Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel

Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
Tours & Holidays

     to somewhere beautiful on one of our
   disabled friendly and accessible holidays

                 tel: 0800 711 7112
Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
Hello and Welcome...
    H    ello and welcome to a brand-new
         collection of Limitless Travel holidays!
    We have been busy creating lots of exciting
                                                      are there to make your holiday comfortable,
                                                      enjoyable, and as smooth as possible.

    new experiences for you to enjoy. From            Limitless Love,
    Sicilian Escapes to classic British Coach
    Tours, our 2019 collection is sure to get
    you inspired.                                                                  CEO & Founder

    As those who travel with us know, all of our
    holidays are disabled friendly and wheelchair
    accessible and this year, we are proud to
    announce that wet room bathrooms are
    guaranteed as standard. We are proud to
    say that members of the Limitless team visit
    each and every single one of our destinations
    to ensure that we are providing only the
    highest standards of accessibility for you, our
    valued guests.

    So what are you waiting for? Have a look at
    our fantastic 2019 collection and get excited
    to travel again, knowing that Limitless Travel

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Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
Pg 4    What Makes Us Limitless?
Pg 5    Our Journey
Pg 6    Care Supported Coach tours
Pg 8    Classic Lake District
Pg 9    North Wales Explorer
Pg 10   Blackpool & The Lakes
Pg 11   Outdoor Activity & Explorer
Pg 12   The Netherlands
Pg 13   Belgium Christmas Markets
Pg 14   Belgium Battlefields
Pg 15   Devon & The South West
Pg 16   European holidays
Pg 18   Benidorm
Pg 19   Explore Crete
Pg 20   Escape to Sicily
Pg 22   Best of Tenerife
Pg 24   Expert & Quality Care
Pg 26   Our Car packages
Pg 28   Care Package Inclusions
Pg 30   Care by the hour
Pg 31   Driving Miss Daisy
Pg 32   Booking Details
Pg 33   Terms & Conditions

Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
What Makes
                                   Us Limitless?

           Professional Care            Accessible Transport                Real Life
                Support                                                Disability Expertise
           Available for a variety of   All of our coaches have step    We are founded and run
         needs delivered by qualified   free access, and wheelchairs   by people with experience
            professionals on-hand         can be secured into place     living and travelling with
          throughout your holiday.                on board.                     a disability.

              Accessible                    Door-to-Door                  Payment Plans
           Accommodation                      Service                       Available
           Hand-picked hotels that       Your holiday starts at your    Need to spread the cost of
          have been tried and tested    front door with our optional          your holiday?
               for excellence in         pick up and return service.      Ask one of our travel
              disabled facilities.         Wheelchair accessible       advisors about our payment
                                             vehicles available.                  plans.

        Wet room bathrooms guaranteed!

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Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
Our Journey

                                                      Limitless Travel is more than a travel company. To
                                                      be Limitless is a mindset, it means to push yourself
                                                to experience things you didn’t think it possible to achieve.
                                                We support people to see, achieve and experience the
                                                wonders that the world has to offer. From North Wales
                                                to the other side of the globe, we want everyone
                                                to be able to pursue their aspirations through travel
                                                                       - Angus Drummond, CEO & Founder

L imitless Travel’s mission is to revolutionise
  travel for people with disabilities and to
make the world accessible to all.
                                                    disability awareness and understanding, and
                                                    a lack of facilities available to aid the modern

Angus Drummond, the founder of Limitless            He decided that travel should not be
Travel, was a 22-year-old investment                exclusively available to the able-bodied.
banker when he was diagnosed with a                 Travel had allowed him to learn about
muscle weakening condition called Muscular          different cultures, try new foods, make
Dystrophy. Angus was told that his mobility         lifelong relationships, and generally improved
would decline over time, and that one day he        his outlook and positivity about life. He knew
would be confined to a wheelchair. This came        that he needed to do something that would
as a devastating shock, and Angus knew that         enable the wider disabled community to
his life would never be the same.                   travel without limitations, and so it was from
                                                    Angus’ first-hand experience of travelling the
Always an avid traveller, shortly after his         world with a disability that Limitless Travel
diagnosis Angus spontaneously quit his              was born.
job, donned his backpack and decided to
travel the world in order to experience all         Since then, Limitless Travel has flourished
of its wonders before travelling became too         into a specialist holiday provider for people
difficult. With the support of his wife Lucy,       with a wide range of mobility restrictions
Angus traversed over 35 countries, canoed           and disabilities. The Limitless Travel team
in Vietnam, and even climbed to the top of          is made up of people who have disabilities
Machu Picchu.                                       themselves, and people who have specialist
                                                    knowledge about disabilities and the care
Throughout his journey, Angus’ mobility             industry, so that our travellers can be assured
began to decline. He realized that the              that their needs are not only listened to, but
limitations that he experienced were not only       understood.
due to his mobility, but also due to a lack of

Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
Care Supported Coach Tours

6   0800 711 7112
Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
    *excluding Belgium

L   imitless Travel’s Care Supported Coach
    Tours are designed with the needs
of those with disabilities and mobility
restrictions in mind. All locations, activities,
and accommodation has been pre-vetted
by members of the Limitless Travel team to
ensure a high standard of disabled access
and awareness.

Our range of care packages can be paired
with these tours to ensure that travellers
have everything they need to enjoy a
fantastic holiday, and at all locations mobility
equipment is available too.

