2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships

2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
                          With Ottawa O-Fest and Azimut Races
                                              July 20-28, 2019
                          Bulletin No. 2 (updated July 23/19)

   Welcome to the 2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships! This event is being organized and hosted by the
   Montreal Ramblers Orienteering Club and will be held in conjunction with several other orienteering events,
   including the Ottawa Orienteering Club’s O-Fest and several mid-week events hosted by Azimut Laurentides
   Orienteering Club. Registration for all competitions is available through our online site.

                      Welcome everyone to the 2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships! On behalf of
                      Orienteering Canada I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Montreal Ramblers for
                      taking on the challenge of organizing our annual championships. It is always a time when
                      friends and competitors come together to catch up, challenge each other, and enjoy a bit of
                      summer in the forest together. For the organizing team, it is a lot of hard work, rewarded by
                      seeing the smiles on the faces of all the orienteers. This year the Ramblers are introducing
                      us to new maps in new areas for orienteering. In addition they are offering us a number of
                      low-key orienteering opportunities in advance of the championship races. Lots of
                      opportunity for us to practice our favourite sport! Thank you Ramblers. Enjoy the week,
Anne Teutsch, Pres.   enjoy the forest, take a second to thank a volunteer or two. And if you pass me in the forest,
Orienteering Canada   don’t go by tooo fast!

                       On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend greetings to all competitors
                       and visitors to our event. It has been exciting and challenging to organize the Canadian
                       Orienteering Championships in the Montreal area for the first time in over 20 years. We are
                       very grateful to the cities of Laval and Rawdon, and especially to Kinadapt Center and its
                       owner Peter Boutin, for their support of our sport and to enable our use of their interesting
                       terrain. The maps for the Middle and Long courses are one of a kind and we are sure you
                       will find them interesting and challenging.
                       After more than a year of preparation we are ready to offer you great courses and hope
  Dmitri Golovanov
  COC 2019 Director
                       that you will come again to future events!

                                                          Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
Table of Contents
Page                                             Topic
  3    Information and Contacts
  3    Schedule
  4    Map
  4    Registration, Race Kits, Registration Changes, Waivers and Information Desk
  5    Rules
  5     Start Times
  5    Electronic Timing System
  5     Competitor Risk & Responsibilities
  6    Dogs and Drones
  6     Fair Play
  6    Medical & Safety
  7     O-Store
  7     Volunteers
  8     Ottawa O-Fest
  8     O-Fest Officials
  8     O-Fest Middle Event
 10     O-Fest Long Event
 13     O-Fest Accommodation
 14    Mid-Week Events
 14    Azimut Laurentides Junior Orienteering Camp
 14     HPP Fundraiser Relay
 15     Vampire-O
 16    Azimut Barebones
 17     Orienteering Canada AGM and Conference
 18    Maize-O-Mais
 19     Canadian Championship Events
 19     COC Officials & Organizing Committee
 19     Start Procedure for COCs
 21     Finish Procedure for COCs
 22     Complaints & Protests
 22     COC Sprint Event
 26     COC Middle & Long Events
 26    General Information
 28     COC Middle Course
 30     COC Long Course
 32     Canadian Championship Awards
 32    Accommodation
 33    Banquet & Silent Auction
 34    Dorwin Falls
 34     Food Services
 35     Sponsors

                                             Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
Information and Contacts
Start lists, results and updates for the Ottawa O-Fest and the Canadian Championships will be posted on the
event website at coc2019.ca.
Notices and updates will also be posted at each Event Centre.

For information specific to the Ottawa O-Fest please email ofest@ottawaoc.ca.
For information specific to the Canadian Championships please email info@coc2019.ca.

Other links:
                     Ramblers OC Website http://www.ramblersoc.ca/
                     Event Website       http://www.coc2019.ca
                     Email               info@coc2019.ca
                     Facebook            https://www.facebook.com/ramblersorienteering
                     Twitter             https://twitter.com/ramblers_oc

       Date                           Event                              Location                Race Start Time
 Saturday, July 20              Ottawa O-Fest Middle                    Orleans, ON                       1 pm

  Sunday, July 21                Ottawa O-Fest Long             Larose Forest, Limoges, ON               10 am

Sun – Fri, July 21-26      Azimut Laurentides Junior Camp            Morin Heights, QC

  Monday, July 22               HPP Fundraiser Race             Larose Forest, Limoges, ON               10 am

  Tuesday, July 23                   Vampire O                  Camping Morin Heights, QC                 8 pm

Wednesday, July 24               Azimut Barebones                    Morin Heights, QC                 9 – 11 am
                            Orienteering Canda AGM and      Ski Morin-Heights Chalet, 2 floor
 Thursday, July 25                                                                                       10 am
                                    Conference              231 Rue Allen, Morin-Heights, QC
Thurs – Sun, July 25-
                                Practice Course open           Dorwin Falls Park, Rawdon, QC
                                  COC Sprint Race              Parc Nature de Laval, Laval, QC           10 am
   Friday, July 26
                                    Corn-Maze O                  Farm Rivest, Rawdon, QC               5 – 6:30 pm

                                 COC Middle Event                  Kinadapt, Rawdon, QC                  10 am

                           Sprint & Middle Medal Ceremony       Ski Montcalm, Rawdon, QC                  5 pm
 Saturday, July 27
                                   Silent Auction                      Ski Montcalm                     5 – 8 pm

                                      Banquet                          Ski Montcalm                     6 – 8 pm

  Sunday, July 28                 COC Long Event                   Kinadapt, Rawdon, QC                  10 am

                                                            Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
General Information

Registration, Race Kits, Registration Changes, Waivers and Information Desk

Pre-registration is required for all O-Fest and Canadian Championship events.
Day of race registration for these competitions is available only to Open class participants.
Day of race registration will be available for the fun events taking place during the week.

Please notify the registration / information team if you change your SI stick and / or if you find any errors in
your registration information (name, gender, class).

Other optional changes, such as adding a new event, changing classes or courses, will be at the discretion of
the registrar. The earlier requests are submitted the greater the likelihood that they can be accommodated.

Changes requested after the registration deadline of July 6 will be made for exceptional circumstances only
and are not guaranteed.

Race Kit Pick-Up will be available in the arena at each race. The Registration/Information Desk will be open
one hour in advance of the first start of each event (see schedule) and will remain open until all competitors
have finished their courses. Our registration/information team will be happy to help you with any questions or
requirements you may have.

Waivers must be signed before picking up race kits. The waiver is available online at in both English and
French. Parents must sign waivers for those under 18.

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
This event is organized per Orienteering Canada rules which can be found at

Start Times
The start list for the O-Fest Middle, and the three COC races (Sprint, Middle & Long) is online at
coc2019.ca. These start times are also printed on the race bibs.

