2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University

2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University

2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
Guaranteed Exchange
Griffith has negotiated exchange places with various partners,
so that all Griffith applicants are guaranteed an exchange place,
subject to meeting both university’s entry requirements. This does
not guarantee course approvals as some study areas are restricted.
Griffith has Guaranteed Exchange agreements with 15 partner
universities for 2020.

 Hong Kong Polytechnic
 University....................................... 1

 University of Manitoba................ 2
 Western University....................... 3
 University of Waterloo................. 4

 Volda University College.............. 5
 ZHAW School of
 Management & Law..................... 6
 University of Oslo......................... 7
 University of Gothenburg............ 8
 Copenhagen Business School ..... 9
 The University of Natural
 Resources and Life Sciences

 United Kingdom
 University of Liverpool..............11
 University of Plymouth..............12

 United States
 University of Montana...............13
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong is the city where East meets West. It is the gateway to                                                                                                 1

China, close to other Southeast Asian countries, and one of the

                                                                                                                                                              Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020
safest urban cities in the world.

About                                                 Academics                                                          Semester dates
Hong Kong Polytechnic (PolyU) was established         The minimum study at PolyU is 9 to 18                              Semester 1: September - December
in 1937 as the Government Trade School and            credits, most courses are 3 credits each, which                    Semester 2: January - May
assumed full university status in 1994. The           is generally equivalent to 10CP at Griffith
student population at PolyU is the largest among      University. English is the language of instruction
all publicly funded universities in Hong Kong.        (except language specific programs) and courses
                                                      are offered via six faculties and two schools:
For more information visit the Hong Kong
Polytechnic University website.                       ··   Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
                                                      ··   Faculty of Business
Location                                                   Faculty of Construction and Environment
                                                      ··   Faculty of Engineering
PolyU is located close to the city centre, putting
                                                      ··   Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
you in the perfect position to experience
everything Hong Kong has to offer, while enjoying     ··   Faculty of Humanities
a vibrant and active student life. From inspiring     ··   School of Design
talks by distinguished speakers, to hikes in the      ··   School of Hotel and Tourism Management.
Hong Kong hills, cultural excursions, workshops
                                                                                                                            ‘Hong Kong was an obvious
and exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife, there’s   Past approved courses                                                choice for me - a true melting
always something to see and do.
                                                      Past Griffith students who have studied at PolyU                       pot of cultures and people.
                                                      have had the following courses approved:
Accommodation                                                                                                                As soon as I arrived there I
                                                      ·· 2005IBA, 2023IBA                                                  was swept up in the thrill of it
Exchange students are guaranteed                      ·· 2005EHR, 2009EHR, 3011EHR
accommodation at the PolyU Student Halls                                                                                   all. The neon lights, delicious
                                                      ·· 2204THS, 2208THS, 2216THS, 3018THS,
of Residence. There are nine Student Halls of            3214THS
                                                                                                                           food, beautiful hikes - it was
Residence to choose from and each provide
                                                      ·· 1704QCA, 3527QCA, 3579QCA, 3580QCA,
                                                                                                                                  truly incredible.’
abundant opportunities for interaction with
                                                         3598QCA, 4520QCA.
students of diverse backgrounds, offering a                                                                                               Kiana
                                                      *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
perfect ground for enhancing your social and          approved by the relevant approver.
communication skills. All halls offer twin-sharing
rooms, there are no single rooms available.
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
University of Manitoba, Canada
              2                                      Founded in 1877, the University of Manitoba is western Canada’s
                                                     oldest university. Due to its central geographic position, it’s an ideal
Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

                                                     location to explore Canada.

