UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students

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UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
UQ Guide 2021
    Australian Undergraduate
UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
            students from more than   #1            in Queensland
                                                    for graduate

  6             140
                                      QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2019

Faculties             countries
UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
#1   University
     in Australia in
     the prestigious
                       More national
                       teaching awards
                       than any other

     Nature index      Australian university
UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
Important dates
          June                  2 June                   Careers that shape the world

          July                  18–19 July               Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO)

                                2 August                 Open Day: UQ St Lucia
                                16 August                Open Day: UQ Gatton

          December              14 December              ATARs released

                                15–19 February           Orientation week
                                22 February              Semester 1 starts

          March                 31 March                 Census date (Semester 1)

          April                 5 April                  Mid-semester break
                                31 May – 4 June          Revision period
                                5–19 June                Examination period
                                19 June                  Semester 1 ends
                                21 June – 23 July        Mid-year break
                                19–23 July               Mid-year orientation
                                26 July                  Semester 2 starts

          August                31 August                Census date (Semester 2)

          September             27 Sep – 1 Oct           Mid-semester break

          October               5 October                Semester 2 resumes

                                1–5 November             Revision period
                                6–20 November            Examination period
                                20 November              Semester 2 ends
                                29 November              Summer Semester starts (provisional)

          * Check the Academic Calendar at uq.edu.au/events for final dates. Some dates
            may be provisional.

         The information in this Guide is accurate as at January 2020. However, the University has
         many programs and courses, and refreshes and updates its programs and course offerings
         from time to time and without notice. It is your responsibility to visit future-students.uq.edu.au
         for up-to-date information.
         All costs and fees quoted in this publication are in Australian dollars (A$).

         ESOS compliance
         The provision of education services to international students by Australian education
         institutions is governed by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000
         and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and
         Training to Overseas Students 2007.
         The University of Queensland, in providing education services to overseas students, complies
         with the National Code of Practice of the Department of Education and Training and the
         Universities Australia code of ethical practice.
         CRICOS Provider 00025B
         ESOS Act
         The University complies with Australian and Queensland privacy laws and guidelines.

         This publication was produced by The University of Queensland’s Marketing and

UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
Welcome to UQ                                                   4

EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS                                            6
Own the unknown                                                 8
Your program pathways                                          10
Get planning                                                   12
Got questions?                                                 14
Apply for a scholarship                                        16
Stand out from the crowd                                       18
See the world                                                  20
Turn your idea into something big                              22

STUDYING AT UQ                                                 24
Admission information                                          26
Admission pathways                                             27
Admission schemes                                              28
Applying to UQ                                                 30
Program reference guide                                        32
Double your opportunities                               Fold-out
Admission requirements                                  Fold-out
•    Equivalent prerequisites                           Fold-out
     and entry scores
•    Attainable selection rank                          Fold-out
Areas of study                                                 34

LIFE AT UQ                                                     40
Campus locations                                               42
Getting here                                                   46
Your UQ life                                                   48
Stay active                                                    50
Accommodation                                                  52
Setting you up for success                                     54
Plan your finances                                             56
A day in the life                                              58

    The University of Queensland (UQ) acknowledges the
    Traditional Owners and their custodianship of the lands
    on which UQ operates. We pay our respects to their
    Ancestors and their descendants, who continue cultural
    and spiritual connections to country. We recognise their
    valuable contributions to Australian and global society.

                      AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021        3
UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
    to UQ
    Starting university is an exciting time. You’ll meet people
    who will become lifelong friends, exchange ideas with
    other bright minds, and develop knowledge that will
    help you excel, no matter where life takes you.
    At UQ, we are here to support, guide and inspire you as
    you join us on this next step towards your future success
    – whatever form that takes.
    When you join us, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded
    students, who come from Australia and around the
    world to study here. The curiosity, creativity and
    resilience of our students are part of what makes
    employers seek out UQ graduates – a global network
    you will one day join, who reinforce the value of a UQ
    degree through their achievements and successes.
    As a global top 50 university, UQ has championed
    creative thinking for more than 100 years to solve
    problems facing humanity. We don’t just teach the latest
    research – our research pioneers are industry leaders
    who discover the latest breakthroughs, and make a
    positive difference in people’s lives around the world.
    You’ll learn in a way that suits you at one of our beautiful
    campuses in South East Queensland – whether in
    seminars, small tutorials, laboratories, online or by
    partnering with our passionate educators to change
    how courses are taught.
    University isn’t just about study though – you’ll also
    have fun here. UQ is renowned for our vibrant campus
    culture, our clubs and societies, and our sporting
    communities, where you’ll truly enjoy your recreation
    time while making friends for life.
    No matter what your reason for being here, you are sure
    to enjoy UQ’s long-standing traditions, while creating
    some new ones of your own.

UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
    your options
    With some of the most varied study options in Australia, at UQ you can
    choose a degree to match your interests, passions or career goals.
    We also offer pathways to help you upgrade your qualifications for
    entry into your program of choice.

UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
UQ Guide 2021 Australian Undergraduate - UQ Future Students
Own the unknown
    Chances are, your career will not be a straight line from school to uni to a job for life.

       As technology and new discoveries improve      As a UQ student, you’ll see that               capabilities and mindsets, with peers and
       our lives, they also disrupt our careers. In   this uncertainty is actually opportunity –     teachers who share your passion to learn
       the near future, some current jobs will no     a mindset UQ has championed for more           and create change.
       longer exist, surpassed by ones we can’t       than 100 years.                                With UQ, you’ll go further in every
       yet imagine.                                                                                  possible future.
                                                      You can study courses that develop vital

                                                                                      Remember, you have options
                                                                                      If you don’t get into your dream program, don’t
                                                                                      despair. There are many paths to UQ. UQ College
                                                                                      offers bridging courses and associate degrees to
                                                                                      help you meet your prerequisites or gain a new entry
                                                                                      score. And if you find a degree isn’t for you or you
                                                                                      don’t get in the first time, it is possible to change. UQ’s
                                                                                      Admissions team is on hand to answer your questions
                                                                                      and help with your plans. See pages 26–29 or email
                                                                                      admissions@uq.edu.au to explore your options.

     Plan for and enrol in your UQ program

    Start preparing
    Get ready for your UQ
    experience by:
    • booking a UQ Campus tour,
    • coming to a Future Student
    • exploring UQ programs                              Apply to UQ
    • applying for scholarships,                         Know what you want to
       and                                               study? See pages 30–31 for
    • signing onto UQ’s free                             details on how to apply.
       online employability course
    Visit future-students.uq.edu.au/                                                               Choose study that suits you
    getting-prepared for more                                                                      Flexibility is important as you juggle study,
    information.                                                                                   work and life. UQ offers study support and
                                                                                                   Queensland’s widest range of programs. To
                                                                                                   graduate with double the knowledge and
                                                                                                   capabilities, you can also choose to enrol in a
                                                                                                   dual program (see fold-out on page 32).

STAY IN TOUCH                                                                             Start your research career
No matter where your path takes you, you’ll always be a
part of our UQ community. As part of our global network                                   Our powerhouse research community and
of more than 275,000 graduates in 170 countries, you                                      commercialisation companies make UQ a
can access alumni benefits and UQ’s many social,                                          world leader in discovering solutions to the big
mentoring and professional development opportunities.                                     problems of our time. Enrol in a postgraduate
Visit alumni.uq.edu.au to find out more.                                                  research degree to join our research superstars.
                                                                                          Visit graduate-school.uq.edu.au/uq-research-
                                                                                          degrees for more information.

