Greenpatch Organic Seeds & Plants - Price List 2021/2022

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Greenpatch Organic Seeds & Plants - Price List 2021/2022
Greenpatch Organic
                       Seeds & Plants
                   Price List 2021/2022

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            “Bountiful Harvests”                                                    “2021 Workshops”
Welcome to the 2021/2022 Greenpatch Catalogue!                  Please visit our website for more detailed information on
What an absolute boom there has been for everyone in the        workshops and how to book.
gardening/horticulture field in the past 12 months. We love     Organic Gardening - $40 - Booking Required
looking at positives and from COVID-19 there has been an        With Horticulturalist Neville Donovan
influx of new gardeners getting back to the the simplest of     When: Saturday August 28th 1.30pm - 4.30pm
tasks to help fulfill their new found time. Sowing your first   Includes: Seed raising, soil preparation and improvment,
seeds, planting your first seedlings and cooking your first     watering, mulching, pest and disease management plus more!
meal harvested from your own backyard. We are blessed to        Plant Propagation - $40 - Booking Required
have been in this field, to share our knowledge with so many    With Horticulturalist Nick Sawyer
new gardeners and hopefully guide you in the right direction    When: Saturday September 4th 9am - 12pm
for some succesful harvests ahead.                                       Friday November 12th 9am - 12pm
                                                                Includes: Sowing seed, seedling care, potting, plant
      “From Artichoke to Zucchini”                              divisions, cutting types and techniques used, taking cuttings,
At Greenpatch Organic Seeds we are all about producing          do it at home (small scale) plus more!
seeds. The harvesting and cleaning of seeds continues all       Greenpatch Open Day - $10 - Registration required
year round, over 230 varieties are curated at Greenpatch        When: Sunday 10th October 10am - 2pm
from Artichoke to Zucchini, herbs, flowers and more.            Includes: Farm tour, growing and caring for fruit trees,
Our nursery comprises of specialised plant groups including     Lunch (extra cost) & introduction to seed saving.
herbs, edibles, fruiting, cottage garden, Ivy & Zonal           Seed Saving Workshop - $40 - Booking Required
Geraniums plus succulents. We are proud to be one of only       With Horticulturalist Neville Donovan
a few certified organic nurseries in Australia!                 When: Saturday October 23rd 9am - 12pm
The gardens & orchard provide propagation material for our      Includes: Seed types and when to harvest them, how to
organic nursery production of over 500 varieties throughout     process seeds & fruits, seed cleaning & storage, maintaining
the year.                                                       genetic purity.
Due to the limited space in the catalogue, new varieties of
succulents are accessible via our website only. Please visit                  “Organic Certification”
-                                    Greenpatch Organic Seeds is fully certified organic as a
                                                                producer and as a processor so we can provide you with
                     “Visit Us”                                 excellent quality certified organic seed. We have now been
If you are travelling through or near Taree – please stop       certified on this property for 19 years and will continue into
in and have a stretch! We are only 900m from the Pacific        the future. Our certifier is AusQual and below are our logos.
Highway. Enjoy a walk through the extensive gardens and
see how the seed growing areas are doing. The nursery and
the shop are also open Monday–Friday, 9am-4.30pm.

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Vegetables                                                      - Wellington Wonder                                    AusQual
                                                                                 Flat green pods to 20cm. Prolific cropping, good flavour. Climbs
                                                                                 to 2 metres.
      ALL SEED PACKETS - $3.95ea. Members $3.55ea                                - Zebra                                                AusQual
                                                                                 Stringless pods when picked young, strong grower, old variety.
AMARANTH - Grain                                                              BEETROOT (Beta vulgaris)
(Amaranthus hypochondriacus)                                  Organic         Popular root vegetable, fast growing, bi-annual, easy to grow. Sow
Annual versatile plant, leaves rich in vitamins and minerals. Low in          direct in garden, 60 days to maturity. Keep moist in fertile well
oxalic acid, eat in salads or cooked. Seeds are white, high in protein,       drained soil. Use in salads, cooked or preserved. Sow all year except
can be popped. Sow Spring-Summer.                                             in hot weather.
AMARANTH - Grain Golden                                                           - Cylindra                                               AusQual
(Amaranthus hypochondriacus)                                 AusQual              Cylindrical variety, smooth dark red roots up to 20cm long.
Fast growing annual to 1.5 metres high. Green leaves eaten like                   Tender and sweet flavour.
spinach when young, produces a soft golden flower head when                       - Detroit - Red                                          AusQual
seeds mature. Seeds have a high protein content. Used in cereal.                  Round red roots to 12cm across. Smooth, tender, sweet flavour.
Sow Spring-Summer.                                                                - Beetroot - Touchstone Gold                             AusQual
                                                                                  Improved variety with smooth golden texture and a sweet
AMARANTH - Leaf (Amaranthus gangeticus)                      AusQual              flavour. Used cooked or preserved.
Annual, grows to 1.5 metres, leaves and stems used like spinach.              BOK CHOY - Chinese Cabbage (Brassica rapa)                   AusQual
Sow Spring-Summer. High in protein, vitamins and minerals.                    Annual loose cabbage with large green leaves & crunchy white
ARTICHOKE - Globe (Cynara scolymus)                          AusQual          stems. Harvest large leaves over a long period. Sow Autumn-Spring.
Grows to 1.5 metres, a prized delicacy. Used steamed, in casseroles           BROCCOLI (Brassica oleracea)
and preserves. Fast growing, likes rich well drained soil. Sow                Rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals. Sow all year except hot
Autumn, Winter, Spring.                                                       weather.
BEAN - BUSH (Phaseolus vulgaris)                                                 - Albert                                           AusQual
High yielding and rich in protein. Plant every 3 weeks for continuous            Compact plant, dark green medium sized heads. Produces many
supply. Sow Spring-Summer.                                                       side shoots suitable for broccolini.
   - Brown Beauty                                           AusQual              - Calabrese                                         Organic
   Old variety, french strain, disease resistant.                                Good producer of medium sized heads & continues
   - Butter Bush                                        AusQual                  to produce side shoots once main head is harvested.
   Compact grower to 45cm, producing crop of yellow pods, black                  - DiCicco                                          AusQual
   seed, stringless when picked young, good flavour.                             Compact Italian variety. Blue-green heads to 10cm across,
   - Hawkesbury Wonder                                      AusQual              produces over a long period. Harvest at 60 days.
   Popular old stringless variety, produces over a long period, green            - Raab Rapini                                             AusQual
   pods to 15cm long.                                                            Popular Italian variety of broccoli harvested similar to broccolini.
   - Prestons                                               AusQual              Produces over a long period but needs to be harvested every few
   Old variety producing tasty, round green pods over a long period.             days to promote fresh head production. With no central main
   Bushy plant to 45cm.                                                          head it produces many leafy shoots with a tasty broccolini like
BEAN - CLIMBING (Phaseolus vulgaris)                                             centre.
Take up little room and yield over a long period, provide trellis.               - Umpqua                                              AusQual
Sow Spring-Summer.                                                               Heavy bearing variety with a high quality main head then ample
   - Delgado Black Mexican                                  AusQual              side shoots for multiple weeks. Leaves can be eaten when young
   Climber to 2 metres, green pods, black seeds. Mature seeds used               in salads or lighly blanched.
   as dry bean, also useful as black dye.                                     BROOM MILLET (Sorghum bicolor)                               AusQual
   - Epicure                                                AusQual           Tall grass like annual to 3 metres. Decorative straw like flower. Seed
   Epicure bean has long flat green pods to 20cm with nice flavour.           heads used to make brooms. Sow Spring-Summer.
   Stringless when young. Strong grower.
   - Fredrico                                               AusQual           CABBAGE (Brassica oleracea)
   Strong grower to 2 metre. Green stringless, good yields over a             Popular vegetable, high in calcium and iron. Likes fertile well
   long period.                                                               drained soil, sunny position, frost hardy. Sow all year, except hot
   - Greek Bean                                             AusQual           conditions.
   Strong growing variety, producing good crop of flat green,                     - Green Express                                        AusQual
   stringless pods to 15cm long.                                                  Early producing variety, forming small tight green heads to
   - Kentucky Wonder                                        AusQual               1.5kg. 60 days to maturity from transplant. Popular vegetable,
   Vigorous grower, producing green, fleshy, flat pods. Stringless                high in calcium and iron. Likes fertile, well drained soil, sunny
   when young to 20cm, rust resistant.                                            position, frost hardy. Compact variety that can be spaced 35cm
   - Madagascar (Phaseolus lunatus)                         AusQual               apart. Sow all year except in hot conditions.
