2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

                           Welcome to ANU                    You will have the chance to learn from some of
                                                             the world’s best teachers who are at the forefront
                           It gives me great pleasure        of their fields and you will become part of a lively
                           to introduce you to our           intellectual community.
                           undergraduate student
                           guide for 2021.                   Everyone at the University stands for the highest
                                                             possible standards of ethical behaviour and we support
                           Choosing where you will           the kind of inclusive and diverse environment that leads
                           go to study after you have        to more original thinking and better outcomes for our
                           finished school is one of the     community, the nation and the world.
                           most important decisions
                           that you will ever make.          If you want to change the world, if you want to shape
                                                             the future, if you want to make a real difference, ANU
I made the decision to join ANU because I believe that       will help you get there. Our graduates are amongst
ANU is a world leader in providing both students and         the most employable around the globe and our alumni
staff the most incredible opportunities to transform their   include many of the world’s movers and shakers.
own lives and truly change the world.
                                                             Long after they have graduated, our students continue
Our university motto is “First, to learn the nature of       to connect through our extensive Alumni Relations
things”. We have created an environment that allows          program, creating extensive professional and social
great minds to reach their potential through excellence      networks around the world.
in teaching, providing transformative opportunities
                                                             I am pleased to invite you to join us at ANU to undertake
for growth and encouraging confidence to explore
                                                             your undergraduate studies and look forward to
new ideas.
                                                             welcoming you into our community.
Our community consists of bright and engaged
                                                             Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC
students who come from across Australia, our region          Vice-Chancellor and President
and around the world, giving you the chance to meet
amazing people and build lifelong friendships.
Our students are central to everything we do here
at ANU. We encourage students to live right here
on our beautiful parkland campus in the national
capital, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the
University community.

Science precinct, ANU
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

About Canberra                                                                    2                Global opportunities                                                    15
About ANU                                                                         3                Single degree programs                                                  16
Your career starts now                                                            4                Flexible Double Degrees                                                 20
How to apply                                                                      6                Undergraduate Research Degrees                                          22
Adjustment factors                                                                7                Flexible Vertical Double Degrees                                        24
The Co-Curricular or Service Requirement                                          8                FVDD Combinations                                                       25
Indigenous opportunities                                                        10                 Plan your degree                                                        26
Scholarships                                                                    11                 Support services                                                        28
Accommodation                                                                   12                 Tuition, fees & financial assistance                                    29
Internships                                                                     14

The International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) is a collaboration                      The Group of Eight (Go8) is a coalition of leading Australian universities,
of 11 of the world's leading research-intensive universities that share a                          comprehensive in general and professional education and distinguished
similar vision and have a commitment to educating future leaders.                                  by depth and breadth in research.

Correct at the time of publishing, February 2020 by the The Australian National University. CRICOS Provider Number: 00120C
No undertakings are binding on the University unless they are obtained in an official letter from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(Academic). The University may vary the selection ranks, other entrance scores and requirements, content and availability of
programs and courses, and costs and charges applied to the courses outlined in this guide. The University reserves the right to
change the contents of courses and not to offer all courses listed in this guide.
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

                                       #1 most liveable city in the world                 1

                                       #3 best city to visit in the world             3

                                       #23 best student city in the world                     2

    25% of Canberra’s                           25% of Canberra’s                                 Highest proportion
    population are                              population were                                   of campus
    students 4                                  born overseas 4                                   accommodation
                                                                                                  in Australia

    Short                                       3 hours drive from
    commute                                     Sydney to Canberra                                Schools
    times                                                                                         Enrichment
                                                                                                  If you’re in years 10 to 12, the
                                                                                                  Schools Enrichment Program
                                                Campus tours                                      (SEP) set on the ANU campus
                                                                                                  is an amazing opportunity to
                                                A great way to get a vibe for                     experience what it’s like to
                                                studying at ANU is to take a campus
                                                                                                  learn at Australia's national
    2 hours drive from                          tour. No one tour is the same as we
                                                                                                  university. You’ll participate in
                                                design them especially for you.
    Canberra to the snow                                                                          workshops covering a range
                                                Personalised tours can be                         of disciplines from Fine Arts to
    and the sea                                 booked between 10am−5pm                           Astrophysics and everything
                                                Monday to Friday (excluding                       in between. The program
                                                public holidays). Bookings                        runs during the Semester 1
                                                are essential. General ANU                        and 2 teaching periods and
                                                Campus Tours are also                             suits local and visiting student
                                                available on Saturdays.
                                                                                                  groups. For more information,
1. 2019 Numbeo Quality of Life Index
                                                Go online to                                      go to anu.edu.au/sep
2. QS Best Student Cities 2019
3. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2018            anu.edu.au/campus-tours
4. Study Canberra

2       The Australian National University
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

Our University                Our students                                          Our graduates

#1                             25,500                                               #5
university                     total number                                         most employable
in Australia1                  of students                                          graduates in Australia1

#29                            12,800                                               #66
university                     undergraduate                                        most employable
in the world1                  students                                             graduates in the world1

#12                            6,000                                                $5k
most international             students living                                      higher average salary
university in the world 2      on campus                                            for ANU graduates 4

                               5 star
                               rating for
                               staff-to-student ratio 3

                                To keep up to date on prospective student
6                               events, go to anu.edu.au/study/events
Nobel Prize winners
among our staff             1. QS World University Rankings 2020 2. Times Higher Education Rankings 2019
and alumni                  3. Good Universities Guide 2020 4. Graduates in full-time employment in the medium-term
                            compared to national median, Graduate Outcomes Survey 2018

                                                                                       2021 Undergraduate Student Guide   3
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

The chart will help you match areas of study at school with degree
programs, and possible career paths. Keep in mind that this is a
guide – you won’t be limited to these pathways.

                                Possible careers                               ANU programs                       Areas of study that I enjoy

                                                                                B. Accounting
                                                                          B. Actuarial Studies
                                                                  B. Business Administration

                                                                                                                               Business and
                                                                                 B. Commerce                   Business

            Consultant                                                           B. Economics                Economics
          Data analyst                  Management
                                                                                    B. Finance                  Finance
            Economist/          Marketing manager                B. Finance, Economics and                  International
           share trader                    Politician/                       Statistics (Hons)                    studies
          Entrepreneur                 policy adviser               B. International Business
      Financial adviser                 Stock broker               B. Mathematical Sciences
          International                                                B. Politics, Philosophy
                                                                              and Economics                    Statistics
    business and trade
    Investment banker                                            B. Social Sciences (Hons in
                                                              Actuarial Studies & Economics)
                                                                                   B. Statistics

                                                                                                                               Creative arts
        Artist/musician                                        B. Arts (Major in nearly 50 different           Ceramics

                                                                                                                                and design
         Arts historian                                              fields! Including: Creative arts,   Creative design
                                         Digital artist          languages, history, human rights,
                 Author                                           international relations, sociology,          Film and
                                        Entrepreneur                                                       photography
             Composer                                                   anthropology and more … )
               Cultural                                        B. Art History and Curatorship            Graphic design
       events manager                                                                    B. Design                Music
                Curator                                                                   B. Music            Visual arts
               Designer                                                             B. Visual Arts           Woodwork

