Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW
The Royal Agricultural Society of
                                                                                      GIVING TO DATE
                 NSW Foundation (RASF) was created
                 in 2007 with a mission to support
                 the development of sustainable and
                 resilient regional and rural communities       Program:           RAS Foundation Community Futures Grant
                                                                                   (formerly $25,000 Question)
                 across New South Wales by promoting            Duration:          10 years
                 individual and community growth                Grants Awarded:    28 grants
                 via educational scholarships and               Funds Distributed: $704,074
                 community grants.
                                                                Program:             JB Fairfax Award for Rural Journalism
                                                                Duration:            10 years
                                                                Grants Awarded:      10 grants
                 Together with generous donations from          Funds Distributed:   $100,000
                 our supporters, the RAS Foundation
                 has invested over $3.33 million into           Program:             Rural Scholarships (TAFE & University)
                                                                Duration:            8 years
                 country NSW through a range of                 Grants Awarded:      424 Scholarships
                 targeted grants and scholarships.              Funds Distributed:   $2,045,500
                 To date, the RAS Foundation has
                 supported over 400 rural scholarship           Program:             E3 Grant (retired)
                                                                Duration:            4 years
                 students to reach their educational            Grants Awarded:      Grants to 59 schools
                 dreams and awarded 45 organisations            Funds Distributed:   $266,000
                 vital community building funding.
                                                                Program:             RAS Foundation Community Kitchen
                                                                Duration:            7 years
                                                                Grants Awarded:      12 Community Kitchens
                 Donations to the RAS Foundation
                                                                Funds Distributed:   $218,219,
                 Education Fund are tax deductible.

                                                                Total                                                         $3,333,793

                                               RAS FOUNDATION   2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                             3
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

                         RAS Foundation Rural Scholarships
                                                                                                    HARRY ANDERSON WEST WYALONG
                                                                                                    Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical
                         assist students who demonstrate a                                          Technology
                         passion for rural issues and who are                                       Growing up in the country, learning everything
                                                                                                    he could about farming and machinery from
                         committed to playing a part in shaping                                     his father, it was clear Harry Anderson, 18,
                         the future of rural and regional NSW.                                      would pursue a career with farm machinery.
                                                                                                    Losing his father recently brought his plans
                         Providing a financial helping hand                                         forward and Harry is now in his first year of an
                         to achieve their education goals and                                       apprenticeship completing a Certificate III in
                                                                                                    Agricultural Mechanical Technology at Wagga
                         aspirations, these scholarships are open                                   Wagga TAFE.
                         to students of any age and embrace a                                       Scholarship donated by: T & A Field Family
                         diverse range of tertiary education and
                         training studies.
                                                                                                    ALLYSHA BAKER BOGGABRI
                                                                                                    Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
                                                                                                    Coming from the the small country town
                                                                                                    of Boggabri, 21-year-old, Allysha Baker has
                                                                                                    firsthand experience of the gap in health
                                                                                                    outcomes between rural and regional areas.
                                                                                                    Allysha, a second year Occupational Therapy
                                                                                                    student at the University of Newcastle, is the
                                                                                                    first person in her family to attend university.
                                                                                                    She hopes to use her experience to
                                                                                                    encourage others to reach their educational
                                                                                                    goals and is determined to give back to her
                                                                                                    indigenous community upon graduation.
                                                                                                    Scholarship donated by: McLean Foundation

                                                                                                    LAURA BIGNELL GLOUCESTER
                                                                                                    Bachelor of Agriculture
                                                                                                    A childhood spent on her family’s beef cattle
                                                                                                    property west of Gloucester motivated Laura
                                                                                                    Bignell to pursue her love of the land with
                                                                                                    a Bachelor of Agriculture. Currently in her
                                                                                                    third year at the University of New England,
                                                                                                    Armidale, Laura’s passion is in the areas of
                                                                                                    soil science and hydrology and she hopes to
                                                                                                    work in this field, either as a researcher, or in
                                                                                                    a practical role implementing strategies to
                                                                                                    improve farming into the future.
                                                                                                    Scholarship donated by: Mogul Braham Stud /
                                                                                                    UNE Foundation

4                                                     RAS FOUNDATION   2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                  5
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

    KELSEA BOOTS CAMDEN                                                           JAFFLY CHEN ROSELANDS
    Bachelor of Dental Sciences                                                   Bachelor of Medicine
    Completing a gap year in the Royal                                            Jaffly Chen is a final year medical student at
    Australian Navy as a dental assistant sparked                                 the University of New England. The 22-year-
    an interest in Dentistry for Kelsea Boots.                                    old grew up in the Western Suburbs of
    Growing up in Camden, 24-year-old Kelsea                                      Sydney but since beginning his studies at a
    is now in her 5th year of Dental Science at                                   regional campus, he has embraced the rural
    Charles Sturt University in Orange. Kelsea                                    way of life. He hopes to be accepted into
    has enjoyed a number of rural placements                                      the Rural Generalist Training program after
    throughout her studies and recently achieved                                  graduation and join the medical workforce in
    her long-term goal of working with the Royal                                  regional Australia. Jaffly has a strong interest
    Flying Doctor Services at a clinic in Bourke.                                 in advocating for initiatives to improve health
    Scholarship donated by: Rali Foundation                                       outcomes for rural Australians.
                                                                                  Scholarship donated by: Carmel Dyer-Pitroff /
                                                                                  UNE Foundation

