2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...

2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
2019 Catalog
VEgetables and Miniature Perennials
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
WE ARE          							                                                                         February 2018
                       ORGANIC                             WELCOME TO OUR 25th SEASON!
 TABLE OF CONTENTS  page                         Our highly trained and experienced staff (Beverly, Jeanne, Shelley, Cathy O., Christine,
                                        Kathy M. and Britton,) along with Mark, Ben, Josh, and Karen, are looking forward to seeing
Herb Fair News                 3        you.  Here is what’s new in our greenhouse and our catalog in 2019:
News & Events.........         4
Layout/Key to Descriptions   5
Beneficial Beauties            6-7      Back to the Classics
Herbs.......................   8-32     Our herb fair theme expresses our focus on the time tested favorites.  Not only is this a strategy to
Herb Farm Events             33         overcome the literal roadblocks of 2018, (which by the way is working!), but it’s what we observed.  We
Miniature plants                        listened.  You won’t find many hops, indoor fruit and other extremely expensive to produce varieties this
                                        year.  While you liked to see them, you were loyal to the familiar “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.”
 - Hardy Sun..............   34-41
                                        Eventually, we will ease back into the “exotics”, just for fun.
 - Hardy Shade..........     42-47
 - Tropical Shade ......     48-50
 - Tropical Sun ..........   51-55                             Beneficial Beauties: Photo Exhibit May 4-5
Succulents, Hardy (large) 55                                    We added environmentally friendly, multi-tasking, long blooming beauties!
Succulents, Tropical (large) 56-59                              Luscious begonias, calibrachoas, heliotropes, lantanas, pentas, sweet potato vines,
Garden Fruits & Seeds        60                                 verbenas and zinnias were added to our butterfly plant collection.  Most also
Vegetables                   61-63                              attract bees, hummingbirds and beneficial insects and are suited for containers,
                                                                as well as welcoming gardens.  We have gathered these full summer blooming all
                  HOURS                                         stars into a category we proudly proclaim as “Beneficial Beauties,” listed on pages
            March 12-July 31:                                   6 and 7.  See pages 7 and 33 or our website for
      Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-5:00                              the butterfly weekend details.
     1st 3 Fridays in May, 10:00-8:00
       Sundays, 1:00-5:00, in May       Fancy leaved Geraniums
                                        You know that Mulberry Creek carries the largest organically
       August & Mondays - Closed
                                        grown scented geranium collection.  We have added to this
                                        Pelargonium family with “Fancy Leaved Geraniums.”  On page
       September-mid December
                                        25, you will find varieties, from Cindy (www.benchfarms.com/)
     Thursday-Saturday, 10:00-5:00
                                        with foliage so colorful, they need not bloom as much as they do.
                                        By the way, butterflies find them just as attractive, especially the
       mid December-mid March
                                        predominantly orange varieties.
         open by appointment

               CONFUSED?                			 Faery accessory pictures are embedded in the
          Call ahead to be sure
           419-433-6126                 			miniature plant collection
                                        			Our faery hut has housed an assortment of miniature garden accessories
POT SIZES                                                             since 2005.  We have a close relationship with our suppliers who keep us
- all plants are ready to grow!                                       stocked with some favorites and plenty of new items.  We secured their
- herbs are generally in 4” bio-pots                                  permission to use their photos throughout our miniature plant collection,
- vegetables are in 4 packs & 4” pots                                 pages 34 to 55.
- mini perennials are in 2” bio-pots

                                        Botanical Definitions                   zon·al     refers to the zone of color in the middle of the
- we come to you via plant sales                                                leaves.
- otherwise try Richters.com            Beginners to professionals use this
                                        reference guide.  I highlighted some
                                                                                zonal geraniums are advanced plants, propagated
PRICES IN THE CATALOG                                                           with the goal of producing sturdy, boldly zoned leaves,
                                        terms, often used in horticultural      and shatter- resistant flowers that bloom in a wide range of
- are 90% accurate (a few changes       circles, with my own interpretations    colors.
happen between printing & reality)      to put us all on the same page.
- apply to the herb farm only                                                   geranium in this case, is used as the common name for
- plant sales are more because of the                                           these Pelargoniums, their correct botanical name.
added time, labor & mega booth fees     Peak Times
                                            If you can only make one trip, I suggest you come around May 1st, when historically 90% of our plants
                      WE ACCEPT         are available and only 10% have sold out.  Plants have prime times, which we try to respect, along with
                      - cash, check     when our customers want plants, but please don’t expect a chile pepper in March.  Here are peak times:
                      - V.I.S.A. ,             MARCH: miniature tropical sun & shade, succulents, potatoes, seeds
                        MasterCard,            APRIL: hardy perennial herbs, cool vegetables (i.e. cabbage & greens), strawberries, fruit bushes
                        Discover               MAY: all herbs, vegetables, miniature perennials
                                               MEMORIAL DAY: hot vegetables (i.e. cukes, melons, squash) & hot herbs (i.e. ginger, turmeric)
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
                                                          PRESENTS A

                                               “60s SCARBOROUGH FAIR”
                                                       Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
                                                      with a Simon & Garfunkel ‘60s Twist

                                                   Saturday, June 22nd   10:00 - 5:00
                                                    Sunday, June 23rd  10:00 - 4:00
                                                      $5.00 per adult (includes 1 free herb)
                                                             Kids under 16 are free

According to Wikipedia, a seaside town of Scarborough, in Yorkshire, England was granted a charter by
King Henry III in 1253 to host a huge, 45-day trading event from August 15 to September 29.  Merchants
came from all over England, Norway, Denmark, the Baltic states and the Byzantine Empire attracting
tradespeople, entertainers and food vendors.

COME DRESSED IN 60s or 70s attire
If you don’t remember the 60s, here’s your chance to go back, dress up and dance to 60s & 70s music!

We been lucky to have seasoned cooks, herbalists and gardeners share their knowledge freely, under the
pavilion.  We hope to add a couple of make and take workshops to further support these professionals.
Expect topics on parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme along with indigo dyeing, natural healing, and more.

Think peaceful, colorful, fragrant, and legal herb gardens with delicious, soulful, comfort
foods, prepared by several food vendors.  As always we’ll serve “Mitchell’s” ice cream.

Including our son Josh’s 1968 Mustang, we will have a display vehicles built when they were works of art.

We require that at least 75% of our vendors’ products be herb, cooking, garden or theme related and
most importantly, made by them!

                                            GET UPDATES:
                     CLICK ON THE “EVENTS” TAB @ mulberrycreek.com
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
NEWS & EVENT 2019:
                                                     latest information at:

                                PLANT SALES/SHOWS:                          check out their websites for details
                                March 16-17        Cacti & Succulent Sale       cbgarden.org/calendar-of-events.aspx
                                March 22-23        East Coast Train Show      eclsts.com
                                April 27-28        Mill Hollow Herb Sale      metroparks.cc/events.php
                                May 10-11          Phipps May Market      phipps.conservatory.org
                                May 17-19          Holden Plant Sale           holdenarb.org/
                                HERBFARM EVENTS:                           for details or vendor info, call Karen
          Open                  March 12           Opening Day               comfort food and beverages
     March 12-July 31           April 13-14        Faery Fest                classes, kids’ games, sweet treats
     Tuesday-Saturday,          May 4-5            Beneficial Beauties     nature photographer exhibit, classes
        10:00-5:00              May 12             Mother’s Day Toast     free beverage & herb plant for mom
                                June 8             Native Plant Saturday     talks, info & native plant sale, 10-2:00
plus additional hours in May:   June 22-23         22nd Annual HerbFair     see page 3
     Sundays, 1:00-5:00         Sept. 3            Fall Season begins        open Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-5:00
      Fridays 10:00-8:00        Sept. 28-29        Harvest Gathering         local food, wine, vendors, classes, music
                                Dec. 7-8           Christmas Open House    “Christkindl market,” food, classes, music
 August & Mondays- Closed

   September-December           FIND OUR PLANTS AT:
      10:00-5:00 pm             Days of Yore          Wellington, OH        daysofyoreherbandflowerfarm.com
                                Lakewood GC     Lakewood, OH                lakewoodgardencenter.net
       Dec.-mid Mar:            Mustard Seed     Akron, Highland, Solon     mustardseedmarket.com
        Call for apt.           Country Gatherings     Berlin, OH           shopcountrygatherings.com
                                Berry’s Blooms     Medina, OH               Berry’s Bloom facebook page

                                Ask your local garden center to stock us!!!!