                                                                                                                            computing and

                                                              B. Advanced Computing (Hons)
                                          Consultant                                                         Computing

                                                           B. Advanced Computing (Research

     Engineer (civil, petroleum, mechanical, electrical,                                                 Creative Design
        biomedical, mechatronic, renewable and more)                and Development) (Hons)
                                                                    B. Applied Data Analytics               Engineering
                                   Game developer
                                                                         B. Engineering (Hons)            Environmental
                                         IT specialist                                                          Studies
                                                                B. Engineering (Research and
                                    Project manager                                                               Maths
                                                                        Development) (Hons)
                                Software developer                                                               Physics
                                                                   B. Information Technology
                         Technology entrepreneur                                                               Robotics
                                                                                       B. Science
          Technology researcher and developer                                                                  Software
                                                              B. Software Engineering (Hons)

4         The Australian National University
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow
Areas of study that I enjoy             ANU programs                        Possible careers

                                                                            Business analyst
                                        B. Arts                             Defence official

                                        B. Criminology                      Detective/criminal profiler
     Law and

                                        B. International Security Studies   Diplomat
                                        B. Laws (Hons)                      Intelligence officer
                                        B. Public Policy                    Journalist
                      Legal studies
                                        B. Political Science                Judge
                                        B. Politics, Philosophy             Lawyer
                      Psychology        and Economics                       Politician/policy adviser
                                        B. Psychology (Hons)                Psychologist

                                        B. Biotechnology
                      Biology           B. Environment
                                        and Sustainability                  Chemist
    Maths and

                      Chemistry                                             Communications
                                        B. Genetics                                                     Psychologist

                      Environmental                                         officer
                      studies           B. Health Science                                               Science researcher
                                        B. Mathematical Sciences                                        Scientist (hundreds
                      Human movement                                        scientist
                                        B. Medical Science                                              of specialisations)
                      Maths                                                 Forester
                                        B. Philosophy (PhB) (Hons)                                      Teacher
                      Physics                                               Genetic counsellor
                                        B. Psychology (Hons)                                            Zookeeper
                      Psychology                                            Geologist
                                        B. Science
                      Science                                               Medical adviser
                                        B. Science (Psychology)
                                                                            Policy adviser
                                        B. Science (Advanced) (Hons)

                                        B. Archaeological Practice          Aid and development
    Social sciences

    and humanities

                                        B. Arts
                      English           B. Asia-Pacific Affairs             Author                      Journalist
                                        B. Asian Studies                    Diplomat                    Politician/policy
                                        B. Classical Studies                Editor                      adviser
                      Global studies    B. Development Studies
                                                                            Foreign                     Researcher
                      History           B. European Studies
                                                                            correspondent               Scriptwriter
                      Languages         B. International Relations
                                        B. Languages (28 to choose from)    Heritage consultant         Teacher
                      Social sciences                                       Historian                   Tourism manager
                                        B. Middle Eastern and Central
                      Sociology         Asian Studies                       International
                                        B. Pacific Studies                  business and trade
                                        B. Philosophy (PhB) (Hons)          Interpreter/translator

                                                                                 2021 Undergraduate Student Guide             5
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

    Apply direct to ANU                                                                   Direct application
    1. Check you're eligible to submit a direct                                           > 4 March 2020
       Admission, Scholarships and Accommodation                                            Direct applications to
       application                                                                          ANU open

      >> You can complete a direct application if you are a domestic Australian school    > 25 May 2020
         leaver in 2020, wanting to apply for an undergraduate program that starts          Direct applications to
         in 2021.
                                                                                            ANU close
      >> Australian school leavers mean those who will complete an Australian Year 12
         or International Baccalaureate Diploma (November session).                       > 10 August 2020
      >> You can also apply for campus accommodation and all available scholarships         Conditional offers released
         in the same application.
                                                                                          > 7 September 2020
                                                                                            Conditional offer
    2. Consider which programs are best for you                                             acceptance deadline
       >> Choose from over 50 bachelor degrees, or combine degrees to study a
          flexible double degree program. To find out which degree suits your interests   > 14 December 2020
          and career goals, see page 4 and 5.                                               ATARs begin to
       >> Some degrees require you to have studied specific subjects in Year 12.            be released
          Before you apply, make sure you're eligible for your chosen degree by
          checking the prerequisites on page 16.                                          > From late
                                                                                            December 2020
                                                                                            Final offers begin to
    3. Check you meet the co-curricular                                                     be released
       or service requirement
                                                                                          > January 2021
       >> All domestic school leavers are required to meet the requirement.                 Final offer acceptance
       >> You can find out more about the requirement on page 8.                            deadline

                                                                                          > 15 February 2021
    4. Apply direct to ANU                                                                  ANU Orientation Week
       >> Great work! You're now ready to apply.
                                                                                          > 22 February 2021
       >> Remember applications open on 4 March 2020 and close
          on 25 May 2020.                                                                   Classes commence

    Apply through UAC                                                                     UAC application
    If you do not meet the criteria to submit a direct application to ANU, don’t
    worry, you can apply to ANU via UAC (The Universities Admissions Centre).             > August 2020
    You can submit a UAC application if you’re:
                                                                                             UAC applications open
       >> not a school-leaver, e.g., a gap year student
       >> seeking admission as a mature-age applicant                                     > 2021 Closing date
       >> transferring from another institution                                              Refer to uac.edu.au
       >> otherwise not a domestic Australian school-leaver.

6      The Australian National University
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

ANU Bachelor degree programs with a minimum selection rank requirement of 80.00-97.00 may receive up to 5 subject/
performance-based and 10 equity-based adjustment factors. ANU Bachelor degree programs with a minimum selection rank
requirement of 98.00 or above may receive up to 5 equity-based adjustment factors. ANU allocates National Access Scheme
adjustment factors for high achievement in nationally strategic senior secondary subjects and in recognition of difficult circumstances
that you may have faced in your studies. Refer to anu.edu.au/study/apply/national-access-scheme
You may be considered for adjustment factors if you have:
>> applied directly to ANU or through UAC for an eligible ANU                         >> achieved an ATAR or equivalent at or above 70
   Bachelor degree program
                                                                                      >> not previously attempted tertiary study.
>> undertaken Australian Year 12 or International Baccalaureate

Educational Access Scheme (Equity) Schedule Domestic Applicants
                 Equity                                                                                  Equity
 EAS type                            EAS category and description                       EAS type                           EAS category and description
                 adjustments                                                                             adjustments

                                       F01A–Youth Allowance/Austudy/                                                       H03A–Care of children/other
                  Up to 6                                                                                Up to 6
                                       Abstudy                                                                             family members
                                                                                                                           H03B–Required to work to
                  Up to 6              F01B–Other Centrelink income                     family           Up to 6
 Financial                                                                                                                 support family
                  Up to 6              F01C–Exceptional financial hardship                               Up to 3           H03C–Sole responsibility for care of self

                                       F01D–Parental Family Tax Benefit
                  6                                                                                                        H04A–Abuse to applicant, parent/s,
                                       Part A                                           Abuse            Up to 5
                                                                                                                           or sibling/s

                                      H01A–Death of immediate family
                  Up to 5                                                               English
                                      member/close friend                                                                  L01A–ESL/started school in Australia
                                                                                        language         Up to 3
                                                                                                                           in Year 11 or 12
                                      H01B–Life-threatening or severe
                  Up to 5
                                      illness of immediate family
 Severe                                                                                                                    P01A–Disability or long-term
                                      H01C–Divorce or separation of                     Illness /        Up to 5
 family           Up to 5                                                                                                  medical condition
                                      parents or applicant                              disability

                  Up to 5            H01D–Legal matters                                                  Up to 3           S01C–Rural school

                                     H04B – Currently or previously                     School                             S01D–Studying Year 12 subjects by
                  6                                                                                      Up to 5
                                     placed with an OOHC provider                       environment                        distance education or Access program

 Refugee                                                                                                                   AG01 – Residing in a low
                  6                  R01A–Refugee status                                                 6
 status                                                                                                                    socio-economic area.

