TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg

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TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg
#Teacherfest   TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022
TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg
Teacherfest 2022

Welcome to the programme for                            the programme. Tackling disadvantage, raising        strengths of BEP is the opportunity for teachers
Bristol Teacherfest 2022!                               aspirations and broadening education are at the      from different schools to learn with and from
                                                        heart of our work and will be addressed, one way     each other and we believe that this can happen
In this our third year, we are delighted once more      or another, in many of the sessions.                 more effectively face to face. We hope therefore
to offer a wide range of events to Bristol teachers.                                                         that you will take the opportunity to get out and
This year there is a change of focus, with many         Oracy has been a focus for the partnership since     about to meet colleagues from other settings and
events being hosted by schools within the Bristol       its start in 2019 and we are delighted that Peter    visit other schools.
Education Partnership (BEP). Colleagues are             Hyman, founder of School 21 and Voice 21 will
generously offering their time and expertise to share   be joining us as our opening speaker. He will be     So book your places now! As ever, there is a limit
and discuss work that is taking place within their      speaking about the importance of educating head,     on the number of tickets available at all sessions,
own settings. Also included are weekly sessions         hand and heart. We are also glad to welcome          so early booking is recommended.
taking place at Bristol University’s School of          Bennie Kara, founder of Diverse Educators who
Education, making the important link with research.     will be talking about diversity in the curriculum.   We look forward to seeing you there.
                                                        Our fourth keynote speaker, Professor Rob Coe,
In addition, we have a range of excellent speakers      will be contributing on behalf of the Education      BEP Organising Committee
from further afield, not least, the inspirational       Endowment Foundation, speaking about What            Fiona Carnie - BEP
Pasi Sahlberg, who will be joining us from Finland      makes great teaching. Not to be missed!              Kath Conway – Bristol Free School
to talk about how to build excellence and equity                                                             Chris Brotherton – QEH
post-pandemic.                                          Whilst Teacherfest 2020 and 2021 took place
                                                        against the backdrop of the pandemic with all        @Bristoledup
There is no overarching theme for Teacherfest           events online, we are hopeful that this year,        www.bristollearningcity.com/bep
2022, however, BEP priorities are reflected across      some sessions can take place live. One of the

                                                                   “A wonderful opportunity to share knowledge
                                                                     and expertise as well as innovative ideas on
                                                                                   the whole school experience.”
TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg
Week 1 - Monday 7 June - Friday 10 June

 SPEAKER                           DATE/TIME      VENUE                             TITLE - Click for event info         DESCRIPTION

 OPENING EVENT                     Tues 7 June    Online                            Designing an Expansive Curriculum    Talk with Q+A
 Peter Hyman                       16.30-17.30                                      for Head, Hand and Heart             Open to all
 Big Education with
 Alison Hurley
 Bristol City Council

 Jon James and                     Weds 8 June    University of Bristol,            Overcoming Disadvantage:             Workshop
 Dr Lucy Wenham                    16.30-18.00    School of Education               revisiting behaviour post-pandemic   Open to all
 University of Bristol

 James Shone                       Weds 8 June    Online                            Inflating Young People’s Balloons    Talk with Q + A
 I Can + I Am                      17.00-18.00                                      of Self-Belief                       Open to all

 Abi Tidball                       Thurs 9 June   Online                            Embedding Formative                  Talk with Q+A
 Cotham School                     16.00-17.00                                      Assessment through Effective         Open to all
                                                                                    Professional Development

 Helen Urbanowicz                  Fri 10 June    St Brendan’s Sixth Form College   Supporting Lower Attaining           Workshop
 St Brendan’s Sixth Form College   13.00-14.30                                      and Disengaged Students to           For secondary staff
                                                                                    Positive Outcomes.

 Paul Wright                       Fri 10 June    St Brendan’s Sixth Form College   Inspiring High Attaining Students    Workshop
 St Brendan’s Sixth Form College   15.00-16.30                                      to Achieve Great Things!             For secondary staff

                                             “Wow what an inspirational speaker. She has given me
                                             the confidence to follow my thoughts through and lead
                                                       my school with a slightly different approach”
TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg
Week 2 - Monday 13 June - Friday 17 June

 SPEAKER                       DATE/TIME       VENUE                    TITLE - Click for event info            DESCRIPTION

 Professor Rob Coe             Mon 13 June     Online                   Great Teaching: what it is and how      Talk with Q+A
 Education Endowment           16.30-17.30                              to get more of it                       Open to all

 Dr Verity Jones               Mon 13 June     Online                   Developing an Integrated                Talk with Q+A
 UWE                           16.00-17.00                              Approach to Food in Schools             Open to all

 Matt Douglas and colleagues   Tues 14 June    Online                   Memory and Encoding Techniques          Presentation + workshop
 Bridge Learning Campus        15.30-16.45                              in Teaching and Learning                Open to all

 Emma Espley and               Weds 15 June    Online                   Step into the Amazon                    Workshop
 Adriana Meirelles             9.30-13.00                                                                       Open to KS2 + KS3 teachers

 Sarah Johnson                 Weds 15 June    Clifton College          Feedback to Maximise Student            Workshop
 Clifton College               16.00-17.30                              Learning and Minimise Teacher           Open to all

