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What you need to get started                       5

What you can study                                 6

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Boost your confidence with an Access module        8

How you build your qualification                  10

How long your qualification will take             11

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                                                                                                     EXPLORE THE OU
your horizons and learning new
skills. Take your career to the next
level, or start a completely new one.
We’re here to help you succeed.

We’re pioneers in distance learning, and since we
were founded have helped more than two million
people realise their potential. Our unique approach
to learning means you don’t have to put your life
on hold to get the qualification you want.
                                                                      of FTSE 100 companies
                                                                      have sponsored employees
WE WILL:                         YOU CAN EXPECT:                      on OU courses
– help you get a qualification   – materials that are
  to suit you and your goals       designed with you in mind
– provide you with the           – continuous innovation –
  teaching and learning            we’ve been leading the way
  resources you’ll need            in distance learning for nearly
– offer a flexible learning        50 years, ensuring education
  experience based around          is accessible, whatever
  you and your life                your circumstances
– use technology and teaching    – access to world-class resources,
  methods that enhance your        whenever you need them
  study experience               – qualifications that are
– be there to support you          respected by employers
  every step of the way.           the world over.

         WHY YOU                 1.
          SHOULD                 We’re open to you –
                                 we make learning
       CHOOSE US                 available to all,
                                 regardless of
                                 background, age
                                 or additional
                                 learning needs.

      You can study
                                 We guarantee
      around your existing       outstanding value
      commitments – we’re        and a high-quality
      experts in helping         education at a
      people fit their studies   competitive price.
      around their busy lives.

      We’ve designed
                                 You get more than
      our qualifications         a highly respected
      to enable you to put       qualification – you’ll
      what you learn into        be able to show you’re
      practice immediately.      dedicated and committed,
                                 skills that are valued in
                                 the workplace.

Where you start in life            YOU CAN DO IT                           WHAT YOU NEED
shouldn’t limit where you          The main reason we’re called            There are just a couple of
                                   The Open University is that we’re       things that you will need
go. If you’re determined to
                                   open to everyone. Every year, we        to be able to study with us.
succeed and prepared to            help thousands of people achieve        –– A computer with internet
work hard then we can              extraordinary things.                      access. But don’t worry if you
help you get started.              –– There are no formal                     haven’t got access to one right
                                      academic entry requirements             now – you could receive help
It’s easy to begin studying with      at undergraduate level.                 to buy a computer.
us. The next few pages will tell      For some qualifications you          –– A good grasp of the English
you more about how studying           may need to be in relevant              language. Our courses are
with The Open University works,       paid or voluntary employment.           taught in English, so if you’re
the courses we offer, how you      –– We helped around 22,000                 unsure whether your English
pay, and how long your                students with disabilities and          is at the right level, go to
qualification will take.              additional needs last year alone.       openuniversity.co.uk/
                                   –– Our students are diverse.               englishlanguage for
                                      30% of new undergraduate                help and guidance.
                                      students are under 25 and
                                      our oldest students are in
                                      their nineties.

                                      HAVE YOU STUDIED BEFORE?
                                      If you’ve studied at higher education level before, it might
                                      count towards your OU qualification, cutting down the modules
                                      you’ll need to study as well as saving you time and money.
                                      If you tell us what you’ve done, we’ll do the rest.
                                      Go to openuniversity.co.uk/credit-transfer.

    We offer nearly 120 highly respected qualifications.
    Decide which type of qualification is best for you.

    – A degree in a named subject     – Foundation degree                 To find out more
      Complete modules in               Focus on a particular             about how you
      a particular subject to
      earn an honours degree.
                                        area related to what you’re
                                        doing now, in either a work or
                                                                          BUILD YOUR
    – An Open degree                    voluntary setting. A foundation   QUALIFICATION
                                        degree is equivalent to two-      and how long it takes,
      Design an honours degree
                                        thirds of an honours degree.      see pages 10–11
      from across a number
      of subjects to meet your        – Certificate of higher education
      own needs and interests.          Get a general grounding
    – Diploma of higher education       in a subject. A certificate
      Expand your knowledge             of higher education is
      and improve your skillset.        equivalent to one-third
      A diploma of higher education     of an honours degree.
      is equivalent to two-thirds
      of an honours degree.

You’ll have the flexibility to         PIONEERING TECHNOLOGY               STUDENTS ASSOCIATION
fit study around the other             We’ve been using innovative         You’ll gain automatic entry to
                                       technology to connect with          our active students association
things going on in your life,
                                       our students since we first         when you register – you can
whatever they may be.                  started. We’ll make sure that       help influence University
                                       you always have what you            decisions, meet fellow students
SUPPORTED OPEN LEARNING                need and feel connected.            and develop new skills.
We have designed our learning                                              Find out more at
experience to combine flexibility      CONNECT WITH
and regular contact ensuring you       OTHER STUDENTS
get the help you need to learn in      You can use our module              DO YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL
the best possible way. You’ll get      discussion groups to talk about     STUDY NEEDS?
regular support from tutors and        subjects or study methods, or you   We’re committed to helping
access to all the materials and        could follow us on social media.    students with disabilities and
resources essential to your course.    Join the conversation on            additional needs. We’ll give
You’ll also have access to a student   Facebook.com/OUstudents             you the tools to help overcome
support team who will be there to      Twitter.com/OUstudents              obstacles that could stand
help you on your learning journey.     Instagram.com/OUstudentslive        in the way of your learning –
                                       Or you could join one of the many   whatever your needs may be.
                                       informal Facebook groups set up     For more information go to page
You could be assessed in               by students.                        31, call us on 0300 303 5303 or go
a number of different ways.                                                to openuniversity.co.uk/disability.
We use a combination of
written assignments, oral or
practical assessments, projects,
examinations, dissertations
and portfolios.

    If you don’t have much                    You don’t have to do one, but you        WHAT DO YOU
    experience of university-                 might find it useful if you’d like to:   NEED TO BEGIN?
                                              –– improve your confidence
    level study or haven’t                                                             You can start Access modules
                                              –– get a taste of a subject area
    studied in a while, you                                                            in February and October.
                                                 you’re thinking of studying
    could benefit from starting                  in more detail
                                                                                       You’ll need:
    your studies with one                     –– brush up on your study skills.
                                                                                       –– access to a phone
    of our Access modules.                                                             –– equipment that plays DVDs
                                              Each module includes a
                                                                                       –– the use of a computer
                                              selection of materials, online
    They offer a great introduction                                                       with internet access –
                                              quizzes, and assignments that
    to a range of subjects and act as                                                     you don’t need to buy
                                              you complete over 30 weeks.
    a taster to see if you want to delve                                                  one though, the use of
                                              It takes around nine hours of
    deeper. Students who choose to                                                        one at a public library
                                              study each week.
    start with an Access module do                                                        will be fine.
    better on their next module, so it’s      You’ll get:
    a great way to start your chosen          –– a personal tutor providing
    qualification. You might even                regular feedback with one-
    qualify for a free Access module.            to-one telephone tutorials
                                              –– further support from
                                                 a dedicated team
                                                 throughout your study
                                              –– detailed written feedback.

