Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits

Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
2019 Annual Enrollment Guide
                                                   explore + enroll + engage

                                              Annual Enrollment begins
                                              Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018

CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
                                                                                                                                        What’s New/
                                                         Welcome to Annual                                                            Reminders for 2019
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                                                         Enrollment for 2019!
                                                                                                                                    Medical & Prescription
                                                                                                                                        Drug Overview
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 What’s Inside                                                                                                                        Executive Medical
                                                                                                                                       Option Overview
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                                                                                                                                       Dental Overview
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                                                                                                                                   Paying for Your Coverage
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                                                                                                                                        How to Enroll
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                                                                                                                                      Helpful Resources
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    CenturyLink Retiree and
                                                                                                                                   Important Coverage Rules

    Inactive Health Plan                                                                                                                   PAGE 11

    It’s time for 2019 Annual Enrollment. If you are not
    making any changes or updates to your coverage,                                                                                  Legal and Important
                                                                                                                                      Required Notices
    no action is required.                                                                                                                PAGE 12

2 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
What’s New/Reminders For 2019
These updates are effective Jan. 1, 2019. This section serves as a Summary of Material
Modi cations (SMM). For further details, refer to the Legal and Important Required Notices
section of this Guide.

What’s New                                                                    Out-of-Network (OON) Outpatient Surgery Coverage
                                                                              Out-of-network outpatient surgery centers and facilities will no
CENTURYLINK SERVICE CENTER ENHANCEMENTS                                       longer be covered.
The UPoint Mobile HR App has been redesigned and                              • Visit myuhc.com and/or call the number on the back of your
enhanced. It’s the perfect companion to your website                            medical ID card to con rm that your facility is in-network. If
experience. The Mobile HR App provides easy access to                           you do not have access to an in-network provider within a
bene ts information from your phone. Download the app                           30-mile radius of your home, you may qualify for a network
today from the App® Store or Google Play.                                       gap exception. In this case, you can receive care from a
                                                                                closer provider who is not part of the network, and that care
                                                                                will be covered as if the provider were in-network. Be sure
                                                                                to call the health plan member services number listed on
Emergency Room (ER) Redirection                                                 your medical plan ID card before you start services with
A $300 penalty will be charged on your fourth and any                           a provider that may be available through a network gap
subsequent ER visits within the calendar year for each                          exception. Network gap exceptions will not be granted
covered family member. The $300 penalty will not apply                          once you have received services.
toward your annual deductible or out-of-pocket maximums.
                                                                              Quali ed Life Event (QLE)
Note: The penalty resets every calendar year. The penalty                     If you are removing a dependent as a result of a QLE,
will be waived if you contact the UHC advocacy team (call                     coverage will end on the last day of the month in which the
the number on the back of your medical ID card) within seven                  event occurs, regardless of the noti cation date.
days from the ER visit. The penalty will only be applied to
members over the age of 18. However, the penalty will not                     • You will be responsible for any claims that are paid after
apply if the participant is admitted to the hospital.                           coverage ends
                                                                              • Any overpayment will result in a credit to your account as
Infertility Coverage                                                            soon as administratively possible
The lifetime maximum has increased from $3,000 to $10,000.                    • COBRA will not be offered if the noti cation date is beyond
Infertility coverage requires prior authorization before any                    60 days from the QLE date
services will be considered as eligible expenses. The $10,000
maximum applies to both medical and prescription drug                         Important to Know: If you keep an ineligible dependent
expenses and applies to in- and out-of-network coverage.                      on the Plan, this is considered to be a misrepresentation of
If you and your spouse/domestic partner are eligible for                      eligibility and falsi cation of or omission to update information
CenturyLink bene ts and change your enrollment options, the                   to the Plan. This misrepresentation/omission is a violation
lifetime maximum will follow you. In other words, it does not                 of the Plan document, Section 8.3, which allows the Plan
reset.                                                                        Administrator to determine how to remedy this situation. For
                                                                              example, if you divorce, your former spouse is no longer
Note: If you accessed the infertility bene t in the past and                  eligible for Plan coverage and this must be reported to the
reached the $3,000 lifetime maximum, your bene ts would                       Service Center within 45 days, regardless if you have an
increase by an additional $7,000 to meet the new lifetime                     obligation to provide health insurance coverage to your ex-
maximum of $10,000.                                                           spouse through a Court Order.

Medica Transition (MN, ND, SD and Western Wisconsin)
UnitedHealthcare will replace Medica. If you are impacted, you
will receive a letter from UnitedHealthcare. New ID cards will
be issued as soon as administratively possible (before the end
of the year).
• Review your available bene t options on the CenturyLink
  Service Center website
• Visit myuhc.com for further information
• If you are enrolled in the CDHP, you will receive a new
  Health Care Spending Card (HCSC)

                                       AE98-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical • explore+enroll+engage   • 2019 Bene ts Annual Enrollment Guide •   3
Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
DEDUCTIBLES AND CO-INSURANCE ACCUMULATORS                                                    PRESCRIPTION DRUG LIST
RESET/START OVER JAN. 1                                                                      The Prescription Drug List (PDL) is updated in January and
If you elect to move from one of the CDHP plans to the                                       July of each year. It is not available until Dec. 2018. Please log
HDHP plan, any HRA dollars will be transferred to your post-                                 on to myuhc.com for further information at that time.
deductible HRA after a run-out period of 90 days.
                                                                                             PRESCRIPTION DRUG PRICING TOOL
Any HRA dollars will be moved to your spouse after a run-out
period of 90 days under your spouse’s plan.                                                  Use the UnitedHealthcare drug pricing tool to check pricing
                                                                                             and nd lower-cost alternatives at myuhc.com.
Please note: If you change from the Premium CDHP to the
Standard CDHP (or vice versa) and have an HRA balance,                                       ZIP CODE UPDATE
funds are not transferred until after 90 days. This is necessary                             Be sure to review the medical bene t options available to
for any run-out claims to be submitted. After 90 days, any prior                             you as networks are determined by ZIP code areas and are
HRA balances are moved automatically.                                                        revised annually. Review your Annual Enrollment Worksheet to
                                                                                             learn what bene t plan options are available.
Review your Annual Enrollment Worksheet, as your premiums                                    STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE CENTURYLINK RETIREE
may have changed for 2019.                                                                   NEWSLETTER
                                                                                             Visit www.centurylinkbene ts.com to get the latest retiree
                                                                                             news. This newsletter is designed to share information about
                                                                                             bene ts, the company and other topics.

