2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School

2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
Whanau Hononga (Family Connection)

               Useful             Information
                        for our SGHS Families
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
Digital Communication

                                      School Phone:         03 2116030

                                      School Email:         excellence@southlandgirls.school.nz

                                      Website:              www.southlandgirls.school.nz

                                      School Stream Parent Info Portal

Kia Ora                                               https://southlandgirls.myschoolstream.net
It is a pleasure to welcome parents   Edge Caregiver Portal
and whanau to our school. We see
the education of your daughter as                           https://parent.musac.school.nz/
being a partnership—home, school
                                      Booking a Personal Learning Conference
and the students, and quality
communication is the key.                                  www.schoolinterviews.co.nz
We hope this booklet will provide
useful information to help build a
strong connection between home
and school and a clearer
understanding of the school rules
                                      Key Support Personnel
we ask the girls to follow..
                                      Academic Tutor (Yr 9-13) / Home Room Teacher (Yr 7/8)
Please trust us that we will always
do what is best for your daughters,   Your daughter’s Academic Tutor/Home Room Teacher is the first
and value your support of our riles   port of call for concerns relating to the emotional, social, physical
and procedures.                       and academic well being of your daughter. You can contact them
                                      via email using the following formula:
Your presence in the school is
valued and I look forward to seeing   staff member first name.staff member surname@southlandgirls.school.nz
you often at meetings and at other                .
                                      E.g. yvonne browning@southlandgirls.school.nz All staff can be
                                      contacted in this way. Please be aware that teachers and Senior
Hei kona mai                          Leaders are not always readily available if you just arrive expecting

Yvonne Browning, Principal            to speak with them (they are often teaching). Mrs Mason or Mrs
                                      Flannery at Student Services will help you to make an appointment.
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
Absences During the School Year
                                                                       Planned Absence
   Absences (Due to illness/injury—3 days or more)
                                                                       3 Days or more out of school
   A medical certificate will be needed to cover this                  Steps
   absence. This is especially important for Year 11-13 as             1. Write a letter to the Principal
                                                                           (Please give at least 3 days
   it may affect their NZQA / Exam results.
   Lunchtime Passes                                                    2. Student brings letter to
                                                                           Principal between 8.30-8.45am.
   These are only issued to students who are going home or             3. Student receives a form which
                                                                           allows for each of their
   away with their registered caregivers.                                  teachers to sign off their
                                                                           absence, and where
                                                                           appropriate, outlines work to
  Daily Timetable                                                          be completed during the
  Please note the school day runs from 8.50am - 3.10pm.                    absence.
                                                                       NB: Any absence during the school
                                                                       term will have a negative effect on
                                                                       your daughter’s learning, especially
                                                                       at NCEA Levels.

                                                                       Students need to bring a note to
                                                                       the Principal for any Medical,
                                                                       Dental, Eye or Specialist
                                                                       appointments. Student Services
                                                                       will then issue a pass for students
                                                                       to be out of school during this
                                                                       time. Students must report in to
                                                                       Student Services on their return to
                                                                       school after their appointment.

Lateness to school                                                     Illness
                                                                       Parents either ring the school
All students arriving late to school, including those arriving after
                                                                       notifying their daughter’s absence
an appointment, must report to Student Services with a note from
                                                                       or students take a note to their
a parent/caregiver. Students are expected to be at school and in
                                                                       Academic Tutor / Home Room
class on time every day. School starts at 8.50am.
                                                                       Teacher on their return to school
Regular lateness is not acceptable.                                    giving dates and a reason for
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
Specialist Services

                                   Other Key Contacts
                                    •   Margaret Ereckson                    Head Guidance Counsellor


                                   •    Steve Jackson                             Guidance Counsellor

KEY DATES                                                   stephen.jackson@southlandgirls.school.nz

Term Dates 2021                    •    Liz Dodds                                      Careers Advisor

1 February to 16 April—Term 1                                        liz.dodds@southlandgirls.school.nz
3 May to 9 July—Term 2             •    Sarah Rabbitt and
26 July to 1 October—Term 3        •    Kerrin Tattersfield-Smith                     Literacy Support
18 October to 10 December—Term 4
                                   Contacting Senior Leaders
Waitangi Day
6 February
                                          Yvonne Browning (via my P.A. Deb Hay)
(Observed 8th February)                                               deb.hay@southlandgirls.school.nz

