KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW

KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW

     ROUND 19

   20 JULY 2019
KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW


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KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW

1st Team Coach                         Luke Wilkshire

1st Grade Assistant Coach	Yuzo Tashiro
Senior Manager	Mark Wilkshire
Under 20s Coach                        Manny Mavridis
Under 18s Coach                        Richard Lloyd
Under 18s Assistant                    Scott Nichols
Under 18s Manager                      Robbie Day
GK Coach                               John Krajnovic                       Match Preview                                    6
Chairman                               Tory Lavalle                         Team Lineups                                   20
Health and Medical Services            Figtree Physiotherapy
                                                                            Season Draw                                    38
Technical Director                     Neil Mann
Admin Manager                          Susan Gatt
Program Contributors                   Malcolm Rowney
Photographer - Seniors                 Pedro Garcia
Photographer – Juniors                 Chris Horn

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32 Waverley Drive Unanderra

Public Notices:
• Entry inside the perimeter fence of the playing area is prohibited at all times and offenders will be prosecuted.
• All spectators are requested to vacate the ground within 15 minutes of the end of the final game. Police may be requested
   to remove any unauthorised people who remain after the stipulated time.
• The setting alight of, or the lighting or discharging of any type of object, including fireworks, signal or smoke flares is
   strictly prohibited. Offenders will be arrested and charged.

                    Website: Email:
                    Phone: 02 42 722 624 Address: 32 Waverley Drive Unanderra NSW 2526
                    Twitter: @wollgongwolves Facebook:
                    Instagram: @WollongongWolves

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KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW

Welcome back to Win Stadium for our clash with            Despite their position on the table, Sutherland have
Sutherland Sharks FC.                                     been strong and have caused teams problems –
                                                          especially of late. They have strengthened their
At the moment, I am in Russia. I was invited back by      squad, particularly with the arrival of Charles
FC Dynamo Moscow to be a part of their celebration        Lokolingoy up front.
to open their new stadium. Although it is not ideal
to miss tonight’s game, it is important that I maintain   However, we will be focused on our own
relationships with Europe. Those relationships may        performance. As I have said in the past, winning
one day be beneficial to our club.                        is a habit and we won’t take our foot off the pedal
                                                          heading into the final rounds and the finals series.
My assistant, Yuzo Tashiro has been at my side all        We are injury free and healthy. The boys continue
season and we won’t lose anything by having Yuzo          to work hard in training. Now we must execute on
take the team tonight.                                    the pitch and be clinical in defence, attack and in the
I hope you all enjoyed our NAIDOC week and the            box.
commemorative jersey two Sunday’s ago. Although           We have some crucial matches on the horizon and I
it wasn’t our best performance, it was a good 3           would love for the boys to wrap up the championship
points taken against Hakoah, particularly given           prior to our last home match against Marconi on
APIA and Blacktown had a 1-1 draw. Those results          11 August so we can all celebrate together come
increased our lead to 7 points with 4 games to go.        4.45pm that day.
We are obviously in a strong position in the league       I hope you enjoy todays match. Everyone is
however we aren’t over the line yet. I will be looking    welcome back to the Fraternity Club after the game.
for the boys to improve on our performance against        Come back for a meal and a drink with the players
Hakoah.                                                   and the fans.

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KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW

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KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW
                                                           thirty-nine being conceded. In Rounds 1-11 the team
                                                           scored and conceded 17 goals but in Rounds 12-22
                           V                               13 goals were scored and 22 were conceded. The
                                                           upshot is that the team scored less and conceded
                                                           more in the second half of the season. The highest
                                                           winning margin was three goals, which eventuated
From Seymour Shaw Park in Miranda, the Sutherland          in 3-0 victories in Rounds 4 and 6. The highest losing
Sharks venture to WIN Stadium for tonight’s clash          margin was four goals in the 2-6 result in Round 18.
with the Wollongong Wolves in Round 19 of NPL              The best sequence without loss was three games,
NSW Mens 1 competition. This will be the 30th              Rounds 2-4, win, draw and win. Seven nil scores
league meeting between the sides with ninety goals         was the highest in the league and Adrian Vranic was
being scored in total since 1987, at an average of 3.1     the top scorer with ten goals with ten other players
goals per game ratio. Will this encounter follow this      plus an own goal contributing the scoring. The goal
trend? With a host of gifted strikers in the midst, this   per game average was 1.34 and the conceded goals
could be most likely.                                      ratio was 1.77. Vranic’s strike rate was 0.45. Players,
                                                           who were selected in the ‘Team Of The Week’, were
                                                           Jacob Tratt with seven appearances, Vranic (3), Nick
For the 2019 season, Terry Palapanis has signed on         Olsen (2), with one each for Joshua Da Silva and Nick
as coach after previously being at St.George and           Littler. Tratt was also named in ‘Team Of The Year’
Mounties. He has brought with two Spanish players          Since 2014, the Sharks have finished the seasons in
Juan Carlos Heras Romero, a striker with 22 goals in       6th, 10th, 7th, and 10th and in 2018 in 10th position.
2018 together with Raul Beneit Romero with eleven
goals in addition, both who also were at the previous      THE MATCH –UP
clubs mentioned for Palapanis. In addition Mateo           The top scorer for each club is Thomas James (WW)
Poljak and Marc Warren have signed after departing         and Jeremy Cox (SS) with nineteen and eight goals
Marconi Stallions with Jeremy Cox returning to             respectively with the Wolves scoring forty-five goals
the club from Sydney FC, plus Anthony Bouzanis             with Sharks achieving twenty-five. The scorer of
from Hakoah Sydney City East and Tarik Erkan from          the team’s previous goal is Jerry Skodatis (SS) and
St.George. Caoimin Fowler, a former Wolves’ player         Lachlan Scott (WW).
with seven matches made his debut for his new club
after returning from overseas in Round 2. Midway           Sutherland has fourteen wins to the Wolves eleven
through the season Sydney FC’s Liam McGing,                in their match-ups since the 2006 season while
Jerry Skodatis and Charles Lokolingoy, plus Western        Sutherland has kept the Wolves scoreless in eight
Sydney’s NPL Mens 2 player Alexander Lopez has             matches while the converse is four. During this
also been added.                                           season, the Sharks have four games with a nil score
                                                           to the Wolves one. Sutherland’s best winning
Sutherland Sharks won one of the club’s honours in         sequence versus the Wolves is five from 2009 - 2011,
2012 when the team was victorious in the Waratah           5-1, 3-0, 2-0, 3-0 and 2-1 while the Wolves’ best was
Cup final. Against APIA Leichhardt at Cromer Park,         two on three occurrences, in 1987 , 2015-2016 and
Dee Why on 8th July, the Sharks won 4-1 with the           2017, 4-0, 1-0, 3-0, , 3-1 , 3-0 and 3-0 respectively.
club’s goal scorers being Chris Price, Matt Bailey,
Blake Powell and Panni Nikas. Also in the team that        In the previous round Sutherland was defeated
day were Nathan Denham, George Souris, Yianni              3-0 by Marconi and the Wolves defeated Hakoah
Fragogiannis, Paul Cotte, Matthew Gordon, Hussein          Sydney City East 1-0.
Salameh, Hayden Morton, and Nick Stavroulakis.             The position on the table is first for the Wolves on
Simon Jaeger, Todd Halloran, Nikas and Nick                forty-two points for an unprecedented eighteen
Tsattalios replaced Denham, Salameh, Bailey and            weeks, while Sutherland have twenty-one points
Powell.                                                    and occupy ninth place.
In the 2018 season the club finished on twenty-three       The result sequence in the previous five games is
points attaining seven victories and two draws with        Sharks - draw, win, draw, win and loss, Wolves - loss,
thirteen losses. Thirty goals were achieved with           win, win, win and win.

