Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
Public Seminar
                             Series 2020
                             Jameel Research

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
The Centre for                         Public Seminar Series 2020
    the Study of
                                           Wednesday 5th February 5pm         Wednesday 19th February 5pm
    Islam in the UK                        Dr Usaama al-Azami                 Dr Maryyum Mehmood
    The Centre for the Study of            John Percival Building, Colum      John Percival Building, Colum
    Islam in the UK was opened             Drive, Cardiff CF10 3EG            Drive, Cardiff CF10 3EG
    in September 2005 by Yusuf             Room: 5.24                         Room: 5.24
    Islam, formerly musician Cat           ‘The Arab Revolutions and          ‘Through the Target’s Lens:
    Stevens in front of 400 guests.        Western Muslims: Tracing a         Lived Realities of Antisemitism
    Islam is the second largest            Transnational Story of a Crisis    and Islamophobia’
    religion in Britain and, indeed, the   of Religious Authority’
    world. There are 46,000 Muslims                                           Maryyum
    in Wales, about half of whom live      Dr Usaama                          Mehmood
    in Cardiff itself (Census 2011).       al-Azami is a                      is a Fellow
                                           Departmental                       and Centre
                                           Lecturer in                        Facilitator at
                                           Contemporary                       The Cadbury
                                           Islamic Studies                    Centre for the
                                           at the University                  Public Understanding of Religion,
                                           of Oxford. He completed his BA     University of Birmingham. She is
                                           in Arabic and Islamic studies at   also a Research Associate at St
                                           Oxford, his seminary studies at    Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford.
    Cardiff University is now a leading    the Al-Salam Institute, and his    In 2018, Maryyum completed an
    institution for scholarly teaching     MA and PhD on modern Islamic       ESRC-funded PhD-studentship at
    about Islam and Muslims in             political thought at Princeton     the Department of War Studies,
    contemporary Britain. The Centre       University. His primary research   King’s College London. Her
    for the Study of Islam in the UK       interests lie in modern Islamic    thesis explores Antisemitism
    (Islam-UK Centre) is based within      thought, both in Muslim-           and Islamophobia, by focusing
    the School of History, Archaeology     majority lands and the West.       on responses to religious
    and Religion, which has a wealth       His first book, Islam and the      stigmatization against Muslims in
    of teaching expertise and a lively     Arab Revolutions: Democracy,       contemporary England and Jews
    programme of research activity.        Autocracy and the Ulama in         in Weimar Germany, respectively.
    Within the school’s degree             Modernity, is out in 2020.
    programmes there are a range                                              Email address:
    of possibilities for studying Islam    Email address:           
    and classical Arabic.            Chair: Laura Jones
    The Centre has a strong and            Chair: Hamzah Zahid
                                                                              CLICK HERE TO BOOK
    positive relationship with the         CLICK HERE TO BOOK
    local Muslim communities.
    Local Muslims form part of the
    Centre’s advisory committee,
    and we are proud of this
    partnership. We envisage the
    Centre as an accessible, vibrant,
    and inclusive hub of learning
    about Islam in Cardiff, South
    Wales and the UK for Muslims
    and non-Muslims alike.
Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
Wednesday 4th March 5pm             Wednesday 18th March 5pm             Wednesday 22nd April 6.15pm
Prof. Mathew Guest                  Prof. Masooda Bano                   Jason Mohammad
John Percival Building, Colum       John Percival Building, Colum        Glamorgan Building, King
Drive, Cardiff CF10 3EG             Drive, Cardiff CF10 3EG              Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff,
Room: 5.24                          Room: 5.24                           Committee Rooms 1 & 2
‘Anxiety and Stigma in the          ‘Making Islam Relevant: The          ‘From Cardiff to the
Lives of Muslim Students:           Role of New Islamic Scholarly        World Cup Final.’
How the “Radicalisation”            Networks in the West’
Narrative Shapes Higher                                                  Jason
Education in Britain’               Professor                            Mohammad
                                    Masooda Bano                         was born
Professor                           is Professor of                      and raised
Mathew Guest                        Development                          in a Muslim
is Professor                        Studies at                           household
in the                              the Oxford                           in Cardiff.