 Lucy Kelly                    Weds 15 June    University of Bristol,   Improving Teacher Wellbeing through     Talk and workshop
 University of Bristol         16.30-18.00     School of Education      Reflective Practice and Wellbeing CPD   Open to all

 Kim Porter                    Thurs 16 June   Online                   How to Establish Teaching and           Talk
 Colston’s School              16.00-17.00                              Learning Communities                    For BEP schools only

 BEP History Day               Fri 17 June     Clifton College          Exploring the First and Second          CPD Day
                               9.30-3.30                                World Wars - with Historic England      For BEP schools only

 Tracy Helliwell and           Sat 18 June     University of Bristol,   Teaching for Climate Justice:           Workshop
 Lauren Hennessy               11.00-13.00     School of Education      supporting teachers in becoming         Open to all
 University of Bristol                                                  curriculum-makers

                                               “Teacherfest keeps key issues on the agenda such
                                                 as wellbeing and communicating with students.”
TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg
Week 3 - Monday 20 June - Friday 24 June

 SPEAKER                             DATE/TIME       VENUE                    TITLE - Click for event info                 DESCRIPTION

 Corinne Harragin - Storyteller      Mon 20 June     Redmaids’ High School    Using Storytelling in the Classroom          Workshop
                                     13.30-15.30                                                                           For primary teachers Yr 2 and above

 Rebecca Davies and                  Mon 20 June     BGS Sixth Form Centre    Taking a Whole School Approach to            Talk + discussion
 Aruna Gunawardana                   16.30-18.00                              Diversity and Inclusion                      Open to all
 Bristol Grammar School

 Ed Watson                           Tues 21 June    Bristol Free School      Top Tips for New Teachers                    Workshop for NQTs & ECTs
 Educationalist and author           15.00-17.00                                                                           Open to all

 Steve Murray                        Tues 21 June    Online                   Using Cognitive Load Theory to Make          Talk with Q+A
 Orchard School                      15.30-16.30                              Impactful Changes in the Classroom           Open to all

 Professor Alan Champneys and        Tues 21 June    University of Bristol,   How to Introduce Mathematics for             Workshop
 colleagues                          16.30-18.00     School of Education      Sustainable Development into the Classroom   Open to secondary Maths teachers
 University of Bristol

 Jessica Lanham-Cook                 Weds 22 June    St Brendan’s Sixth       Oracy and EAL - with Voice 21                Workshop
 Voice 21                            14.00-15.30     Form College                                                          Open to all

 Bennie Kara                         Weds 22 June    Online                   Diversity in the Curriculum                  Talk with Q+A
 Diverse Educators                   16.00-17.00                                                                           Open to all

 Louise Brackenbury and colleagues   Thurs 23 June   Clifton High School      Using IT to Enhance Student Outcomes         Carousel event
 Clifton High School                 16.30-18.00                                                                           For BEP schools only

 Louise Fenner                       Fri 24 June     QEH                      Using a Coaching Approach to Enhance         Talk and workshop
 QEH                                 9.00-10.30                               Lesson Observation                           Open to all

                                         “I have learned lots and will ask my teachers what we can
                                         do to change the curriculum to take account of this crisis”
TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg
Week 4 - Monday 27 June - Friday 1 July

 SPEAKER                      DATE/TIME       VENUE                    TITLE - Click for event info                    DESCRIPTION

 Kate Ashby                   Mon 27 June     Online                   Cognition: do your students know how to         Workshop for BEP schools only
 Badminton School             16.30-17.45                              learn effectively?

 Dan Pitt                     Tues 28 June    Online                   Using Educational Research to Inform            Talk with Q+A
 Orchard School               16.00-17.00                              Classroom Practice                              Open to all

 Kath Conway and colleagues   Weds 29 June    Online                   Retrieval in Action                             Teachmeet style event
 Bristol Free School          16.00-17.00                                                                              For BEP schools only

 Aaron Brooks                 Weds 29 June    Fairfield High School    How to Create a LGBTQ+ Inclusive School         Talk with Q+A
 Fairfield High School        16.00-17.30                              Environment                                     Open to all

 Dr Lorna Smith               Weds 29 June    University of Bristol,   Top Ten Texts: English reading choices at KS3   Workshop
 University of Bristol        16.30-18.00     School of Education                                                      Open to KS3 staff

 Alice England                Thurs 30 June   Online                   Using Action Research to Enhance                Talk and discussion
 Redmaids’ High School        16.30-17.30                              Professional Development                        Open to all

 Jane Hack                    Fri 1 July      Online                   Inspiring Young People through Film: hearing    Talk, 3 short films and discussion
 Bristol Museums              13.30-15.00                              from creative practitioners of African and      Open to all
                                                                       African-Caribbean heritage

 Pasi Sahlberg                Fri 1 July      Online                   Achieving Excellence and Equity in Post-Covid   Talk with Q+A
                              16.00-17.00                              Education                                       Open to all

                                                          “Some brilliant speakers and I feel a sense of
                                                                  purpose and inspiration as a result”
TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg TUESDAY 7th JUNE - FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022 - #Teacherfest - Pasi Sahlberg
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