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KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW
PLAYERS TO WATCH                                         Hollifield, Brian Cokely, Robert Giraldi, Jeff Ainsworth
                                                         (Capt.), Pat Brodnik and Rade Stefanovski, with the
The Spanish player Raul Beneit Romero is player who      coach being John Fleming. The Sharks team listing
has been impressive in his career at the Sharks this
                                                         was Craig Burchmore, Robert O’Shea, Peter Terry,
season. He is skilful player who has scored a total of
                                                         Brett Nelson, Robbie Seller, John O’Shea, Steve
four goals, one of which was against the Wolves in
                                                         Meades, Wayne Parsons, Darryl Sharpe, Craig Hill
Round 8, and will be eager to add more to his tally.
                                                         and Tony Caban.
The Wolves high scoring duo of Thomas James
                                                         It was a dour Wolves performance with the team
and Lachlan Scott, with twenty-nine goal haul
                                                         holding a slight advantage in the first half with
between them so far this campaign, will be out to
                                                         only Giraldi and Stefanovski making forays with
cause consternation for the Sharks’ custodian and
                                                         Stefanovski’s crosses adding to Sutherland’s
backline. Both players are quick off the blocks with
                                                         consternation. However, Sutherland’s defence,
swift acceleration and will take on players with skill
                                                         the O’Shea brothers, dealt with them adequately
and precision and are potent when in range of the
                                                         to keep the opposition scoreless. Burchmore
                                                         came out to deny Giraldi with a shout for a penalty
BLAST FROM THE PAST                                      kick being ignored by the referee to cause further
                                                         frustration for the home team. As the minutes ticked
The second meeting of the teams eventuated in
                                                         by it seemed the deadlock would not be broken. In
Round 22 in 1987.
                                                         the final few minutes, a Stefanovski corner this hit
The Wolves’ personnel were - Warwick Young,              success. Dickson met the ball with a header that was
David Skeen, Jock Morlando, Scott Dickson, Mike          projected to Morlando six metres out. The central
                                                         defender struck his shot sweetly to lodge inside the
                                                         net. The Wolves narrow victory kept them one point
                                                         ahead on the point’s table in the top position.
                                                         SCORES AND SCORERS FROM THE PREVIOUS
                                                         FIVE LEAGUE MEETINGS
                                                         1. 2017. Sutherland Sharks 0 defeated by Wolves 3
                                                             (Yuzo Tashiro x2, own goal)
                                                         2.2017. Wolves 3 (Peter Simonoski x2, Yuzo Tashiro)
                                                           defeated Sutherland Sharks 0
                                                         3. 2018. Sutherland Sharks 3 (Adrian Vranic 2, Nick
                                                             Olsen) defeated Wolves 0
                                                            2018. Wolves 2 (Jordan Nikolovski, Nick
                                                            Montgomery) defeated Sutherland Sharks 1
                                                            (Adrian Vranic)
                                                         5. 2019. Sutherland Sharks 2 (Juan Romero, Raul
                                                             Romero) drew with Wolves 2 (Nikola Djordjevic,
                                                             Taylor McDonald)
                                                         TWO WOLVES’ PAST PLAYERS OF NOTE - BILL
                                                         GJAKOVSKI and SEAN ROBERTSON.
                                                          The youngster Bill Gjakovski played in the 1994/95
                                                         and 1995/96 seasons and the central defender
                                                         made two starting appearances in his first season
                                                         and another fifteen, plus seven off the bench in his
                                                         later time. He was a very mobile player with ability
                                                         to hold the ball up with good distribution and aerial

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                                                                 7
KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW
ability. He positioned himself well when facing          victory of the season. He combined with Danial
opposition attacks and his passing was direct.           Cummins on sixteen minutes before producing
                                                         a powerful drive that eluded the APIA custodian
Sean Robertson played two seasons at the club from
                                                         for his team’s second strike. Milligan showed his
2011 to 2012 with a four-goal tally. He made his
                                                         added worth to the side when he set up his team’s
debut in Round 13 played immediately after Round
16 playing a further five games with one from the        third team. Milligan went on to play for Sydney FC,
bench in that season with Rounds 13 and 17 being         Newcastle Jets, Shanghai Shenghua, Melbourne
postponed and played later. He scored three goals        Victory, Baniyas Sc, Melbourne Victory return, Al
with his initial one being versus Rockdale City Suns     Ahli and Hibernians (Scotland) before signing for
in Round 18, he met a John Martinoski cross at the       Southend United in 2019. He has been part of
right side of the far post. His thirty-eighth minute     the National team from 2006 with seventy-three
header was projected past the custodian. He stated       appearances with six goals and has been the
at Crehan Park – ‘I was happy and I was hoping           captain, as a measure of his standing. Milligan was
to get a goal in my first match. The coach said to       a good ball winner, being a reliable and consistent
get out there and work hard. It was a good win.’         performer with a high work rate being composed
Against Marconi, Robertson had collected a weak          on the ball.
clearance. He subsequently expertly curled his           SELECTED REPRESENTATIVE OF BOTH CLUBS -
shot inside the far post from the edge of the penalty    JASON TRIFIRO
area in the in the sixty-fifth minute. Robertson was
severely injured in the Round 14 away Rockdale           The skilful midfield player, Trifiro, turned out for the
City Suns match in the fifty-eight minute, going         Wolves in 2010, for only a single season. He totalled
down following an overlapping run. He was on the         twenty-one starts with one further appearance
sideline receiving treatment after being stretchered     from the bench. The midfielder scored two goals
off for the continuation of the match, waiting for the   in successive matches in rounds 17 and 18 versus
ambulance to arrive. He had a suspected broken           Blacktown City and Manly United respectively.
leg, which was later confirmed. Unfortunately, this      Tynan Diaz had worked his way to the goal line
was his final match for the club. He made a total        before cutting back for Trifiro, who surged forward
of thirteen appearances, seven starts and six as a       in the second minute to strike the ball past the
replacement in his second season. Robertson had          Blacktown custodian Matt Ryan. Diaz had made run
quick acceleration, was extremely mobile with good       a run down the right before scooping the ball to
aerial ability and possessed a strong shot.              Andres Gomez. He in turn passed to Trifiro with his
TWO SUTHERLAND PAST PLAYERS OF NOTE -                    shot entering the Manly domain with nary a touch by
ADAM GRIFFITHS and MARK MILLIGAN                         the goalkeeper. In this season Trifiro also scored the
                                                         quickest in tandem with another player by goaling in
Griffiths played for the Sharks in 1998 making six       the second minute in Round 17.
appearances with the achievement of one goal
following on from his junior years at Sydney United      Earlier, Trifiro had plied his trade at Sutherland
and at Sutherland Sharks. He was a defender who          Sharks for the 2007 season. Against the Wolves in
made his Sharks debut versus St. George and his          Round 1, the midfielder nearly got onto the score
goal was in the forty-seventh minute in the Round 15     sheet with a shot that was narrowly wide.
Canterbury-Marrickville fixture played at Seymour        Trifiro went on to play in the A-League with Western
Shaw Park, Miranda. He went on to play overseas          Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne City. He
and in the A-League with Newcastle Jets, Adelaide        also played at Parramatta FC, Nunawading City,
United and Sydney FC. As a central defender, he was      Blacktown Spartans, South Melbourne, Northcote
strong in the tackle with good heading ability and       City, and previously before the Wolves at APIA
his passing was exact and he had a long clearance
                                                         Leichhardt and Marconi Stallions.
                                                         By Malcolm Rowney
Milligan, the midfielder at this stage of his career,
played a number of games in 2006 for the Miranda         (Players’ comments were from interviews collected for
based club scoring in his debut and his team’s first     use in the writer’s match reports at the time.)