Start times for the O-Fest Long will be based on O-Fest Middle results, and will be published online Saturday
evening after the results are finalized.

The HPP Relay and Vampire–O will be mass starts.

Starts for Barebones event and Maize-O will be a punch start, with no pre-set start times.

Electronic Timing System: SI
The SPORTident (SI) punching and timing system will be used for all events. Competitors who do not own
their own timing stick will be required to rent one from the organizers or purchase one from the O-Store.
Competitors who are renting SI sticks will find them in their registration packages.
Touchless timing will also be available for competitors using SIAC timing sticks.

Each control on the course will have a flag, a control unit and a manual punch along with a control code on top
of the unit. SI sticks must be cleared and checked before each race. Once on course, a short beep and red
light flash indicate confirmation that the competitor’s SI stick has registered. If confirmation is not received,
competitors must use the manual punch and mark one of the “R” boxes on their map. Inform a finish official
after the race if you have used a manual punch.

Competitor Risk and Responsibility

Competitors must sign the event waiver, acknowledging they are participating at their own risk.
Competitors must take their own safety precautions and are responsible for injuries that may occur to them
during the races as well as accidents on the way to and from an event.
Open fires and smoking are prohibited in all competition areas.
Every competitor must carry a whistle while on course. Whistles will be for sale at the Registration Desk
and the O-Store, and should be used by anybody requiring urgent help due to injury or distress.
Competitors are encouraged to assist anyone who is injured, has blown their whistle, and requires physical
All maps/control descriptions specify a “safety bearing”, which will guide lost competitors to a major trail,
road or the finish arena.

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
Competitors must download at the download station after they reach the finish even if they do not complete
their course. This is VERY important as this is how we know you are back safely and will not need to search for
you in the forest.

Dogs and Drones

Only working dogs are permitted in the arena and on course.
It is forbidden to fly a drone at all events.

Fair Play

All competitors shall behave with fairness and honesty. Attempts to gain any information related to the
courses, beyond that provided by the organizer, is prohibited before and during the competition.
It is not permitted to bring previous orienteering maps of the competition area to the event.
Team officials and spectators are not allowed to enter the competition terrain before and during the
Everyone must follow the routes specified by the organizers to reach the Event Arena and Start.
Competitors are not allowed to re-enter the competition area after they have finished their race and before
course closure without the permission of the controller.
Please respect local residents, private property, fences and walls at all times.
A competitor who breaks any rule, or who benefits from the breaking of any rule, may be disqualified.

GPS and GoPros®
As per IOF Foot O rule 21.4, competitors shall not use or carry telecommunication equipment between
entering the start area and reaching the finish of a race, unless the equipment has been approved by the
organizer prior to the event.
GPS-enabled devices (watches etc.) can be carried provided that they have no map display and are not used
for navigation purposes (IOF Foot O Rules 21.4).
It is permitted to use a Go-Pro® or other similar recording device while on course. All such devices must be
surrendered to an official at the download station in the finish chute. The devices will be labelled and available
for pick-up at the Event Centre after the last competitor has started.

Medical and Safety
First Aid personnel will be present in the arena at all events.

Whistles: All competitors are required to carry a whistle for safety purposes. Three long blasts of a whistle
indicate a competitor in need of assistance. Whistles will be available for purchase at the registration desk.

Clothing: Full body cover is recommended for the Middle and Long distance competitions, including long
sleeves to protect the arms from bushes.

                                                        Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
Natural Hazards: While competitors are very unlikely to encounter any animals during the competition, ticks
carrying Lyme Disease may be encountered. Normal precautions should be taken to avoid picking up ticks
while on the course, and should be supplemented by a careful post-race examination.

The O-Store carries a wide range of orienteering supplies and will be set up in the arena at the O-Fest Long
event and the Middle and Long Canadian Championship events.

We are seeking volunteers for several functions during the competitions. Please consider donating a bit of
your time during the week – you can sign up online at
https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2676624/false#/invitation or speak to any official at the O-Fest or COC
Registration Desk. Thank you!

                                                        Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
PART ONE: OTTAWA O-FEST Saturday – Sunday, July 20-21
The Ottawa O-Fest will once again offer its favourite combination of a Middle event, followed the next day by
a chase-start Long event. If you haven’t participated in a chase-start event before here’s how it works: on the
first day (the Middle event) starts will be pre-assigned as is regularly done for pre-registration events. On the
second day (the Long event) start times will be assigned based on results (by course, not category) of the
Middle. The fastest person from the Middle will start first; if the second person was 20 seconds behind in the
middle, they will start 20 seconds later. This means that the first person across the finish line (for each course)
has the fastest combined time for Saturday and Sunday. O-Fest awards will be based on the combined
Middle-Long total time.

                                      Ottawa O-Fest Officials

                                  Function                         Person in Charge
                               Event Director                        Anne Teutsch
                                 Registration                       Nadine Cybulski
                                 Start Chief                      Mary-Ellen Connolly
                                 Finish Chief                         Eric Teutsch
                           Volunteer Coordinator                     Anne Teutsch
                                   Website                             Bruce Glen

Middle Event - Saturday, July 20, 1 pm
The O-Fest Middle event will be in a completely new area that we are very excited about in far east-end
Ottawa. Nestled next to the Chapel Hill community in Orleans, the forest has trails and creeks that have
created nice ravines for themselves. This is a gorgeous open, feature-rich forest with a distinct lack of the
rocky ground that most Ottawa areas forests are known for.

Location and Embargo Area (see map below)

Arena: Chapel Hill Park, Forest Valley Drive
Parking will be on the street or nearby parking lots in the local area, within easy walking distance of the arena.

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
Washrooms: portable toilets at the arena.

                                                                   Distance to Start: Courses 1 and 2 have a
                                                                   900 metre walk from the arena on residential
                                                                   street sidewalks.
                                                                   Courses 3 to 11 have a 500 metre walk to the
                                                                   start on residential street sidewalks and

                                                                   Map: Chapel Hill is a new map, mapped by
                                                                   Jeff Teutsch in 2018-19 to ISOM standards.

                                                                   Course Setter: Bill Anderson
                                                                   Controller: Gord Hunter

                                                                   Race-Kits / Information Desk: 10:30 to 4:00

                                                                   Starts: 1:00 to 2:15 (approx.)

