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Griffith fast facts

                    50,000+ Students

                    200+ Degrees

                    4,000+ Staff

                    200,000+ Graduates

                    20+ Research institutes
                        and centres

                    Ranked in the
                    TOP 2%
                     of universities worldwide

Acknowledgement of Country
Griffith University acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as this country’s First Nations
and Traditional Custodians of the land.

We honour the Ancestors and Elders within the sacred grounds on which our campuses are located: at South Bank,
Mt Gravatt and Nathan, the Turrbal, Yugarabul, Yuggera, and Jagera peoples; at Logan, the Yuggera, Yugarabul,
Jagera and Yugambeh peoples; and at the Gold Coast, the Yugambeh/Kombumerri peoples.

We pay respect to these nations, their languages, and the kinship groups they represent, past and present,
and we extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
02                                                                14
Welcome to Griffith                                                Our degrees
Welcome to Griffith                                    02          Forge your future                                      14   •	Medicine, medical sciences, pharmacy,
Campuses                                              04           Prior-year students and interstate                             paramedicine and public health        54
Learning and personal support                         06           subject conversion                                     15   •	Psychology, counselling, social work
                                                                   Architecture, planning and                                     and human services                            59
Accessibility and inclusion                           08
                                                                   built environment                                      20   Humanities, social science, journalism
Social and competition sports                          10                                                                      and communication                                62
                                                                   Aviation                                               26
Student clubs and societies                            11                                                                      Information technology                           66
                                                                   Business, government and tourism                       30
How to apply                                           12                                                                      Languages and linguistics                        70
                                                                   Education                                              36
                                                                   Engineering                                            40   Law and criminology                              74
                                                                   Health                                                 44   Music and performing arts                        78
                                                                   •	Dentistry and oral health                           46   Science and environment                          82
                                                                   • Health professions, exercise and sport 48                 Visual arts, design and screen media             88
                                                                   • Nursing and midwifery                                52   Double degrees                                   94

Other information
Industry and career experiences                       96
VET pathways                                          98                 Legend
Scholarships                                         100
                                                                         Campuses                                                 Modes of study
Admission pathways                                   101
Griffith Sports College                              102                 G     =   Gold Coast                                     F      =    Full-time study
                                                                         L     =   Logan                                          P       = Part-time study
Griffith Honours College                             103                 M     =   Mt Gravatt                                     For example, 3F/6P = three years full-time,
First Peoples                                        104                 N     =   Nathan                                         six years part-time
                                                                         O     =   Online
Go global                                            105                                                                          N/A    = not applicable
                                                                         S     =   South Bank
Griffith College                                     106                                                                          CP     = credit points
Important things to know about                                           Applications information                                 GPA = Grade Point Average
applying to study at Griffith                        108                                                                          All GPAs in this publication are on a
                                                                         QTAC = 	Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre
                                                                                                                                  seven-point grading scale
FAQ—school-leavers                                   110                 UAC       = 	Universities Admissions Centre
FAQ—mature students                                  111                                (NSW-based)                               Prerequisites
                                                                         ATAR = Australian Tertiary Admission Rank                R      =    Recommended
Index                                                112
                                                                         In this guide, listed ATARs are indicative only          A      =    Assumed
Key dates                                            113
                                                                         VET       = 	Vocational Education and Training

About this guide
This undergraduate study guide provides an overview of studying and student life at Griffith, and will help you decide which degree is right for you.
If you have any questions, call us on 1800 677 728, chat online at griffith.edu.au/study or speak with us at one of our on-campus or virtual events
—we’ll help you find the right path.

Important note: All information is correct as at February 2022, but is subject to change as content is reviewed and updated.
For the most up-to-date information, including specific VET pathway details, visit griffith.edu.au/degrees
02        WELCOME TO

           When you choose Griffith University, you’re not only choosing a world-class education
           that will prepare you to thrive professionally and personally long after you graduate.
           You’re choosing a university that will give you the support, skills and knowledge you
           need to pursue your passion and make a difference in the world.

           At Griffith…                                                                 Everyone belongs
                                                                                        We believe education is for everyone. As a university where
           You come first                                                               talented students from all backgrounds are supported to reach their
           Our vision and values are built on inclusive practice, equity and            full potential, we rank among the highest rates of first-generation
           maintaining a safe space for learning and teaching in meeting                family university graduates. We’re also proud to have the largest
           new challenges for our ever-changing world.                                  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student population of any
                                                                                        university in Queensland.
           From day one, you’ll be supported in every aspect of your studies,
           from help with scholarships, career advice and study skills to finding       As a Griffith student, you’ll be welcomed into an inclusive
           employment opportunities through our Careers Recruitment team.               community. Knowing that our students learn in a variety of
           Whether you need learning, personal or financial support—or                  ways—and that your high school results aren’t the only indicators
           anything else to make your time at university a more manageable              of your abilities—we are proud to offer a range of admission
           and memorable experience—we’re here to help.                                 pathways to study with us.

                                                                                        From providing bridging courses to recognising vocational
           You’ll learn from the best
                                                                                        education and training (VET) qualifications and beyond, we are
           As the home of four Australian University Teachers of the Year,              committed to giving every student the means to succeed and
           Griffith has a long history of driving innovation and achievement            realise their full potential. See pages 98–101 for more information.
           in higher education. Our teachers and researchers have won more
           national awards since 2012 than any other university’s staff*,
                                                                                        You’ll join a worldwide network
           and students who learn in this environment are renowned among
           employers for their skills, experience and work ethic.                       When you’re studying, you’ll be part of a community of like-
                                                                                        minded students. Once you graduate, your Griffith degree will
                                                                                        be your passport to a global network of contacts as you join an
           You can study anytime, anywhere
                                                                                        alumni community of more than 200,000 graduates who cover
           Depending on your degree, you’ll have the choice to study on                 every corner of the world.
           campus, online, or using a combination of both, either part-time
           or full-time over two or three trimesters.                                   Across multiple fields, our graduates range from groundbreaking
                                                                                        medical researchers to globally recognised musicians, acclaimed
           We understand between work and personal commitments, it’s                    artists to CEOs, and marine biologists through to multimedia
           not always easy to make your way to campus to learn—but that’s               designers. The world opens up for you when you graduate
           OK. We’re committed to giving our students as much flexibility               from Griffith.
           as possible in how they participate in their studies. We’ve made a
           significant number of our degrees available remotely, with options
           to study either fully online or mixed with face-to-face hours.

           We’ve drawn on our significant comfort and decades of                            Trimesters
           experience teaching online to deliver seamless lessons to you                    We teach across three 12-week trimesters each year.
           at home—or wherever you are. Our lectures and tutorials are                      Many of our degrees offer the option for you to learn at
           recorded, meaning you can catch up when it suits you. Of course,                 your own pace, better allowing you to fit university into
           whenever you can or want to study on campus, we’re always                        your life, or fast-track your study to graduate earlier—
           ready to welcome you.                                                            whatever works for you.