                                                     About                                                   Academics                                                          Accommodation
                                                     The University of Manitoba provides the largest         A full-time study load is 12 credits, generally                    The University of Manitoba has several
                                                     selection of academic offerings (including              3 credits equates to 10CP at Griffith University.                  accommodation options, including on-campus
                                                     professional and graduate programs) of any              Study areas available at the University of                         residences as well as homestay. Each residence has
                                                     university in the province of Manitoba. The             Manitoba include:                                                  its own unique atmosphere based on the interests
                                                     University of Manitoba is also home to a wide           ··   Agricultural and Food Sciences                                of the students who live there. Accommodation
                                                     range of research centres and institutes, as                                                                               on-campus ranges from private rooms with meal
                                                                                                             ··   Fine Arts
                                                     well as Smartpark Research and Technology                                                                                  plans to a shared suite with private rooms without
                                                     Park, a community of innovators that forges             ··   Humanities & Languages                                        meal plans and will generally cost CAD$1,600 to
                                                     collaborations between university and industry.         ··   Environment, Earth and Resources                              CAD$3,600 per term.
                                                                                                             ··   Kinesiology and Recreation Management
                                                     For more information visit the University of                                                                               Students who choose the homestay option
                                                                                                             ··   Law
                                                     Manitoba website.                                                                                                          can live in a Canadian home and experience
                                                                                                             ··   Science                                                       local culture, costing approximately CAD$750
                                                                                                             ··   Social Work.                                                  per month.
                                                     Location                                                Study areas with limited availability include
                                                     Located at the geographical centre of North             Engineering, Business, Education and Fine Arts.
                                                     America, Winnipeg is one of the most affordable         Restricted study areas include Architecture,
                                                     cities in Canada and is full of opportunities. As the   Health Sciences and Music.
                                                     2010 Culture Capital of Canada, Winnipeg is a
                                                     city where people can experience a wide array of
                                                     world-class arts and culture on every corner. It is     Past approved courses
                                                     an ethnically and linguistically diverse community,     Past Griffith students who have studied at the
                                                     home to many artists, writers, and musicians. The       University of Manitoba have had the following
                                                     city has countless cultural venues and events to        courses approved*:
                                                     enjoy throughout the year, including live music,
                                                                                                             ·· LAW electives
                                                     theatre, art galleries, sports events, museums,
                                                     and festivals.                                          ·· 3403QCA, 3821QCA, QCA Electives
                                                                                                             ·· 3004ENG, 3103ENG, 3113ENG, 6106ENG,
                                                     Winnipeg is also located near beautiful lakes and          ENG Electives
                                                     beaches, which can be enjoyed in the summer             ·· 2150IBA, 3145IBA, 2002EHR, 3001EHR,
                                                     months. The city’s temperatures range from 30              2042MKT, 3210AFE, 3305AFE.
                                                     degrees in the summer (June to August) to -30           *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
                                                     degrees in the winter (November to March). If           approved by the relevant approver.
                                                     you arrive in Winnipeg during winter, wear the
                                                     warmest clothing you own and buy appropriate
                                                     winter clothing there.
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
Western University, Canada
Study at one of Canada’s oldest and most beautiful universities.                                                                                                               3

Western University is recognised as the #1 university for student

                                                                                                                                                                           Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020
experience in Canada.

About                                               Accommodation                                       Past approved courses
Western University has approximately 38,000         Western offers traditional dormitory-style          Past Griffith students who have studied at
students, a mix of traditional ivy-covered          residences and apartment-style suites. Students     Western University have had the following
buildings and modern architecture. Western          who stay for one academic year will receive         courses approved*:
offers a beautiful environment in which to study.   a guaranteed offer of residence; however            ·· CCJ Electives, 7036CCJ, 7037CCJ, 7044CCJ.
                                                    students only staying for one term may receive
For more information visit the Western                                                                  ·· 1003PSY, 2004PSY, 2006PSY, 2008PSY,
                                                    a guaranteed offer of residence or be waitlisted,
University website.                                                                                        2015PSY, 3005PSY, 3006PSY, 3009PSY.
                                                    depending on availability. Accommodation costs
                                                    vary from CAD$6,810 to CAD$9,520 for one            ·· 3701GFS, 3709GFS, GFS Electives.
Location                                            academic year or pro rata for one term (i.e. half   ·· 1021LHS, 1503LHS, 2036LHS, 2101LHS,
                                                    the price).                                            2141LHS, 2404LHS, 3005LHS, 3021LHS,
Western University is located in London, Ontario,                                                          3109LHS.
just 200 km west of Toronto. It has a population
                                                                                                        ·· 2005EHR, 3010EHR, 2006GIR, 2128IBA,
of approximately 383,000 and all the amenities      Academics                                              1303AFE.
and diversity of a big city, while preserving a
                                                    A full-time study load at Western is generally 4    ·· 2807ICT, 2808ICT, 2809ICT, 3410ICT,
small-town feel. Known as the ‘Forest City’ for
                                                    to 5 0.5 (half) courses, half credits are usually      3808ICT.
its many parks and green areas, London has an
                                                    equivalent to 10CP at Griffith.                     ·· 4013LAW, LAW Electives.
extensive trail system through the city along the
Thames River. London is also close to some of the   Western offers courses across a range of            *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
                                                                                                        approved by the relevant approver.
world’s best freshwater beaches on Lake Huron       faculties including: Arts, Humanities & Social
and Lake Erie.                                      Science, Engineering, Health Sciences & Science,
                                                    Information & Media Studies and Music (theory       Semester dates
                                                    only). However, professional programs in Law,       Fall term: September - December
                                                    Medicine, Dentistry, Education, Business            Winter term: January - April
                                                    (Ivey), Aviation (flight) and Health Sciences
                                                    are restricted.
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
University of Waterloo, Canada
              4                                      In the heart of the Waterloo region, at the forefront of innovation,
                                                     the University of Waterloo is home to world-changing research and
Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

                                                     inspired teaching. The City of Waterloo is an exciting place to live,
                                                     with much to see and do throughout the year.