                                               ONCE A MONTH
          1. Just ask for a free e-newsletter with an email to:“mulberrycreekherbs@gmail.com”
          2. Add “mulberrycreekherbs@gmail.com” to your contact list, so that the e-newsletter
               lands in your inbox, not spam. This is important.
          3. Check your spam if you aren’t receiving an e-newsletter by the 20th of the month.
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
                             Mini Perennials
                                                            2019 LAYOUT:

                          & CAFE                          SCENTED
                                                             &                            TROPICAL                      STAFF
                                                        FANCY LEAVED                        SHADE
                                                                                        Mini Perennials
                Fruit Bushes & Mini Perennials                                                 VEGETABLE PLANTS

Key to each entry:
				Common Name			 $3.99
				Botanical name				Hardiness Zone
				Light Requirements		height x width Popular Uses

Common Name:                 We chose names like “Faery Ferns” (though they are not ferns at all), because Leptinella (their scientifc name) may
not be as appealing to a six year old.  Common names cause problems but we try to balance it all.

Symbols:                  THIS PLANT                              BONSAI                       TOLERATES A                         NOT PRICKLY,
                          ATTRACTS                            SPECIMEN OR                      STRAWBERRY                          NO GLOVES
                          BUTTERFLIES                          COMPANION                       JAR POT                             NEEDED

Botanical name: If you are seeking a specific plant, botanical names don’t let you down.  The first word (or genus) is capitalized and
the second (species) is not.  Often a third or more word appears in ‘single’ quotes.  That is the cultivar.

Hardiness/Hardiness Zones: When we write hardy perennial, it is hardy in Ohio.  Nevertheless, there are those quirky microcli-
mates in a backyard where plants laugh at all our “expertise.”  Note: Tender perennials need to be overwintered indoors here in Ohio and colder
climates.  Even though we no longer ship, I left in “Zones.”  Our farm is Zone 5b though it’s being nudged to a Zone 6 with our record warm winters.
Zone 1 (the Arctic) plants make it through any winter, Zone 7 is highly unlikely, and Zone 6 is borderline hardy.

Light Requirements:                 When 2 ratings are listed, first is the preferred light exposure and the second is tolerated.
          Full Sun= 6 hours or more of afternoon sun ideally                                 P. Shade= Prefers morning sun, shaded afternoon
          P. Sun= 4-6 hours afternoon sun; tolerates morning shade                           Shade= Grows well or tolerates full shade

Height x Width:                This is the approximate height you can expect for Northern Ohio this decade.
                               (Example: “12 x 18 inches” means a mature size is 12” high and 18” wide)  Use this as a guide to spacing.

Uses: Offers just a few broad, popular uses for that plant but is by no means the only ways you can utilize these plants.
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
h NEW! Beneficial Beauties h
    More than just pretty faces, we toured trial gardens to choose the loveliest, longest blooming, versatile plants that attract butterflies, bees,
     other pollinators, hummingbirds and beneficial insects.  Bloodflower and butterflyweed have a shorter, but effective, blooming period..

Begonia Funky Pink		                           $5.99                                         Bloodflower a.k.a. Tropical Milkweed                             $3.99
Begonia X Funky Pink			                       Tender Perennial		                             Asclepias curassavica 			Tender Perennial
P. Shade - P. Sun      10 x 15 inches         Hanging Baskets, Containers                    Full Sun               2 - 3 x 2 feet        Butterfly
    Upside down or just funky? These bubblegum pink to                                           Orange and red star flowers in 4” clusters are
deep rose blooms, many with golden streaks, dangle from                                      vital to Monarch butterflies all summer. Collect the
weeping stems on beautifully rounded plants that look                                        milkweed pods to sow next spring, as it’s not hardy.
almost upside-down! Takes the extra large, rich colors of
its tuberosa parent and the heat tolerance from its Bolivian
heritage, creating beauty that does not melt.
                                                                                             Butterflyweed ‘Ice Ballet’                  $3.99
                                                                                             Asclepias incarnata ‘Ice Ballet’      Hardy Perennial
                                                                                             Full Sun Only             3 x 1 feet  Monarch Butterfly
Begonia Little Lava			$5.99                                                                      Native to wet meadows and swamps, it grows very
Begonia elatior Little Lava			 Tender Perennial                                              well in draining soils. The foliage emerges slowly each
P. Shade - Sun		                     13 x 14 inches          Basket, Containers              spring. Its deep tap roots prefer not to be disturbed once
		                         Firey-orange blooms perfectly match the hairy, jagged             established. Mildly fragrant, white flowers are followed by
		                          margins and the underbellies of each supple, deep green,         lovely 4” seed pods.
		                          broad leaf, like the perfect belt, hat and shoe trio. I