                                                      Specialise with further study
                                                      Loved your degree and want to go
                                                      further? UQ has a variety of online and
                                                      on-campus postgraduate programs
                                                      to help you accelerate your career.
                                                      Visit future-students.uq.edu.au/apply/
                                                      postgraduate to explore your options.

           Begin your career
           UQ graduates are better placed
           than any others in Queensland
           to get a job*, so you’ll be well on
           your way to an exciting career in
           any industry after you leave UQ.
           *QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020

                                                                                                    Choose your next step to success

Make the most of your time at UQ                                Get a head start on your career
Get involved in UQ’s extracurricular opportunities:
                                                                You don’t need to wait until you graduate
•    clubs and societies
                                                                to set your career in motion. UQ’s Student
•    volunteer opportunities
                                                                Employability Centre and the Faculty
•    concurrent diplomas
                                                                Employability Teams can help you access
•    student and industry mentoring
                                                                opportunities to enhance your employability.
•    global experiences
                                                                See page 18 to find out more.
•    entrepreneurship programs
•    research internships.
                                                                                                      AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021   9
Your program
     UQ offers choices that give you flexibility.

     We understand that academic interests are        Concurrent Diploma in Languages               Honours
     as diverse as our students. That’s why we        At UQ, you can undertake the Diploma          All honours programs at UQ satisfy research
     provide choices to give you flexibility in       in Languages concurrently with your           training requirements to prepare you to
     your learning. You can choose a program          bachelor’s degree. You generally spread       progress to a postgraduate coursework
     that matches your interests, passions and        the load as extra courses across the          degree, or a higher degree by research,
     career goals.                                    duration of your degree, but can sometimes    such as a Master of Philosophy, Doctor of
                                                      study several of the required courses         Philosophy, Doctor of Biotechnology or
     Undergraduate programs                           simultaneously in one or two semesters. To    Doctor of Veterinary Clinical Science.
     Bachelor’s degree                                enrol in the Diploma in Languages, you can    An honours degree provides you with
                                                      apply directly to UQ once QTAC offers you a   skills and knowledge in a specific area.
     Bachelor’s degrees usually require between       place at UQ.
     three and five years of full-time study, and                                                   UQ offers two broad options for bachelor’s
     generally provide knowledge and skills for       Undergraduate diploma                         honours degrees:
     work in a specialist area. Within a bachelor’s                                                 • a one-year (16-unit) bachelor’s honours
                                                      After you graduate, you may wish to
     program, you may have to complete                                                                degree after graduating from a bachelor’s
                                                      update your qualifications, broaden your
     compulsory courses and elective courses                                                          degree in the same discipline
                                                      knowledge and/or improve your research
     (normally two units each) and you can often      skills. The 16-unit (equivalent to one-year   • a four-year (or more) bachelor’s honours
     choose areas of study. To be awarded a           full-time) Diploma in Arts or Diploma in        degree, with all students graduating
     bachelor’s degree, you need to complete the      Science could be just the answer. Subject       with honours.
     specified total number of units with a certain   to performance and entry requirements,        For more information on UQ’s
     number of units studied in specific areas.       completion of these undergraduate             undergraduate programs, visit:
                                                      diplomas could make you eligible for entry    future-students.uq.edu.au/study/
                                                      to honours or postgraduate programs.          find-a-program

Students in the Oral Health Centre,
                                                                                                  UQ Herston

Dual programs                                      Courses (subjects)                             Enhance your career
A dual program enables you to study                A course is a distinct unit of study within    with postgraduate study
for two bachelor’s degrees at the same             a program. Each course is identified by
                                                                                                  A UQ bachelor’s degree is the solid
time, in a shorter period than if you were         a code, title and unit value. Courses are
                                                                                                  foundation for a successful career, but you
undertaking them separately. This means            usually completed in one or two semesters
                                                                                                  may want to enhance your career prospects
that you can study several areas of interest       and most are worth two units; however,
                                                                                                  by continuing to postgraduate study after
at once, gaining extra knowledge and               some have higher workloads and may be
                                                                                                  you graduate.
skills to give you a competitive edge in the       worth four or eight units.
workforce. If one program has a higher                                                            UQ offers postgraduate coursework
entry score than the other, the higher score       Course choice                                  programs (graduate certificates, graduate
applies (see fold-out on page 32).                                                                diplomas, coursework master’s, coursework
                                                   Course selection varies depending on your
                                                                                                  master’s (advanced) and professional
                                                   faculty and program. Some programs have
                                                                                                  doctorates) and higher degrees by research
Study load                                         compulsory (core) courses only; others may
                                                                                                  (Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy,
A standard study load is eight units (#8)          allow a restricted choice within categories.
                                                                                                  Doctor of Biotechnology, Doctor of Medical
per semester, which is usually four courses.       Others may offer an extended range of
                                                                                                  Leadership and Doctor of Veterinary
                                                   courses (electives) and/or you may have
Full-time study                                                                                   Clinical Science) to equip you with specialist
                                                   to undertake research projects. Check the
                                                                                                  knowledge, upgrade your qualifications,
An academic full-time load is eight units          requirements of your program.
                                                                                                  help you get promoted or pave the way for
per semester in most programs. To improve
                                                                                                  your career in academia.
your rank via the ‘Tertiary Admission
Pathway’, a full-time academic workload                                                           Although postgraduate coursework degrees
is recommended to achieve a competitive                                                           can lead to a higher degree by research,
rank, especially for high-demand programs.                                                        applicants also require relevant work or
A student completing 75 per cent or more                                                          research experience.
of the standard academic workload for a                                                           future-students.uq.edu.au/
program (i.e. enrolled in at least six units per                                                  apply/postgraduate
semester or three to four courses, for most                                                       graduate-school.uq.edu.au/
programs) will also be eligible for full-time                                                     uq-research-degrees
study benefits.

                                                                                                     AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021        11
Get planning

     Understand how to make the                                STEP                                           STEP

                                                                 1                                             2
     most of your opportunities.

                                                     Start at the program                              Consider a dual
                                                       reference guide                                 degree program

                                              Start planning your studies. Use the program   A dual program, also called a double degree,
                                              tables in the fold-out on page 32 to find      allows you to study two programs at the
                                              programs that best match your interests and    same time – usually in a shorter timeframe.
                                              strengths. More details about the areas of     Not all programs can be completed as a dual
                                              study in each program are listed on pages      program. Have a look at UQ’s dual programs
                                              34–39.                                         in the fold-out on page 32.

STEP                                          STEP

       Check your preferred
                                                     Find out how to apply
       program’s admission                           for your UQ program

Your entry will be determined based on your    Use the step-by-step application process as
QTAC selection rank, which can be achieved     a guide for how to apply to UQ
by completing high school, past university     (see pages 30–31).
study or the completion of certificates and
diplomas. All applicants will need to meet
subject prerequisites or other requirements
– such as completing certain subjects at
high school, additional tests, interviews or
If you don’t qualify for entry to UQ, don’t
despair; there are many pathways to UQ.
See pages 26–29 to answer your questions.

                                                                                             AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021   13
Got questions?
     We’ve got the answers.