                                                                   Course closes: 2 hours after last start
                                                                   (approx. 4:15 pm)

Middle Classes & Recommended Winning Times (RWT)
Course                                   Technical                       RWT        Length     No. of    Climb
                     Classes                              Scale
  #                                      Difficulty                      (min)       (km)     Controls    (m)
  1      M10 F10 Open1                       1            1:7500        20 - 25       2.8         15         20

  2      M11-12 F11-12 Open 2                2            1:7500        20 - 25       2.8         15         20
         M13-14 M15-16S F13-14 F15-16S
  3                                          3           1:10000        20 - 25       2.7         13         45
         Open 3
  4      M15-16 F15-16 Open 4                3           1:10000        25 - 30       2.8         14         60
         M75+ M80+ M85+ M90+ F75+ F80+
  5                                          4            1:7500        30 - 35       2.5         10         50
         F8+ F90+ Open 5
         M17-20S F17-20S F55+ F65+
  6                                          5            1:7500        30 - 35       2.7         12         50
         Open 6
  7      M65+ F45+                           5            1:7500        30 - 35       2.8         12         55

  8      M55+ F17-18 F21S F35+               5           1:10000        30 - 35       3.2         12         70
  9      M17-18 M21S M45+ F19-20             5           1:10000        30 - 35       3.6         14         60
 10      M19-20 M35+ F21E                    5           1:10000        30 - 35       3.8         15         80

 11      M21E                                5           1:10000        30 - 35       4.5         21         110

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships
Long Event – Sunday, July 21, 10 am

The O-Fest Long event will be held on another new map, in another newly discovered forest – the Larose
Forest east of Ottawa, just north of the town of Limoges.

Location and Embargo Area
Arena: immediately adjacent to the parking lot, P1 at Larose Forest

                                                                 Parking: at Larose Forest P1 on Indian Creek
                                                                 Washrooms: portable toilets at the arena.

                                                                 Distance to Start: There will be a 600 metre
                                                                 walk to the start along Indian Creek Road for
                                                                 all courses.

                                                                 Map: Larose Forest is a new map, mapped
                                                                 by Stefan Bergstrom in 2018-19 to ISOM

                                                                 Course Setter: Mark Gibbard
                                                                 Controller: Richard Guttormson

                                                                 Race-Kits / Information Desk: 8:30 to 2:00

                                                                 Starts: see table below

                                                                 Course closes: 3 hours after last start
                                                                 (approx. 2:15 pm)

                                                      Your Middle finish
            First   Chase Start    Start interval   (minutes behind first on
 Course     start     cut-off      after cut-off         your course)                 Your Long start time
                                                         11 min 23 sec         10:11:23
 1 to 5     10:00   20 minutes      30 seconds           24 min 57 sec         after 10:20, in 30 second
                                                    Mispunch, DNF, or DNS      after 10:20, in 30 second
                                                         31 min 12 sec         11:01:12
 6 to 11    10:30   50 minutes      30 seconds           53 min 19 sec         After 11:20, in 30 second
                                                    Mispunch, DNF, or DNS      After 11:20, in 30 second

                                                     Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Awards: Ceremony will take place at the arena as soon as possible after the long event. Awards will be
presented to first, second and third place in all age classes for the combined time of the Middle and Long

Mapper’s Notes
One hundred years ago the Larose forest was a sandy desert after farming failed in the poor soil. In 1928
reforestation started and today we can see the result with a cathedral of giant red pine covering the area.

In the last decade the United Counties of Prescott-Russell have turned the forest into a great recreation
resource. A grid of forest trails are used for dog-sledding, ski-joring and cross-country skiing in the winter, and
in the summer for horse riding. A dense trail network of winding mountain bike trails criss-cross the forest.

The forest is a flat plateau intersected by several steep ravines that will test the orienteers’ stamina. The area
is very flat with lots of trails but otherwise devoid of features. The map has no rock features, no boulders, no
cliffs, something unique for the Ottawa area. The ravines will test leg strength going both down and up very
steep slopes. Some parts of the map have a detailed topography of re-entrants and ridges, especially in the
west side sloping down to Indian Creek. Most of the area has open forest with fast running. Mapped
vegetation is usually light green with only a few areas of thicker vegetation. The vertical green stripes on the
map usually indicate areas with branches left on the ground after logging that slow the running.

There are many “rides”, tractor trails seen as linear openings in the vegetation after logging. These rides are
usually not mapped, with a few exceptions where there are obvious tracks or openings on the ground.

The map has some unusual mapped features.

a) There are several circular earth walls on the map. In the terrain they are about a meter high, usually with a
ditch on the outside. Sometime the earth wall has been turned into a mountain bike trail and in those
instances only the trail is mapped. On the map you then see a trail making a small circle or oval. The earth
walls were built in an attempt to contain a tree disease many years ago.

Examples of earth wall circles

                                                        Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
b) There are many vegetation boundaries (a row or circle of black dots) on the map, which indicate the
borders or clearings in the giant red pines. At eye level you may not see any difference from surrounding
vegetation but if you look way up towards the top of the giant red pines you will see the opening in the
canopy and notice the vegetation change.

The map is to ISOM 2017 standard with 5 meter contours, mapped in spring and summer 2019.


Stephan Bergstrom, Ottawa Orienteering Club

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Long Classes & Recommended Winning Times (RWT)
Course                                    Technical                     RWT        Length    No. of    Climb
                     Classes                               Scale
  #                                       Difficulty                    (min)       (km)    Controls    (m)
  1      M10 F10 Open1                        1            1:7500       30-35        2.1          12    15

  2      M11-12 F11-12 Open 2                 2            1:7500       30-35        2.4          11    15
         M13-14 M15-16S F13-14 F15-16S
  3                                           3           1:10000       30-35        3.2          10    30
         Open 3
  4      M15-16 F15-16 Open 4                 3           1:10000       50-55        4.0          13    30
         M75+ M80+ M85+ M90+ F75+ F80+
  5                                           4            1:7500       45-50        2.4          12    25
         F85+ F90+ Open 5
         M17-20S F17-20S F55+ F65+
  6                                           5           1:10000       50-55        3.8          12    75
         Open 6
  7      M65+ F45+                            5           1:10000       50-55        5.5          18    65

  8      M55+ F17-18 F21S F35+                5           1:10000       55-60        6.7          16    95
  9      M17-18 M21S M45+ F19-20              5           1:10000       55-60        7.9          19   100
 10      M19-20 M35+ F21E                     5           1:10000      90-100        9.0          20   110

 11      M21E                                 5           1:15000      90-100       10.5          22   145

General Information
There are numerous hotels between the east end of Ottawa and Orleans, and there is a campground near
Limoges, close to the site of the Long and HPP Relay events.

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Azimut Laurentides Junior Orienteering Camp – Sunday, July 21 - Friday, July 26
Morin Heights, QC
Co-ordinator: Anna Fichman
Information and Details: http://azimutoc.ca/news/azimut-laurentides-junior-orienteering-camp-2019/

Please note that non-Canadian juniors are welcome; separate registration for all participants is required.

HPP Fundraiser Relay – Monday, July 22
Larose Forest, ON 10:00 am

The HPP Fundraiser will take place in Larose Forest, the same location as the Ottawa O-Fest Long event the
day before. Arena and parking location, along with the map, will also be the same one as for the Long event.