                             have read orange is a butterfly’s favorite color, so this
                            has to be a siren in the neighborhood. Spot it, in a
                                                                                             Butterflyweed / Pleurisy Root $4.99
                                                                                             Asclepias tuberosa 			                    Hardy Perennial
		                         container, just outside your favorite viewing window.
                                                                                             Full Sun		           1 - 2 x 1 feet       Butterfly, Medicinal
                                                                                               Give yourself and Monarchs a bright orange, hardy, medicinal perennial.
Begonia Bossa Nova Pink Glow                               $5.99                             Powdered roots make a mean expectorant. Once established, don’t move!
Begonia boliviensis 				Tender Perennial
P. Shade - Full Sun		               14 x 20 inches         Baskets, Containers                                   DON’T FORGET THE HERBS
   Luminescent deep rose, bell-shaped, flowers cascade (like fuchsias) continu-
ously, from late spring to fall frost, smothering green, rose washed foliage. Dig up                Mix these “beneficial beauties” in your herb & vegetable gardens.
the tubers just before frost for more baskets next year.                                        BUTTERFLY CATERPILLARS NEED HOST PLANTS like baptisia, blood-
                                                                                                flower, citrus, dill, fennel, hops, nasturtiums and parsley.
                                                                                                BUTTERFLIES NEED THE NECTAR FROM bee balms, butterfly bush,
Begonia Bossa Nova White		                                 $5.99                                bloodflower, butterflyweed, catnip, chives, echinacea, lavender,
Begonia boliviensis 				Tender Perennial
                                                                                                mint, oregano, sage, verbena, and thyme.
P. Shade - Full Sun		               18 x 18 inches       Baskets, Containers
   Masses of slender white blossoms dangle on soft,
coral-pink stems, late spring to fall, amid lush, green,
arrow-shaped leaves. Heat and drought tolerant.
                                                                                             Calibrachoa Double Pink                     $5.99
Before a fall frost, dig up the tubers, store in a cool                                      Calibrachoa x Double Pinktastic		              Annual
dry place and start over next year!                                                          Full Sun - P. Sun       9 x 11 inches          Baskets
                                                                                                Boat loads of bi-colored (light pink and deep pink
                                                                                             centers), quarter-sized blooms perform from May until
Begonia Velvet Red                     $5.99                                                 the fall frost takes them out, disappointing the
Begonia x Solenia Velvet Red           Tender Perennial                                      hummingbirds and bees.
P. Shade - Full Sun 10 x 10 inches             Containers, Mother’s Day Roses
			                                 No need to clear out spent deep red blooms,
		                           (deadheading) to keep it blooming. You could not                Calibrachoa Double Red                      $5.99
		                             keep up with the abundance and long season                    Calibrachoa Double Red 		Annual
                               anyway, from Mother’s Day to Halloween! Looks                 Full Sun - P. Sun      14 x 14 inches          Hanging Baskets, Beneficials
		                           like a bouquet of velvety roses but SO MUCH easier              		                        Calibrachoas are known as “Million Bells” or “Mini
		                              to grow.                                                     		Petunias” which describe the hundreds of rich red,
                                                                                             		                     double blooms that smother ridiculously round mounds
                                                                                             		                     of green foliage- I think there’s foliage in there!
                          deadhead /ˈdedhed/  verb                                           		                     Hummingbirds and bees take notice!
   Most annuals and many perennials will continue
   to bloom throughout the growing season if they                                            Dragonhead                              $4.99
   are regularly deadheaded. Deadheading is the gar-                                         Dracocephalum moldavica                   Tender Perennial
                                                                                             Full Sun - P. Shade 1 x 1 foot            Bees, Rock Garden
   dening term used for the removal of faded or dead                                            This happens to look similar and is related to hyssop or
   flowers from plants. Deadheading is generally                                             lavender with dark green, lemon-scented leaves. Showy
   done both to maintain a plant’s appearance and to                                         lavender-blue flowers reach 18” high and attract bees and
   improve its overall performance.                                                          butterflies most of the summer.
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
Heliotrope, Fragrant Blue $5.99                                                        Verbena, Butterfly		                         $3.99
		                      Heliotropium arborescens          Tender Perennial                Verbena bonariensis			                       Annual
		                       Full Sun          2 x 2 feet     Fragrance, Beneficials          Full Sun		            3 x 3 feet		           Ornamental, Butterfly
		                          This feels like luxury. Like I’m taking a bath without           Pinkish-purple blossoms sway on top 3 feet, slender stems, attracting the eye
		                       the bubbles. Old-fashioned heliotrope was known as the           and horn of many drivers. It’s a natural cut flower which lures any butterfly in
		                      “cherry pie plant” for its rich, sweet, dessert fragrance.        the neighborhood. Warning: it’s a self-sowing annual which happens to be fine
		                       Yes, it’s loaded with purple, long season blooms you             with us. Use bark or other mulch where you don’t want it to self-sow.
		                       remember, but now it’s cool again for its bee attracting
		                        powers.                                                         Verbena Deep Pink		                          $5.99
                                                                                          Verbena x ‘Lanai Deep Pink’		 Tender Perennial
Lantana, Cherry                   $5.99                                                   Full Sun 		              8 x 24 inches        Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Bees
Lantana camara ‘Bandana’           Tender Perennial                                          Performance never goes out of style. This updated,
Full Sun 18 x 18 inches            Basket, Butterfly                                      “old fashioned” beauty produces an abundance of deep
   We walked trial gardens in Michigan and this                                           pink flowers on gently cascading stems of dark green
was my favorite. Lantanas thrive on neglect,                                              foliage. It’s perfect for using in summer container
putting up with drought, heat and less than ideal                                         displays and hanging baskets, and can be used to fill
soils with violet, yellow and orange flower clusters                                      gaps at the front of a sunny border.
and no deadheading. On top of the butterfly
attractors list but NOT a friend to pets.                                                 Verbena, Homestead Purple $3.99
                                                                                          Verbena canadensis			                        Annual
Melampodium Golden Globe                                   $3.99                          Full Sun		              12 x 36 inches       Ornamental, Butterfly, Bees
		                        Melampodium X Golden Globe Annual                                  Attractive to bees, hummingbirds and butterflies, but not deer, this blooming
                          Sun - P. Shade 8 x 12 inches Containers, Beneficials            machine of large, rich, velvety purple flowers perform from May through the
		                           Bathed in sunny, yellow daisies, spring to fall, these       summer until frost. Choose it for the low-maintenance garden but be sure to
		                        mounds of joy are tolerant of heat and shade, and do            allow plenty of room. Just look at our display in 1998 at the bottom of the page!
		                        not need to be deadheaded for continuous blooming.
		                        Butterflies, bees and other pollinators know this by
		                        its common names “Butter Daisy or Gold Medallion
                                                                                          		                         Zinnia, Double Yellow                   $3.99
		                        Flower.” Deers just say “No thanks.”                            		                        Zinnia angustifolia 			                 Annual
                                                                                          		                        Full Sun            18 x 18 inches      Butterfly
                                                                                          		                           Zinnias are easier to grow now with an all summer
Pentas, Lucky Star Mix $5.99                                                              		                         bloom despite heat, humidity and drought. No dead
Pentas lanceolata                Tender Perennial                                         		                         heading required. Hundreds of 2” golden
Sun - P. Sun 14 x 13 inches Beds, Beneficials                                             		                         blooms flag down the butterflies.
   Star clusters of white, lavender, cherry red,
violet, raspberry & colors in between will attract
the butterflies and hummingbirds, non-stop, from
                                                                                          Zinnia, Profusion White                      $3.99
at least Memorial to Labor Day.                                                           Zinnia angustifolia			                          Annual
                                                                                          Full Sun		             18 x 18 inches           Butterfly
                                                                                             This tough, resistant, spring to fall white blooming
Sensitive Plant                           $4.99                                           zinnia only asks that you give it room. Just planting
Mimosa pudica		                            Tender Perennial                               them a foot from their neighbor is enough to shoo
P. Sun - Full Sun      1 x 2 feet         Curiosity Plant                                 away mildew. Well worth growing for the butterflies.
   Known for it’s reactive, folding, fern-like foliage, it actually produces fluffy
lavender flowers too. Its evolutionary trick of closing up, fooled predators (you
can’t see me) or reduced water loss. Just be sure not to “tickle it to death!”
                                                                                                      2 year old Ben on “Homestead Purple Verbena” is now 23!
			                               Sweet Potato Vines $4.49
			Ipomoea batatas 		 Annual
			P. Sun - Sun                                      3 x 3 feet    Butterfly
			 Sun or shade, heat or humidity, hanging
			                              baskets or luscious groundcover, these bright
			                              green and deep purple ornamental varieties are
not picky though, grown in the sun, the colors are brighter and they need more
water. In the shade they green up a bit, but aren’t as thirsty.

 Photography Exhibit: May 4 & 5
    John Koscinski has been doing wildlife & flower
    photography for 25 years, and gardening for more
    than 30.  He has traveled to the Florida Everglades,
    the Amazon Jungle & Mexico City for the Audubon
    Magazine.  John will share his stories, photography
    tips and garden experiences here.  Photos will be
    available for sale.  Check mulberrycreek.com
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
h Herbs & Magical Companion Plants h
                                Enjoy them all, for their edible leaves or flowers, healing or comfort, crafting or sheer beauty.

   h AGASTACHE / ANISE HYSSOPS All $3.99 h                                                 Agastache, Sangria
                                                                                           Agastache mexicana
  Better than a box of “Skittles,” Agastaches  come in assorted flavors:
                                                                                           2 - 4 feet		            Culinary Flowers, Beverages
  anise, apricot, lemony mint and even root beer in a range of hot colors.
                                                                                              Guilt free candy straight from the garden. Our
                                                                                           staff could not resist popping pink petals of sweet
Agastache or Anise Hyssop                                                                  lemon-mint into their mouths when they bloomed
Agastache foeniculum           Hardy Perennial                                             for the first time. Imagine pink confetti over
3 x 2 feet		                   Hummingbirds, Culinary                                      melons or the lemony leaves in your child’s tea.
   Got your cup of tea? O.K. Begin your adventure....
Lavender purple spikes, July through September, are                                        Agastache, Sunset
cut fresh for flower arrangements or dried, while                                          Agastache rupestris
anise flavored leaves and flowers make a refreshing                                        2 - 4 feet		             Hummingbirds, Edible Flowers
summer tea. Easily grown hardy perennial, but,                                                 This perennial is also known as “Rootbeer Hyssop,” for
reseeds if flowers aren’t removed quickly, which                                           its subtle, sweet, sassafras flavor. Apricot-pink flowers
can be a good thing. Tolerates partial shade.                                              spend the summer above finely cut gray foliage. That is,
                                                                                           until you snip them to jazz up fizzly beverages or sprinkle
          OUR AGASTACHES ARE:                                                              over fresh, sliced peaches and ice cream.
  Sun to P. Shade Lovers Drought Resistant
   Bees, Butterfly, & Hummingbird Magnets
                                                                                           Angelica			                                  $3.99
                                                                                           Angelica archangelica			Hardy Perennial
                                                                                           Shade		                4 - 6 feet		            Culinary, Ornamental, Butterfly
                                                                                              Need a tropical, bold, 6 feet giant for a wet, shaded area? Stems are candied,
			                                   Agastache Apricot Sprite                             added in slivers to your favorite rhubarb recipe, minced for jams or simply eaten
			                                  Agastache aurantiaca     Half-Hardy Perennial         like asparagus. Leaves flavor pork, fish, cooked fruits and soups. Creamy yellow
			                                  2 x 1 feet               Culinary, Tea, Bees          flowers produce long lasting seed heads followed by the death of the mother plant
		                                       Try this for your next salad: mixed               shortly thereafter. Seeds add a sweet, delicate, anise flavor to stews and liqueurs.
                                     greens, ripe nectarines (or mandarin
			                                  oranges), toasted walnuts, “Purple Ruffles
			                                  Basil” and these subtle citrus/anise, bright          		                                 Angelica, Korean                 $4.49
			                                  orange and yellow flowers. Dress with a               		                                 Angelica gigas      Hardy Perennial
			                                  fruity viniagrette. Not only tasty, there’s           		                                 Shade               3 feet
			                                  silver foliage and slender height to admire.          		                                 Chinese Medicinal, Ornamental, Butterfly
			                                  Add extra color to the herb garden or even            		                                     Dramatic, large foliage reigns in the shade,
			                                  large mixed containers.                               			                                  as 3 feet stalks balance baseball-sized purple
			                                                                                        			                                    clusters in 2 to 3 years. I suggest you
		 NEW! Agastache, Golden Jubilee

