Lockport High School COVID-19 Parent/Student School Reopening Plan 2020-2021 School Year - Lockport City School ...

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Lockport High School COVID-19 Parent/Student School Reopening Plan 2020-2021 School Year - Lockport City School ...
Lockport High School
    COVID-19 Parent/Student School Reopening Plan
               2020-2021 School Year

                                    DRAFT AS OF 8/23/20
Communication/Family and Community Engagement
Health & Safety
Child Nutrition
Social-Emotional Well-Being
School Schedules
Attendance & Chronic Absenteeism
Technology & Connectivity
Teaching & Learning
Special Education
Bilingual Education & World Languages
Athletics & Extra-Curriculars

The Lockport High School’s COVID-19 Reopening Plan provides assurances as established by the New York
State Education Department (NYSED) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) for moving
forward in making the return to school in 2020-2021 a safe and successful one for all during these
unprecedented times. The health and safety of all people is our top priority.

The reopening plan is divided into the mandatory elements as outlined in NYSED’s Reopening Guidance
document and in the guidance released by NYSDOH on July 13, 2020. A short description of each element is
provided below:

Communication/Family and Community Engagement
Describes how the school will communicate with parents, faculty and staff, and students regarding information on
COVID-19 and related topics.

                               Building Reopening Team Members
Dawn Wylke, Jason Madden, Heather McClain, Anthony Molinaro, Gregory Bronson, Krista Isherwood, Dani
 Hagen, Rebecca Bronson, Tim Martin, Larry Kaczynski, Regina Edbauer, Scott Reddinger, Karen Catalano,
         MaryAnn Guyett, Kathryn Celotto, Sarah Gow, Heather Bitka, Edith White, Paula Travis,
                                      Ruth Eaton, Tom Heagerty
           *Additional members were invited to brainstorm and finalize the details of the plan.


Communication Plan

        Resource                      Audience                    How to Access                   Assistance
 LCSD Website                Staff/Students/Parents           lockportschools.org          Patti Quast
 COVID-19 Space              Staff/Students/Parents           COVID-19 Space               Patti Quast
 Online Learning             Staff/Students/Parents           Learning at Home             Classroom Teacher
 Web Space                                                                                 hbitka@lockportscho

Blackboard                   This is the system the district uses to send newsletters, mass emails, phone blasts
                              and text messages.

 Parent Portal                Parents                          Parent Portal Login          Forgot Password
                                                                                            Lindsey Marvin
 Student Portal               Students                         Student Portal Login Forgot Password
                                                                                    Lindsey Marvin
 Peachjar                     Staff/Students/Parents           Peachjar eFlyers             Make sure to update
                                                                                            your phone and email
                                                                                            with the Health Form
                                                                                            in September
 Covid Courses                Staff & Students                 http://safestudents.co Dawn Wylke
 (Covid Awareness,                                             m/                     dwylke@lockportsch
 Face Coverings,                                                                      ools.net
 Social Distancing &
 Hand Washing)

There will be several training videos and in-person demos/directions given to both students and staff at the start
of the school year. Posters and signage will be placed in specific and strategic locations to inform students and
staff of the expectations for those areas. Communication should be available in a families home language. If
you have questions about this, please email Sheila Murphy at smurphy@lockportschools.net

Health & Safety
Focuses on preventive actions that schools will be required to comply with including performing health checks and
screenings per DOH guidance, recognizing signs and symptoms of illness in students and staff, developing plans to
maximize social distancing, developing plans to manage and isolate ill persons until they can be sent home, instructing
students and staff in proper hand and respiratory hygiene, requiring wearing appropriate face coverings, and developing
cleaning and disinfecting procedures for the school in accordance with CDC and DOH guidance.

   ● Masks are expected to be worn while entering and exiting the building as well as throughout the school day.
   ● All individuals are expected to maintain 6 feet of physical distance when possible.
   ● Faculty will be expected to provide students with mask breaks throughout the day. This may take place within the
      classroom or outdoors and supervised. This is up to staff discretion.

