2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place

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2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
2020 Roadmap
Looking back and moving forward
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
Our Place supports schools and
early years’ services to be at the
heart of community by working
with local organisations and
individuals to make a real
and lasting difference to
the lives of children, families
and communities.
Our Place is an initiative of
the Colman Foundation and,
through the Foundation’s
10-year partnership with the
Victorian state government, the
approach is being implemented
in 10 sites across Victoria with the
support of other philanthropic

The Our Place story
Pam and Julius Colman established the Colman Foundation in
2005 to promote positive education outcomes for children and
families in disadvantaged communities.

In 2012 an agreement was signed between the Department of
Education and Training (DET) and the Colman Foundation to
establish a place-based and integrated education approach
at the newly built Doveton College.

The aim was to create the conditions for a unique cross-sector
collaboration across education, early learning, health and adult
education systems. Doveton College now offers a range of
supports for the whole community, from before birth to adult
education and employment. This approach is called Our Place.

In November 2017, a Partnership Agreement between DET and
the Foundation laid the way for the Our Place approach to be
established at 10 school sites across Victoria.

All children and their families succeed in life.

We work through local schools to create the conditions for
children, families and communities to flourish. We aim to reshape
the service system and open up access to the resources,
opportunities and support that all children need to learn and
develop, and that enable families to achieve their aspirations.

2     Our Place
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
The Our Place approach                          5
Research and evaluation                         6
Guiding principles                              6
International Expert Advisory Group             7
Looking back at 20198
Our Place sites                                10
   Our Place Bridgewood                        11
   Our Place Carlton12
   Our Place Doveton13
   Our Place Frankston North                   14
   Our Place Mooroopna                         15
   Our Place Morwell                           16
   Our Place Northern Bay                      17
   Our Place Robinvale18
   Our Place Seymour19
   Our Place Westall20
2020 – Moving forward                          21

                                       2020 Roadmap   3
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place

Message from the                                                    Message from the
Chief Executive Officer                                             Executive Director, Services
We are excited to begin 2020 with the release of our first          As I reflect on 2019, I think about the many challenges and
Roadmap. The purpose of this document is to reflect on and          achievements of the team in scaling up the implementation
summarise the achievements in the previous year across all the      of Our Place. We have grown from three active sites to 10 in
Our Place sites, as well as to provide an overview of our plans     2019 which has involved growing the Our Place team and the
and objectives in the year ahead.                                   establishment of supportive site partnerships at each location.

Last year was a truly formative year for Our Place, where           While maintaining the momentum at Doveton and Bridgewood,
we moved beyond our founding site at Doveton and built an           it has been exciting to be involved in the design and building of
organisation capable of supporting the implementation of            other sites and to see the completion of many new purpose-built
Our Place across 10 sites. Our team has more than tripled to 40     early learning and family support spaces in school locations.
people over the course of 2019 with moderate growth expected        Schools and local community services have embraced the Our
in 2020 as we embed the systems and processes developed             Place partnership approach and, at the year-end, most of our
during the past 12 months.                                          sites are at the stage of building relationships and scoping the
                                                                    existing assets and opportunities in preparation for finalising
We also strengthened our relationships with vital supporters        local strategic plans with the community.
of our work. We signed a Philanthropic Alliance Agreement with
Dusseldorp Forum and William Buckland Foundation, an                As we grow the Our Place footprint, we are acutely aware of
alliance that we hope others will join in due course. The Paul      the aim that each site develops in response to local priorities
Ramsay Foundation continue to provide valuable input and            and the need to ensure the approach and essential elements
support as we scale Our Place, including funding essential          align with the evidence and the research underpinning it. To
organisation infrastructure and capability. Our partnership with    support this goal, we have worked with key partners including
the Department of Education and Training continues to evolve,       our International Expert Advisory Group (IEAG) to create
and we are pleased to announce that governance of the               guidelines for the implementation. Additionally, we have
partnership will now transition to a whole-of-government            established two Our Place practice networks (Principals
approach. This will assist Our Place in engaging effectively with   Network and Early Learning Services Network) to provide
different departments of the Victorian government to maximise       opportunities for collegiate support, shared planning and
the support for children and families in our sites.                 access to international experts in the areas of early learning
                                                                    and high-quality schooling.
We are looking forward to a year where further progress begins
to truly shift the landscape for those in the communities we have   We look forward to a very busy 2020 with most of our sites
commenced working with, and one where our collaboration             becoming fully operational. We will continue to forge other
with others can begin to deliver evidence for significant           strategic partnerships with local services to continue to do
system change.                                                      whatever it takes so that children, young people and their
                                                                    families succeed in life.

Sean Cory                                                           June McLoughlin
Chief Executive Officer                                             Executive Director, Services

4     Our Place
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
The Our Place approach
A whole of community partnership
Our Place evolved from the learnings and experiences from Doveton College, which was developed based on extensive local and
international evidence. Our Place is based on the notion that education is the key that unlocks the door to opportunities that can break
the cycle of disadvantage. Utilising the universal platform of schools, Our Place seeks to overcome typical barriers that prevent children
and families who live in communities experiencing disadvantage receiving the support they need to succeed in life.

      Our Place Elements – the evidence-based strategies
      Six elements are necessary to achieve the Our Place outcomes. Each site creates an implementation plan based on these
      elements and features:

            High-quality early                                                High-quality schooling
            learning, health &                                                Support high-quality teaching and learning
            development                                                       environments that ensure each child receives
                                                                              the support they need to achieve and thrive.
            Support early learning from birth as well
            as playgroups, child health and parenting
            support on site.

