ORDER OF SPEAKERS

Opening Remarks                 Sue Cabot
Field Hockey                    Manya Steinfeld
Football                        Chuck Reid
Volleyball                      Jeff Dyreson
Boys Soccer                     Charlie Bour, Tim Helfrich
Girls Cross Country             Becky Purdy
Water Polo                      Ed Pond
Boys Cross Country              Sally Knight
Girls Soccer                    Mike Murphy
2016 Fall Varsity Awards Dessert Coach Speeches
Sue Cabot Opening Remarks
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Fall Athletics Awards Ceremony. This evening
represents a way that we as a school recognize the important role Loomis Chaffee athletics
plays in our community and to thank all of you for your commitment and hard work and
congratulate you all on a memorable fall season.
Before we recognize the athletes and teams, I would like to offer some special thanks to the
people who are important to the operation of the Athletics Department.
First I would like to thank Administrative Assistant Vicky Scanlon for her relentless care and
unflagging enthusiasm working for our Athletics Department. She anticipates the needs of the
teams, coaches, and athletes and does whatever it takes to help the athletics program. A
special shout out to Joe Billera and Keith Armstrong for their work keeping you dressed and
well-equipped; to Craig Lamenzo for his support, big smile, and energy that he brings each day;
and also to Physical Plant. The folks working behind the scenes to make us all look good are
extraordinary. We all would not have had quite the same experience without their help in
preparing the fields, trails, pool, or turfs. The Meadows is a spectacular field layout, and the
grass is immaculate, enabling us to show it off often hosting jamborees and New England
games as well as All-Star games. Please be sure to help me in extending our thanks when you
see them.
A special thanks to Don MacGillivray and Jean Sapula and their crew, who work seemingly
endless hours caring for your injuries and getting you back on the field as quickly as possible.
Also a special shout out to Michelle for her help in the training room as well this fall. Thank you
to Manya Steinfeld and the communications team for their work supporting athletics via the
web and social media. Thanks to Lisa Butterfield and Aramark throughout the fall season with
late meal seatings and much-improved box lunches/dinners.
I would also like to take this time to thank all of the parents for supporting our athletes and
coaches throughout this great fall season. Last but not least, a special hats off to our coaches.
Much of what they do is not readily visible, and they do not receive enough recognition for
their efforts. I have enjoyed, in my short time here, having the opportunity to work with them
and watch their energy and creativity as they approached each day this season. I give a great
deal of credit to them for genuinely sharing their love of the game, their commitment, their
passion, and their dedication to making our teams better and making sure that Loomis athletics
is an important component of your educational experience. You are lucky to have them, and
our school is fortunate to call them ours. Let’s give them a hand!
Wow, what a fall. In all measures, I would say the season on the whole was a successful one,
one that was rich with participation, victories, championships, post-season play, and individual
recognitions and one that demonstrated the character of Loomis Chaffees’s student-athletes
and coaches. Over 384 students participated in our athletics programs this past season. When
we began a little over three months ago, you all came in to the season ready to make your
mark. Some teams rostered many new faces, others had a steady return, but all set your sights
on coming together as a team and being the best you could be.
The girls varsity soccer team had a tremendous season, capturing its first NEPSAC Class A
championship since 2006 and sharing the Founders League title. In the final stretch, this team
was unstoppable — truly a full team effort — trusting one another and focusing on their game;
they were unflappable. It was beautiful to watch, and we all are proud of your
accomplishments and the manner in which you handled yourselves. Our boys cross country
team captured its third consecutive Founders League Championship, an undefeated dual meet
season, and a third-place finish in a very competitive New England field. The girls cross country
team captured its fourth consecutive Founders League championship while finishing sixth in
New England. Volleyball and boys soccer finished as quarterfinalists in the NEPSAC tournament
along with the boys water polo team’s coming off a great season and making the Liquid Four.
Congratulations to all of you on your success this past fall. There were many other great
accomplishments and reasons to celebrate our success in athletics this fall, and very shortly you
will hear from our coaches.
As I was reflecting on the fall and thinking about what I would say tonight, there was a common
theme that ran across all of our teams. I was reminded of one of Herb Brooks’s quotes in
Miracle:“When you pull on that jersey, you represent yourself and your teammates. And the
name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back.” Yeah, there’s
something unparalleled about putting on a uniform, focusing on a common goal, and working
for it with others — your teammates, your friends. That captured the essence of Loomis
athletics this season and hopefully one that will resonate with each season and each team.
There are good times and tough times that come with interscholastic competition, but the real
lessons and indelible memories of sports extend beyond the physical challenges. Teamwork,
commitment, perseverance, selflessness, pride in Loomis Chaffee, and a sense of shared values
were evident in all our teams this fall, something we all should be proud of. These are lesson
and moments in life you will look back on forever. No matter what level team you play for each
season, I hope you all experience this sense of teamwork, this sense of working toward a
common goal, and a real sense of pride in your team and the school every time you put on the
Loomis uniform. I hope you will be able to reflect on your experiences this season and in the
future, whether you are a four-year senior or this is your first time as a Pelican, and find
personal satisfaction in giving your best on behalf of your team and the school.
