1 2018 Summer Camp Family Handbook Table of Contents Welcome to Camp . 2 General Information . 3 Preparing for Camp . 5 Packing for Camp . 6 Packing Checklist . 7 Health and Safety . 8 Camper Communication . 12 Camp Arrival and Departure . 14 Transportation . 16 Directions . 17 Map of Camp Liberty . 18 Horse Waiver . 19 High Ropes Waiver … 20


2 Our Mission Girl Scouting builds girls of Courage, Confidence and Character who make the world a better place. The Girl Scout Promise On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The Girl Scout Law I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout. At camp girls will discover new things about themselves and their values and use their knowledge and skills to explore the world around them. They will connect with new friends and caring adult mentors in a safe and nurturing environment. Girls will return to their communities prepared to take action and make their world a better place.

A Message from the Camp Director Welcome to another summer of wildly fun and adventurous opportunities with Camp Liberty. From making new friends over S’mores, to experiencing independence for the first time, the memories girls make at camp last a lifetime. The possibilities to discover all that she can accomplish are endless and I cannot wait to see her at Camp Liberty this summer.

I am so excited for another year of Girl Scout Camp, where all girls share fun experiences and learn new skills that only can be acquired by time spent in the great outdoors. 2018 will mark another year of building our traditions and making it the best summer yet. Like last summer, as Camp Director, I have two priorities. I will ensure that every girl, staff member, and adult who come to camp feel safe and secure in an environment where they can try new things and be themselves. Secondly, I want everyone to leave camp at the end of the summer feeling like they had the time of their lives. It is all about the girls discovering new things, making new friends, and having FUN!

I look forward to making sure that your camper has the best summer ever! Yours in Camping, Ashley “Chipper” Arnold Welcome to Camp Liberty


3 CAMP CONTACTS At Girl Scouts we strive to provide our members with the highest level of customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately. For non-emergency questions or inquiries visit our website or contact our Customer Care team. Customer Care Team 800-798-0833 During the summer camp season, you can contact a member of the Camp Leadership Team at Camp Liberty.

Camp Liberty Office 563-843-2956 If you are unable to reach camp in an emergency, you can call the Quad City Area Leadership Center during business hours. After business hours, please contact the emergency answering service. Quad City Leadership Center 800-798-0833 Emergency Number 309-764-8833 The Director of Property and Outdoor Program and the Camp Director are always available to answer questions.

Ashley “Chipper” Arnold - Camp Director 563-823-9940 ext. 308 Stacy “Truffles” Conforti - Director of Property and Outdoor Program 563-583-9169 ext. 614 CAMP LIBERTY STAFF Camp staff are carefully chosen and interviewed for their skills and abilities, belief in the ideals of Girl Scouting, love of the outdoors, and passion for children’s education. Many are college students, as well as Girl Scouts and former campers. All staff complete intensive training related to their position, often including First Aid, CPR, camp craft skills, child development, waterfront skills, and creative art.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois celebrates Girl Scouting’s worldwide connections by hiring a selective group of counselors and staff from the United States and abroad.

ASKING FOR HELP At Camp Liberty, every counselor, staff member, and employee is there to help. Our goal is to provide a safe, memorable, and happy experience for your daughter. Talk to her ahead of time about asking for help when needed and how to share it with camp staff. Remind your camper that while very talented, the counselors can’t read minds and that it is okay to ask for help. Similarly for parents, the staff and directors are more than happy and willing to assist in any way, but we can’t help if we don’t know there is a problem. Please email or call if you need anything. GROUP AGREEMENTS Our general guidelines at camp are as follows; 1.

Be safe 2. Be Respectful 3. Have fun General Information


4 Additionally, campers will develop Group Agreements with their counselors and other campers which will determine the guideline they want to live by during their stay at camp. In fitting with the guidelines above, Campers are not permitted to use, or have in their possession, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs in any form. No illegal substances will be permitted by anyone camp. Anyone in violation of this policy or anyone behaving in a manner that is dangerous to themselves or others be sent home at the guardian’s expense. If you or your camper has specific concerns, please contact the Camp Director prior to checking into camp NO BULLY ZONE There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying at Camp Liberty.

Our staff is trained to watch for and detect signs of bullying behavior. We encourage any girl to share any concern she may have with the way she or any other girl is treated while at camp. If a camper has been bullying others while at camp they will get sent home and their camp session will not get refunded.

INCLUSION Every girl should have the chance to go to camp. If your camper requires special accommodations (dietary, physical, behavioral, etc.), please contact us immediately so that any necessary accommodations may be made prior to your camper’s arrival. To discuss your camper’s special needs, please contact Camp Director, Ashley Arnold at CAMP MERCHANDISE The exclusive Camp Liberty T-Shirt and Camper Care Packages can be ordered prior to your camper’s stay by updating your online camp registration prior to May 18, 2018. A wide variety of other camp merchandise will be available at the Camp Liberty Trading Post.