This year’s fundraiser will be a relay – we encourage everyone to come, have fun and support your Canadian
High Performance athletes. Come with a team, or let us find teammates for you!


                                  Function                          Person in Charge
                                Event Director                        Nevin French

                                 Course Setter                Pia Blake, Jennifer MacKeigan

                                  Controller                         Jan MacKeigan

                                 Registration                        Nadine Cybulski

                                  Start Chief                             TBD

                                  Finish Chief                        Eric Teutsch

                            Volunteer Coordinator                     Nevin French

                                   Website                             Bruce Glen

                                     Map                            Stefan Bergstrom

*   3 person relay teams, all coed
*   categories: Junior U17, Open: 17-44, Masters: 45+
*   women run 2nd leg in Open
*   forked courses for Open and Masters
*   registration: Register at the Registration / Information Desk
*   registration deadline: course closing at Sunday Long

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Special Mapping Workshop: Immediately after the HPP Relay, Stefan Bergstrom, Chair of Orienteering
Canada’s Mapping Committee, will host a mapping workshop at the site of the Relay in Larose
Forest. Everyone from experienced mappers to people interested in learning to map are encouraged to join
for an afternoon of sharing ideas and techniques.

Vampire O - Tuesday, July 23
Sommet Morin-Heights, QC

Information and details: http://coc2019.ca/wp/vampire-o/

Orienteering for fun at night with a vampire theme and special rules.
This is a Score-O team event with a mass start at dusk. Time limit is one hour.

The team that brings back the punch card with the most points wins. One team is randomly chosen as
“vampires”. They use a red flashlight to tag another team and rob them of their punch card, and make the
tagged team the “vampires” in their turn. The new vampires tag the next team and this continues until time is
up. Winners get the brightest awards, and many more teams get fun flashy prizes.

This event is hosted by Azimut Laurentides and is on the site of the Junior Orienteering Camp.

Event Director and Course Setter: Philippe Coté-Jacques
Map: created in 2019. Map scale 1:5000; Contour interval 5m
Registration: 7 pm
Mass Start: 8 pm
Course Close: 9 pm

Location and Embargo
Camping Morin-Heights
185 Rue Allen, Morin-Heights, QC J0R 1H0


                                                                     185 Rue Allen, Morin-Heights, QC J0R 1H0

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Azimut Barebones – Wednesday, July 24
Parc Basler, Morin-Heights, QC
Information and Details: http://coc2019.ca/wp/azimut-barebones/

This event takes place on terrain fairly similar to Kinadapt, so is a great warm up for the COC Middle and Long
races. We call it “Barebones” because the event has few formalities: you’ll register and start whenever you are
ready. Classic courses: novice, intermediate, short advanced, long advanced, so suitable for experienced
runners as well as newcomers and families.

Event Director: Anna Fichman
Course Setter: Thomas Kneubühler

Map: created in 2019. Map scale 1:5000; Contour interval 5m

Registration: 9 – 10:30 am
Starts: 9 – 11 am
Courses Close: 1 pm

Location and Embargo

Registration, information, download, results, toilets, showers located at
27 Rue Bellevue, Morin-Heights, QC J0R 1H0

Parking: at the Parc Basler lot and near the Chalet Bellevue

                                                     Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Orienteering Canada AGM and Conference – Thursday July 25
Ski Morin-Heights Chalet, 2nd floor
231 Rue Allen, Morin-Heights, QC
Orienteering Canada’s annual Conference and AGM is scheduled for Thursday, July 25, a day off from
orienteering. We hope you will join us for some interesting presentations and discussions.In addition, on
Monday, July 22 there will be a mapping workshop at Larose Forest, after the HPP Fundraiser Relay.

            Date / Location                   Time                             Activity

            Monday July 22               1:00 - 3:00 pm      On Site Mapping Workshop
            Larose Forest, P1

            Thursday July 25           11:00 – 11:50 am      Growing Mapping in Canada

            Ski Morin Heights           12:00 – 1:00 pm      Lunch
              Chalet, 2nd Floor
            231 Rue Allen               1:00 – 1:50 pm       Map Reading Theory
            Morin Heights QC
                                        2:00 – 2:50 pm       Navigating Healthy Eating

                                        3:00 – 4:00 pm       Orienteering Canada AGM

Session Details

On Site Mapping Workshop - led by Stefan Bergstrom, (Orienteering Canada’s Mapping Committee Chair)
this workshop is an opportunity for experienced and new mappers alike to come together and share. Anyone
who is interested in mapping will enjoy this chance to talk maps and mapping while out in the terrain, on a

Growing Mapping in Canada – a follow-up to the Monday mapping workshop, this indoor session will focus on
a discussion of growing mapping in Canada – recruiting and training mappers so we have the skills and people
resources within our own country for creating orienteering maps of the highest quality.

Map Reading Theory – a presentation by Jeff Teutsch (Navigation Sports) on the theory of map reading for
orienteering. Learn about various models for map reading and how you can use them to improve your
orienteering skills. This presentation is relevant to all levels of orienteer.

Navigating Healthy Eating - Lori Heron, Registered Dietitian, shares insights into healthy eating for all of us.
How do we eat well and stay hydrated to help us be our best in sport and in life?

Annual General Meeting. Each Provincial or Territorial Orienteering Association (PTOA) is represented by one
delegate at Orienteering Canada’s AGM. Anyone is welcome to attend as an observer.

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Maize-O-Mais - Friday July 26
Ferme Guy Rivest, 1305 Chemin Laliberté, Rawdon, QC

Information and Details: http://coc2019.ca/wp/maize-o-mais/

This event will be held on Friday, the same day as the COC sprint event, in the late afternoon. The course will
be situated in a huge corn maze the size of 8.5 soccer fields!

Event Director and Course Setter: Dmitri Golovanov

Map: Scale: 1:2,500
The area is a corn field. The corn is mapped as olive green. The passages are about 2 m wide.

Courses and Classes
Two courses are offered, 2.2 km with 13 controls or 3.8 km with 17 controls. The length is calculated using the
best probable route.

Registration: 4:45-6:30 pm
Starts: 5-6:30 pm
Courses Close 7:30 pm


                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Friday – Sunday, July 26-28

COC Officials and Organizing Committee
                                  Function                         Person in Charge
                               Event Director                      Dmitri Golovanov
                            Course Setter Sprint                      Scott Bohle
                            Course Setter Middle                    Andrew Cornett
                             Course Setter Long                        Greg Balter
                                  Controller                           Bruce Glen
                                 Registration                       Nadine Cybulski
                                 Start Chief                          Janet Findlay
                                 Finish Chief                         Eric Teutsch
                           Volunteer Coordinator                     Lina Gavrilova
                                   Website                             Bruce Glen
                               Bulletin Editor                        Janet Findlay

Every event will have a Quiet Start procedure. The beginning of the Quiet Zone will be posted at the Pre-Call
Up line; competitors are requested to respect this zone throughout the entire start area.