Limitless Travel’s coaches are all fitted with a
hydraulic lift for step-free access. Wheelchair
users who do not transfer can be secured
into place on the coach, and our drivers take
rest breaks regularly for your comfort.

Included in your holiday...
• 4 night’s accessible accommodation
• Half board (breakfasts and evening
  meals included)
• Wheel chair accessible coach
• Ferry fare for European Tours
• Programme of accessible activities
• Care Manager on hand throughout
  the holiday
• Group Support from the Limitless Travel
  care team

Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
Classic Lake District


                                                                      per person

    E   xperience the delights of the Lake
        District and Lytham Saint Anne’s. A
    sophisticated break including a luxury        Highlights
    afternoon tea – what a treat!
                                              •   Hotel based near Lytham St Anne’s
                                              •   Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed
                                              •   Mobility equipment hire at no extra cost

    Dates                                     •   Luxury Afternoon Tea
                                              •   Boat cruise on Lake Windermere
    5th – 9th August 2019                     •   Set menu breakfast and dinner
    1st – 5th June 2020                       •   Evening entertainment

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Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
North Wales Explorer


                                                                        per person

B  ased in the classic British sea side town
   of Llandudno, this tour explores Wales’
stunning landscape and villages which              Highlights
remain seeped in Welsh history
                                               •   Hotel based on Llandudno promenade
                                               •   Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed

Dates                                          •   Mobility equipment hire at no extra cost
                                               •   Excursion to Anglesey
13th - 17th May 2019                           •   Excursion to Caernarfon
1st – 5th July 2019                            •   Set menu breakfast and dinner
2nd - 6th September 2019                       •   Evening entertainment
20th – 24th April 2020
11th – 15th May 2020
13th – 17th July 2020                                                                         9
Escape - Tours & Holidays 2019 - to somewhere beautiful on one of our disabled friendly and accessible holidays - Limitless Travel
Blackpool & The Lakes


                                                                          per person

     B  ased on Blackpool’s South promenade,
        this tour combines two fantastic
     experiences – Blackpool’s lively seaside         Highlights
     town and the peace and tranquillity of the
                                                  •   Hotel Based near Blackpool Promenade
     Lake District.
                                                  •   Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed
                                                  •   Mobility equipment hire at no extra cost

     Dates                                        •   Excursion to Blackpool
                                                  •   Boat cruise on Lake Windermere
     1st – 5th April 2019                         •   Set menu breakfast and dinner
     26th – 30th August 2019                      •   Evening entertainment
     21st - 25th October 2019
     27th April – 1st May 2020
     29th June – 3rd July 2020

10   0800 711 7112
Outdoor Activity & Adventure


                                                                        per person

T  ake part in a programme of fantastic
   outdoor adventure activities including
archery, canoeing, and abseiling. All               Highlights
activities are fully adapted for accessibility.
                                                  • Scenic location on Exmoor National Park
                                                    or the Lake District
                                                  • Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed

Dates                                             • Mobility equipment hire at no extra cost
                                                  • Accessible activity programme
22nd – 26th July 2019                             • Full board                                                                          11
The Netherlands


                                                                     per person

     E  njoy the delights of the Dutch
        countryside and visit the culturally
     diverse city of Amsterdam on our              Highlights
     Netherlands tour.
                                               • Hotel based in Dutch village of De Rijp
                                               • Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed
                                               • Mobility equipment hire at no extra cost

     Dates                                     • Excursion to Amsterdam
                                               • Entrance to Keukenhof (Tulip season only)
     7th – 11th May 2019                       • Entrance to cheese and clog factory
     10th - 14th July 2019                       (to replace Keukenhof)
     18th – 22nd September 2019                • Buffet breakfast and dinner
     9th – 13th October 2019
     4th – 8th May 2020

12   0800 711 7112
Belgium Christmas Markets


                                                                  per person

E njoy the legendary Christmas Markets
  of Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges on this
Christmas Markets special.                      Highlights
                                            • Hotel based in Antwerp
                                            • Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed
                                            • Mobility equipment hire available

Dates                                       • Steam room and infrared cabin available
                                            • Excursions to Brussels, Antwerp, and
6th - 10th December 2019                      Bruges Christmas markets
                                            • Buffet breakfast, set dinner menu
                                            • Physiotherapy available                                                                   13
Belgium Battlefields


                                                                          per person

     B  elgium is home to some of the most
        important battle sites of the First World
     War. Our tour visits those sites, and the          Highlights
     cemeteries of those who lost their lives to
                                                    • 3* Hotel based 600m from the coast
     save our country.
                                                    • Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed
                                                    • Equipment hire available
     Dates                                          • Excursions to important WW1 sites
     8th – 12th November 2019                         including Essex Farm cemetery, In Flanders
                                                      Museum, and Tyne Cot
                                                    • Full board meal plan

14   0800 711 7112
Devon & the South West


                                                                    per person

E  xplore the rugged Devonshire
   countryside from a base in Exeter city
centre. A fantastic sightseeing holiday for     Highlights
those who prefer a more gentle pace or
                                              • 4* Hotel based in Exeter
have light mobility restrictions.
                                              • Coach fitted with lift for easy access
                                              • Excursions to Ilfracombe, Tavistock

Dates                                           and Exeter
                                              • Half board meal plan
9th – 13th September 2019                     • Wheelchair accessible rooms available
8th – 11th May 2020                           • 10 minutes from Exeter Cathedral
31st July – 3rd August 2020

European Holidays

16   0800 711 7112

N   othing feels more like a holiday than
    relaxing on a beach with your favourite
drink in hand, which is why we are thrilled
to announce that we have expanded our
European beach destinations to appeal to a
range of tastes.

