Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College

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Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College
Year 7, 2023
St Michael's College
Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College
Welcome to St Michael’s College

             Year 7, 2023
Parent Information Night
           Wednesday 9 November 2022
Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College

Student Leader MCs                 Acknowledgement of Country / Prayer / Welcome

Mr Damian Patton                   Acting Principal

Mr Matthew Williams                Deputy Principal: Pastoral

Ms Bron Kemp                       Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning

Ms Amanda Price                    Deputy Principal: Staff and Strategy

Mr Jordan Young                    Co-curricular Coordinator

Mr Daniel Jones, Mrs Joanne Howat
and Mr Tom Simpson                Year 7 Pastoral Team
Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College

Please ensure your mobile phones are switched off or on silent.

Toilets are located out the door to my left for adults and the students
can use the toilets in the Courtyard behind us.

In the event of an emergency, please exit Founder's Hall and
move to the main oval.
Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College
Acknowledgement of Country

Ninna Marni (Kaurna "hello, how are you?")
We would like to Acknowledge that the land we meet on today
is the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and that we
respect their spiritual relationship with their Country. We also
acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of
the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs
are still as important to the living Kaurna people today. We
acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging.
Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College
Introduction: Let us remember we are in the holy
                presence of God

          …at the conclusion of prayer

      Leader: St John Baptist de La Salle …
               All: Pray for us

       Leader: Live Jesus in our Hearts …
                 All: Forever
Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College
Principal’s Address

Mr Damian Patton
 Acting Principal
Year 7, 2023 St Michael's College
Principal’s Address
Pastoral Care

Mr Matthew Williams
   Deputy Principal:
Pastoral Care

‘…that every student in the College be
   known, valued, and cared for…’
Pastoral Care

Focus areas
•   Transition from Primary School to Junior Secondary
•   Friendships and Relationships
•   Lasallian Community
•   Wellbeing
Pastoral Care

Focus areas
• Digital Citizenship
• Developing qualities of an independent learner
• Building awareness of community and their place
  within it
• Developing a future mind-set
Aims of the Program

Enabling Students to work towards:
• recognising and regulating emotions
• developing empathy for others and
  understanding relationships
• establishing and building positive relationships
Aims of the Program

Enabling Students to work towards:
• making responsible decisions
• working effectively in teams
• handling challenging situations constructively
• developing leadership skills
Our Community

•   Eucharistic celebrations
•   Chapel services
•   Daily prayer
•   Retreats
•   Student leadership
Lasallian Faith
Community Outreach

Reaching out to the marginalised through:
•   Mission Action Day (MAD)
•   De La Salle Day
•   Project Compassion
•   St Vincent de Paul Christmas hampers
•   Camp La Salle
Content Text

   Ms Bron Kemp
  Deputy Principal:
Teaching and Learning
Lasallian Vision of

 ‘…to engage, challenge and support
students to ‘be the best they can be…’

•   Approximately 320 students in Year 7 in 2023,
    13 pastoral classes

•   Years 7 and 8 classes are gender-based

•   Experiential timetable

       Students are in their
Pastoral Classroom for lessons but
   move from the classroom to
   specialist areas to work with
        specialist teachers
A Sample Timetable
SEQTA - Assessment
     and Reporting
How can you support
                                          your child?
Help them get organised - set up routines, and a space for learning.
Encourage them to ask questions and use SEQTA with them.
Extra support:
• About a subject: contact the subject teacher
• General learning or wellbeing concerns: contact the
  Pastoral Care teacher
• Other matters: Year Level Director
• Telephone, email, note or via the Front Office
                          Come to parent evenings and events 
Ms Amanda Price
Deputy Principal:
Staff and Strategy
First time walking on water
Jesus was less than confident...

             Parent Engagement & Support Leader: Sally Armour
                     Email Address:

   Mr Jordan Young
Secondary Co-curricular
Old Scholars

SUMMER (Terms 1 and 4)                WINTER (Terms 2 and 3)
Boys                                  Boys
•   Athletics    • Badminton                           • Cross Country
                                      •   Soccer
•   Swimming     • Water Polo                          • Hockey
                                      •   Football
•   Volleyball   • Tennis
                                      •   Basketball
•   Cricket                           •   Table Tennis

Girls                                 Girls
•   Athletics    •   Tennis                           • Table Tennis
                                      •   Netball
•   Swimming     •   Basketball                       • Cross Country
                                      •   Soccer
•   Volleyball   •   Softball                         • Hockey
                                      •   Football
•   Water Polo   •   Touch Football
                                      •   Badminton
State KO Competitions
               Co-curricular uniforms
    Purchase from the Uniform shop on site
                    (entry via Lawrie Street)

Uniform Shop trading hours:

•   Tuesday to Thursday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm (last trading day for
    2022 is Thursday, 8 December.

