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                            Achieve More
        2021 - 2022
    Published Summer 2020

                            Belong More

                              Be More
Achieve More Belong More Be More

    Long Term Development Plan                          1       Homework                                              14
    Thurstable School Governors                         3       Arrangements for the
    Visiting the School                                 5       School Day                                            15
    Settling In                                         5       School Uniform                                        15
    Learning & Teaching                                 5       Charges                                               17
    The Curriculum                                      6       Sex Education                                         17
    Clubs and Societies                                 7       Careers Education and Work
    Student Voice and Student                                   Experience                                            18
    Leadership                                         9        Religious Education                                   18
    School Food                                        10       Students with Special
    Activities and Visits                              10       Educational Needs                                     18
    Sports at Thurstable                               10       Gifted and More Able Students                         19
    Creative Arts                                      11       Admissions Policy                                     19
    Awards at Thurstable                               13       Facilities                                            19
    Behaviour and Relationships                        13       Staff List                                            22
    Keeping Parents Informed                           14

    Long Term Development Plan
                                                Make sure we know where
                                               every child is in their learning
                                                so that we can help them to
                                               maximize their achievement


                        Continue to develop                                      Develop students’
                        teaching for learning                             learning skills and their access
                                                                                     to career
               Further develop flexibility,
                      choice and
                appropriateness of the           Foster a learning ethos -
                       curriculum                broaden and develop a
                                                 shared understanding of
                                                      achievement                       Develop key personal
         Further engage present                                                         and practical skills (self
         and potential parents in                                                       esteem, resilience and
         the school community                                                                self reliance)

                                     Foster a shared               Foster a knowledge and
                                    understanding of                understanding of self

          BELONG                                                                                   BE
           MORE                                                                                   MORE
                            Engage               Create             Create an        Foster an
          Ensure all      students in         engagement         environment in       ethos of         Help every
      members of the       the wider          opportunities            which         aspiration       individual to
      community are       community                and             appropriate          and             develop a
      listened to and                          recognition       risks are taken     ambition          considered
           valued                                 for all               and                          sense of right
                                                                  inappropriate                        and wrong
                                                                     risks are

Achieve More Belong More Be More

    Thurstable School                              For further details about the work of the
                                                   Governing Body, please contact me via
    Governors                                      the school email:
    Thurstable has a total of 17 governors which
    include parents, staff and representatives
    from the local community. Governors attend                          Neal Phillips
    Full Governing Body meetings that take                              Chair of Governors
    place at least once a term and also serve
    on at least the three committees that
    monitor every aspect of the school –
                                                      “Governors are central to
    Pupil Related and Curriculum; Finance,         the school’s strategic work and
    General Purposes and Audit; Personnel
                                                   have a clear understanding
    and Pay.
                                                   of what goes on. They visit
    Although the Governing Body is                 frequently to seek out
    ultimately responsible for the whole school
    and controls the strategic direction the
                                                   answers to the questions
    school takes, it is not directly involved in   they raise in meetings...
    the day-to-day management, which is the
                                                   They have a wide range
    responsibility of the Headteacher. Our
    aim as a Governing Body is to support          of expertise which they use
    and challenge the school to ensure that        well to hold school leaders
    every student reaches their full potential
                                                   to account.”
    whilst they are at Thurstable.

    All aspects of the school’s work are             “Pupils are active citizens in
    important to us and are underpinned by
    our core values: Be More, Achieve More,
                                                   their support of the community.
    Belong More. The quality of our teaching       They are involved in a large
    and learning continues to be a priority as
                                                   number of charity and
    we work towards further improving
    attainment across all subjects within the      community events.”
    school, particularly in the key areas of                          Ofsted 2016
    English, Mathematics and Science. We
    are also very supportive of the extracur-
    ricular activities provided by the school in
    areas such as sports, the arts and STEM.

    We are justly proud of our other
    achievements in helping students to
    leave us as independent, well rounded
    individuals ready to take on the challenges
    of the world outside.

Achieve More Belong More Be More

    Visiting the School                          Learning & Teaching
    Towards the end of September there will      It is important to achieve your best at
    be an Open Evening, where you will           school, and this means a great deal of
    have the opportunity to visit faculties,     hard work, but at Thurstable our teachers
    meet teachers and current students and       also work very hard to make learning fun.
    take part in activities. In the days         We believe that to do their best students
    following this you will be able to book      need to be active participants in the
    tours of the school guided by students       learning process, learning more through
    or by senior leaders during our normal       discussion, reflection, research, imagination,
    working day.                                 experience and experimentation than
                                                 through memorising information that
    If you wish to visit the school at any       they are given. We know that to improve,
    other time, we would be pleased to           students need to understand what their
    make an appointment for you. If you          strengths and their next learning steps
    wish to discuss the school with a senior     are, and we provide regular feedback for
    member of staff we would, again, be          them through teacher and fellow student
    very happy to arrange an appointment         input during lessons, and through marking
                                                 their work. We design homework to be

