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Garment steamer
User Guide

   Thank you for choosing this SteamOne product.

   Please read this manual in its entirety before operating this appliance.

Safety Instructions          1
Unpacking                    4
Before Use                   5
  Garment steamer assembly   5
  filling the water tank     6
Use                          7
  Start                      7
  proper use                 8
  Clothes placement          9
  Accessories                11
      Brush                  11
      Mini Pressing Board    12
      Protective glove       12
After use                    13
Transport                    13
Maintenance                  13
Troubleshooting              15
Models & Specifications      16
Warranty                     16
Safety Instructions
This product is listed by CE. Representative samples of this product have
been evaluated by CE and meet applicable safety standards.

        The voltage of your electrical installation must correspond
        to that of the appliance. Connecting to the wrong voltage
        may cause irreversible damage to the appliance and will
        invalidate the guarantee.


  Do not use this appliance for purposes other than what it was intended
  To reduce the risk of burns from hot water or steam, always hold the
  steam head away from your body during operation.

  To avoid electric shock, never immerse the appliance in water or any
  other liquid.

  Always turn the appliance «OFF» before plugging it in to, or removing
  it from the outlet. Grasp the plug and pull to remove it from the outlet;
  never pull on the cord. Do not operate the appliance if the power cord is

  Disconnect the appliance from the electrical outlet when filling the water
  tank, emptying or when not in use. Fill only the water tank with water; do
  not pour directly into the water reservoir.

  Never point the steam head at people or animals, or steam the garment
  while wearing.

  Use caution when using the appliance near children; never leave children
  unattended near the appliance.

  Let the appliance cool completely before storage and do not allow the
  power cord to touch hot surfaces.

  This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
  reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
  and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
  concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

  Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the

This appliance can be used by children
aged from 8 years old and above and
persons with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities or lack of experi-
ence and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction concern-
ing use of the appliance in a safe way and
understand the hazards involved.
Children shall not be play with the
Cleaning and user maintenance shall not
be made by children without supervision.
See “Maintenance” for user maintenance
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in
order to avoid a hazard.
Care should be taken when using the
appliance due to the emission of steam.
Unplug the appliance during filling and

Do not operate the appliance if it has been dropped or damaged.

To avoid the risk of injury, fire or electric shock, do not attempt to disas-
semble or repair the appliance; take it to a qualified service center for

Use caution when emptying the water tank after use; water in the tank
may be hot. Do not touch metal parts until the unit has cooled to avoid
the risk of burns; use caution when changing attachments, they may be
hot or contain hot water.

Always keep the hose and nozzle elevated above the water tank.

Steam in an up and down vertical motion. Using the steamer in a horizon-
tal position or tilting it back may result in hot water discharge.

Always hang the steam head on the head support/hook. Never place the
steam head on the floor, furniture or lay it on the power cord while it is
hot or plugged in as this may result in fire or electric shock.

Never drop or insert objects into the hose or any of the openings.

The use of accessories and attachments other than those provided by
SteamOne is not recommended and may result in fire, electric shock or
personal injury.

This unit is for indoor use only.

Do not cut or attempt to extend the steaming hose.

To prevent overheating of the appliance, please be sure that the tele-
scopic rod is extended to its highest position before hanging clothes on
the garment hook for steaming.

Do not allow the steamer to run dry.

To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another high wattage appliance
on the same circuit.

If necessary, use an extension cord specifically designed for appliances,
lesser cords may overheat.


To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another high wattage appliance
on the same circuit.

If necessary, use an extension cord specifically designed for appliances,
lesser cords may overheat.

Environmental Responsibility

                       - Your appliance contains materials that can be
                       recovered or recycled.

                       - When disposing of it, take it to a recycling center
                       or approved service center.

