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VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
2022 | Wheatbelt Region

Pathways, starting in school
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe

    Contents                                                                                                We help you get to where you want to be in the
    It all starts here
                                                                                                            future, supporting you every step of the way.
    Page 2-3                               VETDSS Higher Level Qualifications
                                           Page 11                                                          Central Regional TAFE industry-experienced staff are dedicated to your success, helping you
    Whoever you want to be                                                                                  find a VETDSS pathway that best suits you.
    Page 4                                 VETDSS Trade Pathway Qualifications                              Working closely with industry partners and the community, we provide every opportunity for
                                           Page 13                                                          you to achieve your goals. This ensures Central Regional TAFE training is current, our graduates
    Pathways                                                                                                are highly skilled and ready for the workforce.
    Page 5                                 VETDSS Certificate II Level Qualifications
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    About VETDSS                                                                                            Did you know...?
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    Entrance Requirements                                                                                                                                 85.4% of TAFE            In Australia, students that
                                                                                                             More than half of all
    Page 8                                                                                                                                               graduates were              obtain a qualification
                                                                                                             new jobs projected
                                                                                                                                                      employed or enrolled             through VET earn
                                                                                                            to be created by 2022
    Information to Parents & Students                                                                                                                 in further study after         approximately $2,000
                                                                                                            will be achievable with
    Page 9                                                                                                                                                  training *               every year more than
                                                                                                             a VET qualification #                                                   University graduates ^
                                                 • Course information and content contained in this
                                                   document are correct at the time of printing
                                                 • Course information is subject to change without notice   * VET Student Outcomes, NCVER, 2018
                                                                                                            # Labour Market Information Portal 2017
                                                 • Commencement of courses is subject to                    ^,2018
2   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region           funding, staffing and overall student interest                                                                   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region         3
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
                                                                                   Whatever your career goal is, training at Central Regional TAFE will help you get there, whether
                                                                                   it’s a Certificate or Diploma qualification, or a Degree and beyond.
                                                                                   Perhaps getting an apprenticeship or traineeship is your goal? By studying a VETDSS
                                                                                   qualification, you will have an advantage.
                                                                                   Even if you change your mind along the way, rest-assured the time spent completing your
                                                                                   vocational education and training was worth it.

                                                                                      Certificate     Certificate     Certificate                     Advanced
                                                                                           II                                          Diploma                         Bachelor
                                                                                                          III             IV                           Diploma


                                                                                                               Apprenticeship or

    Questions to ask yourself
    1. What am I passionate about?
    2. What are my strengths?                                                                                                                Further Study
    3. What careers will allow me to follow my passion and develop my strengths?
    4. How can I get a better understanding of different career opportunities?
    5. What job opportunities will there be in the future?
    6. What qualification will help me get the job I want?                                          Employment
    7. What are my long-term goals?

4   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region          5
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
•   (AUR20720) - Certificate II in Automotive
                                                                                                                                              Vocational Preparation

                                                                                      VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING                   We work closely with regional secondary
                                                                                      DELIVERED TO SECONDARY STUDENTS                     schools to offer a wide range of programs
                                                                                                                                          and higher level qualifications.
                                                                                      VETDSS courses are designed for students who
                                                                                      are still at high school but would like to start
                                                                                      working or studying in a specific field. You
                                                                                      can complete full vocational qualifications in
                                                                                      addition to your WACE.
                                                                                      Vocational courses provide training options
                                                                                      to progress into the world of work after high
                                                                                      school, and offer a different pathway to
                                                                                      university, apprenticeships and other higher
                                                                                      For more information on how a VET
                                                                                      qualification can be a unique and alternative
                                                                                      pathway into university, check out the Uni
                                                                                      Pathways page: www.centralregionaltafe.
                                                                                      Some of our popular courses include:
                                                                                      •   (52831WA) Certificate IV Preparation for
                                                                                          Health and Nursing studies
                                                                                      •   (BSB20120) Certificate II in Workplace Skills
                                                                                          - a popular parthway to higher Business

                                ABOUT VETDSS
                                                                                      •   (CPC20220) - Certificate II in Construction

    VETDSS Pathways are the perfect introduction into the world of work.
    Learn practical skills in Years 11 and 12 while gaining an insight into what to   There is no doubt employers look favourably
    expect in the workplace.                                                          at the candidate who has a proven track
                                                                                      record of study, demonstrated the capacity to
    Success in your program can lead to employment or give a head start in other      apply themselves to a formal TAFE course and
    nationally recognised qualifications. Some higher-level qualifications even       understands the practices and terminology
    offer pathways into higher education and university studies.                      associated with the trade in question.

