2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa

2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa

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                                                Growing Great Communities
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa
Welcome to the 2019 REAP Wairarapa Schools’ Handbook

Our REAP’s Mission is to support the development of the communities in our region by providing
responsive learning opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our people.
REAP Wairarapa (Rural Education Activities Programme) provides access to lifelong learning
opportunities across a number of sectors, including early childhood, schools, and adult and
community education.

Our work is diverse and includes working to develop our people and communities by providing
practical support to organisations and initiatives that meet local needs.

There are thirteen REAPs whose work varies in each of the regions, and include a diverse range of
activities, working with all or some of the following government agencies: Ministry of Education,
Tertiary Education Commission, Land Transport, Te Puni Kokiri, Accident Compensation Commission,
Ministry of Social Development (including Strategies with Kids, Information for Parents – SKIP)

REAPs also work closely with local government, local trusts and community groups in their area.
Much of the work in REAPs is of a developmental nature. REAPs are specialists in promoting and
nurturing community change.

REAP House is also the home of a number of other organisations:
Literacy Wairarapa                 Adult Literacy Support
Wairarapa Road Safety Council      Road Safety programmes
YETE Wairarapa                     Youth Education, Training and Employment Partnership
Kings’ Chambers                    Lawyers

Spaces for Hire - REAP Wairarapa has many spaces for hire at including the old Castlepoint
School - Rangiwhakaoma Education Centre

The REAP contact for all School’s Programmes is Trudy Sears
Email: schools@reapwairarapa.nz
Ph:    021 239 5520

REAP Wairarapa’s support to schools is not restricted to the programmes in this handbook. Please contact
Trudy if there is a programme you would like to run with your Kahui Ako or individual school.

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                   www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa
About REAP Schools’ Programmes

Thank you for your ongoing support of REAP’s Schools’ Programmes. We are continually working
on the improvement of our Handbook, making it even better and more useful to schools as you
plan extension/enrichment and other activities for your students.

Our workshops/programmes are not intended to take the place of schools’ own programmes, or to
give a critique on where students may fit on a scale. Their purpose is to light the fire of enthusiasm
for a subject (or to fan existing flames), to broaden horizons and to stimulate thinking. They give an
opportunity for a student to be immersed with a small group of like-minds, and to work without
interruption while focused on the same topic.

We have included learning objectives and information to help you to select students – please read
these carefully and send the right students from the stated year groups. We encourage you to take
risks about the selection of children who may benefit from exposure to the workshop topic.
However we cannot accept students who are a ‘risk’ when it comes to behaviour – if you have any
doubts about how a student will behave then they are not the right student to send.

We believe the best way for students to share the learning they have done at REAP programmed
events with their school is for their teachers to talk to them about it, using the learning objectives
as a guide to questioning. We will email you on the last day of the course with the course
information and any handouts to enable you to have those conversations with your students when
they return to the classroom.

We will also email an online evaluation to you for students to complete and we encourage you to
undertake this exercise as soon as students return to school. The evaluation is an important part
of our work; not only does it assist us with future planning, it provides valuable feedback to ensure
our programmes are relevant and meeting needs of staff and students.

Please take the time to complete the evaluations to let us know what worked well and what didn’t
work so well. We welcome feedback good or bad.

NB: Places for programmes are limited, and we ask that you are thoughtful in the number of places
you request. Nominating a specific number of named students gives us an indication of your
commitment to the programme.

REAP will allocate places to each school and then request names if they have not already been
provided. Should substitution of one child for another be deemed better as the workshop
approaches, please ensure you advise REAP at least three working days before the class dates

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                 www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa
Applications for further REAP Support 2019

REAP is charged with helping to raise student achievement and to reduce disparity. This includes
supporting raising achievement for Māori students and Tātaiako competencies.

REAP invites all schools to apply for one application for further support. The programme can run
anytime during the year but needs to be completed before the end of 2019.

The application is in addition to all programmes / workshops / events listed in this handbook.

Whilst this support is primarily aimed at small schools, any school looking for support in this area
should make an application.

We are looking for programmes that support your school from a strategic direction perspective.
A programme that supports your school’s whakawhanaungatanga, engagement and partnerships
with your community; programmes that support the culture, language and identity of your school.

Even if you are unable to source a tutor, please still make an application and we will support you to
find one.

To make an application please complete the application form HERE
or call Trudy Sears, Schools Liaison on 06 377 1379 or
0800 WAI REAP or email schools@reapwairarapa.nz to arrange a visit.