     Want to find out what life as a UQ               Want to experience UQ at school?                     Improve your languages while still at
     student is like?                                                                                      school
                                                      Enhanced Studies Program
     The best way to get a taste of life as a UQ                                                           Practise your language skills with native
                                                      Want to try out uni before committing? UQ’s          speakers at our summer or winter intensive
     student is to visit us. UQ’s St Lucia Shuttle    Enhanced Studies Program lets you complete
     Cart Tours are a fun and interactive way to                                                           sessions at UQ’s Institute of Modern
                                                      a university course during Semester 1 of Year        Languages. Designed for Year 11 or Year 12
     immerse yourself in our welcoming student        12. The program is free, boosts your entry
     community. For more details on UQ’s tour                                                              students, get a jump on the year ahead.
                                                      rank by one point, and you may receive credit
     offerings, visit:                                if you go on to study at UQ. Some courses            iml.uq.edu.au/iml-uq-high-school-
     future-students.uq.edu.au/campus-tours           are available externally or via flexible delivery.   program
     You can also keep up to date with the latest     esp.uq.edu.au                                        FEAST
     news and upcoming events by subscribing
                                                      InspireU                                             Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science
     to our mailing list. We’ll keep you up to date
                                                                                                           and Technology (FEAST) is a four-day
     with all you need to know to make your           InspireU is an aspiration-building program           residential program to inspire high school
     journey to university easier.                    for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander            students about rewarding science careers
     engage.uq.edu.au/Register-for-updates-           high school students. Students experience            in the agriculture, animal, plant and food
     FSCC                                             life at university, attend a residential camp        industries. It’s open to students in Years 11
                                                      themed around a professional discipline              and 12 and is held each July at UQ Gatton.
     Want to meet our staff at events?                and participate in interactive faculty based
                                                      workshops.                                           science.uq.edu.au/event/feast
     TSXPO                                            atsis.uq.edu.au/future-students/inspireu-
     Attend the free Tertiary Studies Expo            programs                                             Want more info?
     (TSXPO) to speak with UQ staff and students                                                           With the world at your feet and so many
     about programs and courses available at UQ.      Young Scholars Program
                                                                                                           options to explore, starting university can
     Saturday 18 July and Sunday 19 July 2020         Are you a high-achieving Year 11 student?            feel overwhelming. Take advantage of all
                                                      Apply for our Young Scholars Program to              the resources available to help you make
                                                      meet UQ’s academic community and mix                 the right decision for you.
                                                      with high achievers from across Australia.
                                                      The program includes a residential camp at           Answer your questions
                                                      the end of Year 11.                                  The Future Students Contact Centre (FSCC)
                                                      young-scholars.uq.edu.au                             can advise on programs, entry requirements
                                                                                                           and application procedures. Consider the
                                                      Workshops for schools                                FSCC your first point of contact.
                                                      Visiting school groups can practise                  future-students.uq.edu.au/ask
                                                      archaeological field methods, build a robot,
                                                                                                           Online resources
                                                      work in a lab, get a fitness test, or learn how to
                                                      develop apps in our on-campus workshops.             Visit UQ’s Future Students website to view
                                                      uq.edu.au/high-schools/activities-and-               programs and courses; find out how to apply
                                                      workshops-students                                   and what entry requirements you need;

UQ Open Day
                                             St Lucia      2 August 2020
                                             Gatton       16 August 2020

check tuition fees, program outlines,
how long programs will take and career
outcomes. You can also discover a range
of information about life as a UQ student.
Visit our campus
Visit UQ to see what our campuses have
to offer. Prospective students can book
a shuttle cart tour of UQ St Lucia or a
guided tour of UQ Gatton. You can even
take in the sights at your own pace with
UQ’s St Lucia Campus Self-Guided Tour.
Details on where to collect your free map
can be found at:
Be sure to share your UQ
Shuttle Cart or Self-Guided
Tour experience


Didn’t get the OP you were
                                             Open Day is the perfect opportunity to experience UQ.
expecting?                                   Find out about programs and courses, explore the
Every OP is an opportunity, and at UQ        campus and facilities, meet staff and current students,
we are here to help support you in your
journey to university. In the following
                                             and enjoy the range of fun activities at this free event.
pages, you will discover all the different
ways you can connect with UQ staff to
discuss your options. For an overview of
the admission process at UQ, please refer
to the helpful admission information
                                                      Visit the website
on page 26.                                           future-students.uq.edu.au/open-day

                                                                              AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021   15
Apply for a
     Make your UQ experience more affordable
     with the support of a scholarship. You may not
     think you’re eligible, but you might be surprised!

     Gabi Palm
     Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) student
     and UQ Sports Achievement Scholarship recipient

University-wide scholarships

UQ has a range of scholarships designed
to reward the achievements of outstanding
school leavers, to identify, support and
develop tomorrow’s leaders, and to
offer support to students who might not
otherwise be able to attend university.
UQ also has a number of other scholarships
for both undergraduate and postgraduate
students that provide fee relief or financial
assistance, which you can apply for even
after you have started at UQ.
Keep an eye out for upcoming scholarships
related to your study area. There are also
scholarships to help with studying abroad,
assistance for regional and rural students,
and career-specific scholarships.
If you are completing Year 12 in 2020, or
you completed Year 12 in 2019 and are on a
gap year, you may be eligible to apply for a


If you excel in both your chosen sport and
academic studies, you may be eligible for
a UQ Sporting Scholarship. A range of
scholarships are offered in partnership with
UQ Sport.
Elite athlete support
UQ is an elite athlete-friendly university,
which supports over 200 elite-level
student–athletes manage their sport
and studies. Dedicated UQ Sport staff, in
partnership with UQ, provide academic
liaison support to negotiate flexible options
for enrolment, assessment and course-
related needs.

      Get in early
      Scholarship applications close at
      different times throughout 2020
      – plan your applications and apply
      early so you don’t miss out!


Stand out from
     the crowd

     Give yourself the best start.            Employers are looking for creative, resilient    Employability Award
                                              and flexible people with entrepreneurial
     UQ’s opportunities add value             mindsets and leadership capabilities. People
                                                                                               The Employability Award recognises the
                                                                                               personal and professional development that
     to your degree and develop               with global awareness who have a thirst for      you gain through involvement in activities
     more of the skills employers             continuous learning and development.             beyond your academic studies. It empowers
     are looking for.                         The Faculty Employability Teams and the          you to unlock your potential, reflect on your
                                              Employability Centre can connect you             experiences, and helps you articulate your
                                              with, and empower you to build, valuable         value to future employers.
                                              networks, take on new challenges and             employability.uq.edu.au/award
                                              discover more about your passion and drive.
                                                                                               Student-Staff Partnerships
                                              Before you get here
                                                                                               By participating in a Student-Staff
                                              EMPLOY101x ‘Unlocking your employability’        Partnership, you have the opportunity
                                              is a free, self-paced, online course developed   to enhance the student experience and
                                              by UQ to show you how to take your               your employability. During Partnership
                                              experiences, extract what you’ve learnt from     projects, staff and students collaborate to
                                              them and present this in a way that would be     design courses, facilitate events, or develop
                                              attractive to an employer. Learn how to unlock   engagement initiatives.
                                              your personal and professional development
                                              to maximise your career success.                 employability.uq.edu.au/student-staff-

Taylah Hasaballah took the opportunities
                                                                                               and knowledge she gained at UQ to secure
                                                                                               an internship at Google, which has led to
                                                                                               an exciting career. She now helps develop
                                                                                               products that will shape our digital future,
                                                                                               and impact billions of people worldwide.

