Virtual Learning Plan 2020 2021 - 1510 Dinah Washington Ave Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (205) 759-3570 - Tuscaloosa City Schools

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Virtual Learning Plan 2020 2021 - 1510 Dinah Washington Ave Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (205) 759-3570 - Tuscaloosa City Schools
1510 Dinah Washington Ave
       Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
          (205) 759-3570

Virtual Learning Plan
     2020 - 2021
The mission of Central Elementary is to create a
   culture of high expectations and develop
             CHAMPION scholars.

   The vision of Central Elementary is to be a
 premier, innovative institution where each and
every child receives the highest quality education
 that prepares them for life and career success.

Students and staff have the right to attend a safe
 and secure school that is focused on academic
 success and personal growth within a positive
            learning environment.
Central Elementary School - preparing
  champion scholars to achieve excellence.

  Each month at the Champion Summit we
recognize and celebrate a student from each
  class that exhibits excellence inside and
outside of the classroom. These students are
recognized in front of their peers, teachers,
                 and parents.

Attendance - Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Discipline – Discipline is doing what you know
needs to be done even if you don’t want to do it

Leadership – Leaders create more leaders

Character – Stand up for what is right even if you
are standing alone

Academic Achievement – Be a life long learner

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you as the incoming Principal of
Central Elementary School. It is truly an honor to become a part of the Central family
and community. I come to you with 19 years of experience as an educator; however, I
come from a family of educators and military veterans, so I have been around this
profession all my life. I spent eight years teaching elementary education learning the
foundation of the educational curriculum. I believe wholeheartedly that every student
deserves a quality education and that only happens when the school and the families
work together for the best interests of our children.

As we all embark on a new journey of learning virtually, it is our goal as a team to ensure
that we are creating a learning environment that continuously impacts student
achievement. During the 2020-2021 school year, we will incorporate the skills and
lessons we were taught as educators during the spring and enhance that learning
through professional developments on how to teach students through an online
platform. At Central Elementary, our virtual teaching goal is to ensure that all of our
students will benefit from a “live teacher” teaching exciting and engaging activities that
will grow a culture of high achieving scholars.

Although CDC guidelines, including social distancing requirements are in place, we
strive to provide students opportunities to consistently be in contact with caring adults.
Students are required to check in each day with their teacher. We encourage our
students to participate within the live instruction provided by each teacher. Through
virtual platforms such as Schoology, Google Classroom, myON, and so much more it is
our goal as educators to foster compassion and produce active engagement.

Our virtual learning program affords students opportunities to build powerful
relationships with their teachers, be active participants in a supportive online
community, and thrive as a result of individualized support and relevant practice. While
we all desire to provide face to face instruction inside our building, we are implementing
tools that benefit students regardless of location. Our districts previous device initiative
and CARES Act Initiative, affords us technology tools that allow students to build
relationships, share ideas, grow, and learn.


Jerry Collins, Ph.D.
Central Elementary’s
   Virtual Learning
Central Elementary School is a place that prepares powerful and successful
students to achieve excellence. As the Tuscaloosa City Schools begins to
broaden our focus on virtual learning, our district’s focus of high
expectations still luminates through all of our faculty and staff. Virtual
learning will allow for Central to provide our students a safe environment
where each child feels nurtured and challenged. To effectively establish
powerful relationships, our staff will support the uniqueness of each child as
character development, academic growth, and social-emotional well-being is
also our focus.

The Central Elementary School Virtual Learning plan follows both a
synchronous and asynchronous learning approach. Although learning will
take place in the virtual variety, a student-centered approach will be
preserved. It is our intent to provide rigorous learning opportunities through
standards based instruction that ensures mastery of priority standards
during our time online. While teaching virtually, teachers will post lesson
plans in the Schoology platform each week, provide parents an opportunity
to pace their child's engagement, expect mastery of essential standards, and
teach engaging and innovative virtual lessons.
Central Elementary uses the following technology and communication
                             systems for virtual learning:

   RESOURCE            ICON        TYPE                AUDIENCE                         DESCRIPTION AND
                                                 All community members and the       The website maintains general information
                                 Communication           general public                   and provides important updates.
    School Website
                                                                                    Classdojo is a school communication platform
      Class Dojo                 Communication   School administrators, teachers,    that helps build close-knit communities by
                                                           staff, and               sharing what's being learned in the classroom
                                                            families                home through photos, videos, and messages.

