VOLUME 12 ISSUE 78   YEAR 2017
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   BEYOND 2030s
VOLUME: 12        ISSUE: 78      YEAR: 2017

                ISSN 1306 5998
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ISSUE 78/2017       3                  DEFENCE TURKEY

6 MKEK Building Competitive Strength in                    66 Turkish Armed Forces Foundation
a Changing World and Dynamic Economic                      Celebrating its 30th Establishment Anniversary
                                                           66 Aselsan – Considerable Export Sales from
16 Turkish Fighter in TuRAF Inventory Beyond               Turkey to Ukraine
                                                           67 Aselsan Opened the Gates to the Public
20 8th Naval System Seminar in Ankara                      Visitors
Highlights $40 Billion in SSM Projects and
Turkey’s Prowess in Global Military Vessel                 68 HÜRJET Concept Design Revealed by TAI
                                                           70 10th FNSS Plastic Battle Armor Modeling
28 Aselsan’s Continued Ascent as Turkey’s                  Show
Defense Industry Powerhouse
                                                           71 Expodefensa - the Defense and Security
34 Turkey Ramps up T129 “Atak” Attack                      Reference for Latin America
Helicopter Production
                                                           72 Bursa’s Unique Defense and Aerospace
38 2.75’’ Laser Guided “Cirit” Missile Goes                Projects Get Full Marks from the
Thermobaric                                                Undersecretariat for Defense Industries

40 Inauguration of Helicopter Business Center              74 Workshop on the New Generation Light
Facilities with an Investment of $90 Million by            Armored Vehicles Realized in Bursa under the
Alp Aviation                                               Auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and
                                                           Industry of Bursa
45 Kaplan MT Debut at 72nd Indonesian
National Armed Forces Day                                  76 National Defense Applications Modeling and
                                                           Simulation (USMOS) Conference, 2017
46 “Anka-S” Accomplishes its First Satellite
Controlled Flight                                          77 Throttling Ahead-Driven by Territorial
                                                           Disputes and the Need to Modernize Ageing
47 MAM-L Boosts Effectiveness of UAVs                      Fleets, many Southeast Asian Nations Have
                                                           Increased Defense Spending
48 Dassault Systemes Provides Universes of
3DExperience - Embracing Business in the ‘‘Age             79 129 “Atak” Revved-up and Ready for its
of Experience’’                                            Flight Demonstration at Dubai Air Show
52 10th International Conference on                        80 Innovation Ecosystem Professionals from
Information Security and Cryptology Held in                around the World Predict the Future at the 34th
Ankara                                                     IASP World Conference in Istanbul, Turkey
54 TEKOM Builds upon Years of Proven                       82 First Breakthrough for Future Air-Breathing
Expertise Fulfilling Turkey’s Defense Industry             Magneto-Plasma Propulsion Systems
                                                           83 TAI and İstanbul Commerce University to
58 Tremendous Transaction for Nurol Makina                 Collaborate on Training
– 1000 “Ejder Yalçın” Armored Combat Vehicles
Sale to Uzbekistan                                         84 Entrepreneurs Successfully Completed
                                                           the Scholarship Program in the UK Gather at
59 New Contract with Foreign Customer -                    TÜBİTAK
Meteksan Defense to Deliver Retinar PTR
                                                           84 “Cobra- II” Foreign Deliveries are Ongoing
60 Austal High Speed Support Vessel
                                                           85 Rolls-Royce Reveals Plans for Autonomous
62 STM – Capture the Flag 2017 Gathered                    Naval Vessel
White-Hat Hackers
                                                           86 Lockheed Martin Developing Technology to
63 Reliable and Trusted AKSA Run Flat Systems              Intercept Missile Threats with Directed Energy
64 NEFER – Joint Weapon System for Armored                 86 104 German Leopard 2 MBTs to be
Vehicles                                                   Modernized
64 TAI Acquire Another Package from Airbus                 87 Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet (MMF)
                                                           Expands Significantly
65 SSM – “Roboik” Unmanned and Autonomous
Land Vehicles Contest                                      88 Saudi Arabian Military Industries
                                                           Announced MoU with Rosoboronexport
ISSUE 78/2017            5                    DEFENCE TURKEY

                Ascending Global Naval Market and Turkey
                                                              Ayşe Evers
                                               Publisher & Editor in Chief
     According to ASD analysis, rising global tensions, territorial expansionism, rise of non-state actor-led conflicts,
and the associated displacement of population have fueled the expansion of naval deployments. As many nations
face vessel obsolescence in the next few years and others have to deploy new, advanced naval assets to counter
rival fleet expansionism, the market is on an upward curve. There is renewed emphasis on stealth, automation, multi-
mission capability, and modular ship design by operators. Companies should be cognizant of long-lead programs
initiated by navies/MoDs worldwide and also the products they prefer to be ahead of the competition.
     Global naval vessels and surface combatants market is valued at US$36.4 Billion in 2017, and will grow at a
CAGR of 2.97%, to a value of US$48.8 Billion by 2027. The cumulative market for global naval vessels and surface
combatants is anticipated to value US$446.7 Billion over the forecast period. The demand for naval vessels and
surface combatants is anticipated to be driven by high levels of expenditure by emerging economies in the Asia
Pacific region, such as India and China.
     $650.83 billion will be spent for the procurement of new ships. Mainly driven by surface combatant and submarine
programs, the market will peak in 2021, with a valuation of $72.33 billion. Many programs—those that are already
underway and those that are planned in the short term—will peak during 2021–2022, after which the market valuation
will taper off. With the average age of warships being 25 years globally, more than 180 procurement programs
are underway in various nations. Several high-value procurement decisions will be taken in the next 3 years and
opportunities worth approximately $285.92 billion will be created.
     In terms of segments, the naval vessels and surface combatants market is split into five segments: aircraft carriers,
amphibious ships, corvettes, destroyers, and frigates. During the forecast period, corvettes are expected to account
for the largest share of spending, accounting for 25.7% of the overall global market. Spending in this segment will
be largely driven by procurement programs in the North American region, followed by investments in Asia Pacific,
Europe, and the Middle East.
     In recent years Turkey has thrived to push up its naval system policy. A total of 530 Projects Executed by the
Undersecretariat for Defense Industries Reaches Nearly $40 Billion. 300 of these projects are bound by contracts
and the remaining 230 projects are under proposal evaluation and signing stages. While the turnover of Turkish Naval
industry reached 21 billion TL from 1.6 billion TL, its rate of fulfilling the requirements through domestic resources
increased to 60% from 25%. The resources allocated to R&D yearly reached $1.3 billion and with this figure we
became the industry that invests the most in R&D and technology among the leading sectors in Turkey.
     The design activities concerning the long-awaited TF-2000 Anti-Air Warfare Frigate are scheduled to be launched
soon., The contracts of the Emergency Rescue and Diver Boat were signed on October 13th and the New Type SAT
and Fast Patrol Boat contracts were signed on October 6th. The activities in respect to the Turkish Type Assault Boat
and Oil Carrier are underway.”
     Mr. Alper Köse stated that projects such as the Harbor Tug Boat, Landing Craft Air Cushion, Unique Design
Submarine Conceptual Design, Search and Rescue Boat, Minesweeper Coastal, New Type LCT, 600 Class Coast
Guard Boat will be brought to the agenda.
     Within the scope of this policy, Turkish defense companies and Shipyards have gained momentum in Naval
technology. 5 leading shipyards Anadolu, İstanbul, Sedef, Sefine and Selah merged their power under the umbrella
of TAIS and it has acquired a leading position by using the best know-how and state of art technologies and aspire
to be among the world leaders in all segments that demand the advanced navy solutions. STM, Aselsan, Havelsan,
Meteksan and Milsoft have strengthened their presence in global markets.