You will be met at your arrival airport by an
accessible transfer provider who will take
you to your resort, where you can enjoy
a fabulous holiday full of fun things to do.
Need assistance whilst flying? No problem,
you can fly with the Limitless care team to
ensure you are as relaxed and as comfortable
as possible.

All of our resorts have been tried and
tested by members of the Limitless Travel
team, and have been carefully selected for
their disabled access, customer service,
and location.

Included in your holiday...
•   7 night’s accessible accommodation
•   Half board
•   Wheelchair accessible airport transfer
•   Programme of accessible activities
•   Exciting European destinations
•   Group Support from the Limitless
    Travel care team



                                                                         per person

     E  njoy a fantastic holiday in one of the
        most popular holiday destinations in the
     world. Benidorm’s beautiful sandy beaches         Highlights
     and sweeping promenade are the perfect
                                                   • 4* Hotel based in Benidorm
     place to relax and unwind.
                                                   • Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed

     Dates                                         • Equipment hire available
                                                   • Excursion to Alicante and Benidorm’s
     21st – 28th June 2019                           wheelchair accessible beach
     14th – 21st November 2019                     • Full board with beer and wine included
     1st – 8th April 2020                          • Swimming pool with pool hoist access
     23rd – 30th May 2020
     13th – 20th June 2020
     11th – 18th July 2020

18   0800 711 7112
Explore Crete


                                                                           per person

D    iscover the Greek island of Crete from
     a fully accessible hotel in the village of
Maleme. Visit precious local sites and enjoy          Highlights
a rich and thriving culture.
                                                  •   3* Hotel based in Maleme
                                                  •   Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed
                                                  •   Mobility equipment available to hire

Dates                                             •   Excursion to historical Chania
                                                  •   Buffet breakfast and dinner
14th – 21st June 2019                             •   Great for families
                                                  •   Water sports daily                                                                        19
Escape to Sicily


                                                                            per person

     R   elax in true Italian style on a fully
         accessible, 4-star holiday resort.
     There are lots of facilities for you to enjoy,       Highlights
     including a daily programme of activities
                                                      • 4* Hotel based in Modica
     and entertainment!
                                                      • Wetroom bathrooms available
                                                      • Equipment available to hire

     Dates                                            • Excursions to Mount Etna, Syracuse,
                                                        and accessible beach
     1st – 8th June 2019                              • Buffet breakfast and dinner
     1st – 8th June 2020                              • Family entertainment

20   0800 711 7112
Best of Tenerife


                                                                        per person

T   enerife has a wealth of activities to get
    stuck into – right on your hotel door
step! Try accessible scuba-diving or take an        Highlights
off-road adventure on Mount Tiede.
                                                •   3* Hotel based in Los Cristianos
                                                •   Wetroom bathrooms guaranteed

Dates                                           •   Mobility equipment available to hire
                                                •   Excursion to accessible beach
2nd – 9th August 2019                           •   Excursion to local market
13th – 20th December 2019                       •   Extra excursions available
7th – 14th February 2020                        •   Buffet breakfast and dinner
19th – 26th June 2020                           •   Spa treatments available

We’re here for
anybody and

Expert & Quality Care

24   0800 711 7112
Bespoke care
    plans available

L  imitless Travel are proud to be the only
   UK holiday provider to take fully qualified
care staff on each and every holiday. We
know first-hand the difficulties and anxieties
that come with travelling with a disability;
from managing luggage to navigating
accessible routes through a new city.

We want to make sure that, while on holiday
with us, you receive the right care for you.
When you make a booking with Limitless
Travel, we will ask you a series of questions
so that we can fully understand your
situation, answer any questions you might
have about care, and to identify your exact
needs and requirements.

We have several care options available, which
have been designed to ensure that each
individual who books with Limitless Travel
receives the appropriate pre-holiday support,
and the highest quality care while on holiday
with us.

Please see the next page for more
information about our care packages.

Our Care Packages

             Group Support
             Group Support is included in the cost of every Limitless Travel holiday. You will receive the
             support of the Limitless team in the run up to your holiday to answer any questions that
             you might have, to help with the arrangement of equipment hire and the organisation of
             transport from your home to your pick-up point or departure airport.

             While on holiday, your group support team will be happy to assist with carrying and loading
             your luggage onto the coach or at the airport check-in desk, accompanying you through
             airport check in and on your flight from our group departure airport, making sure your
             environment is as accessible as possible, fetching items and cutting up food, and providing
             emergency response care. For a full list of inclusions in our Group Support package, please
             refer to our care package inclusions table.

              Personal Care
             In addition to the services offered in our Group Support package, our Personal Care option
             includes hoisting, assistance showering and bathing, getting dressed, toileting, and feeding.

             This option is ideal for those who receive care several times a day while at home. For a full
             list of inclusions in our Personal Care package, please refer to our care package inclusions

26   0800 711 7112
One to One Care
         In addition to the service offered in our Basic Assistance and Extra Care packages, our One
         to One Care package is an entirely specialised care plan that is design to meet your exact
         needs and requirements. Our One to One Care package includes a personal consultation in
         which one of the Limitless Travel staff will go through your daily care routine with you and
         adapt it to suit your extra needs while on holiday.

         We offer three tiers of one to one care support based on the hours of night care required
         and the level of care required during transfers.