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VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
                                                                                                        GUARDIANS & STUDENTS
                                                                                                        INDUCTION & ATTENDANCE                              CRTAFE facilities such as the library,
                                                                                                        The student orientation day provides students       canteen, and computer labs with adult
                                                                                                        with further information about scheduled            students.
                                                                                                        classes, activities and a chance to meet the  •     Some courses are delivered across more

                                                                                                        lecturer and have a tour around campus.             than one campus or involve a workplace.
                                                                                                        Students are responsible for ensuring their         Parents/guardians are responsible for their
                                                                                                        attendance in class and notifying their CRTAFE      child’s travel arrangements to and from the
                                                                                                                                                            TAFE campus or workplace.

                                                                                                        lecturers if unable to attend or if they are
                                                                                                        running late.                                  •    Students may be required to complete
                                                                                                                                                            assessment tasks/assignments outside
                                                                                                        Every class records attendance. All absences        of their scheduled timetable. Some of
                                                                                                        are sent to parents via SMS message and             these assessment tasks/assignments are
                                                                                                        communicated to the student’s school on the         undertaken in the community.
                                                                                                        same day. Repeated absences may result in a
                                                                                                        school being contacted regarding a student’s     SUPERVISION
                                                                                                        continuation in the program.
    FEES & CHARGES                                    •   Letter of application; and                                                                     While attending CRTAFE , you are under the
                                                                                                        CLASSROOM & TAFE ENVIRONMENT                     supervision of your lecturer taking the class.
    Secondary school students participating in a      •   Any supporting documentation (for                                                              You will not be supervised during break times.
    VETDSS program as part of their secondary             example, work placement reports,              CRTAFE is an adult learning environment with You are expected to remain within the College
    education are exempt from course and                  references, awards).                          a focus on developing skills and knowledge to grounds unless you provide your lecturer with
    resource fees, however, depending on the                                                            the standard required in the workplace. This
                                                      After completing the application form, ensure                                                      written notification from a parent or the school
    chosen course, students may be required to                                                          means:
                                                      you and your parent/guardian sign and return                                                       that you intend to leave the College earlier
    purchase protective clothing, uniforms, text
                                                      the form to your Schools’ VET Coordinator.        • Students are responsible for their own         than the advertised class finish time.
    books, USBs, student cards and equipment at
    their own cost.                                                                                         learning and are expected to manage
                                                      DATES                                                 their workload, seeking assistance from      EXCURSIONS
    Specific information regarding fees and           All applications for 2022 programs must be            lecturers when needed.                       CRTAFE provides parents/guardians with
    charges (if required) will be outlined for each   submitted via the CRTAFE website enrolment                                                         information on excursions prior to the event.
                                                                                                        • Learning activities at CRTAFE are
    qualification.                                    portal by Friday 3 September 2021. The next                                                        Written parental consent will be sought for
                                                                                                            not limited to lessons in a classroom
                                                      orientation session is January 2022.                                                               students under 18 to participate in excursions
                                                                                                            environment and may include: lectures,
    HOW TO APPLY                                                                                                                                         away from CRTAFE premises. If parental
                                                                                                            tutorials, online learning, work placements,
    A student may select the course they want         An interview will be conducted shortly after                                                       consent is not given, your child will not be
                                                                                                            assessments, research, project work, group
    to study in conjunction with their parent/        to determine successful applicants for each                                                        able to attend the excursion and CRTAFE will
                                                                                                            work or workshops.
    guardian and School VET Coordinator, who          program.                                                                                           not provide an alternative supervised activity.
    will issue the required application form.                                                           • Course hours include a wide range of           Students may be required to make their own
                                                      Successful students will be notified by their         delivery and assessment activities and may way to excursions. In these situations parents/
    Applicants are required to attach:                School’s VET Coordinator in Term Four (and            not always be used for classroom teaching. guardians will be responsible for organising
                                                      invited to attend an orientation session at the
    •   Copies of most recent school reports;                                                           • Students under 18 years of age share           transport to and from excursions.
                                                      CRTAFE campus in January 2022).