   Perennial climber to 2 metres, wiry growth with red & white                    - Red                                                  AusQual
   coloured seeds. Young pods steamed and seeds used as a dry                     Medium sized. Adds attractive colour to salads.
   soup bean when mature.                                                     CAPSICUM (Capsicum annuum)
   - Purple King                                            AusQual           Popular Summer vegetable, high yielding, shrubby plants for warm
   Flat purple pod to 18cm popular variety. Pods turn green when              sunny position. Yield over a long period. Sow Spring - Summer.
   cooked. Adds colour and flavour to salads.                                    - Californian Wonder                                    AusQual
   - Rice Bean                                              AusQual               Sweet fruit, cube shaped 10 cm, bell type, heavy producer use
   Dense spreading variety for ground cover or trellis. Good                      green or red, high in Vitamin C.
   nitrogen fixer, green manure and soil improver. Small green pods
   eaten steamed. Suited to warm climates.
   - Snake Bean - Brown (Vigna unguiculata)                 AusQual
                                                                                               * Special Offer *
   Long, extra thin pods to 60cm, climber to 2 metres high, brown               Spend $100 or more in total & receive a Free Sow When or
   seeds. Use as for black snake bean.                                          Companion Planting Guide. Please indicate on order form.
- Diamond                                               AusQual             - Anaheim                                               AusQual
   Small white diamond shaped fruit, produced in abundance.                    An upright bushy habit producing long blocky, red fruit to
   Capsicum changes from white to light orange on maturity.                    15cm. Heat level 3. Hardy summer vegetable, high yielding.
   - Jimmy Nardello                                        AusQual             Adds flavour to cooked dishes. Ideal for bottling. Plant in good,
   Heavy producing Italian variety, long red sweet fruit to 25cm.              well drained soil in sunny position. Sow Spring-Summer.
   Continuous cropper, excellent taste, great for stuffing. Popular            - Bell (Capsicum baccatum)                              AusQual
   Summer vegetable, high yielding, shrubby plant for warm sunny               Grows to 80cm, colourful lantern shaped fruit. Green ripening
   position. Sow Spring-Summer.                                                to red. Ornamental specimen, South American species. Heat
   - Coloured Medley                                       AusQual             level 6/10.
   A colour mix of Californian Wonder Red and Golden. Both                     - Black Pearl (Capsicum annuum)                         AusQual
   needing similar growing conditions. Grows to 60cm high, Full                Highly ornamental plant to 45cm high with deep purple-black
   sun well drained fertile position. Sow Spring-Summer.                       leaves. Small round fruit, black to red. Heat level 6/10.
   - Peperone                                              AusQual              - Cayenne (Capsicum annuum)                            AusQual
   Long thin and crinkly fruit with the aroma of a chilli but usually          Slender fruit to 10cm long, green turning to red. Medium heat,
   no heat when eaten. Stores well and can be harvested green to               level 6/10.
   red. Grows to 60cm high, Full sun well drained fertile position.            - Explosive Ember (Capsicum annuum)                     AusQual
   Sow Spring-Summer.                                                          Popular annual to 45cm, producing small purple/red chillies to
   - Sweet Chocolate                                       AusQual             3cm long. Ideal in pots. Heat level 6/10. Use fresh or dried.
   Heavy producing variety with 15cm x 8cm green fruit ripening                Perfect for growing in pots. Ideal for spicy cooked foods,
   to a dark chocolate colour with brown-red flesh inside. Produces            sauces, bottling & insecticidal spray.
   over a long period.                                                         - Fatalii (Capsicum chinense)                           AusQual
CARROT (Daucus carota)
                                                                               Popular annual to 1m, producing tubular golden chillies to
Popular root vegetable, for deep well drained soil, sunny position.
                                                                               6cm long. Heat level 10/10. Use fresh or dried. Ideal for spicy
Do not over feed, keep moist. Sow All Year.
                                                                               cooked foods, sauces, bottling & insecticidal spray
   - Chantenay Red Cored                                   AusQual
                                                                               - Fiesta (Capsicum annuum)                              AusQual
   Short roots to 12cm, orange red colour. Ideal for shallow soils.
                                                                               Compact low spreading ground cover. Fruit 9cm long, changing
   - Danvers                                                Organic
   Hardy variety to suit most soils. Slender, deep orange                      from cream/purple to orange then red. Heat level 5/10. Ideal to
   colour to 15cm long, tolerates hot conditions. Eat                          plant in pots or garden.
   fresh. Suited to freezing. Popular root vegetable, for                      - Habanero - Chocolate (Capsicum chinense)              AusQual
   deep well drained soil. Sunny position. Sow all year.                       Fruit ripens from green to chocolate brown, measuring up to
   - Scarlet Nantes                                        AusQual             6cm long & 2.5cm wide with waxy coating. Flavour rich, fruity,
   Fast producing variety with bright orange-red root to 18cm,                 smokey. Grow up to 90cm high. Heat level 9/10.
   coreless variety. Very sweet flavour. Good for juicing and baby             - Habanero - Orange (Capsicum chinense)                 AusQual
   carrots.                                                                    Compact plant to 60cm high. Bright orange coloured fruit to
   - Western Red                                           AusQual             5cm long. Hot fruity flavour. Heat level 8/10.
   Long tapering root, smooth deep orange colour. Disease                      - Habanero - Red (Capsicum chinense)                    AusQual
   resistant. 70 days to maturity.                                             Bushing plant growing to 1 metre. Fruit are a glossy red getting
                                                                               to 4cm across. Will fruit in pots but much larger yields will be
CAULIFLOWER - Snowball (Brassica oleracea)            Organic
                                                                               achieved in the garden. Heat Level 8/10
Produces white heads to 15cm across. Suited to warmer climates.
                                                                               - Hot Thai (Capsicum annuum)                            AusQual
Sow Autumn-Winter.
                                                                               Popular annual to 60cm, producing plenty of narrow red chillis
CELERY (Apium graveolens var dulce) Sow Autumn-Spring.                         to 7cm long. Originates from Thailand, used in red currys. Heat
  - Chinese (Brassica juncea)                           AusQual                level 8/10. Use fresh or dried.
  Grows to 60 cm, with large spicy flavoured leaves, 3-4 cm wide               - Hungarian Black (Capsicum annuum)                     AusQual
  midrib & tapered at the end. Midrib is crunchy, juicy & sweet,               Bushing habit to 80cm, produces plenty of narrow black
  can be eaten fresh or cooked.                                                ripening to red fruit up to 5cm long. Originates from Hungary.
  - Red Stem                                            AusQual                Heat level 4/10. Use fresh or dried. Ideal for adding colour and
  Compact habit with thin stalks that colour to a reddish purple.              spice in sauces.
  Good flavour. Use stalks and leaves fresh when required.                     - Jalapeno                                              AusQual
  - Tall Utah                                           AusQual                Popular variety, fruit red or green, hot, 8cm long, thick flesh,
  Dark green stringless stems to 70cm.                                         original Mexican chillies. Heat level 4/10.
  - Tendercrisp                                         AusQual
                                                                               - Paprika (Capsicum annuum)                             AusQual
  Likes rich well drained soil and ample water. Green smooth
                                                                               Narrow red fruits to 8cm. long. Dried & ground into powder or
  stringless, very hardy.
                                                                               use as mild chillies. Heat level 2/10.
CHIA (Salvia rhyacophila)                                  AusQual             - Yellow Jelly Bean (Capsicum chinense)                 AusQual
Hardy annual to 1.5 metres, leaves used in salads, seeds for sprouts.          Popular annual to 1m, producing powerful yellow fruit to 1cm
Seeds rich in vitamins and protein, forage plant. Whole plant                  long. Heat level 9/10. Use fresh or dried. Ideal for adding spice
regarded as survival food. Sow Spring-Summer.                                  in sauces, bottling & insecticidal spray.