       WHAT YOU CAN STUDY                       touches on modern languages,            areas particularly, but also
                                                history, and religious studies          prepare you for further study on
       The Access modules are                   too. It’s ideal if you want to          a wide variety of qualifications.
       designed as a gentle start to            explore your creative side, have
       our qualifications. Each one of                                                  Science, technology and
                                                an interest in language, and want
       the three covers relevant topics                                                 maths Access module (Y033)
                                                to start honing your study skills.
       and includes the skills you’ll                                                   This module introduces you
       need as you continue your                People, work and society                to a technically oriented range
       chosen qualification.                    Access module (Y032)                    of subjects, including science;
                                                This is a multi-disciplinary module     engineering and design;
       Arts and languages
                                                – you’ll be getting compelling          environment; mathematics;
       Access module (Y031)
                                                insights into a wide range of           and computing and IT. As the
       This fascinating module explores         areas, including childhood and          foundation for further studies
       a range of subjects – including art      youth studies; social science;          in these fields, this is the ideal
       history, English language, English       psychology; health; business and        module to build your confidence
       literature, and creative writing; it     law. This will allow you to improve     and prepare you for further study.
                                                your subject knowledge in those

You can study an Access              HOW MUCH DOES AN
                                                                               Students who prepare
module for free if you:              ACCESS MODULE COST?
                                                                               by taking an Access module
–– live in the UK (excludes          If you don’t qualify to study             are more likely to be
   Channel Islands and Isle          for free, the cost depends
   of Man) or have a British         on where you live.
                                                                               in their future studies
   Forces Post Office address        –– In England, the Channel Islands
–– are studying the module to           and the Isle of Man it’s £732.
   prepare for an OU qualification   –– In Northern Ireland,
   (this doesn’t apply if you live      Scotland and Wales it’s £246.
   in Scotland)
                                     Pay up front by debit or
–– have a household income (or,
                                     credit card, or by bank transfer.     The access module
   in Scotland, a personal income)
                                     Or spread the cost with an            changed everything for
   of £25,000 or less, or you’re
                                     Open University Student
   receiving qualifying benefits                                           me. My self-confidence is
                                     Budget Account – see
–– have completed no more            page 13 for more information.
                                                                           now far greater and I feel
   than one year of a full-time                                            I can apply for any job in
                                     If you’re studying an Access
   undergraduate programme at
                                     module in preparation for an
                                                                           my field.
   NQF level 4/SCQF level 7 or
                                     OU qualification and you live         Leon Sullivan,
   above, and not completed 30
                                     in England or Wales, you              Access student
   credits or more of OU study.
                                     could cover the cost with
                                     a student loan – see page 12
                                     for more information.

                                                                          NEXT STEPS
                                                                          Order an Access
                                                                          Modules Prospectus
                                                                          at openuniversity.co.uk/
                                                                          ug-access or speak to our
                                                                          Student Recruitment team
                                                                          on 0300 303 0069.

     As an undergraduate student,
                                                                   ACCESS MODULE
     you’ll need to build up a set
                                                              An optional module to build
     number of credits to gain your                           your confidence and prepare
     qualification. Here’s how it works.                         you for further study.

     AND MODULES?                                              To complete Stage 1, you’ll
                                                           need 120 credits, studying modules
     STAGES                                      STAGE 1         worth 30 or 60 credits.
     –– You must complete three stages to
        gain an honours degree, two stages
        for a diploma of higher education or                         120 CREDITS
        foundation degree, and one stage
        for a certificate of higher education.
                                                            Certificate of higher education
     –– To complete each stage you must
        build up a set number of credits…

     –– You need 120 credits to complete                      To complete Stage 2, you’ll
        each stage.                                        need a further 120 credits, studying
     –– You need a set number of credits                    modules worth 30 or 60 credits.
                                                 STAGE 2

        to gain your chosen qualification
        e.g. you need 360 credits to gain
        an honours degree.                                          240 CREDITS
     –– Most students study 60 credits a year.
     –– You gain credits by successfully                     Diploma of higher education
        completing modules…                                     or foundation degree

     –– With each module you successfully
        complete, you’ll earn a set number                    To complete Stage 3, you’ll
        of credits, usually 30 or 60.                      need a further 120 credits, studying
     –– Modules are either compulsory or                    modules worth 30 or 60 credits.
                                                 STAGE 3

        selected from a choice of options.
     –– You choose the modules you
        want to study, year by year.                                360 CREDITS

                                                                    Honours degree

Exactly how long it will take to get your qualification depends on how many
credits you study each year and which qualification you’re working towards.
Most of our students study part time. The way we work gives you the flexibility
to get the qualification you want in a timeframe that’s right for you. If you want
to study full time, you’ll need to plan your studies carefully.




             HONOURS DEGREE
                (360 CREDITS)

                                        0               1              2              3              4              5        6

                                                                           YEARS TO COMPLETE




               HONOURS DEGREE
                  (360 CREDITS)

                                        0               1              2              3              4              5        6

                                                                           YEARS TO COMPLETE

Some undergraduate qualifications follow a different pattern of study. For more information, go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
and look at your chosen qualification.