8   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                                     2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region           9
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
HEALTH & SAFETY                                  •   Providing parents/guardians with a copy of
     CRTAFE strives to provide an environment             an Accident/Incident report if their child is
     that supports the health and well-being of all       seriously injured.
     students by:
     •   Following the relevant OSH policy,
         guidelines and practices.                    Students are not covered for Personal Accident
                                                      or any loss or damage to property whilst on a
     •   Providing designated first-aid officers,     CRTAFE campus.
         available to students at all campuses.
                                                      However, CRTAFE does hold cover with the
     •   Providing assistance and if necessary,       Insurance Commission of WA (RiskCover) that
         arranging for qualified medical personnel    provides Personal Accident cover for students
         in case of an emergency.                     who are undertaking unpaid work experience
     •   Promoting a friendly and inclusive           that is allocated or arranged by CRTAFE.
         environment where bullying or any form of    Personal Accident cover is also extended to
         harassment are not accepted. Any student     those students attending any official College
         experiencing bullying or harassment of any   camp, excursion, trip or other off campus
         kind should inform a CRTAFE staff member     activity (excluding sports days other than
         immediately.                                 interstate sporting events, carnivals or national
     •   Ensuring all relevant staff have a Working   championships) which is approved and
         with Children Check subject to the           organised by CRTAFE.
         Working with Children (Criminal Record       The responsibility is placed on parents/

                                                                                                          VETDSS HIGHER
         Checking) Act 2004.                          guardians in relation to whether they arrange
     •   Implementing the Emergency Response          their own Personal Accident insurance or
         Plan in case of an emergency.                private health cover for their child if they
                                                      believe CRTAFE coverage is not adequate.

                                                                                                          LEVEL QUALIFICATIONS
                                                                                                           Finish school with the freedom of TAFE.
                                                                                                                              Freedom starts here.

                                                                                                                       Graduating secondary school with one
                                                                                                                          or more qualifications will improve
                                                                                                                             your employment opportunities

10   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region   11
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
                                                                      Schools allocated VETDSS
                                                                      hours - NIL
     52831WA | CERTIFICATE IV IN                    ADDITIONAL
     PREPARATION FOR HEALTH AND                     RESOURCES         Schools not allocated
                                                                      VETDSS hours - $4,134
     NURSING STUDIES                                                  (subject to change)

                                                                                                      VETDSS TRADE PATHWAY
     This course is designed to give students                         N/A
     wanting to enter into a nursing and health
     programs a competitive edge.                                     Prepare for a career in

                                                    CAREER            health or nursing related
     Gain the knowledge and skills to transition    OPPORTUNITIES     occupations (after further
     into studying at a Diploma level in the                          study)
     future. This course will develop your
     knowledge in anatomy and physiology,                             Year 11 and 12 - 4
     microbiology, medical terminology, applied
     mathematics, physics and chemistry.                              Year 11 - 2 units / Per
                                                                      semester (4 units
     Upon successful completion of this                               total)                             Tool up for a trade after leaving school.
     qualification you will be eligible for entry
                                                                      Y12- 2 Units / First
     into (HLT54115) Diploma of Nursing and
     other health programs. Please note that
                                                    DURATION          semester                                                       Trades start here.
                                                                      1 Unit / Second semester
     there are additional requirements for
     entrance into the HLT54115 Diploma of                            or Y12 - 2 semesters
     Nursing qualification.                                           4 units / semester one

     Refer to the course information for the                          3 units / semester two
     Diploma of Nursing for more information.
                                                    WORK PLACEMENT
                                                    REQUIREMENTS                                                        VETDSS will give you the best of both
                                                                                                                      worlds. You’ll gain practical skills as well
                                                                      HLT54115 | Diploma of Nursing
                                                                                                                                      as theory based learning.
                                                    COURSE PATHWAYS   Registered Nursing following
                                                                      study at University

12   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                 2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region   13
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
                                                    AUTOMOTIVE VOCATIONAL PREPARATION

                                                    If working with cars and trucks is what you              Gain skills in:
                                                    would like to do, this course is the one for             • Communicating effectively
                                                    you. Learn how to service engines, use and
                                                                                                             • Working in a team environment
                                                    maintain workplace tools and equipment.
                                                                                                             • Planning organising and problem solving
                                                    After successful completion, you may look
                                                                                                             • Servicing a vehicle, and
                                                    towards an Apprenticeship in a range of areas
                                                    including: Motor Mechanic (Light), Heavy                 • Performing general vehicle maintenance
                                                    Duty Road Transport, Mobile Plant, Auto                     and small repairs
                                                    Electrician or Panel Beater.                             You will also have the opportunity to test your
                                                                                                             skills in the workplace through a Supervised
                                                                                                             Work Placement during the course.