Schools are reminded that we are not a funding agency but a developmental education
organisation that works with groups to make changes for the good of others.

As this is a collaborative approach, schools should also consider the contribution that they are
making to the programme. Some good examples of this are:
• where the school wants to run the programme for part of the year, but wants REAP to only
  support part of that period (extending the length)
• where the schools runs a programme in one syndicate and REAP supports another (extending
  the breadth)
• where the school pays for travel of a resource person and significant materials that allow a
  programme to run and REAP pays for the tutor;
• the school provides teacher development and REAP provides a student component
• plus other creative ways etc.

Providing the venue for a programme to run in is not considered to be your contribution!

Your application must make clear the collaborative approach you are taking and where REAP is
adding value to your programme.

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa
Professional Learning & Development

MARK TREADWELL                                         #EDUCAMPWAI 2019
                                                       OPEN TO ALL SCHOOLS

Mark has been lecturing, providing teaching            Following on from the success of the second
seminars, workshops and speaking and national and      #educampWAI, a third day is being organised.
international conferences for over fifteen years. He   This day is for ALL teachers from ALL schools.
has worked on numerous school wide projects
across a range of areas including curriculum,          Comments from the last #educampWAI,
information and communication technology. He has
travelled widely and is renowned for his humorous      “The whole concept is awesome, we should get
and informed style, and has worked with hundreds       together like this more often.”
of education and business groups looking at            “I loved the opportunity to connect with new
applications of technology to the classroom and the    people.”
                                                       Check out the #educampWAI2018 blog here to see
Mark will be delivering a one-day workshop             the smackdowns from 2018
‘Interweaving Key Competencies into the Curriculum’
                                                       If you are interested in presenting at the next
                                                       #educampWAI please get in touch
WHEN: Monday 8th July
                                                       WHEN: TERM 3, Saturday 14th September
                                                       WHERE: Venue TBC
TIME: 9.00am - 3.00pm
                                                       COST PER PERSON: Koha
                                                       TO REGISTER:
SUITABILITY: All Principals, DP’s/AP’s, Syndicate or   Registration details to be emailed closer to the time
Team Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Teacher Aides.

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                    www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa
Professional Learning & Development

KAHUNGUNU KI WAIRARAPA                              HANDS ON DIGITAL
                                                    OPEN TO ALL SCHOOLS

“Reclaiming and disseminating traditional Māori     Hands On Digital Workshops for Teachers
knowledge through our teaching practice”
This one day conference will be open to educators   The workshops will offer hands-on practical
from early childhood through to tertiary.           experiences of digital technology.

                                                    You will hear about different technologies that can
Keynote speaker: Dr Mere Berryman                   be used in the classroom, how to deliver
                                                    computational thinking without the computer and
                                                    hear about different technologies that would suit all
DATES:                                              year groups.

FRIDAY 17TH MAY                                     Cost of technology for the classroom is a real
Pōwhiri followed by An ‘Evening with our Kuia’      concern for many Principals and Teachers.
                                                    The workshops will be an opportunity for schools to
                                                    share the technology they have to allow others to
SATURDAY 18TH MAY                                   experience it before you buy.

Full Conference Programme 9.00am-5.00pm

                                                    MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW

Further keynote speakers and workshop presenters
to be confirmed.

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                 www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa
Professional Learning & Development

                                                         SharpReading has been 17 years in the making (10 years
                                                         inside the New Zealand Graduate School of Education and
                                                         the last 7 years training in NZ and overseas schools) and
                                                         now we will bring our guided reading training to
                                                         Masterton for the first time.

EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY                             Our "hands on” workshops supply you with the knowledge
                                                         and the practices to sharpen your delivery of guided
TEACHER HUB                                              reading and make an instant difference to the
                                                         engagement and ability of your students.
                                                         Our three workshops start with Junior Guided Reading
Our sustainability hubs this year are based around       (our Stages 1&2) and how to develop solid decoding
the big idea of Nature as Our Classroom.                 practice by clarifying the differences between shared and
                                                         guided reading. You will be amazed at how much time we
The focus of these hubs is Connecting with Nature;       can give back to you.
 • In your classroom/centre
                                                         Our Stage 3 - Sentence Level Comprehension is perfect for
 • In your backyard                                      Years 3-8 and builds on "student centred" guided reading
 • In your community                                     by showing you exactly where and when you need to get
 • in the great outdoors                                 in and support your students and when to pull out and let
                                                         them get on with the practice.
The hubs are the third Thursday of each term
                                                         Finally we will bring you a workshop on SharpPhonics