    Settling In                                  an extension of learning in class, a
                                                 preparation for future lessons, and as an
    Thurstable is a good place to meet and
                                                 opportunity for students to pursue their
    make new friends, but we always try to
                                                 own interests in the wide range of
    ensure that friendship groups from junior
                                                 subjects that we teach. Parents can track
    schools are kept together in form groups.
                                                 their child’s homework through our online
    Year 7 students meet their form tutors
                                                 system – Go4Schools.
    before they begin at Thurstable, and this
    makes sure that they get off to a good
    start. Older students join the Head of          “Teaching is effective
    Year on visits to primary schools, and       and constantly improving.”
    then support Year 7s in settling in when
                                                    “New pupils...say they
    they arrive, sharing their experience, and
    acting as mentors. Year 7 have their own     feel very welcomed and
    “base” next to their Head of Year and        supported by their classmates
    Learning Relationship Coordinator’s
    Office where they will feel completely
                                                 and adults. As a result,
    secure from day one, and from where          pupils who join the school
    they can explore their new school.
                                                 later in the year settle
                                                 quickly and learn well.”
                                                                   Ofsted 2016


We recognise the potential for learning to       Drama
be enhanced and enriched by the use of           Design and Technology
computer technology, and we have                 German with French or Spanish
                                                 Physical Education
established a flexible space dedicated to
                                                 ICT and Computing
E learning – the Thurstable E Learning
Centre. It houses suites of IMacs, HD PCs
for reference work, fleets of tablet and         Students follow a co-ordinated
notebook computers, a “green screen”             programme of personal and social
for advanced digital imaging work, and           education delivered through the PHSE
podcasting and video production                  lesson and across the curriculum.
facilities as well as PC construction and        Learning how to study and to take
support for learning how to code. The            responsibility for their own learning is
Centre is open to students at lunchtime          also an important part of our students’
and after school, and is regularly booked        education. We aim to develop these skills
for use by main school classes and for the       in a strong moral, spiritual and cultural
Sixth Form during the day.                       environment. Assemblies are an
                                                 important part of this development.
We have established a Literature Library
at the heart of the English Faculty
                                                 Setting in science and English is in mixed
encouraging our students to read more
                                                 ability groups; other subjects are
fiction, poetry and drama.
                                                 organised according to students' ability.
                                                 We take very close account of Key Stage
The Curriculum                                   Two results, Year 6 teacher views and
The Lower School – Years 7 - 8                   regular reviews of progress by teaching
We aim to educate our students in the            and tutorial staff. Moves between sets are
skills of languages and literature, science      made to meet learners’ needs and in this
and mathematics, information and                 we are sensitive to the situation of
communications technology, cultural and          individual students.
spiritual awareness, artistic expression,
physical activity and self-confidence. It is     During the course of Year 8, students will
our intention to develop the whole child         choose some of the subjects that they
through varied and stimulating programmes        wish to study further. We recommend that
of work. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural   they keep as broad a selection as possible
learning is at the heart of our curriculum.      in order to be able to follow a range of
                                                 careers later in life. We arrange
In Years 7 and 8, a common curriculum            opportunities for you to discuss your
is followed:                                     child’s progress and choices on an
                                                 individual basis through a programme of
                                                 meetings and consultation sessions.
Religious Education

Achieve More Belong More Be More

    Years 9, 10 & 11                                 •   Triple Science (individual qualifications
    In Key Stage 4 students follow courses               in the three sciences of Biology,
    leading to the GCSE and Vcert Technical              Chemistry and Physics).
    Qualifications. Some students will also          • Music
    study for vocational qualifications. All         • RE
    courses are designed not only as useful          • Spanish
    qualifications in themselves but also as         Within options we identify some students
    good preparation for future study.               in each year who must take a modern
                                                     foreign language, and we also require
    We offer a wide range of opportunities           most students to take at least one
    to all our students, making sure that they       academic subject in their option choices.
    have the widest possible range of career
    options open to them. The breadth of our         Clubs and Societies
    subject choices allow students to access         Clubs and activities take place at
    the English Baccalaureate without limiting       lunchtime, and after school.
    their subject choice unduly. We want all
    students to make the most of these               Clubs and activities often include:
    opportunities and achieve the best that          Humanities Homework
    they can; progress is closely monitored and      Computing
    individual students are given clear targets of   Art
    attainment to ensure that they realise their     Photography
    full potential in public examinations.           Textiles
    All students at Thurstable study the             Duke of Edinburgh
    following subjects at KS 4:                      Cooking
    • Mathematics                                    Badminton
    • English Language and Literature                Dance
    • Dual Certificate Science (joint                Cheerleading
         Physics/Chemistry/Biology)                  Table Tennis
    • Religious Education                            Fitness
    • Physical Education                             Rock Climbing
    A range of additional choices is offered from:   Football
    • Art                                            Rugby
    • Business Studies                               Netball
    • Drama                                          Cricket
    • Design and Technology                          Rounders
    • Events Management                              Basketball
    • French                                         Athletics
    • Geography                                      Concert Band
    • German                                         Soul Group
    • Health & Social Care                           Music Technology
    • History                                        Choir
    • ICT                                            Guitar Ensemble
    • Computing                                      School Production
    • Media Studies                                  Steel Pan Band
    • Psychology                                     Ukulele Band

