2015-18 Bayley House Strategic Plan

2015-18 Bayley House Strategic Plan
Bayley House
Strategic Plan
Towards 2018     www.bayleyhouse.org.au
2015-18 Bayley House Strategic Plan
2015-18 Bayley House Strategic Plan
President and CEO’s Introduction

Bayley House is a not for profit provider of disability services to the communities
of Melbourne’s inner South East and Bayside regions.

The organisation has continued to         The introduction of the NDIS will         There will be approximately 220
grow and develop over the past sixty-     radically change the governance,          participants in total, who enjoy the mix
five years, to the point where Bayley     funding and operational landscape         of services within the community in
House now provides services and           for service providers such as Bayley      one to one and in centre-based, group
support to more than 200 individuals      House. The drivers for change will        activities through the different areas of
and their families. In addition the       include but not be limited to:            our Day Program operations.
organisation has an annual financial
                                          • Much greater client choice and          • 32 people live in our shared
turnover of greater than $8.5m and
                                            control.                                  accommodation and 16 people
employs in excess of 130 staff.
                                          • Clients will be supported to apply        within mixed use housing in semi-
Bayley House is facing the largest          their funding in order to meet their      independent settings.
single change to the Disability             individual planned goals.               • 80 families who experience rest,
Services System in its 65 year history;                                               relaxation and peace of mind when
                                          • Much greater flexibility in terms
the introduction of the National                                                      their loved ones stay at our respite
                                            of hours of service delivery and
Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).                                                   facilities in a single year. These stays
                                            locations will be applied.
Historically organisations like Bayley                                                equate to approximately 280 days of
House have received block monthly         • Funding will be provided in arrears
                                                                                      respite per month.
grants from their respective State          to pay for work completed.
Governments to provide a range of         • NDIS funding and systems will be        The Bayley House Board in their
supports to eligible members of the         applied nationally.                     strategic planning session in May
community. On the 16th September                                                    2015 re-affirmed their commitment
                                          • National quality and safeguarding
2015, the Federal Government                                                        to providing quality disability support
                                            frameworks will be applied.
announced the Victorian and New                                                     services to individuals with a primary
                                          The focus of Bayley House’s strategic     intellectual disability with medium to
South Wales rollout schedule for the
                                          endeavours for 2015-18 has to be          high support needs.
full introduction of the NDIS. The
                                          ensuring that our organisational
municipalities of Bayside, Frankston,                                               The focus of these services will be:
                                          priorities are aligned with those of
Glen Eira, Kingston, Port Phillip and
                                          the NDIS and that we can continue         • Facilitating client choice and control
Stonnington will be included in the
                                          to operate successfully and grow            by offering a new and expanded
NDIS scheme on the 1st April 2018.
                                          under the new national NDIS funding         range of services.
Current State Based Disability            arrangements. This will require a major   • Providing programs which are
Service funding assumes that service      change in focus for the organisation.       focused on individual growth,
recipients will pool their funding and    The future will be in ensuring that         education and skill development.
the service system will meet minimum      everything we do is measured against
                                                                                    • Support to attain employment
standards and outcomes. Funding           the expectations of our existing and
                                                                                      and meaningful medium term
levels have traditionally been indexed    new participants and their families
                                                                                      volunteering opportunities
annually, based on an assessment of       and/or carers.
the costs borne by providers, such as                                               • Encouraging social inclusion,
                                          Our stated intention is that by 2018,       community engagement and
the cost of labour.
                                          Bayley House will be the service            participation.
                                          of choice for individuals with an
                                                                                    • Providing a quality, safe and
                                          intellectual disability seeking support
                                                                                      supportive environment.
                                          to meet their current and planned
                                          goals. This will be because Bayley        • The provision of a family based
                                          House will offer a range of individual      environment where social
                                          and supported group services                connections can be developed
                                          that stimulate, appeal and satisfy          with a sense of fun.
                                          participants in reaching their personal
                                          goals for a purposeful and socially
                                          inclusive life.

                                                                                      Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18     3
2015-18 Bayley House Strategic Plan
NDIS Outcomes Framework

The NDIS outcomes framework will have a significant impact on the
Bayley House operations in the years ahead.

