Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH

Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021
Dear Community Partners,

As the chief public health strategist for the Greater Nashua Public Health Region (GNPHR), the Nashua Division
of Public Health and Community Services (DPHCS) will continue to send weekly updates to inform our
community on the current status of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, the response efforts by the City of
Nashua and Greater Nashua Public Health Network (GNPHN), and any additional updates related to the health
and safety of our community.

   COVID-19 Data Update

   We continue to experience substantial community level transmission of COVID-19 in the City of Nashua.
   Substantial community level transmission is determined by three metrics established in conjunction
   with the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Centers
   for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When any one of the metrics exceeds the set threshold, a
   community is designated as "RED" or substantial. Currently we are exceeding the thresholds set on one
   metric: new infections per 100k.

                                                                      Total Cases: All confirmed or probable
                                                                      COVID-19 cases, either active or recovered.

                                                                      Active Case: A case that is currently sick or
                                                                      in isolation due to COVID-19.

                                                                      New Infections per 100k: Number of new
                                                                      cases within 14 days standardized by
                                                                      population size to compare across groups.
                                                                      This shows how quickly disease is occurring
                                                                      in the community or the incidence of

                                                                      7-Day Total Test Positivity Rate: Number
                                                                      of PCR and Antigen tests that are positive
                                                                      compared to the number of PCR and
                                                                      Antigen tests that are negative over the
                                                                      past 7 days. A rising positivity rate
                                                                      indicates a rising number of infections in
                                                                      the community.

                                                                      Public health officials are strongly urging
                                                                      everyone to stay home if you are sick
                                                                      (except to get medical care), avoid social
                                                                      gatherings, maintain physical distancing of
                                                                      six feet or more, wear face coverings, and
                                                                      wash your hands frequently.

   COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Continue in New Hampshire - #1 in Nation!

   New Hampshire is takes the lead as number one in the country in distributing its allocated COVID-19
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
vaccines. As of April 6th, New Hampshire has received 843,385 doses of vaccine and administered
796,674 of them, or 94.46%.

If you are still looking to get your COVID-19 vaccine, the Nashua DPHCS / Greater Nashua Public Health
Network is proud to announce that we will be hosting a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic on Wednesday, April
14th from 9am to 4pm in Merrimack, NH offering the single dose Janssen vaccine (Johnson &
Johnson). The only requirements for this clinic are people who are 18+ and reside in New Hampshire.
Sign up by clicking the button below!


Please note:
       This clinic is appointment only and there is no plus one options – you must sign up
       Since this is a single dose vaccine, this clinic is for first dose appointments ONLY
       You must be 18+ and live in New Hampshire
       Bring your ID (ex. Driver’s license, Passport, Non-Driver's ID) with you on the day of your
       Dress according to the weather…it might rain and you may be standing outside for a brief period
       If you have already scheduled a vaccination appointment through the state website (VINI), but
       want to attend this clinic, you just need to cancel your appointment previously made through

Individuals who are not able to attend our clinic or are 16/17 years old can register and schedule a
vaccination appointment with the State of NH online at www.vaccines.nh.gov or by calling 2-1-1. We
are encouraging all of our community members to be patient as they schedule an appointment.

After vaccination, it is important for everyone to continue to be vigilant and practice public health
recommendations in order for us to end this pandemic and keep our residents healthy and safe. At this
time, continue to practice the following:
       Stay home if you are sick, except to seek medical attention
       Cover your mouth and nose by wearing mask in public settings
       Stay at least six feet away from people who do not live in your household
       Avoid large crowds and poorly ventilated places
       Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol in between

        If your organization interested in hosting a closed vaccination clinic for staff and clients
                         OR your organization anticipates having extra vaccine:
                 email Patty Crooker at crookerp@nashuanh.gov for further discussion.

Public Health Week in Greater Nashua was a Success!

For the tenth year in a row, the Nashua DPHCS, along with its many community partners, participated
in National Public Health Week. This year's theme, "Building Bridges to Better Health”, had the goal of
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
building connections to make our communities a healthier and safer place for all.

In the midst of the most challenging public health crisis of our lifetimes, it's more important than ever
to celebrate the efforts of public health, and that is exactly what we did. During National Public Health
Week, the Nashua DPHCS and collaborating partners raised awareness of public health, promoted
healthy behaviors with a walking challenge, and, of course, had fun! We celebrated the power of
prevention, advocated for healthy and fair policies, shared strategies for successful partnerships, and
championed the role of a strong public health system.

