2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online

2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online


2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
Company history – traditionally innovative.
When Hans Ostner founded ULTRADENT in Munich                                 With Ludwig Ostner, the founder‘s nephew, and his
in 1924, he pursued values that we are still bound by                        son Ludwig Johann Ostner, we are currently headed
today: combining tradition and experience with dy-                           by business managers from two generations, who
namic inventive genius to continually raise technolo-                        unite the best of what craftsmanship has to offer with
gical achievements to new heights. ULTRADENT still                           today’s high technology.
develops and manufactures its products in Munich.
We are a midsize family company dedicated to the
advantages of company-controlled manufacture.

Philosophy.                                                                  People.
Company-controlled manufacture across-the-board at ULTRADENT                 As one would expect from a manufacturing company with tra-
makes it possible to offer not only German craftsmanship but                 dition, numerous ULTRADENT employees have worked for us
also maximum flexibility. This means that we can react to our cus-           for many years. Our company is also characterized by flat hie-
tomers’ requirements and special requests quickly and flexibly. As           rarchies, short decision-making paths and the distribution of
a result, we guarantee the longevity and absolute reliability of the         skills and responsibilities over several key players in addition to
treatment unit produced especially for you.                                  the central executive management. Behind every ULTRADENT
                                                                             product is a perfectly coordinated team that ensures smooth
                                                                                    processes: from development work and the finishing
                                                                                          manufacturing touches to our products through to
                                                                                                         sales, services and customer service.
                                                                                                               We work together hand in hand,
                                                                             				                                               day in, day out.

                                            Dedicated staff bring our
                                            philosophy to the market.

   2         ULTRADENT Company history         15                          easy Prophy
   3           Milestones in development       16                                Fridolin
                                               17                  Multimedia systems
   4                              E-matic      18           Carts U 3000 EX I U 6000 F
   5                             U 6000 S      19                   Rear-of-head units
   6                             U 6000 F      20                     Treatment lamps
   7                              U 1600       21                    Vario pillar system
   8                              U 1302       22                          Instruments
   9                              U 3000       23     Pressurized water bottle systems
   10                             U 1280       24                         Patient chairs
   11                          U 1301 L/R      25                       Dentist‘s stools
   12                          easy KFO 1
   13                          easy KFO 2      26                Customers & products
   14                          easy KFO 3      27                 Company head office
2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
Milestones in development.
      Technical ideas. Patents and utility models. Functional optimization. When
      it comes to innovation, ULTRADENT has always been a decisive step ahead.
      Today, the brand stands for comfortable work stations that are used by den-
      tists, orthodontists, maxillary surgeons and providers of prophylactic care.

ULTRADENT’s company history began in
1924 with the production of electro-medical apparatus.
In 1930 the company succeeded in breaking into the dental market with Dentostat.
In 1957, ULTRADENT was the pioneer combining electronics and dental treatment:
         The U 300 with electronically controlled speed stabilization.
In 1966, the U 500 was presented as a product innovation and developed over six
         years to become the most successful post-war model.
By 1972, ULTRADENT had integrated UV polymerization units, turbine and cold-light
         conductors, tartar removers and electric surgical devices in height-adjustable
         floor-mounted units or trolleys.
In 1980, the U 3000 was launched, the most successful ULTRADENT product thus far.
         For the first time, the focus was also on product design.
In 1986, ULTRADENT was once again a pioneer, replacing hydraulic treatment chairs
         with electrically driven models.
In 1997, ULTRADENT presented its first own motorized chair from systematic
         development in the shape of the GL 2020.
In 1998, multimedia technology was integrated in new treatment units.
In 2008, ULTRADENT fitted treatment chairs with the Full Touch Screen technology.
In 2013, ULTRADENT presented the global innovation vision U, an interlinked,
         multifunctional multimedia concept with a large full-touch monitor.
In 2016, ULTRADENT integrated the Primea Advanced Air System – the unique
         technology combining turbine and micro motor – in the premium class.
In 2017, ULTRADENT presented the first treatment unit with
         pneumatically adjustable dental unit at the IDS.

2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
| Premium class
Premium class

                    E-matic. The innovative dental unit.
                    E-matic is based on the successful U 6000 premium treatment unit. Its special
                    feature is the pneumatic parallel movement of the dental unit. A compressed air
                    cylinder gently moves the dental unit along a slide rail to any required position.
                    This provides the dentist with optimum access to the instruments, while ena-
                    bling patients to get on and off the chair unhindered. The assistant‘s unit and
                    the armrests can also be moved individually, thus providing unrivalled comfort.
                    Try out this innovation for yourself!