Easter: (in Holidays)
                                   Deputy Principal
2 April – Good Friday
                                          John Grogan
5 April —Easter Monday                                           john.grogan@southlandgirls.school.nz
6 April—Easter Tuesday
                                   Assistant Principals
                                          Lee Pirini
25 April                                            (Options, Curriculum, Timetable and Assessment)
(Observed 26th April)                                                 lee.pirini@southlandgirls.school.nz

Queen’s Birthday                          Rowana McNaught
7 June                                              (Student Welfare)
Labour Day
25 October                                          Amanda Tiplady
                                                    (Year 7 and 8)
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
                                               Can my daughter leave during the school day?
What are the school fees?
                                               No, unless you give her permission for her to do so.
School Fees = $100. A School Fee
donation is invited for each student. It is    What happens if my daughter can’t wear her full uniform?

$100 for each student. This voluntary          She must bring a note from you to the Principal/Deputy
fund helps to fund extras, including           Principal to get a pass for being out of uniform.
games and sports materials, library,           What if my daughter feels unwell during the day?
trophies, prizes, the Sportfit programmes      She must go to Student Services. Your daughter should not
and many other activities that benefit         arrange to be picked up or leave the school grounds
every girl.                                    without the School’s knowledge. We will contact you to let
Student Utility = $100. There is also a        you know she wishes to come home. This enables you to
compulsory Student Utility fee of $100         make the appropriate arrangements for her, particularly if
which covers take home consumables.            you are working/not at home.
School Account Guidelines                      What if my daughter’s device is damaged or broken at school?
All accounts must have a nil balance by        Your daughter is responsible for the care and safety of any
the end of each academic year.                 devices. The school does not accept any responsibility for
                                               loss or damage. Our advice is to make sure that the device
   Automatic payments will be a
                                               is covered by your own insurance. We do provide free Wifi.
    minimum of $15.00 per week and
    should commence at the beginning of        Why is it compulsory for my daughter to wear winter uniform
    the school year.                           from early June to the end of Term 3?
                                               It is simply too cold during this time for the summer
   Automatic payments to clear arrears
                                               uniform and we have found that if they do not wear warm
    must be sufficient to clear all arrears
                                               clothing, that they are more susceptible to illness which
    by the end of Term 4.
                                               often means absences and loss of learning time. However,
   Extracurricular activities such as         if the weather improves dramatically this will be reviewed
    sports, camps etc must be paid prior       and the winter uniform may become optional at the latter
    to the event or start of the season.       end of the term.
NB: if there are outstanding debts, any        How much homework will my daughter have?
payments received will be allocated to         This depends on her teachers, and of course, how hard she
the debt first.                                works in class to complete set work. There is nothing to
                                               stop girls reviewing their daily work each night. In fact, we
Can my daughter be released to anyone other
                                               recommend it. If you have concerns please contact her
than a listed caregiver?
                                               Academic Tutor / Home Room Teacher.
No. Student Services will only release
students to caregivers who are listed on the   Can my daughter wear makeup-or nail polish with her uniform?

student’s file. If you want your daughter to   The simple answer is NO. Students are not to wear foundation,
go home with another caregiver you will        eye liner, lipstick or eye make-up with their uniform. Fake or gel
need to provide written permission for this    nails are also not permitted.
to occur.
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
New Entrants Day - 13 November 2020

New Entrants’ Day is on Friday, 13 November 2020 from

Where do we meet at the school?
We will meet in the Performing Arts Centre (in the old Tweeds-
muir building) on Tweed Street. There will be girls out the front
of school to help, and strawberry flags to help you find your way.

How do we get there?
You arrange your own transport to Southland Girls’ High School.

How do we get home?
If you attend the following schools, a bus will take you back to
    school, departing SGHS at 12:15pm:
Donovan, Middle, Newfield Park, New River, Otatara, Sacred
  Heart, Salford, St John’s, St Theresa’s (town), St Patrick’s,
  Waihopai, Waverley Park, Windsor North, Fernworth.
If your school is having a ‘teacher only day’ or you attend a
    rural school, then you will need to arrange to be picked up
    at SGHS at 12.15pm from the same place as you were
    dropped off – look for the strawberry flags.

What do we need to bring?
Bring morning tea and your pencil case.