                                                     About                                              Accommodation
                                                     The University of Waterloo, located in Canada’s    Waterloo offers on-campus accommodation.                               ‘My friends and I were
                                                     technology hub, is a leading comprehensive         More than just a place to sleep, the University of
                                                     university with more than 36,000 students.         Waterloo residences are a safe place to meet new
                                                                                                                                                                           originally looking at studying
                                                                                                        friends, try new things, and get the most out                          in the USA. We started
                                                     For more information visit the University of                                                                            looking into Canada, and
                                                                                                        of your Canadian experience. Living on campus
                                                     Waterloo website.
                                                                                                        gives you the convenience of being minutes away                       as we started to research
                                                                                                        from class in a safe and secure environment.                         the country the three of us
                                                     Location                                           Prices can range from CAD$2,300 - CAD$3,800
                                                                                                                                                                             fell absolutely in love with
                                                     The region of Waterloo offers the best of both     per semester.
                                                                                                                                                                            the scenery, the people, and
                                                     worlds. You have all the perks of a big city –
                                                                                                                                                                                everything about it.’
                                                     transportation, culture and nightlife – with the   Past approved courses
                                                     charm and familiarity of a small town. Plus, you
                                                                                                        Past Griffith students who have studied at the                                Danielle
                                                     are only a short bus ride away from top Canadian
                                                                                                        University of Waterloo have had the following
                                                     attractions like Toronto and Niagara Falls.
                                                                                                        courses approved:                                                       Bachelor of Business /
                                                                                                        ·· ENV electives                                                       Bachelor of Government
                                                     Academics                                          ·· ENG electives.                                                     and International Relations
                                                     A standard full-time study load at Waterloo        *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
                                                     is 2.0 credits per semester (most courses are      approved by the relevant approver.

                                                     worth 0.5 credits each). Typically, 0.5 credits
                                                     are equivalent to 10CP at Griffith University.
                                                     Faculties of Study include:
                                                     ··   Applied Health Sciences
                                                     ··   Arts (includes Accounting and Finance)
                                                     ··   Engineering
                                                     ··   Environment
                                                     ··   Mathematics
                                                     ··   Science.
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
Volda University College, Norway
Volda is known for its lively academics and social environment.                                                                                                                5

The surrounding nature, from the fjord to the mountains, provides

                                                                                                                                                                           Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020
plenty of opportunities for adventure.

About                                                 Academics                                                          Accommodation
Volda University College (VUC) prides itself          A full-time study load at Volda is 30 ECTS per                     Accommodation at Volda is provided by the
on providing the best possible environment            semester (usually 7.5 ECTS is equivalent to 10CP                   Student Welfare Organization (SFS) in the
for its students and staff. The university college    at Griffith University).                                           residence halls. All international students are
was originally founded 150 years ago, as the                                                                             guaranteed housing in the student residences,
                                                      All faculties currently offer courses taught in
first teacher training college in rural Norway.                                                                          as long as you have submitted an application
                                                      English. Students can take 100 level (basic), 200
Nationally, Volda University College is best known                                                                       for housing directly to SFS by the application
                                                      level (advanced) or 300 level (MA level) courses
for its journalism school, which has educated                                                                            deadline.
                                                      in the following faculties:
many of the most influential journalists in Norway
over the past 30 years.                               ··   Arts and Physical Education
                                                      ··   Media and Journalism
For more information visit the Volda University
College website.                                      ··   Humanities and Education
                                                      ··   Social Sciences and History.

Location                                              Past approved courses
With a population of over 9,000 people and a
                                                      Past Griffith students who have studied at Volda
student body of approximately 4,000 students,
                                                      University College have had the following courses
Volda is a charming town in the county of Møre
                                                                                                                                 ‘The courses were so
og Romsdal. Although the main employers are the                                                                             interesting and the intensity
university college and the local hospital, Volda is   ·· 1531QCA, 1611QCA, 2614QCA, 2616QCA.
                                                                                                                             of the program allowed me
known for its traditional occupations of farming,     ·· 2107GFS, 2130GFS, 2133GFS, 3109GFS,
fishing, forestry and aquaculture. The centre of         3121GFS, 3124GFS.                                                   to quickly further my skills
Volda is a charming district located right on the     ·· GBS Electives.                                                      and interest in animation.
shores of the Voldafjord. The beautiful alpine        *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and       If you’re interested in stop
mountain areas in the vicinity of Volda are called    approved by the relevant approver.
                                                                                                                               motion animation and
the Sunnmøre Alps. Some of the peaks reach as
high as 1,700 metres straight up from the fjord.
                                                                                                                            beautiful mountain scenery,
                                                                                                                               then believe me you will
                                                                                                                                not be disappointed by
Semester dates                                                                                                                    attending Volda!’
Autumn semester: August - December
Spring semester: January - June                                                                                                              Maeve
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
ZHAW School of Management & Law,

                                                     The Zhaw School of Management and Law based in Winterthur is
Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

                                                     one of Switzerland’s leading business schools.

