2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts

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2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
Football Program

2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
2 / Football Program 2021
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
John Curtin College of the Arts’ Football Program is      The success of our
an elite program for aspiring athletes.                   college teams in the
We have delivered a high quality, specialist football     School Sport WA
program since 1990 and we were the first school           Champion Schools
in Western Australia to offer football as a specialist    Competitions has
subject. Our unique program was established after         been outstanding. In
extensive consultation, and was developed with the        2016, 2017, 2018 and
assistance of Football West.                              2019 we won three
                                                          out of the five State
In the past 30 years, more than 400 students have         competitions. Our
graduated from the program and there are currently        teams’ performance
160 students in the program across Years 7 to 12.         in international school
As one of the Department of Education’s Approved          based competitions has also been a highlight. We
Specialist Programs, our Football Program is              have participated in 15 international tours.
designed to develop knowledge, understanding and          As well as receiving expert coaching and specialised
skills to bring out the best in your child and enable     skill development, students have the opportunity
them to compete at the highest level. We are a            to participate in a wide range of arts, academic
Football Federation of Australia approved program         and extracurricular activities. Many students in
and currently have an agreement with Perth Glory          the Football Program also participate in a range of
FB as one of their academy schools.                       arts activities while at the college, with a number
As a result of the high level of coaching expertise and   of players joining music enrichment and continuing
sporting opportunities in the football program, the       their music studies from primary school.
college has produced 25 national representatives,         Our commitment is to build capacity in students’
with eight graduate students now earning a living         academic and sporting pursuits while celebrating
playing in Australia or internationally. A vast number    their achievements in all facets of their education, to
of past students have reached senior ‘A’ grade level      make them the best person they can be.
and many have played under-age representative
soccer.                                                   Peter Rickers
                                                          Director - Football

Our Vision
		 Developing learners with integrity who care, lead and
   Our Vision
		positively contribute to the community.
                                                             Our Values
Our     Values
 Developing  learning with
 integrity, who care, lead and
                                                             INSPIRING THE MIND
                                                             Curiosity, Imagination and innovation
		         Inspiring the Mind
 positively contribute to the                NURTURING THE PERSON
		         Curiosity, Imagination and Innovation
 community.                                  Respect, care and compassion
		         N urturing the Person
                                                             LEARNING FOR LIFE
		                  Respect, care and compassion
                                                             Resilience, Perseverance and Reflection
		                  Learning for Life
                                                      CONNECTING WITH COMMUNITY
		                  Resilience, Perseverance and Reflection
                                                      Social, Cultural and Environmental
		                  Connecting with Community         Responsibility
		                  Social, Cultural and Environmental Responsibility

                                                                                                    Football Program 2021 / 3
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
Academic Balance

           At John Curtin, your child will partake in an            Participation and
           exceptional and balanced academic program.
           Students’ academic studies are combined with             Achievement
           and supported by their Football Program, giving
                                                                    Academic balance is a priority and there is a
           them the chance to excel in both areas. Students
                                                                    requirement that students aim to achieve high
           are provided with a well-rounded education and
                                                                    standards in all their learning programs. The college
           develop a wide range of skills and knowledge.
                                                                    encourages students to seek assistance from the
           Our Football Program has a minimum of four hours         Heads of Student Services or Football Coordinator if
           per week, which is the same amount of contact            they are experiencing difficulty achieving a balance
           time as the core academic subject areas of English,      across all programs.
           mathematics, science and humanities. Football
                                                                    A continuous commitment and engagement at college
           becomes one of your child’s core subjects and a
                                                                    is necessary for students to succeed and progress, and
           focus on academic balance ensures they have the
                                                                    it is expected that the college’s football activities take
           opportunities to excel in all areas of the curriculum.
                                                                    priority over external activities. Students are required
           Students study their football course alongside           to discuss external commitments with the Football
           these core subjects and have equal access to all         Coordinator to ensure they do not conflict with college
           academic programs. They also have access to digital      activities.
           technologies, design and technologies, languages
                                                                    The college encourages all students in their
           (Italian), health and physical education programs.
                                                                    endeavours to gain selection in their respective State
           Academic balance is about creating pathways of           teams. Students who are selected in State squads
           choice for whichever direction your child chooses        are still expected to fulfil their commitments to the
           to take in their future. The focus on a well-rounded     college including training and champion schools
           education allows students to continue careers in         fixtures. Wherever possible the Football Coordinator
           the football industry or pursue careers in numerous      will endeavour to reduce the load on these students
           other professions including arts, medicine, law,         by granting exemption from training and/or champion
           education, politics and science.                         schools fixtures if it is requested. This is at the
                                                                    discretion of the Coordinator.
                                                                    Football is a practical subject and regular
                                                                    attendance and participation is necessary for
                                                                    achievement in the program. If students are unable
                                                                    to participate in class due to illness or injury, they
                                                                    must bring a written note from parents/guardians
                                                                    which includes the date, an explanation of the illness
                                                                    or injury and any relevant medical certificate, and
                                                                    parent/guardian signature. A medical certificate
                                                                    must be provided if students needs to be excused
                                                                    from classes for more than one week.