     We offer great value                         LIVING IN NORTHERN IRELAND,
                                                                                             To qualify for a loan you need to be
                                                                                             studying at least one module worth
     for money, giving you                        SCOTLAND OR WALES
                                                                                             30 credits or more and be registered
     an excellent standard                        CREDITS                      COST          to study for a qualification.
                                                  EACH YEAR                    PER YEAR 2
     of teaching at a highly                                                                 If you get a loan:
     competitive price. And                       30                           £492
                                                                                             –– you won’t have to pay anything
     we’ll always help you find                   60                           £984             back for up to four years
     a way of paying that suits                   120.                         £1,968        –– repayments are based on what
     your circumstances.                         2
                                                  2018/19 prices (exceptions apply); fees
                                                                                                you earn, not what you owe
                                                  normally increase annually in line with    –– payments are deducted
     You’ll pay on a module-by-module             inflation and the University’s strategic      automatically from your salary
                                                  approach to fees.
     basis, rather than for your whole                                                       –– you can pay off the loan
     qualification at the start. See             In Northern Ireland, Scotland                  early without any penalties
     below to get an idea of costs.              and Wales, the cost for a typical
                                                                                             –– any balance outstanding after
                                                 360-credit honours degree based
                                                                                                30 years will be written off.
          LIVING IN ENGLAND                      on today’s prices is £5,904.
          CREDITS                   COST                                                     ADDITIONAL SUPPORT – WALES
          EACH YEAR                 PER YEAR 1   FUNDING – ENGLAND
                                                 AND WALES                                   From September 2018, new
          30.                       £1,464                                                   students studying part time can
                                                 If you live in England or Wales
                                    £2,928                                                   also apply for financial support
          60.                                    the best way to fund your studies,
                                                                                             to help with living costs. There
          120.                      £5,856       regardless of age or income,
                                                                                             are two new grants available
                                                 might be with a student loan
                                                                                             and both are non-repayable:
      2018/19 prices; fees normally increase     from Student Finance England
      annually in line with inflation and the    or Student Finance Wales. It’s              –– Welsh Government Learning
      University’s strategic approach to fees.
                                                 the most popular way to pay and                Grant – a non-means tested
     In England, the cost for a 360-credit       you only start paying it back when             maintenance grant of up to £750
     honours degree based on today’s             you earn more than the income               –– Special Support Grant – a means
     prices is £17,568.                          threshold (currently £25,000).                 tested maintenance grant of up
                                                                                                to £3,750. This is in addition to
                                                  EXAMPLE REPAYMENT AMOUNTS                     the non-means tested grant.
                                                  INCOME EACH                  MONTHLY
                                                  YEAR BEFORE TAX              REPAYMENT     ALREADY HAVE A DEGREE?
                                                  Up to £25,000                £0            You might still qualify for a student
                                                                                             loan. You need to be living in
                                                  £27,000                      £15           England or Wales and looking
                                                  £34,000                      £67.50        to study an eligible qualification.
                                                                                             For more information go to
                                                  £49,000                      £180

If you live in Northern Ireland          DISCRETIONARY FUNDS
you could be eligible for a              If your annual income is less
Part-Time Fee Grant of up to             than £25,000, you might be
                                                                                MORE ONLINE
£1,230 to help towards your fees.        eligible for additional means-
The amount depends on how much           tested funding for study-related       To find out more about
you earn and your study intensity        costs, such as travel, childcare       fees and funding, go to
(the number of credits you study).       and internet access.                   openuniversity.co.uk/ug-fees
If you’re not eligible for a Part-Time                                          or call an OU adviser on
Fee Grant or if your Part-Time Fee       SELF-FUNDED STUDY                      0300 303 5303.
Grant does not cover the full cost       It’s easy to pay for your studies
of your tuition fees, you can apply      using a debit or credit card or
for a Part-Time Tuition Fee              by bank transfer. Or spread the
Loan. See our website for more           cost with an Open University
information or call 028 9032 3722.       Student Budget Account – see
                                         below for more information.
If you live in Scotland and your         GET SPONSORED
personal income is £25,000 or            See whether your company
less, or you’re on certain benefits,     or organisation would want
and you’re studying at least 30          to help you learn and develop,
credits, you could qualify for a         it’s always worth asking.
Part-Time Fee Grant to cover all
of your course fees. It isn’t a loan
and you won’t need to repay it.

   OPEN UNIVERSITY                         OUSBA will pay your fees to          case, interest does apply.
   STUDENT BUDGET                          The Open University, and you         The interest rate is fixed for the
   ACCOUNTS LTD                            repay OUSBA either in a single       duration of the course (current
   (OUSBA)                                 sum or in monthly instalments.       representative APR of 5.1%).
                                           You may repay OUSBA at any           As a responsible lender, every
   When you enrol with                     time before the course begins.       application made to OUSBA
   us, you’ll be offered the               In this case, there’s no interest.   undergoes a credit and
   opportunity to pay your                                                      affordability check.
   fees through a loan                     Alternatively, you may repay
   from OUSBA.                             OUSBA in monthly instalments         Find out more about OUSBA
                                           payable over up to a year. In this   at openuniversity.co.uk/ousba.

     We’re leading the way                 DOGS GO DIGITAL                   MIGRANT MOTHERS
     in world-class research.              Dr Clara Mancini set up our       We live in an increasingly
                                           first research programme into     diverse world. In 2013, in the
     Tackling real-life issues.
                                           animal-computer interaction,      UK alone, 25% of newborns
     And making sure the                   developing tools to enable dogs   were to migrant mothers.
     curriculum you study                  to work in medical detection.     Dr Umut Erel, one of our leading
     remains cutting-edge.                 One tool lets diabetes-alert      sociology lecturers, has been
     Below are just some                   dogs raise help if their owner    conducting research into the way
                                           suffers a hypoglycaemic attack.   these mothers use their range of
                                           Another allows trained pets to    skills to help the next generation
                                           operate lights or doors.          successfully integrate into society.
     ROSETTA: THE GREAT SPACE              Through digital technology        This insight forms part of our new
     MISSION OF OUR TIME                   we hope to link these tools to    priority research area, Citizenship
     It took 10 years for the Rosetta      wireless appliances, alerting     and Governance, investigating the
     space mission to reach Comet          others that help is required,     changing relationship between
     67P. But after travelling almost      making these even more            citizens, markets and states.
     four billion miles, it finally        useful in people’s homes.
     made it on 6 August 2014.
                                           VOLCANO SAFETY
     Getting there was the first hurdle.
     Then it was down to the important     First we developed EVOSS
     instrumentation built by the OU       – the European Volcano
     to do its work. Like Ptolemy,         Observatory Space Services        MORE ONLINE
     which measured samples from           project. Now we’re developing
                                                                             Find out what else
     the comet. And found they             a real-time satellite volcano
                                                                             we’re discovering, go to
     contained sugars and amino            monitoring system, designed
     acids: the building blocks of life.   to expand worldwide. We’ll
                                           provide vital information on
     FAST FASHION                          lavas, gas columns and ash
                                           plumes – potentially protecting
     We need international
                                           thousands of people.
     development. But ‘fast
     fashion’ isn’t sustainable.
     A team at the OU is
     researching how clothes
     are made, sold and disposed
     of globally, and investigating
     people’s views of sustainability
     in relation to clothing.

An OU qualification can             Our materials are often designed   Balancing OU study with
                                    by leading public and private      other commitments gives
really boost your career.
                                    sector industry experts. And we    students flexibility and
Employers the world over            check them with skills councils,
                                                                       time management skills
will respect what you’ve            businesses and professional
                                                                       particularly valued by
tackled. They know it’s             bodies to make sure they’re
                                                                       employers and can really
                                    current and relevant.
hard to juggle study,                                                  prepare students for life
work and family life.               CAREERS ADVICE.                    beyond higher education.
                                    RIGHT FROM DAY ONE
There’s no better way to show                                          Andrew Bargery,
                                    We’ll help you start, change
you can seize opportunity.                                             PwC
                                    or develop your career.
That you’re ready to learn.
                                    You can contact us at any
And up for fresh challenges.
                                    point during your course.
Network Rail, IBM and PwC
                                    We’ll help you explore a
are just some of the firms which                                           You’ll get
                                    huge range of resources.
seek recruits from the OU.
                                    And discover opportunities             EXCLUSIVE
YOU’LL BE WORKING                   you might otherwise                    ACCESS to an
HARD. AND WE’LL BE                  never encounter.                       online job portal where
WORKING HARD FOR YOU                Once you’re registered,                employers are seeking
                                    you’ll get access to:                  out OU students
For decades, we’ve worked
                                    –– our online forums, webinars,        and graduates
on building relationships with
employers to understand what           and Facebook Live chats
they’re looking for. That’s why     –– our LinkedIn networking group
so many are happy to sponsor
                                    –– The Open University
their staff to study with the OU.
                                       Careers Network (TOUCAN)
                                    –– experienced
                                       careers consultants.