            Engagement &                                                      Wrap-around health
            enrichment activities                                             & wellbeing services
            for children & families                                           Support access to effective health and
                                                                              wellbeing support services.
            Create opportunities to be involved, join a
            team, volunteer and contribute.

            Adult engagement,                                                 The Glue
            volunteering, learning                                            The people, resources, partnerships,
            & employment                                                      evaluation and research that are essential to
                                                                              make a place-based approach work.
            Support opportunities for families to engage
            in volunteering, formal and informal learning,
            and link them into employment pathways.

                                                                                                                       2020 Roadmap      5
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
Research and evaluation
How we measure change
We view our work as implementing an evidence-based theory of change that
offers a contribution to the outcomes that we wish to achieve for children,
families and communities – so that they ultimately succeed in life.
We apply an outcomes-based or result-based accountability               quantitative and qualitative data and information where it
mindset to evaluation, seeking to explore the impact of the Our         is valid, reliable and accessible, and strive to explore new and
Place approach on children, families and the community at both          innovative ways to collect and share data, stories and learnings,
the individual site level and across the approach as a whole.           and to address and support data gaps into the future.

The Our Place evaluation aims to measure the nature and extent          Alongside evaluation, we have a strong desire to draw on and
of change that the approach contributes to over time for our            contribute to the research base. This means conducting and
sites. We want to learn the story behind these changes and what         disseminating high quality research that expands our learnings
this means for children, for families and for communities as they       beyond Our Place sites and grows and builds on the broader
grow and change. We are equally as interested in documenting            evidence base and sector knowledge over time. Our Place has
and understanding how the Our Place approach is implemented             committed to several research projects that are currently
at each site. We will seek to understand if it is implemented           underway, each of which align with elements within the
with fidelity across sites and in the way we intended, and              approach. We will continue to plan and commit to future
how much effort and resource this requires.                             research to support our understanding of how each of the
                                                                        elements contributes to long-term change for the children
Robust planning guides the evaluation with data collection              and families in Our Place communities and the potential
efforts that reflect a mixed methods design. We tap into existing       application beyond.

Our Place Outcomes Framework

                  Children                                      Families                                    Community

            Children are happy,                       Families are happy, healthy                    Community members are
          healthy and develop well                   and well with strong self worth             connected and feel socially included

        Children engage in learning              Families are confident as parents/carers           Community members have a
         and social opportunities                 and engage in their children’s learning           sense of pride and belonging

       Children are active as learners                Families engage in learning,                  Community members actively
                                                      are skilled and are employed                 contribute skills and knowledge
                                                                                                     to community productivity

Guiding principles
Implementation of the Our Place approach is underpinned by a set of guiding principles.
These principles establish a strong foundation for effective            • Collaboration and outcome-focused partnerships are critical
partnerships with the aim that all partners have a shared                 to successful place-based initiatives.
understanding of how we work with families at an Our Place site.
                                                                        • Good decisions are informed by evidence and the voices
• Relationships and trust are preconditions for impact.                   of the community.
• Families should have seamless access to education and the             • Sharing knowledge is necessary for big-picture change.
  support they need.
                                                                        • Achieving meaningful and sustainable impact takes time.
• Families should have opportunities to experience pride,
  self-worth and success.

6     Our Place
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
         We get to know communities to understand their history, aspirations,
         and challenges. Relationships are built with families, community leaders,
         service providers, local government and with the school.
         We aim to understand the barriers to participation that need to             Our Place Community Facilitators coordinate consultation and
         be overcome, the opportunities that haven’t yet been realised,              analysis, integrated planning and oversee implementation. Each
         priorities for action, and quick wins that could make a big                 site will have a well-developed and agreed strategic plan. The
         difference. With a shared vision that is community-led, we plan             commitment to each community is long-term, because
         how to transform the school into a centre that develops the full            significant change takes time.
         capacities of children and parents alike.

         Our Place implementation overview
                                                                                                               Initial             Sustained

          Pre-implementation                     Establishment and Engagement                             Implementation         Implementation
             Identify and Adopt                              Plan and Prepare                               Test and Refine      Maintain and Grow

             Pre-conditions                Step 1:                Step 2:               Step 3:                Step 4:                Step 5:
                                            Build              Understand the          Develop a                Support           Provide ongoing

               Opportunity              relationships            community          shared vision &       ‘joined-up’ service     implementation
               Scoping Step              & establish             & evidence          plan to drive          implementation            support
                                           shared                 the need           change in the
                                        commitment                                    community

               Infrastructure,             Building               Gathering         Conversing and          Supporting initial   Supporting ongoing
            building and design        relationships &          learnings and       collaborating to     implementation of the    implementation of
              requirements –           getting to know         research to best     create a shared       service model on the    the service model,
            including a shared        the stakeholders         understand the       vision that aligns     ground, testing and      contributing to

               front entrance        & their priorities to     community and         to the broader          trying, problem        evaluation and
                                      map ‘who is who            the met and            vision and              solving and        research efforts,
                                      in the zoo’, what          unmet need             outcomes              contributing to         supporting
           Agreement – defining      role have they had                                                       evaluation and     continuous practice
            governance, roles &        & what role can                                                       research efforts    improvement cycles
              responsibilities          they support
                                           & drive

                                                                    Reflecting the alignment to the elements of Our Place

                                                                                      Step 6: Review

         International Expert
         Advisory Group
         The Our Place IEAG was established in 2018 to provide valuable guidance and input
         to ensure the Our Place Approach incorporates global best practice, and that we
         remain current and aware of international developments.
         The IEAG consists of the following people:                                  • Professor Ted Melhuish, University of Oxford
         • Professor Jane Bertrand, University of Toronto and Program                • Warren Cann, CEO Parenting Research Centre
           Manager, McCain Family Foundation
                                                                                     • Professor Helen Skouteris, Monash University
         • Sir Kevan Collins, former CEO UK Endowment Fund
                                                                                     • Professor Marc de Rosnay, University of Wollongong