                                                                                            We have degrees starting in March, July or October,
                                                                                            giving you more choice over when to start your
                                                                                            Griffith journey.
           * Based on Learning and Teaching results from the Department of Education.

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide
Our degrees                                                             Practical experiences
Ranked in the top 2 per cent of universities worldwide, we deliver      Throughout your degree, you may be able to explore a range
forward-thinking degrees that will support you to face the future       of valuable practical opportunities made possible through our

                                                                                                                                                Welcome to Griffith
with confidence, competence and the skills and knowledge you’ll         rich and varied industry partnerships, helping you to access
need to succeed in our rapidly changing world.                          world-class experiences and rewarding careers. See page 96
                                                                        for more information about our industry connections.
Our graduates are recognised as being ethically sophisticated,
and for contributing to their work and society through values-          During your studies, you’ll also be supported to showcase your
based behaviour. Skip to page 14 if you’re ready to start               job-ready skills to employers through Griffith Credentials, a digital
exploring your options.                                                 version of your qualifications and capabilities to help you fully
                                                                        express your professional skills, experience and expertise. Developed
Innovative teaching and research                                        in response to changing employer needs, these digital badges give
                                                                        you a new way to highlight practical, contemporary skills gained
As a university that was designed to do things differently, we’ve
                                                                        during your degree, such as interpersonal communication, critical
always had one eye focused on the future—and the other on
                                                                        judgment and the ability to work as part of a team.
our communities. Since our foundation in 1975, we have been
committed to leading the way in fields such as modern Asian
studies and environmental science, and have been long-time              Global connections
supporters of inclusivity, social justice and sustainable practices.    Many of our degrees have an international focus, preparing
                                                                        you for work almost anywhere in the world. Experiences such
A lot has changed in the past five decades, but our commitment
                                                                        as overseas study or learning a new language both enrich and
to creating a brighter future remains as strong as ever. That’s why
                                                                        diversify your learning. Such opportunities are valued highly by
we engage in teaching and research that aims to create positive,
                                                                        employers, and open doors to new perspectives, professional
meaningful change in the lives of our students, their families and
                                                                        networks and personal experiences.
friends, and society at large.
                                                                        Griffith has Guaranteed Exchange agreements with partner
At Griffith, our vision as a university is to transform lives and add
                                                                        universities around the globe, including in Asia, North America,
to human knowledge in a way that creates a future that benefits
                                                                        Europe and the United Kingdom. Where available, we also offer
all. In our approach to our research, societal impact is given equal
                                                                        a range of study tours and work placements to help take your
standing to academic excellence. Across our campuses, Griffith is
                                                                        learning abroad.
tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges through innovative
research that spans disciplines in a range of important fields.
Every day, our researchers are pushing the boundaries in areas
such as including climate action, clean energy, violence prevention,
                                                                            Note: The availability of exchanges, study tours
child, youth and family wellbeing, disability and inclusion, sports
                                                                            and other opportunities outside Australia may be
performance, drug design and Australia’s geopolitical future.
                                                                            impacted by Australian Government policies on
                                                                            international travel in place during your study.
                                                                            See page 105 for more information.

                                                                        ‘It makes me really proud that
                                                                          I’m following a career that
                                                                          fits in with both my head and
                                                                          my heart. My ultimate goal
                                                                          is to pursue something that
                                                                          makes a difference—that’s
                                                                          what matters to me most.’
                                                                         Jasmine Rasmussen
                                                                         Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours)
                                Photo by Matthieu Glemarec
     Griffith has five campuses across South East Queensland, in addition to its Digital campus.

     Gold Coast
     Traditional Owners: Yugambeh/
     Kombumerri peoples

     Students: 18,000+

     Study areas: Degrees span almost all study
     areas, with particular strength in health

     Our largest campus, offering
     world-class facilities and a
     dynamic student lifestyle just
     minutes from the beach

     Traditional Owners: Yugarabul, Yuggera,
     Jagera and Turrbal peoples

     Students: 13,000+

     Study areas: Aviation, business, communication
     and journalism, engineering, environment,
     government, humanities, information
     technology, languages, law, nursing, occupational
     therapy, physiotherapy, science

     Our foundation campus, where
     heritage and natural beauty meet

     Mt Gravatt
     Traditional Owners: Yugarabul, Yuggera,
     Jagera and Turrbal peoples

     Students: 4,000+

     Study areas: Criminal justice, criminology,
     education, psychology

     Our home of education and
     criminology, with a rich history of
     progressive thinking and learning

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide
                       Wherever you study with us, you’ll find a distinctive
                       culture and wealth of specialised expertise.

                       Scan the QR code to learn more about each campus.

South Bank
Traditional Owners: Yugarabul, Yuggera,
Jagera and Turrbal peoples

Students: 3,500+

Study areas: Acting, animation, contemporary
Australian Indigenous art, design, film, fine art,
games design, media, music, musical theatre,

Queensland’s leading creative
and performing arts hub,
embedded in the cultural heart
of Brisbane

Traditional Owners: Yuggera, Turrbal,
Yugarabul, Jagera and Yugambeh peoples

Students: 2,500+

Study areas: Business, education, human
services, midwifery, nursing, social work

Our home of community-focused
education, based in one of
Australia’s fastest-growing cities

Home to thousands of students taking
advantage of our 20+ years of experience
teaching online.

Studying online gives you the flexibility to fit
study into your life. Our online courses and
degrees, combined with our different study
modes, give you the freedom to mix and match
to suit your needs.

Study anywhere, anytime, in a
thriving virtual community
           Learning and personal support
           We offer a range of services to help you feel confident and succeed in your degree.

           Orientation                                                            Health and wellbeing
           To help you get settled into university life, we support you as        You can get the help you need to manage your life while you’re at
           soon as you’re made an offer through a personalised online             university. All students have access to a range of personal support
           orientation and induction, with the chance to engage with other        services and programs including:
           students in online forums. We hold a dedicated Orientation Week,
           or O-Week, the week before each trimester starts, focusing on          • counselling, to help you when you need support with issues
           what you’ll need to begin your studies. You’ll meet other students,      such as the transition from school, study, motivation,
           get familiar with our campuses, and have the chance to sign up           relationships, self-esteem, grief and loss, anxiety and stress
           for clubs and societies. As well as practical tours and information    • job search and career development to build employability skills
           sessions, O-Week includes fun activities and social events,            • health services, such as bulk-billed medical consultations,
           plus live music, food stalls and giveaways. For more information,        specialist appointments, free nursing consultations and
           visit griffith.edu.au/orientation                                        health information
                                                                                  • transition and support services for students from
                                                                                    educationally disadvantaged backgrounds
           Library resources                                                      • specialised support for students with disabilities
           Our libraries are the perfect place to study, providing spaces         • chaplaincy, where you can discuss life’s challenges, explore
           that are adaptable and comfortable. You can access services and          spirituality, faith and social justice issues and meet other
           resources, meet up for group study or find a space for individual        people interested in religious matters
           work. In all our libraries we provide computers for study,             • student financial support services for help with issues such
           laptops you can borrow, or you can connect your own device               as student loans, Centrelink payments and budgeting
           to Griffith Wi-Fi.                                                     • personal development programs to grow skills for life and
                                                                                    study (resilience, adaptability, financial literacy, etc.).
           Participate in our Earlybird workshops or upskill at your own
                                                                                  You can access our services and programs in person,
           pace with the libraries’ study modules designed to develop your
                                                                                  by phone or online. For more information, visit
           academic, digital and library research skills. For more information,
           visit griffith.edu.au/library/study