Field Hockey: Manya Steinfeld
I was incredibly excited when I learned I would be the new head coach of the varsity field
hockey team at Loomis. I was most excited to meet the players and learn about them as
students and as athletes. It is this group of girls that has made coming to practice and coaching
games the highlight of my day. While it took all of us some time to click together, we finally
found our stride in the second half of the season. With a new formation, players in new
positions and a change to our corner plays, the team found a new energy and new level of play
that was incredibly fun to watch and yielded fantastic results. This was especially true in the
second to last week of the season, when we beat NMH and Williston back to back and played
outstanding, smart field hockey.
I do have a few thank you’s to give out before the awards. First, to the parents, thank you for
entrusting me with your daughters. I know new can sometimes be scary, but I have truly
enjoyed coaching this team and getting to know all of you in the process. I am grateful for the
support you have given the team and the countless home and away games you traveled to all
season, no mater the weather.
Next, I would like to say thank you to Chelsea Ouellete, for your insights and guidance this
season. Your knowledge has been greatly appreciated all season and your sense of humor and
approachability adds significantly to the atmosphere of the team, both on and off the field. And
to our manager, Nina Pennoyer, who also braced the elements to be on our sidelines. Your time
and effort were greatly appreciated. Thank you.
And lastly, thank you to all the players: freshmen, Jenna, Emma and Bailey, sophomores Katie,
Maddie and Georgie, juniors, Jia Yu, Paris, Erin, Mairin, Sarah, Elissa, Cali, and Sophie and our
three seniors, Julia, Maggie and Grace, who were leaders and role models for players and
coaches alike. I have learned a great deal from each of you and have become a better coach for
having had you on the team.
Now, onto the awards. The Most Improved Player award I don’t think will be a surprise for
anyone who has watched us this season. Junior goalie Sarah Olender has improved
exponentially this season. Coming in with only limited training and field hockey knowledge,
Sarah quickly stepped up as our lone goalie. Every day she came to the field ready to play and
ready to learn. She asked daily questions to grow her understanding of the game as a whole
and of her specific position. She soon stepped up as a leader in the backfield, communicating
with her defenders and making the saves and clears of a seasoned goalkeeper. She was never
satisfied with her performance and set the standard for hard work and dedication to a sport. I
am incredibly proud of all Sarah has accomplished this season, including her first four career
shut outs. Congrats Sarah.
The Coaches Award is presented to Georgia Kraus. Georgia played many roles this season and
attacked each position without a second thought. At the start of the season we were in need of
a solid presence in the backfield. Georgia moved with ease to defense, providing us leadership
and composure when our goal was under threat. When our formation changed halfway through
the season, Georgia was asked to take on more midfield responsibilities while also maintaining
a defensive mind. As the season progressed and the coaches realized we needed to create
more scoring opportunities, Georgia moved again, this time to forward. Throughout all these
transitions Georgia strived to be the best at each roll. She listens to feedback and applies it to
the next drill or the next moment in a game. She inspires her teammates to work harder in drills
by always pushing herself to go harder, all with a slight smile. It has been a joy coaching
Georgia, and we have all appreciated the presence she has been on and off the field. Congrats
The Most Valuable Player Award goes to senior captain Grace Usilton. Grace is not only the
most valuable player for her work on the field but also for her work off. On the field, Grace
played a crucial role in our midfield and offense, practically playing two positions at once. She
remained composed in difficult situations and scored critical goals in tight games. She made
smart plays on offensive corners and communicated well with her neighboring teammates,
often being the reassuring voice on the field. Off the field, Grace was an outstanding leader.
She was organized and focused and set the standard for what it means to be a Loomis Chaffee
Field Hockey player. I appreciated her leadership during my transition into Loomis and deeply
valued her feedback throughout the season. Grace is a natural leader and I have no doubt that
those traits will take her far. Congratulations Grace!
Now, I would like to introduce the head football coach, Chuck Reid.
Football: Chuck Reid
I would like to thank the following people, Craig Lamenzo and the entire grounds crew, Joe and
Keith, Mr MacG and Ms. Sapula, Dr. Culbert, Ms. Scanlon, and Ms. Cabot the coaches and our
wives, and especially my wife, for your ongoing support of the football program.
Because of our early start to the season, we began preseason practices on August 24th. The
camp was designed to prepare a football team for a game with only 17 practices. It was
grueling and it was as physical and mentally taxing of a camp as we have ever run. We knew
going into the season that we were facing the most difficult schedule in the school’s history and
we were going to have a size and speed disadvantage every week. If we were to win games this
year we would have to be better conditioned, out execute our opponents, be smarter than
them and just be tougher.