                                                     About                                                   Health insurance                                    Accommodation
                                                     The Zhaw School of Management and Law                   Students must purchase Swiss health insurance.      You may rent a room in a student housing
                                                     offers programs in management, economics and            ZHAW has special agreements with Swiss              association, where a number of single, furnished
                                                     business law. Students choose Zhaw not only for         health insurance providers and the international    rooms are reserved for ZHAW incoming exchange
                                                     its academic benefits, but also for its location.       office will assist incoming students in obtaining   students. This dormitory-style accommodation
                                                     Situated in the heart of Europe, and with the           insurance. Approximate costs are 80-120CHF p/       is within biking distance from the campus.
                                                     commercial, financial and cultural centre of Zurich     month.                                              Typically, students have their own room with
                                                     on its doorstep, it has everything you need for an                                                          shared facilities. Places are limited, so apply
                                                     unforgettable exchange experience.                                                                          early to reserve a room. Alternatively, you can
                                                                                                             Academics                                           apply for a private room with a host family or in
                                                     For more information visit the Zhaw School of           A full-time study load at ZHAW is 30 ECTS per       a shared flat. It is recommended you prepare to
                                                     Management & Law website.                               semester (usually 7.5 ECTS is equivalent to 10CP    spend approximately AU$1200 per month for
                                                                                                             at Griffith University).                            accommodation and living expenses in Zurich.
                                                     Location                                                ZHAW School of Management and Law offers
                                                     Winterthur is a northern Switzerland city located       a broad range of courses that are taught in         Past approved courses
                                                     in the canton of Zurich. The city of Zurich is just a   English, including banking and finance, business
                                                                                                                                                                 Past Griffith students who have studied at ZHAW
                                                     20 minute train ride away. The primary language         information technology, and business law. You are
                                                                                                                                                                 have had the following courses approved*:
                                                     spoken is German, but many speak French and             permitted to take courses outside of Zhaw, but
                                                     English as well.                                        courses taught in English will be limited.          ·· 3001EHR, 3009EHR, EHR Electives.
                                                                                                                                                                 ·· 1101IBA, 2002IBA, 2023IBA, 2128IBA,
                                                                                                             Intensive language courses are offered during the      3114IBA, IBA Electives.
                                                     Semester dates                                          semester in German, French and other languages.     *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
                                                     Fall semester: September - January                      An introductory German language course is           approved by the relevant approver.

                                                     Spring semester: February - June                        offered during Orientation Week.
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
University of Oslo, Norway
The Norwegian capital of Oslo is home to almost 600,000 people,                                                                                                   7

and is surrounded by sea, forests, and hills.

                                                                                                                                                              Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020
About                                                  Academics
The University of Oslo (UiO) was founded               The University of Oslo offers over 800 courses                       ‘Nothing prepares you for
in 1811 and is Norway’s oldest and premier             that are taught in English. Courses are offered in
                                                                                                                            the oddities of Norwegian
institution of higher education. UiO has               the following areas:
contributed substantially to research, innovation,                                                                         culture. Simply put, it was
                                                       ··   Education
and education in and outside of Norway. Oslo is                                                                             the highlight of any travel
                                                       ··   Humanities
home to almost 600,000 inhabitants, and over                                                                               experience I have ever had.
10% of the entire population of Norway. Among          ··   Law
Oslo’s 60,000 students, almost 75% come from           ··   Mathematics and Natural Sciences                               One of the most memorable
outside Oslo.                                          ··   Medicine                                                          moments was trekking
For more information visit the University
                                                       ··   Social Sciences                                                through thigh-high snow in
of Oslo website.                                       ··   Theology and Religion.                                          a dense forest, surrounded
                                                                                                                             by thousands of singing
Location                                               Accommodation                                                        Norwegians in their reds,
Oslo is smaller than most capital cities, but offers
                                                       International students on exchange programs are                       blues and whites, to find
                                                       guaranteed accommodation in one of the student                          our spot to watch the
all the cultural activities one expects to find in a
                                                       villages, provided that you apply within the
capital as well as beautiful nature surrounding the
                                                       specific deadlines. You are guaranteed a furnished,
                                                                                                                             Holmenkollmarjsen- the
city and UiO. Oslo is a green city surrounded by
                                                       single room. All furnished rooms include a bed,                     annual long-distance cross-
sea, forests and hills with a milder climate than
                                                       closet, desk, chair, bookshelf and table.                           country skiing marathon.’
the latitude suggests. Summertime temperatures
normally exceed 20°C, yet winters are cold                                                                                            Henna
enough to make Oslo a popular location for skiing.     Past approved courses
Norway is known for its outstanding nature,            Past Griffith students who have studied at the                     Bachelor of Psychological Science
and all of this is easily accessible from Oslo. You    University of Oslo have had the following                           / Bachelor of Criminology and
                                                       courses approved:
can travel to see the Aurora Borealis (‘Northern                                                                                   Criminal Justice
lights’), experience the midnight sun and discover     ·· 2008PSY, 3009PSY, 3011PSY, 2015PSY,
the beautiful fjords and mountains all over the           2004PSY
country. Students in Norway love the fresh air,        ·· CCJ Elective, PSY Electives, LAW Electives
quiet atmosphere, clean water and vast areas of        *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
space – and nature.                                    approved by the relevant approver.
2020 GUARANTEED EXCHANGE - Guide - BE REMARKABLE - Griffith University
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
              8                                      At Gothenburg, you will study in the very heart of Scandinavia,
                                                     just a train ride away from Copenhagen and Oslo and only
Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

                                                     a few hours by plane from Rome, Budapest, Berlin and Barcelona.