         One to One Standard
         no night care is included in the cost, carer not present during transfers from home to
         departure airport or pickup point

         One to One Higher
         Up to 2 hour of night care per night, carer not present during transfers from home to
         departure airport or pickup point

         One to One Premium
         Night care as and when required, carer can accompany you from your home in an accessible
         transfer vehicle on the outward and return journeys

O    ne to one care packages include (but
     are not limited to) care assistance during
the night according to the above, meet and
greet services at your door (Premium only),
departure from your preferred airport, and
peg feeding. For a full list of inclusions in our
Standard One to One care package, please
refer to our care package inclusions table.
Differences between the Standard, Higher
and Premium one to one care packages are
listed above.

Care Package Inclusions
                                                             Basic                    Standard     Higher     Premium
                        Care Type                                       Extra Care
                                                           Assistance                One to One   On to One   On to One
                                                           Before your holiday
     Telephone support from the Limitless
     Travel office team
     Assistance booking care equipment,
     transfer to the pickup point and flights
     Care needs assessed via questionnaire
     Care needs confirmed via telephone
     call with qualified carer
     Personalised care plan according to
     your needs and requirements
                                                              At the airport
     Be accompanied from your door to
     the airport by a qualified carer
     Manual wheelchair pushed by a carer
     Meet and greet at your preferred airport
     Meet and greet at group departure airport
     Assistance with luggage handling
     Assistance through airport check-in
     and security
     Toileting assistance in the airport prior to board-
     ing the aircraft
     (unless special equipment required)
     Assistance boarding the aircraft via aircraft
     aisle wheelchair
     Assistance on board the aircraft accessing
     food/duty free
     Assistance disembarking the aircraft via the
     aircraft aisle wheelchair

     Assistance at arrival airport’s boarder control
     and baggage collection

     Assistance to the transfer vehicle

     Assistance boarding the transfer vehicle and
     loading luggage into the hold

                                                              On the Coach
     Be accompanied from your door to the pickup
     point by a qualified carer
     Manual wheelchair pushed by a carer
     Clamped securely into place on
     the coach by a carer
     Assistance loading luggage into
     the coach hold space
     Assistance at comfort breaks to
     access food and drink
     Assistance toileting at comfort breaks (unless
     special equipment required)
     Assistance to access belongings on board with
     you on the coach

28       0800 711 7112
Basic                           Standard         Higher       Premium
                       Care Type                                           Extra Care
                                                           Assistance                       One to One       On to One     On to One
                                                  In Resort (where applicable)
    Manual wheelchair to be pushed by the carer
    as required
    Assistance disembarking the transfer
    vehicle and unloading luggage
    Assistance taking luggage to traveller’s room &
    placing case in an accessible area
    Assistance unpacking at the traveller’s request
    Assistance making the room as accessible for
    the client as possible
    Assistance getting breakfast & evening meals
    Assistance with cutting up food
    Assistance with feeding
    Assistance getting drinks & snacks from the bar
    Point of contact between the resort, its
    facilities, and the traveller when tour
    manager is unavailable
    Assistance communicating extra care/mobility
    needs to the hotel, mobility equipment provider,
    hotel care services or care manager if required
    Up to 2 hours night care per night
    Night care response as and when required
    Care assistance with getting out of and into
    bed (can be hoisted)
    Care assistance with showering/bathing/
    washing/brushing teeth/dressing morning &
    Care assistance with toileting throughout the
    day while in resort
    Care assistance with being hoisted into the pool
    Care assistance in the swimming pool
    on the resort
                                                     Excursions and Activities
    Can be accompanied on excursions outside of
    main itinerary*
    Manual wheelchair to be pushed by the carer
    Assistance making the excursion locations
    accessible eg. Moving tables/chairs out of
    the way of wheelchairs
    Assistance getting food/drinks from
    restaurants & bars
    Assistance with cutting up food
    Assistance with feeding
    Assistance with embarking/disembarking the
    excursion vehicle if applicable
    Care assistance with toileting throughout the
    day (unless special equipment required)
    Care assistance relating to the requirements of
    the excursion or activity eg. Assistance using the
    beach wheelchair

*Must be agreed and signed off by the Care Manager
We recommend talking to a specialist Limitless Travel advisor about your care needs prior to your booking.     29
Care By-the-Hour

     F   or travellers who may not need the
         full extent of support provided in our
     personal care or one to one packages, it
                                                  to organise by-the-hour care for you, or
                                                  alternatively you can contact your resort
                                                  directly. Please see below for information
     is possible in most of our destinations to   about our care partners and a price guide:
     purchase care by the hour. We are happy

         Tenerife Sea & Sun –                     Barcelona City Break –
         Lero                                     MICs San Jordi
         Contact number                           Contact Number
         (+34) 922 750 289                        (+34) 93 252 32 00
         Cost per hour                            Cost per hour
         £28-36                                   £26-31

         Blackpool and the Lakes –
                                                  Escape to Sicily –
         Contact Number                           Kikki Village
         0333 999 8888                            Contact Number
         Cost per hour                            (+39) 0932 763614
         £19-25                                   Cost per hour
                                                  on request

         North Wales Explorer –
                                                  Belgium Christmas Markets –
         Contact Number                           Drie Eikenstraat
         0333 999 8888                            Contact Number
         Cost per hour                            +32 (0) 3 821 12 11
         £19-25                                   Cost per hour
                                                  on request

30   0800 711 7112
Driving Miss Daisy

L   imitless Travel are proud to partner with
    Driving Miss Daisy. So much more than a
taxi service, Driving Miss Daisy are experts
                                                Fancy a cuppa when you get back home?
                                                Miss Daisy has already got the kettle on!

in providing accessible and disabled friendly   If you require specialist accessible
transportation and companionship.               transportation from your home to one of our
                                                Limitless Travel holiday pick-ups or departure
Driving Miss Daisy drivers are all first aid    airports, we will be happy to arrange a
trained, licensed, DBS checked and are ready    Driving Miss Daisy journey for you. Get in
to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.     contact with us today and let us make your
Need help carrying your luggage to the          dream holiday a reality!
wheelchair accessible vehicle? No problem.