Disclaimer: Correct at time of print February 2020. Adjustment factors are reviewed annually, please refer to anu.edu.au/study/apply/anu-adjustment-factors

     Elite Athlete Adjustments
     ANU is an Elite Athlete Friendly University. We will provide
     additional support if you are recognised as an elite athlete
     by the Australian Sports Commission’s AIS Personal
     Excellence program. If you are an elite athlete or sporting
     coach, you may be eligible for five elite athlete adjustments.
     >> anu.edu.au/students/health-safety-wellbeing/access-

                                                                                                                         2021 Undergraduate Student Guide              7
2021 DOMESTIC - Study Work Grow

To apply to ANU, you have to meet our co-curricular or service requirements*.
Check to see if you have met the requirements before you apply.

Skill to succeed                                                                   How the co-curricular or service
The skills you gain outside of the classroom matter. These                         requirement works
experiences will help you succeed at university and increase
your employability upon graduation. At ANU you'll have                             >> The co-curricular or service requirement is a threshold
the opportunity to develop these skills further through                               which is either met or not met. We won’t rank you against
participating in internships, international exchange programs                         other applicants.
and much more.
                                                                                   >> The requirement won't modify your ATAR or ANU selection
In your application, you will have the opportunity to tell                            rank. You must meet it in addition to other admission
us what your learnt outside the classroom. These include                              requirements that apply to your preferred program.
activities such as volunteering, part-time work, caring for a
family member or playing sport.                                                    >> The requirements can be met through activities that were
                                                                                      completed in Years 10, 11 or 12; and must be met at the
                                                                                      time of application.
Meeting the co-curricular                                                          >> Supporting documentation must be submitted to confirm
                                                                                      your participation in activities. Example documentation and
or service requirement                                                                templates are available for download.
To gain admission to ANU, you will be required to meet the                         For more information and to check if you’ve met the
co-curricular or service requirement in addition to meeting                        co-curricular or service requirement, see:
the academic requirements for your preferred ANU program                           anu.edu.au/study/apply
The matrix on the next page provides examples of the type of
activities that we recognise.
Each activity is mapped against seven skills:
>> Creative and Critical Thinking
>> Community Engagement
>> Inclusion and Awareness of Diversity
>> Communication
>> Leadership
>> Personal Responsibility
>> Teamwork
You have met the co-curricular or service requirement when
you can demonstrate that you've attained at least three of
seven skills.

* If you are a domestic Australian school leaver in 2020,wanting to apply for an
undergraduate degree starting in 2021.

8        The Australian National University
Community             Inclusion &      Communication          Leadership           Personal             Teamwork              Creative
engagement            awareness                                                  responsibility                               & critical
                      of diversity                                                                                            thinking

Academic Extension Activities                                          Educational and Scholastic Activities
Research Programs                                                      Educational Competition,
Summer Academic Programs                                               Test or Challenge (Individual)

Academic Enrichment Programs                                           Educational Competition,
                                                                       Test or Challenge (Team)
International Academic
Exchange                                                               International Educational
                                                                       Competition, Test or Challenge
Community and Service Activities
                                                                       International Educational
Volunteering                                                           Competition, Test or
Leadership in Community                                                Challenge (Team)
Engagement                                                             Youth Forums
Member of a Community or                                               International Youth Forums
School-based Club
                                                                       United Nations
Student Council                                                        Youth Association or
School Captaincy                                                       Youth Parliament
Girl Guides, Scouts, Cadets                                            Public Speaking
(or similar)                                                           Model United Nations or
Caring for a family member or                                          Debating
individual with specific needs                                         Conducting an
(Primary and Secondary carer                                           Animal Show/Exhibition
roles included)
Creative and Performance Activities
                                                                       Paid Employment
Creative Art (Individual)
                                                                       Work Experience
                                                                       Gaming, Sport and Fitness Activities
Creative Art (Team)
                                                                       Sport, Games and Online
Creative Performance                                                   Gaming (Individual)
                                                                       Sport, Games and Online
Creative Performance or
                                                                       Gaming (Team)
Production Cast or Crew
member (Group)                                                         Coaching or Leading a Sport,
Lead Performer or Lead                                                 Game or Online Gaming
Crew Member of a Creative                                              Activity
Production                                                             Umpiring a Sport, Game or
                                                                       Online Gaming Activity
Duke of Edinburgh
Gold or Silver Award

 Some activities have minimum commitment requirements. For additional detail on the activities recognised as meeting the co-curricular or
 service requirements, see: anu.edu.au/study/apply

 This process will:                                                       This process will not:
     perate as a simple threshold which is met when an applicant
 –– o                                                                     –– competitively rank students by the activities they undertake
    has attained 3 out of 7 skills                                        –– change a student’s ATAR, or impact other entry requirements
 –– highlight skills that enhance employability outcomes                  –– replace ANU adjustment factors

                                                                                                   2021 Undergraduate Student Guide         9

As Australia’s national university, we strive to lead the way when it comes
to acknowledging, celebrating and supporting our Indigenous people.

With this in mind, we make a point of maximising opportunities
for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Tjabal Indigenous Higher
Education Centre
‘Tjabal’ describes the return of people and clans to a central
meeting place—a homeland. Bringing these experiences,
knowledges, and memories together allows us to share and
grow as a community. At the Tjabal Centre, you will find
Indigenous students and staff strongly committed to improving
education outcomes and achieving study and career goals that
positively impact Indigenous communities.
The Tjabal Centre provides:
>> academic support and advice
>> pastoral care and personal support
>> access to free, high quality tuition
>> advice on internships and scholarships
>> access to ANU services, including the health centre,
   careers and academic skills and learning
>> outreach programs for prospective ANU students
>> study spaces, a computer laboratory and lockers
                                                                 Zoe Turner
>> bikes for cross-campus use.
                                                                 Bachelor of Actuarial Studies
                                                                 "I grew up moving around a lot in Queensland
Indigenous pathway                                               and Tasmania. A constant in my life has been my
All Indigenous students who want to study at university should   culture. I applied to ANU because of its strong
be able to do just that.                                         reputation both academically and in its community.
                                                                 As a Torres Strait Islander student, knowing that
>> Priority admission when applying directly to ANU. This
                                                                 ANU has a strong Indigenous community has
   means that if you meet the admission requirements for
   your ANU program of choice and declare your Indigenous
                                                                 made the transition to Canberra and university life
   heritage, you will be given preference.                       much easier. Seeking out support when you need
                                                                 it will improve your university experience so much,
>> anu.edu.au/indigenous-pathways                                and knowing that the Tjabal Centre is always
                                                                 there, will put you at ease. In addition, attending
                                                                 Tjabal events will open up opportunities and allow
                                                                 you to meet new, fabulous people. I’ve enjoyed
                                                                 my time at ANU immensely and look forward to
                                                                 using what I have learned to make a contribution
                                                                 to my culture."