Public Health Week in Greater Nashua was kicked off on Monday, April 5th by the City of Nashua
Mayor Jim Donchess, accompanied by the Director of Nashua DPHCS, Bobbie D. Bagley. Mayor
Donchess read a proclamation declaring April 5 to 11, 2021 as Greater Nashua Public Health Week and
Director Bagley closed out with remarks. We encourage our community to watch the recorded video

On Monday, we also joined our Community Partner, Lamprey Health Care, to celebrate their award of
$3M through the American Recovery Plan from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Lamprey provides health care to many low-income individuals and many uninsured clients. These funds
are vital to continuing the mission of this great community health care center. A mobile health unit was
purchased with Cares Act funds. Thank you for being a committed partner to Public Health!

To keep the celebration going, on Wednesday,
April 7th, we recognized the hard work and
contributions of Nashua DPHCS Staff during
Public Health Staff Appreciation Day.

We invited our community partners to join us at
the Nashua City Hall Steps at 11 AM as Mayor
Jim Donchess hosted a recognition ceremony.
This was a great event and we are so thankful
for all of our dedicated Public Health Staff and
Community Partners!

Check out the recorded ceremony to the right.

Throughout the rest of the week we: hosted outreach tables at various community organizations,
including our regional YMCAs, Greater Nashua Mental Health, United Way of Greater Nashua, Nashua
PAL, Revive Recovery, Harbor Care, Adult Learning Center, Revive Recovery, and the Nashua Public
Library; promoted public health education along with activities and virtual events on our website;
posted daily social media content; and sent a press release to local media outlets to showcase the work
conducted by Nashua DPHCS during the pandemic.

 Join us for more fun next year from April 4 to 10, 2022 as we continue the celebration!
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
2021 NH Governor's Conference on Volunteerism

Volunteer NH is continuing to take COVID-19 safety precautions and will once again host a virtual
Governor's Conference on Volunteerism. This free, online event will be held from Tuesday, May 11 to
Friday, May 14, 2021. his year, they are proud to offer a series of 20 Zoom sessions over 3 days, plus a
trivia contest to close out the conference on day 4! This years conference theme is 'Moving Forward
Together: Embracing Change'.

                                             REGISTER HERE

Nashua Rotary Donates 4,000 Face Masks to Public Health!

Rotary Club (Nashua West) is part of
the Million Mask Challenge, and has
been distributing surgical face masks
around the Rotary district.

This week DPHCS received 4,000
surgical face masks that we will be
sharing with our clients at the weekly
COVID-19 testing clinics.

Thank you Nashua Rotary for helping
us provide the community with
needed face masks to be protected
from COVID-19 spread.

At right, Director Bobbie Bagley
receives the generous donation!

Video Series: NH Public Health
​Lead Public Service Announcements

All children are at risk for lead poisoning. Get
your child tested for lead at their 1 year check-up
and again at 2. It’s easy, convenient, reliable, and
covered by insurance.

You’ll get the results before you leave. We also
offer free child blood level testing! For more
information, visit our website.

Check it out by clicking the video on the right!
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
Get Tested during STD Awareness Month

April is STD Awareness Month and April 11 to 17 is STD Awareness Week. If you are sexually active, or
planning to be, getting tested is one of the most important steps you can take to protect the health of
you and your partner. The ONLY way to know for sure if you or someone else has a Sexually
Transmitted Disease (STD), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), or Hepatitis C (HCV) is to get tested.

Get Yourself Tested is a campaign encouraging young people to get tested and treated for STDs and HIV
to protect their health and that of their partners. STDs affect people of all ages, yet these diseases take
a particularly heavy toll on young people. False assumptions about STDs (how they’re spread,
prevented, and treated) are everywhere, and it can be especially hard for people to get the facts.
Making sure that you have the correct information about STD prevention and testing has never been
more important!

Know The Facts
      STDs impact young people the hardest. In the U.S., half of all new STDs are in people under 25
      years old.
      If you are sexually active, you can lower your risk of getting an STD by using a latex condom the
      right way from start to finish every time you have sex.
      Almost all STDs that can be spread via condomless vaginal sex can also be spread through oral
      and anal sex without a condom.
      You can’t tell if someone has an STD just by looking at them. Many STDs don’t cause any
      symptoms, so the only way to know for sure is to get tested.
      Even if you use birth control, you should still think about STD prevention. Birth control methods
      like the pill, patch, ring, and IUD are very effective at preventing pregnancy, but they do not
      protect against STDs and HIV.

Get Yourself Tested
      STD tests are quick, simple, and usually painless. For example, rapid HIV tests can provide results
      from just a swab inside the mouth in only 20 minutes.
      Not all medical checkups include STD testing. Unless you ask to be tested, you can’t assume you
      have been. Ask your medical provider which STDs you should be tested for.
      Talk to your partner about when you were last tested and suggest getting tested together. And if
      you have an STD, tell your partner. These conversations may seem hard to have, but open
      communication with your partner is essential to staying healthy and stopping the spread of
      STDs. These conversations may also bring you closer together. Here are some tips to help you
      start the conversation.
      If you test positive for an STD, work with your doctor to get the correct treatment

We offer weekly testing clinics here in Nashua, available to people in the Greater Nashua Region!
Our Mobile Outreach Clinics are held on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Nashua Public
Library Front Plaza (2 Court St., Nashua) and the First and Third Friday of the month from 1:30 p.m. to
3:30 p.m. at Laton House (28 Railroad Sq., Nashua). We also have weekly clinics at Lamprey Health Care
(22 Prospect St., Nashua) Thursdays from 5 to 7 p.m.