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KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW

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KICKOFF - 20 JULY 2019 Saturday ROUND 19 - NPL NSW


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As many supporters coming to the Wollongong             Members of the Wolf Den instigated a tribute
Wolves matches at WIN Stadium will attest, the          banner, with great artwork by Hugo Vasquez, to the
support of the active Wolf Den, consisting of a         late Wolves great defender, David Cervinski, prior
number of die hard supporters positioned at the         to kick-off in the Round 13 APIA Leichhardt home
northern end of the western grandstand, are present     match and this gesture was much appreciated by
in full voice to enhance the atmosphere and support     supporters at the ground.
the team enthusiastically. Their volume increases
when a goal is scored and that is pretty often during   If anyone wants to join this active support group,
this 2019 season’s exceptional run.                     see one of the persons mentioned. You should know
                                                        where to find them.
The Wolf Den harks back to the National Soccer
League days and was reformed as it were to coincide     By Malcolm Rowney
with the Wollongong Wolves prospective A-League
                                                        (Much appreciation to Joel McAlear for his time in
bid during 2018, being in force later at the Wolves
                                                        supplying information)
v Central Coast Mariners friendly match late in the
season in October 2018. The Wolf Den ranges from
fifteen to twenty members at any given match and
was re-instituted by Matt Dawson, Joel McAlear,
Cameron De Jong and Tris Carey, not necessarily in
that order.

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           sponsors of our famous
                Wolf Chase

                David Carvana, Managing Director

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                                                     PART 3

Following on from the first two parts of the               to bed. At eighty-eight minutes or so we were in the
‘Congratulations’ article, previously published            lead. Very disappointing…they threw everything
in 2018 and in an earlier 2019 program, these              at us and did not have any clear chances. We had
additional following players fully deserved the            more than them and they had a lot of possession but
accolade that was bestowed upon them following             did nothing with it… We kept him (Jordan Murray)
their tremendous performances during the particular        pretty quiet today…. We will going, it is a bunch
seasons. The statistics for each player concerns only      of awesome lads to be on the park with.’ Against
the season in which they achieved the Wollongong           Bonnyrigg White Eagles in Round 7, a long pass
Wolves ‘Player Of The Year’. However, no one               found his striker but this attacker could not make it
player gives entirely flawless performances at each        count. Robinson post match comments were - ‘we
appearance and that is indeed the human condition,         could have won that, had enough chances to win
but the consistency of higher performances stood           three games, they would not go in and the ‘keeper
out in every player.                                       made some good saves. They got a wonder goal
                                                           that we could do much about. I tried something at
A striker from 1986 scored seven goals and made            the end to try and create something… We’ve been
twenty-one appearances. The player concerned               creating chances and things haven’t fallen for us. We
was Robert Giraldi. Being the club’s top scorer in         have been good defensively and the boys have been
this season, Giraldi scored his first goal in the season   clicking. I thought we played really well’. Robinson
against Inter-Monaro at Seiffert Oval in Queanbeyan        was selected in the Mens 1 ‘Team Of The Week’ for
in Round 4. His goal in the 57th minute was the            his performances against Rockdale City Suns and
second of his team’s three in the 3-1 victory and in       APIA Leichhardt in Rounds 2 and 11 respectively.
the Round 15 return match, Giraldi achieved a brace        He was a reliable and consummate defender with
in the 2-0 winning result. He was a quick striker who      pinpoint long passes, timely interventions, headed
was potent in the six yard area but could score from       interceptions and composure in tight situations. He
further out as well as good strikers do. He had quick      was the consummate defender.
footwork and possessed a good touch and was able
to hold off defenders.                                     In the 1989/90 season, central defender Ray
                                                           Vlietstra shone in the first season of summer football
A central defender who played in all but of every          making a total of twenty-one appearances in a
league game of the 2018 twenty-two round season            twenty-six game season. His first game in this season
was Michael Robinson. This was Robinson’s final            was at Brandon Park for the Round 1 fixture versus
season as a player at this Mens 1 level and his            Adelaide City with his final match of the season
performances in defence during the season set the          being in Round 22. He was solid in the tackle, adept
standard. His first game was in the Blacktown Round        in the air made timely interceptions and positioned
1 game and against the much-vaunted attacking              himself defensively with good anticipation.
line-up, Robinson kept the defence in check to keep
them scoreless. His final game was away to Marconi         It was in the 1982 season that a second central
on the 12th August. In this match he showed                defender won the honour in successive seasons.
resilience going neck and neck for some time with          It was Arno Bertogna who amassed twenty-nine
an attacker to ultimately to win out and come away         appearances with one goal to his credit. This was
in possession. In the Round 19 draw with APIA, the         scored in the thirteenth minute in the 2-2 draw in
leagues top striker was kept in check by Robinson          Round 10 with St.George. Bertogna ‘s season game
and his co-defenders with the central defender on          was in Round 30 with his initial start being in Round
his mettle to be the last man to tackle an offensive       1. He was strong in defence being as adept in the air
opponent and immediately got the better of another         as on the ground. He read the play well and was a
one. Robinson stated post match – ‘we defended             good shielder of the ball, was difficult to dispossess
very well land even had a chance to put the game           and passed effectively.

16                                                                                                  #NPLNSW
                                                 PART 3

In the 2008 season, the performances of central        the custodian. The wing/back goaled again in the
defender Danial Cummins took the attention             return Canberra match. Anthony Surjan’s corner
of all. He achieved twenty-one starting league         kick found his unattended feet, with his ensuing
appearances, one replacement role in the Cup           strong shot zooming into the goal on twenty-six
and two finals appearances. He was captain for the     minutes. Ceccoli added another against Marconi
Round 3 APIA Leichhardt clash. In the Grand Final      with a powerful drive from twelve metres out from
Cummins closed down a Sutherland Sharks attacker       goal. Ceccoli was able to loft the ball into space
in the early stages to keep him from scoring. In the   and provided enticing crosses for the strikers. He
Sydney United re-scheduled Round 17 encounter,         was quick on the break and his close ball skills were
an opposition striker went down when Cummins           sound. He defended with discipline and attacked
was near him and immediately called for a penalty,     with conviction. He had a strong left foot scoring his
which was ignored. Following this victory, he stated   fair share of goals.
in a post match interview - ‘We’ve played (with Ben
Blake) together long enough and it makes it a lot      An Englishman played for the team in the 1984
easier when you understand each other.. We know        season at the back and John Fleming deserved the
what each will do and we cover for each other… It      plaudits. He made twenty-one appearances in all.
was another clean sheet for us’…on the penalty         Fleming’s initial appearance was in Round 6 versus
appeal- ‘His first touch was not good and I did not    Sydney United at Dapto Showground on 10th April,
touch him.’ Cummins possessed good positioning         with his season final game in Round 26 against
and strength on the ball and in the tackle. He         Newcastle Rosebud United. In the return Sydney
made effective long passes and worked well in his      United match Fleming was named in reports for
defensive pairings. He was able to delay the ball      his sterling defence. He also set up a goal when
playing attackers and ready to pounce to thwart and    Ray Vlietstra headed in his well-intentioned cross
block shots on goal.                                   against St. George away. In the Newcastle match,
                                                       Fleming saved two likely goals by clearing off the
Four custodians in the history of the Wolves have      line at Adamstown Oval in Round 28. Fleming was
garnered the accolade and Warwick Young was            an accomplished tackler being strong on the ball
one of the first to achieve the top honour. It was     and able to shield the ball efficiently. He possessed
in the 1988 season when he made twenty-eight           good heading ability and could pass with conviction
appearances, playing all league matches to assist      into space and at the feet of his teammates.
the team on their way to success. In Round 1 he
kept St. George to one goal in the 3-1 victory and     By Malcolm Rowney
he achieved eight clean sheets later in the season
against Preston Makedonia, Footscray JUST,             (Players comments were originally collected by the
Sydney Olympic, Sunshine George Cross, South           writer in his post match interviews for use in match
Melbourne, Adelaide City, Melbourne Knights, and       reports at the time.)
APIA Leichhardt. Young’s final season game was
in the Preliminary Final loss to Marconi. Young had
safe hands and moved in quick time and positioned
himself to good effect. His kicking was strong and
his reactions benefitted the team.