                                    MORE ONLINE
                                    Find out more at

     You may be looking              UNDERGRADUATE COURSES
     for a flexible approach to
     getting a qualification, in     Open qualifications                     17
     which case you’ll find our      Arts and humanities                     18
     Open qualifications provide
     you with a unique way to        Business and management                 19
     tailor study to your needs      Computing and IT                        20
     and interests.
                                     Education, childhood, youth and sport   21
     Or, if you’d like to focus on   Engineering, design and technology      22
     a subject but are unsure of
     which one, the introductions    Environment and development             23
     to the thirteen subjects we     Health and social care                  24
     offer may help you decide.
                                     Languages and applied linguistics       25

                                     Law                                     26

                                     Mathematics and statistics              27

                                     Psychology and counselling              28

                                     Science                                 29

                                     Social sciences                         30


                                                                             FIND AN UNDERGRADUATE COURSE
Our BA or BSc (Hons)                  You can also choose to study
                                      towards a Certificate of Higher
Open is the most flexible
                                      Education Open or Diploma of
programme of study in                 Higher Education Open which
the UK because you can                can take less time to complete,
design your own degree                and still allow you to combine
                                      your own choice of modules.
to suit your personal
                                      In addition to the Open
and professional needs,               degree, we also offer a
interests and aspirations.            BSc (Hons) Combined STEM
With this qualification               degree that allows you to build
you can:                              your qualification from a wide
                                      range of science, technology,
                                      engineering and mathematics
–– study any subjects you like,
                                      modules and study routes.
   in any combination
–– easily change direction if         DEGREES
   your study interests change        –– BA (Hons) or BSc
–– count credit from university          (Hons) Open (QD)
   level studies you’ve already       –– BSc (Hons) Combined
   completed elsewhere                   STEM (R28)
–– improve your
   employment prospects.              DIPLOMA OF
                                      HIGHER EDUCATION
An Open degree equips you
with a wide range of expertise,       –– Diploma of Higher
skills and capabilities that are         Education Open (W34)
much sought after in today’s
                                      CERTIFICATE OF
highly competitive job market.
                                      HIGHER EDUCATION
An Open degree on your CV
                                      –– Certificate of Higher
shows more than your level
                                         Education Open (T09)
of knowledge about a subject;
employers know that you are
flexible and adaptable, having
studied across a range of subjects.

                                      NEXT STEPS
                                      Request a copy of our
                                      Open Qualifications Prospectus
                                      – see page 32.
                                      Go to openuniversity.co.uk/qd
                                      or call our Student Recruitment
                                      team on 0300 303 5303.

     Exploring and analysing human culture and history, from ancient
     civilisations to the twenty-first century, gives a deeper insight into
     the world we live in and how we got here. Rewarding and enjoyable,
     studying the arts and humanities also develops an adaptable set
     of skills for a wide range of careers.

     Maybe you’re intrigued by              These key skills can be put to         DIPLOMAS OF
     ideas about human existence,           use in virtually any organisation,     HIGHER EDUCATION
     the world’s religions, civilisations   across many different employment       –– Diploma of Higher Education
     and their histories; or perhaps        sectors. You could work in a range        in Arts and Humanities (W59)
     you’d like to explore literary and     of fields in the public or private
                                                                                   –– Diploma of Higher Education
     artistic cultures and objects, or      spheres, including administration,
                                                                                      in Classical Studies (W62)
     develop your creative practice         local government, the civil service,
     as a writer or musician.               arts institutions, social services,    –– Diploma of Higher Education
                                            education, journalism, publishing         in English (W61)
     Studying arts and humanities
     with the OU will give you an           or public relations.                   –– Diploma of Higher Education
     adaptable set of skills that can                                                 in History (W66)
     lead to a vast range of career                                                –– Diploma of Higher Education
     opportunities, whether you are         –– BA (Hons) Arts and                     in History and Politics (W64)
     developing your current role,             Humanities (R14)
                                                                                   –– NEW Diploma of Higher
     retraining, or starting a new          –– BA (Hons) Arts and Humanities          Education in Music (W65)
     career. It shows that you can             specialising in Art History;
     work independently, think                                                     –– Diploma of Higher Education
                                               Classical Studies; Creative
     critically and read analytically,                                                in Philosophy and Psychological
                                               Writing; English Language;
     organise information, and write                                                  Studies (W63)
                                               English Literature; History;
     clearly and coherently. This makes        Music; Philosophy; Religious
     you an effective communicator,
                                                                                   CERTIFICATE OF
                                               Studies; French; German; or
                                                                                   HIGHER EDUCATION
     enhancing your career prospects,          Spanish (R14)
     as well as giving you more                                                    –– Certificate of Higher Education
                                            –– BA (Hons) Classical
     confidence in other areas                                                        in Arts and Humanities (T32)
                                               Studies (Q85)
     of your life.
                                            –– BA (Hons) English Language
     Arts and humanities graduates
                                               and Literature (Q39)
     are particularly good at utilising
     their creative problem-solving         –– BA (Hons) English
     abilities and expertise in                Literature (Q66)
     connecting different ideas             –– BA (Hons) English Literature        NEXT STEPS
     and concepts, which are                   and Creative Writing (Q86)          Request a copy of our
     valued employability skills.           –– BA (Hons) History (Q01)             Arts and Humanities
                                            –– BA (Hons) History                   Prospectus – see page 32.
                                               and Politics (Q97)                  Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
                                            –– NEW BA (Hons) Music (R25)           or call our Student Recruitment
                                                                                   team on 0300 303 5303.
                                            –– BA (Hons) Philosophy and
                                               Psychological Studies (Q43)
                                            –– BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy
                                               and Economics (Q45)

It’s easy to see                      resources, ICT, and sales and         CERTIFICATES OF
                                      marketing. In acquiring this          HIGHER EDUCATION
why business and
                                      real-world knowledge, which           – Certificate of Higher Education
management is such                    you can apply immediately in            in Business Management (T27)
a popular study choice                your professional life, you’ll also
                                                                            – Certificate of Higher Education
among our students, and               develop a wide range of general
                                                                              in Business Management
                                      business skills in communication,
why hundreds of leading               numeracy and presentation,
                                                                              (Sport and Football) (T25)
employers each year                   which are valued by employers.        – Certificate of Higher