Achieve More Belong More Be More

    Student Voice and                               We deploy a student panel every time we
                                                    appoint a new teacher to the school.
    Student Leadership                              Their input has always proved extremely
    Children need structure and boundaries          valuable.
    as part of a safe environment in which
    they can grow and learn. Thurstable staff       All this helps develop leadership skills
    and governors work closely with parents         in our students, and is supported and
    to make sure that we provide that               extended by our Student Subject Leader
    environment, and that our students              Programme which is coordinated by our
    understand their rights and responsibilities    Sport and PE Faculty. All students are
    within it. However, it is very important to     trained in subject leadership, and are
    us that students know and feel that they        offered the opportunity to work within
    belong here, and we understand that             subject departments and other
    they will only do so if they are listened to    educational establishments to support
    and their views are taken into account.         younger learners.

    We also know that very often the people
    best placed to tell us how children learn          “Pupils are happy,
    most effectively are the students               courteous and friendly.
                                                    They are very keen to help
    The School Council is an important forum        and thoroughly enjoy the
    for student discussion and debate, is
                                                    many chances to be
    supported and facilitated by a member of
    the Senior Leadership Team, brings              responsible.”
    issues and concerns to the attention of
    senior management, and reports to
                                                       “Pupils are ready for life
    Governors on their work. It also has its own
    budget for improvements to the student          in modern Britain. They are
    experience in school. Its members (two          taught to develop
    from each year group) are elected by
    each Year Council, and the Year Councils
                                                    cooperative relationships
    are made up of the two students from            and staff model these
    each tutor group who receive the most
                                                    behaviours for them
    nominations from their peers.
                                                    throughout the school day.”
    Increasingly, subject departments and                            Ofsted 2016
    faculties are working with students to
    co-construct schemes of work and to refine
    teaching approaches, making sure that           School Food
    our teaching is as learner friendly as it can   The meals and snacks we offer through
    be, as well as sharply focussed on getting      our three outlets are unrecognisable from
    the best examination results for every          the traditional “school dinner”. Our food
    student at the end of Year 11 and Year 13.      wins healthy eating awards, and is


extremely popular with our students.
                                              Sports at Thurstable
Menus include roast lunches, curries,
                                              The qualities of leadership, teamwork
paninis, pastas, wraps, burgers and
                                              and participation as well as the pursuit
noodles as well as a range of desserts,
                                              of individual excellence are at the heart
drinks and snacks, and even the
                                              of our mission as a school, and are
occasional chip, and all at extremely
                                              exemplified by our exceptional sporting
reasonable prices. Students can buy a
                                              offer to our students.
complete two course meal for £3.00, or a
sandwich, pizza or panini from £1.40 to
                                              Our PE Faculty follows a policy of sports
£2.20. We have three main outlets, our
                                              for all, in the belief that healthy competition,
restaurant which features our full menu,
                                              skills building and teamwork are integral
and the ‘Snack Shack’ and the ‘Noodle
                                              to a good education.
Bar’, which offer a takeaway selection for
an al fresco dining experience! For early
                                              All interested individuals have the
birds, our restaurant is open from 8.05am,
                                              opportunity to join clubs at either a
serving bacon and sausage rolls, toast,
                                              competitive or a recreational level.
hot drinks and juice.

                                              For the most talented girls and boys
We operate an online cashless system
                                              there are a wide range of teams, which
called ParentPay that allows parents to
                                              enjoy exceptional success, based on skill,
add credit to their child’s school cashcard
                                              enthusiasm and fitness. The school
online, and to monitor their food choices
                                              carries Youth Sport Trust Gold Partner
if they wish to do so. The same system
                                              status and has excellent connections
allows online payments for trips and
                                              with local sports clubs, including centres
visits, and other occasional items.
                                              of excellence in football which we
                                              operate in partnership with Colchester
Activities and Visits                         United Football Club.
Thurstable School runs an extensive
programme of trips and visits connected       Sports clubs for boys and girls of all ages
with subjects, sports, and cultural links.    meet outside lesson time for the
School exchanges, activity holidays and       following activities: athletics, badminton,
cultural visits reach across the globe to     basketball, cricket, dance, football,
France, Germany, Italy, Iceland, the United
                                              fitness, gymnastics, hockey, netball,
States, Kenya and Thailand. More locally,
                                              rounders, rugby, table tennis, tennis,
there are visits to educational centres,
                                              trampolining, squash, rock climbing and
theatres and theme parks. Of course not
                                              sports leaders awards.
all of these are available to every student
every year, but you can be sure that
                                              Squash and racketball courts may be
during their time at Thurstable your child
                                              booked and there are also programmes
will have exceptional opportunities to
                                              of revision classes, winter athletics
develop their independence, broaden
                                              training, and dance.
their horizons and extend their learning in
the company of their peers.