Sociology of                        Department of International          Growing up, he attended Glyn
Religion in the                     Development, University of           Derw High School and later
Department                          Oxford. Professor Bano carries       moved to study Politics and
of Theology and Religion at         out comparative fieldwork across     Welsh at Swansea University. He
Durham University, where            Muslim societies and builds          then attended Cardiff University
he has taught since 2004.           large-scale studies combining        for a postgraduate diploma in
His research focuses on how         ethnographic and survey data. She    broadcast journalism
universities influence the status   is currently directing a five-year   Jason is a well-known BBC
and expression of religious         major research project: Changing     Television and Radio presenter
identities, including the impact    Structures of Islamic Authority      who currently hosts Final Score
of the university experience        and Consequences for Social          on BBC One as well as shows on
on Christian and Muslim             Change – A Transnational Review.     BBC Radio 2 and BBC Wales.
students, and the changing          She is the author of Female
role of university chaplains. He    Islamic Education Movements:         This seminar is given in
is the co-author of Christianity    The Re-democratisation of            partnership with the Learned
and the University Experience:      Islamic Knowledge (2017) and         Society of Wales.
Understanding Student Faith         The Rational Believer: Choices       Chair: Prof. Justin Lewis
(2013) and of Islam on Campus:      and Decisions in the Madrasas
                                                                         CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Contested Identities and the        of Pakistan (2012) and she has
Cultures of Higher Education in     edited Modern Islamic Authority
Britain (2020).                     and Social Change, Vols. 1 & 2
                                    (2018); and co-edited Shaping
Email address:
                                    Global Islamic Discourses: The
                                    Role of al-Azhar, al-Medina, and
Chair: Rev. David Sheen             al-Mustafa (2015); and Women,
CLICK HERE TO BOOK                  Leadership and Mosques:
                                    Changes in Contemporary Islamic
                                    Authority (2012).
                                    Email address:
                                                                          Dr Mansur Ali addressing the
                                    Chair: Dr Riyaz Timol                 audience at the Muslim Council
                                                                          of Wales 20 years of devolution
                                    CLICK HERE TO BOOK                    dinner.

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
Islam-UK Centre Doctoral Students
                                        during online research of Sufi      mainstream media, with news
                                        expression on social media.         coverage and specific radio and
                                        Alongside my studies, I serve       TV programmes broadcast during
                                        as an executive committee           the month; in the commercial
                                        member of the Muslims in Britain    sector, with supermarkets
                                        Research Network (MBRN).            offering Ramadan promotions;
                                        We hold annual conferences          and in politics, with politicians
                                        and bring together academics,       delivering Ramadan greetings.
                                        students, professionals,            Despite this, academic literature
                                        researchers, journalists and        on Ramadan in the UK is sparse,
                                        practitioners to encourage and      thus the reason for this study.
    Ayesha Khan
                                        promote the study of Muslims        I will explore the significance
    PhD topic:                          and Islam in Britain.
    Exploring contemporary Sufism                                           and experience of Ramadan
    amongst young British Muslims.      Email address:                      for British Muslims primarily by
                                             analysing Ramadan diaries of
    Generously funded by the                                                research participants. I also
    Jameel Scholarship Programme.                                           hope to undertake ethnographic
    Project summary:                                                        observation of Ramadan
    The interaction between                                                 events and activities to capture
    transnational Sufism and the                                            communal aspects of the month.
    sociological environment in                                             The study aims to shed light not
    Britain has led to new forms                                            only on how Muslims observe
    of Sufi expression. Through a                                           and practice the month, but how
    qualitative approach, my study                                          the month is ‘observed’ by wider
    seeks to explore contemporary                                           society through, for example,
    forms of Sufi expression                                                the media and initiatives where
    amongst young British Muslims.                                          Muslims reach out to non-
                                        Laura Jones                         Muslims during Ramadan.
    This will contribute towards
    understanding the diversity         PhD topic:                          Email address:
    of religious practice and what      Observing Ramadan         
    young Muslims interpret as          in Britain.
    Sufism. Through my study I ask:     Generously funded by the
    What are the currents forms of      Jameel Scholarship Programme.