TRADING POST The Camp Liberty Trading Post is your source for camp souvenirs, gifts, patches, T-shirts and many other fun camp accessories! Each camper will have an opportunity to visit the Trading Post at least once during her stay. She can use cash, check and/or Program Credits to set up a Trading Post account. The money will be collected at check-in and logged to her account. Any funds remaining in her account at the end of the week will be donated to the Girl Scout Grants for Campers fund. This program helps to ensure every girl has the opportunity to experience camp. If you prefer not to make a donation, please let camp staff know that you would like any leftover funds refunded at the end of her session when you set up her account.

Purchases at the Trading Post are strictly optional. The Trading Post will be open during camp check- out on Friday for families who want an additional opportunity to purchase Camp Liberty merchandise. Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois is not responsible for any items purchased at the Trading Post that are lost or stolen during your camper’s stay.

TREAT TOKENS The Trading Post will carry frozen treats that can be purchased by campers during their visit. Every camper will receive a token at check-in that can be redeemed at the trading post for a free frozen treat. CAMPER SURVEYS All campers will be asked to complete an evaluation during their camp session. Parents of campers will also have the opportunity to complete an online survey asking for feedback on their campers’ experience in the weeks following her session. Your input on the camp experience is important. This information is used to make improvements. We thank you in advance for completing this survey.


5 PREPARING YOUR CAMPER One of the primary goals of resident camp is to offer progressive experiences that allow girls to develop new skills and confidence. Coming to camp and being away from home and family for an extended time provides a great opportunity to grow. It is important that each camper be able to care for her own general well-being. While counselors are always there to support them, campers are expected to eat meals, get enough sleep, shower, groom, dress themselves, and communicate with camp staff.

Help your camper get ready for camp by being excited! Let her know that you want her to have fun and learn new things.

Emphasize that your camper is “going” to camp, instead of saying you are “sending” her. If your camper has any anxiety about the dark, bugs, night noises, or being away from home, please start preparing her for these things now. PREPARING FOR CAMP • Have overnights at friends’ or relatives’ homes. • Plan some outdoor activities as a family to get your camper used to hot and humid weather. • Encourage your camper to pick out her own clothes and help with packing.

• Pick out a security item like a teddy bear or blanket to bring. • Help her learn how to make her bed and set and wipe the table. • Make sure she is comfortable doing personal care routines like showering, brushing teeth/hair, and dressing on her own. • Homesickness is normal. Discuss what it may feel like and suggest ways to help your camper overcome it if she experiences it. • Talk to other parents and friends who have attended camp so you know what to expect. • Write notes/letters for your camper and bring them to camp to be delivered to her during the week.

PREPARING YOURSELF Check out the information available in the Camp Guide and the family handbook.

It’s totally normal for parents and guardians to have mixed feelings when their camper goes away – whether it’s their first time away or not. Remember, you have chosen a fun and safe camp that is ACA accredited and your camper will be well cared for. The staff is trained to deal with any problem from homesickness to First Aid. Try not to let your camper know how much you are going to miss her. Be strong! You don’t want her to worry about you while she’s at camp. NOTES: PREPARING FOR CAMP


6 The Girl Scout Motto is “Be Prepared.” By following these easy tips, your camper will be prepared for anything during her camp adventure. • Pack your camper’s possessions in a duffel bag or plastic tub with a secure lid. • Encourage your camper to pack everything into one suitable sized container for their session. This helps ensure things do not get lost. • Mark all clothing and equipment with the camper’s name, including luggage or tubs. • Pack comfortable, lightweight clothing that is easy to clean. Clothes WILL get dirty at camp.

• Have your camper wear well fitting, sturdy shoes.

Campers wear socks with sturdy shoes every day due to the poison ivy, gravel, tree roots and other natural hazards at camp. Sandals/flip flops may only be worn in the shower. • Remember to pack extra clothing/shoes in case of rainy weather. • Zip Lock bags are great for keeping items dry and keeping wet items from leaking on clothes. • Have your camper’s backpack packed with her Fab Five and check-in materials when you leave home. THE FAB FIVE Campers and staff are required to carry the Fab Five with them at all times in their backpack. When preparing for camp, choose a study backpack that your camper will be comfortable carrying all day with the fab five items and other gear.

Please avoid drawstring backpacks. as they break easily and are not comfortable to carry all day.