                                                                                                                                 remove the flowers during their glory to
                                                                                                                                 prevent this herb’s demise or the birth of
		                              Agastache rugosa         Half-Hardy Perennial
                                                                                           			                                 100 more. This “Dong Quai” herb stars in
		                              2 x 2 feet              Butterflies, Bees, Culinary
                                                                                           			                               Chinese tea and is a famous female medicinal.
   Hummingbirds scout out the three inch, soft lavender-blue spikes that contrast
wonderfully with chartreuse-yellow foliage. Licorice scented leaves can be used
in scones, dried for teas, and the flowers can be sprinkled over clotted cream for
the quintessential English tea party. Also excellent as a cut flower.
                                                                                           Baptisia			$4.49
                                                                                           Baptisia australis			Hardy Perennial
                                                                                           Full Sun		              3 x 3 feet		           Ornamental, Edible
NEW! Agastache, Mosquito Plant                                                                True blue, June flowers form on this, among the oldest known
Agastache cana ‘Heather Queen’		             Half-Hardy Perennial		                        perennials. We pop the juicy flowers in our mouths for a fresh
2 x 1 feet				                               Bees, Butterflies, Wildflower                 pea fix, though a few folks have been known to over indulge in
   “Texas Hummingbird Mint and Wild Hyssop” are common names for this                      the foliage with minor, belly ache. Bold, contrasting foliage
multi-tasking, all summer blooming, pollinator attractor. Minty fragrance lingers          turns purple after a freeze. Baptisia is a nitrogen fixing plant-
from its thick, “spongy” foliage and pink-violet spikes. Cut fresh bouquets                that’s free fertilizer!
or experiment with a:

                          HOMEMADE MOSQUITO REPELLENT:
    Soak overnight:  1 cup fresh leaves                              2 cups water OR                         h BASIL TIPS All $3.99 h
    Quick method:   1 cup fresh or 1/2 cup dried leaves       1 cup boiling water             1. Basil loves warm soil. Buy early, transplant into a gallon pot.
               Pour into a spray bottle.  Heavily mist your outdoor sitting area.                Patiently wait until Memorial Day to plant outside in ground.
                                                                                              2. “Annuals” (live 1 year) vs “Tender Perennial (overwinter indoors)
NEW! Agastache, Rose Mint                                                                     3. Add nitrogen to your soil at planting to delay flowering and seed
Agastache pallidiflora ‘Rose Mint’		        Half-Hardy Perennial                                 production, crucial for annual basils that love to flower.
2 x 1 feet				                              NOT Deer Food, Wildflower                         4. Best fresh. Or “food processor” leaves with olive oil. Pour slurry
   Minty,rose fragrance is too much for rabbits and deers but the heavenly scent-                into ice cube tray. Freeze. Store cubes in freezer in containers.
ed blooms from June to September, beckon pollinators and butterflies from across              5. Keep flowers & leaves clipped and use in tomato soup, sweet
the animal kingdom! Lavender-rose colored spikes add drifts of soft color and                    corn, Italian sauces, garlic bread, poultry dishes, even ice cream.
heavy scent to landscapes. These carefree plants thrive in poor, dry ground.
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
Basil, Pepper
                         h BASILS $3.99 h                                                Ocimum selloi 			                             Tender Perennial (Zone 9 - 10)
                       Basils are adored by butterflies                                  P. Sun - P. Shade      2 x 2 feet		           Culinary, Ornamental
                 Great in 12” or larger pots with other herbs                               Sturdy, polished, green, bell pepper and basil flavored leaves are more tender
                                                                                         and delicious, grown in filtered sunlight to afternoon shade. Reddish-pink flowers
Basil, African Blue                                                                      never stop, but, don’t diminish the flavor either. Tolerates cool temps and the in-
Ocimum x ‘African Blue’             Tender Perennial                                     doors next fall. See “Pepper Basil” in Herb Companion’s Feb/March 2004 issue.
Sun - P. Shade       3 x 2 feet     Culinary, Ornamental
   Give it room to transform into a mound of dark                                        Basil. Piccolino
green leaves with purple veins and flower spikes.                                        Ocimum basilicum			                          Annual
Had it served with a pork tenderloin that made me                                        Full Sun		             7 x 7 inches          Culinary, Containers
believe- it is edible! Best basil indoors come fall.                                        Genuine spicy, sweet Greek basil flavor comes in a neat, boxwood-like mound
                                                                                         packed with 1/2” long leaves. Forget the chopping! Small, flavorful leaves make
			Basil, African Blue,Variegated                                                        convenient garnishes and are easily clipped from the plant and sprinkled over
			Ocimum x ‘Variegated African Blue’                                                    dishes. Put in a patio container outside your kitchen with thyme and chives.
			Tender Perennial          Sun - P. Sun
			                              3 x 2-1/2 feet             Culinary, Ornamental
			                                  Claude Monet might have wept upon seeing
                                                                                         			Basil, Pesto Perpetuo
                                                                                         			Ocimum basilicum ‘Purple Ruffles’                       Annual
			                              its pastel palette of white, lime and dark green,
			                              splashed leaves. Almost as vigorous as                  			               Sun 18 x18 inches Culinary, Ornamental
			                              “African Blue” with a milder flavor. Breath-            			                  No flowers, just tons of rich, smoky basil
			                              taking in herb garden but begin by adding               			               flavor for endless batches of pesto and dozens
			                              small amounts to meats, stews, corn and beans.          			               of drizzles of basil oil over pasta. I add chopped
                                                                                         			               basil to oil, store in the refrigerator, and use it
                                                                                         		           all in a week. Herb oils displayed on windowsills
Basil, Aussie Sweetie                                                                       are not considered safe to consume due to botulism concerns.
Ocimum x citriodora ‘Aussie Sweetie’           Tender Perennial
Full Sun		              3 - 4 x 1 feet         Culinary, Topiary                         Basil, Purple Ruffles
   Susan Belsinger describes it as “One of the most complex basil aromas and the    Ocimum basilicum ‘Purple Ruffles’               Annual
strongest. The first sniff is loaded with cinnamon and has the background of all-   Sun         2 x 1-1/2 feet           Culinary, Ornamental
spice & cloves. Pumpkin Pie spice comes to mind.” Just fine with corn, peppers         Large purple leaves with ruffled edges and pink
and anything Italian. Makes an amazing 3’, non-flowering topiary in one season.     flowers create this striking, pleasantly mild, (so
                                                                                    add generously) basil touch to vibrant salads.
Basil, Cinnamon                                                                     Create a bold display with gold sweet potato
Ocimum basilicum ‘Cinnamon’		                  Annual                               vine, and bronze fennel if you have the room.
Full Sun		              1 x 1-1/2 feet         Culinary, Ornamental
   Red veined, green leaves and purple stems plus flowers from pink to purple,           Basil, Sweet Genovese, Eleonora
create such beauty, we’d grow it even if it didn’t flavor fruit, pancake syrup, and Ocimum basilicum 			                            Annual
beef. Don’t be fooled by imposters. Not all cinnamon basils are created equal.      Full Sun		               18 x 18 inches         Culinary, Containers
                                                                                       Remains the queen of all full, Italian flavored basils and the easiest Genovese
Basil, Holy or Tulsi		                                                              to grow. Harvest weekly, in its prime, to keep the young leaves, which are the
Ocimum sanctum			                              Annual                               most flavorful, coming. I can smell the basil butter over sweet corn right now!
Sun		                   1 x 1-1/2 feet         Medicinal, Culinary, Ornamental
   India’s most sacred basil is steeped in the Ayurvedic tradition, and is used
to adapt to stress, lower cholesterol, provide pain relief, and boost the immune
                                                                                         		                        NEW! Basil, Red Genovese
                                                                                                                 Ocimum basilicum ‘Genovese Freddy’        Annual
system for starters. Filled with antioxidants, it also livens up pork and rice too.
                                                                                    		                           Full Sun           21 x 18 inches         Culinary
NEW! Basil, Lemon Meringue