4 / Football Program 2021
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
N urturing the Person
Self Management Practices                              Mental Health and Wellbeing
Throughout the program students are encouraged         At John Curtin, students’ social, emotional, mental
to be responsible for all aspects of their learning.   and physical health is a priority and a safe and
This includes constructing and keeping to schedules    supportive school environment is provided.
and timelines, organising resources for training and
games, managing their progress, making necessary       Developing students’ emotional intelligence and
changes to ensure their success, negotiating and       resilience is part of the commitment to creating
problem solving with peers, teachers and parents,      motivated and engaged young people and artists.
and making necessary changes to ensure success.        We endeavour to develop students’ resilience and
Students should be focused, motivated and              maturity by helping students find ways to effectively
committed to the overall life of the college. Our      recognise and manage stress that work for them as
teachers provide an education that is inspiring,       individuals.
challenging and one that enhances all learning         Support is provided for students in a values
experiences.                                           rich environment which encourages academic
Football Program students will be given a list of      excellence, creative endeavours, personal integrity
requirements for classes, training and games at the    and positive student behaviour. The dedicated
earliest convenience. A copy of the requirements       Student Services team provides a range of services
must be kept in each student’s diary for reference.    including assisting with transition to high school,
Students will be expected to take responsibility for   learning support and career guidance.
ensuring that they are organised and thoroughly
prepared for all program activities.


                                                                                               Football Program 2021 / 5
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
                Inspiring the Mind
6 / Football Program 2021
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
Our Football Program provides your child with
                                                          Upper School Program
high level technical instruction coupled with a
game sense approach to coaching. The program
                                                          Years 11 and 12
sequentially moves through practices geared to the        In Years 11 and 12 there is a shift in focus as students
appropriate age group and progressively becomes           must make a commitment to theory at this point.
more difficult as your child matures.
                                                          In addition, all Year 11 students complete their
Your child will move from individual exercises and        Referee’s Certificate and, in Year 12, their Football
simplified games to collective and complex game           Federation of Australia Skill Training Licence
situations over a period of five years.                   Coaching Accreditation.
                                                          By the time your child reaches Year 11 there are two
Program focus includes:                                   distinct courses available: ATAR Physical Education
• four core skills technique - 1vs1; striking the ball;   and SIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation.
  running with the ball; 1st touch                        Further details on the upper school courses are in
• physical conditioning                                   the Year 11 and Year 12 Curriculum Handbooks.
• the importance of tactics and strategies
• developing game intelligence                            Professional Instructors
Lower School Program                                      All students in the program receive instruction from
                                                          specially selected teachers who have exhibited
Years 7 to 10                                             a high level of proficiency in both football and
Our lower school program is technically based and         Our experienced coaches have a range of
focuses on improving individual technique and an          qualifications including their Football Federation of
understanding of the game. This is achieved by            Australia and Asian Football confederation, A and B
using varying technique practices and a game sense        Licence, Instructor’s Licence, and Community Based
approach to learning.                                     Accreditation.
In addition, students study the history of football       Throughout the school year guest coaches are
and develop refereeing skills, match tactics and          invited to the college to share their knowledge, skills
strategies. Study covers all skills involved in the       and experience with students. Students also learn to
game including passing, receiving, shooting,              be comfortable with different coaching styles.
heading, shielding and goalkeeping.
                                                          The Football Program is supported by Football West.
All year groups participate in four hours of football a
week and goalkeepers receive an extra hour a week
with a specialist goalkeeping coach