                                                                                                                                   2020 Roadmap        7
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
Looking back at 2019
Significant organisation achievements

                                                    Ted Melhuish,
                                                    Professor of Human
                                                                           for Change
    Official                                        Development at the
                                                    University of Oxford
    opening                  Dusseldorp Forum
                                                    joined Our Place
                                                    in Australia           A watershed event
    of Our Place office      (Robinvale) and The    and engaged            in which all the site
    in a former child-care   William Buckland       stakeholders on        partners and funders
    centre next to Doveton   Foundation (Seymour,   the importance         came together for
    College, donated by      Morwell) announced     of early years.        the first time.
    City of Casey.           as site partners.

            Jan                      Feb                    Feb                 March

                                                                           Helen Macpherson
                                                                           Smith Trust commits
                                                                           to three years of
                                                                           funding for the
                                                                           Early Years Quality
                                                                           Practice Framework
                                                                           (EYQPF), a toolbox
                                                                           for practitioners to
    Our Place                                                              improve children’s
    Implementation           R.M. Ansett Trust      Whole-of-government    education and life
    Guide finalised to       announced as a         approach agreed        outcomes, to be
    guide site staff and     site funding partner   by the Victorian       delivered in
    their communities.       at Frankston North.    state government.      five sites.

            Dec                      Dec                    Nov                    Oct

8     Our Place
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
The inaugural Our
                                                                           Place Early Years

                         Our Place
                         Principals              As part of the            Visit by IEAG
                         Network                 translation of the work   member, Professor
                                                                           Jane Bertrand who
                                                 at Doveton College,
First Site
                         A shared learning                                 highlighted
                                                 the first drafts of the
                         and peer support                                  importance of
                                                 Implementation Guide
Operating                network, was
                                                 were developed and        continuity of

                         launched by IEAG                                  learning from early
                                                 made available for
                         member Sir Kevan                                  years to formal
                                                 facilitation staff at
                         Collins.                                          schooling.
signed at Robinvale.                             all Our Place sites.

       April                    May                      June


                                                 Ray and Margaret
                                                 Wilson Foundation
                                                 announced as
                                                 a site partner
                                                 at Carlton.

                         ‘What it means to
                         walk alongside:                                   of ‘Success’
                         exploring the Our                                 A collection of
                         Place partnership’      Philanthropy Alliance     inspiring first-hand
                         is published, setting   Agreement signed          stories from people
                         out the Colman          with Dusseldorp           associated with
Ross Trust commits to    Foundation’s            Forum and The             Doveton College.
three years of funding   journey in              William Buckland
for Our Place            partnership with        Foundation 10-year
Frankston North.         government.             commitment.


        Oct                     Sept                    Sept

                                                                                  2020 Roadmap    9
2020 Roadmap Looking back and moving forward - Our Place
Our Place sites
 Site                       Site Operating      Community      Site Implementation    Our Place staff     Implementation
 location                   Agreement signed    consultation   Group established      on site             Plan in place




Frankston North



Northern Bay




* Subject to infrastructure funding approval

Our Place map
                                                                                     1 Bridgewood        6 Morwell
                                                                                     2 Carlton           7 Northern Bay
                                                                                     3 Doveton           8 Robinvale
                                                                                     4 Frankston North   9 Seymour
                                                                                     5 Mooroopna         10 Westall



                                               2 10
                                          7               1
                                                  4             6

10     Our Place

In Officer, we know that...1                Location: Bridgewood Primary School                 Phase: Initial implementation - Step 4

                                            Bridgewood Primary School is located in Officer, a new suburb experiencing rapid
                                            residential growth. The suburb is facing several issues including the risk of future
                                            disadvantage due to the combination of population growth and its situation on
                                            Melbourne’s fringe. There is also a growing risk of social isolation given the lack of support

                                            networks located nearby. Bridgewood was a unique opportunity to ‘test and try’ the Our
                                            Place approach and learn from scaling u that would serve to benefit other sites. It has a
                                            shorter-term commitment until the end of 2021 rather than ten years, as in other sites.

                                            Site Implementation Group: Bridgewood Primary School, Early Childhood Management
Population, 2,006 (28%) families
                                            Services (ECMS), Cardinia Shire Council, DET South Eastern Region and Colman
                                            Foundation (Our Place).

(10.1%) children
                     Index of Relative
aged from
birth to four
                     Disadvantagei                               2019 –                                        2020 –
                                                                 Looking                                       Moving
                                                                 back                                          forward
65.4% 25.3%
are full time        are part time                • Consulted with community, local              • Continue to build community
employed             employed
                                                    service providers and agencies that            connection and belonging by
                                                    identified priorities around growing           introducing more whole-of-site
                                                    issues of social isolation and the             activities and initiatives.
                                                    importance of building
                                                                                                 • Deliver a coordinated capacity
At Bridgewood Primary School2                       connectedness.
                                                                                                   building and education campaign
                                                  • Facilitated joined-up approaches               to the community – with a focus on
                                                    between partners and across the                key messages around child
                                                    site – promoting inclusive activities,         development, education and
                                                    celebrations and events for all ages.          positive parenting.
                                                  • Supported the development and                • Build awareness within and