    MITCHUM BOWER MILTON                                                          ELIZABETH CRERAR PEARCEDALE
    Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of                                         Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    Medicine                                                                      Elizabeth Crerar, 26, is a final year Doctor of
    Mitchum Bower is a fourth year medical                                        Veterinary Medicine student at the University
    student at the University of New South                                        of Sydney. Liz has previously completed a
    Wales who grew up in the small town of                                        Bachelor of Livestock Science with Honours
    Milton. He appreciates the role rural doctors                                 at the University of New England. Her passion
    play in their community and is aware of                                       for livestock and agriculture developed from
    the benefits of being more than just a just                                   her involvement in the agricultural program
    a healthcare provider. Having recently                                        offered at her high school and she is keen to
    completed a year-long rural placement in                                      contribute to the livestock industries as a
    Coffs Harbour, Mitchum has a deep-rooted                                      veterinarian in a rural area.
    passion for reducing healthcare inequalities                                  .Scholarship donated by: TA Field Family
    in rural Australia in his future career.
    Scholarship donated by: Snow Foundation

    STEPHANIE CATTLE WEST WYALONG                                                 RACHAEL CROSBIE ORANGE
    Diploma of Nursing                                                            Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/ Bachelor of
    19-year-old Stephanie Cattle is currently                                     Veterinary Science
    studying a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing                                        Rachael Crosbie, 23, is a fourth year
    at TAFE and aims to move across to the                                        Veterinary Biology/Veterinary Science
    University of Wollongong to advance her                                       student at Charles Sturt University, Wagga
    studies in paediatric and obstetric nursing.                                  Wagga. Having spent much of her time on
    Growing up on a farm in West Wyalong                                          her grandparent’s farm in the central west of
    Stephanie has always been active in her local                                 New South Wales, she has always had a
    community and enjoys giving back to others                                    passion for animals. With the call of the land
    in her small town.                                                            in her veins, she looks forward to
    Scholarship donated by: Janie Forrest / Royal                                 contributing to sustainable animal production
    Agricultural Society of NSW                                                   and supporting our rural communities.
                                                                                  Scholarship donated by: Mogul Braham Stud

6                                   RAS FOUNDATION   2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                   7
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

    KATHLEEN CUTAJAR PEMBROOKE                                                      ANTISIA ELSLEY COONAMBLE
    Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)                                                Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing
    Pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist                                    Antisia Elsley, 18, has grown up across many
    has been a long-term goal of nineteen-year-                                     parts of western New South Wales but one
    old Kathleen Cutajar’s for some time. A first                                   constant has always been a life surrounded
    year student at Macquarie University, Kathleen                                  by animals. This is the key driver for Antisia to
    would like to specialise in child psychology                                    meet her goal of gaining entry into a veterinary
    and work helping regional youth with mental                                     science course. She is proud of her Indigenous
    health issues. Kathleen has been active as a                                    heritage and hopes to return to a regional
    volunteer in her local community and hopes                                      area as a qualified Veterinarian. Antisia looks
    to continue volunteering with a community                                       forward to a satisfying career helping the local
    organisation while studying in Sydney.                                          community with domestic pets and assisting
    Scholarship donated by: Nell & Hermon Slade                                     farmers with production animals.
    Trust                                                                           Scholarship donated by: Rali Foundation

    ALICE DAVIS GILGANDRA                                                           KYLIE FAIRFULL MERRIWA
    Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences                                               Diploma of Agriculture Bachelor of
    Growing up on a cattle and cropping property                                    Agriculture Production & Management
    in the central west of New South Wales, Alice                                   Merriwa local, Kylie Fairfull completed her
    Davis became passionate about the agricultural                                  secondary education at Yanco Agricultural
    industry, especially broad acre cropping.                                       High School and is now completing a
    Undertaking her Bachelor of Agricultural                                        combined Diploma of Agriculture and
    Sciences at Charles Sturt University, Wagga                                     Bachelor of Agriculture Production and
    Wagga, Alice hopes to become an agronomist.                                     Management at TAFE, Armidale. The 19-year-
    She is keen to participate in the development of                                old enjoys competing in agricultural shows
    innovations in precision agriculture technology                                 and teaching younger students skills so they
    and methods..                                                                   too can prepare their stock to compete.
    Scholarship donated by: Moghul Brahman Stud /                                   Scholarship donated by: UNE Foundation
    Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

    MACKENZIE DAY TUMUT                                                             EMILY FIELDER NARRABRI
    Certificate III in Animal Studies                                               Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
    Growing up in Tumut Mackenzie Day, 18                                           Emily Fielder, 18, is a first year student
    developed a strong interest in beef cattle                                      at the University of New England,
    through her involvement with her school’s                                       studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise
    Rural Youth Cattle Enrichment (RYCE)                                            Physiology. After her own experience with
    Program. Mackenzie is studying a Certificate                                    a physiotherapist, regaining strength and
    III in Animal Studies as a pathway to future                                    mobility following a horse riding accident,
    studies and a career working with beef cattle                                   Emily hopes to become a rehabilitation
    and producers, focusing on genetics or                                          physiotherapist in a rural community. The
    livestock pathology.                                                            importance of available specialists in rural
    Scholarship donated by: T A Field Family                                        areas and the ability to access the help
                                                                                    needed motivates Emily in her studies.
                                                                                    Scholarship donated by: Huntly & Catherine