The statement below outlines details       For people with disability the key      Achievement of these goals will
about the outcomes framework:              outcomes will cover eight domains:      benefit families and carers, too, as
                                                                                   they lead to greater independence
The NDIS is building an outcomes           • Choice and control
                                                                                   and participation.
framework to measure the medium            • Daily activities independent living
and long-term benefits of the NDIS                                                 The NDIS is therefore a radical
                                           • Relationships
for participants and their families.                                               departure from the welfare-
                                           • Health and well-being                 model of disability – as well as
Those outcomes for families and
                                           • Home                                  conventional thinking about how
carers cover five domains. They are:
                                           • Lifelong learning                     best to support carers.
• Families and carers have the
                                           • Work                                  Bayley House is an experienced
  support they need to care.
                                           • Social, community and civic           provider of specialist services for
• Families and carers know their                                                   people with an intellectual disability. As
                                             participation (including
  rights and advocate effectively                                                  such, we are extremely well placed to
  for the person they are caring for.                                              prosper and grow in supporting
• Families and carers are able to                                                  the outcomes outlined above.
  gain access to services, programs
  and activities in their communities.
• Families and carers have
  succession plans.
• Families and carers enjoy good
  health and well-being.

                 Strategic PLAN
                           Plan 2015–18
                                 2015–18                                                                                   4
2015-18 Bayley House Strategic Plan
Bayley House Strategic Overview

Bayley House’s Vision, Mission and strategic priorities supports the transition
of the organisation into the new national disability service system, through a
clear and compelling purpose. Bayley House is committed to being a customer
centric organisation that consistently delivers winning participant experiences.
To achieve this, Bayley House’s service mix will be underpinned by our dedicated
culture and increasingly through the effective use of technology.

  Our Vision                                        Our Values
  Adults with a disability living                   Choice – We value the right to choose
  the life they choose.                             and select from options that best suit
                                                    individuals to live the life they choose.
                                                    Community – We value a strong and
                                                    socially inclusive community that
  Our Mission                                       supports the wellbeing of our clients,
  All Participants will be supported through        families, staff, volunteers and supporters.
  skills development to maximise their
                                                    Collaboration – We recognise that
  opportunities and to live the life they
                                                    by working together effectively we can
  choose in an inclusive community.
                                                    achieve better outcomes and achieve
                                                    our goals.
                                                    Empowerment – We encourage
  Priority Outcomes                                 and support independence, informed
                                                    decision-making and innovation to
  1. Bayley House will be the provider of          build confidence and competence.
      choice in South East Metropolitan
      Melbourne for services to adults with         Enthusiasm – We strive to provide
      an intellectual disability.                   selfless, enthusiastic service with a
                                                    friendly attitude, positive thinking
  2. Participants in the service will have         and peer encouragement that fosters
      choice and control over the services          a happy environment.
      they select.
                                                    Engagement – We are committed
  3. Participants and their families and/or        to building strong relationships,
      significant others will be supported and      interactions with clients, carers and the
      encouraged to make informed choices           broader community that promote active
      regarding services.                           engagement through participation,
  4. Our customer focused services will            consultation, learning and partnerships.
      enable participants to achieve their          Excellence – Service excellence is more
      goals for independence in social and          than what we provide, it’s how we think
      economic areas.                               and act. We work to achieve excellence
  5. Quality support services will be delivered    in all we do and always aim to attain the
      in a safe and engaging manner.                best possible results while striving for
                                                    continuous improvement.
  6. We will attract and develop a workforce
      that has the skills and attitude to deliver
      the services desired by our participants.

                                                                     Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18   5
2015-18 Bayley House Strategic Plan
Our Priorities

Fundamental to Bayley House’s Strategic Plan and indeed its Vision and Mission
is our commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals who access our services.

The following strategic priorities have    • Attract and develop a high
been identified and underpin all our         performing workforce. This will
initiatives and actions.                     be the critical success factor in
                                             maintaining our position as a sought
• To become a more client focused
                                             after service.
  and flexible organisation.
                                           • Strengthen organisational capability
• Provide an enhanced suite of
                                             in client programming.
  programs which respond to clients’
  interests and needs.                     • Create a multidisciplinary
                                             environment which incorporates
• Maintain a program focus on
                                             professional allied health services.
  life and work skills development
  for individuals.