Booking Details
     At the Airport                                                     Swimming Pools
     If you are travelling on our European Beach Tour, you must         Most hotels do not employ a lifeguard. Please ensure that
     check in at least 2-3 hours before your flight is scheduled to     children and non-swimmers are supervised at all times and
     take off in accordance with your itinerary. If you fail to check   observe the pool rules at your accommodation. If you wish to
     in on time, the airline is entitled to refuse you boarding         use the pool hoists, ramps, or any other access equipment,
     access onto the flight. We cannot accept responsibility if         please ensure you do so in a safe and considerate manner.
     such situations arise, and while we will endeavour to assist       If access equipment is damage, an amount may be payable
     in making alternative travel arrangements to get you to your       directly to the hotel to cover the cost of repair. If you wish to
     destination, or to your home, any costs or loss incurred as a      dive please check that the water is deep enough and that the
     result will be your responsibility.                                property allows diving. You should exercise caution around
                                                                        pool areas since pool surrounds are often slippery when
     Arrival & Transfers                                                wet and you should not enter the pool after drinking alcohol.
     After passing through customs at the airport, you will be          Please note that swimming pools may be temporarily
     met by our transfer providers. They will show you to your          withdrawn for maintenance purposes.
     taxi and take you to your chosen accommodation. You will
     be transferred from the airport to your accommodation on           Fire Safety
     arrival and from your accommodation back to the airport on         Please read carefully all safety information which is available
     your departure.                                                    in your hotel or apartment. On arrival, always familiarise
                                                                        yourselves with the nearest fire exits in your room or
     Luggage                                                            apartment.
     If you are vacating your accommodation after check out and
     have to wait for your departure from resort, your luggage          Standards and Safety of Beaches
     remains your responsibility during this time. Whilst our           Swimming outside of designated beaches is very dangerous.
     representatives may be able to suggest where luggage can           We recommend that you swim on main beaches and avoid
     be stored, this will be entirely at your own risk. We cannot       remote rocky coastlines. Familiarise yourself with the
     accept responsibility for any luggage left unattended.             Local flag warning systems and seek local advice on which
                                                                        beaches are the safest. Check whether the beach has
     Our Representatives                                                lifeguards and swim parallel to the shore within your depth.
     Our representatives include our Tour Managers and Care             Children should be supervised at all times and there should
     Team, and are carefully selected to offer you advice and           be no swimming at night. You should also be aware of any
     care. You will be given a contact telephone number for our         “zones” for jet skis and power boats and stay well away. Any
     representatives.                                                   access equipment on the beach is used at your own risk, and
                                                                        you should carefully consider your health and mobility before
     Flying with a Disability                                           use.
     Please note that most airlines will only allow independent
     passengers to fly unaccompanied. It is generally the rule          Alcohol
     that anyone who cannot reach an emergency exit on an               Whilst many enjoy indulging during holidays, there are
     aircraft must be accompanied by someone who is able to             times when alcohol is best avoided. Soft drinks are widely
     assist them to an emergency exit. If you require assistance        available in resorts, and bottled water is recommended
     while flying, please talk to one of our specialist advisors to     when abroad. Alcohol consumption should be avoided before
     arrange flight support.                                            swimming and during sunbathing, as it causes dehydration.
                                                                        Drunken behaviour in accommodation and on-board aircraft
     Availability in Resort and Accommodation Facilities                can result in you being asked to leave the accommodation
     In some resorts and hotels, certain advertised facilities          or the aircraft accordingly. We cannot accept responsibility if
     may not be available or fully operational in the early and         such situations arise, and while we will endeavour to assist
     late part of the season, due to the number of participating        in making alternative travel arrangements to get you to your
     holidaymakers and weather conditions. Also air-conditioning        destination, or to your home, any costs or loss incurred as a
     and heating, where mentioned, may be available only at             result will be your responsibility.
     certain times of the day or year at the hotelier’s discretion
     and at an additional cost. Such situations are regrettably
     beyond our control.                                                Travel and Health Advice
                                                                        Before travelling overseas, check out the Foreign and
     Breakages and Deposits                                             Commonwealth Office website at
     You will be expected to pay for any damage or breakages            knowbeforeyougo; it is packed with essential travel advise
     caused to your accommodation. This must be paid before             and tips, and up-to-date country information. Useful health
     you leave the resort. Property management reserve the              advice and information can be found on the Department
     right to evict you from the accommodation where deliberate         of Health’s website at The
     damage/breakage has been caused. We will not accept any            Department of Health also produce a leaflet entitled “Advice
     responsibility for your actions in such cases.                     on Health for Travellers”. Please speak to your GP or Practice
                                                                        Nurse if you have any queries regarding your health and