CHICORY - Palla Rosa (Cichorium intybus)                  AusQual              - Zimbabwe Birds Eye (Capsicum frutescens)              AusQual
Also known as Radicchio. Dark green outer leaves, with a 10-15cm               Grows to 50cm, producing powerful red fruit to 3cm long. Heat
red wine coloured head and white ribs. Attractive variety, bitter &            level 8/10. Use fresh or dried. Well know in Portugal where it is
spicy taste. Use in Italian dishes, salads, steamed and boiled. Sow            used to make Piri Piri Sauce. Ideal grower for pots.
Autumn-Spring.                                                              COWPEA - Edible Giant (Vigna unguiculata)               AusQual
CHILLI (Capsicum annuun)                                                    Annual legume spreading to 1.5 metres, mauve flowers. Green
Hardy Summer vegetable, high yielding. Adds flavour to cooked               pods eaten when young, plants can yield up to 1kg of black seeds.
dishes. Ideal for bottling. Sow Spring-Summer, plant in good, well          Used cooked as for pulses, soil improver. Sow Spring - Summer.
drained soil in sunny position. Sow Spring - Summer.                        CORN (Zea mays)         - Not to TAS -
    - Aji Limon (Capsicum baccatum)                        AusQual          Popular easy to grow. For fertile, well drained soil, sunny position.
    Popular annual to 90cm, producing yellow chillies to 6cm long.          Pick your own fresh corn. Sow Spring - Summer.
    Originating from Peru. Heat Level: 5/10 Use fresh or dried. Ideal
    for spicy cooked foods, sauces, bottling & insecticidal spray.
Maize                                                                               - Long Purple                                             Organic
    - Blue Hopi                                                    Organic          Popular variety, producing long dark fruit to 25cm long and 8cm
    Vigorous growth to 2.5m, originating with the Hopi Indians.                     wide. Good cropper.
    Young cobs eaten fresh or left to dry for maize flour, blue corn                - Snowy                                                  AusQual
    chips, tortillas. Up to 2 cobs per plant.                                       A elongated white eggplant that has a nice smooth texture and
    - Early Leaming                                                AusQual          milder flavour. Easy to grow and large producer. Fruits are 12cm
    Tall heritage variety to 3 metres. Long cob to 25cm, yellow                     x 6cm in size.
    kernels, eaten when young or stock feed.                                        - Thai Pea (Solanum torvum)                              AusQual
    - Manning White                                                AusQual          Shrubby plant, perennial to 90cm high & wide. Branching habit,
    Tall grower to 3 metres, producing 1 large cob of white corn. Eat               green pea sized berries produced in clusters, have a slightly bitter
    fresh or use as animal feed. Bred in the Manning Valley 1932.                   taste. Used in Thai dishes. Frost tender, sow Spring-Summer.
    - Red Aztec                                                    Organic          - Tsakoniki                                               Organic
    Large cob with attractive red kernals. Can be eaten fresh when                  Bushy plant to 70cm high. Fruit purple with white stripes,
    young or dry cob to grind into flour.                                           cylindrical up to 25cm long.
    - Silvermine                                                   Organic       ENDIVE - Pancalieri Fine Cut (Cichorium endivia)            AusQual
    A rare dent corn used for feed production. Producing 1-2 large               Attractive large lacy fine cut leaves with crispy ribs and creamy
    23cm cobs of white corn. Kernels are deep on average 15mm.                   heart. Use in salad with other leafy greens. Excellent microgreen
    Strain may have history with Manning Silvermine but it’s hard                plant. Likes good well drained soil, sunny position. Winter hardy.
    to be certain. Eat cobs roasted at milking stage or for animal               Sow Autumn-Spring.
    feed. Easy to grow. Sunny position. Sow Spring-Summer.                       GOURD (Lagenaria siceraria)
Popcorn                                                                          Eaten like squash & zucchini when picked young. Many shaped
    - Blue Mini                                                    Organic       fruits. Dried fruits can be decoratedand used for bowls and musical
    Highly sought after heirloom popcorn variety. Growing to                     instruments. Sow Spring-Summer.
    1.5m they will not take up to much room in your garden. Pop’s                     - Large Mixed                                         AusQual
    extremely well. 90 days to maturity.                                             Vigorous vine, as above. Large white flowers.
    - Glass Gem                                                    Organic           - New Guinea                                           AusQual
    Heavy producing variety with 2-4 medium sized cobs per plant.                    Also known as New Guinea bean. Annual vine grown on fence
    Kernals are multicoloured with shades from pink, purple, red,                    or ground. Long smooth, pale green fruits to 1.3 metres long.
    white etc. Pops well with great flavour.                                         Harvest fruits at 20cm & use like zucchini. Used in Indian &
    - Strawberry Mini                                              AusQual           Asian dishes.
    Fast growing to 1.2 metres high, producing up to 6 cobs per plant                - Snake (Trichosanthes anguina)                        AusQual
    with bright red kernals. Ideal for popcorn or crafty creations.                  Vigorous climbing annual. Mature fruit to 1 metre long with
Sweet Corn
                                                                                     decorative hard shell.
    - Anasazi                                                      AusQual
    Ancient multi-coloured sweet corn. Derived from the Anasazi                  KALE - Scotch Blue Curled (Brassica oleracea)              AusQual
    Indians in America. Beautiful eating corn. Maturity 90 days.                 Compact curly leaf providing a continuous harvest and also as a baby
    Rare.                                                                        kale over a long period. Dark green leaves with a purple centre. Sow
    - Balinese                                                     AusQual       Autumn-Winter.
    Strong grower to 3m, producing 2 good sized yellow cobs per                  KOHLRABI - Azur Star (Brassica oleracea)                   AusQual
    plant. Harvest young for good flavour. 110 days to maturity.                 A delicious purple bulbing vegetable perfect for baking, grated or
    - Hawaiian                                                     AusQual       steamed. Peel outer skin off before eating inner flesh. Bulb is round
    Compact grower to 1.5m. Produces 2 good sized delicious                      with a slightly flat appearance - up to 7cm across. Harvest after 60
    yellow cobs. Good flavour. 100 days to maturity.                             days. Leaves can also be used similar to kale and best eaten when
CUCUMBER (Cucumis sativus)                                                       young. Sow Autumn-Spring.
Summer salad vegetable likes rich well watered soil. Sow Spring                  Leek (Allium ampeloprasum porrum)
- Summer.                                                                        Great steamed, baked, fried for garnish, boiled, blends well with
    - African Horned (Cucumis metuliferus)                         AusQual       other vegetables. Adds flavour to soups & quiches. Likes deep,
    Fruit 15cm long, spiny skin, orange at maturity. Sweet green                 fertile, moist soil. Sow Autumn - Winter.
    jelly-like flesh inside. Four times the Vitamin C of oranges.                     - Autumn Giant                                       AusQual
    - German Pickling                                              Organic           Large grower with a thick stem. Tender stem which is perfect
    Compact spreading vine, producing yellow tinged fruit, pick at 20cm.             when cooked.
    Juicy and crisp eaten fresh, pick at young stage for pickling.                   - King Richard                                        AusQual
    - Lebanese                                                     AusQual           A very early variety producing long stemmed leeks. Space
    Compact bush variety. Fruit picked at 20cm, green colour, good                   40cm apart.
    flavour, non acid. For home gardens and commercial growers.                      - Musselburgh                                         AusQual
    - Long White                                                   AusQual           Strong grower to a medium sized stem. Pups prolifically so you
    Long white fruit to 18 cm, very tasty. Early season variety. Non-                can grow from bulbs.
    acid.                                                                        LETTUCE (Lactuca sativa)
    - White Spine                                                  AusQual       Hearting and Loose leaf types, decorative colours and shapes. For
    Smooth white skin, oblong fruit to 15cm. Good flavour,                       Cool/Cold climates sow Spring-Autumn. All other climates sow
    excellent eating.                                                            Autumn-Spring. Varieties available for all seasons, plant in rich
    - West Indian Gherkin (Cucumis anguria)                        AusQual       well drained soil, sunny moist position.
    Produces green 5 cm diameter fruits, soft spines on outside,                     - Australian Yellow                                   AusQual
    sweet and juicy when young. Used for pickling. Eat fresh.                        Wavy loose leaf head with yellowish green glow in colour.
EGGPLANT (Solanum melongena)                                                         - Buttercrunch                                         Organic
Attractive leaves and flowers. Fruit used in cooked dishes. Sow                      Small dark green crisp head with fan shaped leaves, heat
Spring-Summer. Likes fertile well drained soil in sunny position                     resistant variety.