    Sufi practice amongst young
                                        Project summary:
    British Muslims? What is the
                                        My research aims to explore
    role of social media in
                                        British Muslim experiences of
    contemporary religious
                                        fasting and observing the holy
    expression? What does this new      month of Ramadan.
    Sufi phenomenon tell us about
    Islam in contemporary Britain?      Fasting in Ramadan is one of
                                        the five pillars of Islam and
    Now in the final year of my         something that is maintained
    doctoral study, I am writing up     by a diverse range of Muslims,      Laiqah Osman
    my findings whilst simultaneously   even those who may be               PhD topic:
    analysing the data I collected      considered ‘less practising’ in     Muslim Women in Britain and
    via participant observation in      other respects. It is an occasion   the authority of online Islamic
    Sufi-affiliated organisations and   which has gained attention in the   content.

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
Generously funded by the                                                     as well as my own background
Jameel Scholarship Programme.                                                as the daughter of a convert
                                                                             mother. Through my research
Project summary:
                                                                             I am hoping to contribute to a
Muslim women in Britain use,
                                                                             better understanding of the
interact and engage with different
                                                                             varying identities and unique
sources of Islamic authority.
                                                                             experiences of the current
Since the advent of Islam on the
                                                                             generation of Muslims in Britain
internet, media sources have
                                                                             and ultimately the heterogeneity
become increasingly popular in
                                                                             of Muslim communities.
facilitating this interaction. This
can include, fatwa websites,           Fatou Sambe                           I am currently in the second year
Islamic scholars’ profiles on          PhD topic:                            of my PhD, during which I will be
social media, Islamic Q&A TV           Converts to Islam and the next        conducting my fieldwork.
shows and the automation of            generation of British Muslims.
                                                                             Email address:
Islamic legal literature. This         Generously funded by the    
research suggests that this            Jameel Scholarship Programme.
development has significantly
transformed women’s role and           Project summary:
subsequently, the function of          My research project explores
authority in this engagement.          the post-conversion experiences
                                       of converts in Britain and
By studying women’s use                the particular intersection of
of the internet for religious          converts having children as well
knowledge, we will have a greater      as the experiences of (adult)
understanding of the impact that       children of converts. I further
these sources have on their lived      investigate the unexplored area
religious experiences. It will also    of convert support groups and
be able to explore the role of         their role in the lives of converts
individual agency in their religious   and convert children.
exploration, shifting the narrative
beyond the traditional male            I aim to explore what it means
guardians of knowledge.                to become a Muslim and raise
                                       (Muslim) children. How do
This study will use a combination      converts navigate their new
of traditional social science          lives, community spaces and
methods (semi-structured               raising children, and how do
interviews) and internet               children of converts navigate
research (online ethnography)          their mixed background and
to understand how, and in what         extended Muslim and non –
context, Muslim women use              Muslim families? I also consider
these sources to guide and             how historical, socio-political
direct their religious practice.       factors and contexts in Britain
At present, Laiqah is preparing        shape their experiences.
to commence fieldwork in the           My interest in this topic was          Prof. Sophie Gilliat-Ray’s
year 2020.                             developed during previous              keynote lecture at the Sigmund
Email address:                         research with Scottish and             Freud University in Vienna in
                                                                              November 2019, as recorded                  German convert women for my            by a graphic artist.
                                       undergraduate dissertation

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
MA in Islam in
    Contemporary Britain
    Scholarship on Islam and            that shape contemporary             volunteering projects during
    Muslims in Britain is now an        Muslim communities.                 their studies.
    established and rapidly growing     We look at how Muslims have         Full scholarships through our
    field. There is an urgent need to   engaged with local and national     Jameel programme are available.
    continue to develop new scholars    government in relation to matters   Follow our communications
    from a range of backgrounds         such as education, social policy,   channels, such as our website,
    and experiences who can             and chaplaincy, as well as the      for application information in the
    critically evaluate emerging        growth of Muslim community          new year.
