachers in their classrooms.


For the safety of students and staff, all visitors to the school are required to report to the Administration
Office to sign in and obtain a visitor pass. Similarly, exiting visitors must return their pass and sign out
                                Parents/Carers Notes
Telephone: 9749 0506

                                Address: 21-23 Brinbrook Street, TARNEIT 3029

                                 Postal Address: PO Box 8268, TARNEIT 3029



                      Office hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Mon- Fri during the school terms
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