Achieve More Belong More Be More

     Thurstable School is committed to a             There are also facilities to support the study
     programme which supports students of            of photography, including a dark room.
     all abilities in all areas of sport and
     physical activity. The programme provides       The Music Department offers an
     support on a number of different levels,        extensive range of practical activities.
     providing a mentor who will help students       In addition to the classroom curriculum
     to plan effectively for the different demands   we run a programme of extra-curricular
     placed upon them by school, home and            activities to enhance individual learning.
     their sporting environment. Talent work-        Musical ensembles rehearse regularly
     shops with top level coaches are held in        and provide supplementary opportunities
     selected sports throughout the year and         to develop musicianship, ensemble
     students may receive sports science             techniques and leadership skills. We have
     support from the High Performance Unit          excellent working relationships with other
     at Essex University. Competitions are           musical organisations and regularly
     arranged in conjunction with our partner        incorporate professional musicians into
     schools and there are strong ties with          our programme, for example with
     feeder primary schools to help talented         masterclasses and hands-on workshops.
     students make the sporting transition to        For children eligible for Free School
     secondary level a smooth one.                   Meals, we provide free instrumental
                                                     tuition, with a dedicated team of

     Creative Arts                                   peripatetic tutors teaching personalised
                                                     one to one lessons on a weekly basis.
     The Creative Arts develop many
                                                     Instrumental tuition is available as an ‘at
     essential life skills, including teamwork,
                                                     cost’ service to other parents.
     creativity, problem solving and self
     confidence. Students meet to rehearse
     and prepare work for performance and               “Pupils are enthused about
     display. There are opportunities to take        the vast array of high-quality
     part in plays, musical productions,
                                                     clubs, trips, visits and school
     exhibitions, talent shows and concerts
     throughout the year. Both the Main
     School Hall and the Drama Studio are                               Ofsted 2016
     equipped with lighting and sound
     equipment for large scale or intimate           Awards at Thurstable
     productions. Theatre visits are organised       We aim to recognise students’
     by the Drama Department and there are           achievements across the whole range of
     links with local companies such as the          academic, artistic, sporting, leadership,
     Mercury Theatre.                                social and recreational pursuits.
                                                     Recognition in tutor periods, year
     Visits to London galleries are an               assemblies and of course in lessons
     important feature of the Art syllabus from      happens on an ongoing basis, and our
     Key Stage 3 upwards and KS5 students            merits system allows students to track
     experience life drawing workshops.              their achievements and be rewarded at
     There are close ties between the Art            Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level
     Department and local artists.                   in each year.

Achieve More Belong More Be More

     Each Year Group has an awards evening           At Thurstable we believe everyone has
     during the year, where students receive         the following rights:
     subject awards and year specific awards         •   the right to be safe
     for exceptional effort and progress as well     •   the right to learn and to teach
     as for attainment.                              •   the right to be treated with respect.

                                                     We work restoratively with those students
        “Lessons are calm and
                                                     whose actions or words deny these rights
     purposeful...Pupils take                        to others, helping them to understand the

     responsibility for their                        impact of their choices on others, and
                                                     supporting them in making better choices
     conduct...The school’s                          in the future. However, we also believe that
     consistent use of their                         children need to learn that consequences
                                                     follow choices that break rules, damage
     cooperative model of
                                                     others or damage the community, and we
     behaviour helps develop                         apply appropriate sanctions consistently
     pupils’ ability to make the                     and with certainty to support learning and
                                                     personal growth. These include detentions
     right choices...through an                      of different lengths and community service
     understanding of why good                       of different types, and for more serious or
                                                     repeated offences internal isolation.
     behaviour and effort is
     important.”                                     Occasionally it is necessary to ‘fixed term’
                       Ofsted 2016                   exclude children from school for up to 5
                                                     days where the damage caused to the

     Behaviour and                                   rights of others is particularly serious.
                                                     In exceptional circumstances, where
     Relationships                                   the damage caused, or risk posed to an
     At Thurstable we aim to provide a school        individual or to the school community,
     environment which is welcoming and              is extreme, we may impose permanent
     supportive and to create a caring working       exclusion. As in any community, the
     atmosphere which will enable students           ultimate consequence for disregarding
     to reach their full potential intellectually,   the rights of others is that the offender
     spiritually, emotionally and physically.        loses the right to be a member of
     Thurstable recognises the importance            that community.
     of the individual, values all its students
     equally and strives to ensure that they have       “The provision for
     the opportunity to experience success.          teaching pupils about
     To underpin the success of our students         keeping safe is very effective,
     we not only have high expectations of all       and pupils agree that they
     of them, both academically and socially,
                                                     feel safe at Thurstable
     but also encourage co-operation, mutual
     respect and sensitivity towards others          School Sports College and
     through positive, professional relationships.   Sixth Form Centre.....”