    debates and appreciate the rich     infrastructures such as mosques
    diversity within British Muslim                                         For more information,
                                        and charities. During the course    please contact:
    communities.                        of the MA, students receive a       Postgraduate Administrator:
    This interdisciplinary              thorough grounding in social
    programme, drawing upon the         science research methods            Email:
    fields of history, sociology, and   and theories and acquire a
    religious studies, examines the     set of transferable skills that     Tel: +44 (0)29 2987 0903
    history and settlement of Muslims   will equip them for a range of
    in Britain and the dynamics         careers. Students can undertake

    Jameel Scholars 2019-20
    Masters Students
                                        Through these programs I was
                                        introduced to some of the key
                                        debates in the field of British
                                        Muslim studies; however, this
                                                                            Sami Bryant
                                        was often through a securitised
                                                                            I am grateful for the Islam UK
                                        lens. This is in stark contrast
                                                                            Centre’s valuable events –
                                        to the depth and breadth of
                                                                            including the Public Seminar
                                        the research carried out at the
                                                                            Series – that I was able to
                                        centre, which reflects a more
    Samuel Bartlett                                                         attend as an undergraduate
                                        nuanced understanding of
    Having been aware of the Islam-                                         here at Cardiff (BA History) and
                                        Britain’s Muslim communities.
    UK centre’s activities for some                                         before. A lecture the Centre
                                        I hope I can contribute to the
    time now, I was thrilled to have                                        hosted in 2013 by Fazlun Khalid
                                        Centre’s work through my MA
    been accepted onto the MA                                               (Founder of IFEES/EcoIslam)
                                        dissertation, which will analyse
    programme. Previously I studied                                         introduced me to Islamic
                                        the experiences of Muslim
    a BA in War Studies at King’s                                           Environmentalism, an important
                                        teachers engaged in teaching
    College London and an MA in                                             part of my life personally,
                                        the Islamic tradition to primary
    Middle Eastern Studies at                                               spiritually, and now – thanks
                                        school children.
    Lund University.                                                        to the opportunity provided

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
by the Jameel scholarship
– intellectually. I value the
                                       Centre                              Development Officer
                                                                           Mark Bryant
Centre’s commitment to local
communities and appreciate
                                                                           Tel: +44 (0)7738 932376
                                                                           Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 0121
its academic record and
                                       Islam-UK Centre,
reputation. I hope the MA’s            School of History, Archaeology
focus on interdisciplinarity and       and Religion, John Percival
social science methodologies           Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff,
will help me to produce                CF10 3EU, UK
research useful for both               Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 0121
scholars and activists.                Email:

                                       Director                            Mark Bryant provides essential
                                       Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray        administrative and technical
                                       support for the Centre. This
                                       Tel: +44 (0)29 2251 0830            includes managing the database
                                                                           and website and promoting the
                                                                           Centre’s work via social media.
                                                                           He is a member of the Centre’s
Hamzah Zahid                                                               Advisory Board and is working on
I studied Economics at SOAS,                                               the various projects within the
University of London, writing                                              Jameel Research Programme.
on Islamic Finance and                                                     Mark completed the MA ‘Islam
researching Umar bin Abdul                                                 in Britain’ in 2009, and he
Aziz’s implementation of Zakat                                             was employed as a research
                                       Professor Gilliat-Ray is the        assistant for the ‘Islamic
at the prominent think-tank,
                                       founding Director of the Centre.    Gardens’ project funded by
Institute of Economic Affairs.
                                       She is currently the Chair of the   Botanic Gardens Conservation
After graduating, I joined the
                                       BSA Sociology of Religion Study     International (BGCI) in 2010.
Civil Service Fast Stream as an
economist working in different         Group and is a member of the
                                                                           Lecturer in Islamic Studies
policy areas. I supported              2021 REF assessment panel for
                                                                           Maulana Dr Mansur Ali
fellow Muslims in the Civil            Theology and Religious Studies.
                                       She has authored numerous
Service through events around                                              Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 6297
                                       books and peer-review journal
Ramadan, Hajj and Eid, which
                                       articles about Islam and Muslims
featured ministers and senior
                                       in Britain, and she was Chair of
civil servants, and engaged with       the Muslims in Britain Research
departmental HR policy. My             Network between 2014-2017.
participation in the Young Muslim      Over the course of her career,
Leadership Programme at the            she has been associated with
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies      successful research grants
and interfaith training at Lambeth     worth over £4.8m. In 2019, she
                                                                           Dr Mansur Ali studied classical
Palace solidified my interest          was elected as a Fellow of the
                                                                           Islamic studies and Arabic
in activism and leadership. As         Learned Society of Wales. Prof.