As we kicked off the season against Kinkaid (with a game temp of 82 degrees but 92%
humidity), we quickly learned about the resolve of this team. Down going into the 4th quarter
48-28, against a team, at home. The pelicans came roaring back by outscoring the Falcons 26-7
during the fourth quarter only to fall short 55-54 on a two point conversion that was overruled
with an official’s flag. We quickly learned that we had a special group.
However the defining moment for this team would happen several weeks later against
Deerfield. This is what I wrote in a request for the Pelican of the Week:
It is not possible to pick a Pelican of the Week, this Saturday's victory was everything you look
for in athletics. It was the guys on scout team during the week, the guys who were willing to
accept their roles during the game whether it meant additional or reduced playing time, it was
the special teams players covering deep kick offs, it was the guys on the sideline supporting
their teammates, it was the fact that even though our opponent had a size advantage our line
never backed down and that our running backs hammered away for close to 200 rushing yards,
it was the fact that when we made mistakes we learned from them and moved on, it was the
culture of team, it was the fact that when most teams would have cracked after giving up 28
first quarter points, we rallied together as a team fought through adversity and outscored our
opponent 31-14 the rest of the game. There is no way that an individual can be singled out, this
award can only go to the entire team.
I have not mentioned any players yet. We did not name game captains this year, instead we
voted on game captains based on the weeks practice and special contributions to the team’s
success. It was never easy to choose.
I would like to thank each of the following young men, please stand and hold applause until the
Post graduates - Blais Herman, Andre Brackett,Garret Keough, Will Bellamy, Carlos Garcia,
Jabbar Price , Jon Stasior
2 year seniors - Dmitry Ananiev, Devin Clyburn, Rollin King
3 year senior - Skip Scott
4 year seniors - Ben Ryu, Pat Craig, Bailey Duffy, Alex Scott, Sagar Vasandani, Zaire Goodwin,
Justin McIntosh, Alex Rosenthal
8 year senior - Brendan Reid I know that sounds a bit strange, but we moved on this campus 8
years ago. Brendan started off as our ball boy, always looking up to the varsity players and
dreaming of the day when he would wear the maroon and grey, After countless hours in the
weight room and through sheer determination he accomplished his goal of being a varsity
football player. I couldn’t be more proud.
The Central New England Football League, which is composed of seven teams, Loomis,
Andover, Exeter, Choate, Suffield, Deerfield, and Worcester has named the following athletes
to their All Star Team
2nd Team LB Tyler Delgado
2nd Team DL Jon Stasior
2nd Team K Andrew Schreibstein
2nd Team WR Blais Herman
1st Team QB Will Bellamy
1st Team RB Andre Brackett
1st Team LB Anthony Leo
First Team NEPSAC Class A – Andre Brackett
Award Winners
MVP – Andre Brackett – Andre set every rushing and all purpose yardage record in school
history. He was our big play man all season and is as tough and humble of a competitor you will
ever find.
Unsung Hero – Sagar Vasandani – Sagar committed himself to the program from his first day on
campus. He made the choice to put in countless hours into the weight room and quietly go
about his business of being the best offensive linemen that he could be. Never did Sagar
receive any fanfare or accolades, he simply did his job.
Coaches Award – Alex Rosenthal
 Aex was tough (he played through his senior year with a stress fracture in his leg), always put
his teammates first, and never backed down no matter who his opponent was. (He often faced
d-1 bound defensive linemen who outweighed him by 70 pounds or more.) Alex made all of the
line calls, kept his cool under pressure and was a great teammate. Alex embodied everything
we could ask for in a competitor.
Now, I would like to introduce the head volleyball coach, Jeff Dyreson.
Volleyball: Jeff Dyreson
The 2016 varsity volleyball team entered the season with a lot of questions. The team had lost 7
players, including 5 starters, from a Founder's League Championship and New England Finalist
team leaving a huge void of leadership and several vacancies at key positions. A great core of
underclassmen did return but were asked to change their role and take on greater
responsibilities. Likewise, the squad looked towards new players (whether new to the school or
from the JV team) to round out key roles. Early on, it was evident that there was potential and
the team gelled quickly. The team improved with each passing week and finished the season
12-7 overall with marquee performances against Choate and Taft (the top 2 teams in New
England this season). Five of the losses came in the fifth set including a fantastic performance
in the New England quarterfinals against Exeter meaning this team was among the top in New
England. The 2016 team surprised the coaching staff with their level of play and exit this
season with high expectations for next year.
No season could be successful, let alone possible, without tremendous support and leadership.
First I would like to acknowledge and thank our 2 seniors (Kelly White and Simone Sears). Both
played huge roles on the team this season, never coming off the floor and playing their best
volleyball of their career. They leave behind a tremendous legacy; one that will be referred to
for years to come.