Make the most of your time at UQ
Take advantage of activities at key points in your program to enhance your employability.

First years                                    Mid years                                       Final years
Your career starts now                         Develop your employability                      Prepare for employment
Your first years at UQ are the perfect time    Now you’ve settled into university, it’s time   Your final years of study are a time to
to start planning your future:                 to enhance your employability:                  start thinking about your next steps.
• Sign up for the Employability Award.         • Find volunteering opportunities.              Prepare to start your career and translate
                                                                                               your skills into practice:
• Sign on to UQ’s free online employability    • Expand your skill set with an internship.
  course EMPLOY101x.                           • Apply to the Summer and Winter                • Build your professional networks and
• Build networks by joining a club               Research Programs.                              engage with employers through UQ’s
  or society (see pages 48–49).                                                                  Employability Week.
                                               • Apply for a global experience
• Find out if you’re eligible for a global       (see pages 20–21).                            • Meet with a Career Development
  experience (see pages 20–21).                                                                  Adviser.
                                               • Engage in entrepreneurship and innovation
                                                 opportunities (see pages 22–23).              • Gain a competitive edge with
                                                                                                 an internship.
                                               • Become a student mentor.
                                               • Enhance the student experience through a
                                                 Student–Staff Partnership (see page 18).

                                                                                                   AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021     19
See the world
     See the potential of the world.
     Gain the knowledge to make it better.

     Lachie (Bachelor of Engineering)
     on exchange at Arizona State
     University. Photo taken at
     Horseshoe Bend,
     Grand Canyon, Arizona.

How to study overseas                          Short-term experiences
Studying overseas is an ideal way to           Want to study or live overseas for
enhance your employability while also          only a short time? Short-term global
enjoying the experience of a lifetime. As      experiences are a great way to discover
a UQ student, you can access a range           more of the world, develop valuable
of global experiences, from exchange           contacts and make the most of your
and short-term study, to international         semester breaks. Many experiences at
internships, volunteering and opportunities    approved host universities in Asia, Europe,
to represent UQ on the global stage. Our       the USA or Latin America are eligible for
Global Experiences team can help guide         credit towards your UQ program.
you through the application process and
get you set for international success.         Universitas 21 student experiences
employability.uq.edu.au/                       UQ is a member of Universitas 21 (U21),
global-experiences                             an international network of leading
                                               research-intensive universities that work
Student exchange program                       together to enhance the student experience
Study overseas in your choice of               across the world.
38 countries for up to one year, while still   Apply to participate in a range of U21 student
gaining credit towards your UQ degree.         experiences such as short-term Summer /
While you’re on exchange, tuition fees at      Winter Schools, global competitions, and
the host university are waived and you’ll      student exchange, and build your global
continue to pay fees and be enrolled at        network of like-minded peers.
UQ. You can even apply for exchange            employability.uq.edu.au/u21
scholarships and may be eligible for an
OS-HELP loan to assist with airfares,          Start planning now!
accommodation, travel insurance and living
costs.                                         If you’re interested in studying overseas,
                                               the Global Experiences team offers
                                               information sessions throughout the year,
                                               or you can speak to an adviser.

                                               exchange countries

$2m                                            100+
student funding support                        short-term programs
for overseas opportunities

180                                            1500+
exchange partners                              students participating
                                               in global experiences

                                                  AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021        21
Turn your idea into
     something big
     Venture ahead with UQ’s entrepreneurial community.

     Whatever your ambitions – to be a leader,      UQ Idea Hub                                     Startup Academy
     start a business, enhance your employability   All students can participate in a hands-        To succeed in a new venture, you don’t just
     or contribute to a social enterprise – UQ’s    on program through UQ Idea Hub. Gain            need a great idea, you also need a great
     suite of entrepreneurship programs will        experiences that will enable you to look        business model. UQ’s Startup Academy
     support you to prepare for the future of       at problems from a different perspective,       supports student entrepreneurs to discover
     work and reach your full potential.            learn about design thinking, be creative and    appropriate business models for their
     You’ll be encouraged to take initiative,       progress projects to the prototype stage, and   ventures, and validates the fit between
     extend your problem-solving capabilities       get ready for market testing and validation.    market needs and ideas. Supported by
     and apply ideas – all while remaining          Get access to globally renowned industry        Entrepreneurs in Residence, academic
     flexible, resourceful and creative.            mentors and a 24/7 co-working space.            faculty members and mentors, the Startup
     With access to a large community of            You can also participate in other programs      Academy boosts your chance of success,
     mentors, researchers and investors, UQ is      including LeadHers for women and the            whether that’s the launch of a business, an
     supporting the next generation of leaders      annual UQ Weekend of Startups.                  app or a social enterprise.
     to create change.                              UQ Idea Hub also runs Startup Adventures,       ventures.uq.edu.au/programs/startup-
                                                    where selected students receive a               academy
                                                    scholarship to undertake a four-week
                                                    internship at some of the world’s most
                                                    vibrant startup locations, including San
                                                    Francisco, Tel Aviv, Singapore and Shanghai.
Leading researchers
                                                                                              We don’t just teach the latest research,
                                                                                              we create, translate and commercialise it.
                                                                                              Some of UQ’s research highlights include
                                                                                              cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil®, the
                                                                                              Triple P – Positive Parenting Program,
                                                                                              world-leading MRI technology and
                                                                                              alternative energy sources.

ilab Accelerator                               Undergraduate courses                          Access tools and spaces
To take ideas to the next level, UQ provides   Entrepreneurial thinking is woven into         At UQ, we have collaborative spaces with
students with the opportunity to participate   the fabric of our degree programs,             the latest industry-grade equipment, from
in the iLab Accelerator program. This          with over 40 courses relating to               3D printers to water jets open to students,
program provides equity-free funding,          innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and        staff and researchers.
workshops, one-on-one mentoring from an        entrepreneurship across our faculties.         You also have access to free online
Entrepreneur in Residence, desk space and      There are dedicated courses, such as           entrepreneurial courses, entrepreneurs in
access to professional networks.               Foundations of Entrepreneurship and            residence and funding resources.
ventures.uq.edu.au/ilab                        Social Entrepreneurship, and you will also     ventures.uq.edu.au/resources
                                               find a range of subject-specific courses
                                               that enable you to develop and apply an
                                               entrepreneurial mindset during your studies,
                                               such as Critical Reasoning, Public Relations
                                               Project, and Clinical Nursing Practice.

                                                                                                 AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021     23
     at UQ
     UQ is a diverse community of people from around
     the world with great ability, creativity, innovation and
     ambitions. Be part of this dynamic community of future
     leaders, thinkers and changemakers.