                                                 School Administrators, teachers,    School administrators communicate with
        Smores                                          staff, and families           families through electronic newsletters.

                                                                                         School administrators, teachers and
                                 Communication   School Administrators, teachers,
                                                                                        families use this video conference for
     Google Meet                                        staff, and families              sharing information and meetings.

                                                 School Administrators, teachers,    Accelerated Reader is a computer program
    Renaissance                                         staff, and students          that helps teachers and librarians manage
(Accelerated Reader)              Technology                                            and monitor children's independent
                                                                                                  reading practice.

                                                                                      The district’s powerhouse of educational
      ClassLink                   Technology     School Administrators, teachers,    related applications necessary for teaching
                                                        staff, and students          and learning, in addition to supporting the
                                                                                              needs of all stakeholders.

                                                                                     A virtual learning environment that allows
     Schoology                    Technology     School Administrators, teachers,      school administrators and teachers to
                                                        staff, and students             create, manage, and share academic
                                                 School Administrators, teachers,
                                                        staff, and students             A personalized digital library at every
                                  Technology                                           student's fingertips Renaissance myON
                                                                                     Reader is a student-centered, personalized
                                                                                      literacy environment that gives students
                                                                                         access to more than 6,000 enhanced
                                                                                                     digital books.
                                                 School Administrators, teachers,
                                                        staff, and students             A reading resource that allows for the
                                  Technology                                            classroom teacher to assign students
     ReadWorks                                                                        individual reading passages and reading

                                                                                     Flipgrid is a website that allows teachers to
                                  Technology     School Administrators, teachers,          create "grids" to facilitate video
       Flipgrid                                         staff, and students            discussions. Each grid is like a message
                                                                                     board where teachers can pose questions,
                                                                                     called "topics," and their students can post
                                                                                     video responses that appear in a tiled grid
                                                 School Administrators, teachers,
                                                        staff, and students               The Reading Horizons Discovery
  Reading Horizons                Technology                                            interactive software program allows
     Discovery                                                                       students to improve their reading skills in
                                                                                     a way that is self-paced and independent.

                                  Technology     School Administrators, teachers,    Newsela is an engaging, accessible reading
      Neswela                                           staff, and students           platform with integrated assessments.

                                                 School Administrators, teachers,     Pathblazer is a personalized intervention
Edgenuity-Pathblazer              Technology            staff, and students             program that provides supplemental
                                                                                       online instruction with fun, motivating
                                                                                      content that builds foundational skills in
                                                                                                   math and ELA

                                                                                       Seesaw allows students to use creative
      Seesaw                      Technology     School Administrators, teachers,    tools to take pictures, draw, record videos
                                                        staff, and students         and more to capture learning in a portfolio.
Support For
                       Special Population
    ◆   Students with Disabilities: Lessons and classwork are adapted for students based
        on their individual needs. Students with an IEP or 504 will have a case manager that
        will ensure guidelines and accommodations are implemented. Meetings regarding
        IEP and 504 mandates will be held using a virtual platform such as Google Meet.

    ◆   Related Services: Speech therapists, counselors, mental health personnel, and
        social workers currently assigned by the district to serve students and provide tele-
        therapy, where appropriate and feasible. We are in communication and working with
        our service providers to get them connected to all students in our classroom

◆       Counseling: Students receive their mandated and/or at-risk counseling through
        online platforms. Central Elementary School’s counselor is committed to providing a
        comprehensive counseling program as guided by the American School Counselors
        Association and the Alabama State Department of Education. Central Elementary
        School’s counselor will use district approved virtual platforms to provide direct
        services to students for guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual
        counseling. Central Elementary School’s counselor will also provide indirect services
        through referrals, consultations and collaborations. Services will be provided to
        ensure the social, emotional, academic, and career development of all students.