Next I would like to thank all the parents and friends. There were so many road warriors and
each of you helped make this season special. You all deserve credit for this great season and I
hope you enjoyed the journey. I would like to thank Kristen Wartschow for her support and
leadership as assistant coach. She was a wonderful addition to the program and we look
forward to her growth and service. Lastly, I would like to thank the entire athletic department
for their support throughout this season (I truly believe our athletes have the best school and
staff supporting their endeavors).
Most Improved: Simone Sears
Simone made the varsity roster last year as a junior, primarily as a hitter and blocker. Her
playing time was limited as her development was made primarily in practices. Exiting last
season, Simone knew she had an opportunity to step into a starting role and thanks to her
fantastic character worked hard in the off season and came into preseason ready to seize the
opportunity. Very quickly, Simone established herself not only as a strong hitter and blocker
but expanded her game to passing, serving and backrow defense. She emerged as a 6 rotation
outside hitter and surpassed all expectations. She was among the team leaders in all facets of
the game and as a result of her success was recognized as a New England All Star. One of the
greatest joys of coaching is watching players develop and improve. Simone’s journey as a
volleyball player is truly remarkable and she will be a model for others to follow.
Congratulations Simone!
Coaches Award: Kelly White & Chelsea Offiaeli
It is easy to measure success with wins and losses but I believe joy, day in and day out of the
team is a better assessment. Interscholastic athletics is a tremendous commitment (I kid with
the team that this is the most time you spend with anyone). Although this year’s team was
filled with many new faces, they came together almost instantly and truly ENJOYED the season.
They were friends, confidants and became a family. The chemistry and bonds developed don’t
just happen and coaches can facilitate opportunities but really it comes from peer leadership.
Kelly and Chelsea were team captains this year and conducted themselves as true
compassionate teammates; always thinking of others, sacrificing themselves for the team, and
modeling high character day in and day out.
I recall a conversation I had with a coach a few years back that always amazed me. She asked
me, how do you get players to come to practice and care about playing. I was somewhat
dumbfounded and really didn’t have an answer other than “well they would get kicked off the
team” and if we didn’t have enough commitment we would shut down the program. That
thought comes to me because this team is the polar opposite of that thought. The 2016 team
loved playing volleyball, working hard, and being with each other. It was never a “chore” but
rather a “highlight” of their day and I believe their high school career. Most of that credit goes
towards Kelly and Chelsea!
Thank you Kelly for your 3 years of varsity service. You established yourself to be among the
greats of LCVB and I hope you visit this family for years to come.
Thank you Chelsea for your 3 years of varsity service. Thankfully we have 1 more year together
and I am so looking forward to the 2017 season.
I would like to introduce the co-head coaches of the boys soccer team, Charlie Bour and Tim
Boys Varsity Soccer
At the end of a productive and challenging pre-season, after we narrowed the player pool down
to our 20 varsity players, we asked the guys to each write down a word or two that they hoped
would define this particular team. In the end, we selected three words to focus on: Relentless.
Confident. Togetherness.
This latter word, togetherness, became the true calling card of this team. Whether in warm-ups
on the training ground or on the bus to and from away games, in tight games or blow-outs,
victory or defeat: this team stayed together as well as any team we have worked with. And our
togetherness really fueled the other two goals. Our confidence came from our togetherness, as
did our relentlessness.
And it wasn’t just that we were relentless in match situations, which we were. We made
ourselves very difficult to play against with a relentless work rate and a relentless commitment
to staying organized and executing our game plan. More than this, however, this team was
relentless in its pursuit of getting better. As the season went on, this team got sharper and
more focused. They really wanted to find the next level, then the next level… and they seemed
to understand naturally that getting there required a true team effort. And it was a true team
There is something magical about the whole when it becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
Fortunately for us, we discovered this magic often.
And for this we owe a debt of gratitude to our senior class: Dan Taglianetti, Kollatat Thanajaro,
James Doar, Thomas Anderson, Ryan Dailey, Francis Fitzgerald, Sailm Sidique, Graham
Struthers, and Michael Greenberg. These young men set the tone, they believed in themselves
and in each other, and they took care of their teammates. Special recognition, of course, is due
to the captains, Greenie, Tags, and Frankie, whose leadership began well before the opening
days of pre-season and continued beyond the final whistle of our final game.
Loomis Boys Varsity soccer had a terrific season, finishing our last 12 regular seasons games 10-
1-1 (with both the tie and the loss coming in the final seconds of those two games). Our strong
finish was enough to earn us a spot in the NE Class A tournament where we lost to a very strong
Taft team.
These 20 guys have plenty to be proud of and, no doubt, plenty of memories to take with them.
And they can also take with them their togetherness.