8                                  RAS FOUNDATION      2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                  9
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

     TAIDE FOGGIATO COFFS HARBOUR                                                   PRUE GORDON BOURKE
     Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)                                              Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
     (Forensic Psychology and Criminology)                                          19-year-old Prue Gordon is currently in her
     Hailing from Coffs Harbour, 20-year-old Taide                                  second year of a Bachelor of Science in
     Foggiato is undertaking her second year of a                                   Agriculture at the University of Sydney. Her
     Bachelor in Social Work majoring in Forensic                                   interest in agriculture developed from an
     Psychology and Criminology. Taide is actively                                  early age growing up on a mixed farming
     involved in college life and is committed to                                   enterprise in far west New South Wales. Prue
     helping those whom are less fortunate. After                                   appreciates the vital role and importance of
     finishing her degree, Taide plans on working                                   agriculture, and looks forward to exploring
     with disadvantaged children in regional                                        job opportunities in this ever-evolving
     communities to promote their own wellbeing                                     industry. She has a strong interest in
     and help them achieve their personal goals.                                    promoting greater connectivity and more
     Scholarship donated by: Michael & Jenny Millner                                sustainable and viable practices.
                                                                                    Scholarship donated by: McLean Foundation

     NATALIE FORD GRIFFITH                                                          ARJUNA GOVINDASAMY BILAMBIL
     Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/ Bachelor of                                    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
     Veterinary Science                                                             Arjuna completed a Bachelor of Science
     Natalie Ford, 25, is in her third year of a                                    degree at the University of New South
     Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Veterinary                                      Wales before transferring to the University
     Science at Charles Sturt University, Wagga                                     of Sydney and is now in his final year of
     Wagga. Growing up in a country town has                                        Veterinary Medicine. Arjuna grew up in
     shaped her dedicated interest in production                                    the Murwillumbah area and is passionate
     animals and driven her ambition of becoming                                    about livestock, agriculture and community
     a large animal veterinarian. She wants to                                      engagement within the Northern Rivers
     contribute to the availability of specialised                                  region. From the age of 10, Arjuna was
     skills in rural communities. Natalie has                                       helping to birth lambs on his family property,
     particular interest in equine medicine and                                     and his strong interest in animal welfare
     reproduction. .                                                                began.
     Scholarship donated by: Horizon Foundation                                     Scholarship donated by: Bayer Australia Limited

     KIMBERLEY GILBERT BOOROWA                                                      ERICA HOLMES NARRANDERA
     Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and                                     Diploma of Nursing
     Primary)                                                                       Mature aged student, Erica Holmes, has had
     Kimberley Gilbert is currently in her fourth                                   to make many sacrifices to reach her dream
     year of a Bachelor of Education (Primary &                                     of completing a Diploma of Nursing. The one
     Early Childhood) at Charles Sturt University,                                  way trip to TAFE in Cootamundra is 190km,
     Wagga Wagga. Kimberley has always been                                         so with the support of her family, Erica leaves
     dedicated to a career in teaching, caring                                      them for three nights a week. Erica believes
     for children and working with her local                                        this will pay off in the long run when she is
     Aboriginal community. Kimberley aims to                                        able to work in the management of chronic
     teach in a small regional centre where she                                     diseases in remote communities.
     can engage parents in a positive way in the                                    Scholarship donated by: OCS Fun Pty Ltd
     school community.
     Scholarship donated by: McLean Foundation

10                                  RAS FOUNDATION     2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                 11
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

     ERINN HOLMES MENDOORAN                                                           SARAH KEENAN GRIFFITH
     Bachelor of Psychological Sciences/                                              Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Medical
     Bachelor of Criminology                                                          Science (Hons)
     Erinn Holmes, 20, is studying a Bachelor                                         Sarah Keenan, 24, is a fifth year medical
     of Psychological Sciences/ Bachelor of                                           student training at the Coffs Harbour Rural
     Criminology via distance learning through                                        Clinical School of the University of New South
     Deakin University. Raised in a small town with                                   Wales. Concerned by the lack of women’s
     little opportunity available to young people,                                    health and delivery options in rural areas, Sarah
     Erinn has developed a strong desire to help                                      hopes to work as a rural physician, specialising
     youth in rural areas. With a particular interest                                 in women’s health and obstetrics. Long-term
     in juvenile crime, Erinn believes giving young                                   Sarah would like to become an advocate for
     people the right support in troubled times is key                                the health needs of all rural women.
     to helping them have a successful adulthood.                                     Scholarship donated by: B & B Rides and Games &
     Scholarship donated by: Carmel Dyer-Pitroff                                      Goldenway Amusements Pty Ltd