6    Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18                                            6
Our Future

Bayley House will be a specialist provider of a range of support services to
adults with an intellectual disability in the Southern Region of Melbourne.

The range of services such as shared       • D
                                              ay, Overnight and Weekend               • P
                                                                                          articipants will be able to select
group programs and individual                respite services will be offered            full time or part time services.
activities to be offered will include:     • P
                                              rograms geared towards                    Many programs will be offered
                                             outcomes, targeted at skills                on a sessional or half day basis
• W
   eekday Disability support services
  targeted at achieving participants’        development, increased literacy           • S
                                                                                          ervices targeted at supporting
  stated goals delivered in centre           and numeracy                                the multiple and complex needs of
  based and community settings             • A
                                              range of challenging and                  people with a dual disability will be
                                             engaging programs, in individual            available in appropriate settings
• A
   ccommodation supports in Group
  Homes and other more individual            or small group based settings,
  housing settings                           to facilitate participant choice in
                                             a flexible one stop shop

Diagram 1: Day Program Client Numbers                            Diagram 2: Day Program Client Catchment area
over 30 years and beyond




                                                                                                  Glen Eira

                                                                      13%                                         20%

                                                                    Other LGA
 30      46      68      86      117     160    178     300                                                   Kingston
1980    1990    2000    2003    2006     2009   2015   2025

                                                                                          Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18    7
Strategic Framework

                                            Community Based
                                             Service Delivery

                                              We will offer our      Empowered
       Stronger,                            participants support    Learning Skill
                                                through skills
    sustainable Day                                                  Development
                                          development to live the
        Services                                                    and Vocational
                                           life they choose in an
                                           inclusive community         Services

                                             Safe and secure
                                           Accommodation and
                                             Respite Services

8   Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18
Our Financial Capacity

The next 3-5 years will be years of transition and significant organisational change
if Bayley House is to make the leap from a welfare based industry type service to
become a successful social enterprise.

Bayley House has been operating
                                           Table 1: 2014-15 Financial Statement
successfully for more than six decades
and, as such, is approaching the                                                   2014–15                       2013-14
introduction of the NDIS from a                                                          $                              $
position of relative financial strength.
                                            Total Income                          9,183,412                    8,773,279
The above table outlines the current
financial position. Bayley House            Other Income                            74,720                              -

therefore proposes to continue              Expenses                              8,798,835                    9,091,094
investing in buildings and equipment
and further invest in people, systems       Surplus/Deficit                         459,781                     (317,815)
and processes to support and
enhance our service delivery. There
are also key priorities in marketing and
promotion of the organisation as well
as the introduction of a new customer
relations database to streamline
and improve client and stakeholder
communications. These initiatives
will be undertaken as outlined in this
Strategic Plan.

                                                                                  Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18   9
Who We Support

Bayley House is based within the Bayside region. The number of clients who access
the different services offered by Bayley House has grown significantly and is now in
excess of 220 individuals, many of whom live in the surrounding area.

Clients attending the Day Program are        Programs are offered in the areas of:       Demand for services is high
primarily drawn from the Bayside and                                                     although our capacity to meet
                                             • Health & Fitness
surrounding areas; Bayside 39.3%,                                                        demand is restricted by the availability
Kingston 20.2% and Glen Eira 18%.            • Music & Drama                             of suitable space to facilitate increased
They range in age between 18-77 years        • IT & Communication                        service delivery.
with 52% being aged 35 years or under.       • Art & Craft                               Bayley House continues to work
Approximately 86% of clients attend on       • Community Access                          on aligning our services with what
a full time basis.
                                             • Allied Health Support                     is best for the client, ensuring client-
                                             • Continuing Education & Learning           centric performance outcomes are
                                                                                         achieved. We have also concentrated
                                             • Self-Help & Life Skills
                                                                                         on improving staff confidence and
                                             • Specialist High Support                   knowledge so that they are developing
                                             • Vocation                                  their skills and increasing their