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DEFENCE TURKEY                    6      ISSUE 78/2017

  MKEK Building Competitive Strength
  in a Changing World and Dynamic
  Economic Conditions
  In this exclusive Defence Turkey interview, Mr. Ahmet Taşkın General Manager of MKEK discusses MKEK
  investments, transformation and restructuring activities that are positioning Turkey to join the league of
  very few countries with “Modern Explosives and Munition” production capability. MKEK’s Steel Plant will be
  launched at the end of 2017, fulfilling defense industry requirements through a maximum level of national
  industry participation

                                                                                           © Defence Turkey
ISSUE 78/2017          7                     DEFENCE TURKEY

     Defence Turkey:          You’ve      capabilities in line with up-to-         East contributed the most toward
been in your position nearly              date technologies, strengthening         the growth in our export figures. As
a year as General Manager at              the R&D infrastructure for the           you know, considering the warm
the Mechanical and Chemical               manufacturing of modern products         relationships established between
Industry Corporation (MKEK).              that will prepare the TAF for future     the Middle East countries and
With the new era that has begun           combat readiness and enable              Turkey, our country’s position as a
with your assignment, which               our institution to compete in            leading industry among the Middle
strategies will you engage and            international markets. Our goals         East countries, and with its strategic
what type of a vision will be             also include enhancing MKEK sales        location in the region, we are poised
formed? Do you have a more                through an efficient sales policy        to lead many more and significantly
dynamic, competitive and                  in our country as well as abroad         greater projects in the near future.
effective structure on your               and developing our institutional              In addition, the effective
agenda that adopts a production           capacity.                                promotion and marketing activities
model based on R&D and design                 We will continue to contribute       conducted by our institution in
that will elevate MKEK from its           to our National Defense Industry         numerous locations around the
existing status?                          with our leadership role by bringing     world in line with the demands and
     We identify our mission as           forth innovative products containing     requirements of our customers
“Fulfilling the Turkish Armed Forces’     outstanding technology with our          constitute an essential contribution
(TAF) and Security Forces requests        R&D activities. I would like to          to our country in increasing
based on the defense industry in          express that the total resources         our exports. In light of these
conventional areas through the            allocated to R&D has reached 50          developments we came in third as
delivery of competitive products          million TL and the total budget          companies that exports Defense
manufactured via the highest              of our ongoing R&D projects has          and Aerospace industry related
local content rate possible, while        reached 350 million TL.                  products. In addition to the direct
providing cost-effectiveness with             In addition, I would like to state   export of end products within the
quality and on-time delivery. We          that we are under the process of         next five years, we envision certain
focus on accomplishing exports            gaining autonomy and restructuring       developments comprising of
in line with enhancing capacity,          in order to achieve a more active        technology transfer, training, turn-
promoting innovation and R&D              and dynamic role in the defense          key facility establishment and the
activities.”                              industry with our new products           export of raw materials and semi-
     The overall vision of our sector     which we will accomplish with the        finished goods.
can be identified as a focus on           help of our R&D and investment                Defence Turkey: Within the
unique research, developing               projects. We will do this by             scope of the mass production
and manufacturing systems and             overcoming the obstacles that often      of the MPT-76 Turkish Modern
technologies that are mindful of the      face governmental institutions.          Infantry Rifle, you have received
protection of national interests on           Defence Turkey: It seems that        an order of 20,000 rifles as MKEK
a global scale and those that fulfill     MKEK is on the rise especially           in the previous period and you
national security requirements,           within international markets.            have delivered a lot the Turkish
creating competition and an               You have an efficient marketing          Armed Forces in January 2017
environment of robust cooperation         network that spans quite a wide          as part of the mass production
on a global scale, taking a leading       region. Within this context, your        program. How many of the lot
role in the development of our            export figures have grown 40%            of MPT-76 do you aim to deliver
country’s science and technology          in 2015 compared to the previous         within this year? Besides, when
while achieving a national defense        year. How did your growth figures        will the delivery of these 20,000
industry with an unequivocal              develop in 2016? Moreover, what          rifles be completed?
contribution to social welfare. To        type of a policy will you implement           Within the framework of the
this end, the vision of our institution   to achieve sustainable growth in         Modern Infantry Rifle Project Serial
is to become a notable entity that        the next five-year period?               Production Period (Period – 2),
manufactures technology and novel             As MKEK, we are currently            the Undersecretariat for Defense
products in the areas of weapons          active in various regions and            Industries has placed an order
and munitions, to become an entity        markets on a global scale. Our goal      total 20,000 MPT-76s to MKEK,
that is sought after within the global    is to cater to the defense industry      the production of the first lot of
market as well.                           requirements of friendly and allied      500 MPT-76s were delivered to
      If we touch upon our 2020           nations and to increase our market       the Turkish Armed Forces on
strategic goals, these include            share by increasing our efficiency       11th January 2017. The deliveries
the manufacturing of weapons,             in these regions. In this context,       continue in accordance with the
munitions and explosives that             Middle East, South East Asia, Africa     planned schedule and we currently
fall under the activity area of our       as well as US civil markets stand        have attained 3,000 rifles. By the
institution and that are required         out as our primary markets.              end of this year, 6,500 deliveries
with significance by the TAF and              Our exports increased by 25%         will be completed, and the rest of
security forces in cooperation            in 2016 compared to the previous         the order will be delivered within the
with the local industry, developing       year. Defense industry product           first half of 2018.
and diversifying our production           sales to countries in the Middle
DEFENCE TURKEY                               8       ISSUE 78/2017

