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Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College

Wycliffe gives back
Wycliffe’s strong sense of service and        The Prep School Plant and Grow group
community goes well beyond the                prepared troughs and pots to brighten up
                                              the front of the chapel in preparation for
school gates. Throughout the year             Stonehouse in Bloom in July.
pupils donate hundreds of hours and
                                              More than 270 Senior pupils from Years 9,
raise thousands to make a difference.         10, 12 and Development Year were involved
This year a small group of pupils from        in Wycliffe’s second Make a Difference
Years 10, 12 and Development Year visited     Day. The event encourages pupils to think
Scarlett House Residential Home weekly        globally and act locally by supporting the
to paint a mural. They created a bright       community Wycliffe is very much a part
and welcoming design on two walls of a        of. They did volunteer work at a range of
balcony to make the space more inviting for   places.
residents.                                    They planted and cleaned the High Street      school whilst carrying two litres of water on     Feed the Hungry, which supports homeless
Another group of pupils, as part of their     in preparation of Stonehouse in Bloom and     her shoulder to demonstrate what children         people.
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award commitments,        tidied three churchyards.                     have to do every day to collect water that
                                                                                                                                              George said: “This Kirby Challenge has
visited weekly The Grange Care Centre                                                       is often dirty and filled with bacteria. She
                                              They visited three care homes to chat to                                                        made me realise how the homeless feel
in Stonehouse to chat with people with                                                      raised £508 for WaterAid.
                                              residents. Wycliffe’s elite choir VOX also                                                      and how our lifestyle compared with theirs
dementia. Isla Green, Year 13, as part of     sang at all three homes.                      William Kerslake rowed and cycled for             is extraordinary and anyone as lucky as us
her Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold, volunteered                                                   six hours non-stop and raised £500 for            should appreciate everything we get given.”
weekly for a year at The Elms Elderly Home    Pupils also volunteered at Stroud Food Bank
                                                                                            Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity which helps
in Stonehouse.                                and at King's Stanley Primary School to run                                                     Hermione Beaumont walked 78km in
                                                                                            children who have lost parents during wars
                                              a French workshop. They also cleared along                                                      memory of the 78 Wycliffians who died in
                                                                                            fighting for our country.
                                              the canal.                                                                                      the First World War.
                                                                                            As one of her challenges Chloe Wong                                             Turn to Page 2
                                              The Year 8 pupils take part in the annual
                                                                                            helped run the Mandarin Club. “It was
                                              Kirby Challenge which sees them planning
                                                                                            really fun running it and believe it or
                                              and completing tasks that take them out
                                                                                            not, I learned some Chinese whilst I was
                                              of their comfort, lead to self development
                                                                                            teaching,” said Chloe. “I am actually
                                              and enrich the school community and the
                                                                                            Chinese, however I speak a lot of English
                                              community at large. One of their group
                                                                                            so I forget. ”
                                              challenges was to tidy and clear the
                                              churchyard in Leonard Stanley.                George Rowlands, Oliver Leonard, Jay
                                                                                            Evans, Thomas Matthews, Alexander
                                              Ayaan Anis gave up electronics for a month
                                                                                            Cooper, Reuben Baker, Desmond Chan
                                              and raised £290 for MIND, the mental
                                                                                            and Montague Adamson did a combined
                                              health charity. Alice Tomblin walked to
                                                                                            challenge and raised £945 for Gloucester
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
2     News

 Wycliffe gives back                            Communities and People charity.

 Turn from Page 1
                                                Megan Newton and Carmen Sanz Diaz
                                                did a 24-hour homeless challenge which
                                                                                                My Kirby Challenge                              One of the main
                                                included camping out and spending £2.50         By Joel-James Adams, Year 8                     problems is my lack of
 Joseph Downey wanted to raise                  for a day’s worth of food. During the night     My challenge has been to write my own           free time. I have loved
 awareness of the damage plastic causes         there was a storm and the challenge             book. It is a big challenge. I found out        writing the book and
 to the environment. He decided to create       didn’t quite go to plan.                        writing books is a lot of fun.                  I’m looking forward
 Eco bricks - plastic bottles filled with
                                                                                                                                                to the holiday so
 single use plastic. It became a school-        “After we had finished our dinner (cold,        It started off when my teacher said that I      that I have more
 wide project wtih children from all years      tinned sausage and bread) the rain got          could write a book. I didn’t want to do it at   time to work on it.
 making them at home. Joe collected             heavier and heavier, and the wind got           the time but it turns out I am pretty good
 more than 100 and they will be donated         stronger,” said Megan. “Throughout the          at it.                                          My favourite thing about writing
 to an Eco brick bank in Stonehouse.            night it got so bad we were thinking about                                                      books is that it takes my mind to where
                                                quitting, but we kept on going. The rain        The book is a fantasy, drama and mystery!       the story is and I get an image of what the
 Katherine Rathbone, Madeline Haydon,           got worse; it started to seep through our       It is inspired by a TV series called Tokyo      main character experiences. I hope people
 Katie Hanson, Orla Coyne and Isla              tent and all of our clothes and blankets        Ghoul. I have rewritten it in my way, added     like the book as much as I have enjoyed
 Skelston staged a six-hour relay,              got wet, so we had to sleep in wet clothes      my own characters and developed the             writing it.
 completing 100 laps in the school field.       and wet blankets.”                              story. So far it’s taken me about 44 hours.
 Their efforts raised £625 for Caring for

   Brendan wins
   prestigious award
   Brendan Ind (Year 11)
   is first Wycliffe pupil in
   more than a decade
   – and just the fourth
   in 30 years – to be
   awarded an Arkwright
   Engineering Scholarship.
   An Arkwright
   Engineering Scholarship
   is the most prestigious
   scholarship of its type
   in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age
   students to be the country’s future leaders of
   the Engineering Profession.
                                                            Tube Fairy company members with Mr Gregory
   The Scholarships are awarded to high-calibre

                                                            Tube Fairy wings
   16-year-old pupils through a rigorous selection
   process and support pupils through the two
   years of their A Levels. It also involves valuable
   hands-on work experience and a personal
   mentor who can help with aspects of their

                                                            way to final victory
   studies and career planning.
   Brendan will receive his award at a gala
   ceremony in London on October 31.

   Green car racing is
   brilliant fun                                          By Atolani Oyewumi, MD (Year 12)               statistics as according to The Telegraph,   we had a team of 14 Year 12 pupils, the
                                                                                                         1.5 million children under five have at     largest at the event.
   By Lucy McKerrow, Year 9                               Tube Fairy is a dental care                    least two fillings and making the process
                                                                                                                                                     We also won the award for best stage
   There are 13 people in our team, half from the         company set up under the Young                 of toothbrushing easier and perhaps
                                                                                                                                                     presentation as we spoke clearly, with
   Prep and the other half from the Senior School.        Enterprise charity. Our product                more jovial will have an impact on this.
                                                                                                                                                     confidence and improved upon the
   Our kit arrived later than planned meaning
                                                          is an authentically produced                   Tube Fairy ensures efficient use of         presentation we did in chapel.
   that is was a bit of a rush to complete it but
                                                          toothpaste squeezing tube clip                 toothpaste as all remnants are moved
   we managed.                                                                                                                                       • Seven pupils created a second Wycliffe
                                                                                                         to the end and the tubes are able
   Things didn’t go smoothly in the practice race.
                                                          that was produced in house using               to be recycled. We competed in the
                                                                                                                                                     Young Enterprise called Peppy, producing
                                                          computer aided design for a sleek,                                                         a range of dog grooming products.
   Our car broke down on the course and we                                                               Gloucestershire Young Enterprise finals
   discovered that the chain had come off and             precise, printed finish.                       at Kingsholm. We set up our stand,
   bent the motor housing.                                                                               pitched our product and our future plans
                                                          It is intended to make dental care less
                                                                                                         to interviewers and later presented
   We had to fix it and quickly before the actual         of a tedious chore for young children
                                                                                                         to the 27 judges and our fellow
   race started. We had to replace the motor and          hence the larger easy grip clip for young
   then without a practice start the race. It was         children with smaller hands, in addition
   nerve-wracking but we managed to get into              to the smaller, more convenient clip for       This event was a great experience for us
   starting positions before the race began.              adults to use and therefore Tube Fairy         and we achieved greater success than
                                                          works for the whole family.                    any previous Young Enterprise team, due
   Overall we placed 33/57 and for our first race
                                                                                                         to our hard work and helpful advisors.
   we were all ecstatic!                                  This was driven by some appalling
                                                                                                         We won the award for Best Teamwork -
                                                                                                                                                     Members of the second company - Peppy