•   Extended hours in January 2023 from 16 – 30 January 2023
    from 8:00 am to 4:15 pm (except Australia Day, 26 January) .
Year 7 Pastoral Team

Mr Daniel Jones   Mrs Jo Howat
Year 7 Director   and Mr Tom Simpson
                  Year 7 Assistant
Working together to
                                      ‘be the best you can be’

Community, Challenge, Choice

•   Known, valued and cared for

•   Develop and demonstrate respect

•   Value education

•   Make the world a better place
Commitment and Partnership

‘ Your life is a story of transitions. You are
 always leaving one chapter behind while
           moving onto the next.’
Additional Co-Curricular
                           options for Year 7

• Music/Ensemble           • Musical
• Games Club               • Social Justice Group
• Dance                    • EcoSquad
• Drama Club
• Library Clubs e.g
  Book Club, Dungeons and Dragons

      Year 7
Student Experiences

What is the best thing about secondary school at SMC?

  What was the biggest change and how did you cope?

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back
in time to when you started at SMC? What would you like
                    to have known?
Uniform – Summer   PE Uniform
Term 1 and 4
Uniform – Winter   PE Uniform
Term 2 and 3
Uniform Shop Hours

• Tuesday to Thursday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm during term time
  Closed for lunch between 12:30 to 1:00pm

• Last day of trading in 2022: Thursday, 8 December 2022

• Re-opens 2 weeks prior to start of Term 1, 2023
  From Monday, 16 to Monday, 30 January 2023 (except 26 January)

• Regular trading: Resumes from Tuesday, 31 January 2023.
Orientation Day

                Monday 5 December 2022
• Arrival: 8:30 am drop off at oval gates C, E or F – escorted by Peer
  Support Leaders to Pastoral Care Teacher (see map on next page)

• What to wear? Primary School uniform

• What to bring? Recess, lunch, pencil case and a positive attitude

• What to expect? Meet staff, existing students and other new students,
  meet PC class and PC teacher, subject and pastoral activities

• Dismissal: 3:00 pm from LEC Courtyard

Meet Peer Support Leaders

                                Meet Peer Support Leaders

                                               Meet Peer Support Leaders

Orientation Day
            Medical Needs
  of students with significant medical
         Parents/caregivers must provide the
  current Student Health Care Plan and any required
        medication to the Front Office on the
              morning Orientation Day.

All medication must be collected at the end of the day.
Other Key Dates / Events
      Day 1 of School
   Monday, 30 January 2023
    (Year 7 and Year 12 students only)

    Normal drop off at 8:30 am.
Year 7 students to make their way to
          Turon Courtyard.
   Staff will be present to assist.
Other Key Dates /
       Parent Welcome Evening

       Monday, 6 February 2023
Meet your child’s Pastoral Care teacher
      An event for parents/caregivers only
                Details to follow
Other Key Dates /

          Year 7 Camp
            Week 4, Term 1
Wednesday, 22 – Friday, 24 February 2023
Primary School
                          Handover / Classes 2023
 If there are any important documents/reports (medical /
  psychological / educational) that have been previously
           provided to your child’s primary school,
               please also provide these to us.

Legally, primary schools are not able to pass on this information
  and these documents must come from parents/caregivers.

• Parents/caregivers will receive an email to access
  Consent2Go (C2Go) later in the year.
• Parents/caregivers must add their contact
  details and always keep it current.
Consent2Go – Student
                                             Health Care Plans

• Individual health care plans must be uploaded to C2Go for all students with
  significant medical conditions such as severe asthma, Type 1 Diabetes,
  epilepsy, anaphylaxis.

• Student medication must be provided to the Front Office to be stored in
  the First Aid Room.

• Please contact the Front Office staff for further information or assistance
  with uploading relevant documents.

Access to Information

The link to the 2023 Back to
School Information Booklet will be
emailed to all families.
Wellbeing and
Community Initiative
St Michael’s College
invites the families of Year 7, 2023
           students to a
   Music Information Evening
  Monday, 28 November 2022
         at 7:00 pm
      MacKillop Centre
Learn everything you need to know about the Music Department,
and find out how to get involved for next year!

Hear our various ensembles, including Concert Band, Big Band,
vocal ensembles and more! Register your attendance on this form.
Thank you for attending
We appreciate your involvement this evening.
   It is a clear sign that you understand the
importance of working in partnership for your
 child’s transition from primary to secondary

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