                    Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                                                  Solaris 2 (LED)
                                                                                                                E-matic Display   treatment lamp

                                                                                                                 Armrest with     UV 5090
                                                                                                         moveable arm support     Intraoral camera
2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
Premium class | U 6000 S

                                                                                                                                                                Premium class

                                                               U 6000 S. The new premium standard.
                                          This premium treatment unit is impressive due to not only its spectacular de-
                                          sign entirely in white, but also the revolutionary vision U Multimedia system.
                                          With the U 6000 treatment unit, ULTRADENT is setting new standards. The
                                          elegant combination of technology and convenience help you to reach new
                                          goals. There is also a full-touch display available for your dental assistants. Ex-
                                          perience ULTRADENT’s top-of-the-range unit in your dental practice. Your team
                                          and patients will be impressed too.
                                          Indulge in this perfection!

                                                                           Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

 vision U Monitor   Assistant‘s element

W&H ImplantMed      U 651 Tray table
  surgical motor
2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
U 6000 F | Premium class
Premium class

                    U 6000 F. The mobile premium class.
                    ULTRADENT’s premium range also includes a treatment unit with a mobile
                    dental unit. Together with vision U, Primea Advanced Air and ImplantMed, the
                    dynamic U 6000 F concept opens up a world of possibilities in modern den-
                    tistry. The new armrests with a moveable arm support mean increased comfort
                    for patients and thus increased safety for the dentist. The cart allows optimum
                    access to the instruments in any treatment situation and an ideal view of the
                    full-touch colour display.

                    Go ahead and try out this dynamic product!

                    Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                                              Solaris 2 (LED)
                                                                                                              U 6000 F Cart   treatment lamp

                                                                                                              Armrest with    UV 5090
                                                                                                      moveable arm support    Intraoral camera
2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
Premium class | U 1600

                                                                                                                                                                Premium class

                                                                     U 1600. The mobile premium class.
                                          The U 1600 treatment unit is ULTRADENT’s take on a modern instrument table
                                          unit. Here, the art lies in our expertise. Each instrument is ideally positioned,
                                          ready for you to pick up instinctively. You benefit from the security offered by a
                                          trusted brand, as well as by easy-to-operate full-touch displays on both sides,
                                          while your patients feel comfortable and safe. This can partly be attributed to
                                          high-quality leather, soft or massage upholstery, armrests with a moveable arm
                                          support and various head cushions.

                                          So why not make the most of this comfort for yourself and your patient?

                                                                           Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

           U 1600   Premium
dentist‘s element   Assistant‘s element

vision U Monitor    Foot control
2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
U 1302 | Compact class
Compact class

                    Special fittings: accent finish

                    U 1302. The reliable all-round talent.
                    The U 1302 includes a range of premium features that make this compact
                    treatment unit a first-rate all-round talent. The dental unit and the tray table
                    form a single unit and can be moved together to the ideal position. Five auto-
                    matic programs for chair control, up to three micro motors and an integrable
                    electrosurgery unit are available. It goes without saying that this bestseller in
                    the compact class offers all the advantages of the treatment units developed
                    in Germany and finished in Brunnthal near Munich. A long-term spare parts
                    supply and ease of servicing mean this investment holds its value

                    Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                                    U 1302    Solaris 2 (LED)
                                                                                                         Dentist‘s element    treatment lamp
                                                                                                        Assistant‘s element   Foot control
2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
Compact class | U 3000

                                                                                                                                                                 Compact class

                                                                        U 3000. The mobile compact class.
                                            The dental unit in the compact class U 3000 has a stable, non-tilting frame. Six
                                            holders can be individually equipped with up to three micro motors, an elec-
                                            trosurgery unit, a polymerization lamp and an intraoral camera. With its tried
                                            and tested technology, versatile fittings and innovative modular structure, U
                                            3000 comes very close to meeting the standards of the premium class. Typical
                                            features of the ULTRADENT treatment units also include high reliability as well
                                            as quick and safe operation. In addition to the suspended tray table, the cart
                                            includes a rack for two standard trays. The U 3000 concept therefore particularly
                                            meets a dentist’s need for flexibility and ergonomics.

