"Wedding olicy" Congratulations! You are about to take a significant and exciting step in your

“Wedding olicy”
Congratulations!             You are about to take a significant and exciting step in your
life. We are pleased that you are looking to launch your life together by honoring God's
desire and plan for your marriage. We are looking forward to working with you as you
prepare yourselves for life as husband and wife.

And while we are committed to do everything we can to make your wedding day special,
our primary concern and calling is to your long-term relationship with each other and
with the Lord.

At first look, some of the policies and pre-requisites might seem restrictive, but they
have been carefully crafted to not only help you have a successful and enjoyable
wedding day but also to help you to formulate a solid foundation for your marriage.

And because we are convinced that healthy relationships must be rooted in a
relationship with Christ and that Scripture is clear about the danger of being unequally
yoked (meaning that one partner is a follower of Christ and the other is not), we will
want to talk to each of you about your own personal relationship with Christ.

Please read the Hillside Wedding Policy and then if you wish to apply, fill out the
Application for Marriage form and return it to the church office with your deposit. Upon
receipt of your application a pastoral staff member will contact you for a brief initial

May God guide you as you plan and prepare to be wed.
Hillside Church - Wedding Policy
                             Revision date – September 2013

 As a church in the Blue Earth County, we are committed to building strong and lasting
 marriages that are built in and grounded on God and His principles. Therefore, these
  policies will be enforced and we will require the following requirements for marriage.

1.       All weddings at Hillside Church must work through the Wedding Liaison/
         Administrator. There are NO exceptions.

2.       A minimum of six months marriage preparation from the time the wedding
         application has been received and approved. This allows enough time for those
         in weak relationships to improve them or back out without embarrassment.

3.       Each engaged couple will be required to complete Prepare/Enrich, a premarital
         inventory designed to give the couple an objective overview of their strengths
         and areas for growth. It will also give mentor couples a clear understanding of
         where to focus their discussions with the couple.

4.       Special circumstances requiring pastoral approval before application will be
     !   Those who have been divorced
     !   Those who already have children
     !   Those who are presently living together
     !   Those who are not Christians (by profession and/or practice)
     !   Those living outside our local communities
     !   Less that six months before desired wedding date
     !   Desired officiating Pastor not on Hillside Church staff

5.       Couples will also read and discuss the book, Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson
         Eggerichs, with their marriage counselor/mentor.

6.     The uses of church facilities for a wedding and/or reception are open to:
     ! Church Members
     ! Immediate families (sons or daughters) of Church Members
     ! Those who have attended our worship services regularly during the past 6

7.       Because of seasonal busyness in the church ministry calendar, there are
         particular dates when the church building simply is not available. If a wedding
         date falls close to a holiday or special event, all church decorations and/or
         musical sets will be kept in place and cannot be moved. Because of our Sunday
         services, all wedding activities must be completed in the sanctuary no later that
         5:00pm. We suggest a late morning or early afternoon wedding if you choose a
         date on a Saturday.

Hillside Church - Wedding Policy
                              Revision date – September 2013

8.       Setup, decorating, takedown and cleanup time must be considered when setting
         a time for your wedding. The church's Wedding Liaison will help you schedule
         these times.

9.      Fees:
      ! Wedding Fee                   $450
      ! Multi Purpose Room            $200 (Covers setup of tables, chairs & custodian)

10.      The wedding fee covers the Couple's Prepare/Enrich evaluation materials,
         counseling materials, a Hillside sound technician, the Pastor, and reasonable
         custodial care. There is no charge for the use of the sanctuary. These fees do
         not cover any vocalists or musicians that you use in your ceremony. Any usage of
         the church’s instruments must be approved through the Wedding Liaison.

11.     Fee Payment Schedule:
      ! Deposit of $100, due with Wedding Application submission
      ! One half of the remaining balance due with completed Wedding Planning Form
      ! Remaining balance due two weeks prior to the ceremony

12.     Reception and Rehearsal Dinner Guidelines:
      ! No Alcohol, Dance, Band or DJ
      ! To prepare the building for Sunday Worship Services receptions must be
        concluded and cleaned up by 8:00pm.

13.      Nothing, including confetti, rice, silly string or bird seed, is allowed to be thrown in
         the church building or on the church grounds. Soap bubbles are not allowed
         inside the church building.

14.      The church is not responsible for any personal or rented property that you bring
         to the church for your wedding. It is your responsibility to remove all personal
         items and decorations prior to leaving the building. All rooms you use must be
         reasonably clean and picked-up before you leave. Breakage of any kind is your
         responsibility and will be billed at the replacement or repair cost.