Diagram 3: Day Program Participants          Diagram 4: Breakdown of residents           Diagram 5: Current Client Age Data
                                             in our houses                               (Day Program)

                                                                                              18–30 years    31–45 years
                                                                                              46–65 years    >65 years


      45%              55%
                                                                                              29%              38%
       80                98
                                                     49%          51%
                                                       21          22
                                                      Male      Female                               28%

     SNA Profile
     Bayley House operates a very busy Disability Day Program service with nearly 180                 Diagram 6: Current
     clients currently participating in activities on at least three days per week.                   Client Service Needs
                                                                                                      Assessment (SNA)
     The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services provides recurrent funding                 Breakdown 2015
     for people with a disability to attend Day Services, the funding is provided in a five
     point scale. This is referred to as the Support Needs Assessment( SNA) level.                     SNA 2         7%
     Clients with a lower SNA (eg: level 1) require less support, clients with a higher SNA            SNA 3         44%
     (ie: 4-5.5) require more support and therefore are funded at a higher level.                      SNA 4         34%
     Bayley House’s current SNA distribution is shown in this diagram.                                 SNA 5         14%
     Analysis of these statistics demonstrates that Bayley House is already a provider of              SNA 5.5       1%
     disability support to adults with medium to high support levels.

10    Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18
Our Strategic Approach

In continuing to support Bayley House’s clients and families into the future we have to:

• Remain focused on our vision, mission and values.
• Maintain our emphasis on delivering excellent client outcomes.
• Engage with our clients, families and significant others in meeting their goals and aspirations.
• Continue to empower and develop our workforce so that they can deliver the client outcomes that we strive for.

   STRATEGIC PRIORITY 1                                              STRATEGIC PRIORITY 2
   Stronger and Sustainable Day                                      Safe and Secure Accommodation
   Programs which:                                                    and Respite Services which:
   • Enhance existing programs, evaluate outcomes.                   • Maintain the existing level of service
   • Develop new programs to meet the goals                            provision in appropriate environments.
     of new and existing participants.                               • Support residents to continue to develop
   • Support participants to continue to develop                       the capacity to exercise choice and control
     the capacity to exercise choice and control                       in pursuit of their goals.
     in pursuit of their goals.                                      • Develop new housing and accommodation
   • Improve data collection and recording.                            services to meet resident expectations.
   • Support the workforce to transition into a more                 • Seek to expand the range of accommodation
     client focused service delivery model.                            options to meet the needs of existing and
                                                                       future clients.
                                                                     • Review the range of services and location
                                                                       settings for respite/community inclusion
                                                                       service delivery.

   STRATEGIC PRIORITY 3                                              STRATEGIC PRIORITY 4
   Sessional Community Based                                         Empowered Learning and
   Service Delivery (Light Touch)                                    Education Services which enable:
   in which:
                                                                     • Services to be developed in response to the
   • Developed programs will be offered in                             needs of adults with an intellectual disability.
     community based locations.                                      • Services to be delivered in partnership with
   • Programs will be sessional, that is, participants                 Registered Training Organisations.
     arrive and depart the service delivery location.                • A strong focus on educational outcomes,
   • Services are to be social, educational,                           vocational outcomes and skill development
     recreational or skills development focused.                       for participants.
   • Services may be delivered through partnerships.                 • Services to be delivered in a variety of settings.
   • Existing participants, encouraged to seek and
     expand their program choices.

                                                                                          Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18   11
Strategic Priority 1:
Stronger and Sustainable Day Programs
Bayley House will be the provider of choice in South East Metropolitan
Melbourne for services to adults with an intellectual disability.