     LACHLAN JAMES WINGHAM                                                            SARA LAH BROOME
     Certificate IV in Agriculture                                                    Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/ Bachelor of
     Lachlan James is currently completing his                                        Veterinary Science
     Certificate IV in Agriculture at Tocal College.                                  Sara Lah, 23, is in her fourth year of a Bachelor
     Having grown up on a small farm outside                                          of Veterinary Biology/ Veterinary Science
     Wingham on the NSW mid-north coast,                                              at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.
     Lachlan is passionate about the sheep                                            Growing up in a remote region of the Kimberly
     industry, sheep dog training and poultry.                                        sparked Sara’s love for production animals
     Lachlan fuels this passion by being involved                                     and raised her awareness of the need for
     in the locals shows in his area, showing sheep                                   veterinarians in remote areas. Sara’s goal is to
     and poultry. Ultimately Lachlan hopes to                                         become a large animal veterinarian with a focus
     breed sheep for wool and meat production                                         in reproduction and herd health in the cattle or
     using sustainable methods of farming.                                            sheep industries in rural New South Wales.
     Scholarship donated by: T A Field Family                                         Scholarship donated by: Susan Maple-Brown

     ANNE JOHNSTON MOREE                                                              KATHERINE LAHIFF ULLADULLA
     Bachelor of Education (K-12)                                                     Bachelor of Nursing
     Growing up on a mixed operation family                                           20-year-old Katherine Lahiff is in her
     farm instilled the love of the land within                                       third year of a Bachelor of Nursing at the
     Anne from a young age. Currently at the                                          University of Wollongong. Growing up in the
     University of New England studying a                                             rural community of Ulladulla, Katherine has
     Bachelor of Education (K-12), Anne has been                                      observed the significant gap in healthcare
     a part of a dedicated committee that has                                         services that exists between metropolitan
     reignited a Student Teacher Society at UNE,                                      and regional areas. Katherine has a particular
     providing shared knowledge, experiences                                          passion for mental health and hopes to be an
     and connections with other student teachers                                      advocate for rural areas in the future.
     throughout their studies. Anne is looking                                        Scholarship donated by: The Snow Foundation
     forward to graduating and securing a
     teaching position in a rural community.
     Scholarship donated by: UNE Foundation

12                                  RAS FOUNDATION       2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                 13
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

     DANIEL LAWSON NAROOMA                                                            LAUREN MEYERS WAGGA WAGGA
     Bachelor of Veterinary Science                                                   Diploma in Agriculture & Certificate IV in
     Daniel Lawson is a 23-year-old single father                                     Wool Classing
     from Narooma on the South Coast completing                                       Lauren Meyers’ interest in farming and the
     his Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Charles                                    sheep industry developed through visits to
     Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. Raised on                                         her grandparent’s farm when she was young.
     an aquaculture farm Daniel’s passion for all                                     Lauren, 19, is currently studying a Diploma
     animals started from a young age. It has                                         in Agriculture and a Certificate IV in Wool
     long been his ambition to work with primary                                      Classing at the Primary Industries Centre,
     producers to help them maximize productivity,                                    TAFE Wagga Wagga. She has a special
     animal welfare and profitability, thereby                                        interest in sheep and hopes to work in the
     ensuring the animal production industry                                          field of animal nutrition and genetics.
     remains viable for future generations.                                           Scholarship donated by: David & Belinda
     Scholarship donated by: The Snow Foundation                                      Davidson

     EMMA LONGWORTH ARMIDALE                                                          SEAN MCINTOSH CAMDEN
     Bachelor of Rural Science                                                        Certificate IV and Diploma in Agriculture
     Emma Longworth, 19, grew up in the north-                                        Nineteen-year-old Sean McIntosh has had
     west suburbs of Sydney. She never thought                                        a passion for agriculture from a young age,
     she would pursue a career in agriculture until                                   showing cattle at local shows and ultimately
     she became involved in the school farm and                                       owning his own small herd. Last year Sean
     participated in the School District Exhibit                                      completed a Certificate III in Agriculture at
     Displays competition at the Sydney Royal                                         Tocal College and his good results, combined
     Easter Show. Emma is currently in her third year                                 with his enjoyment of the course prompted
     of a Bachelor of Rural Science at the University                                 Sean to complete a Certificate IV & Diploma
     of New England and wants to inspire other city                                   of Agriculture this year. Sean dreams of
     kids to follow a career in agriculture.                                          running his own beef and mixed cropping
     Scholarship donated by: Mogul Braham Stud /                                      enterprise in the future.
     UNE Foundation                                                                   Scholarship donated by: Mogul Braham Stud

     CASSIE MACBEAN INVERGOWRIE                                                       JOSIE MCINTYRE TENTERFIELD
     Bachelor of Medicine                                                             Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)
     Medicine has always been a passion for                                           Josie McIntyre, 20, is in her second year
     Cassie who hopes to work as a GP or                                              of a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the
     emergency physician in the Armidale area.                                        University of Newcastle. Her interests in the
     Having previously worked as a pathologist                                        allied health profession began when her
     and supporting her husband through                                               young uncle suffered a major stroke. Noticing
     leukaemia, Cassie is especially interested in                                    the services needed in recovery, Josie
     improving the lives of rural people living with                                  realised the huge demand for specialised
     chronic disease and mental health problems.                                      medical services in rural areas. Having grown
     Scholarship donated by: Regional Bank Australia /                                up in Tenterfield, Josie has a love for small
     UNE Foundation                                                                   rural communities and will return with her
                                                                                      new skills to help those in need.
                                                                                      Scholarship donated by: Mary Weal

14                                  RAS FOUNDATION       2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                               15
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

