Welcome to our innovative Senior College in 2021 - St Andrew's Cathedral ...

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Welcome to our innovative Senior College in 2021 - St Andrew's Cathedral ...
Welcome to our innovative
Senior College in 2021

Welcome to our innovative Senior College in 2021 - St Andrew's Cathedral ...
Welcome to our innovative Senior College in 2021 - St Andrew's Cathedral ...
Head of School

Head of School                                     challenge of being mature and
                                                   responsible citizens within the Senior
Dr John Collier
                                                   College community, preparing them
                                                   for the world beyond the classroom.
St Andrew’s Cathedral School is a unique
learning community in the heart of                 As a very large Senior College, students
Sydney’s CBD. We strive to develop the             can study an enormous array of subjects
whole child – their heart, mind and life.          and courses, which include the Higher
We aim to develop their character through          School Certificate or International
our wellbeing program which nurtures               Baccalaureate Diploma in Years 11 and 12.
specific character strengths based upon            The school provides rich co-curricular,
our foundational Christian values.                 cultural and sporting opportunities:
                                                   a vast range of genres and styles
Our Senior College, defined as Years 10,
                                                   of music, drama, international tours,
11 and 12, offers an incredible breadth of
                                                   outdoor education hikes, camps and
opportunities, led by highly experienced
                                                   expeditions, a tremendous diversity of
and specialist teachers.
                                                   team and individual sports, and structured
The manner in which students perform               opportunities to grow in service.
over these years will determine university
                                                   As a Christian school, St Andrew’s Cathedral
or TAFE course entry, career path, eventual
                                                   School invites students to actively reflect
salary projection and lifestyle. In this respect
                                                   on Christian faith, as their education equips
the years are formative and vital. The
                                                   them to critique various philosophies and
school offers plentiful assistance and advice
                                                   world views.
to students and parents for negotiating
this age and stage of development. After           Students in our Senior College are in very
all, young people are our core business, in        good hands. Mr David Lindsay, Head of
which we have considerable experience!             Senior College, has close to 20 years’
Students and parents are encouraged to             experience in this role in two schools.
utilise our specialist staff, who strive to
                                                   As a former engineer and as an experienced
meet the needs of every student.
                                                   teacher of Mathematics, and as someone
The College’s highly relational environment        who has parented three children into
ensures every student is valued, known             adulthood, he brings a great deal to the
and supported.                                     table in this role.

The tertiary style of campus allows students       Also available to students and parents
to move freely within the city precinct            will be our eight excellent Heads of
between classes and during breaks. The             House, our school counsellors and our
school encourages students to rise to the          very fine Career Counsellor.

                                                                                                   SACS - Senior College 2021   |   1
Welcome to our innovative Senior College in 2021 - St Andrew's Cathedral ...
In the light of Christ,                                                Character strengths sit at the
                                                                                 centre of our student wellbeing
          we strive for students
                                                                                 framework, with all students from
          to have:                                                               Kindergarten through to Year 12
          • Hearts that love,                                                    being involved in age-specific
                                                                                 wellbeing programs. Our school’s
          • Minds that grow and                                                  overarching theme is to develop
          • Lives that give.                                                     in our students hearts that love,
                                                                                 minds that grow and lives
                                                                                 that give.
                                                                                 Below are the key attributes
                                                                                 of learners at St Andrew’s
                                                                                 Cathedral School.


                                               Servant                                     Open
          Courageous                           Hearted                                    Minded

                                                                        Reflective                    Knowledgeable

                  Principled              Caring
                                                                               Thinking            Inquiring





2   |   SACS - Senior College 2021
Welcome to our innovative Senior College in 2021 - St Andrew's Cathedral ...
Student wellbeing                                                                             Tutor Groups and
                                                                                              the House system

and pastoral care

Student wellbeing at                          In most cases, Tutors remain with the
                                              students through to Year 12, following their
St Andrew’s provides a                        progress through the senior years.
comprehensive approach                        The tutorial program incorporates study
built on the premise that                     skills, social and community education,
                                              leadership and life skills. As such, sessions
young people learn best                       are structured and planned, based on the
when they are healthy,                        age, experience and knowledge of students.