                                                                                                                     FIND AN UNDERGRADUATE COURSE
sponsor their staff to                                                        Education in Computing
                                      DEGREES                                 & IT and Business (T13)
study with the OU.
                                      – BA (Hons) Business
                                        Management (Q91)                    OU CERTIFICATE
A competitive global economy
                                      – BA (Hons) Business                  – Professional Certificate
means a good grounding in
                                        Management specialising               in Management (S01)
business is becoming more and
more useful if you want to get          in Accounting; Economics;
ahead in life – whether you’re          Innovation and Enterprise;
running your own company or             Leadership Practice; or
focusing on a corporate career.         Marketing (Q91)
Whatever your starting point or       – BA (Hons) Business
background, The Open University         Management (Sport                   NEXT STEPS
Business School offers high quality     and Football) (Q88)                 Request a copy of our
qualifications that each year help    – BSc (Hons) Computing                Business and Management
over 25,000 students across 86          & IT and Business (Q67)             Prospectus – see page 32.
countries acquire the capabilities                                          Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
and confidence to achieve             DIPLOMAS OF                           or call our Student Recruitment
business goals in both the private    HIGHER EDUCATION                      team on 0300 303 5303.
and public/not-for-profit sectors.    – Diploma of Higher Education
Through your studies you’ll             in Business Management (W51)
learn about the way businesses        – Diploma of Higher Education
operate, how they develop winning       in Business Management
strategies, make decisions and          (Sport and Football) (W49)
manage risk. You’ll also gain
valuable insight into key business    – Diploma of Higher Education
functions such as finance, human        in Computing & IT and
                                        Business (W42)

     AND IT
     Virtually everything we                 An OU qualification will help         DIPLOMAS OF
                                             you to get where you want to          HIGHER EDUCATION/
     do involves computing                                                         FOUNDATION DEGREE
                                             be, whether that’s in development
     and IT – from booking                   or operations, or perhaps in          –– Diploma of Higher Education
     tickets online and emailing             technical support or consultancy.        in Computing and IT (W36)
     friends, to paying by                   And for those already working in
                                                                                   –– Diploma of Higher Education
                                             a computing or IT role, OU study
     credit card and using                   will ensure you remain at the
                                                                                      in Computing & IT and a second
     household appliances.                   cutting edge and give you a vital
                                                                                      subject (Business; Design;
                                                                                      Mathematics; Psychology;
                                             competitive advantage as you
                                                                                      or Statistics) (W42)
     At the heart of digital devices         progress in your career.
     are computers – ranging from                                                  –– Diploma of Higher Education
     the small embedded processor            DEGREES                                  in Computing and IT Practice
     in your mobile phone, to the            –– BSc (Hons) Computing                  (W15) or Foundation Degree in
     personal computer you use                  and IT (Q62)                          Computing and IT Practice (X15)
     at home or work and the large
                                             –– BSc (Hons) Computing               CERTIFICATES OF
     servers that support ecommerce
                                                and IT specialising in             HIGHER EDUCATION
     and the internet. Most of us simply
                                                Communications and
     take this technology for granted,                                             –– Certificate of Higher Education
                                                Networking; Communications
     yet understanding how it works                                                   in Computing and IT (T12)
                                                and Software; or Software (Q62)
     is fascinating.                                                               –– Certificate of Higher Education
                                             –– BSc (Hons) Computing
     Whether you simply have an                                                       in Computing & IT and a second
                                                & IT and a second subject
     enquiring mind, or want to learn                                                 subject (Business; Design;
                                                (Business; Design; Mathematics;
     more about this fast-growing field                                               Mathematics; Psychology;
                                                Psychology; or Statistics) (Q67)
     in order to change career direction                                              or Statistics) (T13)
     or improve your prospects, the          –– Top-up BSc (Hons) Computing
     OU offers a wide choice of study           and IT Practice (Q68)
     options to meet your needs.             –– BSc (Hons) Combined
     Computing and IT professionals             STEM (R28)
     with a strong skill set are very
     much in demand today, by both IT                                              NEXT STEPS
     providers and user organisations,
                                                                                   Request a copy of our Computing
     particularly in areas such as retail,
                                                                                   and IT Prospectus – see page 32.
     financial services, manufacturing
     and the public sector.                                                        Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
                                                                                   or call our Student Recruitment
                                                                                   team on 0300 303 5303.

Increase your awareness                  DEGREES
and appreciation of what                 –– BA (Hons) Childhood
                                            and Youth Studies (Q23)
it really means to grow up,
learn and work in today’s                –– BA (Hons) Early                     NEXT STEPS
                                            Childhood (Q89)
rapidly changing world                                                          Request a copy of our
                                         –– Top-up BA (Hons)                    Education, Childhood, Youth and
by studying with the OU.

                                                                                                                       FIND AN UNDERGRADUATE COURSE
                                            Early Childhood (Q90)               Sport Prospectus – see page 32.
                                         –– BA (Hons) Education                 Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
You may be working with –
                                            Studies (Primary) (Q94)             or call our Student Recruitment
or plan to work with – children,
young people, families or learners,      –– BSc (Hons) Mathematics              team on 0300 303 5303.
and be interested in obtaining              and its Learning (Q46)
professionally relevant qualifications   –– BSc (Hons) Sport, Fitness
to help you fulfil your ambitions.          and Coaching (Q76)
If so, we offer qualifications that
                                         –– BA (Hons) Youth Justice Studies
are flexible with well-marked
                                            (England and Wales) (Q63)
stepping stones for you to follow
at your own pace – from entry            DIPLOMAS OF
level, through to honours degrees.       HIGHER EDUCATION
High-quality content and teaching        –– Diploma of Higher Education
build directly on our research in           in Early Childhood (W50)
education; psychology; social
                                         –– Diploma of Higher Education
sciences; health and social care;
                                            in Education Studies
sport and fitness; and childhood
                                            (Primary) (W54)
and youth studies.
                                         –– Diploma of Higher Education
In addition to the new knowledge,
                                            in Sport and Fitness specialising
skills and confidence you’ll gain, OU
                                            in either Coaching or Exercise
study opens up many worthwhile
                                            Instruction (W07)
career and personal opportunities.
There’s a demand for well-qualified
                                         CERTIFICATES OF
people in education; childcare;          HIGHER EDUCATION
sport and fitness; youth and
community work; research;                –– Certificate of Higher Education
the voluntary sector; as well as            in Children and Families (T24)
local, national and international        –– Certificate of Higher Education
policy development.                         in Early Childhood (T26)
Education, childhood, youth              –– Certificate of Higher
and sport are high-profile areas            Education in Education
of social policy, where radical             Studies (Primary) (T29)
changes in practice, service             –– Certificate of Higher Education
provision and training take place           in Sport, Fitness and
across all sectors. Our cutting-            Management (T05)
edge technology will bring you
right up to date with the latest
thinking, ideas and research,
giving you a real edge.