                                                                                              Defence Turkey: You have
                                                                         © MKEK          recently launched the shooting
                                                                                         Shooting Range and Test
                                                                                         Center. Which type of innovative
                                                                                         capabilities will Turkey acquire
                                                                                         with this test center? Could you
                                                                                         please share your assessments?
                                                                                              The Shooting Range and Test
                                                                                         Center was established under
                                                                                         the Armory Directorate of MKEK
                                                                                         was inaugurated on 11th January
                                                                                         2017. Thanks to this center, we
                                                                                         will be able to conduct the test and
                                                                                         verification activities of our national
                                                                                         projects that are launched with
                                                                                         the Modern Infantry Rifle Program
                                                                                         and bear great importance for our
                                                                                         institution and our country through
                                                                MPT-55 Infantry Rifle
                                                                                         local facilities and capabilities.
     Defence Turkey: As part of the          version of the MPT-76 Modern                Moreover, we will conduct these
potential new contracts, which               Infantry Rifle and it attracted            test and verification activities within
will be signed in the upcoming               attention with the onset of its            global standards at the center. This
period in line with the TAF’s                usage by security guards of the            will enable the execution of the test
requirements, what type of a                 Ministers. Could you please inform         and verification activities of both our
road map do you foresee for the              us on this development?                    institution and the local weapons
workbench investments and                         We completed the development          manufacturers in a swift and reliable
toward increasing the utilization            activities of the MPT-55 and launched      fashion.
of the sub-industry’s infrastructure         its mass production this year; this             At this stage, though they
to increase the capacity of mass             rifle is designed as an operation          have different usage purposes,
production line usage?                       weapon with an effective range of          the numerous weapons newly
     Regarding the fulfillment of            400 meters and either short or long        developed in various calibers
the weapons requirements of the              gun barrels used for 5.56 x 45 mm          must be tested according to the
Turkish Armed Forces and Security            NATO calibers. As you know, MPT-           international test standards for
Forces, we will initiate the mass            76 was developed by MKEK (main             performance measurement under
production of our unique products            contractor) for the Undersecretariat       the most stringent conditions in
such as the MPT-76 in particular,            for Defense Industries (SSM) and           order to render them more superior
the MPT-55, “Bora” Sniper Rifle and          all rights of the rifle belong to SSM.     over rival weapons.
machine guns which were designed             The MPT-55 was developed with the               The product range of our
by MKEK. Our investments on                  resources of MKEK and all rights of        institution is constantly expanding,
workbenches with new technology              the MPT-55 belong to our institution.      building upon the current range
that will speed up our production            Upon SSM’s assignment, the MPT-            consisting of machine guns, infantry
continue in order to fulfil the high         76 is being manufactured by the            rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and
demand volume that we receive. In            remaining weapon manufacturers             grenade launchers in the product
this way, our production capacity will       of our countries as well whereas the       range of our institution; through
expand as a result of the increased          MPT-55 will only be manufactured by        the unique designed projects such
technological level of our production        MKEK. In order to fulfill the additional   as the 9x19mm machine guns,
infrastructure.                              requirements of our Armed Forces           5,56x45mm infantry rifles and
     Moreover, regarding our                 and Security Forces, we determined         their different versions (carbine
product group, we aim to increase            the product range of the next two          and squad team type sniper rifles),
the utilization of sub-contractors           years as a result of the negotiations      7.62x51mm infantry rifles and their
that currently remain in the level           held with the Undersecretariat             various versions (carbine and squad
of 30% up to a rate of 70% within            for Defense Industries. We aim to          team type sniper rifles), shotguns
two years. We rely on the fact that          organize two out of three of our           and machine guns, 40mm grenade
the Weapon Specialized Organized             capacity for the MPT-55 production         launcher and 12,7x99mm Sniper
Industrial Zone will make a serious          to this end. Due to the enormous           rifles etc.
contribution in reaching this goal.          requests coming from our domestic               This modern Shooting Range
It is being established in Kırıkkale         market, for the time being we will         and Test Center with its technological
and is the founding partner of our           manufacture the MPT-76 and the             infrastructure makes us very proud.
institution.                                 MPT-55 rifles only for our domestic        It is designed so that tests of the
     As a result of all these efforts, our   requests. Of note, our MPT-55              aforementioned new products are
light weapon production capacity will        weapons are being used by the              seamlessly carried out according to
almost be tripled within two years.          security guards of our Presidency          the international test standards and
     Defence Turkey: You have                and this is a source of pride for us       enabling their subsequent delivery to
recently developed the MPT-55                as well.                                   the Turkish Armed Forces.
DEFENCE TURKEY                          10     ISSUE 78/2017

