UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok

UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
UNIVERSITY                      Students and Adults
             P R E PA R AT I O N

    Germany                                100%

                                           placement                   2021 - 2022
UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
University Preparation statistics

pass rate for EF students
in Australia

USA students would join
another EF program

EF students in UK accepted to
their first-choice university

Accreditations & memberships

The Independent Schools           All EF International             EF Dublin is recognized by
Inspectorate (ISI) is the         Language Campuses in             ACELS, a service of quality
approved educational              the UK are accredited by         and qualifications in Ireland for
oversight body authorised         the British Council.             English language teaching.
by the UK Home Office
to enroll international
students under Tier 4 of
the Points Based System.

The EF International Language     EF Vancouver, Vancouver Island   The EF International Language
Campuses in the USA are           and Toronto are accredited       Campuses in Australia are
accredited by ACCET.              by Languages Canada.             accredited by the Australian
                                                                   Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
                                                                   under CRICOS 01070M,
                                                                   and endorsed by NEAS.

The EF International Language     The EF International Language    The EF International
Campuses in Cambridge,            Campus in Auckland is a          Language Campuses in
St. Julian’s, Cape Town, Paris,   member of English New            the UK are members
Nice, Madrid, Barcelona,          Zealand, and meets their         of English UK.
Malaga, Rome, Berlin,             additional quality assurance
Munich and Tokyo are              standards over and above
accredited by EAQUALS.            NZQA requirements.

The EF International
Language Campuses in
the USA are members
of English USA.
UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
UNIVERSITY              Students and Adults

UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok

                           EF San Diego & San Francisco
                           Shohei Hisamura from Japan,

                                                          “I started studying with EF on a Language
                                                           Preparation Program. Now I'm a University
                                                           Foundation student in San Francisco and I just
                                                           gained admission to study a Master's degree.
                                                           EF helped me a lot – they were very thoughtful
                                                           and I feel much more confident now.”
UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
Welcome to EF


Achieve academic success and cultural fluency
with EF, the world leader in international education.
Informed by over 50 years of experience, our
personalized university preparation programs will
equip you with complete language proficiency and
the specific skills required for university studies and
an international career.

We'll help you on your path to success by
guaranteeing your place at one of over 230 partner
universities in the UK, US, Australia, Singapore,
Germany or France when you successfully complete
your studies. You’ll receive personal assistance and
professional advice from our expert team as we help
you to discover the perfect university.

                                                                           Anna Nunziata
                                                                           President of Operations
                                                                           EF International Language Campuses

                                       Programs                                     Australia & Singapore
                                       14 EF Language Preparation Program           52   School system of Australia
                                       16	EF Accelerated College                   54   Choose your university in Australia
                                           Degree Program                           56   EF Sydney
                                       18 EF University Foundation Program          58   School system of Singapore
  Discover your language               22	EF Pre-Master’s, Pre-MBA &               59   EF Singapore
  level today by taking the                Pre-PhD Programs
  EF University Preparation Test                                                    Germany
                                       United Kingdom
                                                                                    60 School system of Germany                     27    School system of the UK                61 EF Munich
                                       28    Meet our successful alumni
                                       30    Choose your university in the UK
                                       32    EF Cambridge                           62   School system of France
                                       34    EF Oxford                              63   EF Paris
                                       USA                                          More Information

Why EF                                 37    School system of the USA               64   Other EF programs
                                       38    Meet our successful alumni             65   Hult International Business School
04	Guaranteed academic success        40    Choose your university in the USA      66   Enrollment form
    starts here                        42    EF New York                            67   Terms and Conditions
06 Our student success stories         44    EF Boston
08 Step-by-step personal guidance      46    EF San Francisco
10	Experience the authentic student   48    EF Seattle

UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
Guaranteed academic
    success starts here


    EF University Preparation programs are
    designed to give international students the
    academic and language skills required for
    higher education. Whatever path you’re
    on, we'll help you fulfill your potential.

    Earn direct entry                              A proven record of success                  With you all the way
    EF University Preparation prepares you for     Last year, 82% of University Preparation    At EF, you’ll receive mentorship and
    higher education by equipping you with         students in the UK were admitted to         instruction from fully-certified faculty
    the language and academic skills needed        their first-choice university. Previous     and staff. You'll be guided throughout by
    for success. When you graduate from your       placements include the University of        an experienced EF University Pathway
    EF program, you’ll be guaranteed entry at      Oxford, University of Cambridge, London     Manager, who helps you manage the
    one of over 230 partner universities in the    School of Economics and Imperial College    university application process and gain
    UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, France or       London.                                     admission to a respected institution.
                                                   In the United States, 91% of students       Our dedicated approach to university
    Our programs help you to achieve your          stated that they would join another EF      preparation means that all programs can
    individual goals and ensure that you meet      program, while the student pass rate in     be personalized to your unique language
    the language and academic requirements         Australia was 98%. Previous placements      and academic needs. Regardless of your
    of local university admission systems.         in these countries have included Harvard    level of fluency, we can help you meet
    We’ll prepare you for proficiency exams        University, Massachusetts Institute of      and exceed university entrance language
    and equip you with certified proof of          Technology and the University of Sydney.    requirements. You’ll also benefit from
    your language fluency and academic                                                         a wide range of specialist academic
                                                   EF University Preparation Programs have
    achievements, which are globally                                                           modules, which are elective courses that
                                                   earned the approval and recognition
    recognized by employers, universities                                                      focus on academic subjects.
                                                   of prestigious accreditation boards,
    and governments.
                                                   universities and educational associations
                                                   worldwide. EF's International Language
                                                   Campuses are recognized by renowned
                                                   educational bodies, including the British
                                                   Council, EAQUALS, ACCET and NEAS.
                                                   Additionally, the Independent Schools
                                                   Inspectorate accredits our schools in the
                                                   United Kingdom, while our Singapore
                                                   school has earned registration with

    Exploring the future of                        Members of the EF Research                  EF and HULT International
    language learning                              Network include:                            Business School
    EF collaborates with top universities to       -   University of Cambridge                 EF collaborates with HULT to improve
    fundamentally improve the way students         -   Peking University                       the academic opportunities available
    learn languages. Members of the EF             -   Harvard University                      to students around the globe. HULT
    Research Network explore how linguistics,      -   University of Tokyo                     recognizes many EF certificates, opening
    teaching, technology, testing and cultural     -   EF Learning Labs                        pathways for those who wish to pursue
    immersion affects language learning.                                                       undergraduate, master's or MBA programs.
    Together, we are committed to research
    and innovation that will shape the future of
    language learning.
                                                   EF Research Lab
                                                   for Applied Language Learning
UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
Programs for every stage


Pathways to academic success

                      Your program                               Language requirements                     Your results

                      EF Language Preparation Program
                      (Phase 1)                                  All levels accepted                       Qualification to begin Phase 2
                      6, 9 or 11 months
High school
Grade 11              EF Accelerated College Degree              English:
                      (Phase 2)                                                                            Guaranteed admission to
                                                                 IELTS* 4.5 / TOEFL** 410 PBT/34
                                                                                                           the third year of a bachelor's
                      High school diploma + associate’s          iBT***, UPiBT**** 39, EF SET***** 46
                                                                                                           degree program in the USA.
                      degree (approximately 24 months)           or higher.