                                    Learn More about STDs Here
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
EQUITY CORNER:                             My name is Evenson Pierre and I am from the
                                                     beautiful island of Puerto Rico where I was born
         Meet Evenson Pierre                         and raised. While my native language is Spanish, I
   NEW Community Health Worker!                      understand and speak Haitian creole because my
                                                     parents are Haitian. I have been living in the
                                                     United States since 2011 and I must admit that
                                                     the transition from Puerto Rico to the United
                                                     States was not the easiest one. The language,
                                                     culture, and even the weather was very shocking
                                                     in my early years here. Consequently, I relate well
                                                     to families transitioning to life in the U.S. and how
                                                     unsettling it can be. I received help and
                                                     mentorship in order to settle into life here and I
                                                     hope to “pay it forward” by providing these same
                                                     things to new members of our community.
                                                     My prior job experience has sharpened the
                                                     characteristics and skills that will help me thrive
                                                     as a Community Health Worker.

Before joining DPHCS, I worked as Student Success Coach for City Year in an elementary school and as a
Community Health Worker for a community clinic. As a Student Success Coach and socio-emotional
coordinator, I worked very closely with diverse students that needed extra support in and out of the
classroom by planning tutoring sessions, providing small group and one-to-one literacy and math
tutoring, and facilitating sessions for small groups of students on building social-emotional learning
skills. As a Community Health Worker, I worked under the clinic case managers; my role was to provide
patients with food, clothes, and State resources such as SNAP and Medicaid as well referrals to
Southern New Hampshire Services, NH Legal Aid, and referrals for children developmental disabilities.

I am also a student currently, pursuing a major in psychology with a minor in communications. I don’t
know what the future will bring, but I want to work with the community to breach the gap of
inequalities and social injustice in our health system and society.

Be 'Flood Ready' this Spring!

Spring is the time of year when many things change - including the weather. Temperatures can swing
back and forth, sunny days may be followed by a week of stormy weather, and sometimes extreme
weather changes can occur even within the same day. When severe weather hits unexpectedly, the risk
of weather-related injury increases. In New England, it is important for us to prepare for storms and
floods as if you know in advance they are coming, because in the spring, they very likely will. Planning
ahead just makes sense!

In New Hampshire, we prepare for spring flooding. Floods are the most common natural disaster in the
U.S. and occur when there is a temporary overflow of water on dry land. Floods result from rain, snow,
storms, or overflows of water systems, and can sometimes develop very quickly.

Floods are a public health priority because entering or failing to evacuate flooded areas can lead to
injury or death. It is NEVER safe to drive or walk into flood waters. Anyone in a flood warning should
find shelter immediately because just 6 inches of moving water can knock a person down, and 1 foot of
moving water can sweep a vehicle away. To be prepared, homeowners should also obtain flood
insurance, as floods are not covered in homeowner’s policies.
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
Additional Resources

                Nashua COVID-19 Hotline: 603-589-3456
                                    Upcoming Events
  New Hampshire COVID-19 Website
                                    Harbor Care COVID-19 Testing Clinic
                                    April 12, 3 - 6 p.m.
                                    (45 High St., Nashua)
                                    By Appointment: 603-821-7788
     Nashua COVID-19 Website
                                    DPHCS COVID-19 Testing Clinic
                                    April 13, 3 - 4:30 p.m.
                                    Elm Street Parking Garage
        Greater Nashua Data         By Appointment: Register Here
                                    April 12, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
                                    Between Temple St. & Cottage St., Nashua
       CDC COVID-19 Website
             (English)              SSANA
                                    April 14, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
                                    29 Temple St., Nashua

   CDC COVID-19 Website (Spanish)   STD/HIV/HCV Testing
                                    April 15, 5 - 7 p.m.
                                    Lamprey Health Care (22 Prospect St., Nashua)
                                    By Appointment: Register Here
      Vaccination Information
                                    PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 vaccines are NOT offered at
                                    our mobile immunization clinics listed in this section.
                                    For information about getting vaccinated against
                                    COVID-19, please visit vaccines.nh.gov or call 2-1-1.
          Food Resources
                                    Full DPHCS Mobile Outreach Schedule
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
Food Resources (Spanish)

     Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services
             Greater Nashua Public Health Network

                           ​    ​    ​   ​
Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH Weekly Update - April 9, 2021 - Nashua, NH
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