15.      The church requires that the couple to be married and their families designate an
         individual to be "in-charge" of the wedding from the church's point of view. This is
         necessary to avoid any miscommunication to and from church representatives.
         This person will speak for the bride, groom and their families and must be
         present with the meetings with the Hillside Wedding Liaison and the Pastor, in-
         charge or officiating. This person may be the bride, groom, a parent, designated
         person or a hired Wedding Coordinator. If this person is the bride or groom,
         another person must be assigned as a “2nd person in change.” All family

Hillside Church - Wedding Policy
                            Revision date – September 2013

        members, bridal party members and vendors must work through this person
        when communicating with any church representative. This person is also
        responsible to communicate with the couple if problems arise with damage,
        behavior of guests, problems with building, items left after wedding. The Wedding
        Liaison will ask for this person's cell number if problems arrive after wedding
        party has left.

What Are the Steps and What Must I do?
1.      Fill out the enclosed Wedding Application and return it to the church office with
        your deposit. Upon receipt of the application, you will be contacted by the
        Wedding Liaison or the Pastor to set up a meeting to discuss the prerequisites
        and the proposed wedding date. If the prerequisites are not satisfied or available
        dates are not satisfactory your deposit will be returned.

2.      Your application then goes to the church's pastoral staff to be approved.

3.     Upon receipt of your deposit by the church and the pastoral staff’s approval:
     ! Your wedding date will be reserved on the church calendar. The church will
       acknowledge the receipt of your deposit and the confirmation of the date and
       officiating Pastor.
     ! A pastor/counselor will contact you to arrange for your premarital counseling
     ! The church's Wedding Liaison will contact you to arrange a meeting

4.      Premarital counseling begins with the Prepare/Enrich evaluation and meeting
        with pastor.

5.      The Wedding Liaison will review with you the Wedding Planning and
        discuss costs, facility and equipment usage, and technical services for your

6.      Complete and return Wedding Planning Form with ½ of the remaining balance.

7.      Officiating Pastor will schedule a meeting with you to plan the wedding

8.      At least two weeks prior to the ceremony you will meet with the Officiating Pastor
        and the Wedding Liaison to finalize the ceremony, facility and technical
        requirements. Any balance due is payable at this time.

Hillside Church - Wedding Policy
                           Revision date – September 2013

                                  Wedding Policies

1.   It is expected that members of the wedding party will recognize the church building as a
     place of worship and will conduct themselves in a manner befitting the atmosphere of the
     place of worship. Wedding dress and attire should be in keeping with good taste and
     modesty – it is a worship service.

2.   No wedding dances or alcohol beverages will be permitted on the church property.

3.   Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere in the building. No
     wedding or rehearsal will be conducted when any member of the wedding party is under
     the influence of alcoholic beverages or mood altering drugs. It is the responsibility of the
     bride and groom to inform their wedding party of this restriction.

4.   No food or beverage is allowed anywhere in the church except in the Fellowship Hall. No
     red drink is to be served in the building, no exceptions.

5.   No rice, confetti, birdseed, popcorn (or anything of the sort) are to be thrown on the
     premises. The ushers are responsible for carrying out this policy.

6.   The Pastor and the Minister of Music must approve all music. The numbers will not be
     gone through in their entirety during the rehearsal of the wedding.

7.   All decorations should be done in good taste. They should not damage the floors, rugs,
     walls, or furniture. No adhesive material should be attached to painted surfaces. Carpets
     must be protected from damage caused by dripping candles. Only dripless candles are to
     be used. Please inform someone to see to it that all decorations are removed from the
     church immediately following the ceremony and that all church furniture is returned to its
     proper place for Sunday services. This includes the sanctuary, nursery, Fellowship Hall,
     Sunday school classrooms and restrooms. No real flower petals are to be dropped on
     floor due to possible color bleeding on carpet. Bows can be secured to chair with corsage
     pins. Please make sure real foliage and floral arrangements are not messy.

8.   Breakage or destruction of church property and items will be an additional cost to the

9.   The marriage license must be turned in to the church office at least two working days
     before the wedding so that the appropriate information may be typed in.

Hillside Church - Wedding Policy
                            Revision date – September 2013

10.   All weddings that take place at Hillside Church will be under the supervision of
      Hillside’s Wedding Liaison. A minimum of 5 (five) premarital counseling sessions are
      required. Pastor will conduct the rehearsal and together with the coordinator will make
      the plans for that rehearsal.

11.   Reservations for the facilities will be considered firm when the wedding reservation form
      has been filled out and returned, approved by the Pastor, and down payment has been

12.   Hillside Church assumes no responsibility for personal items that are lost or broken. All
      personal property of those using the church facilities must be removed the same day the
      facilities are used.

13.   No nail polish is allowed in the room where the bride and bridesmaids get dressed.

14.   Have someone do general cleaning after the reception. This would include picking up
      cups & plates, taking down decorations, washing, drying, and putting away dishes.

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