A left sided wing/back, Alvin Ceccoli, with
twenty-seven matches and seven to goals to his
credit, earned his compliment in the 1997/98
season. One his goals were in the rout of Canberra
Cosmos when his shot went through the legs of

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                                                            17



18                                                     #NPLNSW
                                TEAM LISTS

1    Justin              Pasfield (GK)           1     Anthony            Bouzanis
2    Taylor            McDonald                  2     Quentin               Cheng
3    Darcy              Madden                   3     Marc                 Warren (C)
4    Nicola            Djordevic                 4     Patrick              O’Shea
6    Ben                     Tosi                6     Lachlan              Everett
7    Chris                  Price                7     Bai                Antoniou
8    James              Markovic                 8     Mateo                  Poljak
9    Thomas                James                 9     Jeremy                   Cox
10   Brendan               Griffin               10 Raul            Beneit Romero
11   Takeru               Okada                  11 Jordan                  Morfitis
12   Luke                 Kairies (GK)           12 Blair                    Brown
13   Stefan              Dimoski                 14 Charles             Lokolingoy
14   Harry              Callahan                 15 Thomas                     Papa
15   Nicholas              Littler               18 Mitchell                  Evans
16   Guy                  Knight                 19 Harry               Sutherland
17   James             Stojcevski                20 Adam                  Massoud
19   Tory              Musumeci                  21 Tarik                     Ercan
20   Brandon           Stojcevski                22 Jerry                  Skotadis
23   Jordan            Nikolovski                23 Deren                   O’Brien
24   Lachlan                Scott                25 Brodie                Clarkson
                                                 46 Nathan                 Denham
Coach: Luke Wilkshire                            Coach: Terry Palapanis
Assistant Coach: Yuzo Tashiro                    Assistant Coaches: Nefta Gonzalez,
Manager: Mark Wilkshire                          Chris Naumoff and Allan Edmondson
Physio: Matt Whalan                              Manager: Peter Duncan
                                                 Medical: Lee Royston, Michael Gabriel,
                                                 Kieran Rooney, James Pearce

                                 Referee:      C. Fisher
                      Assistant Referees:      N. Wotton, J. Bell
                          Fourth Official:     S. Andrews

                             *TEAM LISTINGS SUBJECT TO CHANGE
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It is always an achievement for a player to score his      In the 1984 season, a striker scored his two goals with
initial league goal for the club and many go on to         the winner being his first in the Round 9 Newcastle
score many more, while others may only hit a few or        United game at Wollongong Showground. It was a
indeed stay on the solitary one. ‘It takes two’ goals      Peter Begg’s glancing header from an Alex Bundalo
for players to move on from their initial league goal      pinpoint cross that helped earned the points. Round
obviously and following are the players who have           16 was his next goal achievement at Towradgi Park
scored a total of two goals in their time at the Wolves    versus Brisbane Lions, when he converted a penalty
to be championed and brought to mind.                      kick after Kotamanidis was held back with ten
                                                           minutes to go.
The most famous of all players to score two was
an Englishman who had a guest stint in 1988. The           This player’s first goal emanated from the penalty
former Birmingham City, Nottingham Forrest,                spot against Bonnyrigg White Eagles in his first
Manchester City, Sampdoria, Atalanta, Glasgow              match first the club in Round 1, 2010. The player
Rangers player achieved his first in Round 16              concerned was brought down by a defender’s
Adelaide City match at Brandon Park. On the 23rd           desperate lunge. He got to his feet and sent the
May, Trevor Francis scored in the seventh minute           goalkeeper the opposite way to convert his spot
and a week later he scored the winner on eighty-           kick in the twenty-second minute. It was in Round
nine minutes versus Melbourne Knights at Olympic           6 that Andrew Paine entered the score sheet for the
Park Melbourne.                                            second time. Two minutes short of the hour, Andrew
                                                           Keep was brought down as he burst into the box
In 2010, a midfielder had charged into the Sydney          chasing a down a defender’s header that did not
United half in Round 4, eluding a defender in transit.     go where he had intended it go. Paine seemingly
He produced a scintillating shot that zoomed into          being the designated penalty taker took the spot
the goal in the ninety-second minute earning a             kick. The custodian initially kept out Paine’s attempt.
share of the points for his team. It was in round 18       However, the ball was coolly played with power,
before Tayfun Buyyukopru’s second was achieved.            into the top of the net by Paine in the follow through.
From twenty metres out from the Manly United goal,
his effort was placed inside the far post eluding          In the final season of the National Football League
the diving custodian after eighteen minutes had            (2003/04), three players scored a two-goal tally
elapsed.                                                   each. One player was an attacking midfielder who
                                                           went on to coach the team and he scored in Round
A striker from South Australia in the 1998/99 season       9 against Parramatta Power and in the Round 16
scored his two goals at Brandon Park. The first was        South Melbourne match. He came to the Wolves
in the Round 14 Sydney Olympic game and again              from Sydney United. A Stuart Young feign confused
two rounds later versus Carlton. The goals occurred        the Power defenders allowing Nahuel Arrarte
in the seventy-third minute and eighty-first minutes       to scamper through and rocket his shot past the
of the games respectively. Substitute Michael              custodian a minute short of the half hour. Twelve
Brooks, on for Paul Reid, connected with a David           minutes in at Bob Jane Stadium, Arrarte skilfully bent
Huxley cross to hammer home for his initial goal and       his free kick past the defensive wall into the goal.
with Esala Masi provided an audacious back heel
                                                           A late season addition to the team who came from
to Brooks, who coolly slotted the ball wide of the
                                                           Melbourne Knights scored his two goals from five
custodian into the goal.
                                                           appearances, (a not too bad a return) in the Round
In 2015, a midfielder scored his first goal and the last   22 Parramatta Power encounter and in Round 26
of four with the opposition being Sydney United.           Newcastle United final round. Stuart Young had
He scored in the fifty-second minute. Brendan              eluded two Power defenders before crossing to
Griffin provided a pass for David Stojic who was           Nick Sabljak, who then projected the ball into the
one on one with the custodian. He directed the ball        goal in the forty-second minute. Versus Newcastle,
towards the goal. The custodian got a slight touch,        Sabljak goaled on eighty-three minutes after
but not enough to deviate the ball from its successful     providing corner kicks that lead for the first two
outcome. Against Bonnyrigg White Eagles in Round           goals. He took advantage of an easy chance when
18, Stojic turned the ball in on forty-nine minutes for    he connected with a Tanju Balabanel ball following
a consolation.                                             Adam Hughes winning the ball to start off the