     If you enjoy solving problems and have a good
     imagination, you’ll find engineering, design and
     technology stimulating and challenging fields of study.

                                                                                 DIPLOMAS OF
                                                                                 HIGHER EDUCATION/
                                                                                 FOUNDATION DEGREE
                                                                                 –– Diploma of Higher
                                                                                    Education in Computing
                                                                                    & IT and Design (W42)
                                                                                 –– Diploma of Higher Education
                                                                                    in Engineering (W11) or
                                                                                    Foundation Degree in
                                                                                    Engineering (X11)
                                                                                 –– Diploma of Higher Education
                                                                                    in Environmental Management
                                                                                    and Technology (W48)

                                                                                 CERTIFICATES OF
                                                                                 HIGHER EDUCATION
                                                                                 –– Certificate of Higher
                                                                                    Education in Computing
                                                                                    & IT and Design (T13)
     A qualification in any one of the       Our cutting-edge qualifications     –– Certificate of Higher Education
     subject areas we offer can bring        enable you to explore how to           in Environment (T16)
     real benefits in your professional      design, engineer and manage
     life such as:                           situations where technology
     –– exciting employment                  and people interact.
        opportunities in business and        You’ll benefit from the highest
        industry, as well as in the public   quality teaching supported by our
        and voluntary sectors – your         active research, where we have      NEXT STEPS
        knowledge and expertise will         particular strengths in design,     Request a copy of our
        be valued in the UK, Europe          sustainable technologies and        Engineering, Design and
        and around the world                 structural integrity.               Technology Prospectus
     –– higher than average earnings,                                            – see page 32.
        particularly if you follow up your                                       Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
        degree to become a Chartered         –– BSc (Hons) Computing
                                                                                 or call our Student Recruitment
        or Incorporated Engineer                & IT and Design (Q67)
                                                                                 team on 0300 303 5303.
     –– a skill set that’s in high demand.   –– BA or BSc (Hons) Design
        Employers in many sectors seek          and Innovation (Q61)
        people with the numerical skills,    –– Bachelor of Engineering
        creativity, scientific knowledge        (Hons) (Q65)
        and team-working experience
                                             –– Top-up Bachelor of
        that engineering, technology
                                                Engineering (Hons) (Q78)
        and design graduates possess.
                                             –– Master of Engineering (M04)
                                             –– BSc (Hons) Environmental
                                                Management and Technology
                                             –– BSc (Hons) Combined
                                                STEM (R28)


                                                                                                            FIND AN UNDERGRADUATE COURSE
Climate change, global trade, energy supply, pollution, cultural
conflict, biodiversity loss and poverty are defining issues at local,
national and international levels. These issues are interlinked and
find a common focus in environment and development.

More than ever we’re living          DEGREES
in an interconnected world           –– BSc (Hons) Environmental
where governments, organisations        Management and
and individuals are all encouraged      Technology (Q72)
to think about the impact of their                                       NEXT STEPS
                                     –– BSc (Hons) Environmental
actions in international terms.                                          Request a copy of our
                                        Science (Q52)
Against this background, our                                             Environment and Development
qualifications give you the          –– BA (Hons) Environmental          Prospectus – see page 32.
opportunity to explore the              Studies (Q99)
                                                                         Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
significance of some of the          –– BSc (Hons) Geography and         or call our Student Recruitment
most challenging trends                 Environmental Science (R16)      team on 0300 303 5303.
and developments that
                                     –– BA (Hons) International
are shaping our world.
                                        Studies (Q11)
On a personal level, you’ll
gain a clear appreciation of         DIPLOMAS OF
how these issues are seen            HIGHER EDUCATION
around the world, helping you        –– Diploma of Higher Education
to become a more enlightened            in Environmental Management
and engaged global citizen.             and Technology (W48)
On a professional level, you’ll      –– Diploma of Higher Education
acquire skills and knowledge that       in Environmental Science (W47)
are increasingly valued in careers
                                     –– Diploma of Higher Education
relating to the environment and
                                        in Environmental Studies (W58)
development in the voluntary,
public and private sectors.
                                     CERTIFICATE OF
                                     HIGHER EDUCATION
                                     –– Certificate of Higher
                                        Education in Environment (T16)

     Health and social care                  –– BA (Hons) Early Childhood (Q89)         –– Certificate of Higher Education
                                                                                           in Healthcare with Health
     is a vast service sector                –– BA (Hons) Health and
                                                Social Care (R26)                          Science (T28)
     undergoing radical and
                                             –– BSc (Hons) Healthcare                   –– Certificate of Higher Education
     rapid change. The focus                                                               in Health Sciences (T18)
                                                and Health Science (Q96)
     in frontline health and                                                            –– Certificate of Higher Education
                                             –– BSc (Hons) Health Sciences (Q71)
     social care is on giving                                                              in Social Care (T39)
                                             –– BSc (Hons) Mental
     more independence,                         Health Nursing (Q74)1                   –– Certificate of Higher Education
     choice and control to                   –– BSc (Hons) Nursing
                                                                                           in Social Care (Scotland) (TO3)
     service users.                             Practice (Q53)                          –– Certificate of Higher
                                                                                           Education in Social Care
                                             –– BA (Hons) Social Work
     This means there’s greater                                                            Practice (Wales) (T34)
     demand for well-trained and                (Q32/Q41/Q42)                           OU CERTIFICATES
     multi-skilled people across
                                             –– BA (Hons) Social Work                   –– Certificate in Health
     a range of rewarding
                                                (Scotland) (graduate                       and Social Care (S31)
     employment opportunities.
                                                entry) (Q50)
     Providing help and care for                                                        –– Certificate in Health
                                             –– BA (Hons) Youth Justice Studies            Sciences (S19)
     those in need offers a unique
                                                (England and Wales) (Q63)
     sense of personal and career                                                       –– Certificate in Promoting
     fulfilment. Through OU study            1
                                              This is an appropriate qualification in      Public Health (S13)
                                              England to be taken within a Registered
     you can become part of this              Nurse Degree Apprenticeship.
     essential and valuable sector, or                                                  APPRENTICESHIPS
     build on your existing workplace                                                   The OU is listed on the
                                             DIPLOMAS OF
     experience and progress your                                                       Education and Skills Funding
                                             HIGHER EDUCATION/
     career in a particular area.                                                       Agency’s register of approved
                                             FOUNDATION DEGREES
     Our qualifications cover today’s                                                   apprenticeship providers. We
                                             –– Diploma of Higher Education
     most topical and important issues,                                                 currently offer apprenticeships for
                                                in Early Childhood (W50)
     such as mental health, children                                                    Assistant Practitioners, Registered
     and families, and end-of-life care,     –– Diploma of Higher Education in          Nurses and Nursing Associates.
     and are designed to inspire and            Health and Social Care (W69)            Employers who want to find out
     challenge you. Some explore             –– Foundation Degree in                    more should contact us by email
     broad principles and approaches            Healthcare Practice (X16)1 or           at apprenticeships@open.ac.uk.
     to caring, while others offer a route      Diploma of Higher Education             Please note apprenticeships are
     to a professional qualification. All       in Healthcare Practice (W16)            organisation led qualifications and
     draw on the latest research and         –– Diploma of Higher Education             only available via arrangements
     the experience of practitioners to         in Health Sciences (W44)                with employers.
     provide you with valuable insight,
                                             –– Diploma of Higher Education in          For more information go to
     skills and knowledge.
                                                Social Care (Scotland) (W31)            openuniversity.co.uk/
     Our students are a mix of                                                          health-apprenticeships.
     employees and employers                  This is an appropriate qualification in
                                              England to be taken within a Higher
     working in a wide range of               Apprenticeship in Health.
     settings and levels across
     the sector, as well as service          CERTIFICATES OF
     users, and friends and families         HIGHER EDUCATION
     involved in their care.
                                             –– Certificate of Higher                   NEXT STEPS
     Students tell us how studying              Education in Adult Health
     with the OU transforms their                                                       Request a copy of our
                                                and Social Care (T23)
     lives, practice and experience in                                                  Health and Social Care
     relation to health and social care.     –– Certificate of Higher Education         Prospectus – see page 32.
                                                in Children and Families (T24)
                                                                                        Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
     DEGREES                                 –– Certificate of Higher Education         or call our Student Recruitment
     –– BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing (Q73)1         in Early Childhood (T26)                team on 0300 303 5303.
     –– BA (Hons) Childhood                  –– Certificate of Higher Education
        and Youth Studies (Q23)                 in Healthcare Practice (T01)