It is the competitor's responsibility to know their assigned start time and to arrive on time. The start crew will
not call out for late or missing starters. There will be a separate line for late starters (see section below).

Competitors must have their race bib, SI timing stick, whistle and compass when they arrive for their start.
There will be a limited stock of whistles available for those who do not have them.

Competitors are responsible for clearing and checking their SI stick. Clear and Check will be located at the Pre-
Call Up line.

The digital clocks in the start area will show the actual start time (rather the real time). Be prepared to
present yourself to the start official at the Pre-Call Up line when the clock shows your start time.

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Regular Starters
At the Pre-Call Up line, an official will check each competitor’s name, verify their bib number and confirm that
each competitor has a whistle. Competitors without a bib, SI stick, or whistle will not be permitted to start (a
limited stock of whistles will be available).

At T-3 minutes, an official will check each competitor’s bib number, SI number, and confirm that their SI stick
has been cleared.

At T-2 minutes, competitors will pick-up the appropriate loose control description. These will be clearly
labelled by Class.

Competitors in Classes F10, F11-12, M 10, M11-12, Open1 and Open 2 will have the choice between English
language control descriptions and IOF symbolic control descriptions.

At T-1 minutes, competitors will be sectioned by class:

a - M/F 10, M/F 11-12, M-F 13/14 and M/F 15-16 competitors will proceed in a separate chute to their
appropriate map box and write their name on the back of the top map. They will then be permitted to flip
their map over and review their course. The start clock will beep once at T-10 seconds. The start countdown
will be indicated by a series of 6 beeps at -5 to 0 seconds. At the last (long) beep the competitor’s race time
begins. The competitor is responsible for ensuring that they have the correct map for their class;

b – all other competitors will proceed to the map pick up zone and find their appropriate map box.
Competitors will write their name on the back of the top map but will leave the map face down in the map
box. The start clock will beep once at T-10 seconds. The start countdown will be indicated by a series of 6
beeps at -5 to 0 seconds. At the last (long) beep the competitor’s race time begins and the competitor can take
the map from the map bin. The competitor is responsible for ensuring that they have the correct map for
their class.

All competitors must follow the marked route to the start point which is indicated by a triangle on the
competition map, and by a control stand and flag in the terrain. There is no SI unit at the start flag;
competitors will NOT punch at the start triangle.

Late Starters
Competitors arriving at the pre-call up line after their pre-assigned time must check in with an official. If
possible, they will be directed to the appropriate section of the regular start chute and will start normally.
Otherwise, they will be directed to the Late Start chute.
Regardless of which chute they are directed to, they are responsible for clearing and checking their SI stick at
the Pre-Call Up line.
If directed to the Late Start chute, a Late Start official will check their bib, SI number, whistle and confirm that
their SI stick has been cleared. A loose control description and the competition map will be handed to the

                                                        Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
competitor by the official. It is the competitor's responsibility to check that they receive the correct map and
control description. The competitor will start when told to do so, using a punch Start (IOF Foot O Rule 22.9).
The official will also record the actual starting time.

The results of competitors who start late will be based on their original, assigned start time (with no time
compensation). Only if their lateness is the fault of the organizer will their actual race time be used (IOF Foot O
Rule 22.10).

If upon arrival at the late start line the competitor is less than half the start interval after their assigned start
time*, they will be allowed to start immediately. If the competitor arrives more than half the start interval
after their assigned start time, they must wait until the half start interval after the next starter. This is to
ensure that a late starter does not interfere with, or start too close to, someone on the same course.

Any competitor who starts late, whether through their own fault or otherwise, should not discuss this with the
start officials. Instead, if the competitor believes the organizer is responsible, they should make a complaint
at the Event Centre within 30 minutes of finishing the race (see Complaints and Protests).

*e.g. A competitor is late for their assigned start time at 10:20:00: they proceed through the late start lane. If
they arrive at the start line before 10:20:30 (Sprint), 10:21:00 (Middle) or 10:21:30 (Long), they can start
immediately (after punching the Start unit). If they arrive at the start line later than these listed times, they
will be permitted to start at 10:21:30 (Sprint), 10:23:00 (Middle) or 10:24:30 (Long), after punching the Start

Open Starters
Competitors in the Open categories do not have assigned start times, but must start within the Open start
window listed for each event. They must clear and check their SI sticks near the Pre-Call Up line, and then
proceed to the Open/Late Start chute and follow the instructions of the start crew. All competitors in the
Open/Late start have an SI unit at the start line that must be punched when crossing the start line.

The route from the last control to the Finish control will be marked.
After punching the Finish control competitors will surrender their maps and proceed directly to the Download
station. All competitors must download even if they did not complete their course. Each competitor will
receive a printout of their split times along with confirmation that all controls have been punched in the
correct order.

Maps will be available after the last competitor has started their course.

Competitors using rented SI sticks are requested to return them to the Finish team after their final race.

Results will be displayed near the finish area and also will be available online at http://results.coc2019.ca.

                                                          Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Light refreshments will be available for finishers after the download.

All competitors must download whether or not they complete their course. This is a safety procedure to
confirm that all participants are off the course.

Competitors who miss one or more controls, do not punch the controls in the correct order, or exceed the
maximum time on course will be disqualified.

Complaints and Protests
Complaints must be made to a member of the Event Committee at the Registration/Information Desk.
Members of the Event Committee are Stephan Bergstrom (IOF advisor), Bruce Glen (O300 controller), and Jeff
Teutsch (Canadian National Team coach).
There is no fee to lodge a complaint. Complaints must be registered within 30 minutes of a competitor
finishing their course and/or within 15 minutes of the posting of provisional results.
The committee will make a decision and notify the complainant as soon as possible. If the complainant is not
satisfied with the committee’s decision, a protest may be lodged. Protests must be delivered in writing to the
Event Committee on a form available at the Registration/Information Desk within one hour of the posting of
the provisional results. There will be a fee of $40 CAD to lodge a protest; the fee will be refunded if the protest
is upheld.

COC Sprint Event – Friday, July 26, 10 am
Parc Nature de Laval, 901 avenue du Parc, Laval, QC (20 km north of Montreal)
Embargo Area – this area is out of bounds for competitors, team officials, coaches, family members, and all
other persons who, through familiarity with the terrain, might influence results of the competition.
Training sessions may not take place in this area, and existing maps of the embargo area may not be taken
into the arena on the day of the event. The embargo is in effect until the finish of the competition.

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
                          Function                                        Person in Charge

                        Course Setter                                        Scott Bohle

                         Controller                                          Bruce Glen

                            Map                                          Dmitri Golovanov

Access and Parking - parking in the park is limited and some of the lots are part of the embargo area. Free
parking is available on the south side of Boulevard de la Concorde Est behind the Aréna Yvon-Chartrand. If
that lot is full there is more parking in the Ecole Georges-Vanier lot behind the arena lot.