                                                                                                           Guaranteed admission to a
                                                                                                           bachelor’s degree program
High school           EF University Foundation Program           IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 510 PBT/62 iBT,
                                                                                                           in the UK, US, Australia,
                                                                 UPiBT 45, EF SET 51 or higher.
graduate              6, 9 or 11 months                                                                    Singapore, France or a
                                                                 German and French:
                                                                                                           Studienkolleg course in
                                                                 A1 or higher.

                                                                                                           Guaranteed admission to
University                                                       English:
                      EF Pre-Master’s,                                                                     a master’s or MBA degree
graduate                                                         IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 525 PBT/71 iBT,
                                                                                                           program in the UK, US,
                      EF Pre-MBA or                              UPiBT 50, EF SET 54 or higher.
(with bachelor's      EF Pre-PhD Program                                                                   Australia, Germany or France.
                                                                 German and French:                        Guaranteed admission to
degree or
                      6, 9 or 11 months                          A2 or higher (9 months), A1 or            a PhD degree program in
                                                                 higher (11 months).                       the UK

All language requirements shown indicate minimum score           Not finished high school?                Do you have time limitations?
needed. You can also apply if you possess the equivalent TOEFL   Unique to EF Australia, year 10 high     EF Language Preparation
score or similar. See individual program pages for details.      school students can take an EF           Programs can be taken from
* IELTS (International English Language Testing System)          University Foundation Program, then      2 weeks to 11 months.
** TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)                 enroll with our partner, TAFE, on a
*** iBT (Internet Based Test)                                    program that provides a clear route to
**** UPiBT (University Pathway Internet Based Test)              university.
***** EF SET (EF Standard English Test)

Accreditations, memberships and certifications

UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
Our student success stories


    EF University Preparation guarantees you
    placement at one of over 230 partner
    universities, with EF graduates having
    previously been accepted at Cambridge,
    Oxford and Harvard.

    University                                Student                       Country
    Harvard Business School (US)              Madina Sypatayeva             Kazakhstan
    Oxford University (UK)                    Markus Teichmann              Germany
    Columbia University (US)                  You Yu Yang                   Taiwan
    University of St Andrews (UK)             Simona Mezzina                Italy
    Northeastern University (US)              Chung Yang Li                 Taiwan
    New Jersey Institute of Technology (US)   Min Zheng                     China
    Cornell University (US)                   Kartika Indah Wijayati        Indonesia
    Dartmouth College (US)                    Paula Rocha Pages             Uruguay
    Hult Int. Business School (US)            John Alexander Rada Giraldo   Colombia
    Hult Int. Business School (UK)            Valeria Ramirez               Peru
    University of Heidelberg (GER)            James Barber                  USA
    University of Warwick (UK)                Alberto Garcia Colomo         Spain
    University of Exeter (UK)                 Chi Tat Yeung                 Hong Kong
    Loughborough University (UK)              Yuri Aoki                     China
    University of Surrey (UK)                 Ekaterina Gamylyaeva          Russia
    Durham University (UK)                    Claudia Schilkowski           Germany
    Georgia Institute of Technology (US)      Gabriella Kabboul Massaad     Venezuela
    Duke University (US)                      Zu Niki Mada                  Indonesia
    University of Sydney (AUS)                Teo Blanc                     France
    University of Bath (UK)                   Hoi Chin Lai                  Hong Kong
    University of Leeds (UK)                  Laiyuan Luo                   China
    Lancaster University (UK)                 Chun Yin Kwok                 Hong Kong
    Temple University (US)                    Shana Benais                  France
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute (US)       Do The Anh                    Vietnam

                                                                                    Check out our students’ pictures
                                                                                    and stories by searching

                                                                                    #EFmoment and
                                                                                    #EFStories on
UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok

                                          Helena Pamponet Vilaboim
                                          from Brazil, EF Cambridge

“My EF program was very useful for my future
 career path. Studying in England was an eye-
 opening experience that made me more
 responsible about my life choices.”
UK USA Australia Singapore Germany France - 100% guaranteed placement - Storyblok
Step-by-step personal


    Our experienced faculty and EF
    University Pathway Managers are
    experts at navigating the university
    application process. With their guidance
    and mentorship, you’ll be placed on a
    university program that matches your
    personal goals and career ambitions.

    1)                                             3)
    Personalized study plan                        Apply for top universities
    Receive a free consultation from an EF         Throughout your program, an on-site EF
    Academic Counselor when you contact            University Pathway Manager will mentor
    your local EF office. You'll learn about the   you on the university application process.
    educational requirements of your dream         They’ll work with you one-on-one to
    country of study and outline a specialized     match your academic goals and career
    program to match your goals. You'll also       ambitions with the right universities,
    benefit from informational seminars and        before giving you expert advice on your
    free language testing to help determine        personal statement, recommendation
    your language proficiency.                     letters and exam scores.

    Prepare for university
    Our EF Academic Counselors are experts
    on navigating the paperwork required
    for university entry. Along with specialist
    advice, they can provide full visa support
    in the US, UK, Australia and elsewhere.
    In the UK for example, our educational
    credentials mean we're licensed by the
    UK Home Office to enroll international
    students under Tier 4 of the Points Based           Meet the
    System. We're also equipped to help you
    with travel and insurance arrangements.             team behind
                                                        your journey

                                         Cassandra Catucci
                                         University Pathway Manager
                                         EF New York, USA
                                         Chelsea has worked with a variety of EF's
                                         university preparation programs before
                                         being named EF's University Preparation
Jurgen Oehler
                                         Director in the USA. She works closely
University Pathway Manager               with University Pathway Managers across
Munich, Germany                          America to help hundreds of students
                                         successfully apply to university. Chelsea
As EF's University Pathway               completed a bachelor's degree in
Manager, Juergen works closely           Business Administration at the University
with international coordinators from     of North Carolina, during which time she
German-speaking universities, bridging   studied abroad in France and Australia.
the gap between high school and                                                        Diego Mattiolo
higher education, home country and
foreign environment. His dedication to                                                 University Pathway Operations &
this ensures a smooth transition into                                                  Admissions Manager
academic life for each student, while                                                  EF Cambridge, UK
simultaneously guaranteeing their
                                                                                       Diego has been working with EF and the
                                                                                       University Pathway Programs for many
                                                                                       years. He's helped place international
                                                                                       students from across the globe at some
                                                                                       of the the UK's top universities, including
                                                                                       the University of Cambridge, University of
                                                                                       Surrey and Durham University. He has an
                                                                                       MA in Business and Communication, an
                                                                                       MA in TESOL and a BA in Media Studies.