Fab Five Items 1. Water bottle 2. Sun screen 3. Insect repellent 4. Rain jacket or poncho 5. Flashlight Check-In Items to keep in back pack with Fab Five. Do not pack away in luggage. • Medication* • Trading Post money (optional) • Waivers if participating in equestrian or high ropes programs. ITEMS TO LEAVE AT HOME • Food! No gum, candy, pop or snacks. • Electricity is limited so do not bring hairdryers, curling irons or other items requiring electricity. • Halter tops, tube tops, any clothing or equipment advertising inappropriate material.

• No pocket knives or other weapons. • Any item that would cause distress if it was lost or damaged.

If these, or any other items found to be disrupting to the camp program, they will be collected by a staff member and returned to the camper upon check-out. LOST AND FOUND Lost items are displayed for girls to claim every day at each meal. Unclaimed items will be held at Camp Liberty until the last day of summer camp. After camp, items will be sent to the Quad City Leadership Center, 940 Golden Valley Drive, Bettendorf, Iowa. Any items left unclaimed by the third week of August will be donated to Goodwill Industries. We will not mail any items but you can request to have them delivered to your nearest Girl Scout Leadership Center.



7 CLOTHING  Shorts for each day and extras (No short shorts)  Shirts for each day and extras (No spaghetti straps)  Long pants or jeans for hiking, horseback riding, ropes course  Underwear for each day and extras  Socks for each day and extras  Pajamas  Lightweight sweater, jacket or sweatshirt  Bathing suit and towel  Two pairs of good fitting shoes that can get wet and dirty – No crocks, jelly shoes, or clogs  Boots or rain boots  Camp Liberty Necker (returning campers) PERSONAL ITEMS  Soap  Shampoo and conditioner  Hair brush and/or comb  Hair bands or other hair accessories  Toothbrush and toothpaste  Sandals or flip-flops for shower  Towels and washcloths  Deodorant  Feminine hygiene supplies*  Eye care needs*  Dental care needs*  Other toiletries as needed* *if applicable EQUIPMENT  Sleeping bag with a sheet or sheets and blankets  Pillow  Raincoat or poncho (Fab 5 item)  Flashlight and extra batteries (Fab 5 item)  Hat with brim  Laundry Bag  Insect repellent (Fab 5 item)  Water bottle with camper’s name (Fab 5 item)  Sunscreen (Fab 5 item)  Backpack or daypack (Fab 5 item)  Bandana OPTIONAL ITEMS  Inexpensive camera with batteries or charger*  Stationary or postcards, addresses, pens or pencils, stamps*  Sunglasses*  Books, e-readers, magazines, or journal for quiet time*  Watch*  iPod or mp3 player*  Mobile phone* EQUESTRIAN ITEMS  Cowboy boots, riding boots, or shoes with a heel are required to ride  Jeans or sturdy pants will be worn each day WATER SESSION ITEMS  Extra swimsuit and towel  Old tennis shoes and aqua socks  Safety strap for glasses/sunglasses* CIT/WIT ITEMS  Notebook with pen/pencil  Craft and game ideas/books  Watch  White Polo Shirt  Khaki Shorts OUTDOOR TRIP ITEMS  Nylon stuff sack  Extra Water bottle THE PACKING LIST


8 Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois and Camp Liberty are proud to be an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited program. This accreditation shows that we have undergone a thorough (up to 300 standards) review of our operation — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. The ACA accreditation combined with safety guidelines from Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. ensure that your camper will be safe during her camp adventure. HEALTH TEAM A nurse, health supervisor, or First Aider is on duty at camp at all times. In emergencies and in cases of non-routine illnesses and injuries, parents/guardians will be notified immediately.

In cases of minor injuries or illnesses (ex: bug bites, scrapes, headache, minor sunburn, etc.), treatment will be provided. If health service staff has questions or concerns regarding these minor cases, parents/guardians will be contacted. HEALTH INFORMATION Health information is required for all participants (girl and adult), regardless of session and program. Health information must be completed online two weeks prior to your camper’s session. All campers must complete the record of immunization section. A current tetanus booster (administered within the last 10 years) is required for all campers.

In our continuous efforts to provide the best possible care to our campers and staff, we are partnering with Their system will give our doctors and nurses instant access to camper health information, a key component in providing quality patient care.

The security, confidentiality, and privacy of your camper’s health information will always be protected. Only our Health Team will have access to camper health information and the site is secure, encrypted, and password protected. At the end of May (or after you register) you will receive a “Welcome Email” from with information on how to complete your camper’s health information online. Returning campers will be able to log into their CampDoc account and make any necessary updates. First-time CampDoc users can follow the instructions below.

• Click the link in this email to set a new password for your account.

• Follow the instructions, and complete the health history for your camper. Alerts will appear for missing required information. • We are asking you to upload a photo of your camper. • You may return to your at any time to make changes/updates to your camper’s health information before camp begins. Please set, as a ‘safe sender,’ to avoid accidental delivery to junk and spam folders.