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                                                                 23
enterprising movement.                                      Paine then squared it to Andres Gomez, who hit
The Marconi Round 2 was the occasion when this              the ball into the unoccupied goal for his team’s first
young player came from Newcastle United, scored             victory of the season. In Round 18 at Crehan Park,
his initial goal in the followed by his next in Round 21    Gomez achieved his team’s third of four goals. On
Sydney Olympic fixture. In the Newcastle game he            the right side of the goal, Gomez, after receiving
scored in the seventy-third minute. John Majuroski’s        a pass, He shot, with his powerful effort taking an
other goal occurred at Jubilee Stadium in Kogarah.          acute deviation off a defender into the net past the
Majuroski pushed the ball home from a Steven                unfortunate Rockdale City Suns custodian.
DeGiovianniello pass.                                       This former Marconi striker came to the Wolves after
A Trinidad and Tobago striker turned out for one            a stint in Belgium with Sint-Tridense VV. His second
season in 2015 and garnered his second goal in the          Wolves’ goal was in the 2002/03 home Round 8
Round 12 Sydney Olympic game. It was the quickest           Northern Spirit scoring in the thirty-fifth minute.
goal of the season coming in the third minute. David        The striker netted the opening goal after Naum
Stojic had created a chance when his shot bounced           Sekulovski had his shot fly off the cross bar and then
off the custodian. The ball fell to where Bradley           rebounding to Liam Austin’s feet. He proceeded to
Welch was standing and he whacked the ball in from          move the ball on to Zeljko Babic, who, from three
close vicinity. For his first goal, a short Stojic corner   metres out, slotted the ball into the unoccupied goal
kick went directly to Peter Simonoski to catch the          for an easy second goal.
opposition oblivious to the ploy. Simonoski crossed         A player’s brace produced his goals in the 2012
in and Welch managed to jump in, to side glance the         with each goal emanating within two minute of each
ball home.                                                  other. Against Rockdale City Suns in Round 3, the
From Western Australia ventured a striker who               initial goal was achieved when he dashed in to slot
played for the Wolves in the 2001/02 season. It was         the ball home on eighty-eight minutes. His brace
in Round 20 when he goaled for the first time at the        was achieved when Fabian Iacovelli, set up by Mark
club. Playing at the Sydney United Sports Centre, a         Picciolini propelled the ball into Rockdale’s domain.
cleared Sydney United ball found Alvin Ceccoli and          A former Sydney Olympic defender played for the
his angled shot found Greg Sharland instead of the          Wolves for a single season and returned to Olympic
goal. He succeeded in converting his opportunity            for the subsequent season. It is in the 1995/96
by slotting the ball home in the thirty-third minute. It    that the defender hit two goals. His second goal
was in Round 24 for his next and final goal. Against        came in the Round 14 Canberra Cosmos fixture at
Melbourne Knights, substitute Sharland seized               Brandon Park. Matt Horsley and Martin Bourke were
upon an errant corner kick clearance to produce an          instrumental in the lead-up before with his touch of
easy attempt on goal that brought up the equaliser
on eighty-three minutes.
Another player with only a solitary season at the
Wolves was a midfielder who was on the books
in 2007. With Penrith-Nepean United being the
opposition in Round 6, he goaled in the 2-1 victory.
In the Round 10 Bankstown City, Ivan Vojdovic
achieved his second when Dustin Wells provided a
pass from the opposite side of the field after he in
turn had received the ball from Daniel Aliffi. Vojdovic
arrived to slot the ball home.
A very skilful midfielder turned out in the red and
white for two seasons and he scored a goal in
each. In Round 18 of the 2011 season, an eighty-
first minute goal was the team’s third and winner.
Lisandro Berbis had pushed an incisive pass through
to Andrew Paine. Following receipt of the ball,

24                                                                                                   #NPLNSW
the player placed the ball beyond the custodian’s         the home ground. He scored the team’s fourth goal
reach from close vicinity. With his earlier effort        on sixty-five minutes, connected with a Mitchell
versus Brisbane Strikers in Round 9 Angelo Petratos       Del Turco cross, sweeping the ball into the APIA
came on as a substitute to head a George Jolevski         Leichhardt goal in the final league match of the
cross into the goal after Martin Bourke had started       season. With ten minutes remaining versus Rockdale
the ball rolling.                                         City Suns at WIN Stadium, Lachlan Reus scored after
                                                          Ricky Zucco had provided a penetrating pass. Reus
A left footed midfield player back in Australia
                                                          stormed in from the right to rifle the ball home. He
following a brief stint with Millwall in England came
                                                          stated following proceedings – ‘I’m very excited
to the Wolvers for the 2008 season. He scored in
                                                          (about his goal) and very happy with the whole
the Round 19 Bankstown City away match. From
                                                          team performance. I appreciate everyone’s support
the left side of the box he produced powerfully hit
                                                          in the end I’ve scored my first goal. Our victory
effort that zoomed into goal with seven minutes left
                                                          was awesome and we knew we had to work our
on the clock. Ilija Prenzoski had provided the assist.
                                                          backsides off. They have been at the top all season
Ten minutes following the start of the 2009 Round
                                                          and we have been fighting
12 Bankstown City encounter, Lachlan Cahill added
his second strike. Englishman James Vaughan curled        A New Zealand international striker came to the
a cross in, with Cahill’s diving header at the far post   Wolves for the 1992/93 season and scored his
bringing up the desired outcome in wet and muddy          goals against South Melbourne in Round 13 and in
conditions.                                               Round 15 versus Newcastle Breakers. With good
                                                          preliminary play from Matt Horsley and Mike Smith.
Coming to the Wolves from West Adelaide a                 Smith had sent two Breakers defenders the wrong
midfielder landed for the 1993/94 season to score         way, allowing Horsley to go the goal line, before
his two goals in the first of his three seasons. Two      sending the ball back and the Kiwi scored with a
games in succession in Rounds 20 and 21 versus            well-taken effort in the forty-seventh minute. At
Heidelberg United and Melbourne Knights were              Brandon Park on the 1st December, Tony Laus scored
the order of his achievements. Vaughan Coveny was         for the Wolves again in the 2-1 South Melbourne
fouled in his position narrowly outside the penalty       loss.
area. Scott Ollerenshaw and Mineo Bonetig stood
over the ball with the former Westad player. Both the     A midfielder scored his couple of goals in two
first two players touched before the midfielder fired     different seasons with the initial one in 2011 and
home a rocket into the right corner of the Knights        again in 2012. Against APIA Leichhardt at Lambert
goal. Earlier at Olympic Village, a through ball          Park in Round 2, he goaled with a long range shot
from Mineo Bonetig spreadeagled the Heidelberg            on eighty-six minutes to reinstate his team’s two-
defence allowing Pedro Ricoy to short circuit the         goal buffer. In the next season, it was in Round 5
                                                          versus Blacktown Spartans that the second of this
offside trap to, with composure, shoot successfully
                                                          player’s duo of league goals. Right defender Jack
beyond the custodian’s reach.
                                                          Keating had made a ground breaking run down the
A midfield player with a high work rate was on the        opposite wing, before moving the ball on to Chris
books in the 2002/03 season.                              Nathaniel. He, in turn passed to Cameron Littler,
In Round 16 against Brisbane Strikers, he goaled          who was in a position with a clear view on goal.
nine minutes into the game. The Strikers custodian        Littler shot, with his effort zooming into the goal for
had cleared a header from the midfielder only for         his second league strike. Littler made twenty-nine
the ball to rebound off a defender for a corner kick,     league appearances consisting of twelves starts and
which was consequently taken by Dino Mennillo.            seventeen from the bench with a three cup starts
However, at his second attempt, Shane Lyons duly          and two as a replacement. He had scored a further
brought up the goal to have the final say. His next       two cup goals, this time a brace versus Hawkesbury
goal occurred when Alex Castro had chested the ball       in 2011.
down outside the box to Lyons. He, in succession          These twenty-two players have all scored their
powered the ball home in the twenty-sixth minute.         second Wolves’ goal and it is certainly is a case of
                                                          ‘it takes two’.
A Queenslander was signed during the 2014 season
and his goals occurred in Rounds 15 and 22, both at       By Malcolm Rowney