                                                                                                                FIND AN UNDERGRADUATE COURSE
Whether it’s for general             Learning a language and              DEGREES
                                     how languages work, including
interest or to further your                                               –– BA (Hons) Arts and Humanities
                                     the English language, opens doors       with English Language, French,
career, learning a new               to other cultures and communities,      German or Spanish (R14)
language or about the                giving you an experience of the
                                                                          –– BA (Hons) Language
English language is an               world that goes deeper than
                                                                             Studies (Q30)
                                     any tourist trip ever could.
enjoyable and rewarding              It can also provide a key to
experience that opens                                                     DIPLOMAS OF HIGHER
                                     the global workplace.
up new horizons.                     By using printed materials,
                                                                          –– Diploma of Higher
                                     interactive online resources and
                                                                             Education in English (W61)
Learning with the OU means you’ll    tutorials with other students,
be studying with the UK’s largest    you’ll develop proficiency in        –– Diploma of Higher Education
provider of open-entry, part-time    all four language skills: reading,      in Language Studies (W41)
language degrees.                    writing, listening and speaking.
                                                                          CERTIFICATE OF
Whether you’re a complete            Studying languages will not only     HIGHER EDUCATION
beginner or want to develop          improve your written and oral
your existing skills, we offer a                                          –– Certificate of Higher Education
                                     communication skills, but also
step-by-step way of achieving                                                in Language Studies (T21)
                                     help you to gather, assess and
degree qualifications in French,     interpret information, as well as
German and Spanish with the          develop your confidence. These
possibility of also studying         skills are highly valued in the
beginners’ modules in Chinese        global job market and will be
and Italian. Alongside these         appreciated by employers in
languages, you can also learn        whatever career you enter.           NEXT STEPS
about the English language – its
                                                                          Request a copy of our Languages
history, impact on the world today
                                                                          and Applied Linguistics Prospectus
and role in communication from
                                                                          – see page 32.
Shakespeare to social media.
                                                                          Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
                                                                          or call our Student Recruitment
                                                                          team on 0300 303 5303.

     Law is a foundation                      DEGREES
     stone of society and                     –– BA (Hons) Criminology
                                                 and Law (Q92)
     plays an increasingly
     important and visible role               –– Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
                                                 (LLB) (Q79)
     in all areas of modern life.
                                              –– Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
                                                 (graduate entry) (LLB) (Q80)
     It is a subject with a great
     tradition and a dynamic future.          DIPLOMA OF
     Social and environmental                 HIGHER EDUCATION
     responsibilities, the way businesses
     operate, and international codes         –– Diploma of Higher Education
     of conduct are all determined               in Criminology and Law (W52)
     and upheld by legal systems.
     Studying law is stimulating in
     its own right but it’s also a smart
     career move. A law degree is a
     first and necessary step if you
     want to practise law professionally.     NEXT STEPS
     It’s also an asset for many careers      Request a copy of our
     that are not directly related to         Law Prospectus – see page 32.
     law. For instance, roles in finance,     Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
     human resources, local government        or call our Student Recruitment
     or general management all benefit        team on 0300 303 5303.
     from a legal background, whether
     in corporate business, local and
     central government, or the
     voluntary sector.
     If your goal is to work as
     a professional lawyer, then
     studying our Bachelor of Laws
     (Hons) (LLB) is a great starting
     point. Completion within six years
     (or five years for graduates) counts
     as a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD)
     in England and Wales, which
     satisfies the professional bodies’
     first stage of training as a solicitor
     or barrister.

Mathematics and statistics             DEGREES
play a part in almost all              –– BSc (Hons) Computing & IT
                                          and Mathematics (Q67)
daily activities. They’re at
the heart of advances in               –– BSc (Hons) Computing & IT
                                          and Statistics (Q67)
science and technology, as
                                       –– BSc (Hons) Economics and
well as being indispensable