                                               David Johnson
                                               Senior University Preparation Teacher
                                               EF Oxford, UK

                                               David has taught in several countries
                                               around the world, including the
                                               United States, Spain and the UAE.
                                               He's now based in Oxford as EF's
                                               Senior University Preparation
                                               Teacher. David read marine biology
                                               and chemistry at university and has
                                               experience in teaching biology,
                                               chemistry, maths and English.               
Experience the authentic
     student lifestyle


     Our campuses offer high-level academic
     resources, cosy accommodation and a
     variety of cultural events and immersive
     activities to enjoy with new friends.

     Student life                                    Join the EF community
     Studying at an EF University Preparation        Each week, an on-site EF Activities
     campus enables you to be part of an             Manager arranges a full schedule of
     exciting international student body.            group sports, activities and excursions
     Learning alongside students from around         to help immerse you in an authentic
     the world means daily lessons are always        campus lifestyle. Download EF Campus
     enhanced with lively discussions from           Connect, our online global community for
     a global perspective. The study skills          EF students, where you'll find the weekly
     you gain in your classes will help you          activities calendar, access your program
     understand how to successfully manage           schedule and network with other EF
     university exams and assessments.               students at school.

     Experience university life                      Action-packed schedule
     During your program you'll visit a range of     Your EF Activities Manager will plan trips
     universities, where you'll see the facilities   to museums, historical sights and nightlife.
     and sample lectures. At our EF campus,          On the weekends, you'll explore your host
     we also welcome professors from partner         country farther afield on excursions to
     universities to deliver exciting lectures       iconic cities or stunning natural sights.
     and workshops, in order for you to sample
     university academic standards.

           Check out our students’
           pictures and stories by

           #EFmoment and
           #EFStories on

EF Homestay (Included)
Experience maximum cultural exchange
by living with native speakers in a private
home. Gain insight into local culture, pick
up expressions with greater ease and
return home with a more authentic accent.

EF Homestay includes:
- Shared room (singles available for a
- Breakfast and dinner (Monday-Friday)
  and all meals on weekends

EF Campus Living and Residence (optional)
You may also choose to enhance your
experience abroad by living with students
from all over the world at an EF Campus
or Residence. Student residences offer
you a social environment that allows you
to practice your new language skills with

EF Campus Living and Residences
- Shared/single room in a student
- Meals in the student cafeteria
  or self-catered

Program Overview


     Discover the quickest
     path to an international
     career on a program
     that matches your
     language and academic

     High school students                      High school graduates
     14   Language Preparation Program         18   University Foundation Program
          Enroll on a program that helps you        Gain the skills necessary for
          obtain the language proficiency           undergraduate studies abroad and
          required for an EF University             earn guaranteed acceptance to a
          Preparation program.                      university.

     16   Accelerated College Degree Program   University graduates
          Build a strong academic foundation
          while acquiring a US high school     22   EF Pre-Master’s, Pre-MBA
          diploma and associate’s degree.           and Pre-PhD Programs

                                                    Achieve guaranteed placement in a
                                                    master’s, MBA or PhD program at a
                                                    renowned international university.
Language Preparation


     Enroll on a flexible-length                   Our innovative method                         Program details
     course that helps you obtain                  EF Language Preparation Programs use
                                                   the EF Efekta™ Learning System, our own
     the language proficiency                                                                    Intensive Program
                                                   complete package of learning materials
     required for an EF University                 specifically created for each level and       32 lessons of 40 minutes per week
     Preparation program.                          phase of learning. Your class-time abroad,
                                                   led by inspired teachers, is combined         General Program
                                                   with technologically enhanced lessons         26 lessons of 40 minutes per week
     Program overview                              then reinforced with speaking practice in
     Regardless of your current language           real-world situations. You'll make faster
     level, EF can help you meet or exceed the     progress because you’re absorbing the
                                                                                                 Program duration
     language requirements needed to enter         language in various ways, around the clock.
     the following EF University Preparation                                                     2 to 52 weeks, starting every Monday.
     Programs: EF University Foundation                                                          6, 9 or 11 months, with start dates in
     Program, EF Accelerated College Degree
                                                   University of Cambridge                       January, April, June and September.
     Program, EF Pre-Master’s & EF Pre-            collaboration
                                                                                                 Sample locations
     MBA Program, EF Pre-PhD Program               Our collaboration with expert linguists
     and an undergraduate program at Hult          has resulted in the development of            Oxford, Cambridge, New York, Boston,
     International Business School.                the EF Standard English Test (EF SET),        San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, Singapore,
                                                   a groundbreaking test that assesses           Paris and Munich.
                                                   language proficiency levels. Developed
     Tailor your course length                     by world-class linguists and assessment
                                                                                                 Language requirement
     Students who require the EF Language          experts, the EF SET evaluates your            No minimum language level required.
     Preparation Program can begin any             language level according to the
     Monday of the year at any EF Language         internationally recognized standard,
     Preparation Campus and study for as           the Common European Framework of              Students who successfully complete the
     long as they like. There are also special     Reference.                                    EF Language Preparation Program and
     6-, 9- or 11-month programs that include                                                    meet the language requirements can then
     targeted academic studies designed in                                                       apply to a University Preparation Program,
     collaboration with our university partners.                                                 which guarantees university placement.

     Learn more, faster
     Courses are taught at all levels, from
     beginner to proficient, and are designed to
     accelerate your language fluency quickly
     and effectively. Students wishing to study
     6, 9 or 11 months on a long-term program
     can also choose to focus on specific
     academic or career-related subjects.
     Depending on program length, you may
     have the opportunity to participate in
     an internship or volunteer experience
     at a local company so you can develop
     industry-specific language skills, build
     a personal network and gain real-world
Accelerated College
     Degree Program


     Earn a US high school                          Living on a US campus                          Program details
     diploma and an associate’s                     While enrolled in the second phase of the
     degree through an intensive                    EF Accelerated College Degree Program,
                                                    you’ll be living and learning alongside        32 lessons of 40 minutes per week.
     program of language and                        American students as you gain further          Phase two at a partner university.
     academic study that starts                     English fluency and earn your associate’s
                                                    degree. You’ll choose between studying
     at EF Seattle.                                 on the campuses of Green River College,
                                                                                                   Program duration
                                                    Seattle Central College or Pierce College,
                                                                                                   6, 9 or 11 months (first phase) followed
     Program overview                               all of which are located in Washington
                                                                                                   by two years of study at one of EF’s three
                                                    State. You’ll work closely with your
     The EF Accelerated College Degree                                                             partner colleges.
                                                    University Pathway Manager to determine
     Program provides students who have
                                                    your academic discipline and how best to
     not yet graduated from high school with                                                       Locations
                                                    apply your academic credentials.
     the opportunity to earn a high school                                                         Phase one: EF Seattle
     diploma and an associate’s degree in the                                                      Phase two: One of our partner colleges –
     United States.                                 Guaranteed placement                           choose from Green River College, Seattle
     The program is divided into two phases:        The program guarantees you successful          Central College and Pierce College in
     The first phase of study takes place           entry to a college degree program through      the US.
     at EF Seattle where you’ll strengthen          our trusted partnerships with accredited
                                                                                                   English requirement
     and reinforce your English fluency and         institutions of higher learning where you’ll
     academic writing skills. Phase two             graduate with the academic qualifications      - 11-month program: IELTS 4.0, TOEFL
     involves two years of academic study           you need to succeed.                             343 PBT/19 iBT, UPiBT 33 or EF SET 41
     where you’ll earn your high school                                                            - 9-month program: IELTS 4.5, TOEFL 410
     diploma and associate’s degree at a                                                             PBT/34 iBT, UPiBT 39, or EF SET 46
     partner university.                                                                           - 6-month program: IELTS 5.0, TOEFL
                                                                                                     510/62 iBT, UPiBT 45 or EF SET 51
     You’ll graduate at least one year earlier
     than your classmates back home – saving
     you time and money. After completion of
     your associate’s degree, you may choose
     to continue your university education by
     transferring your university credits towards
     the completion of a full bachelor’s degree.