                                                     About                                                    Academics
                                                     The University of Gothenburg meets societal              The University of Gothenburg has over 100                             ‘I made some of the best
                                                     challenges with diverse knowledge. 38,000                courses that are offered in English. Courses are
                                                     students and 6,000 employees make the                    offered in the following study areas:
                                                                                                                                                                                  friends I’ve ever had which
                                                     university a large and inspiring place to work and                                                                             made my experience so
                                                                                                              ··   Business, Economics and Law
                                                     study, with a continuous flow of new knowledge                                                                               incredible, and I now have
                                                                                                              ··   Arts (Humanities)
                                                     and ideas. Strong research and attractive study                                                                             so many amazing memories.
                                                                                                              ··   IT
                                                     programs attract scientists and students from
                                                                                                              ··   Sciences
                                                                                                                                                                                   Making new friends and
                                                     around the world.
                                                                                                              ··   Social Sciences
                                                                                                                                                                                 becoming more confident has
                                                     For more information visit the University of
                                                                                                              ··   Education                                                       encouraged me to become
                                                     Gothenburg website.                                                                                                         more involved in new things
                                                                                                              ··   Fine, Applied and Performing Arts.
                                                                                                                                                                                     at home. I always had
                                                     Location                                                 Accommodation                                                      something new and exciting
                                                     Being an international student is so much more
                                                                                                              There are plenty of accommodation options                             to do while I was away!’
                                                     than studying and going to class. It is also about
                                                                                                              for international students in Gothenburg. You
                                                     creating a life. Here you will study in the very heart
                                                                                                              can rent a private room off-campus or live in a
                                                                                                                                                                                  4th year Griffith student
                                                     of the city. Gothenburg doesn’t have an offsite
                                                                                                              shared flat in the student residence. You can also
                                                     campus in the outskirts of the city; instead the
                                                                                                              investigate living at an off-campus residence.
                                                     whole city is our campus. Gothenburg is a modern,
                                                                                                              Students can also investigate living at an off-
                                                     international city but has an important background
                                                                                                              campus residence.
                                                     as a ‘workers’ city’. It is often described as a big
                                                     small city, and the people of Gothenburg are
                                                     known for being friendly and helpful.                    Past approved courses
                                                     International students rank Gothenburg as a great        Past Griffith University students who have
                                                     city to live in. Gothenburg has more students than       studied at the University of Gothenburg have
                                                     any other city in Sweden. You can choose to lead         had the following courses approved:
                                                     a typical student life, with great study facilities,     ·· 1044SCG, 3332ENV, 3001ENV, 2004MKT,
                                                     cosy cafes, student parties and communal student            2813ICT, 2803ICT, 2812ICT, 3804ICT,
                                                     accommodation. You can also take part in the                3803ICT.
                                                     various events and the diverse cultural scene that       ·· GBS Electives
                                                     Gothenburg has to offer.                                 *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
                                                                                                              approved by the relevant approver.
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917. Today,                                                                                        9

with 20,000 students and 1,500 employees, CBS is one of the largest

                                                                                                                                                    Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020
business schools in Europe and one of the eight Danish universities.

About                                                  Academics
The Exchange Social Program (ESP) is a unique          CBS offers a range of undergraduate and                     ‘This opportunity allowed
social/cultural program offered each semester to       postgraduate courses delivered in English.                   me to travel and to grow.
all incoming Exchange Students at CBS. The ESP         A full-time study load is 30 ECTS (7.5 ECTS                    I travelled to 10 other
consists of two introduction weeks just before         usually equates to 10CP at Griffith University).
                                                                                                                   countries in Europe whilst
the semester begins, various activities during the
semester, the Language Partner Program (LPP)
                                                       Courses are offered in the following areas:                 on exchange, which was in
and a weekend trip to Berlin. The purpose of the       ··   Accounting, Economics and Finance                     groups but a lot I completed
program is to ease your integration process, to        ··   Business Administration                              solo. It was the best experience
help you build a social network and to introduce       ··   International Business                                and an experience I needed.
you to Danish culture, Copenhagen and CBS.             ··   Entrepreneurship                                       I needed to grow up a little
For more information visit the Copenhagen              ··   Management and Marketing.                              and stop being scared of the
Business School website.                                                                                            world and this experience
                                                       Accommodation                                               really helped. My favourite
Location                                               Housing in Copenhagen is very difficult to find             place other than Denmark
Copenhagen is a beautiful city with plenty to do       and can be expensive. This is particularly the case           would have to be Berlin,
                                                       in the fall semester (September to December),
year-round. There are four lakes in the middle
                                                       when the demand for housing far exceeds supply.
                                                                                                                   because I got to be there for
of the city, as well as a number of parks on the
                                                       The application process is on a first come, first          the Christmas markets, and
outskirts of the city. There are over 1 million
people living in this diverse and creative city,       served basis, so do not be disappointed if you do              it was like a fairytale.’
with incredible infrastructure and great public        not get your first priority. It is likely that you will
transportation options. Many locals call this a bike   have to arrange your own accommodation.                               Amee
city, as most individuals use a bike as their main
mode of transportation around the city.                Past approved courses
                                                       Past Griffith students who have studied at CBS
                                                       have had the following courses approved:
                                                       ·· 3009EHR, 2043MKT, 2005EHR, 3517LHS,
                                                          3042MKT, 3006MKT, 3040MKT, 3518LHS,
                                                          3013MKT, 2036MKT, 2004MKT, 3033IBA,
                                                          3028MKT. 3055MKT 3323THS, 3013MKT.
The University of Natural Resources
                                                     and Life Sciences, Austria