4 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
Medical & Prescription Drug Overview

            SAVINGS HDHP                                  STANDARD CDHP                                                     PREMIUM CDHP
With Retiree-Funded HSA:                     With Company-Funded HRA
                                                                                                        With Company-Funded HRA Contribution:
$3,500 Single (retiree)                      Contribution:
                                                                                                        $1,000 Single (retiree)
$7,000 Single (retiree) + One or more        $500 Single (retiree)
Note: If you are age 55 or older,                                                                       $1,500 Single (retiree) + Spouse/
                                             $750 Single (retiree) + Spouse/
you can contribute an extra $1,000                                                                      Domestic partner
                                             Domestic partner
“catch-up” contribution annually.                                                                       $1,500 Single (retiree) + Children
                                             $750 Single (retiree) + Children
                                                                                                        $2,000 Family
                                             $1,000 Family
                 YOU PAY                                          YOU PAY                                                        YOU PAY

    In-Network         Out-of-Network            In-Network                 Out-of-Network                     In-Network                    Out-of-Network
Annual Deductible: (combined in-network and out-of-network)
                  Single                                            Single                                                         Single
$1,500                $3,000                 $1,500                     $3,000                          $1,500                           $3,000
                                                Single + Spouse/Domestic Partner                              Single + Spouse/Domestic Partner
                                             $2,250                     $4,500                          $2,250                           $4,500
       Single + One or more enrolled                         Single + Children                                              Single + Children
 $3,000               $6,000                 $2,250                     $4,500                          $2,250                           $4,500
                                                                    Family                                                         Family
                                             $3,000                     $6,000                          $3,000                           $6,000
 Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum: (includes deductible; combined for in-network and out-of-network expenses)
                  Single                                            Single                                                         Single
 $3,600               $7,200                 $3,600                     $7,200                          $3,200                           $6,400
                                                Single + Spouse/Domestic Partner                              Single + Spouse/Domestic Partner
                                             $5,400                     $10,800                         $4,800                           $9,600
       Single + One or more enrolled                         Single + Children                                              Single + Children
 $6,850               $14,400                $5,400                     $10,800                         $4,800                           $9,600
                      (charges above                                Family                                                         Family
                      allowable amount
                      not included)          $6,850                     $14,400                         $6,400                           $12,800
                                                                        (charges above                                                   (charges above
                                                                        allowable amount                                                 allowable amount
                                                                        not included)                                                    not included)
    In-Network         Out-of-Network            In-Network                 Out-of-Network                     In-Network                    Out-of-Network
 Preventive Care: (No Deductible)
 100%                 Not Covered            100%                       Not Covered                     100%                             Not Covered
 Inpatient (Facility), Of ce Visit, Outpatient (Facility), Prescriptions, Urgent Care
 80%                  60% of allowable       80%                        60% of allowable                80%                              60% of allowable
                      amount                                            amount                                                           amount

Administered by UnitedHealthcare. Prescription drug                           REMEMBER: Any maintenance prescription, after two retail
expenses are paid the same as any other medical expense.                       lls, will require future lls through the mail order program.

“Charges above the allowable amounts not included”                            This chart is only a summary of your bene ts. For speci c
refers to reasonable and customary (R&C) charges. Refer                       details on how services are covered, please contact your
to the Summary Plan Description for information on what’s                     medical Claims Administrator.
not covered.

                                       AE98-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical • explore+enroll+engage   • 2019 Bene ts Annual Enrollment Guide •   5
Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
Executive Medical Option Overview
In addition to your other medical options, you are eligible for the Executive Medical option. Enrollment
is automatic, and there is no cost to you.

   Percentage of Covered Expenses Payable                                                      $100%

   Lifetime Maximum Bene t for Orthodontia for Each
   Covered Person

   Calendar Year Maximum Bene t for Basic and Major
   Dental Services for Each Covered Person
   Services Not Covered                                                                        • Any service or supply not allowable as a tax deduction
                                                                                                 under the Internal Revenue Code
                                                                                               • Custodial care
                                                                                               • Vision care
                                                                                               See your Executive Medical Summary Plan Description for
                                                                                               other services not covered.

If you are enrolled in an individual Medicare plan, claims should rst be submitted to your Medicare plan. Then, submit any
remaining eligible out-of-pocket expenses to the Executive Medical Plan for reimbursement.

MEDICARE ELIGIBLE                                                                                TO CONTINUE BENEFITS ONCE YOU BECOME
Options Outside of CenturyLink                                                                   MEDICARE ELIGIBLE AND AVOID A GAP BETWEEN
• Your group health care coverage ends the rst day of the                                        YOUR GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL COVERAGE, HERE’S
  month in which you or your dependent becomes eligible                                          WHAT TO DO:
  for Medicare.
                                                                                                 STEP 1
• You can purchase any individual Medicare Supplement,
  Medicare Advantage and/or Medicare Prescription Drug                                           Enroll in Medicare Part A & Part B
  Policy available to you. These policies are not associated
  with CenturyLink.                                                                              STEP 2
• Group dental coverage continues to be offered under the
                                                                                                 Enroll in an individual Medicare Policy prior to the month
  CenturyLink bene t option.
                                                                                                 of becoming Medicare eligible
• If you have access to other coverage, such as through
  another employer or your spouse’s/domestic partner’s                                           STEP 3
  employer plan, you may want to defer Step 1 and Step 2
  (listed to the right)                                                                          Let ViaBene ts Help You Enroll
                                                                                                 • You will receive a letter from the Service Center regarding
IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A COMPANY SUBSIDY                                                          enrollment in a Medicare policy approximately 120 days
                                                                                                   prior to you or your dependent’s 65th birth date
When your Non-Medicare CenturyLink medical group plan
options end, CenturyLink will fund an HRA with company                                           • ViaBene ts will contact you approximately 90-120 days
subsidy dollars that help pay for your individual Medicare                                         prior to the month you turn age 65
medical policy and dental premiums. Your HRA dollars will roll                                   • You can contact ViaBene ts within 90 days of your
over, and any remaining balance at the end of the year will be                                     Medicare enrollment deadline at 888-825-4252 to help
forfeited. Your annual Company-funded medical HRA amounts                                          you select a medical and/or prescription policy
remain the same for 2019.
                                                                                                 NOTE: You are not obligated to enroll in a Medicare Policy
NOTE: It is your responsibility to notify the Service Center if you                              through ViaBene ts.
or your dependents become Medicare eligible prior to age 65
(for example, if you are disabled). If you don’t advise the Service
Center when you become Medicare eligible due to a disability,
Medicare may assess penalties to you or you may experience a
gap in your coverage.