PHYSICAL EXAM The Physical Examination, including physician’s signature, is now optional for most camp sessions. For participants attending a session lasting two nights or more, we encourage families to have their Health and Safety


9 camper examined by a physician within 12 months of their camp session. It is not required however, unless the camper is attending one of the sessions listed below. • Cave Explorer • CIT/WIT I • CIT/WIT II • Dr. Zoolittle • Extreme Challenge • Liberty Riders • Take the Reins • Trotters • Voyager • Voyager: Night Edition • Wilderness Voyager Equestrian program campers wearing a brace, splint, sling, cast, ace wrap, or neck or back support may NOT participate in riding.

This is a council standard, not the decision of your doctor. MEDICATIONS All over-the-counter and prescription medications must be in original containers with the correct, current label, including the camper’s name. All medication should be checked in on opening day with the Health Team, who will oversee proper administration of all medications. Medications may NOT be kept by campers (girls or adults). Camp is a different environment from home and school, with new procedures and rules. We want your camper to have a positive experience. If your camper takes prescription medication for any health related condition, we strongly advise that they continue these medications under the supervision of our Health Team.

This will ensure the transition to camp life is smooth and successful. Please let us know if your child’s doctor has advised that your camper not take their medications during camp.

OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS The Health Center has a supply of common over- the-counter medications. Unless your camper takes an over-the-counter drug as a part of her regular medication regiment, we recommend you leave over-the-counter drugs at home and use the camp’s supply if needed. Please be sure to mark over the counter medications you approve for your camper when completing her health information online. The following medications are available at the Health Center and are recommended by our camp physicians through our standing orders. They will be administered under the health supervisor’s or designee’s supervision; dosed as appropriate for weight and/or age.

• Acetaminophen (Tylenol) • Ibuprofen (Motrin) • Decongestant (Sudafed) • Antihistamine (Claritin) • Antacid (Tums) • Antidiarrheal (Pepto-Bismol) • Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) • Naphazoline/Pheniramine (Visine) • Expectorant (cough suppressant, cough drops) • Topical Corticosteroid (Hydrocortisone Cream) INSURANCE Coverage for medical expenses incurred by an illness or injury to a camper while she is participating in camp activities is included in the camp fee. It does not cover pre-existing conditions and is secondary to whatever health insurance coverage families may have.

10 INCLUSION Every girl should have the chance to go to camp.

If your camper requires special accommodations (dietary, physical, behavioral, etc.), please contact us immediately so that any necessary accommodations may be made prior to your camper’s arrival. To discuss your camper’s special needs, please contact Camp Director, Ashley Arnold HEAD LICE Camp Liberty has a no lice, no nit policy. We partner with Lice Clinics of America Quad Cities, a professional lice screening and treatment service, to screen all campers before they enter camp and to treat any campers who arrive with lice or nits. The presence of nits, live lice or dead eggs will require the camper and their belongings to have treatment before admittance to camp.

If a positive case of lice is found, Lice Clinics of America Quad Cities will provide the camper with a full service treatment using heat treatment and their own non-toxic products on-site. There is a $149 fee for this service if it is provided. Treatment will begin immediately so that campers can be admitted to camp as quickly as possible and stay in their unit on the first night of camp. The camper’s laundry will also be treated to ensure it is lice free. Laundry facilities will be available for parents to do laundry on site to ensure their campers items are lice free.

Parents can choose to take their camper home for treatment. No camper will be admitted back to camp until all lice and eggs (nits) have been removed after the application of a lice killing product. A Do-It-Yourself Treatment Kit from Lice Clinics of America Quad Cities will be available for purchase. All belongings, including clothes, pillows and sleeping bag must be laundered in hot water and dried in a hot dryer. The camper will need to be completely nit free to return to camp. There are no exceptions to this policy and no refunds for the camp session.

Lice Clinics of America Quad Cities – Lice Facts CDC – Head Lice Information How to perform a lice check video HOMESICKNESS Though not very often, common, or long-lasting, homesickness can occur at camp.

We have an experienced staff that is trained to work with homesick campers. If it occurs, homesickness usually happens in the beginning of the week and quickly dissipates as the camper gets settled in to camp life. The first few hours and days are a normal transition phase for everyone and it is typical for girls to all adjust at different paces. There are a few things a parent can do ahead of time to help prevent long-lasting homesickness: • Explain what homesickness is and let her know that it is normal, what it might feel like and that it will go away. • Give her some ideas of things she can do to help alleviate homesick feelings.

• Think about the fun things you will be doing later • Take a special stuffed animal or book that makes her feel secure • Talk to your counselor or a friend • Show confidence in your daughter that she will do great and will not experience too much homesickness.

