WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students

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WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students

Class of 2022
Parents and Students

            Principal           Dean of Instruction
            Stephanie Hodgins   Dr. Velasco
WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
Advanced Placement
   Shawn Lane and Amy Rogers

WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
College Board Policy
College Board maintains a policy of open access for all student to rigorous,
college-level coursework while still in high school with the opportunity to earn
college credit and placement through corresponding exams.

Willis ISD echoes College Board Policy in that pre-AP and AP courses are open to
all students willing to try.
WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
Class Levels¹ and Pathways

         9th                       10th                       11th                     12th

        Pre-AP                     Level
                                                             Level                    Level
  Advanced Placement              Pre-AP
                                                            Pre-AP                     AP
         (AP)                       AP
                                                              AP                    Dual Credit
                                                        Dual Credit (DC)

¹ Students are not required to take advanced academics level courses across all content areas
WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
Advanced Placement Course

ELAR/RLA          Pre-AP                 Pre-AP        AP English III (English   AP English IV (English
                                                       Language & Composition)   Literature & Composition)
                  English I              English II

Social         Pre-AP World
                                       AP World                                  AP US Gov’t & Politics
Studies                                History
                                                       AP US History
               AP Human
                                                                                 AP Macroeconomics
                                                                                 AP Psychology

  * Dependent on School Board Approval for 2020-2021
WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
Advanced Placement Course

                                        AP            AP Chemistry*
                          Pre-AP        Chemistry*
 Sciences     Pre-AP      Chemistry                   AP Physics*
              Biology                   AP Physics*
                                                      AP Biology*
                          AP Physics*
                                        AP Biology*

Mathematics   Pre-AP      Pre-AP        Pre-AP
              Algebra I   Geometry      Algebra II    Pre-AP Calculus

              Pre-AP      Pre-AP        Pre-AP        AP Calculus AB
              Geometry    Algebra II    Calculus
WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
Advanced Placement Course

                                                                        Pre-AP Spanish III                    AP Spanish IV:
                    Pre-AP                    Pre-AP                                                          Language & Culture
                    Spanish I***              Spanish II
                                                                        AP Spanish IV:
                                                                                                              AP Spanish V:
 L.O.T.E.                                     Pre-AP                    Language &
                                                                                                              Literature & Culture
                    Pre-AP                                              Culture
                    Spanish II                Spanish III

                                              Pre-AP                                                          AP German IV:
                                              German II                 Pre-AP German III                     Language & Culture

Fine Arts
                                                                        AP Art                     AP Art

     *** available to those that took Intro to Spanish, Pre-AP Spanish II is available to those that successfully completed
     Spanish I in 8th Grade.
WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
College Board AP Exams
ELAR/RLA         History &        Sciences        Mathematic         World          Fine Arts
               Social Studies                        s&            Languages
AP English                        AP Biology                                         AP Art: 2D
Language &
                                                  Computer         & Cultures
                 AP Human
Composition      Geography
                                 AP Chemistry
                                                   Science          AP Spanish       AP Art: 3D
                                                                    Language &
                  AP World                                            Culture
AP English                            AP          AP Calculus                         AP Art:
               History: Modern
Literature &                     Environmental        AB            AP Spanish
Composition     AP European        Science*                         Literature &
                  History*                        AP Calculus          Culture     AP Art History*
                                  AP Physics I:      BC*
                AP US History                                       AP German
                                 Algebra-Based                      Language &
                                                                                     AP Music
                                                  AP Statistics*      Culture         Theory*
                   AP US
                Government &     AP Physics II:
                                                  AP Computer       AP Chinese
                   Politics        Algebra-                         Language &
                                   Based*           Science           Culture*
                     AP                            Principles*
               Macroeconomics                                        AP French
                                 AP Physics C:
                                                  AP Computer       Language &
                     AP           Electricity &                       Culture*
                                  Magnetism*       Science A*
                                                                     AP Italian
               AP Psychology*    AP Physics C:                      Language &
               AP Comparative
                                                                    AP Japanese
                Government &
WELCOME TO ADVANCED ACADEMICS NIGHT - Class of 2022 Parents and Students
College Board scores exam on a scale of 1-5, and a weighted combination from
the two sections: multiple-choice and free-response.