safe and happy.                               The House system enables students at
                                              St Andrew’s to participate in and contribute
Our structures and programs are delivered     to a comprehensive range of activities.
by staff who genuinely care for students      Students are awarded House points for
and seek to develop in students a strong      both participation and success in the
sense of identity, resilience and             swimming and athletics carnivals,
connectedness in all areas of school life –   Inter-House debating, SACSFactor (talent
from the classroom to the playing fields.     show), Big City Bake Off (themed cup cake
We believe that each student is entitled      competition fundraiser) and Gala Day
to individual care and attention and that     (sports/team activities). Points go towards
continuity of that care throughout the        The Dean Pitt Shield, which is awarded to
student’s time at the school will help to     the winning House at the end-of-year
achieve this sense of identity, resilience    Evening of Celebration and Prize-giving.
and connectedness.                            Classroom teachers, Tutors, Heads of
Every Senior College student is a member      House, Heads of Divisions and Directors
of a House and Year-level based tutor         of Learning monitor the academic progress
group. Students meet as a tutor group in      and wellbeing of all students. This ensures
tutorial periods twice a week for one         that every student is known and cared for
pastoral tutorial and one academic. The       throughout the school.
Houses meet on a regular basis and sit        The Senior College also has two dedicated
together during Chapel and Cathedral          counsellors who are experienced in
gatherings each week. These regular           providing advice and support on pastoral
gatherings allow tutors and the Head of       and academic issues affecting students.
House to develop a sound relationship
with the students in their care.

                                                                                                  SACS - Senior College 2021   |   3
Welcome to our innovative Senior College in 2021 - St Andrew's Cathedral ...
Curriculum: courses
and subjects offered
Year 10                                         To further the development of the whole          •	Design and Technology
                                                person, St Andrew’s also runs an Outdoor
The curriculum at St Andrew’s is organised      Education program that includes a specific       •	Drama
according to the NSW Education Standards        program for students in Year 10.
Authority (NESA). The MYP framework for                                                          •	Earth and Environmental Studies
                                                Student progress is regularly monitored
Years 7-10 sits over these guidelines and is
                                                using a variety of strategies appropriate to     •	Economics
also shaped by our SACS Learning Model.
                                                the activity and the stage of development
Our aim is that learning will be significant,   of the student within the subject.               • Engineering Studies
challenging, networked and future
                                                There are a number of additional services        •	French (Continuers)
focussed, with students engaged and
                                                for students with a particular need.
growing every day.                                                                               •	Geography
                                                They include:
The courses at SACS fall within                 •	The Specialised Learning Department for
                                                                                                 •	History Extension [Year 12]
the Key Learning Areas:                            support and extension activities
                                                •	Gifted and Talented Education programs        • Industrial Technology - Timber
    • English
                                                •    School counsellors
                                                                                                 •	Japanese Beginners
    • Mathematics                               •	English as a Additional Language or
                                                   Dialect tuition as required.
                                                                                                 •	Legal Studies
    • Science
                                                                                                 •	Mathematics (Standard, Advanced,
    • Human Society and Its Environment         Years 11 - 12                                       Extension 1 and Extension 2 [Year 12])
    • Technology and Applied Studies            Students in Years 11 and 12 can choose to
                                                study either the Higher School Certificate       •	Modern History
    • Languages Other Than English              curriculum or the International
                                                                                                 •	Music (1, 2 and Extension [Year 12])
                                                Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.
    • Creative Arts
                                                                                                 •	Personal Development,
    •	Personal Development,                    The Higher School                                   Health and Physical Education
       Health and Physical Education
                                                Certificate (HSC)                                •	 Physics