                                                                                                    Football Program 2021 / 7
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
Skills Years 11 and 12

                                                                                            Tactical Knowledge
                                                                                                  Understanding tactics
                                     Mental                            20%                        Team formations
                                                                                                  Team strategies
                                                                                                  Roles and responsibilities of players

                                                                                   30%      Technical Skills
                                                                                                  Ability to perform a range of skills
                                                                                                  Ability to use both feet
                                                                                                  Knowing when to use each technique

                                                                                            Physiological Skills
                                                Skills Years 9 and 10                             Body composition

                                                                                            Mental Skills
                                                                             Technical            Motivation
                                                                               50%                Sports psychology

                                                    Skills Years 7 and 8

                                    Physiological        5%

                                25%                                          Technical

8 / Football Program 2021
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
Sample Year 7 Timetable

 For further information on any aspect of the Football Program contact the Director - Football.
 E: Peter.Rickers@education.wa.edu.au

                                                                                                  Football Program 2021 / 9
2021 Football Program - John Curtin College of the Arts
Learning for Life

Enrichment and Extension

10 / Football Program 2021
Our Enrichment Program provides all enrolled students at
the college the opportunity to work with a range of peers in
different learning environments allowing them to explore and
discover new opportunities and art forms.

Football Enrichment                                    Arts Enrichment
Our Football Enrichment Program is a theoretical       Enrichment Programs are designed to challenge and
course designed to complement the practical            further develop students with arts specific content
program. The course is conducted through Years         and life skills. Exposure to different art forms and
7 to 10. Each student commits to the Enrichment        experiences helps build their capacity as students,
Program for two hours each week alongside the          artists and people.
four hours of practical instruction. The course is     There are two Enrichment Programs: Rotational
designed to help students become better prepared       Enrichment and Music Enrichment. Music
athletes and footballers, particularly from a          Enrichment is available to all students currently in
physiological, tactical and mental point of view.      the Instrumental Music School Services program or
The Year 10 Enrichment Program is designed to link     equivalent at primary school.
into the upper school courses that students will       Enrichment programs are designed to explore a
complete the following year.                           range of art forms, develop critical and creative
Listed below are some of the topics covered            thinking and cultivate skills in communication and
throughout the four years:                             collaboration. This helps students develop effective
• Year 7: Nutrition and Hydration, Laws of the         learning, organisational and management skills that
  Game, Tactical Analysis, Sports Psychology.          are used in every area of their learning.

• Year 8: Skill Acquisition, Exercise Physiology,      These skills are enhanced by our Study Hacks Guide,
  Biomechanics, Sports Injuries.                       created specifically for John Curtin by Dr Jane
                                                       Genovese. This guide is given to students, parents
• Year 9: Debating, Energy Systems, Coaching,          and teachers, and intertwined into Enrichment
  Strategies and Tactics.                              Programs to develop skills such as goal setting,
• Year 10: Anatomy and Physiology, Sports              recognising the difference between study and
  Psychology, Skill Acquisition, Biomechanics.         homework, and establishing positive relationships.
Enrichment will provide collaboration opportunities    Connectedness is emphasised through scheduled
with other subjects, in particular the arts. Cross-    year group assemblies and wellbeing workshops
curricular projects such as ‘The Beautiful Game’, a    with a focus on our college values and how, as
stage production about football featuring Gifted and   individuals, we can positively contribute to the
Talented drama students and football players acting    community.
and playing on stage, ensure that football students    Some Enrichment Program examples include Circus
engage with their peers from the arts and are fully    and Perseverance; Special Effects and Imagination;
immersed in the life of the school.                    Innovation and Problem Solving; and Yoga and