    - Black Beauty                                         Organic                   - Cos Red                                             AusQual
    Decorative annual, attractive leaves and flowers. Fruit used in                  Romaine type. Dark red leaves, highly attractive, pick leaves as
    cooking. Large oval black fruit. Sow Spring-Summer.                              required.
- Cos Verdi                                              AusQual         ONION - Cream Gold (Allium cepa)                        AusQual
   Open, upright hearting variety, crisp leaves with smooth edges,          Produces up to large golden brown, globed shaped onions. Strong
   unique sweet taste.                                                      flavour & good keeper. For moderate to cool climates.
   - Everlasting                                           AusQual          ORACH - Green (Atriplex hortensis)                      AusQual
   Loose leaf type, leaves are light green and dissected.                   Fast growing to 80cm. Hardy Summer annual producing edible
   - Freckles                                              AusQual          green leaves. Use as for spinach or fresh in salads. Sow Spring -
   Loose green leaf type, broad flat leaves with an ornamental fleck        Summer.
   or red spots on the leaves.
   - Frilly Pink                                           AusQual          PAK CHOI (Brassica parachinensis)                      AusQual
   Non-hearting, open leaf type. Large green leaves with attractive         Compact fast growing, loose leaf cabbage, with thick, crisp,
   pink edges.                                                              succulent stalks. Leaves form a dense clump. Use fresh or in stir-
   - Green Mignonette                                      AusQual          fries. Sow Autumn-Spring.
   Popular compact hearting variety. Soft green leaves with sweet           PARSNIP - Hollow Crown (Pastinaca sativa)               AusQual
   flavour.                                                                 Hardy root vegetable, likes cool weather, frost hardy. Long white
   - Green Oak                                             AusQual          pointed root. Sow Autumn and Winter.
   Green open leaf type. Leaves are oak shaped.                             PEA (Pisum sativum) Not to TAS
   - Red Mignonette                                        AusQual          Annual bushes or climbers easily grown in good well drained soil.
   Compact hearting variety. Soft red/brown leaves with a sweet             Used fresh or cooked. Sow Autumn-Spring.
   - Red Oak Leaf                                          AusQual             - Climbing Sugar Snap                                  AusQual
   Annual leafy green to 30cm, non-hearting. Leaves red tinged                 A good producer of large sweet green pods. Pick when young
   and dissected.                                                              or filled out and eat whole pods fresh, steamed or in stir frys.
   - Red Salad Bowl                                        AusQual             Provide trellis to climb on. Grows to 1.5m.
   Decorative variety that adds colour to salads or use as a garnish.          - Golden Podded                                        AusQual
   Leaves are bronze/red, dissected and wavy. Harvest as a side                Highly productive climber to 2m. Golden pods are sweet and
   pick variety or cut whole plant.                                            flavoursome. Eat young or as a shelling pea when older. Needs
   - Ricciolina da Taglio                                  AusQual             trellis for support.
   Loose leaf variety with green deeply lobed curly leaves. Pick               - Snowpea Purple Flowered                              AusQual
   as required.                                                                Climber to 2 metres, large flat sweet pods to 13cm long,
   - Side Pick                                             AusQual             attractive purple flowers. Sweet and tasty winter vegetable Sow
   Frilly green dissected leaves. Light green colour. Highly                   Autumn-Spring.
   decorative loose leaf type.                                                 u Purple Podded                                        AusQual
   - Summer Queen                                          AusQual             Heavy bearing climbing pea to 2m high. Produces medium
   Large grower with a small green head and side leaves can be                 sized purple pods for shelling. Best eaten cooked. Provide trellis
   picked as needed. Handles early and late summer conditions                  to climb on.
   with improved bolt resistance. 60 days to maturity.                      Permaculture Seed Mix (Bulk packet - 25 grams)                   $14.00
   - Summer Mix                                           Organic           Contains a mixture of seeds suitable for companion planting,
   Mix of Lettuce Brown Romaine, Frilly Pink and Riccolina                  including vegetables, herbs and flowers. Simply broadcast in the
   da Taglio. All varieties are more suitable to the summer heat.           garden, rake in or cover with light mulch, keep moist. Please specify
   Harvest the outside leaves after 6 weeks continuously.                   season - Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer.                       Organic
MESCLUN MIX - Lettuce                                     Organic           PUMPKIN (Cucurbita)
A mixture of green & red lettuce varieties. Ideal for picking fresh         Annual bushes or vines easily grown in good well drained soil.
leaves from a young to mature stage.                                        Used in soups, pies and baking. Sow Spring and Summer.
MESCLUN MIX                                             Organic                 - Baby Blue (C. maxima)                                   AusQual
A mixture of leafy greens, including lettuce (green & red types),               Compact bush variety, blue-grey skin, orange flesh, fruit to
mizuna and pak choi.                                                            15cm across. Popular dry pumpkin, good keeper.
                                                                                - Blue Banana (C. maxima)                                 AusQual
MIBUNA (Brassica japonica)                               Organic                Rare heirloom running variety producing elongated fruit shaped
Long leaves and narrow stem, soft green colour. Young leaves ands               like a banana. Flesh is smooth and fibreless with a sweet flavour.
stems eaten fresh or cooked. Sow Autumn and Winter.                             - Golden Nugget (C. maxima)                               AusQual
MIZUNA (Brassica juncea)                                  AusQual               Very compact bush, orange fruit matures in 3 months and weighs
Japanese salad plant, vigorous and very hardy, mild mustard flavour.            up to 1 kg. Used in soup, baked or steamed.
Sow Autumn and Winter.                                                          - Gramma (C. moschata)                                    AusQual
                                                                                Popular old variety, fruit to 60cm long. Moist deep orange flesh
MUSTARD (Brassica juncea)
                                                                                with good flavour.
Attractive plant with flavoured leaves when eaten fresh in salads.
                                                                                - Kent/Jap (C. moschata)                                   Organic
Good in stir-fries. Sow Autumn - Spring.
                                                                                Popular variety, squat fruit with yellow-orange flesh. Excellent
   - Osaka Purple (Brassica juncea rugosa)               AusQual
                                                                                flavour. Also called Jap.
   Leaves large, round, greenish purple with a darker edge. Mild
                                                                                - Jarrahdale (C. maxima)                                   Organic
   mustard flavour.
                                                                                Popular variety, grey skinned, orange flesh, large fruit, spreading
   - Red Giant                                           AusQual
   Produces large, peppery flavoured, red-purple leaves. Not hot
                                                                                - Queensland Blue (C. maxima)                             AusQual
   when cooked.
                                                                                Popular variety, good keeper, orange flesh.
   - Ruby Streaks (Brassica japonica)                    AusQual
                                                                                - Waltham Butternut (C. moschata)                         AusQual
   Fast growing attractive Winter veg. Ruby red, thin, dissected
                                                                                Pear-shaped fruit to 2kg with light orange skin. Small seed
   thread like leaves. Light spicy mustard flavour, adds colour &
                                                                                cavity at one end. Orange coloured flesh, dry and tasty.
   texture to salads. Sow Autumn-Spring.
OKRA - Clemsons Spineless (Abelmoschus esculentus) AusQual
Quick growing Summer vegetable. Immature green fruits eaten
steamed & cooked - a real delicacy. Sow Spring-Summer.
RADISH (Raphanus sativus)                                                       - Golden Scallopini                                    Organic
Fast growing root vegetable, maturing in 30-50 days. Easily grown               Annual bush squash, popular variety, round scalloped shape
in any good garden soil with at least half days sun. Sow all year               with notched edges and flat appearance. They have a sweet
except hot weather.                                                             nutty flavour similar to Zucchini. Likes good well drained
    - Cherry Belle                                            Organic           sunny position.
    Smooth round red root to 4cm across. White mild flesh.                      - Pimply                                               AusQual
    30-40 days to maturity.                                                     Annual spreading vine, popular variety, green skinned, yellow
    - Daikon                                                 AusQual            fleshed. Sweet and soft when cooked, good flavour. Use steamed
    Japanese variety. Long white round root, mild flavour in winter,            or baked. Likes good well drained sunny position.
    grows all year. Use fresh, in stir-fry. Breaks up soil, good cover          - Table Gem Bush                                       AusQual
    crop, produces bulk organic matter. Self sows.                              Compact bush variety, green skin with sweet yellow flesh. Very
    - French Breakfast                                       AusQual            tasty steamed or baked, blends with other vegetables.