     MAXIM MCMASTER LIGHTNING RIDGE                                                  INGA NEILSEN BRAIDWOOD
     Certificate III Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)                                Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Communication
     Maxim McMaster, 14, is completing a butchery                                    (Journalism)
     apprenticeship and is enrolled in a Certificate                                 Inga Neilsen, 20, is undertaking her second
     III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) at                                      year at the University of Technology, Sydney
     Orange TAFE. Maxim is a hands-on learner                                        studying a Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor
     and after completing work experience at his                                     of Communication (Journalism). Inga is a
     local butcher in Lightning Ridge, he decided                                    dedicated advocate for rural issues and
     this was the ideal career choice for him.                                       received an award for outstanding service to
     Maxim wants to remain in his rural community                                    Eden Monaro. She cares about regional issues
     and appreciates the importance of skills                                        such as lack of access to legal services, and
     training and the opportunity it is providing for                                rural suicide and hopes to use her degree to
     a positive future.                                                              give rural Australia a voice, broadcasting rural
     Scholarship donated by: Michael & Jenny Millner                                 affairs to regional and metropolitan viewers.
                                                                                     Scholarship donated by: Janie Forrest

     ELISSA MCPHERSON WAGGA WAGGA                                                    HARRY OBST DUNEDOO
     Diploma of Agriculture                                                          Certificate III in Agriculture
     After completing her Certificate IV in                                          Currently in his first year at Tocal Agricultural
     Agriculture last year, 17-year-old Elissa                                       College studying a Certificate III in Agriculture.
     McPherson is currently studying by distance                                     Harry Obst, 18, has a love for agriculture
     education for her Diploma in Agriculture,                                       after growing up on his family sheep and
     through TAFE NSW Primary Industries                                             cattle property at Dunedoo in the central
     Centre. Elissa hopes to learn about the                                         west. He plans to complete a Certificate IV
     industry as a whole, gaining work experience                                    in Agriculture this year and the Diploma of
     in various areas of agriculture and therefore                                   Agriculture at Tocal next year. With a strong
     develop a broad range of skills she can utilise                                 interest in genetics and beef production,
     in her chosen career.                                                           Harry dreams of one day managing his own
     Scholarship donated by: T A Field Family                                        enterprise.
                                                                                     Scholarship donated by: T A Field Family

     CAITLIN MUDDLE DUNGOG                                                           AMBER O’NEILL WAGGA WAGGA
     Bachelor of Laws/Communication                                                  Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/ Bachelor of
     Caitlin Muddle, 21, is in her fourth year of a                                  Veterinary Science
     Bachelor of Laws/Communication at the                                           Amber O’Neill, 22, is extremely passionate
     University of Newcastle and is passionate                                       about youth involvement in agriculture
     about playing an adversarial role in the future                                 and hopes to inspire more students to get
     of Australian agriculture. From a fourth-                                       involved in the industry. Her keen interest
     generation dairy farming family, Caitlin hopes                                  in alpaca breeding keeps her busy, outside
     to focus her career on improving the mental                                     of her studies for a Bachelor of Veterinary
     health statistics associated with farming                                       Biology/Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt
     families and use her degree to not only give                                    University, Wagga Wagga. Amber’s range of
     rural and regional Australia a voice but also a                                 volunteer work also helps keep her closely
     say in an increasingly digitalised world.                                       tied to her regional community.
     Scholarship donated by: Susan Maple-Brown /                                     Scholarship donated by: Exponet
     Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

16                                  RAS FOUNDATION      2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                  17
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

     HILARY PILBEAM LITHGOW                                                          SAMUEL SCARLETT COOMA
     Bachelor of Physiotherapy                                                       Bachelor of Animal Science
     21-year-old Hilary Pilbeam is a second year                                     Samuel Scarlett, 21, is going into his fourth
     Physiotherapy student at the University of                                      and final year studying a Bachelor of Animal
     Newcastle. Growing up in the Central West,                                      Science at Charles Sturt University, Wagga
     Hilary has seen firsthand the gap in healthcare                                 Wagga. For his final year, Samuel has been
     provided to those living in rural areas and the                                 accepted into the integrated honours program
     need to integrate physiotherapy services as                                     for research, focusing on lamb survival.
     the population continues to age. Hilary hopes                                   Samuel believes this is an issue close to sheep
     to return to the Central West, becoming one                                     farmers’ hearts and wants to pursue a career
     of the much-needed physiotherapists in rural                                    that will provide producers with the knowledge
     areas and to provide high quality services to                                   needed to keep the ovine industry thriving.
     improve the lives of those living in regional                                   Scholarship donated by: NSW Stud Merino
     New South Wales.                                                                Breeders Association / UNE Foundation
     Scholarship donated by: Michael & Jenny Millner

     AARON RAY UKI                                                                   ZOE SIBBALD NYNGAN
     Bachelor of Medicine                                                            Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology
     Aaron Ray is a 27-year-old student in his                                       Twenty-year old Zoe Sibbald is a third-year
     4th year of a Bachelor of Medicine at the                                       student studying Speech Pathology at
     University of New England, Armidale. Aaron                                      Charles Sturt University, Albury. Zoe’s interest
     chose to study at a regional university to                                      in working in paediatrics was confirmed after
     help fill the lack of medical personnel in rural                                participating in practical experiences at Clinic
     locations. He is also an active community                                       and local schools in Albury. Zoe looks forward
     volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service                                       to returning to western New South Wales
     and State Emergency Services and feels                                          and providing services to children and their
     this is a great way to integrate into a new                                     families. Zoe is eager to make a difference
     community.                                                                      by allowing allied health services to be more
     Scholarship donated by: Susan Maple-Brown /                                     accessible in rural New South Wales.
     Royal Agricultural Society of NSW                                               Scholarship donated by: McLean Foundation