                                                                                                                     “Red Freddy” is the first red-leaved basil with
                                                                                                                  authentic, genovese basil flavor. Large, deep red,
Ocimum citriodora ‘Lemon Meringue’             Annual
                                                                                    		                            fragrant leaves are just a pluck away from gorgeous
Full Sun  		            2 x 2  feet		          Culinary,  Containers
                                                                                    		                           pesto. Plants are slow to flower (that gives you more
   Somehow, this basil self seeded, right next to my kitchen window, in a five      		                           time to harvest) and benefit from pruning, to promote
inch layer of mulch, after a fierce winter. It has exceeded any lemon basil we      		                       branching, higher yields and better flavor.
have raised for robust growth, large leaves and the best lemon flavor. When
you indulge in a sweet recipe, first infuse these leaves overnight, in any liquid
you might add. We will still offer “Mrs. Burn’s Lemon” for those loyal to it.
                                                                                         Basil, Sweet Thai
                                                                                    Ocimum basilicum ‘Sweet Thai’		                 Annual
                                                                                    Full Sun		               1-1/2 x 1-1/2 feet     Culinary
Basil, Lime                                                                            With purple stems and blooms, at first glance, it might look like “Cinnamon
Ocimum citriodora or O. basilicum ‘Lime’       Annual                               Basil,” but its 2 inch green leaves are distinctly spicy, with anise and clove tones.
Full Sun		              18 x 18 inches         Culinary                             Essential in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, and in beef to salsa to spring rolls.
   Lime basil has a particularly potent flavor that even increases with freezing,
which is a great way to preserve basil. Keeping flowers clipped is helpful for           Basil, Tuscany
herbs, but vital to citrus basils. Prevent premature death and eat the flowers.     Ocimum basilicum			                             Annual
                                                                                    Full Sun		               14 x 14 inches         Culinary, Bees, Container
Basil, Mini Purple 		                                                                  I find the lettuce-leaf type basils, like “Tuscany” more useful because its hint
O. basilicum ‘Minimum Pur. Well Sweep’         Tender Perennial (Zone 9 - 10)       of licorice goes well with more dishes and its mild flavor means you can’t over do
Full Sun		              7 x 7 inches           Culinary, Ornamental                 it. Large, 3 to 5 inch long, ruffled leaves work with white beans, tomato soup, or
   Simply crumble the tiny, purple leaves over pizza, salads or fish. Flowers are   anything with olive oil. Stands out in classic recipes like “Tuscan Basil Chicken
delayed so you have time. Introduced by Cyrus Hyde atWell-Sweep Herb Farm.          as well as in a planted mixed container, just outside your kitchen’s door.
2019 Catalog ARE YOU GOING TO SCARBOROUGH FAIR? PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND THYME - VEgetables and Miniature Perennials - Mulberry Creek ...
Bay Leaf 			                                 $5.49                                    Borage, Blue or White                        $3.99
Laurus nobilis			Tender Perennial                                                     Borago officinalis			Annual
Full Sun		               5+ x 5 feet             Moth Repellent                       Full Sun		             1 - 2 x 3 feet         Culinary, Borders, Bees
   How many of you are guilty of harboring                                               Need a quick cucumber substitute? Make space for a summer display of
dried up, ancient bay leaves? Leaves lose 50%                                         periwinkle or white star-shaped flowers. Harvest just opened blooms and young,
of their flavor in just 6 months. Reward your-                                        non-prickly leaves, for cool salads or “V-8” drinks. Also cool, is that it was used
self with sweet, fresh leaves. The difference is                                      to “cheer up the sad” and an integral part of summer solstice celebrations.
amazing! Fresh bay adds full flavor to stews,
sauerkraut, beef, pork and, coupled with red
wine, is the secret to terrific spaghetti sauce.
                                                                                      Calamint, Alpine		                           $3.99
                                                                                      Calamintha nepeta var. nepeta 		               Hardy Perennial
Grow directly in ground for maximum growth.
                                                                                      Sun - P. Shade          1 x 1 foot		           Culinary, Faery, Landscape
Dig up and repot in fall for an ideal houseplant.
                                                                                          Definition of the ideal perennial: low maintenance, (no dead heading) with a

                                                                                      perfect mound of delicate, sweet, lilac-blue flowers from June until after a fall
            h Monarda Bee-You™ h                                $4.49                 freeze. Foliage has minty fragrance, but it doesn’t trespass like one. I consider
                                                                                      it an essential faery garden plant that chefs call “Nepetinella.”
    Bees love them. Gardeners love them. These patented varieties are
mildew free, covered in flowers, and are available in colors that bring
any outdoor space to life.   Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds can’t                 Calendula, Alpha		                           $3.99
resist their sweet nectar and fragrance.                                              Calendula officinalis ‘Alpha’		 Annual
        Sun- P. Sun		            h x w varies         Hardy Perennial                 Full Sun		                2 x 2 feet		         Medicinal, Skin Cosmetic, Cutflower
           Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Containers, Cut Flowers,                    Clear, bright blooms are easy to see but its chemistry suggests a high resin
                  Teas, Medicinal, Fragrance, AND resists deer!                       content, so admire it or infuse in oil for a healing skin preparation. There are
                                                                                      many medicinal uses as well.
Bee Balm, Bee-Happy                                                                   Cardamom			$4.99
 Monarda ‘bee-you-bee-happy’		                18 x 24 inches
                                                                                      Elettaria cardamomum			Tender Perennial
    Brings richly saturated, vermilion red flowers on com-
                                                                                      Shade		                 3 - 5 x 3 feet         Culinary
pact, bushy plants. For a great tea combo in a pot, add
pineapple mint. Want festivity? Add parsley or make an                                   This tropical is the source of the very expensive cardamom seed. It must reach
edible flower, dynamic duo with nasturtiums. A favorite                               mature height to flower and set seed, so plant it outside in May for growth, then
of cut flower growers, as its aromatic foliage smells like                            enjoy the spicy, fragrant foliage, indoors, from September through April. Carda-
mint and can be used to flavor teas.                                                  mom is an easy houseplant since it’s difficult to overwater.