10     The Australian National University

You can apply for a wide range of scholarships at ANU to help make
university more affordable.

Scholarships are awarded for a range of things including
academic merit, financial need, and equity and accessibility,
                                                                   The Love Scholarship
and can help to offset the cost of tuition, accommodation          Love Scholarships give a helping hand to students who have
and travel expenses among other things. Some of our                faced life circumstances that pose a serious and sustained
scholarships include:                                              challenge to their ability to study at university. Love Scholarships
                                                                   promote and support equity and diversity at ANU.
The Tuckwell Scholarship                                           >> Students who apply through UAC are required to apply
                                                                      for scholarships separately. Students who submit a direct
The most transformational undergraduate scholarship program           application to ANU in 2021 can choose to be considered for
in Australia is made possible through the generosity of ANU           all available scholarships.
alumnus Graham Tuckwell and his wife Louise. The scholarships
are funded by the largest ever contribution made by an             >> To see our full range of scholarships and eligibility
Australian to an Australian university.                               requirements, go to anu.edu.au/scholarships
Applications for students commencing in 2021 open early March
2020 and close end of March 2020.

National Indigenous University
Scholarship & National Indigenous
Merit Scholarship
The objectives of the National Indigenous University Scholarship
(NIUS) and National Indigenous Merit Scholarship (NIMS) are to
acknowledge the academic excellence of Indigenous students
in secondary school studies and provide assistance with costs
related to tertiary studies.
To be considered for the NIUS, an ATAR 95.00 and above or
equivalent, with no adjustment factors, must be achieved.
To be considered for the NIMS, an ATAR between 90.00 to
94.94 or equivalent, with no adjustment factors, must be
achieved. Additional eligibility criteria apply.

National University Scholarship                                       Taylor Heslington
The National University Scholarship (NUS) is to acknowledge the       Flexible Double: Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/
academic excellence of students in secondary school studies           Bachelor of International Security Studies
and provide assistance with costs related to tertiary studies.
                                                                      I came to Canberra from a regional town in
To be considered for the NUS an ATAR 99.90 and above or
equivalent, with no adjustment factors, must be achieved.             Victoria after being lucky enough to receive an
Additional eligibility criteria apply.                                ANU Equity Accommodation Scholarship and
                                                                      Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust
                                                                      Commemorative Bursary. With these to support
Australian National Scholarship                                       me, I’ve been able live on campus, study and take
Each year the Australian National University may offer up to 25       part in both my residence’s and the ANU wider
awards known as the Australian National Scholarship.                  community without major financial pressure.
The award is to provide access and support to talented students       Studying and living at ANU has also given me
from disadvantaged backgrounds.                                       a wealth of opportunities to do the things I’m
                                                                      passionate about, including being a volunteer and
Australian Excellence Scholarship                                     participating in my residence’s arts events and
                                                                      student committees.
The Australian Excellence Scholarship is to acknowledge the
                                                                      All you have to do to get the most of your ANU
achievement and provide financial assistance and support the
top three student's achieving the highest ANU selection rank or       experience is have the courage to join in.
ATAR in each Australian state and territory.

                                                                                                2021 Undergraduate Student Guide     11

Be a part of a vibrant and inclusive residential community on campus

ANU Residential Experience                                           Cost of living
Broaden your student experience and develop lifelong friendships     Canberra is Australia’s national capital and has a moderate to
and networks by choosing to live on campus in an ANU                 high cost of living. In addition to accommodation costs, you’ll
residential hall.                                                    need to budget for other expenses, such as food, entertainment,
                                                                     public transport fares, textbooks, clothing and stationery.
As well as having Canberra’s CBD, your classes, gyms and
much more on your doorstep, you’ll be joining a world-class          You can keep costs down by shopping at low-cost supermarkets
campus community that’s all about expanding your horizons            such as Aldi, Big W, Target and Kmart. Buying produce that is in
and helping you get the most out of your ANU study experience.       season and cooking your own meals can also help you manage
                                                                     your budget, as can buying clothes second-hand at charity shops
Your hall will have its own ethos, character and social and
                                                                     or online marketplaces.
academic life. As a resident, you’ll become part of an exciting
and diverse community that supports your safety and                  Using public transport rather than driving a car will also save you
wellbeing 24/7 and provides amazing opportunities to make            money. Both Canberra and the ANU campus are bike friendly
lifelong friendships and build those ever-important career-          and the local light-rail and bus services are great ways to get
enhancing networks.                                                  around the city.
As well as access to residential staff and student advisers, who     Also, once you’re on campus, you won’t have to go far to
will help you settle into campus life and link you to support        access reasonably priced retail outlets and eateries. Summer
services whenever you need them, living at the heart of campus       markets, book-swap opportunities and student entertainment
will put you within easy reach of an exciting range of academic,     events are just some of the events on offer at Kambri, our
cultural, sporting and social activities.                            innovation and cultural hub.
ANU offers both self-catered and catered rooms and can make          You can estimate your university expenses with this calculator
it easier for you to settle into university life by guaranteeing a   insiderguides.com.au/cost-of-living-calculator.
place in one of our residential halls if you’re eligible.
Explore each of our residential halls now at
anu.edu.au/study/accommodation to find one that suits you.

                                                     Accommodation Guarantee
                                                     If you’re moving to Canberra from interstate, we guarantee you
                                                     somewhere to live on campus during your first year of university.
                                                     Please refer to anu.edu.au/study/accommodation for application
                                                     information and deadlines.

12     The Australian National University
Brittany Mashado
                                                                                                    Flexible Double Degree, Bachelor of
                                                                                                    Politics, Philosophy, Economics/Bachelor
                                                                                                    of Laws (Hons)
                                                                                                    "Leaving home is hard. One of the scariest
                                                                                                    things I have done in my life was taking
                                                                                                    the leap from the safety of my family
                                                                                                    and community in Adelaide to move to
                                                                                                    Canberra for university study. It is also
                                                                                                    the best decision I have made to date.
                                                                                                    As someone who is extremely close to
                                                                                                    my family, I never expected to settle in so
                                                                                                    quickly at ANU.
                                                                                                    Since arriving in Canberra I have made
                                                                                                    some of my closest friends and had
                                                                                                    continuous pastoral support from the
                                                                                                    Senior Resident team. I have had academic
                                                                                                    support from lecturers, tutors and older
                                                                                                    students and spent countless mealtimes
                                                                                                    sitting in the dining hall thinking how
                                                                                                    grateful I am to be at ANU. The University's
                                                                                                    educational quality speaks for itself; the
                                                                                                    only thing that made me hesitant about
                                                                                                    moving was leaving my family. But now I
                                                                                                    call ANU home, and my College my family."