     OUR STRATEGIES                                  OUTCOMES
     • Enhance existing programs,                    • Maintenance a strong reputation for client
       evaluate outcomes                               service excellence and quality
     • Develop new programs to meet the goals        • Maintenance of ‘Licence to Operate’ and
       of new and existing participants                status as a registered provider and a
                                                       meaningful and comprehensive quality
     • Support participants to continue to develop
                                                       management system
       the capacity to exercise choice and control
       in pursuit of their goals                     • Increased levels of active engagement
                                                       of families and key stakeholders in
     • Improve data collection and recording
                                                       planning processes
     • Support the workforce to transition into a
                                                     • Responsive programs to demonstrate
       more client focused service delivery model
                                                       participant independence and social
                                                     • Improvement in the number and range
                                                       of stakeholder engagement activities and
                                                       communication pathways
                                                     • Engagement in purposeful partnerships
                                                     • Development and broadening of the range
                                                       of services available to Day Program
                                                       participants such as; evening and weekend
                                                       social inclusion, vocational skills and work
                                                       place opportunities
                                                     • Comprehensive measurement of client
                                                       outcomes is achieved
                                                     • Capacity to offer multi-disciplinary services,
                                                       which will be supported by professional
                                                       allied health staff

12    Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18
Strategic Priority 2:
Safe and Secure Accommodation and Respite Services
Participants in the service will have choice and control over the Accommodation
and Respite services they select.

  OUR STRATEGIES                                   OUTCOMES
  • Maintain the existing level of service         • Family and significant others will be
    provision in appropriate environments            engaged in the participant review and plan
                                                     formulation sessions, when requested
  • Support residents to continue to develop the
    capacity to exercise choice and control in     • Embedded Person Centred Planning
    pursuit of their goals                           (PCP) processes span all life areas
                                                     and services connections including
  • Develop new housing and accommodation
                                                     accommodation and respite
    services to meet resident expectations
                                                   • Program facilitation in skill development
  • Seek to expand the range of
                                                     and social participation
    accommodation options to meet the needs
    of existing and future clients                 • Engagement in purposeful partnerships
                                                     to support expansion of accommodation
  • Review the range of services and location
    settings for respite/community inclusion
    service delivery                               • Strong customer focused culture is
                                                     embedded throughout the organisation
                                                   • Comprehensive measurement of client
                                                     outcomes is achieved
                                                   • Develop a suite of accommodation options
                                                     which provide the physical facilities to meet
                                                     current and future demand
                                                   • Explore and determine Shared Equity
                                                     Models for capital funding and the most
                                                     appropriate models for Bayley House

                                                                     Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18   13
Strategic Priority 3:
Sessional Community Based Service Delivery (Light Touch)
Bayley House will offer community based sessional programs to new
and existing participants.

     OUR STRATEGIES                                 OUTCOMES
     • Develop programs will be offered in          • Create a suite of suitable and sustainable
       community based locations                      sessional program options for offer to
                                                      current and prospective participants
     • Programs will be sessional, that is,
       participants arrive and depart the service   • Robust effective costing and pricing of
       delivery location                              services ensuring they are price competitive
                                                      and sustainable long term
     • Services to be social, educational,
       recreational or skills development focused   • Development of strategic partnerships
                                                      and alliances with appropriately skilled
     • Services may be delivered through
                                                      community based organisations and
                                                      individuals that assist in program delivery
     • Existing participants, encouraged to seek      and venue provision
       and expand their program choices
                                                    • Development of marketing and
                                                      communication strategies to promote
                                                      and communicate information about the
                                                      sessional community based service

14    Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18
Strategic Priority 4:
Empowered Learning and Education Skills
Our customer focused services will enable participants to achieve their goals
in planned education and choice and learning areas.

  OUR STRATEGIES                                      OUTCOMES
  • Services to be developed in response to the       • Identification of learning and education
    needs of adults with an intellectual disability     service development priorities. Participants
                                                        are eligible for up to 12 Cert I qualifications
  • Services to be delivered in partnership with
    Registered Training Organisations                 • Vocational Volunteering Courses to be
                                                        offered (Cert II)
  • Strong focus on educational outcomes,
    vocational outcomes and skill development         • Partnerships developed with appropriately
    for participants                                    qualified Training Providers
  • Services to be delivered in a variety of          • Development of flexible, sustainable
    settings                                            and deliverable learning and education
                                                      • Comprehensive measurement of client
                                                        outcomes is achieved

                                                                         Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18   15
NDIS Opportunities & Challenges

Bayley House is facing significant change in the Disability Service Sector as it
considers its future as a leading provider of specialist disability support services over
the next 3–5 years. The introduction of the NDIS to the Bayside area, scheduled to
commence 1st April 2018, is expected to at least double the amount of recurrent
funding available to the sector and ensure that access to appropriate services are
matched to the individuals in need, in a timely manner.