     Pathway to an American university degree

                                   EF Accelerated College Degree Program
                                                                                                              Guaranteed admission to
     High school student
                                   Phase 1                             Phase 2                                the third year of a bachelor’s
     Grade 11
                                   EF Language Preparation             High school diploma + associate’s      degree program in the USA.
                                   Program                             degree (Approximately 24
                                   6, 9 or 11 months                   months)

                                                  Ching Hei Lam from Hong Kong, EF Seattle

“EF has prepared me well for university. I
 really liked the campus, I've experienced
 a new culture and it's opened my
University Foundation


     Gain the skills you need                     Gain the skills to succeed                      Guaranteed admission
     to progress directly to an                   Our EF University Foundation Program            In addition to your studies, you will
     undergraduate program in                     prepares you thoroughly for the                 have dedicated University Application
                                                  challenges of higher education. You’ll learn    Workshops with trained teachers designed
     the United Kingdom,                          essential study skills such as essay writing,   to navigate the process of choosing
     United States, Australia,                    critical thinking and independent research,     and applying to a degree program.
                                                  as well as academic terminology.                Furthermore, your University Pathways
     Singapore, Germany or                                                                        Manager will be on hand to give you
     France.                                      Depending on your choice of country and
                                                                                                  one-to-one assistance and advice,
                                                  subject, EF offers a range of academic
                                                                                                  organize visits to universities, and ensure
                                                  specialisms which enables you to access
                                                                                                  you meet critical deadlines to maximize
     Program overview                             almost any bachelor degree program.
                                                                                                  your chances of acceptance to the best
     EF University Foundation Program (UFP)                                                       possible university.
     is a 6-, 9- or 11-month program of study     Perfect your language skills
     that helps international students fulfill
                                                  EF University Foundation Program will
     language and academic requirements
                                                  give you the training you need to meet
     for university entrance abroad. Intended
                                                  university enrollment requirements.
     for high school graduates, this program
                                                  To qualify for most bachelor’s degree
     bridges the gap between a student’s
                                                  programs in English-speaking countries,
     previous education and what is expected
                                                  students generally need an IELTS score
     of them at a university abroad.
                                                  of at least 6.0 or TOEFL of 550 PBT/ 213
     This additional year of secondary school     CBT/ 81 IBT or above.
     studies is mandatory for students seeking
                                                  For students whose language abilities
     higher education in the United Kingdom
     and highly recommended for students
                                                  are not yet strong enough, an additional            Our most popular
     who wish to study in the United States,
                                                  program of study, the EF Language                   program
                                                  Preparation Program, may be necessary
     Australia, Singapore, France or Germany.
                                                  to help establish a strong foundation
     In Germany, the EF University Foundation
                                                  of fluency to meet the enrollment
     Program focuses on preparing high school
                                                  requirements of any EF University
     graduates for university entrance exams.
                                                  Preparation program.

     Pathway to university

                        English: IELTS 5.0 or higher
                                                                 EF University Foundation Program            Guaranteed admission to a
                        German: A1 or higher
                                                                 (UFP), available in: Cambridge,             bachelor’s degree program
                        French: A1 or higher
     High school                                                 Oxford, Singapore, Boston, New              in the UK, US, Australia,
     graduate                                                    York, San Francisco, Sydney, Munich         Singapore, France or a
                        Don’t meet our requirements?
                                                                 and Paris                                   Studienkolleg course in
                        Take an EF Language Preparation
                                                                 6, 9 or 11 months                           Germany
                        Program. Available from 2 weeks to
                        11 months.

At a glance
Taught entirely in English, the University
Foundation Program provides intensive
academic training that prepares you for
the demands of higher education.
One third of the program focuses on
language and communication skills, while
another third offers extensive training
in academic research, including online
research that incorporates different
strategies such as Qualitative and
Quantitative Research Methods and
Critical Thinking.
In the UK and US, the final third comprises
of electives in industry-specific subjects
like Psychology, Accounting and Finance,
World Politics or Physics, enabling you to
focus your studies and prepare for your

The Capstone Project
Students enrolled on a 9-month University
Foundation Program, a Pre-Master's or
a Pre-MBA will complete the Capstone
Project during their third term. Designed
to prepare you for the type of work
required at university, you'll conduct
intensive research on a topic, write a
formal paper with citation and formatting
and conduct a media presentation of your
findings in front of a panel of teachers.