                                                                                                           © Otokar

    Defence Turkey: You are             Press with its high capacity to be      The conventional munition designed
conducting the production of the        procured for our institution by the     to be engaged from Tank to Tank
120mm 55-caliber smoothbore             SSM. As soon as this investment         is inefficient at or behind the walls
main gun as the MKEK as part            is accomplished, the procurement        of buildings. As a result, instead
of the Altay Main Battle Tank           of the infrastructural investments      of enhancing the shooting range
program. How are activities             stipulated by the protocol will be      of the munition fired from 120mm
proceeding towards the period           completed as well.                      main gun, the priority was attached
of mass production? Could                   At the new Steel Plant that will    to the development of a munition
you briefly summarize your              be launched at the end of 2017,         with a reinforced nose portion that
investments to this end and the         also the raw materials of the Main      aims to destroy the hidden terrorists
development and production              Gun System will be manufactured         in the buildings, such a munition
activities accomplished so far?         through our own facilities.             capable of penetrating the walls
    As you know, during the                 With the inauguration of the        and to destroy, it’s an impact/delay
development stage of the “Altay”        Open Die Forging Press and the new      fuse model.
Main Battle Tank, the Main              Steel Factory, all components of            In respect to developing the
Gun System was successfully             the main gun will be manufactured       Laser Guided Tank Gun, our
manufactured by MKEK. SSM have          entirely through local resources.       concept determination activities
indicated in the specifications that    Moreover, we will submit our offers     are carried out in company with
the main gun system would be            to our main contractor, the bidding     the Turkish Armed Forces as well.
manufactured by our institution         companies, for the production of the    Moreover, most of the indigenization
during the mass production phase        components of the platform main         activities regarding the components
of the MBT program. Our institution     guns, final drive systems, running      of the 120mm armor piercing
that is currently manufacturing the     gear parts and tracks of the “Altay”    munition models in cooperation with
155mm 52caliber weapon system           tank currently under tender process.    the Undersecretariat for Defense
of “Fırtına” Self-Propelled Howitzers       Defence Turkey: Dear Mr.            Industries have been almost
in greater sizes and operating under    Taşkın, as part of the program to       completed.
higher pressures, will successfully     enhance the shooting range of               In this way, our 120mm main
produce the main gun systems            the munition fired from 120mm           gun integrated tanks will seize
within the scope of “Altay” MBT         55 caliber artillery, what activities   the opportunity to utilize the
program.                                are being carried out at this time?     aforementioned munition models in
    Within the scope of the             On the other hand, will the Altay       that various tasks to which they are
protocol that was signed between        MBT have the capability to fire         assigned.
the Undersecretariat for Defense        munition in various categories              Defence Turkey: T-155 Self
Industries and MKEK, various CNC        such as laser guided missiles?          - Propelled “Fırtına” Howitzers
workbenches and Heat Treatment          Could you please summarize the          within the TAF inventory are
Equipments were procured for the        current status?                         successfully conducting their
MKEK Heavy Weapon and Steel                 Nowadays the operations             missions. To this end, will there
Factory at Kırıkkale and the existing   occur mostly in urbanized terrains.     be new plans in the upcoming
infrastructure was reinforced.          Therefore, the product concepts         period for more improved and
As part of the same protocol,           developed accordingly are               reinforced New Fırtına Howitzers
the procurement activities are          transformed into those optimum for      with new capabilities to be used
ongoing for the Open Die Forging        the operations in urbanized terrains.   in the operational field?
DEFENCE TURKEY                           12      ISSUE 78/2017

                                                                                                               © MKEK

    “Fırtına” Howitzers, developed           Defence Turkey: Upon the             steel required by the market and
by Military Factories and Aselsan        completion of your new Steel             a considerable portion of the
and mass produced by MKEK,               Plant investment, Turkey will gain       forged steel could be procured by
were used very effectively and           a crucial capability. In which areas     MKEK. Upon the acquisition of this
successfully throughout the              will Turkey’s foreign dependency         capability, a crucial added value will
Euphrates Shield operation in Syria.     diminish with the activation of this     be brought to the Turkish defense
Our activities for enhancing the         investment? What would you like          industry and economy.
capabilities of “Fırtına” Howitzers      to say about the added value to be           The facility is expected to be
are ongoing in coordination with         brought about by this investment         completed and become operational
the General Directorate of Military      to our country’s economy?                in the upcoming period.
Factories and Aselsan. Within this           With this facility which will            Defence Turkey: You signed a
scope, various activities such as        be able to produce 120,000 tons          Memorandum of Understanding
developing new munition types,           of liquid steel per year, MKEK           with Rheinmetall Company at
increasing their ranges and adding       will be capable of executing the         IDEF in 2015, especially for
guidance to the munition are being       production of high quality steel that    conducting joint studies in
conducted under the auspices             bears strategic importance for the       the area of R&D. How are the
of MKEK. Besides, with the new           production of the weapons and            activities that were launched
technology plating methods that          heavy weapon systems requested           for the establishment of a joint
we will superimpose on the barrel,       by the Turkish Armed Forces. The         R&D company proceeding? On
we aim to prolong the accuracy life      annual requests for high quality         the other hand, as part of your
as well.                                 steel within our country, in the         cooperation, which products
    As you know, in order to             defense and aerospace industries         are you concentrating on for
export such a top-caliber “Fırtına”      primarily, is approximately 350          development?
Howitzer to friendly countries, the      thousand tons. Since there still isn’t       The activities launched for the
merchandising rights belong to           a sufficient amount of high quality      establishment of a joint venture
MKEK. The only obstacle regarding        steel to fulfil such demands in our      located in Turkey based on R&D
the overseas sale of the power           country, a significant portion of the    and engineering by Rheinmetall
group is subject to the export           aforesaid amount is being imported.      Company and MKEK reached
license. To overcome this obstacle,      With the steel plant currently being     their final stage. The complete
we have been conducting two              established at Kırıkkale with an         documentation required for the
different activities with the local      investment of nearly 300 million         establishment of the company
production alternative power group       TL, one-third of the aforementioned      is expected to be submitted to
adaptation and the “Yavuz” Howitzer      request could be manufactured            the relevant authorities within the
project displayed at this year’s IDEF,   through our country’s resources.         first half of 2018. Following the
in which the “Fırtına” Howitzer is           Additionally, MKEK, which is         establishment of the aforesaid
integrated over a wheeled vehicle.       currently a monopoly in respect to       company, the aim is the execution
    Our “Yavuz” Howitzer attracted       the open die forging manufacturing       of production through MKEK’s
the interest that we expected in         in large scales and tonnages, will       infrastructure without any additional
the international markets and            terminate the external dependency        investments and swiftly launching
we are already conducting sales          thanks to existing open die forging      100% national products to markets
negotiations with certain countries.     capabilities considering the forged      at home and abroad.
DEFENCE TURKEY                             14         ISSUE 78/2017