Coaches Award:
We are pleased to give our coaches’ award this season to James Doar. As a senior goalkeeper,
James found himself competing for the starting role with incoming freshman, Jamis Fite. And
compete for the spot he certainly did. James worked very hard in practice, always pushing
himself to get better and stronger. But more than competing with and against Jamis, James
showed terrific leadership in making this relationship a partnership. Both goalies supported the
other, no matter who got the starting spot. And make no mistake, James Doar was our starting
goalie on a number of occasions and anchored the team for some very important wins. But
there were also times, especially in the second half of the season, where James watched Jamis
take the field for the opening whistle. And it is not hyperbole to say that James was never
anything but supportive of Jamis or of his teammates. Throughout the season he was a
consummate team player, putting his teammates first and finding every way he could to
support his teammates and help make us better as a team. In the end, his leadership was very
important for this team, even if it came outside of the spotlight. Tonight we are happy to shine
the spotlight on James Doar and celebrate his excellence with the Coaches Award.
Most Valuable Player:
Value is sometimes a difficult thing to define and to assess. There are a multitude of ways that
an individual can add value to a team. Players can add value through vocal leadership, through
quiet gestures of support, through wisdom and tactical awareness of the game, through
excellence in performance, and through focus in training sessions. This year we are fortunate
to have one individual who demonstrated leadership in all of these ways, and more: Michael
Greenberg. As our starting central defender, Michael was our on-field quarterback. He saw the
game well, kept his teammates organized, executed mid-game tactical shifts, and set the tone
with his extraordinary toughness and remarkable poise. Greenie was also a tone-setter in
practice, knowing how to reel back in the focus when it was drifting, or to inject some humor
when we were too tight. He holds himself to a standard of excellence and the team, for the
most part, followed suit. Michael added tremendous value to this team. He made us more
competitive and helped us win a lot of games. But more importantly – he made us stronger as
a team and added incredible value to the team experience. And for the amazing experience we
had this season we are especially thankful to Michael Greenberg, our most valuable player.
Now it is our pleasure to introduce head girls cross country coach, Becky Purdy, to the
Girls Cross Country
The girls cross country squad this fall was a Dream Team, but not in the way you might think.
Let me explain.
These girls are talented runners. There’s no doubt about that. But they’re not all natural
superstars, nor have they been preparing all their lives to make their debut as celebrated cross
country phenoms. They are much more than that kind of Dream Team.
These girls also are champions. In November they won their fourth straight Founders League
Championship. They accumulated a 5-1 dual meet record this fall. But there’s no bravado
among these athletes, no swagger, no inflated egos. They are humble and hopeful runners.
They have confidence in themselves and their teammates, and they have respect for their
opponents. They believe hard work pays off, and they are right.
They are a Dream Team because they beat the odds. We came into the season with just three
returning varsity scorers.
If there were preseason prognosticators in prep school cross country – there are not – they
would have predicted that the Loomis girls team would have a middling season. Even so, we
were immediately delighted with this year’s team, led by a generous-spirited, dedicated group
of seniors.
And here’s where the Dream part of the Dream Team comes in. The anticipated gaps in our
roster filled in with new and emerging team members. Though still not a deep squad, these girls
excelled as a team. They took home a third-place trophy from the early-season Canterbury
Invitational. They won dual meets against Hotchkiss, Choate, Taft, NMH, and Greenwich
Academy. They took second at the Shaler Invitational.
Injuries hobbled and sidelined several of our runners as the end of the season neared, but this
gutsy team put it all together at Founders. Our top five all placed among the top 20 finishers,
including the individual champion, captain Sophie Elgamal. And our No. 6 and No. 7 runners
raced valiantly as well. So, for the fourth year in a row, the LCXC girls brought home the coveted
Founders plaque.
The next weekend at New Englands was as competitive as we expected, but the Dream Team
raced all-out to place 6th. The LCXC girls are made of courage, determination, intelligence, and
Our varsity seniors deserve special thanks for shaping this Dream Team: captain Sophie
Christiano and Sophie Elgamal and our under-the-radar senior speedster Rachael Burstein.
Our juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are the team’s future and its present: juniors Juliet
Rhodes, Anna Turner, Amanda Yen; sophomores
Faith Donegan, Annabel Lyons, Charlotte Fanning; freshmen Neala Sweeney and Emma Tishler.
Our manager is the lifeline: junior Bill Pieroni
And my assistant coaches are wizards as well as confidants, friends, and stress-busters.
We coaches are so fortunate to get to know and work with this great group of girls, who are not
only talented and hard-working, but earnest, good people. They lift our spirits every day,
whether by witnessing their efforts to better themselves and support their teammates or by
hearing their serious and silly conversations as they complete drills or churn out the miles. They
are a joy.
Most Valuable Runner: Sophie Elgamal
As a speedy harrier and a great captain, Sophie led this year’s team in every way, from her
dedicated preparation over the summer and committed, mature approach to her training all
season to her hard-charging, intelligent racing and calming leadership of her teammates. She
was our top finisher in every race this year. And she raced especially tenaciously and expertly at
the Founders League Championship on Choate’s challenging course. Sophie battled with
another talented runner from Kent throughout the race, never gave up, and took charge at just
the right moment to win the individual title. She cleared the trail, so to speak, for her team to
win the Founders championship in both the varsity and JV races as well. The week before
provided a telling preview when Sophie won the Shaler Invitational at Williston Northampton
by a large margin and dipped under 19 minutes for 5 kilometers. And the week after her
Founders victory gave us another window into Sophie’s steely nature. At the New England
championship meet, she had one of those days that every experienced runner has — she just
didn’t feel great. But that had no effect AT ALL on Sophie’s determination to push herself and to
finish with no excuses. The fact that her knees buckled and things started going a little fuzzy, a
little dark after the race indicates just how hard she pushed herself and how lucky we were to
have her as our tough-as-nails front-runner.