If using public transit, take the Montreal Metro Orange line to Cartier station and then change to bus 48 to
Park Nature (33 minute bus ride).

Washrooms – located in the St-Vincent swimming pool near the Arena Yvon-Chartrand. There is also access
to dressing rooms and showers at no charge. There is a fee to use the swimming pool.
There are additional washrooms in the hockey arena near the second parking lot.

Arena and Distance to Start – The arena location is marked on the diagram below. Please consider this a
preliminary map, as some locations may change. The start will be approximately 300 m. from the arena.

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Maps & Terrain Centre de la Nature de Laval is a green space that was developed on the site of an old
quarry just north of Montreal. Laval has put a lot of attractions into the park which makes it an interesting
area for families and sprints. There will be no water provided on the course but there are many water
fountains throughout the park.

The map has been converted to the ISSOM 2019 standard.
Map scale: 1:4000; Contour interval: 2 m; Map size: 8.5 x 14 inches
Course Time Limit 1 hr.

Since the map has used the ISSOM 2019 standard, which will not be in effect until January 2020, please note
the following important differences from the current ISSOM 2007:

1. Vegetation density: 3 levels are used in the 2019 standard: dense, middle and light. Dense vegetation (dark
green) is defined as impassable and shall not be passed through, even if it is practically possible. The
vegetation that may be passed through is shown as middle density green, even if it could be very slow, ie less
than 20% of open forest speed.
2. The new retaining wall symbol is used for walls that are seen only from one side. Half-dots point to the
lower level.
Other map notes:
- the black cross symbol (man-made object) represents a playground object or permanent picnic table;
- a blue square represents a drinking fountain.

The site was last used for orienteering in 2017 for a Ramblers club meet. A copy of the previous version of
the map is available at http://www.ramblersoc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/laval.jpg

Classes & Recommended Winning Times (RWT)
Course                                                                      Length        Climb
                             Classes                        RWT (min)                                  Controls
  #                                                                          (km)          (m)
  1      M10 F10 Open 1                                       12-15          1.5            15           13
         M11-12 M13-14 M15-16S
  2                                                           12-15          1.8            20           13
         F11-12 F13-14 F15-16S Open 2
  3      M75 M80 M85 M90       F75 F80 F85 F90 Open 3         12-15          1.7            20           11

  4      M17-20S M65 F17-20S F45 F55 F65 Open 4               12-15          3.0            30           20
         M15-16 M55
  5                                                           12-15          3.1            30           20
         F15-16 F17-18 F19-20 F21S F21E F35 Open 5
                                                            12-15 (15+
  6      M17-18 M19-20 M21S M21E M35 M45                                     3.9            40           26
                                                             for M45)

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Sprint Course Setter’s Notes

Although the site of the Laval Nature Park was once a remote quarry in farmland, it is now an extensively
utilized major metropolitan park. Only small remnants of the original hard wood forest remain and the park is
now dominated by a range of gardens, playgrounds, mock villages, ski runs, lakes, pétanque pitches,
amphitheaters, art installations, animal pastures, and swimming pools. If this diversity isn’t sufficient for
orienteering complexity, there are also steep bluffs, water “towers”, and a plethora of trees, thickets, and
fences. The musical tastes in the park are catered to with a set “musical” stairs and a community piano.

Mapping this diversity is a singular evolving challenge, and since being quarantined the park has been hit by a
major ice storm along with the ubiquitous emerald ash borer. No less a challenge has been course setting in
such a heavily used park. After the original design was formulated a day camp was erected at our start, and
during a recent visit just 7 days, ago the finishing pitch was dominated and filled by tents for a beer festival. At
one stage one of the final controls looked to be either the Sleiman or the Labatts tent/tap. Remarkably all of
this in now gone with little trace of the tents, beer, or food stands remaining. We are able to provide some
hopefully interesting and challenging courses for the Sprint. You will find the terrain underfoot firm with good
running, with climb being only a minor feature of these courses.

Particular notes:

1. Please stay out of the gardens. These are marked olive green and thus out of bounds, but the park has
specifically asked us to remind everyone of this;

 2. There are bleachers or sets seats around the amphitheater and the sports fields. These are marked with
thin black lines;

 3. There are several bike paths through the park and all of the courses cross at least one of these. Please
follow the marked/streamed finish chute as this chute parallels one of the bike paths.

Scott Bohle, Course Setter
Bruce Glen, Controller

                                                        Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
COC Middle & Long Events – Sat-Sun, July 27-28
Kinadapt Centre, 1800 Laurin, Rawdon, J0K 1S0 (80 km north of Montreal)

Embargo Area

Parking Along the road to the Kinadapt building.
Washrooms Portable toilets will be situated along the road near the arena.
Directions to Kinadapt http://coc2019.ca/wp/kinadapt/

                                                   Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Middle and Long Arena Layout

Maps & Terrain
The Middle and Long events will use a new map of the Kinadapt Sport Centre, an outdoor activity center
located just east of the town of Rawdon, about 80 km. north of Montreal. During the summer there are
approximately 80 dogs on site; they occupy an area near the base building which is mapped out of bounds.
Even if you’re a dog lover please avoid this area during the races; if you hear barking use it as a navigation
The surrounding terrain is quite rugged, with areas of rocky surfaces and dense forest. Exercise caution while
moving on rough surfaces; slopes can be slippery when wet. Poison ivy may be encountered in a few areas.
There are many cliffs, the highest of which is 110m. Cliffs mapped as passable are 1 – 2 m high, with various
degrees of slope and shape. Impassable cliffs (mapped with a thicker black line) are 2 – 10m high. As some are
high and potentially dangerous, please stay away from the edges. Good route choices should not go via
dangerous cliffs.
A couple of small rivers are located in deep ravines with steep slopes. Although they are crossable they are not
the best route choices. Water features (marshes, streams) may be a little different than mapped, depending
on the amount of the rainfall leading up to the event.
There are many trails on the property. Some smaller mapped trails may be indistinct, while other mapped
trails have blue or red tape markers. Some former logging roads that have not been used recently may be
overgrown and are mapped with a “narrow ride” symbol.
The highest point on the map is approximately 240m above sea level and overlooks the city of Montreal.
Emergency bearing is west.
The area had one previous orienteering event, a snowshoe score O. The map was a winter edition based on
preliminary data and had limited field checking. It is available here: http://coc2019.ca/wp/wp-

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Middle Course Saturday, July 27, 10 am

Map scale 1:10,000 or 1:7500 (see chart below)
Contour interval: 5 m; Map size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Distance from Arena to Start: approximately 600 m
There will be limited water provided on the course.
Course Time Limit: 90 minutes