32      0800 711 7112
travel arrangements.
                                                                   Carriage of Infants
EHIC                                                               Infants must be over 6 weeks old to travel by air and must
You should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)          be under 2 years old on the date of return to qualify as an
prior to travel. The EHIC entitles all UK residents to reduced     infant. Charges for the carriage of infants vary from airline
cost (sometimes free) health care, if necessary, whilst            to airline and relevant charges will be advised at the time of
travelling in most European countries. The quickest way to         booking. Cots and baby food are available in most resorts,
get an EHIC is to apply online at        but must be paid for locally.
Alternatively, customers can call the EHIC Application Line
on 0845 606 2030 or pick up an application pack from local         Meals
Post Offices. It can take up to 21 days for the EHIC to arrive     Please bear in mind that guests with special dietary needs
if applied for by post. Please remember that the EHIC is an        (for example, vegetarians, vegans and different cultures)
addition to travel insurance and should not be relied upon         may not find the same variety or options available that they
instead of travel insurance. Some insurance policies may           are accustomed to. Travellers must ensure that they let
be deemed invalid without the EHIC and you should check            Limitless Travel know about any dietary requirements prior
with your insurance provider before travelling.                    to departure.

Terms and Conditions
Limitless Travel Ltd – Terms & Conditions                         that all of the details on your travel documents are correct
                                                                  and to bring to our attention any errors or discrepancies
Our agreement with you                                            immediately. A contract will exist as soon as we issue our
We are Limitless Travel Ltd (hereafter referred to as Limitless   confirmation invoice. When making a booking with Limitless
Travel) and Our Agreement with You sets out what you are          Travel, it is your responsibility to provide as much information
legally entitled to expect from us and our suppliers (for         as possible regarding any assistance that you might need
whom we act as a booking agent) when you purchase travel          throughout the trip. Please note that for bookings involving
services through us. Because we sell a variety of travel          flights, passengers who cannot make their way to an
products, you should make sure you understand the terms           emergency exit unaccompanied must not travel alone. It is
and conditions which apply to your particular arrangements        your responsibility to ensure that you have someone to travel
in addition to these general terms and conditions.                with who is capable of assisting you to an emergency exit on
                                                                  an aircraft.
Your Agreement With Us
By finalising your arrangements with us, you are accepting        Deposits & Payment
the terms of this Agreement and conditions of any contract        You will be required at the time of booking to pay us a
made with any supplier(s) that apply to your booking and          non-refundable deposit, typically 20% of the quoted holiday
your travel arrangements. You also consent to our processing      price, and the full holiday price of a booking should be made
personal information about you and other members of               at least 60 days prior to departure. Payment of a deposit
your party. Your contract with us is subject to the laws and      enables Limitless Travel to hold a reservation for you but
jurisdiction of England and Wales. You may, however, choose       does not guarantee the total price of the tour. The price
the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland          can only be guaranteed once we receive full payment and
instead.                                                          tickets and/or other travel documents have been issued.
                                                                  Limitless Travel will advise you of the date that full payment
Application of these terms and conditions                         is required. All prices shown are ‘from prices’ and we reserve
These terms and conditions, together with the terms set out       the right to alter the prices of any of the holidays shown on
in the Booking Form and any further terms and conditions          our website or in our brochures. You will be advised of the
notified to you by us prior to your entering into a contract      current price of the holiday that you wish to book before your
with us, including any terms and conditions in our brochures      contract is confirmed.
or on our website which are relevant to your booking and any
other terms which we both otherwise agree will be binding         If the deposit quoted is less than 20% (for example,
on Limitless Travel Ltd and you once a contract is made           promotional reductions to 10%), we will require payment
between us (Our Terms). A contract will exist between us          of the remaining deposit amount a month after the initial
once you have made your booking with us, paid your deposit        deposit is made. In certain circumstances (depending on
(or such other fee as may be appropriate, for example where       the nature of the booking) we will require a non-refundable
you are making a ‘late booking’) and we have issued you           deposit in excess of the usual 20%. On occasions, our
with our booking confirmation. Our contract with you is also      suppliers require additional amounts up to full payment in
subject to any suppliers’ terms and conditions of which           advance (for example for Christmas bookings). On these
you agree will be deemed incorporated in our contract. You        occasions we will require additional payment in advance.
should read these terms and conditions carefully. You should      Unless you are making a late booking, the balance owing
note in particular the content of ‘our liability to you’, which   must be paid to us no later than 60 days before your date of
contains certain limitations and exclusions. If any part of       departure. If we do not receive the balance by this time, then
Our Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, then the       we will treat the booking as cancelled by you.
remainder of them will not be affected and will remain valid
and enforceable.                                                  Prices
                                                                  The prices quoted in our brochures, on our website or in
Your Booking with Limitless Travel Ltd                            our publicity and promotions are correct at the time of
When you make a booking, you guarantee that as the lead           publication. In the event of any change in our prices to those
name, you have the authority to accept and do accept, on          stated we will notify you prior to accepting your booking. All
behalf of your party, the terms of these booking conditions       our prices are quoted in GBP £ Sterling.
and those of any suppliers. It is your responsibility to ensure