     Defence Turkey: At the                                                           all aircrafts capable of carrying
Eurosatory 2016 Fair, MKEK                       © MKEK                               General Purpose Bombs and has
signed          a    Memorandum                                                       the potential for utilization with
of Understanding for the                                                              all guidance kits that could be
development of new generation                                                         installed at General Purpose Bomb.
pyrotechnic products launched                                                         The project was accomplished
with the CS chemical used in the                                                      successfully and the mass
lachrymatory products between                                                         production phase was initiated.
one of Brazil’s well-known                                                                In the “Korkut” Self-Propelled
companies Condor Tecnologías                                                          Air Defense Gun System developed
Nao-Letais (CONDOR). What                                                             by MKEK, Aselsan and TÜBİTAK-
is the current status of this                   105mm Air Transportable Light Towed   Sage partnership, a 35mm Airburst
cooperation?                                                       Howitzer (BORAN)   Munition is used which basically
     Our activities are proceeding                                                    creates a cloud of particles which
in cooperation with the CONDOR             mask has been completed and                have high kinetic energy and
Compa ny          a nd    f oc u s   on    the prototype production has been          penetration capability on the path
manufacturing high quality products        accomplished as part of the project.       of the threat and be able to hit
preferred both in domestic and             40 gas masks were delivered                targets with accuracy that are very
international markets. As you also         in order to be tested during the           difficult to hit with conventional
mentioned, an MoU was signed               Toxic Trip-16 military drill held in       ammunitions. The product and
between MKEK and CONDOR                    Antalya and we received positive           production line qualification of
at the Eurosatory International            feedback regarding the product.            the munition that is effective
Defense and Security Fair held in          New Generation CBRN Panoramic              against targets such as fighter jets,
France on 13- 17 June 2016.                Gas Mask was registered with the           helicopters, unmanned air vehicles,
     CONDOR Company and                    brand MKEK “Nefes”.                        missiles etc. was completed and
products containing CS chemical                We launched the 105mm Air              the contract negotiations towards
are preferred by numerous                  Transportable Light Towed Howitzer         serial production were launched.
institutions in different markets          (BORAN) project in the recent period       With the help of the experiences
around the world, and primarily            in order to fulfil the operational         gained within the project, the new
by the National Police and                 requests of the Commando                   generation munition alternatives are
Gendarmerie Forces of our country.         units who will execute Airborne            being reviewed. Within this scope,
Within this context, we are about to       Operations. The conceptual,                we initially started the development
finish the technical assessment of         preliminary design and critical            activities of the 40mm Airbust
the products and feasibility studies       design stages were accomplished.           Ammunition.
in the present stage. As MKEK, we          Prototype production and firing                The studies conducted on the
aim to cooperate with the CONDOR           tests have been accomplished and           “Insensitive Munition” that fulfils
Company in this area and offer high        qualification activities are underway.     the performance and operational
quality products to the market.                Our existing project activities        requirements in the best way when
     Defence Turkey: We know that          towards the development of the             required, yet minimizing the potential
you have been attaching priority           munition features and especially           danger and accidental firings that
to crucial investments such as             the development of smart munition          the weapon-logistical systems and
Air Transportable Light Towed              continue expeditiously. One of the         the staff may face are being carried
Howitzer, New Generation Mask              most crucial examples of this is           out in the world at a rapid pace
and Smart Munition that will               our R&D Project on the Penetrating         each passing day. MKEK, as the
attract considerable attention in          Bomb which has a high piercing             main manufacturer of the munition
our country and abroad. Within             efficiency in reinforced concrete          requested by the Turkish Armed
this context, could you please             targets, available for firing from         Forces, launched the required
inform us on the recent status of
the R&D projects regarding the                   © Defence Turkey
related products?
     In line with the existing novelties
in the world and as per the request
of the Turkish Armed Forces, a need
for developing a new generation
gas mask against the CBRN
(Chemical, Biological, Radiological
and Nuclear) threats has emerged.
To this end, activities for the
development of the aforementioned
new generation gas mask were
launched in the previous period
through utilizing MKEK’s own
resources. A part of the regular
size production molds of the gas                                                  New Generation CBRN Panoramic Gas Mask
ISSUE 78/2017          15                    DEFENCE TURKEY

activities regarding the “Insensitive    this context, regarding the new           influential role in recent years,
Munition” that nowadays started          generation energetic material that        particularly in countries such as
to replace the conventional              started to replace the conventional       Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
munition and completed the               explosives and munition systems           and Qatar in the Middle East region.
installation of “Insensitive Explosive   nowadays, we have to keep up              Our cooperation projects in turn-key
Manufacturing and Filling Facility”      with the developments in the world.       facility establishment, technical
through its own resources. With          As MKEK, we took crucial steps            assistance and training along with
such facility, the mass production       towards entering the league of a few      the finished products continue.
capability regarding the explosives      countries with “Modern Explosives         Philippines being in the first place,
with castable plastics in three types    and Munition” production capability       Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and
has now been acquired.                   with our recent investments. The          Thailand are our target markets in
     Additionally, to fulfill the        qualification processes of such           the Pacific region and we attach
requirements of the Turkish              explosives and munition were              great importance to the promotion
Armed Forces and covering the            successfully completed as a               and marketing activities in this
requirements of customers at home        result of the accomplished R&D            region.
and abroad in line with the future       studies and they were approved                We are conducting our activities
projections and market analyses,         for mass production. Then again,          without interruption in the US
we determined a road map toward          I would like to underline that we         market where a severe competitive
forming our own insensitive              will continuously conduct the             environment is dominant. In addition
munition product group. Moreover,        production of new generation              to the cartridges manufactured by
we aim to conduct the production         energetic material and the activities     MKEK, we conduct the sales of 10
of energetic material of different       for gaining products with high            different shotguns designed and
features in the very near future.        technology for our country.               manufactured by MKEK in line with
     When the existing status of the          Defence Turkey: Could you            the requirements and demands of
market and urgent requirements           please inform us on the current           the US civil market.
are evaluated, and by envisaging         status of your other activities               We are providing consultancy
that we need to immediately              and programs conducted in our             services in the production of
attain a place in the market with        country and abroad?                       light weapons and spare parts,
a new mobile weapon system,                   We conduct our domestic              light weapon munition and light
activities regarding the project         activities in coordination with the       weapon munition production
on the development of a 155mm            related units for fulfilling the weapon   areas in Africa which is another
weapon system mounted over a             and munition requirements of mostly       target market of our institution.
6x6 vehicle with high maneuver           the TAF, Ministry of Interior and         Moreover, we accomplish the sales
capability was inaugurated through       other security forces in a timely and     of our products such as gunpowder
MKEK’s own resources and in              effective fashion. With the launch        and cartridges to many African
line with the requirements of the        of the procurement contracts that         countries.
Turkish Armed Forces. Besides, at        span years related with the projects          Defence Turkey: Lastly, would
IDEF 2017 we have unveiled the           with completed R&D studies and of         you like to share any messages
“Yavuz” Howitzer System that was         which the mass production process         with our readers?
entirely developed in an armored         started, the rate of capacity usage           As in the past, MKEK will
version, available for carrying 18       will increase as well.                    steadfastly continue to manufacture
munitions and propulsion system,                Speaking of the remaining          the products required for defending
capable of deployment in maximum         export and business development           our country for maintaining the
3 minutes and displace after six         activities conducted by our               continuity of our nation by following
firings, able to fire a range of 40      institution; in order to benefit from     the technological developments
kilometers, capable of reaching          the vast experience of our institution    in the world in the future. Bearing
80km/h, increasing the operational       in the defense industry area, we          strategic importance, MKEK will
capabilities of the Turkish Armed        determined a goal for making a            have to go through a transformation
Forces.                                  move in the marketing of these            and a restructuring process in
     Defence Turkey: In which            experiences in the establishment          accordance with the changing
areas do you plan to invest              of production facilities specialized      world and economic conditions
regarding R&D to increase your           in heavy weapons, rockets, light          for the full accomplishment of the
capacity in the upcoming period?         weapon munition and heavy                 aforementioned tasks. In order
     The security environment            weapon munition, know-how,                to overcome all types of issues
surrounding our country requires         technology transfer and training and      regarding the legal regulations,
holding powerful and deterrent           consultancy areas.                        inefficiency and human resources
armed forces and the development              In addition to our longstanding      caused by our status as a
of a national defense industry           relationships in our target markets       governmental institution, we have to
capable of supporting such               in the world, our commercial              manage this change well and make
deterrent policies in all areas.         relations increasingly continue. The      good use of our resources.
Fulfilling the defense industry          products of our institution are being         We would like to thank Defence
requirements through a maximum           promoted aggressively in the new          Turkey magazine for giving us
level of national industry stands        target markets.                           the opportunity to talk about our
out as an essential goal. Within              Our institution plays an             projects and our institution
DEFENCE TURKEY                            16      ISSUE 78/2017