                                                    implementation of an on-site                   confidence of the community to
                                                    continuity of early learning                   access locally available
                                                    approach between early years                   opportunities for adult education
                                                    learning providers and Bridgewood              and employment, including
students enrolled in 2018                           Primary School.                                volunteering opportunities.
                                                  • Actively promoted and celebrated             • Begin developing a strategy

of students
                     of students identify
                                                    the ethnic diversity of the
                                                    Bridgewood community through
                                                                                                   to deliver long-term financial
                                                                                                   sustainability of an integrated
                                                    site-wide events and celebrations.             Our Place approach.
have language        as Aboriginal and
backgrounds other    Torres Strait
than English         Islander
                                                  “During my time volunteering at Bridgewood Primary School I was
                                                  able to gain experience in supporting students with their learning
is the level of
                     of students are
                                                  tasks. I have recently gained employment in an Education Support
                                                  role and can thank my volunteer time at Bridgewood Primary School
disadvantage:        in the bottom                for allowing me to gain the skills necessary for the position.”
ICSEA valueii        quarter
                                                  - Parent, Bridgewood Primary School

                                                                                                                      2020 Roadmap       11

In Carlton, we know that...3               Location: Carlton Primary School                  Phase: Pre-implementation - Step 2

                                           Carlton Primary School is a small school located within a pocket of significant
                                           disadvantage in an otherwise affluent suburb. Most of the families attending Carlton
                                           Primary School and related activities live on the Carlton housing estate and are from
                                           culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Called the Carlton Learning

                                           Precinct, in addition to the primary school the site features early learning services
                                           provided by Gowrie Victoria as well as maternal and child health and family
                                           services provided by the City of Melbourne.

                                           Site Implementation Group: DET North Eastern Victoria Region, City of Melbourne,
Population, 2,488 (13%) families
                                           Gowrie Victoria, Carlton Primary School and Colman Foundation (Our Place).

435                 930
(2.3%) children
aged from
                    Index of Relative
                    Socio-economic                            2019 –                                      2020 –
birth to four       Disadvantagei                             Looking                                     Moving
                                                              back                                        forward
46.2% 30.3%
are full time       are part time
                                                 • The school re-build and the               • New site formally commences in
                                                   space for City of Melbourne family          Term 1. The Site Implementation
employed            employed
                                                   services programs were completed            Group will take carriage of
                                                   in November, featuring two new              development of a three-year
                                                   levels for the school, maternal             strategic plan.
At Carlton Primary School4                         and child health, family services
                                                                                             • Following initial consultation with
                                                   consulting rooms, playgroup
                                                                                               families, a major focus of 2020 will
                                                   spaces, a large welcoming
                                                                                               be to help families navigate the
                                                   community space and a 98-
                                                                                               existing service system. This
                                                   place Early Learning Centre.
                                                                                               includes building relationships with
                                                 • Gowrie Victoria was appointed               adult learning and pathways

                                                   as the Early Learning Centre                providers, connecting families with
                                                   operator. In preparation for                early years supports and exploring
                                                   providing a service that reflects           strategies to ensure families feel
                                                   the community, they have                    safe in the community.
students enrolled in 2018                          employed local community
                                                   members in educator roles.
                                                                                             “The building is open and
98%                 4%
                                                 • After-school enrichment activities
                                                   commenced in partnership with             we’ve got the people on the
                                                   YMCA, funded by the IOOF
of students         of students identify                                                     ground. We know the family
have language       as Aboriginal and
                                                                                             services people who are going
backgrounds other   Torres Strait                • The school and Our Place worked
than English        Islander                                                                 to be based here, and we know
                                                   with parents to establish a Parent
                                                   Ambassador Group.
                                                                                             the early years provider who
                                                                                             is awesome, so there is no

941                 57%
                                                 • Ray and Margaret Wilson
                                                   Foundation committed as a site
                                                                                             reason to think it’s not going
                                                   partner with $1.5M over ten years         to be great!”
is the level of     of students are
disadvantage:       in the bottom                  (2020 – 2029).                            - Julie Large, Principal, Carlton
ICSEA valueii       quarter                                                                    Primary School

12    Our Place

In Doveton, we know that…5                 Location: Doveton College           Phase: Sustained implementation - Steps 5 and 6

                                           After eight years at Doveton College, Our Place is seeing the impacts that change the
                                           lives of children and the fabric of communities. More children are engaged in learning,
                                           with a 30% reduction in days absent across all year levels. In 2019, MySchool reported
                                           that Doveton College was one of three schools in Victoria that reported improved

                                           education outcomes for children the longer they attend. Doveton College is now in the
                                           top 25 government schools for year 7-9 NAPLAN growth.7 The college is a community
                                           hub with many activities for students, parents and community. Programs for engaging
                                           adults are working well, with on average more than 250 adults engaged and
                                           participating in community programs, education and volunteering each year.
Population, 2,220 (24%) families

(7.3%) children
                    Index of Relative
                                                              2019 –                                      2020 –
aged from           Socio-economic                            Looking                                     Moving
                                                              back                                        forward
birth to four       Disadvantagei

52.9% 27.6%
are full time       are part time
                                                 • Community leadership course
                                                   co-facilitated by Our Place has
                                                                                             2020 represents a year of significant
                                                                                             change for Doveton College as the
                                                   supported the establishment of            original 10-year MoU is scheduled
employed            employed
                                                   the first parent-led playgroup in         to conclude in 2021 and Doveton
                                                   Doveton, enabling all families to         College works towards a refreshed
                                                   access the benefits of playgroup          strategic direction. Priorities for the
At Doveton College6                                in the community.                         next year include:
                                                 • 55 adults graduated from the Men          • Engage community, service
                                                   and Women of Doveton programs               providers and local partners in
                                                   delivered through local                     the development of the refreshed
                                                   partnerships (Doveton College/              strategic vision and action plans.
                                                   YMCA/IOOF Foundation) – tailored
                                                                                             • Continue to build partnerships to