11 • Let her know that you want her to have a good time and make new friends. • Avoid bargaining. Saying something like, “if you’re really homesick, I promise I’ll come pick you up right away,” sends the message to your daughter that you are not confident in her ability to succeed. • Provide her with stationary and self- addressed and stamped envelopes to write you notes.

• Consider preparing letters and bringing them to check in to be delivered to your girl throughout the week.

• Do not suggest that she call you if she is feeling homesick. Often, calling home makes homesickness worse and campers do not have access to the camp phone. • Lastly, should your daughter ask “what if I get homesick?” remind her of the many people at camp who are there to help. Here are a few things to remember once you have checked your camper in at Camp Liberty: • Once you get your camper moved in, try to leave as soon as possible so your camper can start making new friends and get involved with activities.

• Keep upbeat when you say goodbye. Save your tears until you get to the car where you camper won’t see you.

• Be aware that your camper’s counselors will engage the girls in singing songs and playing games as soon as you leave. • You can stay connected to your camper by sending her mail and email while she is at camp. • You will have access to our Shutterfly website, Password information will be shared at check-in. Daily posts and photos from all the sessions will be updated in the evening. • You are always welcome to call or email to check in on your camper.

If you believe your camper is prone to homesickness, please share this information when filling out her online health information. You can also discuss it with a staff member at check-in without involving your camper. SAFETY AND SECURITY Access to camp property is limited, controlled, and only authorized visitors are allowed on site. To ensure the safety and security of camp, limit interruptions in the camp program, and prevent homesickness among campers, unauthorized visitors are not allowed on site. SEVERE WEATHER Living in the Midwest we have learned to expect the weather to change. At camp we have a communication system to alert all staff and campers of any weather watches and warnings.

Our staff are trained and drilled in emergency procedures and our campers participate in drills to make sure they are prepared in case of a weather related emergency.

In case of a weather related emergency, updates can be found on the Camp Liberty Facebook Page.

12 Campers love to hear from home while they are away at camp. We offer a number of options for you to communicate with your camper. SNAIL MAIL Campers love cheerful letters from home. You can mail a letter before your camper leaves for camp or after you drop her off. Please address mail as follows. Camper Name, Session Name Camp Liberty 4415 295th Street New Liberty IA, 52765 Send your camper with stationary, pre-addressed envelopes and stamps, and we will help them get the letter in the mail.

CAMP MAIL BOX Save a stamp and bring your mail to camp with you on check-in day. You can drop your mail in our special camp mail box in the lobby of the Lodge. You can leave a letter for each day, just mark the day you would like to have it delivered. EMAIL – NEW EMAIL SYSTEM – UPDATES While campers love to receive letters from home, email is a nice option as well. We will print and deliver email messages to your camper for $1.00 per page. Messages must be plain text only (no pictures) and must be in the body of the email (images and attachments will not be opened or printed). Emails received after 10:00 a.m.

will be delivered the next day. To ensure timely delivery type your camper’s first and last name and session name in the subject line. (Subject: Juliette Low, Adventurer). Send these emails to: The $1.00 per page fee will be deducted from your campers’ trading post fund. The profits from this email program go to support the Grants for Campers fund.

WHAT’S HAPPENING AT CAMP Check out the Shutterfly website to see what is happening at Camp Liberty. View photos and receive the latest updates at Password information will be available at check-in. CELL PHONES – NEW UPDATES With feedback from campers, parents, and staff, we are continue to revise and monitor our cell phone policy. While we believe that camp is an opportunity for girls to take a much needed break from the world of electronics, we also understand the changing world we live in. With this in mind, we will continue our pilot cell phone policy. Campers will see more programming utilizing portable technology.

Girls in grades 2-5 attending week-long sessions can bring a cell phone to camp and make one call during the week. Due to their age, the phones will be collected and registered during camper check-in. Phones will be stored in the camp office in the off position until phone day. Girls will have the opportunity to make one call home on Wednesday after breakfast just before they head out to morning activities. Girls who do not bring a phone, will not be able to use another girls phone to make a call home.

Campers entering grades 6-12 will be able to keep their cell phones with them at camp. Girls will be instructed on the appropriate times to use their phones and when the phones should be put away. The phone technology will be put to use as part of the camp program. Some examples of how we will CAMPER COMMUNICATION

13 use the phone include, photo “hunts”, logging data collected for citizen science projects and exploring social media to promote the outdoors. Campers who do not have phones will have access to other technology. Girls will not have access to phones after our evening activities.