                                                                         NIL                                    DURATION             Two (2) year program

                                                                         Long pants
                                                                         Long sleeved drill (hi-vis) shirt      WORK
                                                                         Steel capped boots that comply         PLACEMENT            NIL
                                                                         with Australian Safety Standards       REQUIREMENTS
                                                                         Clear safety glasses

                                                                         Successful completion
                                                                         of this qualification may
                                                                         lead to employment as an
                                                                         Apprentice Light Vehicle
                                                                         Mechanic, Apprentice Heavy
                                                     CAREER              Vehicle Mechanic, Apprentice           COURSE
                                                     OPPORTUNITIES       Plant Mechanic, Apprentice             PATHWAYS

                                                                         Agricultural Mechanic,
                                                                         Apprentice Spray Painter,
                                                                         Apprentice Panel Beater,
                                                                         Apprentice Automotive

14   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                        2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region          15
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
                                                                                                         MEM20413 | CERTIFICATE II IN
                                                                                                         ENGINEERING - PATHWAYS
                                                                                                         If you are looking for a trade with many         The skills packaging for the qualification
                                                                                                         different employment opportunities, this         has been developed on an assumption that
                                                                                                         qualification is a fantastic starting point.     competency will be developed through a
                                                                                                         Learn mechanical cutting, thermal cutting,       combination of on and off-the-job learning
                                                                                                         gouging and welding.                             strategies, such as those delivered through a
                                                                                                                                                          formal traineeship.
                                                                                                         After successful completion of this
      ADDITIONAL                                                           Two (2) year program          qualification, you may choose to become          This course is an excellent opportunity to
                       NIL                                  DURATION                                                                                      experience an insight into becoming a
      RESOURCES                                                            One (1) day per week          a trade assistant or progress to an
                                                                                                         Apprenticeship in a wide variety of fields,      Fabricator or Fitter and Machinist.
                                                                                                         including; Fabrication - Heavy (Boilermaker);
                       Long pants (cotton drill)                                                                                                          Units completed may assist you in gaining
                                                                                                         Light (Sheetmetal); Welder or Heavy/Welder
                       Long sleeved drill (hi-vis) shirt                                                                                                  employment as an apprentice.
                                                            WORK                                         and Fitting and Machining.
      UNIFORM          (cotton drill)
                                                                                                                                                          Gain skills in:
                                                            PLACEMENT      NIL
      REQUIREMENTS     Steel capped boots that comply                                                    This qualification provides practical skills
                                                            REQUIREMENTS                                                                                  •   Using tools
                       with Australian Safety Standards                                                  and knowledge in a range of metals and
                       Clear safety glasses                                                              engineering industry areas. Also learn about     •   Measuring and calculating
                                                                                                         safety in the workplace, computing and           •   Technical drawing and drafting
                       Once completed you will have
                                                                           Certificate III Engineering   maths and practice the skills you have learned   •   Load shifting
                                                                           qualifications and            in a workshop environment.
                       the skills and knowledge to                                                                                                        •   Thermal cutting
                                                                           streams such as:
                       become a Trade Assistant or
                       gain an apprenticeship in one of                    MEM30219 |   Mechanical                                                        •   Using forging and casting equipment
      CAREER           the following trades within the      COURSE         Trade                                                                          •   Welding
      OPPORTUNITIES    metals and engineering sector;       PATHWAYS       MEM30319 | Fabrication
                       Fabrication - Heavy (Boilermaker).
                       Light (Sheetmetal), Welder or
                       Heavy/Welder trade or Fitting and
                                                                           Or an apprenticeship/

16   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                                     2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region        17
VETDSS STUDY GUIDE 2022 | Wheatbelt Region - Pathways, starting in school - Central Regional Tafe
     On successful completion of this course you              Safety requirements, the industrial and work
     can seek an apprenticeship in the building               organisation structure, communication skills,
     and construction industry in your chosen                 work planning, carpentry and basic use of tools
     trade stream and gain credit towards an                  and materials.
     apprenticeship for completed subjects.
                                                              Develop skills in:
     The first stage of the course has units
     common to eleven construction trades,                    • General construction techniques
     providing a great introduction to the industry,          • Working as part of a team
     its culture, occupations, job roles and                  • Work safely in the construction industry
     workplace expectations.                                  •    Using a variety of construction tools and
     The elective units of competency are carpentry                equipment
     based, covering Occupational Health and