(a)       Holiday arrangements                                       embassies and/or consulates. We do not accept any
     We reserve the right to pass on any charges levied on us             responsibility in the case of you being unable to travel due to
     from time to time by our suppliers in respect of any other           not complying with any such requirements.
     holiday arrangements made by us on your behalf:
     • Return transportation costs including luggage allowance as         Insurance
     confirmed                                                            Travel insurance is a vital part of your arrangements. We
     • Overseas transfers/transportation                                  strongly recommend that you have taken out adequate
     • Accommodation, meals                                               insurance for the duration of your journey with an external
     • The services of a representative, tour guide or an appointed       insurance provider.
     local agent, including a 24-hour emergency contact (except
     cruises)                                                             Travel Advice and Vaccinations
     • All UK departure taxes, fees and passenger charges                 British Citizens should refer to the travel advice posted by
     • Any applicable overseas port charges                               the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at http://www.fco.
     • Child discounts                                           for all the countries you intend to visit. Vaccinations
                                                                          may be required for some or all of the places you are
     Our holiday price does not normally include:                         intending to visit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you
     • Visa fees, overseas airport departure charges payable              have arranged necessary vaccinations for your itinerary.
     locally, porterage, personal expenditure, hotel extras, fuel and
     extras for car hire                                                  Baggage
     • Taxes or compulsory charges introduced by Governments,             Baggage allowances and policies differ depending on the
     regulatory bodies or airlines after you have booked                  tour. If you require specific information about baggage
     • Security charges introduced or increased after you have            allowances, or require further information, please contact us
     booked relating to transportation costs                              before you book.
     • Holiday/cancellation insurance
     • Flights                                                            All clients’ personal belongings are brought onto tours at
     The price payable by you for your holiday and what this price        the owner’s risk, and Limitless Travel’s liability is limited
     includes will be confirmed to you by us at the time of booking       to taking reasonable care in the handling of such items
     and set out in our booking confirmation.                             by its tour staff. In the interests of the health and safety of
                                                                          employees and agents, we ask clients to be thoughtful of
     (b)        Group bookings and discounts                              the weight of their individual suitcases and it is possible
     Some bookings or prices are dependent on the number of               that clients will be refused porterage facilities for suitcases
     participants or occupants and if this applies to your holiday        which exceed a standard weight limit.
     arrangements you will be notified by us at the time of
     booking. We reserve the right to make further charges where          Care and Care Requirements
     numbers fall below those required to qualify for the discount
     offered or price otherwise appropriate. We also reserve the          Care Packages
     right to cancel such a booking in the event that numbers fall        For all Limitless Travel tours, we offer the option to add a
     below the required number at any time up to 30 days prior to         care package which will be tailored to your requirements at
     your due date of departure.                                          the point of booking. We have several care options available,
                                                                          which have been designed to ensure that each individual
     Flight Booking Procedure                                             who books with Limitless Travel receives the appropriate
     Please note that most airlines prefer travellers to book their       pre-holiday support, and the highest quality care while on
     flights directly when booking assistance, therefore this is not      holiday with us.
     a service that Limitless Travel provide. We recommend that
     travellers organise their own flights and make us aware of           We reserve the right to amend the care package assigned
     these details so that we can organise transfers between the          following qualification calls by our care managers prior to
     arrival airport and our resorts.                                     the tour going ahead. Any changes to your care needs must
                                                                          be advised prior to your tour, and any additional charges
     When booking flights, travellers should ask for assistance           required for upgrading care packages will be the booker’s
     if required, and ensure that they confirm whether they will          responsibility.
     need electric wheelchair assistance and hold space, hold
     space for a manual wheelchair, or for any other equipment.           Full details on the care packages available can be found
     They should ask to include extra luggage if required, in             here:
     relation to the amount of hand luggage their airline offers
     as standard. Travellers should also note that many airlines
     have restrictions on the size of wheelchairs that they can           Cancellations and Changes
     accommodate, so it is their responsibility to make their airline
     aware of this prior to booking.                                      Changes by Us
                                                                          If we make a significant change to your booking, we will
     Limitless Travel will advise clients of our recommended flight       inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time
     3 months prior to the holiday – this will be the flight that our     before your departure. These may include (but are not limited
     carers will also be travelling on to provide extra assistance.       to) the following changes: a change in accommodation to
     Please note that flight cost, seats, luggage and equipment           that of a lower official category, a change of UK departure
     hold space is all subject to availability at the time travellers     point, a change of supplier, a change in the time of your
     book. We check the availability to ensure that there is              departure or return by more than 12 hours. You will have
     availability for bookings at the time this 3 months to go email      the choice of either accepting the change of arrangements,
     is sent. We advise that travellers book as soon as possible          accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements of
     following this email to ensure availability. If travellers require   comparable standard from us, (we will refund any price
     any additional support in booking, or requesting assistance          difference if the alternative has a lower value), or cancelling
     with airline providers, they should contact Limitless as soon        your booked arrangements and receiving a full refund.
     as possible. It is imperative that travellers make Limitless
     Travel aware as soon as they have booked their seats and             Cancellation by Us
     assistance and advise on their seat number(s).                       We reserve the right to cancel departures if the number of
                                                                          clients wishing to travel is less than required for the tour
     Passport, Visa and Immigration Requirements                          to run. We will not normally cancel a holiday after payment
     It is your responsibility to fulfil the passport, visa and other     of the balance becomes due (60 days before departure). If
     immigration requirements applicable to your itinerary. You           for any reason it is found necessary to do so, we will offer
     should confirm these with the relevant High Commissions,             an equivalent tour at a later date. If this alternative is not