We conquered the Ten Tors
By James Clements & Grace Guerrini, Year 12     resulted in having a longer distance to
                                                cover on the second day than we initially
Ten Tors is a unique event run by the Army
where groups of six walkers up to 18 years
old, as members of CCFs, Cadet, Scout           This was nothing compared with what
groups and other youth organisations flock      the Year 10s had to face, as one of their
to Dartmoor to walk 35, 45 or 55 miles          teammates had to drop out after a brave
covering 10 ‘tors’ or checkpoints over two      effort due to an Achilles injury he had been   The Year 10 team at the Ten Tors
days.                                           nursing since the last training walk.
                                                                                                another team member had to drop out due         team crossed the finishing line and four of
The Year 12s had a reasonably eventful first    Both teams had to cover a lot of ground         to lack of food and water.                      the Year 10 team.
day but fell behind their planned route due     on the second day in order to finish before
                                                                                                This did not prevent the team from              Although we were all utterly exhausted
to a slight navigational error and walking      the cut-off point of 5pm. Disaster struck
                                                                                                finishing, and although cutting it fine, both   that evening it was all well worth it for the
slower than they originally planned. This       again for Year 10s close to the finish, when
                                                                                                teams finished the event. All of the Year 12    sense of achievement at the end.
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
Wycliffe’s Global Citizens           3

Our pupils have
a global view
Wycliffe Senior School is not just             volunteering in a kindergarten I'd taught
                                               English, but helping the children tackle
about pupils playing a role in their
                                               practical exercises in Science was enticing
community or in the Cotswolds. It’s            in a different kind of way.”
about being a global community and
                                               The Senior School Prefects represent a
having that opportunity to experience          global perspective with Eliska Vrabcova,
and learn from other cultures.                 from the Czech Republic, who is also a Head
It is what makes Wycliffe unique, as Head      of House for Lampeter, and fellow Prefects
Mr Nick Gregory explains. “I am often asked    Viktoriia Zabalotna from the Ukraine and
by prospective parents about what it is that   Brian Ng, from Hong Kong. Brian received
makes a Wycliffe education ‘distinctive’.      a Wycliffe Commendation this year for
                                               achieving A* in A Level Maths in one year,
“One of the things that I mention in           coping exceptionally with a brand new
response relates to the opportunities          specification.
offered by having a Senior School
community that is one third ‘international’    Munsi Shakantu, from South Africa,
and two-thirds British.                        last year was MD of a Young Enterprise
                                               group and this year is Head of House for
“Regardless of their own individual            Haywardsfield. Manuel Nieto Canales, from      highlights included a 55-52 victory against    per year from TWS for the next three years
background and whatever their nationality,     Spain, is Head of House for Ward’s, working    Millfield.                                     to support her through university (read
this allows every single Wycliffe pupil to     hard to ensure it feels like a family.                                                        more about the award on page 14).
                                                                                              Many international pupils get involved with
learn from each other’s rich variety of                                                       the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards. Victoria       Every year international pupils share
experiences, perspectives and cultures         On the Young Enterprise side, Daniil Kuklin,
                                               from Russia, was part of the team who won      Bogachenkova, from Russia, who has been        their culture at Wycliffe's International
whilst at the same time living and learning                                                   at Wycliffe since Year 9, recently received    Fair. This year 19 countries, including
together in our beautiful and (relative to     Best Stage Presentation and Best Teamwork
                                               in the county Young Enterprise Award.          her Gold Award at Buckingham Palace.           Romania, Belgium, South Africa, Japan
urban contexts) very safe, spacious and                                                       Jason Lo, from Hong Kong, and Jason Chan,      and Germany were represented. Mrs Lisa
healthy Gloucestershire environment.”          In Sport, Mateo Sanchez-Muñoz, (Year 13)       from China are working on their DofE Silver    Wisbey, who manages the event, says it is
Lenka Milojevic, Year 13, is from Belgrade,    and Victor Poirier Jimenez (Year 12) from      Awards.                                        an opportunity for international pupils to
Serbia. She is Head of House for Loosley       Spain not only played for Wycliffe but were                                                   showcase their countries.
                                               selected for the Gloucestershire Schools       Bankole Jibowu, from Nigeria, has helped
Halls as well as a Senior Prefect. During                                                     Wycliffe make a joyful noise. He has           “It’s a wonderful whole school event. The
Wycliffe’s STEM Day, Lenka, joined other       Under 18 Football team. Mateo was also
                                               captain of the 1st XI Football team at         been involved in the Choir, performed          vibe was fantastic and our international
Sixth Formers to lead short lessons for                                                       on Gig Night and can often be found in         pupils showed great commitment to the
children.                                      Wycliffe.
                                                                                              the Recording Studio working on his own        event which really stood out.”
“I loved being part of their learning          Ryan Gwidzima (Year 8) represents his          compositions.
                                               country of Zimbabwe in Squash while                                                           Pupils at Wycliffe, wherever they may be
experience,” explains Lenka. “Previously by                                                   Wycliffe pupils also have a global view        from, play an active part in the School
                                               Kijan Sultana (Year 10) was named Young
                                               Sportsman of the Year in his home country      when it comes to fundraising. Sophia Rai       Community, adding to the rich diversity of
                                               of Malta.                                      (Year 13), whose family come from Nepal,       the College.
                                                                                              was awarded a Wycliffe Commendation for
                                               The Basketball team has proven there are                                                      “What characterises the best possible
                                                                                              her exceptional contribution to a charitable
                                               no national boundaries in Sport. The team                                                     Wycliffe education for all is getting fully
                                                                                              cause raising hundreds of pounds for a
                                               includes players from Hong Kong, Taiwan,                                                      involved in, and contributing positively to,
                                                                                              school in Nepal. She has recently been
                                               Spain, Ukraine, China and Britain. Through                                                    as many different areas and activities as
                                                                                              named as the recipient of the Wycliffian
                                               determination and great teamwork their                                                        possible, just like those featured on this
                                                                                              Society Award. Sophia will receive £3,000
                                                                                                                                             page,” says Mr Gregory.

                                                   What characterises the best possible Wycliffe education for all is getting fully involved in, and
                                                   contributing positively to, as many different areas and activities as possible, just like those
                                                   featured on this page.
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
4      Learning Beyond the Classroom