University Foundation Program


     United Kingdom and Singapore                                         United States
     30 lessons                                                           32 lessons
     of 40 mins per week (20 hours)                                       of 40 mins per week (21 hours)    Term one
                                                                                                            - ACT Preparation
                                                                                                              (Mathematics and Vocabulary)
     In the United Kingdom and            Curriculum                      The EF University Foundation
                                                                                                            - TOEFL Skills
     Singapore, all international                                         Program in the United States
                                          During your Academic                                              - University Application
     students who have studied                                            provides a combination of
                                          Pathway, you'll study a set                                         Workshop
     for less than 13 years are                                           intensive English, TOEFL and
                                          curriculum:                                                       - Writing Fundamentals
     required to take an additional                                       university preparation lessons,
                                                                                                            - Grammar & Pronunciation
     year of study, known as an EF        Term one                        academic research, study skills
     University Foundation Program,                                       and essay composition. In         Term two
                                          - Advanced Language Skills
     before commencing higher                                             addition, students can choose
                                          - English for Academic                                            - Advanced TOEFL Preparation
     education studies. If you have                                       from electives in a variety of
                                            Purposes                                                        - University Application
     completed 13 years of school,                                        subject areas.
                                          - Academic Culture or Maths                                         Workshop
     you are eligible for a 6-month
                                            Fundamentals                                                    - Academic Writing & Grammar
     fast track course.                                                   Program duration
                                          - University Application                                          - Advanced Reading Skills
                                                                          6, 9 or 11 months, with start
                                            Workshop                                                        - American History & Culture
     Program duration                                                     dates in January, April and
                                                                                                            - American College Skills
     9 months, with start dates in        Term two                        September.
                                                                                                            - One elective
     January, April and September.
                                          - Intensive IELTS Preparation
     An 11-month option is offered                                        Locations
                                          - Quantitative and                                                Term three
     only at EF Oxford, starting in                                       EF Boston, EF New York
                                            Qualitative Research                                            - Advanced Research & Writing
     September.                                                           & EF San Francisco
                                            Methods                                                         - Communicative Presentations
                                          - One specialist subject                                          - Advanced College Lecture
     Locations                                                            English requirement
     EF Cambridge, EF Oxford              Term three                      - 11 months: IELTS 4.5, TOEFL
                                                                                                            - Critical Reading & Analysis
     & EF Singapore                                                         410 PBT/ 103 CBT/ 34 IBT,
                                          - Critical Thinking                                               - Capstone project
                                                                            EF SET B1.2 minimum or the
                                          - Two specialist subjects                                         - Three electives
     English requirement                                                    equivalent on the free EF
     IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 510 PBT/                                              UPiBT test                      Electives
     180 CBT/ 64 IBT, EF SET B2.1                                         - 9 months: IELTS 5.0, TOEFL
                                                                                                            (availability may vary depending
     minimum or the equivalent on                                           450 PBT/ 133 CBT/ 45 IBT,
                                                                                                            on intake)
     the free EF UPiBT test.                                                EF SET B2.1 minimum or the
                                                                                                            - Mathematics
                                                                            equivalent on the free EF
                                                                                                            - Economics
     Result                                                                 UPiBT test
                                                                                                            - Science & Technology
     Program graduates are                                                - 6 months: IELTS 5.5, TOEFL
                                                                                                            - Biology
     guaranteed entry to one of our                                         525 PBT/ 194 CBT/ 71 IBT,
                                                                                                            - International Law
     partner institutions in the United                                     EF SET B2.2 minimum or the
                                                                                                            - US history
     Kingdom or Singapore.                                                  equivalent on the free EF
                                                                                                            - Advertising
                                                                            UPiBT test
                                                                                                            - Psychology
                                                                                                            - Criminology
     Before you travel, you'll choose                                     Result
                                                                                                            - Journalism
     one of five Academic Pathways.                                       Program graduates are
                                                                                                            - Business Correspondence
     These specifically designed                                          guaranteed entry to one of
                                                                                                            - Cross Cultural Business
     courses are crafted to build                                         our partner institutions in the
     your knowledge in the subject                                        United States.
                                                                                                            - Advanced Business Concepts
     you intend on studying at
                                                                                                            - Business Basics
     university. Choose from:
                                                                                                            - Negotiation Skills
     - Business, Finance                                                                                   - Globalization
        & Management                                                                                        - International Political
     - Science, Engineering                                                                                   Economy
        & Technology                                                                                        - World Politics
     - Social Sciences & Law                                                                                - Creative Writing
     - Medicine* and Pharmacy                                                                               - Travel & Tourism
        (*Only for non-EU students)                                                                         - ACT preparation
     - Art and Architecture                                                                                 - Community Service Learning
                                                                                                            - Drama
     Note: Singapore is Business
                                                                                                            - Film Making
     pathway only.
                                                                                                            - American Music

Australia                                                       Germany                          France
32 lessons                                                      32 lessons                       32 lessons
of 40 mins per week (21 hours)   Term one: Language             of 40 mins per week (21 hours)   of 40 mins per week (21 hours)
                                 - Academic Grammar and
The EF University Foundation                                    The EF University Foundation     EF's University Foundation
                                 - Essay Writing
Program program in Sydney                                       Program in Germany combines      Program trains you in the
                                 - Oral presentations
prepares students for                                           intensive German language        skills needed to enroll at a
                                 - Lecture Note-Taking
undergraduate studies in                                        instruction with exam            French university. To qualify for
                                 - Specialist subjects,
Australia. Learning is based                                    preparation and a range of       most undergraduate degree
                                   depending on intake
on intensive tuition in small                                   courses designed to prepare      programs, you need a DELF B2
groups, combined with                                           students for universities in     or a higher qualification.
                                 Term two: Skills
study techniques including                                      German-speaking countries.
                                 - IELTS Preparation                                             Program duration
presentation skills, critical
                                 - Critical Thinking and        Program duration
thinking and research                                                                            6 and 9 months, with start dates
                                   Study Skills
                                                                6, 9 or 11 months, with start    in January and September.
                                 - Oral Presentations
Program duration                                                dates in January and September   11-month available in September
                                 - Lecture Note-Taking
6, 9 or 11 months, start dates                                                                   only.
                                 - Specialist subjects,         Location
in January, April, June
                                   depending on intake                                           Location
and September                                                   EF Munich
                                                                                                 EF Paris
                                 Term three: Research
Location                                                        German requirement
                                 - Independent Research                                          French requirement
EF Sydney                                                       - 6 months: B1 or higher
                                   and Writing Practice
                                                                - 9 months: A2 or higher         - 6 months: B1 or higher
                                 - Critical Thinking Practice
English requirement                                             - 11 months: A1 or higher        - 9 months: A2 or higher
                                 - Essay Writing
- 11 months: IELTS 4.5, TOEFL                                                                    - 11 months: A1 or higher
                                 - Oral Presentations           Result
  410 PBT/ 103 CBT/ 34 IBT,
                                 - Lecture Note-Taking                                           Result
  EF SET B1.2 minimum or the                                    Program graduates are
                                 - Specialist subjects,
  equivalent on the free EF                                     guaranteed entry to a            Program graduates are
                                   depending on intake
  UPiBT test                                                    Studienkolleg admission exam     guaranteed entry to one of our
                                   *Order of terms is subject
- 9 months: IELTS 5.0,                                          course in Germany.               partner institutions in France.
                                   to change
  EF SET B2.1 minimum or the
  equivalent on the free EF      Specialist subjects            Curriculum                       Curriculum
  UPiBT test
                                 - Academic Writing             Term one                         Term one
- 6 months: IELTS 5.5, EF SET
                                 - Exam Preparation
  B2.2 minimum or equivalent                                    - Language Development           - Language Development
                                 - Finance & Economics
  on the free EF UPiBT test                                     - German for Academic            - French for Academic
                                 - Legal & Corporate English
                                                                  Purposes                         Purposes
Result                           - Sales
Program graduates are            - Business                     Term two                         Term two
guaranteed entry into the        - Communication                - Language Development           - Language Development
first year of an undergraduate   - Marketing                    - Academic Writing               - Academic Writing
degree in Australia. (Students   - Economics                    - Lecture Skills                 - Lecture Skills
must have completed an           - Professional Skills          Term three                       Term three
Australian Year 12 equivalent
                                 *Some of these classes        - Exam Preparation               - Exam Preparation
and their grades must meet the
                                  may operate in the form       - Presentation Skills            - Presentation Skills
university entry requirements
                                  of E-spins and are subject    Term four                        Term four
for their major.)
                                  to change depending on
                                                                - Advanced Exam Preparation      - Advanced Exam Preparation
                                  class size and student
                                                                - Academic Writing               - Academic Writing
                                                                - Communicative Presentations    - Communicative Presentations
                                                                - Advanced College Lectures      - Advanced College Lectures
                                                                - Critical Reading & Analysis    - Critical Reading & Analysis
                                                                - Three specialist modules       - Three specialist modules
                                                                Specialist modules               Specialist modules
                                                                - Grammar                        - Grammar
                                                                - Vocabulary                     - Vocabulary
                                                                - Media                          - Media
                                                                - German Studies                 - French Studies
                                                                - Business Studies               - Business Studies
                                                                - Technical German               - Technical French
     Pre-MBA & Pre-PhD Programs