Bee Balm, Bee-Lieve                                                                                  MOSQUITO REPELLENT PLANTS/OILS
 Monarda ‘bee-you-bee-lieve’		 18 x 15 inches                                             https://nourishingjoy.com/grow-your-own-mosquito-repellents/
    Bright colors are great, but sometimes you need a                                     gives a thorough explanation.  Here are my notes and comments.
soothing, softer pink in your life. “Bee-lieve” has fluffy,
                                                                                          Avoid DEET.  Grow your own herbs that repel mosquitoes.  Pot the
baby pink flowers, accented by maroon bracts that look
                                                                                          herbs or plant them near your outdoor entertaining area.  Snip, crush
like a necklace: the perfect baby shower centerpiece!
                                                                                          and rub their oils on your skin or clothing.  They may or may not do
                                                                                          mosquito duty, but they all smell great and some are very edible.
Bee Balm, Bee-Merry
 Monarda ‘bee-you-bee-merry’		              15 x 12 inches                                Page:      Mosquito Repelling Herbs:        Stinkiest Candidates:
   Deep, rosy-coral flowers open from magenta buds and                                    8          Agastache or Anise Hyssop        Anise Hyssop
completely cover the plant, for months of bright color,                                   9          Basil                            Genovese or Sweet Thai
that will style your outdoor space and beckon you outside.                                10         Bee Balm a.k.a. Monarda          Rose Scented Bee Balm
Why not plant a pollinator pot with echinacea and chives?                                 11         Catnip                           Catnip
                                                                                          13         Eucalyptus                       Lemon Eucalyptus
Bee Balm, Bee-True                                                                        16         Lavender                         Fat Spike or French Perfume
 Monarda ‘bee-you-bee-true’		 15 x 12 inches                                              19         Mint                             Peppermint or Pennyroyal
    Raspberry red flowers with a center that looks like a                                 26-27      Scented Geraniums                Rober’s Lemon, Attar or Rose
red velvet cupcake, make this new bee balm the star of                                    30-31      Thyme                            English Broadleaf
tea party. Place in a decorative pot, scatter the petals over                             Citronella is a lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus,) but not the culinary
the table and sprinkle them over the clotted cream, sliced                                species we sell.  The Citronella geraniums have not proven effective.
peaches and scones. Make an infusion (inaccurately known
as tea) by pouring boiling water over fresh or dried leaves.                              It takes 10,000 roses to fill a thumb-sized bottle of rose oil.  100%
                                                                                          essential oils are far more concentrated than plants and therefore,
		Bee Balm, Jacob Cline                                              $3.99                more effective.  Due to this, the essential oils require carrier oils to
                                                                                          dilute them.  DO NOT APPLY THEM DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN!
		Monarda didyma ‘Jacob Cline’		                                     2.5 x 2 feet
 		                      Choose this for its true red flowers, extra mildew               For a mosquito spray, add 15-20 drops of essential oil to 1/4 cup vodka.
		                    resistance, vigor and all the other attractive qualities.           For a rub-on oil, add 15-20 drop oil per 2-3 tablespoon of carrier oil.