                                                                            Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


         U 3000 Cart    Neovo LCD Monitor

wireless foot control   U 651 tray table
2018/2019 PRODUCT CATALOGUE - ZWP online
U 1280 | Compact class
Compact class

                     Special fittings: accent finish

                     U 1280. The individual compact class.
                     The instrument arm dental unit was developed at the request of numerous
                     dental practitioners. This unit is also based on the U 1302 system, meaning
                     that it incorporates all the advantages of this well-known and popular treat-
                     ment unit. It, too, allows straightforward and safe operation, the only difference
                     being that the position of the instruments has been adapted to meet individu-
                     al requirements. The instruments can be retrieved with no effort whatsoever
                     using an instrument arm and return to their storage recess as if by themselves.
                     A clearly arranged digital display makes it possible to precisely control all treat-
                     ment instruments, thus providing the familiar ease of operation.

                     Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                                  U 1280 Display
                                                                                                                dentist‘s element   Neovo LCD Monitor

                                                                                                            wireless foot control   Assistant‘s element
Compact class | U 1301 Left/Right

                                                                                                                                                                    Compact class

                                                                     U 1301 Left/Right. The versatile unit.
                                              This treatment unit was developed based on the successful U 1301 model,
                                              which means that it provides all the advantages of one of the best-selling
                                              compact class units. Its special feature is that the U 1301 L/R can be switched
                                              between left- and right-handed modes quickly and easily by just one person,
                                              with no need for any tools. The dental unit is available as a classic instrument
                                              table unit, in instrument arm design or as a mobile cart. This makes U 1301 L/R
                                              a unique treatment unit that is able to meet practically any requirement and
                                              offers a solution for every dental practice setting.

                                                                              Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

            U 1303 T    Solaris 2 (LED)
  Dentist‘s element     treatment lamp

„Classic“ pressurized   Left/Right function
         water bottle
easy KFO 1 | easy class (Ortho)
easy class

                  easy KFO 1. The compact orthodontic unit.
                  easy KFO 1 is the result of over 35 years’ development in orthodontic dentistry
                  treatment units. The central operating unit with instrument holder is fixed to
                  the water supply unit with a multi-articulated arm and can easily be moved
                  to any required position. This gives patients increased freedom of movement
                  when they take a seat for the treatment. With easy KFO 1, there are no trailing
                  hoses or other obstacles on the access side. This prevents possible damage,
                  while helping to make patients feel comfortable from the outset.

                  Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                                                 Solaris 3 (LED)
                                                                                                          easy KFO 1 element     treatment lamp

                                                                                                    Tray table with cup holder   „Solo Bottle“
                                                                                                             + forceps bracket   pressurized water bottle
(Ortho)       easy class | easy KFO 2

                                                                                                                                                                       easy class

                                                   easy KFO 2. The multifunctional orthodontic unit.
                                              easy KFO 2 combines all the benefits of the successful compact class with the
                                              ‘easy’ concept. If you prefer to treat patients in the 9 o’clock to 13 o’clock positi-
                                              on, and therefore wish to access the instruments on the right-hand side, then
                                              the easy KFO 2 is the ideal solution for you. The instrument holder is fixed to the
                                              stable, floor-mounted tray rack and can be folded in and out. Up to five holders
                                              are available and the instruments they hold can be selected individually. You
                                              can control all functions in a straightforward manner, with no hygiene risks,
                                              using the foot control. The short chair base also allows maximum free space
                                              for the dentist.

                                                                                 Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


easy KFO 2 element    Assistant‘s element
       Foot control   Wireless foot control
easy KFO 3 | easy class (Ortho)
easy class

                  easy KFO 3. The versatile orthodontic unit.
                  This new orthodontic model in the easy class is the first choice for a cost-
                  effective introduction to the orthodontic treatment units from ULTRADENT.
                  easy KFO 3 is the perfect symbiosis of a proven concept, high reliability and ma-
                  ximum flexibility. The spittoon basin is actually only needed in very few ortho-
                  dontic treatments – the easy KFO 1 and easy KFO 2 are available for this. What is
                  different about easy KFO 3 is that it does not have an integrated spittoon basin.
                  As a result, the dentist unit can be positioned with a pivoting satellite arm to
                  the left and right of the chair and therefore offers the practitioner maximum
                  freedom of movement. The unit is fitted with a pressurized water bottle so a
                  connection to the building‘s water supply is not required.