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                                                               25
Against the current Men’s clubs there have been            2. BLACKTOWN CITY
games with a ‘high’ incidence of goals scored from
eleven to two, and these have the been the highest          Seven goals were the order of the day in 2006 when
in meetings since the 2004/05 NSW Premier                  Blacktown played at home at Fairfax Community
League. Three of these such scores emanated in             Stadium scoring six goals to the Wolves one, on 8th
2009, which was probably the least successful              April. The match was in progress for thirty minutes
season in the club’s history and two came in 2006,         before a goal emanated and in the final thirty
a year in which there many young players with a            minutes the floodgates opened. Blacktown hit the
smattering of experienced older heads. Some of             lead through Milorad Simonovic and Daniel Watkins
the goal scorers feature a couple of times, some           added the second just on half time. Paul Karbon
with different clubs. In addition, some matches have       scored on the hour before Luke Roodenburg joined
boasted the same number of goals in more than one          the scorers twenty minutes later. Ten minutes before
occasion.                                                  Roodenburg’s goal, the Wolves’ Kurt Saterdag
                                                           pulled one back before Michael Brown put in the
The NSW Mens clubs are listed in club alphabetical         sixth.
order, not in the number of score tally classification.
                                                           3. HAKOAH SYDNEY CITY EAST
                                                            It was 2016, the first meeting between the sides
 It was in 2009 when eleven goals were scored in a         and five goals came about on 13th March at WIN
6-5 score line, one that is certainly very unique. APIA,   Stadium. It was a 3-2 positive result for the Wolves.
in the end won the match after the score see- sawed        Chris Price, the Wolves captain, scored a fine goal in
many times throughout the match. In the Round              the first minute. However, the home could not rest
22 encounter on the 9th August, at Leichhardt              on their laurels as Neil Jablonski restored parity two
Oval, APIA scored after three minutes had elapsed          minutes later. His teammate Kevin Lopes followed
with Robert Younis goaling. He doubled the score           suit in the 72nd minute, before Nicolas Bernal
a quarter of an hour later before Wollongong’s             equalized, then Peter Simonoski got the winner with
James Monie reduced the arrears. His teammate              seven minutes remaining.
Steve Hayes got the equalizer before Ilija Prenzoski
put his team ahead. Apia’s Michael Hawrysiuk and           4. MANLY UNITED
Younis again added to APIA’s tally for 4-3. Hawrysiuk        In two distinct games there were seven goals
brought up his brace and Younis scored his fourth to       conjured up with different score lines, 5-2 in 2010
round out the six. Jamie McMaster scored his only          and 6-1 in 2014. The 2010 Round 18 encounter
Wolves’ club goal and Prenzoski achieved his brace         began with The Wolves’ Tayfun Buyyukopru scoring
to conclude the scoring.                                   in the 18th minute. However, Manly replied a minute
                                                           later through Scott Balderson. Adam Foti added to
                                                           Manly’s tally but Jason Trifiro goaled straight after for
                                                           the Wolves. Luke Casserly hit a Manly goal in quick
                                                           succession before Robbie Cattanach and Andrew
                                                           Mailer nailed the 5-2 victory. In 2014, the tables were
                                                           reversed with the Wolves winning with six being
                                                           scored and Manly adding one. It was in Round 8.
                                                           The Wolves’ Sam Matthews started the ball rolling,
                                                           followed Ricky Zucco who chimed in. Manly replied
                                                           with Brendan Cholakian’s spot kick before Jordan
                                                           Murray scored two in a row, which was followed up
                                                           by Peter Simonoski and Matthew Bailey.
                                                           5. MARCONI
                                                            Eight goals were scored in this match in 2006. It
                                                           was in Round 5 at Marconi Stadium on 18th March
                                                           and a 5-3 result with Marconi the victors. Daniel Aliffi

26                                                                                                    #NPLNSW
and Adam Casey with a brace were Wollongong’s             the spot. More goals followed as Steve Hayes struck
scorers while Marconi’s five were hit by Tony Faria       pay dirt, and Griffin and Antelmi brought up their
with a hat trick, with one each to John Buonavoglia       braces. The 2019 Round 4 match at Lambert Park
and Vuko Tomasevic.                                       saw a further seven goals with Sydney FC hitting
6. MT DRUITT TOWN RANGERS                                 three and the Wolves responding with four. Lachlan
                                                          Scott got the ball rolling with the first goal in the
The tally of goals in this 2019 encounter was five,       eighteenth minute, before Nick Littler got into the
with the Wolves achieving four through Lachlan            act, eight minutes later. Thomas James goaled on
Scott with two, and Thomas James and Darcy                the half hour before ten minutes later to push his
Madden. Mirjan Pavlovic for the Mt Druitt Town            team three in front. Jordan Swibel pulled one back
Rangers. The Rangers took the early lead scoring in       for Sydney before half time. James achieved his
the eighteenth minute. The Wolves restored parity         brace fifteen minutes after the resumption of play
when Madden headed home in the fifty-second
                                                          before Marco Tilio and Jerry Skodatis attained two
minute and five minutes later James slotted the ball
                                                          further Sydney goals.
into the goal. Scott added a brace with his goals
emanating in the seventy-second and eighty-fifth.         10. SYDNEY UNITED 58
7. ROCKDALE CITY SUNS                                      Nine goals was the highest tally. It was a 6-3 score
 Five was the highest number of goals scored              that occurred in 2012 with the Wolves winning the
between these two clubs. It was 4-1 result in 2011.       match. These goals occurred in Round 15 at Crehan
The Wolves’ Sean Robertson began the scoring              Park on 14th July. The Wolves went to the lead in
with John Martinoski following suit. Andres Gomes         the eighth minute through Ricky Zucco and was
netted the team’s third before Shay Spitz pulled one      followed by Samuel Jacob, Peter Simonoski and
back for the Suns. Sasho Petrovski scored the fifth       Michael Robinson. This put the team in a favorable
goal of the match for his team to come out as the         position, out to a four-goal advantage. Sydney
victors.                                                  United restored some respect when Elsid Barkhousir
                                                          got onto the score sheet near half time. This was
                                                          followed by teammate Mirjan Pavlovic ‘s strike
Another 2009 match, with a score line with seven          before Zucco added another. United’s Daniel Barac
goals hit this time, five by Olympic and two by the       replied three minutes later. However, Zucco was not
Wolves in the Round 4 match at Belmore Sports             to be silenced and he brought up his hat trick for the
Ground. Wollongong went to an early lead, courtesy        last say in the scoring department.
of Ilija Prenzoski in the first minute followed by
teammate James Lawrence with his only club goal.          11. SUTHERLAND SHARKS
Nine minutes later, Olympic got one back through           Another game with six goals being hit was the 5-1
Tolgay Ozbey and he added another to bring up his         result in 2009. This game was played at Slacky Flat
brace. Matthew Mayora goaled the equalizer and
                                                          Oval, Bulli Showground on 29th March. It took until
then added his second strike. Adam Biddle got the
                                                          sixteen minutes in, before a goal was struck and
fifth for his team to take home the spoils.
                                                          Sutherland’s Panni Nikas did the deed. Ben Spruce,
9. SYDNEY FC                                              Jim Bakis and Matthew Hall followed suit to reinforce
                                                          the Sharks handy position at 3-0. Matthew Hall and
  So far there have been are only six Mens 1
                                                          Chris Price added two more before Steve Hayes
confrontations between the two clubs and two
                                                          scored a consolation goal for the Wolves.
matches tallied seven goals in the mix, with the
Wolves chalking up six, initially to Sydney FC’s one in   The Wolves versus all the current National Premier
the second meeting in 2017. Brendan Griffin began         League NSW Mens 1 have thrown up games with the
the scoring proceedings at WIN Stadium on the 13th        ‘high’ preponderance of goals and have produced a
August and Sydney’s Andrea Agamemnonos bulged             high and low depending on which team won.
the back of the net in reply. Later, Patrick Antelmi
continued the onslaught when he converted from            By Malcolm Rowney