     What you need
     for admission to UQ
     To gain admission to undergraduate
     programs, you must satisfy two
     • eligibility (satisfy subject
       prerequisites and other
       requirements), and
     • merit (have a sufficient entry

     This is a snapshot of common
     admission information, however
     it is not exhaustive. For further
     information, visit

     What is eligibility?                               English language requirements                   Each program page has four entry scores:
                                                        If English is not your first language, you      • Overall Position – 2019 eligible School
     All bachelor’s programs at UQ have English         will need to provide evidence of English          Leavers were allocated an OP
     as a subject prerequisite. Many programs           proficiency. You can do this by passing         • Selection rank – Students who have
     also have mathematics and/or science               Queensland Year 12 English (or equivalent)        completed university-level study, VET
     subject prerequisites. Subject prerequisites       or meeting the required proficiency test          study, bridging study or work experience
     are the assumed knowledge requirements             and test score for your desired program. To       are allocated a selection rank
     of a program. They can be found under the          discuss English proficiency requirements,
     Program Reference Guide for each program                                                           • International Baccalaureate (IB) – Students
                                                        contact UQ Admissions.
     in the fold-out on page 32.                                                                          who completed an IB in 2019 received an
                                                                                                          IB score
     You need to satisfy a program’s subject            What is merit?
     prerequisites to be considered for admission.                                                      • OP – 2019 interstate students received an
     For dual programs, you have to satisfy                                                               ATAR
                                                        Once you satisfy a program’s subject
     subject prerequisites for both programs.                                                           In previous intakes, Queensland School
                                                        prerequisites and any other requirements,
     Subject prerequisites are usually Queensland       admission is based on your ATAR or selection    Leavers competed for a place on their OP,
     Year 12 General subjects, but can also be          rank. These range from 1–99.95 (with 99.95      and only interstate School Leavers received
     met through subject equivalents, bridging          being the highest attainable). ATARs are        an ATAR. For the 2019 Australian Year 12
     courses or tertiary courses. For interstate, IB    allocated to applicants who are current         measure of achievement, see the fold-out on
     and New Zealand equivalencies, see the fold-       Australian Year 12 students and selection       page 32.
     out on page 32.
                                                        ranks are allocated to all other applicants.
     Some programs use more than subject                These scores help us compare different types              Once you have completed one
     prerequisites or entry scores; additional tests,   of study, experience and qualifications to be             year (16 units at UQ or equivalent
     interviews or auditions may be required.           assessed and compared against each other                  load at another university) of
     Carefully check each program for specific          for entry to a particular program.                        full-time bachelor’s-level (or
     requirements.                                                                                                higher) study, your selection rank
                                                                                                                  will be based solely on this higher
                                                                                                                  education study.

To ensure you are choosing the Admission

Admission pathways                                                                                       Pathway that’s right for you and meets the
                                                                                                         requirements for your chosen program,
                                                                                                         contact UQ Admissions.
If your entry score isn’t what you expected, or if you don’t meet                                        07 3365 2203
a program’s entry requirements, there are a number of pathway                                            bit.ly/admission-pathways

options available.

Bridging study                                     UQ College Tertiary Preparation                  Special Tertiary Admissions Test
Successfully completing an approved bridging       Program                                          (STAT) and employment experience
program is another pathway to university study.    This program can help you to meet both           You may be eligible for other admission
Approved bridging studies equip students with      subject prerequisites and an entry rank. A 28-   pathways if you:
an appropriate level of knowledge in the subject   week program commencing in January, May          • didn’t complete Year 12,
areas deemed necessary to undertake tertiary       and September each year is designed to equip     • didn’t achieve the required entry score
study successfully.                                adult learners with the necessary academic         for your preferred program, or
You can use a bridging program to:                 skills to engage in successful tertiary study.   • if you are a mature-aged applicant
• satisfy a subject prerequisite                   Maximum selection rank attainable: 93              (18 or above and not currently completing
• get an entry rank                                (completion of all 5 units; completion of          Year 12).
• gain foundational knowledge in a selected        2, 3 or 4 units can derive a selection rank;     Two options are available:
   area, and                                       contact UQ Admissions for advice).
                                                                                                    • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)
• prepare for future tertiary study.               • Academic English for University Studies
                                                                                                    • employment experience.
If you have completed less than one full year         (English)
                                                                                                    This pathway isn’t suitable for applicants
of recognised bachelor’s-level (or higher)         • Pre-University Biology (Biological Science)
                                                                                                    who have completed at least one full-time
study, bridging study cannot be used to            • Pre-University Chemistry (Chemistry)           year of bachelor’s-level (or higher) study, or
derive an entry rank but can be used to meet       • Pre-University Mathematics A (General          for applicants who are completing Year 12 in
prerequisite subjects.                                Mathematics)                                  the year of tertiary application.
                                                   • Pre-University Mathematics B
Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary                      (Mathematical Methods)                        Tertiary study pathway
Preparation                                        Minimum grade required: 4                        This pathway involves studying an alternative
This course offers preparatory studies                                                              program to improve your entry score or meet
designed for adult learners. Subjects are          Unilearn                                         subject prerequisites. Please note that once
generally studied on campus and conducted          Unilearn subjects can be used to meet            you have attempted one year of full-time
over a 12-month period. UQ College also            subject prerequisites only. The subjects are     study, we will no longer use your Year 12 results
offers a flexible online program.                  self-paced distance education modules            or any other qualification. We recommend
• Language and Learning – 2 units (English)        based on Year 12 level subjects, delivered       that you complete one full year (16 units)
• Mathematics – 2 units (General Mathematics)      online through Open Universities Australia.      of bachelor’s degree study as a pathway to
• Pure Mathematics – 3 units (Mathematical         • Introductory Mathematics (General              higher-demand programs (such as dentistry or
  Methods)                                           Mathematics)                                   veterinary science), as the entry ranks allocated
                                                   • Senior Mathematics (Mathematical               to bachelor’s degree studies totalling less than
• Biology – 2 units (Biology)
                                                     Methods)                                       one full-time year are capped. Depending on
• Chemistry – 3 units (Chemistry)
                                                   • Biology (Biological Science)                   your academic performance, your new entry
• Physics – 3 units (Physics)                                                                       rank could be higher than your previous rank.
                                                   • Chemistry (Chemistry)
Minimum grade required: Pass, JP or J1.                                                             For more information on how to improve your
                                                   • Physics (Physics)
Maximum selection rank attainable: 91 (in                                                           entry score, contact UQ Admissions.
combination with Special Tertiary Admissions       Minimum grade required: Grade of Pass.
Test (STAT), maximum selection rank = 98).         Learning Network Queensland                      tertiary-study-pathway
TAFE Queensland                                    Delivered through Open Universities Australia
1300 308 233                                       07 3826 8392
tafeqld.edu.au                                     unilearn.net.au

Hubbard’s School                                   Intensive bridging courses
Private provider offering standard and             UQ College delivers intensive subjects
intensive course offerings.                        in English (October – 10 weeks) and
07 3371 5999                                       Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology
hubbards.qld.edu.au                                (November/December – 4 weeks).
                                                   Some other providers and institutions
UQ College
                                                   also provide intensive summer bridging
07 3346 8222                                       options. Contact UQ Admissions for
info@uqcollege.edu.au                              information on approved providers.