●   Staff should work with students who are not following established guidelines for safety. If an acceptable solution
       cannot be determined, the student can be referred to their administrator.
   ●   Signage addressing traffic markings, social distancing marking and hygiene guidelines will be displayed around
       the building.
   ●   Staff is expected to alternate the use of desks between class periods. Blue and gold dots have been issued to staff
       to assist with this process. Teachers should ensure the desks being used are 6 feet apart.
   ●   Every student and staff member will have their temperature checked every day before school begins. Any student
       or staff member with a temperature over 100 degrees should remain home.
   ●   Staff should be aware of these signs of illness which would prompt a staff member to contact the school nurse for
       steps to follow:
            ○ fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, sore throat, recent loss of taste, recent loss of smell,
                upset stomach
   ●   Necessary visitors entering the building must complete a medical screening questionnaire in order to gain entry.
       Ipad or other electronic device should be provided to visitors outside the attendance office to complete the
       questionnaire. Hand sanitizer will be provided and used prior to touching the computer.
   ●   The Department of Health will conduct all contact tracing should a suspected case arise. The DOH will not notify
       the school of which student or staff member had a positive test (confidentiality must be maintained) only that
       someone has tested positive.
   ●   All offices/ classrooms should keep a visitor log to assist with contact tracing using the district form. People
       should be logged on this form if they are spending 10 minutes or more in a specific classroom or office and are
       NOT on an attendance roster already. These need to be able to be produced when asked. It is suggested that you
       keep them on or near the door to your office or classroom.
       Example: A student comes to my office and is there for 20 minutes, they would log themselves in on the form on
       my door.
   ●   A student or staff member who had close contact (face to face, over 10 minutes within 6 feet without face
       covering) with an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19 may return to work/school after a 14 day
       quarantine from the last date of contact with the individual, medical note and a negative COVID test result. This
       may change based on CDC or Department of Health recommendations.
           ○ A student or staff member who had a fever, but was not displaying other symptoms may return to
                school/work after they are fever free for 24 hours without medication.
   ●   Unnecessary visitors are currently prohibited from entering the building until further notice.
   ●   Fire drills will happen 1/x month and staff will be notified of a drill in advance - teachers will be expected to
       follow their same exit route, however, they must remain 6 feet away from the class before them exiting and be
       sure their students are following social distancing guidelines.
   ●   Lockdown drills will take place but will consist of verbal instruction for students on the procedures and
       identifying multiple areas in the classroom for students to cluster (while allowing for social distancing). Use this
       link for specific directions: LOCKDOWN Procedures during Covid-19

Promotes social distancing while maintaining existing safety requirements designed to protect students.
Schools must continue to conduct mandatory fire and lockdown drills in a manner that maintains social
distancing at exits and gathering points.

   ●   Paper towel dispenser provided for each bathroom
   ●   Hand sanitizer dispensers will be located in the cafeterias, mailroom and copy rooms. Teachers will also be given
       hand sanitizer for their classrooms/offices.

●   Drinking fountains can only be used as a water bottle fill station
    ●   Staff will spray a provided and approved cleaning solution on desks and chairs that have been used and allow the
        solution to dry naturally. Desks should be alternated for classes to allow desks and chairs to dry. It is highly
        recommended to keep windows open and doors for ventilation.
    ●   Bathroom usage should happen during class time. One student should be issued a paper pass to go to the
        bathroom at a time. Only two students are allowed in the bathroom at a time to adhere to guidelines.
    ●   Cleaning & Sanitizing specifics:
            ○ Bathrooms will be cleaned every two hours during each day as well as each night.
            ○ Classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned by custodians each night. The concentration will be on student
                desks, door knobs and handles and light switches. Staff should clean their own desktops and computers.
            ○ Custodians will assist with cleaning cafeterias in between lunches.
            ○ High touch areas like public door knobs/handles and high touch surfaces would be cleaned every two

Child Nutrition
Provides all enrolled students with access to school meals each school day whether school is in-person or remote while
addressing all applicable health and safety guidelines, ensuring compliance with Child Nutrition Program requirements,
and communicating with families through multiple means in the languages spoken by families.

   ● Breakfast will be offered everyday from 7:00am - 7:40am at LHS.
   ● There will be three Grab-n-Go carts stationed at Doors 3, 7 and in the School Store Foyer.
   ● Breakfast lines will be open in cafeteria 104.
   ● Lunch will be offered using current setup in cafeteria 104 and 170. Students will be expected to follow physical
       distancing guidelines, follow posted signage and wear their masks until seated with their food.
   ● Once students are seated with their food, they should remain seated until they are dismissed from the cafeteria.
   ● Trash cans will be brought to tables throughout the lunch periods for disposing of any garbage.
   ● Bathrooms can be used one person at a time. Students must also follow the safety guidelines of the building
       including wearing a mask and remaining physically distanced.
Hybrid Food Pickup:
   ● Students from the Blue Cohort will take their food home for their virtual learning days on Tuesday afternoons.
       Gold Cohort students will take their food home for their virtual learning days on Friday afternoons. Food can be
       picked up from carts at doors 1, 3, 7 and the School Store Foyer.
Remote Plan:
   ● 100% remote learning children ONLY, will order five days of meals online. The link to order online is:
       https://lockportschools.nutrislice.com/ . You will need to create an account.
   ● This pick-up time is every Wednesday from 11:00am – 3:00pm sites are as follows:
       North Park Junior High School – 160 Passaic Avenue - north cafeteria door 4
       Charles Upson Elementary School – 28 Harding Avenue – cafeteria door 6A