A score of “2” notes that a student is college ready.

A score of 3, 4, or 5 may earn a student credit for college courses, depending on
college or university and major or program.

    College Board AP Credit Policy Search or

    Texas A&M University                       University of Texas      Sam
    Houston State University
What to Expect
In accordance with College Board and Willis ISD open access policy for advanced
placement, students and parents need to be aware that expectations for academic
work ethics are at a higher level in accordance with the course syllabus.

This means:

 ● Courses move at a more rapid pace
 ● Students should expect to be more independent learners
 ● There may be additional course reading and writing (analysis, argue, and
                                                                      Deadline for any payments, exam
                                                                      changes, exam cancellations, or
                                                                      late registration

                                                                      Deadline to pay AP exam balance(s);
   Commit to AP Class(es)                                             deadline for changes to AP Art or
                                                                      Calculus; deadline for exam
   Register with CB and connect to AP                                 cancellation or late registrations - fees
   Classroom for each course.                                         incurred.

                                 November                                                               May
                                   2020                                                                 2021

  August/                                                          March
 September                                                         2021
                                    Register for AP Exam                                                  AP Exams
                                    Register for spring exams; make
                                    down payment for AP Exam(s). Any
                                    changes after this date are assessed
                                    late fees per College Board.
Timeline for Ordering
Fall deadline (November)
 ● This is the deadline to register for the exam(s) without penalty - with the exception
     of spring only courses. After this deadline, there is an additional fee of $40.

 ● A downpayment for each exam is required for exam(s) to be ordered; full payment
   is due in the spring.

 ● Canceling or changes after the deadline also incurs the $40 fee per College Board
   *excluding calculus and art changes. Unused exams incur the same fee

 ● Changes can be made (fee may apply) until a March deadline.

 ● Students may qualify for lower exam fee through the Free and Reduced lunch
Lone Star
 College Dual

What is Dual Credit?

 Dual Credit is part of Lone Star College
  System’s Exceptional Admissions program,
  usually designed for high school students who
  demonstrate college readiness.

 The Dual Credit program allows students to earn
  high school credit and college credit at the same

 Earn college credit and shorten time needed to obtain a
  college degree
 Lower the cost of college
 Gain college experience while still in a high school
  supportive environment
 Enhance high school GPA; Some dual credit courses are
  weighted higher
 Many of the classes are fully transferrable to public
  colleges or universities in Texas
What You Need to
 Grades in dual credit and College Credit only
  classes become a permanent part of your
  college record.
 Students who receive a D or F in a dual credit
  course are not permitted to continue in the dual
  credit program.
What Does it Cost?

 Tuition for Lone Star College System’s dual
  credit program is currently waived 100% (Not
  including fees and textbooks).
   3hr class- $73 fees (embedded on HS
   6hr class- $133 fees (embedded on HS
 Online and on-campus courses may have
  additional fees
   Online - $15/credit hour
   On LSC campus - $20 infrastructure fee/semester
Where to Start

 Where to start
   Talk to your HS counselor
   Complete an application at
   Demonstrate college readiness
    through test scores (SAT, ACT,
    TSI, PSAT)
   Register through HS counselor
TSI Placement

 Watch Pre Assessment
 Activity (through
 MyLoneStar account)
 No Charge for Initial Test
 Tests may be
 administered through the
 school or on the LSC
Things to Remember…

 You need to know
   Bacterial Meningitis
   Request Transcript

   Family Educational Rights and Privacy
   The Act prevents the release of certain
    information held within student records
    without your written consent, even if the
    student is under 18
   Authorization to Release Student
    Education Records Form should be
   Attending classes at a LSC Campus?
     Provide the College with proof of vaccination
       (online submission only) or complete a
       conscientious objection form
     Parents must sign this form for a Dual Credit
   Students attending DC classes at a High School
    campus or online only are exempt
Request Transcript