                                                                                                       AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021           27
Admission schemes                                                                               Rural Access Scheme
                                                                                                     If you are an applicant from an Australian
                                                                                                     rural or regional area, UQ supports you by
     UQ has a range of admission schemes to encourage people to                                      boosting your entry score for a number of
                                                                                                     selected programs. Eligible applicants from
     apply for certain programs or for tertiary study.                                               Australian rural and regional areas can have
                                                                                                     two adjustments added to your selection
                                                                                                     rank for selected undergraduate programs.
     Many admission schemes use adjustment            • passing an approved language other than
     factors to boost your selection rank.              English (two adjustments)                    UQ Link Program
     Common types of adjustment factors               • passing Queensland Senior Specialist         Prospective students who have experienced
     include:                                           Mathematics, or equivalent as determined     significant financial disadvantage may be
     • equity adjustments                               by UQ (two adjustments)                      eligible to receive five adjustments towards
                                                                                                     their selection rank to study at UQ, a $3000
     • subject adjustments                            • successfully completing a university-level   per year scholarship for up to three years*, and
     • location adjustments.                            enrichment course concurrently with your     access to a range of student support services.
                                                        senior program, such as the Enhanced         To apply for this scholarship, you need to
     The maximum number of adjustments you can
                                                        Studies Program (one adjustment).            complete the Financial Hardship section of
     achieve across all schemes is capped at five.
                                                      Please note that adjustments are not           QTAC’s Educational Access Scheme when
                                                      added onto ATAR scores: each ATAR              submitting your QTAC application. This
     UQ Subject Incentive Scheme                                                                     scheme is open to applicants who have not
                                                      score is converted to a selection rank, and
     All Year 12 students are eligible to apply for   adjustments are added to these. Students are   previously completed any tertiary study at
     the UQ Subject Incentive Scheme, which                                                          bachelor’s level or above.
                                                      then assessed based on their new rank.
     provides up to five adjustments towards                                                         bit.ly/uq-link
     your selection rank for:
                                                                                                     * ongoing eligibility conditions apply

Things you
                                                                                                   need to know
                                                                                                   Deferring / Gap Year
                                                                                                   If you wish to defer (i.e. delay starting
                                                                                                   a program), you should respond to
                                                                                                   QTAC by the offer response date with
                                                                                                   the defer option. Deferment of up to
                                                                                                   12 months is automatically granted for
                                                                                                   most undergraduate programs. UQ will
                                                                                                   then email you in March advising you
                                                                                                   of the enrolment process.
                                                                                                   You cannot defer a mid-year
                                                                                                   entry offer.
                                                                                                   If you wish to postpone starting until
                                                                                                   Semester 2, you should contact UQ
                                                                                                   Admissions to confirm if this option is
                                                                                                   available to you.
                                                                                                   You are not permitted to undertake
                                                                                                   study at bachelor’s level or higher
                                                                                                   while on deferment or you will lose
                                                                                                   your place.

                                                                                                   Mid-year entry
                                                                                                   QTAC offers a year-round application
                                                                                                   process allowing applicants to select
                                                                                                   programs commencing in Semester 1
                                                                                                   and Semester 2 on a single application.

                                                                                                   Changing universities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander            Applications for the scheme are assessed
                                                 by QTAC. Depending on your individual             If you are currently studying at another
Admissions Pathway
                                                 situation, QTAC may adjust your selection         university and want to apply to UQ,
If you identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres                                                     apply through QTAC for a place in a
                                                 rank on behalf of the University. For entry to
Strait Islander person, you may be eligible                                                        UQ program.
                                                 UQ, your selection rank may be adjusted to
to apply for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                                                 a maximum of four ranks.
Islander Admissions Pathway for a place at
                                                 qtac.edu.au                                       Credit for previous study
UQ. This pathway considers your previous
formal education and a range of factors                                                            You may be eligible for credit
such as your employment history, academic        Undergraduate Law Admissions                      towards your UQ program if you have
abilities, personal interests and references.    Scheme                                            undertaken previous studies, including
bit.ly/atsis-admissions-pathway                  You may be eligible for this scheme if you        some International Baccalaureate
                                                 are applying for the Bachelor of Laws             subjects. Once you have been offered
QTAC Educational Access Scheme                   (Honours) or a law dual program, and are          a place and enrolled in a UQ program,
                                                 from an educationally disadvantaged and/          please forward a request for credit to
If you have experienced difficult
                                                 or culturally diverse background.                 the relevant faculty.
circumstances that have negatively
impacted your studies, you may apply             bit.ly/ug-law-admissions-scheme                   future-students.uq.edu.au/apply/
for special consideration through the            When you apply through QTAC,                      credit-and-exemption
Educational Access Scheme (EAS),                 adjustments are automatically applied to
managed by QTAC. The five categories for         your UQ preferences. Exceptions may apply         Diploma in Languages
consideration are:                               – please contact UQ Admissions for advice.        Once you have received your
• financial hardship                             future-students.uq.edu.au/apply/                  bachelor’s degree offer from QTAC,
• home environment and responsibilities          undergraduate/admission-schemes                   you can apply directly to UQ for the
• English language difficulty                                                                      concurrent Diploma in Languages (see
                                                                                                   page 10).
• personal illness and disability, and
• educational disruption.

                                                                                                  AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021       29
     to UQ
     Follow the steps to apply to UQ
     and start on the path to your future.

                      STEP                                           STEP                                             STEP


     Choose your program                           Apply via QTAC                                   Accept your offer
     • Read your options in the fold-out.          Apply for admission to UQ undergraduate          1. Log in by clicking ‘Applications’ and then
     • Visit future-students.uq.edu.au.            programs through the Queensland Tertiary            ‘Application Log In’ at qtac.edu.au.
                                                   Admissions Centre (QTAC). The QTAC               2. Select ‘Log In’ and enter your details.
     TIP: Check that you meet eligibility, merit
                                                   website explains how to apply and the entry
     and other entry requirements and meet any                                                      3. Select the Accept offer option.
                                                   requirements you need.
     specific program deadlines.                                                                    4. Accept your offer.
                                                   List up to six program preferences, but you
     A range of study area guides and              will only receive one offer – for your highest   5. Activate your student account.
     other UQ publications can help you            preference that you are eligible for. Place      6. Go to my.uq.edu.au/starting-at-uq
     choose the right program.                     programs in order of preference, placing            and follow the instructions.
     future-students.uq.edu.au/                    your dream program first and your back-up        7. Get excited about starting at UQ.
     publications-and-forms                        options next.

STEP                                            STEP                                        STEP

                                                                                                            Let’s go!

Enrol in courses                                Prepare for Week 1                          Get ready for the ultimate university
1. Access your program rules, course list and   • Complete the steps on the Starting        experience
   other helpful information by logging in to     at UQ website.                            • Prep Week – jump-start your
   my.uq.edu.au/starting-at-uq.                   my.uq.edu.au/starting-at-uq.                university journey.
2. Choose your courses at                       • Attend a Getting Started session.         • Experience a taste of #uqlife
   my.uq.edu.au/programs-courses.               • Check if you need to attend any program     during Orientation Week.
3. Enrol online at sinet.uq.edu.au.               sessions before Orientation Week.         • Connect Week – join the social scene,
4. Select preferred class times via My          • Pick up your student ID card after you      make new friends and link in with your
   Timetable (in my.UQ portal)                    have enrolled.                              academic circle.
5. Pay fees (see pages 56–57).                  • Get answers to any remaining questions    • Culture Week – experience UQ’s diverse
                                                  before classes start by emailing            culture and global networks.
                                                  starting@uq.edu.au.                       • Success Week – learn about the
                                                                                              resources available to help you
                                                                                              succeed at UQ.
                                                                                            • Instagram (@uniofqld) or Snapchat
                                                                                              (uniofqld) your UQ experience to
                                                                                              your friends.