     SHARNI SALAU MANGOPLAH                                                          KAYLA SIMPSON FORSTER
     Certificate IV in Agriculture                                                   Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
     Originally from a property in southwest                                         Kayla Simpson, 22, is currently in her
     New South Wales, 20-year-old Sharni Salau,                                      second year of a Bachelor of Social Science
     now calls Mangophah home. Studying a                                            (Psychology) degree. Kayla is studying via
     Certificate IV in Agriculture Sharni hopes that                                 distance through Charles Sturt University and
     through this course she will be able to further                                 on campus at Port Macquarie, whilst working
     her knowledge of animal welfare, pasture                                        part time in the region’s youth refuge. Kayla is
     planning and livestock feeding so she can                                       working towards her goal of becoming a school
     make a positive contribution to agriculture in                                  counsellor, and has a particular desire to assist
     New South Wales.                                                                her local indigenous community Having grown
     Scholarship donated by: T A Field Family                                        up in Forster Kayla aims to continue to help
                                                                                     youth in her local area reach their full potential.
                                                                                     Scholarship donated by: G O’Neill

18                                   RAS FOUNDATION     2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                   19

     CLAIRE SMART CANBERRA                                                          MILTON SMITH ORANGE
     Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)                                            Certificate III Agriculture
     Claire Smart, 21, is completing her fourth year                                Currently studying a Certificate III in
     of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)                                       Agriculture at Tocal College 18-year-old Milton
     at Charles Sturt University, Albury. Having                                    Smith hopes to combine his natural skills
     seen the difference that early intervention                                    with a specialised education to become a
     can make for children and those with a                                         farm manager. With a dedicated interest in
     disability, she is passionate about providing                                  the sheep and beef industries Milton is taking
     health services for rural families. She is keen                                full advantage of every available opportunity
     to explore the role that telemedicine could                                    to further his experience and knowledge in
     offer in rural physiotherapy and hopes to                                      these areas, providing the background for a
     work in a multi-disciplinary allied health                                     successful career on the land.
     practice supporting children and adults with a                                 Scholarship donated by: T A Field Family
     disability in rural New South Wales.
     Scholarship donated by: The Snow Foundation

     SAMANTHA SMART DUBBO                                                           SAMANTHA SPARK NOWRA
     Certificate IV in Agriculture                                                  Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of
     18-year-old Samantha Smart is studying a                                       Veterinary Science
     Certificate III in Agricultural Production at                                  Samantha Spark, 22, is in her fourth year of a
     Tocal College. Samantha discovered her love                                    Bachelor of Veterinary Biology / Veterinary
     of livestock at school, preparing steers to                                    Science at Charles Sturt University, Wagga
     show. She appreciates the practical nature                                     Wagga. She has a particular interest in
     of the course at Tocal, and hopes to one day                                   the dairy industry and is motivated by the
     put her education to use managing a mixed                                      prospect of working with producers, assisting
     farming enterprise and demonstrating that                                      all animals from valuable stud stock to
     environmentally sustainable farming can                                        precious family pets.
     prove financially sustainable.                                                 Scholarship donated by: Agricultural Societies
     Scholarship donated by: Rali Foundation                                        Council of NSW

     KIERAN SMITH INVERELL                                                          LAUREN SWAIN GUNNEDAH
     Bachelor of Rural Science                                                      Post Graduate Masters of Physiotherapy
     Kieran Smith is in his third year of a Bachelor                                Lauren Swain is completing her final year of
     of Rural Science at the University of New                                      a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University
     England. Kieran grew up on a sheep and                                         of Sydney. With a passion for rural health,
     cattle property on the New England                                             23-year-old Lauren is dedicated to ensuring
     Tablelands, and is passionate about research                                   that rural and remote communities have
     addressing issues that affect productivity                                     access to the best possible health care.
     and profitability in the agricultural industry.                                Lauren hopes to give back to her community
     With a special interest in selective genetics                                  by volunteering her time to local clubs and
     & breeding, his goal is to use the knowledge                                   associations to assist in injury prevention and
     gained from his studies to improve fertility                                   rehabilitation.
     and productivity of livestock across Australia.                                Scholarship donated by: Susan Maple-Brown
     Scholarship donated by: NSW Stud Merino
     Breeders Association / UNE Foundation

20                                  RAS FOUNDATION     2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                    21

                          JASLYN TUCKWELL BUNYAH
                          Bachelor of Agriculture
                          Jaslyn Tuckwell, 22, is in her final year of a
                                                                                 JB FAIRFAX AWARD FOR RURAL
                          Bachelor of Agriculture, majoring in General
                          Agricultural Production at the University of
                          New England. Growing up in the small dairy
                                                                                  AND REGIONAL JOURNALISM
                          and beef community of Bunyah, she was
                          always assisting in the yards or helping on her     This award aims to unearth a talented, young writer who
                          neighbour’s dairy farm. Studying agriculture         is passionate about communicating the rich stories and
                          throughout high school, Jaslyn’s passion for
                          the industry grew. Upon completion of her           issues from rural and regional Australia and is committed
                          degree, Jaslyn hopes to continue to work in             to pursuing a career in journalism upon graduation.
                          the dairy industry in a management role.
                          Scholarship donated by: Exponet Pty Ltd / Royal
                          Agricultural Society of NSW