           Peer Assisted Study Sessions                                           International students
                                                                                  If you’re from a non-English speaking background, you can
           You can access Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for a wide
                                                                                  improve your skills through EnglishHELP (English Higher Education
           range of courses. PASS is facilitated by student leaders who have
                                                                                  Language Program). This free service offers individual support
           previously completed the course and achieved excellent results.
                                                                                  to help you build confidence with speaking and listening, improve
           Participating in PASS will help you improve your grades, better
                                                                                  your knowledge of grammar and your pronunciation, and learn
           understand course content, break down complex ideas and
                                                                                  to write academic reports. Explore EnglishHELP’s free online
           could even save you hours with smarter study methods.
                                                                                  resources at griffith.edu.au/international/englishhelp
           For further information, visit griffith.edu.au/students/
           peer-assisted-study-sessions                                           You will also have access to our International Student Advisors,
                                                                                  who offer personal support and can help you with study-
                                                                                  related issues. For more information, visit griffith.edu.au/

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide

                                    Learning and personal support

‘There is more support here at
  Griffith than most students
  will ever need; it doesn’t
  matter what your background
  is, how old you are or what you
  want to get out of university,
  everyone is here to help.’
Joel Klein
Griffith Business School graduate
           Accessibility and inclusion
           At Griffith, everyone belongs—here’s how we’re making our university a welcoming,
           accessible and equitable space for all.

           Students with disabilities                                               LGBTIQ+ support and inclusion
           We provide disability support services on all campuses.                  As a proud Ally of the LGBTIQ+ community, Griffith is
           These services, coordinated through our Student Services office,         committed to providing a safe, welcoming space for everyone
           enable students with disabilities to access and participate in our       on campus.
           learning environment. Support includes:
                                                                                    All of the University’s policies are LGBTIQ+ inclusive, and we
           •   coordinating Auslan interpreters                                     have guides in place to assist students affirming their gender
           •   modified physical environments                                       (transitioning), where needed.
           •   negotiating reasonable adjustments for study and examinations
                                                                                    We also encourage our students, staff and visitors to use the
           •   providing access to assistive technology arrangements for
                                                                                    facilities they are most comfortable with and/or reflect their
               required readings to be converted to accessible formats.
                                                                                    affirmed gender. Specific all-gender bathrooms are available at
           For more information, visit griffith.edu.au/disability                   Nathan’s Engineering, Aviation and Technology building (N79).
                                                                                    All-access and disability-friendly bathrooms are also available
           Future students should contact the Student Disability
                                                                                    for use.
           and Accessibility Service:
           Email: disability@griffith.edu.au                                        Additionally, Griffith’s Counselling and Wellbeing team work
                                                                                    to support our students’ health by providing a confidential
           If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can contact the
                                                                                    LGBTIQ+ specific counselling service for people of diverse
           Disabilities Service Officer directly on:
                                                                                    sexualities and genders.
           SMS/text messaging only: +61 (0)408 987 639
           Email: deafstudentsupportprogram@griffith.edu.au                         Other useful supports available on campus include the Griffith
                                                                                    Ally Network, Safer Campuses initiative, Student Services, the
                                                                                    Student Representative Council, Student Guild and student clubs.
           Find a place to live                                                     All students have access to SBS online courses on diversity
           Griffith Accommodation manages accommodation at our Nathan               and inclusion.
           campus, while our Gold Coast campus offers accommodation
                                                                                    For more information about LGBTIQ+ support and inclusion
           through a private provider. Living on campus provides the
                                                                                    at Griffith, visit griffith.edu.au/equity/lgbti-inclusion
           opportunity to join a diverse international community, access
           university facilities and academic support, and make lifelong friends.

           If you’d prefer a little more space between where you                    Transport, parking and childcare
           learn and where you live. Griffith Accommodation offers a                Our campuses have easy-to-access public transport and parking.
           preferred partnership program with a selection of off-campus             For more information, visit griffith.edu.au/parking
           accommodation providers. Located close to our Brisbane,
                                                                                    Nathan campus provides two childcare centres offering quality
           Gold Coast and Logan campuses, all providers must meet
                                                                                    education and care for children from three months of age to five
           the University’s quality and safety standards to be a part
                                                                                    years. For more information, visit griffith.edu.au/childcare
           of the partnership program.
                                                                                    or email childcare@griffith.edu.au
           Most of our partners offer discount rates on select room
                                                                                    Childcare facilities are also available close to the Logan,
           types for students, provided you apply through the Griffith
                                                                                    Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast, and South Bank campuses.
           Accommodation website.
                                                                                    These centres can be found on the mychild.gov.au website.
           For more information, visit griffith.edu.au/accommodation

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide

     Accessibility and inclusion
           Social and competition sports
           As a Griffith student, you can gain access to all sporting facilities across our campuses.