                                                   personal development and positive
                                                                                               increase access and facilitated
                                                   health and wellbeing programs for
                                                                                               pathways into adult education,
                                                   adults in the Doveton community.
                                                                                               training and employment.
                                                 • Established the Doveton/Hallam
                                                                                             • Consolidate the Doveton/Hallam
students enrolled in 2018                          Community Learning Network to
                                                                                               Community Learning Network to
                                                   increase access to adult education
                                                                                               provide the best training and
                                                   and training opportunities in the

64%                 9%
                                                                                               educational opportunities for the
                                                   local area.
                                                                                               local community.
of students         of students identify                                                     • Utilise community members to
have language       as Aboriginal and            “My daughter is attending one                 support targeted community
backgrounds other   Torres Strait                of the playgroups. The educator               consultation with hard to reach
than English        Islander                                                                   groups that will inform future
                                                 Joe introduced me to Sam
                                                 (Community Facilitator) because I

902                 67%
                                                 was searching for a job. Sam sent
                                                 me job vacancies and different
is the level of     of students are              workshops that helped me a lot in
disadvantage:       in the bottom
ICSEA valueii       quarter                      cracking interviews. I got selected
                                                 in the first one I applied.”
                                                 - Rujuta, Doveton College parent
                                                                                                                 2020 Roadmap          13

Frankston North
                                              Location: Aldercourt Primary School and
In Frankston North, we know that...8          Mahogany Rise Primary School                       Phase: Pre-implementation - Step 2

                                              Frankston North is primarily a residential area, characterised by low home ownership
                                              rates and high levels of public housing. It is comprised mostly of English-speaking
                                              residents with fewer non-English speaking residents compared to the Victorian
                                              average. A significant proportion (36.2%) of families are one parent families.11

Population, 4,995 (26%) families
                                              In May 2017, the Victorian state government announced it would develop the Frankston
                                              North Education Plan to improve the quality of education in the early, primary and
                                              secondary years, as well as connect more adults into adult learning. Seeing an intersection
                                              of priorities and an opportunity for collaboration, Our Place was approached to work with
                                              the schools. Frankston North Our Place is located in Aldercourt Primary School and
                                              Mahogany Rise Primary School, and also works closely with Monterey Secondary College.

1,309 916
                                              Construction commenced in January 2020 with the view being that all sites are scheduled
                                              to open at the beginning of 2021.
(6.8%) children        Index of Relative
aged from              Socio-economic         Site Implementation Group: DET South Eastern Victoria Region, Frankston City Council,
birth to four          Disadvantagei          Child and Family Centre, Aldercourt Primary School, Mahogany Rise Primary School,
                                              Monterey Secondary College and Colman Foundation (Our Place).

54.7% 30.3%
are full time          are part time
employed               employed
                                                                  2019 –                                      2020 –
At Aldercourt            At Mahogany Rise
                                                                  Looking                                     Moving
Primary School9           Primary School10                        back                                        forward

186                                136
                                                    • Established a shared commitment            • Construction across all sites,
                                                      with the formation of the Site               including an integrated early years
                                                      Implementation Group and an                  learning centre at Aldercourt
           students enrolled in 2018                  Our Place Frankston North                    Primary School and a new single
                                                      Advisory Committee.                          entry that will connect Mahogany

21%                               10%               • Parents started to engage in                 Rise Primary School with the
                                                      activities on-site and share their           existing Child and Family Centre.
         of students have language                    experiences and perspective on             • Engagement with key partners
       backgrounds other than English                 community needs with the Our                 including the Site Implementation
                                                      Place team.                                  Group, Frankston North Advisory

4%                                     4%           • Consultations commenced with                 Group and the wider community to
                                                      approximately 25 local service               support the implementation in 2021
                                                                                                   of the Our Place approach.
      of students identify as Aboriginal              providers to start mapping existing
          and Torres Strait Islander                  services in the area.                      • Consultations will continue
                                                    • Ross Trust committed to $300,000             with local agencies and service

947                               915                 over three years (2020 – 2022),              providers. Community consultations
                                                      and The R.M. Ansett Trust,                   will commence with families
                                                      managed by Equity Trustees                   attending early learning, primary
is the level of disadvantage: ICSEA valueii
                                                      committed as a site partner with             and secondary schools together
                                                                                                   with general community members.

71%                                71%
                                                      $3M over 10 years (2020 – 2029).
                                                                                                 • Continue to make connections and
                                                                                                   listen to the community, to build
     of students are in the bottom quarter                                                         trust and a thorough understanding
                                                                                                   of the needs of the Frankston
14      Our Place                                                                                  North people.

In Mooroopna, we know that...12            Location: Mooroopna Primary School                 Phase: Pre-implementation – Step 1

                                           The Shepparton Education Plan was released by DET in 2018 to boost educational
                                           outcomes by giving young people more options and opportunities, improving the
                                           transition through each stage of education, equipping teachers with more effective
                                           training and resources, and developing contemporary school infrastructure.

Population, 1,993 (25%) families
                                           Our Place will be based at Mooroopna Primary School and will support the Plan by
                                           helping to integrate education, care, health and support services for the benefit of
                                           children and their families.