    Scarlet roots with white rounded tip to 8cm, mild flavour.                  - Table Queen                                          Organic
RHUBARB - Sydney Crimson (Rheum rhabarbarum)                 AusQual            Compact running variety, producing medium sized green/yellow
Hardy perennial to 50cm. Grown for the stems. Strong red colour,                skinned squash with sweet golden flesh. Very tasty steamed or
excellent home garden variety and markets. Making of jams, and                  baked.
pies. Sow Spring - Autumn.                                                      - Vegetable Spaghetti                                  Organic
ROCKMELON (Cucumis melo)                                                        A vigorous spreading vine with yellow fruit to 35cm long. Steam
Summer fruit with sweet edible flesh. Sow Spring - Summer.                      or bake squash then scrape centre with a fork for a spaghetti
                                                                                substitute. Easily grown in a full sun to part shade position.
    - Hales Best                                            AusQual
                                                                                Ensure ample room for vines to run. Sow Spring-Summer.
    Popular variety, sweet juicy orange flesh, delicious flavour,
    mildew resistant.                                                        TATSOI (Brassica rapa-rosularis)                          AusQual
    - Honey Dew                                              Organic         Compact plant to 30cm high, produces small dark green spoon
    Smooth white skinned, sweet green flesh. High sugar content.             shaped leaves in a whirl. Harvest in 30 days, mild flavour. Use in
    100 days to maturity.                                                    salads & lightly cooked. Sow Autumn - Spring.
    - Planters Jumbo                                        AusQual          TATSOI - Black Knight (Brassica rapa-rosularis)            Organic
    Large oval shaped fruit produced on vigorous vines in Summer.            Compact plant to 30cm high, produces small dark green spoon
    Fruit contains sweet orange, edible flesh.                               shaped leaves in a whirl. Harvest in 30 days, mild flavour. Use in
SHALLOTS - Evergreen Bunching Nebuka                        AusQual          salads & lightly cooked. Sow Autumn - Spring.
(Allium fistulosum) Perennial variety to 50 cm, straight leaf with           TOMATO (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
a good sized base. Ideal for salads and cooking. Sow Autumn-                 Popular vegetable in use today. Eaten fresh or cooked and an
Spring.                                                                      excellent source of vitamins. Sown Spring and Summer.
SILVERBEET (Beta vulgaris)                                                      - Amish Paste                                           AusQual
Popular vegetable. Use steamed, cooked & fresh. Likes fertile, well             Red oxheart shaped fruit. Ideal for bottling, tomato paste or
drained, moist soil. Sun to part shade. Sow Autumn-Spring.                      eaten fresh. Good cropper.
    - Fordhook                                               Organic            - Big Boy                                               AusQual
    Light green leaves to 60cm high, whites stalks, popular variety.            Medium to large, thin skin, red fruit. Fast to produce with a long
    Sow Autumn - Spring.                                                        harvest. Good flavour, staking type.
    - Ruby Red Chard                                         Organic            - Black Cherry                                          AusQual
    Colourful spinach-like plant with red stems and dark green                  Abundant cherry variety producing 20cent size black/purple
    leaves. Attractive garden plant, used as silverbeet.                        tomatoes. Flavour is sweet and mildly acidic.
SPINACH (Spinacia oleracea)                                                     - Black Russian                                         AusQual
Rich source of vitamins and minerals, eat fresh or steamed. Sow                 Medium sized, sweet, round fruit with purple tinge, flesh dark
Autumn - Spring.                                                                reddish brown colour.
    - Ceylon (Basella alba)                                 AusQual             - Brandy Wine Pink                                      AusQual
    Summer climbing spinach to 1.5 metres. Thick, tasty leaves,                 Hardy variety to 1.2m. Large beef steak fruit to 12cm, squatty
    rich in chlorophyll. Use in salads, cooking, soups. Perennial in            shape with a rich flavour, pink flesh. Staking type.
    warm climates, annual in cool climates. Sow Spring-Summer.                  - Break O Day                                           AusQual
    - English Bloomsdale                                     Organic            Medium sized globular fruit, thin skin and excellent flavour.
    Produces broad dark green leaves, heavy yeilding, good home                 Staking type.
    garden & market garden variety. Withstands heat & cold.                     - Burnley Bounty                                        AusQual
    - Southern European                                     AusQual             Medium sized red fruit, excellent flavour. Tolerant of cooler
    Large leaves like silverbeet, but sweeter.                                  conditions.
    - Winter Giant                                          AusQual             - Burwood Prize                                         AusQual
    Hardy winter spinach with large leaves having a rich flavour.               Vigorous grower with broad foliage, early maturing red medium
    Eat fresh or cooked.                                                        sized fruit, excellent flavour, staking type.
    - New Zealand (Tetragonia tetragonioides)               AusQual             - Clark Aesley                                          AusQual
    Low spreading green vegetable, very hardy, use fresh &                      Produces good sized, cherry tomatos to 5cm across. Excellent
    cooked.                                                                     flavour.
SQUASH (Cucurbita pepo)                                                         - College Challenger                                    AusQual
Sow Spring - Summer, bush and trailing varieties eaten fresh,                   Large red fruit, good flavour. Australian variety.
steamed, or baked.                                                              - Collossal Yellow                                      AusQual
    - Early White Bush                                      AusQual             Low acid variety. Bush variety to 60cm, good crop of large 7cm
    Bush variety, white scalloped harvest when young, produces                  pale yellow fruit. Flesh is mild flavoured with a soft texture.
    over a long period.                                                         Late cropper.
    - Golden Custard                                        AusQual             - Flora Lou                                             AusQual
    Annual bush squash, old heirloom variety used regularly in                  Large round red fruit to 12cm with good flavour.
    cooking from stir fry’s, stuffed & baked or to make pickles. The            - Golden Jubilee                                        AusQual
    squash is a round scalloped shape with notched edges. They                  Large slicing type to 10cm across. Yellow/orange fruit, good
    have firm flesh with a sweet flavour similar to that of Zucchini.           flavour, low acid.
- Golden Sunrise                                         AusQual             - Voyage                                               AusQual
Produces abundant crop, medium sized golden fruit to 5cm.                    Unusual looking small red tomato resembling a cluster of
Sweet flavour.                                                               cherries joined together. Strong flavour, segments easily pulled
- Graf Zeppelin                                          AusQual             apart. Staking type.
Strong grower, staking type. Bushy habit producing rich red                  - Yellow Cherry Cocktail                               AusQual
medium sized fruit in abundance, delicious flavour.                          Small, sweet yellow fruit, low acid content, excellent for
- Green Zebra                                            AusQual             decoration in salads.
Tasty round green to yellow fruit, with darker green stripes.                - Yellow Cherry Currant                                AusQual
Interesting addition to salads.                                              Vigorous bush, small yellow round fruit. Good flavour. Prolific
- Grosse Lisse                                           AusQual             producer over a long period. Great for garnishes.
Popular home garden variety, large red fruit staking type.                   - Yellow Pear                                          AusQual
- Kotlas                                                 AusQual             Spreading variety producing many small yellow fruits to 3cm
Early cold tolerant for short seasons or early crop. Medium                  long in a pear shape. Very tasty and low acid.
sized round red fruit. Bush type.                                            - Yugoslav                                             AusQual
- Normans Speacial                                       AusQual             Strong growing staking type. Heavy cropping, thick pink skin,
Large red, squatty fruit & heavy bearing to 10cm across.                     triangular shaped fruit. Low acid, good flavour. Rare.
Vigorous staking variety, excellent flavour.                             TURNIP - Purple Top (Brassica rapa)                        AusQual
- Mortgage Lifter                                        AusQual         Fast growing ready in 60 days, best when young. Round purple
Large pink fruit to 12cm, popular old variety, good slicer.              top white under, use fresh, cooked. Sow Autumn-Spring.
- Oxheart Large                                          AusQual
Large fruit up to 600g with excellent flavour and low water              Wasabi Lettuce (Brassica juncea)                          AusQual
content. Staking variety to 2m.                                          Fast growing annual Mustard with a spicy flavour similar to Wasabi.