Turkish Fighter in TuRAF Inventory
Beyond 2030s
    In order to meet Turkish              Fighter, engineering capabilities,         preliminary calculations, based on
Air Force (TurAF) requirements            technology development activities          received information of suppliers
beyond the 2030s, a unique design         (for key sensors like radar, electronic    of candidate engines, the decision
and development program has               warfare...etc.), test infrastructure       was made for the Turkish Fighter to
been launched by the Turkish              establishment and certification            have a twin-engine configuration.
Government which aims to replace          processes will be performed and                With the selection of twin-
the aging F-16 fleet of the TurAF.        extensive capabilities for a new           engine design, in the increasingly
    Within the scope of the Turkish       generation jet fighter design,             competitive environment among
Fighter Program, Turkey will              development and production will            the companies, the related offers of
become one of the few countries           be gained by the Turkish industry.         bidders are to be clarified as a part
possessing the necessary                  Following the completion of the            of program. Kale Group and Rolls-
technologies, infrastructure and          PDR stage, the additional contract         Royce had announced to shake
production capabilities, once the         extending 8 years is expected to be        hands to develop the unique engine
engineering activities for the critical   signed with BAE Systems and TAI            of the Turkish Fighter Program with
technologies are accomplished,                 TAI President & CEO Temel             Joint Venture company (TAEC)
which are needed for a 5th                Kotil,Ph.D assessed on the current         that is to be established with the
generation (or beyond) jet fighter        status of the program during               partnership between Kale Group
aircraft.                                 the day of the public visit to TAI         with 51% of the shares and Rolls-
    The prime contract between            facilities on 27 September 2017.           Royce with 49% shares the day
the Undersecretariat for Defense          Kotil, Ph.D “We aim to complete            just before IDEF 2017. Within
Industries (SSM) of Ministry of           the architectural studies of the 5th       the collaboration, the parties aim
Turkish National Defense and              generation aircraft within 3 years.        to achieve the jet engine design
Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.         We aim to accomplish the maiden            capabilities in the first stage.
(TAI) was signed on the 5th of            flight in 2023 within the framework            The Director of the Strategy
August 2016.                              of our ambitious vision of 2023            & Future Program, Rolls Royce
    TAI and BAE Systems signed            year and deliver it to the Turkish Air     Mr.Alex Zino pointed out the broad
a Letter of Agreement during              Forces in 2029. In 2031, we plan to        education & research capabilities of
IDEF 2017 (in line with Heads             be fully operational by overcoming         Rolls-Royce and shared the Rolls-
of Agreement dated the 28th               the deficiencies of the aircraft of        Royce approach and what they
of January, 2017) to record the           the aircraft.” Temel Kotil said that       offer to Turkey via our magazine
current agreement reached between         the government has allocated $1.3          throughout the IDEF exhibition.
the Parties and TAI initiated the         billion only for the engineering               “The first step is to get design
remaining review/approval process         studies of the program and the             capability into Turkey through the
to be performed by SSM.                   intensive activities to increase the       joint venture, getting 350 engineers
    The prime contract covers             number of engineers are continuing.        trained working on the TF-X program
the initial four (4) years which will          The Turkish Fighter will be a         raising that unique capability, using
end up with completion of the             multi-role aircraft; it will be designed   those to then to work alongside
preliminary design phase. Within          mainly for an air-to-air role with a       universities to do research. I believe
this period beyond the design             consideration for air-to-surface roles     there’s already research going on in
and development of the Turkish            as well. Upon engineering analysis,        Turkey on gas turbines, we need
DEFENCE TURKEY                          18        ISSUE 78/2017

to better understand that, what’s
in the ecosystem, and then in time
collaborate with these parties. The
AMTC will be a key part of this and
enable research across various
areas of manufacturing, clearly
we need to work to win the TF-X
competition and have the joint
venture secure the contract first,
then we can start building from
there. It’s a unique capability that
we recognize is required, and we
will work together with Turkey to
create the ecosystem that delivers
this. We have experience of doing
this in various countries, including
for example Singapore, and we
also support a global network of
31 University Technology Centers,
which position Rolls-Royce
engineers are at the forefront of                                                                             © TAI
scientific research around the
world” he said.                         payback on the development costs.        that is scheduled to be realized
     With the line of this statement,   That’s the reason why we have            before the end of this year. The
it seems that Kale Aero and Rolls-      grouped our options into Package         engine thrust was expected to be
Royce are planning to strengthen        A retrofittable in the Typhoon and       2X23.000lb previously, while the
their position with their long-term     Package B 30% thrust growth if the       new engine thrust is expected to
far-reaching industrialization model    optimization workshop ends up with       be 2X25.000lb.
as well as the unique designed          a 30% thrust requirement. It means           The Turkish Fighter is expected
engine joint development program        we are trying to give as many            to be comprised of the following
for the Turkish Fighter.                options as possible to TAI who in        main requirements; Multi-Role,
     On the other hand, the other       the end will make the aircraft,” he      Extended Combat Radius, Low
bidder, the Consortium of Eurojet       said.                                    Observable, Precise Targeting
Turbo GmBH simultaneously                    With the explanations form the      Capability, Internal A/A Missiles and
made an offer for a portion of the      senior officials of both companies       SDBs Carriage, External Weapon
program to related parties. Eurojet     in May, and the proposals on the         Carriage, Interoperability with
CEO Mr.Clemens Linden gave              table, created an expectation that       AEWs-UCAVs, AARs, Advanced
information about their approach        the final decision on the engine         Avionics for sensor fusion, High
and presented it as well via our        selection was one step closer.           Maneuverability, Independently
magazine in the beginning of May.       However, it was noted that following     Operations Capability.
     “We have already made various      the silent summer, according to the          The Turkish Fighter is anticipated
offers in which, we have offered        defense sources, the proposals           to be kept operational in the 2070s
variants from 3% thrust growth up       on the table would be invalid, that      and will be interoperable with other
to 30% – we have really come up         there are significant changes in         critical assets such as F- 35As.
with a variety of offers which we       the requirements, and that a new         The Turkish Fighter is scheduled to
have grouped into 2 packages.           tender is planned to be realized by      replace the F-16 aircrafts that are
One package is from an engine inlet     the end of this year. We will see in     planned to be gradually displaced
diameter point of view where you        the coming days which companies          from the Turkish Air Forces inventory
could still achieve a thrust growth     will submit their bids for the tender    in the 2030s.
of up to 25% and this engine can
be retrofitted in a Typhoon. Which       Basic Configurations
of course gives a business case
and you could achieve a higher           Engine Thrust Class              >2 x 20,000 lb.
number of production engines, i.e.       Service Ceiling                  >55,000 ft.
it’s another perspective. If you were
                                         Max Speed                        2M
to develop and enhance this engine
and then only apply this engine          Max Range                        > 600 NM
in the Turkish Fighter Program,          MTOW                             > 60,000 lb.
the budget would be really under
pressure, but if you were able to        Length                           19 m (60 ft.)
sell this engine to Typhoon users,       Wing Span                        12 m (39 ft.)
and we have 8 Typhoon users,             Wing Area                        ~60 m² (670 ft²)
as a retrofit option then there’s a
DEFENCE TURKEY                           20          ISSUE 78/2017