6 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
Dental Overview

  Annual Bene t Maximum
                                                                                $1,000 (does not include oral surgery)
  Per Person

  You Pay

  Annual Deductible                                                             $25 for General Care and Major and Restorative; no
  Per Person                                                                    deductible for Diagnostic, Preventive or Oral Surgery

  Plan Pays (After Deductible)

  Diagnostic and Preventive - No deductible
                                                                                100% up to maximum allowable amount
  Cleanings, exams and X-rays

  General Care
                                                                                50% up to maximum allowable amount
  Fillings, root canals and periodontics

  Major and Restorative
                                                                                50% up to maximum allowable amount
  Crowns, dentures and bridges

  Oral Surgery - No deductible                                                  80% no limit

                                                                                When you use network dentists, you pay a percentage of
  Passive PPO Network
                                                                                discounted fees

                                                                                MetLife, Group Number: 305521
                                                                                Phone Number: 888-356-4191

If You and All of Your Dependents Are Medicare Eligible
• Once you choose to waive your group dental coverage, you
  will not be eligible to enroll at Annual Enrollment or if you
  experience a Quali ed Life Event (QLE).
• If you opt out of the group coverage, waive or suspend
  coverage, you can enroll in an individual dental policy of
  your choice outside of CenturyLink.
• You may enroll in an individual dental policy through
  ViaBene ts (my.viabene ts.com/centurylink) or on your
  own directly with a dental insurance carrier or a local broker
  of your choice.

                                        AE98-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical • explore+enroll+engage   • 2019 Bene ts Annual Enrollment Guide •   7
Explore + enroll + engage - Annual Enrollment begins Nov. 5, 2018 and ends Nov. 16, 2018 - CenturyLink Benefits
Paying for Your Coverage
CENTURYLINK MAKES IT EASY TO PAY FOR YOUR                                                    BE SURE TO MAKE TIMELY PAYMENTS!
RETIREE BENEFITS                                                                             If your premium payments are not received by the Service
Your 2018 bene t payment election will continue in 2019                                      Center in a timely manner, the payments may be processed
unless you make a change. If you do not have an automatic                                    due to the delay in updating records internally. In this case,
payment plan in place for your health and/or life insurance                                  you will receive a refund for the untimely payment and your
premiums, then your premiums are due on the rst day of                                       coverage will not be reinstated, except as may be determined
each month for the current month’s bene t coverage. You can                                  upon a written appeal made by you to the Plan.
contact the Service Center for payment options such as:
                                                                                             Please note that checks that are returned or direct debit
• check or money order,
                                                                                             requests that are refused due to insuf cient funds are not
• direct debit (automatic monthly withdrawal from your                                       re-deposited.
  checking or saving account), or
• a reimbursement account, if applicable.                                                    Regardless of how you pay your premiums, be sure that your
                                                                                             full contribution is received by the Service Center by the last
                                                                                             day of the month. If not, your coverage will be terminated
                                                                                             retroactively to the last day of the prior month for which full
                                                                                             payment was received.

8 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
ENROLL                           ANNUAL ENROLLMENT BEGINS NOV. 5 AND ENDS NOV. 16, 2018
                                 If you don’t enroll, you will default to your current medical/prescription drug, and/or dental bene t
                                 options, if applicable (shown on your Annual Enrollment Worksheet).

                   NOTE: If you are not making any changes or updates to your coverage, no action is required.

If you are using the website for the rst time, click on
Register as a New User and follow the prompts to set up your
                                                                                 4. Click Enroll in Your Bene ts then Enroll Now.
User ID and password. Store this information in a safe and
secure place.
                                                                                 5. Review your choices and associated premiums to make
                                                                                       your elections.

1. Go to www.centurylinkhealthandlife.com and                                    6. After you have made your elections, click Complete
    Log On with your User ID and password.

2. Once you are logged in, select Make Your Elections                            7. Look for the Completed Successfully! message and
                                                                                       print a Con rmation of Enrollment for your records. You
    to start enrolling.
                                                                                       also will receive a Con rmation of Enrollment Statement at
3. You will be taken to a step-by-step page with helpful                               your address on le.
    enrollment resources. Use the tools to nd:
                                                                                 If you forgot your User ID or Password:
    » information on your bene t options                                         Click I Forgot My Password and enter the correct information.
    » comparisons of Plan deductibles and coinsurance,                           First, con rm your identity, then reset your password.
      if applicable                                                              You’ll receive your log on information via email if you have a
                                                                                 valid email address on le. If not, your log on information will
    » whether a doctor or other medical provider is an                           be mailed to the address on le. It can take up to 10 business
      in-network or out-of-network provider                                      days to receive this information by mail.
    » links to vendor websites
                                                                                 If you are adding a previously suspended dependent to your
    » printable copies of Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) and
                                                                                 coverage, please see page 11 for additional information.
      Summaries of Material Modi cations (SMMs)

                BY PHONE
                Service Center representatives will be available to answer your questions or help with your
                enrollment. You must call 800-729-7526 before Friday, Nov.16 at 5:30 p.m. Mountain time
                to complete your enrollment.