           Sporting clubs and events                                              Events
                                                                                  We run sporting events for students and non-students on all
           Social sport                                                           campuses throughout the year, such as swim-a-thons, fun runs
           Weekly competitions for a wide range of sports are hosted              and more. Some key events include the Nathan Dash, a 660 m
           throughout the year. Available competitions will vary from             sprint through the heart of the Nathan campus, and the Toohey
           campus to campus.                                                      Trail Run, a 5 km, 10 km or half-marathon trail run from the
                                                                                  Nathan campus through Toohey Forest.
           Depending on your sport of choice, you can register as a full team
           or, if you are joining on your own, you can sign up as an individual   If competing isn’t your thing, you can always volunteer in
           and we’ll put you in a team.                                           our Griffith Sport Event Leaders program and help us deliver
                                                                                  these great events on campus. For more information,
           Seasons run for about 10 weeks (including finals) and there are        visit griffith.edu.au/sport-events
           multiple seasons throughout the year, with special discounts on
           registration available for Griffith students. For more information,
           visit griffith.edu.au/social-sport                                     Sporting facilities
                                                                                  Nathan, Gold Coast, Mt Gravatt and Logan campuses all boast a
           Clubs                                                                  range of sporting facilities open to Griffith students, staff and the
           Griffith sport clubs are a great way to participate in regular         local community, providing a convenient way to stay active while
           sporting competition, and make new friends. We have a wide             on campus.
           range of sport clubs that enter teams in social and external           Nathan features a Fitness Centre, three glass-back squash courts
           competitions, sport tournaments and social events.                     and a dedicated Multisport complex. At the Gold Coast, you’ll
           If we don’t have the sport club you are looking for, we can help       have access to the Uni Fitness Health Centre and the national-
           you start a new one. All sport club committees are provided with       standard Griffith Athletics Track and Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.
           training, guidance and support throughout the year. Volunteering       Mt Gravatt’s 25 m heated pool offers a variety of swimming and
           on a committee is extremely beneficial, as it builds leadership        fitness training options, and the campus is also home to a fully
           and teamwork skills, and increases employability. For more             equipped gym and world-class 16-court tennis centre. And, at
           information, visit griffith.edu.au/sport-clubs                         Logan campus, you can sweat it out at the dedicated Workout
                                                                                  Room, featuring treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and more.
           Represent Griffith
                                                                                  If you prefer a sociable workout, you may be able to take part
           We select individuals and teams to represent Griffith in a
                                                                                  in a variety of group fitness classes depending on your campus,
           variety of sports to compete at national university level. They
                                                                                  including Zumba, yoga, HIIT, Body Pump, BodyCombat, boxing
           are a great opportunity to represent your university and meet
                                                                                  and Pilates, among others.
           people from all over the country. Individuals and teams contend
           for the championship titles in their chosen sport. We also offer       For more information about the range of facilities and activities
           other inter-tertiary events throughout the year, including             available across our campuses, visit griffith.edu.au/sport/
           the Intervarsity Sport Bowl, where you can compete against             sport-and-recreation
           universities across Queensland and northern New South Wales.

           For further information about how you can represent Griffith,
           visit griffith.edu.au/represent-griffith

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide
Student clubs and societies                                                                                                                   11

                                                                                                                                              Student clubs and societies
Find your people, forge lasting connections and make the most of your university experience.

Something for everyone                                                 As a committee leader
With more than 100 clubs and societies to choose from across our       When you get involved as a club committee leader, you’ll be able
campuses, you’re bound to find a group to bond with at Griffith.       to develop your leadership, organisational and management skills
                                                                       in a safe, supportive environment.
Our students have built thriving communities celebrating their
social, cultural, professional, educational, political, sporting and   Other benefits you’ll have access to include training resources and
recreational interests and identities, and there’s no need to limit    conferences, equipment, an office and storeroom, and rooms
yourself to just one—you can join as many clubs as you like.           on campus for club business.

For a full list of active registered clubs at Griffith, visit          You’ll also be able to access financial assistance in the form of a
griffith.campusgroups.com/club_signup                                  subsidy for club expenditure, and take part in Griffith’s awards
                                                                       night celebrating and recognising the achievements of our
                                                                       club communities.
Social and professional benefits
As a member                                                            Build your own community
Joining a club is a great way to meet like-minded people and           If our existing range of clubs and societies doesn’t quite hit the
make new friends, but it’s also so much more than that. Through        spot for you, don’t fret—you may be able to start your own.
your membership, you may be able to engage in volunteering
                                                                       Simply complete and submit an ‘Expression of Interest to Form
opportunities, build your skills, and develop your social and
                                                                       a New Club’ form, available on the clubs website, and our Clubs
professional networks.
                                                                       Coordinator will be able to advise whether your club is eligible for
As a member of a registered club, you may also be eligible for         registration. For more information, visit griffith.edu.au/clubs
insurance coverage and reduced entry rates for a range of events.

     How to apply                                                         Here are the key steps and important things
                                                                          to know about applying to study at Griffith.
                                                                          These will guide you in applying for our
                                                                          undergraduate degrees.

      01                                              02                                              03

     Choose your degree                            Apply                                           Receive your offer
     Browse the degrees section in this guide      You will need to meet admission                 If you are successful in receiving an offer
     starting on page 16.                          requirements to apply for Griffith              through QTAC or UAC, you will be sent a
                                                   undergraduate degrees.                          Notice of Offer via email.
     Our website has more detailed information
     once you have an idea of which areas          Please check griffith.edu.au/degrees            This gives you important information,
     interest you.                                                                                 including whether you must enrol within
                                                   Lodge your application at                       the response timeframe to secure
     Visit griffith.edu.au/degrees                 qtac.edu.au or uac.edu.au                       your place.
     If you have any questions, call us            Some applicants may apply directly to the       If you have applied directly to Griffith,
     on 1800 677 728 and talk to our               University as part of a specific scheme or      you will receive your Starting@Griffith
     study advisers.                               pathway, such as the TAFE Admission Scheme.     enrolment link.
                                                   Some degrees have early closing dates and
                                                   additional selection criteria; refer to their   Congratulations on
                                                                                                   receiving an offer!
                                                   entries in this guide for further details.
                                                   If you are applying for a degree at the
                                                   Queensland Conservatorium, see page 79 or
                                                   for more information.

                                                   Please note that application processing
                                                   times can take a few weeks.
                                                   See page 108 for more information.

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide

                                                                                                                          How to apply
   04                                               05

Accept your offer                                Enrol and get ready
                                                 to learn
QTAC—QTAC applicants must respond
to their offer in the QTAC system within a
                                                 Soon after receiving notification of
short timeframe. The QTAC website includes
                                                 your offer, Griffith will email you your
additional information on how to respond to
                                                 Starting@Griffith enrolment link, which
your offer. For some degrees, you will also
                                                 provides information on orientation,             For more information
need to enrol within the timeframe to secure
your place.
                                                 how to enrol and details of your offer.
                                                                                                  on the application
                                                 You must also enrol in classes within the
UAC—To accept an offer from UAC,
                                                 timeframe to secure your place. For offers to    process, please scan
applicants must enrol within the
specified timeframe.
                                                 some of our competitive programs, this will
                                                                                                  the QR code or visit
                                                 be detailed in your Starting@Griffith email.
Direct from Griffith—Applicants who              As a Griffith student, you will have access to   griffith.edu.au/apply
receive an offer directly from Griffith may      all the information you need via MyGriffith.
also be required to enrol within the specified
timeframe to accept their offer.
           Forge your future
           Use the degrees guide in the following pages to start exploring your study choices at Griffith.

           Whatever you choose, you’ll learn in and out of the classroom, with teaching methods
           tailored to suit the needs of each degree.
           Griffith degrees are comprised of compulsory courses (subjects)                               For more information about your options,
           alongside elective choices to help you shape your learning                                    including full entry requirements, prerequisite
           experience into what’s right for you.                                                         details, course lists, pathways to further
                                                                                                         study and more, use the QR code or visit
           Depending on your degree, you’ll attend a combination of lectures,
           tutorials, workshops and laboratory classes. See below for an
           example of how a full-time Griffith degree may be structured.