Archie wins CCF                                                                                              Trio focus on competition success
trophy                                                                                                        Three Wycliffe pupils had their
                                                                                                              photographs selected for display in the
By Archie York, Year 12
                                                                                                              Gloucestershire Young Photographers
This is my first year at Wycliffe and                                                                         Competition.
winning the Thomas Trophy in Combined
                                                                                                              Aimee Bach (Year 13), William Coles
Cadet Force (CCF) was a brilliant start to
                                                                                                              (Year 12) and Louise Stanley (Year
the year. I had previously done CCF at
                                                                                                              12), who all take BTEC Digital Content
my old school and have continued with                                                                                                                     William Coles - New Uses for Old Things
                                                                                                              Production, competed against nearly
it at Wycliffe.
                                                                                                              1,000 young photographers from across
The Thomas Trophy is an award given to                                                                        the county.
the best Section Leader in the CCF. The
                                                                                                              During the year all the BTEC DCP pupils
whole CCF is split into groups of 8-10
                                                                                                              have contributed to the school through
Cadets, including the Section Leader and
                                                                                                              assisting in the delivery of the stop-
Second in Command.
                                                                                                              motion workshop during Wycliffe's STEM
Sections compete in a variety of                                                                              Day and filming the first annual Wycliffe
activities over three weeks, testing                                                                          Talks using high-end professional
the Section Commanders’ leadership             Aimee Bach - Listen Up                                         camera equipment.                           Louise Stanley - Into the Tunnel
skills as well as teamwork and
communication skills within the group.
Each activity is judged by an assessor
and the section with the highest total
score at the end of the three weeks wins.
The Thomas Trophy is a good way
                                             Oh là là'! Pupils loved
                                             Normandy adventure
to show off your personal skills and
abilities and work as a team to complete
challenges. In my case it was also a
good way to get to know new people
and see how Wycliffe CCF works.
I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and         Thirty Prep pupils and five members
being a leader in the Thomas Trophy
                                             of the French Department immersed
and would recommend to the younger
years, both in CCF and in school, to         themselves in language and culture
give it a go, as it will help you to build   during their trip to Normandy.
your confidence and see what you are         They stayed at La Grand’Ferme, only a few
capable of.                                  kilometres from Avranches. They were
                                             welcomed by their charming hosts and
We do love to be                             animateurs and were thrilled to find that
beside the sea!                              they were sharing the surrounding playing
                                             fields with fluffy chinchillas, guinea pigs and
                                             Encouraged to speak French at every turn,
                                             pupils found it came quite naturally by the
                                             end of the week, particularly at mealtimes.
                                             The scent of pains au chocolat and fresh
                                                                                               huge success, both in the picture of horror      them to his goats, with all their different
                                             baguettes wafted up towards the dorms
                                                                                               which struck some faces and the giggles of       personalities. Pupils cradled them in their
                                             in the mornings, tempting even the most
                                                                                               relief, when others realised that they were      arms, fed and watered them, tasted their
                                             reluctant riser down to breakfast.
                                                                                               actually quite enjoyable, particularly if you    milk and sampled the delicate cheese
                                             The group even had the opportunity to make        had a penchant for garlic butter.                produced there.
                                             their own bread, which they ate with their
                                                                                               The pupils and staff had a week packed full      They also ventured into Bayeux to marvel
                                             lunch the same day. The escargots were a
                                                                                               of excursions, ranging from a poignant visit     at the incredible tapestry housed there.
Year 2 pupils braved the weather and                                                           to Arromanches and the D Day museum and          Almost 70 metres of detailed embroidery
travelled to Weston-super-Mare to visit                                                        nearby American cemetery, to Mont Saint-         is displayed in a darkened hall with clever
the sand sculpture exhibition.                                                                 Michel, shrouded in a fine, mist, which only     lighting revealing its pictures. The pupils
                                                                                               served to heighten its aura of mystery.          had studied the Battle of Hastings in their
Once they had absorbed the clever work                                                                                                          History lessons, so to see this work of art,
of artists from all over the world, the                                                        One of their most popular outings was
                                                                                                                                                depicting so many scenes from the story
children spent an absorbing hour trying                                                        to see les Chèvres de la Saffrie. Tony, the
                                                                                                                                                we have come to know and love, was quite
to make a sand sculpture of their own.                                                         enthusiastic owner, proudly showed the
Afterwards they had lunch and a play on                                                        group around the farm and introduced
the beach, followed by an ice-cream - in
the pouring rain!
                                             To be, or not to be – Year 9s bring Bard to life
    By Lilly Ransley-Hayes,                  By Charlotte Browne & Gill Tavner
    Year 2
                                             Five Year 9 pupils worked hard learning their
    First we went to see                     monologues and duologues and practising
    sand sculptures.                         for the first round of the Performing
    My favourite was a                       Shakespeare Competition, organised by the
    snail with a house                       English Speaking Union.
    on top. Next we
    did a sand sculpture                     The difficult task of selecting pupils for
    of our own. The first step was to        the Regional Final fell to Mrs Buckley, Mrs
    get sand. Next we put a little bit of    Golightly and Mr O’Sullivan and they did a
    water in at a time. After we had an      terrific job, providing helpful feedback to all   week of the Easter Holiday. But all was not      proud to see the confidence with which our
    empty bottle that was really strong      the competitors.                                  lost. Everyone involved – pupils, parents and    own budding Thespians performed.
    and hit the sand and water. Finally      With Naomi Arthurton and Hannah Tavner,           teachers – were determined not to miss the
                                                                                                                                                There was a nail-biting wait whilst the
    we tapped the side of the bucket so      Hannah Denning and Catherine Lomer,               opportunity to compete for a place in the
                                                                                                                                                judge gave her feedback and prepared to
    we could pick up the bucket. Later       together with Naomi Opaleye through to            Grand Final and happily we were all able to
                                                                                                                                                announce the winners. We were thrilled
    we got some tools to decorate the        the next round, the hard work then started        be there on the day.
                                                                                                                                                when Naomi Opaleye was announced as a
    sand, me and my friends made a           in earnest with rehearsals almost every           Before the performers took to the stage,         Runner-Up for her enchantingly mischievous
    haunted castle with a ghost in the       lunchtime for the rest of the term.               they all enjoyed a drama workshop which          performance as Puck.
    door. The windows were diamond
                                             When the date of the Regional Final, hosted       gave them a chance to get to know one
    with shells around.                                                                                                                         Naomi’s reward was an invitation to attend
                                             this year by The King’s School, Gloucester,       another and warm-up. When the time came,
                                                                                                                                                the Grand Final in London where she had the
                                             was announced, we were dismayed to                the 23 performers competing were all of a
                                                                                                                                                opportunity to take part in a workshop led by
                                             discover that it was to be held in the last       very high standard, and we were extremely
                                                                                                                                                professional actors and watch the final.
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
Learning Beyond the Classroom               5

                                                                    Six brave the Dragons’ Den
                                                                    In January all of our Year 9 pupils        against other Gloucestershire schools        they presented in a confident way and
                                                                    were involved in the Enterprise and        in the Young Entrepreneurs’ Final.           handled the judges’ questions well.
                                                                    Options Day which took place in the
                                                                                                               The winning team pitched their ‘Airo-        Feedback from the judges was good:
                                                                    Sports Hall.
                                                                                                               Charge’ idea, (a wind turbine fitted         They thought that they “nailed the
                                                                    The first part of the day, Young           underneath an electric car designed          topic”, and that they created a really
                                                                    Entrepreneurs, run in partnership          to charge it), to five GCHQ judges as        good impression straight from the
                                                                    with the GFirst Local Education team,      well as a room full of GCHQ employees        start! They liked the website (the only
                                                                    involved pupils working in small teams     and teams from nine other schools.           team to create one) and they liked the
                                                                    on a Dragons’ Den style activity to                                                     physics behind the idea.
                                                                                                               We were proud of the way Tobias,
                                                                    develop solutions to a business-based

                                                                                                               Mia, Matt, Daniel, Edie and Naomi not        It was a valuable experience for our
                                                                    problem with the support of local
                                                                                                               only demonstrated a sound and viable         Year 9 team and helped them develop
   It was a valuable experience for our Year 9           “                                                     idea to look after our planet, they          their presenting and teamwork skills
   team and helped them develop their                               The winning team, Team 3, went             also engaged well with the process           and they also gained great insight into
                                                                    on to represent Wycliffe at GCHQ in        working together as a team and               what GCHQ do and future careers that
   presenting and teamwork skills.                                  Cheltenham on 10th May, competing          whilst they were the last to present,        they may be interested in.