     Secure guaranteed                             Enhance your qualifications
     university placement on                       EF’s postgraduate programs prepare
                                                   students for entrance to a Master’s
     a top-ranked Master’s,
                                                   degree, Master of Business Administration
     MBA or Pre-PhD program                        degree or PhD program at an international
     following an intensive                        university. These 6-, 9- or 11-month
                                                   intensive programs provide you with
     preparation program that                      all the linguistic and academic skills
     develops essential academic                   necessary for postgraduate study.
     knowledge.                                                                                           Turn over for more
                                                   For students wishing to pursue a PhD, you
                                                   must have completed a Master’s degree
                                                                                                          program details
     Program overview                              and be ready to begin work on your thesis
     EF’s postgraduate programs prepare
     students for entrance to a Master’s
     degree, Master of Business Administration     A tailored program
     degree or PhD program at an international
                                                   EF’s postgraduate programs are tailored
     university. These 6-, 9- or 11-month
                                                   for students who are bound for graduate
     intensive programs provide you with
     all the linguistic and academic skills
                                                   tuition, and offer the flexibility of studying   English and exam training
                                                   for either 6, 9 or 11 months. In the UK
     necessary for postgraduate study.                                                              One of the goals of EF’s postgraduate
                                                   and US specifically, you'll take specialist
                                                                                                    preparation programs is to help you
                                                   module classes in an academic area of
                                                                                                    perfect your specialized academic skills.
     Progress to your choice                       your choice, to help prepare you for your
                                                                                                    All university postgraduate programs
                                                   postgraduate degree and build your
     of university                                 overall confidence. In your third term,
                                                                                                    require an official language proficiency
                                                                                                    score for international student admissions.
     We can provide successful program             you'll also complete the Capstone Project.
                                                                                                    Therefore, our programs include highly
     graduates with guaranteed acceptance          (See p.19 for further details.)
                                                                                                    structured exam training for IELTS, TOEFL
     to one of our partner universities offering
                                                   Across our program destinations in the           and GRE/GMAT exams, as well as a wide
     Master’s, MBA or PhD programs. Not
                                                   UK, USA, Australia, Germany and France,          range of elective classes in your academic
     only do we guarantee placement at an EF
                                                   we will ensure that you reach the required       area. You’ll receive the best possible
     partner university, but we can also assist
                                                   academic and language standards in order         preparation for your future studies and
     you with your application to virtually any
                                                   to succeed.                                      gain the confidence and knowledge
     Master’s, MBA or PhD program in your
                                                                                                    to succeed in a competitive academic
     country of study.
                                                                                                    environment. Some of our Australian
     Our Pre-Master’s & Pre-MBA and                                                                 and US partner universities even allow
     PhD alumni have been accepted to                                                               entry without TOEFL or IELTS scores
     the University of Oxford, University                                                           after successful completion of EF's Pre-
     of Cambridge, Harvard University,                                                              Master’s or Pre-MBA Program.
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
     the Wharton School at the University of
     Pennsylvania, just to name a few.

     Pathway to a postgraduate degree

                            English: IELTS 5.5 or higher             EF Pre-Master’s,                             Guaranteed admission
     University             German: A2 or higher (9 months)          EF Pre-MBA available in: Oxford,             to a master’s or MBA
     graduate               A1 or higher (11 months)                 Cambridge, New York, Boston, San             degree program in the UK,
     (with bachelor’s                                                Francisco, Sydney, Munich and Paris.         US, Australia, Germany
     degree                 Don’t meet our requirements?             EF Pre-PhD Program, available in:            or France. Guaranteed
     or equivalent)         Take an EF Language Preparation          Cambridge                                    admission to a PhD degree
                            Program. Available from 2 weeks to       6, 9 or 11 months                            program in the UK
                            11 months.
Pre-Master’s, Pre-MBA & Pre-PhD
     Programs Overview


     Pre-Master’s and
     Pre-MBA Program
                                       UK academic outline               USA academic outline            Australia academic outline*
     32 lessons / 30 lessons
     of 40 minutes per week            Term one                          Term one                        Term one: Language
     (21 hours / UK 20 hours)          - Advanced Language Skills        - GRE/GMAT Math or Math         - Academic Grammar and
                                       - English for Academic              Foundations                     Vocabulary
                                         Purposes                        - GRE/GMAT Verbal               - Essay Writing
     The EF Pre-Master’s & Pre-
                                       - Personal and Professional       - Multi-Disciplinary Topics     - Oral presentations
     MBA Program consists of
                                         Development                       or Pre-MBA Business           - Lecture Note-Taking
     three main areas: language
                                       - Application Workshop              Fundamentals                  - Specialist subjects,
     study, academic skills and
                                                                         - TOEFL Preparation               depending on intake
     specialist modules. Specialist    Term two                          - Application Workshop
     modules are academic classes                                                                        Term two: Skills
                                       - IELTS                           - Writing Fundamentals
     which enable students to gain
                                       - Quantitative & Qualitative      - English Grammar               - IELTS Preparation
     confidence studying their
                                         Research Methods                                                - Critical Thinking and Study
     chosen subject.                                                     Term two
                                       - Critical Reasoning                                                Skills
                                                                         - GRE/GMAT Math                 - Oral Presentations
     Program duration                  Term three
                                                                         - GRE/GMAT Verbal               - Lecture Note-Taking
     6, 9 or 11 months, with start     - Professional Communication
                                                                         - Advanced TOEFL                - Specialist subjects,
     dates in January, April, June       Skills
                                                                           Preparation                     depending on intake
     & September                       - Dissertation Development
                                                                         - Academic Writing &
                                       - Leadership Skills and Project
     *9- or 11-month programs are                                          Grammar                       Term three: Research
     only available to EU passport                                       - Application Workshop          - Independent Research and
     holders                                                             - Advanced Business               Writing Practice
                                                                           Concepts or Advanced          - Critical Thinking Practice
     Locations                                                             Reading                       - Essay Writing
     EF Oxford, EF Cambridge,                                            - One elective                  - Oral Presentations
     EF New York, EF Boston,                                                                             - Lecture Note-Taking
     EF San Francisco, EF Sydney,                                        Term three                      - Specialist subjects,
     EF Munich and EF Paris                                              - Advanced College Lecture        depending on intake
                                                                                                         *Order of terms is subject to
     English requirement                                                 - Research Writing
     - 11-month program: IELTS                                           - Critical Reading & Analysis
       5.0, TOEFL 410 PBT/ 180                                           - Communicative                 Specialist subjects
       CBT/ 62 IBT, EF SET B2.1 or                                         Presentations
                                                                                                         - Academic Writing
       the equivalent on the free EF                                     - Capstone project
                                                                                                         - Exam Preparation
       UPiBT test.                                                       - Three electives
                                                                                                         - Finance & Economics
     - 9-month program: IELTS 5.5,
                                                                                                         - Legal & Corporate English
       TOEFL 525 PBT/ 194 CBT/                                           Electives
                                                                                                         - Sales
       71 IBT, EF SET B2.2 or the                                        (availability may vary
                                                                                                         - Business
       equivalent on the free EF                                         depending on intake)
                                                                                                         - Communication
       UPiBT test.
                                                                         - Slang and Idioms              - Marketing
     - 6-month program: IELTS
                                                                         - Debates                       - Economics
       6.0, TOEFL 550 PBT/ 213
                                                                         - Film                          - Professional Skills
       CBT/ 81 IBT, EF SET B2.3
                                                                         - US History                    These classes are subject to
       or the equivalent on the
                                                                         - Canadian History              change depending on class
       free EF UPiBT test. For the
                                                                         - TED Talks                     size and student requirements.
       UK, a SELT (Secure English
                                                                         - Current Events
       Language Test) is required in
                                                                         - Business Writing
       order to obtain a visa.
                                                                         - Creative Writing
                                                                         - Drama
     German / French requirement
                                                                         - Advanced Grammar
     B1 or higher for 6 months
                                                                           & Pronunciation
     A2 or higher for 9 months
                                                                         - Advanced Vocabulary
     A1 or higher for 11 months