                                                                           at Darul Uloom Bury, UK and
a result, I am taking a career         Gilliat-Ray was appointed an
                                                                           Al-Azhar University Cairo,
break to study this Master’s. My       OBE in the New Year Honours list
                                                                           Egypt. He then completed his
research interests are in Zakat,       in 2020.
                                                                           postgraduate studies in Middle
construction of religious authority,                                       Eastern Studies (Hadith studies)
‘itikaf, and psychospiritual                                               at the University of Manchester
explanations of genocide.                                                  researching for a PhD

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
Centre Contacts
    dissertation on the ‘Importance       journalist in Ottawa, Canada.             Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 5634
    of the Isnad in Al-Tirmidhi’s         Dr Munnik is Publications and                                    Abdul-Azim
    Sunan’. He is interested in           Communications Officer for                                       Ahmed is
    Hadith studies as well as             the Sociology of Religion Study                                  currently
    applied Islamic theology and          Group of the British Sociological                                involved in
    bioethics. He has authored a          Association, and he brought that                                 researching
    number of books and academic          group’s annual conference to                                     British
    journal articles on the subject       Cardiff in the summer of 2019.            mosques and Muslim
    of Hadith, chaplaincy, drug                                                     congregation, and the role of
    addiction and Islamic theology,       Research Associate
                                                                                    religion in civil society. His recent
    and practical theology. Currently     Dr Matthew Vince
                                                                                    publications include works on the
    he is working on a research 
                                                                                    conceptualisation of mosques,
    project entitled ‘Our bodies          Tel: +44 (0)2920688788
                                                                                    and the denominational diversity
    belong to God: The human                                    Dr Matthew          amongst Muslims in the UK.
    transplantation act (Wales)                                 Vince was
    2013 and Cardiff Muslims’                                   awarded his         Research Associate
    response to it’. In addition to his                         PhD at the          Dr Riyaz Timol
    post at the university, he is also                          Islam-UK  
    a khatib at Darul Isra Mosque,                              Centre in           Tel: +44 (0) 29 2087 4884
    Cardiff, UK. In 2015, he was the                            November
                                                                                                       Dr Riyaz Timol’s
    recipient of the British Imams        2018. His doctoral thesis
                                                                                                       PhD on the
    and Scholars Award (BISCA).           explored the experiences and
                                                                                                       British branch of
                                          identities of Muslims working
                                                                                                       the transnational
    Lecturer in Social Science            as Religious Education (RE)
    Research Methods                      teachers in secondary state
    Dr Michael Munnik                     schools across the UK, uncovering
                                                                                                       Tablighi Jama’at                 ways that Muslim professionals
                                                                                    was shortlisted for the 2018 BRAIS
    Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 5646              are engaging their faith within
                                                                                    – De Gruyter Prize in the Study
                           Dr Michael     ‘secular’ working environments.
                                                                                    of Islam and the Muslim World.
                           Munnik         His research interests surround
                                                                                    He is the Principal Investigator of
                           teaches        aspects of Muslims and
                                                                                    a major three-year project called
                           social         education, particularly RE, and
                                                                                    ‘Understanding British Imams’
                           theory and     the study of Islam and Muslims
                                                                                    and teaches the MA module
                           qualitative    from sociological perspectives,
                                                                                    ‘History and Development of
                           research       notably that of ‘lived religion’. He is
                                                                                    Muslim Communities in Britain’.
                                          currently leading a research and
    methods to postgraduate                                                         His disciplinary approach is within
                                          curriculum development project,
    students at the Centre. He                                                      the sociology of religion and
                                          titled ‘MOOC2RE’, that aims to
    also teaches on religion and                                                    his research interests include
                                          support RE practitioners to teach
    the news and digital religion                                                   ethnographic methodology,
                                          about Muslims in Britain from the
    with undergraduates at Cardiff                                                  intergenerational transmission of
                                          perspective of their everyday lives.