 Must request LSC
  transcript to transfer
  credits to another
  college or university
 Request through
  your MyLoneStar
 Each official
  transcript costs $10
STAR Center

 Tutoring is available FREE of
 Located in the Library
 Walk-in Tutoring
 Students can Schedule
 Group Tutoring
Things to Remember

 Always consult with your counselor
 Prepare to spend 2 hours outside of class for every
    hour in class
   Learn your Lone Star ID Number
   Learn your myLoneStar Username & Password
   Regularly Check your Lone Star e-mail OR
   Forward your mail to your personal e-mail address
   All adds/drops must be completed through your
    counselor – you cannot drop a class online
Contact Information


       Cameron Edgecomb
       Outreach Coordinator

Christina Henderson
Dual Credit Coordinator
English 1301/1302 DC Instructor
Recommended Classes - Junior Year
 •   English 1301 & 1302 – most colleges in state and out of state take
 •   History 1301 & 1302 – most colleges in state and out of state take
 •   Biology 1406 & 1407
 •   Math 1314 – College Algebra (1 year or 1 SEM)
 •   Math 1316 – Trigonometry (1 SEM - take junior year if on fast track with CA)
Recommended Classes – Senior Year
 •   English 2332 & 2333
 •   Government 2305 – US Government (1 SEM)
 •   Economics 2301 – (1 SEM)
 •   Government 2306 – Texas Government (1 SEM)
 •   Biology 2401 & 2402 – Anatomy & Physiology
 •   Math 2412 – Pre-Calculus (take first SEM if on fast track)
 •   Math 2413 – Calculus (take second SEM if on fast track)
English 1301 & 1302 – 6 College Credits (hours)
History 1301 & 1302 – 6 College Credits
Biology 1406 & 1407 – 8 College Credits
Math 1314 – College Algebra – 3 College Credits
Math 1316 – Trigonometry – 3 College Credits
English 2332 & 2333 – 6 College Credits
Government 2305 – 3 College Credits
Economics 2301 – 3 College Credits
Government 2306 – 3 College Credits
Biology 2401 & 2402 – Anatomy & Physiology – 8 College Credits
Math 2412 – Pre-Calculus – 4 College Credits
Math 2413 – Calculus – 4 College Credits
If your student takes two 3-hour classes – English &
History – it is $133 per semester.
Biology has a lab, so it is $96 per semester.
If your student took all of the available DC classes (13
hours each semester) junior year, the cost would be
$286 per semester. Your student would have 26 college
credit hours at the end of his/her junior year.
Average for in-state tuition for a Texas university at 12
hours is $4,104 per semester.
February 7– Application process for Lone Star
February 10– Pre-Assessment Activity to take TSI
February 10– Lone Star ID number and completion of PA to B111
These are all crucial steps that must be completed prior to testing or the student
will not be scheduled for testing and must complete on his/her own.
February 19, 20 & 21– TSI Testing – One day for the test

Handouts with instructions went to all sophomores who are Pre-AP or who
expressed interest and signed up through their English teachers. We have packets
here tonight.

Remind – for all DC info – 81010 – message line @whsdcinfo
Timeline for Ordering
● Spring only classes have a registration deadline in March.

● Exam fees are $74 and $53 for free and reduced (Only applies if WHS is
  accepted on Fee Pilot program)

● Registration is through a 3rd party (Total Registration). Fees are paid by check
  or money order mailed to them, or by credit card. Payment plans are available
  *will incur a payment fee *Cash not accepted

● Balances not paid in full by the school’s deadline will be canceled and the
  student will be responsible for the $40 cancellation fee.
Timeline for Ordering
● If a student has registered for an exam, the student’s exam fee will be
  refunded and the student will be shown as a transfer in the system, allowing
  the student to register at their new school without additional fees.

● Students MUST register with College Board and enroll in AP Classroom for
  the courses they take to access course content.

● Student may take exams by self-study.

● DC students may take AP Exams.
Test Dates

2021 AP Test Dates (Links to external
You can also read