                  Foundation                                                        Specialisation                                            Capstone
                  1st year                                                          2nd year                                                  Final (3rd or 4th) year
                  Your first year of study is                                       In most degrees, you’ll focus                             In your final year, you’ll continue
                  foundational. You’ll explore                                      on your chosen specialisation                             to advance your knowledge and
                  the core skills and concepts                                      (major) from your second year.                            skills, and undertake a capstone
                  related to your chosen study                                      You’ll also get the chance to                             course that consolidates your
                  area. It’s also a great time to                                   put into practice what you                                learning and prepares you to
                  get to know the students you’ll                                   learn in lectures and tutorials.                          transition into the workplace.
                  be studying alongside for most                                    Depending on your degree,                                 Some degrees include a fourth
                  of your degree. You’ll learn in                                   you may learn through work                                year of study, in which you may
                  a collaborative atmosphere                                        placements, overseas field trips,                         conduct research. You’ll work
                  from students of all ages and                                     industry projects for real clients,                       closely with a supervisor on a
                  backgrounds, making it a rich                                     or laboratory studies.                                    research project related to
                  learning environment.                                                                                                       your specialisation.

           Degree reference guide key
           The symbols below relate to the degree tables on pages 16 through 19.
           *	Graduates of this degree will be eligible to apply for postgraduate study required         $ 	If you completed secondary studies up to three years before applying and have
              for their chosen profession.                                                                   not attempted tertiary study at a diploma level or higher, this degree provides the
           ^ 	A graduate entry option is available for this degree.                                         opportunity for you to progress directly into our Doctor of Medicine, an AQF level
                                                                                                             9 Masters extended degree.
           † 	Non-Academic Requirements for Teacher Education. For more information,
               please visit qtac.edu.au/teacher-entry. For UAC applicants, visit uac.edu.au/             > 	This degree is offered only in accelerated mode and includes study in Trimester 3.
               current-applicants/managing-your-application#teaching-questionnaire                           There will not be a break between trimesters for the degree’s duration.

           ~ 	Offered for degrees at Nathan only via cross-institutional study at The University        % 	An Advanced Standing option is available for this degree. To meet admission
               of Queensland.                                                                                requirements, you must hold a completed Diploma of Nursing, including registration
                                                                                                             as an enrolled nurse from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
           + 	Offered online via cross-institutional study at Flinders University, South Australia.         (Ahpra) or be an endorsed enrolled nurse.
           # 	Applicants apply directly to Griffith, not through QTAC/UAC.                              @ 	Some on-campus attendance required.
           ! 	Students who commence the program in Trimester 3 will complete the program                & Entry is open only to those identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
               over four calendar years.
           §	Graduate entry only.

                                      Use the QR codes to find out
                                      more about each degree and
                                      explore your study options
                                      and opportunities.

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide
Prior-year students and interstate                                                                                                            15

subject conversion

                                                                                                                                              Forge your future
If you completed high school in or before 2019 or outside of Queensland,
you can use the information below to help figure out where you stand.

Griffith University welcomes applications from a diversely           Interstate subject equivalents
qualified pool of applicants, including current and previous
Year 12 students, mature age, persons holding VET and                and UAC codes
post-secondary qualifications, and those transferring from           Prerequisites in this guide are listed using Queensland Curriculum
complete and incomplete tertiary studies.                            and Assessment Authority (QCAA) curriculum subject names.
                                                                     If you completed Year 12 in NSW, see below for equivalent
All applicants are required to satisfy the admission requirements,
                                                                     HSC Board-developed subjects. To meet a prerequisite, students
which are usually specified in terms of subject prerequisites.
                                                                     must achieve a minimum Band 3 or above, equivalent to a
Applicants who satisfy the admission requirements are then
                                                                     minimum grade of C in Units 3 and 4.
ranked for selection into university degrees based on their
Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or comparable              For other interstate subject equivalents to meet a prerequisite,
Selection Rank from other study or qualifications.                   visit griffith.edu.au/prerequisites-assumed-knowledge
Eligible students who complete Year 12 in Queensland
                                                                     UAC codes for each of our degrees are available through the
have been issued an ATAR since 2020.
                                                                     individual listings on griffith.edu.au/degrees
ATARs and Selection Ranks use the same scale. For example,
                                                                     QTAC                                  UAC
an ATAR of 93.40 is equal to a Selection Rank of 93.40.
For some degrees, additional selection criteria such as              Biology                               Biology
folios or interviews can be used in addition to, or instead of,      Chemistry                             Chemistry
academic achievement in order to rank students for admission.
                                                                     Applied English (Essential English)   Any two units of English

                                                                     General English (including English,
Prior OP students                                                    English as an Additional Language,    Any two units of English,
                                                                     Literature, and English &             excluding English Studies
If you completed Year 12 in or before 2019 and qualified for an
                                                                     Literature Extension)
Overall Position (OP), you can apply to Queensland Curriculum
and Assessment Authority (QCAA) to obtain your ATAR                  General Mathematics                   Mathematics Standard 2
statement. For more information, visit qcaa.qld.edu.au/              Mathematical Methods                  Mathematics Advanced
                                                                     Specialist Mathematics                HSC Mathematics Extension 1 or 2
Other applicant cohorts can contact the Queensland Tertiary          Physics                               Physics
Admissions Centre (QTAC) to explore what selection ranks might
be applicable for your qualifications. Visit qtac.edu.au/contact
for more information.                                                English subjects
For full entry requirements, visit your desired degree page via      Note: In this guide, General English subjects include English,
griffith.edu.au/degrees                                              English as an Additional Language, Literature, and English &
                                                                     Literature Extension. Where the prerequisite requirements state
                                                                     General or Applied English, this includes all General English
                                                                     subjects listed above as well as the QCAA Applied English subject,
                                                                     Essential English. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C
                                                                     in Units 3 and 4 to meet the English subject prerequisite.


                                                                                                                                                             ATAR/                 QTAC

      DEGREE                                                                                                             PREREQUISITES                       RANK                  CODE

      Architecture, planning and built environment                                                                                                                          page 20

16    Bachelor of Architectural Design*                                    G        1, 2       3F/6P       Any General or Applied English
                                                                                                           R: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods
                                                                                                                                                             70.00               234472

                                                                                                           Any General or Applied English
      Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)                        G        1, 2       4F/8P       A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods    70.00               234891
                                                                                                           R: Physics, Chemistry or Specialist Mathematics

                                                                           G                                                                                                      234761
      Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours)                                          1, 2       4F/8P       Any General or Applied English                    65.00    N/A
                                                                           N                                                                                                      224321

      Aviation                                                                                                                                                                  page 26

                                                                                                           Any General or Applied English
      Bachelor of Aviation*                                                N          1         2F         A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods    65.00               228182
                                                                                                           R: Biology or Physics

                                                                                                           Any General or Applied English
      Bachelor of Aviation Management^                                    N, O      1, 2        3F         A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods
                                                                                                                                                             65.00               229772

      Business, government and tourism                                                                                                                                      page 30