		                    Bee Balm, Rose-Scented                         $3.99                100% Essential Oils:                 Carrier Oils:
		Monarda didyma ‘Rose-scented’                                     2.5 x 2.5 feet        cloves         lavender              apricot kernel     grapeseed
 		                      For those romantics out there, we still offer this sweet,        cedar          lemongrass            avocado            hemp
spicy, pale, pink-purple perennial. Foliage contains geraniol, which is also found        citronella     myrtle                coconut            jojoba
in the rose scented geraniums. Leaves and flowers are antiseptic, antibacterial,          eucalytus     peppermint             evening primrose   olive oil
antifungal, and are being researched for their action against tumors.                     geranium     tea tree                emu                sunflower
h CATMINT vs. CATNIP h                                                                       h CHIVES h All $3.99
        Until I nibbled on the tasty flowers, I used catmints for their looks,                  Cut back to 1” high after blossoming to prevent reseeding.  You’ll
    only, in sunny borders.  Catnip is a legendary sedative for humans and                  be rewarded with a second flush of growth.  Use the flowers fresh,
    cats, requiring shade to behave.  All are BUTTERFLY FRIENDLY.                           in salads and vinegars, for a no tears, sweet, “Vidalia” onion or
                                                                                            garlic flavor.  Flowers and foliage make elegant bouquets as well.
Catmint, Creeping                             $3.99                                             Scissor snip foliage to use fresh.  Or freeze by placing a single
Nepeta mussini (faassenii)		 Hardy Perennial                                                layer of leaves on a cookie sheet.  Freeze about 30 minutes or until
Full Sun - P. Sun        1 x 2 feet		         Ornamental, Bees, Rock Garden                 stiff.  Throw in labelled “Zip-loc” bags.  You’ll be able to pull them
   #1 recommended hardy perennial to plant with roses! Small, white-gray, fine              out one leaf at a time.
toothed leaves form a natural mound, covered with blue flowers in June and                      All chives are hardy perennials and loved by butterflies & bees
occasionally fall. Although stronger and more pleasantly fragrant than common
catnip, it doesn’t attract our neighborhood cats, so it remains untouched. Plant          Chives, Garden or Onion ‘Staro’
several together in rock gardens for massive oceans of soft blue.                         Allium schoenoprasum
                                                                                          Normal		              1 x 1-1/2 feet          Edible Flowers & Leaves
Catmint, Six Hills Giant                      $3.99                                          Choose this white globed chive for its thick leaves which makes harvest, fresh
Nepeta x ‘Six Hills Giant’		 Hardy Perennial                                              use and freezing easy. Any time you need onion flavor, just grab a scissors. My
Full Sun - P. Sun        2-1/2 x 5 feet    Border, Bees                                   “Secret Indulgent Omelette” recipe calls for cream cheese and chives foliage
  This is “Creeping Catmint” on steroids! Tall mounds of sky blue flowers,                garnished with edible chive blossoms.
make a dramatic show planted among delphiniums, foxgloves and other spikes.
                                                                                          Chives, Garlic ‘Nira’
                                                                                          Allium tuberosa ‘Nira’
Catnip, regular or Lemon                      $3.99                                       Full Sun		              1 x 1-1/2 feet          Edible Flowers & Leaves
Nepeta cataria			 Hardy Perennial
                                                                                             Truth be told, I want a prep chef not a pool boy, if I had my drothers. So
P. Shade - Shade        2 - 3 x 2 feet          Culinary, Butterfly, Bees                 when I spot an herb that is easy to chop (or in chives case, snip with scissors),
   Since this is the original “6-pack of beer” for cats, protect new plantings until      I take it. ‘Nira’ has a subtle garlic flavor and wider, flat leaves for “Garlicky,
they’re established. For humans, a soothing tea can be made from two teaspoons            Garlic Chives Mashed Potatoes” or blanched peas with white chive blossoms.
dried leaves per one cup of water to aid in sleeping, colds and fevers. Remove
flowers before they mature to prevent self-sowing, unless you desire catnip for
the entire neighborhood. Catnip doesn’t mind a few hours of shade or morning               bolting                 /ˈbōltiNG/  verb
sun. Lemon Catnip available as well in limited quantities.
                                                                                           Bolting is when plants’ central stalks shoot up in
Celery, Amsterdam Cutting $3.99                                                            a short amount of time, triggered by heat, a cold
Apium graveolens 			Biennial                                                               spell, day length or other factors.
Full Sun		             1 x 1 foot		         Culinary
   Celery substitute, but MUCH easier to grow; No blanching required. Also
                                                                                           Most plants bolt due to hot weather. When the
known as “Love Straw” for its hollow stalks, which are perfect for sipping                 ground goes above a certain temperature, this
delightful tomato drinks and “Bloody Marys,” during our down time. (Down                   flips a switch in the plant to produce flowers and
time? Just kidding. Valerian tea is what we should be sipping now and again.)              seeds very rapidly and to abandon leaf growth
Stalks and leaves can be substituted whenever celery is needed.                            almost completely. It is a survival mechanism in a
                                                                                           plant but, unfortunately, it renders the plant bitter.
Celery, Par-cel		                             $3.99
Apium graveolens 			Biennial                                                               Lettuce, cilantro, and other vulnerable plants
Full Sun		             1 x 1 foot		            Culinary                                    should be planted in or going into cooler months
   Think celery flavor with a touch of parsley, no stalks, just tender foliage.            (April or August), protected from hot afternoon
Plant next to back door to harvest regularly for soups, red sauces and anytime             sun or fluctuations in temperature and harvested
you don’t have stalks of celery or parsley sprigs handy. Compared to growing               frequently to ward off flowers and encourage
stalked celery in the garden, this is a piece of cake, no blancing required.
                                                                                           leaves to grow.
Chamomile, German Zloty Lan $3.99
Matricaria recutita (chamomila)
Full Sun		               1-1/2 x 2 feet
                                              Tea, Medicinal
                                                                                                     h CILANTRO: May to December h
                                                                                             Year-round cilantro flavor begins with two plants put in the ground,
   Harvest is easier with larger flowers and heavier yields. Pluck entire flowers.         late April.  Allow one to flower, form seeds and drop them.  Leave
Dry on a horizontal window screen. After two to three days, place a tray, under
                                                                                           the other for harvesting.  Keep the dropped seeds moist until they
a screen and rub flowers. Only white petals and yellow centers should fall
                                                                                           sprout.  As those sprouts grow, you will eventually harvest them, as
through to tray. Stem and green caps may aid in digestion, but are usually too
bitter for Americans’ palettes. We make a tea using one teaspoon dried herb per            the other plant is seeding out.  Repeat several cycles.  That leap frog
one cup near boiling water for the occasional insomnia.                                    process can take you into November.
                                                                                             OR, plant the cilantro impersonators listed on the next page.
Chervil, Brussels Winter                      $3.99                                       Cilantro ‘Marino’		                           $3.99
Anthriscus cerefolium ‘Brussels Winter’        Annual                                     Coriandrum sativum ‘Marino’		                    Annual
Sun - P. Sun            1 - 2 x 2 feet         Culinary, Butterfly                        P. Sun		                18 x 12 inches           Culinary - Leaf & Seed, Butterfly
   This European variety is larger and slower to bolt than ordinary chervil. Use             This selection is slow to bolt which is a plus for cilantro. Use the tender
fresh or frozen leaves in salads, soups, fish, white sauce and quiche, ideally fresh      leaves to add a citrus-like taste to salsa, salads, seafood, guacamole and other
or cooked less than five minutes. Start in early spring with lettuce since it’ll bolt     Mexican dishes, especially those that include limes. Coriander, the seed,
into flowers with summer heat. Collect seed and plant in August for a fall crop.          harbors a roasted orange flavor destined for curry powder, rice dishes, orange
                                                                                          marmalade breads, and applesauce.
h CILANTRO IMPERSONATORS h                                                                     h CUBAN OREGANO h All $3.99
                                                                                                 We have met so many gardeners who’ve become discouraged
Cilantro, Vietnamese		 $3.99                                                                 with plants in hanging baskets and strawberry jars, because they die
Persicaria odoratum			Tender Perennial                                                       so easily.  Our “Jar Gems”TM survive despite heat & the occasional
P. Sun - P. Shade       6 x 12 inches           Culinary, Groundcover                        lack of water.  They include ice plants, “Society Garlics,” and these
   This looks, grows and is, in fact, related to “Smart-weed.” (Aren’t they all?)            “Cuban Oreganos,” the most drought tolerant of all.
Heat will not kill it, but afternoon sun will, so plant it in a shaded, summer                                  FORGET TO WATER? - NO HARM.
garden, then a winter hanging basket to bring in and flavor shrimp, enchiladas,
and pork meals, all year.
                                                                                           Cuban Oregano, Golden Ruffles
Papalo				$3.99                                                                            Plectranthus (Coleus) ambionicus’Golden Ruffles’          Tender Perennial
Porophyllum ruderale			                         Annual                                     Shade		                  4 x 5 feet spread		              Baskets
Sun		                   5 x 3 feet		            Culinary, Butterfly                           How about a “Survivor” for the shade?
   Common names, “Bolivian Coriander” and “Butterfly leaf” hint to its flavor,             In fact, that’s where it’ll produce the
(between arugula, cilantro and rue or like a mixture of nasturtium flowers, lime,          best color. Much like the variegated
and cilantro) and use. It provides nectar to feeding butterflies, and attracts bees        form, but, with a warmer gold and green
and other pollinators. Restaurants in Mexico may have a sprig of papalo (PAH-              pattern, scalloped edges and thick, wavy
pa-low) in a glass jar of water, on the table, next to the salt, pepper and salsas,        leaves. Decidedly, more ornamental, than
ready to be added raw, to soups, tacos, tortillas or beans.                                flavorful, but so valuable in a hanging basket.
                                                                                           All you need is one plant per 12 inch pot.
                                                                                           It will fill in and overflow by July.
Pepicha			$3.99
Porophyllum tagetoides			Annual
Sun - P. Sun            2 x 1 feet		           Culinary, Medicinal
                                                                                           Cuban Oregano, Grey
                                                                                           Plectranthus sp. (Zone 9 - 10)		                Tender Perennial
   Described as “cilantro times 10” with wispy foliage and purple, poppy-like
flowers. Flavor is described as mint, citrus and pine or cilantro with lemon and           Full Sun               6 x 8 inches             Culinary, Ornamental
anise. Anyway, you’ll like it in salsa, corn, squash and other Mexican fare- and           			                                  This is a favorite cooking variety of the
no metallic aftertaste that some experience with cilantro! Holds up to summer’s            			                                local Puerto Rican community. Gray leaves
heat due to its native roots. Used traditionally as a liver cleanse and more.              			                                   are arranged so perfectly on fuzzy gray
                                                                                           			                                     stems that, I daresay, look unnatural!
                                                                                           			                                   Equally perfect mounds do not trail like
              h CITRUS h All $5.99 - $12.99                                                			                                   the other cuban oreganos listed here, nor
       Like Ohio snowbirds, citrus spends its summers in the garden with                   			                                      is the overall appearance at all similar.
   the herbs, then vacations indoors before a fall frost.  We enjoy an                     			                                        People love its tidy looks and minty,
   ample crop of citrus, all winter, including fruit for our Key Lime and                  			                                      oregano scent, inside or out in the
                                                                                           			                                      garden. It’s nice to have a plant that,
   Lemon Meringue pies at Thanksgiving!  Citrus is a tad picky, so:
                                                                                           			                                when the time comes, doesn’t mind sharing
     - Avoid wet, soggy soils.  Allow soil to dry, in between watering.                    		                                space with you each winter, yet doubles as a
     - Set outdoors, late spring, in full sun, protected from the wind.                    		                              border plant among ornamentals and edibles.
     - Bring indoors to a cool, bright, southern window with humidity.
     - Citrus self pollinates but help with a paintbrush doesn’t hurt.
                                                                                           Cuban Oregano, Marble
                                                                                           Plectranthus marginata ‘Fosteri’ sport         Tender Perennial
		                             Citrus, Calamondin Variegated                               Sun - P. Shade          4 x 5 feet spread      Baskets
		 Citrus x Citrofortunella microcarpa variegatus TP                                          This survivor boasts dark green and
		 Full Sun 2 x 4 feet           Bonsai, Edible Fruit                                      chartreuse leaves, scalloped edges and a
			“Antioxidants, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C & E                                           minty, oregano scent, like “Golden
		 are the latest health buzzwords and also what’s                                         Ruffles,” however, the color
		 abundant in this gorgeous citrus tree, a hybrid                                         holds up to full sun. For a
		 of the mandarin orange and kumquat. Cream                                               stunning combination, grow
		 edged leaves, highly scented flowers, and edible                                        as a groundcover carpet
		 fruit are standard for this winter windowsill                                           with red “Coleus” rising
		 specimen and conversation piece.                                                        up through it or add any
                                                                                           ice plant and society
Citrus, Meyer Lemon                                                                        garlic for an easy care
Citrus meyeri (C. limon ‘Meyer’)		           Tender Perennial                              hanging basket.
Full Sun                2 - 3 x 3 feet       Culinary, Fragrance, Butterfly
   Because it’s believed to be a cross between a lemon and an orange, the lemon            Cuban Oregano, Variegated
sized fruits are more sweet than tart. Stretch beyond pie and perk up entrees              Plectranthus (Coleus) ambionicus     Tender Perennial          (Zone 9 - 10)
with smoked salmon, roasted cornish hen, even thinly sliced with goat cheese               Sun - P. Shade 5 x 5 feet trailing Culinary, Baskets
and rosemary on pizza. I would like to try it with cardamon in ice cream.                     Hard to kill and edible! We’d forget
                                                                                           to water our own baskets on the porch
Citrus, Myrtle-leaf                                                                        for a week, but they’d bounce back.
Citrus myrtifolia			 Tender Perennial                                                      Use fresh in Mexican cooking as oregano.
Full Sun		             2 x 3 feet		            Bonsai, Containers                          Mince it and add to a chicken salad
   Outdoors, fragrant white flowers entertain your nose, while small oranges               along with “Pineapple Sage.” Its green
decorate this compact citrus on your winter windowsill. These sour or bitter               and white variegation is a joy to use in
oranges are essential to Italian cocktails and carbonated soft drinks. No thorns           the landscape, container, moss basket,
to avoid when pruning this tree into a lovely bush.                                        groundcover or sunny window houseplant.
Curry Plant			                                $3.99                                          Elderberry, Black 2 year                      $6.99 (5”pots)
Helichrysum italicum (angustifolia)		          Half Hardy Perennial                          Sambucus canadensis Mulberry Creek’          Hardy Perennial
Full Sun		              6 - 12 x 12 inches     Ornamental, Culinary                          Sun - P. Shade          10 x 15 feet         Culinary, Medicinal, Bees
   We got it because it smells great and its silver foliage shines in the moonlight.            This small tree is loaded with 5 inch white flower clusters each summer
Expect tiny, bright yellow, summer buttons. Don’t confuse its delightful curry               which turn into black, tasty, Vitamin C rich berries, famous in wine, jelly and
scent for true curry powder, though a friend uses it to flavor vinegar for stir-fry.         pies. Also makes the best immune building syrup, especially safe for chil-
                                                                                             dren. I found a yummy syrup for all ages at: http://wellnessmama.com/1888/
			                                  Curry Plant, Dwarf $3.99                                elderberry-syrup. PLANTS WILL NOT BE READY UNTIL LATE MAY!
			                                 H. italicum microphyllum      Tender Perennial
			                                 Full Sun     5 x 6 inches     Ornamental                 Epazote 			                                   $3.99
			                                   This miniature form is perfect for table top           Chenopodium ambrosioides		                    Tender Perennial
			                                 gardens, bonsai, and rockeries. Tiny, short              Full Sun		               2 - 3 x 2 feet       Culinary, Medicinal
			                                 needled leaves are easily pruned into mini                 Traditionally, epazote tea was used for intestinal parasites, liver ailments
			                                 hedges especially for garden railroads.                  and stomach cramps, used in modest amounts. Try this Mexican herb with
                                                                                             any bean dish to “forego the fireworks.” Use 1/4 cup chopped fresh leaves
                                                                                             per kettle of chili or black bean soup during the last 10 to 15 minutes of
                        h DILL h All $3.99                                                   cooking. Unusual odor doesn’t impart an off taste.
      Our dills bolt (flower) later, allowing a longer foliage harvest for
  making bouquets and flavoring salmon, asparagus, cabbage, and                              Epazote, Oaxaca Red 		                        $3.99
  potato salad.  Flowers and seeds follow, in time for pickling and a                        Chenopodium ambrosioides		                        Tender Perennial
  belly ache tea even for babies!  The word, dill, actually stems from                       Full Sun		                3 x 2 feet		            Culinary, Medicinal
  the Norse term, “dilla”, which means “to lull.”                                               Aside from the red blush, this warm native smells (of cilantro, curry and
                                                                                             something smoky) and tastes (of oregano, mint, and anise), like its close cous-
Dill, Bouquet                                                                                in, epazote. Since it is native to Mexico, it is common in certain soups, salads,
                                                                                             bean dishes and as a flavoring for meat. I assume it has similar digestive prop-
Anethum graveolens			Annual
                                                                                             erties, but it is so rare there is very little written about its medicinal traits.
Full Sun - P. Sun      12 - 24 x 8 inches   Bouquets, Pickles, Pots, Butterflies
   Surprisingly compact growth makes it ideal for container growing. Partner the
ferny leaves, golden flowers and caraway-like seeds with risotto, artichoke dip,             Eucalyptus, Lemon		                           $3.99
salmon, cucumber/tomato salad, pickles, roasted beets and spicy green beans.                 Eucalyptus citriodora			                       Tender Perennial
                                                                                             Full Sun		               2 x 2 feet		          Mosquito Repel­­lent Oil
                                                                                                Sixty feet is what it reaches in parts of Australia and other warm climates.
Dill, Fernleaf                                                                               Luckily, wintering them in containers, indoors, keeps its fast growth in check.
Anethum graveolens			Annual                                                                  Leaves are long, narrow and green, hairy at first but smoother with age. The
Full Sun - P. Sun      18- 24 x 15 inches      Bouquets, Pickles, Pots, Butterflies          oils of its lemon scented foliage makes for an effective mosquito repellent.
   Sometimes known as “the fish herb” because it’s such a delicious complement
to seafood dips, soups and fillets. Fernleaf is an improved variety that
is more compact and a 1992 All-America Selections winner,
                                                                                             Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar                     $3.99
for its performance and abundant foliage. Most any grilled                                   Eucalyptus cineraria			                       Tender Perennial
meat or fish, roasted potato salad or picnic fare                                            Full Sun		               2 x 2 feet		         Dried Floral Arrangments
benefits from the weed, flowers or seeds of dill.                                               Up to 20 feet tall is what you could expect in climates that are always
                                                                                             warmer then 30°. In Ohio, taking it indoors each fall, will maintain
                                                                                             a shrub with arm length stems, bearing round, silver grey, highly aromatic
        h ECHINACEA h                                                                        leaves to cut, dry and arrange in everlasting bouquets.