                                                                                               AUSTRALIAN UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2021   31
Program reference guide
     The table in this fold-out provides a guide to the 140+ undergraduate programs
     available at UQ. For more details about areas of study, see pages 34–39.
     For detailed program information visit future-students.uq.edu.au

                                                                                                                                                                       LOWEST OP

                                                                                                                                                                        / RANK TO

                                                                                     MINIMUM SELECTION                                                                                             QTAC
                                                                                                                                                                       RECEIVE AN
     BACHELOR DEGREE IN                                                               THRESHOLD 2020<        PREREQUISITES                                             OFFER 2020>                 CODE
                                                                                     OP / RANK / IB / ATAR                                                                                          CSP
                                                                                                                                                                       ADJ      UNADJ

     Agribusiness                                                                     11 / 77 / 27 / 75.70   English and either General Mathematics or    3F or P     11 / 77   11 / 77   G, S 766001
                                                                                                             Mathematical Methods
     Agricultural Science                                                             11 / 77 / 27 / 75.70   English, plus one of Chemistry or            4F or P     11 / 77   12 / 75 G, S 762019
     – Agronomy; Animal Science; Horticulture                                                                Mathematical Methods
     Environmental Management (Honours)                                               10 / 79 / 28 / 78.10   English                                      4F or P     10 / 79   12 / 75    S       705101
     Environmental Science (Honours)                                                  7 / 87 / 32 / 86.85    English, Mathematical Methods, plus one      4F or P      7 / 87   8 / 86     S       738001
     – Earth Resources; Ecology and Conservation; Environmental Toxicology;                                  of Chemistry or Physics
       Natural Resource Science
     Equine Science                                                                   12 / 75 / 26 / 73.30   English and either General Mathematics or    3F or P     12 / 75   13 / 73    G       787109
                                                                                                             Mathematical Methods
     Veterinary Technology                                                            12 / 75 / 26 / 73.30   English and either General Mathematics or    3F or P     12 / 75   13 / 72    G       787309
                                                                                                             Mathematical Methods
     Wildlife Science                                                                 12 / 75 / 26 / 73.30   English and either General Mathematics or    3F or P     12 / 75   13 / 72    G       787209
                                                                                                             Mathematical Methods

     Architectural Design                                                             8 / 84 / 30 / 83.65    English                                        3F         8 / 84   10 / 79    S        711202
     Regional and Town Planning                                                       10 / 79 / 28 / 78.10   English                                      4F or P     10 / 79   12 / 75    S       702002

     Advanced Humanities (Honours)                                                    5 / 92 / 35 / 91.95    English                                      4F or P     5 / 92    7 / 87     S       757101
     – Ancient History; Art History; Drama; English Literature; History;
       Mathematics; Musicology; Philosophy; Studies in Religion
     Advanced Humanities (Honours)                                                    5 / 92 / 35 / 91.95    English                                      4F or P     5 / 92    5 / 92     S       757201
     – Western Civilisation
     Arts                                                                             12 / 75 / 26 / 73.30   English                                      3F or P     12 / 75   13 / 72    S       707001
     – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies; Ancient History; Ancient
       History / History; Anthropology; Archaeology; Art History; Chinese;
       Chinese Translation and Interpreting; Classical Languages; Criminology;
       Drama; Economics; English; English Literature; English as an International
       Language; Film and Television Studies; French; Gender Studies;
       Geography; German; History; Indonesian; International Relations; Italian;
       Japanese; Journalism and Mass Communication; Korean; Legal Education
       Studies; Linguistics; Mathematics; Media and Digital Cultures; Music; Music
       Psychology; Peace and Conflict Studies; Philosophy; Political Science;
       Popular Music and Technology; Professional Pathways: Humanity and
       Society; Professional Writing and Communication; Psychology; Public
       Policy; Russian; Sociology; Spanish; Sports Studies; Studies in Australian
       Culture; Studies in Religion; Writing
     Communication                                                                    10 / 79 / 28 / 78.10   English                                      3F or P     10 / 79   11 / 77    S       741001
     – Digital Media or Public Relations; Minors: Advertising; Digital Media;
       Event Management; Health Communication; Interaction Design;
       Journalism; Public Relations; Writing
     Criminology and Criminal Justice (Honours)                                       8 / 84 / 30 / 83.65    English                                      4F or P     8 / 84    9 / 82     S       718101
     International Studies                                                            8 / 84 / 30 / 83.65    English                                      3F or P     8 / 84    9 / 82     S       707111
     – Chinese; Chinese Translation and Interpreting; Economics; French;
       German; Indonesian; International History; International Inequality and
       Development; International Relations; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Peace
       and Conflict Studies; Russian; Spanish
     Journalism                                                                       9 / 82 / 30 / 81.45    English                                      3F or P     9 / 82    9 / 82     S       737001
     – Minors only: Economics; Film and Television; Interaction Design; Political
       Science; Popular Music and Technology; Public Relations; Sports
       Studies; Writing
     Music (Honours)                                                                          m              English and an audition with repertoire to     4F          m         m        S       723002
     – Composition; Music Learning; Music Psychology; Music Technology;                                      AMEB Grade 7 or above standard
       Musicology; Performance; Popular Music; Popular Music and Technology
     Social Science                                                                   11 / 77 / 27 / 75.70   English                                      3F or P     11 / 77   13 / 72    S       747001
     – Development; Environment and Society; Health and Society; Social and
       Public Policy

     Advanced Business (Honours)                                                      4 / 94 / 37 / 94.00    English, Mathematical Methods or             4F or P     4 / 94    6 / 91     S       709101
     – Accounting; Business Analytics; Business Information Systems;                                         Specialist Mathematics
     Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Finance; Human Resources;
     International Business; Marketing
     Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)                                         1 / 99 / 42 / 99.00    English, Mathematical Methods or               4F        1 / 99    3 / 96     S       714311
     – Economics; Finance; or no major option                                                                Specialist Mathematics
     Business Management                                                              9 / 82 / 30 / 81.45    English, General Mathematics,                3F or P     9 / 82    11 / 77    S       709001
     – Advertising; Business Economics; Business Information Systems; Human                                  Mathematical Methods or Specialist
       Resources; International Business; Marketing; Real Estate                                             Mathematics
       and Development
     Commerce                                                                         7 / 87 / 32 / 86.85    English, Mathematical Methods                3F or P     7 / 87    9 / 82     S       711001
     – Accounting; Business Information Systems; Finance


                                                                                                                                                                    / RANK TO

                                                                            MINIMUM SELECTION                                                                                                 QTAC
                                                                                                                                                                   RECEIVE AN
BACHELOR DEGREE IN                                                           THRESHOLD 2020<          PREREQUISITES                                                OFFER 2020>                CODE
                                                                            OP / RANK / IB / ATAR                                                                                              CSP
                                                                                                                                                                  ADJ      UNADJ
Economics                                                                     7 / 87 / 32 / 86.85     English, Mathematical Methods              3F or P         7 / 87    8 / 86     S       714001
– Business and Industry; Economics and Public Policy; International Trade
  and Finance; Natural Resources and Environment; Quantitative Methods
International Hotel and Tourism Management                                    9 / 82 / 30 / 81.45   English, General Mathematics,                3F or P         8 / 84    9 / 82     S       777001
– Event Management; Hospitality Management; Tourism Management                                      Mathematical Methods or Specialist
Laws (Honours)                                                              2* / 98* / 40* / 98.00* English                                      4F or P         4 / 94    6 / 91     S       718001
Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours)                                  4 / 94 / 37 / 94.00   English, Mathematical Methods or             4F or P         4 / 94    6 / 89     S       714112
– Economics; Philosophy; Politics                                                                   Specialist Mathematics