Creativity celebrated                                                                                                                                  Going native - trip
                                                                                                                                                       brings Spanish to life

in writing competition
                                                                                                                                                       Three teachers and 31 pupils set off to
                                                                                                                                                       Murcia in Spain for a week packed with
                                                                                                                                                       activities including sailing, kayaking,
                                                                                                                                                       cooking lessons, mud bathing and Zumba
                                                                                                                                                       The team of trained native Spanish
                                                                                                                                                       speakers, challenged and encouraged
                                                                                                                                                       pupils to use their Spanish speaking and
                                                                                                                                                       listening skills as much as possible on every
                                                                                                                                                       activity and excursion, giving pupils the
                                                                                                                                                       exciting opportunity to use their Spanish
                                                                                                                                                       skills in real-life situations, conversing and
                                                                                                                                                       engaging with real Spanish speakers.
                                                                                                                                                       The Arbolar Centre located on Mar Menor,
                                                                                                                                                       Europe’s largest salt lake, provided the
                                                                                                                                                       pupils with a fantastic language immersion
                                                                                                                                                       experience. To kick start the day pupils had
Cloaked in the evening sunlight of               shortlisted our winners from a submitted         their writing. Beyond the finalists’ creations,      their daily language lesson in preparation
                                                 batch of some 40 forwarded short stories,        there was also ample opportunity for guests          for the day activities; for example on the
a beautiful May evening, Wycliffe’s                                                                                                                    day they visited the city of Cartagena, the
                                                 had been integral to the writing and             to admire the artistic design work of those
annual Creative Writing evening was              refining process; his encouragement and          pupils who had created illustrations for the         lesson focussed on directions and facilities
again held in the Schoolhouse Atrium             advice was instrumental in enabling the          published edition, which were enlarged and           which meant that pupils could apply the
this year.                                       pupils to redraft their stories, offering them   displayed on easels around the Atrium’s              language learnt in the classroom to the
                                                 his experience and expertise with the same       edge.                                                ‘real deal’!
With 15 different finalists from Years 9 to 11
                                                 calm, reassuring wit that he later jointly                                                            On day three the group was on a mission
selected by this year's special guest judge                                                       We owe thanks to Miss Nowak’s
                                                 presented the evening so charismatically                                                              to buy a list of items at a local market.
– award-winning poet Daljit Nagra – the                                                           determination to once again bring this
                                                 with.                                                                                                 They then headed to a nature reserve
evening featured the pupils reciting extracts                                                     event to life, to Daljit for his role as judge
from their work in front of an especially        As a result, when Daljit later introduced        and the bespoke feedback he offered                  were they saw flamingos, had a picnic
invited audience of friends, parents and         each writer to the stage to read their           each writer, and to each of the pupils who           and played games on the beach. After this
teaching staff.                                  work aloud, they were each able to briefly       entered either as a writer or an illustrator.        they took the bus to the San Pedro’s mud
                                                 discuss their work and process offering the      We’re already looking forward to next year.          baths where they got to get covered in mud
Daljit, who had in the lead-up to the event                                                                                                            famous for its therapeutic value.
                                                 audience a hitherto unseen insight into
                                                                                                                                                       On the last day, they trekked up Carmoli
                                                                                                                                                       Hill and enjoyed the breathtaking views.

A day in the life of a Viking!                                                                                                                         They then walked back down to the
                                                                                                                                                       restaurant famous for its award-winning
                                                                                                                                                       ‘rice dish’ from Murcia and had a selection
                                                                                                                                                       of delicious tapas courtesy of the PASS
By Olivia Campbell & Chloe Williams, Year 5      building, like leaves hanging from trees.                                                             committee. It was a truly memorable trip.

For our Year 5 residential trip we visited       The next day, we travelled to the Viking
York, which is the perfect place to learn        village, where we had a great experience                                                              Teams shine at
about Viking history.                            and made plenty of memories - being
We took an exciting four-hour journey
                                                 Vikings for the day.                                                                                  Maths Quiz
that flew by, to a Youth Hostel where we         Firstly, we were split into three families and                                                        A Year 6 and a Year 5 team took part in
stayed for two days, which was perfectly         each family had a mother and father. Next,                                                            a Maths Quiz regional round hosted at
placed in a prime location in the heart of       we dressed up in dresses (which looked                                                                Wycliffe Prep. The heat consisted of our two
York. We were separated into dorms with a        like potato bags) and ropes, which were                                                               teams and six other teams.
maximum of six people.                           used for belts. Each family had to collect       Viking fossilised poo! After that, we met a
                                                                                                                                                       The Year 6 team (Lewis Crabb-La Hei, Lewis
                                                 wood for the fire. We made oil lantern pots,     real archaeologist and dug up replicas of
After we had some dorm time, we set off                                                                                                                Ely, Mioh Redfern and Charles Barrett)
                                                 delicious Viking bread and fought a fierce,      things they’ve found in the past.
to York Minster (which is the largest Gothic                                                                                                           came third while the Year 5 team (Charley
                                                 sinister, intimidating Anglo Saxon!              The whole of Year 5 really enjoyed our visit         Thomas, Henry Forrest, Luca Dickin
cathedral in the whole of Europe) and had
a tour of its grounds. Its magnificent stone     On our last day, we went to the fun-filled       to York. It was packed with fun, and not one         and Jack McKerrow) won the event and
figures were draping off the sides of the        Jorvik, and even saw the world’s largest         of us could think of a better residential trip.      progressed on to the semi finals.
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
6     News

      Learning first-hand about media
      Wycliffe hosted the biennial BTEC Digital Content        Beamish, Head of Digital Arts.
      Production (DCP) Employer Engagement event.
                                                               “This event is a crucial part of the DCP course as
      Pupils from St Peter’s, Gloucester, joined Wycliffe      it provides valuable insight into the real world of
      learners for a day of workshops, lectures and            PR and marketing and how these production skills
      group work.                                              play a role in the industry. This event proved to
                                                               be highly popular and highly valuable to all who
      “We would like to thank Moose Marketing and PR
      for kindly running the activities for us,” said Ross

                                             Golden girls given
Bronze teams ready
                                             royal treatment
for final expedition
Preparation for the Bronze Assessed
Expedition saw teams camping
locally near Stinchcombe Golf Course
in early May, after a short navigation
hike from starting points near North
Nibley or Stinchcombe village.
There was a spectacular sunset
to enjoy and a starry backdrop
to the evening meal before the
temperatures dropped dramatically
Next, after half term, a full two-day
practice expedition took place in the
Mendip Hills. With great views of the
Somerset Levels from Crooked Peak
and Black Down, some teams also              Wycliffe’s six DofE Gold Award recipients at Buckingham Palace with Marvin Humes
descended into Cheddar Gorge on
                                             Six Senior pupils put their Gold                    overnight. However, instead, on reaching           the people I will work with as a doctor,” she
their final day.
                                             Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards down to                  the farmer’s field (equipped in its facilities     said.
Many thanks to the staff who                                                                     with just an outside tap and a dingy mobile
                                             friendship and being there for each                                                                    Mr Gregory said: “We are of course incredibly
accompanied either or both                                                                       cabin box toilet) they gritted their teeth and
                                                                                                                                                    proud of these girls for this specific
expeditions: Mr Waller, Miss Kneller,        other.                                              got on with the business of setting up camp,
Mrs Larkin, Mr Constable and Mrs                                                                 cold, and in their sodden wet clothes and
                                             Tillie Graham, Iona Lundie, Isla Green, Lowri
James.                                                                                           boots. It was an impressive sight.”                “However, what makes it even more
                                             Clarke, Emma Livingstone and Victoria
                                                                                                                                                    noteworthy is the range of other
                                             Bogachenkova, all in Year 13, collected their       The girls put their perservance to friendship.
                                                                                                                                                    accomplishments across this group during
                                             awards at Buckingham Palace.                        “The expedition was the hardest part
                                                                                                                                                    their time at Wycliffe (for some more than
                                             They form part of the youngest and largest          because the weather was horrendous,” said
                                                                                                                                                    10 years): Grade 8 Music, places at top
                                             Wycliffe group ever to achieve this level.          Tillie. “We didn’t give up and that’s because
                                                                                                                                                    universities next year to read Medicine,
                                                                                                 we are all friends and we supported each
                                             Each of them said the hardest part of the                                                              Veterinary Science, English Literature
                                             awards was the expedition during Storm                                                                 etc., senior members of our Prefect team,
                                             Brian in October 2017.                              Isla Green, who hopes to study Medicine in         members of an unbeaten 1st VII Netball
                                                                                                 the Autumn, volunteered weekly for a year          team, international triathle selection to
                                             Kate Elliott, DofE co-ordinator at Wycliffe,        at The Elms Elderly Home in Stonehouse as          name just a few.
                                             said: “We expected some pupils to give up           part of her DofE Award.
                                             after a day of driving rain in which they were                                                         “They have all relished the challenge of
                                             obliged to wade thigh-high through rivers of        “I learnt the most from my volunteering as I       being busy in a number of different areas
                                             water and mud and slide down cascading              learned to understand what different people        and performing to a high standard in
                                             torrents which had appeared on the hillsides        go through and it has helped me understand         everything that they have done.”