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                            UNDER                                                  UNDER
                             16s                                                    15s

1 - GK   Luke                         Morgan                1 - GK   Jake                  Charlston
2        Harrison            Anagnostopoulos                2        Jake                    Almond
3        Brandon                  Angelevski                3        James          Anagnostopoulos
4        Antoni                          Anic               4        Edward                  Bowling
5        Andrew                         Aston               5        Julian                De Freitas
6        Andrew                      Balaskas               6        Jack                       Duffy
7        Nathan                         dedis               7        joshua                  galevski
8        Thomas                         Dunn                8        Ashton                   Kouzan
9        Owen                      Fitzpatrick              9        Josiah            Lewis-Dunkley
10       Dax                             Kelly              10       Noah                     McNeill
11       Lochlan                     Kennedy                11       Luke                    Palermo
12       Noah                            Lehn               12       Luca                     Papalia
13       Logan                         Mathie               13       William                  Provino
14       Nathan                          Paull              14       Anton              Radice-Jones
15       Daniel                         Payne               16       Antonio                 Sansone
16       Riley                      Smithson

                      UNDER                                UNDER                             UNDER
                       14s                                  13s                               12s

1 - GK   Spyro          Kyriazidis      1 - GK   Max             Cunial               Jacob Hastings
2        William            Aston       2        Jacob             Bye         Christian Anagnostopoulos
3        Jayden         Branovski       3        Noah            Crapis                 Lenny Atsas
4        Chisholm          Brown        4        Zachary      De Jesus                   Taj Demito
5        Harry           Churchill      5        Lachlan        Groves                  Ben Harman
6        Jay          De Gouveia        6        Adam             Kairis                Kyan Hawke
7        Callum         Donnelly        7        Roman      Kalmanidis                 Noah Hewett
8        Justin          Dukleski       8        Martin       Kolevski                  Oscar Kiely
9        Damon               Gray       9        Oliver            Kuk               Michael Marijan
10       Kyron           Guevara        10       Brodie        Masters                 Noah Mathie
11       Jyden               Harb       11       Liam         Mavridis                  Ryan Molnar
12       Aiden           Miranda        12       Tristan    Nikolovski             Callum O’Donnell
13       Joel            Palermo        13       Adrian       Pontone                   Rishay Patel
14       Jett           Stroemer        14       Miles      Thompson                      John Perri
15       Sebas-tian    Tomasiello       15       Jayden      Trajcevski                 Beau Randle
16       Kalani              Vella      16       Thomas          Tugrul            Lennox Roodenrys
                                                                                    Ashton Stapleton
                                                                                       Brayden Steel
                                                                                        Noah Stella
                                                                                      Zane Stroemer
               UNDER                   UNDER                   UNDER
                11s                     10s                      9s

     Christian Beleski         Noah Petrolo              Nate Russell
     James Benedetti          Mattias Banovic      Stefen Anagnostopoulos
        Billy Beniuk           Samuel Burke             Andre Arbolino
     Lucas Dubowski          Myke Caldrmoski           Harley Bermudez
      Kolby Guevara        Kahuitara Te Ra Chase         Austin Craig
        Axl Hornby               Finley Cole             Leron Elmazi
    Khaled Houchaymi             Lukas Galic              Jude Kiley
      Isaac Kostovski         Fabian Gaudiosi             Wil Leddy
     Gabriel Lombardi         Harvey Gottlieb           Bailey Mitchell
     Cooper Markovic          Kristian Graovac           Samuel Perez
     Jared Mihajlovic        Leo Halios-Lewis            Cash Sanders
        Elijah Millet          Travis Kosevic          Haydon Sharman
       Lucas Moreira        Jarrah Longbottom           Dean Srbinoski
      Innocent Nwali          Zachary McNeill         Christian Ugonotti
     Samuel Palermo          novak novakovic           Samuel Ugonotti
        Jet Sanders            Kye O’Donnell
     Jordan Sirijovski         Declan Pearce
        Noah Smart            Diego Sansone
       Luca Spaseski          Lewis Tomlinson
      Lukas Srbinoski           Byron Morris
       Lachlan Taylor

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                               31
                                     TEAM LISTS
     1    Brendon               Krcanoski          24       Dominic                     Brischetto
     2    Luke                         Day         26       Mario                          Aleksic
     3    Joshua                    Alcorn         27       Matthew                       Taverniti
     4    Jack                    Hooper           28       Richard                        Stewart
     5    Tim                   Chapman            29       Jarrad                           Wiley
     6    Jason                    Pappas          30       Thomas                        Aquilina
     7    Joel                        Starr        31       James                              Carli
     8    Jake                        Levy         32       Alexander                        Lopez
     10   Liam                        Wille        34       Charlie                           Jones
     12   Jordyn             Della Vedova          35       Jacob                      McDonald
     13   Brendan                Mitrovski         37       Andrew                             Bova
     14   Bul                        Juach         38       James                      Temelevski
     15   Adrian                    Avello         45       Luke                             Sauer
     16   Tatsuki              Nagatsuka
     17   Brendan                      Low
                                                   Coach: Nick Dimovski
     Coach: Manny Mavridis                         Assistant Coach: Steve Gordon
                                                   Manager: Craig Simmons

                  U20’S - NPL NSW MEN’S
 POS       TEAM                               P     W        D       L        F           A        GD        PTS
     1     Blacktown City FC                  18     11          5       2    38           15          23    38
     2     Sutherland Sharks FC               19     10          4       5    28           21          7     34
     3     Sydney FC                          20        9        6       5        31       19          12    33
     4     Rockdale City Suns FC              18        9        4       5    37           28          9     31
     5     Sydney Olympic FC                  19        8        4       7    22           25          -3    28
     6     APIA Leichhardt Tigers FC          17        7        5       5    22           15          7     26
     7     Marconi Stallions FC               18        6        5       7    23           29          -6    23
     8     Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC          18        6        4       8    33           38          -5    22
     9     Wollongong Wolves FC               18        7        1       10   22           30          -8    22
     10    Manly United FC                    18        6        3       9    27           32          -5    21
     11    Hakoah Sydney City East FC         18        4        4       10   26           40          -14   16
     12    Sydney United 58 FC                17        2        3       12   20           37          -17    9