Coaches’ Award: Sophie Christiano
During the four years that Sophie has run cross country at Loomis, the team has never lost a
Founders League championship. Always level-headed, uncomplaining, hard-working, and fast,
Sophie became more and more of a leader on the team with each passing year, culminating this
year as a captain alongside her pal Sophie Elgamal. (The team called them "Sophie squared.")
Together, these two Sophies led the girls in word and deed and earned both the team's and the
coaches' great respect and admiration. They could not have set better examples as serious,
conscientious, intelligent athletes who are devoted to their teammates and their sport. They
were instrumental in the team's success. In races, Sophie C. not only performed as a
consistently high level and scored in the team’s top 5 in every race, but she also shouldered a
critical role as the pace- and tone-setter for the two freshmen on the varsity squad, who relied
on her experience and level head to keep them from going out too fast or too slow in races, or
from losing resolve late in races. At times Sophie sacrificed her own racing style to help her
teammates race at their best. Sophie is, simply put, a wonderful young woman, and we have
been privileged to have worked with her for four years.
Coaches’ Award: Juliet Rhodes
Juliet is no-nonsense tough. She is genuinely humble but has an inner confidence that enables
her to meet challenges head-on, to accept deserved compliments, and to self-critique. She has
a razor-sharp sense of pace, in workouts and in races. She is a student of the sport, and she is
one of the most coachable runners I’ve ever encountered. She is also a dangerous opponent,
much to her own team’s benefit. She passed opponents at the most strategic points of races,
like on a hill in the final mile when the other runner was too surprised and tired to respond or in
the grueling final half mile when the finish line is still too far away to feel within reach. Juliet
was a runaway steam train in the last half mile of several key races this fall, particularly the New
Englands where every place is so important. Juliet sets a great example for how serious cross
country athletes train, race, and devote themselves to their team. Though she will dearly miss
her senior teammates next year, we are fortunate to have Juliet returning to carry on their
I would like to introduce Ed Pond, head coach of the water polo team.
Water Polo: Ed Pond
The 2016 water polo team built on last year’s hard work, elevated its play to the highest level
we’ve seen in over a decade and sparked a great deal of interest and support throughout the
community. The 16-5 season featured tremendous team defense, great goalie play by both
Tony Zhang and Danny Cecere and a dynamic, efficient and entertaining offense that averaged
nearly 12 goals per game. The team earned a 3rd place seed in the postseason tournament and
advanced to the “Liquid Four” with decisive victories over Andover, Deerfield, Suffield and
Choate amongst others. Our two losses to Exeter – one by a goal on the road and the other by
two in the tournament semifinal – were exciting, hard fought and important tests against a
strong opponent that revealed how much we had grown as a team and where we still need to
improve. The high standard of competitiveness and hard work this team established will
undoubtedly motivate the program as we move forward. Thank you to my good friends Fred
Seebeck and Isso Shimamoto for their committed efforts teaching younger boys the
fundamentals - nearly every varsity letter winner in the program “cut their teeth” at the JV
level under Fred’s watchful eye and they all have learned a good bit about the game when
they’ve faced off against Isso during a scrimmage.
Award Winners: David Miccoli, Connor Farrell and Jack Miller.
Coaches Awards: Our three captains Connor, Jack and David, each in their own way, fueled the
success the team enjoyed this fall. A feisty defender and nimble offensive threat, Connor
sparked the team with crafty steals, creative shot making and poised ball handling. Jack’s
determination, resilience, endurance and optimism cemented the team and kept the group
pulling together as one. To the pool each day, David brought a commanding physical presence
and a passion for competition that anchored our defense and helped generate more offensive
pressure than we’ve seen in years. We are thankful for the leadership and commitment each of
you has shared with your teammates. We present each of you with a Coach’s Award and hope
this memorable season will help motivate and sustain you in the years ahead.
Lastly, I would like to introduce Sally Knight, head boys cross country coach.
Boys Cross Country: Sally Knight
I open this evening by introducing and thanking my fellow coach Andrew Bartlett and our
varsity letter winners:
Our freshmen:
Danny Cui
Matt Farrell
Ryan Jones
Alex Stepney
Our sophomores:
Ryan Chan
Jack Lorenze
Jaden Rismay
Trevor Siemon
Mark Valadez
James Wang
Our juniors:
Ryan Heskin
Rick Jatti
Spencer Julian
Jacob Shichman
Ramesh Shrestha
Max Wickersham
And our seniors:
Elected tri-captain Jake Barbieri. In his first year with LCXC, Jake was one of two younger
runners we tapped for team leadership training, and this season, he has shared that with
distinction and enthusiasm for all things Pelican harrier, from “hunga bunga” and some crazy
cheers to equally spirited intra-squad waterpolo tournament.