Silver and Gold teams develop expedition skills
 The Forest of Dean was the setting for 30       christened their first venture into wild            It was a most painful, character building
 pupils to perfect expedition skills in late     country: the Black Mountains area of                experience, and some considerable
 March. Although day one presented no            the Brecon Beacons. The team marched                emotion was felt when the school minibus
 more challenge than a short hop down            towards the snowy ridge west of Hay                 was sighted at the top of the Gospel
 from Symond’s Yat Rock, the following two       Bluff, but they were sorely afflicted by the        Pass. The team did immensely well,
 days tested navigation proficiency and          bitter wind and low-lying cloud, which              demonstrating true grit. The weather
 stamina.                                        transformed a slush-puppy mulch inside              abruptly changed with clear skies and
                                                 boots into ice, and fingers to burning darts.       heat: this, too, presented other challenges,
 Four days later, a new Gold group of five
                                                                                                     but all five saw it through to the end.
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
Art special: Prep School                                                                                                                                                               Art   7

It's been a busy year as Prep
pupils develop their blossoming
creative skills in Art.
Each year group worked on a theme. For Year 4, it was
work based upon Monet's Water Lilies in his garden at
Giverny in France. Year 5 had a more modern view with
Op (Optical) Art and the work of British artist Bridget
The modern theme continued with Year 6 taking
Surrealism altered objects and putting them into
Surrealist landscapes in the style of Salvador Dali.
Year 7 looked at proportion and scale in still life
painting, specifically the art of Michael Craig-Martin.               Dora Cheng, Year 7
They also looked at the relationship between objects
and the language involved. Year 8 created their own
stencils in work based upon Street Art and the artist
Art starts early at Wycliffe. Children in Lower Nursery
have been painting sea creatures while Upper Nursery
used their talents to create art related to Jack and the

                                                                                                                                         Chloe Wong, Year 8
                                                                                Gulliver Buckingham-Brown, Lower Nursery

            Charlie Bullock, Upper Nursery
                                                                                    Desmond Chan, Year 8                               Lewis Crabb-La Hei, Year 6

Emily Bushell, Lower Nursery

                                              Archie Gidman, Year 1
                                                                                                           Evie Westwater, Year 2

Farid Abu-Mughaisib, Year 8                  Lewis Sandison, Year 1                                   Matilda Gillman, Lower Nursery                                Charlie Hartles, Year 2

                                                                                                                                                       More Prep School Art on Page 10
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
8      Art
                        Art special: Senior School
    Following a frantic period of
    preparation and carrying out of
    GCSE and A-Level Art exams;
    pupils from Years 11 and 13
    have now handed in all their
    The department has been buzzing with ideas and energy.
    Pupils have worked on themes such as Messages, The
    Built Environment, Natural Forms, Light and Shadow and
    Chairs.                                                                                                                                Ana Sofia Lima Taylor, Year 13

    Year 10 pupils have been busy working on their second
    project on the theme of Expressionism and self-portraits.
    They have produced some fabulous oil pastel studies
    and lino prints based on dramatically lit self-portraits.
    These will be developed further into wood cut prints and
    Year 12 travelled to London to visit the BA Fine Art Degree
    Shows at The Slade of Fine Art and Central Saint Martins.
    It was a rewarding trip, giving our pupils a greater insight
    into the expectations at university level and the varied
                                                                         Aleksandra Jarovicina, Year 13
    work produced by Fine Art students.
                                                                                                                                           Beth Pritchard, Year 11

                                                                                                            Ella Kitching, Year 13

 Echo Parker, Year 10                              Edie Guest, Year 9

                                                                                                                                                   David Dytham, Year 12
                                                                                                            George Leonard, Year 11

Lucy Haydon, Year 11

                                              Harry Bays, Year 12

                                                                                                             Hannah Shakir-Apps, Year 11

                                                                                                  Isobel Lister, Year 11
Evie Evans, Year 11                                                                                                                                                         Hico Huang, Year 13
                                             Larry Williamson, Year 13
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
Art special: Senior School                                                                         Art     9

                                                      Holly Lovell, Year 11

                                                                                                 Lowri Clarke, Year 13

 Jasmeen Abu-Mugaisib, Year 11
                                                      Isabella Rowland, Year 10
                                                                                                                         Madeleine Palmer, Year 11
                                                                                                 Malak Hammod, Year 13

Heling (Maggie) Lai, Year 12

                                                                                       Madeleine Palmer, Year 11

                        Chinonso (Nonso)          Maryna Pavyluk, Year 13
                        Onyejose, Year 10                                                                                Nicole Yessimova, Year 10

                                                                                       Sophia Levy, Year 10              Wenqing (Yilia) Bian, Year 13   Tobias Bailey, Year 9

Lucy Parsons, Year 13    Oliver Savage, Year 11               Oliver Harris, Year 11

     Art workshop
     Year 10 pupils were fortunate to participate
     in a workshop lead by the artist Nicola Grellier
     which was both fun and thought-provoking. They
     spent the day in the studio exploring a variety of
     drawing techniques.
     Using each other and the art teachers as models
     pupils made studies in timed tasks from as little
     as seven seconds up to 30 minutes. They were
     challenged to draw in ways that made them
     uncomfortable at times. Drawing with extended
     arms and two pencils at a time were particularly
     tricky to master.
     Nicola Grellier brought in some of her sketchbooks
     where these exercises were evident in her own
     planning. This enabled pupils to see the value in
     these tasks and how these drawing tasks can help
     to develop ideas and lead to more finished pieces.
Wycliffe gives back - SUMMER 2019 - Wycliffe College
10      Art
                            Art special: Prep School

                                                                                                                 Rawdon Dickinson, Year 1

                                                                          Hugo James, Year 3

 Alexis Donaldson, Year 4

                                                                                                                                  Reuben Hanson, Upper Nursery
                                                   Rowan Cooper, Year 3

 Eloise Bartram, Year 7

                                                 Reuben Baker, Year 8                                                          Mioh Redfern, Year 6

   Harry Vicary, Year 4

Miles Menon, Year 7

                                  Jemima Tapping, Year 5                                       Nissi Akator-Stephens, Year 6
   Poppy Flake, Lower Nursery
News 11

                                                            Well done for
                                                            raising £1,172
                                                            Fifteen girls from Haywardsend and 10 boys from
                                                            Haywardsfield joined three members of staff to take part
                                                            in the Gloucester Race for Life. Their efforts raised £1,172
                                                            for Cancer Research.
                                                            “They should feel very proud of raising such a lot of
                                                            money for charity again this academic year,” said Mrs Lisa
                                                            Nicholls, Housemistress for Haywardsend.

Eco Warriors aim                                                                                                                    Fee-fi-fo-fum,
                                                                                                                                    I smell the blood

to change the world                                                                                                                 of an Englishman

                                                                                By Safiya Curzon, Year 8

Jump back in time                                                               In 2018, two Senior Prep pupils, with
                                                                                the help of Mr Holroyde, set up the Eco
                                                                                Warriors committee. The aim is to try
                                                                                and make our school an eco-friendly
                                                                                environment and to encourage others in
                                                                                the school to think about environmental
                                                                                We also hope to get the 'green flag' status,
                                                                                meaning that our school has achieved an
                                                                                environmentally friendly goal. We have
                                                                                representatives from every class and we come
                                                                                together on Tuesday lunchtimes to discuss our
                                                                                ideas and plans of action.
                                                                                We had 10 subjects of which we have chosen
                                                                                three to focus on. The 10 subjects were:
                                                                                biodiversity, energy, global citizenship, healthy   Children in Upper Nursery have been
                                                                                living, litter, marine, school grounds, transport   learning all about Jack and the
                                                                                to school, waste and water.                         Beanstalk. They grew bean plants, had
                                                                                                                                    a go with their threading skills to make
                                                                                As a group, we chose water, litter and marine as
                                                                                                                                    their own harps and listened to a Year 6
                                                                                we felt those were the most important problems
                                                                                                                                    pupil play the harp.
                                                                                to tackle. We are currently coming up with
                                                                                action plans for each of these topics and some
                                                                                of our ideas were: self-stopping taps; more bins
                                                                                around the school; special recycling bins for
                                                                                single use plastics such as toothbrushes and
                                                                                food packets etc.
                                                                                We are asking the kitchen staff about where our
                                                                                fish comes from and if it is sourced sustainably.
                                                                                We are also hoping to do a Green Day where
                                                                                every pupil comes in wearing something green
                                                                                and we learn more about the environment.
                                                                                Eco club is a fantastic way to do your part in
                                                                                helping the world become a greener place and
                                                                                the pupils who are representing their class are
                                                                                very enthusiastic about it.