2020 residential fees
Residence/Hall/                         Catering                 Weekly                   Registration              Refundable              Residents'
College/Lodge                           style                    rent ($)                 fee ($)                   deposit ($)             Committee fee ($)
                                                                                          (once only)                                       (per year)

Bruce Hall*                             Catered                  from $432.50             $300.00                   $1,000.00               $180.00

Burgmann College*                       Catered                  from $444.59             $471.00                   $1,000.00               $210.00

John XXIII College*                     Catered                  from $438.90             $295.00                     $300.00               $300.00

Ursula Hall*                            Catered                  from $409.00             $300.00                   $1,000.00               $190.00

Burton & Garran Hall                    Self-catered             from $234.00             $300.00                   $1,000.00               $150.00

Fenner Hall                             Self-catered             from $295.00             $300.00                   $1,000.00               $235.00

Davey Lodge**                           Self-catered             from $264.36             $300.00                   Four weeks' rent        $125.00

Kinloch Lodge**                         Self-catered             from $274.76             $300.00                   Four weeks' rent        $125.00

Warrumbul Lodge**                       Self-catered             from $249.00             $300.00                   Four weeks' rent        $125.00

Lena Karmel Lodge**                     Self-catered             from $252.00             $300.00                   Four weeks' rent        $125.00

Wamburun Hall                           Self-catered             from $295.00             $300.00                   $1,000.00               $185.00

Wright Hall***                          Flexi-catered            from $408.00             $300.00                   $1,000.00               $200.00

* 21 meals per week.                    Please note:
** 	Additional utilities/data charge   Some halls, colleges and lodges charge extra for phone, internet connections and other services.
    of $29 per week included.           The fees listed in the table are for 2020 and subject to change. Go to anu.edu.au/study/accommodation for updates on
*** 16 meals per week                   current fees and any other costs involved. All figures in this table are in Australian dollars.

                                                                                                                        2021 Undergraduate Student Guide       13

Get job-ready skills and contribute to something bigger than you. Take on
some amazing internships here and overseas, some of which are exclusive
to ANU.

Australian National Internships
An elite opportunity for you to undertake a 12-week
research-oriented internship with organisations like the
ACT Legislative Assembly, government departments and
agencies, embassies and diplomatic missions, national
cultural institutions, leading NGOs, industry organisations,
think-tanks and policy research centres.
The Australian National Internships Program (ANIP) is the
only university program that offers Australian Commonwealth
Parliamentary Internships. Interns are based in the offices
of Members of Parliament and Senators and engage with a
range of portfolio activities that shape national policymaking.
>> anip.anu.edu.au

Taiwan Public Policy Internship
Head to Taiwan and undertake a six-week research
internship with a department or agency in the
Taiwanese Government.                                             Yasmin Sahihi
The Taiwan Public Policy Internship Program can be                Flexible Double: Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/
undertaken by students of the ANU School of Politics and          Bachelor of Economics
International Relations for course credit.
                                                                  ANU has given me the once-in-a-lifetime
                                                                  opportunities and adventures that come with
Washington Internship Program                                     being a student of a world-class university – and
                                                                  through these opportunities, I’m getting to see the
Offered through the ANU School of Politics and                    impact on the world of the things I’m learning on a
International Relations, you will get to experience political     day-to-day basis.
life in Washington DC over seven weeks in the United
States Congress.                                                  During one of my semester breaks, I was fortunate
                                                                  enough to take part in a public health study tour
You’ll work in the offices of Members of Congress or on
                                                                  and to be financially supported to study at local
the staff of Congressional committees while completing a
                                                                  hospitals in Yogyakarta, Depok and Jakarta in
program of research on a specialised aspect of American
government, politics, and public policy.                          Indonesia. At all of these hospitals, I learned about
                                                                  implementing public health programs in developing
                                                                  countries and different geographical areas.
                                                                  This year, I am excited about being part of a team of
                                                                  ANU students who will be volunteering as paralegals
                                                                  in the Kimberley region of remote Western Australia,
                                                                  where we will be supporting lawyers working to get
                                                                  justice for Indigenous Australians.
                                                                  Every day that I’m at ANU, I get closer to
                                                                  completing my degree while gaining new degrees
                                                                  of experience.

14     The Australian National University

Expand your outlook and include overseas experience in your study program.

Student Exchange                                                    IARU Global Summer Program
Overseas travel gives you opportunities to study courses beyond     ANU is the only Australian member of the International Alliance
those offered at ANU, make friends and form global networks,        of Research Universities (IARU)
and to build skills and knowledge that can expand your
                                                                    Through IARU, you can study at some of the world’s top
career options.
                                                                    universities for up to six weeks and connect with outstanding
You can undertake a traditional exchange opportunity with one       peers around the world.
of our 170 partner universities across 39 countries. Apply to
spend one or two semesters at a leading university in one of        IARU Partner Universities
these distinctive destinations, while you earn credits towards
your ANU degree.                                                    >>   University of Cambridge, UK
                                                                    >>   Yale University, USA
Destinations                                                        >>   University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Europe                 Indo-Pacific            North &              >>   ETH Zurich, Switzerland
                                               South America        >>   University of Tokyo, Japan
>>   Austria           >>   Brunei
>>   Belgium           >>   China              >>   Brazil          >>   University of Oxford, UK
>>   Czech Republic    >>   French Polynesia   >>   Canada          >>   University of California, Berkeley, USA
>>   Denmark           >>   Hong Kong          >>   Chile
                                                                    >>   Peking University, China
>>   Finland           >>   India              >>   Colombia
>>   France            >>   Indonesia          >>   Mexico          >>   National University of Singapore
>>   Germany           >>   Japan              >>   Peru            >>   University of Cape Town, South Africa
>>   Hungary           >>   Myanmar            >>   United States
                            New Caledonia
                            New Zealand
                                                    of America
                                                                    Year in Asia
>>   The Netherlands   >>   Singapore                               Year in Asia is designed to help you establish yourself as
>>   Norway            >>   South Korea                             a future leader in the region and the experience will build
>>   Portugal          >>   Taiwan                                  on the strengths of your three-year degree, helping you to
>>   Spain             >>   Thailand                                further develop language and cultural proficiencies.
>>   Sweden
                                                                    To be eligible you must be enrolled in one of the seven
>>   Switzerland
                                                                    eligible base degrees:
>>   Turkey
>>   United Kingdom                                                 >> Bachelor of Arts                >> Bachelor of International
                                                                    >> Bachelor of Asian Studies          Security Studies
                                                                    >> Bachelor of                     >> Bachelor of Languages
                                     David Chieng                      Development Studies             >> Bachelor of Science
                                     Flexible Double:               >> Bachelor of
                                                                       International Relations
                                     Bachelor of Arts/
                                     Bachelor of Laws
                                 The best thing about
                                                                    PRIMO First Year Learning
                                 studying at ANU                    Abroad Programs
                                 is quite easily the
                                                                    No other Australian university offers a comprehensive
                                 amazing support                    travel abroad program for first-year students. PRIMO is a
     networks I’ve formed with the people I’ve met at               Learning Abroad initiative in which you can undertake short,
     college and in classes.                                        multidisciplinary, overseas learning experiences as part
                                                                    of your first-year studies. Here’s what you could be doing
     Another one of my favourite things about ANU                   next summer:
     is the amount of overseas exchange student
     opportunities available. During my two-and-                    >> Take in the beauty of Kyoto, learning about Japanese
                                                                       language and culture.
     a-half years here, I have already done a short
     winter language course in Japan at Ritsumeikan                 >> Head to old world Budapest in Hungary, the Pearl of the
     University, with the help of a $3,000 NCP Mobility                Danube, to study business and marketing.
     Grant and studied [one of the law programs] at the             >> anu.edu.au/students/careers-opportunities/global-programs
     London School of Economics and Political Science
     (LSE) Summer School.