                             Function                                 Person in Charge

                         Course Setter                                Andrew Cornett

                             Controller                                    Bruce Glen

                               Map                                    Dmitri Golovanov

Classes & Recommended Winning Times (RWT)

Course                                                 RWT         Course       Climb    Water
                   Classes                 Scale                                                 Controls
  #                                                    (min)     Length (km)     (m)     Stops
  1      M10 F10 Open1                    1:7500         25          2.5          40        1      14

  2      M11-12 F11-12 Open 2             1:7500         25          2.4          60        -      10
         M13-14 M15-16S
  3                                       1:10000        25          2.5          55        1      11
         F13-14 F15-16S Open 3
  4      M15-16 F15-16 Open 4             1:10000        30          2.7          65        1      12

  5      M75 M80 F75 Open 5               1:7500         30          1.7          40        1      10

 5X      M85 M90 F80 F85 F90              1:7500         30          1.1          30        2       9
         M17-20S F17-20S F55 F65
  6                                       1:7500         35          2.3          55        1      11
         Open 6
  7      M65 F45 Open 7                   1:7500         35          2.7          80        1      13

  8      M55 F35 Open 8                   1:10000        35          3.3         130        1      14

  9      M45 F17-18 F21S Open 9           1:10000        35          3.7         160        1      17
         M17-18 M21S M35
 10                                       1:10000        35          3.9         165        1      17
         F19-20 F21E
 11      M19-20 M21E                      1:10000        35          4.7         180        1      19

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Middle Distance Course Setter’s Notes
Rawdon and the Kinadapt Centre are located in the Laurentian Uplands (Laurentides en Francais), remnants of a
very old mountain range extending across southern Quebec from the Gatineau River to the Saguenay Fjord. The
Laurentian Uplands contains very old rocks deposited before the Cambrian Period 540 million years ago. The
mapped area around the Kinadapt Centre spans several large hills and the valleys between them. A high
percentage of the mapped terrain is forested, although there are also some open fields near the Kinadapt Centre.
The forest is mostly mature and features a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees, with broadleaf trees dominant in
some areas, and coniferous trees dominant in other areas. Visibility and runability are variable – good/fast in some
areas, less so in others. Considerable effort has been made to ensure that the map reflects the relative runability as
much as possible. The mapped area includes a dense trail network that is used primarily for dog-sledding in winter,
but also for hiking and biking in summer. In addition to the contours and numerous topographic features, the
terrain boasts many cliffs and boulders of all types and sizes. Smaller boulders and cliffs (less than 1m in height) are
not mapped. The steeper slopes can be quite rugged and rocky, which can impact running speed and may influence
route choice. The area also features some streams, ponds and marshes, particularly in low-lying areas. On
competition weekend, the marshes may be a bit smaller or larger than mapped, depending on the amount of
rainfall leading up to the event. Some of the trails tend to get muddy in wet weather. Mosquitoes have eased off
somewhat, but are still numerous in damper, shadier areas.

The middle distance courses have been set to exploit some of the best woods in the area, and provide a good test
of technical orienteering skills, particularly detailed navigation through complex terrain. Runners who are able to
adjust their speed and adapt their technique on the fly to suit variations in the complexity of the terrain and the
navigational challenge should be rewarded. The properties of each course are summarized in the following table.

All 12 middle distance courses will use a single start located 600m (straight line distance) from the arena. The
mandatory marked route from the arena to the middle start is ~850m long with 20-25m climb, all along either a
gravel road or trails. The start triangle is located beside a trail ~35m beyond the timed start line.

Course 1 features marked routes (marked with ribbons hanging from tree branches) in two locations. The first
marked route will guide course 1 runners past the start triangle onto a trail towards their first control. The second
marked route highlights an indistinct trail between controls 3 and 4. Runners on course 1 (and all other courses)
should prepare for sections of muddy trail.

Courses 5, 5x, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 cross the private gravel road that is only used to access the Kinadapt Centre, at one of
two crossing points. Runners on course 1 will follow the road for ~50m where it terminates at the Kinadapt Centre.
Very few vehicles are expected to be travelling along this road during the competition. Marshals will be stationed
where course 1 turns onto the road and at both crossing points, and will do their best to slow down and stop any
vehicles that wish to pass until it is safe for them to do so. However, competitors are ultimately responsible for
their own safety and are reminded to check both ways for moving vehicles before crossing the gravel road. Runners
on course 1 are reminded to watch out for vehicles and strongly advised to walk or run along the edge of the road
without crossing over to the other side.

Courses 9 – 11 include a marked route along the edge of the arena to a spectator control, where loud, enthusiastic
and boisterous cheering is definitely encouraged!

Finally, since there will be well over 100 controls set up in the terrain, runners are advised and encouraged to check
control codes before dibbling!!

Andrew Cornett, Course Setter; Bruce Glen, Controller

                                                          Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Long Course Sunday, July 28, 10 am
 Map scale 1:10,000; Courses 9, 10, 11 - 1:15000;
 Courses 1, 2, 5 & 5X - 1:7500
 Contour interval: 5 m; Map size: 8.5 x 11 inches
 Distance from Arena to Start: approximately 200 m.
 Course Time Limit: 3 hrs.

                            Function                                  Person in Charge

                         Course Setter                                Greg Balter (USA)

                           Controller                                    Bruce Glen

                             Map                                      Dmitri Golovanov

 Classes & Probable Winning Times (PWT)

                                                           PWT         Course         Climb      Water
Course #               Classes               Scale                                               Stops   Controls
                                                           (min)     Length (km)       (m)
   1       M10 F10 Open1                     1:7500         28           3.1           70          2       16

   2       M11-12 F11-12 Open 2              1:7500         31           3.1           85          1       10
           M13-14 M15-16S
   3                                        1:10000         35           3.4           95         2+1      12
           F13-14 F15-16S Open 3
   4       M15-16 F15-16 Open 4             1:10000         55           4.4          190         0+4      10

   5       M75 M80 F75 Open 5                1:7500         49           3.2           40         2+2       9

   5X      M85 M90 F80 F85 F90               1:7500         40           2.0           70         2+2       8

   6       M17-20S F17-20S F55 F65 Open 6   1:10000         56           4.2          190         0+2      11

   7       M65 F45 Open 7                   1:10000         60           4.9          170         2+2      15

   8       M55 F17-18 F21S F35 Open 8       1:10000         65           6.3          270         1+2      13
   9       F19-20                                           72           7.1          280         3+2      18

   9A      M17-18 M21S M45 Open 9           1:10000         72           7.1          280         3+2      18

   10      M19-20 M35 F21E                  1:15000        100           9.9          380         4+2      17

   11      M21E                             1:15000        100          11.4          480         5+2      19

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
1 – “E” designates Elite class;
2 - “S” (Short) designates age relevant but non-competitive classes for which medals are not awarded;
3 – “Open” designates non-competitive classes for which medals are not awarded, for competitors of any age;
4 - Water stops on chart indicate controls with water plus water stops on trails along the route .