REMEMBER: If you need to call the Service Center during Annual Enrollment, please keep in mind that the rst and last days
of Annual Enrollment are usually the busiest. You can also nd answers to many of your bene t questions in this Annual
Enrollment Guide or on the Health and Life website. You also have the ability to ask questions via the Web Chat
feature on the Health and Life website.

If you do not make any changes, your Annual Enrollment Worksheet will serve as your Con rmation of Enrollment Statement.
You can print a copy of your 2019 elections until Dec. 31, 2018, by following the instructions below.

1. Log on to www.centurylinkhealthandlife.com.                                   4. To print, click on the Print icon on the top right side of
                                                                                       the screen.
2. Click on the Health and Insurance tab.
                                                                                 5. Keep a copy of this page for your records.
3. Click on the blue tile labeled View Pending Coverage
    Costs (effective Jan. 1, 2019).

                                          AE98-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical • explore+enroll+engage   • 2019 Bene ts Annual Enrollment Guide •   9
Helpful Resources
 BENEFIT OPTION                                        PHONE                                                ONLINE
 Health Care
 CenturyLink Service Center                            800-729-7526 M–F,                                    The CenturyLink Health and Life website
                                                       7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.                               www.centurylinkhealthandlife.com
                                                       Mountain time                                                    Search: UPoint HR Mobile App
                                                                                                                        available for free in the App Store®
                                                                                                                        and Google Play
 Medical                                               UnitedHealthcare:                                    UnitedHealthcare:
 CDHPs, HDHP and Executive                             800-842-1219                                         www.myuhc.com
 Medical Option
 Prescription Drug Program                             UnitedHealthcare:                                    UnitedHealthcare:
                                                       800-842-1219                                         www.myuhc.com
 Dental Plan                                           MetLife: 888-356-4191                                www.metlife.com/mybene ts
                                                       Group Number: 305521
 Health Care Advocacy Services                         CenturyLink Service Center for                       www.alight.com/advocacy
 Free assistance with health and life                  Health and Welfare Bene ts:
 claims and accessing health care                      800-729-7526
 services if enrolled in health care
 bene ts through CenturyLink

 ViaBene ts                                            888-825-4252                                         my.viabene ts.com/centurylink
 (Medicare-eligible participants)

Need to update your address or phone number? Log on to www.centurylinkhealthandlife.com or contact the Service
Center at 800-729-7526 (press Option 2, then Option 1).

10 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
Important Coverage Rules
REFER TO YOUR SUMMARY PLAN DESCRIPTION FOR                                    2. Plan coverage for your previously suspended dependents
A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF COVERAGE RULES.*                                       will become effective Jan. 1, 2019, with the following
Dual Coverage                                                                    exception. If validation is required and veri cation forms
CenturyLink retirees are prohibited from being enrolled in more                  are not received by the Service Center by the deadline, your
than one CenturyLink medical/prescription drug or dental Plan                    dependents will be removed retroactively from coverage.
bene t option (except as noted below).                                           You will be required to reimburse the Plan for any claims
                                                                                 paid while the previously suspended dependents were
• If you elect coverage during Annual Enrollment, and are                        ineligible under the Plan.
  also covered as a dependent on another employee’s/                          .
  retiree’s coverage, you will remain in coverage under your                  What happens to your bene ts if you return to work
  own record, but you will be removed as a dependent from                     directly for the company as an active employee or work
  the other employee’s/retiree’s coverage once the enrollment                 for a supplier on assignment to the company after you
  period ends.                                                                retire or leave employment? If you are eligible for retiree
• If you are a retired CenturyLink employee enrolled as a                     health care or life insurance from the company, refer to the
  dependent through a Qwest Pre-1991 retiree’s coverage,                      applicable section below to see how your retiree bene ts may
  you will be allowed to remain enrolled as both a dependent                  be impacted.
  and as a retiree, and you also may cover the Pre-1991
  retiree as your dependent.                                                  NOTE: If you have VEBA life insurance, that coverage will not
                                                                              be impacted.
NOTE: Pre-1991 retirees must be enrolled in the Company
Guaranteed Plan; otherwise, dual coverage does not apply.                     If you are rehired in a status that is eligible for active
                                                                              employee bene ts, you will be offered the same bene ts
Waiving Coverage                                                              as other similarly situated CenturyLink employees based on
You may waive medical/prescription drug and/or dental                         your employee classi cation. If you have retiree supplemental
retiree coverage. If you do, you will not be eligible to enroll               life insurance coverage, you will be eligible to elect active
in that coverage at any time in the future for any reason.                    supplemental life insurance coverage. If there is a loss of
“Waiving” coverage is permanent and different from                            supplemental life coverage between what you previously
“suspending”coverage (meaning you can’t be covered again).                    had prior to your rehire date and the amount as an active
                                                                              employee, you may convert the difference with Metropolitan
Suspending Coverage                                                           Life Insurance Company. If you continued supplemental life
If you suspended medical/prescription drug or dental                          coverage through Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, you
coverage when you retired and do not make an af rmative                       will be required to surrender this policy when you return to
election during Annual Enrollment, your coverage will remain                  retiree status in order to resume your retiree supplemental life
in suspended status. If you now wish to participate in the                    coverage, if applicable.
medical/prescription drug or dental Plan bene t options, you
must make an af rmative election during Annual Enrollment.                    If you return to work for a supplier on assignment to
You may suspend your coverage one time and re-enroll at a                     the company, you are not eligible to continue your
later date. (This is not the same as waiving coverage.) This                  CenturyLink retiree health care bene ts. This means
rule does not apply to retirees who become re-employed                        that while you are working for the supplier, your retiree
directly with the Company as an active employee or who work                   health care bene ts will be suspended. However, you will
for a supplier to the Company.                                                be offered the opportunity to continue your retiree medical
                                                                              and/or dental options under COBRA. Your retiree basic and
Covering Previously Suspended Dependents During                               supplemental life coverage, if applicable, will continue under
Annual Enrollment                                                             the terms of the CenturyLink Life Insurance Plan (“the Plan”).
To cover previously suspended dependents during Annual                        In addition, please be advised that as a worker for a supplier
Enrollment, your action is required.                                          or company contractor, you are not eligible for CenturyLink
                                                                              active employee health care bene ts. Retiree health care
1. To add previously suspended dependents, follow the                         bene ts are reinstated once your work with the supplier/
   prompts during your online enrollment or contact the Service               contractor for the company has ended. You will need to call the
   Center. A Dependent Veri cation packet may be sent to you                  Service Center to get your bene ts reinstated.
   automatically in December 2018. Follow the instructions
   outlined in the packet and respond by the deadline.