     Guaranteed entry into the first
     year of a postgraduate degree
     in the UK, US, Australia,
     Germany or France.

                                                             Pre-PHD Program

Germany academic outline      France academic outline                                          UK academic outline
                                                             30 lessons
Term one                      Term one                       of 40 minutes per week            Term one
- Language Development        - Language Development         20 hours                          - PhD Proposal Development
- German for Academic         - French for Academic                                              and Application
  Purposes                      Purposes                                                       - Advanced Language Skills
                                                             Students receive intensive
Term two                      Term two                                                         - Application workshop
                                                             classroom tuition over the
                                                                                               - English for Academic
- Language Development        - Language Development         course of their three or four
- Academic Writing            - Academic Writing             terms. In addition, they
- Lecture Skills              - Lecture Skills               are expected to carry out         Term two
Term three                    Term three                     significant autonomous self-
                                                                                               - IELTS
                                                             study in order to complete
- Exam Preparation            - Exam Preparation                                               - Quantitative and Qualitative
                                                             homework tasks and write
- Presentation Skills         - Presentation Skills                                              Research Methods
                                                             their thesis proposal and
                                                                                               - Critical Reasoning
Term four                     Term four                      literature review.
                                                                                               - Data Collection and Ethics
- Advanced Exam Preparation   - Advanced Exam Preparation
- Academic Writing            - Academic Writing             Program duration
                                                                                               Term three
- Communicative               - Communicative                UK: 6 or 9 months, with start
                                                                                               - Getting Published
  Presentations                 Presentations                dates in January, April &
                                                                                               - PhD Authoring
Specialist subjects           Specialist subjects            September
                                                                                               - Project Management
(availability may vary        (availability may vary         *9- or 11-month programs are
depending on intake)          depending on intake)           only available to EU passport
-   Grammar                   -   Grammar
-   Vocabulary                -   Vocabulary
-   Media                     -   Media
                                                             EF Cambridge
-   German Studies            -   French studies
-   Business Studies          -   Business Studies
                                                             English requirement
-   Technical German          -   Technical French
                                                             - 9 month program: IELTS 5.5,
                              *Excluding the Humanities,      TOEFL 525 PBT/194 CBT/71
                               nearly all MBAs and a           IBT, EF SET B2.2 minimum or
                               growing number of Master        the equivalent on the free EF
                               students in France need to      UPiBT test.
                               be bilingual English-French   - 6 month program: IELTS 6.0,
                                                               TOEFL 550 PBT/213 CBT/81
                                                               IBT, EF SET B2.3 or the
                                                               equivalent on the free EF
                                                               UPiBT test.

United Kingdom


     Surround yourself with
     academic excellence
     by living and learning in
     Oxford or Cambridge,
     two of the world's
     leading university cities.

     28   Meet our successful alumni
          EF has placed students in some of
          the UK's leading universities – here
          are their stories.

     30   Choose your dream university
          Discover a selection of our UK
          partner universities and the degrees
          on offer.

     32   Study in Cambridge
          Kick-start your international
          higher education with a university
          preparation program in Cambridge.

     34   Study in Oxford
          EF's modern Oxford campus puts
          you in the heart of one of the world's
          most prestigious university cities.

Learn about the United                          Education in the UK                           Master’s, MBA and
Kingdom's world-renowned                        Compulsory education begins at the age        PhD degrees
                                                of five and finishes at the age of 16 when
school system.                                                                                A traditional Master’s or MBA degree
                                                students take their General Certificate of
                                                                                              typically lasts one year and requires
                                                Secondary Education (GCSEs) in up to 10
                                                                                              successful completion of both exams
Why study in the UK?                            subjects. Afterward, students can take A
                                                                                              and a dissertation to graduate. Some
                                                Levels at a sixth form college. Students
The UK’s education system is widely                                                           specialized careers require the completion
                                                usually study three to four subjects,
regarded as one of the best in the world                                                      of a doctoral program or PhD, which
                                                which are commonly related to their
– and you’ll benefit from all it has to offer                                                 includes four to five years of advanced
                                                desired degree subject. A Level grades
with the help of EF. Once you graduate                                                        study and research. For most of these
                                                are a determining factor in university
from an EF University Preparation                                                             programs, international students
Program, you’ll not only get to enjoy                                                         are required to have a recognized
the world-leading facilities found at                                                         undergraduate degree and an English level
universities across the nation but also         The bachelor’s degree                         of at least IELTS level 6.5. MBA programs
expert tuition and Britain’s renowned                                                         normally require at least two years of work
                                                Undergraduate students in the UK
student life.                                                                                 experience.
                                                typically pursue a bachelor’s degree that
                                                specializes in one subject for three years.
                                                Entrance requirements for international
                                                students include English proficiency
                                                (with a minimum IELTS level 6.0) and
                                                an additional year of secondary school,
                                                known as an EF University Foundation
                                                Program, which is equivalent to Grade 13.

Partner institutions in the UK

Meet our successful alumni


     EF has helped place international students in
     some of the UK's leading institutions. In 2018,
     82% of students were accepted at their first
     choice university and almost a quarter were
     placed at an elite Russell Group university.

     United Kingdom’s
     top universities

     1) University of Cambridge             17) University of Lincoln

     2) University of St. Andrews           18) University of Nottingham

     3) University of Oxford                19) London School of Economics

     4) University of Loughborough          20) University of York

     5) University of Durham                21) University of Portsmouth

     6) University of Bath                  22) University College London

     7) Imperial College London             23) University of Bristol

     8) Lancaster University                24) University of Southampton

     9) University of Warwick               25) University of Edinburgh

     10) University of Exeter               26) University of Derby

     11) University of Leeds                27) University of Surrey

     12) Nottingham Trent University        28) UWE Bristol
                                                                                     Cedric Vandeputte
                                                                                     from Belgium
     13) University for the Creative Arts   29) University of Dundee
                                                                                     EF University Preparation Program
     14) University of Glasgow              30) University of East Anglia            at EF Cambridge. Enrolled at Delft
                                            *Guardian University League Table 2020   University of Technology
     15) Coventry University
                                                                                     “EF is all about the experience. It's
     16) University of Birmingham                                                      not just about learning the language,
                                                                                       but it's about living it! It's about
                                                                                       meeting new people, embracing new
                                                                                       culture, learning from each other and
                                                                                       expanding your network with people
                                                                                       from all over the world.”