   “.....Pupils say that                        provide you with log in details for the
                                                online service, and email updates to you.
bullying is rare and when it                    Please provide this through registration
does occur, it is dealt with                    with the ParentPay system.

effectively by staff.”
                  Ofsted 2016                   Homework
                                                Homework is an integral part of a student’s
                                                learning opportunity at Thurstable School.
Keeping Parents                                 Homework is set regularly, but the amount
Informed                                        and type of work set depends upon the
We believe in the importance of positive        age and ability of the individual student,
and open relations between parents,             together with the nature of the subject.
students and teachers and all decisions
about your child’s education are based          The school seeks to develop increasingly
upon this partnership. Communication            independent learners who take responsibility
between home and school is vital, and we        for their learning. Homework makes an
operate an email system that allows any         important contribution to this process and
parent to email any of their child’s teachers   therefore it is our expectation that students
or support staff members directly.              will complete every piece of homework
                                                set. Homework tasks will include work-
Our periodical ‘Touchline’ keeps parents        sheets, research, reading, note-making,
up to date with the life of the school, and     summarising, comprehension, problem
we publish a fortnightly newsletter for         solving, testing, collecting data, revision,
parents. These and the majority of our          essays, and sketching. All homework set
communication to parents are sent via           is recorded on Go4Schools and can be
Schoolspost by email.                           tracked by parents.

Through our online system, Go4Schools,          Why we give Homework
parents are able to access detailed             •   To reinforce and embed work
information on the achievement,                     covered in class.
attendance and behaviour of their children,     •   To extend and enhance work
in real time. We publish summative                  covered in class.
                                                •   To prepare for the next lesson or topic.
reports from the system 5 times per year
                                                •   To develop reading skills and habits.
for students in Years 7-11, and these are
                                                •   To develop the ability to plan and
emailed to parents or provided to their
                                                    meet deadlines.
children in hard copy to take home on
                                                •   To develop good research skills,
parental request.                                   study habits, self discipline and
                                                    personal organisation.
To take full advantage of the tremendous        •   To allow students to explore their
potential of the system to provide you              own interests in a subject.
with the information you need to support
your child, it is important that we have an
email address for you so that we can

Achieve More Belong More Be More

     How often is homework set                        Proposed Thurstable School term dates
     and how long should it last?                     for 2021 -22 are:

                                                      Autumn Term 2021
     KS3 Y7-8
                                                      Wednesday 1 September 2021 to
     Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign
                                                      Friday 17 December 2021
     Languages, ICT, and Humanities subjects          Spring Term 2022
     will set one homework a week.                    Tuesday 4 January to
                                                      Friday 1 April 2022
     English will typically set one written and       Summer Term 2022
     one reading homework per week. It is             Tuesday 19 April to
     expected that students will spend up to 30       Friday 22 July 2022
     minutes on each subject. Subjects may
                                                      Proposed Non Pupil Days
     prefer to set more open ended project            Wednesday 1 September 2021
     based assignments which will be structured       Friday 22 October 2021
     to enable students who require guidance          Friday 21 January 2022
     to know what they should be doing on             Friday 24 June 2022
     a weekly basis. The following subjects           Monday 27 June 2022
     provide an extensive programme of
                                                      Please use the school website:
     extra-curricular activities: Art, Drama, Music
     and Physical Education. Teachers in these
                                                      up-to-date information on school events
     subjects will therefore set homework             and emergency closures.
     only as and when necessary.

     KS4 Years 9-11
                                                      School Uniform
                                                      Our School uniform is important because it
     All subjects at Key Stage 4 will set one
                                                      is an outward sign of belonging – of being
     piece of homework per week. It is
                                                      part of the Thurstable team. It is designed to
     expected that students will spend a
                                                      be suitable for learning, comfortable to wear,
     maximum of 60 minutes on each subject.
                                                      smart and affordable, although as with any
     How will I know what homework                    uniform opinions differ on how well it meets
     has been set?                                    these criteria! We do enforce our uniform,
     All staff will record the homework they have     but we keep a sense of proportion in doing
     set on our online reporting system, where        so, and we try to avoid undue damage to
     parents and students can view them.              relationships. Full details of our uniform
                                                      are available on our web site.
     Arrangements for the
     School Day
     8.30 All students to   be on site (Barbrook         “Personal development
     Lane gate locked)                                and welfare is outstanding…
     8.35    -   8.40        Registration
     8.40    -   9.35        Period 1                 Leaders and staff provide
     9.35    -   10.30       Period 2
     10.30 -     10.50       Break
                                                      excellent pastoral care which
     10.50 -     11.45       Period 3                 goes above and beyond.”
     11.45 -     12.40       Period 4
     12.40 -     1.15        Lunch                                             Ofsted 2016
     1.15    -   2.10        Period 5
     2.10    -   3.05        Period 6

Achieve More Belong More Be More

        “Pupils value their education                  “Pupils access a wealth
     and attend well because they                    of curriculum, pastoral and
     enjoy school.”                                  online guidance that ensures
                        Ofsted 2016                  that they know how to keep
                                                     themselves safe.”
     We are not a fee paying school, and               “Owing to high-quality
     we make every effort to ensure that the
                                                     impartial (careers) advice,
     educational experience of our students is
     not dependent on the ability of their parents   a wealth of support and
     to pay. However, some additional activities     mentoring services and a
     cannot be run without parental contributions.
     Our full policy on charging and remissions      wide range of guidance,
     can be found on our website.                    pupils are clear on the
                                                     range of choices and make
     Sex Education                                   ones that are highly
     In Years 7 and 8, Sex and Relationship
     Education is delivered during timetabled        appropriate.”
     PSHE/Citizenship lessons. Programmes                             Ofsted 2016
     of Study reflect current guidance from
     the Department of Education, Ofsted, the
     Department of Health and the Teenage
     Pregnancy Unit.