◆       English Language Learners: Teachers will provide additional support to our ELL
        students with classwork through adaptations and monitoring and responding to
        student work. ELL tutors will conference with students one on one and provide
        additional lessons and activities targeting reading, writing, listening, and speaking

◆   Reading and Math Intervention: Intervention teachers provide additional lessons
    and activities that are targeted to students receiving intervention. They also meet
    virtually with students via video or phone to conference with students on targeted
    skills. Students will be selected based on summative data indicating the need to target
    foundational skills.
Virtual Learning Expectations
All employees will be following regular work hours in all work locations. During the time we are virtual,
some additional information will be provided for bus drivers and others who are not able to provide our
services in a virtual manner. We understand that some flexibility may be needed during this time for
your own personal needs and principals/supervisors will be able to speak with you individually to
determine if we are able to provide individual accommodations specific to your needs. As a community
of learners, Central Elementary School’s virtual expectations are as follows:


        ◆   Identify personnel necessary to provide effective instruction and essential support for
            all students.
        ◆   Provide staff with professional development opportunities necessary to facilitate
            rigorous virtual learning.
        ◆   Continue our roles as instructional leaders among the faculty.
        ◆   Facilitate resolution of issues and questions, reviewing teacher planning materials
            and collaborating with them on growth in their planning and instruction.
        ◆   Continue the PLC process and seek and connect faculty and students with resources.
        ◆   Maintain a safe environment in both the virtual and brick and mortar platform.
        ◆   Establish communication routines and schedule weekly virtual meetings.
        ◆   Continue other responsibilities including student issues, facilities, extended planning,
            human resources, state and district reporting and deadlines, etc.


        ◆   Addressing the needs, concerns, and questions of stakeholders through email and
            phone communications

        ◆   Maintain clerical duties

        ◆   Act as a liaison between the community, the school, and other internal and external
        ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow

        ◆   Pay and prepare invoices after approval by the principal

        ◆   Accurately record all receipts and disbursements

        ◆   Prepare bank deposits

        ◆   Maintain accurate books on accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and daily
            financial entries

      ◆   Follow CDC guidelines to thoroughly clean and disinfect inside and outside the
      ◆   Continue to clean as necessary, as teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff use the
      ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow

      ◆   Provide guidance as needed for various stakeholders regarding the safety of staff and
          students regarding infectious disease
      ◆   Perform immunization audits for all students
      ◆   Ensure all documents have the appropriate signatures relative to PPAF, Safe at
          School Act, End of Life Care Plans and IHP (Health Care) Plans.
      ◆   Attend PD regarding the safe return of students to our campus
      ◆   Regularly communicate with parents regarding student well being
      ◆   Contacting families of those with specific medical needs to check on the health of
          students during this absence and assist with referrals as indicated
      ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow

      ◆   Prepare and distribute Grab and Go meals
      ◆   Follow CDC guidelines for disinfecting and sanitary practices
      ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow

      ◆   Assist with small group instruction or one on one instruction
      ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow


      ◆   Collaborate with classroom teachers during grade level, data meetings or
          job/content-alike PLCs each week to plan supports for students who currently have
          an IEP

      ◆   Provide foundational support for students with standard mastery deficits
      ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow
          expectations as provided by TCS
    ◆   Execute Virtual Learning Plan
    ◆   Instructional time should not exceed 85 minutes for Pre-k – 2nd grade and 120 minutes for 3rd
        grade – 5th grade
    ◆   Live teaching lessons will be taught on Monday- Friday of each week with active student
           ◆ 3rd – 5th Grade: 8:30 – 9:30
           ◆ Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: 10:30-11:30

    ◆   Morning Meeting Check-ins and small group instruction daily (60 minutes)
    ◆   Attending weekly PLCs according to grade level
    ◆   Work diligently to build relationships
    ◆   Maintain appropriate office hours and contact each family to answer questions and offer
    ◆   Will make available lesson plans to all stakeholders in Canvas and/or Schoology two weeks in
    ◆   Maintain constant communication with parents regarding student progress and classroom
    ◆   Provide weekly updates regarding grades in iNow portal
    ◆   Maintain a safe online environment conducive to active student engagement and a culture of
        mutual respect and admiration

    ◆   Maintain an accurate record of all interactions with students, including whole class
        and small group lessons, phone calls, video conferences, emails, etc.
    ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow expectations as
        provided by TCS


    ◆   Collaborate with classroom teachers during grade level or job/content alike
        PLCs each week to plan supports for students who are currently on a Tier
        III plan and/or are not meeting mastery.
    ◆   Provide foundational support for students with standard mastery deficits
    ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow
        expectations as provided by TCS