                                                                                                 2021 Undergraduate Student Guide     15

Want to focus your studies?

Choose from over 50 single degree programs across our seven                        If you have a career in mind and know what you want to study,
academic colleges. Focus on a specific subject area or select a                    choose a structured degree like a Bachelor of Engineering
combination of subject areas to explore.                                           (Honours) or a Bachelor of Health Science.
Single degrees generally take between three and four years                         If you want flexibility to study a range of subjects within a
of full-time study to complete, and allow you to focus on a                        discipline, choose something like the Bachelor of Arts or
structured discipline or experience a broad range of subjects.                     Bachelor of Science.

Bachelor of                                                   Length          2020*            IB      Prerequisites

Business and economics
Accounting                                                   3 years             87            32      Assumed knowledge - Maths

Actuarial Studies                                            3 years             97            39      Advanced Maths. (ACT: Specialist Mathematics
                                                                                                       (Major/Minor) (160+)/Specialist
                                                                                                       Methods(Major/Minor) (160+), NSW:
                                                                                                       Mathematics Extension 1 (Band E3)
                                                                                                       or equivalent.)

Business Administration                                      3 years             86            31

Commerce                                                     3 years             86            31      Assumed knowledge - Maths

Economics                                                    3 years             87            32      Assumed knowledge - Maths

Finance                                                      3 years             87            32      Assumed knowledge - Maths

Finance, Economics and Statistics (Honours)                  4 years             99            42      Advanced Maths. (ACT: Specialist Mathematics
                                                                                                       (Major/Minor) (160+)/Specialist
                                                                                                       Methods(Major/Minor) (160+), NSW:
                                                                                                       Mathematics Extension 1 (Band E3)
                                                                                                       or equivalent.)

International Business                                       3 years             87            32      Assumed knowledge - Maths

Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies                4 years             97            39      Advanced Maths. (ACT: Specialist Mathematics
and Economics)                                                                                         (Major/Minor) (160+)/Specialist
                                                                                                       Methods(Major/Minor) (160+), NSW:
                                                                                                       Mathematics Extension 1 (Band E3)
                                                                                                       or equivalent.)

Statistics                                                    3 years            87            32      Advanced Maths. (ACT: Specialist Mathematics
                                                                                                       (Major/Minor) (160+)/Specialist
                                                                                                       Methods(Major/Minor) (160+), NSW:
                                                                                                       Mathematics Extension 1 (Band E3)
                                                                                                       or equivalent.)

Admission to ANU programs is on a competitive basis. Therefore, meeting all admission requirements does not automatically guarantee entry.

16      The Australian National University
Bachelor of                              Length     2020*        IB   Prerequisites

Creative arts and design
Art History and Curatorship              3 years       80        29

Design                                   3 years   Interview +

Music                                    3 years       80        29   Entry to performance courses by audition.
                                                                      Applicants wishing to enrol in performance
                                                                      courses are advised to contact the School to
                                                                      arrange for an audition as soon as possible.
                                                                      E schoolofmusic@anu.edu.au or

Visual Arts                              3 years   Interview +

Engineering, computing and technology
Advanced Computing (Honours)             4 years       90        34   Advanced Maths. (ACT: Mathematical Methods
                                                                      (Major)/Further Mathematics (Major)/
                                                                      Specialist Mathematics/Specialist Methods
                                                                      (Major), NSW: Mathematics or equivalent.)

Advanced Computing (Research and         4 years       99        42   Advanced Maths. (ACT: Specialist Mathematics
Development) (Honours)                                                (Major/Minor)/Specialist
                                                                      Methods(Major/Minor), NSW: Mathematics
                                                                      Extension 1.)

Applied Data Analytics                   3 years       95        37   Assumed knowledge - Maths

Engineering (Honours)                    4 years       90        34   Advanced Maths. (ACT: Mathematical Methods
                                                                      (Major)/Further Mathematics
Engineering (Research and Development)   4 years       99        42
(Honours)                                                             (Major)/Specialist Mathematics/Specialist
                                                                      Methods (Major), NSW: Mathematics
                                                                      or equivalent.)

Information Technology                   3 years       80        29   Advanced Maths. (ACT: Mathematical Methods
                                                                      (Major)/Further Mathematics (Major)/Specialist
                                                                      Mathematics/Specialist Methods (Major), NSW:
                                                                      Mathematics or equivalent.)

Software Engineering (Honours)           4 years       90        34   Advanced Maths. (ACT: Mathematical Methods
                                                                      (Major)/Further Mathematics (Major)/Specialist
                                                                      Mathematics/Specialist Methods (Major), NSW:
                                                                      Mathematics or equivalent.)

                                                                                2021 Undergraduate Student Guide     17
Bachelor of                                 Length     2020*      IB   Prerequisites

Law and government
Criminology                                 3 years      80       29

International Relations                     3 years      90       34

International Security Studies              3 years      90       34

Laws (Honours)                              4 years      98       40

Public Policy                               3 years      90       34

Political Science                           3 years      90       34

Politics, Philosophy and Economics          3 years      96       38   Assumed knowledge - Maths

Maths and science
Biotechnology                               3 years      80       29   Chemistry. (ACT: Chemistry (Major); NSW:
                                                                       Chemistry or equivalent.)

Environment and Sustainability              3 years      80       29

Genetics                                    3 years      90       34   Chemistry. (ACT: Chemistry (Major); NSW:
                                                                       Chemistry or equivalent.)

Health Science 2                            3 years      90       34   Assumed knowledge - Chemistry

Mathematical Sciences                       3 years      95       37   ACT: Specialist Mathematics/ Specialist
                                                                       Methods (double major)/ Discrete Mathematics
                                                                       ANU/UC, NSW: Mathematics Extension 2
                                                                       or equivalent.

Medical Science                             3 years      90       34   Chemistry. (ACT: Chemistry (Major); NSW:
                                                                       Chemistry or equivalent.)