(5.9%) children
                    Index of Relative
                                                               2019 –
                                                                                                           2020 –
aged from
birth to four
                    Disadvantagei                              back                                        forward
                                                 • Introductory meeting held in               • Build of Early Learning Centre and

54.3% 31.4%
are full time       are part time
                                                   October between DET North
                                                   Eastern Victoria Region, Colman
                                                                                                community space will commence.
                                                                                              • Formation of Site Implementation
                                                   Foundation (Our Place) and
employed            employed                                                                    Group in second half of the year.
                                                   Shepparton City Council, with
                                                   Our Place providing input into the         • Community and services
                                                   design of the new Early Learning             consultation to commence.
At Mooroopna Primary School13                      Centre and community space site
                                                   at Mooroopna Primary School.
                                                 • In November, the Minister for
                                                   Education James Merlino launched
                                                   designs of the new Mooroopna
                                                   Integrated Early Learning Centre.

students enrolled in 2018

of students
                    of students identify
have language       as Aboriginal and
backgrounds other   Torres Strait
than English        Islander

is the level of
                    of students are
disadvantage:       in the bottom
ICSEA valueii       quarter

                                                                                                                 2020 Roadmap     15

In Morwell, we know that...14              Location: Morwell Central Primary School          Phase: Initial implementation - Step 2

                                           Morwell, located in the Latrobe Valley, is an area highly reliant on the energy industry,
                                           particularly coal mining and electricity services. The recent decline of these industries
                                           has placed significant pressure on the community. Morwell experiences higher relative
                                           disadvantage across a number of indicators, including poorer youth engagement,

                                           population health and early childhood outcomes.16

                                           Site Implementation Group: DET South Eastern Victoria Region, Morwell Central
                                           Primary School, Latrobe City Council, Goodstart Early Learning and Colman
                                           Foundation (Our Place).
Population, 3,350 (24%) families

834                 829
(6%) children
aged from
                    Index of Relative
                    Socio-economic                             2019 –                                       2020 –
birth to four       Disadvantagei                              Looking                                      Moving
                                                               back                                         forward
47.2% 28.1%
are full time       are part time
                                                 • The William Buckland Foundation             • Officially open Goodstart Early
                                                   committed as a site partner with              Learning centre on Morwell
employed            employed
                                                   $1.5M over 10 years (2020 – 2029).            Central Primary School campus
                                                 • Established a shared commitment               in Term 1.
                                                   by forming a Site Implementation            • Site Implementation Group to
At Morwell Central Primary School15                Group.                                        formally sign the Site Operating
                                                 • Consolidated partnership between              Agreement.
                                                   Morwell Central Primary School,             • Finalise a three-year Strategic Plan
                                                   Goodstart Early Learning and                  with Site Implementation Group for
                                                   Our Place.                                    operational priorities at Our Place
                                                                                                 at Morwell Central Primary School.

                                                 • Construction of integrated
                                                   Early Learning Centre building              • Potential to include Morwell Park
                                                   completed in December.                        Primary School subject to
                                                                                                 infrastructure funding.

students enrolled in 2018

9%                  13%                          “We’re excited about the potential of what’s ahead for the Morwell
of students         of students identify         community. We’re excited about children being more ready to learn
have language       as Aboriginal and
backgrounds other   Torres Strait
                                                 at primary school due to the integrated services provided on site.
than English        Islander                     We’re excited to work more closely with families on the school site.”
                                                 - Justine Smyth, Principal, Morwell Central Primary School

is the level of
                    of students are
disadvantage:       in the bottom
ICSEA valueii       quarter

16    Our Place

Northern Bay
In Corio, we know that...17                 Location: Northern Bay College, Wexford Campus Phase: Pre-implementation - Step 2

                                            Originally both a residential and industrial area, Corio is experiencing high levels of
                                            socio-economic disadvantage exacerbated by the closure of several large industries
                                            over the last few decades. In recent years the diversity of the community has grown due
                                            to a high number of children and families moving to the area from a broad range of

                                            culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

                                            Wexford(P–8) is one of five campuses at Northern Bay College. A significant number of
                                            children are attending school with vulnerabilities higher than state proportions, with
                                            over a quarter of all Wexford Foundation students vulnerable on one or more domains
Population, 3,797 (25%) families
                                            in 2018.19

(6.3%) children
                     Index of Relative
                                            Site Implementation Group: DET South Western Victoria Region, Northern Bay College,
                                            City of Greater Geelong and Colman Foundation (Our Place).

aged from            Socio-economic
birth to four        Disadvantagei

                                                               2019 –                                     2020 –
49.7% 31.7%                                                    Looking                                    Moving
are full time
                     are part time
                                                               back                                       forward
                                                  • Established Site Implementation           • Site Operating Agreement signed
                                                    Group in July 2019.                         by key partners by Term 1,
At Northern Bay College (Wexford)18               • Conducted initial scoping with              February 2020.
                                                    42 services to introduce the Our          • Formalising a three-year Strategic
                                                    Place approach and gathered                 Plan to set out clear goals and
                                                    local perspectives to understand            priorities for key partners.
                                                    the existing services and
                                                                                              • The new building, including the
                                                    referral processes.
                                                                                                early learning centre, opened in

                                                  • Began initial consultations with            January 2020 and the school
                                                    the local community, building               administration offices will move to
                                                    relationships and initiating                the new building in Term 2 2020.
                                                    warm referral processes to
students enrolled in 2018                           relevant services.

of students
                     of students identify
                                                  “We were advocating for a full-service school model from inception.
                                                  We wanted to make a promise to the community; they had been let
have language        as Aboriginal and            down so many times… I became interested in the work that Julius
backgrounds other    Torres Strait
than English         Islander
                                                  was doing at Doveton and I thought yes, that’s the sort of thing
                                                  we want here... we were going to him saying we are ready to go.”