School Mandated Compulsory Course:              The HSC is awarded by the NSW Education
                                                                                                 •	Science Extension (Year 12)
                                                Standards Authority to eligible students
    • Christian Development                     at the end of Year 12. In Year 11, students      •	Society and Culture
                                                must study a minimum of 12 units, including
The formulation and implementation of           2 units of English. In Year 12, students must    • Software Design and Development
teaching programs at St Andrew’s aims to        study a minimum of 10 units, including
foster a passion for learning that will stay    2 units of English.                              •	Spanish Beginners
with our students throughout their lifetime.
They aim to develop in individuals an           HSC subjects offered at the                      •	Spanish Continuers
understanding of themselves as valued           school include:
                                                                                                 •	Studies of Religion I and II
children of God, with personal gifts to be
                                                    •	English (Advanced, Standard,
nurtured, developed and engaged with in
                                                       EAL/D, Extension 1 and Extension 2        •	Textiles and Design
such a way that the students are well
                                                       [Year 12])
prepared for life, able to enjoy it and able                                                     •	Visual Arts
to contribute effectively to our own school         •	Ancient History
and the wider community. Our city location
                                                    • Biology                                   All Year 11 and 12 students also take part
is a significant asset in our planning and
                                                                                                in Christian Development classes.
development of learning opportunities.
                                                    • Business Studies
All Senior College classrooms are                                                               Students are also able to study courses
coeducational.                                      • Chemistry                                 at TAFE, Sydney Distance Education, High
                                                                                                School and the NSW School of Languages.

4      |   SACS - Senior College 2021
The International                              	Group 5: Mathematics: Mathematics:
                                                 Analysis and Approaches, Mathematics:
Baccalaureate Diploma                            Applications and Interpretation
Programme                                      	Group 6: The Arts: Music, Theatre, and
The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year           Visual Arts
curriculum for Year 11 and 12 students.
It is an internationally recognised exit
                                               All subjects are offered at HL and SL,
credential, which provides a broad,
                                               unless otherwise indicated.
challenging curriculum for students.
                                               All Year 11 and 12 students also take part
All students complete six subjects,
                                               in Christian Development classes.
plus the Extended Essay (EE), Theory of
Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Activity
and Service (CAS).

Students must choose three subjects
at Higher Level (HL) and three subjects
at Standard Level (SL). Students must
also choose one subject from each of
Groups 1 to 5.

The sixth subject required may be chosen
from Group 6 or, alternatively, students
may elect to choose a second subject
from Groups 2 to 4.

If students choose Environmental Systems
and Societies, which covers Groups 3 and
4, they can then choose two more subjects
from Groups 2, 3, 4, or 6.

Subjects offered to Year 11 IB Diploma
students in 2021 include:

	Group 1: Studies in Language and
  Literature: English Language and
  Literature, English Literature

	Group 2: Language Acquisition:
  Japanese ab initio SL (Beginners), Spanish
  ab initio SL (Beginners), Chinese B SL,
  French B SL, Spanish B SL

	Group 3: Individuals and Societies:
  Business Management, Environmental
  Systems and Societies (Groups 3 and 4
  SL), History, Global Politics, Philosophy,
  and Psychology

	Group 4: Experimental Sciences: Biology,
  Chemistry, Computer Science, Design
  Technology, Environmental Systems
  and Societies (Groups 3 and 4 SL), Sports
  Exercise Health Science, and Physics