     In Years 9 to 13, Sex and Relationships
     Education is delivered as targeted
     sessions during Tutor Time and
     assemblies led by trained teachers,
     members of the school nursing service
     and visitors.

     Full details of the Programmes of Study
     are available on request from the
     Citizenship and PSHE Coordinator.

     Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw
     their child from Sex Education lessons.
     Alternative provision is made for them by
     the Head of PSHE/Citizenship and
     students would be provided with
     alternative PSHE/Citizenship work.


Careers Education                            Students with Special
and Work Experience                          Educational Needs
Students in years 7 and 8 are given          The Learning Support Department
information about option choices and         provides support for those students
careers as part of their PHSE/Citizenship    with individual needs.
lessons. As part of the PSHE/Citizenship
Programme students in years 9-11 may         The Department liaises closely with
participate in special events which also     feeder primary schools and assessment
focus on careers. Year 11 students are       details inform staff prior to transfer.
offered the opportunity to take part in      Following screening assessment for the
mock interviews prior to applying for        whole Year 7 group, individual needs are
places at sixth forms, colleges, or for      identified and parents are informed of
jobs. We hold a Careers Fair early in the    proposed support arrangements and
Spring Term, with a wide range of            targets set to monitor progress.
employers represented. The programme
is developed in Years 10 and 11, and         Support is delivered in several ways,
supported by further group talks and         and there are opportunities for individual
interviews.                                  support in small groups, either with a
                                             SEN specialist teacher or from a teaching
Sessions cover themes such as job            assistant. Some students benefit from
applications, interview skills, further      having an assistant in the classroom, in
education and preparation for Work           addition to the teacher, to provide in-class
Experience. Work Experience is connected     support in both academic and practical
to various vocational subject options, and   lessons. All students are integrated into
all of Year 10 go out on Work Experience     mainstream teaching groups. However
at the end of Year 10.                       where a particular need is identified, a
                                             number of students have the opportunity
Religious Education                          of small group teaching or tutoring.
At KS3 Thurstable School follows the
Essex Agreed Syllabus for Religious          Extra support in maths, reading, spelling
Education and this covers all of the six     and handwriting is provided for students
major world religions as well as some        as required.
moral and philosophical issues. Parents
have the right to withdraw their child       Specialist resources are held in the
from RE. Where parents choose to             learning support room. They include
remove their children alternative work       laptop computers which can be used for
which is non-religious in nature will be     word processing or for using software
provided for the students to do. More        designed to improve reading, spelling
information is available from the Head of    and basic number skills. Other resources
Religious Education.                         include graded reading books, structured
                                             spelling programmes, educational games
                                             and a wide range of practical
                                             mathematics equipment.

Achieve More Belong More Be More

     Those few students for whom a full
     academic curriculum is not appropriate in
     Key Stage 4 are offered the opportunity of
                                                  3 art workshop rooms with Interactive
     two day work experience with a modified
                                                  White Boards (IWB)
     GCSE course.
                                                  1 photographic darkroom
                                                  1 Sixth Form study room
     Gifted and More                              Photography studio

     Able Students                                Drama
     Students are identified as gifted or         1 Drama studio
     talented in individual subject areas, and    1 practice room
     as generally more able centrally. This is    Main Hall with a stage area
     reflected in their targets, and their
     progress is monitored closely by subject     English

     teachers and centrally by the school. We     7 classrooms with IWB
                                                  1 small group interventions area with IWB
     ensure that our most able and gifted
                                                  Literature Library
     students are on track to achieve at the
     highest levels of attainment.                Humanities
                                                  8 classrooms with IWBs

     Admission Policy                             IT
     We are a non-selective co-educational        3 classrooms with IWBs or smart TVs
     school, and admission is based on            1 classroom with Chromeboxes and
     criteria such as distance from the school,   smart TV
                                                  5 classrooms with IWBs or smart TVs
     attendance at one of our traditional
                                                  Sets of digital cameras
     feeder primary schools, and having a
                                                  Sets of headphones with microphones
     sibling in the school. Our Admissions        Set of Android tablets
     Policy sets out how these criteria are
                                                  E-Learning Centre
     applied and in what order in the event of
                                                  6m Green Screen
     there being more parents applying for        10 x Collaborative/Podcasting PCs
     places than the school can accommodate,      3 iMac computers
     as does happen at Thurstable on a regular    1 DSLR Camera
     basis. We operate a Football Centre of       1 Video camera
     Excellence in partnership with Colchester    Smart TV with built in video
     United, and places on this programme         Conferencing
                                                  3D Printer (Makerbot)
     are based on aptitude in football, as
                                                  Full colour Laserjet Copier/Printer
     assessed by the Club.
                                                  Computer Science Learn and Build Area
                                                  with 5 ‘Open Case’ PC’s
     Our Admissions Policy can be found on        Set of 30 Headphones to use with iPads
     our web site. If you are concerned about     & Chromebooks
     the likelihood of your child gaining a       48 iPads split into 3 bookable trolleys
     place with us, please ask a senior staff     36 Chromebooks for use in the ELC
                                                  30 Chromebooks in a bookable trolley
     member at our open evening, or email the
                                                  1 Drone
     school for current information and advice.
                                                  with 3 x Apple TVs