8th Naval System Seminar in Ankara
Highlights $40 Billion in SSM
Projects and Turkey’s Prowess in
Global Military Vessel Market
    The 8th Naval Systems Seminar
was held on 16-17 October 2017 at                                                                             © Defence Turkey
the METU Cultural and Conventional
Center in Ankara with the support
News Group, Undersecretariat
for Defense Industries and Naval
Forces Command.
    Commander of the Naval
Forces Vice Admiral Adnan Özbal
and Undersecretary for Defense
Industries Prof. İsmail Demir
remained at the first day of the
seminar, in addition to many senior
military and defense executives,
domestic and foreign industry
representatives and company
executives who gathered at the
center. 1,200 individuals were           status of the Naval Platform                    21 billion TL from 1.6 billion TL, our
registered for the seminar as            Projects and their strategic targets.           rate of fulfilling the requirements
participants and compared to last            Pointing out that as of today               through domestic resources
year’s seminar there was an increase     they are executing 530 projects as              increased to 60% from 25%. We
in high-level participation. Technical   the Undersecretariat for Defense                provide employment opportunities
presentations from various levels of     Industries and that the total                   to 35,000 people in our industry.
the Undersecretariat for Defense         amount of these projects reached                The resources allocated to R&D
Industries, Naval Forces Command         approximately $40 billion, Mr.                  yearly reached $1.3 billion and with
as well as 48 technical presentations    Köse continued: “300 of these                   this figure we became the industry
in total were accomplished in            projects are bound by contracts                 that invests the most in R&D and
parallel sessions.                       and the remaining 230 projects                  technology among the leading
    The opening remarks started          are under proposal evaluation and               sectors in Turkey. As our defense
with a short speech from the             signing stages. We used to have                 industry has reached manufacturing
organizer of the seminar Ret.            66 projects in 2002, yet today this             strength that exceeds $5.9 billion
Certified Engineer Senior Captain        figure reached 530 and increased to             with the domestic and foreign sales
A. Zafer Betoner. Betoner noted          $40 billion from $8.25 billion. While           in 2016, our exports reached $1.9
that the seminar became a regional       the turnover of our industry reached            billion.”
brand with its unique structure
and added that they are taking                                                           SSM Naval Platforms
firm steps towards becoming a                                                            Department Head Mr. Köse:
worldwide brand. Betoner closed                                                          “Naval Platforms Department
his speech by thanking everyone                                                          - Volume of 28 Projects
who had contributed to the seminar.                                                      Reaches $12 billion”
                                                                                             Stating that as the Naval
A total of 530 Projects Executed                                                         Platforms Department of the
by the Undersecretariat                                                                  Undersecretariat for Defense
for Defense Industries                                                                   Industries, they are currently
                                                                                         executing 28 projects bounded
Reaches Nearly $40 Billion
                                                                                         by contracts, Mr. Köse continued:
    In his opening speech, Head of                                                       “We have signed the contracts
the Naval Platforms Department at              © Defence Turkey                          of the 3 projects out of these 28
the Undersecretariat for Defense                                                         projects quite recently, on 6-13
Industries Mr. Alper Köse delivered           Mr. Alper Köse - Head of Naval Platforms   October. The approximate amount
a presentation covering the current                               Department at SSM
DEFENCE TURKEY                           22     ISSUE 78/2017