- Oxheart Pink                                           AusQual         Decorative large green leaf, eaten fresh, cooked. Sow Aut - Spr.
Popular old staking variety. Pink heart shaped fruit, low acid.          WATERMELON (Citrullus vulgaris)
Tolerates cooler areas.                                                  Grown in Spring - Summer. Plant in fertile well drained soil, water
- Ponderosa Pink                                         AusQual         well, eat fresh or juiced.
Large pink fruit to 10cm. Lower acid, with good flavour.                    - Congo                                                     Organic
- Red Cherry Cocktail                                    AusQual            A rare heirloom variety that produces large elongated mottled
Small red round fruit, ideal in salads.                                     green skinned melons. Rind is medium thickness and red flesh
- Red Cherry Currant                                     AusQual            is very sweet. 10-20kg fruit that transports well.
Vigorous bush, small red round fruit. Good flavour. Prolific                - Champagne                                                AusQual
producer over a long period. Great for garnishes.                           Good size green oval fruit with good flavour. Sweet yellow
- Red Cloud                                              AusQual            orange flesh.
Dark red fruit with good flavour. Early producer over a long                - Sugarbaby                                                AusQual
period.                                                                     Tolerates cooler conditions, early maturing. Round dark green skin,
- Roma                                                   AusQual            sweet red flesh. Fruit up to 30cm across. Fits in the fridge.
Bush variety, red pear-shaped fruit. Eaten fresh, also for drying           - Warpaint                                                  Organic
or bottling.                                                                Popular large melon, red flesh, good flavour.
- Rouge de Marmande                                      AusQual
Early maturing variety withstanding colder conditions. Staking           ZUCCHINI (Cucurbita pepo)
type, large ribbed fruit, good flavour.                                  Popular vegetable. Sow direct in good garden soil, full sun, harvest
- Santorini                                              AusQual         regularly over long period. Use grated fresh or in cooked dishes.
Medium sized red fruit with good flavour. Very fast cropping             Sow Spring - Summer.
and heavy bearing variety. Fruit is round and ribbed. Bush type.            - Black Beauty                                             AusQual
- San Marzano Lampadina                                  AusQual            Early maturing, dark green, cylindrical fruit. Bush variety.
Long red fruit to 10cm, thick and fleshy. Good for making paste             - Golden                                                   AusQual
and for drying.                                                             Bushy habit, producing cylindrical shaped golden fruits.
- Siberian Winter                                        AusQual            50 days to maturity.
Medium sized red fruit - an excellent all rounder. Produces over            - Romanesco                                                AusQual
a long period. Bush variety.                                                Bushy habit, producing cylindrical shaped speckled green fruit
- Stupice                                                AusQual            50 days to maturity. Good home garden variety
Ideal for short season cool climate. Produces early crop of
medium sized red fruit, good flavour.
uThai Pink                                               AusQual
Fast bush variety producing a heavy crop of Roma shaped fruit
with a pink colour. Moist sweet flesh makes it good for salads or
                                                                                             ALL SEED PACKETS
cooking. Also grows well in pot or containers.
                                                                                           $3.95ea. Members $3.55ea
- Sweetie                                                AusQual
Small sweet cherry tomato producing a large crop of fruit.               BALSAM - Mixed Colours (Impatiens balsamina)             AusQual
Handles cooler weather and adverse conditions. Staking variety.          Annual to 60cm, plant in semi-shade, bright range of colours. Sow
- Tigerella                                              AusQual         Spring - Summer.
Strong grower, bushy habit, fruit red with darker red stripes,
                                                                         BEE ATTRACTANT MIX                                          $4.90ea
medium sized, good flavour.
                                                                         Bees are so important to pollinate flowers for better fruit set. The
- Tommy Toe                                              AusQual
                                                                         mix is specially selected with blue, purple & yellow flowers that are
Excellent, produces bunched, bite size red fruit, good flavour.
                                                                         high in pollen & nectar. Please select season.
- Tropic                                                 AusQual
                                                                            - Spring/Summer                                          Organic
Excellent for warm humid climates. Staking type with large,
                                                                            Basil, sunflower, cosmos, marigold, anise hyssop.
firm red fruit with rich flavoursome taste. Is also disease hardy.
                                                                            - Autumn/Winter                                          Organic
                                                                            Borage, catnip, fennel, brassica, forget-me-not, rocket.

CALENDULA (Calendula officinalis)                        AusQual             POPPY - Flanders (Papaver rhoeas)                         AusQual
Annual to 45cm, medicinal, bright orange flowers, excellent strain,          Iconic poppy with single red flower to 9cm wide. Spectacular
for flower display, to colour food. Sow all year round.                      display over a long period. Sow Autumn-Winter.
CELOSIA (Celosia plumosa)                                                    POPPY - Peonny Double (Papaver paeoniflorum)              AusQual
Brilliant coloured annuals which flower over a long period in hot            Fast growing annual to 80cm, producing large round double pink
sunny position. Good dried flower. Sow Spring - Summer.                      blooms to 10cm and large dissected leaves. A very showy display
    - Pink (Celosia spicata)                             AusQual             throughout Spring.
    Hardy annual to 70cm, upright grower, pink feathery flowers.             STRAWFLOWER (Helichrysum bracteatum)                      AusQual
    - Red                                                AusQual             Everlasting flower to 60cm high which produce a bright range of
    Annual to 1 metre with gorgeous fiery feathers of magenta                colours, suitable bedding plant and use as dried flowers. Hardy for
    coloured flowers.                                                        open sunny position. Sow Autumn to Spring.
    - Yellow                                             AusQual             SUNFLOWER (Helianthus annus) Sow Spring-Summer.
    Colourful annual to 30cm high with yellow flowers.                           - Evening Sun                                         AusQual
CLEOME (Hasslerianna)                                       AusQual              Annual to 120cm producing very attractive flowers to 15cm
Hardy shrubby annual to 1.5metres tall. Flowering over a long period             across. In shades of burgundy, pink, yellow and orange. Suitable
through summer and autumn with arching flower spikes of white, and               for bedding display.
mauve. Grows well in average to fertile garden soil. Full sun. Sow               - Giant Russian                                       AusQual
Spring - Summer.                                                                 Tall grower to 2m with large yellow flower head. Seeds are
COSMOS                                                                           edible when hulled or great bird food.
Fast growing annual to 1.5 metres. Sow Spring - Summer. Fast                     - Mammoth                                             AusQual
grower for sunny position, good bedding display or cut flower.                   One of the largest growing types, to 3m high. Large yellow
Excellent for backdrop, border plantings.                                        flower heads to 40cm across.
    - Vibrant Orange (Cosmos sulphureus)                    AusQual             - Standard                                       AusQual
    Bright orange flowers in abundance throughout summer.                       Grows to 1.5m with a medium yellow flower head. More suited
FOXGLOVE (Digitalis purpurea)                               AusQual             to green manure crops and microgreens.
Annual to 1.5m, tubular flowers form on tall spikes in colours of            SWEET PEA (Lathyrus odoratus)
white, pink, mauve. Ideal bedding plant, sow Autumn-Winter.                  Climbing plants producing flowers in Spring, good in backdrop
GOMPHRENA -Mixed (Gomphrena globosa)                        AusQual          gardens. Provide support to climb on. Sow Autumn-Winter.
Annual to 60cm, purple and white flowers 2cm across produced                    - Perennial (Lathyrus latifolius)                    AusQual
in masses over a long period. Good dried flower. Sow Spring -                   Strong climber to 2.5 metres, producing masses of pink flowers
Summer.                                                                         over a long period.
HOLLYHOCK (Alcea rosea)                                     AusQual
Old fashioned annual flower to 1metre. Producing rose coloured flowers
on tall spikes. Used in backdrop gardens. Sow Autumn/Winter.
LOVE IN A MIST (Nigella damascena)                          AusQual
Annual to 45cm. Finely divided leaves, flowers blue and white.
Very showy bedding and border plants. Flowers nice for cut or dried
                                                                                ALL SEED PACKETS - $3.95ea. Members $3.55ea
arrangements. Sow Autumn - Spring.
LUPIN - Hartwegii (Lupin hartwegii) -Not to TAS-            AusQual          3-IN-1 HERB MIX - Italian Parsley, Coriander & Dill    Organic
Fast growing annual to 1 metre. Produces blue flower spikes in               These 3 popular herbs can be used fresh in salads and cooking.