“ The curriculum is created to meet the specific needs of each pupil. It supports very well
the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development….(and) gives pupils a strong
balance of subjects. Pupils access courses that are highly relevant to them and achieve
qualifications and training that are very pertinent to their career aspirations.”
                                                                               Ofsted 2016
Achieve More Belong More Be More

     30 Chromebooks                             Physiotherapist room
     Interactive Whiteboard Wall                2 classrooms (1 of which is a computer
     ‘JuiceBox’ Phone & Tablet Charging         room) with IWBs
     Station                                    Conference Suite
                                                Meeting room
     Learning Support
     1 large classroom with IWB                 Outside the sports centre:
     1 breakout room                            3rd Generation Artificial Pitch
     6 desktop computers                        4 Grass football pitches
     Maths                                      7 aside grass football pitch
     8 classrooms with IWB and smart ICT        Rugby pitch
     technology                                 3 lane artificial cricket net
                                                Double width long jump pit
     Media Studies                              4 netball courts/ 4 tennis courts
     HD broadcast standard video recorder
     Digital video editing facilities           Science
     Digital cameras                            9 laboratories with IWB Seminar room
                                                with smart TV
     MFL                                        2 prep rooms
     3 classrooms with IWBs

     1 practical classroom with IWB
     3 practice rooms
     Music Technology suite with 16
     Instrumental store area Recording Studio
     and vocal booth

     Sixth form
     2 study rooms
     Sixth Form Common Room with leisure
     and kitchen facilities.
     Use of the gym and sports facilities

     Food technology kitchen classrooms
     Textiles workshop/classroom
     2 resistant materials workshops
     Graphics technology room
     ICT suite preparation room

     Inside the sports centre:
     Sports hall
     Gymnasium with rock climbing wall
     Fitness gym with cardiovascular and
     resistance machines
     Spin Bike room
     Dance Studio
     2 squash courts
     6 changing rooms


Staff List
Mr J Ketley          Headteacher
Mr J Lee             Deputy Headteacher
Mrs E Batt           Assistant Headteacher - (Professional Development)
Mrs K Cowling        Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Higgins         Assistant Headteacher - (Student Achievement)
Mrs H Watling        Assistant Headteacher (Professional Development and Pastoral)
Ms K Davies          Senior Leader (ICT)
Miss S Halifax       Senior Leader (English)
Mr N Murray          Senior Leader (Mathematics)
Mr G Muttock         Senior Leader (Sixth Form)
Mr D Raleigh         Senior Leader (SEND)
Mr A Woodcock        Senior Leader (Director of Sport)
Mrs M Ward           Senior Leader (MFL and Reading, Writing, Communication and
                     Mathematics across the curriculum)
Miss F Beck          Human Resources Manager
Mrs C Boyce          Bursar
Mr R Verrall         Operations Manager

Mr T Evans              Year 7
Mr H Evans              Year 8
Mrs K Cowling           Year 9
Mrs Z Bell              Year 10
Mrs N Wiseman           Year 11
Mr G Muttock            Head of Sixth Form

Mrs J Terry          Year 7
Mrs C Brunner        Year 8
Mrs L Hewes          Year 9
Miss L Collins       Year 10
Mrs E Featherstone   Year 11

Mrs C Upton             Head of Art
Mrs S Carder            Head of Art
Mrs S Lay               Art Teacher
Miss K Knight           Art Technician

Mrs A Mitchell          Head of Drama
Mr M Baines             Drama Teacher
Mrs E Batt              Drama Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Achieve More Belong More Be More

     Miss S Halifax        Senior Leader and Head of English
     Mr L Dare             Deputy Head of English
     Mr M Brayley          English Teacher
     Miss C Cansdale       English Teacher
     Miss H Harris         English Teacher
     Miss R Hennahane      Head of Media and English Teacher
     Miss S McMurtry       English Teacher
     Mrs L Mallard         English Teacher
     Miss V Mant           English Teacher
     Mrs K Minter          Media Studies Teacher and Head of Events Management
     Miss V Osborne        English Teacher

     Mr P Lake             Head of History
     Mrs S Carr            History Teacher
     Miss E Nugent         History Teacher
     Mrs K Cowling         Associate Assistant Headteacher and History Teacher
     Miss R Coward         Head of Geography
     Mr D Morgan           Geography Teacher
     Mr G Muttock          Senior Leader Sixth Form and Geography Teacher
     Miss H Salmon         Geography Teacher
     Miss E Bridger        Head of RE and PHSE
     Mr J Lee              Deputy Headteacher and RE Teacher
     Ms J Failey           RE Teacher
     Mrs I Lester          Higher Level Teaching Assistant