                          HUGH WILLOUGHBY COWRA
                          Bachelor of Veterinary Science/Bachelor of
                          Veterinary Biology
                          Twenty-four year old Hugh Willoughby is in
                          his 4th year of a Bachelor of Veterinary
                          Science/Bachelor of Veterinary Biology
                          degree at Charles Sturt University, Wagga
                          Wagga. Hugh’s interest lies in genetics and
                          nutrition, and the vital role they play in the
                          efficiency of livestock production. He sees a
                          future role for himself in assisting producers
                          with new technologies, in an effort to
                          safeguard against price and climate variability.
                          Hugh is keen to begin his career as a rural
                          Veterinarian, contributing to the vitality and
                          viability of country New South Wales.
                          Scholarship donated by: Agricultural Societies
                          Council of NSW Ltd
                                                                             KATRINA NASH CUDAL
                                                                             Katrina Nash is a 4th year Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Communications (Journalism)
                                                                             student at Newcastle University. Katrina hails from Cudal and has a very keen interest
                                                                             in rural and regional journalism. Katrina was also a 2017 RASF Rural Scholar and, upon
                                                                             graduation, hopes to move back to the Central West as a journalist.

                                                                             Katrina is keenly aware of the platform regional journalists have to influence society
                                                                             and inform metropolitan areas about some of the issues regional communities face.
                                                                             She believes it is an incredibly rewarding career choice, bringing concerns to light and
                                                                             reporting on matters relevant to regional and rural Australia.

22                                                        RAS FOUNDATION     2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                            23
SYDNEY ROYAL WINE                                                                        SYDNEY ROYAL DAIRY
                    SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                          PRODUCE SCHOLARSHIP
       These awards encourage and support students who                                           This award encourages and supports students who
       demonstrate passion, strong leadership qualities and                                  demonstrate passion, strong leadership qualities and who
       who are committed to making a contribution to the                                     are committed to making a contribution to the NSW dairy
                    Australian wine industry.                                                          produce industry and their community.

Sydney Royal Wine Study Scholarship           Sydney Royal Wine Assessment
Tim Dexter is in the final year of a          Scholarship
Postgraduate Diploma in Viticulture and       Growing up in the Blue Mountain’s Tom’s
Oenology at the University of Adelaide,       passion for growing things lead him
following his Honours in Environmental        towards a degree in winemaking and
Science. Growing up surrounded by             viticulture to which he graduated with
vineyards on Victoria’s Mornington            honours. During his degree he spent any
Peninsula it was pre-destined that Tim        free period working for various
would pursue a career in wine. However,       winemakers in the Basket Range in the
it was time spent in the wineries of          Adelaide Hills, such as James Erskine at      SARAH WHITE COOLAH
California that confirmed this was the        Jauma and Alex Schulkin at The Other          A particular interest in animal production and health motivates Sarah White in the fourth
career for him. Following the journey from    Right. Since then he has travelled overseas   year of her Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree at
vineyard to bottle, Tim has worked in the     and has worked for a variety of wineries      Charles Sturt University. Sarah grew up on a sheep and beef property in Coolah, but her
wine regions of the Yarra Valley, Margaret    within America, Spain and up into north-      focus is now firmly on the dairy industry. Sarah believes working to improve animal
River, the Clare Valley, Spain, California,   eastern France. He is in particularly         nutrition and health will lead to an increase in efficiency and profitability within the dairy
Oregon and back to the Mornington             excited by the opportunity to witness and     industry, benefitting dairy farmers and rural communities across Australia. She hopes to
Peninsula. Tim hopes to become a grower       contribute to the collision of climate,       work closely with farmers and other industry professionals in bovine disease eradication
and winemaker, promoting Australian           changing wine styles, consumer education      programs and improving viability.
wines at home and abroad.                     / perception into natural wines and their
                                              impact on the Australian Wine industry.

24                                                                      RAS FOUNDATION      2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                 25

     COMMUNITY FUTURES GRANTS                                                                              MEGAN COYLE WALBUNDRIE
                                                                                                           Walbundrie Show Society member Megan
                                                                                                           Coyle will combine with a group of local
                                                                                                           volunteers to provide a purpose-built arena
  RAS Foundation Community Futures Grants encourage                                                        for horse events at Walbundrie Show. The
and champion rural leadership by providing each successful                                                 arena will also be available for hire for other
                                                                                                           equestrian and community groups, providing
grant applicant up to $25,000 to fund a community project                                                  much-needed fundraising opportunities.
  that addresses a need or issue in their local community.                                                 The flow-on effect will provide benefits for
                                                                                                           improved parking facilities and better use of
 Projects that once complete, will result in enhanced social                                               the main arena during the annual Show.
    and economic outcomes for the wider community.