                  Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                                                   Solaris 3 (LED)
                                                                                                            easy KFO 3 element     treatment lamp

                                                                                                      Tray table with cup holder   Foot control
                                                                                                               + forceps bracket
easy class | easy Prophy

                                                                                                                                                                            easy class

                                                                     easy Prophy. The special prophylaxis unit.
                                                    The streamlined shape of easy Prophylaxis and the small amount of space it re-
                                                    quires make this unit the first choice, especially for small rooms. The fully equip-
                                                    ped dental unit even includes an integrated prophylaxis air polishing unit. The
                                                    pivoting instrument holder is positioned on the side facing the dentist. This
                                                    opens up new dimensions in ergonomics and practical efficiency during treat-
                                                    ment and preventative work, such as professional tooth cleaning.

                                                                                      Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


    Neovo LCD Monitor       Assistant‘s element
            „Solo Bottle“   Wireless foot control
pressurized water bottle
Fridolin | Individual class
Individual class

                        Fridolin. Professional paediatric dentistry.
                        Treating children poses a particular challenge for patients and dentists alike.
                        Working with experienced paediatricians, ULTRADENT has developed this
                        treatment unit specifically to meet the requirements of modern paediatric den-
                        tistry. The height-adjustable dental unit can be concealed beneath the couch,
                        helping to make treatment as relaxing and worry-free as possible. In addition
                        to turbines, Fridolin can also be fitted with high-torque micro motors. This unit
                        is produced in accordance with the German Medical Products Act (MPG) and
                        has CE certification.

                        Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                                       Fridolin   Solaris 3 (LED)
                                                                                                            Dentist‘s element     treatment lamp

                                                                                                                     Optional     pressurized
                                                                                                               suction device     water bottle
Multimedia system | vision U

                        vision U Toushscreen Monitor                                                     UV 5090 Intraoral Camera

                                                                                                                                                                                   Multimedia systems
                Screenshot 3D data                         Screenshot maintenance overview                             Screenshot hygienic measures

                                                                                         Multimedia system | Basic

                            Neovo LCD monitor                                                             S-617 intraoral camera

                                                                       vision U. Much more than just multimedia.
                                                       With vision U, ULTRADENT realizes many technical visions and achieves the fas-
                                                       cination of a future-oriented dental practice even today. vision U now provides
                                                       enhanced hardware functions such as the high-resolution presentation of ima-
                                                       ges and videos. The entertainment mode now shows images and videos in full
                                                       HD. Thanks to the additional HDMI input, vision U can be integrated effortlessly
                                                       into the existing practice network. In addition, the camera workflow has been
                                                       simplified and optimized.
                                                       The “Basic” multimedia package is also available as an affordable alternative.

                                                                                             Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

    patient images     USB connection
vision U Online info   Basic multimedia system
                       online Info
U 3000 EX | U 6000 F | Mobile dental units
Mobile dental units

                                                                                                              supply unit

                                                                                                                            U 6000 F

                                                                     U 3000 EX

                           U 3000 EX. U 6000 F. Mobil und variabel.
                           These mobile dental units in the form of autonomous carts that can be indivi-
                           dually equipped provide even more flexibility. The compact design makes them
                           easy to connect to existing connection boxes or quick couplings for air and elec-
                           tricity. In addition, both dental units can be fitted with the wireless radio foot
                           control F9 and provide increased hygiene, especially for use in surgery rooms.
                           The U 3000 EX cart is also filled with its own, unit-mounted supply unit and a
                           pressurised water bottle.

                           Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


                                                                                                                                       U 6000 F Display
                                                                                                                                       U 3000 EX Display
Rear-of-head units | U 1300 HK | U 753

                                                                                                                                                                       Rear-of-head units
U 1300 HK (dental unit with/without suction)                              U 753 (suction only)

                                                                                           Rear-of-head units.
                                                                             The individual treatment situation.
                                                ULTRADENT’s rear-of-head treatment systems are ideally suited for installati-
                                                on outside of the patient’s direct field of vision. For example, they fit into a
                                                cabinet module to the rear or side of the head and can be effortlessly moved
                                                towards the patient. This not only allays children’s fears, but makes all patients
                                                more relaxed. Moreover, the units save space and fit in perfectly with your
                                                dental practice setting.