Year 2 pupils enjoyed a productive   a slab of cheese, an apple and a
and informative visit to Sevington   slice of Victoria sponge.
Victorian School. The whole day
                                     The children made candles and
                                                                                    We also hope to get the ‘green
was designed to feel as if it was                                                   flag’ status, meaning that
                                     lavender bags, wrote on slates,
in Victorian times; everyone
dressed appropriately and were
given Victorian names, as well as
                                     used ink pens and were introduced
                                     to the articles of correction. The
                                                                                    our school has achieved an
                                                                                    environmentally friendly goal
                                     teachers were strict and the
enjoying a typical Victorian lunch
                                     children were only allowed to
which consisted of a hunk of bread
                                     speak if spoken to!

                                                                                                                                     Dear Teddy,
                                                                                                                                     do join us
                                                                                                                                     Thirty children, accompanied by their
                                                                                                                                     teddy bears, enjoyed a picnic at the Prep
                                                                                                                                     School. Armed with their picnic blankets,
                                                                                                                                     water bottles and sun hats, children
                                                                                                                                     aged two to four enjoyed an afternoon of
                                                                                                                                     games, entertainment and a picnic!
12      The Wycliffe Community

Beekeeping Club is
buzzing with energy
Wycliffe’s Beekeeping Club has had a busy        The pupils are fully involved in the
year with new pupils and members of staff        inspections, lighting the smoker, checking
taking an interest in all things apiary.         the inspection board for varroa mites,
                                                 manipulating the frames within the hive,
The club currently has two hives, but only
                                                 looking for signs of the Queen (egg laying,
one colony. They hope to have two colonies
                                                 larvae, sealed brood cells), checking for
(one in each hive) once more Wycliffe staff
                                                 enough stores of nectar, pollen and stored
are trained up.
                                                 honey, taking off honey, treating for
Then the club plans to keep one hive,            disease and planting wildflower seeds for
using more natural methods, and the              pollinators.
other, looking after it the more traditional
                                                 “We don’t just teach them the mechanics
way, allowing for comparison of the two
                                                 of keeping bees, but also the important
                                                 environmental issues. Beekeeping is quite a
Sharon Hodgkins and Charlotte Browne,            science, so there are lots of technical facts
who lead the club, ensured everyone              and figures that they need to be aware of,
involved in the club have the correct            so that they learn to make good animal
protection kit!                                  husbandry decisions,” says Mrs Hodgkins.

                                                    Parents play a role in
                                                    enriching school life
  Inspired by Military
  Music workshop
  By Jessica Taylor, Year 13
  I was given the opportunity through
  Gloucestershire Youth Wind Orchestra to
  attend a workshop with the Royal Marines           PASS funded travel cards for the trip to Berlin                                PASS funded the Airgineers Club
  Band from Plymouth.
  The first part of the day involved listening      By Helen Denning, Chairperson of PASS                representing day and boarding families               Many of the activity clubs have requested
  to a concert performed by the Marines                                                                  from every year group. Since September               support, including drone blades for the
  featuring their Drum Corps and then
                                                    The main aim of Parents’ Association                 we have heard over 30 presentations                  Airgineers and new pistols for the Shooting
  performing our own pieces.                        Senior School (PASS) is to enrich the                involving nearly 100 pupils, ranging from            Club.
                                                    experience of all pupils attending                   Year 9 to 13.
  The standard of music was incredibly                                                                                                                        We occasionally support individual pupils
  high but we were assured that in the              Wycliffe College.                                    These presentations provide pupils                   who need funding for an exceptional
  second half of the workshop we would                                                                   with a great opportunity to practice                 opportunity, whether sporting, academic
                                                    We mainly do this through awarding
  be working with the military musicians                                                                 preparing and delivering a business                  or in another area of school life. This year
                                                    grants, which are bid for by the pupils
  to improve not only our pieces but our                                                                 proposal, including a budget. They face              we were pleased to have been able to
                                                    in a Dragons’ Den style presentation.
  quality of sound and our confidence                                                                    robust questioning, before any grants are            provide support for a pupil representing
                                                    These presentations may be on behalf
  playing together as a group.                                                                           awarded. This year we have introduced                Great Britain in the European Biathle
                                                    of individuals, academic groups, activity
                                                                                                         Project Completion Reports, so pupils can            Championships.
  The second half of the workshop proved            clubs or House groups.
                                                                                                         explain the outcomes of their project and
  to be even more motivational than the                                                                                                                       In addition, we have supported The
                                                    This is all made possible through the                account for the funds awarded.
  first as the professionals from the Marines                                                                                                                 Creative Writing Competition, the Lewis
                                                    termly subscriptions on parents’ bill,
  gave us useful tips and told us stories of                                                             The bids have included pupil initiatives             Dartnell Talk, Academic Effort Prizes and
                                                    so you will never be asked to fundraise
  their own journeys through the music and                                                               for minor House improvement, such                    the International Food Fair. We have
                                                    separately or bake endless batches of
  the military side of their jobs.                                                                       as speakers and outdoor tables for                   also been working to improve the use of
                                                                                                         Collingwood and house sports shirts for              Facebook for secondhand uniform sales.
  Overall the workshop was inspiring,               Currently PASS has 10 parent volunteers,             Lampeter.
  enjoyable and definitely made me                                                                                                                            As the year ends, we are saying goodbye
  consider different techniques to improve                                                               • Greenpower Racing Club: build costs of pupil
                                                                                                                                                              and thank you to our Treasurer Diane
                                                      List of grants awarded by PASS this year
  my playing.                                                                                              designed racing car                                Hammersley and welcome Dagmar Lomer
                                                      • Airgineers: racing drones and materials for
                                                        pupil designed drones                            • Haywardsend: surround sound system /               into the role. We are planning further
                                                                                                           beanbags                                           improvements in our communications with
                                                      • CCF: Bisley shooting competition, entrance fee
                                                        and new shelter                                  • Haywardsfied: ornaments for entrance hall          parents and are looking for a volunteer
                                                      • Collingwood: sound system and outdoor tables     • Iceland Geography trip: boat excursion to          with marketing/PR experience with a few
                                                      • Creative Writing Anthology: workshop, printing     volcanic island                                    hours to spare, to assist with this. If that is
                                                        and prizes                                       • International Food Fair: food and decoration       you, please get in touch!
                                                      • Dubai Rugby Tour: support towards final dinner     costs for stalls
                                                                                                                                                              All that leaves is to thank all the parents
                                                      • Esports: pupil built specialist gaming PCs       • Ivy Grove: table tennis table
                                                                                                                                                              for their continued support for PASS. If you
                                                                                                         • Lampeter: house sport shirts
                                                      • GB European Biathle Championships: pupil                                                              have any questions or suggestions, please
                                                        participation                                    • Leavers’ Ball: band entertainment                  get in touch on:
                                                      • German Department : Berlin travel cards          • Loosley Halls: TV and cabinet                      helen1.denning@hotmail.com.
                                                      • Gloucester Youth Orchestra: pupil registration   • Lewis Dartnell Science Lecture
The Wycliffian Society 13