      ADDITIONAL                                                                     One (1) or two (2) year
                          NIL                                     DURATION
      RESOURCES                                                                      program

                          Long pants
                          Long sleeved drill (hi-vis) shirt
                          Steel capped boots that                 WORK
                          comply                                  PLACEMENT          NIL
                          with Australian Safety                  REQUIREMENTS
                          Clear safety glasses

                                                                                     Apprenticeship in the
                          On completion of this course,                              construction industry
      CAREER              you may be able to seek                 COURSE /STUDY
                                                                                     Certificate III qualifications
      OPPORTUNITIES       an apprenticeship in the                PATHWAYS
                          construction industry                                      in the construction

18   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                             2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region   19
                                                 Every career at your doorstep.
                                                          ‘Possible’ starts here.

                                                        VETDSS provides an opportunity to
                                                       explore your areas of interest before
                                                              committing to further study.

20   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                            2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region   21
     BUSINESS                                                                                                                                              TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                                   ICT20120 | CERTIFICATE II IN
     WORKPLACE SKILLS                                                                                              APPLIED DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES
     Be in high demand with skills that could                On completion you will be ideal for roles in          Information technology is one of the fastest           Learn how to:
     take you anywhere. With industry and                    data entry, customer service, accounts or as          growing sectors in the world with high                 • Connect hardware peripherals
     government forecasting a strong demand                  an office clerk. Gain skills in:                      demand for skills.
     for office workers, with this qualification                                                                                                                          •    Develop solutions for basic ICT
                                                             •    Organising tasks                                 This qualification gives you basic knowledge                malfunctions and problems
     you’ll be ready to be recruited.
                                                             •    Managing workplace information                   and skills in applied digital technologies and         •    Interact and solve queries with ICT clients
     Learn skills and knowledge in basic MYOB,                                                                     will prepare you to work in the industry.
                                                             •    Producing business documents
     workplace organisation, customer service,                                                                                                                            •    Install software applications
     workplace health and safety, desktop                    •    Delivering customer service                      You’ll work on a range of tasks under
                                                                                                                   supervision of your lecturer.                          •    Design and produce business documents
     publishing, spreadsheets, creating electronic           •    Communicating effectively, and
     presentations and much more.                            •    Fostering innovation and change                                                                         •    Work effectively in business environments

                              NIL                                DURATION            Two (2) year program           ADDITIONAL
      RESOURCES                                                                                                                             NIL                               DURATION              TBA
                              Students are expected to
                              attend class in neat, casual                                                                                  Students are expected
                              attire in a similar way                                                                                       to attend class in neat,
      UNIFORM                 as if they were dressing           WORK PLACEMENT                                                             casual attire in a similar
                                                                                     NIL                            UNIFORM                 way as if they were               WORK PLACEMENT
      REQUIREMENTS            for work. Students                 REQUIREMENTS                                                                                                                       NIL
                              should ensure they wear                                                               REQUIREMENTS            dressing for work. Students       REQUIREMENTS
                              comfortable, non-slip                                                                                         should ensure they wear
                              closed shoes.                                                                                                 comfortable, non-slip
                                                                                                                                            closed shoes.

                              Administration Assistant,
                              Personal Assistant, Clerical                           BSBS30120 | Certificate III                                                                                    ICT30120 | Certificate III in
      CAREER                  Worker, Data Entry                                     in Business                                            Network Administration,
                                                                 COURSE PATHWAYS                                    CAREER                                                                          Information Technology
      OPPORTUNITIES           Operator, Information                                  BSB40120 | Certificate IV
                                                                                                                                            Network Technician,               COURSE PATHWAYS
                                                                                                                    OPPORTUNITIES           Network Support                                         ICT40120 | Certificate IV in
                              Desk Clerk, Office Junior                              in Business                                                                                                    Information Technology