                                                                                 Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


            U 1300 HK Display
  Pressurised water   Multifunctional syringe
     bottle systems
Solaris 2 / Solaris 3 | Treatment lamps

                                                                                Solaris 2
Treatment lamps

                                                                                                              Solaris 3

                       Solaris 2/3 LED. Light as it is meant to be.
                       Solaris 2 provides the best CRI value ever achieved to date using LED technolo-
                       gy: CRI ≥ 95. This treatment lamp features adjustable light output of between
                       2,500 and 42,500 lux while the colour temperature remains constant at 5000 K.
                       The high-quality LEDs of both lamps have an extremely long service life. Solaris
                       lamps are thus not only efficient, high-performance working lamps, but also a
                       cost-effective investment. In the premium class, the operating lamps can also
                       be switched on or off via the assistant’s unit. As there is no tangible increase in
                       temperature thanks to the modern LED technology, Solaris lamps operate silent-
                       ly, without a cooling fan. One poly switch is provided with Solaris 2 as standard.

                       Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

                                                                                                               Solaris 2 (LED)
                                                                                                             treatment lamp      Wall-mounted
                                                                                                               Solaris 3 (LED)   Ceiling-mounted
                                                                                                             treatment lamp
Pillar system | Vario

 Vario floor stand large

                                                                                                                                                                 Pillar system
                                                                    Vario floor stand small

                                                                                      Vario floor stands.
                                                                  For flexible and individual application.
                                           Special treatment rooms usually require special solutions. The Vario floor stands
                                           with their versatile pillar systems open up new possibilities for equipping den-
                                           tal practice rooms. The systems can also be integrated flexibly and reliably for
                                           subsequent partial upgrades or for equipping new treatment rooms that have
                                           particular space requirements. With the small Vario floor stand and the ceiling-
                                           mounted pole, for instance, it is possible to add intraoral x-ray equipment,
                                           Dr. Mach operating lamps or microscopes to a treatment unit.

                                                                           Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

Vario Small: adapter   Vario Small:
 for operating lamp    adapter for X-ray

 Dentist‘s elements    Treatment lamps
        e.g. U 1280    e.g. Solaris 2

                                       W&H Primea                                 Multifunctional Siringe            Ultradent Slim-LED                  ScanWave
                                       Advanced Air System                        with/without Mediaheating                                              Light-Polymerisation

                   W&H ImplantMed                            ULTRADENT                              K 2 micro motor w. fibreoptic KL 7 S - LED micro motor w. fibreoptic   Electrosurgery unit
                   surgical motor                            surgical motor                         4.000 - 40.000 U/min          100 - 40.000 U/min

                   W&H ImplantMed.                                                                                       Instruments.
                   The integrated surgical motor                                                                         The integration of dental instruments into the treatment
                   for the premium class.                                                                                unit increases safety, saves space and facilitates hygiene in
                                                                                                                         the treatment room. Bearing this in mind, ULTRADENT offers
                   With a motor torque of 4.3 Ncm and motor speed range of
                                                                                                                         a large number of instruments that are fully incorporated
                   300 to 40,000 rpm, ImplantMed impressively demonstrates
                                                                                                                         into its treatment units. The instruments are thus ideally
                   its power. The automatic torque control, which can be set
                                                                                                                         positioned, and are also controlled via the dental unit or
                   in a range from 5 to 70 Ncm, provides the required safety.
                                                                                                                         assistant’s unit.

                   Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.

Pressurized water bottle systems

                                                                                                                                                                             Pressurized water bottle systems
                       Duo Bottle                                    Solo Bottle                                                        Classic
               2 pressurized water bottles                    1 pressurized water bottle                                       Pressurized water bottle

                                                                               Pressurized water bottle systems.
                                                                                    For every treatment situation.
                                             ULTRADENT offers the right pressurized water bottle for every treatment sys-
                                             tem, for example the patented “Duo Bottle” system. This consists of two bottles,
                                             a level display and a facility to switch over to the full bottle automatically.
                                             As a result, the empty bottle can be removed and refilled without the need to
                                             interrupt treatment.

                                             * on request also available as an add-on kit for third-party units.

                                                                                       Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


“Duo Bottle” bottle exchange system
T 10 | T11 | UD 2010 | UD 2015 | UD 2021 | UD 2022 | Patient chairs

                      T 10                                                                             T 11

                                (Available with fixed or 345° rotating base plate)                            (Available with fixed or 345° rotating base plate)
Patient chairs

                      UD 2010                                                                          UD 2015

                      UD 2021                                                                          UD 2022

                      Patient chairs. Practical and comfortable.
                      ULTRADENT treatment chairs are available with a range of individual upholstery,
                      headrest and backrest options. This allows you to offer patients maximum com-
                      fort when sitting and lying down. The broad range of equipment and wide ran-
                      ge of movement provide dentists with useful application options even when
                      space is restricted – for everything from general dental treatment to paediatric
                      dentistry and even prophylaxis, orthodontics and surgery.