Collaborate with the district’s transportation provider on performing regular school bus disinfection measures,
and training school bus staff regarding social distancing on the bus, at stops, and at unloading times. Students
will wear masks and social distance on the bus. The district will continue to provide transportation to homeless

students, students in foster care, those who attend religious, independent or charter schools – and those with
disabilities – just as the district always has.

   ● Families were surveyed in July 2020 and given the option to decline district transportation.
   ● If students chose to take district transportation, they are expected to wear masks on the bus and remain physically
   ● Multiple doors for student entry will be used for bus drop off. (Doors 3, 7, 9, 10, 11)
   ● At 2:15 PM students who need to ride a bus will be released by announcement and expected to follow physically
     distant guidelines.
   ● Students attending BOCES will have bussing provided for them to and from the high school to their BOCES site.
   ● Parking permits are available to juniors and seniors who have transportation.

Social-Emotional Well-Being
Supports school transitions, not at the expense of academics, but in order to create the mental, social, and
emotional space for academic learning to occur.

   ●   Methods of communication with students and parents:
           ○ Telecounseling (Google meet)
           ○ Google voice (allows teachers to call, text, and leave a voicemail message)
           ○ Email to text app
           ○ Remind app
           ○ Blind copy email to groups of people (students and/or parents)
   ●   Signs of students in crisis include:
           ○ Crying
           ○ Withdrawn/avoidance
           ○ Aggressive language/behavior
           ○ Change in attendance
   ●   Resources for Faculty and Staff
           ○ SBST (school based support team) to include: counselors, psychologists, and social workers who will
               communicate and check-in regarding student and staff well-being
           ○ Employee Assistance Program
           ○ Faculty meetings for debriefing and problem solving
           ○ Wellness room for faculty and staff
           ○ Sources of Strength - Hana Halloran
   ●   Faculty and staff process for referring student(s) for counseling
           ○ Faculty and staff should contact the appropriate Guidance Administrative Assistant or Guidance
               Counselor when a student is in crisis
           ○ Student last names A-M x. 4463 Debbie Matteliano
           ○ Student last names N-Z x. 4469 Charlotte Kinney
           ○ Teachers can email a counselor if they have concerns about a student. The counselor will follow up as
   ●   Students should email their counselors directly to pre-schedule an appointment.
   ●   There is a google form check-in for teachers to use with virtual students including a social/emotional self-
       assessment question.

School Schedules
Creates a comprehensive plan for a schedule that includes in-person instruction, remote instruction, or a hybrid
of both in-person and remote. All plans should be clearly communicated, with as much advance notice as
practicable, to students, families, and staff.

Hybrid (In-Person/Remote):
   ● Click the link to see the variety of school schedules: 2020-21 SCHOOL SCHEDULES
   ●   The building is open to staff Monday through Friday from 6:45am to 4:00pm.
   ●   Multiple doors for student entry will be used for bus drop off. (Doors 3, 7, 9, 10, 11).
   ●   Doors 1 & 12 will be used for parent drop off.
   ●   Students are expected to follow physical distancing guidelines and wear masks while entering, exiting and
       transitioning throughout the building..
   ●   There will be staff at doors 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 from 6:55am until 7:40. All staff and students must have
       their temperature checked upon arrival.
   ●   Students will use Cafe 104, 170 and Aud if they get to school prior to 7:25am before they are released to
   ●   At 7:25 students in cafe 170 will be released 1st and are expected to report directly to 1st period classes moving
       through the halls following social distancing guidelines (masks included) followed by cafe 104 and, if needed, the
       auditorium. Announcements will be made to release students from the cafeterias to their 1st period class.
   ●   Lockers will not be accessible to students until further notice.
   ●   Two students will be permitted to be in the bathroom at a time. Students are only permitted to use the bathrooms
       during classroom time. Return back to class may be delayed due to potential wait times. Green passes will be
       used instead of the lanyards for bathroom use.
   ●   Staff is expected to assist with limiting students in the hallways.
           ○ Staff should call ahead to location/person a student requests to visit prior to releasing them in the halls.
   ●   Students will move through the hallways keeping the wall always on their right side and following normal driving
   ●   Students are expected to maintain physical distance in the cafeteria including acquiring food (masks must be worn
       until the student sits at a table and then can remove their mask). Capacity and table maximums will be posted.
   ●   At 2:15 PM students who need to ride a bus will be released by announcement and expected to follow physically
       distant guidelines.
   ●   Students who are walkers will be released last by an announcement and are expected to follow physically distant
   ●   Early Release and Late arrival are open to Juniors and Seniors this year only. Their schedule must allow for it
       and they MUST have transportation to and/or from the building.
Full Remote (In the event that All students are learning remotely)
   ●   The daily schedule will be between 9am and 2pm with a 30-minute break for all at 12noon.