NDIS 2015: On Time                         The Scheme is, therefore, on budget.         The age cut off of 65 reflects the
                                           And, most importantly, client                fact that the NDIS is an insurance
and On Budget
                                           satisfaction is remarkably high at over      scheme. The disabilities that most
“The rollout of the NDIS is a              90%. The Scheme is scheduled to              people will acquire as they get old are
monumental undertaking. It will            be fully operational by 2020. In 2020,       almost inevitable and therefore are not
lead to a complete restructuring           the NDIS will have around 460,000            insurable risks. You can save to cover
of Australia’s disability sector. It       participants, out of a total Australian      these costs and assist with caring,
represents a doubling of spending          population of around 24 million people.      but you cannot insure against them.
on disability by Australian governments
                                           It will then be national and the benefits    The NDIS includes people with
from 0.5% of GDP to 1%. And it is
                                           will be portable no matter where a           intellectual, physical, sensory and
being funded through an increase
                                           person lives in Australia.                   psychosocial disabilities, as well
in the surcharge that Australians pay
                                                                                        as early intervention services,
for medical and health insurance, the      As I said at the start, the Scheme’s
                                                                                        especially for children. The Scheme
Medicare levy, and general revenue.        clients will include all those Australians
                                                                                        seeks to maximise independence
                                           who are born with or acquire a
In the two years since the Scheme’s                                                     and social and economic participation
                                           disability before the age of 65 and
operations commenced 19,817                                                             and all participants receive reasonable
                                           whose disability is permanent and
participants have become eligible                                                       and necessary supports based on
                                           which significantly affects their
for the Scheme. This is in line with                                                    their needs.
                                           functional capacity.
expectations. The rollout of the
                                                                                        Most importantly, the NDIS is
Scheme is, therefore, on time. Of these
                                                                                        controlled by the individual with a
participants, 17,303 had approved
                                                                                        disability and their family. They have
plans at a total cost of $953 million.
                                                                                        the power.”
This was consistent with the original
cost estimates.                                                                         Bruce Bonhady, Chair of the NDIA
                                                                                        Board in his speech at: Disability Reform
                                                                                        is All About the Power of “And”
                                                                                        Sixth International Carers Conference,
                                                                                        Gothenburg, Sweden
                                                                                        5 September 2015