Education (Primary)                                                           11 / 77 / 27 / 75.70    English, General Mathematics, Mathematical    4F           11 / 77   12 / 75    S       742401
– Minors: English and Literacy; Humanities and Social Sciences;                                       Methods or Specialist Mathematics,
  Mathematics and Numeracy; Science                                                                   plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics,
                                                                                                      Agricultural Science, Marine Science, Earth
                                                                                                      and Environmental Science or Psychology,
                                                                                                      and Teaching Personal Statement#
Education (Secondary) available as a dual program only                                 k              As per the non-Education program, plus      Min 4F           k         k        S         k
– Major is dependent on second program.                                                               General Mathematics, Mathematical              k
                                                                                                      Methods or Specialist Mathematics, and
                                                                                                      Teaching Personal Statement#

Computer Science                                                              7 / 87 / 32 / 86.85     English, Mathematical Methods              3F or P         7 / 87    9 / 82     S       733401
– Cyber Security; Data Science; Machine Learning; Programming
  Languages; Scientific Computing
Engineering (Honours)                                                       8* / 86* / 31* / 85.80*   English, Mathematical Methods, plus one    4F or P         8 / 84    9 / 82     S       717001
– Chemical; Chemical and Biological; Chemical and Environmental;                                      of Physics or Chemistry
  Chemical and Materials; Chemical and Metallurgical; Civil; Civil and
  Environmental; Civil and Geotechnical; Electrical; Electrical and
  Biomedical; Electrical and Computer; Mechanical; Mechanical and
  Aerospace; Mechanical and Materials; Mechatronic; Mining; Software
Engineering (Honours) (Bachelor and Master of)                                2 / 97 / 39 / 97.00     English, Mathematical Methods, plus one    5F or P         2 / 97    4 / 94     S       717111
– Chemical; Chemical and Biological; Chemical and Environmental;                                      of Physics or Chemistry
  Chemical and Materials; Chemical and Metallurgical; Civil; Electrical;
  Electrical and Biomedical; Electrical and Computer; Mechanical;
  Mechanical and Aerospace; Mechanical and Materials; Mechatronic;
Information Technology                                                        7 / 87 / 32 / 86.85     English, Mathematical Methods              3F or P         7 / 87    8 / 84     S       733001
– Enterprise Information Systems; Software Design; Software Information
  Systems; User Experience Design

Biomedical Science                                                            7 / 87 / 32 / 86.85  English, Mathematical Methods, plus one       3F or P         7 / 87    9 / 82     S       731201
                                                                                                   of Chemistry or Physics
Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) x
                                                                            4 / 94 / 37 / 94.00    English, plus one of Biology, Chemistry or    4F or P     z
                                                                                                                                                                 4 / 94    5 / 92     S       729801
Dental Science (Honours)    ~                                               1*** / 99***Ÿ/ 42*** / English, Chemistry (Biology                     5F            1 / 99    4 / 94    H, S 712002
                                                                                   99.00***        recommended); applicants must also
                                                                                                   undertake UCAT
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences                                             10 / 79 / 28 / 78.10   English, General Mathematics,                 3F or P         10 / 79   12 / 75    S       720102
                                                                                                   Mathematical Methods or Specialist
                                                                                                   Mathematics, plus one of Biology,
                                                                                                   Chemistry or Physics
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences                                             3 / 96 / 38 / 96.00    English, General Mathematics,                   1.5F          3 / 96    4 / 94     S       729602
(with provisional entry to Master of Dietetics Studies)                                            Mathematical Methods or Specialist
                                                                                                   Mathematics, plus one of Biology,
                                                                                                   Chemistry or Physics
Exercise and Sport Sciences (Honours)                                       6 / 89 / 33 / 88.90    English plus one of Biology, Chemistry or     4F or P         6 / 89    7 / 87     S       729302
Health Sciences                                                             9 / 82 / 30 / 81.45    English plus one of Chemistry, Physics, or    3F or P         9 / 82    11 / 77   H, S 729002
– Health Promotion; Nutrition; Public Health                                                       Biology are recommended
Health Sciences (with provisional entry to Master of Dietetics Studies)     3 / 96 / 38 / 96.00    English plus one of Chemistry, Physics, or      1.5F          3 / 96    5 / 92    H, S 729702
– Nutrition                                                                                        Biology are recommended
Health, Sport and Physical Education (Honours)                              9 / 82 / 30 / 81.45    English, General Mathematics,                4F or P^         9 / 82    9 / 82     S       729402
                                                                                                   Mathematical Methods or Specialist
                                                                                                   Mathematics, plus one of Biology,
                                                                                                   Chemistry or Physics#
Midwifery                                                                 4 / 95.25 / 38 / 95.50 English, plus one of Biology, Chemistry or        3F            4 / 94    4 / 94    C, S 728402
Nursingx                                                                    8* / 86 / 31 / 85.60   English, plus one of Biology, Chemistry or      3F            8 / 84    9 / 82    C, S 728502
Occupational Health and Safety Science (Honours)                            10 / 79 / 28 / 78.10   English, Mathematical Methods, plus one       4F or P         10 / 80   12 / 75    S       729201
                                                                                                   of Chemistry, Physics or Biology
Occupational Therapy (Honours)                                               5 / 92 / 35 / 91.95   English, plus one of Biology, Chemistry or      4F            5 / 92    6 / 89     S       724002
Pharmacy (Honours)                                                          8 / 84 / 30 / 83.65    English, General Mathematics,                 4F or P         8 / 84    10 / 79 S, P 725002
– Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics                                                           Mathematical Methods or Specialist
                                                                                                   Mathematics and Chemistry
Physiotherapy (Honours)x                                                  2*/Ÿ98.40*/Ÿ41*/Ÿ98.50* English, plus one of Biology, Chemistry or       4F            2 / 97    4 / 94     S       726002
                                                                                                   Physics (Physics recommended)
Psychological Science (Honours)                                             7 / 87 / 32 / 86.85    English                                      4F or P           7 / 87   9 / 82     S       757001
Social Work (Honours)x                                                      10 / 79 / 28 / 78.10   English                                      4F or Pz         10 / 79   12 / 75    S       734001
Speech Pathology (Honours)x                                                5* / 93* / 36 / 93.00 English, plus one of Biology, Chemistry          4F              5 / 92   6 / 89     S       727002
                                                                                                   or Physics
Medicine (Doctor of) (provisional entry for school leavers)               1**/Ÿ99**/Ÿ42**/Ÿ99.00** Adjusted ATAR 95 (or equivalent)**,             4F            1 / 99    4 / 94    S, H, 721302
Note: Provisional entry is available to domestic students completing Year                          English and UCAT                                                                   C
12 (or equivalent) in the year of application only
Medicine (Doctor of) (provisional entry for school leavers: bonded          1**/Ÿ99**/Ÿ42**/Ÿ99.00** Adjusted ATAR 95 (or equivalent)**,           4F            1 / 99    4 / 95    S, H, 721402
medical program)~                                                                                    English and UCAT                                                                 C
Note: Provisional entry is available to domestic students completing
Year 12 (or equivalent) in the year of application only
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