As you unpack your garment steamer, check to make sure that all
items shown below are included.
If anything is missing, contact Steamone at

   j                                         Accessories

  f                                                                            j



  d                             m

               fig.1                                   fig.2


a   Base                                i   Head Support
b   ON:OFF Switch                       j   Folding Hanger
c   Removable water tank                k   Upper Pant Clamp
d   Pole Fastening Lock                 l   Hose
e   Pole Fastening Clip                 m   Hose Connector
f   Telescopic Pole                     n   Fabric Brush
g   Handle                              o   Mini Pressing Board
h   Steam Head                          p   Protective Glove

Before Use
Garment steamer assembly

                 Attach the upper pant clamp to the folding hanger
                 and set aside. (fig.3)


                 Pole assembly
                 1. Place the base on the floor and
                    remove the water tank. (fig.4)

                 2. Unscrew and remove the fastening
                    lock from the base of the steamer.
      fig.4         (fig.5)
                 3. Insert the pole into the     fastening        fig.5
                    lock, place the pole into    the base
                    and turn in a clockwise       direction
                    until the pole is securely   in place.
                 4. Tighten the pole’s fastening lock by
                    turning in a clockwise direction un-
      fig.6         til the fastener is securely in place.

Locking the pole
               1. Adjust the pole to its maximum
                  height by sliding it upwards then
                  locking the 3 clips. (fig.8)

               2. Slide the hanger on to the pole and
    fig.8         tighten the hanger base by turning
                  in a counter clockwise direction.

               3. Place the head support/hook on top
                  of the pole and push down to se-
                  cure. (fig.9)                              fig.9

Hose & Steam head assembly

               1. Insert the hose connector into the
                  base until resistance is felt. Lock
                  the connector by turning clockwise.
                  (fig.10 & fig.11)

               2. Hang the steam head on the head
                  support/hook. (fig.1)
   fig.10                                                   fig.11

Filling the water tank

     Never use water that contains additives (starch, perfume,
     aromatic substances, softener...) in the steamer. Additives can
     affect the properties of steam, corrode internal parts and lead
     to the formation of deposits.

     The steamer can be used with tap water. If the water in your
     area is hard, Steamone recommends you that use distilled or
     demineralized water to reduce scaling.

               1. Ensure that the steamer is unplugged. Remove the wa-
                  ter tank from the base of the appliance by pulling the
                  handle upwards. (fig.12)

2. Unscrew the cap located at the
                     bottom of the tank and fill with
                     water. (fig.13)
                  3. Replace the cap and place the water
                     tank back on to the base (fig.14)

   fig.13                                                      fig.14

         Always check to be sure that the water tank is full before
         using your garment steamer.

        Lift the water tank to
        make sure there is water
        in the reservoir. (fig.15)

        After checking the
        reservoir, replace the water
        tank on the base.



        Never steam a garment while it is being worn. The hose and
        steam head may become hot during use. This is perfectly
        normal. Be careful to avoid contact with the steam head to
        avoid burns.

        Operate the steamer on a flat surface clear of materials that
        may obstruct openings at the base of the steamer.

- If necessary, expand the pole to the desired height by unlocking it, pulling
it gently and locking it again

                   1. Plug in the power cord and switch on
                      the power button. The power light
                      will illuminate. The steamer is
                      operating. (fig.16)

                   2. The unit will produce steam in 60
     fig.16           seconds at maximum wattage.                 fig.17

       Steamone recommends that you wait 2 minutes to reduce
       condensation on the steam head and get the best
        performance from your steamer. (fig.17)

Clothes placement

                                          - Put garment into the folding
                                            hanger. (fig.18-a)

                                          - For quick steaming, you can also
                                            use your own hanger on the hook.

      fig.18-a           fig.18-b

- Put garment like dress or pants, into the Upper
  Pant Clamp (fig. 19)


Proper Use
Grasp the steam head with the steam vents pointing away from you.

- Start steaming by touching material lightly
  with steaming head and moving in an up/
  down vertical motion.(fig.20)


- The steam head must be in contact with the garment. (fig.21)


- The garment must be stretched while steaming (fig.22)
  Use your free hand to stretch the garment


- Never try to steam the garment in a
  horizontal position (fig.23)


         During use, the hose may make a gurgling noise. This is
         a normal occurrence due to condensation. If you hear the
         gurgling noise, hold the hose up to direct the condensa-
         tion back into the appliance.