• Thursday May 16                                        All information is below but feel free to check us out
• Thursday August 8                                      online and consider registering. We'd love to see you
• Thursday October 31
                                                         Stage 1 & 2 Junior Guided Reading         18th June 9-3
Teachers can register for the first one using the link
                                                         Stage 3 Comprehension (Yr 3-8)           19th June 9-3
                                                         Stages 4-6 (must have done Stage 3) 20th June 9-3
REGISTER HERE                                            SharpPhonics (Yr 1-2)                     21st June 9-3

                                                         Venue: Masterton Trust Lands Trust Education Centre,
Teacher Hubs are run by Enviroschools
                                                         22 Dixon Street, Masterton

                                                         Cost: $195 + GST per course

                                                         YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE FOR THIS WORKSHOP

                                                         YOU WILL NEED TO        BOOK HERE

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                         www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa
Professional Learning & Development

CHUCK MARRIOTT                                               HOUSE OF SCIENCE
ALL SCHOOLS                                                  ALL SCHOOLS

1. SEVEN PLUS WORKSHOP                                       Coming to the Wairarapa in Term 3, 2019 the
Date: Tuesday 12th March, 9.00am - 2.30pm                    House of Science
During this workshop you will learn how to implement
Seven-Plus into your classroom.                              House of Science is passionate about inspiring
The training includes a description of the theory behind     young New Zealanders' interest in science through
Seven-Plus, how to select students, assessments, Seven-
                                                             tangible learning experiences. We are a charitable
Plus procedures and the resources that are needed. You
will have the opportunity to observe a number of Seven-      trust providing quality science resources to schools
Plus lessons and then practice the procedures under the      and professional learning for teachers to promote
guidance of the creator of SevenPlus, Chuck Marriott.        positive engagement with science in all its forms.
Cost: $235.00 exl GST (includes $80 of resources)
To register: register directly with Chuck HERE               Teachers, students and the wider community will be
                                                             able to access our diverse programmes and
2. FIVE PLUS WORKSHOP                                        educational materials including
Date: Wednesday 13th March, 9.00am - 12.00pm                   •     A comprehensive science resource library for
During this workshop you will learn how to implement                 primary schools
FivePlus in your school.                                             Teacher professional development
The training includes a description of the theory behind
FivePlus, how to select students, assessments, FivePlus
procedures and the resources that are needed.                VIEW VIDEO
You will have the opportunity to observe a number of
FivePlus lessons and then practice the procedures under      MORE INFO TO FOLLOW
the guidance of the creator of FivePlus, Chuck Marriott.
Cost: $135.0 exl GST
To register: register directly with Chuck HERE

3. AVAILLI Workshop
Date: Wednesday 13th March, 1.00pm-5.30pm
This is an experiential workshop where you will learn how
to implement the AVAILLL programme by actually doing
it yourself.
Additionally you will learn about the theory behind the
programme, a brief summary of the research evidence
and finally how to get ready for AVAILLL in the classroom.
Cost: $150.00 exl GST
To register: register directly with Chuck HERE

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                          www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa

TRACKING & TRAPPING                    YEARS 5-8          ‘LITER-MANIA’

Purpose: to enable students to implement the prac-
tice of tracking and trapping in their school grounds.
Outline: Students will find out why Tracking and
Trapping is important to Aotearoa and our sustain-        Following the success of the inaugural Liter-Mania’
                                                          Literacy Quiz last year, Liter-Mania is back!
The students will learn;
  •    Why we need to look after our birds, insects and   DATE: Tuesday 9th April
       reptiles in Aotearoa
  •    How to use tracking tunnels, do bird counts and    VENUE: Masterton Intermediate School
       observe insects
  •    How to trap rodents and dispose of rodents
       How to collect and share the results with the      YEAR GROUPS:
       other schools in the project using a data          Years 4-6
       gathering app                                      Year 7-8
  •    How they can be part of a larger community
       effort in their local areas.
School Commitment
A teacher who is supporting the students back in
school will need to attend a short Teacher workshop
after school the week before the student workshop.