Rookie and convert from soccer Tyler Barr. In addition to clocking a varsity-caliber time on our
home course, Tyler was one of just 19 Pelicans to represent our 50-strong squad at the New
England Championships.
Elected tri-captain and four-year runner John Cox. John has been a top-five runner for the past
two years. This year, as our metronomically precise number three, John raced his way to both
All-Founders League and All-New Englands first team honors.
Sam Guindon. Sam earns his letter for not only his varsity-caliber home course times, but also
his quiet leadership-by-example. He may have been a wrestler first, but watching him in LCXC
action, anyone can tell that he is a Pelican harrier through and through.
Elected tri-captain James Koh. This fall, James capped his LCXC career by travelling to the New
England Championships as our first-alternate. And if not for his help with our Wednesday
afternoon transitions from hour-long pool sessions to hour-long stretching sessions, we might
have a few guys STILL in the locker room taking ridiculously long, hot showers!
Evan McDonagh. Evan is one of only two four-year Pelican harriers, and this year, earns his
second varsity letter, by way of his his times, his New England Championships racing, and his
generous leadership in everything from brutal Dellinger circuits to weekly water workouts
(including one rather rowdy one at his house during preseason!).
Kevin Xia earns his first varsity letter in cross country. Making steady improvements as a
competitive runner, Kevin has been a particularly strong race-day coordinator for his squad,
master of getting guys into their spikes and to the line in timeliest fashion.
Thank you, all.
This season, en route to their title-winning performances at the Founders League
Championships, these guys won all of their Invitationals, from early-September’s Canterbury
Invitational, raced on a mercilessly devious and hilly demon of a course, to late October’s Shaler
Invitational, raced over a pancake-flat, lightening-fast, adrenalin-rush of a course.
At November’s League championships, freshman Matt Farrell led the Pelicans across the line in
first place overall, with Ryan, John, Mark, and Rick joining him in the top 15 to earn League All-
star honors, and with Shich and Ramesh’s top-25 finishes ultimately impacting other every
other team’s final score.
A week later, at the New Englands, Pelicans again claimed two of the top five places, coming up
mere seconds shy of stealing first place from the Exeter hosts, and seeing second place go to
Andover by a split-of-a-hair. Third at the DI New Englands, though? We’ll take it!
I close the evening with presentation of awards
to our Most Valuable Runners, Ryan Heskin and Matt Farrell;
to our Coaches Award Winner, John Cox;
and to our Founders League Award Winner, Jake Barbieri.
Junior Ryan accelerated into the season with a big win at the Canterbury Invitational --
testament to his summer training discipline as well as his ever-keener race savvy and
confidence -- and has worked handsomely with new teammate Matt, the two learning quickly
how to train and compete with, not against, one another.
At the Choate Invitational, freshman Matt made his Pelican debut in speediest style, racing to
first place honors, honors that he claimed again at the Northfield Invitational, and again at the
Shaler Invitational, and again at the Founders League Championships, as well as at every dual
meet in between. Matt joins Ryan in earning 2016 All–League and All-New England recognition.
For the second year in a row, John Cox garners our Coaches Award. Since his first day with the
team, four years and about a foot-and-a-half ago, John been the most pervasively and
contagiously can-do, will-do, have-fun-and-hurry-back fellow on the Pelican harrier
squad. Sporting his Colorado connections from head (cap!) to toe (socks!), John has imbued the
LC Island with his home-grown spirit, with fondness for his Pelican harrier family, with full-on
race feistiness. Thank you, John.
Three weeks ago, senior Jake Barbieri offered his place on the starting line at the New Englands
Championships to a younger runner, specifically so that his teammate might begin preparations
for next season by way of experiencing the Division I championships this season; Jake then
travelled up to Exeter himself to fortify his team from the sidelines. Such sportsmanship,
camaraderie, and commitment to all things cross country distinguish Jake as a true Founders
League ambassador.
And thank you, too, to parents, for sharing your terrific sons with us; and to everyone over in
Olcott, from Sue and Vicky in the offices to Joe and Keith in the cage, to Don and Jean and
everyone in the training room, to Glenn on grounds.
And I’m now delighted to introduce Mike Murphy, varsity girls soccer.
Girls Soccer: Mike Murphy
The 2016 Loomis Chaffee Girls Soccer season will always be a season to remember. While the
end of year titles speak for themselves, what was so remarkable about this group was their
character, their will, and their commitment. No matter what obstacles the team faced, these
girls stepped up to every challenge and did so together. There were some bumps in the road,
some equipment to be left on the bus, some injuries along the way, and some other adverse
situations, but there were so many more laughs on team bus rides, high fives for big plays,
celebrations after goals, hugs after games, and cheers for each other.