                           Attendance & Chronic Absenteeism
Focuses on the academic consequences of lost instructional time and address absences before students fall
behind in school. It is critical for schools to use a variety of creative methods to reach out to students and their
families who have not engaged in distance learning.

   ●   All teaching staff will take daily attendance for each student for all students in their classes (Remote, Hybrid, In-
   ●   1st period attendance MUST be entered into eSchool by 9:30am. Students should be considered present if they
       sign into 1st period at any point during the period. The robo-call will be sent out at the end of 4th period.

●   On the full remote day (Wednesday), 1st period attendance MUST be taken in eSchool by 9:30am. Students
       should be considered present if they sign into 1st period at any point during the period.
   ●   Period by period attendance MUST be taken/updated by 2:30pm in eSchool.
   ●   Teachers can take attendance via a Google meet check in, Google Form check-in or assignment completion
       through google classroom.
   ●   Teachers are expected to reach out to students and parents if attendance is a concern.
   ●   Teaching and mental health staff (school counselors, social workers, school psychologists) will be expected to
       engage in regular communications with parents/guardians of students who are displaying chronic absenteeism
       concerns following current district policies and procedures.
   ●   Communications with parents/guardians can include telephone calls, emails, google meet sessions, letters, texts,
       or in-person discussions when appropriate.
   ●   District staff will continue to make every effort to encourage students to attend and participate in learning
       activities daily, regardless of the model of instruction.

Technology & Connectivitye
Possesses knowledge of the level of access all students and teachers have in their places of residence and to the
extent practicable, addresses the need to provide devices and internet access to students and teachers who
currently do not have sufficient access, and provides multiple ways for students to participate in learning and
demonstrate mastery of learning standards in remote/blended models. In addition, schools and districts should
provide instruction on using technology and IT support for students, teachers and families and provide
professional development for teachers and leaders on designing effective online/remote learning experiences.

           ●   A district device or mifi will be available for any student that needs it in order to meet the needs of
               remote learning instruction.
           ●   Students would be responsible for charging the device and being prepared for
                their instruction time.

Teaching & Learning
Requirements include clear opportunities for equitable instruction for all students, continuity of learning when
using any instructional model, standards-based instruction, substantive daily interaction between teachers and
students, and clear communication plans between parents and schools.

   ●   The Parent and Student version of the Teaching & Learning plan can be found using this link: TEACHING &
       LEARNING LHS 2020-2021 (Parents and Students)
   ●   Google Meet, Google Classroom and the Google Suite tools will be used as the foundation of our teaching and
       learning plan.
   ●   Teachers are expected to share a clear weekly plan for learning with students each Monday.
   ●   BOCES students will attend their programs everyday. They will need to provide their own transportation to and
       from the high school to take the BOCES bus on virtual LHS learning days.
   ●   We will run a virtual AIS (Academic Intervention Services) program beginning in October 2020.
   ●   Library Access - The library will be closed to start the school year. More information forthcoming.

Special Education
Requirements include providing a Free Appropriate Public Education consistent with the need to protect the
health and safety of students with disabilities and those providing special education and services, meaningful
parent engagement regarding the provision of services to their child, collaboration between Committee on
Preschool Special Education/Committee on Special Education (CPSE/CSE) and program providers representing
the variety of settings where students are served, access to the necessary instructional and technological
supports to meet the unique needs of students, and documentation of programs and services and
communications with parents.

 CSE Meetings            ●   CSE meetings will be held virtually.
                         ●   Parents will be invited to participate via Google Meet or by phone.
                         ●   Additional CSE members (LHS staff, BOCES/related service providers, care coordinators, etc.)
                             will also participate in CSE meetings using Google Meet.