                                                                           O        1, 2                   Any General or Applied English                                         272015

      Bachelor of Applied Financial Advice                                           OUA
                                                                                               2F/4P                                                         65.00    
                                                                          OUA      sessions                N/A                                                                      N/A
                                                                                    1, 2

      Bachelor of Business                                                 G                                                                                                      230841
      Majors: Accounting; Asian Business; Asian Engagement;
      Behavioural Science; Business Analytics; Economics;                  N       1, 2, 3                 Any General or Applied English                                         222061
      Employment Relations; Event Management; Finance; Financial
      Planning; Government and International Relations; Human              O                                                                                                      276085
      Resource Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
      International Business; Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
                                                                                               3F/6P                                                         65.00    
      Management; Marketing; Real Estate and Property
      Development; Sport Management; Sustainable Business;                          study
      Taxation; Tourism Management                                        OUA      sessions                N/A                                                                      N/A
      Second majors: Languages (Chinese, French~, German~,                         1, 2, 3
      Indonesian~, Italian, Japanese, Korean~, Modern Greek+, Spanish)

                                                                           G                                                                                                      230851
      Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours)
      Majors: as above
                                                                           N       1, 2, 3     4F/8P       Any General or Applied English                    82.00               222071

                                                                           O                                                                                                      276095

      Bachelor of Government and International Relations                   G                                                                                                      231841
      Majors: International Relations; Politics and Public Policy
      Second majors: Asian Engagement; Economics;                          N                                                                                                      227651
      International Business; Islam–West Relations; Languages
                                                                                    1, 2       3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                    65.00    
      (Chinese, French~, German~, Indonesian~, Italian, Japanese,
                                                                           O                                                                                                      272045
      Korean~, Modern Greek+, Spanish)

      Bachelor of Advanced Government and International
      Relations (Honours)                                                G, N, O    1, 2       4F/8P       Any General or Applied English                    82.00               235131
      Majors: as above

      Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management               G                                                                                                      235101
      Majors: Tourism Management; Hospitality Management
      Second majors: Asian Engagement; Behavioural Science;
      Business Analytics; Economics; Employment Relations;                 N                                                                                                      227961
      Event Management; Government and International                               1, 2, 3     3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                    63.00    
      Relations; Human Resource Management; Innovation and
      Entrepreneurship; Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
      Management; Marketing; Real Estate and Property                      O                                                                                                      272025
      Development; Sport Management

      Bachelor of Advanced International Tourism
      and Hotel Management (Honours)                                     G, N, O   1, 2, 3     4F/8P       Any General or Applied English                    82.00               276115
      Majors and second majors: as above

     See p14 for this table’s key.

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide


                                                                                                                                                   ATAR/                 QTAC

DEGREE                                                                                                         PREREQUISITES                       RANK                  CODE

Education                                                                                                                                                         page 36

Bachelor of Education
Majors (primary): Early Childhood Education;
                                                                G                                                                                                       232272
Special Needs Education; Health and Physical Education
Minors (primary): English Education; Mathematics

                                                                                                                                                                                 Forge your future
Education; Science Education                                                                Any General English; General Mathematics,
Major (secondary): Learning Support
                                                                         1, 2
                                                                                            Mathematical Methods or Specialist                     70.00               261422
Teaching areas (secondary): Biology; Chemistry;                                             Mathematics; NARTE†
Design Technology; Digital Solutions; Digital Technology;
Drama; English; Food and Nutrition; Geography; Health and
Physical Education; History; Industrial Technology Skills;      M                                                                                                       223342
Legal Studies; Mathematics; Physics; Psychology; Visual Arts

Engineering                                                                                                                                                       page 40

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Majors: Civil Engineering; Electrical and Electronic            G                                Any General or Applied English                                         234861
Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Electronic and Energy               1, 2        4F/8P       A: Mathematical Methods                           72.00    
Engineering; Electronic and UAV Engineering; Environmental                                       R: Chemistry, Physics or Specialist Mathematics
                                                                N                                                                                                       229231
Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Mechatronics
                                                                                                 Any General or Applied English
Bachelor of Industrial Design                                   G        1, 2        3F/6P       A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods
                                                                                                                                                   67.00               234522

                                                                G                                Any General or Applied English                                         234901
                                                                                                 A: Mathematical Methods; Chemistry,
Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)                               1, 2        4F/8P
                                                                                                 Physics or Specialist Mathematics
                                                                                                                                                   72.00    
                                                                N                                                                                                       229281

Health                                                                                                                                                                page 44

Dentistry and oral health                                                                                                                                         page 46
                                                                                                 Any General English; UCAT ANZ; interview
Bachelor of Dental Health Science*                              G          1          3F         A: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods        N/A     N/A         233812
                                                                                                 or Physics

                                                                                                 Any General English
Bachelor of Dental Hygiene                                      G          1          3F         A: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods       97.80    N/A         233761
                                                                                                 or Physics

                                                                                                 Griffith Bachelor of Dental Technology
Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics                                  G          1           1F        or Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental                §      N/A          N/A
                                                                                                 Technology (5.0 GPA)
                                                                                                 Any General English
Bachelor of Dental Technology                                   G          1          3F         A: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods       90.00   N/A          233832
                                                                                                 or Physics

Health professions, exercise and sport                                                                                                                            page 48
                                                                                                 Any General or Applied English
Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology                        G        1, 2        4F/7P       A: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods       94.00    N/A         233732
                                                                                                 or Physics

                                                                                                 Any General or Applied English
Bachelor of Exercise Science                                    G       1, 2, 3!     3F/6P       A: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods       68.00               233322
                                                                                                 or Physics

                                                                                     4F/6F Any General or Applied English
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics^                            G        1, 2                                                                      80.00    N/A         233852
                                                                                    (4P+2F) A: Biology, Chemistry or Mathematical Methods

                                                                G                                                                                                       233552
                                                                                     4F/         Any General English; Biology, Chemistry,
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)                                 1                                                                       NEW      N/A
                                                                                    4P+2F        Physics or Psychology
                                                                N                                                                                                       225422

                                                                G                                Any General English                               98.00                233722
Bachelor of Physiotherapy                                                  1          4F         A: Mathematical Methods; Biology, Chemistry,               N/A
                                                                N                                or Physics                                        97.50                225432

                                                                                                 Any General or Applied English
Bachelor of Sport Development                                   G          1         3F/6P       A: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods       65.00               233562
                                                                                                 or Physics

Midwifery and nursing                                                                                                                                             page 52
Bachelor of Midwifery                                            L         1                     Any General English                               95.00    N/A         263392

                                                                G                                                                                  86.00                233112

Bachelor of Nursing%                                             L       1, 2        3F/6P       Any General English                               81.00               263112

                                                                N                                                                                  86.00                225312


                                                                                                                                                      ATAR/              QTAC

      DEGREE                                                                                                         PREREQUISITES                    RANK               CODE