                                                                                            SACS - Senior College 2021   |   5
Learning and support
Further education and                             Specialised Learning                          Gifted Education
career development                                At St Andrew’s, teachers are mindful of       in the Senior School
                                                  students’ social, emotional, spiritual and
A comprehensive program consisting of                                                           Academic excellence, challenge,
                                                  academic development. We aim to create a
over 25 distinct areas relating to further                                                      opportunity and choice, in an environment
                                                  learning environment where students are
education and career development is                                                             which supports the holistic intellectual and
                                                  able to access the curriculum, have
delivered to students according to their                                                        socio-emotional development of each
                                                  opportunities to contribute to class
year level. This commences in Year 10                                                           gifted and talented learner – this is what
                                                  discussions and participate in class
with the all-important career assessment                                                        our Gifted Education program in Years 10
program early in the year, followed by the                                                      – 12 aspires to achieve.
individual assessment report consultations        It is the role of the Specialised Learning
                                                                                                Our Extension classes in Years 10 in core
a few weeks later.                                team to work closely with teachers,
                                                                                                subjects and advanced classes in others,
                                                  students, parents and outside
This is a valuable way of commencing the                                                        together with cluster grouping, extension
                                                  professionals to cater for the individual
further education and career development                                                        and enrichment aims to support the
                                                  needs of students. The team also works
exploration process for the student, as                                                         intellectual needs of our gifted and
                                                  closely with the Careers Counsellor and
well as providing guidance in relation to                                                       talented students. In addition, subject and
                                                  our school psychologists.
the selection of HSC or IB Diploma                                                              year group acceleration is another option
subjects later in the year.                       This collaborative approach ensures           for our highly gifted students. In Years
                                                  communication and sharing where               11–12, the educational needs of our gifted
Seminars and presentations are delivered
                                                  parents and professionals work together,      students are met through the HSC program
to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 throughout
                                                  supporting each other to provide a            in Advanced and Extension classes, with
the year during tutorials, year level meetings,
                                                  learning environment that is differentiated   similar options available for students opting
other designated periods and lunch-times.
                                                  and accessible.                               to participate in the IB DP.
Individual student and parent consultations
with the Head of Careers, Pathways and            Services provided by the Specialised          Gifted Education programs and
Partnerships Mr Des Sinovich form the             Learning Team in Senior College include:      opportunities in the Senior School include:
largest part of the program.
                                                  • In-class support                            • Gifted identification and assessment
The annual Sydney CBD Schools Careers
                                                  •	SACSAchieve – after school homework        •	The development of a Gifted Education
Convention takes place in Term 2. All Year
                                                     and study support                             Profile (GEP) for highly gifted students
12 students are expected to attend.
Students in other year levels and their           •	Diagnostic assessment                      •	Academic coaching and interventions for
parents are encouraged to attend this                                                              gifted students who are Twice
                                                  •	The development of Individual
comprehensive event.                                                                               Exceptional, underachieving or EAL/D
                                                     Adjustment Plans
Mr Sinovich also takes charge of the TVET                                                       •	Collaborative planning with teachers,
                                                  •	Parent information sessions
and Distance Education programs as well.                                                           students and parents to meet the unique
                                                  •	Professional development sessions to          learning needs of gifted and talented
                                                     enhance teacher skills and understanding
Senior Research Centre                                                                             students
                                                  •	Assistance with the modification of        •	Social-emotional programs and
The Senior Research Centre houses
                                                     curriculum, assessment and exams              interventions, geared towards the
a collection of physical resources that are
                                                  • Learning Transition programs                   specific needs of gifted and talented
tailored to the needs of students in Years
10 to 12. Students are also able to meet          •	Collaborative planning with teachers,
with members of the Library team to help             students, parents and outside              •	Project Catalyst, our in-house peer
students with their research tasks.                  professionals.                                mentorship program

The Senior Research Centre is open                •	Disability Provisions Applications for     •	The opportunity to enrol in first year
Monday to Friday from 8am until 5.15pm.              the Higher School Certificate.                university courses in a number of
                                                  •	Determining appropriate adjustments           subjects, for our highly and profoundly
                                                     for students with a disability.               gifted students who require academic
                                                                                                   challenge and variety.
                                                  •	Collection of data to access
                                                     Commonwealth funding (NCCDSWD)

6    |   SACS - Senior College 2021
Chapel and                                      Laptops and technology
Christian studies                               Students in Year 10 are issued with a
                                                school laptop computer for their use
Chapel services are held weekly and
                                                throughout the year.
provide a communal expression of the
school’s Anglican foundation. Students          New students in Year 11 will also be issued
participate in the service by providing the     with a school laptop computer. Students
music, leading singing, reading The Bible and   in Year 12 are expected to bring their own
leading communal prayer.                        lightweight laptop for classroom use.