      Tips for better performances with your garment steamer

         We recommend checking the garment care label for manu-
         facturer recommendations before steaming. We also recom-
         mend testing the effect on the garment on an unobtrusive
         area such as an inner seam.

         Button up the shirt’s collar to prevent from slipping on the
         hanger during steaming.

         Heavy fabrics may need to be steamed longer.

         If you are using the steam head at a position close to the
         ground, raise the hose frequently in order to avoid the
         formation of condensation. A gurgling noise may be heard if
         the flexible pipe is pinched.

         If no steam is produced, if a gurgling sound is heard or if
         water is dripping through the holes of the steam head, raise
         the steam hose occasionally to remove condensation inside.

         Use caution to avoid burns.


Before using the accessories, please read the instructions below.

Fabric Brush

         Be sure unit is unplugged and completely cool before
         attaching the fabric brush & creasing tool.

Fabric Brush Use:

The fabric brush can pick up the lint on your garment. It can also be extreme-
ly effective on sofas, bedding, curtains, stuffed animals, rugs and carpets.

                 1. Fasten the brush to the steam head
                    (fig 25)

                 2. Gently brush the area to be steamed with the
                    grain or nap of the fabric (fig.26)

     fig.25                                                         fig.26

          Remove the fabric brush once unit is unplugged and
          completely cool. Remove it by gently pulling down on the
          handle of the fabric brush until it comes off of the steam

Mini Pressing Board

         When using the mini board, always steam in a vertical

Mini pressing use :

The mini board is designed to deal with the cuff and the collar of the garment.
Before steaming the cuff and the collar of the garment, adjust the power to

                           1. Insert the mini board under the collar
                              of the garment and steam it vertically


                            2. Insert the mini board into the cuff of the
                               garment and steam it vertically. (fig.28)


Protective glove

 Steamone recommends that you use the protective glove when steaming
 the garment.

          Never touch the steam or the operating steam head even
          with your protective glove.

After use

          Never touch the steam head until it has cooled down

- After using the garment steamer, switch the power off. The power indicator
  light will go off, and you can then unplug the device.
- Hang the steam head in an upright position on the hook when not in use.
- Wrap the cord around the power cord storage area under the base of the
- Always empty the water tank before storage

- Do not carry the steamer by the water tank handle, this will only remove
  the tank and the unit will fall to the floor


          Always make sure the pole is firmly attached to the base
          unit before lifting up the device (see assembly

- Your device has four wheels for ease of transport. Grasp the pole and pull
  gently to move the device.
- You can also lift up the device in order to move it, again holding the device
  at the base of the pole.


          It’s preferable to use distilled or demineralized water to
          reduce scaling.

- To maintain maximum performance, your steamer must be descaled occa-
  sionally. The time between descaling operations depends on the quality of
  the water and the frequency with which you use the appliance. On average,
  the appliance must be descaled after 30 hours of use.


         Ensure that the appliance has cooled down completely (2
         hours minimum).

                 1.   Unplug the unit and remove the steam hose from
                      main unit. Collapse the telescopic poles.

                 2.   Lay the base on its right side. Unscrew and remove
                      the drain plug (fig.29)


                 3.   Make sure the base is above a water container. Fill the
                      water tank with tap water, replace the water tank cap
                      and put the water tank back on the base.


                 4.   The water will flow out with the
                      calcium residue. (fig.31)

                 5. Maintenance is complete. (fig.32)

                 6.   Replace the drain plug.
   fig.31                                                        fig.32

         Don’t fill the boiler by the steam head holes! Never
         immerse the steam head in water.


     Problem                  Possible Cause                       Solution

                                                            Be sure the appliance is
                         The appliance is not turned    plugged in correctly. Next, turn
                                     on.                 the power button, the power
                                                          indicator light will come on.

                                                        Check the hose to be sure that
 There is no steam.     There is an obstruction in the there is nothing in it and that it
                                    hose.                is not damaged, twisted or
                                                               bent in any way.

                                                           Turn off and unplug the
                          The water tank is empty.       appliance; fill the water tank
                                                                 with water.

                                                        Descale the appliance using the
                               Scale build-up.
                                                              instructions above.