     Ms K Davies           Senior Leader and Head of ICT
     Mr S Dowers           ICT Teacher
     Mrs M Gladding        ICT Teacher
     Mrs C Hall            Business Studies Teacher

     Mr N Murray           Senior Leader and Head of Maths
     Mr J Beales           Maths Teacher and Maths outside the classroom
     Miss A Mead           Maths Teacher
     Mr S Rudd             Maths and Psychology Teacher
     Mrs D Stewart         Deputy Head of Maths
     Miss J Wherritt       Maths Teacher
     Miss A Wilson         Maths Teacher
     Mrs N Wiseman         Maths Teacher and Head of Year
     Mrs C Woodcock        Maths Instructor

     Ms M Ward          Senior Leader and Head of MFL
     Mrs E Starmer      Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages
     Miss L Parsons     Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
     Mrs Z Bell         Modern Foreign Languages Teacher and Head of Year
     Mr E Wand          Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

Achieve More Belong More Be More

     Mrs S Thomson          Head of Music
     Mr J Raymond           Music Teacher

     Mr A Woodcock        Senior Leader and Head of PE
     Mr T Evans           PE Teacher and Head of Year
     Mr H Evans           PE Teacher and Head of Year
     Mr L Carr            PE Teacher and Public Services and Duke of Edinburgh
     Miss A Fryers        PE Teacher
     Miss R Macro         Deputy Head of PE
     Mr K Servantes       PE Teacher and KS4 Vocation coordinator PE
     Miss R Thompson      Head of Dance and PE Teacher
     Miss H Dey           School Games Organiser
     Mr P Pretoris        PE Instructor

     Mr E Turner            Head of Science
     Miss H Bond            Deputy Head of Science
     Mrs T Bright           Head of Health and Social Care
     Mrs C Diggins          Science Teacher
     Miss P Emms            Head of Physics
     Mr C Gay               Head of Chemistry
     Mr M Higgins           Science Teacher and Assistant Headteacher
     Mr S Lane              Head of Biology
     Mr E Nwabueze          Science Teacher
     Miss M Greenwood       Science Teacher
     Mrs P Tyankova         Science Teacher
     Mrs H Watling          Science Teacher and Assistant Headteacher
     Mrs A Etherington      Senior Science Technician
     Mrs S Cook             Science Technician
     Mrs L Wood             Science Technician

     Mrs K Hoddy            Head of Technology
     Mrs T Goodwin          Deputy Head of Technology and Head of Graphics
     Mr D Raleigh           Technology Teacher and Senior Leader (SEND)
     Mrs C Doe              Head of Food Technology
     Mrs A Freeman          Technology Teacher
     Mr J Bailey            Technology Technician

     Mr D Raleigh           Senior Leader (SEND)
     Mrs J Poole            Learning Support Coordinator and HLTA
     Ms M Barrett           Learning Support Administrator
     Miss S Bothwell        LSA
     Mrs A Cooper           LSA
     Mrs K Green            LSA
     Mrs S Lepley-Ward      LSA


Mrs D Morgan                 LSA and Learning Supervisor
Dr T Peters                  LSA
Mr J Peachey                 LSA
Mrs S Ure                    LSA
Miss C Wright                LSA

Mrs J Baldry                 PA to the Head Teacher
Mrs J Barr                   Pastoral Officer
Miss F Beck                  HR Manager
Mrs C Boyce                  Bursar
Mrs C Dustan                 Staff Cover, Student Reception and First Aid
Mrs D Dunning                Data and Exams
Mrs D Grimshaw               Finance Assistant
Mrs J Harrington             Receptionist
Mr J Jennings                Exams and Data Officer
Mrs J Mills                  Pastoral Officer
Mrs S Peachey                Student Receptionist, Mid Day Supervisor and First Aid
Mrs A Sams                   Reprographics Officer
Mrs A Seaborn                Student Progress and Lead Receptionist
Mrs C Swan                   Careers Leader and Sixth Form Manager
Mrs C Thomson                Finance Assistant
Mrs K Vella                  Finance Officer
Mrs K Wickham                Receptionist
Mrs J Bowring                Catering Assistant
Mrs M Calvert                Catering Assistant
Mrs L Cookson                Catering Assistant
Mrs L Gilbey                 Catering Assistant
Mrs S Harrington             Catering Supervisor
Mrs K Martin                 Catering Assistant
Mrs P Pennington-Partridge   Catering Assistant
Mr P Everett                 Communications and Systems Manager
Mr C Church                  ICT Technician
Mr M Spanton                 ICT Technician
Mr B Pullen                  E Learning Manager
Mr M DeRosa                  E Learning Apprentice
Mr A Smith                   E Learning Apprentice
Mr R Verrall                 Operations Manager
Mrs P Lane                   Caretaker Supervisor
Mrs T Clarke                 Caretaker
Mr R Izzard                  Caretaker
Mr T Youngs                  Caretaker
Mr M Gaynor                  Caretaker

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