What will we be doing?
We have planned a full and fun morning of belonging and orien-
tation (‘getting to know each other and the school’) activities for

What will I wear?
Please wear what you would normally wear to your current

Do my parents/caregivers need to stay?
No. Parents/caregivers pick up and drop off as outlined above.
Parents picking students up at the conclusion of the morning are
welcome to meet their daughter in the Performing Arts Centre at
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
Digital Devices in the Classroom - Bring Your Own Device—BYOD

                                      Year 7 students are not required to bring a device for
                                      learning, however they can if they wish.

                                      All Year 8-13 pupils will be expected to bring an ICT
                                      (Information and Communications Technology) device to use in
                                      their classes. We are committed to using ICT tools to support
                                      the girls’ learning and enhance their ability to collaborate,
                                      communicate and create.
                                      There are some general guidelines for what the device should
NETSAFE - netsafe.org.nz              have.
It can be difficult to know where     It must:
to start when thinking about          •Have good battery life.   Devices must be charged at home,
keeping your children safe online.    overnight.
This is why Netsafe created the
                                      •Have a keyboard.  If your daughter uses an iPad, she will
Family Safe Online Treaty to help
                                      require a Bluetooth keyboard.
all kids and their families to have
a safe and positive time while        •Be Internet accessible
                                                            so that students can access their
using the internet and devices.       Microsoft 365 Portal/Google Apps for education.
Read our advice to get started.       •Be covered by your insurance.   The School will not be
FAMILY SAFE ONLINE TREATY             responsible for any loss or breakages.
Netsafe has created the Family        •Please note  – a Cell Phone will NOT be considered the most
Safe Online Treaty to help young      appropriate learning device going forward. Your daughter can
people have better online             bring in a device you already have if it meets the criteria above.
experiences. The Toolkit gives
every parent and caregiver access     For Year 8-10 we highly recommend Chromebooks, or some
to the support they need to teach     variation on this, because they are the most cost effective and
their kids how to access digital      durable for this age.
opportunities and reduce harm.        For Years 11-13 we recommend laptops.
It was designed to overcome any
perceived or real technology
knowledge gaps between what
parents know and what their
child knows – or thinks they
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
Can my daughter have a facial piercing?
                                                          CELL PHONE GUIDELINES
In fact, no school in town allows this. If a student      Cell Phones need to be turned off and in the
comes to school with one, she will be asked to            students bag in class, unless directed otherwise
remove it or parents will be contacted to take their      by staff.
daughter to have it removed.
Only one earring in each ear (1 small stud /ring) is      If the girls break the rules about cell phones:
allowed.                                                  1.   They will be asked to take their phone to
What colour hair can my daughter have?                         Student Services and hand it in. They can
Normal colour ways of blonde, black, brown, auburn.            pick it up at the end of the day from
Please do not allow her to put blue/red/pink/green/            Student Services.
purple/orange etc in her hair.
                                                          2.   2nd time, the process is the same BUT this
She will be asked to have the colour removed. Neither
coloured hair extensions or beads are permitted.               time, a registered caregiver/parent will
                                                               have to come and pick it up from Student
                                                          3.   3rd time, the student will be required to
                                                               leave their cell phone at home for a
                                                               designated period of time.
                                                          4.   If the problem continues then the student’s
                                                               Year Level Co-ordinator or a member of the
                                                               Senior Leadership Team may become
                                                               involved and this could result in a lengthy
Why does my daughter have to tie her hair up?                  ban on bringing the cell phone to school.
For Health and Safety reasons in specialist rooms like
the Gym and Science rooms.
Hair flowing ‘all over the show’ can also be an ongoing   Outside the classroom at Interval and Lunch
distraction to her learning in normal class so we say     times:
‘hair tied back’ please with neutral, red or navy hair
                                                          •    Phones must be used respectfully. They are
                                                               not a tool to be used to harass or give others
All our girls know the answers to these questions, so          a hard time.
please don’t be fooled/persuaded into believing it is
                                                          •    Phones cannot be used to video anyone
If we can work together particularly on the above              without the permission of all concerned—it
three things, it makes life easier all round.                  is breaking privacy laws to film without
Is my daughter allowed to leave during lunchtime to       •    Phones cannot be used to video
buy food or have fast food delivered?                          inappropriate activity or to circulate
The answer is NO to both questions as there is no              inappropriate material.
need to do this. We offer a very comprehensive list of
hot and cold food at our Canteen, The Food Hub.
2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School 2021 Information for our SGHS Families - Whanau Hononga (Family Connection) - Southland Girls' High School
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