The Christian Development course, taught in     All Senior College students have access to
the classroom, introduces students to the       desktop computers in the Senior Research
Christian faith and provides them with the      Centre.
opportunity to engage in healthy                A Digital Citizenship program runs
discussion on both its theory and practice.     throughout the school, helping to fulfil
Students also learn about other major           the important responsibility of assisting
world religions and worldviews.                 students to develop mature and positive
                                                practices in the use of technology.
St Andrew’s Cathedral School has four
formal methods of reporting on student
                                                Uniform expectations
progress. They are:                             St Andrew’s has a high standard of uniform
• T
   he Interim Report – issued towards          presentation and all students are expected
  the end of Terms 1 and 3 for students in      to travel to and from school and move
  Years 7 to 10. This provides a general        around the city precinct wearing the
  overview of student work habits.              appropriate uniform. All uniform items are
                                                available for purchase from the
  Academic Reports – provide a
•	                                             Foundation Uniform Store, located on-site
  comprehensive summary of student              in St Andrew’s House.
  progress. These are issued towards the
  end of Terms 2 and 4 for Years 7 to 10,
  Year 11 in Terms 2 and 3. Year 12 students
  receive these reports towards the end of
  Terms 1 and 3.
  Parent/Teacher interviews – held at
  various times throughout the year for
  each year level – provide an opportunity
  for parents to meet with individual
  teachers to discuss their child’s progress.
  Weekly Parent Digest – emailed to
  students and their parents every Friday
  afternoon and gives a brief summary of
  student progress and involvement.
As well as this, there are informal
opportunities for parents to discuss their
child’s progress through conversations with
individual class teachers.

                                                                                              SACS - Senior College 2021   |   7

All students at are encouraged                     studio and several outdoor recreation            and percussion instruments. Individual and
                                                   areas. Most training and competition for         group lessons are delivered weekly during
to participate in co-curricular                    team sports occurs at nearby facilities at       term time. Lessons are timetabled on a
activities to help develop                         Sydney University and Wentworth Park.            rotating schedule to minimise impact on
                                                                                                    any one subject throughout the term.
a variety of skills, build                         The winter sports program is mostly
                                                                                                    Each student who is learning privately
                                                   conducted on Saturdays in terms two and
personal confidence and                                                                             is encouraged to participate in music
                                                   three and is compulsory for all Year 10 and
foster friendships within                                                                           ensembles. These ensembles are graded so
                                                   Year 11 students. The full list of activities
                                                                                                    that each student can be placed into a
the school community.                              offered are listed in the panels on page 9.
                                                                                                    group appropriate to their level of
Co-curricular activities include
sport; music ensembles                                                                              Senior College
                                                   Music contributes immensely to the
and choirs; creative arts and                      general tone and fabric of the Senior            ensembles
drama activities; debating                         College – as it does throughout the school.
                                                                                                     • Senior Choir
                                                   Our senior musicians are the musical
and public speaking; and
                                                   leaders of the school as we continue the          • Chamber Choir
overseas trips and camps.                          great tradition upon which St Andrew’s
                                                   Cathedral School is built – the education of      • Boys Vocal Ensemble
                                                   our musicians.
Sport                                                                                                • Girls Vocal Ensemble

St Andrew’s believes that young people
                                                   There are many performance
                                                   opportunities provided by the school:             • Symphony Orchestra
who are physically fit and enthusiastically
challenged in a fun and safe sporting                                                                • Chamber Orchestra
environment perform better academically.            •	Public lunch-time concerts in the
Sport and co-curricular activities are                 Cathedral on Mondays                          • Wind Symphony
designed to be inclusive, with activities
                                                    • Performances at every assembly
offered to any student at any level of ability.                                                      • Jazz Orchestra

The enjoyment and support gained through            •	Maestros concerts on
                                                                                                     • Chamber Music
team participation, improved physical                  Thursdays at 3.30pm
fitness, skills for dealing with success                                                             • Chapel and Rock Bands
and failure, as well as the ability to interact     •	Soirées presented by instrumental and
within various social environments, are all            singing teachers once a year
positive attributes gained through participation
                                                    •	Showcase concert held annually               Drama
in the sporting and co-curricular programs
St Andrew’s offers.                                 •	Performances (gigs) around the               There are a variety of Drama groups and
The school participates in the Independent             city for various charities and business      ensembles that operate throughout the
Sporting Association (ISA) secondary                   functions                                    year. Regular performances take place in
schools competition and offers more than                                                            our own Black Box Theatre and the Upper
                                                    •	End of year Evening of Celebration
a dozen competitive sport options (see the                                                          Chapter House performing arts space.
                                                       and Prize-giving and special award
list of co-curricular activities on page 9).                                                        Theatresports is a very popular co-
Many of our students represent the school                                                           curricular activity and coaching and
in the ISA competition, which provides                                                              training is provided outside of normal
                                                    • School events
pathways to NSW All Schools and                                                                     classes. Regular competition takes place
Australian teams.                                                                                   throughout the year. Drama can be
                                                   The Music Department engages a large
                                                                                                    selected as an elective subject in Years 10,
The school has its own state-of-the                number of visiting instrumental teaching
                                                                                                    11 and 12.
art strength and conditioning facility,            staff, covering a wide range of vocal, string,
basketball courts, a professional dance            wind, brass, keyboard, guitar, music craft