                                                                                              Football Program 2021 / 11
Extension Activities                                     Camps and tours
          The Football Program includes additional lessons         South-west tour
          and interschool matches scheduled outside normal
          school hours. Information about these requirements       Years 7, 8 and 9 girls and boys have the opportunity
          is provided to students and parents/guardians at the     to tour the south west of Western Australia and play
          beginning of the school year. However, the timing of     games against country teams. This tour is generally
          some activities depends on the availability of staff     four days duration and is run as a lead up to an
          and it is difficult to provide more than a few weeks     international tour in future years.
          notice for some activities.                              The tour encourages students to:
          To ensure the safety of students it is expected that     • Work on ambassadorial skills when visiting other
          parents/guardians arrange for their child to be            schools and clubs in the south west.
          transported home by private vehicle if a training
                                                                   • Build leadership skills in an environment away
          session or game extends beyond 5.00pm.
                                                                     from the college and home.

          After school fixtures                                    • Improve playing skills in a competitive
                                                                     environment in the early part of the season and
          Students play for the college team against various         in preparation for the up coming club and school
          competitors, including visiting interstate and             matches.
          international teams.
          The college competes in the Champion Schools             International tour
          Soccer Competition organised by School Sport WA
                                                                   Years 10 to 12 students usually participate in an
          in Terms 2 and 3. There are five main divisions – Boys
                                                                   international tour every second year. Previous tour
          U/14, Junior Girls U/15, Boys U/16, Boys U/18 and
                                                                   destinations include Indonesia, Singapore and the
          Senior Girls U/18. Games are played after school
                                                                   United Kingdom. Senior students compete against
          during the week and the college bus transports
                                                                   international clubs and school teams over a period
          students to and from away fixtures.
                                                                   of 10 days to two weeks.
          Students are also expected to play in a football club
                                                                   Tours can give students the opportunities to play in
          competition on weekends and train with their club
                                                                   front of talent scouts and coaches from professional
          during the week.
                                                                   clubs, which may lead to contract opportunities
                                                                   post school.
          Goalkeeper coaching
                                                                   Parents are required to meet costs of the tour. Every
          Our goalkeepers are expected to attend training          attempt is made to keep the costs to a minimum.
          out of hours once a week during Terms 2 and 3. This
          session occurs before school one morning a week.

          State and National Training Centre
          All students are encouraged to try out for selection
          for the National Training Centre (NTC) and State
          teams. Students are given information as it comes
          to hand. The college has had great success with
          students regularly selected to represent the NTC
          and/or their State.

          Strength and conditioning
          All students have access to visiting strength and
          conditioning coaches at various times throughout
          the year Sessions are designed to improve the
          physical and technical capabilities of our players.

12 / Football Program 2021
Football Program 2021 / 13
Connecting with
14 / Football Program 2021
Champion Schools Competition, School Sport WA

                            JUNIOR BOYS                       JUNIOR GIRLS
                                 2017                               2019
                                 2014                               2018
                                 2011                               2017
                                 2001                               2016
                                 2000                               2015
                                 1999                               2014
                                 1998                               2011
                                 1997                               2010
                                 1996                               2009
                    Runner up 2018, 2015, 2013, 1994,               2007
                         1993, 1992, 1991 1997                  Runner up 2013