Philosophy (Honours) (PhB) - Science 2      4 years      99       42

Philosophy (Honours) (PhB) - Bachelor of    4 years      99       42
Science - NUS 1, 2

Science                                     3 years      80       29

Science (Advanced) (Honours)                4 years      95       37

Science (Psychology)                        3 years      80       29

Psychology (Honours)                        4 years      95       37

18     The Australian National University
Bachelor of                                                     Length           2020*          IB     Prerequisites

Social science and humanities
Archaeological Practice                                         3 years             80          29

Arts                                                            3 years             80          29

Asia-Pacific Affairs                                            4 years             82          30

Asian Studies                                                   3 years             80          29

Classical Studies                                               3 years             80          29

Development Studies                                             3 years             80          29

European Studies                                                3 years             80          29

Languages                                                       3 years             80          29

Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies                        3 years             80          29

Pacific Studies                                                 3 years             80          29

Philosophy (Honours) (PhB) – Asia and Pacific 2                 4 years             99          42

1 Joint degrees offered with the National University of Singapore (NUS).
2 There are compulsory additional selection criteria, check anu.edu.au/study/
  apply/anu-undergraduate-additional-selection-criteria                                  Making Maths and English
* Selection Rank: The ranking that tertiary admission centres and most                   mandatory from 2022
  universities actually use to assess admission to a program. A person’s
  program Selection Rank can include their ATAR, any equity adjustments they             High-school Maths and English courses will help equip you
  are eligible for other contributions calculated on the basis of work experience
                                                                                         with the skills you need to excel during your time at ANU.
  or previous non-secondary study, portfolio assessments, results of the
  Special Tertiary Admissions Test, other supplementary tests, etc.                      Starting in 2022, participation in secondary Maths and
  2020 Selection Rank required for consideration to enter in next intake:
                                                                                         English will be mandatory for all applicants. Applicants will
  where a threshold minimum Selection Rank must be achieved to be                        satisfy this requirement upon the successful completion of:
  considered for admission to a course or institution.
                                                                                         >> At least one English unit in at least one semester
Note: Admission requirements may vary from year to year. Admission                          during Year 11 or Year 12; and,
requirements for entry in 2021 may be subject to change. See
programsandcourses.anu.edu.au for any changes in entrance requirements.                  >> At least one Maths unit in at least one semester
Information correct at time of printing, February 2020.                                     during Year 11 or Year 12.

                                                                                                                  2021 Undergraduate Student Guide       19

Looking for a degree with your name on it? Design your own Flexible Double
Degree by choosing from over 750 possible degree combinations.

Satisfy your intellectual curiosity and tailor your studies to   Combine:
prepare for your dream career.
                                                                 >> any two degrees within the Arts, Social Sciences, Business
>> Graduate with two qualifications.                                or Science group
>> You’ll have a clear advantage when applying for jobs.         >> a Bachelor of Laws with another degree within the
                                                                    Law group
>> It takes less time than studying two undergraduate
   degrees separately.                                           >> a Bachelor of Engineering, Advanced Computing or Software
                                                                    Engineering with another degree within the Engineering and
>> You’ll have the same full-time workload as a student
                                                                    Advanced Computing group.
   studying a single undergraduate degree.
For more information on Flexible Double Degrees go to

                                                                                  Kriti Mahajan
                                                                                  Flexible Double: Bachelor of Laws
                                                                                  (Honours)/Bachelor of Politics,
                                                                                  Philosophy and Economics
                                                                                  Before I came to ANU, I didn’t know
                                                                                  how contagious passion could be. All
                                                                                  of my professors, lecturers and tutors
                                                                                  bring invaluable real-world experience
                                                                                  to my classes and the way they
                                                                                  discuss concepts always makes me
                                                                                  feel like I could also contribute to
                                                                                  these fields.
                                                                                  I love studying at ANU. From the
                                                                                  lifelike assignments and International
                                                                                  Relations Society embassy visits to
                                                                                  building ‘hotels’ for native bees with
                                                                                  the Environment Collective, and being
                                                                                  a member of the Dining Club (I’m a
                                                                                  foodie!), being at ANU is more than
                                                                                  just studying for me.
                                                                                  ANU cultivates unique international
                                                                                  communities. This year, I am looking
                                                                                  forward to developing academically
                                                                                  while broadening my horizons with a
                                                                                  student exchange during my summer
                                                                                  and winter vacations.

20     The Australian National University
Arts, Social Sciences,                              Law                                                    Engineering or Advanced
Business or Science                                                                                        Computing
Four years full-time                                Five years full-time                                   Five years full-time
Combine any two of the                              Choose                                                 Choose one of the
following degrees                                                                                          following degrees
                                         2019                                                 2019                                              2019
Bachelor of                    Selection Rank      Bachelor of                     Selection Rank        Bachelor of                 Selection Rank

Accounting2                               87        Laws (Hons)                                 98         Advanced Computing (Hons)4              90
Actuarial Studies4                        97        and combine with one                                   Advanced Computing (R&D) (Hons)4        99
Applied Data Analytics                    95        of the following degrees                               Engineering (Hons)4                     90
Archaeological Practice                   80        Accounting                         87                  Engineering (R&D) (Hons)4,6             99
Art History and Curatorship               80        Actuarial Studies 4
                                                                                       97                  Software Engineering (Hons)4            90
Arts                                      80        Applied Data Analytics             95                  and combine with one
Asian Studies                             80        Archaeological Practice            80                  of the following degrees
Biotechnology 4,5                         80        Art History and Curatorship        80                  Accounting 6                        87
Business Administration                   86        Arts                               80                  Actuarial Studies4                  97
Classical Studies                         80        Asian Studies                      80                  Applied Data Analytics              95
Commerce 2,3                              86        Biotechnology   4
                                                                                       80                  Archaeological Practice 6           80
Criminology                               80        Business Administration            86                  Arts                                80
Design                                   A+C        Classical Studies                  80                  Art History and Curatorship6        80
Development Studies                       80        Commerce                           86                  Asian Studies 6                     80
Economics                                 87        Criminology                        80                  Biotechnology 4,6                   80
Environment and Sustainability            80        Design                            A+C                  Business Administration             86
European Studies                          80        Development Studies                80                  Classical Studies  6
Finance 3                                 87        Economics                          87                  Commerce                            86
Genetics 4,5                              90        Environment and Sustainability     80                  Criminology 6                       80
Information Technology 4                  80        European Studies                   80                  Design                             A+C
International Relations                   90        Finance                            87                  Development Studies6                80
International Security Studies            90        Genetics4                          90                  Economics                           87
Languages                                 80        Information Technology 4           80                  Environment and Sustainability      80
Mathematical Sciences 4                   95        International Relations            90                  European Studies6                   80
Medical Science 4,5                       90        International Security Studies     90
                                                                                                           Finance3                            87
Middle Eastern and Central                          Languages                          80
                                                                                                           Genetics4,6                         90
Asian Studies                              80       Mathematical Sciences 4            95
                                                                                                           Information Technology 5            80
Music1                                     80       Medical Science 4                  90
                                                                                                           International Relations6            90
Pacific Studies                            80       Middle Eastern and Central
                                                                                                           International Security Studies      90
                                                    Asian Studies                      80
Public Policy                              90                                                              Languages                           80
                                                    Music1                             80
Political Science                          90                                                              Mathematics Sciences    4
                                                    Pacific Studies                    80
Politics, Philosophy and                                                                                   Medical Studies4,6                  90
Economics                                 96        Public Policy                      90
                                                    Political Science                  90                  Music1,6                            80
Science                                   80
                                                    Politics, Philosophy and Economics 96                  Pacific Studies                     80
Science (Psychology)                      80
                                                    Science                            80                  Politics Philosophy and Economics6  96
Statistics 4                              87
                                                    Science (Psychology)               80                  Political Science 6
Visual Arts                              A+C
                                                    Statistics 4                       87                  Public Policy 6                     90
                                                    Visual Arts                       A+C                  Science                             80
                                                                                                           Science (Psychology)                80
A+C: Minimum selection rank + conditions apply including interview/portfolio.                              Statistics4                         87
  See soa.anu.edu.au/apply for more information.
                                                                                                           Visual Arts 6
1 Entrance to performance courses are by audition. E schoolofmusic@anu.edu.au
2 Commerce with an accounting major cannot be combined with Bachelor of Accounting.
3 Commerce with a finance major cannot be combined with Bachelor of Finance.
4 Program includes another prerequisite in addition to minimum selection rank. See page 16.
5 The degrees of Biotechnology, Genetics and Medical Sciences cannot be combined with one another. The
  degrees of Advanced Computing and Software Engineering cannot be combined with Information Technology.
6 The Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) (Hons) cannot be combined with any of these degrees.