Long Distance Course Setter’s Notes
The Long distance courses have been set to test orienteer’s ability to plan and execute different length legs
over fairly challenging terrain of Kinadapt. Decision making will not be easy and finishing your course
successfully will require adaptation of tactical and technical skills to different types of terrain Kinadapt
presents. Since we have all 129 controls in the woods, fully equipped for both days of competition, checking
your code when punching a control is a must, as always.

All 12 long distance courses will use a single start located 200m from the arena. The start triangle will be 90
metres along a marked route. We wish you good luck and good decision making,

Greg Balter, Course Setter
Bruce Glen, Controller

                                                       Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Awards will be presented to the winners of each age class in each race.

To win a Canadian Championship medal competitors must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents as
defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada; they also must be full members of a Canadian orienteering
club affiliated with Orienteering Canada.

Classes are defined by gender and age. A dash (-) before an age indicates that competitors of that age and
younger may enter that class. A plus (+) after an age indicates that competitors of that age and older may
enter that class. Age is defined as the competitor’s age on December 31, 2019.

Age classes are as follows:

-10, -12, -14, -16S, -16, -18, -20S, 20, 21S, 21E, 35+, 45+, 55+, 65+, 75+, 80+, 85+, 90+

Competitors under 20 years of age may compete in an older age class of their gender up to and including 21S
or 21E. Older competitors may compete in younger age classes of their gender down to and including 21S and
21E. The age classes 21E and 21S have no age limitation.

There will be special prizes for the top three finishers in the F21+ and M21+ classes in the Middle and Long

There will be no awards for S classes but winners will be recognized.

Those seeking an easier course than their age class can run in an open class. Please note there are no awards
for open classes.

For the Sprint event a wide selection of hotels & other accommodations is available in Laval and Montreal.
In Laval, three convenient options are Best Western, Comfort Suites and Quality Inn. All three are close to the
Metro and a shopping mall; since they are very popular with tourists during the summer season, competitors
are advised to book early. More information about Laval and surrounding area can be found at Tourism Laval:

Because the Middle and Long races will be near Rawdon, about 80 km north of Montreal, it may be more
convenient for competitors to move closer to the competition site after the sprint event. Rawdon is a small
town with limited accommodations. The following is a list of local accommodations:

Chalet Lanaudière, 8082 Chemin du Lac-Morgan, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-6383
Chalets des Pins, 5749 Chemin Vincent-Massey, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-3401
Domaine Sam-Calm, 6125 Chemin Vincent-Massey, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-8388
Gîte chez Lulu et Lutin, 3258 Chemin de Look Out Park, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-7017

                                                        Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
Auberge Laetus Le Joyeux, 4333 Chemin du Lac Brennan, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-2364
Hôtel Château Joliette, 450 Rue Saint Thomas, Joliette, QC J6E 3R1, Canada, 450-752-2525
Motel Bonsoir, 120 Chemin du Golf East, Saint-Charles-Borromée, QC J6E 2B6, 450-753-4258
Hotel Victoria, 544 Rue Notre Dame, Joliette, QC J6E 3H7, 450-753-5935
Motel Le Classique, 310 Rue de la Visitation, Saint-Charles-Borromée, QC J6E 4N7, 450-756-0588
Auberge de la Montagne Coupee, 1000 Chemin de la Montagne Coupée, Saint-Jean-de-Matha, QC,
450-886-3891, 800-363-8614
Auberge sur la Falaise, 324 Rue du Lac-Long S, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC J0K 1W0, 450-883-2269
Auberge Le Cheval Bleu, 414 Route 343, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC J0K 1W0, 450-883-3082


Kinadapt Outdoor Training and Education Center: located near the Middle and Long Arena.
Services: portable toilets, water stream nearby.
Reservations can be made by contacting Kinadapt directly: http://www.kinadapt.com or 450-834-4441

Camping Parc Ensoleille: 3161-3199 1 Av, Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0, 450-834-3332
Les Terrasses Montcalm: 3945 Route 337 Nord, Sainte-Julienne, QC, J0K 2T0, 450-333-0623
Camping Champs Boises: 2840 Champs-Boisés, Sainte-Julienne, QC, J0K 2T0, 450-834-5688
Camping Kelly Enr: 795 Rue du Camping, Sainte-Julienne, QC, J0K 2T0, 50-831-2422

Banquet & Silent Auction
The banquet and silent auction will be held at Ski Montcalm, Rawdon on Saturday, July 27. The medal
ceremony for the Middle event will be held before dinner. Tickets for the banquet can be purchased online
along with the registration package. Space is limited so we suggest reserving your spots early. More
information can be found at http://coc2019.ca/wp/coc-banquet.

Each year Canadian High Performance Programme athletes host a Silent Auction at the Canadian
Championships to raise funds to support the groups’ training and competition. Members of the High
Performance Program will be donating items, but we greatly rely on and appreciate donations from the
orienteering community and their family and friends.

If you would like to donate something, here are a few ideas:

       -   Could your club donate an entry to an upcoming event?
       -   Are you a crafter – can you donate something like a pair of home-made mittens or a hat? pottery?
           weaving? sculpture? jewellery?
       -   Are you a foodie – can you donate a jar of home-made jam, a batch of cookies, a ready-to-go
           home-made baking mix, some home-made granola?
       -   Do you have a cabin or cottage that you could donate a gift certificate for a weekend or a week’s
           stay at?
       -   Do you live in a tourist destination and could offer B&B for a weekend or longer? (especially great if
           it was in conjunction with future orienteering events)
       -   Are you an artist – do you have a sketch of an orienteering scene, or a great photograph that you
           could put in a frame?

                                                      Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
-   Could you ask your local running/sport store to donate an item?
       -   Do you have a new unused item kicking around your house that you would love to get rid of – it
           might just be someone else’s treasure!
       -   Other ideas? Think about what you would like to bid on.

If you have an item to donate, you can bring it with you to the Canadian Orienteering Championships or send
it along with someone who is attending. Donations can be left at package pick up. The HPP is very appreciative
of all the support we receive and we look forward to seeing you in Quebec!

The Silent Auction will open at 4:30 pm and will close at as the banquet meal is drawing to a close.

Dorwin Falls
Thursday July 25 to Sunday July 28, 2019

Rawdon has three main parks that are worth visiting – Dorwin Falls Park, Cascades Park and the Municipal
Beach. A free pass to all three parks will be included in your registration package.

A small orienteering course will be setup in Dorwin Falls Park. It will be Score O style with no start, finish or
timing. Do it at your own time and pace.

Food Services
A food vendor will be present at the Middle and Long events from 11 am – 3 pm. The menu can be found at
the following link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/whatthepanini/about/?ref=page_internal

                                                        Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019
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