Because there is limited access to electricity at some units, we recommend bringing portable chargers. eQUESTrian Campers – Due to the age range of girls in the eQUESTrian program, they will not have access to their phones throughout the week. Phones will be collected and registered during camper check-in. They will be able to make a phone call home on Wednesday after breakfast. If you choose to send a phone with your camper please be aware of the following information; • Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois is not responsible for any loss or damage to phones.

• Due to the rural location of camp, phone service for various providers cannot be guaranteed. • Electricity for phone chargers is not available in all areas of camp. Based on our experience, many campers who are having a great time at camp become homesick while speaking to their family at home. During calls please encourage your daughter to focus on the positive experience at camp and the things she is looking forward to. TIPS FOR CAMPER COMMUNICATION DO tell her: • You know she’s having a good time. • You can’t wait to hear all about her new friends, the fun activities she’s doing, to see her art projects or to learn all of the new songs she’s singing.

• That you hope she’s writing down songs, names of new friends, and taking lots of pictures. • Use positive words like love and proud. DON’T tell her: • Trips or fun things she’s missing out on. • That her sibling cried all night because she isn’t there. • How much you miss her. • That she can call you anytime and you will pick her up if she is homesick. • About an ill relative or hurt animal. ELECTRONIC DEVICES Your camper is able to bring select electronic devices to camp. Campers can bring CD players, iPods or other MP3 players, digital cameras and electronic readers as long as the device does not have mobile data with access to the internet.

We do limit and monitor the use of these devices in order to allow girls to fully embrace the connections they make with other campers and to ensure that our campers are not exposed to material that is inappropriate.

Electronic devices (other than cameras) may be used only during quiet time or before bed and will not leave the cabin/tent. If you choose to send an electronic device with your camper, please discuss the proper handling and storage of the device in a camp setting; for example, do not leave it on the tent floor. Electricity for charging devices is not available at all locations in camp. Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

14 Everyone is excited for the first day of camp. Every effort is taken to make the check-in process as efficient as possible.

However, several steps must be taken to ensure that your camper has a healthy and fun camp experience. Please be prepared to spend some time to get through the check-in process. Come dressed for the weather and be prepared to walk and stand. ARRIVAL As you arrive at camp, there will be staff on hand to help direct you where to go. Ask any staff member if you need help. The check-in will take place at the Camp Liberty Lodge. When you arrive at the Lodge, you and your camper will visit a few stations to turn in paperwork, open your trading post account and complete a health check.

You can expedite the check in process by making sure your camper has her backpack with her Fab Five and the items listed below. • Trading Post money – this is optional but you will need money in the trading post account to send emails as money will get deducted out per email (see page 12) • All medication – All inhalers, medicated creams, and prescription and non- prescription drugs need to be checked in with the health service staff upon arrival. They must be in original containers with labels and doctor’s release. • Program waivers for equestrian and challenge programs.

Once check-in is complete, families will get a map and be directed to their camper’s unit.

Please obey all speed limits and signs and do not drive on the grass. Families are invited to help their camper move into the unit, meet the unit counselors, and ask any last minute questions. Please try to keep this process quick as we do not have much space for parking and other families will be waiting to move in. Additionally prolonging good-byes can promote homesickness in your camper. HEALTH CHECK All campers (girls and adults) will have a general health screening before they are checked into camp. This will include taking the camper’s temperature, checking their feet, and inspection for head lice.

Braids and ponytails will need to be taken out so you may want to wait until after the health check to braid hair.

Arrival and Departure Times WEEK DAY CAMPS Check-In on Arrival Day (Wednesday or Sunday) – 1:00-2:00 p.m. Check-Out on Departure Day 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday Closing ceremony begins at 3:30 with camper sign-out immediately after. TROOP CAMP AND YOU AND Me CAMP Check-In on Arrival Day (Friday) 6:00 p.m. Check-Out on Departure Day (Saturday) 3:30 p.m. CLOSING DAY ACTIVITIES All girls will participate in closing day activities. Parents and family are encouraged to join us at camp for these special events before picking up their campers. Be sure to bring your camera to capture your camper’s special moment.

Families of campers in the progressive horse program will meet at the Equestrian Center at 3:30 p.m. All other CAMP ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE

15 programs will meet at the Lodge Pergola at 3:30 p.m. Girls will be able to check out immediately following the shows. Gates will open to enter camp no earlier than 3:15 p.m. To avoid traffic backups and to keep our camp neighbors happy, please do not arrive early to camp. Limited parking is available in the lower lot while waiting for the gates to open. HORSE SHOW A horse show will take place at the Equestrian Center each Friday at 3:30 pm. The show lasts 45 minutes to an hour. All girls participating in the progressive equestrian program (see list below) will participate in the horse show.

When at camp for the horse show, take the first left up the hill to get to the Equestrian Center.