Spring. Bedding plant over a long period. Sow Autumn - Spring.               Coriander seeds also used in cooking. Sow all year.
MARIGOLD                                                                     ANISE HYSSOP (Agastache foeniculum)                   AusQual
Good companion plant or for garden display, long flowering period.           Hardy annual to 1 metre. Member of the mint family. Attractive
Easy to grow. Sow Spring - Summer.                                           mauve flowers in Summer. Leaves have anise flavour, use for tea,
    - Crackerjack (Tagetes erecta)                          AusQual          pot pourri, bee plant. Sow Spring-Autumn.
    Fast growing, hardy annual to 90cm, producing a colourful                BASIL (Ocimum basilicum)
    display of yellow and orange flowers over a long period.                 Annual bush to 60cm high. Popular for culinary dishes, pasta,
    - Dwarf Orange (Tagetes patula)                         AusQual          pizza, dressings & marinades. Sow Spring-Summer in good soil.
    Compact annual to 40cm with masses of orange flowers over a              Warm sunny position. Ideal pot plant.
    long period.                                                                - Cinnamon                                            AusQual
    - Dwarf Yellow (Tagetes patula)                         AusQual             Glossy green leaves, cinnamon fragrance, contrasting purple
    Compact annual to 40cm, masses of yellow flowers in Summer.                 flower spikes, attractive garden, pot plant.
    - Himalayan (Tagetes patula)                            AusQual
    Strong growing bushy plant to 1 metre high, flowering late                  - Lemon                                                 Organic
    Summer-Autumn, orange & red in colour.                                      Leaves and flowers strongly lemon scented. Ideal near pathways.
                                                                                Add to chicken, fish, vegetable and rice dishes, marinades.
NASTURTIUM (Tropaeolum majus)                               AusQual             - Sweet Genovese                                      AusQual
Attractive flowering perennial, spreading habit to 40cm. Abundance              Popular green variety culinary herb, companion for tomatoes
of yellow-orange flowers produced throughout Winter-Spring.                     and deters nematodes.
Good companion & ground cover plant. Flowers and leaves used
in salads. Sow all year.                                                     BORAGE - Blue (Borago officinalis)                        AusQual
                                                                             Annual to 90 cm, showy star blue flowers. Young leaves and
                                                                             flowers used in salads, bee attractant, roots used to flavour wine.
       MEMBERS DISCOUNT                                                      Sow Autumn-Winter.

         10% off all Seeds                                                   BORAGE - White (Borago officinalis)                      AusQual
                                                                             Annual to 90cm high with an array of subtile white flowers. Leaves
                                                                             a lighter colour than blue borage. Bee attractant, young leaves &
     Contact us for online ordering discount code                            flowers eaten fresh. Sow Autumn-Spring.
CATNIP (Nepeta cataria)                                 AusQual             ROCKET - Salad (Eruca sativa)                               AusQual
Perennial to 1 metre. Used for soothing tea, insect repellent, bee          Annual to 80cm. Mild spicy leaves use in salads, garnishes. Very
attractant. Sow anytime.                                                    hardy, cold tolerant. Sow anytime, for constant supply.
CHAMOMILE - German (Matricaria chamomilla)              AusQual             SAGE - Common (Salvia officinalis)                          Organic
Annual to 60cm, soft fine foliage, producing masses of small daisy          Perennial to 60cm, grey-green leaves and showy blue flower spikes.
flowers. Popular herbal tea. Sow Autumn-Winter.                             Bee attractant, herbal tea, cooking seasoning and hair rinse. Well
                                                                            drained soil, sunny position. Used in salads and soups, nutty flavour.
CHIVES (Allium schoenoprasum)                         Organic               Attractive garden plant. Sow anytime.
Perennial to 40 cm, round green leaves, mauve flowers, forming
compact clump, onion flavoured. Leaves used fresh in salads or              SALAD BURNET (Poterium sanguisorba)                       AusQual
cooked dishes. Sow Spring - Autumn.                                         Perennial to 45cm, leaves used in salads and soups, nutty  flavour.
                                                                            Attractive garden plant. Sow anytime.
CHIVES - Garlic (Allium tuberosum)                    AusQual
Perennial to 90cm, flat green leaves, white flowers, onion and              THYME - Common (Thymus vulgaris)                          Organic
garlic flavour. Use fresh or in cooking. Sow anytime.                       Evergreen culinary herb with fine leaves and multiple branches.
                                                                            Grows to 30cm high and enjoys a sunny position. Frost hardy. Used
CORIANDER (Coriandrum sativum)                          AusQual             in a variety of cooked dishes, to flavour marinades & vinegars,
Annual to 60cm, white flowers, leaves used in cooking and salads,           medicinal. Sow all year.
seeds add flavour to baking. Sow Spring-Summer.                             WATERCRESS - Officinalis (Nasturium officinalis) AusQual
DILL (Anethum graveolens)                             AusQual               Perennial creeper thriving in shallow water or moist soil. Leaves
Annual to 90cm. Feathery green-glaucous leaves and yellow                   and flowers used in salads and soups adding a peppery flavour. High
flowers. Leaves used in salads and cooking, seeds in baking and             in vitamins and minerals. Sow Autumn-Spring.
flavouring. Sow Spring - Autumn.                                            WATERCRESS - Upland (Barbarea vulgaris)                    AusQual
ECHINACEA (Echinacea purpurea)                          AusQual             Perennial ground cover to 30cm with bright yellow flowers. Leaves
Perennial to 50cm, large purple cone flowers in summer. Very                and flowers used in salads and soups, high in vitamins and minerals.
attractive garden plant. Whole plant has medicinal properties.              Likes moist soil. Sow Autumn-Spring.
Sow Spring - Summer.
EVENING PRIMROSE (Oenothera biennis)                   AusQual
Biennial to 1.5 metres. Large yellow flowers open in evening.
                                                                                Natives & Exotics
                                                                                ALL SEED PACKETS - $3.95ea. Members $3.55ea
Whole plant is edible, medicinal. Sow Autumn - Winter.
Attractive annual with feathery leaves. Use seeds, flowers and              Crotalaria (Crotalaria species)                              Organic
leaves in biscuits, cakes, cooking or fresh salads. Sow Autumn-             Legume shrub growing to 2 metres with yellow flowers. Ideal
Spring                                                                      in orchards or mixed plantings as a soil improver & good mulch
    - Bronze (Foeniculum vulgare)                        AusQual            provider. Crotalaria can fix nitrogen into the soil with the presence
    Bronze/purple foliage to 90cm, flowers yellow. Attractive               of rhizobia.
    garden plant.                                                           GUAVA - Hawaiian (Psidium guajava)                           Organic
    - Florence (Foeniculum dulce)                        AusQual            Small tree to 5m. Large round yellow edible fruit with pink fragrant
    Annual to 1 metre, edible swollen stems, anise flavoured, likes         flesh. Suited to warm, frost protected climate. Use fresh, for jelly
    rich soil.                                                              or jam. Sow Spring-Autumn.

Feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium)                        AusQual          GUAVA - Purple (Psidium rufum)                            AusQual
Perennial to 80cm with green lacey foliage, attractive yellow/white         Small purple skinned guava, round fruit to 3cm. Pulp translucent
                                                                            soft yellow, sweet acidic flavour. To 5 m. Hardy for sunny position.
daisy flowers. Great for repelling insects and used for fly spray. A
                                                                            Attractive leathery leaves.Sow Spring - Autumn.
mild tea can be made from flowers - for fever and general tonic.
LAVENDER - Stoechas (Lavender stoechas)                  AusQual            GUAVA - White Alahbad (Psidium guajava)                    AusQual
Italian selection with dense bushy habit to 60cm high. Producing            Small spreading tree to 5 metres, large round shaped green
long dark purple flower spikes in Winter-Spring. For a sunny, well          beautifully aromatic fruit, sweet white flesh. Our favourite guava
drained soil. Sow all year.                                                 at Greenpatch. Suited to warm, frost free climate, 4 years to fruit.
                                                                            INDIAN CURRY TREE (Murraya koenigii)                       AusQual
LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis)                       AusQual              Small evergreen shrub or tree to 5 metres. Strongly scented leaves
Perennial to 80cm, lemon scented, leaves used in salads, cooking            used in curries. Fresh seed available February & March only.
and herbal teas. Sow all year.