32                                                                                                     #NPLNSW
Wollongong Wolves will be looking to finish their          game again against a determined Sutherland side.
season on a high when they welcome Sutherland
Sharks to Win Stadium on Saturday afternoon, while         The Sharks travel south in second, four points behind
their visitors will have their eyes on the finals – and    Blacktown City and three in front of Rockdale City
second place in particular.                                Suns, having played one game more than their
                                                           fellow top-five challengers.
Wollongong head into this match on the back of a 3-1
win over Hakoah Sydney City East, with goals from          A goal from Thomas Aquilina helped Sutherland to
Jason Pappas, Stefan Dimoski and Tatsuki Nagatsuka.        a 1-0 win over Sydney FC last Friday, a result that
                                                           stretched the Sharks’ winning streak out to four
Still, the Wolves sit seven points off the top five with   matches in a row.
three rounds remaining, and will need to lift their

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                                                               33
                  CLUB                     PLAYED         U18'S          U20'S                1ST           TOTAL
            Blacktown City FC                54                47            76               124              247
          Wollongong Wolves FC               54                18            44               168              230
      APIA Leichhardt Tigers FC              52                10            52               140              202
          Rockdale City Suns FC              54                27            62               92                181
          Sutherland Sharks FC               55                23            68               88                179
           Sydney Olympic FC                 54                9             56               104               169
     Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC               54                38            44               84                166
               Sydney FC                     55                33            60               68                161
             Manly United FC                 54                23            42               92                157
           Marconi Stallions FC              54                18            46               92                156
           Sydney United 58 FC               52                30            18               108               156
     Hakoah Sydney City East FC              54                26            32               40                98

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RANKING                                                     GRADE           POINTS MULTIPLIER
Football NSW will use the following process when ranking the Clubs
within each Competition:                                                     1st Grade        Premiership Points X 4
NPL NSW Men’s, NPL 2 NSW Men’s, NPL 3 NSW Men’s and Men’s State
                                                                                  U20         Premiership Points X 2
League – senior club championship with points calculated from all
Premiership Matches in all grades using the following system;                     U18         Premiership Points X 1

              1ST GRADE - NPL NSW MEN’S
   POS         TEAM                                       P         W    D         L     F          A    GD           PTS
     1         Wollongong Wolves FC                       18        13   3         2     45         14    31          42
     2         APIA Leichhardt Tigers FC                  18        10   5         3     35         23    12          35
     3         Blacktown City FC                          18         9   4         5     24         19     5          31
     4         Sydney United 58 FC                        18         7   6         5     24         27    -3          27
     5         Sydney Olympic FC                          18         7   5         6     29         27     2          26
     6         Marconi Stallions FC                       18         7   2         9     35         27     8          23
     7         Manly United FC                            18         6   5         7     22         27    -5          23
     8         Rockdale City Suns FC                      18         7   2         9     21         33    -12         23
     9         Sutherland Sharks FC                       18         5   7         6     25         23     2          22
     10        Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC                  18         5   6         7     31         39    -8          21
     11        Sydney FC                                  18         5   2        11     28         43    -15         17
     12        Hakoah Sydney City East FC                 18         3   1        14     10         27    -17         10

34                                                                                                        #NPLNSW
                                   TEAM LISTS
         Luke                    Genua           38       Thomas                   Sutton
         Lachlan                  Bryce          39       Jordan                     Paull
         Petar                    Jurisic        40       Bailey                Pimentel
         Jayden                   Calver         41       Peter                    Philips
         Mason                  Mavridis         42       Ben                       Raatz
         Cody                 Ashburner          43       Jordan                    Wang
         Jarrod                   Alston         44       Jay                  McGowan
         Keegan                   Matias         45       Luke                      Sauer
         Lewis                Grimshaw           46       Jaden                Nikolovski
         Navarone                Darjani         47       Nathan                    Adam
         Joel                   Dowling          48       James                   Tenoski
         Rocky                   Lavalle         49       Tristan                  Maher
         Harry                     Lloyd         50       Jackson               Mortimer
         Jordan               Prentovski         51       Jonny                      Ress
         Josh                    Correia         52       Mitch                    Heapy
                                                 54       Emmanuel              Tzanakes
   Coach: Richard Lloyd
   Managers: Scott Nicols & Robbie Day
                                                 Coach: Allan Edmondson
                                                 Assistant Coach: Alex Anagnostiadis
                                                 Manager : Steve Heapy

                 U18’S - NPL NSW MEN’S
 POS      TEAM                              P      W        D        L    F        A         GD    PTS
  1       Blacktown City FC                 18     15        2       1    49      13         36    47
  2       Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC         18     11        5       2    45      29         16    38
  3       Sydney FC                         18     10        3       5    39      25         14    33
  4       Sydney United 58 FC               17        9      3       5    41      28         13    30
  5       Rockdale City Suns FC             18        8      3       7    30      26         4     27
  6       Hakoah Sydney City East FC        18        8      2       8    34      29         5     26
  7       Manly United FC                   18        6      5       7    27      30         -3    23
  8       Sutherland Sharks FC              18        7      2       9    29      34         -5    23
  9       Wollongong Wolves FC              17        5      3       9    23      34         -11   18
  10      Marconi Stallions FC              18        5      3       10   18      32         -14   18
  11      APIA Leichhardt Tigers FC         17        2      4       11   19      45         -26   10
  12      Sydney Olympic FC                 18        2      3       13   12      38         -26   9

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                                                       35


                    Mortgage Smart

36                                              #NPLNSW
                                       NAME & CLUB                   GOALS SCORED
                       Thomas James (Wollongong Wolves)                   19
                       Chris Payne (APIA Leichhardt Tigers)               16
                       Alejandro Sanchez (Sydney Olympic)                 11
                       Lachlan Scott (Wollongong Wolves)                  11
                       Fabricio Fernandez (Mt Druitt Town Rangers)        10
                       Mirjan Pavlovic (Mt Druitt Town Rangers)           10
                       Marko Jesic (Marconi Stallions)                    10
                       Jeremy Cox (Sutherland Sharks)                     9
                       Mitchell Mallia (Marconi Stallions)                8
                       Peter Simonoski (Sydney United 58)                 8
  WOLLONGONG WOLVES    Brendan Cholakian (Manly United)                   8

                      TEAM OF THE WEEK

NPLNSW.COM.AU                                                                   37
2019 fixtures
                                     HOME GROUND - Win Stadium
                                       Harbour St, Wollongong


         ROUND 1                        ROUND 6
     v Manly United FC         v Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC
            2-1                              1-1

         ROUND 9                      ROUND 10
    v Blacktown City FC         v Rockdale City Suns FC
            4-0                           0-1

        ROUND 13                       ROUND 14
v APIA Leichhardt Tigers FC      v Sydney United 58 FC
            4-0                           1-2

        ROUND 15                       ROUND 16
       v Sydney FC                v Sydney Olympic FC
           4-0                            2-0

        ROUND 18                       ROUND 19                    ROUND 22
v Hakoah Sydney City East FC     Saturday, 20 July - 6pm     Sunday, 11 August - 3pm
            1-0                  v Sutherland Sharks FC       v Marconi Stallions FC

NPLNSW.COM.AU              39
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