    University. His expertise was                                                   Islam in Britain and the relationship
                                          In 2019, Matt joined TRS-UK as
    developed during his doctoral                                                   of Islam with modernity.
                                          a Schools Liaison Officer, working
    research at the University of
                                          to build relationships between
    Edinburgh, supported by the                                                     Research Associate
                                          Theology and Religious Studies
    Alwaleed Centre for the Study of                                                Maulana Dr Haroon Sidat
                                          departments and their local schools.
    Islam in the Contemporary World,                                      
    and his interest in news media                                                  Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 5650
                                          Research Associate
    and journalistic practice comes                                                 Dr Haroon Sidat completed his
                                          Dr Abdul-Azim Ahmed
    from his prior professional                                                     traditional Islamic Studies at a
    experience as a broadcast
Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
Dar al Uloom,        research conducted in an area of      completed his PhD thesis
                   or seminary,         long-standing Muslim settlement       Sectarian Influences within Islam
                   in Blackburn.        in Greater Manchester. Instead,       in Britain which was published
                   He has a             poor employment opportunities (for    as a Community Religions
                   background           Muslim men and women) and the         Monograph. He has researched
                   in Economics,        receipt of state welfare payments     Islam in Britain since that time,
                   Accounting           emerged as more significant           publishing several books that
and Finance, and a PGCE in              explanations for high levels of       explore British manifestations of
Education. He completed his PhD         economic inactivity.                  Sufism. He is an early member of
in 2019 looking at the formation        In 2019, I have worked as a           the Muslims in Britain Research
and training of imams and British       freelance research consultant         Network and chaired the body
Muslim religious leadership             on policy-based projects; this        from 2006 to 2009, and he
(ulama). He is interested in            includes work with CASCADE            remains a lifetime member of the
Islamic law and theology. He is         Research Centre at Cardiff            committee. He is an early friend
also interested in the sociology        University, and Policy Intelligence   of the Islam-UK Centre, acting
of religious professionals,             UK. I teach on an undergraduate       as its first external examiner for
tradition, authority and religious      Sociology module, ‘Making             the MA programme (2005-8).
embodiment. Currently, he               Sense of Society’, at Manchester      His work remains focused on the
is working on a unique and              Metropolitan University.              application of religious knowledge
ground-breaking project called                                                to real life affairs and he is a
                                        Through my honorary research
‘Understanding British Imams’                                                 passionate believer in advocacy.
                                        fellowship at the UK-Islam Centre,
which is a three-year study that                                              Consequently, he has been
                                        I continue to work on publications
provides detailed research on                                                 involved in a number of projects
                                        from my thesis. I remain in close
the roles imams play in modern                                                bridging academia to government,
                                        touch with colleagues from the
Britain. He also serves as an                                                 law, architects, education and
                                        Centre, this includes developing
imam and khatib.                                                              media. His work on the theory
                                        new research proposals. I was
                                        really pleased to graduate with       and method in the study of
Honorary Research Fellow                                                      religion, The Study of Religion,
                                        Matt this summer, and to cheer
Asma Khan                                                                     went to second edition in 2014,
                                        Haroon on to viva success too!                                                        and he remains committed to
                    I successfully      Honorary Visiting Professor           advancing the subject discipline
                    defended my         Professor Ron Geaves                  through promoting the study of
                    PhD thesis                 lived religions. However, in 2010
                    in December                                               he turned his attention to history,
                                                           Professor Ron      publishing the ground-breaking
                    2018. My
                                                           Geaves has         Islam in Victorian Britain: The Life
                    project was
                                                           held a Chair       and Times of Abdullah Quilliam
                                                           in Religious       followed by Islam and Britain:
‘Beliefs, Choices and Constraints:
                                                           Studies at         Muslim Mission in an Age of
Understanding and Explaining
                                                           the University     Empire and Victorian Muslim:
the Economic Inactivity of British
Muslim Women’.                                             of Chester         Abdullah Quilliam and Islam
                                        (2001-2007) and a Chair in the        in the West with Jamie Gilham,
I found that high levels of religious   Comparative Study of Religion at      both published in 2017.
practice do not have a significant      Liverpool Hope University (2007-
association with the economic           2013). He joined the Community        He has delivered papers at
inactivity of British Muslim women.     Religions Project at the University   over one hundred conferences,
Evidence for this conclusion was        of Leeds in 1988 where he began       including invitations to Russia,
found in statistical analysis of a      to work on the transmigration         USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden,
national dataset (EMBES 2010)           of South Asian religions to           Finland, Germany, Switzerland,
and confirmed in qualitative            Britain, especially Islam. He         Mauritius and India.