Playing one of the most challenging schedules during the first few weeks of the season, the girls
learned many lessons early on. From a talent perspective, we had it: two strong goalkeepers,
one of the toughest defensive lines in the league, a crafty and tactical midfield, and an offensive
group who had pace, skill and a relentless mindset. But we needed to figure out how best to
play with each other and for each other. We challenged the players with intense sessions,
which required problem solving and quick thinking. We played in tight spaces to encourage the
girls to play at a high tempo and to have the confidence to play under pressure. And as the
season progressed, the girl’s confidence, both in oneself and each other, became steadfast.
Hard work, a commitment to the task at hand, and a strong belief in the team allowed these
girls to accomplish so much.
Founder’s League Co-champions, WWNEPSSA Class “A” Regular Season Champions, and finally
NEPSAC Class “A” Champions – these titles are a reflection of what happens when a group
believes in each other and the “power of we.” The girls focused on the process, stayed in the
moment, and truly believed in sharing the ball. Some other highlights from this season include
the following:
   •    17-1-2 overall record
   •    16-0-2 record in WWNEPSSA League play
   •    The team finished the season with an 18 game win streak
   •    Loomis outscored its opponents 66-10
   •    The girls posted 11 shutouts during the season
   •    Loomis earned the Top Drawer Soccer Prep Top 10 National Title as the #1 ranked girls
        team in their end of year poll.
And we accomplished all of this, all while having a lot of fun. The girls enjoyed team dinners
hosted by the parents, a lively night of charades early on in the season, a lot of singing on bus
rides, a very thoughtful team tribute to the seniors on Senior Day, and a few fun and lighter
training sessions. About half-way through the season, we felt the girls needed a little break and
we decided to play some fun games instead of a regular session. The first game was a version
of team handball using a softer football. No sooner did we start the game did we need to
remind the girls to relax a little and that it was supposed to be a “light” session. They were
tackling each other, going up and almost hitting heads to try and catch the ball, and shouting at
each other like the championship game was on the line. Well, the girls relaxed, a little, we
ended up having a fun session with no injuries…And we capped the day off with a little power-
finesse-head (a team favorite- or Skyler favorite). What we learned from this day was how
competitive this group was. No matter what we threw at them, they wanted to compete and
knew no other way.
As the post-season began, we knew that we had a great opportunity to play for the
championship. If we stayed healthy and focused, anything was possible. The key was keeping
their touch sharp, their minds fresh, and their bodies rested. After a decisive win against BB&N
in the quarterfinals, in which the girls won 5-1, we headed into the Choate game knowing that
it would be both a physically and mentally challenging game. Playing Choate earlier in the
season, we knew what they would bring, but we focused on our game, we played our way, and
we earned the right to play in the championships on Sunday against Worcester Academy.
Anyone who saw our players’ championship run, would agree that the Loomis girls were the
best team at the right time of year. They executed brilliantly during the final game and showed
resiliency, grit, and grace. Despite going down a goal in the finals, the girls maintained their
composure and deservedly tied the game before half-time. After a Worcester goal was called
back in the second half, the LC girls stepped up their play and took control of the game, scoring
two more goals and dominating with strong possession and smart play. As coaches, we are so
proud of these girls and we will forever be thankful for their efforts as they played the game
with poise, with honor, and as true representatives of who we are at Loomis Chaffee. The
championship week was a summation of all of the hard work the girls put in, all of the time they
committed to the program, and all of the strength they found in each other.
We’d like to thank the eight graduating players for all that they contributed to the team this
year and in years’ past. They truly left their stamp on the program and we will never forget the
impact they had during their time here. Thank you to our manager Hannah Elgamel, PG Madie
Leidt and six seniors – Skyler Dovi, Sharon Frankel, Schylar Jacobs, Katrina Lugli, Katherine
Reese, and Emma Trenchard. We wish you the best and are so appreciative of all of your efforts
and commitment to our team.
We’d also like to thank all of the coaches in our program – Coach Murphy with the varsity
group, Coach Hinchman and Coach Leyden with the JV girls, and Coach Fletcher and Coach Osei-
Mensah with the thirds squad. With over seventy girls involved in the program, we are thankful
for all of their efforts and congratulate them on a successful year. Finally, we’d like to thank the
entire athletic department for all of their efforts along the way. Thank you for all that you did
for our girls to make this such a memorable season.
Team Awards:
We have one team award this year and it is our MVP award. This year, the MVP award goes to
the entire team. Several girls this year earned individual awards from different organizations,
but the Loomis recognition goes to all of the girls. Each one of you played a pivotal role in our
team’s success this year and each one of you deserves this honor. Your commitment to each
other, your selfless play, and your true belief in “we”, are why all of you receive this award.
Congrats, and we hope you always remember how special this season was.
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