                                                                                                                  FIND AN UNDERGRADUATE COURSE
                                          Mathematical Sciences (Q15)
problem-solving and                    –– BSc (Hons) Mathematics (Q31)
decision-making tools                  –– BSc (Hons) Mathematics
in many aspects of life.                  and its Learning (Q46)
                                       –– BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Forecasting the weather, breaking         and Physics (Q77)
codes, air traffic control, sending
rockets into space, weighing up        –– BSc (Hons) Mathematics
evidence in court, or predicting          and Statistics (Q36)
natural disasters; all rely on         –– BSc (Hons) Combined
mathematics or statistics.                STEM (R28)
Do you:
                                       DIPLOMAS OF
–– need numerical and analytical       HIGHER EDUCATION
   skills to enhance your job
                                       –– Diploma of Higher Education
   performance and prospects?
                                          in Computing & IT and
–– relish the intellectual                Mathematics (W42)
   challenge of learning the
                                       –– Diploma of Higher Education
   techniques and powerful
                                          in Computing & IT and
   abstract structures used by
                                          Statistics (W42)                   Knowledge of maths is key
   professional mathematicians
   and statisticians?                  –– Diploma of Higher Education in     to the hi-tech, cutting-edge
                                          Mathematical Sciences (W43)        jobs in our digital economy.
–– want to be well ahead of
   your children’s learning?           CERTIFICATES OF                       UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer,
                                       HIGHER EDUCATION                      Nov 2017
Whatever your reasons
for studying, the OU offers            –– Certificate of Higher Education
a great choice. We’re the UK’s            in Computing & IT and
largest provider of higher                Mathematics (T13)
education teaching in                  –– Certificate of Higher Education
mathematics and statistics.               in Computing & IT and
A qualification in mathematics            Statistics (T13)                  NEXT STEPS
or statistics will always count in     –– Certificate of Higher Education   Request a copy of our
your favour whatever you do, or           in Mathematical Sciences (T14)    Mathematics and Statistics
plan to do, in your career. There’s                                         Prospectus – see page 32.
particularly strong demand in          OU CERTIFICATES
                                                                            Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
teaching, finance, ICT and data
                                       –– Professional Certificate          or call our Student Recruitment
science for people with training in
                                          in Practical Statistics (S03)     team on 0300 303 5303.
these subjects. There’s also plenty
of scope to use your skills in other   –– Graduate Certificate
sectors, with health, psychology,         in Theoretical Statistics
and sales and marketing being             and Probability (S04)
popular options.

     Psychology is the study               Many of our degrees are              DIPLOMAS OF
                                           designed to deliver the              HIGHER EDUCATION/
     of people, their lives                                                     FOUNDATION DEGREE
                                           requirements for the Graduate
     and their behaviour.                  Basis for Chartered Membership       –– Diploma of Higher Education
     It helps us to understand             (GBC) of the British Psychological      in Computing & IT and
     everyday interactions and             Society (BPS), providing the            Psychology (W42)
                                           recognised foundation for
     experience, cognitions                further training to become
                                                                                –– Foundation Degree in
     and feelings.                         a professional psychologist.
                                                                                   Counselling (X09) or Diploma
                                                                                   of Higher Education in
                                           ACCREDITED                              Counselling (W09)
     As a psychology student you will
     learn about new developments          PSYCHOLOGY DEGREES                   –– Diploma of Higher Education
     and new research and their            –– BSc (Hons) Forensic                  in Psychology (W45)
     applications to contemporary             Psychology (Q82)                  –– Diploma of Higher Education
     life. You will analyse and evaluate                                           in Social Sciences (W68)
                                           –– BSc (Hons) Psychology (Q07)
     psychological concepts; develop
     skills in assessing and using         –– BSc (Hons) Psychology             CERTIFICATES OF
     different kinds of evidence              with Counselling (Q84)            HIGHER EDUCATION
     and gain an understanding             –– BSc (Hons) Social                 –– Certificate of Higher
     of how psychological research            Psychology (Q83)                     Education in Computing
     informs our everyday life. It is an                                           & IT and Psychology (T13)
     applied science and a dynamic         OTHER DEGREES THAT
     academic field with relevance         INCLUDE PSYCHOLOGY                   –– Certificate of Higher Education
     to many social and global issues,                                             in Psychology (T22)
                                           –– BSc (Hons) Computing
     many of which you will encounter         & IT and Psychology (Q67)
     throughout your studies.
                                           –– BA (Hons) Criminology
     You will be able to use the              and Psychology (Q98)
     knowledge and skills you
                                           –– BA (Hons) Philosophy and
     develop to take advantage of
                                              Psychological Studies (Q43)       NEXT STEPS
     job opportunities in education,
     industry, the health professions,     –– BA (Hons) Social Sciences         Request a copy of our
     management, advertising and              (Psychology) (R23)                Psychology and Counselling
     marketing, human resources,                                                Prospectus – see page 32.
     research, counselling, and                                                 Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
     social services.                                                           or call our Student Recruitment
     The OU is Europe’s largest                                                 team on 0300 303 5303.
     provider of university-level
     education in psychology. Our
     diverse topics are supported by
     an active research agenda, and
     the module materials are written
     by academics with expertise in
     areas including: social psychology;
     counselling psychology; forensic
     psychology; interdisciplinary
     and psychosocial studies;
     developmental psychology;
     discourse analysis; cognitive
     psychology and neuropsychology.


                                                                                                                 FIND AN UNDERGRADUATE COURSE
Science is about creativity,          You’ll be able to use your science   CERTIFICATES OF
                                      knowledge and skills in many         HIGHER EDUCATION
discovery and problem
                                      different careers and sectors.       –– Certificate of Higher Education
solving, and offers the               Ecology, journalism, education,         in Environment (T16)
chance to improve our                 agriculture and health are just
                                                                           –– Certificate of Higher Education
world’s future.                       a few. And by studying for
                                                                              in Health Sciences (T18)
                                      a degree in science, you’re
                                      likely to increase your lifetime     –– Certificate of Higher Education
The insights and discoveries
                                      earnings significantly.                 in Natural Sciences (T11)
emerging from science’s
many disciplines drive                                                     OU CERTIFICATES
advances across healthcare,
space exploration, industrial         –– BSc (Hons) Environmental          –– Certificate in Health
manufacture, environmental               Science (Q52)                        Sciences (S19)
protection, conservation,             –– BSc (Hons) Health                 –– Certificate in Astronomy
and many other areas.                    Sciences (Q71)                       and Planetary Science (S10)
Study science with the                –– BSc (Hons) Geography and          –– Certificate in Physics (S20)
OU and you’ll enhance your               Environmental Science (R16)
understanding of the world            –– BSc (Hons) Mathematics
and develop the creative,                and Physics (Q77)
analytical and investigative
                                      –– BSc (Hons) Natural
skills employers value.
                                         Sciences (Q64)
Whether you are looking for a                                              NEXT STEPS
                                      –– BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences
career in science, or you simply                                           Request a copy of our Science
                                         specialising in Astronomy and
want to explore a subject that                                             Prospectus – see page 32.
                                         Planetary Science; Biology;
really interests you. The depth
                                         Chemistry; Earth Sciences;        Go to openuniversity.co.uk/ug
and breadth of our science
                                         Environmental Science; or         or call our Student Recruitment
programmes attract over 15,000
                                         Physics (Q64)                     team on 0300 303 5303.
students each year, so whatever
your motivation there’s sure to       –– BSc (Hons) Combined
be a qualification to challenge          STEM (R28)
and reward you.
                                      DIPLOMAS OF
You’ll benefit from the highest
                                      HIGHER EDUCATION
quality teaching, stimulated by our
active involvement in international   –– Diploma of Higher Education
research programmes ranging              in Environmental Science (W47)
across astronomy and planetary        –– Diploma of Higher Education
science; biology; chemistry;             in Health Sciences (W44)
Earth sciences; environmental         –– Diploma of Higher Education
science; and physics.                    in Natural Sciences (W37)

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