• eQUESTrians • Giddy-Up Girls • Trail Mates • Trotters • Take the Reins • Liberty Riders CLOSING CEREMONY A special camp presentation will take place on the backside of the Lodge in the Pergola grass each Friday at 3:30 p.m. The show lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Campers and staff will share the highlights from their week at camp. When the gates open, please drive directly up the hill toward the lodge. Staff will be on hand to help with parking. Families should feel free to bring blankets or folding chairs. CHECK OUT Please verify your check-out day and time and plan to pick up your camper at the appropriate time.

On time pick-up eases your camper’s nerves during the anticipation of going home. If something happens and you are running late, please call the camp office so we can let your camper know you are on your way and keep her busy until you arrive. When you arrive for the Closing Ceremony please drive toward the Lodge. Staff will be there to help direct parking. Please note that prior to the Closing Ceremony campers are busy finishing activities so we ask that you not pick up your camper prior to the end of the closing ceremony at 4:00 – 4:15p.m. If someone other than a parent is picking up your camper notify camp staff during check-in.

The person picking up each camper will be required to show a photo ID. No campers will be released to unauthorized persons or persons without a photo ID.

At checkout you will be advised as to where you can pick up your campers’s belongings. Please drive cautiously and follow traffic guidelines while exiting camp. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS Your camper’s program activities begin immediately and we don’t want her missing out on this valuable time to get to know her fellow campers and settle into camp life. Campers who must arrive late, depart early or leave during a session are asked to make this request to the camp director prior to the camp session.

PETS Pets are not allowed on camp property. Please leave pets or other animals at home when dropping off or picking up your camper from camp.

Registered service animals are the exception. To maintain the Health and Safety of all campers and their adults, we ask that you contact the Camp Director to make accommodations before arriving to Camp with a service animal.

16 Free transportation to camp will be offered on select weeks throughout the summer. The Camp pick-up and drop-off locations will be in Decorah, Waterloo and West Burlington. If you are interested in this pilot program and have not already registered, you can access your registration and add transportation prior to May 18, 2018. A minimum of five campers is required to provide transportation, so invite friends to ride the bus out to camp. Checking Into Camp Pick-Up Date Pick-Up Location Pick-Up Time June 17 Decorah 9:00 a.m.

June 17 Waterloo 11:00 a.m. June 24 West Burlington 12:00 p.m.

July 8 Decorah 9:00 a.m. July 8 Waterloo 11:00 a.m. July 15 West Burlington 12:00 p.m. July 22 Decorah 9:00 a.m. July 22 Waterloo 11:00 a.m. July 29 West Burlington 12:00 p.m. Checking Out of Camp Drop-Off Date Drop-Off Location Drop-Off Time June 22 Decorah 8:45 p.m. June 22 Waterloo 7:00 p.m. June 29 West Burlington 6:45 p.m. July 13 Decorah 8:45 p.m. July 13 Waterloo 7:00 p.m. July 20 West Burlington 6:45 p.m. July 27 Decorah 8:45 p.m. July 27 Waterloo 7:00 p.m. August 3 West Burlington 6:45 p.m. BUS CHECK IN Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time of your bus. All camp check-in procedures will take place prior to campers boarding the bus.

This includes checking in all money and medications as well as the health check. Please see page 12 for details on the check in process.

SAFETY Boarding the bus/van is the start of camp fun for your camper. Each bus/van is staffed with a trained driver and a camp staff who will ensure the safety of your girl. While on the bus campers will get to know each other, sing songs and play games. They will also have some safety guidelines to follow. Prior to departure all campers will be provided with an orientation to safety regulations and procedures during the trip. Campers will: • Wear seatbelts at all times. • Remain seated until an adult opens the doors.

• Keep hands, head, or any items out the windows. • Keep voices low.

No loud shouts or screams. No one under the age of 12 will ride in the front passenger seat. BUS DROP OFF Please review the schedule for bus drop off. On- time pick-up eases your camper’s nerves during the anticipation of going home. If something happens and you are running late, please call the camp office. They will contact the bus and let your camper know you are on your way and keep her busy until you arrive. TRANSPORTATION

17 TRANSPORTATION CHANGES OR EMERGENCIES In case of a schedule change or emergency that could delay pick up or drop off of your camper or require a change in the location, you will be contacted by phone from our camp office. Please contact our office if you have a change in your camper’s need for transportation or if you have a change in your contact information. Camp Liberty 4415 295th Street New Liberty, Iowa 52765 Location: Camp Liberty is located two miles southwest of Dixon, Iowa on county road F-31. There are road signs to help navigate your way to camp, so be on the lookout.

• From U.S.