* If you can’t locate your SPD, you can access it on the Health and Life website at www.centurylinkhealthandlife.com.
  Alternatively, you can request a paper copy by calling the Service Center at 800-729-7526 (press Option 2, then Option 1).

                                      AE98-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical • explore+enroll+engage   • 2019 Bene ts Annual Enrollment Guide •   11
Once your employment or assignment ends, you                                                NOTE: If you are Medicare eligible and have enrolled in
may resume your retiree health care, basic and supplemental                                 an individual Medicare policy, you may need to complete a
life insurance coverage, if applicable, in accordance with                                  disenrollment process to be released by that carrier from the
the terms of the Plan by calling the Service Center at                                      individual plan (which can take up to 60 days).
800-729-7526. If you returned to work for a supplier on
assignment to the company, CenturyLink will validate that
your assignment has ended before you will be allowed to                                     If this applies to you and you have questions regarding
resume your retiree health care coverage.                                                   coverage, call the Service Center at 800-729-7526 Monday –
                                                                                            Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mountain time.

Legal and Important Required Notices
A Note About Privacy                                         the right to interpret and resolve any                         Bene ts and contribution obligations,
Keeping your personal information                            ambiguities in the Plan or any document                        if any, are determined by CenturyLink
secure is of primary importance to                           relating to the Plan.                                          in its sole discretion or by collective
CenturyLink. That’s why we, along                                                                                           bargaining, if applicable.
with the bene ts administrators, have                        Coverage Is Not Advice
implemented various security measures                        Health Plan coverage is not health care                        NOTE: While the Plan has processes
and policies to help reduce the risk of                      advice. Please keep in mind that the                           in place to prevent errors and mistakes,
unauthorized processing or disclosure                        sole purpose of the Plan is to provide                         if a clerical error or mistake happens
of your personal information. You can                        payment for certain eligible health care                       (however occurring), such error or
also help by keeping con dential your                        expenses – not to guide or direct the                          mistake does not create a right to a
User ID and password for accessing the                       course of treatment for any employee,                          Bene t or level of contribution rate
CenturyLink Health and Life website.                         inactive retiree or eligible dependent. If                     under the Plan. You have an obligation
Please keep this information safe and                        your health care provider recommends                           to correct any errors or omissions that
don’t share it with anyone. Never use                        a course of treatment, be sure to check                        come to your attention by calling the
your Social Security number as your                          with the Plan to determine whether or                          Service Center to correct the error or
password. Together, we can make sure                         not that course of treatment is covered                        omission.
your personal information stays safe and                     under the Plan. However, only you and
secure. Please be advised that using an                      your health care provider can decide                           Right to Amend and/or Discontinue
email that is not secured may increase                       what the right health care decision is for                     and Make Rules
your risk of unauthorized disclosure.                        you. Decisions by a claims administrator                       The company and its delegate, the
                                                             or the Plan Administrator are solely                           CenturyLink Plan Design Committee,
Notice of Privacy Practices                                  decisions with respect to Plan coverage                        each has reserved the right in its
You can review and print the complete                        and do not constitute health care                              sole discretion, to change, modify,
notice at www.centurylinkhealthandlife.                      recommendations or advice.                                     discontinue or terminate the Plan and/
com. You may obtain a paper copy upon                                                                                       or any of the bene ts under the Plan
request by calling the Service Center                        The Company’s Reserved Rights                                  and/or contribution levels, with respect
at 800-729-7526 (press option 2 and then                     This document summarizes certain                               to all participants classes, retired or
option 1).                                                   provisions of the CenturyLink Disability                       otherwise, and their bene ciaries at any
                                                             Plan, the CenturyLink Life Insurance                           time without prior notice or consultation,
This Is a Summary of Material                                Plan and the CenturyLink Retiree and                           subject to applicable law, speci c written
Modi cations (SMM)                                           Inactive Health Plan (collectively referred                    agreement and the terms of the Plan
This document is intended to serve as a                      to as the “Plan”). For speci c employee                        Document and with respect to the Health
Summary of Material Modi cations (the                        bene t Plan information, refer to the                          Plan, the written agreement speci c to
“SMM”) pursuant to the requirements                          respective of cial Plan Documents,                             Qwest Pre-1991 Retirees and Qwest
of Section 104 of the Employee                               including the applicable Summary Plan                          ERO ’92 Retirees. The CenturyLink
Retirement Income Security Act of                            Description and Summaries of Material                          Employee Bene ts Committee, as
1974, as amended (“ERISA”). This                             Modi cations, if any. If there is any                          the Plan Administrator, may adopt, at
SMM noti es you of certain changes to                        con ict between the terms of the of cial                       any time, rules and procedures that it
the CenturyLink sponsored Plans (the                         Plan Documents and this document,                              determines to be necessary or desirable
“Plan”). Please keep this SMM with your                      the terms of the of cial Plan Documents                        with respect to the operation of the Plan.
Summary Plan Description for the Plan                        will govern. The Plan Administrator has                        The Plan Administrator has the authority,
for future reference. This document                          the authority, discretion and the right to                     discretion and the right to interpret and
summarizes only certain provisions of                        interpret and resolve any ambiguities in                       resolve any ambiguities in the Plans or
the Plan. If there is any con ict between                    the Plan or any document relating to the                       any document relating to the Plans.
the terms of the Plan documents                              Plan, to supply omissions and resolve
and this SMM, the terms of the Plan                          con icts.
documents will govern. The company
has reserved to the Plan Administrator