   INTERMEDIATE BOYS                         SENIOR BOYS                         SENIOR GIRLS
                2019                                                                 2020
                2015                                2018                             2019
(This is a new division in 2015)                    2016                             2018
          Runner up 2020                            2015                            2017
                                                    2014                            2016
                                                    2006                            2015
                                                    2002                            2014
                                                    2001                            2008
                                                    2000                            2003
                                                    1999                            2001
                                                    1998                            2000
                                                    1997                     Runner up 2013, 2012
                                         Runner up 2020, 2013, 2012

Social, Cultural and Environmental

                                                                                            Football Program 2021 / 15
16 / Football Program 2021
Our Staff
            Peter Rickers
            Peter is the Director of the Football Program. He has a Bachelor of Education and
            Diploma of Teaching from Edith Cowan University. Peter helped establish the Soccer
            Excellence Program in 1990 and has been at John Curtin since 1987. He has the A.F.C
            “B” Licence Coach accreditation and is an FFA Community Instructor Coach. He has
            been the Head Coach of the Australian U/19 schoolboys tours to South America,
            Ireland and the UK, as well as the Tour Manager for Boys and Girls National U/16 and
            U/18 School Championships. Peter is the current President of School Sport WA. He
            has life membership of School Sport WA and in 2008 was admitted to the Western
            Australian Football Hall of Fame for his long term involvement in schools football.

            Gavin Brown
            Gavin has previously coached at a number of junior, senior and representative
            teams. Gavin has been Head Coach of the School Sport WA U/16 Boys teams on five
            occasions and the U/12 Girls team at National Schools Championships and works
            extensively in the Football Program across all year groups. Gavin has also coached
            extensively in the men’s State League competition in WA. He has a Bachelor of
            Physical Education (Hons) and is a Football Federation of Australia ‘A’ Licence Coach

            Jenny Porter
            Jenny has the responsibility of coaching out Junior Girls team and has enjoyed
            a high level of success over the years since joining the college. Jenny has a
            wonderful rapport with our young girls and uses her experience to mould the girls
            into a well organised team. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Physical Education
            and a Skill Training Certificate from the Football Federation of Australia.

            Matt Donlevy
            Matt has responsibility for coaching our senior girls team and has enjoyed great
            success in leading the girls to the State Championships for a consecutive number
            of years. He also teachers the ATAR Physical Education studies. Matt has a
            Graduate Diploma of Education and a Bachelor of Science (Sports Science) and has
            a Senior Licence Accreditation with the Football Federation of Australia.

            Paul Andrews
            Paul plays a very important role in the Football Program as he takes responsibility
            for the academic progress of our students in the Year 10 Enrichment Program
            subject and the Year 11 and 12 ATAR Physical Education Studies. Paul has a
            Graduate Certificate in Education and a Bachelor of Science (Hons), Sport and
            Exercise Science and has Football Federation of Australia Skill Training Certificate.