                                                     The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)
Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

                                                     was founded in 1872, and is located in the beautiful Austrian city
                                                     of Vienna. Rated as the world’s most liveable city over five times,
                                                     Vienna is the perfect location for a student to live and study.

                                                     About                                                   Academics
                                                     Founded in 1872, the University of Natural              A full-time study load at BOKU is 30ECTS per                        ‘I met someone else studying
                                                     Resources and Life is an education and research         semester, (7.5 ECTS usually equates to 10CP at                          my degree who attended
                                                     centre for renewable resources, which are a             Griffith University).                                                  BOKU for exchange, and
                                                     necessity for human life. With a wide range of
                                                                                                             The University of Natural Resources and Life                         talked to Griffith professors
                                                     areas of expertise, BOKU aims to contribute
                                                     significantly to the protection of life resources
                                                                                                             Sciences (BOKU), has a range of departments,                          about the program offered
                                                                                                             including:                                                             in Vienna, and it seemed
                                                     for future generations.
                                                     For more information visit the University of
                                                                                                             ··   Chemistry                                                        like the perfect fit for me. I
                                                                                                             ··   Food science                                                  wanted a University that was
                                                     Natural Resources and Life Sciences website.
                                                                                                             ··   Forest and soil science                                         challenging yet still within
                                                                                                             ··   Biotechnology and cell biology.                               my comforts. BOKU provided
                                                                                                                                                                                    this by offering courses in
                                                     BOKU is located in Vienna, the capital city of          Accommodation                                                        both English and German,
                                                     Austria. Considered as Austria’s Imperial Capital, it
                                                                                                             Student halls of residence are an easy option                      with a great support network
                                                     offers a blend of imperial traditions and modern
                                                                                                             when moving to a new city and a great way
                                                     architecture. The area is famous for its cultural
                                                                                                             to make friends and contacts in a short time
                                                                                                                                                                                for students, and in a country
                                                     events, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and its
                                                                                                             period. Accommodation is organised by the                            I had not been to. For me, it
                                                     Viennese charm.
                                                                                                             Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD). The                                     was an easy choice.’
                                                                                                             accommodation costs can range from 200 –
                                                     Semester dates                                          600 euros per month.                                                         Prudence
                                                     ·· Winter semester: October - February
                                                     ·· Summer semester: February - June                     Past approved courses
                                                                                                             Past Griffith students who have studied at BOKU
                                                                                                             have had the following courses approved*:
                                                                                                             ·· 2051ENV, 2071ENV, 3801ENV, 2034ENV,
                                                                                                                3606ENV, 2304ENV, 3441ENV, 2107ENV,
                                                                                                                2261ENV, 2281ENV, 3306ENV.
                                                                                                             ·· 2012NSC, 4047ENV, 4037ENV.
                                                                                                             *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
                                                                                                             approved by the relevant approver.
University of Liverpool, UK
The University of Liverpool is a world-class player in many areas of                                                                                             11

academia, guaranteeing you a fantastic academic experience!