Public Seminar Series 2020 Doctoral Students Jameel Research Programme 2019-2020 - Cardiff University
Jameel Research Programme
     MOOC 2 RE                                                   terrorism measures become increasingly conflated
     The MOOC2RE project aims to support Religious               with integration issues, have foregrounded the
     Education (RE) in schools through the development           imam as a figure that may guide his flock in either
     of a fully resourced Key Stage 3 scheme of work             constructive or destructive ways. Yet, somewhat
     investigating Muslims in Britain. Based on the              paradoxically, the British imam has only rarely been
     Islam-UK Centre’s hugely successful Muslims in              the subject of in-depth ethnographic research.
     Britain Massive Open Online Course (MOOC),                  This exciting 3-year project aims to fill this gap by
     we aim to embed sociological perspectives on                conducting the most detailed and rigorous study
     religion in the RE classroom by using cutting-edge          ever undertaken of British imams thus making a
     sociological research and academic scholarship              substantial contribution to debates about Muslim
     in teaching resources to draw attention to the              religious leadership in the West.
     lived experiences of Muslims living across Britain.
     These resources feature interviews, photographs             Improving Understanding of Mental Health
     and accounts from Muslims on Islam, their                   in British Muslim Communities
     identities as Muslims, and contemporary issues,              Mental health issues affect British Muslims more
     and will be freely available to download and edit.          than any other faith community. There is evidence
     Alongside the resources, we want to help RE                 that mainstream health care practitioners and
     teachers by designing an accompanying accessible            service providers lack an adequate understanding
     Professional Learning course. The project                   of cultural sensitivities surrounding mental health
     began in February 2019. If you are interested in            in British Muslim communities, which can lead
     hearing more about this project, please contact             to inappropriate or ineffective interventions.
     Dr Matthew Vince:                     Consequently, there is a pressing need to provide
                                                                 accessible training for professionals involved in
     Understanding British Imams                                 the pastoral care of British Muslims (chaplains,
     Imams are the largest group of Muslim religious             health care workers, psychiatrists, counsellors,
     professionals in Britain, who work principally within       social workers etc.) in an accessible format. This
     mosques leading prayers, delivering sermons                 project involves the development of a short, freely
     and providing guidance to their congregations.              accessible online course examining issues of
     However, there is growing evidence to suggest               mental health among British Muslims. It will build
     that this role is being expanded to encompass               upon our successful collaboration with MIND (the
     pastoral care, chaplaincy, charity work or wider            UKs largest mental health charity) in April 2018,
     community projects such as inter-faith activity or          and our relationship with Consultant Psychiatrist,
     civic events. Further, the pressures of a post-9/11         Dr Asim Yusuf, who is also a classically trained
     and 7/7 socio-political climate, in which counter-          British Islamic scholar.

      Dr Haroon Sidat attending a meeting with The British        Dr Michael Munnik providing training on reporting Islam
      Board of Scholars & Imams (BBSI) in London where they       for the National Union of Journalists – London Branch.
      introduced their vision, aims and objectives. There were    This event was led by the Religion Media Centre. Photo
      people from all across the UK present.                      courtesy of Hazel Dunlop.

The Learned Society of Wales
The Learned Society of Wales is the national           Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru yw academi
academy for arts and sciences.                         genedlaethol Cymru ar gyfer y celfyddydau
                                                       a’r gwyddorau
Our Fellowship brings together experts from across
all academic fields and beyond. We use this            Daw ein Cymrodoriaeth ag arbenigwyr at ei gilydd
collective knowledge to promote research, inspire      o bob maes academaidd a thu hwnt. Defnyddiwn
learning, and provide independent policy advice.       yr wybodaeth gyfunol hon i hyrwyddo ymchwil,
                                                       ysbrydoli dysg a darparu cyngor polisi annibynnol.