12 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
Notice of “Exempt” Retiree Medical             documentation under any of the Plans;                          mastectomy, including lymphedemas,
Plan Status                                    you certify that you or your dependent(s)                      in a manner determined in consultation
The CenturyLink Retiree and Inactive           are eligible to enroll in a bene t option,                     with the attending physician and the
Health Plan, and all of its bene t options     including voluntary or supplemental                            patient.
meet the requirements of a stand-              coverages. Please refer to the applicable                      • As with other bene t coverages under
alone exempt retiree medical bene t            Plan document or SPD for details                                 the Plan, this coverage is subject
plan under Section 732 of ERISA and,           about eligibility for coverage or call the                       to each medical bene t option’s
therefore, is not required to comply           Claims Administrator – limitations may                           annual deductible (if any), required
with bene t mandates of the Patient            apply including, but not limited to, being                       coinsurance payments, bene t
Protection and Affordable Care Act             actively at work in order to be eligible for                     maximums, and copay provisions that
(PPACA). However, CenturyLink has              coverage. You understand that it is your                         may apply under each of the bene t
decided to voluntarily apply certain           responsibility to con rm your eligibility                        options available under the Plan.
provisions of the PPACA to these bene t        to enroll in a bene t option, including
options. This voluntary application of         voluntary or supplemental coverages;                           • You should carefully review the
certain PPACA provisions is separate           enrolling in and paying for coverage for                         provisions of the Plan, the medical
from and not part of the health care           which you are ineligible will not entitle                        bene t option in which you elect to
commitment to the Qwest Pre-1991 and           you to Bene ts; you understand that it is                        participate, and its SPD and SMM
Qwest ERO ’92 Retiree populations.             your responsibility to terminate bene t                          (if any) regarding any applicable
This means that for all retirees, this         coverage once you or your dependent(s)                           restrictions. Contact the Claims
voluntary compliance with PPACA may            become ineligible, for example, divorce,                         Administrator of your medical bene t
be changed or ended at any time and            death, etc.                                                      option for more information.
does not waive the Plan’s status as            For speci c employee bene t plan
“exempt” from PPACA. If you choose                                                                            Health Insurance Portability and
                                               information, including terms and
to participate in the new Medicare                                                                            Accountability Act (HIPAA)
                                               conditions for eligibility, limitations and
Advantage PPO or HRA, the policy you           Bene ts refer to the respective Plan                           Under the Special Enrollment rules
elect is an individual policy.                 Documents, including the applicable                            under HIPAA, you may enroll yourself
                                               Summary Plan Description and                                   and eligible dependents in the Health
Important Note Regarding Your                  Summaries of Material Modi cations, if                         Plan upon the loss of other coverage,
Annual Enrollment Elections                    any. If there is any con ict between the                       referred to as the “other plan,” to include
By electing to participate in the Plans        terms of the Plan Documents and this                           the following:
(the CenturyLink Disability Plan, the          correspondence, the terms of the Plan
CenturyLink Life Insurance Plan and the                                                                       • Termination of employer contribution
                                               Documents will govern.                                           toward other coverage;
CenturyLink Retiree and Inactive Health
Plan), by your submission of information,      Women’s Health and Cancer Rights                               • Moving out of a service area if the
you have agreed to be bound to and by          Act                                                              other plan does not offer other
the provisions of each of the Plans and        • This notice is provided to you in                              coverage;
their administrative practices, including,       compliance with the federal law entitled                     • Ceasing to be a dependent, as de ned
but not limited to with respect to the           the Women’s Health and Cancer                                  in the other plan;
recovery of over and underpayments,              Rights Act of 1998 (the “Act”). The Plan
terms and conditions for eligibility and                                                                      • Loss of coverage to a class of similarly
                                                 provides medical and surgical bene ts
Bene ts. You certify that the submission                                                                        situated individuals under the other
                                                 in connection with a mastectomy. In
of information by you in this enrollment                                                                        plan (e.g., when the other plan does
                                                 accordance with the requirements of
process is true and accurate to the best                                                                        not cover temporary/contractors).
                                                 the Act, the Plan also provides bene ts
of your knowledge, unless you submit             for certain reconstructive surgery.                          If your spouse/domestic partner
changes as instructed; you agree that                                                                         or other dependents have special
you’ll submit new information timely           • In particular, the Plan will provide,
                                                                                                              enrollment rights, you may enroll and
as changes occur. You understand                 to an eligible participant who is
                                                                                                              make changes to your enrollment in
that if you are found to have falsi ed           receiving (or who presents a claim to
                                                                                                              any health plan bene t option available
any document in support of a claim               receive) bene ts in connection with
                                                                                                              to you based upon your home ZIP
for eligibility or reimbursement, the            a mastectomy and who elects breast
                                                                                                              code and plan service areas within 45
Plan Administrator may, subject to               reconstruction in connection with
                                                                                                              days following the qualifying event.
and as may be permitted under the                such mastectomy, coverage for: (1)
                                                                                                              For example, if you have Employee
requirements of law, without anyone’s            reconstruction of the breast on which
                                                                                                              Only coverage in a CenturyLink bene t
consent, terminate your and/or your              the mastectomy has been performed;
                                                                                                              option, and your spouse/ domestic
dependent(s’) coverage, and the Claims           (2) surgery and reconstruction of the
                                                                                                              partner loses coverage under his/
Administrator may refuse to honor any            other breast to produce a symmetrical
                                                                                                              her employer’s plan and has special
claim you or your dependent(s’) may              appearance; and (3) prostheses and
                                                                                                              enrollment rights, both you and your
have made or will make under the Plans           treatment of physical complications
                                                                                                              spouse/domestic partner may enroll in
if applicable. You understand that you           associated with all the stages of
                                                                                                              any of the CenturyLink bene t options
are liable and bear the full nancial                                                                          available to you, provided you verify your
responsibility for the misappropriation                                                                       spouse’s/domestic partner’s eligibility for
of Plan funds through the ling of false                                                                       the Plan.