Guide to selection of students
4 students per school having a mix of the skills and
attitudes below
• interested in conservation
• prepared to learn how to deal with dead animals
• can use technology efficiently for uploading results
• are hands on learners and can confidently teach
Wednesday 21 August            4:00pm-5:30pm

Friday 23 August               9:00am-2:30pm
Location TBC
Tutors: Enviroschools - Gill Stewart / Ali MacKisack
and Pukaha rangers

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                      www.reapwairarapa.nz
2019 Schools' Handbook - Growing Great Communities - REAP Wairarapa

YEAR 5 +                                           YEAR 5 +

Poi Porotiti is continuing in 2019.                Nga Tama Toa is continuing in 2019.
                                                   Those boys who attended in 2017 and 2018 are
Those girls who attended in 2018 are eligible to   eligible to continue attending. Schools will be
continue attending.                                advised of the number of new students that can
Schools will be advised of the number of new       attend.
students that can attend

DATES: TBC                                         1. Tuesday 2nd April

TUTOR: TBC                                         2. Tuesday 11th June

                                                   3. Tuesday 10th September

                                                   4. Tuesday 12th November

                                                   TUTOR: Rihari Daymond

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                              www.reapwairarapa.nz

GEOCAMP WAIRARAPA                                    STUDENT LED CONFERENCE
YEARS 7-10
                                                     MASTERTON SCHOOLS


GNS Science are running GeoCamp Wairarapa in         More information to follow.
Term 2.
                                                     DATE: TERM 4 - Thursday 31st October
Tararua Kahui Ako Schools have been invited to
                                                     TIME: 9.30am - 2.30pm
apply for this amazing opportunity in 2019, during
Term 1.                                              VENUE: TBC

GNS Science hope to run another camp in 2020         COST PER STUDENT: TBC Term 2
and eligible schools will be contacted Term 4,

DATE: Monday 6th May - Friday 17th May

Saturday 18th May - All Invited

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                www.reapwairarapa.nz

CULTURAL FESTIVAL                                      FESTIVAL

The 2019 Tararua Kahui Ako Cultural Festival will be   The Kapa Haka Festival is an opportunity for all
hosted by: Alfredton and Eketahuna School              schools to come together, no matter what their
                                                       size, for two-days of cultural celebrations.
The festival is a chance to enjoy and share a day of
cultural celebrations. It is an opportunity for any    An opportunity for schools to perform on stage
school to join with other schools to perform, shine    and showcase their talents in front of each other,
and showcase their talents publicly.                   our community, whanau and friends.

This year’s festival has been aligned with the         DATES: TBC
celebration of Matariki.
                                                       VENUE: TBC
DATE: Friday 14th June
                                                       HOST SCHOOL: TBC
                                                       If you would like to be our host school for 2019
HOST SCHOOLS:                                          please get in touch

Alfredton School & Eketahuna School                    Further information to be circulated in Term 2

Further information to be circulated during Term 1

                                                       Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te ūohu koe me he
                                                       maunga teitei

                                                       Aim for the highest cloud so that if you miss it,
                                                       you will hit a lofty mountain.

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                    www.reapwairarapa.nz



REAP are pleased to be supporting the South            REAP are pleased to be supporting the Tararua
Wairarapa primary schools annual                       Kahui Ako primary schools biennial


This is a fantastic opportunity for all Year 8 South   This conference will be open to all Year 7 and 8
Wairarapa School students.                             North Wairarapa primary school students who
                                                       will experience what it is like to attend a real
The students get the opportunity to experience         conference.
what it is like to attend a real conference and are
                                                       The Moving Forward Conference will provide
encouraged to “open they eyes” to what’s ahead
                                                       North Wairarapa primary schools with the
for them educationally and socially.                   opportunity to experience career pathways and
                                                       try new and local experiences where they will
                                                       learn to appreciate the value of community
                                                       It will be a hands on conference where students
TIME: 9.30am - 2.30pm                                  will select the workshops they wish to experi-
VENUE: Kuranui College, Greytown
                                                       The students will be motivated by a keynote

                                                       DATE: TBC

                                                       TIME: 9.30am - 2.30pm

                                                       VENUE: Tararua College, Pahiatua

                                                       COST PER STUDENT: TBC Term 2

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                   www.reapwairarapa.nz