                                                                            LEMON SCENTED TEA TREE(Leptospermum petersonii)
MOTHERWORT (Leonurius sibiricus)                       AusQual              Small tree to 5m, lemon scented leaves. Attractive         AusQual
Hardy annual to 2m, erect growth with small mauve flowers, bee              weeping habit, white flowers, bird, bee attractant. Sow Spr- Aut.
attractant, garden herb. Medicinal uses. Sow all year.
PARSLEY (Petroselinum crispum) Sow All Year
  - Curled                                                AusQual                                How To Order
  Biennial to 90cm, compact curly foliage. Leaves used fresh or
  dried, high source of vitamins and minerals.                                Mail:       Greenpatch Organic Seeds
  - Italian                                               AusQual                         PO Box 1285, TAREE, NSW 2430
  Annual to 100cm, large flat leaves, self sows readily, used as for          Secure Web:
  curled variety.                                                             Phone/Fax: (02) 6551 4240
PLANTAIN - Broadleaf (Plantago major)                     AusQual             Email:
Perennial native of Europe. Use young leaves in salads, useful for
bites and sting, also medicinal. Sow Spring - Autumn.                         We accept: Direct Deposit Transfer, Visa, Paypal,
PURSLANE (Portulaca oleracea)                             AusQual
                                                                                          Mastercard, Cheque, Money Order
Succulent to 30cm. Leaves and stems used in salads, also medicinal.
Sow Spring-Summer.
Legumes, Grains,                                                         Grains, Grasses & other:
                                                                             AMARANTH - Grain (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) Organic

    Grasses & Sprouts                                                        Fast growing annual to 1.2 metres high. Leaves eaten
                                                                             like spinach, white seeds high in protein. Use for cereal
                                                                             or popping. Sow Spring-Summer. 500gm covers 300m2.
      ALL SEED PACKETS - $3.95ea. Members $3.55ea
                                                                             BARLEY (Hordeum vulgare)                             AusQual
                           Green Manure:                                     Annual grain to 1 metre. Good green manure, very hardy. Sow
The varieties listed below have many uses in providing mulch,                Autumn to Winter. Sprout or cook the grain. Can be ground into
nitrogen fixation to the soil, organic matter which can be slashed or        flour. 1kg will cover 70m2.
turned in and also providing a broad range of nutrients.
                                                                             BROCCOLI - Sprouting (Brassica oleracea)             Organic
Legumes can be sown on their own or with existing vegetation. We             High in vitamins and minerals, sprout in jar or shallow soil.
recommend with low fertility soils that some type of nutrients be            Ready in 5-7 days. Highly nutritious, adds a zing to salads.
added initially in an organic form to help the green manure along.
Grasses and grains can be grown on their own if fertility is good,           BUCKWHEAT (Fagapyrum esculentum)                           Organic
thus providing bulk organic matter when slashed.                             Fast growing hardy annual to 1m high, cream colour flowers.
                                                                             Use for microgreens, green manure, bee attractant, useful alkaline
GREEN MANURE MIX                                        Organic              grain - highly nutritious. Plant in cool conditions. 1kg covers
A mix of seeds for specific seasons. This mix provides variety in            70m2. Good cover crop for a frost free site. Sow autumn-spring.
your green manure. Specify season; Autumn/Winter - Buckwheat,                CHOOK FORAGE                                               Organic
Chickpea, Rye mix. Spring/Summer - Mungbean, Sunflower &                     Grow a green crop for your chooks to forage amongst. Provides
Millet. 500gm will cover 30m2.                                               extra feed at leaf stage or allow to seed for grain heads that your
Legumes:                                                                     chookd can feed on. 500gm will cover 40m2. Summer Mix contains
CHICKPEA - (Cicer arietinum) - Not to TAS -                                  Millet, Sunflower, Amaranth & Quinoa. Winter Mix contains Oats,
nnual legume to 60cm, excellent green manure. Seeds used whole,              Rye, Spinach & Pak Choy. Simply broadcast and keep moist.
mashed, roasted, soups, thick paste, sprouts or flour. Sow Autumn -          LINSEED - Flax (Linum usitatissimum)                      AusQual
Winter. 1kg will cover 60m2.                                                 Annual to 90cm, upright habit, flowers blue-white. Ground seeds
    - Brown Desi                                           AusQual           used in cereals, breads, fibre from stems, oil from seed. Excellent
    A smaller seed size with a brown colour and stronger flavour.            added to the diet. 500gm covers 200m2. Sow Autumn - Winter.
    The skin is more apparent but still very palatable.
                                                                             MILLET - French White (Panicum miliaceum)               AusQual
    - White Garbenzo                                       AusQual           Annual to 1metre. Fast growing, good soil conditioner. Low water
    Larger seed size and a white/cream colour. The skin is much              requirement. Sow Spring - Summer. 500gm covers 200m2.
    thinner when it is used in cooking and a milder flavour. Ideal           OATS (Avena sativa)                                     AusQual
    for microgreens.                                                         Annual to 1 metre, excellent green manure and forage crop.
CLOVER - Crimson (Trifolium incarnatum)                    AusQual           Nutritious edible grain and used for stock feed. Sow Autumn -
Tall annual to 1 metres. Decorative round crimson flower. 500gm              Winter. 1kg will cover 70m2.
covers 400m2. Can be grown in pasture as animal fodder, in orchard           RYE CORN (Secale cereale)                               AusQual
rows or vegetable cropping areas as a green manure. For the purpose          Very hardy annual to 1 metre. Cover crop and bulk green manure.
of green manure ensure you slash and chop in plants before flowing           Nutritious grain can be ground into flour. Sow Autumn - Winter.
stage. Sow Autumn/Winter                                                     1kg will cover 70m2.
CLOVER - Red (Trifolium pratense)                          AusQual
Short lived perennial legume growing to 30cm. Best sown late
summer for bulk vegetative growth. Can be grown in pasture as
                                                                                      Certifying Groups & Organisations for
animal fodder, in orchard rows or vegetable cropping areas as a                         Organic & Bio-Dynamic Farming
green manure. For the purpose of green manure ensure you slash
and chop in plants before flowing stage.
                                                                                           ACO - Australian Certified Organic
                                                                                           - Certified Organically grown
COWPEA - Edible Giant                                                                      PO Box 530, Chermside, QLD 4032
(Vigna unguiculata)                                        AusQual                         Ph: (07) 3350 5716
Annual legume spreading to 1.5 metres, mauve flowers. Green
pods eaten when young, plants can yield up to 1kg of black seeds.                          DEMETER - Certified Bio-Dynamically grown
Used cooked as for pulses, soil improver. Sow Spring - Summer.                             Main Road, Powelltown, VIC 3937
                                                                                           Ph: (07) 3350 5716
FENUGREEK (Trigonella foenum-graecum)                      AusQual
Annual legume to 60cm. A very diverse plant with it being a                                     National Association for Sustainable
excellent green manure and forage plant. Seeds can also be ground                               Agriculture (Aust) - Certified Organically grown
                                                                                                PO Box 768, Stirling, SA 5152
and used as a spice, said to have medicinal uses and a excellent                                Ph: (08) 8370 8455
sprouting seed.
LUPIN (Lupinus) - Not to TAS -                             Organic                              Organically grown, uncertified.
Vigorous winter annual, white flowers, valuable green manure                     ORGANIC        Uncertified organic farms that produce seed
plant. Grows to 50cm tall. Good ground cover, border or mass                                    using sustainable organic methods.
display. Sow Autumn-Winter. 1kg will cover 50m2.                                                     - Aus-Qual AQ610175
MUNG BEAN (Vigna radiata)                               AusQual                                      Certified organic and grown by
Annual legume to 60cm. Sow Spring - Summer. Green plant used                                         Greenpatch Organic Seeds.
as green manure, seeds for sprouting, flour. Leaves and pods can
be eaten fresh. 1kg will cover 60m2.                                                                 - Aus-Qual AQ620081
PIGEON PEA (Cajanus cajan)                               Organic                                     Certified organic, grown on other cer-
2m legume shrub, yellow/red pea flowers. Young pods eaten green,                                     tified Australian farms or imported.
seed cooked as dry beans/ground into flour. Animal forage, fodder,
excellent soil improver, quick grower. Sow Spring - Autumn.
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