879                  79%
                                                  - Fred Clarke, original Executive Principal, Northern Bay College

is the level of      of students are
disadvantage:        in the bottom
ICSEA valueii        quarter

                                                                                                                 2020 Roadmap        17

In Robinvale, we know that...20            Location: Robinvale College                        Phase: Pre-implementation - Step 2

                                           The close knit, multi-cultural community of Robinvale is located 95km from Mildura and
                                           140km from Swan Hill, its local government hub. Robinvale was established as a soldier
                                           settlement in 1945 and today it is a centre of horticulture. As the industry expands, more
                                           and more transient workers from many cultures have been able to settle permanently in

                                           the area. Robinvale has several recognized challenges, including geographic isolation,
                                           major housing shortages, limited local facilities, reduced access to locally delivered
                                           services due to transport issues, low levels of education and historically low levels of
                                           consistent attendance at education and early childhood services.
Population, 746 (24%) families
                                           Site Implementation Group: DET North Western Victoria Region, Robinvale College,
                                           Swan Hill Rural City Council, YMCA, Robinvale District Health Services and Colman

229                 871
                                           Foundation (Our Place).

(6.9%) children     Index of Relative
aged from           Socio-economic
birth to four       Disadvantagei
                                                               2019 –                                      2020 –
                                                               Looking                                     Moving
59.5% 24.6%
are full time       are part time
                                                               back                                        forward
employed            employed
                                                 • Signing of the Site Operating              • Commencement of the Early Years
                                                   Agreement in April.                          Quality Practice Framework
                                                 • The Early Learning Centre opened             (EYQPF), a ‘Toolbox’ of assessments
At Robinvale College21                             in Term 2 2019.                              and environmental scans, funded
                                                                                                by Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.
                                                 • Dusseldorp Forum committed as
                                                   a site partner with $1.5M over ten         • Introduction of Baby College,
                                                   years (2019 – 2028).                         an Our Place program to support
                                                                                                mothers from the neo-natal phase
                                                 • In July supported playgroups                 through to the first year of a

                                                   commenced, funded by the                     child’s life.
                                                   Besen Family Foundation.
                                                                                              • Playgroup to be established on
                                                 • IOOF Foundation committed                    the school site in the early
                                                   to funding of after-school                   learning centre.
students enrolled in 2018                          enrichment programs.
                                                                                              • Completion of the community
                                                                                                and agency consultations in

34%                 27%
                                                                                                preparation for developing a
                                                 “Everyone is linked by a                       site strategic plan.
of students         of students identify
have language       as Aboriginal and
                                                 common purpose – same                        • Completion of the school/
                                                 vision, values, exploring                      community library anticipated
backgrounds other   Torres Strait
than English        Islander                                                                    by end 2020.
                                                 each other’s strengths
                                                 and combining them as

is the level of
                    of students are
                                                 a collaborative group.”
                                                 - Mara Richards, CEO, Robinvale
disadvantage:       in the bottom                  District Heath Services
ICSEA valueii       quarter

18    Our Place

In Seymour, we know that...22              Location: Seymour College                          Phase: Pre-implementation - Step 2

                                           Seymour has the highest level of disadvantage in the Mitchell Shire and only 9% of
                                           towns in Australia are more disadvantaged than Seymour.24

                                           Partnership and collaboration will be crucial to the revitalisation of Seymour. In 2016

                                           Mitchell Shire approached Seymour College when it needed to relocate a local
                                           kindergarten, with the idea of establishing a Family and Children’s Centre (FCC) on the
                                           school grounds. It was an ideal opportunity to establish an Our Place site.

                                           Site Implementation Group: DET North Eastern Victoria Region, Department of Health
Population, 1,542 (24%) families
                                           and Human Services (DHHS), Seymour College, Mitchell Shire, Kids First Australia and
                                           Colman Foundation (Our Place).

(6.9%) children
                    Index of Relative
aged from           Socio-economic
birth to four       Disadvantagei
                                                              2019 –                                      2020 –
                                                              Looking                                     Moving
52.5% 34.2%
are full time       are part time
                                                              back                                        forward
employed            employed
                                                 • Our Place commenced in August.             • Establish the Family and Children’s
                                                   A strategic review in Term 4 by              Centre (FCC) at Seymour College
                                                   Seymour College included a way               in January 2020. Work with
At Seymour College23                               to build the Our Place approach              community and partners to
                                                   into the central workings of                 actively collaborate to deliver
                                                   the school.                                  high-quality early learning.
                                                 • Site Implementation Group                  • Continue to work with Seymour
                                                   governance structure revised to              College council, leadership
                                                   incorporate five advisory groups             and staff towards a greater

                                                   and a strategic partnership group            understanding of Our
                                                   as the Family and Children’s Centre          Place approach.
                                                   moves into an operational phase.
                                                                                              • Following broad community
                                                 • Building completed in December               consultation, develop a three-
students enrolled in 2018                          2019, meeting all requirements for           year Strategic Plan that represents
                                                   an Early Learning Centre. Kids First         the goals and aspirations of the

8%                  5%
                                                   Australia appointed as the early             community.
                                                   years’ provider.
                                                                                              • Continuity of learning has been
of students         of students identify         • The William Buckland Foundation              identified by our partners as the
have language       as Aboriginal and              committed as a site partner with             key overarching focus
backgrounds other   Torres Strait                  $1.5M over 10 years (2020 – 2029).
than English        Islander

is the level of
                    of students are
                                                 “Kids First Australia are so excited to be working in partnership
                                                 with Our Place at the Seymour Family and Children’s Centre. Our
disadvantage:       in the bottom
                                                 initial partnership has been very collaborative and respectful of the
ICSEA valueii       quarter                      strengths each organisation brings. We look forward to a long and
                                                 collaborative future together.”
                                                 - Di Earp, Manager, Early Years, Kids First Australia
                                                                                                                 2020 Roadmap        19

In Clayton South, we know that...25        Location: Westall Primary School                   Phase: Pre-implementation - Step 1

                                           Clayton South has a high level of diversity, with 74% of residents speaking languages
                                           other than English.27 Westall Primary School benefits from a colocation with the Westall
                                           Community Hub, which provides a library, early childhood services, social services and
                                           community spaces.