 Communication           ●   Parent contact will be made by the IEP Manager and related service providers regularly. All
 and Contact Logs:           contacts will be documented. Method of documentation can be determined by the IEP
                             Manager/related service provider (ie: eSchool teacher journal/phone journal, spreadsheet, Google
                             form, etc).
                         ●   Regular contact will be made with the parent/legal guardian by the IEP Manager to discuss student
                             progress towards meeting IEP goals.
                         ●   Parents/guardians will determine their preferred mode of communication (email, text, phone call)
                             and language for progress updates. IEP Managers will communicate with parents/legal guardians
                             through their preferred mode of communication.
                         ●   In addition to documenting parent/guardian contacts and IEP progress monitoring, IEP Managers
                             should document their attempts to engage students who have been reluctant to participate in

 Instruction:        Consultant Teacher Supports:
                         ● Special Education services will be provided as stated on a student's IEP.
                         ● Students receiving CT services will follow the hybrid model as it is outlined in the district
                              reopening plan.
                         ● However, if a student is identified at risk by the building team (Guidance Counselor, IEP Manager,
                              School Psychologist, Administration) or parent, it may be recommended that the student attend
                              school in-person on a daily basis. At risk factors could include: chronic absenteeism, inadequate
                              progress is being made towards achieving IEP annual goals, and/or parent request. The CSE
                              Chairperson should be kept informed about these situations, but a CSE meeting is not required.
                         ● In the event that a student receiving CT support is attending school in person every day, CT
                              teachers should support students by re-teaching material that was presented the previous day or
                              supporting new learning using the parallel teaching model.
                     Special Classes (15:1 and 12:1:1)
                         ● Special Education services will be provided as stated on a student's IEP.
                         ● Students receiving Special Class services have the opportunity to attend school 4/5 in-person days,
                              unless their parent/guardian has indicated otherwise.
                         ● Special class teachers should continue to plan for in-class instruction. However, special class
                              teachers should also be ready to transition their “in-class” lessons to virtual lessons as needed.
                         ● To reduce cross contamination in the hallways, related services such ST, PT, and OT will take
                              place within the classroom when possible.

 Transition              ●   All SPED teachers should begin completing transition interviews and Career Plans as soon as
 Planning & Annual           possible, so that the necessary information is collected and ready to go for Annual Reviews. Our
 Reviews:                    instructional model could change with little notice, so we need to be prepared in advance.
                         ●   Details about the Career Plan will be forthcoming.

 Consent for             ●   A Consent for Teleservices form, will be signed by the parent/legal guardian of any Special
 Teleservices:               Education student who is not attending school daily (this includes students receiving: consultant

teacher services, related services only, and self-contained programming). IEP Managers will
                               facilitate the process of obtaining consent and will seek assistance from the CSE Chairperson
                               if/when needed.
                           ●   Additional specifics/details (including the Consent for Teleservices LCSD parent permission form),
                               will be provided at the first Special Education Department Meeting.

Bilingual Education & World Languages
Aligns policies to the Blueprint for ELL/MLL Success, ensures coordination content and ENL/BE teachers,
adopts progress monitoring tools to measure ELL proficiency, provides social-emotional learning supports to
ELLs in their home language, continues utilizing technology in ELL instruction, supports SIFE and other
vulnerable populations, ensures EMLL Profile supports early learning, and supports completion of the NYS
Seal of Biliteracy.

    ● Identify any new ENL / ELL students (identification will be conducted by ENL teacher)
    ● Parent(s) or guardian(s) will be notified of their child’s placement in the ENL program. (Parents)
    ● Instructional staff will be notified of new students placed in the ENL program, as well as current ELL
      students. (Teachers)
    ● Students will receive ENL instruction based on their most recent English level proficiency test.
    ● It will be recommended that students in the ENL program attend school daily.
    ● ENL teacher will communicate regularly with parents in their preferred language and method of

Athletics & Extra-Curriculars
Fall athletics are tentatively scheduled to begin on September 21st with a backup plan of deferment to January 2021.
Students receiving remote-only education during the 2020-21 school-year during the Covid-19 crisis have the opportunity
to participate in Athletics provided they are a bonafide student enrolled in the first 15 days of the semester, registered for
at least three regular courses, meet the PE requirement and have 80% attendance.

Information regarding clubs and advisorships will be discussed and shared with staff in October 2020.

    ❏ CDC Coronavirus Website

    ❏ CDC Resources for Schools

    ❏ New York State Department of Health

    ❏ New York State Education Department

    ❏ World Health Organization

    ❏ Frequently Asked Questions – School Dining

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