OWs Giving Back
Sixth Form Life Skills
Programme                                      Supporting others
Earlier this year, TWS were invited by
                                               OW Oliver Bruce (P 2003) is passionate
                                                                                                                                                   The Wycliffian Golf
Head of Sixth Form, Mr Archer, to ask if
                                               about enabling people to achieve their
recent OW leavers might come back to
deliver some sessions on their university
                                               potential. That’s why when he was                                                                   Society
                                               approached to be a Business Mentor with                                                             The Sun god shined on us and provided
experience and early career as part of
                                               The Prince’s Trust, he jumped at the chance.                                                        the perfect day for a game of golf at
the Yr 12s Life Skills Programme.
                                               At the age of 19, Oliver launched his first                                                         Weston-super-Mare – sunny with a
The sessions, outlined below, were                                                                                                                 gentle onshore breeze. What could be
                                               business. Now Oliver is 25 years old and
positively received and as a result, TWS                                                                                                           better? Sixteen OWs and three guests
                                               his company, PinpointMedia, is one of the
have had a request to run similar talks on                                                                                                         gave battle on this tricky course with
                                               fastest growing media firms in the UK.
other career areas, including the Military.                                                                                                        very firm and fast greens.
If you are a recent OW leaver and would        In 2018 Oliver won the IoD (Institute of
be willing to come in and run a short          Directors) South West Director of the Year                                                          Results
session on your experience, we would           in addition to attending the NatWest                                                                Old Wycliffians
love to hear from you.                         Entrepreneur of the Year awards amongst          taking investment for a new business ‘Pocket       1. Matt Morris, 41 points and after
                                               others.                                          Creativ’ which is due to be a unique and fully     count back, the winner of the Watts
                     First up was OW
                                                                                                bespoke online platform for Creatives and          Trophy; 2. Phil Hale, 41 points; 3. Nigel
                     Greg Mason (R 2011),      When he is not focusing on his own
                                                                                                Businesses. The platform and business itself       Lougher, 34 points
                     a former Head of          businesses Oliver is mentoring start-up
                                                                                                is due to launch nationally in early 2020. To
                     School and squash         businesses for The Prince’s Trust. It’s not a                                                       Guests
                                                                                                find out more visit PocketCreative.com or
                     scholar. On leaving       huge step from how he has grown his own                                                             1. Neil Smith, 35 points; 2. Steve
                                                                                                visit their funding page on Seedrs.
                     Wycliffe in 2011, Greg    company. His ethos is to invest in people                                                           Shipman, 30 points; 3. Huw Lougher,
                     went to University        who are “a lot better than me” in content        Read the full story about Oliver on                25 points
                     College London (UCL)      creation and to “give them the freedom to        www.wycliffe.co.uk/the-wycliffian-society/
                                                                                                                                                   Nearest the pin
                     to study LLB Law          do something different without being judged      reflections
                                                                                                                                                   7th hole: Robert Pakeman
with Hispanic Law, spending his third          by it”.
year in Madrid. Greg then completed                                                                               TWS has connected recent         14th hole: Mike Horsley
                                               The result is that PinpointMedia is in the                         leaver OW Georgina
the Legal Practice Course with an MSc                                                                                                              An advance notice was given regarding
                                               top 10% of creative agencies, in terms of                          Downton (C 2009 – 2016)
in Law, Business and Management and                                                                                                                the EDWARD HARRIS CUP. This will
                                               turnover and size.                                                 with Oliver. Georgie has
started his training contract with DLA                                                                                                             take place on 4th October at Royal
Piper during which, he spent time with         Oliver, who grew up in a Forces family,                            just finished her final year     Porthcawl. Anyone interested in
the Premier League and Heineken UK on          spent three years at Wycliffe Prep School.                         at Cardiff Metropolitan          playing should contact Adrian Hurley
client secondment. On qualification as a       He attributes Wycliffe for enabling him to                         University studying              at adrianh@fphurley.co.uk.
solicitor in September 2018, Greg joined       develop his creative side. Creativity allowed                      Creative Writing and
                                                                                                                                                   Our Autumn meet will be held 30th
Wiggin LLP in Cheltenham and now               him to fully express himself while dyslexia      Media and this introduction seemed like a
                                                                                                                                                   September at The Monmouthshire Golf
specialises in media and broadcasting          and dyspraxia made traditional academic          great networking opportunity. Oliver has
                                                                                                                                                   Club, Abergavenny.
law. Of the afternoon, Greg was delighted      work more challenging.                           connected Georgie with one of his project
to answer those burning questions pupils                                                        managers at PinPoint Media and we look
                                               Oliver is currently raising seed capital and
                                                                                                forward to hearing how this develops.
have on what the future might look like.
                                                                                                                                                   GB Pioneers
Next up were
                                                                                                                                                   By Charlie Richards (C 2016)
Stephanie Bagnall
(C L 2016) and Max
                                              Year 8s Careers                                                                                      In September 2017, I began studying
Edgson (P R L 2018),
both TWS Award
                                              Opportunity Day                                  If you are an OW looking for help with
                                                                                               interview technique, a chance to ask
                                                                                                                                                   Sport and Exercise Science at Swansea
                                                                                                                                                   University. During my first year, I
winners. Stephanie                            Organised by Mr Guest, the day inspires                                                              decided to switch codes and I started
                                                                                               questions about the industry you are
has just completed                            children in Year 8 to begin considering their                                                        playing Rugby League. This was the
                                                                                               interested in getting into or an opportunity
her final year at                             future career paths. Amongst the speakers                                                            first time I had played league and I
                                                                                               for work experience, join our LinkedIn group
Royal Holloway,                               at this year’s event were a number of                                                                absolutely loved it.
                                                                                               ‘The Wycliffians’: https://www.linkedin.
University of London,                         OWs: Patrick Price (P C 2014) who works          com/groups/3705824/ There’s a network of            Last summer, I was asked to become
studying English and Drama. During her        in Commercial Property, Sarah Pugh (née          Wycliffe connections who may be able to help        part of the Great British and Irish
time there she was heavily involved with      Wicks) (P C 2008) who is a solicitor locally     you take the next step. Within The Wycliffians      Pioneers for their 2018 tour of Turkey.
a number of activities outside of her         and Ollie Hart (P H 1993) who works in the       group you can also post jobs so if you think        The Great British and Irish Pioneers
degree; including the student radio and       IT industry. The pupils left the day buzzing     the network would be interested in a role           were formed in 2005 and is a Rugby
the student magazine. She encouraged          with questions and ideas.                        you’re hiring for, please go ahead and post.        League squad made predominantly
pupils in Year 12 to really make the
                                                                                                                                                   from students.
most of all the experiences on offer
at university. She is currently working
towards a career in the Art Law and
Business industry. Max has just come to
the end of his first year at the University
                                              Pimms in the Pavilion                                                                                The total cost of the tour was £800 and
                                                                                                                                                   the Wycliffian Society kindly offered
                                                                                                                                                   to fund a part of the amount. I would
                                                                                                                                                   like to thank everyone at Wycliffe, from
of Warwick where he is studying Politics,                                                                                                          all the coaching staff to The Wycliffian
Philosophy and Law and was able to give                                                                                                            Society, for helping me to get to a point
the very recent perspective of first-year                                                                                                          where I can experience things like
challenges.                                                                                                                                        this tour and for helping to fund me.
                                                                                                                                                   I would not have been able to go to
                      While the Year
                                                                                                                                                   Turkey without it.
                      12s heard about
                      university life in
                      general, the Year 13s
                      were getting a more
                      serious message
                      in their Life Skills    A lovely event where we welcome staff into        Ractliffe, Elizabeth Shearer, Tracey Waite, Lisa
                      session on Consent      The Wycliffian Society as Honorary or Life        Wisbey, Joanne Wright. New Life Members:
                      run by Joe Dunne (C     Members meaning that they have dedicated          Linda Wong, Susan Moore, Jacqueline Plume,
2014), another former Head of School.         10 or 20 years respectively to Wycliffe.          Mark Williams, Steve Arman.
Joe left Wycliffe in 2014 and went to
                                              We would like to thank you sincerely for your
SOAS (University of London) where he
studied International Relations with a
                                              continued support and tireless work. New           Reunions/Friendships
                                              Honorary Members: Alison Barnes, Betty                                                                Read the full story about Charlie
specialism in Middle Eastern politics. Joe                                                       Roy Bazzard (SH 1967) and Peter Richards
                                              Field, Andrew Golightly, Nicola Golightly,                                                            on www.wycliffe.co.uk/the-
now works for The Social Change Agency.                                                          (SH 1966) were reunited after 52 years
                                              Louise Knighton-Callister, Kelly Luff, Susan                                                          wycliffian-society/reflections
                                                                                                 when they met in Little Missenden,
                                              Matthews, Cass Moran, Hilary Phelps, Caroline      Buckinghamshire on 1st April.
14     The Wycliffian Society