                      Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


                                                                                                                                    T 10 with with fixed base plate

                                                                                                                                   T 11 with 345° rotating base plate
Dentist‘s stools | IRON A/D/S

           IRON A                                           IRON D

                                                                                                                                                  Dentist‘s stools
                                 IRON S

                                Dentist‘s stools. The definition of sitting correctly.
                            Ergonomics is the key factor for a dentist’s health. ULTRADENT dentist’s chairs
                            feature comfortable seat upholstery (seamless) and various settings. The seat
                            height, the armrests and the inclination of the backrest can be adjusted,
                            thus increasing the seating comfort and dentist’s endurance. All ULTRADENT
                            saddle chairs have a seat with an adjustable tilt.

                                                            Images may differ from the current models. Differences in colour are possible.


 IRON A rotating backrest
IRON A/D/S chromed frame
Customers & products – trust through competence and commitment.
With fully-developed high-tech expertise, we tap new           Our products are highly regarded, not only in Germany,
potential in the areas of comfort, efficiency and safety       Austria and Switzerland but also further afield. In the
– for dentists and their patients. ULTRADENT offers a          area of sales, we work with numerous capable dental
complete range of treatment chairs for dentists, ortho-        depots. We provide their employees with specific in-
dontists, maxillary surgeons and providers of prophyl-         struction and regular training for current products.
actic dental care.

                                                               You can find an overview of our products online at:

                                                                     Quality multiplied by individuality.
                                                                     What makes us strong? The fact that we naturally provide
                                                                     you with excellent quality, from the material or design right
                                                                     down to the smallest technical details. This means that we
                                                                     produce every one of our products in our manufacturing
                                                                     facilities in Munich. What is more, the components we use
                                                                     also come from Germany, where possible from partners in
                                                                     the Munich region.

              Our customers appreciate the service ULTRADENT offers:
                  “ULTRADENT Model easy KFO impressed me im-                “ULTRADENT completely equipped our clinic’s den-
                  mediately. I am still fascinated by the                   tal department with its modern treatment units.
                  excellent mix of function, ergonomics,                    What I found particularly good was the fact it was
                  production quality and design.”                           absolutely no problem for the company to meet
                  Dr. Kirchner, Orthodontist, Munich                        our many special requirements.”
                                                                            Dr. Udo Paeske, Haranniklinik Herne

        26                                       “ULTRADENT has a wonderful dental chair that was
                                                 specially developed for children: Fridolin. Congra-
                                                 tulations on this unique concept!”
                                                 Dr. Brem, Children’s dentist, Munich
Company head office – presence and professionalism.
If you stand still, you‘ll get left behind. ULTRADENT takes        As a result, our customers and business partners can
this to heart, not only in product development. Back in            reach us easily. But it doesn‘t stop there. We have even
2010, we embarked on a new chapter in our history of               more room here to develop new ideas.
company-controlled dental manufacture and took an                  We warmly invite you to visit us and gain your own
important step for the future. ULTRADENT relocated                 impression of the ULTRADENT products.
and moved into a new head office in south Munich.

Are you interested in ULTRADENT and the treatment units we         to demonstrate the latest ULTRADENT products live. Contact us
manufacture? If so, please contact us. We would love to see you!   directly to arrange a personal appointment for a showroom visit:
In addition to our unique dental museum at the head office in      Tel.: +49 89 420 992-71
south Munich, you can also visit the ULTRADENT showroom by
prior appointment. Our qualified customer advisors will be happy

               The following figures illustrate our success. You’ll be impressed!
                    Over 20,000 ULTRADENT treatment units are in use in practices in Germany.

                    At the ULTRADENT site, several hundred treatment units
                    are produced over an area of 4,000 square meters.

                    ULTRADENT’s high-tech expertise is documented, for example,
                    by numerous patents and utility models.
                    A look at our business development is also indicative:
                    Within the last 10 years, ULTRADENT’s annual sales have doubled.

                    Highly qualified employees are the reason behind this impressive performance.

                    Our focus on quality is also clearly documented. We are certified by TÜV Süd
                    to EN ISO 13485 Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems and comply
                    with all the standards and regulations specified by the medical devices act.

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