                                      AE98-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical • explore+enroll+engage   • 2019 Bene ts Annual Enrollment Guide •   13
Premium Assistance Under Medicaid                            If you or your dependents are already                          If you or your dependents are eligible
and the Children’s Health Insurance                          enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP and you                           for premium assistance under Medicaid
Program (CHIP)                                               live in a State listed below, contact your                     or CHIP, as well as eligible under your
                                                             State Medicaid or CHIP of ce to nd out                         employer plan, your employer must
NOTE: This is an updated notice.                             if premium assistance is available.                            allow you to enroll in your employer plan
                                                                                                                            if you aren’t already enrolled. This is
If you or your children are eligible for                     If you or your dependents are NOT                              called a “special enrollment” opportunity,
Medicaid or CHIP and you’re eligible for                     currently enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP,                        and you must request coverage
health coverage from your employer,                          and you think you or any of your                               within 60 days of being determined
your state may have a premium                                dependents might be eligible for                               eligible for premium assistance. If you
assistance program that can help pay                         either of these programs, contact                              have questions about enrolling in your
for coverage, using funds from their                         your State Medicaid or CHIP of ce                              employer plan, contact the Department
Medicaid or CHIP programs. If you or                         or dial 1-877-KIDS NOW or                                      of Labor at www.askebsa.dol.gov or
your children aren’t eligible for Medicaid                   www.insurekidsnow.gov to nd out                                call 1-866-444-EBSA (3272).
or CHIP, you won’t be eligible for these                     how to apply. If you qualify, ask your
premium assistance programs but you                          state if it has a program that might help
may be able to buy individual insurance                      you pay the premiums for an employer-
coverage through the Health Insurance                        sponsored plan.
Marketplace. For more information, visit

If you live in one of the following states, you may be eligible for assistance paying your employer health plan
premiums. The following list of states is current as of July 31, 2018. Contact your State for more information on

ALABAMA – Medicaid                                                                          INDIANA – Medicaid
Website: http://myalhipp.com                                                                Healthy Indiana Plan for low-income adults 19-64
Phone: 1-855-692-5447                                                                       Website: http://www.in.gov/fssa/hip/
                                                                                            Phone: 1-877-438-4479
ALASKA – Medicaid                                                                           All other Medicaid
The AK Health Insurance Premium Payment Program                                             Website: http://www.indianamedicaid.com
Website: http://myakhipp.com/                                                               Phone 1-800-403-0864
Phone: 1-866-251-4861
Email: CustomerService@MyAKHIPP.com                                                         IOWA – Medicaid
Medicaid Eligibility: http://dhss.alaska.gov/dpa/Pages/                                     Website: http://dhs.iowa.gov/hawk-i
medicaid/default.aspx                                                                       Phone: 1-800-257-8563

ARKANSAS – Medicaid                                                                         KANSAS – Medicaid
Website: http://myarhipp.com/                                                               Website: http://www.kdheks.gov/hcf/
Phone: 1-855-MyARHIPP (855-692-7447)                                                        Phone: 1-785-296-3512

COLORADO – Health First Colorado (Colorado’s                                                KENTUCKY – Medicaid
MedicaidProgram) & Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)                                            Website: http://chfs.ky.gov
Health First Colorado Website:                                                              Phone: 1-800-635-2570
https://www.health rstcolorado.com/
Health First Colorado Member Contact Center:                                                LOUISIANA – Medicaid
1-800-221-3943/ State Relay 711                                                             Website: http://dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/subhome/1/n/331
CHP+: Colorado.gov/HCPF/Child-Health-Plan-Plus                                              Phone: 1-888-695-2447
CHP+ Customer Service: 1-800-359-1991/State Relay 711
                                                                                            MAINE – Medicaid
FLORIDA – Medicaid                                                                          Website: http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/o /public-assistance/
Website: http:// medicaidtplrecovery.com/hipp/                                              index.html
Phone: 1-877-357-3268                                                                       Phone: 1-800-442-6003
                                                                                            TTY: Maine relay 711
GEORGIA – Medicaid
Website: http://dch.georgia.gov/medicaid                                                    MASSACHUSETTS – Medicaid and CHIP
Click on Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP)                                            Website: http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/gov/departments/
Phone: 404-656-4507                                                                         masshealth/
                                                                                            Phone: 1-800-862-4840

14 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
MINNESOTA – Medicaid                                                        PENNSYLVANIA – Medicaid
Website: http://mn.gov/dhs/people-we-serve/seniors/health-                  Website: http://www.dhs.pa.gov/provider/medicalassistance/
care/health-care-programs/programs-and-services/other-                      healthinsurancepremiumpaymenthippprogram/index.htm
insurance.jsp                                                               Phone: 1-800-692-7462
Phone: 1-800-657-3739
                                                                            RHODE ISLAND – Medicaid
MISSOURI – Medicaid                                                         Website: http://www.eohhs.ri.gov/
Website: http://www.dss.mo.gov/mhd/participants/                            Phone: 855-697-4347
Phone: 573-751-2005                                                         SOUTH CAROLINA – Medicaid
                                                                            Website: http://www.scdhhs.gov
MONTANA – Medicaid                                                          Phone: 1-888-549-0820
Website: http://dphhs.mt.gov/MontanaHealthcare
Programs/HIPP                                                               SOUTH DAKOTA – Medicaid
Phone: 1-800-694-3084                                                       Website: http://dss.sd.gov
                                                                            Phone: 1-888-828-0059
NEBRASKA – Medicaid
Website: http://www.ACCESSNebraska.ne.gov                                   TEXAS – Medicaid
Phone: 1-855-632-7633                                                       Website: http://gethipptexas.com/
Lincoln: 402-473-7000                                                       Phone: 1-800-440-0493
Omaha: 402-595-1178
                                                                            UTAH – Medicaid and CHIP
NEVADA – Medicaid                                                           Medicaid Website: https://medicaid.utah.gov/
Website: https://dhcfp.nv.gov                                               CHIP Website: http://health.utah.gov/chip
Phone: 1-800-992-0900                                                       Phone: 1-877-543-7669