      Medicine, medical sciences, pharmacy, paramedicine and public health                                                                                           page 54
                                                                       G                               Any General or Applied English                 81.00              233412
      Bachelor of Biomedical Science                                            1, 2       3F/6P       A: Mathematical Methods; Biology, Chemistry,            
                                                                       N                               or Physics                                     74.00              228212
      Bachelor of Health Science                                       G       1, 2, 3     3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                 67.00             233312

                                                                                                       Any General or Applied English
      Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science                           G        1, 2        4F         A: Mathematical Methods; Biology, Chemistry,   79.00             233862
                                                                                                       or Physics

                                                                       G                               Any General English                                               233422
      Bachelor of Medical Science$                                                1         2F>        A: Mathematical Methods; Biology, Chemistry,   99.85    N/A
                                                                       N                               or Physics                                                        228272

                                                                                                       Any General English; Biology, Chemistry,
      Bachelor of Paramedicine                                         G          1         3F         General Mathematics, Mathematical              97.55    N/A       233912
                                                                                                       Methods, Physics or Psychology
                                                                                                       Any General or Applied English
      Bachelor of Pharmacology and Toxicology                          G        1, 2       3F/6P       A: Mathematical Methods or Specialist          70.00             233921
                                                                                                       Mathematics; Biology, Chemistry or Physics

                                                                                                       Any General or Applied English
      Bachelor of Pharmacy                                             G        1, 2        4F         A: Mathematical Methods or Specialist          76.00             233901
                                                                                                       Mathematics; Biology, Chemistry or Physics

      Bachelor of Public Health                                        G        1, 3       3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                 67.00             234152

      Psychology, counselling, social work and human services                                                                                                        page 59
                                                                        L                                                                                                263212
      Bachelor of Child, Youth and Family Practice                              1, 2       3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                 65.00    
                                                                      O@                                                                                                 276045
                                                                       G                                                                                                 233591
      Bachelor of Counselling                                                  1, 2, 3     3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                 67.00    
                                                                       M                                                                                                 225131
                                                                       G                                                                                                 233451
      Bachelor of Human Services                                        L       1, 2
                                                                                                       Any General or Applied English                 67.00             263312
                                                                      O@                                                                                                 276055
                                                                       G                                                                              70.00              231612
      Bachelor of Psychological Science                                        1, 2, 3     3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                          
                                                                       M                                                                              68.00              225521
                                                                       G                                                                                                 231632
      Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)                                         1, 2, 3     4F/8P       Any General or Applied English                 79.00    
                                                                       M                                                                                                 225511
                                                                       G                                                                                                 233362
      Bachelor of Social Work                                           L       1, 2       4F/8P       Any General or Applied English                 68.00             263371
                                                                      O@                                                                                                 276025

      Humanities, social science, journalism and communication                                                                                                       page 62

      Bachelor of Arts
      Majors: Creative Writing; Criminal Justice; Drama; History;
      Indigenous Studies; Islam–West Relations; Journalism;            G                                                                                                 232421
      Language in Society; Languages (Chinese, French~,
      German~, Indonesian~, Italian, Japanese, Korean~,
      Modern Greek+, Spanish); Literary Studies; Politics,
      Popular Culture; Psychology; Security and International
                                                                               1, 2, 3     3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                 65.00    
      Studies; Social Justice; Sociology; Strategic Communications
      Minors: Art History and Theory; Digital Media Production;
                                                                       N                                                                                                 226112
      Environmental Humanities; Gender Studies; Medical Humanities;
      Politics and International Studies Screen Studies; Security
      Studies; Translating and Interpreting for Chinese Speakers

                                                                       G                                                                                                 232301
      Bachelor of Communication
      and Journalism
                                                                                  1        3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                 65.00    
                                                                       N                                                                                                 226211

      Bachelor of Social Science                                       G                                                                                                 232651
      Majors: Economics; Environmental Sustainability; Global
      Security Threats; Media, Communication and Social Change;
                                                                                  1        3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                 73.00    
                                                                       N                                                                                                 226401
      Politics in Asia; Social Justice

      Information technology                                                                                                                                         page 66

      Bachelor of Computer Science                                     G                                                                                                 234391
                                                                                                       Any General or Applied English
      Majors: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence;                         1, 2       3F/6P       A: Mathematical Methods
                                                                                                                                                      72.00    
      Software Development                                             O                                                                                                 278015

                                                                                                       Any General or Applied English
      Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Honours)                 G, O      1,2        4F/8P
                                                                                                       A: Mathematical Methods
                                                                                                                                                      82.00             234731

     See p14 for this table’s key.

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide


                                                                                                                                              ATAR/                  QTAC

DEGREE                                                                                                      PREREQUISITES                     RANK                   CODE

                                                             G                                                                                                      234601
Bachelor of Information Technology
                                                                                             A: Any General English; General Mathematics
Majors: Information Systems; Networks and Security;          N       1, 2, 3     3F/6P       or Mathematical Methods
                                                                                                                                              65.00                228612
Software Development
                                                             O                                                                                                      278005

Bachelor of Intelligent Digital Technologies                 G                                                                                                      234401
                                                                                             Any General or Applied English
Majors: Internet of Things and Robotics;                              1, 2       3F/6P       A: Mathematical Methods
                                                                                                                                              65.00     
Programming for Visualisation and Entertainment              N                                                                                                      228801

                                                                                                                                                                                  Forge your future
Languages and linguistics                                                                                                                                     page 70

Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics                        G                                                                                                      232252
Specialisations: Chinese; French~; German~; Indonesian~;                1        3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                   65.00     
Italian; Japanese; Korean~; Modern Greek+; Spanish           N                                                                                                       221132

Diploma of Languages#                                                                                                                         Direct
                                                                     1, 2, 3      2P         Any General or Applied English                             N/A        Direct entry
Specialisations: Chinese; Italian; Japanese; Spanish                                                                                          entry

Law and criminology                                                                                                                                               page 74
                                                            G, O                                                                                                     232512
Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice                          1, 2       3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                   63.00     
                                                            M, O                                                                                                     226512

                                                             G                                                                                                      236601
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)^                                           1, 2       4F/8P       Any General English                              82.00     N/A
                                                             N                                                                                                      226601

Music and performing arts                                                                                                                                     page 78
                                                                                             Audition and interview
Bachelor of Acting                                            S         1         3F                                                           N/A      N/A          251782
                                                                                             A: Any General English

Bachelor of Music
Majors: Composition; Creative Music Technology; Education                                    Audition and interview
                                                              S         1         3F                                                           N/A      N/A          251722
Preparation A (Instrumental); Education Preparation B                                        A: Any General English
(Classroom); Music Studies; Performance; Popular Music
                                                                                             Audition and interview
Bachelor of Musical Theatre                                   S         1         3F                                                           N/A      N/A         251772
                                                                                             A: Any General English