Population, 3,366 (27%) families
                                           Full activation of the Our Place approach to create a shared entrance between the Hub
                                           and the school is subject to infrastructure funding.

847                 957                                        2019 –                                      2020 –
(6.9%) children
aged from
                    Index of Relative
                    Socio-economic                             Looking                                     Moving
birth to four       Disadvantagei
                                                               back                                        forward

are full time
                    are part time
                                                 • Our Place worked with the
                                                   Westall Kindergarten, Kingston
                                                   City Council staff, and community
                                                                                              • In May, partners will undertake
                                                                                                joint planning to review the Our
                                                                                                Place activity at the site to date
employed            employed                       members to deliver Paint the                 and plan for the future, subject to
                                                   Town REaD activities that help               infrastructure funding.
                                                   children get ready for school by
                                                                                              • A Journey Report will be prepared
                                                   encouraging the whole community
At Westall Primary School 26                                                                    to convey how Our Place has
                                                   to read, talk, sing and draw with
                                                                                                worked with the school,
                                                   children from birth.
                                                                                                community, TRY Australia, Kingston
                                                 • Coordination of the 123Read2Me               City Council, and service providers
                                                   program, enabling distribution of            at the Westall Community Hub
                                                   over 5000 books to families in               over the last two years.
                                                   Clayton South.

                                                                                              • Our Place has engaged BRACE
                                                 • More than 60 parents were                    Adult Education to deliver training
                                                   provided support to connect                  in 2020 for people to improve their
                                                   to education and employment                  opportunities with education
students enrolled in 2018                          opportunities.                               and employment.

of students
                    of students identify
                                                 “A highlight at Westall has been the whole of community engagement
                                                 on singing, reading and rhyming to children to support literacy from
have language       as Aboriginal and
backgrounds other   Torres Strait                early years to Foundation students. Everybody has been involved,
than English        Islander                     including the primary school, parents, and general community.”
                                                 - Marie Holmes, Community Facilitator, Our Place Westall

is the level of
                    of students are
disadvantage:       in the bottom
ICSEA valueii       quarter

20    Our Place
2020 – Moving forward
To deliver the Our Place vision, we are focused on the following three strategic
objectives to drive planning and decision-making about our priorities in 2020:

Effective                                        Robust evaluation                             Continue to
implementation                                   with timely and                               build organisation
of the Our Place                                 effective                                     capacity and
approach at all                                  communication                                 capability
sites with fidelity                              of outcomes
Why?                                             Why?                                          Why?
To ensure the best possible chance of            Unless we demonstrate to our                  To support our ability to work effectively
success we must ensure our activities            stakeholders that we are achieving            as a team but also to grow our credibility
are directly linked to the evidence that         tangible, measurable outcomes, ongoing        with key stakeholders including
underpins the elements of the Our                support will eventually diminish and the      Government, philanthropy and
Place approach.                                  opportunity for system change                 service providers.
                                                 will disappear.

To achieve these objectives our plans at the organisation level
for 2020 include the following significant activities:
• Add expertise and leadership in evaluation,                        • Investigate strategic partnerships with service organisations
  implementation and communications.                                   to support fidelity in Our Place elements across our sites.
• Grow deeper understanding of the Our Place approach with           • Embed “Whole of Victorian Government” governance
  employees and partners through education and training.               process to access relevant service delivery areas of
                                                                       government to support and/or complement Our Place
• Develop a long-term evaluation project proposal with
                                                                       activities in our communities.
  longitudinal study that leverages the 10-year
  implementation of Our Place across ten sites to evaluate           • Grow the Our Place Philanthropic Alliance by adding
  the full impacts including cost benefits of Our Place over           partners and implement Alliance reporting, planning
  time and secure project funding.                                     and engagement processes to access partners’
                                                                       capability and knowledge.
• Begin planning for an Our Place Conference with the intent
  to share information regarding progress of Our Place
  implementation at scale.
• Implement site data collection and reporting processes
  including establishing site dashboards.
• Embed/establish networks of key external roles in Our
  Place sites (notably Principals, Early Years Providers, Site
  Implementation Group Chairs and Local Government).
• Develop “Continuity of Learning” approach across
  early years’ learning and primary school.

                                                                                                                      2020 Roadmap     21
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22    Our Place
i   IRSD is the index within SEIFA Index that gives a general      ii ICSEA gives an indication of the level of the school’s
    socioeconomic index that summarises a range of information        education advantage based on parents’ occupation, parents’
    about the economic and social countdown of people and             education, a schools geographical region and proportion of
    households within an area. It only measures disadvantage          Indigenous students. The average score is 1000. Lower the
    and the index has a base of 1000 for Australia: scores above      score, the lower the schools educational advantage.
    1000 indicate relative lack of disadvantage and those below
    indicate relatively greater disadvantage. Many variables
    contribute to this index, with low income a strong indicator
    of disadvantage.

                                                                                                              2020 Roadmap    23
Our Place Head Office
Part of 64 Tristania St
Doveton, VIC 3177
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