                            ELIZABETH MUNN LEETON                                                          ROB WITTS GUNNEDAH
                            Elizabeth Munn’s project will see her build                                    Local farmer and Gunnedah Show Society
                            a Young Farmer’s Challenge trailer for use                                     President, Rob Witts, acknowledges that with
                            by the communities in her zone, allowing                                       over 50,000 patrons attending the various
                            more shows to compete. The Young Farmers                                       events held at Gunnedah Showground the
                            Challenge gives young people the chance                                        current facilities are far from adequate. Rob
                            to showcase their expertise in a series of                                     and his team of skilled volunteers plan to
                            on-farm tasks, with the tests including                                        upgrade the makeshift facilities so that they
                            everything from animal handling to erecting                                    can better cater for the many events held at
                            fences, driving tractors, putting out fires and                                the Showground and provide a workable
                            even first aid challenges. Elizabeth is keenly                                 space for those working in the kitchen.
                            aware of the need to get young people
                            involved at a local community level and is
                            positive the trailer will be well used.

                            CLAIRE JOHNSON CROOKWELL                                                       KATRINA THOMAS CONDOBOLIN
                            Cattle committee member Claire Johnson                                         Condobolin High School agricultural science
                            knows that the new cattle shed her                                             teacher Katrina Thomas and her fiercely
                            committee can now build will be of great                                       determined colleagues plan to update and
                            benefit to the entire cattle producing                                         rejuvenate the ageing agricultural facilities at
                            community. With an increase in entries in the                                  Condobolin High School. Katrina wants to
                            stud cattle competition, this new facility will                                create a positive and safe learning space for
                            be able to accommodate all cattle and keep                                     students with an all-purpose shed, chicken
                            them protected from the often-unpredictable                                    enclosure, hothouse and aquaponics set up.
                            weather at Show time. The new shed will also                                   Katrina and her students hope to set up two
                            enable the Crookwell community to host a                                       small enterprises, a chicken breeding and
                            variety of other events throughout the year,                                   vegetable/plant seedling enterprise.
                            bringing some much-needed economic
                            benefits to the wider community.

26                                                        RAS FOUNDATION      2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                27

                                NAOMI KAUTER GRESFORD
                                The deterioration of the Gresford
                                Showground stable block has meant the
                                                                                           RAS FOUNDATION COMMUNITY
                                facility is not used to its full potential. Naomi
                                Kauter has plans to replace the rafters and
                                roof and install a new guttering system along
                                                                                                 KITCHEN GRANT
                                with water tanks to collect water for reuse. In          Each year, a large scale kitchen is built to host cooking
                                conjunction with existing facilities, the stable
                                block will attract out of area organisations to
                                                                                      demonstrations at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. After the
                                host horse related and other events in              Show the kitchen appliances donated by Euromaid, along with
                                Gresford, leading to economic benefits for
                                                                                    a generous cash grant for benches and cabinetry, are awarded
                                the community as a whole.
                                                                                    to a rural NSW community to reinvigorate a community facility.

                                                                                     WINNER: BOGGABRI SHOWGROUND AND PUBLIC RESERVE TRUST
                                                                                     An old rundown kitchen in desperate need of a makeover spurred our judges to award
                                                                                     this little town with a big heart a much-needed boost. Boggabri’s compelling
                                                                                     application highlighted just how many community groups and local events would
                                                                                     benefit from new kitchen facilities. This will have a widespread impact on the town of
                                                                                     900 and support the organisations that use the showgrounds for events and functions.

                                                                                     RUNNER UP: MENDOORAN PASTORAL, AGRICULTURAL & HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION
                                                                                     For many years the Mendooran PA & H Association has dreamed of a facility that will
                                                                                     benefit all their user groups and a local grant made this possible in 2016. However
                                                                                     inside the facility was just an empty room. The group has received $10,000 worth of
                                                                                     appliances from Euromaid to fully equip their planned kitchen. The grant panel was
                                                                                     inspired by the enthusiasm of this small town and is confident this grant will breathe
                                                                                     new life into the events and groups that will use it.

28                                                              RAS FOUNDATION       2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                                                         29
DONORS                                                    THE RAS FOUNDATION
 We sincerely thank the following donors and supporters
for their generous support of the RAS Foundation in 2018.
                                                                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                   • NATURAL SELECTION GROUP                                         MR ROBERT RYAN OAM
                                   • NELL AND HERMON SLADE TRUST                                       MS SALLY EVANS
                                   • NSW STUD MERINO BREEDERS                                        MS SUSAN WAKEFORD
                                                                                                      MS SOPHIE HANSEN
                                   • OCS FUN PTY LTD
                                                                                                     MR GRAHAME SHARPE
                                   • RALI FOUNDATION
                                                                                                MR CHRISTOPHER HINDMARSH
                                   • RAS COUNCILLORS
                                                                                                     PROF JAMES PRATLEY
                                   • RAS STAFF
                                   • REGIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK
                                   • ROBERT RYAN OAM
                                   • THE SNOW FOUNDATION
                                   • SUNRICE
                                   • SUSAN MAPLE-BROWN
                                   • SYDNEY ROYAL WINE COMMITTEE
                                   • SYDNEY ROYAL DAIRY COMMITTEE
                                   • TA FIELD FAMILY
                                   • UNE FOUNDATION

30                                                     RAS FOUNDATION   2018 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS                         31
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        Locked Bag 4317, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
     T (02) 9704 1234 | F (02) 9704 1104 |

      RAS of NSW Foundation Limited ABN 84 124 177 608
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