YEAR 10 TASTER DAYS                                   KAPA HAKA ACADEMY Years 9 - 13

                                                      This year, the Wairarapa Kapa Haka Academy is
                                                      open to students from Years 9 to 13.
YEAR 10 Taster Days are taking place during Term 4.
                                                      To be held over 4 days, this is a fantastic
                                                      opportunity for students to strengthen and take a
Students will have the opportunity to experience
                                                      lead in kapa haka performance.
Hands on workshops in different career pathways.
                                                      It is a regional competition year so there is the
DATES: Term 4                                         possibility of representing the Wairarapa if you are
                                                      selected following the Academy.
VENUE: UCOL Wairarapa
                                                      • to received tutoring in Weaponry, Mau Rakau,
                                                        Haka, Poi, Patu
                                                      • to learn waiata over the four days
                                                      • to build a strong confidence in performing
                                                      • to gain the ability to return to school and become
                                                        a leader in kapa haka performance

                                                      Guide to selection of students:
                                                      • Year 9-13
                                                      • Self managing
                                                      • Experience in Kapa Haka
                                                      • Leadership potential
                                                      WHEN: TBC

                                                      WHERE: Venue TBC

                                                      COST: $30 per student (please contact us if cost is
                                                      prohibitive, we may be able to find a way around

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                  www.reapwairarapa.nz
STUDENT EVENTS                                        STUDENT WORKSHOPS
    COLLEGE                                           PRIMARY/INTERMEDIATE


                                                     OPEN TO ALL WAIRARAPA SCHOOL STUDENTS

These school holiday courses are for students of     The 2019 digi awards awards is a student
school age wanting support to pass their learner     e-learning competition, open to all primary and
licence.                                             intermediate level students in the Wairarapa area.
Cost is $140 and this includes the test fee.
The AA requires Photo ID to sit your test
                                                     They will provide an opportunity for students at all
                                                     levels to share and celebrate their photography
                                                     skills and talents.
16th / 17th April
9th / 10th July
1st / 2nd October                                    ENTRY CATEGORIES
19th / 20th / 21st November                          Living and Non-Living

VENUE                                                ENTRY LEVELS
                                                     Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4, Years 5 & 6, Years 7 & 8
The Spot, 365 Queen St, Masterton
                                                     ENTRIES CLOSE TBC
REAP House, 340 Queen Street, Masterton              AWARDS EVENING Thursday 7th November

Students will need to enrol before the end of term   WHERE Masterton Intermediate School
with REAP.

We can send out enrolment forms prior to the
course and will work with you to ensure enrol-
ments are received and completed.

REAP can invoice schools if required

If you would like to speak to us about organising
one in your area please get in touch

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                   www.reapwairarapa.nz

WAIRARAPA                                               ALL SCHOOLS

ALL SCHOOLS                                             One morning, four workshops, four of New Zealand’s
                                                        best writers and illustrators.
                                                        What can your most promising students achieve in
                                                        this time?
‘Koko’ means ‘to fly’ and ‘mai’ means ‘here’.
Kokomai is the flight of the imagination and it’s       The New Zealand Book Council is coming to the
our very own world class arts festival.                 Wairarapa in Term 4, and invites you to select some of
                                                        your brightest and most deserving students from
                                                        Years 5 – 8, to take part in “Speed Date an Author,”
Returning this year, the 2019 Schools’ Programme        taking place during Kokomai week.
will see opportunities for schools to attend shows,
workshops and be involved in community events.          This event will run from 9.00am – 1.00pm, and is a
                                                        great chance for teachers to get together and also
                                                        gain inspiration for next year, while your budding
REAP are excited to be part of the Kokomai
                                                        writers learn directly from some of New Zealand’s
Creative Arts Festival and we are hoping to get the     best writers and illustrators, in an intense rotating
programme out to you by June this year.                 workshop environment.

                                                        Students will be divided into four groups and each
We are looking at;
                                                        group will rotate around the workshops, enabling
• Art Workshops for Teachers Term 2 and Term 3          them to work closely with every writer and illustrator.
• Workshops for students                                Teachers will have the chance to participate, and
                                                        network with colleagues.
• Speed Date an Author (NZ Book Council)

                                                        Please Note: Students must have adult supervision
                                                        (one adult per school group). Additional places for
DATES:                                                  students may be available on request.
Kokomai Schools’ Programme                              Your school will be invoiced directly before the
Monday 14th - Friday 18th October                       workshops take place.
(There will be lead up workshops to the festival too)

                                                        DATE:   During week commencing Monday 14th Oct

                                                        VENUE: TBC
                                                        YEAR GROUPS: Yrs 5-8

REAP WAIRARAPA                                                                        www.reapwairarapa.nz
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