                                                 Discover your language
                                                 level today by taking the
                                                 EF University Preparation Test


Karen Yoshida from Japan
 EF University Foundation Program
                                                                                     Margherita Piestri from Italy
at EF Oxford. Enrolled at
 Glasgow School of Art                                                                EF University Foundation Program
“Meeting a wide range of people, all                                                 at EF Cambridge. Enrolled at the
 with different backgrounds, was just                                                 European School of Osteopathy
 amazing. I made such unforgettable
                                                                                     “Studying at EF has been one of the best
 memories working, studying and
                                                                                      experiences of my life. My program has
 living alongside them.”
                                                                                      been well organized and has provided
                                                                                      me with the opportunity to know every
                                                                                      aspect of the university application
                                                                                      process. With EF, you speak English all
                                                                                      the time, and that has helped me achieve
                                                                                      an IELTS score of 7.0.”
                                        Ali Seif Elislam Guenez
                                        from Algeria
                                        EF University Preparation Program
                                        at EF Cambridge Enrolled at the
                                        University of Birmingham
                                        “Studying at EF was an amazing experience.
                                         People are friendly, and no matter where
                                         you're from, you'll be welcomed. I had
                                         the best teachers – they really helped to
                                         prepare me for university.”

Choose your ideal
     university in the UK


     EF partners with universities across the UK,
     giving our students the chance to apply to
     some of the most prestigious higher education
     institutions in the country.

     EF Partner Institutions
     in the UK
       EF University Preparation Campus
       EF Language Preparation Campus
                                                              Undergraduate degree programs

                                        EF Manchester
                                                                                                                                                       Information Technology


                            EF Dublin
                                                                                                                    Accountancy/ Finance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Art & Design/Music
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Law/Social Science


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Biomedical Science

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Master’s programs
                                               EF Cambridge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Applied Sciences

                                  EF London
                              EF Bristol    EF Oxford
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Media Studies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MBA program

                      EF Bournemouth

                                              EF Eastbourne

                                           EF Brighton


     Universities in the UK
     Anglia Ruskin University                                                                       •                                                        •                     •             •              •                •                                        •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                 •
     Bath Spa University                                                                            •                                                                                                           •                                                                                                     •                 •              •
     University of Bath                                                                             •                                        •               •                     •             •                               •                                                              •                     •                 •                                              •
     University of Bedfordshire                                                                     •                                                        •                     •             •              •                •                                        •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                 •
     Birmingham City University                                                                     •                                                        •                     •                            •                •                                                                                    •                 •              •                               •
     University of Birmingham                                                                       •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •
     Bournemouth University                                                                         •                     •                  •               •                     •                            •                •                    •                   •                                           •                                •                               •                 •
     UOA, Bournemouth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  •                               •
     University of Bradford                                                                         •                     •                  •               •                     •                            •                •                    •                                         •                     •                                                                •
     University of Brighton                                                                         •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                 •
     University of Buckingham                                                                       •                                                        •                                   •              •                •                    •                   •                                           •                 •              •                               •                 •
     Coventry University                                                                            •                     •                                  •                     •             •              •                •                                        •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                 •
     De Montfort University                                                                         •                     •                  •               •                     •                            •                •                    •                                         •                     •                                •                               •                 •
     Durham University                                                                              •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •
     University of East Anglia                                                                      •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                 •
     University of Essex                                                                            •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                 •
     University of Exeter                                                                           •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                                         •                     •                                                                •                 •
     Goldsmiths, University of London                                                               •                                        •                                                                  •                •                    •                   •                     •                                                      •                               •

                                             Undergraduate degree programs

                                                                                                                                      Information Technology


                                                                                                   Accountancy/ Finance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Art & Design/Music
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Law/Social Science


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Biomedical Science

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Master’s programs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Applied Sciences
                                                                                                                                                                                           Media Studies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MBA program


Universities in the UK
University of Greenwich                                                            •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                  •
University of Huddersfield                                                         •                                        •               •                                   •              •                •                    •                   •                                           •                 •                                              •                  •
Hult International Business School, London                                         •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  •                  •
Keele University                                                                   •                                                        •                     •             •              •                •                                        •                     •                     •                 •                                              •
Kingston University                                                                •                                        •               •                     •             •              •                •                                                              •                     •                 •              •                               •
Lancaster University                                                               •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                                                               •                 •              •                               •                  •
University of Leeds                                                                •                     •                  •               •                                   •              •                •                    •                   •                                           •                 •              •                               •
University of Leicester                                                            •                     •                  •               •                                   •              •                •                    •                                                                                                                                •
University of Liverpool                                                            •                     •                  •                                     •             •              •                •                    •                                                               •                 •                                              •
Liverpool Hope University                                                          •                                                                                                           •                                                         •                     •                                                                                      •
Liverpool John Moores University                                                   •                     •                                  •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •
London Metropolitan University                                                     •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                  •
London South Bank University                                                       •                     •                  •               •                                                  •                                     •                   •                                           •                 •              •                               •
Loughborough University                                                            •                                        •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                                         •                     •                 •              •                               •                  •
Manchester Metropolitan University                                                 •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                  •
Northumbria University                                                             •                     •                  •               •                                   •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •
Nottingham Trent University                                                        •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                                       •              •                               •
Oxford Brookes University                                                          •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                  •
Plymouth University                                                                •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •                                              •
University of Portsmouth                                                           •                     •                  •               •                     •             •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                 •              •                               •                  •
Roehampton University                                                              •                     •                  •                                                                  •                •                    •                   •                     •                                       •              •                               •
Solent University, Southampton                                                     •                     •                                  •                                                  •                •                                                                                                      •              •                               •
Surrey University                                                                  •                                                        •                     •             •              •                •                                        •                     •                     •                 •                                              •
University of Southampton                                                          •                     •                  •               •                     •             •                               •                    •                                         •                     •                                •                               •
University of Sunderland                                                           •                                                        •                     •             •              •                •                                                              •                     •                 •              •                               •
University of Sussex                                                                                     •                  •                                     •             •              •                •                    •                                         •                     •                                •                               •
University of West England                                                         •                     •                                                                                     •                                     •                                         •                                                                                      •
University of Westminster                                                          •                     •                  •               •                                   •              •                •                    •                   •                     •                     •                                •                               •                  •
University of York                                                                                       •                  •               •                     •             •                               •                    •                                         •                     •                                                                •
York St John University                                                            •                     •                  •               •                                                  •                                     •                                         •                                                                                      •

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