    ◆   Support teachers by joining virtual meetings and classes, reviewing teacher planning
        materials, curating resources, troubleshooting emerging issues, support PLCs,
        facilitate data meetings, and being present for teachers

    ◆   Provide side by side support through the seven step coaching cycle in the areas of
        strategic teaching, explicit instruction, classroom management and effective virtual
        teaching and learning
    ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow
        expectations as provided by TCS

     ◆   Expand and maintain digital collection

     ◆   Communicate frequently and clearly with community regarding the availability of
         these resources

     ◆   Distribute new books to students via a variety of means compliant with health

     ◆   Organize and disseminate reading engagement activities

     ◆   Comply with copyright and fair use policies
     ◆   Facilitate the equitable involvement in activities that foster a love of literacy
     ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow
         expectations as provided by TCS


     ◆   Respond to calls from families seeking assistance

     ◆   Make referrals to resources in the community

     ◆   Call and connect with families on their caseloads

     ◆   Respond to referrals from teachers, principals, counselors

     ◆   Make home visits when necessary in compliance with state and federal safety
     ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow


     ◆   Set and publish to families your contact information and specific office hours when
         they may contact you for immediate response. All other calls or emails are to be
         returned within 24 hours.

     ◆   Publish to your families’ contact information for after-hours and 24/7 services that
         they may access.

     ◆   Conduct a needs assessment through methods such Google Forms to determine
         needs of students for virtual guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual

     ◆   Use platforms provided by TCS to provide direct services to students for guidance
         lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling

     ◆   Meet the needs of each student by facilitating acquisition of personal items through
         Neighborhood Bridges

     ◆   Coordinate with school administrators to ensure delivery of Neighborhood Bridges
         donations and Secret Meals
     ◆   Receive guidance from Administrative Team on alternative duties and follow
         expectations as provided by TCS
    ◆   Check-in with homeroom teacher daily
    ◆   Talk to your teacher if you need additional support or cannot meet
    ◆   Complete assignments and tasks in a timely manner
    ◆   Actively participate within virtual lessons
    ◆   Ask for help as you communicate with other adults as needs arise
        including administrators, counselor, and social worker
    ◆   Follow the virtual Norms
    ◆   Follow the directions of the TCS Internet Acceptable Use Policy

    ◆   Establish routines and expectations for your student(s)
    ◆   Take an active role in helping your student process their learning
    ◆   Define the physical space for your child’s study
    ◆   Check school communication sites and also communicate with the
        school as needed

Kindergarten                Chanterryka Calhoun                 Teresa Bryant

  1st Grade                     Kantrele King                   Leah Fikes
                                                             Katherine Powell

 2nd Grade                    Calyn Washington                  Telecia Strong
                                                                Michelle Scott

 3rd Grade                      Veronica Long                Valerie Grayson

 4th Grade                     Jamilya Sterling                 Tiffani Black

 5th Grade                     Jalicia McCaskill                 Ebony Cash
                                                                Folante Perry

                       Pre-Kindergarten Teachers:
                 Lisa McDougle Williams, Amy Winstead,

                       Special Education Teachers:
                Sherlisa Fields – Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
                    April Ball – 3rd Grade – 5th Grade

              Reading Coach/ ARI Specialist: Laurie Coleman
               Interventionist: Leigh Allen and Lakeshia Bell
                Speech Language Pathologist: Jessica Perry

               Physical Education Teacher: Dannon Bedwell
                         Librarian: Shayla Thomas
                     Counselor: Tashonney Patterson
August        September       October       November       December         January

 Meet and      Labor Day      Report Cards   Veterans Day     ½ Day          Students
  Greet         Sept. 7th       Oct. 16th     Nov. 11th      Dec. 18th     Return Jan. 5th
Aug. 17th –    *No School                    *No School

First Day of   Virtual Open                   Progress      Winter Break   Report Cards
   School         House                       Reports        Dec. 21st –     Jan. 8th
 Aug. 20th       Sept. 8th                    Nov. 13th       Jan. 4th

                Progress                      Fall Break
                 Reports                      Nov. 23rd –
                Sept. 11th                       27th
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