           All $3.99
      All are ornamental, medicinal,                                                         Fennel, Bronze		                              $3.99
       butterfly friendly, and hardy.                                                        Foeniculum vulgare ‘Bronze’		                Hardy Perennial
     All love full sun and sandy loam.                                                       Full Sun		              2 - 4 x 3 feet       Culinary, Butterfly, Medicinal
                                                                                                Imagine fine, feathery foliage with a bronze-red cast tickling yellow “Queen
                                                                                             Anne’s Lace”-like flowers above. No bulb below, but licorice laced leaves are
Echinacea, Paradox                                                                           added to salads, fish, and soups. As seeds mature, cut entire stalks and hang
Echinacea paradoxa var. paradoxa    3 x 2 feet                                               them upside down in a paper bag to finish ripening and avoid self-seeding.
  Paradox- it is a yellow “Purple Coneflower”                                                Infuse seeds for indigestion. Do not plant by dill as their kids taste nasty!

Echinacea, Pastel Purple                                                                     Fennel, Bulb 			                              $3.99
                                                               Echinacea, Purple             Foeniculum vulgare      		Annual
Echinacea pallida		             2 - 4 x 2 feet
                                                                                             Sun - P. Sun            3 x 1 feet		          Culinary, Butterfly
  Pale, pink, droopy, narrow flower petals, leaves & roots are medicinally potent.
                                                                                                Very early, superb bulbs do not “bolt,” nor split easily and are ready in the
                                                                                             summer (rather than September) for picnic foods and grilling. A favorite fall
Echinacea, Purple or Purple Coneflower                                                       salad starts with sliced fennel, apples, walnuts, spinach and pecorino cheese.
Echinacea purpurea		              2 - 3 x 2 feet
  This native, multi-talented, natural beauty is the quintessential herb and our
company’s logo! Ask Mark about his cold and flu preventing tincture.
                                                                                             Feverfew, Mini Pompom                         $3.99
                                                                                             Tanacetum parthenium ‘Plenum Florum’         Hardy Perennial
                                                                                             Full Sun		             2 x 2 feet		          Medicinal, Bees
Echinacea, Tennessee                                                                            “Mini Pompom” feverfew cheers up floral or herb beds
Echinacea tennesseensis           3 - 4 x 2 feet                                             with bright white, daisies. The green foliage has been used
   It displays smaller flowers than other coneflowers, but the petals on this variety        for centuries in European folk medicine as a remedy for
turn upright and are darker purple, rather than droopy and washed out.                       headaches, arthritis, and fevers.
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