30, turn south on county Y-4E at Wheatland. • From Highway 130, turn east on county F- 31at New Liberty. • From I-80, turn north on county Y-40 at Exit #284 (Walcott) to F-31. DIRECTIONS TO CAMP LIBERTY

18 Creek Maintenance Building Prairie’s Edge Campfire Circle Welcome Center Sundial Garden Outpost Bea Conrad Pavillion Archery Indian Ridge Zipline Equestrian Center Lodge Low Ropes Lodge Shelter Tomahawk Pass Clover Violet Woodland Stage Sunflower Activity Director’s Cabin Shelter Hy-Vee Healthy You Sports and Hy-Vee Activities Field Healthy You Hy-Vee Aquatics Center Healthy You Trail’s End Activity Center Zipline High Ropes Roads Trails Water Camp Buildings Modern Cabins Normal Cabins Tent Units Boat House and Water Front North Star Valley Flint Lake County Road F-31 Cam p Entrance

19 Camp Liberty Equestrian Center Horse Program Waiver A number of inherent risks are associated with a domesticated animal activity.

A domesticated animal may behave in a manner that could result in damages to property or injury or death to a person. Risks associated with the activity may include injuries caused by bucking, biting, stumbling, rearing, trampling, scratching, pecking, falling or butting. The domesticated animal may react unpredictably to conditions, including, but not limited to, a sudden movement, loud noise, an unfamiliar environment, or the introduction of unfamiliar persons, animals, or objects.

The domesticated animal may also react in a dangerous manner when a condition or treatment is considered hazardous to the welfare of the animal; a collision occurs with an object or animal; or a participant fails to exercise reasonable care, take adequate precautions, or use adequate control when engaged in a domesticated animal activity, including failing to maintain reasonable control of the animal or failing to act in a manner consistent with the person’s abilities. As the parent/guardian or adult participant, I have read and understand the potential risks of domesticated animal activity.

Signed _ Date _ _ Printed Name _ _ Participant Name _ _ _ _ Office Use Only Program _ Date _ Charge Person _ _

20 Challenge Course Participant Agreement, Medical Release and Release of Liability Participant Name (please print _ _ Parent/Guardian Name (if minor _ _ Initial below to indicate that you have read, understand and agree to the section following your initials. Parents/guardians should initial on behalf of the minor participant after discussing each point with them to ensure that both the participant and the parent/guardian understand. _ I state that I am not now and/or will not be under the influence of any controlled substance when present at any activity sites or while participating in or using any challenge course structures.

I realize that participating in/using the Challenge Course under the influence of a controlled substance would endanger me and others.

_____I give consent to Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois (GSEIWI), their employees and emergency medical personnel to treat me if they deem it to be medically necessary. _____I agree to accept financial responsibility for any medical expenses and/or loss of income not covered by my Insurance Policy that result from my participation in or use of any challenge course structures. _____I understand that Challenge Course structures are by their nature, physically and emotionally demanding and that participating in these activities may involve risks such as walking, bending, twisting, pulling, running, jumping, climbing, swinging, increased heart or breath rates and/or physical contact with others.

_____I understand that although GSEIWI staff will make every effort to minimize exposure to known risks, not all dangers and hazards can be prevented (i.e. cuts, bruises, scrapes, fractures, dislocations, fatalities, etc.) _____I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I have the right and responsibility to limit my participation in any activity that I believe will compromise my safety, and agree to notify GSEIWI staff if I have safety concerns. I understand that GSEIWI practices “Choose Your Challenge” philosophy. This means, if I choose to physically participate in any of the activities, I voluntarily assume all risks associated with such participation.

_____I understand that GSEIWI staff has the right to deny my participation and that it is my responsibility as a participant to follow instructions, guidelines and procedures established by the facilitators/trainers. If at any time, I do not understand or have not heard specific instructions, I realize that it is my responsibility to ask for clarification and/or assistance before any participation. _____I understand and assume all dangers and risks (Both known and unknown) associated with my presence at any activity sites or participation in or use of the Challenge Course structures and waive, release and discharge GSEIWI and their agents, officers and employees from any and all claims or causes of action arising from such presence or participation.

I do hereby release GSEIWI, its agents, officers and employees from any and all liability, even if arising from the negligence of the releases. I do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless GSEIWI its agents, officers and employees for any accidents, injury, loss or damage of property, and from any legal fees that I may ever have as a direct or indirect result of said presence or participation. This release, indemnification, and waiver shall be construed broadly to the maximum extent under applicable law.

_____My signature on this document is also intended to bind my representatives, administrators, successors, heirs, next of kin and assigns on my behalf. By signing below I am agreeing that I have carefully read and agree to all of the sections initialed above. I am also verifying that the information listed on the health form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. _ _ Participant Signature (Minors must sign) Date _ _ Participant/Guardian/Legal Representative Signature Relationship Date