To learn more about our work see:                                  Darllenwch fwy am ein gwaith:
The Learned Society of Wales is our partner host for
the public seminar on 22 April 2020.

Members of the Islam-UK Centre
Management Board
Professor James Hegarty Chair        Dr Richard Gale                     Saleem Kidwai OBE
of the Management Board and          Lecturer in Human Geography         Secretary General of the Muslim
Head of the School of History,       School of Geography and             Council of Wales
Archaeology and Religion             Planning, Cardiff University        Dr Michael Munnik
Ali Abdi                             Prof Sophie Gilliat-Ray             Lecturer in Social Science
Partnerships and Facilities          Director                            Research Methods and Theories
Manager, Community Gateway,          Dr Meraj Hasan                      Nathan Roberts
Cardiff University.                  Association of Muslim               Head of Education Support,
Dr Abdul-Azim Ahmed                  Professionals, Cardiff              Student Experience and
Research Associate                   Eleanor Hewett                      Education Support, Cardiff
Dr Mansur Ali                        Senior Development Manager,         University
Lecturer in Islamic Studies          Development and Alumni              Dr Riyaz Timol
Mark Bryant                          Relations, Cardiff University       Research Associate
Development Officer                  Gillian James                       Dr David Wyatt
Laura Davies                         Head of Ethnic Minority and         Community Engagement,
Head of Communications,              Traveller Achievement Service,      School of History, Archaeology
College of Arts, Humanities          Cardiff Council                     and Religion
and Social Sciences, Cardiff         Samina Khan                         Hamzah Zahid
University                           Community Liaison and               MA Student, Cardiff University
Jennifer Dunne / Ruth Coombs         Development Manager,                as the student representative
Project, Stakeholder and             Cardiff and Vale College
Intelligence Manager, Equality
and Human Rights Commission
for Wales

All seminars will be
held at 5pm in the
John Percival Building,        Diary of Public Seminars 2020
Colum Drive, Cardiff,
CF10 3EU, Room: 5.24,          Wednesday 5th February 5pm
except the seminar on          Dr Usaama al-Azami
Wednesday 22nd April           ‘The Arab Revolutions and Western Muslims: Tracing a Transnational
(Jason Mohammad)               Story of a Crisis of Religious Authority’
which will be held in
                               Chair: Hamzah Zahid
Committee Rooms
1&2 of the Glamorgan           Book online now:
Building at 6pm.               Wednesday 19th February 5pm
Please note that               Dr Maryyum Mehmood
photographs and a
video will be taken of the     ‘Through the Target’s Lens: Lived Realities of Antisemitism
lectures. Cardiff University   and Islamophobia’
will assume the consent        Chair: Laura Jones
of all those in attendance
                               Book online now:
and those that appear in
the media footage taken.       Wednesday 4th March 5pm
Photographs and videos
are taken with the view to     Prof. Mathew Guest
use in University and link     ‘Anxiety and Stigma in the Lives of Muslim Students: How the
organisations’ websites,       “Radicalisation” Narrative Shapes Higher Education in Britain’
marketing materials and
                               Chair: : Rev. David Sheen
related media coverage.
If you DO NOT agree to         Book online now:
this, please inform a staff
member on the evening.         Wednesday 18th March 5pm
If you do wish to withdraw     Prof. Masooda Bano
permission at a later
date you must inform
                               ‘Making Islam Relevant: The Role of New Islamic
Mark Bryant in writing         Scholarly Networks in the West’
(      Chair: Dr Riyaz Timol
                               Book online now:

                               Wednesday 22nd April 6.15pm reception, 7pm seminar
                               Jason Mohammad
                               ‘From Cardiff To The World Cup Final.’
Front Cover:                   Chair: Prof. Justin Lewis
Ceiling of The Arab Room,      Book online now:
Cardiff Castle designed
by William Burges in
the 1880’s. Photo by           #IUKCSem20
permission of Cardiff
County Council.                    @IslamUKCentre		           
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