8    |   SACS - Senior College 2021
The following Senior
                                                 College co-curricular
                                                 activities are offered

Outdoor education                                International tours                               Winter activities (Terms 2 and 3)

The aim of SACS Outdoor Education is to          A range of overseas excursions are offered        Athletics (boys and girls)
foster a love of the outdoors, to provide the    each year to secondary students to further
opportunity to live simply in community          their experience and understanding in a           Dance (boys and girls)
with others and to challenge students’           particular field of study. Tours are offered by
                                                                                                   Cross country running (boys and girls)
personal boundaries. We provide amazing          various departments, including languages,
experiences in amazing places, developing        sport, science, history, music, outdoor           Cross country skiing (boys and girls)
leadership, initiative, self-esteem and          education and geography.
resilience, all within a Christian context.                                                        Fit for Life (boys and girls)
                                                 Note: Due to COVID-19, international tours
St Andrew’s Year 10 Outdoor Education            will not run in 2021                              Fencing (boys and girls)
program is the culmination of an extensive
program begun in the junior years.                                                                 Football (girls and boys)
                                                 Summer activities (Terms 1 and 4)
Each expedition focuses on the students
                                                                                                   Hockey (girls)
being self-sufficient, carrying all the           Basketball (boys and girls)
equipment and food necessary for their                                                             Club Hockey (boys and girls)
time away. Those students who have not            Cricket (boys)
previously had experience in Outdoor                                                               Netball (girls)
                                                  Debating (boys and girls)
Education need not be concerned as the
Year 10 options are designed to assist them                                                        Rugby (boys)
                                                  Fencing (boys and girls)
in achieving the set goals and are within
                                                                                                   Squash (boys and girls)
student ability levels. Each group consists       Mountain Biking (boys and girls)
of between 12 and 15 students, with a
                                                                                                   Tennis (boys and girls)
minimum of two staff.                             Rugby 7s (boys and girls)

Expeditions (for seven to eight days                                                               Water Polo (boys and girls)
                                                  Softball (girls)
duration) cover a range of disciplines and
                                                                                                   Winter Basketball (boys and girls)
locations. Hiking options include the             Summer Hockey (boys and girls)
Snowy Mountains, Fraser Island Great Walk         Term 4 only                                      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (boys and girls)
and Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.
Other programs offered are horse riding in        Swimming (boys and girls)                        Debating (boys and girls)
the Victorian high country, sea kayaking at
                                                  Tennis (boys and girls)                          Girls in Tech (girls)
Myall Lakes, a backcountry snow tour in the
Kosciuszko National Park and an Australian        Touch Football (boys and girls)                  Maker Space (boys and girls)
wilderness cycle tour. Our pinnacle
program is our 20-day ‘Kosi to Coast’ trip        Water Polo (boys and girls)                      Mock Trial (boys and girls)
involving hiking, skiing, sea kayaking,
horseriding, mountain biking and                  Dance (boys and girls)                           Robotics (boys and girls)
whitewater canoeing. Students who attend
                                                  Maker Space (boys and girls)                     Theatresports (boys and girls)
the 20-day program also have the option
to complete a Certificate II in Outdoor           Theatresports (boys and girls)
Recreation as part of the trip.
                                                  Ultimate Frisbee (boys and girls)

Duke of Edinburgh
award Scheme
This prestigious, physically challenging
program is offered to 14-18-year-olds
who wish to complete the four sections
St Andrew’s Cathedral School:
St Andrew’s is a coeducational K-12 Anglican school,
located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School
Sydney Square, Sydney NSW 2000
ABN 34 429 367 893
phone +61 2 9286 9500
email info@sacs.nsw.edu.au
CRICOS Registration: The Council of
St Andrew’s Cathedral School 02276M

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