Science and environment                                                                                                                                       page 82
Bachelor of Environmental Science                            G                               Any General or Applied English                                         233681
Majors: Ecology and Conservation; Environmental                      1, 2, 3     3F/6P       A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods   65.00     
Management; Soil and Water Science; Urban Environments       N                               R: Biology, Chemistry or Physics                                       228811

Bachelor of Forensic Science                                                                 Any General or Applied English
Majors: Forensic Chemistry; Forensic Molecular Biology
                                                             N          1        3F/6P       A: Mathematical Methods                          67.00                228252
                                                                                             R: Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Bachelor of Marine Science                                                                   Any General or Applied English
Majors: Coastal Management; Marine Chemistry and             G        1, 2       3F/6P       A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods   67.00                234142
Biotechnology; Marine Ecology                                                                R: Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Bachelor of Science                                          G                                                                                                      233671
Majors: Applied Mathematics; Biochemistry and Molecular                                      Any General or Applied English
Biology; Chemistry; Clinical Sciences; Geography; Marine
                                                                     1, 2, 3     3F/6P       A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods   65.00     
                                                             N                               R: Biology, Chemistry or Physics                                       228911
Biology; Microbiology; Physics; Wildlife Biology

                                                             G                               Any General or Applied English                                         234122
Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours)                               1, 2, 3     4F/8P       A: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods   82.00     
                                                                                             R: Biology, Chemistry or Physics
                                                             N                                                                                                      228152

Visual arts, design and screen media                                                                                                                          page 88
Bachelor of Animation
Majors: Animating; Art Direction;                             S         1        3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                   73.00                 241212
Technical Direction
Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art&                                          Folio and interview
                                                             S        1, 2       3F/6P                                                         N/A      N/A          241252
Majors: Studio Practice; Painting; Photography; Sculpture                                    A: Any General English

Bachelor of Design                                           G                                                                                                      236142
Majors: Immersive Design; Interaction Design;
Interior and Spatial Design; Product Design;
                                                                      1, 2       3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                   63.00     
Visual Communication Design                                   S                                                                                                      241292

Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production                  S         1        3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                   73.00                 241302

Bachelor of Games Design
Majors: Animating; Art Direction; Computer Generated          S         1        3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                   67.00                 241312
Imagery; Player Experience
Bachelor of Visual Arts
Majors: Painting; Photography; Sculpture
                                                             S        1, 2       3F/6P       Any General or Applied English                   63.00                 241232

     Architecture, planning
     and built environment

     Industry connections                  Unique experiences                          Five-star support
     You’ll have the opportunity to work   We offer student opportunities to help      Both architecture and built environment
     with industry professionals while     you stand out from the crowd, including     at Griffith were given a five-star rating for
     you study thanks to work-integrated   small groups, practice-led design studios   student support and learner engagement
     learning projects.                    and international field study electives.    by the Good Universities Guide 2021.
Overview                                                                                                  21

                                                                                                          Architecture, planning and built environment
Help shape the future of local and global communities and cities as you plan
and build sustainable solutions for practical issues.
Developed alongside Griffith’s industry advisory board, these degrees ensure you are equipped
with work-ready attributes and abilities to excel from the earliest stages of your career.

Subject interests                                       Career outcomes
• Design                                                • Architect
• Engineering                                           • City, town or urban planner
• Graphics                                              • Construction economist
• Information technology                                • Construction manager
• Mathematics                                           • Project manager
• Physics                                               • Property developer
• Geography                                             • Site manager or supervisor
• Business studies                                      • Environmental planner

Building a sustainable future
Our architecture and planning degrees are                   Related study
distinctive in their emphasis on environmental              You may also enjoy degrees specialising in:
sustainability and urban design.
                                                            • Engineering (p40)
We are focused on global issues, particularly
                                                            • Science and environment (p82)
climate-responsive and sustainable planning and
design principles for the tropics and subtropics,           • B
                                                               usiness, government and tourism
relevant to our region and South East Asia.                   (p30)
Our construction management degree also                     • V
                                                               isual arts, design and screen media
incorporates studies of social responsibility,                (p88)
community engagement and sustainability to ensure
graduates meet ethical requirements in the industry.
Start                                                           ATAR/       VET
            Campus      Duration    Trimester                      Prerequisites                      RANK      Pathways         Available doubles with

            Bachelor of Architectural Design
                                                         Any General or Applied English subject                    Cert IV
                G          3F/6P        1, 2                       (Units 3&4, C)                      70.00                                 N/A
                                                                                                                  or higher
                                                    R: General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods
           What you’ll study                                 Professional recognition                             Career opportunities
           You’ll combine classroom studies, studio          This degree is recognised by the Australian          With your design, technical knowledge and
           work, fieldwork and practical experience          Institute of Architects, the Architects              creative skills, you’ll be qualified to assist
           to learn about urban systems, public              Accreditation Council of Australia and               architects and other built environment
           places, building design, and all aspects          the Board of Architects of Queensland                professionals in the design, documentation
           of the built environment. As you study,           as an approved pathway program for                   and procurement of buildings. You’ll find
           you’ll develop your design and creative           the professionally accredited Master                 employment in a broad spectrum of
           problem-solving skills, and learn how             of Architecture.                                     creative roles in government agencies,
           to meet aesthetic, functional and user                                                                 statutory bodies, design practices and
           needs with your designs. This degree                                                                   studios (urban design, architecture, interior
                                                             Further study
           draws inspiration from our unique Gold                                                                 design, virtual environments, graphic
           Coast city environment and the challenges         The Bachelor of Architectural Design                 design and the film and games industries),
           of building resilience for the future in an       is a stepping stone to Griffith’s Master             commercial development companies,
           urban coastal context. In particular,             of Architecture degree, which provides               building product
           our focus on sustainable design in tropical       the academic qualifications needed for               manufacturing and
           and subtropical climates will prepare you         registration as an architect.                        distribution companies,
           for work in Australia and the Asia–Pacific.                                                            and research
           In your third year, you’ll get practical                                                               organisations.
           experience by completing a supervised
           industry-based design project.

                                                                                          ‘G riffith allows students to grow
                                                                                            and develop at their pace while
                                                                                            also pushing capabilities.’
                                                                                          Griffith alumnus Rachael Grant secured a role with architecture
                                                                                          firm Rothelowman even before she graduated. ‘What I loved
                                                                                          the most about Griffith was the investment and consistency
                                                                                          from the academics I was able to work with and their desire for
                                                                                          students to do their best,’ she says. Rachael was exposed to so
                                                                                          many opportunities, from site visits, networking events, field trips
                                                                                          and mentoring to applying for a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.
                                                                                          ‘Griffith allows students to grow and develop at their pace while
                                                                                          also pushing capabilities. I have felt like I have been pushed to
                                                                                          exceed my potential with every skill I now have developed through
                                                                                          experiences gained at Griffith.’

                                                                                          Rachael Grant
                                                                                          Bachelor of Architectural Design

     Griffith University 2023 Undergraduate study guide
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