34       0800 711 7112
acceptable, we will refund all monies paid, whereupon all           under this contract.
liability on our part shall cease.
                                                                    Unreasonable Behaviour
Cancellation by You                                                 Limitless Travel staff should be able to complete their
All deposits paid to Limitless Travel are non-refundable,           duties without harassment or disruptive behaviour from
regardless of the breakdown of the deposit paid. To cancel          clients. Should a client behave in an abusive or disruptive
an order, Limitless Travel requires written acknowledgement         manner, Limitless Travel and its staff reserve the right, after
from the person who has booked the holiday, and no further          consideration and warning, to terminate the contract with
action will be taken until this is provided. Following this         this client. In such circumstances, the client will have no
communication, Limitless Travel will assess your reasons            further reimbursement from the company in respect of any
for cancellation but we are not required to offer a transfer        lost part of the holiday or additional expenses incurred.
or refund of the initial deposit paid. If a cancellation request    Communications and Data
is received closer than 60 days prior to the tour departing,
Limitless Travel are not liable to refund any full balance of the   Documentation
tour if all suppliers have been paid and there is little chance     Limitless Travel Ltd’s general practice is to send documents
of substitute bookings.                                             to our customers electronically whenever possible. We
                                                                    reserve the right to charge an administration fee should you
Important note - changes beyond our control                         make a request for such documents to be sent as hard copy.
Compensation will not apply if a significant change is made
for reasons beyond our control. These include: war, threat          Data Protection
of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial   We observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act
disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics,           1998 (the Act) in respect of all personal data held by us at
health risks, changes due to cancellation by a supplier;            any time. We will not use any personal data relating to you
closed or congested airports or ports, hurricanes and other         which we hold at any time for any purpose other than in
actual or potential severe weather conditions, and any other        connection with your booking. We do not store credit card
similar event.                                                      details, nor do we share financial details with any third
                                                                    parties. We will not pass on personal data save where this
Please ensure that you have given your contact email                is necessary in connection with the performance by us of
address to Limitless Travel Ltd and that you regularly check        our contract with you or as otherwise authorised by you. If
for messages before you leave. Limitless Travel Ltd has             you wish to find out more about the personal data we hold
no control over changes made by suppliers and accepts               relating to you or have any query about data protection,
no liability for costs which may arise as a result of such          please contact our data controller at Customer Relations,
changes.                                                            Limitless Travel, iCentrum, Holt St, Aston, Birmingham, B7
                                                                    4BP. We have notified the Information Commissioner. In order
Our Responsibility for Your Arrangements                            to find out more about our notification and the requirements
We have taken all reasonable care to make sure that all the         of the Act you should visit the site of the Information
services that make up the arrangements made by Limitless            Commissioner at
Travel are provided by efficient and reputable businesses.
These businesses should follow the local and national laws          Brochure and website contents
and regulations of the country where they are provided.             We take reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of
However, please be aware that overseas safety standards             the information contained in our brochures and on our
may be lower than in the UK. We will not be liable where            website. However, content is subject to change, often due
any failure in the performance of the contract is due to: you;      to the actions of our suppliers (eg. airlines, hotels, activity
or a third party unconnected with the provision of the travel       providers, car hire companies etc). We will endeavour to
arrangements and where the failure is unforeseeable or              notify you of any change known to us and affecting your
unavoidable; or unusual or unforeseeable circumstances              holiday prior to issuing you with our booking confirmation
beyond our control, the consequences of which could not             and after that, as soon as we are notified by our Suppliers.
have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised;          We do not generally use linking or framing. We are not
or an event which we or our suppliers, even with all due            responsible for the content, policies and services of any sites
care, could not foresee or forestall. Our liability, except in      linked to or accessible via our website.
cases involving death, injury or illness, shall be limited
to a maximum of three times the cost of your travel                 Privacy Policy
arrangements. Our liability will also be limited in accordance      At Limitless Travel Ltd we understand that how we collect,
with and/or in an identical manner to:                              use, disclose and protect your information is important
                                                                    to you. This Privacy Policy sets out the types of personal
(a) The contractual terms of the companies that provide the         information we receive and collect when you use our
transportation for your travel arrangements. These terms are        services, how we collect it, and what we do with it, as well
incorporated into this contract; and                                as some of the steps we take to safeguard information. We
(b) Any relevant international convention, for example the          have appointed a Privacy Officer to ensure that any personal
Montreal Convention in respect of travel by air, the Athens         information you provide to us will only be collected, used
Convention in respect of travel by sea, the Berne Convention        and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We
in respect of travel by rail and the Paris Convention in respect    hope this will help you make an informed decision about
of the provision of accommodation, which limit the amount           sharing personal information with us. In all your dealings
of compensation that you can claim for death, injury, delay         with us you must ensure that others you represent are
to passengers and loss, damage and delay to luggage. We             aware of the content of our Privacy Policy and consent to
are to be regarded as having all benefit of any limitation of       your acting on their behalf.
compensation contained in these or any conventions.
                                                                    This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. You
Problems During Your Holiday                                        are responsible for reviewing this Privacy Policy periodically
 If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform           and informing yourself of any changes to this Privacy Policy.
the relevant supplier (e.g. your hotel) or your Limitless Travel
representatives in resort immediately. Should they be unable
to resolve the matter, please contact Limitless Travel Ltd
in the UK, either via the person with whom you made your
arrangements, or through If you
fail to contact Limitless Travel Ltd, we will not be permitted
the opportunity to investigate your complaint and rectify any
error whilst you are away, and this may affect your rights

To make an enquiry or to secure your booking, please call us on

                                            0800 711 7112
                                           or visit our website


        Please note that all images are property of Limitless Travel Ltd. We would like to thank
              Jamie Swann and Elouise Mullen for taking photos for use in this brochure

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