16   Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18
NDIS issues requiring                     The Change from Block to                   Properties and Assets
                                          Individualised Funding                     Bayley House has a diverse range
an organisational                         Currently Bayley House receives            of buildings and physical assets.
response include:                         its government funding as cash in          Some are undergoing redevelopment
                                          advance, on the first Tuesday of the       to ensure they are suitable for the
Continuation of the small
group service                             calendar month. This makes cash            work ahead.
                                          flow relatively easy. The challenge is
Bayley House currently operates a                                                    • By the end of 2015 Bayley House
                                          to accurately record, report and claim
small group, participant support model                                                 will have invested more than $3m
                                          NDIS subsidies in an efficient manner.
in its provision of Day Programs and                                                   in modernising assets since 2013.
                                          This will require more advanced
would like to continue to do so into a                                                 There is still more work to do.
                                          systems and accurate staff and client
new NDIS system, which places high
                                          scheduling to achieve.                     • Challenges remain with buildings
value on individual support and choice.
                                                                                       in fixed locations. Other potential
There will be a requirement to            NDIS Transition Resources                    leaseholds will need exploration.
effectively communicate the benefits      There has been considerable publicity
                                                                                     • Disability support buildings are
and advantages of the small group         around the scale of system change
                                                                                       commonly built for specific use
service model, particularly for clients   involved with the advent of the NDIS.
                                                                                       and are therefore more difficult
with a primary intellectual disability    Bayley House has already invested            to trade on the normal property
and moderate to high support needs.       in NDIS Transition, by appointing Ms         market. Valuation methodology
Marketing and Promotion                   Rhonda Lawson-Street to the position         needs to be agreed.
                                          of NDIS Transition Manager (from Jan
The current disability support service                                               Stakeholder education and
                                          2015). Rhonda has been influential
system is characterised by limited                                                   engagement
                                          in challenging management thinking
government resources and high                                                        Bayley House has a high level of
                                          and accessing a variety of people and
demand for service, resulting in long                                                responsibility to its existing client
                                          resources to aid in Bayley House’s
waiting times. The current flow of                                                   base of 200 (approx.).
                                          move towards NDIS readiness.
resources to meet client need is slow,
                                                                                     The Bayley House, family/carer
which has resulted in a service system    Unfortunately, at present, there are
                                                                                     group have a broad range of skills
which has been relatively passive         little or no Government monies being
                                                                                     and knowledge. The families of
in its quest to promote high quality      directed at existing disability support
                                                                                     our clients are often consumed by
services. Bayley House is aware that      providers. The workforce change
                                                                                     their caring responsibilities which
it must endeavour to adopt a more         processes, the information technology
                                                                                     makes it difficult for them to fully
customer focused approach in order        and client and family support are areas
                                                                                     understand the new individual
to promote our range of services and      which would greatly benefit from some
                                                                                     planning requirements under the
attract new clients. The organisation     additional investment.
                                                                                     NDIS. Bayley House is undertaking
can no longer solely rely on location
                                          Workforce                                  a range of strategies including
and reputation alone and will face the
                                          It has been widely publicised that         accessing philanthropic funding
challenge of marketing and promoting
                                          a full rollout of the NDIS will require    to support parents and carers in
our organisation in an increasingly
                                          a greatly expanded disability workforce.   the months ahead.
competitive environment.
                                          At present recruitment of appropriately
                                          skilled and qualified workers, can
                                          present challenges, although to date
                                          Bayley House has been relatively
                                          successful in attracting direct support
                                          staff and leaders. There is a suggestion
                                          that the problem of recruitment will
                                          be exacerbated under NDIS. There is
                                          a role from government to support the
                                          education and training sectors to ensure
                                          that they are being resourced to train
                                          additional disability support workers.

                                                                                       Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18   17
In Summary

Bayley House has outlined its strategic priorities for 2015–18.
1. Stronger and Sustainable Day Programs
2. Safe and Secure Accommodation and Respite Services
3. Sessional Community Based Service Delivery (Light Touch)
4. Empowered Learning and Education Services

In order to ensure that these priorities   The whole process also needs to be        The enablers identified include:
are delivered and incorporated into        considered in an environment where
                                                                                     • Financials
normal daily practice, the Bayley          a number of key strategic enablers
House Senior Management Team               support the organisation’s attempt        • Workforce
have articulated a structure where         to deliver on the strategic priorities.   • Technology and computerisation
annual business and operational plans                                                • Marketing, Brand Position
                                           A number of enablers have been
articulate and align with the overall                                                  and Fundraising
                                           identified and will form the basis
strategy outlined in this plan.                                                      • Stakeholder Engagement
                                           of the Operational Plans to support
                                           client and service outcomes.              • Property and Assets

Diagram 7: Bayley House Planning Model

                             Strategic Plan
                                                                                     Strategic Priorities

          Annual Business Plans with
         budgets and timelines 2015–16
                                                                                     Program Business Plans

     Initiatives and actions with detailed budgets,
         timelines, accountabilities for 2015–16
        Financial, Workforce, Systems, Marketing,
         Fundraising, Asset & Infrastructure etc.
                                                                                     Initiatives & Actions

18   Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18
Bayley House Strategic Plan 2015–18   19
The Bayley House Strategic Plan, Towards 2018, was prepared in September 2015 by:
• Bayley House Board of Management
• Bayley House Senior Management Team
Bayley House would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on
which we are operate, the Wurundjeri People, and the people of the Kulin nations.
We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Elders from other
communities who may visit our facilities or access our services.                    www.bayleyhouse.org.au
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