                                                                                   Football Program 2021 / 17
Additional Information
          Attendance and Punctuality                                supportive learning environment that is responsive
                                                                    to students’ particular abilities and learning styles,
          A high level of attendance and punctuality is             and which challenges and engages them to excel.
          necessary for students to achieve their full potential.
                                                                    A Code of Agreement for students, parents/carers and
          The Department of Education has identified at
                                                                    staff identifies the specific requirements relating to
          least 90% attendance as the requirement for full
                                                                    the Football Program. This is to ensure that students
          participation in learning.
                                                                    can work effectively and cooperatively in all of
          The Football Program has compulsory activities            their studies at the college. Students and parents/
          which extend beyond period 6 on Monday, Tuesday           carers sign this agreement on acceptance into the
          and Wednesday and period 5 on Thursday and                college. Adhering to the elements of this agreement is
          Friday.                                                   expected of all students.
          Learning to manage travel time, homework and
          subject requirements is a college priority and            Exit Procedures
          students need to learn organisational skills to           It is a requirement that students who accept a
          effectively plan and manage their study program in        position in the Football Program continue in that
          all subject areas.                                        program for the remainder of their secondary
          All learning areas address this requirement by            schooling through to Year 12. One of the student’s
          embedding the learning of management and                  Year 11 and 12 subject choices must be SIS20115
          organisational skills into the programs.                  Certificate II in Sport and Recreation.
          Students in the Football Program must honour all          If a student does not live within the college
          commitments to scheduled training and games. It           catchment boundary then exiting from the Specialist
          is, however, recognised that a number of students         Football Program would mean that their enrolment
          are likely to be selected in State under-age teams        at the college could be impacted.
          and development squads. Every effort will be made         Only under very special circumstances are students
          to help students meet these dual commitments              able to transfer between the Football Program and
          through consultation with the Football Program            Gifted and Talented Programs.
                                                                    Extended Leave
          Behaviour on the training field                           The Football Program has a developmental
          It is important that the training field is an effective   structure and extended absence may seriously affect
          and productive learning environment for all               the progress of the individual student as well as
          students. It is essential that students demonstrate       the progress of other students in the program. This
          a well disciplined and well mannered approach to          is especially significant in group assessments that
          both their sport and their teachers. Bad manners,         may extend over a period of time. The Department
          disruptive behaviour and lack of effort are not           of Education has taken a firm position against
          tolerated.                                                extended student leave for holidays during school
                                                                    term. All requests for extended absence must be
          Code of Agreement                                         submitted through Student Services and approved
          John Curtin College of the Arts is committed to           by the College Executive.
          ensuring learning occurs within a caring, safe and

18 / Football Program 2021
Specialist Football Monitoring                          To be eligible for the scholarship, students should:

Program                                                 • Possess strong personal values of honesty and
For football students to engage fully in all the
                                                        • Espouse the college values across the college
opportunities provided at the college, a monitoring
                                                          generally, and the Football Program specifically;
system is in place to provide assistance and support.
The Student Services team and learning support          • Try their hardest in their academic pursuits
specialists work together to provide guidance and         regardless of their ability; and
assistance.                                             • Set high personal standards within the
Students enrolled in the Football Program who are         Specialist Football Program in terms of effort
unable to meet the requirements of the Code of            and determination to succeed.
Agreement will be monitored and this can result
in their status and place in the program being          Sebastian John Nye was part of the Soccer
reviewed.                                               Excellence Program for four and a half years from
                                                        2006 to 2010. Seb died in a car accident in 2010.
The college provides support so students can make
                                                        His parents have very kindly donated money to the
the most of all the opportunities available in the
                                                        college to be used specifically for the purpose of
                                                        the scholarship in memory of Seb.

Parent Support
We constantly liaise with parents regarding student
                                                        Uniform Requirements -
progress, behaviour, sporting and academic
successes, and commitments. Parental feedback
is important to us and we continually implement         The Football Program has specific dress
communication methods and interactions to better        requirements. The football uniform is to be worn for
inform parents regarding fixtures, schedules, local     training sessions and games only and is provided by
camps, and national and international tours.            the college.
We ask parents to assist also by taking kits home and   The uniform includes Macron items branded as John
washing them.                                           Curtin College of the Arts as well as a team tracksuit.
                                                        All orders are through the Director of Football at the
Seb Nye Scholarship                                     end of Term 4.
The Seb Nye Scholarship is a prestigious award          Football students are given five minutes to change
that is presented to one student in each year group     into their training gear before class starts and five
(Years 8 to 12) from the Specialist Football Program    minutes at the end of the lesson to change back into
and is based on performance throughout the              their college uniform.
previous 12 months.                                     The college football team tracksuit is to be worn to
                                                        all games, camps, tours and on other occasions.
A student who is selected to receive this award
receives a scholarship certificate and a $500           When any team is on tour, members will be informed
bursary credited towards their school related           of the required dress before departure. Generally
expenditure.                                            formal and informal dress will be required at various
                                                        times as well as the uniform items.

                                                                                                Football Program 2021 / 19
John Curtin
College of the Arts
90 Ellen St
Fremantle WA 6160
T 9433 7200
E johncurtin.col@education.wa.edu.au
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