 Primitivo Bar, Birmingham
 April 2019

                                                          Bob Longman, Ollie H, Alex Seymour, Matt Harris,     Nigel Stoker, Annie Stoker, Margie Coombs, Tony         Chris Turk and Jonathan Young enjoy a
                                                          Simon Holloway                                       Fastnedge and John Walker                               campus tour

 Jane Naylor (née Mason) and Max Edgson
                                                          What a great Wycliffian Day
                                                          Seventy OWs, a number of Hon                       short welcoming speech about College                The following day about 12 OWs played
                                                                                                             life including some of the latest                   an informal game of golf at Cotswold
                                                          OWs and guests enjoyed a
                                                                                                             developments. We thank the Head and                 Edge, they had a good afternoon and we
                                                          wonderful sunny Wycliffian Day,                    his staff for the hospitality of the day.           hope this game will become an annual
                                                          held on Saturday 4th May.                                                                              fixture after a Wycliffian Day.
                                                                                                             There was plenty of sport action. An OW
                                                          The new Prefect team gave tours around             versus 1st XI cricket match was played          To see more photographs from all our
                                                          the Campus; including the new Ward’s-              and it was an OW win, not that we’re            TWS events visit:
                                                          Ivy Grove House. OWs were amazed at                competitive! We are sure Hon OW Mr              http://www.wycliffe.co.uk/the-wycliffian-
 Simon Croft, Mrs A Hill, Andrew Hill and Simon Lloyd
                                                          the new boarding facilities and delighted          Martyn Kimber will be planning next             society/wycliffian-news/
                                                          to see such a lively and welcoming                 year’s rematch.
 Browns Covent Garden, London                             Campus in full swing.
                                                                                                             On Ward’s Courts, OW versus Under
                                                          The Wycliffian Society AGM was held                18A Boys’ Tennis matches were played
                                                          in the morning, where President, and               with a College win overall. Everyone
                                                          newly-appointed interim Chairman,                  enjoyed the opportunity to have a game;
                                                          John Hughes, presented a Management                including OWs Simon Holloway (W
                                                          Report which highlighted the progress              1968) and Robert Longman (SH 1969)
                                                          TWS has made over the past few years.              who had been doubles partners whilst
                                                          We also welcome two new Committee                  at Wycliffe. Thank you to Hon OWs Mr
                                                          members: Stephanie Bagnall and                     Martyn Kimber and Mr James Lunch for                John Newns, Nick Powell, Rob Fisher, Will Clapham,
                                                          Victoria Watson (HE 1991).                         organising the matches.                             Hedley Garrett, Chris Williams, F. Jonathan
                                                                                                                                                                 Rennicks, Greg Mason, Nick Morris, Tomos Wyn-
 Annie Rees, Francis Friend, Kirsty Turbott, Max Glynn,   A buffet lunch was served in the                   In the Chapel there was a display of                Jones, Lewis McKissick and Innes Pierce
 Guest and Stephanie Bagnall                              marquee. Among the guests were                     Wycliffe Archive materials and David
                                                          several former members of long serving             Parrott (P J SH 1954) gave a talk on the
                                                          staff; including Frank Smith, Michael              rebuilding of the Wycliffe Chapel and the
                                                          Squance, Reg Helson, Roger Kirby                   work his father, P J Parrott, did to lead
                                                          and Phil Hale. Rob Pavis, a former                 the restoration in the 1950s.
                                                          Housemaster of Robinson attended with
                                                                                                             After tea, we went to The Bear of
                                                          his wife, Heather, and some current Hon
                                                                                                             Rodborough for drinks – a perfect end
                                                          OW staff; including Mr Peter Woolley,
                                                                                                             to the day – to catch up with those who
                                                          joined us too.
                                                                                                             had played on the OW cricket team.                  Jenny Paxton (née Ault), Miss Paxton and
                                                          The Head, Mr Nick Gregory, gave a                                                                      Richard Ault
 Simon Hentschel, Kirstina Zienko, Rob Tetley

                                                                                                                                                                  Sophia Rai wins this
TWS Calendar                                                                                                    Class of 2019                                     year’s TWS Award!
July                                                                                                                                                              Following outstanding
                                                                                                                Once again an apple tree was                      and well researched
Fri 26th TWS Cheltenham Cricket Festival. One-
                                                                                                                planted in The Wycliffe Orchard in                presentations
         Day International Tri-Series Under-19
                                                                                                                June and dedicated to the class of                from the Year 13
         England v India.
                                                                                                                2019.                                             applicants, the panel
September                                                                                                                                                         unanimously agreed
                                                                                                                Pictured L – R: Noah M, Mr Nick
Mon 30th TWS Gold Society Autumn Meet at The                                                                                                                      that Sophia would
                                                                                                                Gregory, Tillie G, Lauren T and Mr
12 noon Monmouthshire Golf Club, Abergavenny.                                                                                                                     make a great ambassador for TWS
                                                                                                                Tom Woods (TWS Committee)
                                                                                                                                                                  and Wycliffe in the future with her
                                                                                                                                                                  passion for medicine. Sophia will
Fri 4th    The Edward Harris Cup, Royal Porthcawl                                                                                                                 receive £3,000 per year from TWS for
           Golf Club. Contact Adrian Hurley on             We look forward to welcoming you to TWS events and we wish you all the very                            the next 3 years to help support her
           adrianh@fphurley.co.uk                          best as you embark on an exciting new chapter!                                                         through university. Further details
Thu 10th Wycliffian Drinks Reception, London                                                                                                                      on applying for next year’s Award
6.30pm - TWS, with the kind assistance of OW
8.30pm Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon
         (SH 1956), are hosting drinks and
         canapés at The Royal Air Force Club,
                                                          Announcements                                      James Brackley (P C
                                                                                                                                                                  will be in the next edition of Wycliffe

         128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY. RSVP             New Chaplain at College
                                                                                                             2007) and his wife                                     HOW TO GET IN TOUCH
Sun 27th Dean Close Ladies’ Hockey Sixes. TWS             Welcome to our new Wycliffe Chaplain,
                                                                                                             Megan, celebrated the
         have been invited to put a team together,        Reverend David Prescott. David joins us                                                                   Contact Victoria Vicary,
                                                                                                             birth of their first child,
         if you would be interested contact               from Warminster School.                                                                                   Wycliffian Society Manager at
         TWS@wycliffe.co.uk                                                                                                                                         TWS@wycliffe.co.uk.
                                                          Congratulations to:                                Hon OW Lisa Wisbey
November                                                                                                                                                            You can join our Facebook
                                                                                                             (2009 to present) and
Fri 8th TWS Informal Drinks, Bristol                                                                                                                                page, follow us on
                                                                                                             her husband, Jonathan,
6.30pm - The Alma Tavern & Theatre, 18 – 20 Alma                                                             celebrated the birth of                                Twitter @wycliffealumni,
8:30pm Road, Bristol BS8 2HY                                                                                 Emilia June in March,                                  Instragram
Sun 10th Wycliffe College Service of Remembrance                                                             weighing 7lbs 6oz.                                      @thewycliffiansociety and join
         in Wycliffe Chapel                                                                                                                                         our LinkedIn group
                                                                                                             Hon OW Joanne Wright                                   ‘The Wycliffians’.
December                                                                                                     (2009 to present) and
Sat 7th Wycliffe Small Boats Head – volunteers                                                               her husband, Mark,
        needed to help run the event.                                                                        celebrated the birth
Sat 7th TWS Traditional Carol Service, The Chapel         Helen Vieira (P L 2004) and her husband,           of Mia Linda Gertrude                               We sadly said goodbye to:
6.30pm                                                    David, were delighted to welcome baby              Wright born on 1st July                             Clive L Mort (H 1948), John E Davies (J
                                                          Sebastian Nicholas Samuel to the family            weighing 7lbs 2oz, a                                H 1955)
For more information and to RSVP for each event                                                              beautiful sister to Jack.
                                                          in March, a little brother to Benedict.                                                                To read any obituaries visit:
please contact the office on TWS@wycliffe.co.uk or
                                                          All doing well and settling into life as a                                                             www.wycliffe.co.uk/wycliffian-obituaries
phone 01453 820439 (numbers required for catering.)
                                                          family of four.
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