                                                                                                                                                                 Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020
About                                                Accommodation                                          Academics
The University of Liverpool is a public university   Students have a range of accommodation options         A full-time study load is generally 60 UK credits,
founded in 1881 and is in the top 1% of              available to choose from. The University Halls of      usually equivalent to 40CP at Griffith University
universities worldwide for internationally-          Accommodation are a safe and fun way to spend          and 15 UK credits is equal to 10CP at Griffith
recognised research. The university’s global         your time in Liverpool. In the Study Abroad Village,   University. Please note: Students must enrol in
focus ensures its programs are underpinned by        you will live with other international students as     a minimum of 45 UK credits per semester.
international research with opportunities for        well as University of Liverpool home students who
                                                                                                            The University of Liverpool has three
students to learn a language and study abroad as     will study abroad this year or have just returned.
                                                                                                            main faculties:
part of their program. The university is centrally   ·· If you are staying for the full academic year,
located making it an easy and safe walking                                                                  ·· Health and Life Sciences
                                                        you are guaranteed a place in the University
distance to many of Liverpool’s city locations.         of Liverpool Halls of Residence. If you wish        ·· Humanities and Social Science
For more information visit the University of            to secure your place, you need to apply via         ·· Science and Engineering.
Liverpool website.                                      Liverpool Life before 31 July.                      Please note: Students are limited to two classes
                                                     ·· If you are staying for Semester 1 only,             from the School of Management, unless you are
                                                        you can apply for a room in the Study Abroad        majoring in a business or management course at
Location                                                Village (Tudor Close & Melville Grove). Apply       your home university.
Liverpool is the fifth largest metropolitan area        as early as possible to secure your place.
in the UK, situated in the northwest of the          ·· If you are staying for Semester 2 only,
country. We are just two hours on the direct            you are guaranteed a place in university
                                                                                                            Semester dates
train from London and 45 minutes by train from          accommodation. Where possible, you will be          Semester 1: September - January
Manchester. Liverpool is also within driving            placed in the Study Abroad Village. If you wish     Semester 2: January - June
distance of both the scenic Lake District and           to secure your place, apply via Liverpool Life.
North Wales which are wonderful for hiking
and outdoor activities. Liverpool is divided into
‘boroughs’, with the university located in the
heart of the central borough. Many students
choose to live in the centre in university
accommodation. The Liverpool airport travels to
many European destinations making travel and
adventure-seeking easy!
University of Plymouth, UK
12                                                   With over 23,000 students, the University of Plymouth campus is
                                                     at the centre of a thriving, oceanfront city in one of the UK’s most
Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

                                                     beautiful regions.

                                                     About                                                 Accommodation                                         Past approved courses
                                                     Founded in 1862, the University of Plymouth           Students can apply to live in Plymouth’s halls of     Past Griffith students who have studied at the
                                                     is among the emerging global elite of modern          residence for a single semester or one year. If you   University of Plymouth have had the following
                                                     higher education institutions, ranking 15th largest   are applying for a single semester, you are limited   courses approved*:
                                                     university in the UK.                                 to selected residences. You must pay a £250           ·· 2004ICT, 2807ICT, 2809ICT, 2810ICT,
                                                                                                           deposit to secure your hall room.                        3020ICT, 3410ICT, ICT Electives.
                                                     For more information visit the University of
                                                                                                                                                                 ·· 2128IBA, 3112IBA, 1003MKT.
                                                     Plymouth website.                                     Academics
                                                                                                                                                                 ·· 1314QCA, 2345QCA, 2356QCA, 2367QCA,
                                                                                                           A full-time study load at Plymouth is 60 UK
                                                     Location                                              credits per semester, usually equivalent to 40CP
                                                                                                                                                                    2802QCA, 2806QCA, 2807QCA, 2901QCA,
                                                                                                                                                                    3510QCA, 3512QCA, 3525QCA, 3805QCA,
                                                     Plymouth is a small city situated on the western      at Griffith University.                                  3823QCA, 3843QCA.
                                                     edge of the county of Devon. Its size means it                                                              ·· CCJ Electives
                                                     has all the benefits of a smaller place, including    Plymouth offers courses from a range of
                                                                                                           faculties, including:                                 ·· 2702GFS, 2706GFS.
                                                     a compact central area with accommodation,
                                                     shops and entertainment facilities all within easy    ··   Arts & Humanities                                ·· 2139LHS, 3016LHS, 3025LHS, 3035LHS,
                                                     walking distance.                                                                                              3054LHS, 3506LHS
                                                                                                           ··   Business
                                                                                                                                                                 *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
                                                     Plymouth has a distinctive cosmopolitan vibe and      ··   Health and Human Sciences                        approved by the relevant approver.

                                                     is a magnet for tourists, students, workers and       ··   Science and Engineering
                                                     migrants. Visitors enjoy its continental feel and     ··   Medical and Dentistry.
                                                     sense of community.

                                                     Semester dates
                                                     Semester 1: September - December
                                                     Semester 2: January - May.
University of Montana, USA
Nestled in the heart of western Montana’s stunning natural                                                                                                                  13

landscape, the University of Montana offers a world-class education

                                                                                                                                                                            Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020
in a broad range of subjects.