22   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                                                       2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                23
                                                                                                       Important Information                                 •   Good communication skills and enjoying
     ANIMAL STUDIES                                                                                                                                              working with people
                                                                                                       This course involves some physical work.
                                                                                                       Students must be prepared to work outdoors            •   Confidence and patience when working
     Do you have a passion for animals?               •   Providing basic first aid to animals
                                                                                                       and deal with dirty, smelly situations.                   with animals
     Would you like to work with our furry and        •   Assisting with animal health care
     feathered friends?                                                                                Personal requirements are:                            •   An ability to undertake manual and
     Learn about caring for all types of animals by   •   Developing self-management and                                                                         sometimes heavy work
                                                          organisational techniques                    •    Being passionate about animals and their
     catering for animal nutritional needs, basic                                                           welfare                                          •   Being observant and methodical
     animal care and handling as well as first aid.   •   Working with teams of people who are
                                                          willing to help make a difference to the
     This qualification offers an opportunity to          lives of our animal companions
     practice skills in the TAFE Animal Surgery and                                                                                                                                 One (1) or two (2) year
     industry placement.                              •   Handling animals safely and confidently in       ADDITIONAL
                                                                                                                             NIL                             DURATION               program, one (1) day per
                                                          a range of situations                            RESOURCES                                                                week
     Gain skills and knowledge in:
                                                      •   Dealing with emergencies                                           Enclosed (non-slip) shoes
     •   Learning fundamental animal care and                                                              UNIFORM                                           WORK PLACEMENT
                                                      •   Observing, monitoring and recognising                              Suitable clothing and hat for                          To be advised
         handling methods                                                                                  REQUIREMENTS                                      REQUIREMENTS
                                                          health issues in animals                                           regular field activities
     •   Developing team-work, communication
         and problem-solving skills                   •   Being able to assist in treating diseases
                                                                                                                             Animal Care Attendant, Pet                             ACM30121 | Certificate III
                                                          and illness                                                        Shop Employee, Cattery
     •   Catering for animal nutritional needs                                                             CAREER                                                                   in Animal Studies
                                                                                                                             Attendant, Kennel Hand,         COURSE PATHWAYS
                                                                                                           OPPORTUNITIES     Animal Handler, Animal                                 ACM40418 | Certificate IV
                                                                                                                             Shelter Worker                                         in Veterinary Nursing

24   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                                        2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region            25
     CHC22015 | CERTIFICATE II IN                                                                         •    May provide ancillary services such as
     COMMUNITY SERVICES                                                                                        catering, cleaning, laundry, gardening and
                                                                                                               home maintenance
     Do you have a passion for working with             It will prepare you to work in roles where you
                                                                                                          •    Report directly to a supervisor and are not
     those in need and making a positive impact         will:
                                                                                                               responsible for other workers.
     to their lives? Community service workers
     provide support to individuals, groups and         •   Support individuals by providing a first
     communities and work with them to identify             point of contact in a crisis situation and
     what social, emotional, psychological,                 referral to a broad range of services, or
                                                        •   Work in residential facilities and/or in          ADDITIONAL                                                             18 months or 3
     practical and other supports they may need                                                                                    NIL                               DURATION
                                                            community services under direct or                RESOURCES                                                              semesters
     to face life’s difficulties and challenges.
                                                            regular supervision within clearly defined                             Students are expected to
     They encourage and assist people to access             organisation guidelines and service plans.                             attend class in neat, casual
     those services and advocate for social justice.                                                                               attire in a similar way as if     WORK
     Community Service workers have a powerful          Those who work at this level:                         UNIFORM
                                                                                                                                   they were dressing for work.      PLACEMENT       30 - 40 hrs (approx.)
     impact on the lives of individuals and on the                                                            REQUIREMENTS         Students should ensure they
                                                        •   May provide assistance and support to                                                                    REQUIREMENTS
     way our society deals with social changes,                                                                                    wear comfortable, non-slip
                                                            clients accessing a service or experiencing
                                                                                                                                   closed shoes.
     challenges and issues.                                 issues such as alcohol and/or other drug
                                                            issues                                                                 Successful completion of this
     This qualification may be used as a pathway
                                                        •   Assist people in meeting their immediate                               qualification provides you with
     into the workforce which currently is a growth
                                                                                                                                   the opportunity to become                         CHC32015 | Certificate III in
     area. It can also be used as a step into further       needs e.g. by providing shelter and food
                                                                                                                                   a Assistant Community
     studies such as aged care, community,                                                                    CAREER                                                 COURSE          Community Services
                                                        •   Provide short-term contact with clients in                             Services Worker, Personal Care
     disability, youth or home and community                                                                  OPPORTUNITIES        Assistant, Front Desk Officer /   PATHWAYS        CHC33015 | Certificate III in
                                                            a crisis situation during which time they                                                                                Individual Support
     care.                                                                                                                         Receptionist, Support Worker,
                                                            establish a helping relationship to define
                                                                                                                                   Youth Worker or a Residential
                                                            the crisis and provide referral information                            Support Worker.
                                                            where appropriate

26   2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region                                                                                                                            2022 VETDSS Guide | Wheatbelt Region            27
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