  Low steam flow.                                       Check the hose to be sure that
                        There is an obstruction in the there is nothing in it and that it
                                    hose.                is not damaged, twisted or
                                                               bent in any way.

                                                          Hold the hose vertically to
                                                        allow the water to run back in
Water running from
                         Condensation in the hose.       to the appliance. Do not use
 the steam head.
                                                        the steam head in a horizontal

 The steamer takes a                                    Descale the appliance using the
                               Scale build-up.
long time to heat up.                                         instructions above.

      If you cannot resolve the problem using the steps above, please contact us
      by email or phone.

      Tel: +33 (0) 826 102 861

Modèles & Spécifications

                                          Water tank   Steam      Net     Gross
Model    Voltage   Frequency power max.                                               Measures
                                           capacity    Output    weight   weight

UNILYS    230V       50Hz      2000W         1.2L      42g/min   8.5 kg    9 kg    308x260x426mm


    SteamOne warranty
    This product is covered during the warranty period by SteamOne (contact
    details page 17) against any manufacturing defect. The warranty is valid for 2
    years from the date of purchase and in the country specified.
    This SteamOne warranty is in addition to your consumer rights.
    All repair costs for a product recognized as having a defect are covered by
    the SteamOne warranty, in order to return it to a state of compliance with its
    original specifications, either through repair, or possible replacement, of the
    defective parts. SteamOne may decide to offer a replacement product instead
    of repairing the defective one, depending on the situation.
    SteamOne’s obligations defined under the terms of this warranty are limited
    exclusively to repair or replacement, as stipulated above.

    Warranty terms and exclusions
    - The warranty period is that of the country of use of the product, even if the
    warranty period in the country of purchase is different.
    - The SteamOne warranty is only valid if local standards (voltage, electrical
    frequency, type of electric socket and all other local specifications) are com-
    patible with the product.
    - The application of the SteamOne warranty may take longer if the model in
    question is not marketed in the country of use.
    - If the product covered by the warranty cannot be repaired in the country
    of use, the product may be replaced by an equivalent product or by another
    product of the same value wherever possible.
    - The SteamOne warranty is only valid upon presentation of proof of purchase
    and the warranty card (page 18), duly completed. The defective product must
    be either sent by registered mail to SteamOne, suitably packaged, or deliv-
    ered directly to SteamOne.
    - SteamOne is under no obligation to repair or replace a product that is not
    accompanied by proof of purchase and the warranty card.

The SteamOne warranty is not applicable in the following cases:

- Damage caused by incorrect use, non-compliance with the instruction and
maintenance manual or use of an electrical power supply that is not compat-
ible with that specified in the manual or on the product is not covered by the
SteamOne warranty.
- Nor does the SteamOne warranty cover damage that is the result of negli-
gence or unauthorized repair or modification of the product.
- Normal wear and tear of the product, maintenance or replacement of certain
parts are not included under the terms of the SteamOne warranty
- Use of unsuitable water or water that contains additives (such as starch,
perfumes, aromatic substances, softeners…).
- Entry of water, dust or foreign bodies in the product.
- Scaling (it is essential that you follow the maintenance instructions de-
scribed in this instruction manual).
- Damage due to overload or impact.
- Damage or accidents linked to fire, flood, lightning…
- Incorrect use of the device.
- The warranty is not applicable in case of problems linked to packaging or
transport of the product during shipping by its owner.

Consumer rights
The SteamOne warranty does not affect the legal rights that consumers enjoy
locally or the legal rights towards distributors from whom the product was
purchased. The rights granted by this warranty are specific and do not inter-
fere with other special rights (depending on the country, state, province…),
which the consumer may also enjoy. The consumer may, by his own means,
exercise these rights.

Replaceable parts
Accessories or other parts that can be replaced directly by the user can be
purchased locally, if available. You can contact us at:

                        STEAMONE WARRANTY CONTACT
       Address               Email                Telephone
 22 rue de Courcelles
                  +33 (0) 826 102 861    2 years
 75008 Paris

Warranty Card

         Purchasing Date:
           Nane/ Company Name


               Purchasing City
             Purchasing Country
               Machine model
              Machine Nummer


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