About                                                Accommodation                                       Past approved courses
Over 10,000 students attend the University           UM offers on-campus and off-campus housing.         Past Griffith students who have studied at the
of Montana’s (UM) main campus spanning 56            There is no application deadline, however all       University of Montana have had the following
acres at the base of Mount Sentinel along the        room assignments are made on a first come,          courses approved*:
Clark Fork River. It includes a park-like oval       first served basis. Students have the choice of     ·· 1613LHS, 2019LHS, 2055LHS, 2509LHS,
at the centre of the campus, more than 60            residence halls (students are required to have a       2523LHS, 3105LHS, 3506LHS, 3513LHS,
architecturally-unique buildings and a 25,200        meal plan), university villages and the Lewis &        3612LHS
seat football stadium. UM’s 180 acre South           Clark Village. These provide a variety of housing
                                                                                                         ·· 2004MKT,2034MKT, 3006MKT, 3040MKT,
Campus offers student housing, a golf course,        options such as single and double dorm-style
                                                                                                            2008EHR, 3001EHR, 3009EHR, 2017GIR,
soccer fields and an outdoor track facility.         rooms with coed halls and one all-female hall, as
                                                                                                            3117THS, 3323THS, 2304AFE, 2305AFE,
Missoula College occupies two sites in central and   well as furnished and unfurnished apartments.
                                                                                                            3209AFE, 3302AFE, 3305AFE
west Missoula.
                                                                                                         ·· 2013AHS, 2210AHS, 3138AHS.
For more information visit the University of         Academics                                           *Courses may have changed and will still need to be assessed and
Montana website.                                                                                         approved by the relevant approver.
                                                     A full-time study load at UM is generally 12 US
                                                     credits, usually equivalent to 40CP at Griffith
Location                                             University and 3 US credits is equal to 10CP at     Semester dates
                                                     Griffith University. UM offers courses from a       Fall Semester: September - December
UM is located in Missoula, Montana’s second
                                                     range of faculties, including:                      Spring Semester: January - May
largest city with a population of 80,000
residents. Tucked away in the heart of the           ··   Humanities and Sciences
northern Rocky Mountains, surrounded by              ··   Health and Biomedical Sciences
seven wilderness areas and at the confluence         ··   Education and Human Services
of three rivers, Missoula is an outdoor              ··   Business
enthusiast’s dream!                                  ··   Journalism
                                                     ··   Forestry and Conservation
                                                     ··   Law (considered on case-by-case basis)
                                                     ··   Performing Arts.
How to apply
                                                     You can complete your
                                                     Exchange Program application
                                                     in five simple steps.
Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

                                                     Step 1
                                                     Check your eligibility
                                                     At the time of application, you must meet the following requirements:
                                                     ·· Be enrolled in a degree program at Griffith University in the
                                                        trimester of application
                                                     ·· Have a cumulative GPA of 4.5 in your current program
                                                     ·· Have successfully completed at least 60CP for undergraduate
                                                        exchange or 30CP for postgraduate exchange at Griffith.
                                                     *You will also need to check your program feasibility, refer to

                                                     Step 2
                                                     Find a partner university
                                                     You will need to find a partner university that offers courses,
                                                     where you are eligible to receive credit on your study plan.

                                                     Step 3
                                                     Get a study plan approved
                                                     It is compulsory to have a study plan approved in order to participate
                                                     in the Griffith Exchange Program.

                                                     Step 4
                                                     Prepare application documents
                                                     You will need to submit the following within your online application:
                                                     1. Approved study plan.
                                                     2. One-page motivational essay.
                                                     3. Copy of your passport.

                                                     Step 5
                                                     Apply online
                                                     You must apply online by the deadline. A link to the application will be
                                                     offered once you have had a consultation with a Global Mobility Advisor.

                                                     Application deadlines
                                                     ·· Trimester 1 - 1 July
                                                     ·· Trimester 2 - 1 February


     Griffith University Guaranteed Exchange Guide 2020

Contact us
      Book a consultation
Book online at griffith.edu.au/go-global/contact-us
·· Gold Coast
·· Nathan
·· South Bank

Nathan campus: (07) 3735 6518
Gold Coast campus: (07) 5552 8116

      Online enquiry
You can submit an online enquiry or documentation via Ask Us
1. Visit Ask Us for current students (login may be required)
2. Select the topic (Global Mobility, Outbound)
Your enquiry will come through to our office and our response
will go to your Griffith student email address.


Griffith has used reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained in
this publication is correct at the time of printing but this information may be subject to
corrections or changes without notice. Griffith reserves the right to alter, change, or
discontinue degrees and courses without notice. Griffith assumes no responsibility for
the accuracy of information provided by third parties. The publication of degree details
in this document does not create an obligation on the part of Griffith to teach a degree in
any given year, or teach it in the mode described in this publication. It is the responsibility
of students to check and confirm all general and degree-specific information
prior to application and enrolment. In particular, degree offerings, duration, mode,
commencement, campus location, fees, and entry requirements need to be checked and
confirmed. All costs and fees contained in this publication are in Australian dollars (AU$).
Applications and enrolments are subject to Griffith’s Privacy Policy, which is available
online at griffith.edu.au/privacy-plan.

ESOS Compliance
The provision of education services to international students by Australian educational
institutions is governed by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act
2000 and the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Regulations under
this Act. Griffith, in providing education services to overseas students, complies
with the National Code of Practice through the Department of Education. Visit:
internationaleducation.gov.au and education.gov.au.

CRICOS Provider Number: 00233E
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