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Medicaid                                                    VERMONT – Medicaid
Website: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/ombp/nhhpp/                                Website: http://www.greenmountaincare.org/
Phone: 603-271-5218                                                         Phone: 1-800-250-8427
Hotline: NH Medicaid Service Center at 1-888-901-4999
                                                                            VIRGINIA – Medicaid and CHIP
NEW JERSEY – Medicaid and CHIP                                              Medicaid Website: http://www.coverva.org/programs_
Medicaid Website: http://www.state.nj.us/                                   premium_assistance.cfm
humanservices/dmahs/clients/medicaid/                                       Medicaid Phone: 1-800-432-5924
CHIP Website: http://www.njfamilycare.org/index.html                        CHIP Website: http://www.coverva.org/programs_premium_
Medicaid Phone: 609-631-2392                                                assistance.cfm
CHIP Phone: 1-800-701-0710                                                  CHIP Phone: 1-855-242-8282

NEW YORK – Medicaid                                                         WASHINGTON – Medicaid
Website: https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/                    Website: http://www.hca.wa.gov/free-or-low-cost-health-care/
Phone: 1-800-541-2831                                                       program-administration/premium-payment-program
                                                                            Phone: 1-800-562-3022, ext. 15473
Website: https://dma.ncdhhs.gov/                                            WEST VIRGINIA – Medicaid
Phone: 919-855-4100                                                         Website: http://mywvhipp.com/
                                                                            Phone: 1-855-MyWVHIPP (1-855-699-8447)
Website: http://www.nd.gov/dhs/services/medicalserv/                        WISCONSIN – Medicaid and CHIP
medicaid/                                                                   Website: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/publications/p1/
Phone: 1-844-854-4825                                                       p10095.pdf
                                                                            Phone: 1-800-362-3002
OKLAHOMA – Medicaid and CHIP
Website: http://www.insureoklahoma.org                                      WYOMING – Medicaid
Phone: 1-888-365-3742                                                       Website: https://wyequalitycare.acs-inc.com/
                                                                            Phone: 307-777-7531
OREGON – Medicaid
Website: http://healthcare.oregon.gov/Pages/index.aspx                      To see if any other states have added a premium assistance
http://www.oregonhealthcare.gov/index-es.html                               program since July 31, 2018, or for more information on
Phone: 1-800-699-9075                                                       special enrollment rights, contact either:

                                   AE98-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical • explore+enroll+engage   • 2019 Bene ts Annual Enrollment Guide •   15
U.S. Department of Labor                                      events, or a second qualifying event                           OTHER COVERAGE OPTIONS
 Employee Bene ts Security                                     during the initial period of coverage,                         There may be other, more affordable
 Administration                                                may permit a bene ciary to receive a                           coverage options for you and your
 www.dol.gov/ebsa                                              maximum of 36 months of coverage.                              family through the Health Insurance
 1-866-444-EBSA (3272)                                         Upon termination, or other COBRA                               Marketplace, Medicaid, or other group
                                                               qualifying event, the former employee                          health plan coverage options (such as
 U.S. Department of Health and Human                           and any other QBs will receive COBRA                           a spouse’s plan) through what is called
 Services                                                      enrollment information. Qualifying                             a “special enrollment period,” even if
 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid                               events for employees include voluntary/                        the plan generally doesn’t accept late
 Services                                                      involuntary termination of employment,                         enrollees.
 www.cms.hhs.gov                                               and the reduction in the number of hours
 1-877-267-2323, Menu Option 4,                                of employment.                                                 In the Marketplace, you could be eligible
 Ext. 61565                                                                                                                   for a new kind of tax credit that lowers
                                                               Qualifying events for spouses/domestic                         your monthly premiums right away,
 OMB Control Number 1210-0137                                  partners or dependent children include                         and you can see what your premium,
 (expires 12/31/2019)                                          those events above, plus, the covered                          deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs
                                                               employee’s becoming entitled to                                will be before you make a decision to
 If You Voluntarily Elect to Drop                              Medicare, divorce or legal separation                          enroll. Being eligible for COBRA doesn’t
 Coverage                                                      of the covered employee, death of the                          limit your eligibility for coverage for a tax
 If you voluntarily drop coverage for                          covered employee, and the loss of                              credit through the Marketplace.
 yourself or a dependent during Annual                         dependent status under the plan rules. If
 Enrollment, without there being a                             a QB chooses to continue group bene ts                         You should compare your other
 Quali ed Life Event (QLE), you and/or                         under COBRA, he or she must complete                           coverage options with COBRA
 your dependent will not be eligible for                       an enrollment form and return it to the                        continuation coverage and choose
 continuation of health care coverage                          Plan Administrator with the appropriate                        the coverage that is best for you. For
 under the federal law known as COBRA.                         premium due. Upon receipt of premium                           example, if you move to other coverage,
 Eligibility for COBRA continuation                            payment and enrollment form, the                               you may pay more out of pocket than
 coverage occurs only in cases of QLEs.                        coverage will be reinstated. Thereafter,                       you would under COBRA, because
 For more information on what is a QLE,                        premiums are due on the rst of the                             the new coverage may impose a new
 refer to the Summary Plan Description.                        month. If premium payments are not                             deductible.
                                                               received in a timely manner, federal law
 Continuation of Coverage                                      stipulates that your coverage will be                          When you lose job-based health
 Under the Consolidated Omnibus                                canceled after a 30-day grace period. If                       coverage, it’s important that you choose
 Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of                          you have any questions about COBRA                             carefully between COBRA continuation
 1985, COBRA quali ed bene ciaries                             or the Plan, please contact the Service                        coverage and other coverage options,
 (QBs) generally are eligible for group                        Center at 800-729-7526.                                        because once you’ve made your choice,
 coverage during a maximum of 18                                                                                              it can be dif cult or impossible to switch
 months for qualifying events due to                                                                                          to another coverage option.
 employment termination or reduction of
 hours of employment. Certain qualifying                                                                                      More information on health insurance
                                                                                                                              options through the Marketplace can be
                                                                                                                              found at www.HealthCare.gov.

H000209368 2019 CTL Executive Enrollment Guide

16 • 2019 Bene   ts Annual Enrollment Guide • explore+enroll+engage • AE19-Ret-EXE • CenturyLink Retirees with Executive Medical
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