                                                                                                              2021 Undergraduate Student Guide     21

Delve into your interests while developing the systematic research skills
needed for problem-solving, discovery and innovation.

Undergraduate Research Degrees are challenging                   Skills to get you ahead
study programs that give you opportunities for intensive
one-on-one guidance from world-leading academics,                The employment landscape is always changing, especially as
exclusive placements in research organisations, travel           technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and prevalent in
and teamwork.                                                    the workplace.
>> You will have the same full-time workload as a student        Traditional jobs are disappearing or changing, while new jobs are
   studying a single undergraduate degree.                       emerging in response to contemporary needs.
>> You will graduate with skills that are in global demand       By choosing to undertake an Undergraduate Research Degree
   across government, non-government and not-for-profit,         you will develop timeless and highly transferable skills that
   business, consultancy and academic sectors.                   work across disciplines. In particular, you will develop high-
                                                                 order problem-solving skills that employers are demanding the
                                                                 world over.
                                                                 These skills will let you work in and across any industry which
                                                                 means that when you graduate, you will be uniquely placed to
                                                                 direct the course of your career.

                                                                 Lachlan Arthur
                                                                 Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
                                                                 Three years ago, when I first came to ANU, I had
                                                                 no idea about the opportunities that would be
                                                                 available to me. I graduated with my first degree,
                                                                 the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Science,
                                                                 in 2018 after completing my honours year with the
                                                                 Hannan Group in the Department of Cancer Biology
                                                                 and Therapeutics at John Curtin School of Medical
                                                                 Research. Now, I’m in my second year of the Doctor
                                                                 of Medicine and Surgery.
                                                                 When I first came to ANU, it was because I believed
                                                                 I’d get the best preparation for my dream career as a
                                                                 clinician-researcher, including opportunities to study
                                                                 abroad at world-class institutions.
                                                            I was lucky enough to go on a student exchange
                                                            through ANU twice during my undergraduate degree.
                                                            Both trips have been once-in-a-lifetime opportunities
     that have allowed me to meet incredible people, see amazing sites and gain valuable experience that will
     propel me towards my dream career.
     I completed the five-week International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) summer program at the
     University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Professor Rudi Westendorp, a world leader in ageing
     research. While I was in Copenhagen, I also worked alongside students from Oxford, Cambridge, Peking and
     Tokyo universities, making connections that will last throughout my academic career.
     In Switzerland at ETH Zurich, known for its cutting-edge science and technology research, I worked in
     four different labs over five months – a whirlwind experience – studying diseases ranging from cancer to
     Hepatitis C. I also got to study protein crystals using one of the three free-electron lasers in the world.  

22       The Australian National University
Choose the Undergraduate Research Degree that inspires and
challenges you.

Bachelor of Advanced Computing                                  Bachelor of Science (Advanced)
(Research and Development)                                      (Honours)
(Honours)                                                       2020 selection rank 95
2020 selection rank 99                                          A flexible program that you can tailor according to the scientific
                                                                disciplines that interest you while working in a community of
A unique, interdisciplinary degree that will prepare you to
                                                                world-leading academics.
be a future leader in the information and communications
technology revolution.                                          You will be exposed to advanced concepts and research
                                                                possibilities leading to a broad range of careers when
You will learn advanced computing techniques and have the
                                                                you graduate.
opportunity to complete a unique major, while developing
exceptional professional skills in areas of entrepreneurship
and management.

                                                                  Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering                                           (PhB)/Bachelor of Science
(Research and Development)                                        (Honours) (NUS)
(Honours)                                                         2020 selection rank 99
2020 selection rank 99                                            The PhB(Hons)/BSc(Hons) can be taken in three majors
For high-achieving students interested in becoming                (Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics) and is offered as a
innovators and future leaders in engineering.                     joint single degree program by the National University of
                                                                  Singapore (NUS), and the Colleges of Science at ANU.
This degree program combines the fundamental engineering          This highly selective program provides a challenging course
courses with the opportunity to be immersed in research           of study for students who have a strong interest in and
groups covering mechatronics, solar energy, materials             aptitude for graduate research work.
and manufacturing.
                                                                  The PhB is an ideal path to take if you are aiming
When you graduate, you will be equipped to solve some of          for a career in research or thinking of joining the
the world’s greatest challenges.                                  workforce directly.

Bachelor of Finance, Economics
and Statistics (Honours)
2020 selection rank 99
                                                                  Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
An elite program that integrates the three disciplines so you
                                                                  (PhB) Degrees
can develop a deep understanding of these fields.                 2020 selection rank 99
You will be guided by a mentor throughout your studies,           Students will specialise in
and when you graduate you will be recognised for your
exceptional aptitude for quantitative financial analysis,         >> Science
conceptual thinking about claims on resources using               >> Asia and the Pacific
statistics, problem-solving combining economic intuition and
mathematical techniques.

                                                                                              2021 Undergraduate Student Guide       23

Build your undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications into one study
program while saving time (and money).

In a Flexible Vertical Double Degree (FVDD) you can study a    Exceptions
Bachelor and a Master degree in a shorter time.
                                                               Medicine, four-year Advanced degrees or those with built-
An FVDD program usually takes four years to complete
                                                               in Honours, as well as some Master degrees cannot be
(5.5 if combining degrees within the Law group) and offers
                                                               combined in an FVDD due to their unique degree structures.
you time and cost savings when compared with studying a
Bachelor and a Master degree separately.                       For more information on FVDDs, go to anu.edu.au/study/

Save time and money
You’ll get credit in your Master degree for related areas of
study in your Bachelor degree, saving you time and money         Vertical Law programs
when compared with studying a Bachelor and Master
degree separately.                                               If you’re just shy of the marks you need to study Law
                                                                 at ANU, an FVDD gives you another pathway into legal
                                                                 practice when you study an eligible Bachelor degree
Specialise or go broad                                           combined with the ANU Juris Doctor.
                                                                 The Juris Doctor is a challenging and rewarding Master-
Study a Master degree in the same field as your Bachelor         level degree. If you’re prepared to do the hard yards to
degree to develop depth of knowledge and specialist skills;      maintain the required GPA to enter this program, you’ll
or take your Master degree in a different field to broaden       get to graduate from one of Australia’s top law schools
your knowledge and develop your transferrable skills.            and be ready to launch a stellar career.

Stand out from the crowd
Your Master qualification can help you stay competitive in
the global jobs market.

24     The Australian National University
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