of these projects conducted under        and Support Vessel will also be        Turkish Naval Forces to Change
the auspices of our Department           completed within November,             the Balance in the Region with
exceeded $12 billion. While we           and that the proposal evaluation
are accomplishing the acceptance         process considering the Multiple
                                                                                MILGEM-I Class Frigates
of some of the platforms of              Purpose Open Seas Trailer Project          MILGEM-I Class Frigate will
these projects, the construction         was launched under the auspices        be equipped with 16-cell MK-
and outfitting activities of some        of the Undersecretariat for Defense    41 Vertical Launching System,64
are underway and we are                  Industries.                            ESSM Missile, Sixteen Harpoon
newly launching some of them.                SSM       Naval     Platforms      Block II Anti-Ship Missiles or unique
Expressing that there are projects       Department Head Mr. Alper Köse:        designed “Atmaca” Anti-Ship
with contracts that were signed          “We will present the MILGEM-İ          Missile. In addition, the network-
as part of the Amphibious Project        Class Frigate Procurement              enabled GENESIS ADVENT
Group consisted of Landing Ship          Project to the Defense Industry        combat management system
Tank (LST), Logistic Support Ship,       Executive Committee depending          is planned to be integrated into
Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) and        on the developments in the Main        the MILGEM-I Class Frigate. The
Landing Craft Tank (LCT), Mr. Köse       Propulsion System Procurement”         envisaged additional three ships
added that the preparations as part          Within the scope of the            to be constructed by the private
of the floating dock program were        Battleship Projects, proposal          sector shipyards are scheduled to
completed and are ready to be            evaluation of MILGEM-I class,          be inaugurated respectively in 2022,
presented to the Defense Industry        procurement of the main propulsion     2023 and 2024.
Executive Committee. Mr. Köse also       system, vertical launching system
shared that crucial developments         and Preveze “Barbaros” class           Design Phase Starts
emerged regarding the Logistic           semi-modernization projects
Support Ship Projects and added,         constitute most of our workload.       with TF-2000 Project
“The Seismic Research Vessel”            As far as we know, the renewal             Following the extraordinary
built for the Mineral Research and       and modernization project of our       contribution to be acquired by the
Exploration Institute (MTA), the         Preveze “Barbaros” class vessels       MILGEM-I Class Frigates to the
MTA “Oruç Reis” and MOSHIP-              were presented to our esteemed         Naval Forces Command, the design
Submarine Rescue Mother Ship             Prime Minister. As part of the semi-   activities concerning the long-
TCG “Alemdar” ships were delivered       modernization of these vessels, we     awaited TF-2000 Anti-Air Warfare
to the related purchasing authorities.   will negotiate with STM, Havelsan      Frigate are scheduled to be launched
Currently, only the test activities of   and Aselsan. By coordinating these     soon. During his presentation as part
the Rescue and Towing TCG “Akın”         negotiations with the Naval Forces     of the seminar, SSM Naval Platforms
ship continue. We planned to deliver     Command, we wish to launch             Department Head Mr. Alper Köse
it in October, but we faced a slight     these modernization and retrofit       said: “We will soon launch the
delay, so we expect to deliver it        activities. We completed the tender    tender for the design of the TF-2000,
within November.”                        related with the vessel regarding      currently we are completing our
     Mentioning that the proposal        the MILGEM-I class frigates, and       preparations.” Mr. Köse also shared
evaluation process of the Research       depending on the developments          the activities accomplished as part
Ship was also completed, Mr.             considering the main propulsion        of the other Battleship Projects with
Köse added that the activities           system, we will present both issues    the participants. “Within the scope
concerning the Fleet Replenishment       to the executive committee.”           of the Boats group; New Type Patrol

                                                                                                            © DzKK
ISSUE 78/2017          23                     DEFENCE TURKEY

Boat, Fast Patrol Boat Contracts
have already signed. The Contracts                                                                               © DzKK
of the Emergency Rescue and Diver
Boat were signed on 13th October
and the New Type SAT and Fast
Patrol Boat contracts were signed on
October 6th. Our activities in respect
to the Turkish Type Assault Boat and
Oil Carrier are underway.”
    Mr. Alper Köse stated that
projects such as the Harbor Tug
Boat, Landing Craft Air Cushion,
Unique Design Submarine
Conceptual Design, Search and
Rescue Boat, Minesweeper Coastal,
New Type LCT, 600 Class Coast
Guard Boat will be brought to the

                                          capabilities to the forefront, and that   form systems that will contribute
Global Market for Military                manufacture critical systems, sub         to the industry through gathering
Vessels Reaches $838 billion              systems and equipment.”                   our institutions such as Havelsan,
    SSM       Naval       Platforms                                                 Aselsan, MilSOFT and TÜBİTAK.
Department Head Mr. Alper Köse                                                      We also need to improve ourselves
                                          Which Technologies will                   in areas of integrated platforms and
shared valuable information with
participants about the current
                                          Stand out in the Operation                monitoring systems, surface and
status of world’s Military Vessel         Fields of the Future?                     submarine vehicles and composite
industry and about the future path             Mr. Köse noted that by taking        material.”
for the Undersecretariat for Defense      the eight different reports of the        MSB Shipyards Deputy Director
Industries. Mr. Köse: “We presume         Naval Forces Command as a
                                                                                    General Rear Admiral Mehmet
that the worldwide military vessel        reference, they projected that
market size will attain $838 billion by   Wide Area Reconnaissance                  Sarı: “We will launch the
the year 2032. Patrol Boats make up       Surveillance, Sensor Networks,            construction of the 3rd Ship’s
the largest share in this figure and      Laser Weapons, Electromagnetic            Hull within the scope of the
they are followed by Amphibious           Defense Systems, Unmanned                 New Type Submarine Program”
Vessels and Submarine Platforms.          Systems, New Generation Sonar
                                                                                        In his opening remark, Ministry
There is a crucial market in the          System Suites, Cyber Defense and
                                                                                    of Defense (MSB) Shipyard’s Deputy
Military Vessel Industry of the world     Network Enabled Systems will stand
                                                                                    Director General Rear Admiral
and we, as Turkey, wish to reinforce      out in the operation environment
                                                                                    (Lower Half) Mehmet Sarı extended
our position in this market.”             of the future and continued, “The
                                                                                    to participants critical information
    Underlining that one or two           projections of the Naval Forces are
                                                                                    on the tasks and responsibilities of
companies stand out in each               fully compatible with the strategies
                                                                                    the newly established Shipyards
country when global ship industry         of NATO. According to NATO’s
                                                                                    Directorate, its structure and the
establishments are analyzed, Mr.          Future Alliance report, Advanced Fire
                                                                                    executed projects. Rear Admiral
Köse added, “Many of the shipyards        Power, Advanced Electromagnetic
                                                                                    Sarı said, “As the Shipyards
in our country currently constitute the   Protection Systems, New Generation
                                                                                    Directorate, we are working in
backbone of the sector with various       Network Enabled Command Control,
                                                                                    coordination with the Naval Forces
competencies. We believe that there       Advanced Decision Support and
                                                                                    Technical Department and Logistics
is also a need for a joint synergy        Information Systems, Unmanned
                                                                                    Department. İstanbul, Gölcük
and cooperation in our country. We        Systems operating in flocks will
support our companies in order to         define the operational environment
increase our exports. We prefer           of the future.”                                                 © Defence Turkey

our companies to unite towards                 Stating that Turkey had
becoming a worldwide brand and            deficiencies in the Main Propulsion
we also expect our shipyards to           and Drive Systems of Naval Platform
achieve the required infrastructure       Systems and noting that there
in respect to logistic support.           is a foreign dependency in this
Amongst our primary objectives is         area, Mr. Köse said, “We wish to
having companies that are open            overcome this deficiency as soon
to international cooperation, that        as possible. We own capabilities
have a highly qualified workforce,        in combat management systems                 Ministry of Defense Shipyard’s Deputy
that adopt a differentiation system       but as a whole, our capabilities do          General Director Rear Admiral (Lower
putting the design and engineering        not constitute integrity. We must                                Half) Mehmet Sarı
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